Title: Victory has Weakened HIM... Returning to where it all BEGAN... The chaos belongs to HIM!!
Featuring: Zolton
Date: December 12, 2019
Location: Abandoned Steel Mill -- Pittsburgh PA
Show: Evolution 73 (RPing ends 12/14/19 at 11:59pm EST)

”Was the Doubt real?
How had he become so lost?
The hope of others is futile.
His mission statement unedited.
Will he return to the top?
Stand in the light?
He doesn’t want the light.
His home is the darkness.
The shadows are his confidants.
His subservant extension of his mind.
The ideas that only live in his mind.
The final stand of Fuller.
Swimming demons?
Enlightened REALITY!!”


Victory has weakened HIM… Returning to where it BEGAN… The CHAOS belongs to HIM!!


++==LOCATION: Pittsburgh Pennsylvania==++
++==DATE: December 12, 2019==++
++==PLACE: Abandoned Steel Mill==++

Shall we walk among the remnants of the past? Hashing out the pitfalls that have occurred personally and professionally? Or will it be advantageous to go eyes forward and focus on the future?

“All valuable questions. As I’ve looked on the past, especially the recent past events, I cannot fully grasp if it should be discussed out loud or if it should remain within the confines of my mind? Within the cloud of my chaos? My shadows? They belong to me. They are my solace. Yet as I’ve become victorious over and over. More dominant as time progressed. I moved further away from that brought me peace and even empowered me. Now we stand in the shadows of the shadows.”

It is completely up to you sir. I am not here to challenge your decisions or your plans to present your promotional statement. Honestly you scare me. Yet that fear you instilled in me has brought me to respect you fully. Not only your physical presence, your intellectual and creative mind.

“Stop blowing smoke up my ass little one. You are here and still here because you’ve yet to step out of line. Respectfully challenging my decisions here and there has allowed me to keep you on. These promotional statements are for the world to see what the Man of Chaos is outside of the physically imposing, dominant professional wrestler. My power and ability to manipulate the world around me and the places I enter is a curse that I have embraced as a gift. Human beings are wastes of oxygen. And because you’ve been on with these things for this long, does not mean you aren’t disposable.”

*The conversation enters our auditory receptors but it began at a distance. What might have been said prior to that was not heard. But we hear it now. We assume that they are walking closer to us, but our sight is shrouded in darkness.*

I fully understand sir and my appreciation will never be expressed enough.

“My decision is made though little one, enter your place and begin this thing with the rundown of what might have happened or didn’t happen over the past month or so in my life personally and professionally.”

*We are able to hear movement after Zolton speaks. His deep, commanding voice is so distinct. Then silence falls upon us again. After a moment or two of silence, we are blinded by a bright light directly in front of us. We can’t tell the exact distance but he illuminates the room or area in front of us. Just as quickly as it clicks on, it is also extinguished. As the blinding spots escape our vision, we are able to see the lights out in front of us. About five, each strategically placed in front of pillars in the dusty area. The lights light up the pillars in a way where shadows are cast upon the dusty floor out in front of us. Then her sweet, soft, raspy and angelic voice re enters our auditory receptors.*

The men, women and children wanting to observe and watch what will take place at the upcoming Championship Wrestling Federation event known as Evolution Seventy Three. You are about to witness the Man of Chaos break down his foe at this event. But first we are going to allow him to recant what has happened to him throughout the past month.

*She falls silent a moment and we are able to focus in on something or someone appearing in the center of the closed space created by the pillar shadows in front of us. It is him. It is Zolton, slowly moving into it, he, as well is cast in shadow strangely. Then the blinding light flashes again. We need to be able to blink but can’t. Again though, as quickly as it flashed on, it recends into nothing.*

Zolton, our Man of Chaos, was on the roll needed to completely and dominate the Alpha and Omega tournament. Something occurred. He fell from grace as they say. He ran into a brick wall so to speak. First falling to one Amy Jo Smyth. The next show, wanting to regain his footing, he fell again. Somehow was on the losing end of the schizophrenic, mentally deranged one Jeff Jackson. How does he feel about those let downs? But he moved past them. Then personal things fell into his life. Something we shall address later, but he reset himself to battle it out against the one Amy Jo Smyth at the big pay per view, Genesis. Again she was able to defeat our Man of Chaos.

