Confliction 2019

12 Mar 2019

Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Australia (seats 100,024)

Mel-burn it down!

Confliction 2019

The picture fades in to an aerial view of the Melbourne Cricket Grounds, similar to the shot in Canberra last week. The huge round stadium is bustling with activity, the centre of it dominated by the roof over the ring with some dark dots barely visible. Despite the distance the Confliction theme song "Let it be Known" by Briggs can be heard blasting through the arena. The camera shot switches to Blake Church and Charles State sitting on top of the structure, dressed like explorers of the outback and ready to go, the Australian crowd giving a roar of approval as the image of the two shows up on the big screen above the stage.

Blake Church: G'day mates and welcome to Melbourne!

Charles State: Confliction is just a few minutes away from its kick-off and so far Australia has been phenomenal, the people, the weather, the food, we should definitely come back here more often!

The crowd obviously reacts to the cheap pop.

Blake Church: So as you noticed, the show was moved to the Melbourne Cricket Ground on short notice, because of the incredible demand by the Aussie fans and the atmosphere is incredible and to be honest, so are the matches that await us tonight, culminating in the big fourway main event.

Charles State: The world title is on the line for the first time since Modern Warfare and this has the potential to be an instant classic. The Shadow, obviously is in, but so are his new arch nemesis Ataxia, Modern Warfare semi finalist Dan Ryan and finally former world heavyweight champion Duce Jones, who invoked a clause in a contract signed off by Christopher St. James during the Glass Ceiling protests. Four men, no disqualification and falls count anywhere, so mayhem guaranteed!

Blake Church: Speaking of mayhem, what about MJ Flair vs. Loki Synn? Cheshire tried to assure us all that Loki was a thing of the past, but looks like the chair shot last week woke her back up and this is going to be one of the grudgiest matches we have seen in a long time, since it was Loki that had put MJ out of action for several months!

Charles State: Another match that has the potential to put someone out of action for a while is the Parking Lot Brawl between Freddie Styles and "Big Rig" Clyde Walker. But I am receiving word, and I quote "Stop jabbering, we have a show to run", so without any further ado, off to Jim Gunt and Mike Rolash downstairs!

Blake Church: Speaking of downstairs, how on earth are we getting back down there ourselves?

Charles State: Hm. I see your point now, let's work on that...

The picture cuts to Jim and Mike standing in front of their desks, with their Australian counterparts Stevie Illawarra and Lleyton Polkinghorne by their side.

Jim Gunt: Thank you gentlemen, and also from us welcome to Confliction. And I have to agree with my colleagues up there, the Australian hospitality has been great. So it is fitting that we have two matches with Australian participation tonight.

Stevie Illawarra: Yes, Jim, Nathan Paradine will be meeting with the mysterious Enforcer Scott Dann and then the Lost Boys are back!

A big applause goes through the crowd upon the mentioning of their name.

Lleyton Polkinghorne: And they could snag back the tag team titles from the Samoan Ghost Connection tonight, so this will be exciting!

Mike Rolash: But first up we have three pretty new gentlemen in the ring, with brand-new Johnny Graves facing off against Moe Davis and Sebastian Diakos and Ray Douglas is ready in the ring, so let's Mel-burn it down!

Stevie Illawarra: Really, Mike?

Mike Rolash: What?

Johnny Graves vs. Moe Davis vs. Sebastian Diakos

Ray in the ring is also rolling his eyes at Rolash, but after shaking his head he is ready to kick off Confliction.

Ray Douglas: The first match is a triple threat match. First to the ring, here is Sebastian Diakos!

Sure enough, with no fanfare, no music, lights, or special anything the man known as Diakos comes out onto the stage. His valet, Stella trails behind him as the two make their way to the ring.

Jim Gunt: Straight and to the point. I guess that’s the methodology Diakos is going with now.

Mike Rolash: I like it! There’s no frilly, fru-fru nonsense to wade through! This man is my pick to be the man of Evolution’s future! He gets it!

Gunt can only shake his head. He wasn’t going to go there as the lights throughout the venue cut, leaving the fans sitting in complete darkness. 

Mike Rolash: Oh great, another guy that uses the light switch to get the point across that he’s spooky and misunderstood. We get it, you prefer a dark cave to the bright arena, please go crawl into it.

Jim Gunt: What is your malfunction today?

Suddenly red and blue lights begin flashing throughout the arena as the sound of police sirens pierce the silence. Both announcers jump in unison as Ray Douglas takes over on the mic.

Ray Douglas: Introducing next, from Las Vegas, Nevada. He is, The Sin CITY SAINT! JOHNNY GRAVES!

The heavy drums of "Terrorstorm" blasts from the various speakers throughout the arena. The fans rise to their feet in a thunderous response.

Jim Gunt: The fans are mixed in their reaction to CWF new signee, Johnny Graves!

Mike Rolash: Would he just get out here already? Diakos was right and to the point, how long has it been since we’ve had to endure this noise?

After several more moments of anticipation the curtain pulls back and Johnny Graves steps out onto the small stage. The Sin City Saint slowly moves his gaze over the sea of fans, a confident smirk on his lips. He drops down onto his knees where he sits for several moments. 


Jim Gunt: Do… Do you need a Snickers? I hear they’re looking for people to sponsor.

He looks hopefully at the camera before it cuts back to Graves who finally pushes himself up to his feet and begins strutting confidently toward the ring. The fans on either side of the aisle reach out looking to get a high five or anything from the passing Graves who ignores them completely, his intense eyes fixated on the ring, oozing confidence. As he nears the ring he picks up his pace until jogging. He slides into the ring feet first, sliding all the way to the center of the ring where he again sits on his knees. 

Mike Rolash: Awful lot of sitting for a guy who is supposed to be this super fast martial artist.

Jim Gunt: Seriously, I have some hard candy right now and we can order a pizza from concessions or something.

Graves slowly rises his right hand and points to the sky with his index finger. He springs up to his feet and moves to the corner where he ascends to the middle rope and begins yelling towards the fans at ringside, the cameramen, whoever happens to look in his direction. Unfortunately he yells in Mike Rolash’s general direction.

Mike Rolash: Get down here and say that to my face you… You rapscallion!

Jim Gunt: Scathing remarks from my commentary partner. This should be an interesting night as we still have one… Entrance to go… In the first match, of our pay-per-view event, Confliction. Joy.

The sarcasm drips from Jim’s voice as Johnny Graves climbs down from the ropes and kneels in the corner resting his head against the middle turnbuckle saying a quick prayer. Back on his feet again he begins pacing back and forth in the corner like a caged animal longing for the moment he's freed and can pounce on its prey. 

Jim Gunt: One thing is for sure, Johnny Graves is nothing but intense as he and Diakos hold each other’s stare. I would not want to be in that ring right now, how about you Mike?

Before Rolash has a chance to respond however, he is interrupted by the drums and bassline from "Bustin Loose". Then, Chuck's immortal words, 

"Gimme the bridge, now.” 

Ray Douglas: Introducing next, hailing from Washington D.C. He is “The Go-Go Kid…” MOE DAVIS!

Right when the horns come in, BANG, big shot of pyro on both sides of the entrance. Moe leaps from backstage with a big smile and lots of energy. He hypes himself up and reaches out to hype up the fans as he makes his way to ring. 

Mike Rolash: I was about to say, before I was so RUDELY interrupted, that it didn’t matter the intensity that Graves brings to the match, because Diakos trumps it all. However, seeing Moe run down like the Energizer Bunny gives me hope for a better tomorrow. I’d be ok with Moe winning. Moe or Diakos. Boom. Winners, right there. Sadly for you Gunt, that leaves you with the…

He doesn’t get a chance to finish though. Evolution rookie referee extraordinaire, Nick McArthur calls for the bell and pandemonium erupts. Being the biggest man in the ring, Diakos roars to intimidate both his competitors. It doesn’t work and he is blasted by a basement dropkick from Graves and a frontflip dropkick from Davis! Diakos bounces backward into the corner, hard and flops onto the mat, unmoving. 

Mike Rolash: Not. A. Word.

Jim Gunt: So, that’s one way to take a big man down?

The action doesn’t stop though as Stella does her best to revive Diakos, while shrieking obscenities at the two men who are now dueling in the ring, forgetting any pleasantries like wrestling holds and moves used to slow an opponent down. Instead both men look to pick up the pace, hitting each other with hard strikes, chops, kicks, anything that they can land. In the chaos, Diakos gets to his hands and knees, but catches an elbow to the temple, again downing the big man. Jim can hardly keep a straight face as Mike goes to say something, opens his mouth, and closes it again.

Jim Gunt: Another hard hitting affair opening up Confliction, one of CWF’s hottest pay-per-views!

Mike Rolash: Glass jaws need not apply.

In the ring, Graves looks to get the upper hand as he backs Moe up into a corner. He hits a Muai Thai combination that has Moe stunned before pulling The Go-Go Kid out from the corner. He hooks an arm, looking for a hammerlock DDT, but Moe spins out and hits a picture perfect dropkick, sending a stunned Graves down to the mat! 

Jim Gunt: Graves looking to get the upper hand, but Davis right there with a reversal that leaves The Sin City Saint dazed!

Mike Rolash: That’s my boy! He’s the guy I’ve been behind this entire tim…

As the words leave Mike’s mouth Davis turns his attentions to Diakos, taking his eyes off Graves. In doing so, Graves hops up to his feet and clobbers Moe with a double knee to the back! He doesn’t stop there as he jumps up from Moe’s back and leaps into the air, hitting the Epistomp on a recovering Diakos! Johnny looks to be on fire as he gets to the top rope, looking for an exclamation point, but Moe is there to stop him, forcing Graves to readjust and lose his footing, leading to him straddling the top turnbuckle! The fans react accordingly as The Go-Go Kid rushes to pull Graves from the perch and hop up himself, leaping off into the air and hitting the 3-Star Frog Splash on a downed Diakos! The fans erupt as Moe goes for the cover!




Jim Gunt: NO!

Mike Rolash: He’s cheating, Graves is cheating and should be DQed from this match.

Nick McArthur calls for the two count as the crowd cheers. Moe rolls to the side as Graves snarls at him, saying that this moment is his. Holding his ribs, Davis rolls back and then runs forward, having the momentum of a cannonball and pushes Graves! The momentum drives Johnny out of the ring, the crowd cheering for Davis as he goes to try and make the cover on Diakos, only this time, Stella is having a conversation with Nick about the ethics of a manager not being allowed to touch an opponent. The crowd counts to three, but Davis has seen enough as he goes over to the ring ropes and yells for Stella to stay out of business that doesn’t concern her. 

Jim Gunt: He should watch out, he might not get counted out, but anything could happen here. He doesn’t want to get too distracted.

Mike Rolash: He’s got this all under control Jimmy! He just needs to let that little lady know what’s what. He wouldn’t hurt Autumn Raven, so there’s no way he’d hurt Stel…

He falls silent as the argument between Moe and Stella spills to the outside, the crowd insisting that Moe do something to keep Stella from interferring. He seems to have an inner conundrum but suddenly hits Stella with a Stunner! The crowd erupts and Mike is left speechless. As this is going on however, Graves makes his way back into the ring and picks up Diakos.

Jim Gunt: Nice moment for Moe, but he should really be paying attention to what’s happening in the ring.

Mike Rolash: Nah, let him enjoy his moment, there’s no way…

Mike once again falls silent as he follows Jim’s gaze as Johnny hefts up Diakos with an unknown strength, slamming him back down with a move he has deemed…

Jim Gunt: The Starkiller!

Mike Rolash: Quit posturing to the idiots Moe! Look what’s happening! Moe! MOE!!!!

Johnny goes for the cover after the devastating move and McArthur swoops in for the count.



Moe finally notices what’s going on and slides into the ring rushing to break up the count before…


A second too late, Moe reaches them, but he knows what happens as Johnny’s music blares overhead and his arm is raised in victory.

Ray Douglas: And the winner by pinfall - JOHNNY GRAVES!

Jim Gunt: Bet on the wrong horse, Mike?

Mike Rolash: No comment...

Watch Your Step

The camera opens up in the busy MCG backstage area, and a host of staff, talent and miscellaneous people all rushing about, busying themselves with whatever job or task is at hand. The wide corridor is a hive of activity, yet even through the mass of humanity, we are still able to see Jimmy Allen sidling slowly through the crowd.

‘The Catalyst’ has evidently only just arrived at the arena, a black sports bag slung casually over his right shoulder as he limps down the corridor, shifting left and right to avoid the oncoming rush of people.

All of a sudden, there is a coming together, as an onrushing, yet-to-be revealed individual clatters into Allen, sending him sprawling to the ground. His bag flies off his shoulder, and spins off several feet away. The camera pans quickly between Allen and his apparent assailant, who is still unidentifiable amongst the mass of humanity. Was the collision an accident? Was it intentional?

Jimmy looks around angrily, clutching his ever-problematic knee, as the crowd parts. One individual, however, doesn’t move with the rest of the people, instead standing tall and upright as he looks down at the fallen Jimmy Allen, sneering through grey-framed spectacles...

Stan Summers: Watch your step, Jimmy. You never know what’s round the corner.

‘The Wrestling Inspector’ flashes a malevolent smile, before turning on his heel and disappearing through the crowd, even as Jimmy clambers to his feet and starts after him.

Jim Gunt: What on earth was that all about?

Mike Rolash: Come on Jim, that was clearly an accident!

Jim Gunt: Hmmm... somehow I’m not convinced...

Mike Rolash: And who asked you to stir up the rumour mill, Piers Morgan? You saw how many people were milling around back there. It’s no wonder the CWF’s accident statistics are through the roof...! And personally, I’m confident that that is yet another thing that Mr Stan Summers will be sorting out as part of his inspection.

Jim Gunt: You are unbelievable, you know that...?

Mike Rolash: A-thank you!

Contractual Obligations II

The camera cuts back to backstage, where Nathan Paradine is showing in his ring gear, leaning against the wall opposite Jon Stewart's office with his arms crossed. TJ Flint, the head of CWF security, has been posted outside the boss's door tonight and he scowls at the Australian Submission Machine, remembering his interrogation from a few weeks ago. Paradine returns the scowl, and taps his wrist impatiently.

Nathan Paradine: Is this gonna take much longer, mate? I've got a match up soon.

Flint shrugs, however at the moment the door to the office swings open and the arm of Jon Stewart appears, beckoning Paradine inside. He kicks off the wall and takes a step towards the open door, but Flint sticks out his arm.

TJ Flint: No funny business, right?

Nathan Paradine: Yeah, right.

Paradine steps into the office and closes the door behind him, before taking a moment to look at his surroundings. Stewart has taken over a corporate box at the MCG, the large floor-to-celing windows allowing for a spectacular view of the ring and stage for Confliction. Two chairs have been arranged to face the glass, and Stewart motions for Paradine to take a seat.

Jon Stewart: Come on, Nathan. This won't take long.

Paradine takes a seat, albeit reluctantly.

Nathan Paradine: Sorry mate, but the last time I was called into your office things didn't go so well for me. You can't blame me for being a bit worried.

Jon Stewart: Well as a matter of a fact...

Stewart indicates towards a stack of papers on a small table between the two chairs.

Jon Stewart: Do you know what that is?

Nathan Paradine: What the hell...

The Nomad lifts the papers up to his face, sliding his glasses down to the tip of his nose in order to read the tiny text.

