Evolution 54

4 Jun 2019

Mitchell Center, Mobile, Alabama (seats 10,041)

The Final Chapter

The camera cuts to the entrance to the ramp as "Beat The Devil's Tattoo" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club begins to play, heralding the arrival of "The Australian Submission Machine" Nathan Paradine. He only takes a moment to look around at the crowd, the house lights glinting off his sunglasses, before marching down to the ring already with a microphone in hand. He slides into the ring and immediately marches into the middle of the mat. The Alabama crowd is a mixed bag for him tonight; plenty of jeers, with the occasional cheer thrown in for good measure. Paradine raises his hand and signals for the music to stop.

Nathan Paradine: Alright, cut the music! Cut it now!

His theme music abruptly cuts out and he begins to pace back and forth, a scowl on his face.

Nathan Paradine: Last week I issued a challenge to Xander Daniels... if he had the guts to do it, show up this week and sign a contract for a match at Golden Intentions with the stipulation that the loser has to leave the CWF. Now, this means I'll be pulling double duty for the Golden Intentions Rumble, but I don't give a damn; it'll be worth it to put an end to something I started eight years ago. Now Xander, if you're back there... feel free to come on out.

Paradine glances towards the ramp, but there's no movement. He extends his arm and signals for Daniels to step down into the ring.

Nathan Paradine: Come on, Xander! Get out here!

Still nothing from backstage. Paradine resumes pacing and raises the microphone again, his voice choked with anger.

Nathan Paradine: Come on, come on! You want this as much as I do, I know it! Sign the goddamn contract and make this official-"

Suddenly, "Princes of the Universe" by Queen begins to play over the sound system and the lights dim. Paradine, trembling, grabs the top rope as Xander Daniels emerges from backstage dressed in jeans and an old Hostility Violence: Evolved shirt instead of his ring gear. He pauses to savor the crowd reaction before pushing strands of his jet-black hair from his face. He smirks as he regards his hated enemy in the ring.

Xander Daniels: Thanks for inviting me out here tonight, Nathan. I have to admit, after the beating I gave you two weeks ago... and the one before that... and the one before that, I wasn't expecting such a direct invitation. I thought I'd take a little walk down memory lane in honor of the occasion, in fact. Remember this shirt?

Daniels straightens out his shirt, so that the V:E logo on it can be clearly seen by the camera.

Xander Daniels: You and I used to be partners! You the experienced vet, and me the sharp up-and-comer... and we really tore through Hostility, didn't we? We couldn't be touched... but I look back now and I see that time for what it really was; a beaten down ruin of a man using me as a crutch to prolong a career that was well and truly past its peak which is why I left you in the dust. And what happened once I was gone? You gave up. You quit. You left wrestling... until six months ago, when I turn on my television and lo and behold, there you are. Still the same stubborn asshole you've always been, except now you're losing matches on your own. It's embarrassing, really. So just like I did back in Hostility... I tried to give you a reason to leave.

Nathan Paradine: A reason to leave!? You broke a woman's neck, you son of a bitch! 

Xander Daniels: I don't believe you're in a position to talk about broken necks, my friend. How is Cody Williams, anyway? What do you think his quality of life is like these days after what you did to him? Instead of getting angry you should be thanking me! I gave you a way to leave Hostility gracefully, instead of on your back staring at the ceiling. Which, as I'm sure you don't need me to point out but I'm going to do it anyway, you've been doing plenty of lately! And then I tried to do it again, to show you that you just don't have what it takes these days and you came back for more!

Paradine grinds his teeth furiously before replying.

Nathan Paradine: If I'm so broken down, sign the contract Xander. Sign it and drive me out of the CWF. It won't just be this place I'll be leaving, I'll leave wrestling for good. Just give me the match I want, the fight that has been eight years coming to you. Forget Violence: Evolved, forget my ex-wife... this is about you and me. And it's long past time it was finished.

Xander Daniels: Now that... we can agree upon. I've already signed your contract Nathan. I just wanted to come out here to let you know that when it's all said and done, and your career and your body lie in ruins... you'll understand that I was right. That everything I have done I did for your own good. Like a sick dog that has to be euthanized, you'll thank me for making the pain and the humiliation stop. At Golden Intentions... I'm writing the final chapter in the rambling book of your career.

Nathan Paradine: That's all I want. That's all I've wanted for weeks. I'll see you at Golden Intentions... just you, me and this ring. 

Paradine throws down his microphone as "Beat The Devil's Tattoo" resumes playing over the sound system. He and Daniels regard each other intently as the scene cuts to the next segment.

A Golden Ticket

Sam Braxton’s continued pacing back and forth within the Lost Boys locker room is driving Dean Coulter crazy. After the less than stellar showing by Thomas Roll and Scourge last week, the Aussie Larrikin’s desire to get back into the ring is growing exponentially, meaning he is becoming more and more unbearable. Even Dean has his limits.

Dean Coulter: Sam just bloody sit down!

Sam Braxton: I can’t! I need to fight, rot or drown my boredom in piss. Were those drongos really the best the CWF can muster up? What a bloody joke! This ain’t how I envisioned being the best dan, dinky-di Champs this company’s seen in donkey’s ears.

Mercifully there is a knock on the door, and Sam can’t answer it quickly enough. His excitement for an impending challenge disappears in an instant when he sees Byson Kaliban standing at the door and not one of the CWF road agents.

Sam Braxton: What the bloody hell do you want?

Byson Kaliban: Now, now Sammie... I'm only here to borrow a moment of your time.

Byson smiles but only receives an incredulous look from Sam.

Byson Kaliban: I heard through the grapevine that the Winchester Brothers were looking for true competition. A true... blue if you will.

Sam Braxton: Yeah, we’re fair dinkum!

Byson smiles again.

Byson Kaliban: Well gentlemen if it's a fight that you're looking for, then at Golden Intentions.. It's a fight you're going to get. I have a team waiting in the wings, just foaming at the mouth for a piece of you two.

Dean approaches to stand beside Sam, who isn’t even trying to hide his expression of anticipation and determination.

Sam Braxton: Don’t you be havin’ a lark! My heart couldn’t handle the disappointment again.

Dean Coulter: And here’s hoping your…team proves up to the challenge.

Byson Kaliban: Trust me, no one will be disappointed.. But fair warning.. They are The Most Known Unknowns...

With a quirky laugh, Byson turns away and leaves, the Lost Boys watching with raised eyebrows. But truth be told, they aren’t expecting much.

Damien Valentine vs. Jarvis King

We’re taken ringside for the opening contest. In what is always a harrowing sign, Damien Valentine is already in the ring, with “Out My Way” by Onlap already playing. Ray Douglas, standing next to the young superstar, makes the official introduction.

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is set for one fall! In the ring, from Hollywood, California, and weighing in at 235 lbs, this is Damien Valentine!

Valentine salutes the crowd, blowing a kiss to the luke-warm reception.

Jim Gunt: Well, Damien Valentine...looking to maybe turn things around tonight, Mike.

Mike Rolash: Yep, and he looks confident in himself, Jimbo.

The lights around the arena dim and Onlap is replaced by the seminal Living Color hit, “Cult of Personality”, taking with it the confidence in Valentine’s eyes.

Mike Rolash: Never mind!

The song barely kicks in, Jarvis King’s normal fog has barely started to emanate from the entrance, as The Icon emerges from the curtain with a foul look on his face. Wasting no time on jaw-jacking with the crowd, he simply makes a beeline for the ring.

Ray Douglas: His opponent, from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Weighing 240lbs, He is The Icon, “East Coast Excellence” JARVIS J. KING!

Mike Rolash: Jarvis King looks pissed, Jimmy.

Jim Gunt: Well, I don’t know the last time that The Icon was in a good mood, Mike...but it’s fair to say he’s particularly irritable after last week’s main event!

Jarvis quickly slides into the ring and rushes in on Valentine, hoisting him up and over into a spinebuster, slamming him towards the center of the ring! Referee Denny Davidson quickly calls for the bell, signaling the start of the match.

Jim Gunt: My god! Jarvis King wasting absolutely no time as--


Indeed, as Valentine hits the mat, King quickly wraps his legs in the quintessential Canadian hold, and sits in deep. Valentine, perhaps shocked from the speed of proceedings, quickly pounds the mat to submit!

Jim Gunt: Oh my! Did that beat his record from a few weeks ago?

The bell rings and as quickly as it stopped playing, “Cult of Personality” kicks back on again. King, however, does not relinquish the hold, even as Ray Douglas makes the official announcement.

Ray Douglas: Your winner, by submission, Jarvis King!

Mike Rolash: I think it’s fair to say that Jarvis King is out to send a message tonight, Jim; he won’t let that hold go.

Valentine writhes in pain as King arches back, stretching the young superstar more acutely as referee Davidson works to release King’s grip. He eventually is successful as King, in disgust, tosses his opponent’s legs to the ground and, without as much as a glance to the crowd, the referee, or the camera, bounds out of the ring.

Jim Gunt: A dark, brutal performance from Jarvis King.


“If I can have your attention for just a moment?”

And he does. All attention turns to the entrance, as CWF Commissioner Jon Stewart walks out, microphone in hand. In the ring, Jarvis King leans on the top rope, looking equal parts bored and impatient. 

Jim Gunt: Mike, what are you doing? 

Mike Rolash: Make it a loser leaves town with all people named Flair blindfolded match…

Jim Gunt: That’s not a thing. 

Mike Rolash: Stop destroying my dreams! 

Stewart waits for the arena to quiet down a bit, and he looks straight at the ICON. 

Jon Stewart: I was thinking back there… you and Flair are both in Golden Intentions, and you’re both getting a disadvantage by having to wrestle each other to open up the show. Why not make some incentive to a win here? 

Jarvis, by now, has retrieved a microphone from Ray Douglas, and he points a finger at the commissioner. 

Jarvis King: Stop dancing around it, Stewart, and just say it. 

Jon Stewart: I’ve decided, Jarvis… that the winner of this match will automatically be granted number thirty in the Golden Intentions battle royal. 

A huge pop rises from the fans as he nods. 

Jon Stewart: That’s right… the winner of this one will be given a gargantuan advantage in the night’s main event. 

Jarvis King: And I suppose when Flair loses, she’ll have to come in at number one? 

Jarvis smiles the smile of a Bond villain, all the while Stewart looks completely shocked. 

Jon Stewart: What? No… not at all. That’s cruel and unusual punishment, Jarvis. But if I was you, I’d learn from your past debacles against Flair, because… 

Now it’s Jon Stewart’s turn to smile. 

Jon Stewart: Either of you get yourselves disqualified… and you’re out of Golden Intentions, completely. 

The fans pop again as Stewart backs up and walks through the curtain, while Jarvis King’s expression is completely unreadable. 

Jim Gunt: What a twist, Mike! The winner of this match at Golden Intentions will get an incredible advantage, and a disqualification will find the guilty one on the outside, looking in! 

