Title: A new but old Challenge… Consolation prize… His CHAOS meets her CHEMISTRY!!
Featuring: Zolton
Date: November 26 and 27 2019
Location: Serenity California -- Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Show: Genesis RPing ends Friday 11/29/19 at 11:59pm EST!

”Heads swimming.
Reality closing in.
A failure?
Just a misstep.
He will bring vengeance.
Destroying those best laid plans.
Reintroducing his Chaos Theory.
Not even mathematical precision can cope.
His path is as he makes it.
Avenging one loss isn’t the end.
His continuance of gaining glory is all that matters.
This is his GENESIS!!”


A new but old Challenge… Consolation prize… His CHAOS meets her CHEMISTRY!!


++==LOCATION: Serenity California==++
++==DATE: November 26, 2019==++
++==PLACE: Sanatorium of Northern California==++

*As we reveal the scenery around us, we see dungy, dingy walls. Lights are lit but the world is still dark. We are suddenly turned and we see him. The Man of Chaos. His demeanor is solemn. His eyes focused with many other things going on behind them. His hair bounces lightly on his leather jacket shoulders as he steps. Then he stops and we hear the sound of stern hard knocks on a large metallic door.*

"Where is she parasites? Where is Melissa?"

*His deep voice penetrates anything and everything all the while echoing down the corridor behind him. The things going on behind his eyes begin to reveal themselves. Anger. Confusion. Rage. He pounds the door again.*

"I'm here to take her home. She doesn't belong here."

*His tone filled with venom. Our point of view shifts to behind him, looking over his left shoulder at the door he was pounding on. A small rectangular window suddenly shows a man in white. The man's eyes widen seeing Zolton standing there. The Man of Chaos' size obviously alarming the man. The window cracks open.*

"Um… How can… I help you sir?"

*The man in white says in a broken sentence and question. Zolton looks through him.*

"Bring me Melissa."

*Venom spews with each syllable.*

"Melissa Aki?"

*The man asks shakily and all Zolton does is nod while looking past the smaller man.*

"She is only allowed a visitor but she cannot leave. You may sign in and come in. She'll be here soon."

"Then let me in you miserable piece of New York sewage."

*Zolton says through clenched teeth. The man in white retreats into the recess of the room. A moment later a click reaches our auditory receptors, Zolton wastes no time and throws the door open, storming in, he swipes a clipboard on the desk to the far left of the room, scribbles on it while staring down the little man in white. He then moves over toward the white table in the center of the room and sits on a chair at the table. He faces a door that is heavy looking. Solid metal. He shows a feeling of being annoyed at the situation. The orderlies bring in Melissa Aki in chains and she is chained to the seat opposite Zolton.*

“About time you came. I thought you didn't care about me anymore.”

*She hangs her head so her long black hair covers her face.*

"Are these really necessary?"

*He asks as he reaches across the table for her. Glaring at the exiting men in white uniforms. Boring a hole through them as though he is a futuristic laser weapon. Wanting them to disintegrate right there.*

"My apologies babe, I know I should have come here long before now. Why are you hiding your face?"

*He softens his demeanor now that the orderly has left them alone. He relaxes slightly back into the chair, his hands rest on the table directly in front of him. He shows that he wants to tear the chains away and go barreling through the door behind him and out of this horrendous place his Demoness is trapped in.*

“Apparently I am some fucked up psychopath. What is wrong with enjoying blood? I am torn. I have to admit I love you but Angel started off with me trying to get into her head but it has turned into something else entirely. I don't even know what it is. I am the worst girlfriend ever. Sorry for blaming you.”

*She tilts her head trying to see his reaction but she was restricted. *

“So how about you cheer me up and tell me you're kicking arse and who your next opponent is.”

*The sadness came off her like the smell of a vagrant that pissed himself. Zolton had a reserved look on his face, but his blue eyes showed a bit of ache in them after she said what she said about Angel. Then he reached across the table and holds her hands the best he can in the situation.*

“I understand my love. I don’t see an issue with your enjoyment of blood. As for this situation with Angel, I am not jealous or angry over it. I just wish I could do something to show how much I am in love with you Melissa. I'm here to support you with all that I can, and remember, there is one thing this place can't take from us."