Nathan Paradine: It's my goddamn CWF contract, the one YOU won't let me out of!

Jon Stewart: Yeah, well, about that... it's null and void, effective immediately. You're fired, Nathan.

Paradine's jaw drops. He blinks several times, unable to make any words come out of his mouth.

Jon Stewart: Was it really that unexpected? When I signed you I thought I was getting the old Nathan Paradine... not a broken down wreck of a man that can barely finish a match. The information you've been getting for me from Christopher St. James? Worthless. I try and spark some of that old aggression by putting you into the Paramount Grand Prix, and what do I get? A win, a draw, and a loss to the one man I wanted you to put away!

Nathan Paradine: Look, I know I've had a rough month or two-

Jon Stewart: That's not to mention that every promo you cut you discuss how unhappy you are here. I'm cutting my losses. You'll still compete for Hostility, hopefully the more... relaxed schedule will allow you to get a few wins under your belt, but I doubt it.

Nathan Paradine: I just wanted to wrestle, damn you. You're the one who made me act like a spy; who entered me into a tournament I didn't want any part of! 

Jon Stewart: Other people might see those as opportunities, Nathan. All you've done is complain about your circumstances. Lose the self pity and maybe you'll do a bit better out there in the ring.

Paradine scowls, before shooting a glances towards the ring. 

Nathan Paradine: You're right.

Jon Stewart: Excuse me?

Nathan Paradine: I said you're right! Don't bloody make me repeat myself. All I've done is complain, and wallow in self pity. Give me another chance to try this again.

Jon Stewart: Well, as it just so happens... I have another contract drawn up, right here. A non-exclusive CWF contract, with the usual exit clauses, that will also allow you to wrestle for Hostility. Sign it, and we can forget the last month ever happened... I know I sure as hell want to.

Paradine glances over the contract, and Stewart holds out an embossed pen. Paradine takes it and quickly scrawls his name at the bottom of the contract.

Jon Stewart: Excellent. Now I expect to see an upswing in your performance, Nathan... I'm not in the habit of allowing third chances. And forget about the spy stuff... you're fucking terrible at it. Just go out there and wrestle, since you seem to want to do it so badly.

Nathan Paradine: Right. Uh, thanks...

Paradine stands up, and nods to himself as he looks at the ring. This is it... a second chance to make an impression on the CWF. Paradine turns to leave, however as he approaches the door Stewart turns his head over his shoulder.

Jon Stewart: Oh, and Nathan... good luck against Scott Dann tonight. I hear he's a real monster!

Paradine pauses and frowns, before shaking his head and continuing out of the office as the scene cuts back to ringside.

Jim Gunt: What a rollercoaster for Nathan, getting fired and re-hired in a matter of mere minutes!

Mike Rolash: Well, he's useless as detective.

Jim Gunt: And what does that have to do with-- Oh, I hear that something else is happening back there!

Deadly Serious

We return backstage, this time to what looks to be an area of the MCG that has been set aside for catering. An impressive selection of hot and cold food and drinks are laid out on several connected wooden tables adorned with pristine white tablecloths, as a steady line of staff and wrestlers shuffle past, making their choice.

One such wrestler stands out amongst the queue – ‘The Alpha of the Omega’, Scourge. The real life Marius Manson, now adorned in full ring gear ahead of his Paramount Championship match, towers over the majority of those at the table, as he casts his glances down and around at the choice of dishes sat before him.

The camera zooms outs slightly, just enough for us to catch a glimpse of ‘The Wrestling Inspector’ Stan Summers, stood next-but-one to Scourge in the queue, and eyeing him with notable interest. As Scourge turns until his back is to Summers, The Wrestling Inspector gives the person in front of him an almighty, two-handed shove, causing him to collide roughly with Scourge, whose full plate of food goes flying, smashing onto the floor and eliciting gasps from those in the vicinity.

Scourge spins round to face the man who had crashed into him, a look of fury spreading across his face.

Scourge: What. The Hell. Was that?!

The victim of Summers’ shove has unsurprisingly come off second best in the collision, and is now sat squarely on his backside, babbling incoherently whilst waving his hands in an attempt to protest his innocence. He cowers beneath Scourge’s stare, before motioning wordlessly towards his assailant.

The big man turns his head slowly, until he is face to face with The Wrestling Inspector, who returns his stare with interest.

Summers: Tut tut... such a waste of food. There are children starving in Africa, you know.

Scourge takes several very deliberate steps towards Stan Summers, until he is mere inches away. He stares down at Summers, their close proximity only exaggerating the size difference between the two.

Scourge: Are you trying to be funny, little man?

Summers flinches ever so slightly as ‘The Alpha of the Omega’ squares up to and towers over him, but composes himself and shoots back with a smile.

Summers: Quite the sick sense of humour you have, if you’re finding dying African children so hilarious. And there’s certainly nothing funny about wasting food like that.

Stan takes a fleet-footed step back and to the side, away from the still-furious Scourge. He looks round at the still-seated victim of his shove, the remnants of the full, now-smashed plate of food scattered across the floor, before looking back at Scourge with the same smile as before.

Summers: Let’s hope your attempt at capturing the Paramount Title doesn’t turn into a joke too, eh?

Scourge: Oh don’t worry, I’m deadly serious.

The two stand and face each other for several more moments, before Summers shakes his head slightly, turned, and swiftly departs the scene, leaving a still furious but determined-looking Scourge to stand and watch him go.

Jim Gunt: This is definitely a vendetta from the so-called ‘Wrestling Inspector’. What exactly is he hoping to achieve here?

Mike Rolash: Must you always be so suspicious? I swear, if you work that rumour mill much harder it’s gonna shatter!

Jim Gunt: Is it really too much to hope for a special guest referee to not get involved and call a match right down the middle?

Mike Rolash: Gunt... have you even watched wrestling before...?!

Daddy Down Under

CWF Paramount title contender, "The American Thoroughbred" Quentin Scarboro is shown backstage in the locker room area. His boots are strapped, his wrists are taped and he is ready for one hell of an encounter, stepping into a free for all brawl where four men will walk into the ring, but only one will leave with the championship. Something seems to be weighing on Big Q's mind, however, as he pulls his cell phone from his pocket. He punches a few buttons on the touchscreen before bringing the cell to his ear.

Q: Dad? You're going to be able to make it, right?

Lucas: Ye....yeah, I'm....on my ...way!

The voice of Lucas Scarboro is a little breathless as he sounds exasperated.

Lucas: Customs was a nightmare! The car rental place was a nightmare!

Q: I don't even want to know...

Lucas: I couldn't get checked into the hotel and when I got here, the scalpers sold me fake tickets! I went back and told him I needed real ones, and he told me it would cost me another 200 bucks! Security was a nightmare! Now, I'm in the building but for the life of me, I can't find my seat!

Q: What seat number does your ticket say, Pops?

Lucas: Let's see...

A moment of awkward silence passes as the elder Scarboro is likely fidgeting through paperwork on the other side of the phone conversation. Quentin flashes a stern look, but remains surprisingly patient.

Lucas: It says here....Row 1, Seat 1? Where in tarnation would that be???

Quentin laughs.

Q: If that is the case I would find the front row, and I would find the first seat of that front row. I'm not an expert on that kind of thing, but it makes sense to me. If that doesn't work, find some friendly security staff and I would expect they would point you in the right direction.

Lucas: Oh, yeah, yeah! I'll find my way Quentin, I'm not about to go askin' anybody for no directions!

Q: Fine. Do it your own way, old man, you always have. I just hope you find your way before my match starts.

Lucas: I will! Don't you worry about that!

Q: Bye now, Dad. See you soon.

Lucas: Quentin! Before you hang up...

Q: Yes, Dad?

Lucas: Do you know which direction the bathroom is in? I really gotta pee!

Quentin just shakes his head and hangs up the phone. 

Nathan Paradine vs. "The Enforcer" Scott Dann

Jim Gunt: This inspector is becoming more and more suspect to me, he's antagonizing everybody in the Paramount title match!

Mike Rolash: Oh, I'm sure he is only checking out how people react in certain situations. 

Jim Gunt: God, you are gullible!

Mike Rolash: I am not a giant, thank you!

Jim Gunt: What? Seriously - WHAT?

Ray Douglas: The following match is scheduled for one fall, with no time limit. Introducing first, from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and weighing in at 240lbs. He is the Australian Submission Machine…Nathan Paradine!

Ray Douglas is barely able to complete his announcement over the thunderous uproar of adulation as the opening riff to "Beat The Devil's tattoo" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club begins to blast around the arena.

Jim Gunt: This crowd is going off for their hometown hero! He may no longer be in contention for the Paramount Grand Prix but Nathan’s fellow Melbournites are behind him all the way.

Mike Rolash: Chances are they have all come far and wide, simply to see him lose yet again.

Nathan Paradine emerges from behind the curtain, the overhead lights reflecting off of his trademark sunglasses. He smirks as he surveys the crowd for a moment, thumbing the collar of his leather jacket before flicking his hands outwards and approaching the ring. He climbs the stairs and wipes his boots on the outside of the apron before stepping between the ropes. He observes the crowd once more before shrugging out of his jacket, passing it off to a stagehand and backing off into the corner to perform a few light warm ups before the bell rings.

Ray Douglas: And the opponent, from Oxford, England and weighing in at 305lbs, he is the Enforcer…Scott Dann!

Mike Rolash: Now check out this specimen of a man. When Stan Summers says he was bringing in an equaliser to make some changes around here. Scott Dann was not what I expecting. But damn I’m impressed.

Jim Gunt: You couldn’t get a more literal David and Goliath story.

"Totentanz", the same entrance theme as The Inspector, Stan Summers, plays throughout the arena and the no nonsense Scott Dann simply marches down to the ring, entering it without any pomp or spectacle, with eyes only for his opponent.

Jim Gunt: The adage Enforcer does seem to fit him well…

Mike Rolash: A man after my own heart.

Jim Gunt: You have one?!

Official Trent Robbins calls for the bell and the match is under way! The ever tactical Paradine maintains some distance from Scott to take the time and get the Enforcer’s measure. Scott Dann humours his native opponent, allowing Nathan all the time necessary.

Jim Gunt: Scott may come to regret his hesitation. If anything can figure out a way to take down such an imposing opponent, you bet your arse it’s Nathan Paradine. Size matters for nothing if your legs are taken out from under you.

Finally Nathan makes his move lunging low to do as Jim just suggested and take the leg out from under the Enforcer. As he goes low, reaching for the sizeable limb of Scott Dann, the Enforcer smashes the Australian Submission Machine square in the back with a double axe-handle…then a second…then a third.

Mike Rolash: Yep…Cause that worked out well for Nathan…

Showing off his strength, Scott Dann deadlifts Paradine up from the ring mat and connects with a gutwrench suplex.

Jim Gunt: The ring is still shaking after that powerful gutwrench suplex, and Scott Dann hooks the leg for an early pin in the match.



Paradine kicks out, to the absolute glee of the massed crowd in attendance.

Mike Rolash: God. Could someone shut these frigging…ah…

Jim Gunt: Drongos?

Mike Rolash: Yeah. Someone shut those Drongos in the seats up. It’s ruining a perfect fully good arse-kicking.

Nathan manages to break the pin, but isn’t finished with Scott there, as the Enforcer moves away from the failed pin attempt, the Australian Submission Machine lives up to his name and strikes, locking in the Mark of Judas.

Jim Gunt: Mark of Judas! That submission is locked in! Can you imagine what an upset Paradine’s victory would be?

Scott’s face is a mask of anger and frustration, fighting against the pressure of the expertly applied choke hold. To break it, Scott growls and raises himself up to his full height, carrying the clinched Nathan Paradine with him, setting up for a variation of a powerbomb to counter and definitively break the hold. Nathan realises the incoming danger early enough to improvise and releases his patented hold to flip down OVER and behind Scott, grasping the Enforcer’s neck on the way down for a variant of the neckbreaker.

Mike Rolash: That slippery little sucker. The second Dann gets a good hold of him, he’s gonna throw that Ocker around the ring like a rag doll.

Jim Gunt: Things may seem stacked against Paradine, but credit where credit is due. He is making do with what he can. That neckbreaker is just one example at how adaptable the Australian Nomad is. So don’t count him out yet!

Paradine combines an armlock, held in place by a firm knee, with an elevated single leg crab, hoping to find some way to both slow, and weaken, his opponent. The hold does not last long, not nearly long enough as far as Nathan is concerned anyway, as Scott is able to use his free arm to drag himself over to the nearby ring ropes and force the rope break.

Mike Rolash: Submissions only work if you can keep them locked in. Isn’t that like wrestling 101.

Jim Gunt: It’s all well and good, you talking shit behind this desk. You reckon you could do better?

Mike Rolash: That’s not my job.

Forced to end his submission hold, Nathan Paradine accentuates his frustration with a hard stomp down upon the underside of Scott Dann’s leg. The Enforcer slowly and sinisterly rises back to his feet, using the nearby ring ropes as added support. He glowers at his opponent but doesn’t successfully hide the uneasiness in which he stands upon his leg.

Jim Gunt: I THINK Scott Dann is favouring that leg. Nathan Paradine’s efforts may be working.

Mike Rolash: But will it be quick enough? Cause all I see is one pissed off Enforcer.

Scott charges forward with a tackle. He barrels into the midsection of the Australian Submission Machine, the impact suddenly expelling all the air out of Nathan’s lungs. The Enforcer carries his opponent into a corner where there is next to no escape from the oncoming onslaught. Scott lays into his Australian opponent with a furious frenzy of lefts and rights. A running lariat finishes the brutal offense and Paradine crumples to the ground. Scott drops down for the pin attempt.

Mike Rolash: He almost, practically flattened the Aussie!



TH-Paradine instinctually rests his foot onto the bottom ring rope, ending the near 3-count.

Mike Rolash: Damnit! Scott clearly didn’t knock enough sense out of Paradine.

Jim Gunt: By some divine intervention this match continues, but I don’t see how Nathan can carry on.

An irish whip has Paradine coming off the far ropes, giving Dann the time to ascend to the second turnbuckle. He jumps at the rebounding Aussie with a leaping lariat. Aware of the impending danger, Nathan is able to react accordingly, rolling forward, safely UNDERNEATH the leaping lariat. Scott Dann crashes to the mat. The Australian Submission Machine uses his momentum to take advantage of the situation, charging into the recovering Enforcer with Spare Change. Surprisingly Scott seems to tank the rebound lariat, unaffected by the attack. His eyes promise hurt.

Jim Gunt: A noble effort by Nathan Paradine but I think the Spare Change is gonna cost him. Dearly.

Scott Dann hoists up his opponent, stumbling as his leg, yet again, shows growing signs of wear and tear from Paradine’s focused assault. Regardless the Enforcer toughs it out is able to remain standing and hold the valiant Australian in place for a sidewinder suplex. Nathan Paradine denies the Enforcer his signature suplex. He rains down a series of closed fists straight to the exposed face then drags Scott down to the mat with a bridging headlock.

Jim Gunt: Australians are tough little things, that’s for sure.

Mike Rolash: A headlock? He looks to best the Enforcer with a headlock?!

Scott Dann refuses to stay down for long, using his size and strength advantage as a means to counter Nathan Paradine’s mat-focused submissions. With a roar to quell the rising pain from the hold, the Enforcer rises to his feet, stubbornly still holding Nathan and finishes what he set out to do previously by connecting with the sidewinder suplex.

