Title: Finally... What he has striven For... Paramount is for CHAOS!!
Featuring: Zolton
Date: Then and Now... February 5th, 2020
Location: Astral Plane and Coliseum of Quebec City
Show: Frozen Over VIII

”His destructive nature.
Primitive yes.
But hungry nonetheless.
He fends it off.
But it is always brought back.
Not by his choice.
It is by the one that thinks he is powerful.
The joke is going slap them in the face.
Whether he thinks it rewarding the Chaotic one.
A new world order is about to encompass the CWF.
The world of parasites will receive their taste of blood.
Not of the one they want however.
The rightful champion of the Paramount world.
Is none other than the man of Chaos.
The Fuller of Sean will fall.
The reign of Chaos shall BEGIN!!”


Finally… What he has striven for… Paramount is for CHAOS!!


++==LOCATION: Astral Plane==++
++==DATE: Then and Now==++
++==PLACE: The Minds of TWO==++

*As the time is unknown. The place is unknown, we are unknown. Zolton, the Man of Chaos sits in a room, wooden floor, some kind of symbol drawn on the floor, he sits in the center of this symbol. Several candles are lit with their flames dancing on their wicks. Zolton breathes deeply. Exhaling longly. Longingly. After a few moments of this, his head tilts slightly to his right, then shoots to the left.*

“It is not Melissa in her physical form. No.”

*His whispery voice comes out, as he keeps shifting his head from one side to the next almost involuntarily. Suddenly, the room fills with a cloud of white and gray mist. Surrounding Zolton but he is able to be seen. His head finally comes to a stop, center. He sits straight, his illuminating and piercing blue eyes lights the center of the room. Then a silhouette begins to saunter through the cloud of gray and white mists above Zolton. The silhouette begins to descend invisible stairs it seems to in front of Zolton.*

“My Demoness. You’re there?”

*Zolton’s voice comes in more firm, less whispery. Another figure appears, this one more masculine. Tall. It steps over to the female silhouette, the blue illumination from Zolton’s eyes disappears and both figures come to light. One is a ghostly like vision of Zolton. The other of one Melissa Aki.*

“Yes baby cakes. I’m here.”

“What happened? I haven’t been able to visit you in the Asylum. They keep telling me you are refusing visitors. Is that correct?”

*The two of them stand, close, almost holding one another now.*

“I am not allowed visitors but… B… DANIELA! That isn’t me. Daniela has overtaken my essence.”

“Oh shit. Melissa. What can I do to send her away again?”

“Nah it’s cool love. She has taken over for a reason and I don’t see any sense in fighting her. She is a freaking demon from HELL! But I don’t believe she is going to go on some kind of rampage, if she does I am stronger than I made her believe.”

“I’ve been quite worried my love. I was honestly fearful that you might have decided to leave me and were not telling me. I have been missing you. Wanting to run through that rickety place known as the Asylum that Tommy seems to feel is a fortress of some sort. Are you doing okay?”

*Silence befalls them now. They speak to each other as though they are in the same room but they are miles apart. At least we are assuming they are. The mist twists and folds over itself. Now the figures are on opposite sides than they were before. Melissa’s figure seems different.*

“No. No. Z, I was quite confused when all this started. But I think Daniela has figured it out and that’s why she has taken over and I’m not going to show her anything different right now. I have missed you though.”

*Melissa’s figure shifts again. Now looking up at Zolton. The emotional response that is usually represented on their faces is difficult to make out through the mists.*

“I have reached out several times in many different fashions but I had to perform this ritual that wards off the defenses that Daniela I’m sure put up for you, and this also hides us from her ever knowing.”

“I was beginning to wonder. You were always able to contact me before, even when you weren’t able to get here. I’m glad you are smarter than they give you credit for. .”

“Are you okay though my Demoness?”

“Yes I am alright. Hating the fact that I am trapped with very little bit of freedom. Reminding me of my childhood.”

*The mists shift and swirl into a silhouette that seems to show the two of them embracing. Holding onto one another.*

“Enough about me my sweet. How are you doing? I’m hearing stuff about you on your way to becoming a champion. Could that be true?”

“Yes beautiful. I was able to capture the number one contenders spot for the World Championship over in World Wrestling Headquarters.”

“What about over at C W F?”

“Well as a matter of fact I happen to be in this crazy match at the next pay per view. This match is for their Paramount Championship.”

