Hostility: ReAwakened 3

15 Mar 2019

Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Australia (seats 100,024)

Christian Starr Vs. Jeremiah Castle

Tanner Graves: Good evening everyone and welcome finally, to Hostility: ReAwakened #3! 

Lucas Greene: Not sure where we got that extra week from, maybe daylight savings and jet lag? Anyways, without further ado, let's take it to Issac Foxx who is in the ring to start us off for the evening!

The cameras shift from the two announcers to Issac Foxx, his ponytail tied back suspiciously tight and obviously dyed black. He smirks slightly and announces the first match much to the fans' delight.

Issac Foxx: Our first match tonight is scheduled for one fall!

Instead of allowing the fans to chant back, Foxx continues, a slap in the face of Ray Douglas' tactics on Evolution.

Issac Foxx: Introducing first, a man who has yet to win a match since Hostility has opened its doors.... Jerimiah Castle!

The fans' ire for Foxx is what takes over the arena as Castle makes his way out to the ring. Poor guy almost takes the fans reaction to Foxx personal, thinking it is reserved for him. He pouts as he gets into the ring and sulks in a corner as Foxx once again takes over the airwaves.

Issac Foxx: His opponent, a man that in all honesty, is no ordinary man, he is this generation's GOD. A legend in his own right and one that belongs in every known wrestling hall of fame by pedigree alone. The one and only, CHRISTIAN STARR!

No lights, no pyro, no music. The fans have a mixed reaction for the announcement of Christian Starr. On one hand it has been months since Starr has graced anyone with his presence. On the other, Starr has something of a reputation. If one considers C$J to be arrogant, they can consider Starr to take it to another level and then some, but he backs up what he says...

Or at least he would if he showed up. The entrance ramp remains empty as the fans start to boo the confusion. Foxx looks puzzled, but tries his hardest to make the announcement again.

Issac Foxx: *AHEM* Sorry folks! Starr is his own man and apparently will make his appearance known when he feels the necessity to. If I were to venture a guess, I'd say you lot don't deserve the quality and prestige his presence brings. I get it, not sure if C$J will, but I do...

The fans once again turn their ire onto Foxx who only shrugs his shoulders and backs into a corner. Laughing as the hailing of various concessions garbage tossed in his direction only lands on Castle.

Tanner Graves: This is awkward. Foxx is getting the crowd revved up, Starr is no showing, and Castle is taking the brunt of all of the garbage Foxx is supposed to be receiving.

Lucas Greene: I'm receiving word not to worry about that Graves-y! C$J is monitoring this and appreciates Starr's candor. He rules this match in the favor of Starr on the basis of his resume and his pedigree!

Issac holds his hand up to his ear piece and smiles as he receives the same word that the announcers just did. He takes center stage again, doing his best to hold in his chuckles as more garbage lands on Castle who only pouts more.

Issac Foxx: Ladies and gentlemen C$J has just given me word to make the official announcement! Based on history, C$J awards the victory in this match to!



The fans erupt at the announcement and amazingly, more trash starts to rain down. Foxx finally loses it as he escapes out of the ring and Castle tries to catch him, only catching some nachoes to the face. 

Lucas Greene: It's NACHO night Castle! Heh, see what I did there Graves?

Graves is only silent as Castle is left with little choice but to head to the back.

The Reason To Be Here

We cut backstage where Jaiden Rishel, Cyrus Black and Christer Lundmark all sit in the Reason locker room, preparing for their matches later in the evening. Cyrus and Christer are in conversation on opposite benches, Fenrir wiping sweat off his face as he nods in approval. Jaiden gets to his feet, his hands in the air.

Jaiden Rishel: Alright guys, enough small talk. We have a huge night ahead of us tonight, it is time to put an end to this charade before it even gets started. Hostility is starting to pick up momentum, ya know? This is the third ReAwakened now and the train doesn’t seem to be slowing down. We need to strategize, plan ahead, come up with a gameplan to destroy this thing before it gets out of hand.

Cyrus Black: The Cleansing has your back, Jaiden, and we will wipe out every single person in our way.

Christer Lundmark: To Valhalla and back!