Mike Rolash: Now that’s a suplex!

He hooks the leg.



TH-Paradine kicks out! If there had been a roof, changes are the fervour of the crowd would have torn it off by this point.

Mike Rolash: What the fuck?! Just. Stay. Down.

Scott shares in Mike Rolash’s frustration connecting with a standing elbow drop to punish the resilient Australian competitor for his tenacity. With eyes to bring this match finally to its end the Enforcer relies once more on his strength and in the rough centre of the ring he deadlifts Nathan up into the powerbomb position.

Jim Gunt: We can see the end for Nathan Paradine.

Mike Rolash: About time.

Ever wily, Nathan Paradine repositions himself in the few seconds he has as Scott throws him down for the powerbomb and once again applies the Mark of Judas. The ring comes up to meet him, crashing back first on the mat, but with gritted teeth and sheer dogged fortitude Nathan keeps his hold locked in. Scott Dann is caught in the middle of the ring.

Jim Gunt: If neither man gives up I’m afraid we may need to call the ambulance.

Scott braces himself and attempts to lift the Australian Submission Machine up once more, for yet another powerbomb. Finally his strength fails him, his knee buckles and Scott is unable to achieve his goal. Then with little recourse, and few escape options. The Enforcer does the unthinkable and taps out.

Mike Rolash: I may be seeing it, but I certainly can’t believe it!

Jim Gunt: Nathan Paradine is back!

Ray Douglas: And the winner by submission - NATHAN PARADINE!

The Melbourne Cricket Grounds erupt in cheers over the Australian's victory over the far bigger opponent, as he raises his fist into the air while holding on to the ropes to remain upright.

Church vs. State - The Allen Edition

The picture switches to the backstage area, where Charles State is standing by with The Catalyst Jimmy Allen.

Charles State: Jimmy, you are in the Fatal Fourway of the Paramount Grand Prix tonight, how much does it affect you that it is not a one on one?

Jimmy Allen: It doesn't, it's every man for themselves.

Charles State: You have been on a rollercoaster ride ever since you joined CWF and are on your self-proclaimed Road to Redemption, how much would it mean to you to capture the title tonight?

Jimmy Allen: It means the world, just like myself, that title needs redemption.

Charles State: Would you consider your redemption achieved then?

Jimmy Allen: I do not, their is still a lot of work to do.

Charles State: Thank you Jimmy and good luck tonight.

No Excuses, No Regrets

The picture switches to the title graphic of Evolution, then to the cage hanging off the trusses above the ring.

Jim Gunt: This monstrosity will be the place, where MJ Flair is going to be trying to enacting her revenge against the reawakened evil jester Loki Synn.

Footage from last week's Evolution, where MJ whacks Cheshire over the head, bringing Loki back to the fore. 

Mike Rolash: No doors, no roof that they could use to escape, this match will be decided within this fateful structure and I hope that Loki is back for good, so she can get me another of her Sentinels as protection, it felt good to be safe.

More footage of Loki launching MJ onto the ramp causing the injury that would keep her out of action for several months.

Jim Gunt: Only a fool would call being around Loki safe in any way. But speaking of the ladies, Blake is backstage with MJ, over to you, Sir!

Church vs. State - The Flair/Synn Edition

We go backstage again, where Blake Church is standing, alone.

Blake Church: Well, this is a classic example of theory and practice. In theory MJ Flair was supposed to be here with me to answer a few questions prior to her clash with Loki Synn, but in practice, well, she declined the interview. So that's that. Now Charles is supposedly trying to get to Loki for a few words, Charles, how are you faring?

The picture cuts to some corridor of the Melbourne Cricket Grounds. Charles is standing next to a cooler with water.

Charles State: No, not going to happen. I am not going to knock on that door and potentially get my head ripped off or be shackled and chained or any of that ilk. Nope, hard no.

Blake Church: Alrighty then, looks like we are not getting any words with the ladies, back to you guys. ringside.

Jimmy Allen vs. Quentin Scarboro vs. Scourge vs. Silas Artoria

Jim Gunt: To be honest, I don't blame Charles not to want to face Loki.

Mike Rolash: I really don't see why, she's nice.

Jim Gunt: Are you serious?

Mike Rolash: Well yes, anybody who protects me against Ataxia is nice.

As Jim facepalms, the camera switches ringside to Ray Douglas at the ready.

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, our next contest is the finals of the Paramount Grand Prix, and will be a fatal four way match to determine the next Paramount Champion!!! Introducing first, your special guest referee for this match...

The opening bars of "Totentanz" boom out across the arena, accompanied almost immediately by boos and jeers as 'The Wrestling Inspector' Stan Summers appears at the top of the ramp, wearing the black and white stripes typical of a wrestling referee. The Inspector takes a long, sweeping look across the crowd wearing a look of distaste, before withdrawing a pen from the top of his ring coat with a flourish and jotting something down on his ubiquitous clipboard, shaking his head slightly. The pen is replaced, the clipboard tucked under an arm, as Summers makes his way down towards the ring. 

Ray Douglas: ... hailing from Oxford, England – ‘The Wrestling Inspector’ STAN SUMMERS!!!

Jim Gunt: The Wrestling Inspector has managed to do plenty of meddling during his short time here in the CWF, culminating in his insertion as special guest referee in this Paramount Championship match here at Confliction. And in case you hadn’t guessed, I don’t like it a bit.

Mike Rolash: Are you insane, Jim? ‘The Wrestling Inspector’ has simply given himself the best possible view of the action as he looks to kickstart his inspection of our company.

Once inside the squared circle, The Inspector allows himself a couple of stretches, testing out the ropes, before slowly turning a full 360 and taking in the heckles from the capacity crowd once more, laughing in spite of the disgust for the CWF fans which was clearly etched across his face. 

Ray Douglas: And now, introducing the participants. First...

Jimmy Allen walks slowly out onto the stage as "Cut the Cord" by Shinedown plays. He pauses there as he gets a mixed reaction, mostly cheers now as opposed to previous weeks. He smiles a little, seemingly absorbing it all and getting energy from it. Sprinting towards the ring he leaps and dives under the bottom rope sliding to the center of the ring where he pops up to a standing position. 

Ray Douglas: From Dallas, Texas, and weighing in tonight at two hundred and twenty seven pounds – he is ‘The Catalyst’ JIMMY ALLEN!!!

“Thunderstruck” by AC/DC hits over the speaker system and the Australian crowd immediately come alive as Quentin Scarboro storms out from behind the curtain. He slowly and methodically walks down the ramp, getting a few slaps on the back as he never falters his focus, staring at the waiting Jimmy Allen in the ring, before sliding under the bottom rope.

Ray Douglas: And the next participant... hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and weighing in at three hundred twenty pounds – ‘The American Thoroughbred’ QUENTIN SCARBORO!!!

Quentin turns and scowls at The Wrestling Inspector, who smiles quietly before tapping his referee’s shirt three times with a knowing look on his face.

Jim Gunt: I’ve got to say, I’ve got a bad feeling about Summers’ involvement in this match...

Mike Rolash: Don’t worry Gunt, that's just gas. One too many shrimps off the barbie, no doubt.

The lights in the arena dim as the opening notes of Mourning Ritual's "Bad Moon Rising" ring out in the arena. The aisle fills with smoke as a giant silhouette appears within it. As the smoke billows away, the monster known as Scourge walks methodically to the ring. Once he reaches the ring, he leaps from the floor to the apron, setting the posts ablaze. Scourge then steps over the top rope and waits for the bell with an eerie calmness about him, apparently completely ambivalent towards his opponents and the referee in the ring.

Ray Douglas: Also challenging for the Paramount Title this evening... he hails from Parts Unknown and he weighs three hundred fifteen pounds... SCOURGE!!!

“Something Got Me Started” by Simply Red replace it and dark blue lighting and fog takes over the ramp as the Psychotic Aristocrat comes out from behind the curtain. Silas stands on his trademark cane, his equally trademark bandages still accompanying him to the ring as well. He looks around at the Australian crowd who cheer for him. A smile comes across the face of Artoria as he continues down the ramp, heading into the ring. 

Mike Rolash: Why is he wearing the bandages again? What happened with the Passenger?

Jim Gunt: Well, in the past the Passenger came and left at its own will, looks like Silas will be on his own tonight.

Ray Douglas: And finally... from Toronto, Canada, and weighing two hundred twenty pounds – he is ‘The Psychotic Aristocrat’ SILAS ARTORIA!!!

Mike Rolash: Right, the time is here! Let’s get ourselves a new Paramount Champion!

The Wrestling Inspector makes a big show of checking each competitor in turn for hidden foreign objects, whilst simultaneously lecturing them on the rules of the match; this draws exasperated looks from each of the four competitors, and boos from the capacity MCG crowd. The boos swiftly turn to a low rumbling, which then transforms into an almost deafening roar, as Stan Summers steps to one side of the ring, and signals for the bell and the start of the match.

Despite the crescendo from the crowd, there is a lull in the ring as all four men eye each other carefully, none of them wanting to be the one to make the first mistake in this important matchup. Eventually, Silas Artoria attempts to break the tension, jaw-jacking across the ring with each of his three opponents in turn, with varied success. Scourge simply remains impassive, staring straight through The Psychotic Aristocrat. Scarboro reacts slightly more, grinning slightly in spite of himself as he spits a few words back in response. Jimmy Allen, though, is having none of Artoria’s wind-up tactics, and gets into his face and looks to give as good as he’s getting.

Eventually, all four men find themselves in the centre of the ring, all engaging in a verbal sparring match. Finally, it all comes to a head, as Quentin Scarboro and Jimmy Allen rear back simultaneously and nail Scourge and Silas with stereo right hands to the side of the head. Scarboro follows up with a big time clothesline, sending Scourge toppling over the top rope to the floor. Similarly, Jimmy backs Artoria up against the opposite side of the ring before nailing him with a picture perfect standing dropkick, sending him over the top rope and to the floor as well.

Jim Gunt: Well this didn’t take long to break down... time for our special guest referee to earn his money already!

Summers, for his part, seems content to stand back and observe, letting the two pairs of competitors go at it, much to the delight of the fans. As Silas and Scourge look to recover on the outside, Scarboro turns and nails Jimmy Allen with a massive forearm blow to the chest. He follows up with a succession of harsh right hands to the temple, sending Allen into the corner, before hitting a second forearm blow, this time to the Jimmy’s head. The American Thoroughbred then whips Jimmy Allen across the ring, following him into the corner; The Catalyst, though, matches speed of thought with fleetness of foot, springing up onto the second rope, before pirouetting and nailing his patented springboard forearm smash squarely in Q’s face, and sending the big man flat onto his back.

Jim Gunt: Scorched Earth! This could be over before it’s begun...!

An opportunistic cover...



Jim Gunt: Well... let’s be fair Mike – that looked like a pretty good and fair count from Mr Summers there...

Mike Rolash: Of course it was! This man is a paragon of virtue! A shining example to all! Who are you to doubt The Wrestling Inspector’s integrity, Jim?!

Back in the ring, and both Jimmy and Quentin are back to their feet. Allen beats Scarboro to the punch, hitting a couple of snap overhand rights, before whipping The American Thoroughbred across the ring. The big man bounces off the ropes as Jimmy dips his head, perhaps optimistically looking the backdrop the onrushing Scarboro. This time it’s Quentin who is thinking quickly on his feet, though, as he executes a picture-perfect swinging neckbreaker on the bent-double Catalyst.

Quentin bounces back up, looking to capitalise on the move... but is instead taken down by an almighty lariat from the returning Scourge! The Alpha of the Omega then shows tremendous strength, as he hauls The American Thoroughbred to his feet and, in one fluid movement, dumps him unceremoniously out of the ring!

Similarly, Jimmy Allen looks to regain his vertical base, but is cut off by Silas Artoria and a couple of perfectly placed knife-edge chops. A boot to The Catalyst’s gut follows, before Artoria hauls Allen up onto his shoulder. He takes a moment, before launching him over a shoulder, over the ropes and down to the unforgiving arena floor!

Mike Rolash: This is unbelievable! These men are being tossed around like a bunch of drunks at closing time!

Jim Gunt: Bringing back memories, is it Mike?

Mike Rolash: Don’t be ridiculous... I never remember getting thrown out of bars...!

Back in the ring, and Artoria takes a second too long to congratulate himself on his removal of Jimmy Allen from the ring; the Canadian native is blind-sided by the powerful Scourge, who nails him in the back of the head with an impactful forearm smash. Scourge then tucks his head underneath Artoria’s left arm, before propelling both himself and his opponent backwards, nailing a back suplex. With surprising agility, Scourge is up... and then down again, leaping into the air before dropping a huge leg across the back of Artoria’s head. Seconds later, Scourge has his hands wrapped tightly around Silas’ neck, choking the life out of the Canadian and drawing a mixed reaction from the CWF fans.

Jim Gunt: Hey that’s enough... stop this, referee!

In no mood to tolerate rulebreaking, The Wrestling Inspector steps in, firing off a count in an attempt to break the illegal choke. Scourge, though, looks slightly manic, staring up at the referee from his kneeling position and merely shaking his head. The furious Summers abandons the count, and attempts to simply haul the crazed Scourge off of Artoria. He succeeds, but this raises the ire of the big man, who squares up to the referee, towering over him.

Mike Rolash: That’s illegal! Disqualify him! That’s... that’s... intimidation of the official!

Jim Gunt: What are you talking about?


Jim Gunt: Jesus Christ, will you stop yelling...?!

The Alpha of the Omega continues to get in the face of The Wrestling Inspector, jabbing a finger into the chest of the special referee. The argument threatens to descend into a full-blown scrap... until a flying Quentin Scarboro breaks it up with an incredible Rolling Rock senton splash to Scourge!

Jim Gunt: My word! What athleticism from The American Thoroughbred! That could end it right there!

Scarboro hooks the leg, and Stan Summers hesitates for half a second before dropping down for the count:



Allen nails a fist drop to the back of Quentin’s head, breaking up the pinfall attempt, but chooses instead to haul Scourge to his feet. The Catalyst wastes little time, though, in nailing a succession of quick strikes to the body of his opponent, before sweeping the leg of the big man. Allen then follows up immediately with a standing moonsault, and a cover.



Jim Gunt: Nobody is able to retain any sort of sustained advantage in this fast-paced contest! What will it take to keep one man down and the other two competitors out of the equation for long enough to get the win?

This time it’s Artoria’s turn to take advantage of a surprised and groggy opponent, stomping roughly on Jimmy Allen’s head, preventing him from recovering his vertical base quickly. When Allen does eventually reach his feet, Silas is there to meet him with an impactful snap suplex, bring Jimmy back down to the canvas, hard. Allen doesn’t have much time to contemplate how much pain he’s in, though, as The Psychotic Aristocrat manhandles him back to his feet, before depositing The Catalyst back down across his knee, nailing a backbreaker.

Meanwhile, across the ring, Quentin Scarboro and Scourge have both struggled to their feet in tandem, and have begun slugging away with hard shots to one another. A Scarboro headbutt is retaliated with a vicious uppercut thrust to the throat by Scourge; a clubbing overhand right from Q is matched by a bionic elbow strike from Scourge. Neither man able to gain the advantage, Scourge once again resorts to a double-handed choke, trying to force The American Thoroughbred down to the ground. A titanic struggle ensues, a struggle joined by The Wrestling Inspector as the referee attempts to break up another illegal choke. Summers once again attempts to haul Scourge off his opponent... but only succeeds in propelling all three men over the top rope and tumbling to the floor!

