Title: Christian STARR Diaries: Chapter 10
Featuring: Christian STARR
Date: May 15, 2018
Location: Atlantic City
Show: Paradise 20-5-2018

Silver Linings Ent. 
A division of Eli Silver Industries
Presents: The Never Ending Paramount Championship Reign (Week 8) 
The Road to Redemption (Week 2) 

The Christian STARR Diaries:
Chapter Ten

May 15, 2018

Atlantic City.
New Jersey.

Christian STARR stands just off the boardwalk of the Playground Peir at the worksite of CWF's Paradise event, a number of men and women dressed in high-visibility orange are busy at work constructing the makeshift arena that will be home to the company in just a few short days. Although far from finished their project it has come a long way from the empty beach front that it was just days ago. Bleachers have been resurrected surrounding a fifteen by fifteen squared circle. It is quite an impressive sight to be behold. To most people this would indeed seem as like a Paradise. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and on Sunday night the city will be alive with the excitement that the CWF is bringing with them! 

But Paradise, for Christian STARR?
I think not

And from the look on his face it's more than a fair statement that his opinion isn't too far off either. In fact, it would be fair to say that the former Paramount Champion thinks even less of the city of choice for his newest venture. His lips are pursed and his eyes appear clammy and cold through the tinted lenses of his Aviator sunglasses. Christian looks as though he is about to be physically sick just for the fact that he is forced to be Atlantic City. His left hand is clenched tightly to his stomach, against the Under Armour logo on his black and red three-quarter sleeve performance top. The crisp light breeze off the salt waters of Atlantic ruffles his black SAXX shorts. 

Christian STARR: "I don't know why these idiots demand of dragging us to every sweating, disgusting under fold of America. It was bad enough that they made me show up in Virginia, but this? This is fucking ridiculous! I swear I've seen nicer sand in a fucking litter box, and at least then it's only piss you smell and not the stench pools of New Jersey. Uhggh, I should've wore shoes!"

He drags his flip-flop through the warm, glistening sand of the beach. However, in his mind it may as well be clumps of filth and sewer waste. He shakes his foot furriously in an attempt to get all the sand off of himself. This is when Allison Hollywood walks into the shot, her blonde and sky-blue hair tied back in a not-so-messy bun that lets just a few strands of blonde hang down in front of her designer sunglasses. The breeze dances through her clean white sundress.

Allison Hollywood: "I tried to convince Eli to push the flight back a few more days, but he kept insisting that we had to 'Experience the culture of Atlantic City.' I guess he forgot to mention that the culture here was on par with third-world Africa, I think I even saw a starving child in the alley back there."

Christian cautiously steps through the damp sand, trying his best not to let it run over the top of his bare feet. He takes Allison by the hand and somewhat pulls her in his direction, catching the woman slightly off guard. Allison almost trips over her feet but quickly catches her footing and walks quickly to stay beside her boyfriend. 

Christian STARR: "No. What Eli forgot to mention was that his idea of experiencing the culture is spending every day passed out drunk in his hotel room because he spent all night casino hoping trying to make himself a quick buck. Eli never would've dragged himself anywhere near this dumpster fire of a state if he didn't think he was some sort of Rain Man."

Allison Hollywood:"That's what he's been doing this whole time!? While we're busy dancing around like monkeys for the press? He's sipping mimosas and blowing thousands at the blackjack table!? THAT ASSHOLE!"

Allison stops dead in her tracks, forcing Christian's arm to twist backwards and jerk back at his shoulder. He turns back to the blonde, looking at her through the tinted lenses of his Aviator sunglasses. 

Christian STARR: "I'm honestly surprised anything that jackass does still shocks you.. He's been doing this for years."

Allison Hollywood: "Sometimes I wonder why we still work with him.."

Christian shrugs and continues to drag Allison through the sand, they seem to be moving closer and closer to the Paradise set. The artificial palm trees along the shoreline dance with the wind. 

Christian STARR: "Have you ever tried to book a direct flight from LA to Atlantic City. It's a fucking headache. So if I gotta deal with Eli and his bullshit to avoid that every week, then so be it. Besides, he's not that bad. At least he's not constantly on our case. It could be a hell of a lot worse, at least he's not Dick Malibu."

Allison can't help but to laugh at the picture that pops into her head. The curly haired manager, still stuck in the seventies with a piss poor attitude to top it off. It may not be much of an improvement, but Christian had a point. Eli Silver was a big step up from that joke of an agent. 

Allison Hollywood: "Fair enough."