Mike Rolash: I can see it in your face, Gunt - you think Jarvis is going to get himself disqualified again. With a shot at the CWF World Title on the line he’s too smart for that. Flair, on the other hand…

Jim Gunt: Don’t start.

Mike Rolash: Who’s starting? She’s got a temper, and she’s prone to flying off the handle. I’d put my money on her getting bounced before Jarvis. 

Jim Gunt: It’s certainly going to be an explosive one! We’ll be right back! 

King Midas and the Butler Guard

The arena lighting dims. Golden strobes flicker all throughout the crowd. The golden outline of the letters ‘King Midas’ appear on the teleprompter. A pointer finger reaches in screen, turning the lettering completely to gold as a crown appears on the ‘K’.

Then that voice hits the PA, that Greek accented voice with the confident hatred in it. That nervous anger as if everyone is a target, and they are.

Johnny Olympus: I once knew a great man. 

Montage of Winston Fitzpatrick pops up on screen, Johnny Olympus’s deceased mentor/manager/actual Butler. Here he’s in his most known look, a butlers uniform. Always old but strategic and witty.

Just at the foot of the entrance ramp a person steps out from behind the curtain. It’s not Johnny Oh however, it’s a man in a Greek flag ski mask and a suit with penguin tails.

Johnny Olympus: He taught me more than a parent or teacher ever could, ironically he was both. Here, in me his name will be remembered through my longevity. His history projected outward through my action! Winston Fitzpatrick was a Butler; he served first. But he was a man who wore many hats; he was a coach, a teacher, a father, a manager, a mentor. He was a symbol to Greek heritage.

He finishes respectfully, but gets down to brass tax.

Johnny Olympus: But most importantly you fockin’ peons, he was a damn good plan b.

The lights in the arena start to strobe intensely as the crowd jeers distastefully. Another larger individual with the same garb rolls out from under the ring.

Johnny Olympus: And King Midas isn’t Johnny Olympus without a plan b. 

Make sense of that shit as the camera pans upwards out into the crowd where another individual in the same clothing and mask stands in the nose bleeds.

Johnny Olympus: In your honor Winston, Call them the Butler Guard! The one man army that you were, now will be many. I may not even have to move a muscle.

A triumphantly brief pause.

Johnny Olympus: They will be my eyes when I can’t see. 

The lighting in the arena blinks on and off and the member of the Butler Guard disappears at the entrance ramp.

Johnny Olympus: My arms when I can’t reach.

The ski masked man up in the bleachers vanishes with the lights blinking on and off again.

Johnny Olympus: My body when I am not present.

At the ring where the Butler Guard member still skulks about as King Midas speaks his piece through voiceover.

Johnny Olympus: Cut a head off and more falafel eating bastards in suits and ski-masks will appear!

Lights off again. This time when the lights go off, the Butler Guard member isn’t there anymore. Instead just Johnny Olympus, aka King Midas sitting in a chair in the middle of the ring, he’s wearing a Greek flag ski mask. His hair and stubble pop though. Gold teeth are a glow.

Johnny Olympus: These bodies are sacrificial to the cause. They are paid to see out a goal. They know their purpose. King Midas’ Butler Guard is an ever present insurance policy.

He looks around, the crowd boos. 

Johnny Olympus: Look around you, do you feel safe? How do you know one of my trusted isn’t sitting beside you now? Ski-mask tucked in their back pocket.. I encourage everyone of my subjects to participate. You! And you! Even you! Choose the mask, be a part of this incognito horde, and get your King to his throne.

Johnny takes the mask off.

Johnny Olympus: At Golden Intentions, choose the mask, join the Butler Guard, and be the metal detectors to the gold I pursue! 

He drops the ski mask, lights off, lights on, King Midas is gone, only remaining the ski mask. A ring attendant picks it up, looks around, and puts it in his pocket. 

Johnny Olympus: EVERYTHING I TOUCH! Turns to gold!

Kyuseishu vs. Wanderin' Will Beckenhall

Ray Douglas: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first..

The arena lights go off as "Bastard Samurai" starts to play while the rampway fills with purple smoke. The cried waits before the drums kick in, and out enters Kyuseishu under a single white spotlight. Behind him march 11 red suited Kabuki mask wearing disciples. Kyuseishu's jet black hair pulled back in a bun in the all too familiar traditional samurai hairstyle, and wearing a men's blue and black Kimono, he raises his arms in a pose of the cross.

Ray Douglas: From Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.. Weighing two hundred seventy five pounds! The Holy Samurai… KYUSEISHU!

He soaks in the jeers from the crowd before clapping his hands together and bowing towards the ring. The battle is upon him as he slowly walks to the ring, hands out and palms up, looking to the skies, focused on the battle. Kyuseishu says a small prayer before entering the ring, removing his Kimono and mask, showing off his powerful body as he looks with one eye through a triangle formed by his hands.

Jim Gunt: Formerly known as Hoyt Williams, now known as Kyuseishu. This man kicked off our program in a huge way.

Mike Rolash: I still don't know what to make of him but he was on a rampage last week, taking out one of our cameramen.

Jim Gunt: And it was all to prove a point. His sights are set on winning Golden Intentions.

Mike Rolash: I'm cool with anything this guy does, as long as he keeps those guys away from me. I already have enough stress from the multiple Ataxias running around.

As the lights shine a dim maroon, Will walks down the ramp cigarette in one hand, match in the other. Lifting up his boot, he strikes the match against it before placing the lit match to the end of the cig.

Ray Douglas: His opponent, from Reno, Nevada… weighing two hundred forty pounds!

Shaking the match to extinguish the fire, he tosses it to the side, pressing the cigarette to his lips and taking a deep inhale. Pausing for just a moment, he blows the smoke from his lungs, flicking the cigarette away before carefully pulling himself into the ring from under the bottom rope.

Jim Gunt: There he goes again, smoking inside of the venue. He's seriously going to get us fined if he keeps this up.

Mike Rolash: I see nothing wrong with calming your nerves before a match.

Jim Gunt: You never see anything wrong, but needless to say, "Wandering" Will Beckenhall is trying to gain some much needed momentum headed into Golden Intentions.

Mike Rolash: He was practically robbed of a victory last week, when Autumn Raven made an appearance, looking to take out Bryan Ford.

Official Scott Dean calls for the bell and both men meet in the center of the ring with a tie-up. Both men jockey for position and it's Kyuseishu who gains the advantage with a side headlock. However Beckenhall quickly shoves him off into the ropes, Kyuseishu bounces off the ropes and both men collide in the middle with opposing shoulder blocks, neither man budging. The both of them smile at each other and The Holy Samurai suggest that Will tries his luck. He obliges, rebounding off the near rope and collides with another loud smacking sound against Kyuseishu from flesh on flesh contact. He tells him to try once more and Will looks around to the fans for a response.

Jim Gunt: These two behemoths unable to move the other.. and these fans are firmly behind Will Beckenhall.

Mike Rolash: Why is he pandering for these idiots approval? What he needs to do is take advantage of this given opportunity.

Jim Gunt: Kyuseishu is a veteran inside of that ring and it's best to take heed when you're standing across it from him.

Mike Rolash: Bill Beck is more than qualified to hold his own inside of the squared circle or else he wouldn't be entering Golden Intentions.

Beck goes to hit the ropes again but Kyuseishu grabs at the back of his head, yanking at his hair and snatching Bill down to the mat. The fans boo but The Holy Samurai doesn't care as he begins to taunt them, causing them to jeers even louder. He could care less though, moving towards Beck and angrily stomping down on him. Dropping an elbow across his chest, Kyuseishu goes for the pin.


Beckenhall rolls his shoulder off the canvas as Kyuseishu looks over to Dean and tells him to count faster next time. He rises to his feet, bringing Will up along with him and sends him crashing back to the mat with a takeover headlock. He squeezes tightly on the hold as Will struggles to get free.

Jim Gunt: Things so far, look to be in The Holy Samurai's favor. All those years in the ring paying off right here.

Mike Rolash: His style might be a bit boring but the way he operates is beginning to impress me.

The fans begin to clap their hands together, in hopes of rallying Beckenhall back to his feet. The noise from the fans, gains Hoyt's attention as he shakes his head in disapproval, yelling for them to shut up. They refuse, getting louder as Beckenhall manages to work his way back to a vertical base. Will is still clutched in the headlock when Kyuseishu seamlessly transitions him over and back to the mat with a judo throw. He goes for the cover again.



Jim Gunt: 'Wanderin' Will able to kick out yet again. Mike, you'd have to think that Will can't let this one slip away.

Mike Rolash: I just read here that Will has about seven years of experience and when you compare that to the second generational background of the former Hoyt Williams, it could be a long night for Beckenhall.

Back to his feet, Kyuseishu stomps down on Will again. The fans began to boo again, the Holy Samurai egging them on once more. With a smile, he springs off the ropes and goes for a leg drop but the pool is empty as Beckenhall manages to roll out of the way! Kyuseishu grabs at his tailbone in pain, Will slowly managing to get to an upright position. He staggers into the ropes, trying to catch his breath as best as he can, Kyuseishu taking the moment to recover.

Jim Gunt: It looks like both of these men are already winded.

Mike Rolash: Maybe old age is catching up to Williams.. As for Beckenhall.. that cigarette before the match may have done the trick.

Panting heavily, Beckenhall moves along the ropes into a corner, he keeps an eye on Kyuseishu who's now back to his feet. With a deep breath, he charges at Beckenhall who moves out of the way, causing Kyuseishu to crash violently into the turnbuckles! He stumbles backwards, towards the center of the ring and Beckenhall comes flying off the ropes, exploding through Kyuseishu's chest with a lariat! He lands on top with the cover.



Kickout.. Beckenhall still seems a bit out of breath but he makes it to his feet nonetheless. He moves to the corner and steps out to the apron and makes his way to the top. He waits for Kyuseishu to get vertical and once he does. Will leaps off and takes him down with a flying clothesline! Both men crash to the canvas and are slow to rise, the fans firmly behind Beckenhall as they chant his name.

Jim Gunt: This may be the break that Will needs to get back in this thing!

Mike Rolash: I don't know Jim, that clothesline look like it took a lot out of him.

Will is in his hands and knees, breathing heavily as he crawls to a corner and uses the ropes to get upright. Beckenhall moves towards Kyuseishu, who's trying to get back up himself but a kick to the ribs sends him rolling near the ropes. Grabbing him by the hair, Will brings his opponent off of the canvas. Lifting him off his feet, Bill Beck has Kyuseishu up on his shoulders in an Argentine Backbreaker hold, but he flips Kyuseishu off and dumps him on his head with a DDT! Kyuseishu is out like a light as Will shoots the half and goes for the cover.




A collective sigh rings out through the crowd as they thought that was it but Kyuseishu's shoulder is clearly off of the mat. Will curses to himself but gets back up and stomps on Kyuseishu before pulling him near a corner. Beckenhall begins to climb to the top with his back to his foe, soon reaching the top, the fans rise to their feet as he backflips off and connects with nothing but knees!