*One big, quick hit of the blinding light happens again before his commanding voice enters us. His figure directly in front of us, in a shadow but in the light as well. Strange.*

“The peons. The parasites already know about all of that. Their spitel spewing mouths cheered Smyth, twice. They spit their alcoholic beverages all over those standing and sitting in front of them as Jackson was able to beat me as well. Where do I find myself now? Looking back on these past mistakes as I prepare to enter the battlefield against one that needs some of the treatments that come to those inside the walls of the Asylum that Melissa was being held in, until she kicked in the face of her foe this past Sunday. I will express my distaste and disdain for Fuller soon enough.”

*He pauses a moment, again blinding us with a quick flash of the large light, we assume it is behind him.*

“I sat back. Rethinking. Debating. Maybe the constant preaching that I’ve done throughout the tournament was nothing more than that. A surman of a crazed man with some extraordinary powers that no human being understands. Then it hit me. Becoming dominant. Gaining victory after victory, weakened my resolve. I didn’t notice it. It wasn’t glaring in a way I guess I needed. Now that I have sat back and looked back on the battles. The destruction of those that needed it. Then failing to destroy those that needed it as well. My failure to remain steadfast in my resolve is what happened. I became complacent in my victories and dominance. My first loss to Freddie Styles should have forced me to retreat to the place the Chaos began. The shadows. I was betraying my contemporary in the shadows. I betrayed my Chaos that was in my control. No. Instead I stood on the edge of that and relied upon my past victories to push me through the next battles that would take place. Again I didn’t. Again I stood out in the middle of the road expecting the speeding cars being driven by morons were going to see me and stop. Smyth defeated me. Overcame the Chaos building around her. Jackson overcame the Chaos building around him. Then Smyth again. What was I to do? That is when it hit me. Hit me like a load of steel that was made so many years ago inside this structure. I needed to absorb the winds of Chaos. Inhale the cloud of shadows. Stick to my path that I set out on to begin with.”

*He stops. Blinding us with the large, bright light once again. Every time it seems to get worse for us.*

During all of this, our Man of Chaos. Your bringer of pain and destruction. Was in turmoil trying to understand and face the facets of what was going on with Melissa. She was snatched from him. Taken to the Sanatorium of Serenity California. Only because she did something a bit different than what those out in the world saw as psychotic. Zolton, were you losing Melissa due to the outside controls of the ignorant world?

“In the beginning of all of that I thought maybe.”

*Another flash.*

“After being able to visit her. See that she can be released after destroying all those that Tommy puts in that ring against her, I grew quiet emotionally. Her aura was a little off, but we will overcome that in time. There are some forces at work within her and within the walls of that place that cannot be discussed at this time. Her and I are good on a level of two souls destined to be united as one in the future.”

*It flashes again. Spots appear in front of us now. We can barely see some slight movement of Zolton as he is within the confines of the shadows cast on the floor by the pillars of this facility.*

Now we move on to the next situation to contend with in Championship Wrestling Federation. Sean Fuller. From what I understand sir, he was able to overcome two foes at the big Genesis pay per view. Something that might seem impossible, considering he is drowning his demons within his head with alcohol. Funny thing I am sure you’ve tapped into them and taught them how to swim those pools of alcohol. I leave the floor to you our Man of Chaos.

*Her voice trails off lightly as we are blinded once again. More spots appear within our vision but it seems in the center of the spots, we can only see Zolton. His silhouette stands in the open area enclosed by the pillar shadows.*

