Evolution 63

10 Sep 2019

3Arena, Dublin, Ireland (seats 13,000)

Alpha After Week Two

Jim Gunt: From London to Dublin, we are live from Ireland for some Alpha Block action. LeStrange-Raab, Smyth-Jackson, Svenson-Jones, Danny-Paradine, and our main event for tonight, Freddie Styles takes on Zolton to determine who takes first place in the block!

Mike Rolash: But first, Church and State.

Charles State: Enthuasiac as always, Mike.

Mike Rolash: I hate the weather here!

Jim Gunt: Church, what do we have in Alpha Block after two weeks of battles?

Blake Church: After two sets of matches, we’re beginning to get a clear picture. Until either Danny B or Duce Jones lose a match, joint third place will be firmly in their hands. The pressure against those two to defeat everyone in their block and to gain a chance to become the CWF World Champion must be near crushing.

Charles State: Ah! But at the end of the night, providing the main event doesn’t end in a draw or a double DQ, they will end up in either first or second place!

Jim Gunt: First?

Charles State: Wins net you two points, a draw nets you one, and a loss nets you nothing. A double countout or a double disqualification counts as a loss for both athletes. If Styles and Zolton manage a draw, both will be guarenteed to be first place, but if one of them lose, they're in danger of getting knocked down to fourth or fifth place! There’s a lot on the line here.

Mike Rolash: Speaking of places, you told us last week that the ordering of people with the same amount of points was dependent on their name, correct?

Blake Church: Yes.

Mike Rolash: So why is Konrad Raab in a certified 7th place? Doesn’t R come before S?

Blake Church: Yes, but if you look at who else has 2 points, it becomes much clearer. Strictly on points, he is tied with Nathan Paradine and Amy Jo Smyth. But Paradine holds the tiebreaker against Raab, and since Smyth hasn’t faced either of them yet, it would be safe to assume that until we get those matches, she is not under Paradine or Raab. We won’t know which of the three is truly better until either week 5 or week 7!

Jim Gunt: What about our zero points lot?

Charles State: LeStrange and Svenson entered with a deficit, and they have matches against Konrad Raab and Duce Jones tonight respectively, but this is a chance make an impression. Jackson has a match against Smyth, and considering his losses to Raab and Styles already, he really needs to push Amy Jo Smyth to the absolute limit in order to stand a chance at remaining in title contention!

Jim Gunt: Thank you for your time gentlemen, and let’s turn our attention to the ring, as LeStrange and Raab take the stage to begin Week 3 of Alpha Block!

Phoenix LeStrange vs. Konrad Raab

The camera cuts to the middle of the ring where Ray Douglas has taken centre position, accompanied by referee Clark Summits.

Ray Douglas: The following is an Alpha Block Match scheduled for one fall, with a thirty minute time limit! Introducing first….

“Cold as Ice” by M.O.P begins to play over the sound system as Konrab Raab emerges from backstage to cheers from the crowd, his face obscured by his blue mask. He pauses on the stage and performs a few light warm ups before rubbing his gloved hands together and striding down the ramp.

Jim Gunt: Last week Konrad Raab came up short against Nathan Paradine, but he’s definitely not out for the count just yet. As the Alpha and Omega Tournament continues, every single point is going to matter!

Mike Rolash: Heh, Raab is surely going to be wanting to prove that he’s snow joke when it comes to wrestling.

Jim Gunt: Have you been waiting two weeks to say that?

Ray Douglas: Hailing from Cologne, Germany and weighing in at two hundred and four pounds… he is The Iceman, KONRAD RAAB!

Raab slides into the ring and climbs each turnbuckle in turn, throwing up his arms to more cheers from the crowd. He vaults back down to the mat and continues warming up, throwing a few quick jabs at the camera before moving into the corner to await the arrival of his opponent.

The lights in the arena dim as a voice can be heard whispering over a slowed down beat to the song “Mia Khalifa” by ilovefridays. 


The real beat to the song kicks in as Phoenix Lestrange emerges from backstage, a wicked smirk on her face as she surveys the jeering audience. She takes a step forward, hands held behind her back, before she suddenly starts skipping to the ring.

Ray Douglas: Introducing the opponent… weighing in at one hundred and ten pounds, she is The Deviant… PHOENIX LESTRANGE!

Jim Gunt: We’ve seen some oddities compete in the CWF before, but this LeStrange character might just take the cake when it comes to weird.

Mike Rolash: Shut up Jim, you’re ruining the best part!

LeStrange slides into the ring underneath the bottom rope, dry-humping it several times before sticking out her tongue and crawling to the corner. She climbs to her feet and seductively indicates towards Raab, who looks nonplussed. Clark Summits performs the customary pat-down, perhaps taking a little longer than usual before calling for the bell and this one is underway!

LeStrange and Raab circle each other before locking up in the middle of the ring, and the heavier Raab immediately bodies LeStrange down to the mat. She quickly crawls to the corner and climbs to her feet again, licking her lips before ducking underneath a swinging arm from Raab. The Iceman catches her with an elbow to the jaw on the backswing and LeStrange staggers forwards, yelping in surprise when Raab grabs her around the waist and plants her to the mat with a German suplex!

Jim Gunt: Konrad Raab looks to avenge his loss last week by taking control of this match early!

Mike Rolash: You’d think a man of his age would have better manners towards the fairer sex.

Raab follows up with another two suplexes, tossing the lighter Lestrange around the ring with impunity. He finally relents on the assault and climbs to his feet, motioning for an early finish to the match with The Ice Storm. He runs at the ropes, rolls forward smoothly and rebounds but nobody is home as Lestrange moved out of the way just in time! The Deviant rolls out of the ring to the outside still woozy from the prior barrage of suplexes, but there’s no escaping Konrad Raab who pursues her to the outside.

Jim Gunt: Phoenix Lestrange might be in trouble here, good looks won’t always get you ahead!

Mike Rolash: Go for the body Konrad, leave the face alone!

Konrad Raab seizes Phoenix LeStrange and whips her into the barricade, sending her tumbling out of view into the crowd. Clark Summits begins to count in the ring as The Iceman climbs up onto the apron, sizing up LeStrange as she tumbles herself back over the barricade. Raab jumps through the air and lands on his feet, using his momentum to drive his elbow into the neck and shoulder of LeStrange and forcing her down to her knees.