Jaiden just shakes his head, putting his hands up to his temples rubbing them.

Jaiden Rishel: Listen, I made a deal with you guys for one reason and one reason alone. While we may not be the most tightly connected functioning unit to the naked eye, you two are some of the most dangerous assassins I’ve ever seen in this game. But if we do not stay focused? We’re finished. Ask Alex Cain and The Blue Scorpion how long it took them to find themselves on the outside.

Cyrus speaks up.

Cyrus Black: I don’t think we have to, we helped you with their destruction.

Jaiden Rishel: You’re right, and tonight will be much more of the same. Jon Travis and Nathan Paradine are first, you two’s opportunity to show the Hostile Elite just how much of a force we are and that we’re not going away anytime soon. We will get what we want, and what we want is for Hostility to simply cease to be.

Black and Lundmark smile, rubbing their hands.

Jaiden Rishel: And then I’ll show the world how much of a joke Pretty Boy Page is when I become the ugh...Hostility Champion. I may need you two back out at ringside though if that idiot Steel tries any funny business. Alright guys, let’s meet in the middle. On three….REASON!

Jaiden places his right palm out, as the other two follow suit. The Prodigal Son loudly counts to three and all of them shout “THE REASON” out loud as we cut back to ringside.

Stan 'Bad Moon' Risin vs. Wallace

Tanner Graves: I can barely believe what I just witnessed. A man, who I will say is a legend in the making, doesn't show up for his match, and instead of being punished, is instead awarded the WIN for his match?

Lucas Greene: Here's how I look at it Graves. Christian Starr has done a lot in this business and FOR this business. Look at the prestige he brought to the Paramount Championship over in Evolution-Land. You might not have liked the fact he was champion, but you always found yourself watching to see if he would lose the championship the following week. From a business standpoint? He's a golden idol, and C$J is a genius for not only signing him, but awarding him the win based on his history. Look at Jerimiah Castle, what exactly has he done since we've opened our doors? 

Tanner Graves: Yeah... I guess I can see your point. Not to mention looking toward the future, can you imagine what is going to happen with the likes of Christian Starr on our roster?

Lucas Greene: Exactly. On top of that you have Jaiden and his Reason making waves for C$J and his Elite Crew, and then this entire scene from this past week's Evolution. Take a look next.

The two announcers give their cheesest of grins at the camera before the picture cuts to Evolution from this past week. MJ Flair is in the ring, discussing her triumph over the beastly Loki Synn, her defeat of Mia Rayne, and then being interrupted by none other than C$J. He informs her in short, that the winner of her match with Loki would be a member of the Hostility roster. No negotiations, no notice, no nothing. The fans are split, cheering for the fact that Hostility is now the home of MJ Flair, booing how C$J went about getting her there. The screen flickers back to Lucas and Tanner as Wallace has made his way to the ring and now he and Stan are getting instructions from the referee.

Tanner Graves: Big news as now that's two HUGE names that C$J has managed to sign in the last two weeks. Christian Starr and the one and only MJ Flair!

Lucas Greene: I'm telling you Graves, we get past these growing pains and Hostility is going to take flight. With the likes of these two on the roster, it's only a matter of time before we're cleared for take off. From there, it's smooth sailing to the top, past Evolution and to the greatest show this side of the wrestling-verse. 

Tanner Graves: ... What?

Lucas Greene: Exactly man. Now sit back and relax. We're about to see Wallace, fresh off his victory last week against Castle, take on a veteran in Hostility, Stan 'Bad Moon' Risin, who hasn't had much success since coming in.

The two wrestlers square off in the middle of the ring, but before either of them can tie up, the lights go out and a high pitched and shrill giggle emits from the speakers...

Tanner Graves: What's going on?!

Lucas Greene: This... This wasn't scripted.

For those paying attention they can see a small spark and a deep inhale from Lucas' mic. However, they don't get a chance to notice much as the laughter stops and the lights come back on. There, standing in the ring with a cast iron skillet in hand, a crazed look in her eye, is Mia Rayne, dressed as Loki Synn! She smiles curtly before smacking Stan in the face with the skillet! 

