Evolution 49

23 Apr 2019

Chesapeake Energy Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (seats 18,203)

A Champion You Can Be Proud Of

Fireworks explode along the stage set, inside of the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the site of the 49th edition of Evolution! The fans are in a frenzy as they are all prepared to take in tonight's show. The camera pans through the Oklahoma fans, picking up various signs:






Finally we land on Jim Gunt, Mia Rayne and Mike Rolash as they're positioned and set to kick off tonight's festivities.

Jim Gunt: WE ARE COMING TO YOU LIVE FROM THE CHESAPEAKE ENERGY ARENA IN OKLAHOMA CITY FOR THE 49TH EDITION OF EVOLUTION! I'm Jim Gunt and joining me in calling tonight's action is Mike Rolash and Mia Rayne! And guys, what a night of action we have on the books here tonight.

Mia Rayne: Indeed it is, we got returning superstars! Eight man tag team action and what about the main event?

Mike Rolash: Eh.. Douche and Shadow are gonna get their asses handed to them by the Queen of the Ring!

Jim Gunt: Mike, the ever unbiased one. But that's right ladies and gentlemen. Tonight in our main event, CWF World Heavyweight Champion, Duce Jones returns to action when he is set to face The Shadow and Lindsey Troy in a triple threat match.

Mia Rayne: Let's not forget that my good friend, The Shadow is also making his return after serving a one week suspension.

Mike Rolash: Him and Douche should've stayed gone, when I was watching The Shadow's promo and he was out of his mind so long, he didn't realize he was even suspended.

Jim Gunt: That may be true, however he's here tonight and ready to compete.

Mia Rayne: Only because, Stewie's forcing him too. He'd rather be out searching for Myfanwy!

Mike Rolash: Yeah.. yeah.. moving along, we also have a huge match scheduled as the Inspector makes his in-ring debut, taking on that dweeb… van Owen!

Jim Gunt: Call him what you want, van Owen is a proven competitor inside of that ring and could possibly give Dan Ryan a run for number one contender.

Mia Rayne: No argument from me, but what about that ten man tag match that's also scheduled for later tonight.

Mike Rolash: disOrder is going to destroy those scrubs.

Jim Gunt: Well I believe Team CWF will be able to pull off the victory and like we stated earlier, we have superstars making their return as the “East Coast Excellence” Jarvis King gets us started as he faces off with Thomas Marrow.

“And the whole world loves it when you sing the blues… Da. Da.. Da. Da. Da.. Da….”

Mike Rolash: What the hell?

The opening sounds of “Godspeed” by Don Trip begins to play as the lights inside of the arena turn a crimson hue color, soon the stage fills up with smoke. After about a minute of waiting, Duce Jones, slowly emerges through the fog with a noticeable limp, CWF World Heavyweight Championship over his left shoulder, mixed emotions coming from the crowd.

Mike Rolash: What is he doing here? I thought Dan put him down.

Mia Rayne: He's a hard headed sucker, and they don't call him the Kid that Never Dies for nothing.

Mike Rolash: That's starting to become cliche.

Jones hobbles his way up the steel stairs, gingerly stepping along the apron before entering through the ropes. With a small burst of adrenaline, Jones rushes towards the ropes facing the hard camera and raises the CWF World Heavyweight Championship high for the cheering Oklahoma City fans. The music slowly fades out while Jones gets a microphone from Douglas. A loud “DUCE!” chant begins to start up, Duce smiles, taking it all in, soon bringing the microphone to his lips.

Duce Jones: Sixteen months, dat's how long it's been since I stood in tha middle'a tha rang wit dis!

He holds up the belt again, the fans cheer once again.

Mike Rolash: Only because Dan handed it to you!

Duce looks over to Mike.

Duce Jones: So, it's only fittin’ fo’ it t'be handed back, especially seein’ how it was stolen ova’ a year ago. Do I feel bad bout how it ended back up on my shoulda’? Fuck no! So excuse me, while I shine hata’!

Rolash becomes flustered while Mia and Jim laugh.

Duce Jones: Now befo’ I'm rudely interrupted or down talked again… I'm out here fo’ a few reasons. Not many but there were a few thangs dat were circulatin’ through my mind an’ I wanna speak on em! Where do I start first?

Jones looks to the World title smiling happily again.

Duce Jones: Dat's right… I'm tha muthafuckin’ World Champ!

Crowd cheers.

Duce Jones: See Rolash, these folks don't mind dat tha champ was handed tha belt! Cuz they kno’, wheneva’ I step inside of a rang, I give everythang I got to give. Leave it all right here, in tha center of dis rang! An’ just like any respectable champ, I back down from no challenge! Ya see dis belt symbolizes excellence, it symbolizes greatness, it symbolizes dat you unfuckwitable! An’ I fo’ one am gonna do right by dis here belt. But seein’ how D-Ry was tha first ta step up an’ issue a challenge, he gets dibs at first crack at tha champ, BUT… Once I'm done with him, I kno’ there's a line of talented wrestlers all waitin’ ta get a shot at tha champ.

The fans give a mixed reaction to the statement.

Duce Jones: I try not ta look too far into tha future cuz ya neva’ kno’ what it may brang! But I kno’ tha line is long… Zach, MJ, Shad, Tax… Graves. Whoeva’ it is dat feels they want a true shot at a real champ, ready an’ willin’ to fight til his dyin’ breath. I welcome you all to get your fair crack. Cuz dis sittin’ on tha sideline, resting bullshit is fo’ tha birds. A real champion stands up an’ fight wheneva’ tha gauntlet is thrown down an’ not just sit idly by as if it's a guaranteed token ta take nights off ta ‘protect’ they legacy!

Some fans boo.

Duce Jones: Dat's not how I get down, I'm gonna be a champion dat you folks out here tonight an’ watchin’ at home can be proud of! Dat starts tonight when I beat Troy an’ The Shadow in tha middle of dis rang! An’ Rolash...

Duce faces in the direction of Mike Rolash.

Duce Jones: You can talk shit bout me all you want, tha fact still gon remain tha same: Nobody Got Mo’ Juice Than Duce!

Jones drops the microphone as "Godspeed" kicks in again. Jones winks at Rolash as he gingerly exits the ring, though the ropes and down to the floor. He makes his way towards the back, displaying the title for the crowd as the fans cheer him on.

Jim Gunt: Duce is back and staking his claim as the best in CWF. Stating he will defend the World Championship against any challenger in the CWF locker room.

Mia Rayne: That's only if he makes it past Dan Ryan at Twilight of the Gods. But if he does, he has some big words to back up. However he knows he's a targeted man, why not bring himself to the forefront.

Mike Rolash: Because he's an idiot.

Jim Gunt: I see your feelings towards the champ haven't changed.

Mike Rolash: He just gave me permission to keep talking shit about him! I'm going to take full advantage.

Jim Gunt: You might regret that one day.

Mike Rolash: Until then. fu--

Mia Rayne: Fun times on the agenda here tonight and let's get things kicked off with our opening contest.

Jarvis King vs. Tom Marrow

CUE UP: “Bad Boys” - Inner Circle.

Mike Rolash: This music makes me wish I was dead.

Jim Gunt: You mean ‘deaf?’ 

Mike Rolash: ...We’ll see.

‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ mixes in to the music as the fans continue to boo through Ray Douglas’ introduction. The Game Warden steps out, leash in hand, with Benji crawling on all fours behind her.

Mia Rayne: I bet they go to some interesting parties. 

Mike Rolash: You mean terrifying parties. 

Mia Rayne: How do you know? Do you go to them too? 

Jim Gunt: Please don’t answer that.

Benji - Tom Marrow - stands up at the top of the entrance ramp and walks to ringside next to the Game Warden, ignoring the boos and wadded papers being thrown at both of them. 

Mike Rolash: It’s not often I agree with the unwashed masses, but these two… just… no.

Jim Gunt: It’s not often that I agree with you, Mike…

Mia Rayne: ...Kumbayah, my lord…

The Game Warden and Tom Marrow enter the ring, and no sooner does their music fade out, than…

CUE UP: “Cult of Personality” - Living Colour. 

Jim Gunt: And The ICON, Jarvis King out like a shot! I don’t know that these fans have ever given him a warmer welcome! 

Mia Rayne: To be fair, they were just as nice when he showed up after months against my friend MJ at Evolution 48. 

Mike Rolash: They should realize what a joy it is to be able to see Jarvis King at all.

King power walks the aisle and slides under the bottom rope, telling referee Trent Robbins immediately to ring the bell, and he slugs Tom Marrow in the face with a hard right hand! 

Jim Gunt: The Hall of Famer not wasting any time, he’s punching Marrow into the corner and down to the mat! 

Mia Rayne: Everyone knows, you don’t punch down! Makes you look like a bully. 