Jim Gunt: I’m certain this is a situation Lestrange is all too familiar with!

Mike Rolash: Hashtag Me Too Jimbo, but I thought you were above those sort of low-brow jokes.

Jim Gunt: Get your mind out of the gutter, Mike, I meant she hasn’t yet picked up a win in the tournament yet. Winning a match seems harder than keeping her clothes on.

Raab tosses Lestrange back into the ring as Clark Summits makes the six count, waiting patiently as a woozy Phoenix Lestrange staggers back to her feet. He sizes her up and grabs her for another suplex, but as he hoists her into the air she rolls backwards and lands nimbly on her feet! Raab spins around in surprise but Lestrange delivers a brutal kick to his groin that sends Raab tumbling down to the mat. Lestrange drops down to the mat and crawls over Raab, licking his cheek before attempting for a pinfall. Summits drops to the mat!



Raab throws his shoulder up! Still looking pained he rolls away from Lestrange into the corner.

Jim Gunt: It could get slippery in there after watching those iceblocks get shattered!

Mike Rolash: You know what they say...just walk it off.

Konrad Raab climbs to his feet and catches Lestrange as she charges towards him, scooping her up and driving her down into the mat with force. He grabs her arm and attempts to lock in a chickenwing submission, but Lestrange struggles desperately. Raab clubs the back of her shoulders several times before he can finally cinch her arm into position, and the hold is locked in! Lestrange screams and flails as she attempts to escape the hold. 

Jim Gunt: This could be it!

Mike Rolash: Sometimes you have the take the pain with the pleasure, eh?

In the ring, Raab shifts position and has the hold locked in securely. Lestrange gives a final scream and frantically taps the mat! This one is all over! Raab releases the hold and staggers into the corner, his arm raised in the air.

Jim Gunt: That’s it! He’s done it!

Mike Rolash: Wait, Clark Summits is approaching Raab… I don’t think we’re quite finished with this one yet. 

In the ring, Summits indicates towards Raab that Lestrange had her foot on the rope as she tapped out. Raab is aghast, and Summits motions for the match to continue! The crowd jeers at this decision, but Raab appears to accept the verdict of the referee. He turns around only to eat a spinning kick from Lestrange, who follows up with a roll up pin! Could the false finish just have cost The Iceman this match?






LeStrange pounds the mat in frustration as Raab kicks out again, displaying the tenacity that has gotten him through two matches in the Alpha and Omega Tournament. Both competitors climb to their feet and Lestrange runs at the ropes, rebounding and ducking beneath a clothesline attempt from Raab, bouncing off the opposite ropes and charging back… right into a superkick from The Iceman!


Mike Rolash: We're ten minutes in, and it looks like LeStrange is about out!

LeStrange is down but not out! The Deviant climbs to her feet desperately trying to shake the cobwebs loose but Raab already has her scouted. He runs at the ropes, rolls, rebounds off… and hits a picture perfect Ice Storm, driving Lestrange right into the mat! Raab hooks the leg!




Jim Gunt: This one is done!

Ray Douglas: Here is your winner, picking up two more points in the Alpha and Omega Tournament… THE ICEMAN, KONRAD RAAB!

“Cold as Ice” resumes playing as Raab exits the ring, still walking with a slight limp after the savage kick from Lestrange. He slaps hands with the fans on the outside of the ring as he backs up the ramp.

Jim Gunt: It’s fair to say that The Iceman definitely cometh tonight, with Konrad Raab picking up the decisive victory here.

Mike Rolash: Poor Phoenix; do you think she’ll need someone to console her after the show tonight? If so, I volunteer!

Jim Gunt: Sheesh, we’ll be right back folks... 

Man of Chaos Speaks

The feed cuts off then quickly returns to the back stage area where Tara Robinson is seen holding a microphone.  It looks as though she is standing near the entrance door of the arena.  She smiles as she begins to speak.

Tara Robinson: Hello CWF fans, Tara Robinson here standing beside the parking lot entrance where I've gotten information that Zolton, the Man of Chaos, will be arriving shortly and I am hoping to see what he has to say coming into tonight.

Just then the door swings open and low and behold the man she was just speaking about walks through holding the hand of the young woman we've seen in the past, Melissa Aki.

Tara Robinson: Zolton, hello there, my name is Tara Robinson, may I have a few words with you concerning your match coming up tonight against Freddie Styles?

Zolton stares a hole through the young woman as she holds out the microphone to him, then he shifts his gaze to the camera, his eyes light up bright blue.  Tara drops the microphone, but no noise comes as though it hit the floor.  Tara disappears, Zolton turns and gives Melissa a kiss and focuses on the camera.  His eyes bright blue.  The camera zooms in on his head and shoulders.  He brings the microphone up just below his chin.

Zolton: Do you all really think that I care to give more words of discouragement to the man that will fall at my feet tonight?  Well I will do just that.  It looks like Miss Robinson got a case of cold feet suddenly so I will just do this interview myself before I go and warm up to do what I am going to do to Mister Styles.

He nods off to his right where Melissa was before returning his eyes to the camera.

Zolton: First of all, allow me to apologize...  To absolutely nobody.  I am not here for your entertainment.  I am not here for your cheers.  I am here for my own glory.  My own goals achievement.  I came here to send every single supposed opposition to the way side.  First it was the veteran.  The big Australian Submission Machine.  Where is he now?  That's right, he is looking up to me at the top of the Alpha block as I stare down laughing at him.  Second it was the supposed savior of the lost.  The one that wished to help those that were lost and confused.  Where is she now?  Down there looking up to me wanting help herself.

He reveals a slight smile beneath his beard as his bright, piercing blue eyes fade slightly.

Zolton: There is a reason why I am at the top, Freddie.  There is a reason I was brought here.  To elevate this company to the heights it wished to be.  Since I graced the screen of this company, the ratings have shot through the roof.  It wasn't because of the former referee and former great performer in this sport, trying to reignite his fire. 

Freddie Styles, I caught your little spiel you fed to the people that supposedly enjoy your performances.  If I was a fan of you, which I'm not, I would have turned and found another to follow.  Your petty  threats and empty passion was comical.  Something you might get to see again when your self recorded documentary comes out.  Look Freddie, I already sent you packing back home with my verbal visceration.  Now tonight I am going to be doing it physically. 

Zolton looks directly at the camera as if it were Mr. Ballgame himself.