Tanner Graves: That's... That's Loki! But she was fired by C$J! Why is she here?

Lucas Greene: *Coughs* Isn't it obvious Graves? It's for revenge. C$J fired Mia unceremoniously, so why not exact some form of revenge?

The fans cheer as Stan goes down and doesn't move. Wallace tries to sneak up behind Loki and leap on her back! He catches her with a sleeper hold, but doesn't get for as the former World Champion leaps into the air and lands on her back, sandwiching Wallace between herself and the mat! He releases her and she springs up, spinning around, and delivers several vicious boots to his midsection! She tosses the skillet down onto the mat as she stomps around the ring, psyching everyone up. If Lucas and Tanner had everything to say, it couldn't be heard over the sound of the crowd as Loki picks Wallace up, looking to deliver The Last Laugh on top of the skillet! The fans' cheers turn to boos however, as "Yes" by LMFAO blares out.


Loki stops what she is doing, keeping Wallace propped up, but shifts him so she can see C$J face to face. Her head cocks at his voice, but the malice in her eyes never leaves.

C$J: You need to realize the seriousness of this situation Loki, Mia, whatever the fuck you call yourself now. You do anything more to my roster, and I arrest you not only for trespassing on private grounds, since you are NO LONGER AN EMPLOYEE OF THE CWF...

The fans boo but C$J doesn't notice, or care and presses on.

C$J: But assault on a roster member as well. There will be jail time and you have no protection from anyone here. Choose wisely Loki...

C$J makes a motion with his finger and the ring is swarmed by officers from the local police branch, coupled with members of venue security. Loki spins around, Wallace feeling the effects and trying not to lose the contents of his stomach. The Janusian Jester finally stops where she began and lets out a cackle the likes of which still haunt the people in attendence this night, before dropping Wallace down, neck first, on top of the skillet! The fans erupt the move as Loki backs up off the prone body of Wallace, giving C$J the bird with both hands, and then kneels, putting both hands behind her head as she is cuffed and led off by officers.

Tanner Graves: So, C$J not only fires Loki, but in the same week has her arrested?

Lucas Greene: That's what she gets Tan The Man. Don't mess with the boss or you'll get messed with. C$J doesn't play games and this is him flexing that muscle, hell, maybe it's also to show a message to Stewart and the goons over at Evolution who think they can mess with Hostility people. Who knows?

The two continue to discuss as the show cuts to commercial.

The Grandest of Announcements

The cameras return to the Hostility ReAwakened image and then fades to Marcus Maximus' smiling face. 

Marcus Maximus: Greetings all and welcome back to ReAwakened! Tonight, C$J has asked for my presence specifically to make a very important announcement! Shall we go see what he would like to tell us?

Marcus gestures to the camera to follow him and he turns to knock on the door to C$J's office. 

C$J: Come in!

His tone is friendly and welcoming, Marcus opens the door and goes in. We're greeted to the sight of C$J sitting behind his forever expensive looking desk. He motions for Marcus to take a seat, which the reporter does. Before he can do his job though, C$J takes center stage, completely glossing over Marcus' exisistence. The camera of course zooms in on the boss' face and Marcus is left to his own devices.

C$J: Thank you for your time this evening. Friends and enemies, I announced that I will be brining the Grand Title to Hostility and here we are. To make things short and sweet I am here to announce tonight, that starting next week, we will be starting a Grand Tournament. Christian Starr has already been awarded his spot in this tournament and we'll have to see if Ms. Flair is enticed by the prospect of a new shiny accessory to claim as her own. Will Pretty Boy Page claim two Hostility titles? Will my Hostile Elite make their creator proud? Only time will tell, but next week, we begin the festivities and end at... Our first annual pay-per-view event, Cataclysm, airing live only on the CWF Network on  April 19th! Now, who is ready to prove to be the Grandest in all the land?

C$J makes a dismissive gesture to the camera who of course backs up out of the office, leaving Marcus to look dumbfounded from the empty space that the camera man had been in previously, to C$J. Hostility's owner looks up from his paper work briefly and see Marcus still sitting in front of him.

C$J: Can I help you Mitchell?