*He pauses a moment as a small smile breaks his stern look. And winks at her slyly.*

"Well, at the pay per view I've got a consolation prize match that will lead to a title shot after I win. I'm taking on one of the people that recently defeated me, Amy Jo Smyth."

*She had a weak smile underneath all that hair *

“I know Amy Jo. She is seriously tough competition. Oh you better win as I want to see it in the mess Hall and see you win. Sorry I am a bit down. This place strips you of your happiness. Who is the consolation match with?”

*The Man of Chaos peers at her with an inquisitive look.*

"It's against Smyth. She defeated me in the second to last match in the tournament, now we are battling for the Bronze medal of the tournament. If I win over her then if Douche or Danny B wins the Paramount title, I'm the next in line for that."

*He pauses a moment. His body language shows him attempting to pull her from her bondage. After a moment or two he returns to normal.*

"What can I do to help keep that spark of joy in you? One of the many things I love and cherish about you Melissa."

“I dunno Z. Am sure I will snap out of it once I break some faces around here. The Warden stealing me away from my home didn't help as well as these stupid shackles. Just do my a favour and beat Amy Jo senseless for me.”

*He gives her hands an extra squeeze.*

"I plan on it my love. I'll also make sure to come and see you as often as I'm allowed. I will also come watch you break those faces."

*Zolton suddenly relaxes, almost collapsing on the table. A few moments go by as Melissa's did the same. They both return to normal.*

"There is something for you to remember me when I'm away. I'll also visit you where they have no control over what we say or where we are, after my match babe. Is that okay with you? Or am I pushing too much?"

“Nah. I am happy when I see you. This place you know. I need you to get me through it. Maybe selfish but it's how it is. Please do come when you can. Once I get my first match out of the way I will be so much happier I promise.”

*She raised her head and her hair fell back on her shoulders. A sweet smile spread across her features.*

“Now I hope you didn't think that I would let you go without a kiss?”

*He smiles, squeezing her hands again as he rises from his seat and glides to her quickly and lays a passionate, loving kiss upon her lips. The electricity given off is felt in the atmosphere around them. They kiss for a few moments before breaking it. Zolton cups Melissa’s cheeks in both his hands as he kneels down next to her. She works and struggles against the restraints wanting to touch him too. He smiles.*

“I love you sweetheart. I am going to be here with you even when I am not. I will help you through this shit the best I can. I will defeat Miss Smyth for you.”

*Just then the orderlies return. Melissa struggles and cries out in protest. Zolton fends them off not wanting them to take her away. A third man in white walks in with a rod, clicking with electric shocks, he then presses against Zolton’s chest. At first it does nothing to deter the Man of Chaos. He wraps himself around Melissa. Another prod with the rod. Zolton convulses a moment but still doesn’t relent. Finally, the other two begin to hit the large man. Kicks. Punches. Along with the electric rod. They are finally able to get Zolton to release all the while Melissa is crying out, protesting the actions of these men. Zolton remains standing though as he stumbles back and hits the wall. This is where our vision goes dark. Before we are completely shut out, the echoes of Melissa yelling ring in our auditory receptors before complete silence befalls us.*


++==LOCATION: Philadelphia Pennsylvania==++
++==DATE: November 27, 2019==++
++==PLACE: Rocky Balboa Statue==++

“The time for giving thanks is drawing near. The time to verbalize what you are thankful in this life is only a mere hours away. What is there for me to be thankful for? Most of you disgusting moronic, inselit worthless planet destroyers are using this day to overindulge on food that none of you can truly cook properly. None of you grew the vegetables or raised the animals. No. You all bought it from big brand stores that got those vegetables and animals from factories and processing plants. I’ll be thankful when mother earth opens up and eats you all. That is when I will be truly thankful. That will also be when Melissa and I can stand over the sea of you crying out for help. We will just look at you with disgust and laugh at your misery.”

