Frozen Over VIII

11 Feb 2020

Colisťe Pepsi, Quebec City, Quebec (seats 15,750)

Time To Get Frozen Over

After weeks and weeks of preparation, it’s finally time to kick off one of the biggest events in Championship Wrestling Federation history! The screen before you is dark before slowly fading into a shot of Silas Artoria staring down Mike Best at the conclusion of Genesis.

“Time and time again, history has been rewritten.”

We now get a shot of Freddie Styles attempting his patented Ballgame finisher on Silas Artoria. The Candian Reaper is able to duck underneath, lifting Styles up into an Electric Chair position before transitioning into the Cutter for his Fall of Man finisher. We then fade into a slow motion shot of Trent Robbins counting Silas’ pinfall on Freddie.

“A new king claimed the throne.”

SIlas is shown raising the CWF World Championship high into the air.

Mike Rolash: By god, he did it! Through hell and high water, Silas Artoria is our NEW CWF World Heavyweight Champion!

“A new challenger was to be declared.”

Highlights of the battle between Styles and Kyuseishu begin to flash across the screen. Styles spiking Williams with a High Angled Spinebuster. Kyu connecting with a huge lariat on the outside. Each brutal exchange that both men shared during their encounter. Soon, we are shown Freddie flipping off the top for the King of the Fall before all hell breaks loose and CWF World Champion, SIlas Artoria finds himself involved. Shot of Artoria destroying Hoyt with a Discus Lariat is shown before fading into Silas clocking Styles with the Knockout.


Points to Kyuseishu.

Silas Artortia: ...KYUSEISHU....

And one to Styles.


A graphic flashes across the screen displaying all three wrestlers.

“With his adversaries set, Silas looks to reign supreme again. But tonight, there is much more on the line.”

Flashes of different CWF Wrestlers begin to go across the screen. Johnny Graves. Zolton. Autumn Raven and PJ Blake. Konrad Rabb. Dauntless. Jason Ryan. Jeff Jackson. Most Known Unknowns. Sean Fuller. 

“Different warriors fight to cement their legacy within the ranks of CWF.” 

Each superstar is shown hitting their respective finisher as the highlight montage begins to speed up. Before the narrator is heard for the final time.

“Tonight the hell known as CWF. Will definitely be Frozen Over!”

One final shot of Silas, Kyuseishu and Freddie standing off. We then come into the Colisee Pepsi Arena in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada! The fans are on their feet and ready for action as pyro begins to blast off around the specially decorated entrance set for this special event. A giant icy blue LED screen rests underneath the CWFTron that has the words Frozen Over’ crafted brilliantly into it. The official theme song “Frozen Over” by Captain Beyond is blaring through the speakers of the arena as we move to ringside where our announce team is in position and ready to go.

Jim Gunt: We have finally made it to one of the biggest events of the year for CWF! Frozen Over VIII! We are LIVE here in the Colisee Pepsi Arena and Tara, Charles, what a night we have in store for the fans.

Tara Robinson: We’ve got a Deep Freeze Death Match for the World Championship. Graves and Jackson fight for the final time in an Ambulance Match for the Impact Championship. A Cordilleran Ice Sheet Match and not to mention this Zero Degrees Ladder Match that’s about to come up momentarily.

Charles State: Tonight, a lot of our wrestlers are going to leave here with scars that they didn’t arrive with and it’s all for the pleasure of these great fans in Championship Wrestling Federation.

Most Known Unknowns(Nina & Omar Martinez) vs. Dauntless(Bryan & Ryan Reed) vs. PJ Blake and Autumn Raven


The camera pans to ringside where there are multiple ladders scattered around ringside. The Quebec fans are hype for the action. We then get a shot of Ray Douglas who stands inside of the ring. His silver hair looks magnificent as always as he stands there with a black suit with dark blue tie, he has a smile on his face as he's set to get things underway.

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, the following triple threat tag team contest is a Zero Degrees Ladder Match! And it is for the vacant CWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS! Introducing first…

“Givenchy” begins to play throughout the arena as the fans immediately begin to boo. The camera gets a close up view of the LED screen as it separates and Byson Kaliban saunters out, soon followed by Vince Espinoza, Nina and Omar Martinez. The fans shower them with disapproval which brings a smile to Byson's face as he casually strolls down the aisle.. The MKU slowly follows suit, Nina stares daggers into the back of Byson's head as Vince and Omar have their focus solely on the ring.

Ray Douglas:  At a combined weight of three hundred sixty pounds… being accompanied by Vince Espinoza and Byson Kaliban! Nina.. Omar Martinez.. THE MOST KNOWN UNKNOWNS!

The quartet finally make it to the ring, Byson makes his way up the steps, Vince pulls himself up to the apron and Nina slithers under the bottom rope. Okay rolls under the bottom rope as well. They're joined in the ring by Byson and Vince as they all stand unmoving in the center of the ring staring out at the crowd.

Jim Gunt: I must admit that this is quite a match that Mike has scheduled to kick off this event.

Tara Robinson: We were originally set to see PJ and Autumn face the former tag champs in Graves and Lockheart but Johnny was forced to relinquish the titles due to a contact dispute between Maggie and CWF management.

Charles State: Speaking of the Sin City Saint, he stated on Twitter that he wanted an up close view of this match and there he is, in the front row over there.

We get a shot of Graves who has the Impact Championship hanging around his neck. With a beverage in hand, he nods at the camera, ready to enjoy this match as a fan. Soon, “Jumpin’ Like Jordan” by Migos jams through the speakers as LED screen slides opens again and Bryan Reed steps out, nodding his head to the beat of the song. Following behind him, vibing completely to the song is Bryan’s younger brother Ryan. The two make their way down the aisle, grooving to the song as the fans give them a mixed reaction.

Ray Douglas: Team number two! At a combined weight of 355 lbs, from Jackson, Tennessee!! DAUNTLESS!!

When the brothers reach ringside, they go separate ways, Bryan to the left and Ryan to the right. Continuing to move around ringside, they slap hands with some of the fans as they begin to warm up to the duo. They make a full circle around the ring before meeting up and high fiving each other before circling back around ringside in their respective directions. Ryan climbs up onto the apron, while Bryan does the same soon after. Pointing at each other, they jump over the top rope and land inside of the ring, Ryan pops up to the second rope of the corner that he was closest to and started out into the crowd. Bryan bounces towards the middle of the ring before going to the corner to the right of his brother and climbs to the second rope and does the same. Hopping down, they go to their designated corner to discuss strategy.

Jim Gunt: Bryan and Ryan have tried to make a name for themselves since signing with the CWF and if they're able to climb the ladder and reach those titles. They may just be on everyone's radar.

Tara Robinson: When I heard who they were trained by, I had high hopes for this duo but after how they ruined a perfectly good match a few weeks ago.. I believe that these guys so have to humble themselves just a bit more.

Charles State: Really, Tara? These kids don't want to wait in line. The opportunity is now and I can see them pulling off a pretty big upset.

Purple lights shine around the top of the ramp, fog rolling around it as the beginning lyrics of the song start to play, the tron displaying a purple outlined black raven with her name fading in over it.

“The sun is shining

Though everything’s dying

Your stars burned out for good

Somewhere in Hollywood”

As the guitar riff starts up, the purple lights start to flicker like a strobe light as Autumn slowly walks out through the opening LED screen, coming to a stop at the top of the ramp. She glances out at the crowd with a smirk on her face as she starts down the ramp slowly.

Ray Douglas: Team number three, first from Los Angeles, California, weighing one hundred twenty pounds, she is the “Beautiful Psychopath”... AUTUMN RAVEN!!!!

“What the hell,

This ain’t no way to treat the living dead

Is this something from a novel that you read

It’s time to cut the cord and say goodbye

Cause it’s the only thing that hasn’t happened yet

And when it does I wished we’d never met

I did the best I could.”

She walks around the ring, glaring at the fans sitting at ringside before sliding under the bottom rope and leaping to her feet, giving the crowd a smug smile.

“The sun is shining

But everything’s dying

Your stars burned out for good

Somewhere in Hollywood

I swear it’s only

Cos you be my lies

Guess I’m misunderstood

You were my deadlihood”

She runs to the corner turnbuckle, climbing to the second one, taunting the crowd, as she flings her arms out to the sides once again before climbing down. "Coming In Hot" by Diamante hits as two women step out through the LED screen and walk to the edge of the stage where it meets the ramp and stand there with their heads bowed. PJ Blake saunters out wearing a pastel blue hooded sweatshirt and stands between her entourage, slowly setting her feet right and bringing her arms straight out.

Ray Douglas: Her partner, from Seattle, Washington.. weighing in at one hundred and ten pounds! PEE JAYYY BLAKEEEE!!!

PJ throws back her head and then proceeds down to the ring. She slides into the ring under the bottom rope, whipping her legs all the way around and winding up in the middle of the ring on one-knee and her arms spread like an Eagle's wings. She slowly lifts her head, revealing a smile to the crowd of fans cheering and raving for her as her entourage simply stands at the bottom of the ramp. Getting to her feet, she moves over to the corner where Raven is standing and the two fist bump, looking ready to go.

Jim Gunt: These women have been on a complete tear since becoming a team. Displaying impressive teamwork in route to some noteworthy victories.

Tara Robinson: I hate that they weren't given a fair shot at the tag champs but a chance like this is pretty big for a team that's still as new as them.

Charles State: It's anyone's ballgame when those titles are hanging high from that ceiling. I'm just hoping that this match sets the tone for the rest of the show.

Nina exits the ring with Byson, instructing him to follow her to the back and apparently leaving Omar to take her spot in this match. Everyone is confused but the boos from the crowd make it clear that they don't appreciate the decision. All six competitors are standing inside of the ring and look prepared for battle as the bell sounds off. They all shift their eyes back and forth among each other before Vince rushes Blake. Surprisingly, Bryan comes to her aid, decking Espinoza with a right hand as their respective partners all slide out of the ring to go retrieve ladders. Both Bryan and PJ take turns connecting with shots to the Masked Monster, that backs him into the ropes. Continuing their teamwork, they both whip him across the ring. Upon his return they drop him with double dropkicks! Bryan pops back to his feet and moves towards Ryan who looks to pass him a ladder through the ropes. Meanwhile, PJ continues to attack Vince with kicks to the chest as he crawls on his hands and knees.

Jim Gunt: Unlikely alliance by Bryan and PJ as they take out Espinoza!

Tara Robinson: I think the bigger story is why did Nina allow Omar to take her place in this match.

Charles State: Ever since her return she's been trying to get the MKU back on track and maybe forcing these two to compete here is just a starting point with that.

Blake lets up on her attack as she moves over to Autumn, who's pushing a ladder into the ring herself. Infuriated, Espinoza gets to his feet, charges towards Bryan and clubs him across the back as he's still trying to pull the ladder inside. The force from the shot sends him through the ropes and crashing to the outside. Grabbing ahold of the top rope, Vince uses his foot to shove the ladder into Ryan, forcing him back violently into the barricade! With the wind knocked out of him, Ryan slumps to the floor. Now going across the ring, Espinoza clubs Blake across the back of the head before proceeding to do what he did to Ryan onto Autumn on the other side! Raven coughs violently as she drops down onto the floor. Espinoza stands tall, alone, inside of the ring as Omar now sends a ladder into the ring.

Jim Gunt: Vince's now the lone man inside of the ring as he and Omar look to go for those titles!

Tara Robinson: Espinoza is freakishly strong, a former test subject of the OSA.

Charles State: I've heard that but lately this group has been on their own downward spiral for some time now.