Marcus Maximus: It's... Marcus actually sir, you had called me in to interview you about... I'm guessing the announcement you just made?

C$J puts down his pen, heavily, and glares daggers at Marcus.

C$J: And? I made my announcement, I allowed for you to be here, I gave you... What's the word you reporter types use? Right, I gave you "the scoop." The inside details. You should be elated, but instead you remain here, questioning the person who just gave you this incredible opportunity? Did I get that right Marco?

Marcus Maximus: Actually, it's Marc...

C$J: It. Doesn't. MATTER, what you think your name is. In my presence, I get to call you what I want, when I want, and you can't do squat about it. Unless of course you want to continue begging for scrap stories over at that B-List promotion, Evolution.

The Boss pauses. Barely, but it was there. Maybe he does have a slight heart.

C$J: I didn't think so. Now, get out of my sight before I decide to call you "Mucus" until you have earned the right for me to remember your name, let alone call you by it.

Marcus nods shakingly before making a hasty exit, shutting the door quietly behind him. C$J sighs to himself.

C$J: One day, that guy might go places. Maybe...

The Reason (Christer Lundmark & Cyrus Black) vs. The Hostile Elite (Jon Travis & Nathan Paradine)

Lucas Greene: Big news from Mr. Head Honcho Man himself! Welcome back all you Hostilites to Hostility ReAwakened #3! If you just joined us, you missed a night filled with action, a former roster member being arrested by C$J and company...

Tanner Graves: And don't forget about the tournament starting next week to crown our first ever Grand Champion at our first pay-per-view event, Cataclysm, live on April 19th! So many exciting things happening Lucas, it's hard to keep up with them all!

Lucas Greene: You literally missed the part where I alluded to that big news from C$J already. Have you been smoking my stash man? If you want some that's fine, all you have to do is ask, don't just take. That's just bad form...

Tanner doesn't get a chance to defend himself as he's cut off by Issac Foxx. The announcer's appearance only adds to the ire of the crowd who rain their boos down upon him. He doesn't seem to be worried about it though, most of the concessions had already been cleaned up from earlier and the crowd had proven that their aim left something to be desired.

Issac Foxx: The next match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, representing Jaiden Rishel's "reason" to be alive right now... Christer Lundmark and Cyrus Black, The Reason!

The fans jeer the obvious lopsided commentary but Foxx doesn't seem to care as he makes his way to a neutral corner as The Reason come out seperately.

Tanner Graves: Some... Jaded to say the least announcing from Issac tonight. I wonder if C$J is using him to add some fire to the people that are on his crap list?

Lucas Greene: Not that it really matters Graves. C$J keeps us behind this table, doing this job we love so much. Let's not question the hand that feeds hmm? C$J, thank you for my paycheck!

Lucas gives the camera a goofy grin and two thumbs up next to Tanner's uneasy smile. They are being employed and handsomly compensated by C$J himself for being commentators, complete with hazard pay, something Mike Rolash can't say that he gets at Evolution. Back in the ring, Cyrus and Christer have made their way to their corner as Issac once again takes center stage, being careful to stay out of arms reach of the two imposing men glaring at him.

Issac Foxx: Their opponents, hand picked by the man that not only gave a fresh breath to a stale CWF, but brought forth new life into Hostility, bringing the CWF into a new rennossaince of wrestling. First, he is Hostility's own Jon Travis!

The fans cheer for Travis despite being a member of The Elite. Who doesn't love a man who plays with wolves in his downtime?

Issac Foxx: His partner, he is a former Hostility Champion through and through, the man BLEEDS for this brand and it is only fitting that he fights for it. I don't really think we need to go over where this man is from...

The fans of course erupt for the veiled mention of Melbourne but only grow louder as Foxx finally announces the name.

Issac Foxx: He is... NATHAN PARADINE! Together, with Trent Steel, they are, THE HOSTILE ELITE!

The two make their way to the ring, shouting at the two members of The Reason who are barely held back by the referee. Predictably, Issac Foxx has slithered his way out of the ring and the powder keg that is set to erupt. The two members of The Elite slide into the ring, slowly and methodically, their eyes never leaving Christer and Cyrus. Travis' lips turn to a snarl at the sight of Black and Paradine can only scowl at the Viking who glowers back at the Aussie.

