Evolution 59

6 Aug 2019

Spectrum Center, Charlotte, North Carolina (seats 19,077)

The Alpha & Omega Era

The show opens with a live outside overhead view of the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina: host of the fifty-ninth edition of Evolution! The camera soon cuts to an inside view of the venue. Thousands upon thousands of CWF fans are frothing at the mouth for the return of their favorite wrestling action. We are then greeted by the familiar voice of CWF's lead commentator, Jim Gunt.

Jim Gunt: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, as CWF returns to you LIVE from the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina for the 59th edition of Evolution!

Mike Rolash: We had a temporary scare but we are back! And what a night we have in store….

Rolash is interrupted as the scene quickly switches to the parking lot. A limo is shown making its arrival.

Jim Gunt: It seems as if we've got someone currently arriving.

Mike Rolash: My guess would be the Inner Circle. They were able to make a clean sweep at Paradise. Winning every match they competed in, Youngblood even managing to bring home the Impact Championship.

Jim Gunt: That is indeed true. We were also able to crown new tag champions as the MKU were victorious.

Mike Rolash: Braxton walked away from that battle with a serious shoulder injury and appears to be out of action for a while, so the tag team scene is wide open at this point with Espinoza and Martinez holding the reins.

The limo comes to a halt and the driver steps out. He heads towards the back door, opens it and out steps the SEE-EEE-OOO of the Championship Wrestling Federation, Jaiden Rishel. He seems to be in an agitated state but still manages to force a smile. Deafening boos echoed throughout the arena, Rishel however is oblivious to this as he heads right for the back door of the venue.

Jim Gunt: The boss is here!

Mike Rolash: Indeed and he looks to be in a mood.

Jim Gunt: We all know the personal story with J. Rish's health, I'm sure it's hard for him to stay focused on daily operations.

Mike Rolash: Of course, we all know the story but I'm relieved that Jaiden has gained control of the company for his family because Stewart was going to run this place into the dirt!

Jim Gunt: Merely speculation..

We shift backstage where Jaiden makes his way through the back corridor. His eyes are intense, his demeanor stern as he passes by different staff members and personnel.

Jim Gunt: Jaiden has his sights set on a destination.. Where exactly could be headed?

Mike Rolash: I have the slightest clue but wherever it is, he's dead set on making it there.

Jim Gunt: But what about the night of action we have in store on this special edition of Evolution. Carnage's Baltimore City Champion: Bryan Ford takes on Tom Morrow.. We have a battle to see who the best tag champions are as our very own champs, MKU, does battle with another pair of Carnage Wrestling champions; Harry Hampton and Isaiah Luck.

Mike Rolash: See this new era of CWF.. the Alpha and Omega era of CWF is ushering in a new change and I'm ready for it…

“The Broken” by Coheed and Cambria blasts over the speakers.

Jim Gunt: I guess that answers the question to where Jaiden was heading...

Mike Rolash: Haha, looks like the boss has something to say, Jimmy!

Jaiden Rishel comes out in his trademark dark grey suit, white shirt, red tie, his dirty blonde hair slicked back and tied. Rishel is all business as he struts down the ramp, his hands rubbing together as he walks quickly down before going up the steps. The Prodigal Son takes one turn to look out to his audience, who give him a mostly negative response, before going through the ropes and immediately calling out for Sal Giardino to give him a microphone. The timekeeper obliges, and Rishel struts around the ring letting the fans let off their steam booing him some more. The CEO raises and lowers his hands, wording out “that’s enough” as he begins.

Jaiden Rishel: Alright you disrespectful idiots, I have something to say and I don’t have a whole lot of time to say it.


This actually cracks a smile on the face of Jaiden, but only for a second, as his face turns into a scowl instead as he continues.

Jaiden Rishel: Like I was saying, I am out here with something to say and my time is very valuable. You see, over the last few weeks there has been a lot of happenings going on here around Championship Wrestling Federation. A lot of what has happened has been out of the limelight, but some of it has gotten out to TMZ and other dirt sheets. What I will say is this, although Evolution 58 was cancelled and we went on a several week hiatus, CWF is very much still alive. Under the watch of myself, a RISHEL, this federation will forever be able to fly its flag as the standard bearer above and beyond every other company out there.

The Charlotte crowd actually cheer this statement from Jaiden.

Jaiden Rishel: But, the fact remains, we have been off for several weeks. So coming back into this new era, and you’re god damn right this is a new era. As a matter of fact, we're going to call this the Alpha and Omega Era, and I’ll tell you why a little later. So, coming back after a several week hiatus, we need a BIG main event for tonight’s Evolution….wouldn’t you say, folks!?

Another massive cheer from the Charlotte crowd. Jaiden could get used to this.

Jaiden Rishel: And that’s exactly what I’m going to give you all here tonight. Because we’re not going to wait until Wrestle Fest V to see Dan Ryan or Lindsay Troy put up their CWF Championships. That’s right, both Inner Circle members will put up their titles when they go up against Duce Jones and Mia Rayne in a sort-of rematch to Paradise, except this time both titles will be on the line, and whoever is able to pick up the pinfall or submission walks out of the Spectrum Center here tonight with BOTH titles!

And now, the roof is damn near taken off the place with cheers. We have a raucous crowd here tonight for Evolution.

Jaiden Rishel: So for those of you that may be a little slow or hard of understanding, the tag match here tonight will mean that only one person is walking out as World and Paramount Champion. What that really means when we get down to it is that the two planned Wrestle Fest V main events are now null and void. Dan Ryan versus Mia Rayne and Lindsay Troy versus Duce Jones will not be happening at Wrestle Fest. As a replacement, I have thought up a much, much better idea. For this new era, we need new contenders. New champions, new superstars to take the reigns and take CWF to all new heights. That is why in this Alpha and Omega Era, we will be having an Alpha and Omega Tournament! 