“Define crazy match love.”

“Well they are calling it a Cordilleran Ice Sheet match.”

“What in the bloody fuck is that?”

“I was wondering the same thing but it was defined to me before the match was officially booked. It coincides with the name of the pay per view, Frozen Over. What they are going to be doing is strapping six inch thick sheets of ice to tables. What I must do, is drive my foe through one of them. So my typical way of destroying people is only going to get me so far in this war. My violent nature, the one you tend to enjoy on occasion will be what I have to tap into to send this guy Fuller through one of those icey slab tables. Do you get to see things that Daniela gets to?”

“That sounds like a match that they will regret putting you in baby cakes. I do when she allows me to.”

“Can you take over her at least temporarily?”

“I might be able to but I am not sure for how long or even if it would be worth revealing that now.”

“What do you mean specifically?”

“I wasn’t planning on revealing my power until the most perfect moment. I feel your longing for me to at least be able to witness your destruction of this Fuller person.”

“I do long to have you be able to watch it. But I understand. You have a devious and very intelligent plan to possibly shove Daniela down away far more permanently.”

“I am working through the finite details of it, but yes. How have you been outside of running through every single person that both of these federations have been putting in front of you?”

*The mists shift again, the silence is longer this time. The mists are locked in within another, almost dancing with one another.*

“I have been missing you tremendously. My emotional state hasn’t been in total balance, especially since you got taken away from me. I’ve thrown all of my emotional anguish and torture within myself outward on those that I have been forced to wrestle. I did refuse to show up to one of my matches for Championship Wrestling Federation though. They were forcing me to wrestle one of the pathetic parasites I battled and destroyed during that Alpha and Omega tournament.”

“Oh really? I feel your disdain in that.”

“Yeah. The new leader at the helm there felt it necessary to put me in a match on the card against that pathetic moron that is riding his self given nickname. So yeah I controlled my own fate which has lead me to this now blood lust filled, violent hungry fools of this planet match. What they do not know however my Demoness, what they will witness in this match is a violent and horrendous monster that they fear from their nightmares.”

“That is what I enjoy hearing from you. Your ambition. And your ability to inflict fear into those around you through the words you speak.”

*More shifting of the dual colored mists happens, then another color arrives. A bright, blue mist appears.*

“Maybe we should hold off on that a moment my Demoness.”

“I know we need to, but my desire and want for you can’t be controlled. I’ve been locked away for awhile Z. Let me have this and I will figure out a way to witness your absolute destruction of this Fuller fellow. Please…”

*Now there is a fourth color, bright, and begins to swirl around and mix in with the bright blue mist. No more words are exchanged between the two silhouettes. The room fills with bright blues and reds as the white and gray fade away. We soon lose our sight of the situation. The sound is strange though. Heavy breathing, but only from one person, we assume it is Zolton, the physical representation of him sitting in the center of the room. After a moment of hearing that, our auditory receptors go deaf.*


++==LOCATION: Coliseum of Quebec City==++
++==DATE: February 5th, 2020==++
++==PLACE: Where he sees FIT==++

*We are slammed in a rough sort of way into the light, a bit bright considering we were just in darkness. Some wind is heard through our auditory receptors. As our vision comes into focus we can see, just below us, the Man of Chaos, standing on a blue colored surface. We are moved suddenly, down some and our vision shifts, showing that it seems Zolton is standing on top of a building of some sort. Other buildings are what we see off in the distance behind Zolton. He stands straight. His thick wavy hair wafts around in the breeze, he combs it back out of his face with his right hand. His eyes are dim, but their piercing blue color is wonderfully frightening. He stares at us before shifting his vision to his left our right. Then the angelic yet forceful female voice enters our auditory receptors.*

Your Man of Chaos has shown you the right path to take to gain some semblance of respect from this company. Refuse to arrive to battle someone he has already defeated before. Then arrive and send an old man that shouldn’t be breathing the same oxygen he breathes, home, broken. Then the reward is given. He stands atop the very building where one, Sean Fuller, will meet his demise. What will this demise look like? Only your Man of Chaos knows, but maybe he will reveal some of his diabolic plans for this Sean Fuller?