Tanner Graves: Lots of tension between these two teams...

Lucas Greene: Who's to blame them? Did you not see what happened at ReAwakened Dos? Team Hostility got taken down a peg and I'm sure C$J wasn't thrilled about that. He has to have something up his sleeve to even the score tonight. I believe the moral of the story tonight is going to be, "don't bite the hand that feeds."

Tanner is left speculating Lucas' words as Cyrus Black and Jon Travis look to be starting out for their respective teams. They tie up in the middle of the ring and start to wrestle for position.

Tanner Graves: Cyrus and Jon Travis starting things out for The Reason and The Elite respectively.

Lucas Greene: Makes the most sense. Travis has a score to settle with Black after the events of ReAwakened Dos.

The two continue to jockey for position, Cyrus finally getting the upper hand and pushing Travis back, only realizing a second too late that he pushed Travis directly into a Hostile corner! Paradine punishes Black for the mistake with a quick jab to the jaw. The ref sees and admonishes The Australian Submission Machine who just smiles it off and tags himself in as Travis hits black with a quick knee to the gut followed up with a sharp elbow blow to the back of the neck! Jon quickly gets out of the ring as Paradine follows up quickly with a neckbreaker!

Tanner Graves: Looks like The Elite were just caught off guard last show. Now they seem to be working together smooth as silk!

Lucas Greene: Granted it's still early in the match young padawan, but yes, it appears Paradine and Travis don't want any kind of repeat of last show, that and would you REALLY want to earn the ire of C$J?

Tanner Graves: Nope. Not even a little bit.

Lucas nods solemnly as Nathan delivers a couple vicious stomps to the gut of Cyrus Black before dragging him into the center of the ring and locking in a rear chin lock. The ref slides in to ensure that it isn't a choke, which it isn't, until the ref's back becomes turned. Black's face quickly turns red as Travis pretends to enter into the ring, distracting the referee and allowing Paradine to sink the choke in even longer. Ever the cunning wolf, Travis gets out of the ring as Christer lets out a howl of rage, entering in the ring himself. The ref turns and forces Christer back into his corner, a tall order as Jon sneaks back in and delivers a couple bicycle kicks to the chest and ribs of Black, driving the wind out of him! After the third kick Travis quickly exits to his ring, seeing that Christer is once again tamed in his corner. The crowd boos as Travis picks up the tag rope as if nothing happened.

Tanner Graves: It says here that Jon Travis doesn't cheat. That looked like a couple cheap shots to me!

Lucas Greene: It also says on his official Hostility roster that he knows the game of "Tit for Tat." Were you not paying attention at ReAwakened Duce Graves? The Reason laid waste to anything that even thought the words, "Hostile Elite." Why wouldn't The Elite come back and show everyone what's what? Jon Travis is just getting redemption for what happened on our second outing. That's all.

With Christer barely sated in his corner, bouncing back and forth and banging on the steps for Cyrus to wake himself up, the ref once again moves in to check to make sure Paradine doesn't have an illegal hold on Black. Of course Nathan's arms are well where they need to be for the move to be considered "legal." The ref raises Cyrus' limp arm...


Tanner Graves: How upset would Jaiden be if The Reason lost via sleeper hold?


Lucas Greene: It doesn't happen often and it would certainly be news if it happened here. As good as Paradine is at what he does, I don't know if he'll get the win that easy this early.

True to Lucas' words, Cyrus' arm stays up on the third attempt by the ref, who calls for the match to continue. Paradine snarls and stands up before delivering a knee to the back of Cyrus before wrenching his neck back against it.

Tanner Graves: Look at the torque Paradine is applying to Cyrus' neck! That can NOT be comfortable!

Lucas Greene: Only a matter of time before Christer gets involved...