Zolton: You claim those I've beaten thus far is nothing compared to you.  Guess what pal, you aren't the first one to claim such indignation and fail to overcome what I've done in this sport.  Freddie, I respect what you've done thus far, but tonight you are going to cry out for mercy.  Beg for me not to put your lights out with my squeeze.  Beg for me not to twist your bones until they snap.  I may show you mercy.  But do I look like the merciful type, Mister Styles? 

The camera cuts back to show a wide screen of Zolton, and he doesn't look very merciful.

Zolton: My brand of Chaos is beyond anything you could ever comprehend and you are going to feel what true skill, true strength, and absolute intelligent preparation feels like.  I am not intimidated by you.  And honestly I don't expect you to be intimidated by me.  But your lack of respect will quickly change it's tune after you awake from being choked to unconsciousness and see the lights above you in this arena.  Where will I be? 

Freddie, I will be in the back carrying my two more points on to the next show where the work begins yet again.  Now go get some extra work in to prepare while I am doing what I have been doing before I was stopped by that little girl wanting to talk to me.  Again the man of Chaos has spoken.  Will the Styles survive?  No he will not.

The sound of the microphone's static as it hits the ground is heard, Zolton's hand presses the viewfinder of the camera before he disappears.

Amy Jo Smyth vs. Jeff Jackson

Ray Douglas: The following is an Alpha Block Match set for one fall, with a thirty minute time limit!

The lights lower and the remaining lights turn to a golden color. “Shoot to Thrill” by Halestorm hits. The crowd explodes into cheers. Amy Jo Smyth steps out onto the stage, her back turned to the crowd, head covered by the hood of her jacket. The golden lights change and simulate a cascade of glitter over her. Smyth spins around on her toes and faces the crowd as a single spotlight falls on her. She holds a large silver cannon connected to a tube running backstage. 

The Good Doctor lifts the cannon, aims upward…

"I got my gun at the ready gonna fire at will
‘Cause I shoot to thrill and I’m ready to kill
I can’t get enough and I can’t get my fill
Shoot to thrill play to kill
Pull the trigger, pull it
Pull it, pull it
Pull the trigger"

Smyth screams as she presses the trigger on the handheld cannon. Large pieces of golden glitter shoot into the air and rain down over the right side of the crowd. Smyth moves to the left, aims again, and fires off another round of glitter into air. 

Smyth hands the cannon off to a production staffer standing in the wings. She then throws her head back and arms upward and outward, letting the remaining glittering light wash over her. She slowly makes her way down the ramp, looking over the crowd, giving the occasional high five to a fan with a perfectly placed hand. She reaches the end of the ramp and throws a fist up in the air. The crowd pops.

Ray Douglas: Hailing from the great state of New Jersey, The Good Doctor….AMY JO SMYTH!!

After a quick moment of listening to the crowd, she rushes forward, slides into the ring, and stands. Smyth throws her hood down, unzips her hoodie, and spins on her toes with her arms raised. She throws both arms down triggering an explosion of glittering light over the ring. 

She strips of her hoodie and passes it off to the nearest person on the outside. The lights come back up but remain golden. In the usual show of her abilities, Smyth bounces off the ropes, cartwheels forward, and performs a standing corkscrew twist that carries over into a butterfly twist. That quickly turns into front handspring that takes her to the center of the ring where she starts a series of backflips. All of that floats into single front handspring where she lands on one hand and performs a single-armed handstand. She comes down and lands in a split. 

Mike Rolash: Are we sure Amy Jo didn’t expend the entire thirty minute time limit just with her entrance?

Jim Gunt: The time doesn’t start until the bell rings, you know that Mike...

She pushes herself upward to standing as the opening riff of Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Still Unbroken' begins, the lights dim. When the main riff takes over, the lights power back on in time with the change. They reveal 'The Killer' Jeff Jackson standing at the top of the entrance way, arms outstretched in a T shape. As this happens, he let's out a guttural scream and the crowd goes wild. As he scans the crowd for a few seconds and begins to walk with a purpose to the ring, the lyrics kick in.

"Broken bones, broken hearts, stripped down and torn apart. A little bit of rust, I'm still running. Counting miles, counting tears, twisting roads, shifting gears. Year after year, it's all or nothing!"

As the chorus begins, Jeff hits his pose and scream again mid ring.

"But I'm not home, I'm not lost, still holding on to what I got. Ain't much left, Lord there's so much that's been stolen! I guess I've lost everything I've had, but I'm not dead, at least not yet. Still alone, still alive, still unbroken. I'm still alone, still alive, I'm still unbroken!"

During the rest of the chorus, Jeff stands facing the hard camera and rocks out to the music, mouthing the words of the last line in particular. The music fades as Jeff warms up in one of the nearby corners. 

Ray Douglas: And her opponent, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, The Killer….JEFF JACKSON!!

Jim Gunt: The Killer has had a tough go of the tournament so far, but Amy Jo isn’t going to allow him to just pick up an easy win, as she’s going to be looking to obtain two points of her own after falling to Duce Jones two weeks ago.

Trent Robbins does his check on both competitors. Amy turns to walk towards her corner.






AJ turns on her knees to look at Jackson, extremely livid.

Jim Gunt: Firm warning from the Killer right from the get go. “I am not a pushover”.

Mike Rolash: I don’t think he said anything.

The two rise to their feet, almost in sync, and lock up! A little back and forth but both look evenly strengthened. Jackson finds an opportunity, and jumps to try and drive Smyth down. Smyth lets go, with Jackson falling on his backside, and a kick comes towards him! He leans back, misses, and tries to jab Smyth’s foot. She jumps, the jab misses, and she stomps Jackson’s feet!

Jackson grabs hold of his foot in reaction to the pain, as Smyth runs to the ropes. She flies towards him! Dropkick to his chest! Jackson is on his back, as Smyth goes for the cover.




Smyth using Jackson’s posture to go for the Eat Me Out! But Jackson rolls and lifts himself to his feet before she gets a chance. He lightly clutches his foot, but Smyth flies towards him with a forearm! He moves, she hits the turnbuckle hard, and staggers backwards. German suplex, bridging!



Kickout by Smyth but Jackson is still holding on! He lifts Smyth up! But he stalls! He tries again! Halfway there! His foot collapses in on itself and Smyth is on top!


Jackson nudges his shoulder to stop the count! Smyth with a chinlock!

