Evolution 77

10 Mar 2020

Eastlink Centre, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (seats 3, 717)

Dauntless vs. Most Known Unknowns

The screen before you is black, when suddenly the sounds of "New Era" by Knox Hill takes over your screen as we're now shown a video package of CWF's current stars as they are in action, all doing various things from competing inside of the ring to striking their favorite pose for the camera until an orange fist comes crashing through the last shot.. As it pulls back from the screen, the Evolution logo takes up the frame before fading out and we come back live, inside of the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, the host for Evolution 77! Fireworks and pyro begin to explode around the stage area before cutting to the Charlottetown crowd as they hold up various signs, supporting their favorite athletes. Cutting to ringside, we are shown our commentators for the evening, Jim Gunt, Tara Robinson and Charles State!

Jim Gunt: Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of Evolution!

Tara Robinson: The 77th one to be exact.

Jim Gunt: Indeed it is Tara and what a night of action we have planned for you!

Charles State: The card looks pretty light in my opinion.

Tara Robinson: That may be true but they're still going to produce the hard hitting action that these fans want to see.

Jim Gunt: Exactly. Tonight we see the Paramount Champion, Zolton defends his title against the leader of the Most Known Unknowns, Nina!

Charles State: I have a question, what has she done lately too earn this shot?

Tara Robinson: In hindsight, the Paramount Championship is meant to be defended on every show.

Charles State: But..

Jim Gunt: Don't put too much thought into it, Chuck.

Charles State: If you say so, Jimbo..

Tara Robinson: Why don't we talk about the main event?

Charles State: Which one? 

Jim Gunt: Surely she's talking about Graves vs. Raven.

Charles State: What happened to Blake and Styles?

Jim Gunt: Cards are always subject to change.

Charles State: Was there any fine print?

Tara Robinson: Ugh… Can we just get to the show?

Jim Gunt: I'm with Tara.

Charles State: Fine. Go ahead..

Jim Gunt: Ray, get us going for our first match.

We cut to Ray Douglas who's standing in the center of the ring, ready to get this show on the road.

Ray Douglas: The following contest is your opening contest and is scheduled for one fall.. Introducing first…

“Jumpin’ Like Jordan” by Migos jams through the speakers as Bryan Reed steps through the curtains, nodding his head to the beat of the song. Following behind him, vibing completely to the song is Bryan’s younger brother Ryan. The two make their way down the aisle, grooving to the song as the fans don’t know what to make of the duo just yet.

Ray Douglas: At a combined weight of 355 lbs, from Jackson, Tennessee!! DAUNTLESS!!

When the brothers reach ringside, they go separate ways, Bryan to the left and Ryan to the right. Continuing to move around ringside, they slap hands with some of the fans as they begin to warm up to the duo. They make a full circle around the ring before meeting up and high fiving each other before circling back around ringside in their respective directions. Ryan climbs up onto the apron, while Bryan does the same soon after. Pointing at each other, they jump over the top rope and land inside of the ring, Ryan pops up to the second rope of the corner that he was closest to and started out into the crowd. Bryan bounces towards the middle of the ring before going to the corner to the right of his brother and climbs to the second rope and does the same. Hopping down, they go to their designated corner to discuss strategy.

Jim Gunt: The Reed brothers have been coming up short since making their debut. Do you guys believe that they'll be able to score one here tonight over the former tag champs?

Tara Robinson: I've seen crazier things happen.

Charles State: The kids are good. Don't get me wrong but they're missing something right now that's going to push them over that hump.

“Givenchy” begins to play throughout the arena, Byson saunters from behind the curtain and is soon followed by both Vince Espinoza and Omar Martinez. The fans shower them with disapproval which brings a smile to Byson's face as he casually strolls down the aisle.. The MKU slowly follow suit, Martinez nods his head to the beat as Vince has his focus solely on the ring.

Ray Douglas:  Their opponents, at a combined weight of four hundred fifty five pounds… being accompanied by Byson Kaliban! They are Vince Espinoza.. Omar Martinez.. THE MOST KNOWN UNKNOWNS!