Mike Rolash: Or a hero. 

Marrow to the mat, Jarvis now drives his boot into his chest and stomach, and he lifts the sub up, knees him in the stomach, and drops him up, over, and down with a double underhook suplex! The Game Warden is jumping up outside the ring, trying her best to get Marrow back into things, but the only thing he can do is stand up and take a short arm clothesline to the chest! 

Jim Gunt: Jarvis with a scoop… Straitjacket suplex! Cover! 




Jarvis King rolls off and leaves the ring, refusing to allow the referee to raise his hand. 

Jim Gunt: Fifty nine seconds from bell to bell, and I think that was a message to the CWF universe from Jarvis King! 

Mike Rolash: CWF Universe, sure. That’s a message to a certain former World Champion that thinks she got one over on him. 

Mia Rayne: I never said that! 

Mike Rolash: No, I… It’s… You’re tiring. 

Mia Rayne: I get that a lot. 

Jim Gunt: Speaking of which, we have Tara Robinson standing by backstage with MJ Flair! 

Objects In Motion

CUT TO: Backstage, in front of a CWF banner, with Tara Robinson standing next to MJ Flair, modeling her new ‘PEERLESS AND FEARLESS’ shirt. She grinds her taped knuckles into her hands with an obvious anticipation of her match. 

Tara Robinson: MJ, we just saw Jarvis King take a convincing victory over newcomer Tom Marrow, and we’re going to see you take on another newcomer named Tom in just a moment. But first, can we get your thoughts on your aborted match last week? 

MJF: I mean, it’s tough, man. On one hand, I get Jarvis’ frustration immediately; you’re an old school competitor like him, you wanna gut it out and finish the match. But on the other, if he did that, who’s to say he would’ve been able to walk out there and wipe the mat with the gimp the way he did? It’s a tightrope, ya know? 

Tara Robinson: I certainly don’t envy the job of the referees out there. Do you think you’ll get another chance at--

She stops, as her eyes drift past MJ. MJ looks behind her and sees Jarvis King, fresh backstage after his match, and they lock eyes as we center on the two athletes. 

MJF: Good stuff out there, man. I’m glad to see you recovered enough to get right back in there. What say we do it again some time? 

She holds out a hand, and Jarvis looks at her, looks at her hand, and turns to walk away. MJ turns back toward Tara. 

Tara Robinson: Intense look from Jar--

All of a sudden, MJ flies backwards as Jarvis King reemerges into the picture, foot first, connecting a hard superkick to the former Champion’s jaw! MJ crumbles to the mat as we quickly cut elsewhere.

Mariella Jade Flair vs. Thomas Roll

We cut back to ringside.

Mike Rolash: I LOVE HIM! 

Jim Gunt: I’m getting word that MJ needed a moment to gather her wits, but she’s ready for her match! 

Mike Rolash: That was just a snack. Jarvis has a lot more planned for her, I’m sure. 

Mia Rayne: If that was just a snack, he needs to make sure he doesn’t choke on the main course. 

CUE UP: “Moves like Jagger” - Maroon 5.

Jim Gunt: What a cowardly act by Jarvis King! 

Mike Rolash: Is it cowardly to swat a noisy fly? 

Mia Rayne: If the fly is talking to Tara Robinson and minding her own business… but that makes no sense. Who’s the snake and who’s the mongoose? 

Mike Rolash: I’ll tell you who Jarvis should attack next, this terrible DJ! 

On the entrance ramp, DJ Gurtooth simply turns the music up to drown out the boos from the fans that are directed his way. He doesn’t have to endure it long, however, because they are quickly redirected at Thomas Roll, stepping out and striking a pose on the stage amidst the rolling spotlights. 

Mia Rayne: Disco is dead, but the monkey is cute. 

Jim Gunt: Thomas Roll with an impactful debut last week and some harsh words for MJ Flair leading into this one, and Mia while I’m sure we all expected MJ to handily dispatch her opponent, what kind of state is she in? 

Mike Rolash: I’ll field that one, Jim! She’s in an unconscious state! Hahah! 

Mia Rayne: Down boy. I tell you this, Jim. There’s a lotta fight in that lil’ firecracker. 

Jim Gunt: We hope so! If not for her sake, for the fans who have only seen less than a minute of wrestling action tonight! 

CUE UP: “Goodnight” - The Birthday Massacre. The fans rise to their feet and begin to chant her initials… but there’s no MJ.

Mike Rolash: Oh, please, oh please, oh please… 

Jim Gunt: There she is! 

Mike Rolash: Damn it! 

From the back, MJ walks on unsteady legs. There is noticeable swelling around her left eye with her cheek reddened and bruised. Her hair is disheveled, and she stops at the top of the ramp, blinking rapidly as if her vision is blurred. 

“Moves like Jagger” suddenly drowns out her own music, and MJ looks to her left at DJ Gurtooth and his turntables. 

Mike Rolash: Don’t you dare touch those, they’re vintage! 

Mia Rayne: Disco is dead, Michael! 

To a thunderous ovation, MJ takes three determined steps and rears back her right fist. The DJ immediately bails off the stage and takes off; MJ pulls the record off the player and spins it into the crowd like a frisbee, where it is presumably shattered into a thousand pieces. 

Jim Gunt: These fans were ready to storm the stage themselves! 

Mike Rolash: Savages. 

Mirroring the man that just attacked her backstage, MJ Flair walks to ringside, disregarding all of the fans around her, and slides under the bottom rope with purpose. She shouts ‘Ring the bell!’ at the referee and tackles Thomas Roll! 

Jim Gunt: Waistlock, she’s lifted him up and sends him into the corner! Right hand! Another! 

MJF: What’s my name, motherfucker? 

Mia Rayne: Ooooooh! Roll questioned her name, called her MJ Fair, called her Michael Jackson… I bet he regrets that now! 

Mike Rolash: And the biased referee doesn’t pull them outta the corner or start the count. Seriously? 

MJ whips Roll across the ring and follows up with a clothesline that sandwiches him into the corner. Another! Roll gets his foot up and stops MJ in her tracks on the second clothesline attempt! 

Mia Rayne: I’d say that’s gonna leave a mark, but Jarvis already did. 

Roll sets himself up, and a running bulldog drops MJ face first to the mat! He stands up and raises his arms, doing a disco pose to a chorus of boos. On the ground, MJ rolls over and holds her palms against her eyes. Roll drops his  heel on them! Cover! 




Mike Rolash: Keep hitting her, it’ll work eventually! 

Roll pulls her up and hooks her around the chest and shoulders, he looks like he’s setting her up for a uranage - MJ tightens her arm around his neck as he lifts her, and muscles her way back to her feet! He tries to lift her again, and she drops him with a modified DDT! MJ rolls to the ropes and takes a minute to catch her breath, all the while Roll does the same. 

Jim Gunt: Roll to his feet, and MJ follows quickly! 

Mike Rolash: ‘Quickly’ is a little misleading, Gunt! And she needed the ropes! 

Mia Rayne: That’s hardly a crime. 

Mike Rolash: Well, it should be! 

MJ steps towards Thomas Roll, who looks at her for a moment before he does a graceful split in the middle of the ring! 

Mike Rolash: Disco balls! 

Mia Rayne: ...Really? 

Jim Gunt: Roll is down in a split, but he now looks confused! 

Having typically planted his fist into his opponent’s family jewels Thomas Roll considers the sight before him and looks up at MJ. She rolls her eyes and plants a boot in his face that rolls him backwards, and drops a leg on his lower abdomen that happens to return the favor! 

Mike Rolash: Disqualify her! 

Jim Gunt: You like to yell that at her a lot, Mike. 

Not wasting any time, MJ pulls Roll to his knees by the hair and hooks his head from behind! MORNING STAR! Cover! 




Jim Gunt: MJ with the win! Almost as fast as Jarvis King, but she at least allows referee Denny Davidson to raise her hand in victory! 

Mike Rolash: Winner, winner… she’s a loser. Attacks a DJ, kicks a guy when he’s down, doesn’t respect the monkey… Why do they love her? 

Mia Rayne: You want a list, or what? 

Mike Rolash: ...No…

Jim Gunt: We’ll be right back! 

Looking For Answers

The camera cuts to one of the corridors, where Jon Stewart is just unlocking the door to his office. The camera follows him in and he briefly stops, seeing his chair with the back towards the door.

"Good evening Mr. Stewart."

Slowly it swivels around and The Shadow is staring daggers into the CWF owner, a thoroughly mirthless smile on his face.

Jon Stewart: How did you get in here? The door was locked!

The Shadow: Do you really think a lock can stop a shadow?

Stewart rolls his eyes.

Jon Stewart: What do you want? Remember, if you don't show up to your match, you are history!