*Her wispy voice trails off and Zolton’s eyes lock back onto us, we seem to be floating just above his height and out in front of him. Last time we were on top of building with this man, he cast us off the edge and we, well we ended up in pieces.*

“Here I am. Enjoying the frigid air of what is called the great white north. Below my feet, in less than a week’s time, Sean Fuller and I will be clashing. Battling for a prize. A trinket so to speak. One of many I plan on capturing throughout my career. This prize that I will dismantle Fuller for is the Paramount Championship. A title I will be bringing far more prestige to than any other holder of it before. Of course for that to happen, there is some kind of blood lust, some hunger for violence from me. Before I go on this speech dressing Fuller down to his bare bones. I must address the hard on from the management of Championship Wrestling Federation. Why would you put such a pure athlete, a master of many disciplines in such a horrendous match up? I guess I will get the answer to that after I have crippled Sean?”

*He pauses a moment, again combing his hair from his face.*

“Whatever the reason, it will be one that you will regret. Now. Sean Fuller. A man that I have clashed with before. It was at the end of the Alpha and Omega tournament. You were able to capture the victory on that night. So many reasons I could refer to as to why and how that happened, but what is the point? It is a new set of months, laid out in twenty four hour periods that will lead to a total of three hundred sixty six days. Again, more shit we do not need to worry about. What does matter is the night of the eleventh day of this second month, February. Am I talking to elongated for your tiny brain to comprehend? Riddles maybe? I couldn’t care any less if I have confused now, or if I continue to confuse you as I speak. Reality is this Fuller, at the Frozen Over pay per view, I will not fall to you again. No matter how much alcohol you poison your system with. No matter how often you flash through your life stages through a haze induced by the parasitic elixir. You do seem to be one that relishes in absolute violence. Is that true? Well I guess we will soon find out. Thing is, are you prepared to feel the wrath of the beast that I am? Another inquiry with an answer that will come in a matter of days.”

*His eyes cast off to our left as he pauses. Her voice however fills the air.*

Zolton, sir, what is your gameplan to defeat this pathetic excuse for a human?

*His eyes shoot back to us, blazen now.*

“My gameplan is only going to be revealed the night of Frozen Over. Fuller, you’ve done well for yourself though. Admittedly. Not something I can shit on. I can however shit on how horrible you looked when facing the man I absolutely destroyed a week and a half ago. That was a drunken tomfoolery display if I have ever seen one. You’ve gone on and on in previous promotional statements about how you’re going to be extraordinarily violent to your opponents. The thing I find slightly comical is that I recall you stating you were going to hand me the victory the last time we face off. Then your path of words lead us down a whole different road. One where you were wanting to break my bones. Puncture my organs. None of which happened of course, but the victory was yours. Now Fuller, I could stand here, threaten you with all kinds of violent things. Manipulating each one of your joints until they are no longer strong enough to hold down their shape. Your tendons stretched beyond a human body can withstand. How much joy that would bring me. Using just my fingers to send electrical signals to your brain that simply shut your body down. What a smile that would bring to my face. What is the point in threatening all of this on you Fuller? Truth is? There is no point in it. You might sit there next to the woman that commands your entire world. A bit of a mess of a woman if I say so myself, but again a point and a whole spiel for a later date. Where was I? Oh, you could be sitting there next to your woman and be asking yourself and her, why? Why is there no point in all the long winded and whimsical threats? Because threatening all of that is one thing. Actually doing it is another. And with this ass fucked, overly dastardly match thought of by the one in charge, my technical skill in joint manipulation. Pressure point pressure. And pressure application to snap each and every bone in your decrepit body is meaningless. It will not accomplish the victory I seek. No Fuller, it will bring you pain and tears to your woman’s eyes, but not the Paramount Championship to my kingdom.”

*He looks down slightly as he shakes his head back and forth slowly before returning his stare of blazing, bright blue illumination emanating from his eyes, right at us.*