In her moment of reflection Allison didn't even notice that Christian had let go of her hand and slide his way into the half set up ring. The King of Wrestling paces around the canvas, looking around at what will be the scene of the next CWF Pay-Per-View. The familiar twinkle in his eye shines through his sunglasses as he instantly finds himself in promo mode! 

Christian STARR: "Paradise? You consider this Paradise? I can't tell if this is a bad joke or if the marketing team has a sick sense of joy. Atalantic City is about as far from Paradise as you can get. It's the poor man's Las Vegas, and the rich man's Alabama. A sesspool of American culture that doesn't add up to even the most miserable days in Los Angeles. You want to know what my Paradise will be? It will be snapping Crazy Chris in half, it will be embarrassing the first Paramount Champion of the modern era, it will be showing the world. The people. Jarvis King. Why I am, exactly what I say I am. The greatest Paramount Champion in history! As far as I am concerned the only saving grace of this entire event is the fact that for the first time since our.. ill-fated, collision at Evolution nineteen, Jarvis King and I will be in the same place at the same time and I for one can't wait to find out if the self-proclaimed new king is man enough to come to me face to face and try and take his crown. The Paramount Championship. Or if he's going to be more concerned with keeping his head above water long enough to survive when Shane Donovon hopes to drown the Internet Icon once and for all. For his sake he had better hope that Donovon puts him out of his misery, because if somehow Jarvis King makes it out of Paradise alive, then as God as my witness, I will do what Shane can't and put him down. for good" 

Christian STARR: "But there is always a calm before the storm. There is always something that comes first. Before I get my hands on Jarvis again, I have something else I need to deal with. Crazy Chris."

Christian STARR: "Now there's something to be said about a man that deems himself crazy. You're either blissfully in love with your own psychotic natures, or you're a shameless fool who thinks that the word alone will strike fear in the hearts of everyone around you. It doesn't take a genius to figure out which Chris is. The only thing truly crazy about you is that you think for one single moment, that you can hold a candle to me."

Christian STARR: The first Paramount Champion of an era? Let me be the first to congratulate you on such a rich achievement in history. However history will always show just how pathetic the footing of my division started off. For all the hype, for all the talk, what did you ever do? A one week reign! Not even a single defense to your name before you lost to Jay Mora! Pathetic. Really, and truly pathetic. I knocked him so far off his high horse that he tumbled all the way home! What makes you think that you'll be any different? What have you done to make you think you're on my level? What have you done to make me care?"

Christian STARR: "Not a damn thing! You're entire career sits teetering on the fact that you were the first Paramount Champion of an era. Nothing before and nothing since has made you more then that name on the tip of everyone's tongue that no one seems to remember. Always an afterthought. Living in big brother's shadow, comfortably. Everyone knows that Dan is the mastermind behind the Danger Boiz. The star. That should eat you alive, Chris! That should be the only motivation you need to step into the spotlight and steal the goddamn show! But you won't. You can't. Without the legacy Dangerous Dan built for you, your already forgotten. Everything you've ever done, someone has already outdone it! You've been reduced to the curtain jerker you were always destined to be, forced to watch as everyone passes by you on the ladder, knocking you back down where you belong as they do!" 

Christian STARR: "Do you know why that is Chris? It's because you're boring. You're not crazy, you're pathetic. You're not a maniac, you're a loser. You're not a superstar. you're a stepping stone. A minor roadblock thrown in the way of rising stars to earn their stripes. I thought I had already stepped over you when I wiped you're name out of existence by completely decimating you're sad reign as Paramount Champion! Apparently I was wrong!"

Christian STARR: "For a record breaking fifty-five days I ran rough shot through every single person that stepped in my way, and one little hiccup cost me everything! My undefeated streak, my legacy, my Paramount Championship! I may have made the mistake of underestimating what Jarvis King had left in the tank, but do not think for one single second that one lose is going to break me! It's a mistake I will never make again! You're just days away from stepping into this very ring with the greatest Paramount Champion this company has ever seen. You are days away from stepping into this ring with the greatest wrestler this company has ever seen. You are days away from stepping across from a man with nothing left to lose! I will stop at nothing to get what I want, what I deserve! A rematch for the championship that I made famous!"

Christian STARR: "Make no mistake, Chris! This is still my kingdom, and you've had the distinct pleasure of surviving my reign! Come this Sunday that all comes to an end. I may not have my crown, but come Paradise, the King takes your fucking head!"

He slowly does a cutthroat taunt to the camera, looking straight through it towards Crazy Chris. A man on a mission. To leave Chris as an unmoving heap of human flesh on his way to bigger, and better things. Namely Jarvis King, and the Paramount Championship he never should have lost. A faint grin crosses his lips as the camera fades to black.

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