The Shadow gives him a dismissive wave of his hand.

The Shadow: Yeah, yeah, that is taken care of.

Jon Stewart: How?

The Shadow: You will see. But now *I* need an answer.

Jon Stewart: To what? Get out of my chair!

Without taking his eyes off the tuxedo'd man, The Shadow gets up and slowly walks around the desk until him and Stewart are face to face once more, just on the other side of the desk. Stewart takes out his trademark pill bottle and shakes out a green, a black and a blue pill, swallowing them without water.

Jon Stewart: So what do you want?

The Shadow: Don't play dumb, Stewart, you know why I am here. Who is the guy with the shades?

Jon Stewart: What guy? There are tons of guys out there with shades. You are wasting my time!

With a lightning quick movement The Shadow snags the pull bottle off the desk and holds it up, squinting at its contents.

The Shadow: You know that this stuff could kill you? LSD, an experimental anti-toxin and an absolutely unknown amino acid compound...

Stewart's eyes widen with surprise and some concern.

Jon Stewart: What are you talking about?

He leans across the table to come almost nose to nose with Stewart.

The Shadow: I am talking about things you don't know that I know. I know that you are in this, Stewart, and if you just so much as harm a hair on Myfanwy's head, you better sleep with both eyes open, because you'll be begging for eternal hellfire to get you away from what I will do to you...

Without waiting for a response The Shadow straightens out, tosses the pill bottle back at Stewart and walks out, his black robe billowing behind him.

Zach Van Owen vs. "The Wrestling Inspector" Stan Summers

Jim Gunt: What was that about?

Mike Rolash: Bribery. He's trying to pay his way to the win, what else could it be? Remember he told Stewart that things "were taken care of"?

Mia Rayne: No, that's not Shadow. There is something else afoot...

Ray Douglas: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Oxford, England, weighing in at 232lbs and being accompanied by ‘The Enforcer’ Scott Dann, he is ‘The Wrestling Inspector’ Stan Summers!

The opening bars of 'Totentanz' boom out across the arena, accompanied almost immediately by boos and jeers as 'The Wrestling Inspector' Stan Summers appears at the top of the ramp. The Inspector takes a long, sweeping look across the crowd wearing a look of distaste, before withdrawing a pen from the top of his ring coat with a flourish and jotting something down on his ubiquitous clipboard, shaking his head slightly. The pen is replaced, the clipboard tucked under an arm, as Summers makes his way down towards the ring.

Jim Gunt: I hear after The Inspector’s conclusive Audit of Quentin his eyes are wandering over to a bigger prize.

Mike Rolash: And what, only Zach stands in his way? Yikes!

Jim Gunt: Not that it’s JUST Stan Summers. You should never discount the menacing presence of the aptly named Enforcer always by Stan’s side.

Mia Rayne: Eh, once an ape, always an ape. Mr. Two First Names is just hired muscle, he acts like it, and someday, he'll get what's coming to him.

Once inside the squared circle, The Inspector allows himself a couple of stretches, testing out the ropes, before slowly turning a full 360 and taking in the heckles from the capacity crowd once more, laughing in spite of the disgust for the CWF fans which was clearly etched across his face.

Ray Douglas: And the opponent, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and weighing in at 174lbs…The ‘Game-Changer’ Zach van Owen!

The lights throughout the entire Chesapeake Energy Centre begin to flicker as ‘One-Winged Angel’ plays.

Jim Gunt: Things have been a bit strange for Zach lately. The kidnapping at the hands of his own dad, coming back to deal with Freddie Styles, which was its own mess.

Mike Rolash: Don’t forget the part where he lost his title to Johnny Graves.

Jim Gunt: Yeah still confused by that cage match, but then he declared his intentions to vie for the World Title.

Mike Rolash: Well he better step in line and step up. He has The Inspector to deal with tonight.

Mia Rayne: Quick question: How can one both step in line and step up? If you're in a line, can you really step up above it as well?

The shadowy form of Zach descends from the rafters, coming to stand behind Scott and Stan.

Jim Gunt: I just hope some good fortune goes Zach’s way. I’d hate to see him slip even further.

Mia Rayne: Good fortune comes and goes Jimbo. *Glares at Rolash* It's what someone does with the bad times that truly make a character worth following. Everyone goes through their... Stuff, it happens. Either wade in it or make sure it doesn't happen again. Not difficult!

Zach motions for a microphone as the music fades and the lights begin to return to normal; both Inspector and Enforcer still have their gazes upon the entry ramp, waiting for Zach.

Zach van Owen: A new challenger has entered the ring…

Scott and Stan quickly turn around, it is clear they are not happy with Zach sneaking up on them. The Enforcer moves to advance on the young man. Zach raises a hand.

Zach van Owen: Hit pause there big guy.

Confused, Scott stops.

Zach van Owen: I know this ain’t the game either of us wants to play, we’re looking at a much harder level, so why waste our HP on a random encounter.

Mike Rolash: What the hell is the kid saying?

Jim Gunt: I’m…not entirely sure what’s going on.

Mia Rayne: Isn't it obvious? He's saying that he has his eyes set on a bigger prize than Stan Summers and he knows that Stan has bigger fish to fry than Zach. Zach is trying to say that this fight means nothing, which... Why is he in a fighting business then?

Mike Rolash: *Oblivious to Mia* Not a fight, that’s for damn sure.

Stan motions for the microphone.

Stan Summers: You will just walk away and forfeit? Where is your conviction?

Zach van Owen: I have no quarrel with you Scott, the Final Boss resides in a different Castle, and I’m gonna face them at Full Power. If you wish to exert yourself for a Lower Score, then I can only promise Game-Over for you.

Zach turns away to leave the ring when suddenly "Liberi Fatali", Zach’s old music hits the speakers. He pauses and turns to watch as Leona Gainsborough rushes down the ramp toward the ring.

Mike Rolash: We all came here for a fight, not nerdy days of our lives.

Mia Rayne: It's sweet in a way though. Not to mention on the wake of our special Women's Event coming up, leave it to a woman to talk some sense into her man.

She wastes no time in grabbing a microphone herself and circumnavigating the ring. Despite the anger and indignation on the faces of Stan Summers and Scott Dan, Leona only has eyes for Zach.

Leona Gainsborough: Zach, what’s going on? What’s wrong with you?

Zach van Owen: Leona, this doesn’t concern you.

Leona Gainsborough: Concern me? You disappear, leaving me and your friends behind without a word and when you do finally come back, I find you working for your father? A guy who wasn’t afraid to say how much of a disappointment you are?!

Zach van Owen: Working WITH my dad. He’s helping me be something far greater than I could have ever accomplished on my own.

Leona Gainsborough: But you’re not alone! You have your friends... You have... Me!

Zach’s response is one of silence.

Leona Gainsborough: And you are kidding yourself if you think your dad has your best interests at heart.

Leona finally steps into the ring to confront Zach.

Zach van Owen: I’m closing this dialogue box. I’ve made my choice. Leona, you have no business here. I suggest you go home.

Zach exits the ring and starts making his way up the ramp. Stan has had enough of the lover’s tiff and motions to Scott who eagerly grabs Leona, spins her around and connects with a thunderous powerbomb. The sound of the impact turns Zach back around and his eyes go wide. He is overcome with anger and in the blink of an eye storms back to the ring. Both Scott and Stan eagerly wait for him.

Mike Rolash: Finally the action!

Mia Rayne: At what cost though and what did Leona do to deserve... That?

Jim Gunt: Only way to find out is to watch I guess...

Zach slides under the ring ropes, ducking underneath the lunge from Stan Summers and the lariat attempt from The Enforcer. The Game-Changer flips backwards, catching Scott Dan by surprise with a flying headscissor that sends him careening through the ring ropes and to the outside. Stan Summers advances again, receiving a spinning sole kick into the chest, doubling the Wrestling Inspector over, in position for a switchblade kick to the back of the head.

Jim Gunt: Holy hell. Zach is pissed!

Mia Rayne: Duh!

Mike Rolash: Ha! Now Jim's the one getting made fun of!

Mia only shushes Mike as Zach follows up with the Keyblade, flooring Stan Summers, then he sees Scott Dann recovering on the outside. Without hesitation Zach charges forward, leaping over the ring ropes and crashing down upon the Enforcer with a tope con giro.

Mike Rolash: That’s the Zach I like!

Zach looks around the mess ringside, then to the crowd surrounding it, his face is one of vengeful rage. Until his eyes settle on the form of Leona and he settles in an instant. He takes her into his arms, cradling her and carries her away from the ring.

A Mysterious Meeting

The camera cuts backstage into one of the many corridors of the Chesapeake Energy Center. It stops in front of one of the many doors, this one bearing the sign "The Shadow". As the cameraman seems to try to make up his mind what to do, the door opens to an almost pitch black room and Lindsay Troy steps out with a somewhat indifferent look on her face that changes to a mixture of surprise and dismay upon seeing the cameraman standing outside. Without saying a word she turns and walks off.