Jim Gunt: Good God, what impact – that’s almost a tonne of humanity hitting the unforgiving ground outside the ring there!

Mike Rolash: Including the referee – DISQUALIFY HIM!!!

Jim Gunt: Disqualify the referee...?

Mike Rolash: I... err... maybe I got a little carried away there... I...

Whilst all three men attempt to recover on the outside of the ring, inside it, The Psychotic Aristocrat continues to attempt to hammer home his advantage, having deposited Jimmy Allen once again onto the canvas with a scoop slam. The Catalyst is clearly groggy, trying to shake the cobwebs loose as he struggles slowly to his feet. This only gives Artoria more time to plan his next move, though, readying himself as Allen rises and turns, before springing into action with a high impact bicycle knee strike squarely to Jimmy Allen’s face! Now, The Catalyst isn’t just groggy – he’s out cold!

Jim Gunt: Knockout! That move could give Silas Artoria the Paramount Championship!

Artoria is immediately down for the cover, but...

Mike Rolash: Where is the referee...?

Even as the raucous crowd chant a ‘ONE... TWO... THREE!’, all eyes turn to the outside, where a three man shoving contest has erupted, each of Scourge, Scarboro and Summers all seemingly blaming one another for their tumble to the floor. The Wrestling Inspector is clearly infuriated by the two competitor’s insubordination, gesticulating furiously. He is cut off, however, by an elderly looking man in the front row... Quentin Scarboro’s father! The old man hauls himself to his feet and swings The Wrestling Inspector around to face him, admonishing him with theatrical waving of his finger, and more than a few examples of colourful language.

Mike Rolash: What on earth is that senile man doing? The Wrestling Inspector has a job to do, dammit!

Scarboro steps in to try to resolve the issue, but even as he does, Scourge pulls on his shoulder from behind. Instinctively, The American Thoroughbred leaps into the air in an incredible show of natural athleticism, nailing a knee strike squarely to the temple of Scourge, who crumples to the floor.

Jim Gunt: The Moment of Introspection!!! But wait... Quentin Scarboro hit the back of his head on the railing! He’s hurt!

At that moment, Stan Summers dismissively waves away Scarboro Senior, who immediately crouches down with a look of concern on his face. Back inside the ring, though, Artoria isn’t just concerned – he’s livid, as he feels the latest antics outside the ring have cost him the opportunity to claim the Paramount Title. The Psychotic Aristocrat is stood by the ring ropes bellowing out towards The Wrestling Inspector, who can do nothing but hold both hands high and wide in frustration.

All of the above, though, seems to have served only one purpose – namely, allowing ‘The Catalyst’ Jimmy Allen time to recover. A suddenly revitalised Allen leaps to his feet and quickly takes the unaware Psychotic Aristocrat down with a swift reverse DDT, the back of Artoria’s head bouncing off the canvas with a sick impact. In a flash, Jimmy sees his opportunity, nimbly stepping across, and up, onto the top rope, before flipping up and over with unparalleled elegance, as he nails:

Jim Gunt: The Lone Star!!! Jimmy Allen from absolutely nowhere!!!

The Wrestling Inspector quickly slides into the ring as Jimmy Allen hooks the leg.




Mike Rolash: Unbelievable...

Jim Gunt: Incredible!

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen your winner of the match... and NEW CWF Paramount Champion – ‘The Catalyst’ JIMMY ALLEN!!!

The Wrestling Inspector and Jimmy Allen rise as one, the former placing the CWF Paramount Championship into the hands of the victor and raising his hand, rubbing his own hand through his hair wearily and looking like he never wants to referee a match again.

Jim Gunt: What a war! What a car crash of a match! It’s a wonder there are any survivors!

Jimmy Allen leaps over to the corner from which he had nailed The Lone Star, holding the title aloft and drinking in the rapturous reception from the CWF fans. Meanwhile, all three remaining competitors struggle slowly to their feet, shooting daggers at The Wrestling Inspector as he slides under the ropes and out of the ring.

Almost as one, Scourge, Scarboro and Silas all attempt to converge on the special referee, screaming about their respective injustices and gesticulating wildly.

Mike Rolash: This isn’t fair! All Stan Summers wanted to do was uphold the rules, set the standard, and call this match right down the middle. And now these three wild dogs are surrounding him like a piece of meat! How undignified! That isn’t how you treat a world-renowned inspector!

Summers, for his part, merely held his hands in the air in a vain attempt to look innocent. Unfortunately, the hint of a smirk dancing on his face gave him away, as he stared into three furious faces, all the while backing himself slowly up the ramp and to the back.

Jim Gunt: Something tells me there is gonna be plenty of fallout from this one, Mike. And if I were Mr. Summers, I’d seriously be wanting to inspect my performance as referee here tonight. I think he’ll find he has plenty of room for improvement after failing to control what has proved to be a fast-paced and wild brawl!

Mike Rolash: No doubt. And as much as I hate to give credit, you have to give it up for Jimmy Allen, who has come out the other end with a shiny new prize to call his own!

Church vs. State - The Crimson Ghost Edition

The camera cuts backstage again, where Blake Church is trying to follow a Crimson Ghost that is bouncing left and right, bristling with energy like a 9-year-old hopped up on a pound of candy.

Blake Church: Crimson Ghost, you will be defending your tag team titles against the Lost Boys tonight, what are your thoughts?

The Crimson Ghost: I feel great, Mr. C. I've been detoxing my chakras, eating right and clearing my blockages. I definitely feel very free right now.

Blake Church: Are you worried that they have the definitive home advantage being Australian?

The Crimson Ghost: Not at all, you see according to flat earth theory, Australia doesn't exist. Which means this right here is a spiritual battleground, and the Lost Boys are both crystallized externalations of Kendo and mine's psychic doubts made manifest. And I don't believe in any of that, which means they don't exist. That means we have no obstacles tonight, so I'm really liking our chances already.

Blake Church: You have taken the tag team division by storm, what do you attribute your fast success to?

The Crimson Ghost: Diet, exercise, Kendo murdering everything in his path because he is one of the four horsemen. That's mainly it.

Blake Church: Thank you Mr. Ghost and good luck tonight.

The Crimson Ghost: Hey man, thank you a lot. I hear you've been having a tough time with Brenda, but I'm here to tell you that you two are great together, and I know you've been a real positive influence in her life, you're why she's clean and sober and with us today. You're a good man, Black Church, it's important that you know that.

Ghost gives Blake a warm hug, before walking off and preparing for his match.

The Mystery Match

We cut back to the announce tables, where Jim and Mike are in conversation with Stevie and Lleyton. Suddenly "Dangerous Tonight" hits and everybody stops talking, looking at the entrance with surprise (Stevie), interest (Jim) and fear (Mike). Sure enough Ataxia walks out with a microphone in hand.

Ataxia: Good evening and welcome to my show!

Mike Rolash: His show? HIS show? Who died and made him the boss?

He saunters towards the ring, taking his time to look at the fans to the left and right, many of who are giving him thumbs down or other fingers.

Ataxia: Now do you all remember the mystery match that was announced last week and nobody knew who, why or what?

The crowd murmurs its agreement as Ataxia enters the ring.

Ataxia: Well, I guess it is time for this match.

As he says this, the crowd erupts in cheers.

Ataxia: Jim, Mike, would you please join me in the ring?

The two of them look at each other in surprise, but while Jim gets up and takes off his headset, Mike stays firmly seated, arms crossed.

Ataxia: Oh Mikey, come on, it's just me. Or do you want me to come down and bring you in here? I can do that!

He takes a few steps towards the ropes when Mike quickly sheds the headset and reluctantly ascends the stairs into the ring. Ataxia walks over to shake both men's hand.

Ataxia: Nice you could take a moment out of your busy schedules to come here. Anywho, you two have been bickering back and forth like a herd of teenage girls for a long time now and especially you, Mike, have been on the receiving end for far too long, so that's why we are going to settle the score.

With this he exits the ring and motions for the bell to be rung as referee Clark Summits climbs through the ropes. Jim and Mike look at each other with highly confused looks on their faces and Ataxia, who has stayed on the apron yells some encouraging words towards Mike, which confuses him even more. The fans start to join in the cheering and Mike turns towards Mike, taking on a boxer's stance when suddenly the lights go down causing a murmur going through the fans. "Wield Lightning to Split the Sun" hits and the crowd erupts in cheers. The Shadow, accompanied by Myfanwy, comes through the entrance and without any pomp and circumstances goes straight for the ring, into the corner opposite Ataxia's. For a moment the two men just stare at each other before The Shadow brings a microphone to his lips.

The Shadow: I always knew that you like to play with puppets, but now you even try to have the puppets fight for your twisted entertainment?

Ataxia cocks his head, pointing at himself in feigned surprise.

The Shadow: You like to be in control, you like to be the puppet master, you like to be the one pulling the strings and have them dance after your music. Well, looks like things are going to go off script, Ataxia. I wrote Loki's requiem and I will write yours.

The two men engage in another intense staredown as the picture cuts backstage.

Church vs. State - The Lost Boys Edition

Blake Church: Dean, Sam, first of all, glad to have you back! What have you been up to all this time?

Sam: That ain’t important. What is important is what we’ve come back to do. Cause I can tell you, it’s not to fuck spiders.

Blake Church: Tonight you'll be facing the Samoan Ghost Connection for the tag team titles, what's your opinion on the two of them?

Dean: Only time in the ring can truly tell, but they do strike me as a tough pair. It should prove to be an interesting match-up.

Sam: Ugh. The Samoan Drongos are walkin’ down to a deadest Thrashin’!

Blake Church: Do you see yourselves at an advantage for fighting in Australia?

Sam: Bloody Oath!

Dean: Fewer things are as fair dinkum inspiring then the cheers of a hometown crowd. We’re fighting for those in the seats, and those locals watching at home, just as much as we’re fighting for ourselves.

Sam: These Aussies ain’t a bunch of Drongos, they know a True Blue fighting pair of tag-team champs in the making when they see one. And we ain’t about to let them down.

Blake Church: Thank you gentlemen and good luck tonight

Freddie Styles vs. “Big Rig” Clyde Walker

We are back at ringside, where everybody is back at their tables and chairs.

Jim Gunt: Now that was different, for a moment I thought he really wanted us to fight!

Mike Rolash: Yes, but we couldn't. I was ready!

Jim Gunt: You would have fought me on live TV?

Mike Rolash: Hell yeah!

Jim Gunt: Alrighty then, but interesting how Ataxia cheered you on all of a sudden.

Mike closes his mouth and pales a little.

Mike Rolash: Yeah, I am not sure what that means. I don't feel so good right now...

Jim Gunt: Too much Sewer again?

Mike Rolash: Maybe, I mean no, I only had a six pack.

Jim Gunt: I'll have to talk to Stewart about starting breathalizer tests before shows... But Ataxia vs. The Shadow is heating up quickly and this could blow tonight's main event even more out of proportions than it already is! But moving on now we will be in for a treat, Freddie Styles and "Big Rig" Clyde Walker are going to settle their score in a parking lot brawl!

The camera cuts to the parking lot that has been set up next to the stage.

Ray Douglas: Your next match is the PARKING LOT BRAWWWL.

The fans cheer. Cameras roll down an aisle of the parking lot. We see the bumpers of Toyotas, Hondas, Mazdas, ranging from beat-up four-door pickup trucks to crotch rockets to a stretch limousine taking up two spaces.

Ray Douglas: The participants must start the match on opposite ends of the parking lot. There is no disqualification. To win, the victor must pin or submit his opponent in the parking lot.

The lights go out, the low-fi guitar intro of "Chosen One" by Valley of Wolves creeps out the PA system.

The crowd erupts with a mix of cheers and boos.

Now I've never been the one to play it safe

I might play a little dirty someday

I'm just following fate they say I'm the chosen one

"Big Rig" Clyde Walker walks out onto the stage flying the Osage-nation buffalo skin themed state flag of Oklahoma. Camera phone lights dance in the night sky.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first, from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, weighing in a three-hundred ninety-five pounds, “BIG RIGGG” CLYDE WALLLKER!

Walker walks to the right of the stage, stops at the top of the stairs leading him to the parking lot, and jaws with the crowd, threatening a backhand smack.

Jim Gunt: A little unusual to see Walker without the Fifth Wheel Boys.

Mike Rolash: This shouldn’t take too long. They’re probably backstage getting started on the 30 pack. I would be more worried about The Glass Ceiling.

Jim Gunt: I’m not sure about that. Duce Jones is preparing for his championship match later tonight.

Walker walks down the stairs to the parking lot. He’s greeted by referee Big Denny Davidson, wearing a safety orange vest over his zebra shirt. Walker yells at Davidson, gesturing a three count by clapping his hands.

“Chosen One” fades out, the lights come up to full.

You don't know what you're doing, doing, doing… 

That's where you're wrong! 

Ray Douglas: And his opponent, from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing in at two-hundred twenty-three pounds, MR. BALLGAME, FRRREDDIEEE STYLLLES.

I — will — not — lose

(You don't know what you're doing, doing, doing)

Put somethin' on it!

Freddie doesn’t come out. The music fades out. Then starts up again.

You don't know what you're doing, doing, doing…

Still no Styles.

Jim Gunt: It’s looks like we’re missing Freddie Styles.

Mike Rolash: Speaking of staying backstage, that’s exactly what Styles is doing. He may be smarter than I think.

Jim Gunt: I wonder if the Fifth Wheel Boys know anything about this. And Clyde Walker is beside himself.

Walker yells toward the entrance, pleading for Styles to come out to the parking lot. The camera can make out Walker yelling “Where you at, Styles? It’s time to fight. Choo Choo, bitch!”

Suddenly, the trunk door of a Toyota Corolla flies open. Walker has his back to the parking lot and did not see it open, but the fans can see…they can see Freddie Styles climb out of the trunk!

Jim Gunt: It’s Styles! It’s Styles!

With his eye on Walker, Styles jumps on the hood of the adjacent car.

Mike Rolash: Cheater! He’s cheating!

Jim Gunt: It’s a no DQ match, Mike.

Mike Rolash: Turn around Clyde!

Walker slowly turns around. Styles leaps at Walker and takes him out with a flying forearm.

Jim Gunt: Freddie Styles takes flight in Melbourne tonight! And Clyde Walker was completely caught off guard. Styles is going to town on Walker.

Styles has Walker on the ground, hitting him with right hand after right hand. The fans are pumped up. Styles let’s up on Walker and lets out a scream and the stadium returns the favor. He notices an erect stop sign and rips it out of the ground, as Walker makes his way to his feet. Styles rears back with the sign and smashes it right in Walker’s skull, sending Walker to the ground again. Styles doesn’t stop. He hits Walker over and over with the stop sign!

Mike Rolash:  Somebody stop this. It’s gotta be a felony to remove a street sign.

Jim Gunt: Not during the Parking Lot Brawl, Mike.

Styles picks up Walker, who’s busted open now, and Irish whips into the side of a car, creating a sick crunching sound and an OHHH from the crowd. Styles picks Walker up again and sends him into another car. Then the next one. Then another. And another.

Mike Rolash:  This is what the Chili’s parking lot looks like after you had too many strawberry margaritas, Gunt.

