Title: Looking back & Forward
Featuring: Freddie Styles
Date: 2/22
Location: Home
Show: Evolution 76

(OPEN - The picture fades in and we are standing outside the door to Freddie's house in Birmingham. Someone had broken into the loft the night before, and Freddie flew back to check things out after being informed by the building staff. We knock on the door and it is soon answered by the man, Freddie Styles. He stands there, taking up all most all of the doorway with his frame. He is surprisingly, not wearing his normal attire, instead he has on some old pair of torn up sweatpants and a crappy t-shirt. We go to step inside and head to the living room, but Freddie stops us, and begins to speak.)


Freddie: Where do you think you're going???


Camera Man: I was going to set up in the living room, like we always do, you know????


Freddie: What, just because everyone seems to bring up my past when talking about and I feel it necessary to prove them wrong by showing them my past, that we must always be down there to do an interview. Is that what you are saying???


(The camera man, somewhat stumbling over his words, answers.)


Camera Man: No,..., not at all, I just assumed, thats where we always do them. Ummmm, so if we aren't going to shoot there, where are we shooting???? The training center???


Freddie: Nope, been there, done that.


Camera Man: Then where are we shooting???


Freddie: Did you bring the camera light like I asked you to???


Camera Man: Yes, I did, but what does that matter???


Freddie: Go get it and you'll find out soon enough.


(One of the production assistants goes back to the truck and grabs the camera light, as Freddie leads us around the side of the loft. As we come around the corner, we see a large ladder set up, leading up to a small gate near the top of the house. Freddie walks over to the ladder and begins to climb, but before he gets to far, the camera man speaks up.)


Camera Man: Umm, Freddie, where are we going???


Freddie: The attic. I'm not all flash and dash you know??? I have my ground roots, just like everyone else out there. So get to climbing, because I've got a lot to discuss.


(Freddie resumes climbing and as he gets to the top of the ladder, he pulls a key out from his pocket and unlocks the gate and climbs in. He then re-appears by sticking his head out and yells down to us.)


Freddie: Get up here, I don't have all day.


(The production assistant attaches the light to the camera and we begin our climb up the ladder. We slowly make our way up the ladder, and eventually make it up to the gate. We slowly make our way inside, and the room is pretty dark, with only one light for the entire attic. We look around, using the camera light to see, and eventually find Freddie sitting off in a corner, with a trunk in front of him. We make our way over to him, dunking under and walking around crossbeams to get there, and as we get close, he begins to speak.)


Do you know what this trunk has inside??? It contains everything from the period in my life when I was on my own, my parents were dead, and the only way I was able to live was to rely on martial arts training and compete in street fights. Do you know what it's like to live your life, knowing that you could very well die the next time you head into a fight??? Do you know what that thought can do to a man, how it can warp their minds. When you get into a fight and it's you or them, you learn to do whatever it takes to make damn sure that it's them, and not you. Only a few people know what I am talking about here, being in death matches in Hong Kong, they know what it's like to have that being the only thought in his head, and he knows what it can do to a man. Zoltan & Hoyt on the other hand, have no clue what I am talking about. Why am I talking about this??? What does it have to do with Evolution and this tag match??? It's simple, walking into this match, with everything that doing so encompasses, you have to be thinking that it's you or them. I have never quit in my timein this business, and I don't plan on starting now. Especially now that I’m the new World Champion


(Freddie slowly opens up the trunk, and pulls out a very old looking Belt. The belt is nothing like what you would come to expect, it's very simple, with just one plate on it. And all that plate has on it is one word, CHAMPION. Freddie closes the trunk and sets the belt down on top of the trunk and continues.)


This trunk is up here, by itself, for one reason and one reason only. I don't like the person that I became when I was placed in that atmosphere, placed in that mental state. I don't want to expose my family to that, nor do I want to expose that extreme attitude to any of my opponents, for I fear what would happen to them by my actions. But for this week, and for this match, that fear no longer exists, because the one thing you learn when you are dealt a raw deal and have to find your own to make it in life. You will do whatever it takes to make sure you survive, that you walk out a winner. Gentlemen, come Evolution, it's me or you, and you can bet your ass that I am going to be the one surviving that night, so if I have to go back to this part of my life to ensure that, so be it. Consider this your first, last, and only warning, from here on in, the beating you suffer, the injuries you sustain, are your fault and your fault alone, I will not be held responsible for them.


(Freddie looks down at the belt, as it sits on top of the dusty trunk. The word Champion staring him right in the face. We can see the intensity in the eyes of Freddie form right in front of us. He looks back up into the camera, almost as if he is staring directly into the eyes of his opponents.)


I've said that I am the best in the business today because I go out there week in, week out, and prove it each and every time. Well that fact has come into question considering the time off I've had, but make no mistakes about it, that doesn't change anything, I am still the best in the game today, and at Evolution, I will once again prove it to the world, and show you what a true world champion looks like, unlike ol Hoyt, who couldn’t win a title if you laid down for him and let him pin you. I showed you a taste of what I'm capable of in winning the championship in that hellacious cold ass match. You know very well what lays ahead of you, but as you will find out, there is a big difference between knowing the path, and walking the path. Zoltan, you may be the Paramount champ now, but that's only because you didn't face anyone like me to get that distinction. You can have all the skill, all the heart, the talent, and the determination, but they will do nothing for you inside the ropes, because no matter what you bring to this match, I will have it's trump card. There is a phrase in this business, it goes, to be the man, you got to beat the man. At Evolution, you step into the ring with the man himself......Mr King or the Fall.....-THE- champion. And to Hoyt and Zoltan, if you thought past beatings were the worst, you ain't seen nothing yet. Your Flawless execution awaits....and there's nothing you can do about it....but catch the ol...BALLGAME!


(We slowly pull back from Freddie and out of the attic as he remains, sitting and contemplating the match at Evolution, and we fade to black.)

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