Title: Big Plans
Featuring: Most Known Unknowns
Date: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Show: Evolution 75 (RP Deadline - Saturday, January 25, 2020 - 11:59PM CENTRAL)

We open up on the scared back of Vince Espinoza. He has each of his hands wrapped individually around thick ropes, pulling them towards himself. Panning down, we noticed that the ropes are cleverly intertwined between metal posts to create a makeshift curling machine. Attach to the end of the ropes are three cinder blocks apiece, wrapped and secured so that they don't budge. He continues his set, the loud clanking of concrete against concrete echoing throughout the empty warehouse.

Moving around, the camera picks up on Martinez and Nina spar on a pair of thin, dirty mats. Nina currently has Omar locked in a grounded headscissors. He fights against her tighten grip but she has it on surely. Soon she releases him, angered by his lack of being able to escape.

Nina: ¡Mira! You can't expect to win against Raven and that other chacho if you don't take this seriously.

They both rise to their feet.

Omar Martinez: Mí amor, my head's just not in it right now. Ya know mami, we haven't been getting much work lately. Our home goes into ruins as the days past. It's just too much for me to focus on.

Nina: I know, papi.. I'm saddened by Puerto Rico's state but we were saved and now we must fight to make them proud.

The sound of a metal door slamming interrupts their conversation. Nina appears annoyed as her and Omar turn towards the entrance to see..

Byson Kaliban: There goes the hardest working trio in Championship Wrestling Federation!

Byson claps his hands together, displaying a huge smile towards his clients. 

Byson Kaliban: How are you guys doing today?

No response.

Byson Kaliban: Okay, then.. so you guys ready to make this cash and kicking some ass?!

Nina: Why are you still here?

Byson Kaliban: Huh? Excuse me?

Nina: What is your purpose?

Byson Kaliban: Wait a minute now, just calm down..

Nina: You dance around.. in your little suit.. and you do nothing.. When Xander Daniels placed me on the shelf. You kept my brethren from coming to my rescue.

She points a finger at Byson who becomes nervous. A loud slam is heard as Byson places his attention past Nina and Omar on Vince who releases the blocks, causing them to shatter as they smash into the ground. Walking forward and to a table, Espinoza grabs his mask and places it over his head. He then turns and faces everyone else, letting out a loud growl.

Nina: You see, Byson! When my brethren lost their tag titles, did you fight for another shot?

She snaps her finger and Vince is on him in a second, both hands clutched tightly around Byson's throat. His feet dangle as Vince has him high into the air. Omar and Nina walks over.

Nina: The answer to all of those questions are no! So why should we let you straggle along with us? There is no need for you..

Byson coughs as Vince's hands sink deeper into his flesh. 

Byson Kaliban: Hear me out… (cough) c'mon..

Nina: Drop him…

Vince releases and Byson crashes with a this onto the ground.

Byson Kaliban: I promise.. (cough) we can (cough, cough) we can fix this. This Tuesday, I guarantee that Ryan, Raven, Graves and Lockheart will all fall to defeat at your hands!

Nina: How can you make such a promise?

Byson Kaliban: I've got an inside tip that Lockheart isn't going to be there and c'mon, we're talking about Autumn, here!

Nina: The same woman who defeated me for the Hostility Aversion Championship.

Byson Kaliban: Right.. Well… umm, just know there's nothing to worry about. I promise.

Nina: Don't make promises that, you can not keep.

The Most Known Unknowns stand over their manager as he nervously shuffles back to his feet. Straightening his suit, he smiles at them before making a hasty exit. Nina stares daggers into him until he's finally gone.

Nina: He has his plans and we have ours…

They all nod together as the scene fades out.

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