Jeff Jackson on the top rope! THE OVERDOSE! SMYTH ROLLS AWAY! BANG!

Jim Gunt: On his front!

Mike Rolash: Smyth taking her chance!

Smyth pounces on him with the small amount of energy she has left. Jackson tries to reach for the ropes, but Smyth sees the opportunity! The choke! EAT ME OUT LOCKED IN! JACKSON STRUGGLES TO REACH OF THE ROPES!

Mike Rolash: He’s starting to fade!

Jim Gunt: Fingertips away from it breaking it!

Jackson is nearly there, slight nudge! Smyth rolls him back! Center of the ring! Jackson clenches his teeth as the opportunity slips away! And finally, he taps out!

Ray Douglas: Your winner, picking up two points in the Alpha and Omega Tournament….AMY JO SMYTH!

Respect the Shooter

We open up on Freddie Styles, as he gets some last minute stretching in before his main event match tonight.  He motions toward the camera, beginning to speak as the camera moves in.

Freddie Styles:  There's a reason why the last match scheduled for the Alpha block is Duce versus myself.  It is fated to be us vying for the Alpha crown.  Honestly, our match will probably decide who the next CWF World champion and Paramount champion will be.  Tonight, I have a man who think he's chaos personified...heh...that thinks he can take down what's already fated to be.  Zolton is big obstacle, but an obstacle nonetheless.  And I've climbed over bigger and tougher.  

Me...big money. 

Zoltan....small change.

Respect this shooter, cause when I shoot mine tonight, I ain't gon miss...BALLGAME!

Back to the ring.

Duce Jones vs. Joseph Svenson

Ray Douglas: The following is an Alpha Block Match scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit!

The arena lights begin flashing as the stage lights up.The CWF fans stand up and watch the stage as Joseph Svenson makes his way out and walks directly towards the ring. Reaching ringside, Joseph Svenson makes his way up the staircase then climbs through the ropes. Moments after entering the ring, he makes his way over to the near corner and begins to stretch for his match.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first, from Virginia Beach, Virginia….JOSEPH SVENSON!!

Jim Gunt: Here is a man coming into Alpha and Omega with a distinct disadvantage, only now officially entering the tournament in Tom Marrow’s place despite being on the winning side of a six man tag match two weeks ago with Silas Artoria and Kyuseishu on his side.

Mike Rolash: At least he was victorious that night, let’s see if he can do more of the same here in Ireland.

The fans are buzzing, as a voice begins to speak through the PA system.

“And the whole world loves it when you sing the blues… Da. Da.. Da. Da. Da.. Da….”

The opening sounds of “Godspeed” by Don Trip begins to play as the lights inside of the arena turn a crimson hue color, soon the stage filling up with smoke. After about a minute of waiting, Duce Jones slowly emerges through the fog, instantly inciting cheers from the crowd.

Ray Douglas: And his opponent, from Memphis, Tennessee….DUCE JONES!!

Slowly making his way towards the ring, Jones smiles and claps hands with some of the sold out crowd, as he soon makes it to ringside. Climbing onto the apron, Duce goes to the corner to his right, climbing onto the second rope and peering out into the crowd. Finally done, he jumps over the top rope, landing inside of the ring and removes his hooded vest as he prepares for action. 

Jim Gunt: Tall order for Joseph Svenson here tonight, however, as he takes on the man who lead many fan polls heading into Alpha and Omega as the perennial favorite, Duce Jones!

Mike Rolash: Duce may have BEEN the favorite, Jimbo, but he’s fallen behind after the time limit draw with Ripper. Yeah he picked up two big points versus Amy Jo Smyth last week, but if Duce falls here to the rookie it could be incredibly difficult for him to get back to the top of the pack.

Scott Dean does his obligatory checks on both competitors before ringing the bell. The Dublin crowd is solidly on the side of CWF veteran Duce Jones despite Svenson attempting to rile them up on his side. This seems to frustrate Svenson, who meets Jones in the middle of the ring with a collar tie-up. He turns it around quickly, going to his back to lock him in a Hammerlock. Duce easily breaks out of the hold however, throwing him into the ropes and immediately catching him with a D-Trigga knee on his return! The Kid That Never Dies hobbles slightly after delivering the knee, but is still able to quickly drop down for the cover.




Jim Gunt: I’m surprised to see Duce go to the well so early with the knee based offense, considering how much damage he’s taken the first two weeks of the tournament.

Mike Rolash: Jones looks ready to go tonight, though, Jimmy. You think someone here in Dublin came him some Super Chronic to get him ready for this match?

Jim Gunt: Super Chronic? Is that even a thing?

Rolling off his opponent, Duce pulls himself back up and calls for Joseph Svenson to get back to his feet. He does, unknowingly turning around right into a blistering Superman Punch! The 3Arena is rocking as Duce Jones backs Svenson up into the corner, blasting him with forearm shots to the head in rapid pace. 

Jim Gunt: Joseph Svenson is barely even able to get out of the gate here. Duce is on fire here tonight!

Mike Rolash: See what I mean, Super Chronic…

Throwing him out of the corner like a ragdoll, Jones is not playing any games here tonight. He runs at the rising Svenson, nailing him with the Bicycle Knee Strike. He then brings him right up to the Fireman’s Carry, spinning it through to the famous Single Knee Facebreaker he calls the Final Tic 2.0! The Irish fans count along with official Scott Dean as Duce bottles up Joseph Svenson for the cover.




Ray Douglas: Your winner by pinfall and picking up two points in the Alpha and Omega Tournament….DUCE JONES!!

Jim Gunt: Absolutely dominating performance here tonight by Duce Jones, not only showing the rest of his Alpha Block competitors that his knee may very well be on the fast road to recovery, but that he’s all business heading into the rest of the tournament!

Mike Rolash: Duce sits pretty at five points now, making him the current block leader on the Alpha side. However, as long as tonight’s main event doesn’t end in a time limit draw like our main event did week one, either Zolton or Freddie Styles will break ahead of him with six points later tonight.

Jim Gunt: That’s later on, when we still have a lot of great action. For now let’s send things backstage!

Smart Businessman

Close up of one the CWF Tag Team Championships. The silver plated, blue strapped title is the sole focus until the camera pans backwards and we notice that it's on the stocky right shoulder of Vince Espinoza. As the camera continues to pan outward, Nina's small frame comes into view to his right and standing behind her, is her husband and the other half of the CWF Tag Team Champions, Omar Martinez. The trio stand inside of the dark room, still and silent.