The three men finally make it to the ring, Byson makes his way up the steps, Vince pulls himself up to the apron and Omar slides under the bottom rope. He's joined in the ring by Byson and Vince as they all stand unmoving in the center of the ring staring out at the crowd.

Jim Gunt: MKU have been sliding as well, as a group and a faction.

Tara Robinson: When they first appeared, they were utterly terrifying but now it seems that the mystique about them has dwindled down.

Charles State: I blame Byson, the guy came into their lives and turned them into a complete joke.

Senior official, "Big" Denny Davidson instructs each team to pick some to start and it looks like Omar and Bryan will get things kicked off. He signals for the bell and both men look set to go. Both men lock up in the center of the ring and begin jostling back and forth. They both end up in a corner with Omar having the advantage, where he grabs hair and trunks, forcing Bryan into the MKU corner. Martinez tags in Espinoza and pins Bryan in the corner. Vince connects with a shot to the gut, doubling him over. Vince shoves him back upright into the corner and decks him with a hard right hand that dazes Bryan. He quickly recovers, firing an elbow into the Masked Monster's face! The Boa shakes it off, staring menacingly at Bryan who has a look of fear within his eyes. He swings at the older Reed but he displays his speed, forward rolling out of the corner and avoiding the strike. Popping back to his feet, he catches a charging Espinoza with a sole kick to the gut. Vince back pedals a bit but charges in again, right into a pele kick!

Jim Gunt: That's sure to slow Espinoza down!

Tara Robinson: That appeared to be a desperation move by Bryan just then.

Charles State: He had to do something quick to counter the powerful Espinoza but it may have pissed him off.

Flipping forward to his feet, Bryan turns towards Vince who's shaking the cobwebbs loose. He rushes angrily towards Bryan who sends him front first onto the canvas with a dropkick to the knee. Now displaying lightning quick speed, Bryan's back up and hitting the ropes. On the return he catches the rising Espinoza with a basement dropkick that sends him back down to the mat. Bryan's back up and heads over to tag in Ryan. As the younger Reed enters, Vince is back up to his hands and knees. Ryan comes over, bringing Vince up by his mask, taking the time to trash talk him. Which gives the Masked Monster the time to clamp his hand around Ryan's throat, lifting the smaller man off his feet and driving him into the canvas with a Chokeslam!

Jim Gunt: Goodness!

Tara Robinson: I think I just saw his soul float up into the air.

Charles State: I'm willing to bet money that he's not the brightest between the two Reed brothers.

With Ryan flat on his back, Espinoza goes over and tags Martinez back into the match. Climbing inside, Martinez races over and connects with an elbow before going for the pin. Davidson is over to make the count.



And Ryan's able to get a shoulder off the mat. Omar scoffs at Denny before getting back to his feet, bringing Ryan up along with him before whipping him back towards the MKU corner where he crashes hard. Cockily walking up towards Ryan, he brutalizes the younger Reed's chest with an overhand chop! Ryan drops to his knees, clutching at his chest as Martinez looks over to Vince and signals that it could've been better. Omar then quickly turns and runs towards Bryan, knocking him off the apron. The eldest Reed, immediately slides back into the ring, looking to get a piece of Omar but he cockily backs away as Denny steps in between them, trying to force Bryan back onto the apron. 

Jim Gunt: Bryan really needs to calm down before he gets his team disqualified.

Tara Robinson: I mean you can't blame him, he was blindsided.

Charles State: Yeah but if he plans on winning this match, he needs to get back on the apron.

The MKU takes advantage of Denny's distracted state as Omar has Ryan back up in the corner as Vince begins to choke him out. Omar goes back over and continues to taunt Bryan who shoves Denny out of the way and clotheslines a surprised Martinez! He then rushes to his brother's aid, charging over and catching Vince with a single leg dropkick to the face. The bell soon begins to ring as Denny is shown on his ass, waving his finger at Sal. Bryan doesn't care about the outcome as he quickly gets himself and his younger sibling out of dodge.