Thrilling Villainy

Earlier today….

A limousine makes its way through the traffic of Oklahoma City. In the back, Dan Ryan and Lindsay Troy are seated opposite each other. Ryan gazes through the dark side window as Troy looks down at a message on her phone.

Dan Ryan: I was here for the bombing, you know.

Lindsay Troy: I thought you didn’t debut until ‘97. Didn’t that happen in ‘95?

Dan Ryan: Yes, but my parents were looking at some land out here when they moved back to the states. They almost settled in Oklahoma instead of Texas. The attack helped to dissuade them -- that and the tornadoes.

Troy looks up.

Lindsay Troy: Oh wait, you’re talking about the actual Oklahoma City bombing? When you said ‘here for the bombing’ I just assumed you meant one of your early matches.

Dan Ryan: [stone faced] Hilarious.

Troy does a mock tip of the cap.

Dan Ryan: Thank God it ended up being Texas. There’s fuck all to do in this place.

Lindsay Troy: Yes, and your house would never fit here.

Troy smirks.

Dan Ryan: Maybe one wing of it.

Lindsay Troy: I do love a good musical, though.

Dan Ryan: What?

Lindsay Troy: Oklahoma. Good musical.

Dan Ryan: [making a disgusted face] Gross.

Troy shrugs.

Lindsay Troy: We all have our guilty pleasures. I’m surprised you managed to escape Winterfell long enough to remember we have a booking engagement this week.

Ryan averts his gaze from the window to his sister-in-law.

Dan Ryan: Touché.

Lindsay Troy: Now that we’ve brought winter...or whatever you Game of Throne nerds say...to CWF with our Inner Circle reunion at Vertigo, you think you’ll be able to get young Mr. Jones to agree to a stip demand? He’s headstrong, but he’s not stupid.

Dan Ryan: Oh, he’ll agree. He won’t even think twice about it.

Troy considers a snarky remark, but her eyes narrow instead.

Lindsay Troy: You’re that certain?

Dan Ryan: Duce Jones is talented and courageous, and that works to his favor, but it can also work to his detriment. He wants so badly to be known as a man who takes on all challenges, who never backs down from a fight. I’ll take advantage of what he thinks is strength and turn it into a weakness.

Lindsay Troy: That is what you do best.

Dan Ryan: What we do best.

Lindsay Troy: [smirking] Touché.

Ryan tilts his head up slightly, gesturing slightly to the now visible Chesapeake Energy Center through the windows of the limousine.

Dan Ryan: So tonight, you have this triple threat, and you’ll lay the groundwork. I won’t patronize you here and I don’t need to. I trust you implicitly, and I’ll be in the wings just in case something unforeseen arises - just in case.

Lindsay Troy: You and I both know what’s going to happen if Duce goes for that chain trick with me.

She flicks two fingers up to her temple, then feigns flinging them away. There’s a glint of malice in her eye.

Lindsay Troy: And I don’t miss. Or, I’ll break his leg. I’ll see what mood I’m in.

She scoffs.

Lindsay Troy: These kids and their funny business…

Dan Ryan: Well, he’d be a fool to try that again. He’ll try something else, but that’s fine. It won’t work. I made the mistake of believing his “just want a man to man fight” nonsense one time. Never again. If he wants to play dirty, well…. He came to the right party.

Lindsay Troy: He’s shown us who he is: a kid who talks out of both sides of his mouth. Nothing to do now but show him who he’s up against tonight, and maybe that jaw’ll get wired shut.

Ryan smiles and nods, then opens the door.

Dan Ryan: Well, here we are, glorious Oklahoma City. I’m headed in. You coming?

Lindsay Troy: [shaking her head “no”] You go ahead. I need to mentally prepare for all the stupid I’m about to face.

Ryan smirks again and winks, then leaves the car. Troy resettles herself against the leather seats, closes her eyes, and breathes deeply. She does this for a few moments before she’s interrupted by her phone pinging.

She looks down at the text from her husband, Tyler Rayne, on the screen. “So the thrilling heroics are out then? 😈

The Queen of the Ring chuckles and types back a reply. “More like thrilling villainy this time around…”

Ataxia vs. Christopher $aint James

Mike Rolash: What is it with women? Myfanwy gets lost, Leona puts her nose where it doesn't belong, they're all the same! The Queen of the Ring at least has a head on her shoulders!


Mike Rolash: What did I do again?

Mia Rayne: You're a misogynistic pig, you know that?

Mike Rolash: Well yeah, that's my job.

Jim Gunt: Don't flatter yourself. What are you going to do next week, when it's all ladies out here?

Mike Rolash: Uh, I'm taking the night off.

Mia Rayne: Can't. Contract.

Mike Rolash: Damn...

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen! Introducing first, from Hollywood, California! He is, God's Gift to Everything, Mr. #1derful himself... Christopher St. James!!!

The fans are still not shy to show their displeasure for C$J, but there are some pockets in the crowd that have started cheering for the man. "Yes" by LMFAO cues up and the crowd starts to sing along with the catchy lyrics as The Personification of Perfection himself graces everyone with his presence.

Mia Rayne: Love him or hate him, the man exudes confidence.

Mike Rolash: Ew! That's gross!

Jim Gunt: No, Mike, what she meant was...

Mia Rayne: Shhhh... He knows what he did.

Jim falls silent as Mike only looks confused. Mia smirks to herself as C$J makes his way to the ring, removing his shades and coat at the base of the ramp, and then rolling in underneath the bottom rope. He stands nonchantly in the center of the ring, basking in the spotlight as he awaits for Ataxia.

Jim Gunt: So Mia, what are your thoughts on this match? Given Ataxia's recent mood swing, so to speak...

Mike Rolash: Don't forget the Stewart and C$J power struggle...

Mia Rayne: Easy there Senor Cupcake.

Mike Rolash: I'm not a cupcake!

Mia Rayne: Sorry pig.

Mike Rolash: HEY!

Mia Rayne: Sorry! You look like a cupcake and you smell like bacon, you can see where my confusion comes in, right?! Jim, back me up will you?!

Jim doesn't have a chance to even contemplate a response though as the lights cut out and a familiar laugh echoes throughout the arena. However, instead of the usual music, the lights cut back on and standing behind C$J is none other than Ataxia, holding a baseball bat!

Mia Rayne: Glad I waited to answer. Normally I'd say that C$J wouldn't have a chance against Tax. However, that isn't Ataxia. Good or bad, we know our Knight. That isn't him.

Jim Gunt: But... That definitely looks like him...

Mike Rolash: Definitely has the same effect on me. Am I good to leave for the duration?

Mike sinks slowly down into his chair as C$J whips around and gets crowned right between the eyes with the end of the bat! C$J goes down and the crowd isn't sure what to think, neither is Scott Dean. He was after all told that this match was scheduled as a normal match. Before any more considerations can be made though, Ataxia lifts the bat and goes after Scott! The ref decides discretion is the better part of valor and leaves the ring as Ataxia storms around, the bat high in the air!

Mia Rayne: See? Told you. Not. Ataxia. One, Ataxia doesn't use, nor need a baseball bat. Two, Ataxia doesn't stomp around the ring like a retarded marching band leader.

Mike Rolash: I'll take that action. Ataxia has been off his rocker lately. Who is to say this isn't him loosening another screw? Twenty dollars sounds like a fair amount to take from you.

Mia Rayne: *Smirking* You're on.

Jim Gunt: And I'm witness, because that is all I'm good for at the moment.

C$J barely starts to stir before Ataxia notices and clocks him with another shot with the end of the baseball bat. A cackle can be heard coming from behind the mask and finally, Ataxia rips off the burlap to reveal...

Jim Gunt: Jaiden Rishel!

Mia Rayne: Ha! Told you! I think I'd know my own boyfriend.

Mike Rolash: I don't know what you're talking about. I owe you nothing! We didn't shake! Or pinky swear!

Mia and Mike start to bicker back and forth as the cameras all focus in on Jaiden standing over the motionless body of C$J, a large bruise forming at the former owner's temple. Jaiden only smiles macliciously as he spits on the prone body, a crazed look in his eyes as he storms off, leaving C$J to be attended to by the medical team.

A Mysterious Meeting (part 2)

We are back in the backstage area where Tara Robinson is hurrying down a corridor to arrive at a skidding halt in front of the door of The Shadow's locker room. Just as she raises her hand to knock, it almost magically opens and Duce Jones steps out, looking a little surprised by her right there with her hand up in the air, but with a shake of his head squeezes past her and disappears down the corridor. With a befuddled look on her face Tara still knocks and carefully ventures forward into the darkened room. Nothing can be heard or seen, there is a candle on a table in the back, though, with something stuck to the wall above. Reluctantly the camera man follows her towards the back, where a black-bladed knife is holding up a piece of paper with the CWF logo on top.