Jaiden takes a breath, letting the crowd cheer some more as he walks around the ring thinking about what he wants to say.

Jaiden Rishel: That’s right, starting August twentieth we will see some of the best wrestlers from around the world converge on the CWF stage once again, this time in a massive round robin tournament that will eventually crown a brand new number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship! Now hit my music!

"The Broken" once again plays and the CEO slowly makes his way out of the ring, ignoring the fans as he pulls his cell phone out of his suit pocket and begins texting away on his way up the ramp.

Bryan Ford vs. Tom Marrow

Ray Douglas: The following is tonight’s opening match set for one fall!

Jim Gunt: Here we go, Mike, after a couple of week’s absence...we’re finally back on the air!

Mike Rolash: Yeah, it'll be interesting to see if Ford and "Benji" will be able to live up to Jaiden's idea of this new Alpha and Omega era.

"DNA" by Kendrick Lamar blares over the speakers as Bryan Ford strolls out onto the stage. A shit eating grin glued onto his face as he mouths off to the fans. He makes his way down the ramp and leaps onto the apron before slingshotting over the top rope, rolling into Indian style sitting position.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first, from Terrell, Texas, he is the Innovator of Greatness….BRYAN FORD!!

Jim Gunt: Here comes Carnage Wrestling's Baltimore City Champion. Bryan Ford may have fallen short when he challenged Autumn months ago for the Impact Championship, but with the Alpha and Omega tournament coming up, he'll surely be looking for a big win here tonight.

Red and Blue lights begin flashing with sirens going off. The theme song from Cops begins playing, as Amanda the Game Warden comes out with a small baby bump starting to show through her scantily clad police costume. She is holding a leash as the song Who Let the Dogs Out is mixed in, creating an "interesting" remix. The other end of the leash, comes CWF’s lovable pooch Benji, a man crawling on his hands and knees, wearing a custom BDSM hood, in the shape of a dog's head and leather pants. As he reaches even with the Game Warden, he stands up and they walk down to the ring. 

Ray Douglas: And his opponent, from Florida, Ohio….TOM MARROW!!

Mike Rolash: Tom Marrow is also back…

Jim Gunt: Yeah, and?

Mike Rolash: Nothing, that’s it. I was just hoping he would’ve ended up on the Future Endeavored list upon our return.

Marrow gives a dirty look to Rolash as if he can hear him before hopping up onto the apron and crawling over the bottom rope on his hands and knees. Clark Summits backs up as Ford takes off running right past where he was standing in the middle of the ring, rearing back his right leg upon arrival and punting Tom Marrow’s skull nearly into the third row!

Jim Gunt: Tom may not have been future endeavored, Mike, but he may be spending the night in the hospital after that nasty kick.

Mike Rolash: Concussions are an ugly thing, but on Benji...I think it’d be a good look!

Jim Gunt: You’re deplorable. 

Summits immediately gets in the face of Bryan Ford, who simply smirks back at him, the crowd growing increasingly angry as the Innovator of Greatness turns and stomps down on Marrow. Summits goes to call for the bell, calling this match off right from the beginning, but Amanda the Game Warden raises her hands up to stop him. Making her way over to the apron, the Game Warden says a few words to Benji before looking up at the official, telling him he’s fine and to call for the bell. The CWF official looks down at Marrow, and back at Ford and then Amanda, who continue shouting for him to begin the match. He takes a deep sigh, and calls for the bell.

Jim Gunt: For better or worse, this match finally officially begins.

Mike Rolash: Don’t waste a second, Ford, you’re not getting paid by the hour!

Jim Gunt: But we are, so shush you idiot.

Bryan Ford attempts to come right back at Marrow but the official holds him back long enough for Benji to pull himself up with the help of the ropes. Summits finally gives him the okay, putting his hands in the air as Ford approaches just to take an incredibly high angle dropkick from Tom Marrow! Benji lands right on his feet, while the impact of the shot leaves Ford prone in the corner.

Mike Rolash: Uh oh…


Mike Rolash: That’s disgusting! When was the last time he cleaned that thing!?

After driving his backside into the face of Bryan Ford several times, Benji moves back to all fours and begins scurrying around the ring. Marrow crawls right over to official Clark Summits, his head up in the air apparently looking for a treat. Summits just points a finger at him to turn around, and just as he does he sees Ford flying through the air with a dropkick of his own, this time of the missile variety. Ford pulls Marrow back up off the canvas, hoisting him up in the air with an arm on his back. 

Jim Gunt: Bford Bomb! But will the Sitout Spinebuster be enough to put away Benji?




Mike Rolash: No! Somehow the dog still has some fight left in him. So give him another Bford Bomb, Bryan, and knock it out of him!

Rolash is literally on his feet screaming his words at the Innovator of Greatness, showing emotion that we rarely see from CWF’s color commentator. Ford nods at him, lifting Tom Marrow back up to his feet and into the air, but Marrow delivers another dropkick from mid-air! Revving himself up with the help of the sold out crowd, Benji struggles but is able to hoist Bryan Ford all the way up onto his shoulder. He pumps his arm in the air twice to get the fans even more hyped, and then runs towards the middle of the ring to crush Ford with a Running Powerslam!

Jim Gunt: Bull Dog! Benji is in control now, but why is he not going for the cover?