Ray Douglas: Here are your winners by disqualification.. the MOST KNOWN UNKNOWNS!

Vince is back inside of the ring, along with Byson as they check on Omar as he sits up on the canvas.

Jim Gunt: Well apparently the Reed brothers didn't care about the victory here tonight.

Tara Robinson: It seemed more about pride with Bryan. He didn't appreciate that cheap shot by Omar.

Charles State: This is coming from the same guy who interfered in Blake and Styles' match a few shows ago.

Jim Gunt: Well I'm pretty sure that this will not be the last time that we see these two teams face off.  How about we keep this action rolling and send it back to Ray who's set to get the next match underway!

Konrad Rabb vs. Terry Gould

Ray is shown standing inside of the ring, ready to get the next match going.

Ray Douglas: The following contest is scheduled for one fall..Introducing first...

No music or anything spectacular happens as the "Heart Attack"; Terry Gould makes his way out, heading straight for the ring.

Ray Douglas: Making his way to the ring, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Weighing in at two hundred thirty four pounds, he is the Heart Attack… TERRY GOULD!

Rolling under the bottom rope, Gould uses the ropes to get to his feet. He slowly moves around the ring as he awaits his opponent.

Jim Gunt: Gould has been less than stellar since his arrival, only able to grab one victory. 

Tara Robinson: He's a sweet man but maybe he missed his calling as a professional wrestler.

Charles State: Konrad's just as old as Terry. I'm pretty sure this one is going to be a good ole slobber knocker.

Tara Robinson: We're definitely getting sued over that one.

“Cold as Ice” by M.O.P plays over the sound system as Konrad comes out through the curtain just wearing his blue and white mask with white hair along with his wrestling trousers with his nickname The Iceman on the front of them with Pit Bull Energy logos on the side of his trousers with black gloves on both of his hands with a side cross necklace on his neck with the blue and black yin-yang tattoo on his right shoulder, Iceman from X-Men tattoo on his back, Ice wolf on his left chest and ice bear on his right chest.

Ray Douglas: “From Cologne, Germany, he is The Iceman... Konrad Raab!”

He then high fives the fans as he goes up the stairs before going in-between the ropes and does a holdup on each turnbuckle and everyone cheers him as he gets down from the turnbuckle and does a few boxing punches to the cameras before he looks at his opponent waiting for the match to start.

Jim Gunt: Konrad still hasn't come to a conclusion on which title he wants to go after.

Tara Robinson: I think he's doing the right thing by taking his time and assessing which title, whether it be the Paramount it the Impact title that he wants to go after.

Charles State: Well he says he wants to be at ringside when Zolton defends his title so maybe a clearer picture will be made for him, later on tonight.

Jim Gunt: First he has to make it pass Terry who's trying to create a streak of his own against a man who's gone four matches straight without a defeat.

Head official, Trent Robbins signals for the bell and both men instantly meet with a lock up in the center of the ring. Gould is able to latch on a side headlock but Rabb backs him into the ropes and shoots the Heart Attack across the ring. Terry rebounds off the ropes and Rabb takes him over with an arm drag. Both men show a bit of speed as they're both up but the Iceman sends Gould over to the mat once again. They're both up yet again and this time Rabb cracks Gould across the lips with a dropkick! He goes for a pin as Robbins slides in for the count.



Gould's able to get his shoulder off the mat before the count of three.

Jim Gunt: For both of these guys to be well in their fifties, they're displaying the speed of guys in their twenties.

Tara Robinson: Konrad stated that he was trying to get more limber so that he could keep up with the faster competitors.

Charles State: I've seen him a few times perform some high flying here and there. Quite impressive if you ask me.

With Gould down, Rabb stomps down on him and heads for the corner. He climbs up to the second rope and waits for Terry to get to his feet. The Heart Attack finally rises and stumbles in Konrad's direction before he leaps towards Gould. Whatever he had planned though is thwarted as Terry catches him with an Atomic Drop! While Rabb bounces around holding his nuts, Terry runs him over with a clothesline. Gould's fired up as he points towards the corner. The Charlottetown fans cheer as he begins to climb up to the top and measure Rabb up. He leaps off, driving his knee down onto Konrad!

