Title: The Private Eye
Featuring: Eclipse
Date: June 29th, 2018
Location: Undisclosed
Show: Evolution 24


To hear the name roll off of the tongues of Rolash and Gunt. To hear them feign their surprise, their half-hearted interest. They took me for granted. They didn't know what I was capable of. They didn't even bother to give me a second look until bam, darkness hits the ring like a freight train.

I guess I can't say I am surprised. Ignorance is not a new trend, especially in the CWF. J Rish makes his deals without ever considering the circumstances. He never considers the repercussions of his actions. Those repercussions have become a reaper now, set to soar to the sky.

Do I have your attention now? I held my ground in that ring, Golden Intentions, the biggest match CWF has to offer all year round. I stood my ground and I watched them all drop like flies in the steaming heat. In the end, Andy Murray got the better of me. I slipped, he capitalized. He got the golden opportunity. I... shall wait for a better one. I said it before the match and I say it now, golden trinkets are just a waste to me.


I prefer metal. Barbed wire and baseball bats, buddy. Cold steel and cold blood, my friend. I promised that the combatants in the Golden Intentions match would feel my wrath. They would tremble in my presence as I lay ruin in my wake. I promised chaos. I promised calamity.


I bet our friend Dick is standing in attention. What happens when Dick gets beats up? When Dick gets beat down and beat off and beat all around the ring? Does the crowd get on their feet ranting and raving for a bloody Dick? Do they get off on the violence? They seem to like it. It is their will. They want to watch me slice up some Dick.

They want to see Dick suffer. They want to see Dick squirm. In fact, I don't believe they will be satisfied until bloody Dick is cut up and served to them on a silver platter.


The people pay see to violence. They pay to see pain. I will be the druid of deliverance. I am Eclipse. Blackened and soul-scarred intentions. Title belts mean nothing to me, but I admire victory at all costs.

Once upon a time ago...they thought they won.

I heard it in their voice.


They thought they won...but Eclipse is here. Darkness is coming.

There will be no survivors...except maybe Dick. Maybe Dick summons up the courage, if he is hard-headed enough. So, what do you say, Dick? Will you be stoic, as tough as the rocky mountain? Or will you fold, get soft, and crawl back into the turtle hole that you came from?

I don't see a warrior in you, Dick Fury. I see a puny little imp. I see an opportunity. I see an example to be made. You don't take this seriously. You don't take anything seriously. You live in your own world.

Welcome to mine. Welcome to the Darkest Place, where even the most cold-hearted Dick can call home. Have you seen the darkness, Dick Fury? Does it enlighten you? Does it mobilize you? Or does it scare the pants off you, Dick? Does it terrify you to the point of nausea? Will we have Dick vomitting all over the ring at Evolution 24?

Tune in to find out! I bet I have your attention now...

Maybe you will see Dick venturing into the wild side? Maybe, he will embrace it. I will embrace Dick. I will take all the Dick he can unleash on me. I will shrug it off and come begging for more. I am pain. I am Fury. Dick will have a short night of misery and suffering at the hands of Eclipse. His story will be one of poor circumstance...he came too early, or at the wrong time.


It's not Dick's fault. Don't blame Dick. It's just the way the game is played. You have been chosen to be my first victim. Luckily for you...you aren't alone.

Xander Haze will be there. The whole world will be watching. Krayzie will be there, the world will be anxious with bated breath. Krayzie, the father of a former CWF World Heavyweight champion. I had a father once. He betrayed his own people. He turned his back on us! He was a coward, a liar and a swine!


He's dead now, Krayzie. Dead and buried with worms crawling through his hallowed eye sockets. It is the process of renewal, my friend. It is a wonderful feeling, to serve the Earth in death like it has served you through life. It is wonderfully fitting, for you to serve the Maker of Creation in death, like I have served you in the living. I will find your flaws. I will dissect them. I will forcefully remove your imperfections.


I am different than I was before. Altered. Repaired. Do you wish to meet the same fate? Do you see what I see when I look into the future? You and I both know that your little bastard son didn't see things my way.


But let's not stray. That's ancient history by this point, water under the bridge. Let's just say the Sun has Set, and it is the dawn of a new day... The day of your reckoning.

A veteran of the ring. You've seen it all haven't you? You've seen big men, tall men, fast men and tough men. But have you ever faced an opponent that wasn't a man at all? Have you ever met a foe without a face? A challenge with no name at all? Stare into the mirror and you will see the void. You are empty inside, Krayzie, a shallow husk of a human being.