Omar slides inside to join Vince as he begins to set the ladder up in the center of the ring. Together, they finally get it in place as Martinez immediately begins to climb up towards the tag titles! This immediately prompts the Reed brothers to return into the ring. Bryan clubs Martinez across the back, causing him to drop from the ladder. The smaller Ryan, launches himself into Vince, connecting with furious right hands. Bryan is able to throw Omar back outside through the ropes. Raven soon slides back in, beginning to help Ryan who has an off guard Espinoza backed into a corner. Bryan now comes over, striking at the Boa as Raven turns her attention on Ryan. The two come to blows but it's the Beautiful Psychopath who comes out with the advantage as she has Ryan reeling into an adjacent corner. Both Vince and Ryan are down in their respective corners as Raven and Bryan continue kick and strike away at them. Meanwhile, Blake and Martinez are seen climbing up onto the apron. Almost simultaneously, they both pull themselves to the top ropes and spring off, landing on the ladder that's still set up in the center of the ring!

Jim Gunt: That was impressive!

Tara Robinson: PJ and Omar display amazing agility and are scrambling up the ladder towards the titles!

Charles State: But here comes Dauntless too save those titles.

The two are almost at the top before they are attacked by Bryan and Ryan, who were able to gain the advantage over Autumn. The Reed brothers begin to tug at the legs of Blake and Martinez, with Blake being the first to drop to the mat as Ryan begins to climb the ladder but he's immediately yanked back off by a returning Blake and Raven. On the other side, Bryan has Omar off of the ladder as he tries his luck with climbing the ladder but the Racer immediately retaliates by pulling him back off of the ladder as Espinoza is over to join him. Soon both Reed brothers are sent back to the outside as the MKU along with Blake and Raven take a moment to stare up there ladder, towards the titles.

Jim Gunt: So far, neither team has been able to get a strong advantage and right now we're at a stalemate.

Tara Robinson: I wonder how exactly, will the Zero Degrees element come into play during this match because everyone have been able to grab those ladders fairly easily in the early goings.

Charles State: It's a major wrinkle in the framework that is this match and I'm willing to bet that it comes into play at the most inconvenient time.

Blake rushes up the ladder but the former tag champs are quickly on the number one contender like rabid dogs. With Blake down from the ladder, Martinez looks to throw her through the ropes but she's able to reverse and it's Omar who crashes onto the floor. She looks down at Martinez, talking trash but she's caught by surprise as Raven hits the ropes holding on, apparently being whipped by Vince. The two look at each other, then towards Espinoza who charges with a fury at them but they both duck their shoulders, sending him up and over the top rope and down onto the floor, where he rolls near Martinez. The fans cheer loudly as the duo both look set to do something big. PJ points towards one of the buckles and Autumn quickly scales up to the top. Blake, herself places a firm grip on the top rope as they both wait for the MKU to get vertical. Once they do, PJ pulls herself to the top and springs off as Raven twists when she leaps off. PJ crashes on top of Omar with a Springboard Crossbody as Autumn drops Vince with a Corkscrew Splash! All four are down as the fans are up to their feet, cheering to the top of their lungs!


Tara Robinson: Let's go girls! Go grab those titles that you guys rightfully deserve!

Charles State: Dauntless are not having any of it, they're back inside with a ladder in tow!

Together, the Reeds have the ladder secured in their clutches as Raven and Blake are back onto the apron. Bryan and Ryan waste no time in their plan as they charge towards their opponents, using the ladder to knock them back down to the floor. The fans let out an audible groan as The Reeds continue to hold onto the ladder. Suddenly, it's as if Bryan realizes something and immediately drops the ladder, gravity takes Ryan down to the mat as he cries out in pain, his hands apparently stuck to the ladder!

Jim Gunt: His hands are stuck on the ladder!

Tara Robinson: I guess you were right, Chuck. Dauntless were set to shift momentum in their favor but now Ryan is unable to get his hands free from the ladder!

Charles State: Man, that can not feel good against the skin.

Bryan is over to check on his younger brother, who's trying to pull his hands free. Finally helping him, they are able to pry them free. Ryan looks at them in agony as they're now a bright red color. The other four competitors can be seen recovering on the outside as Ryan nods in their direction, gaining Bryan's attention. While Ryan continues to try and regain the feeling in his hands, Bryan runs towards the far ropes and returns with a cartwheel handspring, soon moonsaulting over the top rope and taking all four wrestlers back to the floor! Bryan pops back up to his feet to a respectful cheer from the crowd as he slides back into the ring. He goes back to the ladder and touches it once for safety. He's good to go, bringing the ladder up and looks to set it back up in the center of the ring. Now having it in place, he goes to climb it but Ryan yells his name from outside of the ring.

Jim Gunt: What is Ryan holding in his hands?

Tara Robinson: It appears to be some athletic tape that he's found under the ring.

Charles State: Ah man, that's a smart move on the kid's behalf. He's tossing it in to Bryan!

Bryan hurriedly wraps both of his hands in the athletic tape, throwing it back to Ryan before looking to climb up for the titles. Doing the same to his hands, Ryan slides inside to join his brother, trying to keep watch for any incoming attack. It comes quickly as Martinez is back inside of the ring. The Reeds see him and try to anticipate his next form of action, Martinez rushes towards them as they are on opposite sides of the ladder, he slides between the legs of the ladder, quickly getting to his feet but double SUPERKICKS from the Reeds sends him stumbling backwards and through the top and middle ropes! They both are hyped up until the standing ladder is sent crashing into both of their backs! Both members of Dauntless crash to the mat as Espinoza now stands there menacingly.

Jim Gunt: His strength is unbelievably scary.

Tara Robinson: In a match such as this, you have to keep your head on the swivel and Dauntless' inexperience cost them right then.

Charles State: When the Masked Monster's inside of the ring, it should be a known fact to keep your third eye open for him.

Bryan rolls under the bottom rope and to the outside as Espinoza focuses his attack on Ryan, stomping down hard onto the rookie. He now uses his foot to choke a helpless Ryan. While on the outside, Omar is back up and armed with a shorter ladder. Coming around ringside, he charges towards a rising Bryan and launches the ladder full force at him where it sends a resounding thud through the arena! Inside of the ring, Vince forcefully snatches Ryan by his head and tosses him effortlessly into a nearby corner, continuing to assault him. With Ryan slumped in a seated position inside of the corner, Espinoza continues to stomp down hard on him as Martinez re-enters the ring. Espinoza lets off of his attack, coming over to help Omar as they both fold the ladder up and bringing it towards a still reeling Ryan. Together, they stand the ladder up tall, in front of Ryan in the corner and begin to take turns stomping on the ladder, forcing the steel back into Ryan's flesh. Vince then uses his right foot to apply pressure onto the ladder, causing it to connect with Ryan's skin. Soon, the younger Reed begins to scream out in pain as the temperature of the ladder begins to drop again.

Jim Gunt: Oh My Lord! How much can this young man take?!

Tara Robinson: Look at how his skin's becoming a dark purplish color..

Charles State: He should've known the risk coming into a match like this.

Jim Gunt: But this is the first of its kind, how can you possibly prepare for something like this?

Charles State: Hmph, I guess you're right, there's no way to prepare your body for a match like this.

Tara Robinson: A simple t-shirt could do the trick.

Continuing to apply pressure to the ladder, Ryan's screams echo throughout the Colisee Pepsi Arena as Martinez backs up towards the center of the ring. Espinoza moves out of the way and Martinez charges in, driving both of his knees into the ladder, causing it to crash into Ryan even harder as he yells out some more! Omar rolls out of the way, clutching at his knees when Bryan tries to catch Vince by surprise with a bicycle kick. The Masked Monster sidesteps it and violently grabs Bryan around the neck. Taking a few steps, he launches the older Reed with a Biel Throw into the ladder! The impact sends the ladder back into Ryan but when Bryan's body goes to bounce off of the steel ladder, it's stuck to the older Reed's skin as the entire ladder comes tilting over, causing Bryan to go front first into the canvas with no way to brace himself! He cries out as the ladder is still connected to his back but Vince shoves the ladder off his back forcefully, drawing a bit of blood as trickles can be seen sliding down Bryan's back. 

Jim Gunt: These kids are getting brutalized right now.

Tara Robinson: I think the ladder took some of Ryan's skin away when it fell with Bryan!

Charles State: I hope we have a decent medical team on call tonight. With so many more potential dangerous matches later on, we're definitely going to need them on deck.

Autumn and PJ are shown sliding under the bottom rope with their own ladder in tow. The Most Known Unknowns have yet to spot them until Omar spins around and together they use the ladder to run him over. Hearing the impact, Vince now turns towards the duo, they look to do the same to him but he stops them in their tracks as he grabs ahold of the ladder. There's an immediate power struggle between the three but the Boa displays the most strength as he begins to shove them backwards. The two women begin to cry in pain as it seems that their ladder has started to freeze over!

Jim Gunt: It seems that the ladder is now dropping in temperature.

Tara Robinson: Their hands!

Charles State: Vince's probably the only guy prepared for this match, his entire body is covered aside from his arms.

With his hands already fully protected, Vince continues to force both women back into the nearby corner. As they finally near the corner, Espinoza has them trapped. With no remorse to her hands, Blake begins to peel them away from the freezing steel ladder as it seems that the temperature of it is beginning to stabilize. She finally has her hands free as Raven continues to struggle against Vince's strength. Blake takes the opportunity to climb the turnbuckle behind Autumn, Espinoza sees her and releases the ladder as she leaps off, taking him down with a flying clothesline! She's on her knees recovering as Raven's finally able to drop the ladder.

Jim Gunt: What a Leaping Clothesline to take down Espinoza!

Tara Robinson: These women are tough and there's no way to count them out.

Charles State: No one ever denies their heart because they have plenty of it, these women have brought the best out of each other since teaming together.

Autumn is still in the corner, looking down at the ladder and then over to Espinoza who's still recovering. She brings the ladder up, standing it up vertically and proceeds to climb to the top rope. Whatever she has planned is being heavily encouraged by Blake until she's blindsided by a returning Martinez. With Blake out of the equation, he sprints towards Raven, climbing the ladder with cat-like quickness. However, Raven immediately reaches through the rungs and slams Omar face-first into the steel! He goes crashing hard to the mat as Autumn regains her balance on the top rope. Finally doing so, she shifts all her weight onto the ladder and they both come crashing down on Martinez! The impact bounces Raven near the ropes as she clutches at her body in agony. Thankfully, the ladder doesn't freeze over as it bounces off of Omar who rolls away from the wreckage.

Jim Gunt: What an innovative way to use a ladder by the Beautiful Psychopath!

Tara Robinson: But it comes at the cost of her body!

Charles State: If winning those CWF Tag Team titles are the reward, does it really matter?

Tara Robinson: Fair point.

Blake is back to her feet and working over Espinoza with clubbing blows to the back while Autumn drags the ladder out of the way. Raven pops up to her feet and races towards the ropes, connecting with a baseball slide into a ladder carrying Dauntless duo who were trying to re-enter the match-up. The ladder lands on top of them both as Raven, in a hurry hits the ropes. Coming back towards the brothers, she goes flying over the top rope and lands on the ladder with a variation of the Anti-Hero(Swanton Bomb) crushing them underneath! The fans explode with cheers for the move as Raven's body bounces off of the ladder. The Reed brothers can be heard screaming as they unsuccessfully try to remove the ladder from their bodies.

Jim Gunt: These guys can not catch a break!

Tara Robinson: This match will probably go down as growing pains in their career.

Charles State: That's understandable but at some point there has to be a line drawn.