Jim Gunt: I wouldn’t park my car in this lot, that’s for sure. Styles is reaching into the bed of a pickup truck now.

Mike Rolash: It’s not a just a pickup, it’s a Double Cab Toyota Hilux. Very powerful, spacious. The most popular truck in Australia.

Jim Gunt: What is this? Top Gear Australia?! Styles just grabbed a toolbox and threw the tools all over the ground.

Mike Rolash: No, you’ll get a flat.

Styles reaches for a monkey wrench and shows it off to the crowd. He runs at Big Rig head…TINK!

Jim Gunt: And Big Rig goes down.

Styles drops an elbow on Walker. And another one. And another. Styles climbs to the rear hood of a car and prepares himself for an aerial attack.

Jim Gunt: What is this? Oh My God! 450 splash! King of the Fall from the hood of a car.

Mike Rolash: Did you see the sick rotation on that?

Both Walker and Styles squirm on the ground favoring their midsections.

Suddenly, the trunks of random cars fly open. It’s the FIFTH WHEEL BOYS! They make a beeline for Styles, stomping him out. The crowd boos loudly.  The boys reach for the tools and start using them on Styles, too.

Jim Gunt: What the hell? Not like this. The Big Wheel Boys are attacking Styles.

Mike Rolash: This is a no-DQ match, remember Gunt?

Walker makes it to his feet and joins in on the fun. Then they pose for the crowd.

Big Rig & The Fifth Wheel Boys: "GET OUT THE WAY - THE BOYS ARE HERE!"

The crowd boos louder. While they’re jawing with the crowd, one of the Boys sets Styles up for a powerbomb. No! Reversal! Backdrop through the WINDSHIELD! Styles drops to his knees. The other Boys turn around and Styles comes in for a double clothesline. Now he’s using the tools on the Boys. Styles picks up the heaving tool box and slams down one of the Boys.

Jim Gunt: Styles is busted open now too, but he has the upper hand for the moment.

Just then Walker grabs Styles feet and takes his legs from under him, sending him face first to the ground.

Mike Rolash: For the moment is the key phrase now.

Jim Gunt: Now they’re all passed out on the ground.

All the men are indeed laid out, struggling to get to their feet. Walker gets up first. Styles crawls on his knees. Walker grabs him by the hair. Both men’s faces and chests are covered in blood. Walker makes make a high sign to the back, like what kids might make to a truck driver when they want them to blow the horn. We hear a loud rumble and truck horn in the backstage area.

Jim Gunt: What is that noise?

Suddenly, a semi-tractor trailer slowly rolls from the back, blasting its horn.

Mike Rolash: My God! Big Rig just called in a big rig!

Jim Gunt: You’re right, Mike. And…wait, no, stop! Stop!

The slow moving tractor trailer runs into the stage, moving all the cars and all the men on the platform a few feet. Walker throws Freddie on the hood of the limousine and climbs up on the hood himself. Then to the roof. Walker follows, bringing them just a few feet from the top of the massive truck.

Jim Gunt: Walker is looking to climb to the top of this huge trailer.

Mike Rolash: Do you remember your schooling, Jim? Do you remember what happens to things that go up?

Jim Gunt: If I remember correctly, they must come down.

Mike Rolash: Impressive, since you haven’t been in school in sixty years.

Jim Gunt: I’m not that old.

Walker throws Styles on top of the tractor trailer and follows him up. He starts working on Styles with a few punches. Walkers goes to pick styles up for a bodyslam, drawing a reaction from the crowd. They know what’s happening.

Jim Gunt: Is he going for a Snake River Revival on top of this truck?

Mike Rolash: I hope so. Time to put an end to this.

Jim Gunt: Walker goes for his Snake River Revival…No! Styles lands on his feet. Kicks Walker in the gut. DDT! DDT! DDT on the tractor trailer!

Mike Rolash: Nooo!

Styles makes his way to his feet. He stands Walker up.

Both men covered in blood, Styles tries to lift Walker onto his shoulders.

He gathers all his strength.

Styles hoists the 400-pound Walker up in a fireman’s carry and drops him immediately.


Big Rig stays on his feet after taking that Ballgame, but he’s out of it. He staggers backwards.

Mike Rolash: He’s gonna fall. Somebody help him!

Jim Gunt: Big Rig is on the edge the trailer!

Big Rig falls over and smashes into the sun roof of the limousine! The crowd is going wild!

Crowd: Ho-ly Shit! Ho-ly Shit!

Mike Rolash: They must have fallen from twelve, 15 feet in the air. There’s no coming back from that.

Jim Gunt: It’s gotta be academic from here.

Styles, beaten and bloodied, rolls off the side of the trailer, grabbing on the edge. He dropdown on the limousine with a thud. He crawls on top of Big Rig. Big Denny counts on the hood.




Jim Gunt: That’s it!

Ray Douglas: The winner of the of the Parking Lot Brawl, FREDDDDDIE STYYYYYLES!

Mike Rolash: Now even I have to admit that this was spectacular!

Jim Gunt: Yes, no kidding. Medics are attending to Clyde right now, he still is not moving, so this is not looking good. Right now, though, Charles State is standing by with Dan Ryan.

Church vs. State - The Ryan Edition

Charles State: Dan, tonight you will arguably be in your biggest match in CWF to date. How do you feel going into this match tonight?

Dan Ryan: Well Chuck, I feel pretty damn good. And you?

Charles State: Uh.. well, I'm fine.

Dan Ryan: Well I'm happy you're fine.

Charles State: So far you have met Ataxia twice and The Shadow once. Do you feel that these matches have given you enough observation to be fully prepared?

Dan Ryan: Who can tell really? I suppose the proof will be in whether or not I'm champion at the end of the night. I'm prepared well enough, don't worry.

Charles State: Speaking of preparation, Duce Jones is the only man you have not met in the ring and as a matter of fact he has barely been in the ring since you joined CWF, is that a disadvantage for you?

Dan Ryan: He's never been in the ring with me either though, has he? I'm willing to bet the disadvantage is all his. Don't worry about me. I'll be just fine.

Ryan smirks and walks away.

Charles State: Thank you Dan and good luck tonight.

The Samoan Ghost Connection (Kendo & The Crimson Ghost!) (c) vs. The Lost Boys (Dean Coulter & Sam Braxton)

Jim Gunt: Welcome back and all we can say so far is that Clyde Walker has been transported out of the stadium on a stretcher and to a local hospital. We will try to keep you updated on his condition.

Mike Rolash: But now our second title match of the evening is imminent and the crowd should love this one!

Ray Douglas: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the CWF World Tag Team Championship! Introducing first…

The lights go out, only to be replaced by frantic blood-red strobe lights as the fast-paced frantic riff of that classic Misfits song starts to play. Crimson Ghost runs out to about halfway down the ramp, his tag title fashioned around his waist, looking around wildly at all the people even as his theme slowly dies out, and is replaced with KMFDM's very own 'Virus’. Kendo for his part walks out slowly and calmly, his tag title slung over his shoulder. He's ready for war and accompanied by super agent JT Barrett, who looks around excitedly.

Ray Douglas: Making their way to the ring, being accompanied by JT Barrett! At a combined weight of five hundred fifteen pounds! They are your CWF World Tag Team Champions! Kendo and The Crimson Ghost! The SAMOAN GHOST CONNECTION!

From here, the two themes start to blend and merge with each other, with Kendo methodically stalking down the center the ramp, while Ghost stands on the barricade, bounced around and in general, gets really amped up. This is how it goes until the tag champions reach the ring. The Crimson Ghost! slides inside of the ring as Kendo stops at the steps for his ritual five second prayer. Once done he joins his partners as they wait for the match to begin.

Jim Gunt: The champs look focused and ready tonight. Their challengers already hold a pinfall victory over them and are hoping to bounce back tonight.

Mike Rolash: Hopefully they're on the same page here tonight. During their last encounter Bonehead was more focused on Cheshire than winning that match.

“Become The Enemy” by Like A Storm hits and Sam slides out onto the stage. He remains in his knees and waits for Dean to march onto the stage, standing behind him. Together they look around the arena and to the ring before Sam leaps to his feet, throws back the hood of his jacket and sprints down to ringside.

Ray Douglas: Making their way to the ring, at a combined with of four hundred seventeen pounds. From Brisbane, Queensland! Sam Braxton, Dean Coulter, THE LOST BOYS!

He waits, kneeling on the apron for Dean, who strides down the ramp to join his partner, kneeling on the apron. Together they look once again around the arena then enter the ring and ascend neighbouring turnbuckles. They raise their hands in front of their faces, fingers interlocked for a moment then descend back to the ring.

Jim Gunt: The Lost Boys have been on a roll since making their return to the Championship Wrestling Federation. And tonight they're looking to leave their homeland with those World Tag Team Titles.

Mike Rolash: They wanna prove they're the best tag team the CWF have to offer and tonight they get that chance.

The official for this contest, Clark Summits is done with his final instructions to both teams as he retrieves the tag titles from the SGC, first showing them to the Lost Boys before displaying them to the Melbourne fans who cheer out of respect for the belts. As both teams converse amongst each other, it's finally Kendo and Dean Coulter who step up for their team respectively. Handing the belts to the ringside attendant, Summits signals for the bell as both men begin to circle the ring before meeting with a tie-up. The larger Kendo gains the quick advantage with a side headlock, however Coulter is able to slip through his grip and applies a hammerlock of his own. Coulter keeps his base low as Kendo tries to reach back and grab him, opting for another way out, Kendo bends down and grabs the leg of Coulter, tripping him down to the mat. Sitting up, Coulter avoids a shoot kick from Kendo, hurriedly grabbing his leg and now trips him down to the mat and quickly hooks a grounded ankle lock!

Jim Gunt: Coulter's looking to make Kendo tap early in this contest, but the massive size of the Samoan Suplex Machine is posing a problem.

Mike Rolash: He's not able to get it fully cinched in! Kendo rolling and kicking Coulter, able to free himself.

Both men roll away from each other trying to get some separation as they both end up in their own corners and make the tag to their partners. Both men enter with lightning under their assess, charging at each other. Bonehead sidesteps Braxton as he hits the middle rope and springs backwards for a moonsault, but Ghost runs underneath him as Sam lands on his feet. Hitting the ropes, The Crimson Ghost leaps onto Braxton's shoulders for a hurricanrana and takes him over but Sam is able to roll through and kip up to his feet. Both men come to a halt as Braxton wags his finger at Ghost in denial. Some of the Melbourne fans cheer the athletic display, while others boo Braxton.

Jim Gunt: The homeland crowd really split in their affection for Braxton!

Mike Rolash: I'm pretty sure they all watched the same promo we did, the guy in a nutshell, shitted on this place.

With a smirk, Braxton tags back out to Coulter as Ghost brings Kendo back in. Coming in with a full head of steam, Kendo is doubled over with a sole kick to the midsection. Grabbing Kendo's left arm, Coulter twists it with an arm wrench before yanking him down hard into the canvas shoulder first with a divorce court! Screaming out in pain, Kendo tries to push up off the canvas but Dean is right there with a hard kick to his left arm forcing Kendo back to the mat on his shoulder. Twisting his arm for another arm wrench, Coulter pulls the big man towards the Lost Boys corner, where he tags Braxton who scales to top and comes off with a double stomp to the exposed limb. Now applying an arm wrench of his own.

Jim Gunt: The Lost Boys looking to dissect the arm of the Samoan Suplex Machine as Braxton drives his elbow into the back of Kendo's shoulder taking him down to the mat.

Mike Rolash: Kendo seems to be off his game tonight, as Braxton has him isolated on the canvas.

Reaching out with his foot to make the tag to Coulter, Sam holds Kendo down on the canvas with a hammerlock as Dean stomps down on his shoulder. Crying out in agony, Kendo grabs for his shoulder as Coulter shoots the half, going for the cover as Summits is over to make the count.




Back to his feet, Coulter stretches the arm of Kendo across the mat before driving both of his knees into the exposed arm. Frustrated at ringside, JT Barrett paces back and forth with a look of concern as The Crimson Ghost pounds on the top turnbuckle, trying to get the fans behind his partner. Bringing Kendo back to a vertical base, tagging Braxton in; together, they hook Kendo for a double vertical suplex but are unable to get the big man off his feet. They attempt the maneuver once more, but Kendo holds his ground, soon taking both men over with a double suplex of his own! The Crimson Ghost bounces up and down on the apron, reaching his hand out excitedly, waiting for the tag. Holding onto his arm, Kendo tries to get to his feet as both of The Lost Boys recover.

Jim Gunt: Kendo's back to his feet, trying to make it to The Crimson Ghost, but the Lost Boys are right there to knock him off the apron!

Mike Rolash: Damn that sucks!

Focusing back on Kendo, Coulter catches him with a boot to the gut as both whip him across the ring. Rebounding, Kendo is sent crashing face first into the canvas with a drop to hold as Braxton connects with a sliding dropkick! Rolling over from the impact of the kick, Kendo is quickly covered by Sam.



Ghost breaks up the pin attempt as Braxton complains to Summits, telling him to do his job. Summits admonishes Ghost, who returns to the apron and screams for Kendo to fight back. Braxton stalks Kendo as he slowly rises, shooting a hard kick to his injured left arm. Still rising, Kendo takes another kick to the arm as Braxton feels he has things firmly under control. Fully upright, Kendo is able to block the final kick to his arm as he hooks Braxton and sends him flying overhead with a Capture Suplex! Both men are down on the mat as the Melbourne fans let a small cheer escape, both men slowly crawling towards their corner.

Jim Gunt: Kendo able to buy himself some space from the Lost Boys and both men make the tag!

The crowd explodes as The Crimson Ghost hops over the top rope and takes a charging Coulter down with a dropkick. Both men are back to their feet and it's the Ghost who plants his feet into the face of Coulter with another dropkick. As they get back to their feet, Ghost grabs Dean around the throat and plants him with a Chokeslam, going for the pin soon after.



Braxton breaks up the pin with a stomp to Ghost's back. Summits gets him back to the corner as Bonehead brings Dean back to his feet and decks him with a right jab. The Ghost pops him across the jaw with another one, three more have Coulter rocked as he stumbles around the ring, Ghost winds up as the crowd plays along before nailing Coulter with a big punch that sends him down to the mat with a big haymaker! Staying on top of him, Ghost brings him back vertical before lifting him up onto his shoulder and begins to spin in multiple, three sixty rotations! Finally done spinning, he tosses Coulter into the air and rocks him with an enziguri on his descent!

Jim Gunt: The Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal might do the job as The Crimson Ghost goes for the cover!




Mike Rolash: Braxton with the save!

This promptly brings Kendo in as he connects with a running big boot to the side of Braxton's head, sending him rolling outside of the ring. Looking set to fly, Kendo hits the ropes as Braxton rises to his feet. Kendo rebounds, he comes charging forward and sails through the middle rope for a suicide dive but meets nothing but floor mats as Sam rolls out of the way! The Crimson Ghost shakes his head as Barrett can be heard cursing out loud in shame. Bonehead focuses back on Coulter, who's now charging at him. Back peddling towards the ropes, Ghost pulls them as Dean goes tumbling over. Quickly back to his feet, The Crimson Ghost races towards the corner and leaps over the top rope, landing on the apron. In one fluid motion, he leaps to the second turnpost and flips backwards, taking a rising Coulter back down with a moonsault! Back to his feet and celebrating, Ghost is caught off guard by Braxton, who flips off the apron with a cannonball senton! Braxton is quick to his feet and rolling TCG back into the ring and soon goes to roll Coulter back into the ring. Racing back to his team's corner, Sam now reaches out for the tag.