Jim Gunt: Big time diving knee drop by Gould who's slow to get to his feet and follow up.

Tara Robinson: Maybe he should leave the high flying to the kids.

Charles State: Yeah those knees aren't as reliable as they used to be, he should be mindful of the things he execute inside of the ring.

Using the nearby ropes to get vertical, he tries to shake the kinks loose and get the blood back circulating within his knee. But the time that he takes doing that, he allows the Iceman to get back to his feet and sends him tumbling over the top rope with his own lariat. Gould crashes hard onto the floor as Konrad leans against the ropes, looking down at a woozy Gould who's trying to recover on the floor. Moving towards the corner, Konrad now climbs to the top and positions himself so that his back is to Rabb who's rising to his feet.

Jim Gunt: What the hell is he doing?

Tara Robinson: It looks like he's going to take to the sky!

Charles State: Does the company have health insurance on these guys?

Rabb is perched at the top as Gould finally up to his feet and the Iceman flips backwards with a beautiful moonsault! The crowd all gasp in shock as Konrad comes crashing down on Gould with a moonsault! The crowd explodes with admiration as both men are down on the floor.

Jim Gunt: What a moonsault by the Iceman!

Tara Robinson: He got a lot of elevation on that move.

Charles State: Are you guys sure he's not juicing up? A man his age should not be able to do that on a regular basis.

Konrad gets to his feet and pumps his fist into the air as the crowd cheers loudly for him as he brings Gould up by his hair and singlet and rolls him back into the ring. He slides in himself, getting to his feet and waiting for Terry to sluggishly get back vertical. Once he does, Konrad runs passed him and handsprings into the ropes before coming back and spiking him with a Cutter!

Jim Gunt: Rabb connects with the Ice Storm! It has to be academic from here.

Rabb shoots the half, going for the pin as Trent is over for the count.




Robbins signals for the bell.

Ray Douglas: Here is your winner by pinfall.. The Iceman… KONRAD RABB!!!

"Cold as Ice" starts back up as Rabb climbs off of Gould and gets to his feet where Robbins raises his arm in victory.

Jim Gunt: Impressive victory by the Iceman as he's able to score his fifth victory in a row!

Tara Robinson: I must admit he started off a bit rocky during the Alpha & Omega Tournament but since signing on with the company, he's been undefeated and currently in possesion of what he likes to call the Crystal Ice Breifcase. Right now, the sky's the limit for Konrad Rabb.

Charles State:  He looks to stay true to his word as it now looks like he's going to be having a seat at ringside to check out the next match.

Rabb is shown exiting the ring and retrieving his briefcase and a chair so that he can have a better view of the upcoming championship match.

Jim Gunt: Well if he's ready, let's send it back to Ray, so we can keep this show rolling.

Tara Robinson: Is this like an internet show or something? When's the last time we had a commercial break?

Charles State: Those are the questions we save for when the cameras aren't rolling.

Nina vs. Zolton©

We switch over to Ray who's ready to announce the next contest.

Ray Douglas: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the CWF PARAMOUNT CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Introducing first...

A total blackout consumes the Oracle Arena, the opening sounds of “Second Death of Souls” by Matriarch begins to play. The fans began to stir, the lights from cellphones can only be seen. As the song kicks up a notch, a red spotlight beams down on the stage area as Nina stands there, she slowly begins to make her way to the ring.

Ray Douglas: Making her way to the ring, weighing in at one hundred fifteen pounds! NINA!

Coming to a stand at ringside, Nina watches her surrounding area. Confidently smiling, Nina slithers her way under the bottom rope and into the ring, soon crawling into a kneeling position in the middle of the ring. Looking out towards the sky, she begins laughing maniacally with her arms outstretched. Rising to her feet, Nina moves seductively along the ropes, finally coming to a halt in her corner.