Back inside of the ring, Blake has a ladder in hand, slamming the end of it into a kneeling Masked Monster. With Espinoza reeling, she opens the ladder up and places one end over Vince's windpipe, cutting off his air circulation. With Vince pinned underneath the ladder, PJ begins to climb up towards the tag titles. Moving further and further up the ladder, Blake is almost at the top when suddenly the ladder begins to shake. She looks down to spot Vince trying to use brute force to remove the ladder from off top of himself. Raven sees that her partner is in trouble and immediately rushes in, jumping on the ladder and forcing it back down onto Espinoza. She quickly scales up it, meeting Blake at the top. Both women eye each other and then look up at the titles but the ladder begins to shake again. They look down in shock to see that Vince is still able to move. Suddenly, they both look at the ladder, now familiar with the sound of it beginning to freeze. Espinoza has the ladder up on the side that Autumn occupies, she sees no other option, launching herself upward towards the titles and grabs at the strap of one of the titles. Meanwhile, Vince has the ladder up on one side as it is now tethering over. Blake senses that she's in danger of taking a bad fall and immediately launches for the titles as well! The ladder goes flying out of the way with a powerful push from Espinoza, but little does he know, Blake has mistimed the jump and gravity is bringing her straight towards him.


Tara Robinson: That was remarkable, I've never seen anyone pull something like that off.

Charles State: She has a small frame so they may have played a huge factor in her being able to recover quickly. But Autumn is still hanging from the titles!

With Autumn still hanging from the strap, she pulls herself up and unstraps the title that's still dangling, sending it crashing down onto the mat next to PJ and Vince's sprawled out bodies. Still hanging from the other one, the Beautiful Psychopath takes a deep breath and unstraps the second title as her, along with the belt come crashing down hard onto the mat! The bell instantly rings.


Tara Robinson: They totally deserve it, over a month of hard work finally paying off for these two women and I'm proud of them.

Charles State: Gotta give them credit, they came in more prepared to win and it totally paid off for them.

Bodies are lying everywhere from the carnage that was this ladder match. Each wrestler having their battle wounds placed on display as the cameras shift to different shots of them. Graves is shown applauding the match mockingly at ringside.


"Somewhere in Hollywood" kicks in as both PJ and Autumn finally begin to recover. Both women can be seen laughing in pain as they each clutch at a title.

Jim Gunt:  We have new tag champs and it's Autumn Raven and PJ Blake.

Tara Robinson:  Both of these women have worked hard to get where they are here tonight and like I said earlier, I'm very proud of them.

Charles State:  The next question is who steps up to challenge these women for those tag titles?

Jim Gunt: That's a very good question, well as we try to get things cleaned up at ringside. I'm getting word that Blake Church is trying to get a word with our World Champion.


The back of the arena was the host of several cars and trucks, containing the CWF production gear alongside transport home. The deliveries room had been converted into a general waiting area for Frozen Over, but standing on the elevated docking deck was the world champion himself. He is facing the outside, with the title perched over his shoulder, and awaiting something.

???: Silas?

It was a familiar voice to Silas, as he doesn’t acknowledge the male coming into the frame.

Blake Church: You’ve got a world championship match tonight against Freddie Styles and Kyuseishu. Shouldn’t you be getting ready?

Silas Artoria: I am.

The blunt response catches Church by surprise, judging by his posture.

Blake Church: By standing at deliveries?

Silas Artoria: Yes.

Blake Church: How?

A long pause follows before Silas turns his head towards the interviewer. This man was no Robinson, but he’ll have to do.

Silas Artoria: Have you ever witnessed a match like tonight’s main event? No, you haven’t and don’t try lying by saying you might have. You’ve got a CWF veteran going into the ring with the young champion who has caught up to him, all the while you have a dangerous wildcard with a chip on his shoulder. Add weapons of uncaring nature and you’re not going to have as much of a fight as it’ll be more of a live butchering.


Silas Artoria: This is an unconventional match, Church, and as such it warrants unconventional thinking. I’ve been hard at work back at my home in Toronto, and the benefit of living not far from Quebec City is that you can send things out for delivery relatively late…

A truck horn can be heard, immediately catching the duo’s attention.

Silas Artoria: ...and still expect them to arrive on time.

The truck stops and begins it’s reverse, with the cargo doors slowly coming towards the elevated platform.

Silas Artoria: I am the CWF Champion, and being a champion means that you cannot be complacent. Tonight, I firmly end Style’s journey, and I will ensure that Kyuseishu will no longer get a sniff of my title.

The truck stops, and as fast as the engine stops Silas drags the door upward. There’s a series of cargo boxes of varying sizes inside, all addressed in his name.

Blake Church: What’s inside these boxes?

A dark chuckle escapes Silas as he picks up the smallest of the boxes, no larger than his head. Without prompt, his bandaged arm punches into it and grabs tightly what is within.

Silas Artoria: My tools.

Slowly, he drags to contents out.

His blood-drenched the barbed wire within.

Jason Ryan vs. Konrad Rabb


We cut back to ringside.

Jim Gunt: What the hell was that?

Tara Robinson: He clearly stated that it was his tools.

Charles State: What kind of tools though? Whatever's inside of that box looks as if it can cause some serious pain.

Tara Robinson: I've become fairly familiar with Silas and if I do know anything about our World Champion. It's expect the unexpected.

Jim Gunt: Well while he continues to prepare for our Main Event, it's time to get to what is called a Dealer's Choice match between Jason Ryan and Konrad Rabb. Let's send it to Ray.

We cut to Ray who's ready to go.

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is a Dealer's Choice Match! Where the winner is able to contend for any championship except for the World Championship! Introducing first..

"Into the Fire" by Disturbed hits, the lights go out. Jason emerges wearing a red and white Edo era robe. His face is painted white and black, his neck painted black. He wears a black Kasa and a silver Menpo and holds a black umbrella above his head as he slowly walks to the ring, the only light being a singular spotlight on him. 

Ray Douglas: Participant number two, making his way to the ring, from Laurel, Montana! Weighing in at two hundred fifty pounds! The Watcher… JASON RYAN!!!

Fog covers the arena as Jason gets in the ring and slowly removes his entrance gear exposing his heavily tattooed body and black and silver wrestling tights.

Jim Gunt: The Watcher made his debut on the last episode of Evolution and has a big opportunity right now.

Tara Robinson: He came up short on that debut but his potential seems to be out in the open right now.

Charles State: He has a decent power game but he faces a veteran in The Iceman so he's going to definitely use that to his advantage.

 “Cold as Ice” by M.O.P plays over the sound system as Konrad comes out through the curtain just wearing his blue and white mask with white hair along with his wrestling trousers with his nickname The Iceman on the front of them with Pit Bull Energy logos on the side of his trousers with black gloves on both of his hands with a side cross necklace on his neck with the blue and black yin-yang tattoo on his right shoulder, Iceman from X-Men tattoo on his back, Ice wolf on his left chest and ice bear on his right chest.

Ray Douglas: His opponent, from Cologne, Germany.. weighing in at two hundred and one pounds! He is The Iceman... KONRAD RABB!!!

He then high fives the fans as he goes up the stairs before going in-between the ropes and does a holdup on each turnbuckle and everyone cheers him as he gets down from the turnbuckle and does a few boxing punches to the cameras before he looks at his opponent waiting for the match to start.

Jim Gunt: The Iceman has been fairly impressive since his return.

Tara Robinson: He's only had one match.

Charles State: Well management expects big things from this guy, otherwise he wouldn't be in this match.

Senior official, "Big" Denny Davidson signals for the bell and Ryan immediately charges from his corner towards Rabb. With a spin, he looks to go for a Discus Lariat but Rabb quickly ducks underneath and latches Ryan in a rear waistlock. With a quick pop of his hips, the Iceman has Ryan up and over with a German Suplex! He holds on for the pin but Davidson is caught by surprise so he's slow to the count.



Jim Gunt: Ryan able to get the left shoulder off the canvas as he was almost caught with an offguard defeat as Rabb almost had him with what he likes to call The Frozen.

Tara Robinson: He's the one who went swinging for the fences and nearly cost himself this match.

Charles State: I gotta agree with Rabb's statement on Wired. He's the Iceman, performing on a Frozen Over pay per view. How does he not have an ice-themed stipulation for this match.

Jim Gunt: Maybe Mike went over the budget with the other matches that we have planned here tonight.

Charles State: Hmmm. It's possible, especially knowing the type of big money spender that Rolash can be.

Rabb has Ryan back vertical and looks to whip him into the ropes. The Watcher is able to twist through and quickly brings Konrad in, lifting him up onto his shoulders. Now carrying the Iceman towards the nearest the corner, Jason Ryan throws him face-first into the top buckle with a Snake Eyes. The Watcher immediately hits the far ropes as Rabb stumbles out. Rebounding off the ropes, Ryan looks for a Brogue Kick that's amazingly dodge by Rabb. Continuing his momentum, underneath the foot of Ryan, Rabb handsprings into the ropes. Twisting around to try and find his opponent proves to be a bad move as Ryan's instantly dropped with a Cutter!

Jim Gunt: He just got him with the Ice Storm! 

Tara Robinson: That was out of nowhere!

Rabb shoots the half for the cover as the ref is over to make the count.




"Big" Denny signals for the bell.

Ray Douglas: Here is your winner, via pinfall.. The Iceman… KONRAD RABB!!!

Cold as Ice starts back up as the fans give Konrad a decent reaction.

Charles State: Don't know why but I expected more from Ryan.

Jim Gunt: With such implications on the line such as a shot at any title outside from the World title would give a person more incentive to compete.

Tara Robinson: Either way, Rabb has earned his opportunity and now it's all a question of which championship will the choose.

Charles State: Only time will tell what his decision will be but for right now, it's his moment to bask in a dominating victory.

Revelation 3:16

Jim Gunt: I understand we have Kyuseishu standing by for some comments.  He better control himself.

A group of around 20 of Hoyt’s Witnesses all wearing white robes and black and red Kabuki masks sit with their legs crossed on the floor listening to Hoyt Williams who is standing before them.

Kyuseishu: Gold is simply God with the letter L added in.  For the Gold is the God of the CWF.   For it holds the power of the almighty.  Tonight, we crusade to the heavens and reclaim our place on the throne of Glory.  For I am the son of God.  For I am the rightful champion of the CWF.  Once the power is ours, so be, shall the CWF fall unto my kingdom and control.   We shall be empowered tonight in all our glory.  The RISP will rise again.

The mean eyed emotional support cat jumps up and lands on Hoyt’s shoulder to get a better view of the followers. 

Kyuseishu: The temporary champion shall be defined as just that later tonight as he falls like Micheal the dark angel from the heavens.  He has not set this federation on fire like the demon spawn that he is.  He is not the motivation that drives what we shall become.  He is dull.  He is stale.  He is Canadian.

Hoyt puts his hand on the golden bible on the table.

Kyuseishu: So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth. -- Revelation 3:16

Followers: All be to Hoyt.

Kyuseishu: Freddie Styles.  What is he?  Does he define the CWF?  Is it his time to shine?  Just an old relic of yesteryear.  Not interesting.  Not what the CWF needs.  His glory isn’t shining bright.  Baseball is out of season.  He ain’t the XFL, he’s the ex-champion.   Far from the same.  Blood spilled on ice leaves a dark red hue.  Like a raspberry.  These two men want violence.  These lustful sinning Canadian fans want horror.  So, it shall come.  Blades to cut upon the ropes.  Ice to break skulls.  A slip on a piledriver and we’re talking paralysis for life.

Hoyt is now looking and talking directly into the camera.

Kyuseishu: Fred.  Si.  I’ve made peace with God, for he is my father.  I have a fathers love on my side.  I don’t fear death for I will only be reborn.  You two have all the fear in your minds if you are smart enough to comprehend the war that is about to take place.  Freddie I’d hate to see you in a wheelchair with no future.  Artoria there is no shame in a one and done champion if he could live to fight another day.  Will you choose to live to fight another day or will tonight be the end of what never was in the story of us?  I want to hurt you.  I want you to suffer.  The wrath of God shall be laid upon these two vessels of sin with no mercy granted.  For they stand to mock and oppose the almighty and that is unacceptable.  

Hoyt has rage in his eyes.

