Title: Finally... Championship Glory... Goals still UNMET!!
Featuring: Zolton
Date: February 19, 2020
Location: His Personal Space
Show: Evolution 76


”Glory like none other.
Professional status risen.
Still more to do.
One other obstacle in his way.
A thorn as they say.
A prick in the ribs.
The beast of Chaotic Rage is alive.
Standing on top with the Paramount Championship.
Yet his glory shared with another.
Planning to send Styles into the Graves.
Tolerating a religious buffoon for one night only.
The time for Chaos to Reign has ARRIVED!!”


Finally… Championship Glory… Goals still UNMET!!


++==LOCATION: Undisclosed==++
++==DATE: February 19, 2020==++
++==PLACE: His Personal Space==++

*Our vision focuses and becomes clear above a floor, a light gray, dusty one at that. Standing in the center is none other than the Man of Chaos, Zolton. Over his tattooed and bare right shoulder is none other than his newly acquired Paramount Championship. His head is slightly lowered and turned in that direction. After a moment of pure silence, her angelic, wispy voice enters our auditory receptors. As she speaks though, the floor becomes covered in a gray mist.*

His achievements have gone unnoticed. Now are they noticeable? Stepping into the frozen warzone at Frozen Over and not only doing exactly what he said he was going to do. But revealing how tough a beast he is. Now he gets no rest. No break to bask in the glory of becoming a champion after striving and fighting his way to that glory. He steps back into the Championship Wrestling Federation ring at Evolution seventy six. This time he is sharing the ring with three others. A tag team affair. His assigned partner is a man with a religious complex. Speaking in tongues on the social media outlets. His promotional statements laced with unrealistic statements, yet he was the Championship Wrestling Federation World Champion until Frozen Over. His name is one that is quite the difficult one to pronounce, so we will refer to him as KY. Your Beast of Chaotic Rage and KY will be facing off against the man that holds the Impact Championship and the man who was able to capture the World Championship, Freddie Styles. A man that has some history with your Beast of Chaotic Rage. Three current champions. One former champion. Please allow your Beast of Chaotic Rage to explain his thoughts and feelings about this explosive match happening in just a matter of days.

*As the mist covers the floor, we are able to see the blue glow of Zolton’s eyes. They shine through his thick wavy hair that is over his face, just a little bit. Then we are filled with his deep and dominating voice.*

“Let me begin with the destructive nature of what was witnessed by millions of parasites all around the world a little over a week ago. A battle. A war between myself and a game foe with his little whore at Frozen Over. A match of epic stature all for one prize. This prize.”

*He touches his Paramount Championship gold.*

“No need to recap the battle. We all know and see who came out on top in that match. What I’d like to say about it though. Fuller you were warned. Your little hooker was warned. Yet neither one of you chose to heed that warning. So I went out into that match and did exactly what I said I was going to do. I broke you mentally Fuller. You may not be able to comprehend what that means now, but the more you sit back and heal your wounds, watching and rewatching that match. It may eventually hit you. It might click inside that skull where a brain is supposed to reside. You put up one hell of a fight, but I was expecting that. So I am not going to sit here and pat you on the back for doing something that was expected. What you failed to realize then was I was only setting you up. Letting you believe you were going to achieve the impossible. I had you then. Your little hooker was all ecstatic thinking she had helped you get there. What happened in the end? Yes. That’s right. I drove your lifeless carcass through that sheet of ice and shattered that table into splinters, signifying the beginning of my reign of chaos over the Paramount division here in Championship Wrestling Federation.”

*He pauses a moment as he adjusts his stance still having his Paramount title draped over his right shoulder. His left hand comes up and combs back his hair out of his face which reveals the illuminating and very bright blue glow from his eyes.*

“Gods. Demons. Angels. Devils. Parasites. They’re all the same. KY, keep on preaching your nonsense. I am sure there are some mentally unstable people out in this world that are willing to follow your ignorance. I don’t believe in it. I believe in only chaos and you will finally get to witness it up close and personal. Tread lightly partner, my rage will swallow you up just as quickly as it will spit you out.”