Jim Gunt: The Crimson Ghost was on a roll, but the cohesiveness of The Lost Boys may be too much for this makeshift tandem.

Mike Rolash: You can't count these guys out, they're two tough individuals who have gelled nicely over there past couple of months.

As Bonehead recovers in his team's corner, Coulter makes the tag and Braxton comes racing over, but TCG side steps as Sam crashes into the corner and soon recovers a step up kick to the face that slumps him down to a seated position. Bonehead looks around excitedly as he soon points towards the back.

Mike Rolash: Is he calling for someone? What is he doing?

Suddenly, “We Will Rock You” by Queen begins to play throughout the [arena] as Ghost stomps a mudhole in Braxton to the rhythm of the beat. The Aussie fans clap along with the beat and each stomp but the fun is soon stopped as an infuriated Kendo has returned and tag himself back into the match. Kendo barks instructions as TCG gives him a questionable look. As the music dies out, Kendo yanks Braxton to his feet and applies a rear waistlock, now holding Braxton in the air, The Crimson Ghost climbs to the second rope and dives off for a neckbreaker!






Mike Rolash: Talk about having luck on your side.

Both men are back to their feet as Kendo attempts a leg sweep, but Braxton flips over his leg and with a forward roll, makes the tag to Dean. Entering the ring, Coulter catches a rising Kendo with a calf kick. As he tries to rise himself, Coulter is spiked across the temple with a running boot from Ghost. Before he has anytime to celebrate, Braxton catches him with a spin kick dropping him to the mat, before spinning right into a YAKUZA KICK FROM KENDO! BUT IT'S COULTER WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE HEAD OF KENDO THAT DROPS HIM TO HIS HANDS AND KNEES. GHOST SPRINGS BACK INTO ACTION, LEAPING OFF THE BACK OF KENDO AT DEAN, BUT HE DUCKS, HOWEVER THE CRIMSON GHOST CONNECTS WITH A SPEAR ON A RISING BRAXTON! THE AUSSIE FANS IMMEDIATELY GOING INTO AN UPROAR!

Jim Gunt: Oh My Lord! What a series of moves by these four men and Coulter is in shock right now!

Mike Rolash: He didn't know Sam was getting up behind him and allowed for Braxton to catch the short end of the stick.

Dean runs his fingers through his hair in disbelief as he turns his attention back to a recovering Kendo. Helping him to a vertical base, proves to be a bad idea as Kendo shoves him off into Ghost, who grabs ahold of Dean. A roundhouse kick by Kendo connects with the temple of TCG as Dean is able to break free. With no time to consider what just happened, Kendo swings wildly at Dean who ducks underneath as he spins around. Using all the strength he can muster, Coulter lifts Kendo up and spins him down to the mat, holding on for the cover!




Kendo is able to get the shoulder up as Dean curses. With an exhausted look on his face, Coulter brings Kendo back vertical, but it's the Samoan Suplex Machine who finds new life as he spins Coulter around and hooks him for a Rear Naked Choke! Coulter flails his arms in a struggle to get free, even swinging wildly at the injured left arm so that Kendo's not able to get a good grip. Suddenly, Dean is able to duck out of the way as The Crimson Ghost destroys Kendo with a Spear, sending collective gasps throughout the crowd. Coulter scoots back as The Crimson Ghost hovers over his tag team partner.

Jim Gunt: The Crimson Ghost accidently spearing Kendo! And this is not the breakdown they need right now.

Mike Rolash: I don't know Jimbo, look how he's looking down at him.

The emotions of TCG are hard to pick up on due to the mask he wears, but his actions are soon made clear as he calmly rolls under the bottom rope and to the outside, soon making his way towards the back.

Jim Gunt: Is he leaving!?

Mike Rolash: That's what it looks like Jimbo and right now Barrett is not having it.

Barrett quickly rushes to block The Crimson Ghost's path to the back. Pointing a finger in his face, Barrett begins to speak dislike with each word that exits his mouth. Looking around to the Aussie fans, Ghost is finally fed up as he drops JT with a punch and continues on his path to the back.

Jim Gunt: Why is he abandoning Kendo? He's basically feeding him to the wolves.

Mike Rolash: I don't know Jim, but hopefully we'll get some type of explanation for his actions in the near future.

Coulter watches on in shock as The Crimson Ghost heads towards the back. However he's done wasting time as he moves in on a still down and out Kendo, he rolls him over to his stomach and quickly hooks the injured left arm behind him for the GC crossface! Having the wind knocked out of him, must've cause him to pass out as Kendo is unresponsive as Coulter yanks back.

Jim Gunt: I don't think Kendo is gonna be responsive after that huge spear from The Crimson Ghost!

Mike Rolash: Look Jim! He has woken up! But he's quickly tapping out, not even trying to put up a fight.

Summits calls for the bell as Coulter releases the hold. Braxton is quickly over, holding the back of his head, ready to celebrate victory with his tag partner and lifelong friend as Douglas makes it official.

Ray Douglas: Here are your winners...and NEW CWF WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! THE LOST BOYS!

Retrieving the belts from the attendant, Clark hands them to their new owners as they celebrate with their countrymen. Both men climb to separate corners, displaying the belts for their fellow Aussies when the night air is consumed by darkness as the lights go out.

Spoils of Victory

Mike Rolash: And there goes the lights...

A spotlight soon shines down on the new tag champs as stand back to back, prepared for whatever attack that has yet to come. However nothing happens as the fans immediately begin to boo.

Mike Rolash: Soooo… is anything gonna happen or did we just experience a power outage?

Jim Gunt: I don't know Mike, but I'm glad that light of the moon is enough to keep us lit at the moment. Fans we're sorry about th…

Everyone is caught by surprise as a flock of crows come flying through the arena. Slight screams can be heard as they soar through the air. The Lost Boys look around in curiosity as some of the fans duck down, thinking they're under attack.

Jim Gunt: Why are there crows flying through the air, what is going on here tonight?

Mike Rolash:

Jim Gunt: Mike?

Mike Rolash:

Jim Gunt: Mike….?

Gunt looks towards his broadcast partner, who's in total shock and simply points as a swarm of snakes are seen slithering inside of the ring, surrounding the Lost Boys. Suddenly the voice of Nina rings out through the speakers, making the snakes come to a halt, cornering Coulter and Braxton.

Nina: ¡Mira!

The Melbourne Cricket Grounds goes silent as The Lost Boys try to remain calm, well, Coulter for that matter as Braxton is full on pissed.

Nina: You must feel proud about yourselves. Especially how the two of you cheated last week to obtain victory.

A commotion stirs from her comments as The Lost Boys look around, trying to keep their eyes on every possible way of danger.

Nina: The Book of Truth holds no lies, something Judas knows all too well… Tonight, we allow you to enjoy in the spoils of you're tainted victory. However next week, the truth shall be revealed!

The Lost Boys are visibly upset at Nina's allegation as they begin to yell for her to show her face and get rid of the snakes. However only laughter rings out as security and staff race down the aisle, trying to hurriedly get the ring clear of all the snakes and free the new tag champs.

Church vs. State - The Styles Edition

While the clean-up efforts continue, we cut backstage to Blake Church and a bandaged up Freddie Styles.

Blake Church: Freddie, congratulations to your win in the Parking Lot brawl tonight, how do you feel?

Freddie Styles: I feel like a bit of a weight is off my shoulders. A big PPV win is always nice to get, and I for one needed it.

Blake Church: Do you think that your animosities with Big Rig and his Snake Nation is settled with this or are you expecting this to continue on?

Freddie Styles: The snakes are done. The young mongoose has slain them all, and their little nation has been destroyed. On to a game that I’ve needed to play for a while, to win a prize that I once had, and damn sure want back!

Blake Church: What's your prediction for our main event tonight with your tag partner Duce Jones in the fray?

Freddie Styles: Duce...he’s got this. I believe he’s walking out of here with the gold for the second time tonight.

Blake Church: Thank you Freddie and again congratulations.

Loki Synn vs. Mariella Jade Flair

Mike Rolash: A prize that once was his, what?

Jim Gunt: I am assuming it could be the Impact title?

Mike Rolash: Oh that makes sense. Things are only interesting when a title is involved.

Jim Gunt: This one isn’t about a Championship, though, Mike… or even about positioning in the company. Both of these athletes are former CWF World Champions, so nobody is going to suddenly find themselves in contention for The Shadow’s title after this one. 

Mike Rolash: Do you plan on getting to the point soon, or can I take a nap? 

There’s a moment of silence.

Jim Gunt: The point, Mike… is that this match is about settling a grudge. Nothing more, nothing less.

Mike Rolash: Please. Loki Synn threw Flair from the ring and broke her already defective brain. Flair wrapped some steel around Mia Rayne’s head and let Loki out of her cage. I appreciate the fact that this match is being touted as ‘no excuses,’ but this is never going to end. 

Jim Gunt: That’s… likely. 

Mike Rolash: And yet you give me no credit. 

Jim Gunt: There’s nothing that we can say that hasn’t already been said… let’s get to the ring. 

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for one fall with no time limit! This is the NO EXCUSES MATCH--

The fans pop at the reference.

Ray Douglas: -which means that there are no count-outs and no disqualifications. Furthermore, a cage will be surrounding the ring with a sealed roof and no door! No one will be able to enter or exit the cage until we have a decisive winner! 

Jim Gunt: It doesn’t get any more serious than this, Mike! 

Mike Rolash: Wow. For once, we are in complete agreement. 


CUE UP: “Goodnight” - The Birthday Massacre

Ray Douglas: From Warwick, New York, USA… weighing in at sixty one and a quarter kilos… she is a two time former CWF WORLD CHAMPION… 

Even down under, the fans play their part.


The Original Nobody, 2.0, walks out from the backstage area, stopping for just a moment at the top of the apron before she makes her way to the ring. Having learned from experience and anticipation, MJ has pulled her hair into a tight braid that can not easily get stuck in a cage. Additionally, she’s taped up her hands, wrists, and forearms. MJ avoids the outstretched fans, her focus on the ring. 

Jim Gunt: I don’t know that I’ve seen her this single minded since she and Colton Mace headlined Wrestlefest back in September, Mike. 

Mike Rolash: There’s no more room for jokes, Gunter. I mean, how often does a woman get to deliver her own eulogy? 

MJ avoids all of her usual plays to the crowd: she slides under the bottom rope and paces the ring anxiously. When referee Mother Jackie stops her to check her over, that’s the only time she isn’t on the move. 


CUE UP: “They’re coming to Take Me Away” - The Butcher Babies

Ray Douglas: Weighing in at eighty three point nine kilos… The Jagged Grin of the CWF… 

Fog fills the arena, along with a creepy green light. 

Ray Douglas: LOW… KEY… SIIIINNNNNN!!!!!!!

Mike Rolash: Damn.

Jim Gunt: No witty commentary? 

Mike Rolash: Dude. No. She’s scary. 

From the fog, a dark figure emerges. Loki Synn walks slowly - with purpose - to the top of the ramp. 

And she stops. 

Crouching down, Loki moves in a serpentine manner on her way to the ring, haphazardly and completely unable to predict. The closest cameraman nearly loses his balance trying to keep up, so the truck quickly shifts to MJ in the ring, stoically staring at Loki with no emotion visible. 

Jim Gunt: Loki slides into the ring, and she remains on her knees staring at her opponent through her mask, and this is a scene that I certainly wouldn’t want to be in the middle of! 

Mike Rolash: What a way to go, Gunter. 

Jim Gunt: … Dude.

The bell rings while Mother Jackie gives Loki some instructions that she is sure to ignore, and the cage begins to lower from the rafters! The referee remains between the two athletes as their barriers move into place; she is well versed in the art of the sneak attack and appears determined that this match, as no-holds-barred as it is, will not begin until she tells them. 

Jim Gunt: And there it is, Mike. Cage around the ring. Nobody in, nobody out. Nobody can even climb out from under the ring to affect the outcome! 

Mike Rolash: Who would show up to help either of them? 

As the cage locks into place, the fans erupt in cheers while they circle, neither athlete wishing to make the first mistake. MJ steps forward in a feint, and Loki takes a swing! MJ blocks with a forearm and fires a right hand! Another! Loki is rocked backwards-

Jim Gunt: LOKI GRABS MJ BY THE THROAT! She launches her into the cage! 

Mike Rolash: Loki! There’s a cage in the way! You won’t get the distance! 

Indeed, Loki’s launch sends MJ face first into the cage, and she bounces off and back into the ring where Loki subsequently drops her to the mat with a vicious clothesline that hooks her around the neck! Fists fly into MJ’s face and head, and the referee can do nothing but watch and look for shoulders on the mat.

Mike Rolash: Well, so much for nobody gets in, nobody gets out. 

Jim Gunt: That’s incredible, Mike… Fans, you can see right there, the panel of cage where MJ’s head hit has become dislodged, and another hit could take it out completely! 

Mike Rolash: Too bad Flair won’t be getting up off the ground. 

In the ring, Loki has moved from punching MJ to choking her. Both hands are around her neck and MJ’s face starts to flush. She struggles with the grip for several seconds, trying to kick her legs free, but Loki bears down. 

Jim Gunt: No hesitation by Loki this time - she isn’t looking to drag this out! 

Mike Rolash: Good; we can end this one quick and it’s all over.

Finally, instead of pulling at Loki’s hands around her neck, MJ grabs for her mask! 

Jim Gunt: She’s got Loki by the eyes! 

Mike Rolash: How can you tell? 

Jim Gunt: No movement from the referee here, this is all legal, but who’s gonna blink first? 

Mike Rolash: Bad pun, Gunter. 

Loki, even under a mask, appears to be gritting her teeth over the pressure in her eyes, and she responds with an even tighter grip on MJ’s neck! Until--

Jim Gunt: Loki lets go! 

Both women roll away from each other, Loki holding a hand to her eyes while MJ, on her knees and one hand, holding onto the bottom rope, coughs violently as she forces air back into her lungs. 

Mike Rolash: So they tried to murder each other within five minutes of the bell. I can’t wait to see where this one goes. 

Loki is to her feet first, and she walks on unsteady legs as she tries to get her balance. She steadies herself with the top rope and zeroes in on MJ. 

One step. 

A second.

By the third, her gait steadies, and she grabs MJ by the back of the neck and the top of the pants and lifts her up - MJ with a forearm breaks the hold, and she lands back on the mat, still holding onto the top rope for support. Kick to the stomach by Loki! Scoop, and a hard modified powerbomb! Cover! 




Jim Gunt: MJ really needs to get herself a moment’s respite to concentrate on breathing again if she wants to have a chance here. 

Mike Rolash: You’re right, but - oh, boo hoo. Can’t leave the ring. 

Loki scoops MJ by the hair and shoves her face into the chain link of the cage! MJ flails but is unable to make contact with her in the position she’s in. LOKI WITH AN OPEN PALM TO THE BACK OF MJ’S HEAD! 

Mike Rolash: She’s gonna be wearin’ that tattoo for a while now! 

Belly to back suplex! Loki bridges! 




Jim Gunt: This is actually much more wrestling than I thought we’d see out of these two. 