Kyuseishu: Parents I warn you to put the kids to bed early for those who witness the violence tonight will forever be broken as the bodies I will leave laying at my feet.  No handshakes.  No mercy.  Just damnation.  This isn’t going to be rated R this is TV-MA and if you fear God you shall turn away.  Canada has terrible mental health coverage and the witnesses of the carnage will have post traumatic stress disorder to deal with.  You have been warned.  Si.  Fred.  No need to warn you as you’re warriors who have stepped up to a raging God.  You know what is about to come.  Your kingdom come.  It shall be done.  On earth as it is in hades.   Si let the old man be warned that if he gets near me I will take his wrist impale it upon the barbed wire and rub it until an artery erupts and a fountain of his fading life will shower me as I laugh.  Fred I will cripple you.  I will break your neck on the ice while your skin burns from the frost bite as you lay their contemplating your life as a plant.  Si.  For you I shall blind as I wrap your eyes with barbwire and tear the cornea to shreds.  It’s fitting.  You will never see me as champion, but you will  know that I am, and your lack of faith in me lead you to the very darkness that will consume you.  So, so fitting.  For this is the word of the Kyuseishu. 

Witnesses: Amen.

Kyuseishu: “The Lord will strike you with madness and blindness and confusion of heart.”

Deuteronomy 28:28

Jim Gunt: He is a sick, sick man.

Sean Fuller vs. Zolton


Tara Robinson: A very sick man indeed. We’ve already heard from two of the men in our main event and I can already see that this one isn’t going to be for the faint at heart.

Charles State: Each man has everything invested into this match and with the CWF World Championship on the line, add in a dangerous match stipulation and this one is guaranteed to get violent quickly.

Jim Gunt: Well it seems that things are all set up for our next match, so let’s send it to Ray to get things started.

We get a shot of multiple tables with thick sheets of ice covering them, lining the ring. Each one is rested against the barricade. The lights go out in the building and "I want to live" by Skillet starts to play. A spotlight hits the stage and lights up Sean Fuller on his knees, leaned back, and his arms out as Celeste is standing behind him, resting her hands on his shoulders. Sean pulls one leg up and plants his foot against the stage.

Ray Douglas: The following contest is a Cordilleran Ice Sheet Match where one man has to put his opponent through a table covered in six inch thick ice and it is for the vacant CWF PARAMOUNT CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, being accompanied by Celeste Fuller! Weighing in at two hundred forty-six pounds! SEAN FULLER!!!

Sean pushes up to his feet and throws his shoulders forward before walking down the ramp towards the ring with his wife by his side; a mixed reaction from the fans. Sean picks a corner and leans out towards the fans as Celeste finds a place ringside to stand and show her support. 

Jim Gunt: Fuller was very vocal about his desire to become Paramount Champion, here tonight.

Tara Robinson: I'm more concerned with his drinking habit. Do you guys think he could be fully functional for this match?

Charles State: The guy is a fighter, through and through. I've come across my fair share of guys who could drink and still throw a punch with the best of them.

As the opening of "Rise" hits the speakers, the arena goes dark with fog filling the entrance area. Upon the entrance screen a video montage begins to roll of Zolton standing atop a mountain and behind him is highlights of what he has done in a wrestling ring. As the lyrics begin to be heard, Zotlon himself steps out onto the stage area among the smoke. The crowd begins to boo loudly. Zolton relishes in the dissatisfaction of the crowd with an arrogant grin. His long leather trench coat gleams off the now bright spot light shining down upon him.

Ray Douglas: His opponent, residing in Yakima, Washington.. weighing in at two hundred sixty-five pounds! ZOLTON!

He now begins to make his way down the ramp toward the ring. Refusing to acknowledge the crowd as he passes them. Reaching the ring he steps up the ring steps slowly, his arrogant smile plastered all over his face. He then jumps to the top turnbuckle of the corner of the ring. He calls it his throne as the arena lights return to normal and the song fades to silence. Zolton ignores the crowd as he lets his trench coat slide down off his shoulders to the floor. 

Charles State: I've got a quick question about Zolton. Was he metaphysically talking to the love of his life?

Tara Robinson: Indeed he was and I think that it's beautiful that he tries to stay in contact with her, even if he has to do it telekinetically.

Jim Gunt: I'm more concerned on why the woman is confined inside of an Asylum.

Tara Robinson: Whatever the case may be, I hope they find their way back towards each other.

The ref asks both men if they're ready, both replying with a nod. He signals for the bell and both men move calmly to the center of the ring, coming face-to-face. Fuller mouths off at Zolton who stoically stares back at him. As Fuller continues to trash talk the taller Man of Chaos, he's suddenly rocked with a forearm shot to e jaw. He staggers back, clutches at his jaw, a smile forms across his lips and retaliates with a punch of his own. Taking a few steps back, Zolton returns fire and a battle of forearm shots break out between the two! The Man of Chaos is the one to come out on top as he backs Fuller up with brutal shots into the near corner. With his opponent trapped in the corner, Zolton connects with a knee to Fuller's gut, doubling him over. As Sean tries to rise for air, he's caught with a downward strike to the temple. He slumps in the corner as the Man of Chaos spins and brings his elbow up hard, standing Fuller back upright in the corner!

Jim Gunt: Oh my, what a brutal combination of attacks by Zolton just then, Fuller could be out of it.

Tara Robinson: Each strike was precise, connecting with their targeted area. 

Charles State: The guy looked like one of those practicing dummies just then. Check out Celeste!

As Fuller stumbles out of the corner, Celeste jumps onto the apron and gains Zolton's attention. He moves in her direction but she quickly gets down. He scoffs and turns right into a running jump knee strike from a recovering Fuller. Z now crashes into the corner as Fuller, on bended knee, blows a kiss towards his wife.

Jim Gunt: That's totally unfair, Celeste didn't have to get involved.

Charles State: All she did was climb up onto the apron. It's not like she threw a punch or something.

Tara Robinson: Maybe she was just checking on the well being of her husband.

Charles State: That's it!

Jim Gunt: C'mon Tara, you can not honestly believe that.

Moving in on Zolton, Sean connects with a few punches before whipping his opponent cross-corner. The Man of Chaos holds onto Sean's wrist as he spins through and brings Sean in before destroying him with a Short-Arm Clothesline! Fuller crashes into the mat hard as Zolton takes a moment to look down his nose at Fuller. He then drops down to the mat and rolls under the bottom rope, looking to retrieve one of the ice covered tables. Inspecting one that leans against the barricade, he grabs it from the bottom, making sure his hands don't touch the freezing cold ice. Pulling it over to the ring, he sets one end of the table under the bottom rope and pushes it inside a bit. Now sliding inside himself, he goes to bring it fully in but Celeste is right there to yank it back out!

Jim Gunt: At the rate that she's going, Celeste's going to bring a wrath down upon her like she's never experienced.

Charles State: Oh shit! Zolton did warn her about staying in her place and not getting involved.

Tara Robinson: Well this is the most involved that we've seen her in a Sean Fuller match.

Charles State: Well maybe because Zolton instructed her to stay out of this match, she's decided to get involved.

Jim Gunt: And it doesn't help that this match is, no disqualifications.

State and Robinson can be heard agreeing as Zolton is fuming. He looks to go after her but Fuller is right there, clubbing him hard across the back. Celeste is shown smiling as she walks away from the area, still encouraging her husband. With Zolton down on his knees, his hands braced against the middle rope, Fuller fires a hard kick into his spine. Zolton grunts as Fuller races across the ring, bounces off the ropes and comes back at full speed with another running bicycle knee strike to the back of the Man of Chaos' dome! Zolton bounces off the ropes, crashing to the mat as Fuller sits on the middle rope, looking out at the Quebec City crowd.

Jim Gunt: Fuller thinks he's in full control of this match but do you think he wants to gloat with an opponent like Zolton?

Charles State: In his mind probably, he's already beaten Z. So Fuller feels that he's beneath him.

Tara Robinson: I have to agree with you Jim, Zolton is not a guy that you want to take lightly.

Grabbing at the back of his neck, Zolton crawls over towards another set of ropes as Fuller gets back in the ring. He instructs Celeste to slide the table back inside of the ring. Struggling a bit, Celeste has a bit of trouble trying to lift one end of the table up onto the apron. Sean opts to help his way as he climbs out of the ring and together they lift the end up onto the apron and shove it inside. Zolton looks back, still holding onto the middle rope, he assess the situation but he doesn't make a move. Fuller gives his wife a kiss before sliding back inside of the ring. He allows Zolton more time to gain his bearings as he now brings the table up and leans it against the near corner. Now focusing on Zolton, he makes his way over to him and grabs a handful of hair. Immediately Zolton reacts as he swiftly lifts Fuller onto his right shoulder and runs full speed at the table. Both men go crashing hard into it!


Both men bounce off of the table as it remains propped up in the corner.

Tara Robinson: That was brutal, I thought for sure it was over just then.

Charles State: That ice needs to thaw out a bit before either of these two will be able to place the other through one of those tables.

Jim Gunt: It's basically a game of attrition then at this moment.

Both men are down on the mat as the Quebec fans are stunned from what just happened. Zolton is on his ass, near the ropes as Fuller lies front first on the mat in front of the table. The Man of Chaos pulls himself up to his feet and looks menacingly down at Fuller. He then eyes the table, shifting back and forth between it and Fuller. Grabbing at the table, Zolton slams it down violently onto Fuller! An audible cringe can be heard coming from the fans.

Jim Gunt: He could've killed Fuller just then!

Tara Robinson: I know the guy is tough but that was nowhere near pretty.

Charles State: Nowhere near pretty? That was downright ugly…

Zolton uses his foot to shove the table off of Fuller's back as a deep bruise can now be seen forming. Zolton is confident, watching Fuller try to crawl away but a boot to the head stops him in his tracks. With Sean back on the mat, Zolton brings the table up and drags it towards the far corner. With an impressive show of strength, he lifts it up and places it over the top buckle. He then moves back towards Fuller and deadlifts him off the mat with a gutwrench. The Man of Chaos carries Fuller within his arms like a small child before lifting him up onto his shoulders for a Powerbomb. Sensing that he's in trouble, Fuller contorts his body so that he lands beside Zolton and quickly drops him with a Russian Leg Sweep!

Charles State: Man that was a lucky break, heaven knows what Zolton had planned.

Jim Gunt: Impressive counter by Fuller who's found himself a bit of room to get back in this fight.

Tara Robinson: Who will be the first up to their feet?!

Both men are down and rolling on the mat, trying to recover. Celeste pounds hard on the apron, the fans soon joining in with her, clapping to Celeste's cadence. Zolton rolls under the bottom rope and to the floor. Fuller rolls over to his hands and knees, slowly getting vertical. Spotting the Man of Chaos on the outside, he goes to the apron. Fuller lines him up and races along the apron, leaping off for a knee strike. Third time's not a charm for Fuller as Z sidestep, latching his grip around Sean's waist. With a mighty heave, Z sends him crashing into the thin mats with a Throwing German Suplex! Celeste watches on in horror for her husband's safety but the Chaotic One has other plans for Fuller. Looking around, Zolton plans out his next course of action. He goes for one of the tables that are leaned against the barricade. Dragging it away, Zolton sets it up between the ring and barricade as he goes back for a still reeling Fuller.

Jim Gunt: I don't like the looks of this.

Tara Robinson: What could the Man of Chaos have planned?

Charles State: I don't know but whatever it is, Fuller better try and avoid it, quick.

Stomping down on Fuller for good measure, Zolton reaches down and grabs a handful of hair, bringing his opponent vertical. Still having full control, Zolton slams Fuller face-first into the apron. Sean drops to a knee and grabs at his face immediately but Zolton soon drops him with a low kick to the temple. The Man of Chaos takes a moment to look around at the jeering Quebec City crowd. He's emotionless in his response as he brings Fuller up again, bringing him to the propped up table and slams him face-first into the thick sheet of ice! Fuller drops down to his ass and it appears that he's giggling before receiving a boot to the mouth. Zolton brings him up, yet again and locks him in a full nelson.