On cue, the burly Viking comes barreling in, ignoring all attempts to get him to remain calm in his corner. With a running start he hits Paradine with a running boot to the back of the Aussie's head! Nathan of course releases the hold and goes down, holding the back of his head and trying to shake the cobwebs out. This only draws the ire of Jon Travis who comes in and on his way by delivers a stomp to Cyrus' hand for good measure before complaining to the official about Christer's actions. On the other side, Lundmark stands his ground and yells back at Travis, trapping the helpless ref between the two men.

Tanner Graves: I... I do not envy that man's current position.

Lucas Greene: Ladies and gents, this powder keg is about to erupt! I don't know if a regular ol' tag match will be enough to contain all of this and regardless of what happens here, I don't see this mess being resolved tonight no matter how things go.

Much to the referee's relief though, Travis backs off first and goes back to The Hostile Elite's corner. Having recovered, Paradine rolls to the ropes, close to his corner so he can keep an eye on Christer as the viking leaves the ring. Travis whispers something in Paradine's ear and the Aussie grins. He reaches out an arm and Jon tags himself in.

Tanner Graves: Travis picking the prone body of Cyrus up off the mat and whipping him to the ropes, looking for his high impact spinebuster, Into the Wild!

Lucas Greene: Buuutttt... Doesn't look like he gets too wild as Cyrus delivers a boot to the midsection on his return and hits Anarchy, his version of a double underhook DDT. He rolls Travis over for the first cover of the match!

The ref slides in to make the count...



Tanner Graves: Travis kicks out at two and a half after feeling the Anarchy that Black brings to the table! Now it's just a matter of seeing which man is able to get to their feet first and make a tag!

Lucas Greene: Orr, no?

Lucas gestures to the ring as Travis is able to make it to his feet, shakingly, but able to stand tall. Cyrus makes it to his feet soon after and runs at Jon, who ducks underneath at the last moment! Black instead tries to take out Paradine, who ducks his clothesline and instead guillotines him on the top rope! Cyrus stumbles back and is met with a belly to back suplex courtesy of Jon Travis! He makes the cover and the ref slides in for the count.


Lucas Greene: And once again Christer Lundmark paying dividends to Jaiden and Cyrus by keeping this match alive!

Tanner Graves: It isn't earning him much love in the ring though by the looks of it...

Both Jon Travis and Nathan Paradine are confronting Lundmark who is deftly standing his ground, going so far as taking Travis by his face and pushing him roughly backward. Having recovered and seeing an opening Black uses Travis' unbalance to roll him up for a pin! At the same moment Lundmark shows his tag team savagery as he pushes Paradine up into the Hostile Elite corner, holding him there as the ref makes the count.




Lucas Greene: Jon Travis has his turn to keep the match alive as he kicks out at the very last instant!

Tanner Graves: Did you see how quick Lundmark responded to that roll up though by pushing Paradine into a corner and holding him there?

Lucas Greene: Unorthodox? Sure. Effective? And then some. These two teams are laying it all on the line tonight to determine which stable has all the momentum.

Black goes after Travis, looking to capitalize, but Jon quickly rolls out of his grasp, and into his corner, where Paradine tags himself in. He gets in the ring and squares off with Black, but before anyone can do anything, Travis leaps up and launches himself across the ring at an unsuspecting Lundmark, taking Christer down with a boot to the face! Travis isn't done there as he throws caution to the winds and hops up onto the top rope and leaps down onto Christer, landing on him knees first!

Tanner Graves: Holy shit! Travis... Jon... He... He just took Lundmark out with a vicious boot followed by top rope knees onto the floor below!

Lucas Greene: For a guy who wanted to read off the app earlier on in this match... You would think you'd know a guy's moveset. That would be a double knee meteora by Travis, a move he calls, "Anywhere Outdoors," or anywhere in an arena as the case might be...

Tanner doesn't have a chance to respond as Black snaps out of it and charges at Paradine, looking to take advantage of the distraction caused by Jon Travis by producing a chain from an inner pocket. He takes stock of the chaos around him, Paradine and the ref checking on Jon Travis outside; and wraps the chain around his fist. The Aussie turns just in time to see the strike coming and is able to dodge, knocking Black down with a short armed clothesline. Checking to ensure that the ref is still trying to sort the mess outside, Paradine quickly takes the chain and wraps it around the throat of Cyrus Black. He growls in Black's ear:

Nathan Paradine: Consider this a reply to Jaiden's message from last show. The Hostile Elite? We've only just begun to evolve...