Mike Rolash: Is he perhaps looking for his “patented” Ankle Bit submission?

Jim Gunt: Looks like he is, Mike! Marrow grabs the ankle of Ford, but before he’s able to fully sink in the submission Bryan is able to scurry his way to the bottom rope!

Summits forces Marrow off the submission, giving Ford enough time to escape the ring and regroup a little bit. He walks by Amanda, a hand on his chin as a smile begins to grace his face. The Game Warden simply winks back at him, never taking her eyes off Bryan Ford as a fuming Marrow looks to take flight. 

Jim Gunt: Suicide Dive by Benji-is sidestepped! Marrow goes flying into the barricade as Ford moves out of the way just in time!



Breaking the count of Summits, Ford slides back in the ring just to slide back out and immediately go back for Tom Marrow, pulling him into a shoulder block and then a hard irish whip right into the steel steps! 


Jim Gunt: Ford giving Summits a dirty look as the referee restarts his count, but he’s only doing his job!



Mike Rolash: You have a point, Jim. If Ford doesn’t want to be counted out, get back in the ring!


Tom Marrow lays in a lifeless heap on the steps, Amanda yelling back at Ford as he grabs ahold of him by the hair, smashing his face against the top of the steps. 


Ford now rolls Marrow back into the ring, re-entering after him and immediately calling for the end of the match. The Innovator of Greatness bounces against the ropes as the unknowing Benji begins to crawl back to his feet. Bford & After! The Bicycle Kick nearly strikes Marrow across the face, if he didn’t sidestep and roll Ford over from behind!




Jim Gunt: Go Benji! He’s done it, Mike!

Mike Rolash: Wow. I guess every dog indeed does have it’s day.

Ray Douglas: The winner of this match by pinfall….TOM MARROW!!

The theme song of Cops once again plays and Tom Marrow is quick to roll out of the ring as a livid Ford gets back to his feet quickly, swearing up a storm as Benji joins the Game Warden. Amanda pats him on the head, a big smile on her face as the two turn around and head up the ramp.

The Order of Chaos

The fans inside the Spectrum Center in Charlotte begin to grow restless, as minutes have passed since the Bryan Ford and Tom Marrow match without any action or notification of what's going on. The camera pans the crowd as suddenly slow tribal drums begin to sound through the arena. Jim and Mike look around confused as nothing else seems to be happening. Then suddenly the lights go down and a procession of hooded torchbearers files through the curtain and onto the stage, forming a half circle. Two more figures step out, stopping in the middle of the stage. The drums stop as abruptly as they had started and one of the figures that is holding a tall staff with a raven's head carved at its top brings up a microphone from within their robe.

The Shadow: They say that a journey often is a cycle. A task, a challenge arises, you face it, conquer it and return to where you were before. Maybe not linear, but in general. You begin in stasis, an equilibrium of forces. Then comes chaos. The forces are disturbed and you are forced to go with it, sort through it, seek order once more. Then you return to stasis.

He pauses for a moment and somewhat confused murmurs go through the crowd.

Mike Rolash: What the hell is he rambling on about again?

Jim Gunt: I don't know, but I am pretty sure he'll arrive at some point.

The Shadow: Ever since I have arrived in CWF there was chaos. Elisha and Ouroboros. Then the brief solace of The Forsaken coming together, but even here there was constant chaos one way or the other swirling around us, as much of the eye of the storm we were. Then came Milenko and his "hijacking" of Mia. Then The Forsaken began to crumble and fall apart. Then Ataxia turned rogue and Myfanwy was kidnapped.

At this the second robed figure lifts her arm and puts her hand onto The Shadow's arm holding the staff.

The Shadow: I crave for stasis, I crave for the equilibrium. However there are two more things to be done. The last pieces of the puzzle that is order, the order from chaos. So I shall embark on this last quest to bring back the equilibrium and cast everything else aside for now. Jon Stewart. You are one piece and you will be brought to justice. The other one - Elisha. I know you are still alive and I will hunt - you - down, even if it will be the last thing I will ever do.

With that he turns around and leaves without another word with the rest of the Druids filing out behind him and Myfanwy.

Mike Rolash: So...did he quit?

Jim Gunt: I am - not sure...



The scene opens slowly showing a letter sitting on an oak desk.  A letter with the CWF logo on top.  As the camera pans in, we start to see the contensts of said letter.


Frederick *redacted*, PKA Freddie Styles


You have gone above and beyond what we thought you would with your work as a referee, and taking this situation as a learning experience instead of a demotion.  And honestly, if I were the CEO here from the start, a legend such as yourself would have never been relegated to such a job.

So, as of today, July 30th, you are fully reinstated to the CWF active roster, and you should receive a check for the back pay to make up for the time you were on the referee roster.  Thank you again for being the professional I know you to be, and good luck going forward.

Jaiden Rishel

"...it's been a long time.  I shoudn't have left you without some fire Styles to look to.

Alpha Block, I'm coming.  Time to take what's mine."


Harry Hampton & Isaiah Luck (c) vs. Most Known Unknowns (Omar Martinez & Vince Espinoza) (c)

The camera cuts back to ringside with Jim and Mike on hand.

Mike Rolash: Wait a minute! Freddie Styles is making his return to active competition?

Jim Gunt: Of course Mike.. Did you not hear the announcement on Jaiden's Twitter account?

Mike Rolash: You know good and well that I don't keep up with those types of things.

Jim Gunt: You should try it out.. it'll help you stay in the loop.

Mike Rolash: My loops are just fine… thank you! And one thing that I'm damn excited about, is that it appears that the Shadow may be on his way outta here!