Jim Gunt: I think he wants to try and put Fuller through that table with God's Smite!

He lifts Fuller high into the air, aiming him at the table. But just as he's about to connect, the table goes sliding backwards as Fuller bounces off the thin mat that covers the floor. Fuller screams out as he arches back but Zolton stares daggers at the culprit, Celeste Fuller. Storming towards the table in a rage, Zolton reaches out for Celeste but she quickly shoves the table into Zolton's midsection. He gasps for air, stumbling backwards where he trips over a still down Fuller!

Tara Robinson: What a save by Celeste Fuller as that fall for Sean could've been a lot worse.

Charles State: She's been Fuller's guardian angel in this match. A smart and powerful woman indeed.

Celeste ducks underneath the table and begins to search under the ring as both men are still down. She finally pulls out a pair of cable wires along with a steel chair. Some of the fans can be heard cheering her actions as she moves towards her husband. Helping him to his feet, she hands him the chair. A now bloody faced Fuller, still clutches at his back as he moves towards Zolton who's trying to get vertical himself. But a flying steel chair sends him back down to the floor. Fuller leans against the barricade as some of the fans take the chance to get their respective feel. He shrugs them off, moving towards Celeste who hands him the wire, a sick grin succumbs his face.

Jim Gunt: I don't like that look in his eyes.

Tara Robinson: Fuller stated multiple things that he would do and I believe that these wires were mentioned.

Charles State: Aww man, he's trying to choke the life out of Z right now.

Fuller sits on the small of Zolton's back and his the cable wires tied tightly around his throat. Sean pulls back violently on the wires as Zolton claws away at them trying to free his windpipe. It's to no avail as Fuller laughs sinisterly, continuing to tug as hard as he can but the Man of Chaos begins to power back to a vertical base with Fuller still holding onto his back with the wires wrapped tight. Zolton stumbles around for a minute until he's able to make it near the apron. Grabbing onto the ropes, Zolton somehow pulls himself up onto the apron with Fuller still hanging on. Now fully vertical on the apron, Zolton turns his back towards the table and back pedals as fast as he can before launching Fuller and himself into the table!

Jim Gunt: Oh My Lord.. What is it gonna take?!

Tara Robinson: Something huge..

Charles State: Very huge!

Both men lie sprawled out on the floor as Celeste looks on with both hands on her head. We are soon shown a replay of what happened. Just as Zolton leaped backwards, Fuller and himself crashed into the thick ice-covered table with a sickening thud. The impact whiplashes both men horribly as Sean is forced to release his grip and they both roll off, unto the floor.




Tara Robinson: Holy shit, indeed..

Celeste tries to encourage Sean back to his feet but he only crawls towards her voice. Zolton also begins to struggle his way towards the barricade. The Quebec City fans begin to show both men respect as they try to cheer both men up to see more violence.

Jim Gunt: These fans are loving every minute of this match!

Tara Robinson: Are you not? Because both of them are laying it all on the line right now.

Charles State: I'm fairly impressed with both of their resilience so far.

Zolton is finally up with the help of the barricade. He searches for Fuller who's being encouraged back to his feet by Celeste. Zolton marches in their direction, shoving the table out of the way, forcing it to slam onto the floor. He shoves Celeste out of the way and grabs Sean by the back of his neck, forcing him back into the ring. Following suit, Zolton gets vertical, bringing Fuller up along with him and latches on with a sleeper hold. Before Fuller even has a chance to fight against the hold, Zolton transition into a Sleeper Slam as he now has his opponent flat on his back. The Man of Chaos is back upright, heading for the table propped in the corner. Moving it around, he now has it leaned against the buckles as he goes back to Fuller. Locking Sean in a standing headscissors, Zolton lifts Fuller up onto his shoulders in a crucifix position.

Jim Gunt: Zolton's looking to bring an end to Fuller's career if he's able to connect!

Tara Robinson: I can't watch!

Zolton has Sean lined up with the table as he looks to destroy him with a modified version of The Pearly Gates but just as Zolton takes a few steps, Celeste yanks Sean from his shoulders. Zolton spins around furiously and without remorse keeps twisting into the Titan Crush! The three-sixty kick drops Celeste to the mat as the fans begin to boo Zolton's action.

Jim Gunt: That was totally uncalled for!

Charles State: Uncalled for? The woman has been getting involved in the match ever since the beginning.

Tara Robinson: She has butted her nose, quite frequently in this battle.

With blood still running down his face, Sean watches as his wife lies unconscious on the mat. An instant fury can be seen forming within his eyes. He charges Zolton and drives his shoulder into the Man of Chaos' midsection, instantly lifting him up and running at the table. With as much force as he can muster, Sean drives Zolton as hard as he can into the table but it still doesn't budge although as they bounce off, a slight crack can be seen forming across the ice. Both men rest at the edge of the table, still tangled up as the fans continue to cheer the brutality. 

Jim Gunt: These men are doing whatever it takes to win the Paramount Championship here tonight.

Tara Robinson: I fear for the safety of these two men as this match continues on.

Charles State: Well like we stated earlier, it's going to take something big to put one of these men down and I for one cannot wait.

Both men gasp for air as they rest at the foot of the table. Now feeling the cold ice freezing his back Zolton shoves Fuller off of him as he tries to pull himself back up to his feet. Both men struggled their way to opposite sides of the ring, using the ropes to pull themselves back up to their feet. The fans come to life as both men stand across the ring from each other staring daggers through each other's soul. They both instantly charge at each other and a fist fight soon breaks out. The punches are coming fast and furious but neither man is letting up. Zolton swings wild one final time but Fuller ducks underneath and hooks them. With one huge heave Fuller spikes Zolton on the back of his head with the Sambo Suplex! Both men are down again but Fuller slowly makes it back to his feet. Reaching down for Zolton's long wavy hair, he brings him back up and drags him back near the table. He now has him hook for his patented flatliner but Zolton quickly reverses and has Fuller locked in a standing triangle choke.

Jim Gunt: Fuller was looking for what he likes to call Down The Alley but now finds himself trapped in the Earth's Answer!

Tara Robinson: With all the blood that he's already lost he looks to be fading quickly.

Charles State: This could be the beginning of the end guys.

Squeezing as tightly as he can, the Man of Chaos has Fuller just about out of it until a steel chair smacks against his back, forcing him to release Fuller! The crowd cringes from the shock but Zolton stands unmoving as he slowly turns in her direction. She smiles and slowly backs up, threatening to crack him with the chair again but he doesn’t care as he continues to move in her direction. She backs all the way up into the opposite corner but quickly jabs the chair towards his gut but he catches the chair with his hands. With brute force, he snatches the chair away from her. Knowing that she has Zolton distracted, Celeste moves out of as a recovering Sean Fuller comes running in like a madman and drives a knee into the Man of Chaos’ back. Zolton drops the chair and goes crashing hard into the buckles before staggering out backwards. Sean moves around him and perches himself on the middle rope and waits for Zolton to recover. The Man of Chaos does and Fuller jumps off with a bicycle knee strike that catches Zolton square across the nose! The impact from the shot causes blood to drip from  the Man of Chaos’ nose!

Jim Gunt: How fitting that Fuller draws blood with his patented Bleed For Me!

Tara Robinson: I can only imagine how far he could have made it in this match if Celeste wasn’t down here at ringside.

Charles State: She has made the difference here tonight because without her, Fuller could’ve lost this match a long time ago.

Tara Robinson: Sean has held his own against the Man of Chaos, you can’t totally give credit to Celeste.

Charles State: I beg to differ.

Zolton is down to a knee, grabbing at his nose, trying to stop the bleeding but Fuller looks to take advantage. He grabs a handful of Zolton’s hair bringing him back vertical and dragging him towards the table. Fuller ducks his head underneath Zolton’s left arm and quickly flips him backwards onto the table with a Release Northern Lights Suplex! Zolton crashes into the table but it still doesn’t break as the Man of Chaos slides to the mat as Fuller curses under his breath as he thought that would be it but he only sees that the crack has become a bit wider. Sean gets to his feet and tells the Quebec City fans that it’s over. He brings Zolton back up and locks on for the D.T.A once again but Zolton retalites with elbows onto Fuller’s temple. Sean releases his grip and stumbles away, grabbing at his head. He recovers quickly and goes back at the Man of Chaos but a boot to the gut doubles him over. Zolton grabs him around the waist and lifts him up onto his shoulders, spins towards the table and spikes Fuller with a Gutwrench Powerbomb! He bounces off and lands with a thud onto the canvas. Zolton doesn’t appear to be done as he pulls a nearly unconscious Fuller back to his feet and hoists him onto his shoulders in a crucifix position. He carries Sean towards the middle of the ring where Celeste slides in, running full speed at him. Z spots her and quickly drops her with a big boot with Fuller still on his shoulders. Boos can be heard ringing out as Zolton now faces the table and takes a running start before tossing Sean with all the power within him towards the table! 


Ice chips and wood splinters go flying everywhere as Clark Summits immediately signals for the bell.

Ray Douglas: Here is your winner and NEW CWF PARAMOUNT CHAMPION! The Man of Chaos.. ZOLTON!!!

Summits goes over and retrieves the CWF Paramount Championship from Ray Douglas and hands it to its new owner. Zolton looks at the title and raises it proudly as dried up blood covers his mouth. “Rise” plays in the background as Celeste comes inside of the ring and checks on her husband while Zolton exits and makes his way to the back.

Jim Gunt: What a match these two men just went through and I think congratulations are in order for the Man of Chaos.

Tara Robinson: Love him or hate him, he proved without a shadow of a doubt that he was the tougher man here tonight.

Charles State: He had the odds stacked against him but he was able to prevail and we have a brand new Paramount Champion.

Jim Gunt: Major props go out to him but now he has to prove that he is a worthy champion as the competition only gets tougher from here. Well while we try and get things cleaned up out here, let's send it to the back.

Return of the Northern Crown


We cut to a backstage shot of Commissioner Mike Rolash standing in front of a Frozen Over backdrop. He has a huge smile on his face as he receives his cue to go.

Mike Rolash: Hello great fans of the CWF. I hope that you all are enjoying our show tonight!

Cheers can be heard from within the Colisee Pepsi Arena.

Mike Rolash: While we get things in order after that vicious Cordilleran Ice Sheet Match. I first wanna send a big congratulations to our new Paramount Champ, Zolton. As well extends one to our new Tag Team Champions, Autumn Raven and PJ Blake. Speaking of which, seeing as how we're enjoying this beautiful tour of the Great North. What better way to enjoy it then with the Northern Crown Tag Team Tournament!

Cheers can be heard from the fans.

Mike Rolash: I thought you guys would like that, so here's the deal. We are inviting seven other tag teams to join this tournament, along with PJ and Autumn where they have to defend the titles in each round that they compete in. However if they lose, then whoever wins must keep up the reign. Who will be the top tag team when it's all said and done. As far Autumn and PJ, good luck ladies and once again, congrats on the big win!

Rolash smiles as the scene switches to one of Freddie Styles, who's isolated himself and looks to be preparing himself for the main event. We then cut back to ringside.

Johnny Graves© vs. Jeff Jackson


Jim Gunt: What an announcement! The return of the Northern Crown tournament!

Tara Robinson: This tournament is going to be interesting as tag teams from all over have been invited for a chance to win those tag titles won earlier tonight by PJ and Autumn.

Charles State: The last tournament was a good one as we saw a bunch of old teams returned for one night. I'm thrilled to see it coming back.

Jim Gunt: Well we have the ambulance in place and guys, you all know what that means.

Tara Robinson: It's time for some Impact Championship action!

Charles State This is going to be good.

