Title: Time to make an official debut in CWF
Featuring: Konrad Raab
Date: 14/1/20
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Show: Evolution 74


Time to make an official debut in CWF youtube.com shoot.

"It's been a while the last time I wrestled in this company, but now I can proudly say I'm officially a member of CWF roster and I'm more than happy to be here after all the discussions I had with Rish and even my wife to come here and wrestle full time. It all started when I was booked for a match at Genesis PPV which I only found out last minute via a phone call from Rish I'm facing against Autumn Raven and PJ Blake with Ariel Shadows as my tag partner for the CWF tag titles contention match. 

I won't blame anyone, but myself for not being fully prepared for the tag title contention match as I completely lost track of it and forgetting I was apart of the match in the first place. I have to apologise for the disrespect I may have caused on Autumn and PJ for completely ignoring you both. I can say from now on, I will never do that ever again. As I said, I lost track of the match I didn't pay attention to in the first place.

At the same time, it showed how badly CWF wanted me on the roster. Since that Genesis PPV, I've been talking for many weeks on getting a contract, the problem was I had to get my wife's permission first. She fully agreed and here I am, sitting here, wrestling in my first CWF debut against a lady who's been unlucky with her results in CWF so far, Savannah Jade.

Savannah is always and forever be a threat, especially as I don't know much about her abilities in CWF since I was literally flown to Genesis right away to wrestle. So I didn't have any time to watch her Genesis match or other matches Savannah may have had in CWF. I know for sure she has talent and ability to be a professional wrestler. I know what it's like being new to the company, heck my first match back in two thousand and eleven, nine years ago was against a champion, but in a non-title match obviously, as I was a non-wrestler back then.

At least you didn't make the mistake of not signing a wrestling contract and got in the ring straight off the bat. Of course, that's years ago where I had no experience like yourself. It takes time and I've lost my first match when I wrestled the first time. Many of them wanted me to quit and leave to do my old job again, but I didn't listen because I would do anything to become a professional wrestler. I never walked through the gym doors and started training, I had to earn my spot to get in a wrestling school and I had to win my second match to do so.

That was that I became a professional wrestler just from the second match which once again, I was a non-wrestler and I did almost a whole year's training of being a professional wrestler to get where I am today. I gladly welcome you in the business by having a competitive match. Unlike other opponents before you who talked crap against you, I'm not one of those wrestlers who would because I respect wrestlers like yourself, wanting to make a mark in CWF.

I can't wait to see what you can do in the ring where you'll bring absolutely everything against me and to do everything it takes to beat me. Only I'm in the way of making your dreams come true. I have to win this match because I don't want to start from the back again to work my way up, especially there are a few wrestlers who want to face me. I'm more than happy to fight all of you, but you'll see the skills I have and what Savannah have too.

I doubt Savannah wants to cheat or use illegal moves against me, I don't see that happening tonight, but I will bring everything I have and help you be a better wrestler and be a future champion someday in the business because I love facing new wrestlers and help them develop their skills and see the future star in the making of Savannah Jade. I will win this match because of having more experience than you and I will show you what The Iceman is about. All I have to say is good luck and may the top wrestler win."

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