Jim Gunt: Nina gets one hell of an opportunity in her first singles match since her return.

Tara Robinson: In my opinion, she's being thrown a bone here tonight. What has she actually done around here lately?

Charles State: Do you have some kind of beef with Nina?

Tara Robinson: No, it's just that I'm a firm believer in earning an opportunity.

As the opening of "Rise" hits the speakers, the arena goes dark with fog filling the entrance area. Upon the entrance screen a video montage begins to roll of Zolton standing atop a mountain and behind him is highlights of what he has done in a wrestling ring. As the lyrics begin to be heard, Zotlon, sporting the CWF of Championship over his shoulder, steps out onto the stage area among the smoke. The crowd begins to boo loudly. Zolton relishes in the dissatisfaction of the crowd with an arrogant grin. His long leather trench coat gleams off the now bright spot light shining down upon him.

Ray Douglas: Her opponent, from Yakima, Washington? Weighing in at two hundred sixty-five pounds! He is the CWF Paramount Champion! ZOLTON!!

He now begins to make his way down the ramp toward the ring. Refusing to acknowledge the crowd as he passes them. Reaching the ring he steps up the ring steps slowly, his arrogant smile plastered all over his face. He then jumps to the top turnbuckle of the corner of the ring. He calls it his throne as the arena lights return to normal and the song fades to silence. Zolton ignores the crowd as he lets his trench coat slide down off his shoulders to the floor.

Jim Gunt: Zolton seemed to have felt the same as you Tara, trying to figure out what exactly Nina, done to gain this chance.

Tara Robinson: That's all I've been saying.

Charles State: We're just going to blame it on a technicality.

Rookie official, Nick McArthur signals for the bell and Zolton hands his championship over to Ray who exits the ring. He looks annoyed at his smaller challenger who stares seductively at him. Zolton moves in, Nina doing the same as she ducks under his lock up attempt and begins to shoot kicks into the back of his legs. The Paramount Champ does his best to block the shots but Nina is relentless with each kick.

Jim Gunt: Nina coming out of the gate got as she looks to chop the taller Zolton down.

Tara Robinson: She better be prepared because I don't see this ending well for her.

Charles State: Don't count her out just yet, Tara.

Finally done attacking the Zolton's legs, Nina rushes the ropes. Upon her return, she looks for a clothesline but Zolton is able to sidestep and lock her in a full nelson, soon planting her into the mat with God's Smite(Full Nelson Slam)! The challenger appears out of it as Zolton menacingly looks at her with disdain. He watches her like a hawk as she staggers back to her feet and quickly spins through, destroying her with the Titan Crush (Spinning Roundhouse Kick to the Head)! She slumps to the canvas as Zolton arrogantly places his boot on her stomach for the pin as McArthur drops down for the count.




The ref signals for the bell as "Rise" kicks back in.

Ray Douglas: Here is your winner and STILL CWF PARAMOUNT CHAMPION! ZOLTON!!!

Zolton finally ackowledges Rabb who's been sitting at ringside. The Iceman gives him a confident nod as he rises from the chair. He seems fairly impressed with Zolton's display as he makes his way around ringside and towards the back. Zolton looks at him as if he's nothing, finally receiving his Paramount Championship from McArthur. He raises it high into the air as the Charlottetown fans boo.

Tara Robinson: See, I told you guys she wasn't ready for this match.

Jim Gunt: No, you said she didn't do anything to deserve the title shot.

Tara Robinson: Either way, my point was proven.

Charles State: Man, she didn't stand a chance..

Jim Gunt: Well while someone tries to help Nina out of the ring, why don't we send it to Ray for our final match of the evening.

Autumn Raven© vs Johnny Graves©

Douglas is shown inside of the ring, ready to keep the action rolling.

Ray Douglas: The following contest is YOUR MAIN EVENT and is scheduled for one fall.. Introducing first..