"Reunited… and it feels so good!"

The voice belongs to the mouthpiece of the Most Known Unknowns, Byson Kaliban, who strolls into the frame.

Byson Kaliban: Family.. It's what's important these days.. ain't that right, Duce?

Byson smiles but soon continues on.

Byson Kaliban: Don't worry, I'm not waiting on a response from you, anytime soon. However..

Kaliban stops in front of the trio.

Byson Kaliban: Family is indeed, important.. reason being why this family had to be put back together. See months back, Nina was placed on the shelf.

Kaliban points at Nina who has a very careless look on her face.

Byson Kaliban: She never asked for any sympathy but did she ever receive it?

He doesn't wait for an answer.

Byson Kaliban: No she didn't! She did what she had to do so that she could come back and dominate once again. Those two men!

Now pointing at Vince and Omar.

Byson Kaliban: They have sat by as the cries have been ignored. You see last week was only a message. A warning if you will. We want the best Tag Team this industry has to offer. I mean.. if we're being serious here.. What is the point of being called champion if you don't have viable challengers? Do you think these men want to hold them because they look pretty?

Byson shakes his head in denial.

Byson Kaliban: No sir! Jaiden!

He now points into the lens of the camera.

Byson Kaliban: You're a businessman and you know how this business works. When you have two abled body workers minus zero contenders, what does that equal?

Byson nods his head to the left as the Most Known Unknowns head in that direction.

Byson Kaliban: You're a smart businessman, I'm sure you can figure it out.

Kaliban follows the trio as the scene goes back to ringside.

Danny B vs. Nathan Paradine

Ray Douglas: The following is an Alpha Block Match set for one fall with a thirty minute time limit!

A large golden spotlight shines over the center of the stage as “Dragon Rider” by Two Steps From Hell begins. A blast of pyro, and “The Ripper” Danny B makes his presence known. The legend pushes his way out of the apron, standing in the center of the golden spotlight as the Dublin fans watch on and mostly boo him. 

Ray Douglas: Introducing first, hailing from Brighton, England, The Ripper….DANNY B!!

Danny smirks at the announcement, confident his ways as he makes his way down the ramp and places his gear on the commentary table. Ripper just winks at Gunt this time, shakes hands quickly with Rolash, and makes his way onto the apron to look out to the sea of fans with his arms draped over the ropes. He then slowly makes his way into the ring and over to the nearest corner to climb up and raise his arms confidently in the air.

Jim Gunt: The Ripper is coming into this match with all the aplomb in the world.

Mike Rolash: And what the hell is that?

Jim Gunt: It's an adjective for confidence, Mike. Trying to use some more colorful language here tonight.

Mike Rolash: Oh jesus, Jimbo. Moving on, why shouldn’t Ripper be confident after the way he dominated Tom Marrow last week. The only problem is that Danny is going up against a whole different animal here tonight.

The opening riff to "Beat The Devil's Tattoo" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club begins to blast around the arena as Nathan Paradine emerges from behind the curtain, the overhead lights reflecting off of his trademark sunglasses. He smirks as he surveys the crowd for a moment, thumbing the collar of his leather jacket before flicking his hands outwards and approaching the ring. He climbs the stairs and wipes his boots on the outside of the apron before stepping between the ropes. He observes the crowd once more before shrugging out of his jacket, passing it off to a stagehand and backing off into the corner to perform a few light warm ups before the bell rings. 

Ray Douglas: And his opponent, from Melbourne, Australia, he is the Australian Submission Machine….NATHAN PARADINE!!

Jim Gunt: Speaking of confidence, the Australian Submission Machine is brimming with it here tonight. After coming into Alpha and Omega and taking what many at the time thought was an upset loss to Zolton, he got back into the groove two weeks tapping out Konrad Raab to the Mark of Judas. 

Mike Rolash: The Mark of Judas is a deadly submission hold, but one I’m sure Ripper has studied all week long. It’s going to take more than that to put away the former CWF World Champion here tonight.

Jim Gunt: That remains to be seen, Mike, but what we do know is it’s time to send it back to the ring and find out! “Big” Denny, take it away!

Doing a quick check on both veterans, Denny warns them that any discrepancies can and will lead to him disqualifying them and them losing the chance at obtaining two points in the tournament. He rings the bell and backs up as the two meet each other in the center of the ring. Danny B sizes up his opponent, who stands a full five inches taller than him, before suddenly chopping upwards to hit him in the upper chest. Nathan Paradine responds with a violent headbutt that sends him to the canvas. Ripper backs up, shaking the cobwebs as a smirk comes across his face.

Jim Gunt: Looks like Ripper was just put in his place, Mike!

Mike Rolash: Danny may have just now realized his size disadvantage over the Australian Submission Machine, but I’m sure he’ll figure out a way around it, Jim. Take the man out at his legs and he’ll be even shorter than Danny.

Jim Gunt: Did you just call Danny B short?

Mike Rolash: I...uhh...moving on…

Allowing his opponent back up to his feet, Paradine approaches him and both men circle around the ring looking for a moment to strike. It is Danny B who indeed attempts to go low, grabbing at the right leg of Paradine but he is able to sideshift to Ripper’s back, floating him over with a Rolling German Suplex. Danny lands with a thud on the canvas but the grip of Paradine remains, as Nathan pulls him right back to a vertical base looking for another German. This time Ripper is ready for him, landing a Back Elbow that rocks him. RKS! 

Jim Gunt: RIPPER KILL SHOT! That truly WAS out of nowhere, Mike, and by god this match has to be over just like that!

The Irish crowd is absolutely stunned as Nathan Paradine drops like a stack of bricks from the sudden Ripper Kill Shot. The smirk on Danny B’s face is back, and he turns his opponent over to his back to make the cover without even bothering to hook either of his legs.




Jim Gunt: NO! Paradine is able to kick out there. Nearfall that one would have to think could have been prevented had Ripper just hooked the legs of his opponent.

Mike Rolash: No one could ever say that Danny B isn’t sure of himself, Jim. But yeah, I have to agree, you gotta hook both legs…

A furious Danny B pie-faces Nathan, pushing his hand down on his opponents face and just smashing it disrespectfully. The Irish fans let him have it as he gets back to his feet, his hands in the air as if he doesn’t understand their disdain for him. The CWF Hall of Famer then laughs and flicks off the fans, turning back around to stomp down on Paradine as he tries to get to his feet. Another few stomps and Nathan is stopped in his tracks, allowing Ripper to get on top of his back and pull back the Camel Clutch.

