Title: Frozen Ice is perfect fitting for me
Featuring: Konrad Raab
Date: 10/2/20
Location: Quebec, Canada.
Show: Frozen Over VIII

Frozen Ice's time to shine youtube.com shoot.

"Once again, it's something very short here because of a lack of time I have, due to being really busy, lets say with my wife heavily pregnant at the moment and the baby could come at any moment. Anyway, that's enough about that and talk about the main reason for this video today, Jason Ryan for the what I think is winning a chance to win a briefcase for a contracted CWF title for a year, except for the CWF title of course.

I've seen you around, mostly when you were in a triple threat match on the last show, against Omar Martinez and Autumn Raven which we've seen you show some impressive moves during that match and to be honest, even if you lost the match, I still view you as a threat, unlike some people who would call you out with stupid names which I know is not true.

Anybody can slip up, I know I've slipped up many times in my losses here against other wrestlers in the Omega/Alpha tournament and I was surprised CWF wanted me to compete here because my performances were not that great. I was lucky to even be offered a contract to the company. I've heard about you watching some America company of Jack against Henry how it inspired you to be a wrestler. I'm sure that's well and good, but I don't think you have the will to want to be a title contender, not as much as me.

I know I've only had one match here like yourself, but I've proven that I'm a new man compared to the man I was in the Omega/Alpha tournament where I was completely unfocused due to the stuff going on in other companies, but my focus right now is to defeat you. I was a heavyweight wrestler just like you once, throwing wrestlers around and beating them down. I evolved from that now, although some moves I used as a heavyweight still apply because that won't be taken away from me, I'm willing to bust my ass to earn my shot for any title that's not the CWF title.

Because I prefer to earn title shots than being handed them on a silver platter, I don't think you'd want to earn title matches, I expect a guy like yourself saying I can beat Konrad easily and don't need to waste time to capture the briefcase to cash in on a title match. I never find any of my opponents easy to beat. Everyone is equally hard to beat and that's the way I see things.

I can't say very much because you haven't said anything for matches and I do take you seriously, everyone should take their opponents seriously, or they lose matches. Although Autumn and Omar are tough opponents, I should know from facing them already, but you can pretend to be The Witcher and loving to be a powerhouse, but you got to evolve your style and you got to do a lot more than throwing me around because guess what?

I might have lost a ton of weight, but I have no problems throwing you around either because I'm a really strong wrestler and I can lift weights twice my body size. I love being apart of CWF so far with my win against Savannah Jade and you're going to be another name on the list as I'll pin, submit or climb the ladder, whatever they'll set us up with to win the match and receive a crystal ice case, at least I hope it is once I've defeated you because I don't see any dedication so far on wanting to be in CWF.

I'm going to win another one as I will do anything to capture that crystal ice briefcase from pinfall, submission or by climbing up the ladder which would be at a disadvantage for you if ladders are involved because powerhouse guys tend to run out of stamina faster than all-around wrestlers are. Tomorrow night in Quebec, Canada, you will witness Konrad Raab winning the Crystal Ice briefcase and win this match, making everyone freeze because I won a title. Jason Ryan, prepare to be Iceinated by The Iceman."

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