Jim Gunt: Kyuseishu able to block the Moonsault, getting his knees up in the nick of time!

Mike Rolash: That was a last ditch effort and it paid off, giving the veteran some time to recover.

Kyuseishu recovers slowly, his minions watching on stoically, meanwhile, Beckenhall clutches at his midsection, coughing harshly. Dean watches on to make sure he doesn't have to count as both men are up to their feet. Will is the first to strike as he charges at Kyuseishu, but an Enziguri sends him crashing face first into the canvas! Kyuseishu rolls Beckenhall over and goes for the pin.





Will has his arm high in the air, Kyuseishu still laying on top of him in disbelief as he stares into Scott Dean's eyes as he confirms the two count. The fans began to rally once again, clapping as Kyuseishu slowly gets to his feet and tells the fans it's over. Bringing Will up by his hair, Kyuseishu lifts him up onto his shoulders and begins to parade around the ring, carrying Will's almost lifeless body.

Jim Gunt: Kyuseishu looks to be going for the Oklahoma Stampede but he's clearly wasting precious time trying up prove a point to the fans.

Mike Rolash: C'mon Williams, stop playing around with him in there.

Beck's body dangles on The Holy Samurai's shoulder as he finally decides to charge for the corner. However Beckenhall slips free and falls behind Kyuseishu, grabbing his arm, Will ripcords him and goes for a lariat. As if he was saving his energy for this exact moment, Kyuseishu ducks underneath, still having ahold of Will's arm. He returns the favor and ripcords Beck.


Mike Rolash: It look like he landed on his neck badly there.

Kyuseishu drops to his knees, his body heaving up and down from labored breaths. He slowly gets back to his feet, Beckenhall on the canvas, clearly in pain as he clutches at his neck. Grabbing Beck by the back of his head, he hooks him between his legs and looks at to the fans with a sick smile as they send hatred in his direction. Now with a confident smirk, Kyuseishu clasps his arms between Beckenhall's legs before lifting him up and spiking him down on top of his head! Will is out as Kyuseishu cockily lays on top of him with a backpress as Dean is over for the count.




The bell rings.

Ray Douglas: Here is your winner, via pinfall.. KYUSEISHU!

Kyuseishu gets to his feet, Dean coming over to raise his hand in victory but he quickly snatches away to do the honors himself. His 11 disciples entering the ring, Scott Dean making haste to exit, remembering what happened to the cameraman last week.

Jim Gunt: Strong win by Kyuseishu, proving that experience may always be a factor inside of the ring.

Mike Rolash: I tip my hat off to Beckenhall.. kudos but clearly the better man win here tonight.

Shakai Seigi Samurai [Social Justice Samurai]

Jim Gunt: That was a good match giving us a glimpse at some of the talent that will be in the Golden Intentions Rumble live and only on PPV. 

Mike Gunt: Hey I think Kyuseishu is getting into it with a fan, we all saw what he did last week to the cameraman maybe this guy will get forked too!

The camera cuts from the broadcasters to Ky at ringside and picks up some of the conversation off mic.

Kyuseishu:  Bow to me for I am your savior!

The obese fan wearing a super Indy insider shirt a size to small stands up in the face of Kyuseishu.

Fan: No, you’re not!  You suck. Go back to Japan asshole.

Kyuseishu:  I will put in a BAD word with God to make sure you never get into heaven.

The fan makes the “OK” hand gesture at Ky mockingly writing off Ky’s claims of damnation.  Ky gets really upset and grabs I mic from the nearby ring announcer as he darts back to the front row fan.

Kyuseishu: Did you sinners see that?  Did the camera get a glimpse of that??  Where is security?!?!  That disgusting low life just made a racist hand gesture towards me and it’s not ok.  I will not accept such vile behavior from the nitwits in the crowd.  I mean is that allowed here.  I NEVER would have guessed Alabama was racist state, it’s always been so progressive. 

Jim Gunt: What is he getting at?

Mike Rolash: The "OK" hand sign is not "Ok" anymore according to the news.

Jim Gunt: I think this is being taken out of context.

Kyuseishu:  I’m dead serious can we get security to remove this racist?  Get your phones out and take pictures of this man so we can all share it on social media and shame him.  Racists are disgusting and vile and he needs a lifelong ban.  If the Chicago Cubs can do it, so can CWF let’s be a progressive company and come out of the dark ages.

Jim Gunt: We already are, this is outrageous.

Security takes the man away as the crowd is now riled up and very angry.  Kyuseishu waves good by to the fan with a smile on his face. A few soda’s and popcorn boxes bounce off Ky who just ignores them. Ky motions to the cameraman to follow him into the ring but the cameraman is a bit hesitant. 

Kyuseishu:  I am a social justice Samurai of the highest order and microaggressions will not stand.  It’s ok Mr. Cameraman, I paid restitution to the last camera guy and the office gave me a stern warning.  I follow the rules, and have promised not to hurt anyone who isn’t a wrestler on the roster.  So please follow me.

Still sweating from the match Kyuseishu enters the ring with mic in hand as the camera man totes along.

Kyuseishu: Tonight’s match is history.  It’s outcome meaningless. History is the past, and the past is what we reflect on, NOT what we look to.  Right now, the only thing that matters to me is winning the Golden Intentions rumble, because if I don’t, I’m just a tale in a wrestling history book.  If I don’t make the impact in New Orleans, what do I become?  Nostalgia? That means a dusty relic to the idiots of this state which has one of the worst educational systems in the country. 

The crowd boos loudly.

Mike Rolash: I think I counted ten teeth in the whole front row.

Jim Gunt: How dare you, these are paying customers. Plus that joke is older than the bible.

Kyuseishu: God bless you for stopping abortions, but for my brother’s sake how about teaching these saved lives something more than that terrible accent and how to leach off northerners.  But this isn’t about you, and your aimless lives, it’s about me and all my glory….GLORY BE!!!

Kyuseishu raises his arms out like a cross and looks to the heavens soaking in the jeers as he takes a deep breath.

Kyuseishu: The truly blessed in this world have special privileges.  The real elite play by a separate set of rules than the zombie unawake like you sinners sleep walking through life. 

A camera cuts to a large section of the crowed booing.

Kyuseishu: Most sink and swim while second comings like me walk on water.  I don’t pay taxes because I’m a preacher, this county separates church and state, so my taxes vanish like common sense in the lords year of twenty nineteen. Is it a cheat code?  Your darn right; hell, I owned a game genie and changed Mario’s pants to purple when I was a kid because I found a way. Cheating is just a side result to structure.  It’s neither good nor evil.  Its you and your social judgements that dictate how we’re supposed to feel about a path that merely exists.  If you can take advantage of the short cuts, why wouldn’t you. Well again your education kind of trumps logical scenarios so scratch that.  

A fan is seen giving Ky the middle finger.

Kyuseishu: It’s not only the church that makes me better than you. If I get charged with a crime, I wouldn’t have to do the time because I have celebrity privilege. It’s like white privilege only on steroids.  I didn’t ask for it, but it’s inherent to our social structure so why not enjoy it?  Why not get free meals that I could easily pay for, while sinners like you starve.  I mean my FATHER…. GOD himself, gave you the ability to make choices and you insult my family but choosing a life of mediocrity?

Jim Gunt: This is offensive.

Mike Rolash: As is the world Jim, as is the world.

Kyuseishu: CWF has a cheat code, or a path for the privileged like me to get to the top.  A cheat that will take me from a forgotten American ICON…SAVIOR…ATTRACTIVE…GOOD SMELLING…GOOD FEELING…SECOND COMING OF MAN, to tomorrows top news story. A path that takes me from nostalgia act, to the headliner of Wrestle Fest FIVE…..The real savior has arrived! 

Mike Rolash: What marketing!

Jim Gunt: What garbage.

Kyuseishu: I can climb from the bottom of the card slowly and methodically OR win the Golden Intentions Rumble and take the elevator all the way to heavens gate.  Some dirty deeds are done dirt cheap, and please don’t stop believing for my purpose is clear.  WIN.  WIN one match.  June 12th get your ass to God’s least favorite city of New Orleans, Louisiana; and become a Kyuseishu witness as I will make history.  If you fear hurricanes and having to deal with Cajuns, I don’t blame you, SO order on PPV because CWF will never be the same.   Washed in the blood of the Kyuseishu war will flood the lands.

Ky makes a cutthroat motion before walking closely into the face of the camera with crazy eyes.

Kyuseishu:  I saw a snake chasing a cat, and I told the cat I think he’s going to make it.  The cat said to me, well I must. I’m the cat now, and I too must. You see I have a want and a path and a God I believe in, and a God who believes in me.  Bring on the young bloods, drive your fords, revive the what was one prime, bring on the carnage, try your luck, let the freak parade commence, let the fury rise…because by GOD, for it is GOD’s word, the KYUSEISHU shall overcome it all taking that Golden Intention and striking fear into the heart of the champion.  Sinners and believers alike this is one biblical battle you are not going to want to miss.  Resurgam~!

Kyuseishu drops the mic, exits the ring, gets on a clean white Segway, and rolls away quickly to the back. 

Mike Rolash: Where did that Segway come from?  It’s a miracle!

Jim Gunt: One of his disciples brought it out during his “sermon”.

No Quick Words

The camera cuts to the backstage area, where we see Tara Robinson stood outside the door to Jack Beradi’s office. 

Tara Robinson: Ladies and gentlemen, I am waiting here to get a word with the man that made his Golden Intentions very clear last week, “The Ripper” Danny B. 

As if on cue, the door to the office opened and out stepped The Ripper, a pleased looked etched across his scarred face.

Tara Robinson: Danny, can we get a quick word about why you have decided to return to CWF?

Danny smiled at Tara, flashing the famous pearly whites. 

Danny B: Tara my dear, I know I haven’t been around much since you started here, but I think even you would know by now that I do not do ‘quick words.’ I will say what I have to say in the middle of that ring, so that people all around the world can revel in every single word. 

Now, I don’t mean to be a buzzkill, but I have to go and speak to a few people, it’s a big night coming up soon after all. However, if you’re not busy after the show, I would love to give you a personal interview, may over some sushi?

He turned on his Italian leather heel and was gone. Tara turned back to the camera, a little hint of flush in her cheeks. 

Tara Robinson: Well, there you have it, the man of many words deciding to keep them to himself for now. Let's send it back to ringside.

Tara smiles as she lowers the camera and sends things back to Jim and Mike.

Johnny Olympus vs. Julian Bathory

The camera switches back to the ring where Ray is standing there with Julian Bathory, who's already inside of the ring.

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first already inside of the ring.. JULIAN BATHORY!!

The fans give a decent reaction to the newcomer who waves at them.

Jim Gunt: Big match for this kid who gets to show the world what he brings to the Golden Intentions Rumble.