Let me make you whole again. Let me alter you, repair you into the ultimate weapon. Would you walk with me into the valley of salvation?

It doesn't matter. You are not worthy. You have not earned the right. In the end, its all dust. In the end, its all dark. You, my friend, are no exception. You are just another broken limb crossing the path of a brontosaurus, and this fossil is going to break your face. You don't know me, Krayzie. You won't recognize the face or the name. Soon, you will.


Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Open your eyes.

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Time to wake up, bathe and feel the light of shine again.

Life is just so mundane.


Not anymore. At Evolution I take that from you, Krayzie. At Evolution I steal the light of your soul, along with your dignity and your manhood. Can you survive such an ordeal? At this point, your passage into the great beyond is just a formality. Let me show you the way...


You think that you know the true meaning to true craziness? You think it simply involves a high threshold of pain? After you meet me in that ring, you will know craziness. You will know pain. We will stretch the limits of that threshold while I stretch your skin and break your bones. This is no longer about wrestling. Its about taking back something that was once mine. Its about taking back something that was always mine.


The world is my playground. The world is my jungle. Beware the tall grass, Krayzie, there are monsters out there. They will bite at you, they will claw at you, until there is simply nothing left. You may be the father of a CWF superstar, but I am the Father of Creation. I put you on this world and I will be responsible for eradicating you from it.


Speaking of fathers, then you got the daddy's boy himself, Xander Haze. Your father didn't love you very much, did he, Alexander? How could he? One glace and one can see how flawed you are, broken and quite pathetic. He was just enacting his Will. Your father knew the life of Amorality and he knew it well. You served your part as the whipping boy, and for that we are Eternally grateful.


Some people are put on this world simply to suffer and toil for the sake of others. You are one of those people. Simply put, the suffering has only begun for you. I will whip you around the ring, and I will rip at your flesh like Daddy's belt used to do. Can you handle a little Torment on your way to the top of the food chain, Haze?


Or will you end up as fish food like the rest of them when the Beast is unleashed?


I would like to sit here and pretend that you have the ability to choose your own fate. No, your fate has been chosen in moments long past. Who is Xander Haze? Just another failure. Just another mistake. Just another disappointment.


They're all the same. They're all the fucking same. Just carbon copies of carbon copies and Eclipse is just the monkey wrench in the machine gears.


Who is Xander Haze? Just another liar. Just another sneak. Just another of the Unworthy. If only some powerful entity would come and wipe them all out in one fell swoop.


If only.


If only...


They say that there is a Paramount title shot at stake here. A big match on the big stage at the big show. Title belts, so tacky. So unlike me. Who do they think I am, Jarvis King?


Heh, the real opportunity is a moment in the ring with the legend in his own mind, Jarvis King. He's a bitter enemy, he's the oldest of friends. You may not know me, King...


But I sure hope that we shall meet again soon?


I am the Darkness. I am Eclipse. Chaos has come back for the Crown.









Excerpts from CWF Magazine, Volume 1


The Aftermath Series, Part 1


Author: Tabby Ubetcha


Higher, Wire, Fire. The match itself took place about ten weeks ago, ancient history now, as fast as the pendulum swings in the CWF. One of the biggest matches in history. So much was on the line. CEO J Rush put his precious federation on the line. Ryan Sunset and Elisha put control of the cult SSRI up for grabs.


The competitors? A three team affair with Elisha and Choronzon on one side. Ryan Sunset and John Mapother on one side. And then representing CWF and J Rish, in the other corner, Caledonia and Jace Valentine.


Chaolin Sahn was added to the match as a special enforcer, an attempt to tip the scales in Sunset's favor.


The match itself was brutal. It was chaotic. It was memorable...but for this series I have chosen to focus more on the competitors involved. Elisha and Choronzon are seen on CWF programming nearly every week. Caledonia is as focused as ever, the current reigning and defending CWF World Heavyweight champion. It was Caledonia that ultimately claimed victory in the match for the team, sending CWF back to a vague sense of normalcy.


The other four combatants involved in this match have not been on CWF Programming since. Chaolin Sahn. Jace Valentine. John Mapother. Ryan Sunset. To understand what happened to these men, you have to understand who these men are. You have to understand the thoughts that have passed through their minds, each circumstance that led us to this point.


First, Chaolin Sahn. The Enforcer. The man of many nicknames. The Firefly. The Cyndicate King. The Leader of the Immortals. He's been named Commissioner, he's been named to the Hall of Fame. Born in Tokyo, Japan, Chaolin had a rough upbringing. His parents were religious fanatics who were distraught at their little boy's speech patterns.


