Title: Fresh Off Work
Featuring: Terry Gould
Date: February 22, 2020
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Show: Evolution 76

We find the "Heart Attack" Terry Gould stepping out of the back entrance of a warehouse located in The Strip District just outside of downtown Pittsburgh. He seems to be fresh off work as he wears coveralls over his body, complemented by a heavy coat to counterattack the 43° weather. The day is clear as he hops in his rusty blue pick-up truck. He sits there for a minute, trying to collect himself from a hard day of working. He finally starts the engine so that it can warm up a bit before he leaves. He grabs his phone out of the middle console, flipping it open and dialing a number. He waits for a moment before the person on the other end, picks up.

"Hey sweetie! How are ya?"

I listened intently as she responded.

"That's good to hear, I'll be home shortly but first, I have to stop by the gym and train for my next match with CWF."

She replies on the other end.

"Yeah I'm sure that I wanna go through with it, at the last show I was informed by Mr. Rolash that this was a make or break match, meaning whoever loses gets the boot. Said they didn't have time for dead weight."

Gould lets out a sigh as his eyes wonder off into the distance. He seems to only hear the last few words that his wife says before he responds.

"It doesn't bother me in any way. Guys my age aren't usually the pick of the litter when it comes to trying to get something going. They look more for the younger talent that can do all of those high flying things. I mean Hoyt is still trudging around but he's been around a block or two."

He's interrupted before replying back.

"Oh, some kid that label himself as the Watcher but that seems to be the only thing he's been doing around CWF, just watching. The kid was handed a decent opportunity at the pay per view and he screwed it up. I wasn't even thought about enough to be booked for the damn show. It's okay because this Tuesday night I'll be noticed."

An evil grin forms across his face before he immediately straightens.

"Huh? Oh nothing. I'll be home within the next hour or two sweetie. I love you!"

He gets the rebuttal he was looking for and hangs up the phone. Tossing it back in the middle console, he throws the truck in drive and heads on his way.

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