Without a moment's hesitation, Paradine uses the chain to lift Black up and drill him back down again with the Para-Plex! He quickly unwraps the chain from the neck of Black and tosses it to the side before he calls for the zebra to get over to the middle of the ring and do his job, locking in The Mark of Judas! The ref sees that Black is already unconcious and quickly calls for the bell!

Tanner Graves: Using questionable methods, The Hostile Elite have done it!

Lucas Greene: What are you talking about, "questionable methods?" Paradine saw a cheap shot coming and instead of whining about it, he used it against Black. Tit. For. Tat Graves. Tit for tat. Look it up.

Graves is only left to scratch his head as the screen fades for the next commercial break.

Pretty Boy Page (c) vs. Jaiden Rishel

Lucas Greene: Welcome back everyone to what has proven to be an eventful ReAwakened #3! For those just tuning in, we just saw The Hostile Elite, hometown hero Nathan Paradine and Jon Travis come up victorious against Christer Lundmark and Cyrus Black of The Reason.

Tanner Graves: That's right Lucas, but based on how everything went down, I'm sure this war is far from over! Not only that, but we had Christian Starr win a match by merit, Jerimiah Castle learned what "nacho night" is all about, Loki Synn showing up and laying waste to two of our roster and then being arrested for it, and of course... The "grandest" announcement of all. Our very own Grand Title will be decided at our first PPV, the match up to be determined in the coming weeks through a Grand tournament.

Lucas Greene: Things are certainly grand here in Hostility as we look to kick off the first of two main events tonight! First up, we have Jaiden Rishel challenging for the Hostility Title currently held by Pretty Boy Page!

Tanner Graves: Looks like we don't have long to wait as I've heard that C$J not only just declared this match as a Falls Count Anywhere, but there seems to be an altercation in the loading dock!

The cameras cut backstage as Jaiden is seen chasing after Pretty Boy Page, a steel chair in hand. With another hard smack, the Hostility Title Bat goes skittering across the concrete floor as Page goes down hard, crawling away for respite. She comes to a stand still however once Jaiden lays another hard chair shot down onto her back. With another twitch, she lies motionless. He spats down at her in disgust and his eyes dart over to the side, a devious look coming across his face. Rishel's intentions are made suddenly known though as he comes back into the scene driving a forklift, a pallet lifted into the air! 

With precision Jaiden stops it in front of the prone Pretty Boy Page and lowers the pallet on top of her, snug enough to cause exteme amounts of discomfort when the champion tries to breath, but loose enough not to cause anything permanent, like death. With a light hop, Jaiden gets out of the forklift and then pins Pretty Boy Page from on top of the pallet! Not knowing what else to do, the ref gets down to make the count.




The ref goes flying to the side as Jaiden looks up into the face of none other than Trent Steel, the forgotten Hostility title currently in his hands.

Trent Steel: Congrats on the win Jaiden. C$J wanted me to give you something.

With no hesitation, Trent rears up and smacks Jaiden over the back of the head with the Hostility Title! Jaiden goes down in a slump, unconcious as another ref runs in to make the count official and get the pallet off a now unconcious Pretty Boy Page.




The cameras cut to static before going to a very shocked looking Lucas Greene and Tanner Graves.

Tanner Graves: So... So Jaiden just won the Hostility Title by pinning Pretty Boy Page underneath a pallet. 

Lucas Greene: But Trent Steel currently has possession of the title, leaving both the former champion, and current champion unconcious on top of each other. Welcome to Hostility everyone! Now, what's next?

Nina (c) vs. Autumn Raven

Tanner Graves: Well ladies and gentlemen, after what I’m sure will be another much talked about ReAwakened show for Hostility, it is that time again.

Lucas Greene: The main event, bay-bee!

Tanner Graves: We already have the first Aversion champion Autumn Raven in the ring in one corner, and her sworn enemy and now current champion Nina in the other. Ever since Nina and VENOM have brought in the Book of Truth to torment Autumn, these two have set out to destroy each other.