*His voice enters our auditory receptors before our vision comes into focus after a moment of blurriness. As we are able to fully focus on the surroundings, we see a large statue. We observe in what we might call awe. We then begin to move up the statue, while floating up we circle it in a clockwise direction. As we move around and up the statue we notice that it is of a male figure, wearing some kind of shorts with some odd looking boots, then up the well defined muscular torso of said male, his face hard looking as his hands are shot towards the sky. His hands covered in a pair of boxing gloves. We circle the statue another moment or two before we are locked onto the face and then we back away. After receiving the full statue in all of its glory, we hover downward and turn away from it.*

“A rematch against one of the three that defeated me in this Alpha and Omega tournament. This isn’t the match I was envisioning for myself when this tournament kicked off a few months back. But events happened the way they did and here we are. The Man of Chaos against the Doctor of impractical physics or whatever it is she went through all the schooling for. One plus one is two. Eight divided by two is equal to four. Amy Jo Smyth. There is no mathematical equation, basic or advanced that can define you. A young woman with the brain and knowledge that can’t be seen at first glance. That old saying about not judging a book by it’s cover is true when it comes to you. Do I see you as something above the rest of the parasites and disease peddling mouth breathers that inhabit this planet? No Amy I don’t. You just have the ability to disguise it and the knowledge to mask your true nature.”

*As he speaks, we are now seeing him. Standing in the muggy air. His eyes looking slightly up as his hair dances in the small breeze passing through. His fleece lined leather jacket is zipped three quarters up and the collar is up surrounding his tattooed neck. The blue glow normally seen emanating from his eyes is dim at the moment. Emotionless is his resting facial features. We hover about four or five feet in front of him. Moving from his left to his right side.*

“Here we are ladies and other scum sucking peons of the world. The city of brotherly love. A city where a fictional character is idolized and a permanent fixture of the city. This seems like the type of rat infested place you would love to live Amy. It is right along the same plane as Miami is. Look at it this way, once I put in the hospital for a few days after our match at Genesis, you will decide to move here, just because of the hospital that is a few blocks from where I stand currently.”

*His gaze shifts to the ground as he scoffed out to no one and nothing in particular. A disgusted sounding one at that. His piercing blue eyes return up, but level this time as we continue to move from side to side, slowly almost in an oscillating manner. How do we even know what that word is?*

“I fell to you in our last battle Miss Smyth. I’ve reviewed and watched the match over and over in my head once I knew we were facing off again. I studied on who was supposed to be the third leg in this match up. But he is complaining about some kind of ear ache or runny nose and opted out of battling us for this weak ass consolation prize. The Bronze medal of the Alpha and Omega tournament. So exciting isn’t it? I know for a fact it isn’t what I was aiming for when I first set foot in the doors of this company months ago. I am not going to stand here and try and figure out what might have been your plans or ideas going into this tournament, but I can make an educated guess that you didn’t want to fight for this consolation prize. But here we are Amy. You and I. Running it back again. This is quite the interesting turn of events though. We fought, what? Two shows ago? You were able to barely overcome my overwhelming dominance. I made one mental error and you capitalized on it. Congratulations. You think it will happen like that again? You better get back in that laboratory of yours and refigure those formulas. One thing you need to know about me, when I fight a person a second time, especially if they somehow are able to defeat me in the first, I come back with a vengeance. My focus is a precise laser. Unbroken and right on you Miss Smyth.”

*His eyes brighten now, as he speaks, small puffs of vapor escape his lips into the obviously chilled air around him.*

“You might be thinking to yourself, if Zolton is thrilled about having to fight for this consolation prize, then why is he even bothering going through the promotional statement process? The answer is simple Amy. It is what comes after defeating you at Genesis. Another question that could be splashing through your brain might be, isn’t Zolton just leaving after Genesis reaches its conclusion? Another simple answer, no I am not leaving Championship Wrestling Federation when this pay per view goes off the air. I have been offered a very lucrative contract to continue destroying the likes of you. Douche Bones. Freddie Styles. Danny B. That samurai wannabe, Kyuseishu. Nathan Paradine. So many others. First on this new list of mine of course is you Miss Amy Jo Smyth.”