As he zooms in, we can see that it is the match contract between Duce, Lindsay and The Shadow and at the bottom is says:

"We herewith agree to make tonight's main event an elimination match."

Signed by all three participants.

Tara Robinson: What the--

The Shadow: Mr. Stewart wants me to compete tonight, so I will compete tonight, but it will be by my rules...

Tara whirls around with a surprised gasp, but all the camera catches is a cloaked figure disappearing through the open door as we cut back to ringside.

Autumn Raven, Leo, Moe Davis, Silas Artoria, Scourge vs. disOrder (Johnny Graves, Bishop Kingston, Ciara Kennedy, Ophelia McVeigh & Mad Dog Murphy)

Jim Gunt: Wow, so that is what is happening, ladies and gentlemen, our main event tonight is now an elimination match, who would have thought?

Mike Rolash: Not me, I try to avoid that.

Mia pats Mike on the shoulder.

Mia Rayne: And you are doing a great job, boy!

Mike starts to smile before realizing what she just called him.

Ray Douglas: The following is a ten person tag team match scheduled for one fall! There will be two teams of five competing each other where only one competitor from each team will be allowed in the ring at a time. Introducing team number one…

Leo Rojas Super Mix 2018 plays over the speaker system and Leo makes his way out from the back. The former Hostility star doesn’t get much of a response from the CWF faithful but still shows intensity as he enters the ring, raising his arms in the air to show he’s prepared for the big match ahead.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first, he is the Fire God….LEO!!

Jim Gunt: I’m not sure what to think about this superstar, but he certainly made a name for himself during the short stint he wrestled in Hostility. 

Mia Rayne: Fire God Leo is no one to mess with, trust me I’ve seen this guy’s work. He’ll be a huge asset to the team opposing disOrder.

The lights in the arena dim as the opening notes of Mourning Ritual's "Bad Moon Rising" ring out in the arena. The aisle fills with smoke as a giant silhouette appears within it. As the smoke billows away, the monster known as Scourge walks methodically to the ring. Once he reaches the ring, he leaps from the floor to the apron, setting the posts ablaze. He then steps over the top rope and shakes hands with Leo in his corner.

Ray Douglas: And his partner, from parts unknown, he is the Alpha of the Omega….SCOURGE!!

Jim Gunt: Speaking of assets to his team, you gotta think the big man Scourge will toss around a member or two of disOrder and really help his team to victory.

Mike Rolash: Scourge has a lot of talent, but sometimes I fear the Alpha of the Omega lacks the drive to take it to the next level.

Mia Rayne: And why would you say that, Mike?

Mike Rolash: Because the man is six foot ten and three hundred and fifteen pounds. Not a god damn man or woman in the back should be able to handle something like that, and no offense, his win/loss record would show that if he spent a little more time in the gym from day to day.

Mia Rayne: Whoa, who lit Mike’s candle?

The drums and bassline from Bustin Loose come in. Then, Chuck's immortal words "Gimme the bridge, now. Right when the horns come in, BANG! a big shot of pyro on both sides of the entrance. Moe leaps from backstage with a big smile and lots of energy. He hypes himself up and reaches out to dap up the fans as he makes his way to ring. Moe slides under the ring and engages his partners, all of them getting the fans excited throughout the arena.

Ray Douglas: And their partner, from Washington D.C, he is the Go Go Kid….MOE DAVIS!!

Mike Rolash: Take everything I just said about Scourge and instead of his sheer size add in a disco ball and we have Moe Davis.

Jim Gunt: That sounds more like Thomas Roll.

Mia Rayne: Why are you so negative tonight, Mike?

Purple lights shine around the top of the ramp, fog rolling around it as the beginning lyrics of the song start to play, the CWF tron displaying a purple outlined black raven with her name fading in over it.

As the guitar riff starts up, the purple lights start to flicker like a strobe light as Autumn slowly walks out from the back, coming to a stop at the top of the ramp. She glances out at the crowd with a smirk on her face as she starts down the ramp slowly.

Ray Douglas: From Los Angeles, California, weighing 120 pounds, she is the Beautiful Psychopath….AUTUMN RAVEN!!

She walks around the ring, glaring at the fans sitting at ringside before sliding under the bottom rope and leaping to her feet, giving the crowd a smug smile. She meets her teammates in their corner, conversing with all of them about the match ahead. “Something Got Me Started” begins to play and she turns her attention back to the ramp as her former stablemate Silas Artoria makes his entrance. The Psychotic Aristocrat is not alone however, as Japanese legend Hidetaka Ito accompanies him to the ring.

The fans inside the arena cheer on Silas as him and Ito walk down the ramp, Artoria handing his Paramount Championship over to the timekeeper before getting some last minute advice from Ito and then sliding in the ring. He meets his partners in the ring, Raven seemingly uneasy to work with him as they go over their plan.

Ray Douglas: And their final partner, from Toronto, Canada, he is the Psychotic Aristocrat and the reigning PARAMOUNT CHAMPION….SILAS ARTORIA!!

Jim Gunt: Quite the interesting team we have here opposing disOrder, do you guys think with all their differences in personality that these five will be able to keep it together?

Mia Rayne: Time will tell, Jim, we all know the history between Autumn and Silas and I’m sure that’s going to play a factor here.

Mike Rolash: I hope not, that rivalry is beyond played out…

Ray Douglas: And their opponents….

The lights throughout the venue cut leaving the fans sitting in complete darkness. Suddenly red and blue lights begin flashing throughout the arena as the sound of police sirens pierce the silence. Suddenly the melody of "Bank Account (Remix)" blasts from the various speakers throughout the arena. The fans rise to their feet to boo vigorously as Johnny Graves leads Ciara Kennedy, Mad Dog Murphy, Bishop Kingston and Ophelia McVeigh out from the back. The full disOrder stable stand at the top of the ramp for just a moment soaking in all the hatred from the fans, all of them looking intense as ever as they pose together.

Mike Rolash: Come on, look how impressive this stable is! I have to admit I was a little apprehensive of Graves and this disOrder stable, but week after week they dominate the rest of the competition and have put CWF on notice. How in the hell will Silas and his ragtag group of misfits have any shot in hell at defeating them?

Mia Rayne: Good question, Mike, but I believe it is something that can be done. Autumn Raven is a former Aversion Champion in Hostility, Leo was on a winning streak for awhile, Moe Davis has a lot of spunk, Scourge is a hard hitting big man and Silas...well, he’s Silas.

Jim Gunt: Haha...that he is, and speaking of Silas, it looks like he’s going to start this one off going up against Ophelia McVeigh from disOrder as Trent Robbins gets ready to start what will sure be a wild match.

The Oklahoma City fans cheer in anticipation as their Paramount Champion goes face to face with Ophelia McVeigh immediately following head official Trent Robbins sending both teams to their respective aprons and ringing the bell. A cocky Ophelia immediately goes for a right hand but Silas is ready for him, taking him by the arm and quickly snapping him down, following the arm drag up by twisting down from his wrist all the way to his forearm. As the Psychotic Aristocrat continues to pull at the right arm of McVeigh with the direction of Ito from the outside of the ring, Ophelia begins to fight his way back up to his feet and after an elbow is able to break out and send Artoria into the ropes. 

Jim Gunt: Clothesline from Ophelia McVeigh-is ducked under by Silas! 

Mia Rayne: Ophelia turns around right into a knife edge chop from Silas, I betcha he didn’t expect that!

Mike Rolash: It’s hard to know what to expect from Silas Artoria, just look at him as he smiles back at Ophelia McVeigh.

Mia Rayne: I’d rather not, Mike.

McVeigh takes another knife edge chop from Artoria, who proceeds to bring him over to his teams corner and tags in Moe Davis. Davis and Silas trade right hands to the head of McVeigh before Artoria heads out to the apron, leaving Davis to attempt a suplex- but Ophelia is able to hold fast and then reverse it! Johnny Graves stomps on the apron, getting his team to get loud to bring McVeigh over to their corner.

Jim Gunt: So far not the greatest start for the disOrder stable, as Silas Artoria was able to use his unorthodox offense to usurp Ophelia McVeigh.

Mia Rayne: What’s up with all the funky words, Jim, been using the commentators dictionary for dummies again?

Mike Rolash: Haha, good one!

Mia Rayne: See Mike, I don’t JUST pick on you. And OH look at that, Graves isn’t waiting to get into the ring as he just slapped the back of Ophelia McVeigh and tug himself into the match!