Jim Gunt: It sure looked that way, but you know the Shadow...ominous as always. Either way.. we're set for some tag team action as the Carnage Wrestling Tag Team Champions are currently inside of the ring and are ready to compete.

We cut to the ring where Ray Douglas shares it with a bickering Harry Hampton and Isaiah Luck.

Ray Douglas: Currently inside of the ring.. they are the Carnage Wrestling Tag Team Champions! HARRY HAMPTON AND ISAIAH LUCK!

The two continue to argue, not even giving Ray's introduction the time of day.

Mike Rolash: So these two are the Carnage Tag Team Champions?

Jim Gunt: Yep...

Mike Rolash: But they can't even get along!

Jim Gunt: Well from my understanding, they became tag champions while immersed in a Best of Five series. But these two are very talented individuals.

Mike Rolash: Yeah, but this is a tag team match...

Jim Gunt: Touche.

Ray Douglas: And their opponents...

No music plays, the CWF Tron springs to life and displays Byson Kaliban who stands in front of the CWF World Tag Team Champions; Most Known Unknowns! He sports a shit eating grin on his face as he looks back at his two clients.

Jim Gunt: Why are they still in the back? They should be making their way to the ring for this current matchup.

Mike Rolash: Maybe if you stop running your mouth for a damn minute...  we might be able to see what's going on.

The CWF tag titles rest comfortably on the shoulders of Espinoza and Martinez who stare menacingly into the camera. Byson lets out a sinister laugh as begins to speak.

Byson Kaliban: TONIGHT! was supposed to be some kind of big deal... The CWF making its quick return after a brief hiatus and they're bringing the big guns! They wanted all the HEAVY HITTERS on deck.

Byson chuckles and strokes his goatee.

Byson Kaliban: Dream matches galore! You see.. I admire the mindframe of Jaiden Rishel.. But what he needs to learn quickly is that I am not my brother!

He shakes his head furiously.

Byson Kaliban: No, no, no.. the Most Known Unknowns are not slaves that you can prostitute off the idea of bringing in the major bucks. No we don't conform to that idea that we're mandated to make an appearance at your discretion. You will not gain fortune off of the blood and backs of these two. Especially not against the likes of… those two.

Boos are filling the arena as Hampton and Luck are focused in on Byson's every word.

Jim Gunt: So he's just going to deny the people of what could possibly be an amazing match!?

Mike Rolash: That's what it seems.. This is complete bullshit.

Byson straightens up, his glare more sinister as he continues to spew venom.

Byson Kaliban: Management didn't recognize what they had at first with these two. I quickly took notice. These are two of THE most dangerous men to ever set foot in the tag division. They don't move when you say move.. They only do that… for me.

Byson snaps his fingers and the lights go black inside of the Spectrum Center. Murmurs of confusion can be heard but the lights quickly pop back on. On the CWF Tron, Kaliban is now alone, both Luck and Hampton curiously looking on but the rise within the crowd is enough to get the two to pivot.

Jim Gunt: How the hell are the in the ring?!

Mike Rolash: Byson must have a close friendship with Chris Angel.

The Carnage Tag Team Champions spin only to be standing across the ring from the CWF World Tag Team Champions! However there has yet to be any movement as everyone inside of the ring stand still. Byson's tirade continues.

Byson Kaliban: Just like that… it could've been over. Jaiden, let this be a small taste. A small taste of what this company fumbled away by making these men stay stagnant. You see, you're all afraid of what these men represent.. who they stand with.. you question their motives.. When the answers have been right there in your face the entire time.

He lets out another wicked laugh.

Byson Kaliban: These men are the Alpha and Omega. The beginning and end of the tag team division and we will not be exploited for some fanboys jerkfest. You want the MKU to compete? You PAY what you weigh and bring in the top dawgs. Because this 'tag  division' is a joke.. And within the blink of an eye...

Byson snaps his fingers again as the arena goes dark once again. When the lights return, the CWF Tag Team Champions are nowhere to be found and the Tron is currently black as well, but Byson's voice still remains.

Byson Kaliban: Their won't be one left worth mentioning.

Silence.. Awkward silence. Harry and Isaiah stand there lost.

Jim Gunt: Umm.. okay well I guess we're not going to have our scheduled tag team contest.

Mike Rolash: What the fuck… was that shit?

Jim Gunt: I think he just declared that they were going to kill the tag division… but that's merely a guess on my end...

Mike Rolash: You get a break, come back and think things are gonna go good...then you have this shit happen. Damn.

Jim Gunt: Well we are going to have to keep a close eye on this situation.


I Love A Good Vacation

CWF's favorite backstage interviewer, Tara Robinson, is seen backstage smiling into the camera and holding onto a microphone as things switch over from the previous match.

Tara Robinson:  It feels good to be back CWF fans!  I'm backstage here at the Spectrum Center enjoying all of the hard-hitting action along with you.  Joining me here backstage is the former Impact Champion, Autumn Raven who is enjoying a bit of a break from the action tonight.  It's a bit strange to not see you on the card tonight.  You're usually a fixture every week here.

The camera swings ever so slightly to the right as Autumn steps into view, hands shoved into the pockets of her jeans, showing off the black t-shirt with the pink lettering splashed across it reading 'Wyatt Gym'.  There's a small smile on her face, and you can hear the crowd roar in response to seeing the Beautiful Psychopath once more.

Autumn Raven:  Yeah I know.  It feels a little weird not being out there tonight, but I'm doing alright being back here instead of there.  Gives me a chance to observe from a different vantage point you know?  See how everyone is doing after this long and needed break.  Hopefully everyone didn't partake in too much fun, you hear me?