The lights throughout the venue cut leaving the fans sitting in complete darkness. Suddenly red and blue lights begin flashing throughout the arena as the sound of police sirens pierce the silence. Suddenly the heavy beat of "Terrorstorm" blasts from the various speakers throughout the venue. The fans rise to their feet in a thunderous response: half of them cheer while the other half boo. After several moments of anticipation the curtain pulls back and Johnny Graves steps out onto the small stage wearing the CWF Impact Championship around his neck. He is followed by the Amazonian bodyguard known as Aeryka Aries. 

Ray Douglas: Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Aeryka Aries! From Las Vegas, Nevada.. he is the CWF Impact Champion! The Sin City Saint.. JOHNNY GRAVES!

Graves slowly moves his gaze over the sea of fans, a confident smirk on his lips. He drops down onto his knees and bows his head as if in reverence. Slowly he raises his head once more while at the same time he raises both arms in front him, hands fashioned as if holding twin pistols, his index fingers curled around the invisible triggers. He hops to his feet and begins strutting confidently towards the ring with Aeryka in tow. The fans on either side of the aisle reach out looking to get a high five or anything from the passing Graves who ignores them completely, his intense eyes fixated on the ring, confident smirk on his lips. As he reaches the ringside area he moves around towards the ring steps. Standing in front of them he bouncing on his toes warming up and getting himself focused. Suddenly he moves forward ascending the stairs quickly before stepping onto the ring apron and climbing through the ropes. He moves the center of the ring and once again drops to his knees bowing his head. With Aeryka standing behind him, looking stern and focused to defend her client, Johnny again slowly raises his head bringing the twin pistols pose up as well. He springs up to his feet and moves to the corner where he drops to one knee, bowing his head once more, resting his forehead against the middle turnbuckle.

Jim Gunt: Here's a man who's been on a hot streak since arriving in the CWF.

Tara Robinson: Former tag champ, current three times, Impact Champion. He's been in some instant classics as well.

Charles State: The kid has been on his job, other than a few other guys, I don't think no one works as hard as he can and I can see that World Championship in his future.

Purple lights shine around the top of the ramp, fog rolling around it as the beginning lyrics of the song start to play, the tron displaying a purple outlined black raven with her name fading in over it.

“The sun is shining

Though everything’s dying

Your stars burned out for good

Somewhere in Hollywood”

As the guitar riff starts up, the purple lights start to flicker like a strobe light as nothing happens.

Jim Gunt: This would usually be the time that Autumn would be making her appearance.

Tara Robinson: Maybe she got held up in the back.

Charles State: That's what I'm hoping, we've already had our real main event cancelled without so much as a notice.

Suddenly, the music cuts off as Mike Rolash makes his way onto the stage. The Charlottetown fans boo him furiously but the dishoveld look on his face shows that he could care less. With a microphone in hand, he begins to speak.

Mike Rolash: I'm sorry Johnny but the match isn't happening..

More boos ring out.

Jim Gunt: What does he mean?

Mike Rolash: Now I know that most of you fans out there aren't too fond of me but for the last few weeks, I have done what I felt has been right on moving this company forward. I know that you fans were really excited to see more action here tonight but with the coronavirus scare, a lot of our talent chose not to take their chances with traveling.

The jeers become even more deafening.

Mike Rolash: I know, I know.. propaganda bullshit and honestly Johnny, I wish I had someone in the back that you could beat up on but unfortunately.. That doesn't seem to be the case. We've been short handed in the back with camera guys being sick. Blake Church is so germaphobic that he doesn't want to conduct any interviews. It's honestly been a shit show.

Charles State: Are we actually seeing a compassionate side of Mike?

Mike Rolash: So I deeply apologize too you great fans who have spent their hard earned money to watch some of the greatest wrestling on the planet but tonight, you guys didn't get that. However..

He says, putting a finger up.

Mike Rolash: No one's receiving a fucking refund so enjoy your night and get the hell out of the arena. Oh yeah.. make sure to wash your hands… eh!

The fans continue to boo as Mike signals for the feed to be cut, which it soon does, leaving the screen in front of us blank, bringing the show to an end.

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