Every word Chaolin speaks is a rhyme. Each phrase is a mystery. Chaolin's parents approached the problem with violence, which led to an even bigger problem with violence. A dark shadow, a true void of light followed young Chaolin with every foot step.


It all comes to a boiling point, Chaolin comes to an irreparable moment of stress and chaos in the midst of his father's beatings. He picks up a fire stoker and violently slays his mother and father in a fit of rage, ultimately burning down his childhood home.


At the tender age of 8, a young Chaolin is consumed with anger, guilt, confusion, rage and sadness. This mangled mess of emotions manifested into an amalgamation of his hate-filled and toxic relationships.


Shoddy court systems ship the young boy into an institution called the Paxton Juvenile Ward. More torture, humiliation and torment meets young Chaolin at every turn of his life. He was ruthlessly picked on, bullied and brutalized, almost to the point that he was willing to throw it all away.


Eventually, the amalgamation of hatred takes control of the young man's psyche. Chaolin's story is not one of torment and chaos, but truly one of ultimate tragedy.


According to my interviews with Sahn, he recognizes that the Tormented Soul led him to previously unreachable heights. The Tormented Soul is what ultimately led him to the CWF, becoming one of the inaugural champions. But even still, the hatred clouded his judgment and prevented him from ever living a peaceful life. The cycle of violence for violence sake wore on the man inside.


The Tormented Boy fought back. He clawed and scraped for a moment of consciousness. A fleeting moment of control, that he could swiftly be gone of the Tormented Soul forever.


The story of Chaolin Sahn is a vast one, that could probably fill up this whole magazine in its own special print edition. The man is a devastatingly fascinating individual. He brought together one of the most incredible factions in CWF history, the Cyndicate, and oversaw a plan where they ran roughshod over the entire federation. The group contained legends of their own right, including former World Heavyweight champions Jarvis King and "The Ripper" Danny B.


Then years later, with CWF at the brink of a revival, Chaolin did it again. The army of the damned, simply known as the Eternals. Freddie Styles, Pandalike, Tristan Kancer, Alex Cain and several others would eventually join the alliance to great success. Sahn crafted cunning deals to advance his position, with anyone he could. CWF CEO, at the time, Jaiden Rishel. Producer Ryan Sunset. The three of them became known as the Trinity of CWF management.


Stocks rose to insane heights. CWF was back and simply better than ever. Then Higher, Wire, Fire happened. Sahn changed. The Tormented Soul released him... seemingly forever.


Chaolin Sahn's story is not one of devastation. Chaolin Sahn's story is a tragedy.


Then you have Jace Valentine. His father was a police captain and a renown Canadian politician. His mother is a retired fashion designer. Jace himself became a well known trouble maker, intentionally and deliberately controversial. The kind of celebrity that is famous simply because he is famous.


Jace is the former host of the talk show 'The World's Greatest Advice', which has been graciously removed from the air to the rejoice of everyone. Jace would tell people what to think, what to wear, how to smile. He is always right. You are always wrong. He is masochistic and disrespectful to women and just about anyone that crosses his path.


You may be familiar with the story of Jace Valentine, but bear with me. To get a grip on who these people are now requires you to understand who they have been before.


One day, Jace gets a guest on his show daring him to enter the wrestling business. Jace talks a fair game, and the guest is quick to bait him. As history will tell you, Jace calls his bluff. He signs a short term contract with the Championship Wrestling Federation.


He struggled a bit at first, but it was astonishing to watch him take so quickly to the sport, a guy with no real athletic background being so competitive inside the squared circle.


Jace, with all his strengths inside the ring, cunning and intelligent, he liked to play outside the realm of the rules. With Jace Valentine, the win was often secured before the opening bell rang. He ran away with the Paramount championship, defeating Jarvis King for the belt through nefarious means.


Jace didn't stop there to win a petty bet. Valentine dropped the Paramount championship after a period of time but set his eyes on the ultimate prize. He came at Steven Gamble, the CWF Commissioner at the time, with a concussion lawsuit. He weaseled his way into a World Heavyweight Championship match against the reigning champion, Blue Scorpion. Gamble found himself involved in the match as special referee, ultimately awarding Jace the victory and the belt served up on a silver platter.


That dastardly Jace. He was never afraid to take the easy street, shortcuts are there for everyone...its just the cunning that are willing to take them.


