Title: The lights of the Aurora shine down upon the new plauge of CWF.
Featuring: Kyuseishu
Date: 2/21/2020
Location: A tub
Show: Evolution 76

The son of God soaks in a bath tub laced with Calgon Ocean Breeze bath beads. His skin moisturizes as the candle light that surrounds him flickers. Hoyt's emotional support cat Meowru Suzuki lays resting fitting perfectly in the bathrooms granite sink


The saviors body is still crucified, beaten, and battered all to hell thanks to a match that saw our Kyuseishu taking a loss at Frozen Over. However, that's the way it goes, life ain't fair and the world is mean. Healing is a young man's game and an ole ones pain.  


Hoyt Williams: You're lucky cat you got 9 lives us human companions only have one life to live. 


The cat thinks to himself how sad the human race really is laying around all the time or going outside to bring back bags of junk and shit sand. 


Hoyt Williams: At least the sinners in the corrupt corporate CWF offices gave me a healthy young buck to step in and tag with. Meowru, the older you get the more you realize let the kids do all the work while you just come in to give the people what they pay to see. Work smarter, not harder is the motto of every wrestler over 40. 


Hoyt takes a sip of his large pour of creme kona coffee. The cat licks his lips, then yawns slowly blinking his eyes three times. 


Hoyt Williams: Did you know God actually hates Amsterdamn. It is a city of moral decay. A cavity in the mouth of decency and piety. Whores line the streets under red lights behind glass panes in shop windows where pussy is traded for. Broken woman exploited for their scars from their childhoods of horror. Disease, violence, and an under belly of sex trafficking so vile even the devil had second thoughts while living there in the summer of '79. He smoked a pack of Amsterdamer cigarettes on a foggy night contemplating his own life choices. He watched a young fallen debutante strung out on heroin and hopelessness be ravaged by three upper class Englishmen with royal bloodlines. They beat her damn near murder and that left even the devil feeling sick.  


The cat looked angry as his ears perked up as he has always hated the concept of royalty. How could one family hold power simply because of DNA. How could humans allow a 90+ year old woman rule over them and not stand up and take freedom back biting necks in the process? Burn castles to the ground, scratch out eyes. But human politics was not more than a minor annoyance to an American cat. 


Hoyt Williams: So Zolton brings chaos, youth, and an energy I can definitely parasite off of. You see Meowru it's all about control and direction two things I can offer this kid.  


The cat looks curious, even knowing the leading cause of death among felines is indeed curiosity his ears are still tuned in. 


Hoyt Williams: A hammer swung wildly is chaos in it's purest form and best to be avoided. However, if you give a hammer direction and control it goes from wild destructive chaos to a tool that has helped lead to the progress of man. Zolton is a hammer, and my family has dabbled in carpentry since the dawn of man.


The cat rolls around in the sink letting out of purr in pure ecstasy. 


Hoyt Williams: That moves us from one corrupt city to the next with the story of Johnny Elijah Graves. Elijah the biblical "miracle worker" who stood up against the power of kings and false prophets. Funny how he became a hero in the false religion known as Mormonism. Unfortently he just hold's the name of Elijah and not ally of his Kyuseishu. What kid of mother abandons her son? Johnny's. I mean perhaps she's not to blame when we see the sinner he's grown up to be hanging out with greedy selfish fools like Styles. I know he had a tough childhood and blah, blah blah. Imagine being the son of God? Not easy either. This idiot is so full of himself he things he could, "dominate a twitter war".


The savior laughs boisterously as some water spills out of the tub onto the floor.


Hoyt Williams: Johnny thinks he's about ready for a world title shot. This kid sucks at twitter, but is great with the jokes. 


The pontiff of the piledriver reaches over to a table that his phone on it and pulls up Johnny Grave's twitter account. He cannot find it so he gives up. 


Hoyt Williams: Well Johnny just saved himself a roast. Maybe he is blessed. I guess that leaves us to the main attraction. The second interim champion in a row. From weak to weaker we find ourselves with the forgettable Mr. Styles. Another feeble draw in a federation that desperately needs a star....a savior...a Kyuseishu . But no, we have Freddie Styles.  


More water spills as the savior laughs some more. 


Hoyt Williams: Fred, let's be Frank. CWF keeps protecting these terrible champions like yourself by putting them in multi person matches. So with no title on the line my only purpose is to hurt you. To hurt you for taking from GOD what is rightfully his. Baseball is fun for old millionaires and drunken fans but not for me. I'm to serious of a deity for pastimes. You are not for me. You're not what CWF needs. We deserve better. So now that I have taken Si out of the picture you are all that is left between me and the crown jewel of wrestling. Do you not think I will go to crazy extremes....biblical extremes to get what I want? God has never rested in all of the world history in getting what he wants. Wars have been waged over holy lands. Indian Jones movies have been made seeking our relics. Just like that bore Si, I am sure you do not understand the peril your safety is under. The peril of your family's safety is really what you should be asking Oh yea big boy, I will go there if I have to, and it will end bloody. Aurora. Pretty name. I liked her slick thin finger and the way she hushed you with it. Fingers are easy to remove and I am sure that would also silence you. When it comes to a holy war nobody is safe. Not women, not a child, not even the most innocent of life. I hope Aurora got the roses I sent her. I hope you had a happy valentines day so close to your anniversary champ. I hope you understand the ball game we're playing now, and who you are playing with and the innings I'm willing to go to for a road win. Oh Aurora. The dawn of a new day. Oh Aurora. Enjoy the sun for the plague is a commin'  and darkness will follow with the dusk.


"For I will at this time send all my plagues upon thine heart, and upon thy servants, and upon thy people; that thou mayest know that there is none like me in all the earth."

--Exodus 9:14  


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