Title: A short tale, even shorter outcome
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: should have been days ago
Location: my basement
Show: Frozen Over VIII

A loud sigh eminates from somewhere within the darkened bowels of the Colisee Pepsi in Ontario.  It's far enough away from the noise and crowd infused arena that currently awaits the start of the ever popular Frozen Over show from CWF.  Far enough away where no one would bother a Beautiful Psychopath from her musings and thoughts, whatever those may be.  Although the feeling is that time is running short, and she isn't sure that there is gonna be enough time to say what needs to be said at all.  Chances to be thourough and precice have gone out the door like the wind.  Whatever needs to be said would need to be short and to the point, if anyone was willing to listen.

"So here we are," Autumn begins, picking a piece of lint off of her tights and tossing it aside.  "The possible culmination of all of the hard work and whatnot that everyone has been putting in to get to this point.  To this arena, in front of all of those people out there.  Nina and Omar will be waiting later tonight, waiting to meet with Dauntless and me and PJ Blake.  Why?  Well, because we've all done what we've had to to get to this point.

To say that we deserve that shot."

Autumn's hands clasp in her lap as she looks sadly at the floor in front of her, as though it would have all of the answers to life.

"A lot of people, scratch that, some people thought that PJ and I weren't gonna last this long or get along period.  We've had our scrabbles in the past, but when we stood face to face in that ring in Mexico, there was a spark.  An understanding if you will.  I saw a bit of myself in her.  Someone who's struggled, looked to the dark days, but still wanted to see the light and keep moving.  She was a tough customer to get to trust, but we broke through and...here we are.  A new face in the tag team division.  No fancy name to call ourselves, just PJ and Autumn.  That's it."

She's quiet for a minute, still staring at the floor, before continuing once more.

"I'm not sure what the Comish was thinking when he decided to pull MKU and Dauntless from his back pocket for this match.  Sometimes I think the power is getting to his head, or maybe it's the booze he's got hidden in his office.  Whatever it is, he needs to calm the fuck down and take a chill pill...or 5.  I'm not arguing with the decision, I'm just a little confused as to why them.  Why any of this.  Why choose them, and not the other guys.  Whatever, we're here, we're ready and that's about all there is."

A pause again.

"Can we see this to the end and grab those titles that are waiting at the end of the road?  Who knows.  Maybe it'll be MKU, maybe Dauntless.  Maybe clowns will run in and screw this up."

Autumn chuckles, shaking her head, but her expression turns serious suddenly.

"Or maybe, just maybe, the little team that no one thought would last or stick together will surprise them all and take what we have worked for all this time.  Those vacant tag team titles.  What the world would say tomorrow if they find out that we won those titles.  What a glorious day it would be, when we walk into next Evolution with those gold belts wrapped around our waists.

We'd stick it to everyone that just had to doubt.  All of them.  No disrespect to MKU or Dauntless, this is just business and me and PJ are in this to take it all.  If we don't get it this time, we'll be back.  I know what it's like to banish the ghosts of ones past into the frozen abyss.  I'm not afraid...to do it again."

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