Title: Desire
Featuring: Freddie Styles
Date: 11/30
Location: Flight 3492
Show: Genesis RPing ends Friday 11/29/19 at 11:59pm EST!

The scene opens inside American Airlines flight 3492 from Shuttlesworth International Airport in Birmingham to the Philadelphia International Airport. All that can be seen through the windows is darkness, as it's an overnight flight. 90% of the passengers are asleep, with some either listening to music, watching a movie on their DVD players, getting some work done on their computers or simply talking amongst themselves quietly as to not wake the others up. Sitting in seat 12C trying to catch some sleep is a man we haven't seen or heard from in a little while: Freddie Styles. Alongside him in the next seat is his longtime friend Blake, who's in deep sleep. They were headed to Philly not for a vacation, but to get ready for what will be Freddie's biggest match of his career by far: one on one versus Silas Artoria for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship. Freddie has been trying to catch some sleep for some time now but has been unable to. His mind has been working non-stop since beating Duce Jones and officially qualifying for the match. So much so that he just can't stop thinking about it; the strategy, the possibilities... it adds considerably to Freddie's anxiety and emotion. He finally gives up on trying to catch some sleep, as he figures that they'll be landing soon so there's really no point in trying anymore. Rather, he grabs his Chromebook from under his seat, turns it on, sits it on his lap, and waits for it to finish loading up. When it does, he opens WordPad, and begins typing as he lets his bottled-up feelings and thoughts flow freely from his mind and heart...







Wasted potential.




A never-was.




Not good enough.




Never could get it together.


Never could win the big one...



When I first talked to Jaiden Rishel after he took over about reinstating me back to the active roster, it was because of two reasons and two reasons only. First, to stop the nightmares. Every night I was haunted by nightmares filled with the words and phrases written above. Words and phrases that in some people's opinion accurately describe my professional career up to this point. They didn't stay in my dreams either...I could see them in people's eyes when they looked at me. They could not understand how, after all these years; I hadn't been able to win the big one. And I'm not talking about any cheap ass promotion's world title. I'm talking about the big one...the CWF World Heavyweight Championship. Heck, I had one shot previously to get a shot at the damned thing. See, you can win titles, cups, trophies, tournaments, etc. etc. etc. around the world, but if you never win the big one, all of those "accomplishments" mean absolutely jack shit in the world's eyes. I'm living proof of that. So, I signed on the dotted line, thinking that the only way I could ever stop the nightmares and finally...finally shut all the critics up was to stay in the CWF and do what they deemed impossible. This brings me to the second and main reason...the CWF World Heavyweight Title itself. It was never about the money or the fame involved with being a CWF superstar. Endorsement deals? Magazine covers? Please, those were the last things on my mind. It was all about the dream of winning the World Title. Not only would it silence the critics, but it would also validate my whole career and give it a meaning. If I were to retire without ever overcoming the odds and actually winning the Title, my career would have truly been a failure. Everyone who ever said that I wasn't good enough, that I could never get it together, that I was a failure and an underachiever and a slacker and that I let all my talent go down the fucking drain would be absolutely, 100% correct...and then I would spend the rest of my days being consumed by the what ifs and shoulda coulda woulda's...NO, that is not going to happen. I can't let it happen, I won't let it happen...I told those closest to me when I signed on the dotted line that I was coming here to become a champion, and I haven't forgotten that. The ultimate goal is still in sight...I will become CWF Champion sooner or later, I guarantee it...


...or rather, sooner than later...?


It finally happened. After waiting for so long on the sidelines for an opportunity like this to come my way, it finally did when I least expected it. When Jaiden gave me that call and I told him that I was ready to wrestle and not referee, he told me about this tournament, told me what the prize at the end was, and at long last, it was on. Freddie Styles, World Heavyweight Champion...has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? The dream that has fueled my career since it began may finally come true in just a matter of days. The dream that has kept my drive and passion for this business alive through thick and thin all these years...what has allowed that fire that burns inside of me every time I step into the ring to never burn out. The dream...a reality? Could this truly be it? *sigh* So many damned questions have been popping out of my head since Brian told me the news that I can't help but wonder about the answers. And you know what the funny thing is? Only one person in this whole world has the answers I'm looking for, and he's the one asking the damned questions; Freddie Styles. Irony at its best. But now that I think about it, I'm sure I'm not the only one asking those questions. I'm sure they're on everyone's minds, from the backstage crew to the announcers, from the rest of the boys to the referees, the managers, the announcers, the fans, my family, the guy that sells popcorn and beer in the crowd...the whole world is wondering if my time has finally come. My time to take the ball and run with it, to finally break through the glass ceiling that has been kept on top of me all these years. This shot at the CWF World Heavyweight Championship, the crown jewel of this business. This is it...right? Is it? Is this IT Mr. Styles?


Hell fuckin' yes.


If not in Philly, where? If not at Genesis, when? Shit, I'm in the prime of my professional career! If there was ever a perfect time to finally find what I've been looking for my whole life, it is now. Right Now. Opportunities like these don't come around every day, and the fact is that if I somehow blow this one won't come around again for a long time. So again, if not now, when? When I turn 40? 60? 80?! By then I'll have a plastic hip and free-flowing man-titties...no, definitely not when I turn freakin' 80. December 3rd at Genesis is the time and the place. It will be a day forever remembered as the day I finally got the proverbial monkey off my back. It seems as if everything I have done in my life since the day I was born has only been a lead up to this moment. It's as if everything I have ever done didn't hold any meaning or purpose until now. But everything is crystal clear now...everything that has ever happened to me...it happened for a reason. Every win, every loss, every drip of sweat and blood, every tear, every heart break...they all had a purpose: to prepare me for this moment. And you know what? They served their purpose well, because with God as my witness, I am ready to finally win the Title that has eluded me for so long. Ready to not only knock on the doors of greatness but kick them down and force my way through.