*The Man of Chaos lets out a small chuckle, forcing a rather large cloud of vapor to escape into the atmosphere. His eyes brighten even more now as we continue our oscillating motion in front of him.*

“Amy, the doctor of something I find amusing and quite unessential to my everyday life. But go ahead, keep on pursuing that cure Miss Smyth, hopefully I knock it into that brain of yours and you’ll give me some credit.”

*He chuckles again as he brings up his right hand and combs it through his long, thick and wavy hair.*

“I came to this company to destroy all that was put in front of me. I came up short in that journey a couple of times in this tournament. Some may find that as a deterrent. A motivation killer if you will. Not for me Amy. I am even more motivated. Not only to get to that championship glory I crave and have been missing out on throughout my career. I am more motivated than ever to redeem myself to those that I fell to, in the journey of this tournament. First one is you Miss Smyth. Do you think you can use your mathematical wizardry and formulate a plan that is different than the last? I can tell you right now, you expect to be able to withstand my onslaught and squeak out a victory in this match? You better rethink that. Yes I have already discussed that earlier, but it bears repeating. Call me one of those professionally trained athletes that pays very close attention to detail. All the details. Especially when it comes to fighting someone I’ve already fought before and lost to. I crave and desire absolute dominance. I am hungry to destroy those that carry those championship titles and make them mine. One by one. Victim by victim. Overcoming the hurdles that are previous mistakes and misgivings. Amy, you are the first of many. Don’t take it personally. It is strictly business. No one would blame you if you tucked tail and ran back to your laboratory, using all the money gained from doing this line of work to advance your research and experimentations to finding that oh so elusive cure.”

*Zolton’s eyes glow brightly, now it seems his eyes are following us. His body, a stature, not moving. It just seems to be his eyes. Following us as we move from side to side.*

“You were able to escape, elude the cloud of chaos I created in our previous match. That instance you answered the question that is most pressing in this matter. This time however, the cloud of pure chaos. Anarchy even. Throwing turns and twists into the plans of those that require them. Amy Jo Smyth. The good doctor. Hypothesize possible outcomes to this age old question. Undying throughout time. Can you survive the Chaos? I’ll be waiting in the center of it. Side question. Do you even want to try and survive it? My genesis happens at Genesis. Figure it out peon, mouth breathing parasites of the world.”

*The bright blue glow that was blinding us mere seconds before is gone. As the blurred vision refocuses, Zolton is no longer in front of us. Our vision shifts, aiming downward to the ground. The cement and concrete, decorated, seems to be wet although it is not raining or snowing currently. On the wet dingy ground is a white, pristine lab coat rests right where the Man of Chaos was standing. Our vision goes dark as her soft, raspy angelic voice enters our auditory receptors.*

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The definition of insanity is as follows, attempting the same actions, over and over again expecting a different result each time. Some say that our Man of Chaos is insane. Crazy even. We don’t see it that way. His ways, although, unconventional in nature. Flawed in some cases. The results are usually on our side. His words, a bit hokey. Kind of borderline gibberish to those feeble minds throughout the world. The actions after the words are one in the same though. He has once again spoke his peace as required when it comes to high profile television matches. Championship Wrestling Federation’s Genesis pay per view is where the actions coincide the words and verbiage spoken here today. The Man of Chaos. Zolton. Welcome to his Genesis. Can you handle it? Will you be able to survive the chaos he creates that night? We say you won’t. Amy will show you why you won’t. This promotional statement has been brought to you by the real and tangible man, Zolton. Not the fictional hero of a boxing movie franchise. The Wells Fargo Center may not be able to hold the amount of violence he is going to inflict. Some say enjoy your final moments as much as you can. Live in them even. The chaos is real. The anarchy is real. Zolton is REAL!!



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