Mike Rolash: Well hell, obviously it won't be much...the guy didn't even get a decent intro.

Jim Gunt: Professional wrestling isn't just about entrances, Mike.

Mike Rolash: Are you kidding? What else could it be about.

"The Pot" by Tool kicks in and the fans begin to mildly boo as Johnny Olympus arrogantly steps out onto the stage in all of his shiny glory.

Ray Douglas: His opponent, from Athens, Greece.. weighing two hundred thirty nine pounds! The Greek Physique… JOHNNY OLYMPUS!!

The fans continue to boo as Olympus makes his way ignoring any abuse that they send his way. Calmly walking up the steps, he goes through the ropes and climbs the nearest turnbuckle, smiling out at the booing crowd, his gold teeth sparkling in the lights.

Jim Gunt: Johnny Olympus back after failing to defeat the Queen of the Ring, Lindsay Troy a couple of weeks back.

Mike Rolash: He talked a big game but ultimately fell short. Maybe he'll be able to turn things around here against Julian Bathory.

Summits calls for the bell and both men come charging tired each other but Bathory quickly rolls Olympus up going for the pin!



Olympus kicks out and both men are back up to their feet and Johnny brutalized Julian Bathory with a vicious clothesline. The excitement for the young star that is Julian Bathory is instantly sucked out of the building.

Jim Gunt: Bathory trying to pull off the upset but Olympus able to swings things his way.

Mike Rolash: He went down hard with that shot.

As if now irritated at Bathory's feeble effort, Johnny Olympus stalks around the ring before bringing Bathory back up and dropping him back down with a hard right hand. Again with a fistful of hair, Olympus brings Bathory upright and sends him crashing face first into the top turnbuckle. Julian falls to the mat in a daze, Olympus bringing him back up and shooting across the time before dropping him with another brutal clothesline.

Jim Gunt: At this point, he's just toyng around with this kid in the ring.

Mike Rolash: Maybe it'll show Julian that he might be in over his head, when it calls himself declaring for the Golden Intentions Rumble.

Bathory tries to create away from the assault but The Lion of Athens drops a knee into his ribcage. Olympus shoots the half and goes for the cover, Summits sliding in to make the count.



Bathory with the shoulder up. The Greek Physique sits up beside Bathory's body, questioning Summits about the count when he's rolled up in a crucifix!



And now it's Olympus who kicks out. Both men are too their feet and Olympus swings with a right hand but it's dodged and Bathory connects with a right off his own! The fans began to rally behind him as he connects with another, one more has The Lion of Athens stumbling into the ropes. He shoots Olympus across the ring...no reversal by Johnny and Bathory explodes off the ropes with a running forearm that drops Olympus. Johnny's back to his feet but a lariat sends him crashing back down. He's quickly up but a jumping leg lariat does the trick in keeping him on the canvas.

Jim Gunt: Julian Bathory looks to be on a roll but Olympus using his ring awareness to slide under the bottom rope and outside of the ring.

Mike Rolash: That was smart thinking.

Olympus grabs at his face at ringside, Bathory following him outside of the ring but that gives Olympus an opening to climb back inside. A man on a mission, Bathory hurriedly followed behind him, climbing onto the apron and stepping through the ropes but Johnny stops him with a knee lift! Slump in the ropes and falls to the mat. Enraged Johnny goes for the kill, lifting Bathory up and onto his in a fireman's carry position before drilling him with a cutter!

Jim Gunt: Olympus just nailed the Lion Skin Rug and this has to be it.

Mike Rolash: Thank you for coming kid...

Johnny rolls Julian over and hooks the leg for the cover as Clark makes the count.




The bell rings.

Ray Douglas: Here is your winner, via pinfall… JOHNNY OLYMPUS!

Cheese! Wedge?

The scene slides smoothly to the backstage area, in particular one specific locker room with the name, "Mia Rayne" written on a marker board outside. The camera operator knocks softly and opens the door to reveal Mia getting ready for the main event, sitting on a bench and wrapping her wrists before slipping on her gloves. Standing stoically in the corner is The Shadow, his face masked by the hood of his robe.

Mia Rayne: Shadow, you worry too much. We have everything under control.

The hood only shakes its head as Mia continues to get ready.

Mia Rayne: You don't understand Shadow, he's still in there, he just doesn't remember how to connect the A's to the chickens, and the ones to the aborignees. That and we really don't believe that that's going to be Ataxia that we're dealing with out there...

Shadow doesn't give her a chance to continue. He pushes himself off the wall in a fluid motion and heads to the door.

Shadow: That's fine. Fine Mia. Have you forgotten Myfanwy? How does she fit into your schemes at all? She's still MISSING! How about Zach? He's a wildcard that is sure to explode if pushed too hard, and what about these... Ataxia drones you have? Who are they?

Mia chuckles and turns so she can face Shadow.

Mia Rayne: Ooooo... Mystery and intrigue that causes the man who practically invented those words to scratch his head in wonder...

Shadow pounds the door behind him, causing Mia to jump slightly, but the Cheshire-like grin is still on her face.

Shadow: No games Mia, I have lost my patience for games from you, Ataxia, or anything else either of you may have in store. Now tell me, who are Ataxia1 and Ataxia2?

Mia's smile remains, though her eyes shift to what she needs to do to continue getting ready. She grabs the tape she had discarded earlier and begins wrapping her other hand, her eyes never leaving Shadow's.

Mia Rayne: Ataxia1 is Plan B. He will be ready when the time is right and now? It isn't that time, at all. Makes tonight all the easier anyways, too many bodies all at once, and things could get confusing, wouldn't want to accidentally hit the wrong person, ya know?

Mia pauses, her smile widening as Shadow glares.

Mia Rayne: Kidding Shadow. Take a chill pill or something! Lighten up! Ataxia1 is not available at the moment and won't be here tonight though, of that you can be certain. Ataxia2 on the other hand... Well, you'll know who he is when the time is right Shadow. Right now though? It isn't important. It's a detail you're focusing on that in all honesty, you don't need to be focusing on. That's why we're here, remember? Now, we have a match to ready for, as do you. Shoo.

She motions Shadow to leave but he looks to say something. Mia rolls her eyes and turns her back on Shadow, peeling the hoodie she was wearing off and over her head to reveal nothing but a bra underneath.

Mia Rayne: Told you, we have a match to get ready for. If you want a show, you'll have to pay, but we don't think it's that kind of cable tv show.

She whips her head around and narrows her mischievous eyes at a flustered Shadow.

Shadow: This conversation is far from over Mia.

Mia starts to turn around fully, her smile growing.

Mia Rayne: Oh Shadow, for right now, it IS over. We say it is. And unless you want a FULL view, we suggest you keep moving.

She turns and laughs, the sound resounding as the door silently shuts in her face.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Backstage, in all its glory.

The scene: Evolution's interview set-up.

Your participants: Tara Robinson. CWF’s #1 interviewer and an expert journalist. Not the bimbo that Noah Hanson continually makes her out to be, but he’s a fucking clown so why are we even surprised? The other: Lindsay Troy. Who is not a fucking clown. But, she is the “supposed” #1 Contender to Silas Artoria’s Paramount Championship, if the dude would ever accept her gorram challenge. She’s standing next to Tara wearing a “Yellowhammer Fund” t-shirt and jeans, because CWF’s in Alabama tonight and lol fuck Alabama.

Tara Robinson: Lindsay, we’re here tonight because two Evolutions ago, you interrupted Silas Artoria during the show’s opening and stated your desire to challenge him for the Paramount Title. Last week you interrupted his backstage interview and reiterated your challenge, while also attacking his mentor Hidetaka Ito. He still has not officially stated whether or not he’ll be facing you at Golden Intentions. What’s your next step?

Lindsay Troy: First of all, if Silas Artoria was half the champion he puffs himself up to be, he would’ve accepted my challenge right then and there at Evolution 52 and we could’ve avoided all of this. But he’s the kind of guy who likes (makes a motion with her hands, akin to “jazz hands”) “dramatics,” and I’m the kind of girl who likes a goddamn answer. Second of all, I didn’t necessarily like having to steamroll Ito, because my quarrel isn’t with him, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get what you want. As far as my next step? Well, the night is young. Plenty of opportunity still to convince the champ that it’s in his best interest to give me what I want.

Tara Robinson: You could just go ask Jon Stewart.

Lindsay Troy: Jon Stewart already knows he needs a Paramount Title match for his pay-per-view event. He doesn’t need me to tell him how to do his-- 

Before the Queen of the Ring can finish her sentence, a primal yell interrupts her.

???: JONES!

Lindsay Troy: (confused) Who the fuck is “Jones?” Did Stewart book an Indiana cosplayer for a guest spot?

Tara immediately jumps around to face the nearby door, the source of the scream that echoed throughout the corridor. She’s visibly nervous, moreso when a loud thud hits the door. She turns to Lindsay.

Tara Robinson: I’d run if I were you.

Lindsay Troy: Oh, that bellow was meant for me? You want me to run from the screams of a madman who doesn’t know my name? I don’t run from shit, Tara. But I’ll white knight for you if you want. It’ll be just like my good ol’ days.

The door flies off it’s hinges with grand force, and lands at the foot of Lindsay’s feet as Tara takes her leave without hesitation. The dust begins to settle, and through the doorway comes Silas Artoria, his face a mask of anger. He dons sunglasses, black gloves, and holds his trademark cane.

The Queen...is unimpressed, and scoffs at his appearance.

Lindsay Troy: Oh, it’s you. Finally come to accept my challenge? Took you long enou--


A quick swipe from Silas’ cane forces Lindsay to her knee, but a retaliatory uppercut staggers him back, giving her ample time to rise back to her feet, albeit with a limp and a grimace.

Lindsay Troy: Ah, the young pup has bite. Looking to break my ankle are we?

Unfazed, he replies, his voice is noticeably focused, and a little deeper than previously.

Silas Artoria: I’ve been breaking bones since before you arrived here. You don’t have one, get a goddamn grip.

Lindsay Troy: (smirking) Great, so, I got the jump on you and sensei last week, and you’re returning the favor. But all this means nothing because we’re right back where we started, and I’m tired of it. 

Fast as a flash, Lindsay leaps forward, ignoring the pain in her ankle, and barrels into Silas. The staff members along the hallway all look visibly alarmed and start making their way out of the vicinity. The two CWF stars crash to the floor, Silas’s sunglasses stay on, but his cane rattles away, and there’s a scuffle for the upper hand. Bodies roll around on the floor, punches are thrown, and Lindsay eventually wins out. She pins Silas’s arms to his sides with her legs and lands rapid hammerfists to his mouth, but he’s able to wriggle one arm free and land a blow to the side of her head. Lindsay, stunned, stops her assault. Silas scrabbles for his cane, gets a hand on it, but Lindsay blocks him from swinging it at her head. With all this movement, he’s able to work his other arm free, which he uses to grab her hair, bending her back away from him, and clubs a forearm against her chest. 