We get a quick view of the ambulance near the stage area as the lights throughout the venue cut leaving the fans sitting in complete darkness. 

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is an Ambulance Match and it's for the CWF IMPACT CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first…

Suddenly red and blue lights begin flashing throughout the Colisee Pepsi Arena as the sound of police sirens pierce the silence. Suddenly the heavy beat of "Terrorstorm" blasts from the various speakers throughout the venue. The fans rise to their feet in a thunderous response: half of them cheer while the other half boo. After several moments of anticipation the LED screen slides open and Johnny Graves steps out onto the small stage wearing the CWF Impact Championship around his neck. He is followed by the Amazonian bodyguard known as Aeryka Aries. Graves slowly moves his gaze over the sea of fans, a confident smirk on his lips. He drops down onto his knees and bows his head as if in reverence. 

Ray Douglas: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred eighteen pounds.. from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA and being accompanied by Aeryka Aries! He is the CWF IMPACT CHAMPION! The Sin City Saint.. JOHNNY GRAVES!!!

Slowly he raises his head once more while at the same time he raises both arms in front him, hands fashioned as if holding twin pistols, his index fingers curled around the invisible triggers. He hops to his feet and begins strutting confidently towards the ring with Aeryka in tow. The fans on either side of the aisle reach out looking to get a high five or anything from the passing Graves who ignores them completely, his intense eyes fixated on the ring, confident smirk on his lips. As he reaches the ringside area he moves around towards the ring steps. Standing in front of them he bouncing on his toes warming up and getting himself focused. Suddenly he moves forward ascending the stairs quickly before stepping onto the ring apron and climbing through the ropes. He moves the center of the ring and once again drops to his knees bowing his head. With Aeryka standing behind him, looking stern and focused to defend her client, Johnny again slowly raises his head bringing the twin pistols pose up as well. He springs up to his feet and moves to the corner where he drops to one knee, bowing his head once more, resting his forehead against the middle turnbuckle. 

Jim Gunt: Ever since returning to CWF, Johnny Graves has been a man on a mission and has been heavily enthralled in this war with Jeff Jackson.

Tara Robinson: Both men split victories over the Impact title but tonight it all comes to an end with this one.

Charles State: The war of words have been intense between these two men on Twitter which gives me the inkling that we may be in for a treat.

As the opening riff of Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Still Unbroken' begins, the lights dim. When the main riff takes over, the lights power back on in time with the change. They reveal 'The Killer' Jeff Jackson standing at the top of the entrance way, arms outstretched in a T shape. As this happens, he lets out a guttural scream and the crowd goes wild. As he scans the crowd for a few seconds and begins to walk with a purpose to the ring, the lyrics kick in.

"Broken bones, broken hearts, stripped down and torn apart. A little bit of rust, I'm still running. Counting miles, counting tears, twisting roads, shifting gears. Year after year, it's all or nothing!"

Ray Douglas: Introducing the challenger, weighing in at two hundred thirty-five pounds.. from Halifax, Nova Scotia!

As the chorus begins, Jeff hits his pose and screams again at ringside. Suddenly, Graves drops the Impact Championship to the mat and comes sprinting full speed towards Jackson. Graves leaps over the top rope and wipes the still posing Jackson out with a Tope Con Hilo!


Graves pops to his feet hype, receiving a mixed reaction from the Canadian fans who are more behind their fellow countrymen. He doesn't care though, moving back to the downed Jackson and proceeds to pound him with multiple right hands. Finally done, Graves brings Jackson back up by his hair and irish whips him towards the barricade but The Killer reverses and Johnny crashes hard, back-first into the barricade! With fire in his eyes, Jackson charges at Graves but the Sin City Saint reacts by ducking his shoulder and sending Jeff up and over the barricade where he lands in front of few fans!

Jim Gunt: This is getting out of hand early!

Tara Robinson: We knew this was going to be a fight and these two men are not gonna disappoint.

Charles State: Both men have exchanged questionable victories when it pertains to their battles over the Impact Championship. But with this being the rubber match you gotta believe that neither man is going to hold back any punches.

Graves is back vertical and walks towards the opposite end of the ringside area before turning towards the fans near Jackson. He motions for them to move out of the way as Jeff manages to get himself to a vertical position. Johnny gets a running start, headed right for Jackson. The Impact Champ launches himself over the barricade towards The Killer but Jackson manages to catch him in mid-air and uses his momentum to slam Graves hard onto the concrete floor with a modified belly-to-belly suplex! Johnny crashes with a hard thud as he arches his back in pain. The Quebec fans are rowdy as both men lie on the floor. Jackson soon gets upright, bringing up Graves before decking him with a right hand that sends him stumbling backwards and back down to floor. Moving stoically towards his opponent, Jackson sends a sharp kick into Johnny's gut as he's on his hands and knees, forcing him to roll further into the crowd.

Jim Gunt: Those fans need to try and find somewhere safe because these two men are looking to destroy each other.

Tara Robinson: And to think, one of these men has to put the other inside of an ambulance to win.

Charles State: Another big kick has Johnny reeling!

Jackson is calculated with his strikes as Graves scrambled to get back to his feet. The Killer grabs Graves by the back of his head and looks to slam him face-first into the concrete wall that separates the higher level of fans from the lower but Johnny gets a foot up in the wall, blocking the attack before shooting an elbow into Jackson's gut. Now gaining control of Jeff's body, Graves whips him back-first into the wall. Jeff takes the full force of the hit, cringing a bit before shoving Graves away from him and walking away, trying to create some space. Johnny's determined as both men move through the sea of Quebec City fans, he spins Jackson around and peppers him with a right hand that sends The Killer stumbling away. As they continue to move through the crowd, they soon find themselves to the right side of the stage area, where the ambulance is stationed. Graves grabs Jackson by the back of his head with a fistful of hair and forcefully brings him towards the ambulance and sends The Killer crashing face-first into the double back doors of the emergency vehicle! He crashes to the floor as Graves now opens the back door, looking to end this match quickly.

Jim Gunt: Johnny's looking to end this one in a hurry!

Tara Robinson: It would be fitting, seeing how their other matches have gone. Johnny has Jeff back up but the former champ cuts him off with an elbow.

Charles State: Jackson just threw Graves into the back of that ambulance, if he can close those doors, it could be over!

Jackson looks to close the doors but Graves has recovered and comes swinging like a pendulum from the back of the ambulance with a kick to Jackson's face! The Killer stumbles into the nearby barricade as Graves is now outside of the ambulance and moving towards the downed Jackson. He brings Jeff up and hammerlocks Jackson's left arm behind his back, Graves now latches a front facelock with his right arm before driving Jackson headfirst into the concrete! The Killer immediately grabs for his skull while Graves clutches his back as the concrete does damage to his back as well. The Quebec City crowd are cheering on the action as both men slowly return to their feet but in a sudden fit of rage, Jackson shoves Graves violently into the back cabin of the ambulance. He places his hands on his knees for a moment to catch his breath before noticing Graves is in prime position for something. He moves towards the left door and slams it hard against Graves' exposed left knee! Johnny yells out, shoving Jeff backwards and moves away from Jackson as he tries to rest on the entrance ramp. Graves climbs onto it, looking for some space but Jackson comes barreling in quick with a clubbing blow to the back of Johnny's left knee and goes down hard on the steel ramp!

Jim Gunt: The Killer has created a weakness as he looks to go after that left knee.

Tara Robinson: So with the mask, he's known as The Judge but without it, he's known as The Killer?

Charles State: Hell of a transition huh?

Climbing up onto the ramp, Jackson brings the Sin City Saint back up and rocks him with a headbutt that sends him staggering back down the aisle, towards the ring where his injured knee forces him back down to the floor. Graves struggles back to his hands and knees when he's suddenly cracked across the temple by Jackson's knee! Graves crumples to the floor again as Jackson now has malice within his eyes. He snags Graves off the floor, bringing the Impact Champion up and forces him back into the ring. Jackson takes a moment to look around at his countrymen who are cheering him on. Jackson climbs up onto the apron as Graves is back vertical and hopping on one leg. Once Jackson is on the apron, Graves plants his left foot and spins quickly, cracking Jackson with a back fist! The Killer goes crashing back down to the floor. Graves drops to the mat and rolls back out of the ring, looking to capitalize. He hops on one leg towards Jackson and right into a violent right hand that sends Graves crashing hard into the thin mats as Jackson stares down at him menacingly. He snatches Graves back up and hooks him for a shin breaker to his left knee but instead of dropping Graves' knee into his own, he drives the knee full speed into the nearby steel ring post! Johnny cries out as he crashes onto the floor.

Jim Gunt: Jackson's looking to end Graves' career here tonight!

Tara Robinson: There's a lot of bad blood between these men and with this being the final encounter, did you expect anything less?

Charles State: I know I didn't, Graves believes that Jackson had something to do with Lockheart's disappearance.

Jim Gunt: I thought we had an understanding that her contact fell through?

Charles State: Hey.. I don't argue with any man's intentions.

Jackson rests against the barricade, a small cut can be seen on the bridge of his nose. Going back over to Graves, he brings Johnny up and tosses him back into the ring where Graves retreats to a corner. Jeff is soon inside himself and viciously working over Graves with stomps. Jackson drags him out of the corner and perches himself on the second rope, quickly jumping off with an elbow to Johnny's sternum. Graves rolls away, grabbing his chest as Jackson gets back vertical. He brings Johnny up again and hooks him for a back suplex, Jeff lifts Graves up but the Sin City Saint carries his momentum all the way over and lands on his feet behind Jackson. He backs into the ropes and hurriedly leapfrogs over an unsuspecting Jackson and drives him face-first into the mat with a bulldog! Both men are down as the fans come to life inside of the Colisee Pepsi Arena.

Jim Gunt: Graves may have found an opening!

Tara Robinson: Great timing as well because Jackson looked to be well on his way to having this match secured.

Charles State: The man is a three-times Impact Champion and it's a known fact that Graves has a lot of heart and I just can't see him taking this one lying down.

Graves clutches at his knee for a moment before Jackson and himself are able to get upright. Jeff swings but Graves blocks and soon unloads with a combination of strikes. He tries to finish it off with a roundhouse kick but Jackson ducks underneath. Graves makes a full spin when he's booted in the gut and drilled with a flowing DDT! Graves' legs go stiff as crumples to the mat. Jackson gets vertical, bringing Graves up along with him before tossing him through the ropes and outside to the floor. The Killer follows him, bringing him back to his feet and throwing him bodily into the barricade in the right side of the aisle. Graves smacks the concrete as Jackson seems to have everything well under control. Jeff isn't done, bringing Graves back to his feet and dragging him back up the aisle towards the ambulance. As they near the emergency vehicle, Graves springs to life, connecting with punches to Jackson's skull but The Killer angrily drives him back forcefully into the steel ramp! Graves hits the steel hard as Jeff stays on him as a hard uppercut, knocks Graves back-first onto the ramp. Jackson then heads to the opposite side of the ambulance to search for something, the cameras follow him. He looks around for a moment until he spots a table with some production equipment on top of it, he immediately shoves everything off of it as he begins to drag the table into the equation. 

Jim Gunt: What could Jackson possibly have planned for that table?

Tara Robinson: I don't know but whatever it is, it can't be good as he now has the table by the ambu..

Charles State: INCOMING!!!

There is an audible gasp heard throughout the arena as Jackson turns, looking up and seeing a flying Graves coming back-first at him! Graves crashes into Jackson and both men and wood splinters flying everywhere as the table that was placed behind Jackson explodes under pressure! The crowd goes crazy as, "HOLY SHIT!" chants echo through the Colisee Pepsi Arena!

Jim Gunt: What the hell just happened?!

Tara Robinson: I have no idea but can we get a replay?