Ophelia McVeigh looks slightly offended for a split second but after direction from his leader he goes back to the apron as Johnny Graves waits for Moe Davis to get to his feet before smashing him right across the face with a running knee strike. The Sin City Saint is as full of himself as ever as he stands over Davis, but suddenly he’s pulled right down as Moe goes for a quick rollup pin attempt!



Jim Gunt: No! Smart move by Moe there trying to catch the leader of disOrder sleeping, but it didn’t quite work.

Mike Rolash: Of course it didn’t work, and now Moe Davis is going to pay the price as Johnny Graves takes him by his hair over his corner, tagging in the big heavy Bishop Kingston and holding him in place as Kingston kicks him square under the arm!

Mia Rayne: Now disOrder are starting to look like a well oiled machine. Maybe they really do need some proper opposition around here.

Mike and Jim both look at Mia to see if there was any hidden meaning behind her words but she simply shrugs and giggles and points to the ring as the action ensues. Bishop Kingston drives another boot to the underarm of Moe Davis, tagging right back out to Ciara Kennedy this time as he lifts up Davis just for Kennedy to leap high into the air and pull him down with her legs.

Jim Gunt: What a creative double team Headscissors Takedown! disOrder is on a roll now.

Mike Rolash: What did I say, Jim…

Mia Rayne: I don’t know, I try not to listen to you that hard.

Mike Rolash: That hard? And I was talking to Jim…

Ciara Kennedy grabs Moe up to whip him into the ropes but she makes the rookie mistake of sending him right into his own teams corner, where Autumn Raven slaps him across the back and quickly leaps over the top rope, springboarding over and into a flip before taking out Kennedy with a makeshift Cannonball! The Beautiful Psychopath riles up the Oklahoma fans with a smile on her face, before turning her attention back to Kennedy and running right at her.

Jim Gunt: Missile dropkick-no! Kennedy sidesteps, and Raven crotches herself right in the corner!

Mia Rayne: That had to hurt!

Mike Rolash: Uh, are you sure?

Mia Rayne: Yes, you idiot. You obviously know nothing about the human anatomy, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a male or a female, you take a shot from the post to the nether-regions? It’s going to fucking hurt.

Jim Gunt: Great analysis, Mia. And now Ciara is tagging right back out herself, this time to Mad Dog Murphy. What impressive tag team work from disOrder, in and out, in and out; continually keeping the fresh man or woman in the ring.

Mad Dog pries Raven from the corner from her hair, garnering boos from the Oklahoma fans which quickly change to cheers as she plants him with a Stunner! Autumn quickly crawls over to her team’s corner, tagging in the big man Scourge. Scourge comes in hot with a clothesline attempt that Murphy is able to duck under, using the size of Scourge to his own advantage, and after springing off the ropes he’s able to hit a running lariat of his own. But the Alpha of the Omega doesn’t even move! 

Jim Gunt: My god, this Scourge is one big son of a bitch.

Mike Rolash: That he is, and he’s going to need every bit of that size if he wants to bring his team back into this one.

Mia Rayne: Oh come on, Mike. From my seat this one has been fairly even thus far.

Mike Rolash: And where are you sitting at? Wonderland?

Mia Rayne: The Rabbit Hole, my dear. But it is a wonderous place. 

Calling out for Mad Dog Murphy to hit him with another shot, Scourge stands tall, apparently intimidating Murphy enough to tag back out this time to the leader of disOrder Johnny Graves. Graves comes confidently back into the ring, but immediately gets pulled in by Scourge- who lifts him high in the air before tossing him over the ropes taking out both Ophelia McVeigh and Bishop Kingston!

Jim Gunt: Members of disOrder go flying like bowling pins!

Mia Rayne: And Scourge is following Johnny Graves outside, not letting up on him one bit. But Ciara Kennedy leaps off the apron surprising the big man with a twisting headscissors sending him right into the steel steps!



Jim Gunt: Both Scourge and Graves now being counted out by head referee Trent Robbins, and neither one of them have moved a bit yet!

Mike Rolash: Yeah but Ciara is helping Johnny Graves back up as we speak, disOrder will be fine. They’re all working towards the same mission, something we surely can’t say about the other five men and women.



Mia Rayne: What’s their mission, Mike, being a bunch of thugs? Something to really be proud of, huh?


With the assistance of Ciara Kennedy, Graves gets back to his feet and immediately measures up the big man Scourge as he pulls himself back up. But as he comes in with a spin kick he doesn’t realize that Autumn Raven has made her way up to the top rope.



Mia Rayne: That certainly was psycho!

Mike Rolash: You would know…


Jim Gunt: The two legal competitors in this matchup Scourge and Johnny Graves are going to have to make their way into the ring or this one is going to end in a double countout, and we all know how that would please the CWF fans.


Mia Rayne: Nobody likes a draw, Jim. And Scourge has tossed Graves back into the ring, looks like his integrity won’t let him take a countout victory.

Jim Gunt: Big mistake as he just ate a Silencer Superkick! And now Mad Dog Murphy has been tagged back into the match, and he’s looking to put a stamp on this one. 

With the disOrder riled up, cheering him on as the fans boo louder and louder, Mad Dog Murphy makes his way to the top eying up the big man. Scourge begins to come to just as Murphy leaps off the top looking for the Diving Elbow Drop that hits nothing but mat! The Alpha of the Omega crawls quickly over to his team’s corner, tagging in the Psychotic Aristocrat as the Oklahoma fans come unglued! A fresh Silas comes in hot, hitting a running dropkick before a Snap Dragon Suplex that sends Murphy crashing down hard. He looks to his corner for the tag but decides against it after awhile, slapping the mat as if he’s contemplating what he should do.

Jim Gunt: Looks like Mad Dog is still a little bit unsure about his allegiances, guys.

Mike Rolash: Oh pish posh, Jim. Murphy just has pride in himself, he wants to get the W on his own. Can’t blame the guy for that!

Mia Rayne: Well Silas isn’t going to let him think for long, as he’s grabbed him and begun to spin him around and around and around!

Jim Gunt: Airplane Spin!

After several rotations a dizzied Silas Artoria crashes into the ropes while Mad Dog Murphy flies haphazardly to the middle of the ring. Artoria looks shocked as the Fire God Leo slaps him across the back, giving him a blank look as he enters the ring and points for the Paramount champion to exit. Leo enters the ring looking to make an impact for the first time in the match, but instead gets immediately pulled into a school boy pin!



Jim Gunt: Mad Dog has the tights!


Ray Douglas: And the winners of this match by pinfall….Bishop Kingston, Ophelia McVeigh, Johnny Graves, Ciara Kennedy and Mad Dog Murphy….DISORDER!!

Jim Gunt: Another big win for the disOrder stable, who seem to find themselves on top whether they’re technically winning or losing either way.

Mia Rayne: Sounds like someone else with the “I win whether I win or lose” speal, doesn’t it Mike?

Mike looks around his corner nervously for the presence of Ataxia as the disOrder stable escape the ring to celebrate as the opposing group regroup in the ring, Silas Artoria and Autumn Raven making eye contact momentarily before Artoria turns his attention over to the disOrder stable, telling them his issue with them is far from over.

The Dog Comes Rushing In

disOrder descended upon their opponents like a scythe to a field of wheat. A tired Scourge is set upon by Ciara and Ophelia, Autumn is tossed out of the ring like a rag dog, Bishop and Johnny descend upon Leo, Moe, and Hidetaka with a crazed furor, and Mad Dog Murphy leaves the ring to set himself upon Silas. One by one each of the athletes run out of steam and are forced to accept the beating; Scourge in particular receives some horrific shots, likely due to his size presumably being seen as a threat.

Johnny was quick with his delivery, and reenters the ring after beating Leo and Hidetaka to a pulp, neither putting up any resistance. Mad Dog Murphy stamps on Silas' face with sheer force that it leaves a footprint within the skin, and throughout the ordeal Johnny was egging him on.

Soon, Murphy notices an object nearby, one that had been dragged into the ring along with Silas, but was now being noticed by the Scottish Stray. He stops his beating, and walks over to the title, picks ut up, and simply stares at it with near lust in his eyes. He took notice of the detail, before he looks at Johnny, whose grin is taken as an indication.

Murphy is quick, as is Johnny in producing a microphone, and Silas is dragged to his feet. DDT position, ready for the Sectioning, but the move is put on hold as Johnny finally starts to talk.

Johnny Graves: Oh dear, oh very dear.

Silas tries to struggle out of the hold, but a quick stomp to his Achilles heel put a stop to it.

Johnny Graves: Did you think I was lying when I said we were going to take over this company? We're not some throwaway stable that will be forgotten in a week. We're here to stay, and we're going to take everything from you all.

