Title: Shut the door
Featuring: Autumn Raven
Date: Now
Location: somewhere warmer
Show: Evolution 75 (RP Deadline - Saturday, January 25, 2020 - 11:59PM CENTRAL)

~ Prologue ~


Autumn sat in the corner at Caribou, legs stretched out underneath the table she was sitting at, staring into the bright screen of her laptop as she listened to some random tutorial on how to redecorate squishy toys while playing around in photoshop.  The weather outside was cold, and starting to snow which didn't help with matters considering that this was probably a prelude to a snowstorm.  Traffic was gonna be horrendous, and flights in or out were gonna be even worse.  She wasn't looking forward to getting on that plane later, but alas it had to be done.

With a stretch of her arms, she got up and walked up to the counter finally ready to order.  The tired looking guy behind the counter offered a small smile as she stood there staring at the menu curiously.

"What'll it be?"

"Um, a large strawberry banana smoothie please."

"Sure thing.  6.05 please."

Autumn handed over the 10 she had in her pocket, and watched as he punched numbers to get the till to open up.  He handed her back her change and went to work getting that smoothie of hers, trying to dodge the other girl who was working with him.  Stepping aside, she went to watch the process go on, resting her hands on the counter.  She barely heard the other order being taken, before a shadow decended on her side and she turned to face it.

"Sorry I'm so late.  Freakin' traffic was crap."

Her friend, Emily, griped, chewing on the straw that was her cappuchino or whatever the hell you called that stuff nowadays.

"Eh don't worry about it.  It's to be expected with this snow coming down.  I have a feeling that a storm is on it's way."

"Oh goody, work is gonna be a pain to get to tomorrow.  Lucky you, you get to be elsewhere out of this mess."

"It's still gonna be cold where I'm going, but at least I don't have to deal much with this issue."

Autumn responded, smiling at the guy who handed her her smoothie as she turned around with her friend and headed back over to her table, sitting down with a sigh.  The traffic outside was steady, and the people sitting inside were quite content with their computers and their warm drinks, hardly paying attention to what was currently going on outside at the moment.

"Lucky you.  Whatcha workin' on?"

A shrug of shoulders, as Autumn let out a sigh.

"Nothing in particular.  I was more or less screwing around while listening to youtube."

"Squishy redecorating?  You interested in that?"

"Hey, its something to do.  Don't judge me."

There was a shuffling of a bag and a thud a few seconds later as her friend pulled out her own laptop and earbuds to drown out part of the noise coming from the atmosphere.  She tilted her head slightly at Autumn and grinned a bit.

"I'm not, I just didn't think you'd be into that kind of thing really.  Whatever makes you happy really."

Autumn didn't say much afterwards, choosing to go back to her youtube and photoshop dealings, letting her mind drift a little bit while making small talk with the girl sitting next to her.

"How long are you working tomorrow?"

"From like 2 till we close.  Long day for me.  Gonna be longer because it's gonna be another slow day again."

"Ugg.  Sucks to be you.  Bring something to do other than play on your phone.  That would be my idea."

"Probably not my laptop.  I'll figure it out at some point today."



~ Main ~

Sitting on top of a traveling crate used by the company, tapping her fingers on the top of the box, was Autumn herself.  PJ was off on her own somewhere else preparing for her own business, so it wasn't necessary for the both of them to be together.  The two of them were on a roll as of late, and fans were catching on to what they were putting out.  It was a surprising pair between the two, but it was working and people were starting to notice.

"We're on a fast track to a future tag team title shot somewhere down the line.  Are we ready now?  Yes and no.  I think we can stomp some more heads and take more names down before we can call ourselves ready for that shot.  PJ's really come into her own, and I'm really proud of her as to how far she's come.  Being in this little team has lit a fire under her and pushed her to drive even further than she ever has.  Given her a reason to keep on going.  She trusts me, and I trust her.  That counts for something."

A pause.

"But now I have to deal with one of Nina's pets, and a surprising addition to this little fight.  Omar, and CWF's newest signee, Jason Ryan.  I don't know what much to say about this, other than I wish it was just the two of us but if I have to handle the both of you out there then so be it.  This is just another stepping stone for me out there on the way to something in the future.  I'm here on my own, without PJ to back me up and I'm fine with that.  I plan on doing what I do best out there, and that is taking every opportunity to gain a victory.  With so many eyes watching, I can't lose.

This is my game now."

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