Jim Gunt: Vaffanculo! Ripper has succeeded in grounding the larger Nathan Paradine, and now he has him locked into a submission of his own!

Mike Rolash: But will Ripper be able to hold Nate down with the Vaffanculo clutch? It looks like not, as the Australian Submission Machine is already fighting back to his feet!

One knee up onto the canvas, Nathan Paradine has already begun the fight to pull himself up off the canvas despite Ripper holding on tight to the Vaffanculo. Paradine is up to his feet now, Danny B swinging off his back with his arms still wrapped around his head. 


With one quick rush, the Australian Submission Machine runs himself into the nearest corner ducking down just in time to launch Ripper right into the top turnbuckle -pad! With great velocity, Paradine flies into the ropes and back at the Ripper. Rebound Lariat knocks him literally inside out! Following the Spare Change, Paradine turns Danny onto his back, pulling in both of his legs for the pin.




Jim Gunt: We’re over twelve minutes into this matchup now, Mike, and I would have bet my house that this match would have ended after that nasty Rebound Lariat!

Mike Rolash: And that’s why you’re homeless, Jimbo, you make really bad decisions.

Jim Gunt: But I’m not homeless…

Back up to his feet, the Australian Submission Machine waves at the Ripper to get back up to his. The intensity in the man’s eyes is one that we don’t normally see, it would seem the savvy in-ring veteran Ripper has gotten under his skin. Nathan Paradine pulls him in for the Paraplex, but Ripper jabs him in the eye right out of the sight of “Big” Denny. Nathan yells out in pain, holding onto his right eye which of course does bring attention to Davidson, but by that time Ripper pulls Paradine in, nailing a Dragon Strike V-Trigger. Paradine is out on his feet…

TRUE SIN! The Double Arm DDT bends him like an accordion, shooting him headfirst to the canvas as Ripper finally decides to hook both of his legs for the cover following the DDT.





And the Dublin fans explode in cheers, stomping their feet against the concrete floor below them to get the Australian Submission Machine back to his feet! But it may not work, as Danny B angrily gets back to his own, a finger slicing over his throat in one hell of a gesture towards Paradine. He waits to pounce on Paradine with yet another RKS, and does just that as he unknowingly gets to his feet-NO! Paradine is able to sidestep and push Ripper hard into the corner. Danny staggers backwards, right into the Gogoplata! 

Jim Gunt: Mark of Judas! Mark of Judas! After an extraordinary match, this one is over now that Paradine has on the submission!

Mike Rolash: Oh would you hush it Jim, Danny hasn’t tapped yet!

A hard elbow from Ripper but the grip of Nathan Paradine remains true. He uses all his might to pull on the Mark of Judas, and Danny B is fading fast. Ripper attempts another elbow, but this one is much weaker than the first. The Australian Submission Machine is violent in his grip, holding on as tightly as he can as he shakes the chokehold to it’s full extent. 



Jim Gunt: It’s over! Ripper taps out, right at the twenty minute mark to boot!

Mike Rolash: NOO!!

Ray Douglas: The winner by submission and picking up two points in the Alpha and Omega Tournament….NATHAN PARADINE!!

Jim Gunt: Danny B put up one hell of a showing here tonight, but the Australian Submission Machine proved once again why the Mark of Judas is the most dangerous submission hold in all of CWF.

No More Talking

We cut backstage where Freddie Styles is shown warming up for his big main event contest against Zolton. He's soon approach by good friend Duce Jones. The former three times tag team champions bump fist as Duce takes a seat on a nearby production box.

Duce Jones: Sup wit ya, bruh? Ya ready fo' Zolton?

Freddie Styles: Everything's cool Duce and you of all people should know that I'm more than ready for him. This is MY tournament to win!

Duce looks surprised by Freddie's comment.

Duce Jones: Hahaa! Mista Muthafuckin' Ballgame.. Is day you?

Freddie looks focused as he switches his attention to Jones. With a slight smirk on his face. Freddie walks off and heads for the gorilla position, leaving Jones sitting on the production box.

Freddie Styles vs. Zolton

Ray Douglas: The following match is an Alpha Block Match scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit and is tonight’s MAAAIIINNNNN EVENT!

Jim Gunt: WOOOOHOOO! No more talking, it's time for the moment we’ve all been waiting for!

Mike Rolash: Someone shoot a Jager Bomb on the commercial break? 

The lights go down, and all you see is a silhouette of a man, bouncing side to side as the bridge hits... 

“Heavy is the crown
Only for the weak…”

Jim Gunt: No way Mike, I don’t drink on the job. I’m just as excited as these fans here tonight in Dublin are, because this is quite possibly the biggest main event of the Alpha and Omega Tournament thus far! Both Freddie Styles and Zolton are coming into this match with four matches a piece.

As the song moves into the verse, Freddie steps out from behind the curtain as he just stands there in his hooded vest, hood over his head, bouncing from side to side, before making his slow walk towards the ring. 

“The knife in my heart couldn't slow me down
'Cause power is power, the fire never goes out
I rise from my scars, nothing hurts me now
'Cause power is power
Now watch me burn it down”

Freddie slowly walks up the ring steps, and steps through the ropes. 

Mike Rolash: That may all be true, Jimmy, but like you said- they collide in the ring here tonight. In the third week of competition, we’ll finally get to see who the true Alpha really is. 

Styles stands on the middle rope, holding one arm above him, before stepping down, and leaning over in a corner. He takes the hood from off his head, then takes the vest off completely, tossing it to the floor.

Ray Douglas: First, from Atlanta, Georgia, he is Mr. Ballgame….FREDDIE STYLES!!

As the opening of "Rise" hits the speakers, the arena goes dark with fog filling the entrance area. Upon the entrance screen a video montage begins to roll of Zolton standing atop a mountain and behind him is highlights of what he has done in a wrestling ring. As the lyrics begin to be heard, Zotlon himself steps out onto the stage area among the smoke. The Irish crowd begins to boo loudly. Zolton relishes in the dissatisfaction of the crowd with an arrogant grin. His long leather trench coat gleams off the now bright spot light shining down upon him.