Tara laughs, nodding her head.

Tara Robinson:  Indeed.  The action here has been intense as you've already seen.  At the beginning of the show, I'm sure you heard Jaiden talk about the upcoming Alpha & Omega tournament that will be happening in due time.  Any interest in throwing your name in that?

Autumn Raven:  Yeah, of course I want in.  I lost my title to Brandon, who carried it out of that arena so long ago like it was nothing.  Nothing.  That still burns in the back of my head.  So I've got some huge work to do to get back to the top.  To where I was, and still should be.  If it means getting involved in this tournament, then so be it.  Consider this everyone's fair warning.  The Beautiful Psychopath is back.

Autumn walks off camera, leaving Tara staring after her with her eyebrows raised.  She shakes her head and looks at the camera.

Tara Robinson:  Well you heard it here folks, Autumn wants in on the tournament coming soon.  And if her attitude is any indication of things to come, we're gonna be in for one heck of a ride.  Back to you guys at ringside.

What's Coming Over The Hill

Pre-taped. A dark room. Tara Robinson is there, sat down in a comfortable chair in more formal wear than usual. She’s calm throughout.

Tara Robinson: Ladies and gentlemen, Silas Artoria.

The camera cuts to an over the shoulder shot of Silas. Smart casual, black jacket, open white shirt. His hair is slightly frazzled, unobstructed by a hat that’s no on his head. His eyes are slightly bagged. It’s clear he is tense.

He nods and smiles to Tara, although something is off about the gesture.

Tara Robinson: Silas, your address to Nathan Paradine indicated you were going to talk more about the Alpha and Omega tournament for the number one contendership.

He nods.

Silas Artoria: That’s right.

Tara Robinson: And between then and now the full bracket has been released.

Silas Artoria: Correct.

Tara Robinson: And would you say that the reveals are making you nervous?

There was no reply. Silas froze for a second or two, clearly contemplating his next answer. His fingers dance around each other, although the occasional contact would suggest more like attacking each other, before they finally join together.

He swallows his saliva, and begins, hushed.

Silas Artoria: Tara, let me tell you something about round robins in this business.

Silas clears his throat.

Silas Artoria: On the surface, it’s a simple premise even if organising one is a logistical nightmare. You take a pool of athletes and have them battle each other, and whomever comes out with the most victories is declared the best.

He points to a metaphorical past as his voice reflects that of normalcy.

Silas Artoria: We’ve previously had a round robin tournament to determine the Paramount Champion, and I was in the finals! It’s not like this is an alien concept to the CWF.

He lowers his arm, his voice getting forceful and insistent.

Silas Artoria: The Paramount Grand Prix, however, is nothing like Alpha and Omega. There maybe familiar faces here and there like myself and Paradine, but this tournament will be an ascension up Mount Everest! Forget what happened at the Grand Prix, because this tournament, regardless of outcome, is going to shake the foundation of the CWF to it’s core! 

Tara Robinson: And is that why you’re nervous?

Silas freezes, but takes a deep breath and swallows what’s flooded his mouth. He quickly grabs the bottle of water on the table between the two, and takes two mouthfuls.

Silas Artoria: Nervous? More than that.


Silas Artoria: Terrified.

The comment took Tara aback.

Tara Robinson: How come?

He points around the relevant subjects, his voice getting increasingly sharper.

Silas Artoria: Inside yours, mine, the CWF locker-room, management, and it’s audience heads, is a perceived hierarchy. You might think X athlete or Y athlete are better than Z athlete, and Z athlete might think they are at the top of the pyramid, but a tournament like this has little regard of such to the point that your list immediately becomes disposable. Bell rings, your list is burned to ashes.

Artoria clears his throat, and continues.

Silas Artoria: I took part in a tournament called ‘Crescendo’. I was an outsider, a complete weakling facing 9 of the toughest wrestlers on the planet. Do you know how many times I won?

His lone finger reveals the answer, slowly, but with authority.

Silas Artoria: One.


Silas Artoria: But do you know whom was looking at the lights on that fateful day?

Finally, a slight smirk, even if brief.

Silas Artoria: The champion.

Another pause.

Silas Artoria: Their ace. The face of the company. The top guy! The man whom I am now under the direct wing of!

The smile dies, and so does his enthusiasm. The voice was sharp, and direct.

Silas Artoria: Round robin tournaments of this scale exposes you, regardless of whether or not you like it, or prepare for it.

His breathing was noticeable, and picked up clearly by the microphones capturing the exchange.

Silas Artoria: Alpha and Omega is going to show everyone’s true nature, and that fact alone terrifies me.

He points to himself.

Silas Artoria: Observe! It’s already affecting me.

He calmly stands up, but is in a hurry.

Silas Artoria: That’ll be all.

The interview ends.

Nathan Paradine vs. Silas Artoria

Ray Douglas: The following is a singles match set for one fall, under a thirty minute time limit!


Lights out. Light string instruments. A female voice whispers, and a male replies. Drums. Lights on. The hook of “Something Got Me Started” starts blasting out, and from the entrance comes Silas Artoria and Hidetaka Ito, showered with cheers from the crowd as they slowly make their way down the ramp. Artoria takes off his jacket and places it on the announce table, conversing with Ito briefly before rolling into the rings and making his way over to the ropes, lowering the top to look out at the cheering crowd.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first, from Toronto, Canada, he is the Psychotic Aristocrat….SILAS ARTORIA!!