Lindsay rolls off him and Silas is now slow to his feet, but not so slow that he doesn’t beat her there first. He grabs her and throws her first against the wall, then through the door that he blasted open earlier. He follows after her, cane in hand again, stalking her calmly. No hint of satisfaction, just a man walking like the angel of death.

Silas Artoria: Shocked, are you?

He starts walking towards Lindsay, who is getting to her feet. Silas’ voice begins to rise in tone.

Silas Artoria: Look at you. Crumpling when the consequences of your actions come back to bite you in the backside. You come into the CWF and expect the world to revolve around you?

Lindsay staggers and leans towards one of the workstations. She turns to face Silas, but immediately moves before the cane comes crashing down on the surface, splitting it into two in the process.

A backfist, striking his temple! It gets a noticeable reaction, with a small but audible crack heard. A pause. Silas turns back to look at his prey, finally giving her a sneak preview of what is behind the glasses.

Red eyes.

An unwavering glare.

And black and rose red pulsating mark on the skin surrounding the impact.

She looks at it, eyebrow raised.

Lindsay Troy: Huh. Interest--


She goes down, this time from a strike to her nose. It bloodies up quickly, and she starts to try and get a footing. The second her hand touches the concrete, the foot of Silas’ cane crashes down, with the Canadian pressing his full weight against it.

Silas Artoria: As I was saying…

Slight twist, widening Lindsay’s eyes as she grips the cane with the other, making a vain attempt to escape.

Silas Artoria: ...you come to the CWF to make a mark, and your method of begging extends to attacking elder managers, from behind no less!

The cane moves, and quickly rests against Lindsay’s chin.

Silas Artoria: I heard you wanted a match for my title. Do you?

Lindsay is seething, but is paying more attention to her nose and hand, to the point that it prompts a response. Silas hits her nose with his cane again, not hard enough to break it but hard enough to elicit pain.

Silas Artoria: Look at me when I am talking! Look at me!

Lindsay finally looks with a glower, and the glare of Silas's pierces her skull. Nothing fun, nothing joyful, just a predator and today’s prey.

Silas Artoria: Be careful what you wish for.

He throws the cane at her, lightly bouncing it off her head as he starts to walk back through the small path of destruction.

Silas Artoria: I’d do some research if I was you, just so you’re...informed.

Finally, as he goes back through the doorway and off the concourse, the small echo of a deep and uncomfortable laugh could be heard.

Lindsay Troy gets to her feet, scowling, and wipes the blood from her nose. She checks on her hand, flexing it, and rolls Silas’s cane to her foot. With a flip up from the floor, it’s in her hand.

Lindsay Troy: Take your own advice to heart, kid. And maybe, never leave a weapon behind.

With that, Evolution moves to the ring.

Nathan Paradine vs. Noah Hanson

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…

The opening riff to "Beat The Devil's Tattoo" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club begins to blast around the arena as Nathan Paradine emerges from behind the curtain, the overhead lights reflecting off of his trademark sunglasses. He smirks as he surveys the crowd for a moment, thumbing the collar of his leather jacket before flicking his hands outwards and approaching the ring.

Ray Douglas: Making his way to the ring, from Melbourne, Australia.. Weighing two hundred forty pounds! The Australian Submission Machine… NATHAN PARADINE!!

He climbs the stairs and wipes his boots on the outside of the apron before stepping between the ropes. He observes the crowd once more before shrugging out of his jacket, passing it off to a stagehand and backing off into the corner to perform a few light warm ups.

The lights dim down and smoke fills the stage as "Sex Machine" (Hanson Mix) plays though the speakers. From behind the curtain, steps out the Hollywood Blockbuster. He looks around to the fans and pose, they give him a slight reaction but don't know what to make of him yet. He doesn't care though as he struts his way to the ring with as much swag that the law can allow.

Ray Douglas: His opponent, from Kansas City, Kansas.. Weighing in at two hundred thirty two pounds! The A-Lister.. NOAH HANSON!

He takes a moment to talk to a fan, who ask for his autograph, clearly recognizing him from other companies. Noah Hanson agrees, grabbing a pen from the teenager and signing his poster board. He then proceeds to snatch it from the fan and effortlessly flings it backwards. The fan looks disappointed as his poster flails to the floor, far out his reach. Hanson makes eye contact with Nathan, maintaining his focus as he climbs on the apron and step through the ropes.

Jim Gunt: Now that was uncalled for, that poor fan...

Mike Rolash: They need to just sit down, shut up, and "be a fan".

Jim Gunt: Right, because that's what they paid their good money to do?

The official for this contest, "Big" Denny Davidson calls for the bell. Both men circle the ring before coming together for a tie up. Gaining the upper hand, Hanson shoves Nathan back into a corner where Davidson is right there to administer the mandatory five count. Paradine tries his best to fight off Hanson's advances but the Hollywood Blockbuster lets up as Davidson nears five on his count. Hanson backs up, acknowledging the count as he and Paradine circle again before meeting for another lock up. A well timed leg trip has the Australian Submission Machine flat on his back as Noah flips him over to his stomach by his left leg.

Jim Gunt: These two starting out strong as Hanson looks to go for a submission but Paradine is able to escape.

Mike Rolash: These two seem evenly matched so far as neither are able to take advantage.

Nathan is back to his feet as is Noah as the the two slowly circle the ring again. They meet with another tie up bout Hanson ducks underneath and tries to latch on a half nelson but Paradine is able to reverse with a standing switch and lock on a full nelson. Noah drops to a seated position on the mat, loosening Paradine's grip. But Nathan switches to a rear waistlock. Noah struggles against the hold, grabbing Paradine's left wrist and spinning through and getting to his feet with a top wristlock applied.

Jim Gunt: Noah and Nathan proving why they are two of the top mat technicians in the game today.

Mike Rolash: I haven't heard much about Noah Hanson but I'm highly impressed with him at the current moment.

Hanson continues to torque at Paradine's wrist, Nathan contemplating a counter. He spins through and ducks behind Hanson, rolling him up for a pin attempt.



The Hollywood Blockbuster kicks out and both men are to their feet, in opposite corners as the fans show their appreciation for the display. They measure each other up again and meet with yet another lock up, this time Hanson taking Nathan to the canvas with a side headlock. He goes to lock it on but Paradine, in a frantic, fights against it, sliding free and to his feet. He looks down at Noah who's on his ass, scooting backwards to create some distance. Nathan allows him to get to his feet and reaches out for a Greco-Roman knuckle lock with his right hand. Hanson meets his with his left, Paradine spins through and bends Hanson's wrist backwards, dropping him to the mat.

Jim Gunt: Paradine looks to keep control of the wristlock but Hanson is able to reverse into a wristlock of his own and now Paradine is down on the mat.

Mike Rolash: Damn...how many wristlocks can these guys do?

Jim Gunt: This is professional wrestling at it's purest form. Every match doesn't have to be a fight, Mike.

Mike Rolash: I'm just saying, a fist works a lot better than a wristlock.

Hanson has Paradine down as he twist his wrist. Nathan grunts but is able to get vertical, he leverages his way out of the wristlock and applies a side headlock. Hanson backs him into the ropes and shoots him across. Paradine rebounds and Hanson twirls him through the air and crashing backfirst across his knee with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Arching his back in pain, Nathan crawls towards the nearest corner, using the ropes to get vertical. He stares across the ring at the Hollywood Blockbuster who confidently smirks and motions for him to bring it. The Australian Submission Machine charges in but catches a boot to the gut for his efforts. A knife edge chop to the chest stands him back up and reeling towards a corner for refuge. Hanson is hot on his trails, Paradine uses his arm to create some space between the two but Hanson shoves it out of the way and connects with another blistering chop!

Jim Gunt: That sounded vicious and Nathan's chest is already changing colors.

Mike Rolash: He doesn't want to take too many more of those. Hollywood won't want him!

Paradine clutches at his chest, stumbling around the ring, Hanson stalking behind him. Nathan finds himself in a corner but Hanson is right there to whip him across where he crashes against the turnbuckles. Noah charges in but a boot to the face sends him staggering backwards. The Australian Submission Machine explodes out of the corner and takes Hanson down to the canvas with a vicious clothesline! The fans pop for their own ass the Hollywood Blockbuster is reeling on the canvas.

Jim Gunt: Huge lariat by Nathan giving him some much needed breathing room.

Mike Rolash: I told you Jimbo...a good solid hit cancels out a wristlock any day.

Paradine goes for the cover, hooking the leg.



Hanson with the shoulder up. Paradine doesn't complain, he simply uses the ropes to get to his feet, checking his chest on the way up. Hanson is to his hands and knees but Nathan quickly flips over him and pins his shoulders to the mat again.



Hanson kicks out again as both men get to their feet but Noah is the fastest to the strike, catching Paradine with a kick to the midsection. Doubled over, he stumbles back into the near corner, Hanson following him in and destroying his chest with another hard chop! Paradine goes cross corner, clutching at his chest, Hanson making sure to stay on him. Noah grabs his arm but whatever he had planned is thwarted as Nathan twists through and clubs Noah's left arm. Noah quickly grabs his arm out of reflex but Nathan isn't done. He hammerlocks Hanson's left arm, lifts him off his feet and sends him crashing arm first into the top rope! Noah drops to the canvas, grabbing his arm in agony.

Jim Gunt: And it looks like Paradine had found a weak spot, choosing to go after Noah's left arm.

Mike Rolash: The way things were looking, they were beginning to become bleak. But hopefully Paradine will be able to pull out this victory.

Jim Gunt: When did you become a Paradine fan?

Mike Rolash: He's representing CWF right now and after that vicious fight with Xander where they both ended up arrested, definitely gained my respect.

Retreating to a corner, Hanson continues to clutch at his arm as Nathan makes his way over and brings him back vertical. Wrenching Noah's arm into another hammerlock, Paradine flips him over to the canvas with a modified Northern Lights Suplex, holding on for the pin.



Hanson rolls his shoulder again but Paradine using his momentum to roll him to his stomach and lock his legs around Noah's left arm, bending up awkwardly in an armbar. Sensing he's in trouble, Noah hurriedly positions himself near the ropes and drapes his leg across, forcing the break. Nathan obliges "Big" Denny's command, rolling backwards to his feet. Hanson rising to his as well, Paradine rushes in but Noah catches him with a knee to the gut. Taking Paradine over with a snapmare, Hanson sends four hard kicks into Nathan's spine, forcing him to arch his back in pain. Proud of his work, Noah leaps into the air and as he descends to the mat, he connects with a dropkick to the back of Paradine's neck.

Jim Gunt: The Australian Submission Machine can't catch a break as Noah Hanson seems to have a counter for everything.

Mike Rolash: As much as I'm rooting for Paradine to win this thing, you have to admit that Hanson is no slouch.