Mike Rolash: ...There’s been two power moves oh I see what you did there.

Still gasping for breath, MJ is largely helpless as Loki scoops her again and whips her into the corner, following up right behind her with a crushing clothesline and a series of knees to the stomach. MJ doesn’t fold up, as her arms are draped over the top rope, and finally she straightens her up with an uppercut to the chin! Loki steps back and kicks MJ in the gut, and hooks her for another powerbomb! 

Mike Rolash: I wonder if it’ll hurt more or less if she’s thrown backfirst into the cage instead of to the mat. 

Jim Gunt: Loki’s thinking the same thing, Mike - she turned them both around! 

Loki hoists MJ up - MJ grabs the cage with both hands! As she is no longer held up solely by Loki’s grip, she slithers free and drives her heel into the back of Loki’s head before the Jagged Grin realizes what’s happened. Loki stumbles forward a few steps, and MJ off the top with a missile dropkick to the back of her head! She lands softly and rolls Loki over! 



Kickout with authority! 

Mike Rolash: That was probably her best shot.

Jim Gunt: I don’t know about that, Mike - but it’s her best chance to take a deep breath. 

She does exactly that. MJ scrambles away from Loki and breathes deeply, coughing more than once, and Loki kips up! 

Mike Rolash: You don’t want to see that from your opponent after semi-serious head trauma. 

Loki beelines for MJ and front kicks her in the head - MJ pulls back and Loki hits the cage! She drops her wrist on Loki’s ankle, wedging her foot between the cage and the ropes and Loki loses her balance! 

MJ studies her for a moment, then kicks her in the chest! Again! 

Mike Rolash: Taking your time much? 

Jim Gunt: I think she was gauging where Loki’s shoulders were. Normally, being tied up in the ropes would preclude a pinfall attempt, but in this match…

While Loki tries to fend off and block MJ’s continued kick attempts, she also tries to dislodge her foot. She is only partly successful at the first, as MJ has freedom of movement around her, and trying to physically grab her kick would put additional pressure on Loki’s already-wrenching knee. 

Kick to the face! MJ runs backward into the opposite ropes, and a baseball slide! Loki lifts herself up, and MJ slides underneath! HOOK OF THE HEAD! 

Jim Gunt: MJ has Loki hooked for the Morning Star! She pulls the Jagged Grin out of the ropes for maximum impact! 

Mike Rolash: Does anyone really think this’ll work? It didn’t before. 

True to Mike’s words, before MJ can drop Loki’s head to the mat, Loki hooks her arms around MJ’s waist and lifts her up, sending her face first into the cage! She lets go of Loki’s head at the last minute to try and shield herself, but still takes the brunt! 

The damage is done, however. Loki backs away from the impact, and immediately falls to one knee, holding the other with obvious pain on her face. She stands up, ignoring whatever demons are screaming at the joint, and limps towards MJ with murderous intent. 

MJ had held onto the cage after impact, a bloody diamond now clearly visible around her left eye. She listens to the volume from the fans and turns her head, and her eyes widen at the look of Loki’s imminent arrival. 

Then her gaze drifts lower. 

Jim Gunt: MJ with a kick to Loki’s knee, and she’s down! Anklelock! She’s twisting as hard as she can! 

Mike Rolash: Blood in the water, Gunter… blood in the water. 

While the referee is immediately there to ask Loki if she wants to tap, Loki - in between her flailing arms and obvious pain - manages to roll to her side and kick MJ in the jaw! The two-time former Champion falls backwards, and Loki follows up by drawing her good leg up to her chest and firing it back again, landing her heel right on MJ’s chin! 

Jim Gunt: Not quite so impervious right now, Loki needs the ropes to get back to her feet. She looks like she’s trying to walk it off while she has a moment to do so. 

Mike Rolash: Flair is getting herself up as well - I’m worried about Loki right now. 

Jim Gunt: Really? You’re actually behind MJ?

Mike Rolash: Hell no. But even with the shots to the head she’s taken, she has no physical problems with her legs. It looks like she’s got her breath back and the bottom line is, if you can’t stand, you can’t win. Loki needs to adjust her plan of attack. 

No sooner does Mike Rolash finish saying that, MJ moves towards her opponent warily. Loki is standing deliberately with her left side towards MJ, protecting her injured right knee - and unlike her earlier offense, she’s letting MJ come to her. 

At the moment, Loki is holding onto the top rope for support. 

Jim Gunt: MJ with a dive at Loki’s leg - she pulls back! Sweep of the bad wheel, and Loki is rocked! MJ with an uppercut from the floor, and Loki staggers into the ropes and drops down, but pulls herself back! Hook around the waist - Loki hooks her head! 

Even with her head hooked, MJ lifts Loki and tries to take her down, but Loki holds on. She alters her trajectory and backs Loki into the corner, hard enough to loosen her grip. Right hand by MJ - Loki catches and spins her around! Single arm takedown! 

Loki holds onto MJ’s wrist, but MJ rolls herself back and hooks her ankles behind Loki’s neck! 

Jim Gunt: It’s Loki Synn’s turn to have her air cut off! 

She drops MJ’s arm - she didn’t have much of a grip on it to begin with - and grabs MJ’s calves, one in each hand. Her left foot in front to bear the brunt of the weight, Loki begins to muscle MJ off the mat! MJ grabs Loki’s foot to cut her off - LOKI DROPS HER DOWN! MJ’s head to the mat! Loki’s knee on MJ’s head! Everyone disentangles, and Loki holds her knee in obvious pain! 

Jim Gunt: Oh my word! 

Mike Rolash: Who’d that hurt most? 

There is now a pronounced bruise on MJ’s cheek, making an asymmetrical damage area with the diamond over her opposite eye. She holds her hand to the side of her head as she struggles away from Loki, who has clearly done more damage to her knee with that attack. 

Jim Gunt: This match has cost both of these women quite a bit, Mike! 

Mike Rolash: Not quite enough, sir. Too many hard but blunt objects in here, I was looking forward to seeing Flair bleed again. 

MJ struggles to her feet and walks on unsteady legs to Loki, and she grabs her by the mask! LOKI WITH A SMALL PACKAGE! 



MJ reverses!



Loki reverses! 




MJ rolls to her knees, and she backhands Loki! The fans gasp at the disrespectful gesture! 

Loki returns it with a fist! 

MJ with a fist in response! 

Loki fires back! A second! Loki with a third - MJ rolls backwards and comes up on her feet and stumbles back into the corner while Loki loses her balance! 

Jim Gunt: A much needed breather for MJ! 

Mike Rolash: She was getting her ass kicked and she ran. Simple.

MJ moves forward and curb stomps Loki’s knee! The Jagged Grin rolls over in pain, and MJ circles her like a vulture. Kick to the head! MJ runs her hands down her face and leans in to scoop Loki - OPEN HANDED CHOP TO THE THROAT! MJ falls to her knees while Loki struggles up to her own, and she hooks MJ around the throat! Using all four of their legs to steady herself, Loki pulls them both up, and a DDT puts MJ right back down! 

Loki pulls MJ up again and grabs her by the tightly wound braid on the back of her head, and sends her face first into the cage! MJ hits hard and crumbles to the mat, but Loki holds on and forces her back up to her feet! Face first into another side of the cage! 

Mike Rolash: It’s over, Gunter. Like Loki said - no mercy! 

Jim Gunt: You may be right, Mike. Loki moving to another side of the cage - MJ WITH AN ELBOW TO THE FACE! 

It looks more like a hail mary than a strategic attack, but MJ’s elbow to Loki’s face separates the two women, and MJ now sends Loki face first into the cage! Loki staggers backwards on rubbery legs as MJ hangs on the top rope, regaining her wind once again. 

Loki finds her footing on the opposite side of the ring, holding her palm to her forehead, and she sees MJ prone! LOKI WITH A WOBBLY SPRINT--

Jim Gunt: MJ spins around! Sidestep - OH MY GOD! 

The fans are chanting something else entirely. 


Jim Gunt: Can we catch that on the replay? 

Mother Jackie looks at MJ, looks at Loki - and shrugs her shoulders. With no countouts, there’s little she can do but wait while the fans are treated to a split - screen replay, showing MJ stepping out of Loki’s way at the last second, putting a hand behind her head, and shoving her into the cage wall… that suddenly gave way just as Mike Rolash previously predicted. Loki Synn and the cage wall crash to the floor, with Loki making it to the guardrail before stopping. 

Jim Gunt: Under some match stipulations, Loki would have just won this match - but there are no cage escapes here! Someone has to be pinned, someone has to surrender! 

Mike Rolash: And this is a problem with a no time limit match like this. Flair is an idiot if she goes out after her, but Flair is also an idiot if she stays put and gives Loki unlimited time to recover. 

As it turns out, Loki doesn’t need unlimited time to recover. She puts a hand on the guardrail and pulls herself up. In the ring, MJ’s eyes widen. 

But there is no sudden attack.

Loki looks to her left, and looks to her right. She steps back as if in shock - and looks toward the ring. 

MJ takes a step back. 

Loki pulls the now - useless section of cage away from the ring and grabs the bottom rope. 

And she stops, and she looks at her hands. 

Mike Rolash: Would you just get in there and kill her already, you ghoul? 

Jim Gunt: Mike Rolash, everyone - the bravest man on the planet when he has a cage and a ring between himself and the object of his ire. 

MJ rushes Loki as she starts to climb into the ring, but Loki backs off, almost apprehensively. The referee sees this and - despite not having the authority to disqualify anyone this time out - asks MJ to back up for the match to continue. MJ puts her arms to her side and does so, though her eyes never leave her opponent. 

Jim Gunt: Loki is back in the ring, but we have an exit door now, and a potential point of entry! Will anyone take advantage? 

Mike Rolash: Would anyone be dumb enough to get in between these two? 

Finally, Loki steps away from the ropes and circles MJ. They lock up, and MJ with a knee to the stomach! Scoop and a slam, and she covers! 




Loki kicks out and rolls away, again looking to her left and right! MJ eyes her suspiciously, and moves in with a kick to the head! Loki blocks! 

Mike Rolash: No follow up? What the crap, Loki? 

Jim Gunt: She could be baiting MJ again, Mike! 

Mike Rolash: God I hope so.

MJ with a scoop, but Loki counters with a Samoan drop takeover, and… no follow up. Loki puts both her hands to her head and drops her gaze to the mat, and MJ moves in to follow up again but - she hesitates. 

LOKI SCRAPES MJ’S FACE! She’s up, and a quick chokeslam puts MJ back down! 

Mike Rolash: I LOVE IT! Fool her twice, she’s a bleeding idiot! 

Now, Loki eyes the gap in the cage. 

Jim Gunt: Not again! 

Press slam.

Mike Rolash: HAH! 

Walk to the ropes. 

Jim Gunt: Look what this did to MJ last time - there’s gonna be no coming back!

Mike Rolash: Don’t tease me…

Loki presses MJ high above her head…

...and waits. 

Mike Rolash: The suspense is terrible… I hope it’ll last! 

The fans are at a fever pitch as MJ struggles as best she can and Loki waits, a step away from victory. 

And she lets MJ down. 

They stare at each other for what feels like an eternity. 

MJ with a right hand! Another! Loki blocks a third, but MJ follows up with a boot to the midsection! Loki staggers to one knee! 

Jim Gunt: MJ Flair hooks her head and she’s got her turned around! MORNING STAR! 

Mike Rolash: What the hell just happened? 

Jim Gunt: She’s not dropping it, she’s holding Loki up with her knee in the small of her back! MJ is going for the submission! 

MJ is holding on so tightly that her own face is starting to flush again - almost as bad as when she was being choked. Loki, obviously obscured by a mask, has an unreadable expression.

So focused is MJ that she ignores the referee tapping on her arm.

That is, until she sees the referee standing a foot away from her. 


Mother Jackie calls for the bell, and MJ drops Loki to the mat, collapsing right next to her as the fans erupt in a huge ovation and “Goodnight” by The Birthday Massacre begins to play again. 

Jim Gunt: The cage is being raised as MJ Flair has finally slain the beast once again! 

Mike Rolash: Raise the cage. Why? There’s a huge gaping hole in it. Though it would be hilarious to see the rest of it fall apart and crush Flair to death. 

MJ is up to her knees first, and she allows the referee to raise her arm for a few seconds while she tries to catch her breath. 

Then she does something that nobody expects… she helps Loki up to her level. 

They look at each other for a few seconds. MJ cranes her neck as if to get a closer look, then she moves to take Loki’s mask off. 

Loki stops her, and looks down and away.

MJ pulls her face up by the chin so the two are eye to eye once again. And they stare. 

All around them, the fans are muted - enraptured by the happenings. MJ puts one unsteady foot on the mat and lifts herself up to a standing base, and she helps Loki to her feet as well.

And she pulls her in for a hug. 

The fans explode in applause as a camera circles around them, and we’re able to catch MJ mouth the words ‘I’m sorry,’ to which Loki responds with a shake of her own head. Loki pulls her mask up just enough for the opposite camera to catch a glimpse of her own mouth whispering ‘No. I’m sorry’ to MJ. 

Jim Gunt: What a… confusing, mind you - show of sportsmanship! MJ is leaving the ring to a cheer while Loki sits down in the middle, and - Mike, what’s the problem? 

Mike Rolash: I wanted to see her get lawn darted again! 

Jim Gunt: You don’t get what you want.

Mike Rolash: Don’t remind me...

Pardon This GRAND Interruption

Jim Gunt: What a display shown by both of these ladies as MJ picks up the victory and Loki is...

Mike Rolash: Why is she just sitting in the middle of the ring?

Sure enough, Loki sits cross legged in the ring, nursing her various injuries sustained, and beckons for a mic. A stage hand tosses one to her and she takes off her mask, allowing her hair to flow out behind her, still black tipped with blue. She takes a quivering breath, trembles and lets it go, sighing heavily. She smiles in her misery and raises the mic to her lips.

Loki Synn: I'm sor...

She doesn't get a chance to even begin to say anything as "Yes" by LMAO cues up. The one and only C$J comes walking out onto the ramp, Loki's eyes narrowing in his direction. 

C$J: Easy toots. Your time is over and mine is officially now. Your mic has been cut, you no longer have a say. I don't give two shits who you think you are today, Loki Synn has been responsible for several atrocities since being a member of this roster. As owner of the CWF, I will no longer allow this to continue. Since you lost tonight, I see no reason to keep you around. As of right now, Loki Synn... You're fired. Now get out of my ring.

The fans erupt as Loki stands and tries to say something into the mic. True to his words though, C$J has had her mic cut and her words are drowned out by the chorus of boos raining down around her. She drops her mask in the middle of the ring and backs out, her face showing the pain she feels as she rolls out to the floor and leaves through the crowd.

Jim Gunt: A... A stunning turn of events from an announcement from C$J, who has just fired Loki Synn!

Mike Rolash: I want to be happy about this, really... But all I feel is elation!

C$J only smirks as the boos grow louder and he continues.

C$J: Now that the trash has been disposed of... Now onto bigger and better things. Since I managed to successfully bring back Hostility, we have had several ups and a couple downs. The show continues onward and if you haven't been paying attention, shame on you, that's your own fault. Why should I be cursed to educate you on a far superior brand? We do EVERYTHING better than Evolution, we have a lighter schedule for our roster members. We have a champion who is as progressive as the times we live in, and...