Lucas Greene: Maybe Autumn just can’t handle the truth?

Neither Nina or Autumn Raven even wait for referee Nick McArthur to call for the bell before they meet each other in the middle of the ring, both women thinking the same thing as they come at each other with flying cross bodies- both chests of the female fatale’s bouncing off each other before they land right back on their feet!

Tanner Graves: Wow, that was an interesting way to start a match if I’ve ever seen one, Lucas!

Lucas Greene: I’d say Autumn and Nina are about as evenly matched as a box of brownies and an ounce of Cali’s finest, Tanner.

Tanner Graves: Okay?

Autumn with a hard Discus Elbow lights up Nina, but the Cobra Emperatriz only holds her jaw momentarily before coming right back at her and ducking underneath a clothesline, springboarding off the ropes and catching Raven on the way down with a Hurricanrana! Nina kips right up to her feet, Vince and Omar clapping their hands outside the ring in approval as he yanks Autumn up to her feet by her hair and slashes into her chest with knife edge chops. Raven is cornered, but a dropkick to the face of Nina sends her packing!

Tanner Graves: The Beautiful Psychopath is looking to use her body like a cannonball, as she just front flipped right into Nina-wait! The Cobra Emperatriz catches her out of mid-air, the sold out Melbourne fans watching on in shock as she slams her into the corner with a Buckle Bomb!

Lucas Greene: Put the lighter to Autumn, Tanner, she’s smoked! Yanking Autumn away from the corner, Nina confidently lays on top of her for the cover.



Tanner Graves: No, Autumn kicks out, and she’s right back to her feet! The insanely fast pace of this match continues as Raven bounces off the ropes, Nina not even back to her feet yet as she comes back with a twisted headscissors to the canvas!

Lucas Greene: Blink and you’ll miss this one.

Tanner Graves: For some reason I think you miss a lot, Lucas.

Autumn has the crowd in the palm of her hands now as she heads for the nearest corner. The Beautiful Psychopath raises her arms in the air, eliciting an even louder response from the Melbourne fans, before standing up on the very top rope to prepare herself for the Anti-Hero. Omar is up on the apron though, distracting Raven enough that she turns around, beginning to lose her footing.


Lucas Greene: Dude, stop yelling! You’re such a buzzkill.

Nick McArthur paces to the far side of the ring, checking to see if Raven is moving because being forced to count her out. Omar and Vince of VENOM hover over the Beautiful Psychopath as she lays unconscious, Nina riling up the fans inside the ring as the count continues. At the count of eight Nina gets to the top rope, raising her arms in victory before the referee even makes it official. At the count of ten the bell rings, and Omar and Vince immediately go into action, lifting the still unconscious Autumn up on their shoulders as Nina screams at the timekeeper to not only give her her Aversion Title but a microphone.

Nina: Autumn, Autumn, Autumn. We tried to give you options, my dear. We tried to let you take the easy road out, see the truth that was laid right in front of your eyes, but no. No, you were stubborn and you did not listen. So, Autumn….

Double Spin-Out Neckbreaker from the VENOM boys leaves Autumn snapping like a twig onto the mats outside, the Melbourne fans immediately exploding into boos yet again! Nina is loving every second of it, laughing in the ring as she watches Raven take what is coming to her.

Nina: Autumn, now is the time for your atonement. Whether you like it or not, whether you realize it or not, you need to be saved. Whether you like it or not, Autumn, you will soon know the truth and you will be forced to succumb to it.

Nina watches on as Omar and Vince roughly pull Autumn Raven back up and onto their shoulders, the Cobra Emperatriz exiting the ring to meet them as she looks Raven in her barely opened eyes.

Nina: Ahora causamos dolor a todas las almas que pisan el anillo con nosotros.

Nina raises her arms in the air, taking in the jeering from the crowd almost like it’s energy before she points to the entrance ramp, the men of VENOM carrying Autumn up the ramp as she follows behind them. The Cobra Emperatriz turns back to the crowd just one time before smiling evilly, following Omar, Vince and Autumn to the back as ReAwakened 3 goes off the air.

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