Jim Gunt: Silas certainly looked great in defeat last time we saw him, which of course was several weeks ago at the Paradise pay per view when he fought Kyuseishu tooth and nail in a Strong Style Match.

Mike Rolash: But like you said, he fought in defeat, Jimbo. And Artoria has still gotta be hurtin’ after that one.

The opening riff to "Beat The Devil's Tattoo" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club begins to blast around the arena as Nathan Paradine emerges from behind the curtain, the overhead lights reflecting off of his trademark sunglasses. He smirks as he surveys the crowd for a moment, thumbing the collar of his leather jacket before flicking his hands outwards and approaching the ring. He climbs the stairs and wipes his boots on the outside of the apron before stepping between the ropes. He observes the crowd once more before shrugging out of his jacket, passing it off to a stagehand and backing off into the corner to perform a few light warm ups before the bell rings. 

Ray Douglas: And his opponent, from Melbourne, Australia, he is the Australian Submission Machine….NATHAN PARADINE!!

Jim Gunt: And in retrospect, the last time we saw Nathan Paradine he won the very first Dog Collar Match in CWF history, hitting the buzzer four times ahead of Tom Marrow at Paradise.

Mike Rolash: The difference is, is tonight’s match is a straight forward, textbook singles match-up. There’s no special gimmicks or stipulations, these two are only here to prove who is the better man heading into what Jaiden Rishel called earlier tonight “The Alpha and Omega Era”. 

Jim Gunt: And with that tournament set to name a new number one contender apparently, these two will have to be on their game more than ever. Let’s head to the ring where Nick McArthur has already called for the bell!

Silas Artoria wastes not a second’s time, running right at Nathan as soon as McArthur calls for the bell, but Paradine is able to sidestep his opponent. Silas’ momentum leaves him crashing into the corner, where Paradine turns him around and lays into him with a right kick to the gut. Artoria clinches, but is unable to block another kick from coming in. Attempting a retreat up the ropes, the Psychotic Aristocrat is instead caught with an European Uppercut. The attack stuns Artoria enough where Nathan is able to grab him from atop and run him off the ropes. 

Jim Gunt: TOP ROPE CUTTER! That was an incredibly impressive move to hit in the early going of this match, I sure hope Artoria did a good job recovering from that Strong Style Match at Paradise the last few weeks, but Paradine is going in for the kill already!

Mike Rolash: Silas is toast!




Jim Gunt: Nope! Artoria still has butter on his bread!

Mike Rolash: ….What?

Jim Gunt: You said he’s toast. Butter, brea...you know what, nevermind.

Rolling to his side with Artoria in his grasp, Nathan Paradine pops back up with the Charlotte crowd cheering in anticipation for what is next. Before the Australian Submission Machine can lock in the Mark of Judas chokehold however, Hidetaka Ito grabs at the middle rope to get his attention. Paradine scoffs at the mentor of Artoria, and turns back around right into a high angle Bicycle Knee!

Jim Gunt: KNOOOCCCKOUT! Artoria uses the distraction to his full advantage there, but will the big knee be enough!?




Mike Rolash: This one continues, and Silas isn’t wasting any time getting right back to his feet and heading to the ropes either…

Jim Gunt: Standing Shooting Star Press! Another cover from Silas!




Jim Gunt: NOO! This is as hard hitting of an affair as we’ve seen on Evolution in awhile, but it is NOT over yet!

Mike Rolash: Nathan Paradine and Silas Artoria, as much as I hate to say it, are both tough sons of bitches. They can take a shot just as well as they can give them, Jimmy. 

Trying his best not to show the frustration that begins creeping through him, Silas takes a look over at official Nick McArthur who again flashes two fingers at him. Artoria re-mounts Paradine, his legs moving towards his head as he wraps them around, placing the Australian Submission Machine into one of his own.

Jim Gunt: Silas putting on maximum pressure now, closing off the airwaves of Paradine.

Mike Rolash: But Nathan Paradine’s fighting him off, and now Artoria is dangling off his neck as the Nomad makes his way back to his feet!

Jim Gunt: This is incredible!

An open mouthed Artoria shoots a right hand downward at the head of Nathan Paradine, but he is not stopping now. Before Silas can deliver another punch he runs towards the middle of the ring, planting the Psychotic Aristocrat down hard with a Running Powerbomb! The Charlotte crowd counts along with referee Clark Summits as Nathan holds onto the powerbomb looking for the three count.





Jim Gunt: Artoria uses ALL of his energy to roll his shoulder there!

Mike Rolash: Which means it could only be a matter of time now. And Paradine is calling for the Mark of Judas!

The Australian Submission Machine, getting back to his feet, hovers over the weakened Silas Artoria. Before Artoria can fully find his wits, Paradine moves in to lock in the Mark of Judas from behind. Somehow Silas fights him off, rolling hard to his right and taking Nathan with him, driving him right into the corner. Artoria kips right to his feet, making finger guns towards the Nomad as he pulls himself up in the corner. Paradine unknowingly begins to stagger out of the corner, right into a Discus Clothesline! Silas pulls his opponent right up onto his shoulders, calling for the end.

Jim Gunt: FALL OF MAN! 




Ray Douglas: And the winner of this match by pinfall….SILAS ARTORIA!!

“Something Got Me Started” plays over the speakers as Ito motions his hands in victory, the crowd cheering for Artoria as he enters to join his student. As Paradine rolls to a corner, Artoria gives him a respectful nod before going over to Ito.

Jim Gunt: Great showing by Nathan Paradine, but it’s Silas Artoria who puts a big X in the win column here tonight.