“What it is going to take to accomplish the victory and capturing the Paramount Championship is I am going to need to revert to the primitive side of myself. The primal hunger to absolutely conquer who stands before me. That person this go around is you Fuller. No matter how much pleasure you will derive from the absolute beating I will be putting on you from the sound of that bell, leading up to where I forcefully and violently throw your barely breathing carcass through one of the six inch slabs of ice, through the table onto the canvass. Only that side of my personality will get this job done. There is a saying about using any means necessary to accomplish your goal. I have yet to see the need for that, however, this battle against you will be the perfect time to reveal the nature of the beast that I am. The parasites that watch this federation on television or come to the arenas to see the stars of Championship Wrestling Federation have only got a little peek at that side of me. Do you remember the Hell in a Cell match I was in against Douche Bones? I do. I remember it well. That night I let just a small sliver of what a beast I am out. That night Mister Bones fell in a bloody heap wishing he stayed home that night. What do you think will happen to you when I unleash more of that beast? Maybe, let’s say a quarter of what I am? What happened that night against the Douche will look like a children’s story book compared to what will happen to you and your precious woman. Yes. She is part of that by any means necessary Fuller. Are you shocked? Didn’t think a man of stature and integrity would go down dark hallways such as these? Another lesson for you to take home then.”

*Zolton again pauses. We begin to notice that his shoulders and chest are beginning to rise and fall more rapidly. His glowing blue eyes grow more bright. He doesn’t bother combing his hair out of his face now. His posture begins to slouch forward slightly. His arms dangle slightly in front of him. This is new, even from the Man of Chaos. His voice comes across with a growl, some aggression through his teeth.*

“Pondering the situation. Analyzing the match itself. I’ve come to a conclusion. Causing you physical harm. Crippling you will not be what gets you to fall. No. What Sean Fuller needs is a mental break. Bring in your woman and threaten to harm her physically? No. Actually hurt her. Bring blood to the surface of her flesh and let it out slowly? Yes. You enjoy what physical damage I could inflict. Knowing that from our previous battle. You seem to have fed off of what maniacal and vicious things I did to you in that match. What I didn’t do in that battle was use what I have come to be known as a master of. Psychological warfare while making your physical being fall apart. Smile at you while you attempt to break me down physically. This match is a whole new situation. The previous battle is meaningless now. This war will be exactly that. A war. I could even refer to this as your last stand. Your last ditch effort to gain a championship in this company. Your resume has spoke for itself. Enter a company. Shoot straight to top and gain championship glory. That streak comes to an end on February eleventh. It has been far too long since I’ve tasted that glory. The championship glory. You’re the final step in my journey in capturing that in Championship Wrestling Federation.”

*This new stance from the Man of Chaos is one that sends fear shivers down our nonexistent spine. His eyes grow brighter. His posture more primal. Animalistic. He takes a step. Then another. A deep growl grows from within him as he is seemingly to transform right in front of us. Her voice, trying to reason with him enters the air now.*

Zolton? Sir? You need to remain calm. Cool. Collected and superbly intelligent entering this match. What you are doing now……


*His voice erupts. Interrupting her. He continues to growl.*

“I am intelligent. I am more calculating than this parasite Sean Fuller. Violence is your nature. Pain and anguish is your way of overcoming previous foes of yours. At Frozen Over, the parasites that pay Championship Wrestling Federation money to witness violence will get their fill as I punish you, Fuller. What you are now witnessing is my transformation from the Man of Chaos, to the Beast of Chaotic Rage. The time of speaking words has come to an end. The time to rise to the occasion not only physically but mentally. Will you Fuller? As long as I stand in that ring, you won’t be able to. I am the world destroying Beast of Chaotic Rage.”

*He slaps us and we spin in circles for several moments before coming to rest where Zolton was standing. He is no longer there. However her voice comes back to life.*

Parasites of the world. Sean Fuller. His woman, Celeste. What you just witnessed was a promotional statement and chaotic transformation from your Man of Chaos. He spoke fluently, then angrily. His primal instincts are kicking in and there will not be one person, mouth breathing parasite safe. Especially you Sean Fuller. When the cold cloud from the ice sheet and table that he just slammed you through clears. He will stand over your barely breathing carcass, you will be reminded later of that moment. He will stand over you, his chaotic grin across his face as he hold that Paramount Championship high over his head. All you will get is the glimmer of that gold shining from the arena lights. The words have been spoken. The time for you to survive will be soon arriving. Are you ready Championship Wrestling Federation? Zolton, your Beast of Chaotic Rage is. The era of Chaos is close.

*Her raspy, whispery voice trails off in a short echo right before we go blind and deaf at the same time. We are full of fear of what will happen to this Sean Fuller person in a few days. Thing is, we can’t feel fear. But we want to. Our eyes are about to be filled with a violent destruction of a human being, although he refers to them as parasites. We may not ever be the same thing again.*

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