*We can barely make out a crooked smile across his features as he pauses.*

“Now we move onto the actual opponents. I’ll begin with Graves. The man that holds the Impact championship currently. How did you get that title? Did you fight Phoenix LeStrange? Guess what? Everyone has defeated her. She had the same delusion my partner has, saving everyone that is supposedly lost. Well congratulations on achieving lackluster glory with the Impact championship. This Evolution for Championship Wrestling Federation, you stand across the ring from me. A man of chaos. A beast filled with Chaotic Rage. You think I am all talk, why don’t you talk to the man that isn’t at this show. That won’t be able to wrestle for awhile thanks to me. This match up with you and Freddie Styles against myself and KY will be interesting. I’m not in it for you though Graves. I am in it to regain some momentum and relieve this monkey known as Styles off my back. So I will let you and KY shoot for the moon against one another while I take care of Styles.”

*His glow of the eyes dims some as he speaks Styles’ name. He glides a few feet closer to us but we remain above him and the thick mist that seems to stand still.*

“Now. Freddie Styles. My arch nemesis as they say. The one person I failed to get passed when it mattered most during that Alpha and Omega tournament. One saving grace for me was seeing him come up short in the finale of that tournament. Yet here we are, he is now the World Champion. Holding that championship that I covet even more than the one I currently hold. Styles. You and I will go toe to toe in this tag team battle and I will prove to you that I am the next contender for your title. That title belongs to me and I will capture it soon. First however I must defeat you and Graves at this upcoming Evolution. Then I must of course carry this Paramount championship with pride and make it as prestigious as I feel it is. I am not like previous champions. I will not drop it because of fear or a small injury. Will you be able to hold onto that title through pain, agony, and even some emotional downfalls? Tell me Styles, you think you will be able to overcome my chaotic rage? I don’t think you will be able to now. I am more than hungry for that glorious World Championship. I am starving for it. I have one craving and that is accomplishing the goal I set out to accomplish since day one. My timeline for it of course has been altered over the past several months, but the end goal. The ultimate glory remains the same. Welcome to the cloud of Chaotic Rage Styles. What you’ve experienced from me in the past is nothing compared to what you will feel this match up and in the future. I am sure you have to give KY another crack at it. I will be watching that with eager eyes and chaotic intentions.”

*As he continues to glide toward us, through the mist, his eyes grow brighter. His voice more deranged. His face contorting in a fashion we don’t recognize. He vanishes suddenly. But we still hear his voice, although altered it seems.*

“February twenty fifth is the first night of many where the Beast of Chaotic Rage enters the ring as the Paramount Champion. Taking the division to heights no one ever imagined. During the war of champions and a useless preacher, the chaos will reign supreme like it should always. The Man of Chaos is no longer. In his place is the one that instills fear in all the parasites around the world. The Beast of Chaotic Rage. Welcome to the reign of Chaos. No one will be safe.”

*His words sends the room before us into darkness. The simulated feeling of fear rushes over us but is quickly subsided by the sound of her wispy, angelic voice of her comes across. With a stern way of getting a message across.*

The words have been spoken, both collectively and in a way that exudes violence and brutality. Zolton is no longer a Man of Chaos ladies and parasites. He is the Beast of Chaotic Rage. His hunger and drive for accomplishing World Championship glory is what pushes him forward. His Paramount Championship glory victory was only one step of many. The final being the longest reigning and defending World Champion in the history of the Championship Wrestling Federation. Before that however, he must lock horns with two morons holding his World Championship and the Impact Championship. His words were spoken as a warning to all three other participants in this match. Mainly to Styles and Graves. Now the time for action and absolute Chaos to run wild and crazy. The words have been spoken. Now the actions must back up the words. February Twenty fifth is the date. Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada the city. The Scotiabank Centre the location to witness the absolute chaotic rage destroy all that wind up in his path. Freddie Styles. Johnny Graves. Maybe even KY. I will be watching with a smile and bated breath witnessing your Beast of Chaotic Rage do what he is meant to do.

*Her voice trails off in a quiet echo, then silence. We were already blind, now deaf. We assume that we are about to………*

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