Mad Dog Murphy finally executes the Sectioning, and Silas slumps to the floor like a sack of potatoes. Murphy picks up the Paramount title, and looks lovingly again, this time without the fear of interruption. He looks at Johnny, whom chuckles.

Johnny Graves: That white strap will look wonderful around Mad Dog's waist.

He throws the microphone on the ground as Mad Dog chuckles in response to the challenge, before haphazardly draping the Paramount Championship over the fallen and exhausted Silas. Hidetaka Ito is quick to stagger into the ring to check up on him, while disOrder ironically walks up the ramp in an orderly fashion, having laid waste to each of the competators.

Johnny, quick to catch the camera, simple states:

Johnny Graves: One belt down, four to go.

A chuckle escapes him, as he and disOrder disappear through the curtains.

Not In Your Best Interest

We switch backstage to the trainer's area where Duce Jones sits on top of a table, being checked out by Dr. Harmon Leggett. Dr. Leggett has a look of concern as he carefully rotates Duce's right leg.

Dr. Leggett: Duce.. I don't think it's in your best interest to go through with this match tonight.

Duce Jones: Mane.. I'm not tryna hear dat shit..

Dr. Leggett: I'm not kidding Duce, you keep going at the rate that you are. The damage to that knee is going to become a lot more detrimental to your career.

Duce Jones: Noted.

Dr. Leggett: Serious, take it easy out there tonight and get plenty of rest.. You can't go full throttle if you plan on having any kind of longevity this business.

Duce hops carefully off of the table, looking Dr. Leggett directly in his eyes.

Duce Jones: When you're tha World Champ.. it's s'posed ta be second nature ta step up at any givin’ moment..

Duce limps away as Dr. Leggett watches him leave, shaking his head in displeasure.


Duce Jones (c) vs. The Shadow vs. Lindsay Troy

The fans are abuzz as the cameras switch back to ringside where we see Mia poking at a very annoyed looking Mike Rolash and Jim Gunt doing his best to remain professional.

Jim Gunt: Wow! So it is being recommended by not just medical staff, but our head doctor, Dr. Leggett!

Mia Rayne: *Stops poking Mike, much to his relief* Quick story time: Once upon a time, Shadow and I were in a tag match against Duce and Freddie for the tag belts. It was my first belt here in CWF. During the match, Duce and I engaged in unorthodox fisticuffs involving going headbutt for headbutt. During that exchange, I managed to come out on top but learned something that Dan Ryan and Lindsay Troy would do well to remember...

Mike Rolash: *Voice dripping with disdain* And that would be?

Mia Rayne: Well... While I may have come out on top and Shadow and I managed to capture the belts, Duce is called "The Kid That Never Dies" for a reason. Try as you might, there's no keeping Duce down. He's champion for a reason and just watch, we're about to see Duce prove once again why you can't keep a good boy down. Or something. Was that a turn of phrase?

Mike could care less and turns his attentions to paperwork in front of him that had been previously exchanged for vacation pictures of Mia and Ataxia from last year. Mike jumps and throws the pictures behind him, the crowd doing their best to grab any that they can and Mia laughing with them as she gets up and signs a couple of the ones closest to her. Jim laughs as the cameras cut to Ray Douglas.

Ray Douglas: The following Triple Threat Elimination Match his YOUR Main Event! Introducing first..

The fans are buzzing, but soon turn to cheers as a voice begins to speak through the PA system.

“And the whole world loves it when you sing the blues… Da. Da.. Da. Da. Da.. Da….”

The opening sounds of “Godspeed” by Don Trip begins to play as the lights inside of the arena turn a crimson hue color, soon the stage fills up with smoke. After about a minute of waiting, Duce Jones, slowly emerges through the fog with a limp, CWF World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder, mixed emotions coming from the crowd.

Ray Douglas: Making his way to the ring.. from Memphis, Tennessee! Weighing two hundred fifteen pounds.. He is the CWF World Heavyweight Champion! DUCE JONES!

Slowly making his way towards the ring, Jones ignores the cheers and jeers that the fans are giving, as he soon makes it to ringside. He slowly climbs onto the apron and goes to the corner to his right, climbing onto the second rope, peering out into the crowd, and raises the World Title high for the fans to see. Finally done, he climbs over the top rope, stepping down inside of the ring and removes his hooded vest as he prepares for action.

Jim Gunt: Dr. Harmon tried to advise the champ to sit this match out. But he flat out refused, now from the looks of how he carefully walked to the ring. I'm thinking it was a bad decision.

Mia Rayne: Have we not learned anything about Duce and decision making?

Mike Rolash: Since this is now an elimination match, maybe Douche can drop first and save me the torture of watching him compete.

Mia Rayne: But if that's the case, wouldn't that be a smart move on the champion's part? Let's be honest guys, a non title triple threat against the likes of Troy and Shadow is something that even myself would be crazy to consider. Doing so with an injury? It just ramps up the difficulty of this match, elimination or no. 

The opening clap-stomp beats of “Watch Me” by The Phantoms hit the speakers as the fans jump to their feet. There's a mixed reaction for Troy as they wait for her to step through the curtain. The Queen of the Ring doesn't keep them in suspense for too long; as soon as the lyrics kick in, she strides out onto the stage with a smirk.

Ray Douglas: Participant number two.. making her way to the ring from Tampa, Florida! Weighing in at one hundred ninety five pounds.. She is the Queen of the Ring.. LINDSAY TROY!

Jim Gunt: Speaking of one of the participants....

Mia Rayne: ALSO! Isn't Lindsay something of a submission specialist herself? I mean, she stood toe to toe with Paradine who has made a career out of tapping people out.

Mike Rolash: Her finisher IS a submission move, sooo.... Safe money would be yes...

Troy basks in the ovation and the pyro before marching down the ramp. At the bottom, she jumps flat-footed onto the apron, then catapults herself up and over the top rope with a flip. She scales a corner to pose a bit before hopping down and turning to face Jones.

Jim Gunt: You really have to be special to main event an Evolution in only your second match.

Mia Rayne: That's fair. However, Troy has history in this business and she will surely not disappoint. With a resume like hers, it doesn't really surprise us that she's already main eventing in her second match.

Mike Rolash: She's my pick to win this thing.

The lights go out and the intro to “Wield Lightning to Split the Sun” by Primordial begins to play. Close up images of flickering torches appear on the CWF Tron and the ramp down to the ring.

Ray Douglas: The final participant.. Weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds! From Calgary, Alberta, Canada! THE SHADOW!

As the main riff kicks in, The Shadow steps through the curtain, his robe nowhere in sight. Headed straight for the ring, he slides under the bottom rope and gets to his feet, ready for the match to start.

Jim Gunt: The Shadow looks ready to get this match over with so he can continue his search for the missing Myfanwy. But what about the ultimatum that Jon Stewart gave him. Compete or be fired.

Mia Rayne: That's a lot of pressure for one man. *Under her breath* Help is coming... Hang in there Shadow...

Brief emotion flitters across her face but no one seems to pick up on it.

Mike Rolash: I'm just glad that Stewart is starting to buckle down on the employees around here.

Mia Rayne: Speaking of buckles Mike, looks like yours needs to be loosened.

Mike mimics Mia but sneaks a look down, realizing that his belly was beginning to look like the top of a well baked muffin. He mocks Mia some more before scooting in under the table and taking care of the situation. Rookie official, Nick McArthur checks on Troy, soon calling for the bell. The three begin to circle around the ring when suddenly it seems as if a conversation has started up between the trio.

Jim Gunt: That's an odd start to a triple threat match..

Mike Rolash: What could they possibly be talking about?

Mia Rayne: Discussing strategy maybe..?

Rolash shakes his head as back inside of the ring it seems the conversation has come to a conclusion, both Jones and Troy staring at The Shadow oddly.. Duce shakes his head, confused on what to do as Troy simply shrugs her shoulders and pushes The Shadow, who dramatically falls to the ground. Lindsay goes for the pin, McArthur hesitantly coming over to make the count.




Lindsay rises off of The Shadow, celebrating her victory, the Weaver of Dreams rolls out of the ring and makes a beeline towards the back. Jones stretches his right knee, waiting on Troy to get done.

Ray Douglas: The Shadow has been eliminated!

Mike Rolash: More like laid down! Why would he do such a thing?

Mia Rayne: Non title match that means nothing in the long run on one hand. On the other? Finding out what happened to Myfanwy. We would have done the same.

Jim Gunt: Technically, he did compete so he's not able to be fired.

Finally done celebrating, Troy focuses in on Jones who looks set to go.. With a smile she nods in his direction as the two begin to circle the ring.

Jim Gunt: And we're down to our final two in this triple threat elimination match.

Mia Rayne: This should be interesting add this is the first time these two have met inside of the ring.

Mike Rolash: C'mon Lindz! Show him why you're the Queen of the Ring!