He now begins to make his way down the ramp toward the ring. Refusing to acknowledge the crowd as he passes them. Reaching the ring he steps up the ring steps slowly, his arrogant smile plastered all over his face. He then jumps to the top turnbuckle of the corner of the ring. He calls it his throne as the arena lights return to normal and the song fades to silence. Zolton ignores the crowd as he lets his trench coat slide down off his shoulders to the floor. He then faces Freddie Styles from across the ring, who simply glares at him, as if he’s already trying to read his opponent.

Ray Douglas: And his opponent, from Amsterdam, Netherlands, the Man of Chaos….ZOLTON!!

Jim Gunt: Here is the man who has taken the Alpha and Omega Tournament by absolute storm, a man...well of chaos, that many CWF fans may not have been familiar with just a month ago. 

Mike Rolash: Things change, in life and here in CWF, and one thing that definitely has changed as of late is Zolton’s position in the sport of professional wrestling. Zolton has dominated every opponent set in front of him thus far. This guy’s absolute monster standing at six foot seven inches tall, and one would have to think the five inch differential between him and Freddie will definitely give him the advantage in tonight’s main event.

Jim Gunt: I guess there’s only one way to find out, huh? Let’s send it to the ring!

The Dublin fans are already on their feet as the only two undefeated competitors left on the Alpha Block side come to a head. Zolton meets Freddie Styles in the center of the ring, absorbing all the trash talk that the CWF Hall of Famer spouts off at him as Trent Robbins does his best to check on both men quickly. He backs up, waving for the bell and this match is underway. Zolton swings a right hand at Styles, paying him back immediately for all his mouth running. Styles is right back with a loaded uppercut of his own however. 

He whips Zolton into the ropes, leaping over him miraculously as he comes flying by. Freddie turns around looking to clothesline Zolton on the return but he is able to duck under, and both men turn around to face each other in a quick stance. The Dublin crowd pops aloud at the turn of events, showing mad respect for both men despite most of the audience’s hatred for the outsider Zolton.

Jim Gunt: What an open for this fight, as neither man can get the one-up on the other. This may be a game of reversals here, Mike, what do you think?

Mike Rolash: I think you need to quit asking me so many questions all the time and just call the freaking action!

Jim Gunt: Ever the gentleman...

Freddie turns to his side, smiling as he waves for the fans to get even more pumped up. This just seems to edge Zolton on, who sneers, and charges at Freddie Styles, just to eat an Atomic Drop. Styles trips out the legs of Zolton, quickly moving his in between them, going for a Texas Cloverleaf. Zolton is easily able to overpower him however, rolling to his side and whipping Styles to the canvas in the process. 

Mike Rolash: Styles actually thought he could get Zolton in a submission this early in the match? He musta been back there smoking that Super Chronic with Duce earlier…

Jim Gunt: Alright, enough about that Mike, we’re going to lose our sponsors…

With a handful of Freddie’s hair, Zolton yanks him up to his feet and violently throws him into the corner. The Man of Chaos hits him with a couple of quick punches to the stomach and chest area, following it up with an elbow and then a Judo kick right after. Styles is out on his feet, dropping down to a seated position and falling right into the hands of the evil Zolton. He places his boot across the neck of Styles, pushing down hard as the Hall of Famer’s eyes jolt open, the pain coursing through his body in a matter of seconds.

Jim Gunt: Robbins is going to have to gain control of this match, it’s already become apparent that Zolton doesn’t mind bending the rules when it comes to these Alpha and Omega matches.

Mike Rolash: There’s no way in hell Trent calls for the DQ in a match with this big of stakes, Jimbo, the fans would lynch him! Just sit back and watch Styles get decimated, it may not be what you want...but it’s what we all need!

Trent Robbins indeed attempts to admonish Zolton after the Man of Chaos will not let go of the choke on Styles, finally he lets up after the count of four. Styles gasps for air, holding onto his throat as he coughs out a line of half white/half red liquid.

Jim Gunt: Oh my god, I think Styles may have internal injuries from that chokehold Mike…

Mike Rolash: This Zolton is one bad motherfucker.

Robbins goes to check up on Styles, asking him if he can continue, but Zolton walks right through him, grabbing Styles once again by his dreadlocks and pulling him to his feet. A dominant Zolton stands over Freddie with his hair wrapped in his hands, holding him back and smiling evilly as he practically taunts him to hit him. Styles does just that, running up the body of Zolton like it was a rock wall, and spinning both him and his opponent over with an amazing Headscissors Takedown! Freddie is slow to get back to his feet however, holding onto his throat still as both men laying on the canvas recovering after a brutal quick start.

Jim Gunt: We are nearing the ten minute mark in this match, and already both men have exhausted themselves!

Mike Rolash: It’s Alpha and Omega, Jimmy, of course they’re going to give it every damn thing they have to come out of 3Arena the sole leader of the pack!

Jim Gunt: Finally Styles has made his way back to his feet, but Zolton hits a rising knee as he attempts to lift him up! Zolton once again showing his sheer power over Freddie, as he just crushed him with the God’s Smite full nelson slam. Cover here, and this could be over before we even hit ten minutes!





Jim Gunt: Nope, we’re ten minutes in now and Freddie is somehow able to withstand the onslaught of Zolton!

Mike Rolash: But for how long, that is the ultimate question.

Jim Gunt: And a good one at that, because it looks like Zolton isn’t messing around here tonight. He’s calling for the Pearly Gates! 

Mike Rolash: Zolton doesn’t get paid by the hour, Jimmy.

Ignoring the booing Dublin crowd, Zolton goes back over to Freddie Styles, lifting his prone body upward into Powerbomb position. He goes to lift up Styles, attempting to pull out his arms in a cross position but instead is blasted with a right hand to the top of the head! Zolton staggers backwards, and receives another right hand. Styles snaps backwards, Hurricanrana-ing Zolton into the corner. He’s right back up to his feet, running at Zolton as he pulls himself up to Spear him into the turnbuckle pads. Styles finally looks to have slowed Zolton down as he places both of his legs upon the ropes looking for a Hangman’s Neckbreaker. Instead Zolton comes to life, springing through the air and nailing Styles with a Spear of his own that damn near turns him inside out!


Jim Gunt: Holy...uh, what they said, is right, Mike. That was ungodly!