We Had A Deal

A video feed crackles to life, apparently in the dressing room backstage. Standing in a semi-triangle formation are the Inner Circle -- Impact Champion Brandon Youngblood, Paramount Champion Lindsay Troy, and sneering deeply…. CWF World Champion Dan Ryan.

Youngblood is frowning, mildly shaking his head while Troy has her head tilted back slightly.

Dan Ryan is looking slightly downward, furious.

Dan Ryan: Keep that camera still. Listen up and listen good. I don’t know what the hell you think you’re trying to pull here, Rishel. First thing’s first -- you’re erasing Mia Rayne’s title shot? You? You, who has never been in a position to win anything as important as a World Championship in your entire life? You’re gonna spit on what she’s had to fight through to earn that shot? You’re gonna spit on Golden Intentions?

And beyond that….

We had a deal.

You know what that deal was, and it did not include either of us defending these belts tonight. Three days ago, we (he motions to himself and Troy) both went to war. We cleared this with you like good little employees. It was agreed to by you.

I’m not sure who hit you over the head and made you lose your goddamn mind in the last couple weeks, but I’ve got news for you. The Inner Circle will not be bullied by the likes of you. As a matter of fact….

At that, Lindsay Troy puts a hand on Ryan’s shoulder and leans in close, then whispers something in his ear.

Ryan listens intently, then smirks.

Dan Ryan: Actually… Lindsay makes a decent point. We’ll see you in the ring. We have an idea.

The three walk past, glaring at the camera. Just before passing it, Youngblood swipes at it, knocking it hard to the floor where it cuts to static on impact.

Parting Gift

We fade in on Ataxia on the ground. His suit frayed. Blood all over him, his mask slightly torn in places, and his hands cuffed behind him. We turn the camera to see Jon Stewart holding a bloodied crowbar.

Jon Stewart: So CWF...Things fell apart after you fired me. I bet you think I'm going to be sticking around. Hardly. I'm afraid...like this little bitch here. You've outlived your usefulness. So instead of leaving you hanging, Jaiden, I decided to be nice for once. I decided that this is all yours. And with it...I guess I better...(he speaks but the words are bleeped out),

Ataxia: ...hmm...what the...

Jon Stewart: I guess it's time to let you deal with what you've done Taxy my boy.

Ataxia: What...what did you do?!

Jon Stewart: Oh it's not what I did...it's what you did. All your friends feel betrayed by you. No one trusts you. No one wants you. You're back to being the freak you always were. And I did it all because I can. Because you are a tool to “The Circle” and you will never amount to anything again. So go ahead...enjoy living as a pariah yet again. I leave him to you Jaiden...he's useless to me now.

Stewart drops the crowbar and walks off laughing. Ataxia turns his back to the camera and we see him dislocate his thumbs to slide out of the cuffs. He picks up the crowbar and then the camera. 

Ataxia: I don't know what's happened...but I promise you this...I'm coming for my title...I'm coming for my home...and Jaiden Rishel....I'm coming for you! AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAA...

He slams the camera down and we fade to static.

Inner Circle (Dan Ryan (c) & Lindsay Troy (c) vs. Mia Rayne & Duce Jones

Ray Douglas: The following is tonight’s MAAAIN EVENT!
Jim Gunt: Ohh, here we go, Mike! It’s time for the ultimate decider, as Jaiden Rishel has put the entire Wrestle Fest five card in disarray booking this tag team match for both the CWF World and Paramount Championships.
Mike Rolash: And as we seen earlier tonight, the Inner Circle are NOT happy about that decision, and to be honest I don’t really blame them…
The fans are buzzing, and grow even louder as a voice begins to speak through the PA system.
“And the whole world loves it when you sing the blues… Da. Da.. Da. Da. Da.. Da….”
The opening sounds of “Godspeed” by Don Trip begins to play as the lights inside of the arena turn a crimson hue color, soon the stage filling up with smoke. After about a minute of waiting, Duce Jones slowly emerges through the fog, instantly inciting massive cheers from the Charlotte crowd.
Ray Douglas: First, making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred fifteen pounds! From Memphis, Tennessee….DUCE JONES!!
Slowly making his way towards the ring, Jones slaps hands with a couple of fans on the way down as he soon makes it to ringside. Climbing onto the apron, Duce goes to the corner to his right, climbing onto the second rope and peering out into the crowd. Finally done, he jumps over the top rope, landing inside of the ring and removes his hooded vest as he prepares for action.
"Committed" by One-Eyed Doll rings out and the fans react appropriately. Who doesn't love it when Mia's music hits and she skips out onto the stage to the delight of all in attendance? This time however, fans quickly take notice as there is no pomp or circumstance, just Mia.
Ray Douglas: And his partner, from under the rabbit hole….MIA RAYNE!!
The look tells the tale as she makes her way straight to the ring.  As the music fades out, all of her pop and pizazz a memory of yesteryear as she is all business here tonight.
Mia Rayne: It doesn't matter how you see me. As us, her, Mia, Loki, Cheshire. I am out here tonight to tell you all under my own words... I quit the CWF. 