I just realized that I've been pouring my heart out about this match, yet I've yet to mention my opponent. Silas, I do hope for your sake that you’re taking this match as seriously as this moment deserves. But I'm getting ahead of myself here, and like Blake here told me once: "Don't get ahead of yourself; you'll only set yourself up for failure. Plus, it's annoying as hell so just stop goddamn it." I love this man...


It's been a long time since I've had the luxury of sitting back and enjoying life as it comes to me. It seems like for the past few years, I've been so busy trying to maintain a certain image that I've began to forget who I really was. Well there's nothing like a trail of blood to find your way back home, and that's exactly what I've done. I may not be where I need to be yet, but every long walk begins with the first step.

Many times, judgment is cast by the sheer appearance of our adversary. I myself have been guilty of this as well. I’ve faltered so many times in chasing this title, only to fail, because I wasn’t mentally and physically prepared for the challenge. That ladies and gentlemen is a mistake I do not plan to replicate at Genesis. And after we travel further beneath the surface to the bones of it all Silas, we'll hopefully answer those questions for you here today. And when those questions are answered, and I’m celebrating my World Heavyweight Title victory, the critics will finally realize that the only Fall from Grace the world just bared witness...


...was their own.



Darkness. A silhouette can be traced through the darkness. His aura vibrating throughout the room. Confidence. Passion. Determination. You can feel the hatred; the sheer cold, and emptiness sending an icy chill through your spine. A feeling you've never experienced within the company of a normal man. The shear presence you feel is of something amazing. You are witnessing the presence of an extraordinary being. This is something worth remembering.


There is a shuffling sound, as the silhouette shifts slightly. The room is then enveloped in an eerie silence. The same way a rundown house would seem, after the inhabitants left years before.


A man's voice finally speaks up, cutting through the darkness; like a warm knife through butter...demanding your full attention, and respect.


Here it is. Less than a single week away, the last hurdle so to speak...the golden ticket--a war of words, a war of numbers, and of course, a war of sheer brutality.  One man looks to win to validate his whole career…to justify the lack of accomplishment and not be just dismissed as a fluke man on a fluke run. Another man, he doesn't look to prove himself...after all, he is already well-accomplished. But instead, he has a driving force...he has something...something that burns inside...desire. Ahh yes, the powerful emotion of desire. Desire is a rather unique item; a simple emotion as one could brush it off, while at the same time, an emotion so powerful, it can truly uplift a person's own point of views, his outlook on life...even his own moral and family values. All that matters, is calming that jolt of desire...feeding the beast that rests inside. It doesn't matter what you have to go through to feed that vicious animal...it matters not, which people you must step on, to quench the thirst. In a sense, it can be an addiction. But, it's not just any old addiction...a drug-addiction can be kicked by going into rehabilitation. A porn addiction can be kicked with a measure of counseling. But, desire...you can't just "kick it under the rug". No, desire will come back from that. You don't just put it on the top shelf of the closet and forget about it. No, it would simply just remind you of its presence. It would remind you, every passing day, every passing hour, and every passing minute, as long as you haven't quenched that thirst. When is it actually quenched though? How much of your desire is enough? How much is too much? Is there really such a thing as too much? Come on now, you can answer honestly...



My desires...none of you...none of my critics, are even close to being right about that. My desire...is for me to know...and you to not find out. To know my desire would be like knowing my ultimate weakness. You won't find out...not from me, not from anyone.



I know your desires though Silas.  You need, want, crave, and will move heaven and earth to not be seen as a fraud.  It’s as plain as the look on your face son. That’s the destiny you’ve been seeking ever since you set foot into CWF. Whether you’re the Passenger or the Psycho Aristocrat, when it comes down to being the best, you have always fallen short. You’ll be eager to risk it all, but Ito won’t be there to break your inevitable fall…not this time. You’re not ready to be the man Silas, and being honest, you never will be. You will make that climb Silas, and you’ll do it in true Brian Blaze style, but you won’t grab that belt, and your failure will shatter you like a million shards of glass, just like the failures you’ve had before. You’ll dust yourself off, get back in the saddle, and life will go on, but you’ll never get to be the “face” that you dream so hard for and desire to be so much.



Do I think I’m better than everybody else? No…but I know I’m better than you Silas. Do I work harder than everybody else? Every day and always. Do I want it badder than you do? Absolutely. Do I have the heart of a champion? Beating and pulsating through my chest. Will I walk out of Genesis the new CWF World Heavyweight Champion? We'll see, won't we? But remember one thing: I’m playing for keeps. I’m not knocking you into next week to legitimize my career. I’m going to pin you in the middle of the ring Silas and become the CWF World Heavyweight Champion because that’s what I’m prepared to do. I’ve prepared for this from the moment Jaiden reinstated me. I’m taking my shot, and I never shoot to miss, Silas. Look into my eyes, and you'll see the difference between me and you. You want the gold to fulfil your desires, because every time you call yourself a leader, the Omega, a champion…you’re trying to talk yourself up to be that. I only desire the gold, and that’s why I’m your next World Heavyweight Champion.



The CWF will never be the same when I take the gold, and scream out…





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