Mike Rolash: You’re so politically correct. Nevertheless, yes, that Spear was outrageous and I believe once again put Zolton well in control of this thing.

Zolton now attempts to lock Styles in the Descension Peruvian Necktie submission but he’s able to push off him before he’s able to begin locking it in, instead rolling underneath the bottom rope. Styles paces back and forth, shaking his head as a few members of the crowd rush over to slap him across the back and give him their best. After Robbins tells Styles to get back into the ring, he is forced to count Mr. Ballgame out.



Jim Gunt: Trent Robbins starting the obligatory count on Styles, but of course the in ring veteran knows the count, is listening in on it, and is using it to his full advantage to recover on the outside of the ring.

Mike Rolash: And of course Zolton knows that, Jimmy, that’s why he just rolled out of the ring and not only broke the count but is once again going right at Styles!


Jim Gunt: But Styles is ready for him, knowing Zolton was coming as he turns around and pelts him with a PELE KICK! What a kick there!


Mike Rolash: Zolton definitely didn’t see that one coming, but now Styles has to...well do exactly that, get Zolton back into the ring. 

Rolling back into the ring following Zolton, Styles turns back to the crowd, rushing into the ropes and coming back to hit Zolton with a standing shooting star press. He lifts the Man of Chaos up off the canvas, hooking both of his arms before bringing him back down to the canvas with a Double Underhook Suplex. With the match seemingly well at hand now, Styles goes up for the top rope, leaping up with one quick jump to hit a Split-Legged Moonsault right onto the knees of Zolton! Styles holds onto his ribs in agony, and an opportunist Zolton instantly turns over to push him onto his back to go for the cover.




Jim Gunt: Just when Freddie thought he had this match won, Zolton pulls another trick out of his bag.

Mike Rolash: And now once again Zolton has Styles in between his legs, here we go...PEARLY GAT-

Jim Gunt: Styles once again reverses, both men flipping several times before coming to an abrupt, BRUTAL landing on the canvas! 






Jim Gunt: OHH! We’re at the twenty minute mark, Mike, for once I hadn’t even been paying attention!

Mike Rolash: It’s hard to keep your eyes on a stopwatch when you have such explosive competition in the ring. Speaking of explosions, Styles and Zolton are somehow both up to their feet at the same time, which powderkeg will blow first?

Rolling over towards Zolton, Freddie Styles first looks like he’s going to cover him but instead grabs the Man of Chaos this time by his hair, yanking them both to their feet and blasting him with a knife edge chop across the chest. An angered Zolton comes right back at him, swinging a heavy right overhand that Styles ducks under, going behind him to execute a Belly to Back Suplex. Styles stays right on Zolton, pulling him right back up to his feet by his waist. Zolton hits a back elbow that stops Freddie in his tracks though, and then the Titan Crush spinning Roundhouse Kick leaves him swaying back and forth like a woozy bird before finally crashing down! Zolton folds him up like an accordion, going for the cover as the sold out crowd boos aloud.






Jim Gunt: Freddie survives! But for how long, because for the third and gotta be final time...Zolton is going for the Pearly Gates!

Zolton has Freddie Styles up in the air looking for the Crucifix Powerbomb, and this time he is able to hit it flush! OR NOT!? As he goes to launch Freddie into the air somehow the veteran pushes himself a couple feet into the air, using his boots to spring off the shoulders of Zolton. The Man of Chaos is shocked, whipping around to see where Styles could have went but unknowingly he is rapidly coming down through the air. 


The body of the Man of Chaos snaps to the canvas, but Styles is unable to cover immediately, the landing from the ATL Stomp and the brutal match enough to leave him lying helpless next to Zolton as the Dublin fans once again come alive.




Jim Gunt: The Dublin fans are definitely an appreciative bunch, but I’ve got to whole heartedly agree with them...this match has been bloody awesome!

Mike Rolash: Don’t go sounding all European on us, Jimbo…


Jim Gunt: Here we go, we are rearing down to the final minutes of this matchup. Both Freddie and Zolton are spent, but Styles has the upperhand following that amazing ATL Stomp from mid-air. Will he be able to do the one thing no other competitor has been able to do so far in the Alpha and Omega Tournament, and put away the Man of Chaos?

Mike Rolash: I didn’t think it was possible, but I think Styles may have Ballgame here!

His body leaned over over that of Zolton’s, Styles grabs him by his arm, pulling him up just enough to allow him back to his feet. As the Man of Chaos recovers, bringing himself up the rest of the way Freddie goes into attack mode. He spins into a three sixty, coming at Zolton with the Trouble in Paradise kick he calls Ballgame! But Zolton catches him out of mid-air, shaking his head wickedly at the stuck Styles. 



The Man of Chaos swings his body around confidently to cover Freddie, and gets belted in the face with the Ballgame! Crashing first to his knees then down to the canvas, Zolton is out like a light. Styles turns him onto his back just as sees the minute mark countdown coming up on the CWF Tron.




Ray Douglas: The winner by pinfall and picking up two points in the Alpha and Omega Tournament….FREDDIE STYLES!!

Jim Gunt: WHAT A MATCH! At twenty nine minutes, Freddie Styles puts away an INSANELY game Zolton here tonight!

Mike Rolash: I hate to say it, I really do, but Styles proved to all his naysayers...even me...that he truly is the real deal.

Jim Gunt: Indeed. What a redemption story for the CWF veteran who went from being relegated to being a referee to making his comeback and going undefeated so far in the Alpha and Omega tournament. Styles now sits pretty at six big points as the sole leader of the Alpha Block side. In two weeks he’ll go into the next Supershow to face another tough challenge, the recently dominating Amy Jo Smyth. Meanwhile Zolton will be looking to redeem himself when he goes up against the still floundering Joseph Svenson.

Mike Rolash: At least Zolton will be able to get back on the winning side…

Jim Gunt: Haha, that remains to be seen. But for Mike Rolash, I’m Jim Gunt, we’ll see you next week with the third week of Omega Block action. From beautiful Dublin, Ireland, goodnight folks!

The sixty third episode of Evolution ends with Freddie Styles allowing Trent Robbins to raise his hand victorious, Zolton cowering in anger in the corner as he watches on as his adversary celebrates. Styles winks at him, mouthing "good match, kid", before turning around and going up the corner to raise his arms in the air. The Irish crowd cheer him one final time, every one of them going home happy except the Man of Chaos.

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