A split screen pops up, one side showing the live action where Graves and Jackson are being checked on by Scott Dean. On the other side, we get a replay of Graves who's up in the stage and slapping some life into his knee. He gets a running start and jumps from the stage to the top of the ambulance before flipping down onto Jackson! We get a few more shots of the incredible high risk move that could've gone horribly wrong. Coming back to the live action, both men are still down as the fans are too their feet and cheering loudly. Graves is the first to his feet, taking a deep inhale before bringing the Killer back to his feet. He tags Jackson with a right hand that sends him stumbling towards the ambulance. Graves grabs him by the back of the head and throws him into the ambulance hard where he crashes to his knees. Johnny sucks in some more air before attempting his Taste of Sin SUPERKICK but The Killer catches the boot at the last second. He has Graves hopping on one leg, soon spinning him a full three-sixty and swings with a lariat but Johnny ducks under it, and quickly locks Jackson in a full nelson. He dips low and hurriedly spikes the back of Jackson's head into the concrete with a Dragon Rush Suplex! Jackson crashes with a sickening thud as he rolls through to his knees in front of the ambulance.


Tara Robinson: Jackson could be knocked unconscious, did you guys see the way his head bounced off of the ambulance?

Charles State: That wasn't pretty at all and it might spell the end for Jackson.

Graves is leaned up against the barricade as the crowd is mixed in their admiration. Johnny tells a nearby fan to watch this is Jeff uses the railing of the ambulance to get vertical. Graves staggers towards him and spins through with a spinning back kick or as he likes to call it, The Last Rites! The kick sends Jackson flying back into the ambulance! Graves limps towards the ambulance and slams both doors shut, slapping the doors. Scott Dean signals for the bell as the ambulance starts up and slowly pulls out of the arena.

Ray Douglas: Here's your winner and STILL CWF IMPACT CHAMPION! The Sin City Saint… JOHNNY GRAVES!!

Graves leans against the stage as Aeryka comes walking up the aisle with the Impact Championship, handing it to a Graves who holds it up high into the air to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Jim Gunt: The war between Graves and Jackson has finally come to an end.

Tara Robinson: Yeah guys and if you ask me, this may be the last time that we see Jeff Jackson compete in a CWF ring.

Charles State: I hope not, despite him not winning here tonight, Jackson proved that he was a force to be reckoned with in the CWF.

Jim Gunt: The man definitely made his impact, no pun intended.

Tara Robinson: But we can't downplay Graves' victory as he totally earned the win here tonight.

Charles State: That he did.

Jim Gunt: Well guys we have one more match and we all know this one is going to be brutal.

Silas Artoria© vs. Freddie Styles vs. Kyuseishu


We are shown a brief glimpse of the triple stacked cage that hosts what is known as Unhinged. 




May 5, 2020


The video package ends and we come back to ringside where the thin mats have been replaced with blocks of ice. The ring ropes have been switched out with barbwire. The area looks fairly dangerous for what's to come as weapons line the ringside area.

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, it is TIIIMMMEEEE for the MAAAAIIIIINNNNN EVENTTTTT! The following triple threat contest is a Deep Freeze Death Match! Where anything goes, pinfalls and submissions will count anywhere!

The lights inside of the Colisee Pepsi Arena drop to a red tone as smoke begins to fill the stage. The sound of a pulsating heartbeat fills the arena as the Quebec City fans cheer loudly for their countryman as "Something Got Me Started" by Simply Red takes over.

"I love you.."

"Show me.."

The lights begin to flicker along with the song as the fans can be heard singing along with the song.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first, making his way to the ring from Toronto, Ontario! Accompanied by Hidetake Ito! He is YOUR CWF WORLD CHAMPION!!! The Psychotic Aristocrat! SILAS ARTORIA!!!

"I'd give it all up for you I'd give it all up for you

I'd give it all up for you I'd give it all up for you

I'd give it all up for you (yes I would) I'd give it all up for you (yes I would)

I'd give it all up for you (yes I would) I'd give it all up for you (yes I would)"

A silhouette can be seen behind the LED screen as it soon slides apart to show the CWF World Champion standing there looking menacing. The World title is strapped around his waist as he steps out with Ito closely behind him. He ignores the cheers from the fans as he observes his barbwire wrapped tight arm. A sinister smile forms across his lips as both men head towards the ring.

Jim Gunt: Here comes the World Champion, making his way to the ring for quite possibly the biggest match in his career.

Tara Robinson: Silas is a meticulous individual who takes pride in getting the finer details down packed. And if anyone is prepared for this match, it's most definitely him.

Charles State: I have to agree, Tara. Silas has participated in some of the most brutal matches in the recent history of CWF. Ladders, cage matches among other bouts that have pushed him to the limit. However with opponents like Styles and Williams, he may have his word cut out.

Jim Gunt: If we're being honest, Silas brought this on himself. He could've easily chosen one opponent to face here tonight.

Tara Robinson: That's totally not his style.

Silas is focused on the ring as he and Ito near the wooden ramp that leads towards the ring, Silas instructs Ito to wait there as he moves up the ramp and carefully steps through the barbwire. Now inside of the ring, Silas paces around, waiting on his challengers as he makes sure that the barbwired on his arm is secure. The lights go down, and all you see is a silhouette of a man bouncing side to side behind the LED screen as the bridge hits.

"Never need a bitch, I'm what a bitch need

Tryna find the one that can fix me

I've been dodging death in the six-speed

Amphetamine got me stummy feeling sickly

Yeah, I want it all now

I've been running through the pussy, I need a dog pound

Hundred models getting faded in the compound

Trying to live me but they never get a pulse down”

As the song moves into the verse, the LED screen shifts apart and Freddie steps out and stands there in his hooded vest, hood over his head, bouncing side to side, before making his slow walk to the ring.

"'Cause I'm heartless

And I'm back to my ways 'cause I'm heartless

All this money and this game got me heartless

Low life for life 'cause I'm heartless

Said I'm heartless

Tryna be a better man but I'm heartless

Never be a wedding plan for the heartless

Low life for 'cause I'm heartless"

Ray Douglas: Challenger number one, making his way to the ring from Atlanta, Gerogia! Weighing in at two hundred twenty-three pounds.. Mr. Ballgame! FREDDIE STYLES!!!

Freddie slowly walks past Hidetaka Ito, failing to acknowledge him completely as he walks up the wooden ramp and carefully steps through the barbwire. Holding one arm above his head to a mixed reaction, Styles removes his hooded vest to reveal a new t-shirt with him knocking Kyuseishu's head over there fences with the Ballgame. He checks the athletic tape around his hands to make sure they're tightly in place as he looks over at Silas' right arm.

Jim Gunt: I think we all can agree when I say that this is a make or break moment for Freddie Styles.

Tara Robinson: Most definitely, he wins here tonight and his career becomes solidified and elevated here in CWF but a loss might send him spiraling down into the abyss.

Charles State: I would really hate to see that happen.

The lights go off and the crowd starts to jeer in anticipation of Hoyt Williams.  

Jim Gunt: I truly hate this man. 

Tara Robinson: He threatened me with a knife to total damnation, and I’ve forgiven him.  All things in Hoyt. 

Charles State: I’m not sure he even knows who I am.

The lights start to strobe white as two men in all white suits wearing red and black kabuki masks push a large ice sculpture of what appears to be our Kyuseishu Hoyt Williams though the LED entrance.  The statue is posed with Hoyt’s hands raised to the heavens. The men stop halfway down the aisle. The lights go off again and we are left with darkness……


The guitar riff of “Personal Jesus” starts to play.


“Your OWN…personal Jesus………”

Thud Thud

“Someone to hear your prayers…’

Thud Thud


The lights go out again. Silence.  Suddenly a bass kicks on and a spotlight shines at the top of the entrance way as Drake stands there in an all-white suit holding a black microphone with a big gold cross on it.  The crowd erupts. 

Drake: Yo Canada let me hear you!  

Crowd erupts. 

Drake (rapping): Hoyt's plan, God's plan
I hold back, sometimes I won't (yeah)
I feel good, sometimes I don't (ayy, don't)
I finessed down CWF’s Road (ayy, 'nessed)
Might go down a G.O.D. (yeah, wait)
I go hard on title scene  (yeah, wait)
I make sure that the jobbers eat
And still…..

Suddenly smoke starts to rise from round the Kyuseishu ice sculpture as another spotlight shines in down on a woman in a sparking light dress dancing around the sculpture wearing a red and black Kabuki mask.  She suddenly removes it revealing Canada’s own Celine Dion who gets another big pop. 

Celine Dion (singing): Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the Kyuseishu does, go on
Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart
And my heart will go on, and on…

Drake joins Celine and they both held hands and raised them in unison to the adoring fans.  Drake is handed the solid gold bible that belongs to Hoyt Williams. He places it perfectly in the ice sculptures extended hands, it fits effortlessly. 

Drake & Celion Dion (singing): Reach out and touch faith…..

Suddenly a bolt of lightning strikes down and hits the bible.  The ice sculpture begins to crumble revealing Hoyt Williams standing in its place holding the golden bible high above his head.  The crowd begins to boo. He is wearing a black robe with white angel wings.  

Tara Robinson: Do these people not know, he’s a national hero??!!!  

Jim Gunt: Please. 

Drake: Ladies and gentleman the man with God’s Plan.   The King of Kings. The Canadian Crusader from Tokyo all the way to Chicago.  Our social justice samurai and one hell of a guy. The pontiff of the piledriver.   The second coming. The wrath of God. The faith of the faithless. Heaven’s hero. The savior of all things under the sun.  You’re personal Jesus. Our Kyuseishu. The next CWF CHAMPION…..HOYT WILLIAMS!!!!!!

The savior nods in agreement stepping forward.  He kisses Celine Dion on the cheeks and gives an elaborate high handshake to Drake before pausing to look at the bladed ropes and his jaded opponents in the ring.  He takes a deep breath before extending his arms as angle wings sprout from his back. He takes off the wings and slowly starts walking to the ring.  

Jim Gunt: Cold as ice.  That is all he is.  You can see it in his eyes.  A deranged sociopath with a dangerous God syndrome.  He lives in fantasy.

Charles Slate: The 42-year-old wrestling icon.  The son of “The Malice Man” Duke Williams.  A man who has been on top of the wrestling mountain many times from America during the sports peak to Japan over the last six years.  Perhaps understanding the danger of this match, and possibly his last chance at the world championship which he covets so dearly tonight means the world to him.  He thinks Freddie Styles is not right for the gold and he feels Silas is an interim champion. Tonight, will he realize as he says, “God’s manifesto destiny” or is he simply another false prophet or a mortal man whose age caught him.  We’re about to find out. 

Jim Gunt: You know where I stand, and we certainly will as the main event is about to commence!!  

Tara Robinson:  I have goose bumps. 

Jim Gunt: Canadian Goose bumps.  

Tara Robinson: And I think Drake just made eyes at me!!   

Jim Gunt: Focus.

The savior gets into the ring doing a few jumping jacks for Jesus looking driven as he takes off his entrance robe.  He looks at his opponents with his big blue eyes and says a small prayer for them. Celine Dion and Drake find their ringside seats to cheer on their friend.  

Jim Gunt: Here we go…..

Head official, Trent Robbins draws the tough task of calling this match, he holds the CWF World Championship high into the air, the fans respectfully cheer. Moving towards the ropes, he carefully hands the title to Ray and signals Sal to ring the bell. All three men stand their ground, surveying the situation. The crowd is screaming through the roof for the men to fight and they finally do as Styles rushes at Kyuseishu but he sidesteps and quickly ducks underneath Silas' barbed wire cover arm. He spins towards both men how eyes tell the story as they're focused on the Holy Samurai. He smiles and tells them to bring it. Silas obliges as Freddie watches on. Silas swings the right again but Kyu dodges and connects with a gut punch. With Silas doubled over, Hoyt keeps his momentum going, looking for a lariat on Styles but he ducks it and cracks Williams with a pele kick when he turns around! He stumbles towards the barbed wire ropes and off instinct, reaches for it but luckily he grabs between the sharp points to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Jim Gunt: Years of wrestling over in Japan looks to have payed off for Hoyt just then as he saved himself from the barbed wire!