Ironically enough, when the Trinity of Sahn, Sunset and Jaiden took over the CWF, Jace seemed to be willing to buck trend. He opposed the super group from the start, and the Army of the Eternals were ready and willing to break Jace's spirit. To Jace's credit, he stayed vigilant. He fought and pushed through every obstacle that the Eternals and the SSRI threw in his way. Jace always stayed one step ahead. It was pretty incredible to watch.


Go to the CWF Network now, (Only 9.97 a month! My two cents says that's a better bargain than the other guys!) and you can find highlights of last year's Modern Warfare tournament. Week after week, Jace Valentine clawed his way to the finale. Then it happened. He slipped up. He disappointed all of his budding new fans. No, Jace didn't lose the finals.


He lost his dignity, or what was left of it.


The Modern Warfare tournament finale match, with Ryan Sunset as the special guest referee...we had a terrible case of dejavu. Jace's opponent, Duce Jones, gets hit with a low blow from the referee himself setting up the easy street for Valentine again.


However, Jace's ultimate betrayal led him to a swift downward spiral. Suddenly, he couldn't seem to be able to finish off even the most common opponent. His friends and family, the ones he had left, no longer wanted anything to do with him.


To Jace's credit, when the Sunset War finally come to a head...he had a change of heart. He did what he could to turn the tides back against Sunset and his army. In the end, Jace was the one responsible for giving Caledonia and Chaolin Sahn the opportunity to vanquish Ryan Sunset forever.


Jace took a violent and awkward dive off of the scaffolding of the Higher, Wire, Fire match trying to turn Karma back in his favor. In the moment of truth, Jace Valentine showed his true colors. He did 'good', and now he sits in a wheelchair unable to move on his own.


The story of Jace Valentine is not one of cowardice and greed. The story of Jace Valentine is another tragedy.


Speaking of true tragedies, you have the story of Ryan Sunset. If you have read the entirety of this article, you probably have gathered about everything you need to know about Ryan... but this is a Tabby Ubetcha article. Is there more to the story? You betcha!


Despite our attempts to reach out to Mister Sunset's representatives, we have come across some vital information regarding Ryan's personal life. Behind the scenes of his work as a television megaloid, he worked as the acting officer of a horrifying cult.


Known to the public as the Spirit Science Research Institute, Ryan oversaw his membership committing unspeakably vicious acts against humanity. They were led to believe that violence and greed is a natural human reaction. They were led to believe that they should not deny themselves that basic human right. They were lead to believe that morality is a flaw. Imorality is immortality. There may still be some people out in the word that believe that.


Where is Sunset now? No one seems to know. There are conflicting reports, but I promise to the CWF Universe to get to the bottom of this. By next issue? You betcha!








Meanwhile, back in the CWF Corporate Studios.


"How could you forget Mapother?"


James Finkeltini stands in front of a slumped and defeated Tabby Ubetcha. He has an agitated look on his face as he taps his pencil furiously against his deck.


"Uh, what?" The expression on Tabby's face shows that she is more than just a little let down. She thought she did such a good job on the article. She day dreamed about award ceremonies, fame and fortune. Maybe one day she would be sharing the backstage halls with Tara Robinson herself. Oh that would be the dream...


If only she can pass the trials and tribulations of Sir James, she tells herself.


"Mapother. John Mapother. He was chosen as Ryan Sunset's partner in the Higher, Wire, Fire match. His closest confidant, the only ally that stayed loyal to Ryan through the conclusion."


"I'm really sorry..." Tabby is dejected.


"I ordered you to get a story about ALL the people involved with that match, Tabitha. Your report is incomplete."


"I sincerely apologize, James."


"I do too, Tabitha. I'm sorry I have to work with so many incompetent imbeciles... Listen, if I had the time and patience to write each and every story here, and do it right, you wouldn't even have a purpose here. I don't have the hours for that. My work is of higher priority, so how 'bout you try to do half as good a job as a professional would?"


"I'll do better next time, sir."


"You're lucky there will be a next time, Tabitha." James says with a scoff.




Mapother. How could she forget Mapother? She's beating herself up over it now. Ryan's deepest, darkest confidant. Loyal to the end. Maybe he will have some answers here. Maybe he will have some valuable insight on where Ryan is, and what kind of mental and physical state he is in.


John Mapother, noble and loyal to the end to a losing cause. John Mapother, who hasn't been seen publicly since the Higher, Wire, Fire match.


He's got to know something.


Will Tabby find Mapother? Will Tabby find the truth?


You betcha.


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