Perspiration can be seen dripping from both men body, exhausting clearly beginning to set in as they get to their feet. Hanson clearly upset that he wasn't able to go for the cover, he moves right for Paradine but Nathan comes to life, he sends Hanson reeling back with a hard chop of his own. He moves in and connects with another one but Noah takes it and retaliates with a hard slap that sends sweat flying everywhere, even fans cringing from the loud shot! The Australian Submission Machine stumbles back into a corner, where Noah is right on him with kicks to the midsection, dropping him down into a seated position. Using his foot, Hanson begins to choke the life out of Paradine as the fans show their disapproval.

Jim Gunt: Do you figure that the fight between Paradine and XanDan could be a factor as to why Nathan's not able to stay in this contest?

Mike Rolash: After what those to went through a couple of weeks ago on Evolution.. I would say so.

Davidson starts his count and Hanson releases at three. With an intense look within his eyes, Noah brings Nathan up by his hair. He butterflies Nathan's arms but Paradine reverses and takes Noah to the mat with a Fujiwara Armbar! The crowd explodes in admiration as Nathan cranks and pulls at Hanson's left arm. Noah is able to roll through and get to his feet but Paradine still had ahold of the left arm and send another clubbing blow onto it forcing Hanson to yell out. He grabs his arm again and tries his best to move away from a wore out Paradine. Nathan moves in and returns the favor of a hard slap across the face!

Jim Gunt: It looks like things are getting personal between these two.

Mike Rolash: Neither man can gain a true advantage and I'm sure that can be very frustrating.

Moving along the ropes, Hanson finds himself in a corner but Nathan's right there to whip him across. He crashes against the turnbuckles and Paradine charges in and crushes him with a clothesline. Staying on the offensive, Nathan hooks him and sends him flying overhead with a Paraplex! Too worn down to go for the cover, Nathan lays on his back, staring up at the lights, along with Hanson as Denny begins his ten count. Just as "Big" Denny yells "FOUR!", Nathan gets to his feet and groggily moves towards Hanson. As he reaches down, Hanson surprises him and takes him down by the leg and applies a King Crab Lock!

Jim Gunt: Noah catches Nathan slipping once again as he now has him locked in the Long, Cold Winter!

Mike Rolash: What?

Jim Gunt: What..?

Mike Rolash: Is that seriously what he calls that hold?

Jim Gunt: That's what I got here in my notes.

Mike Rolash: Long… Cold… Winter… cinched in!

Gunt only shakes his head as Hanson continues to stretch Paradine's left leg as far back as possible. But Nathan manages to use his upper body strength to push up and twist out of the hold, shoving Hanson back into the corner where his head collides with the middle turnbuckle. Woozy from the shot, Noah uses the ropes to get upright but is caught by a charging Paradine who drills him with an european uppercut! Noah is rocked as Paradine brings him out of the corner and spikes him on his head with a backdrop driver! Noah clutches at his neck as Nathan guess for the cover.




Frustration begins to set in on Nathan's face as he thought that was it. Getting back to his feet, he looks to deadlift Hanson with a gutwrench. However, Noah trips him by his leg and rolls him to his feet, backing him against the ropes and shooting him across. Nathan rebounds as Hanson rotates and connects with a discus forearm!

Jim Gunt: Mirakuru has Nathan stunned! Boot to the midsection… SURESHOT BY HANSON! HE GOES FOR THE COVER!





Davidson holds up two fingers, confirming the count as the crowd comes unglued for Nathan's tenacity. Both men lay flat on their back, motionless as the crowd begins a slow clap that picks up it's cadence, the further it's going. Noah slaps the mat in frustration, thinking he had it with the Spinning Fisherman Buster. Davidson starts his count as both men stare up into the lights, the fans making noise, trying to rally them both to their feet. At the count of five, they both roll to their hands and knees, soon coming head to head. Sluggishly, Paradine connects with an european uppercut, Hanson retaliates with a hard slap, both men slowly rising to their feet. European uppercut by Paradine. Forearm by Hanson. Forearm by Paradine. Hanson powers up and begins to unload slap after brutal slap to Paradine's jaw.

Jim Gunt: Slap after slap has Paradine reeling. Hanson with another boot to the midsection. Nathan's doubled over and Hanson turns his back to him and hooks him.. Oh no, this could be it!

Mike Rolash: I can't watch this...

Hanson spins through and lifts Paradine upside down on his own back, leaps up and spikes him with a Vertebreaker or as he likes to call it, Big Opening Weekend! With Paradine's shoulders on the mat, he holds on for the pin.




Jim Gunt: Oh My Lord! How did he escape that!? I surely thought it was over with.

Mike Rolash: Nathan refusing to stay down here tonight and I for one am impressed.





Noah stays seated in disbelief that Nathan escaped, Paradine for his part, remains flat on his back, squeezing his fist to try and regain feeling. Getting to his feet, Noah brings Nathan upright and forces him into a corner, where he lifts him up onto the top turnbuckle. Reaching up towards Nathan proves costly Noah as Paradine hooks his arm and leans off the top turnbuckle with an armbar.  Hanson screams out in pain, Paradine hanging off his left arm over the top rope. Nathan somehow yanks to hard this time though and the sweat from both of their bodies and causes Nathan to lose his grip and slip off. The crowd gasp in horror as Paradine crashes neck first into the apron and then down to the floor!

Mike Rolash: Paradine taking a nasty fall!

Jim Gunt: These two men have been going at it for twelve minutes straight, with no signs of letting up. Exhaustion was clearly going to play a factor, sooner or later.

Nathan is in obvious pain on the floor as Davidson is out to check on him. A tired Hanson is having none of it, rolling under the bottom rope, Noah brings a hurt Paradine back vertical and rolls him back inside of the ring. Sliding in behind him, Noah quickly goes for the cover.




The fans show their appreciation for Paradine for showing tremendous resiliency and heart!

Mike Rolash: You gotta be kidding me, he got dropped on his neck!

Jim Gunt: Nathan is showing fighting spirit, right now! And just like these fans, I'm truly enjoying it.

Nathan is somehow to his feet, staggering towards a corner, Noah taking up position in the opposite corner. Noah charges is and simply gets destroyed by a vicious roaring European uppercut! Hanson flies to the canvas and Paradine hurries over. He grabs the left arm of Hanson and tries to apply his signature Gogoplata.. but Hanson is able to avoid it and rolls through to his feet, one boot to the gut, he hooks the arms and still Paradine with a Double Arm DDT! Noah drags him to the center of the ring and lazily hooks the leg with a backpress. Davidson in to make the count.



Mike Rolash: What the hell!?


On his knees, Hanson is in pure shock that Paradine was able to pull that feat off. Getting to his feet, Paradine explodes into him with another hard european uppercut that sends him rocking backwards. Regaining his senses, Hanson fires off with a chop that echoes throughout the building! Another hard chop has Paradine grabbing his chest again as he turns his back to Noah. Hanson approaches Nathan quickly from behind looking for the Summer Bomb. Nathan shoots an elbow into Hanson's nose forcing him to release his grip. Moving in a fast pace, Paradine snatches his left arm and takes Hanson down to the mat with a judo throw, keeping wrist control, Paradine quickly twists Hanson up into the Mark of Judas!

Jim Gunt: This might be it for Hanson as Nathan has him trapped in the center of the ring!

Mike Rolash: He needs to do the smart thing and tap out, if he wants to preserve himself for the Golden Intentions Rumble.

Noah searches for an escape. Paradine pulls and yanks on his head, driving Hanson's throat into his leg. Choosing to take Mike's advice, Hanson sluggishly taps out. Davidson immediately calls for the bell and break and he's obliged on both. Ray doing his thing as Nathan lies next to his defeated opponent.

Ray Douglas: Here is your winner, via submission….The Australian Submission Machine….NATHAN PARADINE!!

The fans are on their feet, showing appreciation for the two warriors and the show they've put on tonight. So much so they start up another, "THIS IS AWESOME!" chant.

Jim Gunt: Indeed that was awesome. Those two men put on an absolute clinic and I'm thoroughly impressed..

Mike Rolash: It send that a lot of these outside talents are out to prove a point as we head towards Golden Intentions.

Jim Gunt: The statements are being made but you can't forget about this hard fought victory by Nathan Paradine.

Mike Rolash: He's a scrapper and has proven it on many occasions. This guy is going places.

Jim Gunt: I totally agree with you Mike.


Backstage. Golden Intentions banner. Tara Robinson. Etc. 

Tara Robinson: I’m here with MJ Flair--

Pan right. MJ stands there in street clothes, bouncing with energy from one foot to the other. 

Tara Robinson: --and MJ, can we get a reaction from you with regard to the announcement from Commissioner Stewart earlier tonight? 

MJF: Number thirty for Golden Intentions? 

She pauses. Waits. Spits on the floor. 

MJF: That doesn’t guarantee anything except for a bit of time. What matters is that a DQ means you’re out. That means, finally… Jarvis and I are gonna have a match that comes to a finish. 

Smirk. Stare into the camera. 

MJF: It’s been a long time comin’ now, Jarvis… you took a bad fall on the outside once, ya took a swing at me with a chair when it was clear ya couldn’t win… and ya preemptively declared any win over you in a tag match t’be tainted, ‘n meaningless. 

Another pause. She smiles. 

MJF: I’m in the driver’s seat, Jarvis… and you’re about t’be my crash test dummy.

Tara Robinson: Strong words from MJ Flair--WHATTHEHELL?

She’s cut off as MJ is hit from behind, sent headfirst into the banner (and the wall behind it). Jarvis King steps into view and drops his heel on the back of her head, then kicks her in the ribs once, twice, three times. 

The Icon looks at the slack-jawed Tara Robinson, still speechless at the sight. He walks up to her and pulls the microphone to his face. 

Jarvis King: Just gettin’ it out of my system, Tara… I hope Flair doesn’t let this simmer for an entire week and let her temper get the better of her. 

He leans in, and Tara leans back.

Jarvis King: Wouldn’t that just be too bad? 

Exit Jarvis, stage left. Cut. 

Autumn Raven (c) vs. Bryan Ford

Ray Douglas: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the CWF Impact Championship!

A brief cheer from the Mobile fans is replaced by several more boos as soon as "DNA" by Kendrick Lamar blares over the speakers. Carnage Wrestling’s Bryan Ford strolls out onto the stage, a shit eating grin glued onto his face as he mouths off to the fans. He makes his way down the ramp and leaps onto the apron before slingshotting over the top rope, rolling into Indian style sitting position.

Jim Gunt: Bryan Ford has made quite the statement over the last few weeks here in CWF, not only did he stake his claim to win the Golden Intentions rumble weeks ago, but he’s put a personal target right on the back of Autumn Raven.

Mike Rolash: Ford is not one to wait around for an opportunity, Jim. I admire someone who doesn’t just wait around for chances, he goes out and takes them.