Troy shoots for Duce's right leg, he dodges out of the way. Troy smiles as Duce tells her to try again. She does, using her long leg to boot Jones in the gut, doubling him over. A quick arm wrench is applied, Troy drives both of her knees into Duce's left shoulder as she drops to the canvas. He clutches his shoulder in pain while Lindsay is back too her feet, bringing Jones up with her. She hooks him for a cobra clutch and takes him back down to the mat with a leg sweep, floating over beautifully into a pin attempt.



Kickout by Jones! Not arguing about the count, Troy brings Duce back upright and whips him towards the ropes. Not being able to plant much weight on his right knee, Jones stumbles into the ropes where he leans against them. But Troy is quickly over, clotheslining him over the top rope!

Jim Gunt: Duce doing more harm than good by continuously competing on that damaged knee.

Mia Rayne: Ryan did a number on it at Vertigo and it's clear that Jones is not at a hundred percent.

Mike Rolash: If the dumbass wants his career to end early, allow him to do that.

Lindsay bounces inside of the ring, waiting on Duce to get back to his feet. It seems like perfect timing when Troy hits the ropes, rebounding she baseball slides at a rising Jones. Her feet land comfortably around Jones’ neck as she takes him down to the floor with a flying headscissors! The Oklahoma City fans are split in their appeal for Troy as she rolls Jones back into the ring, going for a pin.



Jim Gunt: Duce able to get his shoulder off the mat!

Mia Rayne: Lindsay really showing why she's known as the Queen of the Ring. Jones has yet to find some type of opening.

Mike Rolash: That's what happens when you're a small fish from the pond trying to swim in the ocean. You'll drown every time.

Back to a vertical base, Lindsay stomps down hard on the exposed right knee of Jones. He screams out in pain, clutching it, a unsuspecting kick strikes his left shoulder. Jones rolls away to create some space but Troy is on him as he's made it to a corner. Toying with Duce, Troy shoots a hard kick that connects violently with his face. She goes for another one but Jones is able to catch her foot, the fans exploding with cheers. Slowly getting to his feet while still having control of Troy's foot, Jones forcefully throws her leg down and catches her with a Bicycle Knee Strike to the face. They both go down, Jones clutching his knee again, Troy almost out of it but still having some bearings.

Jim Gunt: Why won't these wrestlers ever listen to Dr. Harmon? Duce is clearly in no shape to compete.

Mike Rolash: Duce is a douche.. nuff said..

Mia Rayne: Fighting spirit would've been a better response.

Nick screams, “One!” as both competitors are still down on the mat. He checks both competitors before shouting, “Two!” Jones tries to rub some feeling back into his knee as Troy begins to stir on the canvas herself. Nick screams, “Three!” as both Troy and Jones slowly show signs of being able to continue. “Four!” is heard from McArthur, Troy finally rolling to her hands and knees, trying to unscramble her brain. “Five!” Jones does the same, hobbling to his feet, forcing McArthur to stop his count. Duce uses a burst of energy to come charging in at the Queen of the Ring.





Mia Rayne: He's placing too much strain on that knee.. This may very well hurt him in the long run.

Mike Rolash: Whatever it takes to get him off the air.

Jones slaps his knee a bit, trying to feed off the energy of the crowd to give him an extra boost of adrenaline. He's back to his feet and limping around, positioning himself in a corner, allowing Troy to get back vertical. Jones looks ready to end things when the sound of boos catch his attention.

Mike Rolash: This match has become a hell of a lot better, now that the real World Champ is out here.

Jim Gunt: Ryan has no business out here.

Mia Rayne: Things have JUST become interesting.

Ryan slowly walks down the ramp, Jones looking on, smiles at Ryan as he goes charging towards a Troy.


Mia Rayne: What did I do?

The double knee strike has Jones out on the mat, Troy scurrying over for the cover.




Troy sits beside Jones’ body in minor shock but chooses to press the offensive. Rising to her feet, she tells everyone that the match is over, beginning to stalk Jones as he stumbles to his feet. Sneaking up behind Duce, she looks to hook him in a crossface chickenwing, getting it clamped on she tries to wrestle him down the mat to fully apply her patented submission maneuver. Sensing the danger that he's in, Duce, in a panic gets his legs up under him, stretches them out and is able to get his foot on the bottom rope. Nick calls for the break but Lindsay holds on until the count of five, where she finally releases Jones who slides out of the ring.

Jim Gunt: Jones able to get free of the submission, but he really needs to find a way to gain some type of advantage.

Mia Rayne: Lindsay is trying to tear him apart limb by limb and you can only think that she's only softening him up for Dan Ryan.

Mike Rolash: He needs a reality check and the tandem of Lindsay Troy and the TRUE World Champion, Dan Ryan are the ones to do it.

Dan encourages Lindsay to stay on the attack, she happily obliges, rolling under the bottom rope. Following a limping Jones, she drives a hard forearm into the small of his back. Duce arches his back in pain, Troy cold cocking him with an elbow to the back of the head, sending him stumbling alone further. Nick starts his count, shouting, “One!” Troy moves along ringside shoving Jones hard into the ring steps! “Two!” Trying to recover, Jones has his hair grabbed by Lindsay who slams him face first into the apron. “Three!” Grabbing his face in pain, Jones tries to create more space, the Queen of the Ring following suit. “Four!”

Jim Gunt: Duce has no escape from the onslaught of Lindsay Troy who's taking it to the World Champ.


Mia Rayne: She doesn't seem to care about getting counted out either.


Mike Rolash: Beat his ass Lindz!

“Seven!” Troy begins to feed off the negative energy of the crowd, Ryan claps his hands in approval. “Eight!” Ryan nods at Troy who effortlessly tosses Jones back into the ring. Following suit, she goes for the pin.




Jones gets his right shoulder off of the canvas, the fans explode, a “DUCE!” chant starting up. She laughs at the audacity and brings Jones up. She hooks his head in a front facelock, she butterflies his arms but he spins free. Duce shoots a hard kick to her chest, spins around with a backfist, kick to the leg drops her to a knee. D-TRI- NO! She catches his knee and rises to her feet, Duce hops around a bit, swinging wildly at Troy who dodges the swings. Jones chooses another method, driving his head with all his might up into the face of Troy, forcing her to release her hold.

Jim Gunt: Huge Headbutt by Jones as Troy staggers.. SUPERMAN PUNCH!

Mia Rayne: I totally should've patented that move..

Ryan shakes his head as Troy slumps to the mat, Jones falling on top of her with the backpress..




Mike Rolash: There is a God!

The Oklahoma City crowd lets out a collective sigh, thinking the match is over. Jones crawls towards the ropes, using them to help him get upright.

Jim Gunt: What is Jones gonna have to do to keep Troy down. His right knee has taking too much damage.

Mia Rayne: It's pretty much going to have to be through sheer will power, but that knee is looking mighty shaky.

Exhausted and ready to put an end to the match, Jones limps towards Troy who takes a page out of Ryan's playbook. She kicks at the bad knee of Jones as he falls to the mat, screaming in pain. Troy smiles, getting to her feet, she moves in on Duce, bringing him upright - No! Duce with a small package roll-up!




Troy kicks out as they both hurriedly get too their feet. KRAYZED KNEE!

Jim Gunt: Duce is the first to strike! Catching Troy out of nowhere!

Jones crawls towards Troy, hooking the leg for the cover as Nick McArthur is over to make the count.




Ryan curses out loud as Nick calls for the bell. Duce slides off the body of Troy, sliding under the bottom rope as Ryan comes to check on his sister-in-law, who soon comes to and is confused as to why Jones’ music is playing.

Jim Gunt: It's moments like that, why Duce proves he's very capable of holding that championship.

Mia Rayne: He can connect with that Krayzed Knee from all types of angles and Lindsay Troy found out first hand.

Mike Rolash:

Jones is handed the CWF World Heavyweight Championship, he looks to Ryan and the recovering Troy, then raises the belt in celebration.

Jim Gunt: Love him or hate him. You can't deny the fact that he's talented and the current CWF World Heavyweight Champion.

Mia Rayne: Correcto Jimbo… He's also gained some much needed momentum heading into his title defense.

Mike Rolash:

Jim Gunt: You okay Mike?

Mike Rolash: Just close the show out..

Jim Gunt: On that note, we want to thank you ladies and gentlemen for joining us here tonight. But you WILL NOT want to miss our special 50th edition of Evolution, when we come to you LIVE from the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when we present 'Girls Night Out!’

Mia Rayne: It's gonna be magical!

Jim Gunt: Indeed it is.. from Mia Rayne and Mike Rolash.. I'm Jim Gunt. Good night everyone.

The show comes to a close with a final split screen of champion and challenger as they both stare daggers into each other. The scene soon fading to black.

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