Tara Robinson: Hoyt is well versed in many match styles and I'm thankful that the Lord was with him just then.

Charles State: Tara? Are you okay?

Tara Robinson: All praise be to Hoyt.

Charles State: Can we get Doc Harmon out here, I believe something's wrong with Tara.

Styles moves in on Artoria as the Canadian Reaper turns towards him. Freddie blisters his chest with a hard knife edge chop, Silas eats it, asking Styles for another one, he obliges as the sound of the chop echoes through the Colisee Pepsi Arena. Artoria clutches at his chest as Freddie smiles and fires off another chop that has Silas using his finger to clear up his hearing. Mr. Ballgame stays on him, using his left arm to awkwardly whip him across the ring towards Hoyt who sends him up and over the top rope! Silas adjust in mid-air and lands with cat-like agility on the ice covered floor. The face erupted in cheers for their fellow countrymen, both Kyu and Styles are taken aback, expecting Silas at the very least to slide on the ice.

Jim Gunt: How the hell did he pull that off?!

Charles State: Man that was the craziest shit I've ever seen pulled off.

Tara Robinson: Why is he pointing towards his boot.

A nearby cameraman zooms in on Silas who points out that he's been up late working hard for this match as he has built in spikes into his boots. The crowd goes even crazier as Silas moves around ringside towards Ito. Styles attacks Kyu from behind, causing him to stumble towards the ropes yet again but Hoyt saves himself again before sending a back kick into Freddie's midsection. He storms towards Styles, cracking him with a knee lift that drops him to the mat. Kyu stomps him a few times as he finds Silas conversing with Ito before moving towards a barbed wire covered table. He lifts the table onto the ring apron before shoving it over the top of the barbed wire and into the ring. Pulling himself to the apron, Silas looks to come to through the ropes before but Hoyt rushes over and decks him with a straight punch that sends him back to the floor. His pants leg gets caught up in the wire as his head slams against the iced floor! The crowd cringes as Hoyt smiles before running towards Styles and catches him as he rises with a front dropkick that sends Freddie flying backwards into the barbed wire where he gets tangled up. The fans cringe again, Kyuseishu stretches his arms out to the side with his head raised to a resounding chorus of boos.

Jim Gunt: This could be over already, Hoyt is in firm control of this contest.

Tara Robinson: Did you expect anything less?

Charles State: Not from you Tara.

Hoyt moves towards Styles who has trickles of blood flowing from his arms and shoulders. He mockingly smiles at Styles, proclaiming him to be nothing before paint brushing him with a slap. Freddie has to be running on pure adrenaline or anger as fights to get free but it doesn't come until Kyu untangles him. Freddie is down on his knees as Williams cracks him across the mouth with a boot. Freddie drops down, grabbing at his mouth. Kyu continues to saunter around the ring, looking down at Styles but as he goes to do more damage on Styles, he arches his back in pain thanks to a chair shot from the Psychotic Aristocrat! Silas stands there, chest heaving, his left-eye is bloodshot red as it seems that our World Champion is no longer in control of himself.

Jim Gunt: We have a Passenger sighting!

Charles State: This is about to get good..

Tara Robinson: C'mon Hoyt you got this!

Another chair shot to the back from Silas has Kyu down to his knees as Artoria stares sinisterly from the chair to the back of Kyu's head. Bringing it up, he slams it hard into the back of the head, sending him front-first onto the canvas. Artoria drops the chair and shoots the half for the pin as Robbins is over to make the count.



Styles stomps hard on Silas' back, stopping the pin. He grabs a handful of Silas' hair, bringing him vertical and stings his chest with another chop. Artoria takes a few steps back and immediately returns fire with a chop of his own, driving the sharp points of his modified right arm, across Styles' chest instantly drawing blood. Freddie uses his hand to wipe away some of the blood from his chest before slapping Silas hard across the jaw! Artoria staggers back and rubs away the bloody handprint on his left cheek before swinging with a lariat. Styles ducks underneath and immediately spikes with a German Suplex! However, the Canadian Reaper rolls back through to his feet and charges at Freddie who's getting back to his feet and turns him inside out with a Discus Lariat! Styles lands front-first onto the mat as Silas goes for another pin.




Jim Gunt: How did he kick out of that?!

Tara Robinson: Freddie's a tough guy who's endured his fair share of brutal matches as well. But at this moment, I don't neither one of these men were counting on the Passenger. Poor Hoyt, he still hasn't moved.

Charles State: Styles is a determined man who has nothing left to lose, this is the be-all, end-all for him.

Silas is irritated as he gets back to his feet. He surveys the ring and sees both men are still somewhat incapacitated. So he heads back for the barbed wire table that he placed in the ring. Setting it up in the corner, Artoria goes back to Freddie, bringing him up and lifting him onto his shoulders. Soon spinning him around in multiple rotations before taking off towards the table, throwing himself and Styles into it with a Death Valley Driver! The crowd cringes again as Freddie takes the brunt of the force and is stuck upside down within the wreckage. Silas pulls himself free, getting back to his feet only to be sat back down on his ass, thanks to a chair shot from Hoyt to the top of the head! Silas appears confused and lost when Kyu slams the chair hard onto the top of his head again. The Canadian Reaper becomes enraged and pops to his feet. Kyu jabs the chair into his gut and with Silas bent over, he cracks him across the spine. Artoria arches up and Williams lifts him up onto his shoulders. He charges for the top half of the barbed wire table that has Styles hostage and slams Silas brutally into it, pulling him out, we can see instant scars form across Kyuseishu's arms but he doesn't care. With reckless abandon, he takes Silas near the ropes and tosses him violently down onto the iced floor. Silas crashes with a thud as the wind is knocked out of him. No remorse is shown within his cold blue eyes as he forcefully drags Styles away from the table and goes for the pin.




Jim Gunt: Styles able to kick out yet again and guys I don't know how long this match could actually take if any more blood is lost among these three.

Tara Robinson: Silas should have CTE by now, Freddie's body is almost as scared up as Kruger and Hoyt seems to have blood flowing from the back of his head. One thing I do know is that our medical area is going to be pretty occupied tonight.

Charles State: It's all about who wants it more though. This is the CWF World Championship that we're talking about, I've known men willing to put their life on the line just to hold that belt.

Kyu has Freddie back to his feet but quickly drops him with a neckbreaker. He brings Styles back upright and with a handful of locks, he tries to force Freddie over the top rope. But Mr. Ballgame is able to grab the wire, landing on the apron, maintaining his balance. Williams charges at him but Styles catches him with a forearm. Freddie quickly grabs him by the hair and pulls him in for a suplex. He lifts but Kyuseishu is able to land on the apron. He punches Styles but Freddie returns a punch before booting Williams in the gut and jumping high into the air!


Tara Robinson: Oh My Hoyt!

Charles State: It wasn't a good landing for Styles as he smacked back first into that ice.

The crowd can be heard chanting, "THIS IS AWESOME!" as both men lay sprawled out on the cold iced floor. On the other side of the ring, Silas can be seen crawling towards Ito, screaming instruction to him. Ito rushes up the aisle as the LED screen slides open, allowing him to disappear backstage before wheeling out a wooden bed frames wrapped in barbed wire and complemented with thumbtacks connected to wooden planks.

Tara Robinson: What the hell is that?

Charles State: I have no idea what the fuck that is but it looks dangerous as shit.

Jim Gunt: Are we regulated to have such a contraption?

With a small push, the frame goes rolling down the aisle and crashing into the front of the ring. Silas is back to his feet and moving around ringside towards his challengers. He reaches Freddie first, bringing him up and whipping him towards the barricade but Styles' boots aren't as secure as Artoria's and he goes sliding into the nearby steps. Artoria shrugs, wasn't what he had planned but nonetheless effective. He now turns his attention to Kyu, bringing him up by his arm but the Holy Samurai finds strength from the Lord himself as he explodes through the World Champion with the Lord's Lariat! Both men crash hard onto the ice as Kyu stays on top for the cover. Robbins counts from inside of the ring.




Silas raises his shoulder off of the mat, stopping Robbins count to heavy applause from the crowd. Kyu scoffs, getting back to his feet but he quickly slips back down to the floor! He curses loudly this time and uses the apron to help him get vertical, he moves along it until he's caught unsuspectingly with a SUPERKICK from Styles who was on the apron. Kyu falls back to the floor. Freddie positions himself by Artoria and flips off with a modified King of Fall! He gets all of it as he holds on for the pin!




Kyuseishu launches himself on top of both men stopping the count. He mouths "fuck this" as he slides back into the ring. He begins to pose for the fans as both Silas and Freddie slide inside themselves. All men face off as the crowd rises in their volume. Hoyt punches Silas. Freddie chops Hoyt. Silas forearm rakes Styles. Hoyt punches Styles. Silas chops Hoyt. Styles punches Silas. All three men break out into a brutal brawl with neither man letting up. Hoyt drops Silas with a sole kick to the gut and then swings a lariat at Styles. But Freddie ducks underneath, driving Kyu back-first into his knee before sending him front first into the canvas with DAT REMIX!  Hoyt is down, rolling near the ropes by Silas' handiwork. Styles pops to his feet and points the finger gun at a rising Silas. He spins through for the Ballgame but just like Genesis, Artoria ducks underneath and lifts Styles up into an Electric Chair position. He goes for the Fall of Man but Styles is able to land on his feet behind Silas. He grabs a rear waistlock but Artoria slaps his hand and performs a standing switch, locking Freddie in a full nelson. He drops his hips and spikes Freddie with a Snap Dragon Suplex! Styles rolls to knees as Silas slides across the ring and comes full speed with the KNO.. NO! Freddie uses his momentum to bring Silas up into air and back down onto both of his knees with Ballgame V.3(Lumbar Check)! Silas springs back to his feet, arching his back in pain as Freddie pops back to his feet, he snags Silas onto his shoulders before shoving him off and connecting with a knee strike to the face! Artoria lands on his feet, staggering towards Kyu who without haste, lifts him up and over the wire and down onto his own creation! 

<Jim Gunt: Oh My Lord! Can we get someone out here for Silas?

Tara Robinson: He may be out for the remainder of this match.

Charles State: ….

Williams chuckles a bit, looking down at Silas before rushing at Styles. But Styles catches him with a spinning sole kick before lifting him now onto his shoulders. Kyu wiggles free, landing behind Styles and grabs his arm. He ripcords Freddie out, looking for another Lord's Lariat but Styles dodges underneath as both men spin through only Freddie catches Kyuseishu with his patented BALLGAME(Trouble in Paradise)! Kyu slumps to the mat as Freddie hurriedly goes for the cover!




A silent hush falls over the crowd as Styles rolls off of Kyuseishu in shock. He looks at Robbins who's signaling for the bell.

Ray Douglas: Here is your winner and NEWWWWWW CWF WORLD CHAMPION!!! Mr. Ballgame… FREDDIE STYLES!!!!!

The Quebec City fans explode with cheers as the realization hadn't set in until Trent Robbins hands Freddie his newly won championship.


Tara Robinson: How? What? What's going on?

Charles State: Freddie Styles pulled off what many thought was impossible and finally realizes his dream as CWF World Champion! I think that the Hall of Fame spot is set in stone now.

Jim Gunt: What a match.. these men will definitely not be the same after tonight.. Well ladies and gentlemen, that's all the time that we have, make sure to join us for Evolution 76 at the Scotiabank Arena! Goodnight ladies and gentlemen..

Freddie is shown sitting on the mat still as his music plays in the background. He holds onto the the CWF World Championship tightly as the show comes to its conclusion.

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