Jim Gunt: Not sure I agree with the way the man has “gone out and taken” his shot, but nevertheless, Ford gets exactly what he asks for here tonight. A one on one match with the Impact Champion, for her title, one week ahead of the Golden Intentions pay per view.

Ford remains seated, watching as Sixx A.M.'s "Somewhere In Hollywood" hits the PA and purple lights shine around the top of the ramp, fog rolling around it as the songs kicks on. The CWF Tron begins to display a purple outlined black raven with her name fading in over it. As the guitar riff starts up, the purple lights start to flicker like a strobe light as Autumn slowly walks out from the back, coming to a stop at the top of the ramp. She glances out at the crowd with a smirk on her face, the Impact Championship draped over her shoulder as she starts down the ramp slowly.

Jim Gunt: What a response for the Impact Champion, Mike!

Mike Rolash: Meh. Alabama are a buncha bandwagon jumpers.

Jim Gunt: Are you kidding me? They have one of the best collegiate football teams of all time, and when speaking of Autumn Raven how can you even speak of “bandwagon”? The woman has been excelling at her craft HERE in CWF for well over a year now, and she has never looked better!

Mike Rolash: Like I said, Jim, meh. Ford is about to put her in her place.

She walks around the ring, glaring at the fans sitting at ringside before sliding under the bottom rope and leaping to her feet, giving the crowd a smug smile. She runs to the corner turnbuckle, climbing to the second one, taunting the crowd, as she flings her arms out to the sides once again before climbing down and handing the stagehand her title. Raven turns around and finally makes eye contact with Bryan Ford, never showing fear once as she gets right in his face. Freddie Styles places an arm between both competitor, backing both of them up to their corner to allow Ray Douglas to make his introductions.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first, from Terrell, Texas, he is the Innovator of Greatness, the Host of the Bryan Ford Show, ladies and gentlemen Carnage Wrestling’s own….BRYAN FORD!!

Ray does his best to sell Ford but the Mobile, Alabama crowd is having none of it, booing the man immediately following Douglas’ introduction. This only brings a smile to Raven and even surprisingly Ford, who struts around the ring as if the boos were gifts of adulation.

Ray Douglas: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California, she is the Beautiful Psychopath. She is the REIGNING and DEFENDING CWF IMPACT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD! Ladies and gentlemen….AUTUMN RAVEN!!

A blast of cheers from the sold out Alabama crowd as Autumn begins to mouth off to Ford from across the ring, which Bryan reciprocates immediately. Styles simply shakes his head, telling both competitors quickly to have a clean fight before ringing the bell and backing up just in time as Autumn Raven leaps right on top of Bryan Ford and begins to assault him with an array of rights and lefts. Ford tosses her off him, her smaller frame easily to handle, but also easy to move through the air as she hurries right back over and snap Headscissor Takedowns him to the canvas!

Jim Gunt: Lightning quick start to this one folks, as Autumn lets off some pent up frustration over the past few weeks.

Mike Rolash: The only thing Autumn is letting off is gas, Jim, and despite what you may hear...girls’ farts DO stink.

Jim Gunt: Umm...moving on, Autumn now his control of Bryan Ford, taking him by his head and shoulder and bringing him over to the corner. Tornado DD-No, Ford pushes Raven off ALL THE WAY TO THE OUTSIDE!

Mike Rolash: Haha, that had to hurt!

Raven lands hard on her left leg, holding onto her shin screaming out in pain as Freddie Styles and Bryan Ford both move to the side of the ring to check on her well-being. A slick smile comes across Ford’s face as he sees that Raven is clearly hurt, the Carnage star turning back to Styles and telling him to quickly make the count, which he obliges to.



Jim Gunt: So you’ve got to wonder if Bryan Ford realizes that you cannot win a title by countout or disqualification here in CWF.

Mike Rolash: Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t. The Innovator of Greatness has only been wrestling for this company for a matter of weeks now, Jim, cut the poor guy a break!



Bryan Ford cuts the count of Styles short by exiting the ring and attacking Autumn right at the source, going right for that left leg and stomping down on it. An angry mob of Mobile fans boo from ringside but Ford waves them off, going back to Raven and receiving a Pele Kick out of nowhere! Autumn kips up, hobbling on one leg as she makes her way over to Ford swinging wildly. He is able to duck under the punch, driving his full force into her sternum and driving Raven right into the post! After warning both competitors to get back into the ring, Styles begins to count both of them out now.



Right hand by Bryan Ford is caught by Autumn, who pulls him in for a vicious Arm Bar!

Jim Gunt: Autumn with an excellent armbar, but the seconds are counting down fast. If she wants a submission victory, that’s all well and good. But she’s got to get into the ring to get it.


Mike Rolash: Not gonna be so easy, as Ford as deadlifted Autumn right off the floor. BARRICADE BOMB! Ford just tossed Autumn like a child against the barricade!

Jim Gunt: Who in the hell tosses children? I’d like to think that the Child Juggler is yet to be a thing.


Taking a moment to breathe, Ford collapses back against the ring steps and watches as Autumn Raven slowly but surely comes to on the barricade.



Jim Gunt: Bryan Ford is wasting way too much time here! He has this match clearly at hand, why hasn’t he brought Raven back in the ring?

Mike Rolash: The man has a plan, I assure you Jim.

Ford pulls himself to his feet with the help of the apron, the Impact Champion still not moving as he approaches her.


Fans at ringside give Bryan Ford an earful as he pulls Autumn up by a handful of hair, dragging her over to the side of the ring. 


Mike Rolash: That Superkick came out of nowhere!



Jim Gunt: But the kick took too much out of Autumn as well! Neither competitor is going to make it back into the ring in time!

The impact of kick having driven Autumn down to the floor, she gets up just in time to make a dash into the ring, but it is too late as Freddie Styles has started to call for the bell.


Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, as a result of a double countout...this match has been declared a draw!


Jim Gunt: Well the fans here tonight are clearly not happy with that decision, Mike.

Mike Rolash: It appears the Impact Champion isn’t very happy either, as she has quote-unquote “requested” a mic.

Screaming at the timekeeper, Autumn Raven is finally handed a microphone. The Impact Champion angrily turns over to Ford who has recovered and pulled himself to his feet, eyeing up Raven from several feet away outside the ring. 

Autumn Raven: No. No. No, this is not the way this is supposed to end. After the attacks, the challenges, the shenanigans, ALL the bullshit Bryan...we are NOT going to end this with a countout.

Strutting around the ring, Ford requests his own microphone. The Host of the Bryan Ford Show takes in the boos for several seconds with a smile on his face, before waving off the fans and beginning.

Bryan Ford: Seems to me you’re just like all the other pathetic wannabes here in CWF, all talk and no action. You say we’re not going to end this with a countout? Well Ray Douglas says otherwise, toots. How about this, you and me one more time at Golden Intentions...for that Impact Championship.

Ford points over to the Impact Title sitting on the timekeeper table, a smile on his face as he eyes it up. Autumn waves her hand to get his attention, before flicking him off with both hands.

Autumn Raven: Listen you son of a bitch, if you know a single thing about me you’d know damn well that I never back away from a challenge. So you’re on. But I told you Fordy, this ISN’T going to end in a count out. Because at Golden Intentions it will be you and I, one on one for the Impact Title, in a New Orleans Street Fight!

“Somewhere in Hollywood” kicks back up with the fans solidly behind Autumn Raven makes her way over to the announce table still somewhat hobbiling before pulling  her Impact Title off the table and raising it in the air. Ford sneers, confidently raising an arm of his own defiantly before heading up the ramp.

Jim Gunt: We already have an unbelievable card for the Golden Intentions pay per view and now we have another explosive match folks, as Autumn Raven and Bryan Ford once again go at it in a New Orleans Street Fight!

Something to Prove


Jim Gunt: You know, you can feel it in the air tonight, Mike. Everyone here is gearing up for what should be an incredible Golden Intentions pay per view, and we aren’t even there yet!

Mike Rolash: Really Jim? You feel it necessary to point out that everyone is excited? 

Jim Gunt: It’s called doing the job I was paid to do Mike, maybe you should try it sometime?

Mike opens his mouth to speak, but is interrupted by the lights in the arena blacking out. Confusion breaks out amongst the crowd for a few moments until the opening of “Dragon Rider” by Two Steps from Hell begins to blare out across the arena. A spotlight appears on the stage, highlighting a well dressed man with his head turned up to the sky, eyes closed soaking it all in.

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, please formally welcome former two time CWF world heavyweight Champion, and CWF Hall of Famer, “THE RRRRRRRRRIPPPPER, DAANNNY B!” 

Without opening his eyes, Danny lowers his head as the lights in the arena come up, flashing electric blue and gold. 

Mike Rolash: What do you reckon Douglas got paid for that introduction? Some things never change...

From the top of the ramp, Danny’s piercing green eyes focus directly onto Rolash. 

Jim Gunt: Mike! Mike! Get back here! 

Danny’s face breaks into a smirk as he finally makes his way down the ramp, bothering to stop and interact with the fans, high fiving outstretched hands, signing photographs, and tearing up a sign that read ‘Angels will always beat demons.’ Eventually, he climbed the stairs and stepped into the ring, soaking up the response one last time. Those who actually responded seemed to be split down the middle between cheers and boos, and The Ripper looked to be relishing in it all. 

Finally, he brought the microphone to his lips and proceeded to speak. 

Danny B: You know, after all this time, it does warm the heart to know that whether ya missed me or you didn’t, you remember me. 

This again elicits a reaction from the crowd, Danny once again allows it to peter out on it’s own before speaking again. 

Danny B: So, there are two questions I have been asked constantly since last week, and I intend to answer both of them right here and now. 

Question number one, what is my problem with Colton Mace? Well, simple answer, have you met the guy? I had to deal with him way too much on my rise to the top, and frankly whenever I am around him I can still smell the stench from when he had his head firmly implanted in the ass of the Blue Scorpion.

The mention of Scorpion’s name gets a unanimous cheer from the audience in attendance. This time, Danny doesn’t wait for it to die before speaking again. 

Danny B: Really? Well, guess i know which generation most of you are from… anyways, what was I saying? Ah yes, Mace. Look, he’s a great tool for making an impact, emphasis on tool. You all know me by now, I don’t do anything in halves. Why walk in and say hello when I can smash down the doors, why give a small interview when I can stand loud and proud with the spotlight on me? That is who I am, and that leads right into question number two.

Why am I here?

What has brought me out of retirement once again? What on earth could I possibly have left to prove? Well, that answer isn’t so simple. 

You see, as I will remind you many a time over the next few weeks more than likely, I have done it all. See, my list of accolades here is impressive, of course. After all, I was hand selected to be in the greatest faction this company has ever know, the Cyndicate, I carried a reign as tag team champion, I set the world alight at every WrestleFest I was apart of. 2 time world champion, and the greatest match in company history as Hodge and I tore the house down in buried alive. I mean, I’ve also won one of these damn rumbles too, not many men can say that. 

