Title: This Is The Beginning
Featuring: Dauntless
Date: 1/9/2020
Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Show: Evolution 74

The brother duo that makes up the tag team, Dauntless are shown leaving the Insane Institution, currently owned and ran by Allen “Krayzie” Jones, father of Duce Jones. Both Bryan and Ryan have their gym bags over their shoulders as they head for Bryan’s dark red Dodge Ram 1500. The two appear extremely exhausted after an intense session of training. Going to their respective doors, they both threw their bags onto the bed of the truck as they climb inside.

Ryan Reed: Gah’damn, jawn ass work tha fuck outta us tonight, bruh..

Bryan Reed: Hell, what d’ya expect ta happen? We need to be in top shape if we plan on making a strong impression with our debut.

“How did we get dis gig anyway bruh? I thought fa sho afta’ dat bullshit in FWA, we’d never get anotha’ booking.”

Bryan laughs as he starts the ignition and pulled out of the parking lot of the Sunnie November Recreational Center. However, when it’s a training ground, it goes under the name, Insane Institution in honor of its founder; Allen “Krayzie” Jones. The two are soon weaving through the hectic, Memphis traffic.

“Yea baby bruh, Duce got us dis gig but said it was on us ta make an impact. He did his job gettin’ us through the door. Now it’s on us ta show why we deserve dat oppurtunity.”

“I’m wit’cha bruh, besides FWA was some spur of tha moment shit. At least now we now who t’fuck we facing.” Ryan goes quiet for a moment, apparently in deep thought. “Who are we facing again?”

“Tha number one contenders to tha tag titles, Raven and Blake..”

“So what all do we know so far about these guys?”

Bryan sighs.

“Well first of all, they’re chicks an….”

“Bitches! Awe we gonna mop tha flo’ wit dem bitches.. Why was we training so hard for, dis should be light work?”

Bryan clicks his tounge.

“We’re going to lose already..”

“What?” Ryan questioned perplexed.

“Were you somewhere high, when Duce was giving us the lowdown on dis match?”

Ryan chuckles.

“I remember bein’ there but tha whole night was a blur.. Too much happened dat night.”

“Dat is true..”

“Besides bro, we’re almost guaranteed dis victory, Raven and Blake ain’t got shit.. On us..”

Ryan raises his arm for a high five but is denied by his older brother.

“Look bruh, dis could be tha only chance we get to make some noise in dis company. Ya saw how shit went down with our last gig.. We were downright forgettable.. And if you were listening ta Duce, ya would know dat these chicks are as tough as they come. They ain’t number one contenders for nothing.. Autumn Raven is a former champion, PJ Blake is one of the fastest rising stars in their company. We have to take dis shit serious!”

“Damn.. Calm down, my guy.. Everything is gonna be gucci, on god! We ain’t got shit ta worry about when tha time comes. I’m there wit ya and we gon do dis shit!”

“Aight, Ry.. I hope you take shit a bit mo’ serious dis time..”

“I got you..”

The brothers dap each other up as they continue to manuever through traffic, headed for their next destination. Which they hope will be a victory of the current number one contenders, earning a HUGE name for themselves. But only time will tell.

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