Title: An Old Man Retrieves His Singlet
Featuring: Terry Gould
Date: January 10, 2020
Location: My Bedroom
Show: Evolution 74

Well it's that time! What time, you may ask? It's time for someone to catch A HEART ATTACK!!!

If you don't know the name, do your research. You probably wouldn't find any information but that doesn't matter as the HEART BREAKER himself is here to teach some young punk a thing or two about professional wrestling! SEAN FULLER!!!!!! You have no business inside of a ring kid! Do you know how many hours I have put into a wrestling ring?


Give or take.. but that's not the point! When I take my hand and shove it into your chest! I'm gonna pull your heart out while it's still beating!!

At this CWF show, I'm gonna teach you how to twist a man into submission, limb from limb! I'm going to manipulate your joints in ways that you've never imagined possible.. I've wrestled pigions more tougher than what I see in you sonny! 

"Paw Paw! Paw Paw!"

Terry Gould loses his trance as he was staring in the mirror. His apparent grandson is seen running up to him as he backs away from the chiffarobe.

"Paw Paw, who were you talking too?"

"Nobody, sonny. Just getting myself pumped up for my return to wrestling! You wanna ride down to the show with me?"

"Paw Paw, you're gwoing to get huwrt.. Those guys are big and skrong." 

"It's going to be fine Billy, now run along and get your brothers and sister. Tell your dad that we're all going to MOTOR CITY!"

"mota shitty…?"

"Just tell your dad to help you guys get ready."

"Otay Paw Paw…"

Gould sets Billy back down on the floor as he goes back to his chiffarobe and pulls back a drawer, pulling out a singlet styled in black and yellow, in honor of the nearby Pittsburgh Steelers team. White circle, colorful stars and everything. He smiles to himself as he throws the attire on the bed and prepares to pack for his trip.

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