Ripper pauses, letting it sink in to all the fans and those in the back that he won a Golden Intentions just two years ago. The Mobile fans give him a mixed reaction, which Ripper just smiles at before continuing.

Danny B: It’s not just here though is it? Yeah, I will always call CWF my home, but it wasn’t here for me when I decided that being the best in the world wasn’t enough for me, no, when I chose to become the greatest professional wrestler of all time, Rish and company were nowhere to be found, so I took my talents elsewhere. I became a staple of GWR, I dominated OCW, and I became the Beast of Boardwalk. 

15 months undefeated, 15 whole months, the best stepped up, and I put each and every one of them down.

Of course, as many of you will happily say, this is all in the past. And you’re right, this is why I am out here tonight to remind you all of who I was, what I am capable of when I am at the height of my game. I didn’t want to waste time with next week’s show promo talking about all this. There isn’t a wrestling fan in the world today who doesn’t know my name, and I guaran-damn-tee you that ticket sales went up for GI when I was announced, but again, that is the past. 

Why mention it then? Why waste everyone’s time? Well, I will tell you, because that was who I was, and then I lost interest, I lost hope. My ventures outside of this world became more important, more pressing. That was evidenced the last time I was here when I couldn’t bring that title home for a third time. You see, I have something to prove to myself, and to all of you.

No matter what has happened, what matters is what comes next, and what comes next for me?

I win that damn title or I die trying. 

With that The Ripper drops the mic and makes his way out of the ring. A few steps up the ramp his music hits again. 

Mike Rolash: Overdramatic as always eh Jim? 

Jim Gunt: Where the hell did you come from? More importantly where the hell did you go?

Mike Rolash: Got a dog, I was hungry. 

Jim Gunt: Really, where is it then?

Mike Rolash: …Ate it… 

Jim Gunt: Right. 

Mia Rayne, Ataxia1 & Ataxia2 vs. Ataxia, The Shadow, Zach van Owen

"Be My Friend" by One Eyed Doll rings out and the fans of course pop for Mia Rayne as she appears on stage, Ataxia 2 standing behind her.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first, she is the One Woman Party Favor and defacto leader of The Madness Menagerie... Being accompanied by a man known only as Ataxia 2... MIA RAYNE!

She curtsies to the crowd's delight and skips down to the ring, smacking hands with the fans who are holding their arms out for her attentions. Ataxia 2 curtly follows as Mia weaves back and forth from side to side, following her down the exact middle of the ramp.

Jim Gunt: Well, conspicuous is the absence of the man known as Ataxia 1 that we saw a brief glimpse of last week, but according to Mia, he "only needs more time to brew, to be the perfect 'Plan B.'" ... Whatever that means.

Mike Rolash: I honestly believe that everyone exists just to see me suffer. It could have been the demonic teletubbie things for all I care, but why did it have to be more Ataxia?

Jim Gunt: It's hard to say really, but one would assume Mia is trying to play mind games with Ataxia... Did you say "demonic teletubbies?"

Jim doesn't have a chance to have his question answered as the lights go out and the intro to "Wield Lightning to Split the Sun" by Primordial begins to play. Close up images of flickering torches appear on the tron and the ramp down to the ring. As the main riff kicks in, The Shadow steps through the curtains, cold, blue light illuminating wafting fog. Clad in his hooded robe he silently stands there until the lights go off again for a moment. When they come back on, he is in the ring, as stoic and unmoving as before. 

Ray Douglas: Erm.. Introducing next! Weighing in at 230 pounds, The Weaver of Dreams! ... THE SHAD...

Ray is cut off as the entire arena goes dark and green digital rain appears on the screen that gradually forms the phrase “Ready...FIGHT!”.

Mike Rolash: HA! This time it's Ray that gets cut off! There's something to this new attitude that Zach brings to the table that I like.

Jim Gunt: Is it the lack of common courtesy that you two seem to share?

"One Winged Angel" by Nobuo Uematsu picks up  and Zach appears on the stage with a bright flash of green lights, his head bowed and arms outstretched. He looks to the ring, a cocky smirk imprinted on his face before he marches down the ramp, ignoring fans along the way.

Ray Douglas: Introducing next, he is, The Game Changer... ZACH VAN OWEN!!!

He hops onto the apron and ascends the corner post from the outside, throwing back the hood of his jacket and once again throwing his arms out wide. With hands on the ring ropes he cartwheels off the turnbuckle and down into the ring where he comes face to face with Shadow. Zach smirks at him and nods reassuringly, mouthing, "I got this, relax Shad-Man..."

Jim Gunt: Zach has certainly found his footing as of late, proclaiming himself above the Impact Division as a whole and moving onto the World Title.

Mike Rolash: Right, and into the arms of one Dan Ryan, who for all you history buffs out there, owns one victory over Zach already! It's not like Zach has anything Dan hasn't already seen before, so this is more like... An obligation of being a champion.

Jim Gunt: You make it sound so... Dirty.

Mike Rolash: Thanks.

The arrogance of Mike Rolash quickly melts away however as the lights flicker and a familiar cackle is heard over the sound system.


"Dangerous Tonight" by Alice Cooper starts to play as Ataxia enters the arena wearing his cloak of raven feathers, tophat, cane, and raven mask over his usual bag like mask. Ataxia spins the cane around walking down the ramp and laughing at anyone who was jeering him. He leaps into the ring and whips off the cloak. He takes off the mask, hat and cane. A ring attendant grabs them as Ataxia waits...waving at Mia and pretending to try and talk strategy with Shadow and Zach, who both back away.

Ray Douglas: And finally, he is The Messiah Pariah... ATAXIA!!!

 Ray quickly ducks out of the ring as Mia looks to move toward Ataxia, completely ignoring Trent Robbins command to back up. Before she can do anything though, "Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins rings out. The fans react accordingly as the one and only CWF World Champion, Dan Ryan appears at the top of the ramp and begins making his way down to the ring.

Dan Ryan: Listen, I'm all for whatever messed up family reunion you lot have going on right now, but being the outstanding gentleman that I am; I couldn't sit back there and watch as the numbers game plagued a damsel that may or may not be in distress, the jury is still out on that one.

The fans boo and Mia turns her attentions to the ramp, narrowing her eyes as Zach goes to the ropes urging Ryan to come closer.

Dan Ryan: Easy there Mighty Morphin' Power Nerd, or whatever it is you kids are into now, I'm getting to you. Right now, I see a handicap match, and I see my number one contender, and in all honesty, I've already beaten young Van Owen to a pulp once, why not bring Golden Intentions early and see if I can't just get the pay-per-view off?

Zach looks like he's about to fly over the ropes to attack Ryan, but he doesn't get a chance to. Mia has acquired a mic and pushed Zach away.

Mia Rayne: Listen, Mr. Ego Buster, we understand that you have the belt that means you get to parade around and not only tell people that you have the biggest in the room, but you can show it around. Go you. If you don't mind though we have things that need to be attended to...

Mia doesn't have a chance to continue as Zach snatches the mic from her hand. She glares at him as Ataxia backs up into a corner, pointing and laughing; Ataxia2 standing opposite him, keeping a steady eye on him. Shadow is trying to calm down Mia but she only swats him away.

Zach Van Owen: I don't need anyone handling my fights for me. My eyes are already set on my final boss while you're still struggling with the mini boss fight.

Dan smirks and feigns surprise as the rest of the crowd echoes a massive, "Ooooo!!!" Mia smirks, licks her lips, shrugs her shoulders, and clotheslines Zach out of the ring! Zach lands on his feet and looks up at Mia, expecting her to follow up, but he is only greeted by a clubbing blow by an attacking Dan Ryan! Mia smirks and Shadow goes to confront her, arguing that her methods may be a bit too drastic as Zach and Ryan fight their way into a roaring crowd. Mia only shrugs her shoulders nonchalantly, which causes Shadow to only get angrier with her.

Jim Gunt: Yikes, Duce claims that he destroyed The Forsaken, but we might just be witnessing their downfall tonight!

Mike Rolash: Isn't it GREAT?!

Ataxia is beside himself with glee as he cackles and pretends to eat popcorn from an imaginary tub. His cackling has drawn the attention of Ataxia2 though, who finally moves to Ataxia, grabbing him by the leg, and with on solid movement pulls him off the turnbuckle Ataxia was perched on! Shadow and Mia quit arguing as they watch Ataxia2 pin Ataxia to the mat with his knees and rip off the burlap mask!

Jim Gunt: He did it again!

Mike Rolash: Brilliant, just... Mwah! I never thought I could cheer anything with Ataxia's name on it, but this is above and beyond!

Underneath Ataxia2 lies Jon Stewart, thrashing around as the screen above the entrance ramp comes to life. Ataxia's burlap mask appears on the screen, flickering in and out of view as if in a room with only a dimly lit light bulb flickering above.

Ataxia: Sorry I couldn't be there in person! Surely you all understand. Now, Mia, I KNOW you worked hard on this plan, so don't fret, you and I will dance at Golden Intentions. The match you ask? Well... The man before you inked it into completion right before he doned that mask you so unceremoniously ripped off of him. You see Mia, you BITCH, you need something special to be taught your lesson since your thick skull is preventing you from processing everything that I've told you. Now, it's time to show you. At Golden Intentions, you and I will face off against each other in a very special match. In this match, if you want to win, you have to get me to profess my undying love to you and if I want to win? I have to get you to proclaim how much you truly, beyond a shadow of a doubt, hate my guts. Sounds fun donnit? See you bitches later! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

The screen flickers out as Mia is beside herself with rage. With a banshee scream she propels herself at Stewart, throwing Shadow off the way and Ataxia2 to the side, laying into the CWF commish with fists, headbutts, and elbows. Shadow tries to intervene but he is once again thrown off by an enraged Mia as she continues to lay into Jon Stewart.

Jim Gunt: WOW! So not only do we get to see Mia Rayne versus Ataxia in one of the most twisted versions of an "I Quit" match I've ever heard...

Mike Rolash: That's if Mia doesn't get herself arrested for beating Stewart to a pulp.

Shadow once again tries to pull Mia off, but he is intercepted by Ataxia2, who steps in his way. He looks between Mia, who is still planted firmly ontop of a now unmoving Stewart, and an urgent looking Shadow. Slowly, Ataxia2 reaches up and takes the burlap mask off to reveal...

Jim Gunt: HOLY FUCK! Pardon the language but it's...

Mike Rolash: Jimmy fuckin' Allen! But... Wha? Why? Huh?

Seeming to come to an understanding they are able to work together to finally pull a still fighting Mia off of Stewart. Shadow tries to push Mia out of the ring, but a cold look finally washes over Mia's eyes and she stops, planting her feet. She sneers down at Shadow and shoves him away, storming out of the ring on her own power and leaving a confused Shadow, a returning Jimmy, and an unconcious Jon Stewart in the middle of the ring.

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