“Fuller. A man that has no past. An existence, even he questions. No place to call his home. I’ve been down that road. I was lost Fuller. I can sympathize with you on that. But will I is the question? Unfortunately for you and those that consider a dear friend or whatever, I won’t. You are not worth wasting my thought processes on. Until now. You see I have seen you. Your ability inside the wrestling ring is weak. Unusual yes. But I have dealt with unusual before. I have dealt with weak souls that can’t control their demons without the aid of alcoholic beverages or other illicit drug use. I am not going to speak here in the hopes to help you. No. I am speaking now because the reality of this situation is, I am going to step foot in that ring next Tuesday night and absolutely destroy you. That is my intention. That is my goal. What goals do you have besides your next fix? Your next session of quieting the voices? As I see it, they are there for a reason Fuller. What most of the asleep world doesn’t understand is that the universe provides these things for a reason. Not to force you into solitary confinement. Not to mark you as crazy. Insane. To the majority of the inhabitants of this planet, I am insane. Fuller to those that are asleep and not woke to what the universe provides, those urges to drink to drown those supposed demons are societal pressures. Now I know I mentioned that you should probably be sitting in a place like the Sanatorium of Serenity California, although I don’t regret saying it. Not even claim that I was wrong in saying it. But maybe the reality of the situation is this. End your mortal existence to be able to find the truth behind that existence. Then realize your decision to walk the astral plane with those supposed demons, you might realize that they were attempting to help you out during your mortal confinement.”

*The flashes come in fast and brighter. Then a loud pop echoes in the facility. All the lights causing the shadows of the pillars disappear and there, standing in the light that seems to be coming from out of nowhere is the Man of Chaos of himself. Zolton. Smiling in a way that would shoot a cold, shivering wave of fear through those that actually have those emotions.*

“This is where it ends for you and your suffering continues Sean Fuller. I am your roadblock in finding that existence I just spoke of. I am awakened. I have walked that plane with joy. I can go there any time I choose. They have chose to keep me on the planet to create the chaos that the parasites sucking the life out of this planet can’t handle. You can’t handle reality and I will prove to those that cradle you in the crick of their arm consoling you that you can’t handle the cloud of Chaos I control. You might have been able to achieve victory at Genesis. While that night was a disappointment for me. At Evolution Seventy Three, I walk back into the spot I belong. The place of dominance that no one in this company can contain. I have realized my mistakes from before. It won’t happen again. Fuller you are the first victim. Get used to the world where your supposed demons laugh in the face of the pools of alcohol you are attempting to silence them with. After you meet chaos, you will forever fall because of the control you have yet to gain. This is your time to meet my Chaos. Where one like you walks in as a societal perceived psychopath. Walking out as one they seek only to control. This is your demise Fuller. Are you welcoming of it? Or will you resist like so many before and have failed? I am the Man of Chaos. I accept your resignation now or then.”

*As he finishes all we can see is his face smiling in a way that can only call the demonic forces from the underworld. Her voice returns but doesn’t ease that feeling as we are forced to stare at Zolton.*

The words have been cast out. Thrown to the ether. Sean Fuller. Zolton’s next foe. You only know of despair Fuller, Zolton has lived it. Your hope in these ventures of alcoholic escapades will only be your guiding light to the real demise, the shadows of chaos in which our Man of Chaos casts. All the theatrics. All the deception this world of professional wrestling has brought you, only to lead you to this end. Zolton has no fear. He carries no regret for what he has done. You will bear witness to your own demise within the confines of that Championship Wrestling Federation ring. Those pathetic excuses for humans cheering for you to overcome the challenge that is Zolton, will also be witnesses to what happens when our Man of Chaos has his focus refilled. His mindset on one outcome. One endgame. Saving the planet with his shadows of chaos. Sip your drink Fuller. Refuse to accept the voices as you and step to your complete end. Our Man of Chaos has spoken. It will be seen by the mass of vile parasites and seen as an insult to their intelligence. Which in turn tells us that they are truly too ignorant to understand what was said. Evolution Seventy Three is the end of Sean Fuller as you all know him. Accept it. His mortal existence was a lie to begin with. Only Zolton sees that. As the ashes fall and you all feel that ache of sadness, then, and only then will he accept the apologies that you all will be clambering to issue. Or will he?

*The final words echo as though she is speaking into a long hallway or from a mountaintop overlooking a valley. Her words captured us and distracted us enough that we never saw the disappearance of Zolton. He was no longer standing there. Then the light flashes on again, we were blind for a lot longer than before. Silence befalls us in our moment of pure white blindness. Then we are sent to the darkness.*



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