The Charlotte crowd gasps, but Mia continues right on.
Mia Rayne: I will not and can not in good conscience continue working for the likes of Jaiden Rishel. I've accomplished a lot in my short time here in... In what I once called my home. However, sometimes what you've grown to call "home" turns into a place that you don't recognize, a place you couldn't believe you once defended, and even bled for. I don't fight for Jaiden. He isn't anyone I'm interested in representing in any sense of the word. And so, I hereby relinquish MY shot at the CWF World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlefest, and under my own power, I quit the CWF as of the end of tonight. So long my Menagerie...it's been fun.
She blows one final kiss, a tear falling from her face as "Committed" plays once again.
Suddenly “Zero” from the Smashing Pumpkins cuts over the speakers and Dan Ryan and Lindsay Troy storm through the curtain with their hands in the air. Ryan leads his Inner Circle teammate down to the ring, both of them dangling their championships in their free hands as they hurry down to the ring.
Dan Ryan: Mia, wait a minute.
Mia Rayne attempts to gather herself as Ryan and Troy quickly enter the ring, both her and Duce looking on with looks of shock as he continues.

Dan Ryan: I agree with everything you’re saying here tonight. Jaiden Rishel has ran this company into the ground from the moment he signed on to be the new CEO. Myself, Lindsay, and Brandon have sat back and watch him make questionable decision after questionable decision, but to be honest with you most of the time they were benefitting the Inner Circle so we stayed back and didn’t say a word.
The crowd boos, and the Ego Buster just smiles.
Dan Ryan: But enough is enough here tonight. To completely turn Wrestle Fest V and the main events that we worked long and hard for, Mia you ran through an entire race of twenty nine people to win that Golden Intentions...and now it’s all for nothing. No. This is NOT happening. I hereby state, for Lindsay and myself, that we are standing down. We are staging a stand out and not agreeing to participate in this matchup.
“The Broken” by Coheed and Cambria plays, but only momentarily as Jaiden Rishel comes through the curtain like a freight train. Jaiden’s face is as red as his tie, and he is quick to bring the microphone to his lips.
Jaiden Rishel: What do you people think you’re doing? Mia...Dan Ryan...you cannot just quit. You cannot just stage a sit out and decline the matches that you’re contractually obligated to wrestle in. Do you not realize what will happen to you all? Have any of you heard of a little thing called breach of contract? You’ll all be sued, taken for everything you have. Hell I may even buy your houses just to say I rubbed my feet all over your carpets!
The fans are booing the CWF CEO relentlessly now, as he pouts at the top of the ramp.
Dan Ryan: So be it, Jaiden. We’re not doing this match. We had a deal for Wrestle Fest V, you are the one breaching a contract. We’ll see you in court, "boss". Because we quit too.
And with that; Dan Ryan, Lindsay Troy, and Mia Rayne make their exit from the ring with the sold out Charlotte crowd watching on in absolute shock. Three of CWF’s top stars walk up the ramp with no remorse, Troy and Ryan walking right through Jaiden without taking a second look. The Charlotte crowd is dead silent at this point, watching the proceedings with absolute shock.
Mia and Jaiden however stop and make eye contact, and he goes to mouth “I’m sorry” but is unable to as Rayne slaps him hard across the face.

Rishel is furious as she walks through the curtain as well, but Jaiden slowly begins to regain his composure as he realizes Duce Jones is still in the ring. Rishel holds his jaw, shaking his head as he heads towards the ring with Duce just watching on with his hands on his hips, shaking his head as well. Once in the ring Jaiden and Duce converse for a moment, before the CEO calls for a microphone and asks for the crowd to hush.
Jaiden Rishel: Well...that happened. So as you all seen right in front of your very own eyes, many of the stars of Championship Wrestling Federation just walked out on our company. The company that paid their bills for months, the company that kept them on television and kept their legend alive. But that’s fine, all good things must come to an end and the era of Dan Ryan, Mia Rayne and Lindsay Troy is evidently over. That’s why, like I said earlier tonight, we’re starting a brand new era here at Evolution 59. The Alpha and Omega Era.
Duce looks on at Jaiden as he continues.
Jaiden Rishel:
Earlier tonight I announced the new era, starting with a massive round robin tournament that would see a new number one contender for the World Championship at Wrestle Fest. Since then, as you all just seen, some major things have changed. So here is what we’re going to do. Over the next fifteen weeks we will see twenty of the best wrestlers not only on the CWF roster but from around the world compete in two blocks of competition. Ten wrestlers in the Alpha Block, ten wrestlers in the Omega block. Through fifteen weeks of competition, every wrestler in each of their block will wrestle each of the other competitors in said block, with two points obtained by pinfall, submission, disqualification or count out victories, and one point given to each competitor should the match go to a thirty minute draw.
Taking a breath, Jaiden continues.
Jaiden Rishel: At the end of the fifteen weeks of Alpha and Omega competition, the best and second best competitors based on win/loss records and tie breakers will move onto to Wrestle Fest V. The top rated wrestlers from the Alpha and Omega will move on to the showcase of all showcases to become the BRAND NEW CWF World Champion. But to those who rank second in both blocks, don’t fret, because you will compete against each other at Wrestle Fest as well, for the Paramount Championship! Now ladies and gentlemen, right here, we have what I would like to call my favorite heading into the Alpha and Omega Tournament.
Jaiden points at Duce Jones, which actually seems to surprise the Kid That Never Dies.
Jaiden Rishel: Oh yes, here is a man who has not only won CWF World Championships, twice may I add. Not only won Tag Team Titles on multiple occasions, in multiple companies, but he is also the ONLY man to stand by my side and this company after all the bullshit that went down earlier. So let’s all give a round of applause to Duce Jones, the Alpha Block favorite…
Jim Gunt: KRAYZED KNEE! Duce just ran and hit the CEO with the Krayzed Knee strike out of nowhere!
Mike Rolash: And now, after everything good Jaiden had to say about him, Duce stands over the CEO with Evolution coming to a close. We’ll see you all in two weeks when the Alpha and Omega Tournament begins!

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