He pauses, smirking at the questioning cheers from the crowd, urging him to continue. Instead, C$J holds up a finger and heads backstage. It isn't long before he brings out, or pushes out a wheeled pedestal, draped with a cover adorned with the Hostility logo.

C$J: Ladies and gents, the only thing that's left is to SHOW the world exactly how much better we are than Evolution. While they squabble over a championship that belongs to the "world," I am here to introduce the Hostility equivalent, superior in every way to whatever Evolution could EVER produce to a "World Title." Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you, THE GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP!

With a flourish C$J whips off the cloth covering the pedestal to reveal a red leather belt adorned with platinum faceplates, lined with diamonds. C$J soaks in the noise from the crowd and the envious glances from those closest to the "grandest" title the CWF has to offer.

C$J: Now, I'm not one to just award such royalties to random, undeserving people. Something as prestigious as this Grand Title deserves, a Grand Championship Tournamant. More details to come, if you stay tuned to Hostility, this coming Friday!

C$J drops the mic and smirks once more as he allows the stagehands to wheel the Grand Title back to safe keeping as "Yes" blares overhead.

No Words

The scene shifts backstage to the locker room of the Smokin’ Aces as Duce Jones is shown shadow sparring. He's decked out in new custom, black/crimson shorts along with matching protective mask and kickpads. Along with him, sporting a crimson and black, tailored suit is Byson Kaliban as he seems to be finishing up some business on his cellular device, placing it back into his pocket.

Byson Kaliban: It's almost that time bro, are you ready to become two time World Champion.

Jones simply ignores Kaliban as he throw forearm and knee strikes in rapid succession.

Byson Kaliban: Yo Duce, you hear me talking to you?

Crickets as Byson checks his watch.

Byson Kaliban: Well it's that time bro, let's go get you a World title!

With his final strike, Jones looks over towards his brother, then makes his way towards a chair that his hooded vest sits upon. Pulling the vest on, Jones straightens his sleeve and straps the glove on his right hand, then heads for the door, walking past Byson who looks at the camera.

Byson Kaliban: Somebody's focused...

Adjusting his suit, Kaliban strokes at his goatee before following Jones. Finally catching up to him, CWF interviewer, Tara Robinson appears on the scene.

Tara Robinson: Duce! Duce! Any final words before your huge Fatal Fourway Match for the CWF World Championship?

She holds the microphone up, hoping for a response, however all she receives is the cold shoulder as Jones is set on his destination, headed for the gorilla position. Kaliban looks at Tara, who sports a look of confusion.

Byson Kaliban: I guess there isn't any more words..

Kaliban gives Tara a toothy grin as he follows in the lead of Jones, leaving Tara standing there with no rebuttal. The cameras soon shifting back to ringside.

The Shadow vs. Ataxia vs. Dan Ryan vs. Duce Jones

Jim Gunt: I can’t believe what I’m about to say, Mike, but it appears Mia..Loki...whatever name she is going by at the moment has been fired from CWF.

Mike Rolash: If you ask me C$J did us all a service. And how about Duce backstage with Byson, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the man so focused!

Ray Douglas: The following is tonight’s main event, will be a fatal fourway match contested under falls count anywhere rules, and is for the CWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE!

The Melbourne fans are buzzing, but soon turn to boos as a voice begins to speak through the PA system.

“And the whole world loves it when you sing the blues… Da. Da.. Da. Da. Da.. Da….”

The opening sounds of “Godspeed” by Don Trip begins to play as the begins stage filling up with smoke. After about a minute of waiting, Duce Jones, along with Byson Kaliban slowly emerges through the fog, instantly inciting boos from the crowd.

Ray Douglas: Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Byson Kaliban! Weighing in at two hundred fifteen pounds! From Memphis, Tennessee….DUCE JONES!!

Slowly making his way towards the ring, Jones ignores the abuse that the fans are giving, as he soon makes it to ringside. Climbing onto the apron, Duce goes to the corner to his right, climbing onto the second rope and peering out into the crowd. Finally done, he jumps over the top rope, landing inside of the ring and removes his hooded vest. He takes a moment to adjust his protective mask as he prepares for action. Meanwhile Kaliban takes up position in Duce's designated corner.

Jim Gunt: The intensity shown by Duce Jones is amazing.

Mike Rolash: Let’s see if it’s enough...

The lights go out and a dual-spotlight makes an encircling pattern on the entrance area as the opening riff of the song plays. When the riff audio kicks it up a notch, Dan Ryan steps out and pauses, looking into the audience, then heads down the aisle as pyro blasts behind him. The video shows clips from his career: powerbombing Mark Windham, superkicking Craig Miles, smirking as he pins Bronson Box. Tapping out Zach van Owen in the Modern Warfare quarterfinal, and Tiger Suplexing Ataxia off the entrance ramp a few weeks ago.

“My reflection, dirty mirror
There's no connection to myself 
I'm your lover, I'm your zero 
I'm the face in your dreams of glass 
So save your prayers 
For when we're really gonna need 'em 
Throw out your cares and fly 
Wanna go for a ride?” 

Mike Rolash: What a video collection there, Dan Ryan truly HAS done it all!

Jim Gunt: Well Mike, he hasn’t exactly done it all because he’s yet to win a championship here in CWF. But he hopes to achieve the biggest prize of them all here tonight.

Ryan walks directly to the ring, rolls in under the bottom rope and walks right past Duce Jones like he didn’t even see him. The Ego Buster is able to hold back his smirk as Jones flings up his hands from the sign of disrespect. Ryan climbs the nearest turnbuckle, keeping his arms down as he stares into the sea of fans packed in the Melbourne Cricket Grounds.

Ray Douglas: And his opponent, hailing from Houston, Texas, and weighing in at 305 pounds!! He is the Ego Buster….DAN RYAN!!

Jim Gunt: No love lost between Dan Ryan and Duce Jones, the two men may be meeting in the ring for the very first time tonight but it is clear as day that they do not like each other.

The lights flicker around the Melbourne Cricket Grounds before the CWF Tron shows a green screen that quickly fades over to a black and white static. The static continues to flash over the Tron, loudly portraying a high pitch white noise throughout the stadium. The fans in attendance hold their ears as we hear this over the PA System...


"Dangerous Tonight" by Alice Cooper starts to play as Ataxia enters the arena wearing his cloak and tophat. Ataxia spins his cane around and attempts to high five a fan who just gives him the side eye as the rest of the Melbourne fans reign down boos on the Messiah Pariah. He walks down the ringside area, leaps into the ring and whips off the cloak. He takes off his hat and gives everything over to the timekeeper, Ryan and Jones standing on opposite ends of the ring simply watching Ataxia.

Ray Douglas: And their opponent, from Parts Unknown, he is the Messiah Pariah….ATAXIA!!

Jim Gunt: Well Mike, are you ready for all your worst nightmares to come true?

Mike Rolash: I’ve been living a nightmare for the past nineteen years that I’ve been sitting beside your ass.

Jim Gunt: The feeling is mutual, my friend.

All the lights in the massive stadium go out as "Wield Lightning to Split the Sun" by Primordial begins to play. A robed figure steps out onto the stage, a torch in their hand, followed by three more figures, each of them holding a bow and arrow. One by one they light their arrows on the torch and draw the string, aiming towards the ring in the centre of the Cricket Grounds. In unison they let go and the fiery arrows streak through the darkness, each landing in what looks like a target with a thud. The flickering light shows that the targets are images of The Shadow's three opponents, causing a murmur to go through the crowd and the men inside the ring looking at the display with obvious disdain. As the lights come back on, The Shadow and Myfanwy are already standing on the apron on the far side, hoods drawn deep. The Weaver of Dreams hands his robe and World Championship over to Myfanwy as he measures up his three opponents standing in opposite corners of the ring.

Ray Douglas: And finally, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, he is the reigning and defending CWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION….THE SHAAAADDOOOW!!

The anticipation within the Melbourne Cricket Ground has come to a peak, the near one hundred thousand fans that paid a ticket for Confliction are somewhat quieted by CWF head referee Trent Robbins, who makes his rounds to all four corners to read over the rules of the match to all the superstars, before finally calling for the bell that once again sends the crowd into cheers. Ataxia immediately pulls out the same pen he wielded last week on Evolution from seemingly out of nowhere, running at The Shadow at full speed. The Weaver of Dreams ducks under as he swings, rolling through just as Ataxia runs right into a Superkick from Dan Ryan!

Jim Gunt: The main event of Confliction has started off quickly, as the Bagman pulls a pen from...somewhere...and tried to stab The Shadow again with it, just to get Superkicked by the Egobuster!

Mike Rolash: And now The Shadow has rolled out of the ring, regrouping and conversing with Myfanwy on the outside of the ring as Duce and Dan lock into a collar tie up.

Jim Gunt: The veteran Ryan turns it right into an arm wrench, and now down to the canvas with a Russian Leg Sweep, and he still somehow holds onto that arm!

Dan Ryan continues to wrench back on the arm of former CWF World Champion Duce Jones, until the current reigning champion The Shadow rolls back into the ring, coming at both men. Ryan drops Jones and pops right back to his feet however, using the momentum of the Weaver of Dreams to his advantage.

Jim Gunt: Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex by the Egobu-NO! The Shadow lands right on his feet! How!?

Mike Rolash: That’s why he’s the CWF World Heavyweight champ, as much as I hate to say it, Jim.

Ryan lets a look of shock show through his normal cool and collected demeanor, but he quickly shakes it off and calls the Shadow in for more. From behind Jones has gotten up, Ryan only realizes it just as he turns around, connecting hard with a Roundhouse Kick! The Shadow with a kick of his own to the gut of Jones, and he attempts to follow it up with a DDT that Jones is able to hold steadfast and not allow. The Smokin’ Ace instead hooks the hips of Shadow, popping his own to send him over with a variation of a Fisherman’s Suplex! Jones holds on for the first cover of the night as Trent Robbins drops down quickly.



Jim Gunt: Just two as Ataxia is back in the ring to break up the count, stomping down HARD on both Duce Jones and The Shadow. The Messiah Pariah is going crazy in there, as he’s now mounted the Shadow and is absolutely laying into him!

Mike Rolash: We all expected this one to get out of control quickly, so I’m not surprised that it has. The real question is will the personal war between Ataxia and Shadow distract them enough that either Duce Jones or Dan Ryan come out with the win here tonight?

Jim Gunt: That’s one of many interesting questions pertaining to this match. Another one would be...why does Ataxia have his fingers in the mouth of The Shadow?

Mike Rolash: Fish hook! He is pulling and yanking at the face of his former stablemate, trying to rip his mouth right off his face.

Jim Gunt: I’m not sure that’s even possible, Mike. But hey there’s Ryan back in the ring, and onto the ropes- SPRINGBOARD LEGDROP TAKES OUT ATAXIA! He didn’t even see it coming!


The thousands of excited Melbourne fans chant their approval as all four superstars lay on the canvas, already having exasperated a lot of energy in their pursuit of being the last man standing and the one walking out of Confliction as the CWF World Champion. Dan Ryan is the first to get to his feet, a smirk coming across his face immediately as he walks to the middle of the ring to take his pick between the three competitors left on the canvas. Ryan grabs Ataxia by the bag mask, looking to get revenge on the Messiah Pariah after not only defeating him in Modern Warfare but sitting up from a Dragon Suplex off the stage two weeks ago. The Bagman is prepared for Ryan though, shoulder blocking him right in the midsection!

Jim Gunt: The Melbourne fans are letting Ataxia have it after that blatant low blow to Dan Ryan. Ryan may not be a crowd favorite by any means, but the Messiah Pariah has alienated his fan base beyond even my own comprehension the last few weeks.

Mike Rolash: Ataxia has only become his true self, Jimbo. Love it or hate it, it is what it is, my friend. 

Jim Gunt: The Hungarian Reach Around! That was difficult for me to say, but Ataxia has Ryan

Ryan is quick to fight out of the maneuver after several back elbows to the bagged face of Ataxia, the neck injury clearly affecting the Bagman more than he wants to let on as he stalls out and rubs the back of it. This gives Ryan enough time to get to his feet, but Duce is there as well. D-TRIG-is shoved aside by the Ego Buster, Ryan narrowly dodging the high rise knee, but Ataxia is not so lucky! The sound of Jones knee cracking against the skull of Ataxia reverberates around the Melbourne Cricket Grounds, but the fans have barely enough time to cheer as Ryan and Jones once again go at it. Ryan with the standing switch, but Jones breaks out. Jones with a Discus Elbow that Ryan ducks under, zipping back around to eat a…

Jim Gunt: D-TRIGGA! The Egobuster was able to evade the D-Trigga knee the first time, but not quite the second as Jones rings true that time.

Mike Rolash: But The Shadow is not going to let him enjoy his victory for long, as the champion is back to his feet. He doesn’t seem to enjoy the way Ataxia’s gloves tasted earlier though, as he seems to be spitting something out at ringside. 

Jim Gunt: God only knows when the last time those things were washed. Aannnyway, back in the ring Jones and Shadow lock up. This is a matchup that CWF fans have seen many different times in several different capacities, but arguably never on such a stage as this with the biggest prize in professional wrestling on the line.

Neither The Shadow or Duce Jones are able to outpower each other from the gate, both of them attempting to take the other man down with fake attempts and actual ones, but neither are able to grab a leg or an arm without the other breaking and locking right back up. Finally Shadow breaks the stalemate, pulling Jones head down into a headlock that he’s quickly able to break out of by sending the Weaver of Dreams into the ropes...where Ataxia holds them down and allows for Shadow to unceremoniously drop like a sack of bricks to the outside of the ring! 


Jim Gunt: The Melbourne fans absolutely loathe the Messiah Pariah, Mike, and for good reason.

Mike Rolash: That was a pretty intelligent move to me. And look at Ataxia, he is in the ring laughing hysterically as the Shadow gets to his feet on the outside of the ring with an angry grimace!

Jim Gunt: Duce Jones just turned Ataxia around and blasted him with a forearm smash though. And another one as he spins around and damn near takes his head off! 

A dropped Messiah Pariah tumbles all the way out under the bottom rope and right at the feet of a now smiling World Heavyweight Champion. Jones is unable to exit the ring to join in on the action as Dan Ryan pulls him down from the canvas, rising up to place the Smokin’ Ace in an ankle lock submission. Jones uses his elusiveness to roll through but Ryan is surprisingly able to roll through right with him, a hard yank on the boot of Jones leaves him screaming in agony as he is so close to tapping out. With his hand up in the air, Duce turns his eyes both right and left, and makes one last push to his right, leaping up to grab the bottom rope! 

Jim Gunt: Close call there for Duce Jones, as Ryan was nearly able to make him tap out to an ankle lock and become the brand new World Champion.

Mike Rolash: Don’t you know that Duce Jones doesn’t tap out, Jim?

Jim Gunt: Oh don’t even go there with wrestlers who “don’t tap out”.

Mike Rolash: Speaking of tapping out, Ataxia may want to tap out after what the Shadow has in store for him. He is showing incredibly uncharacteristic traits, as the Weaver of Dreams is wielding a steel chair and looking like he’s about to take Ataxia’s head off!

Jim Gunt: Not a hundred percent sure I would call it uncharacteristic, because after all these two men have been through and the way Ataxia turned his back on the champion, I almost thinks the Messiah Pariah deserves to have his god damned head smashed in!

Mike Rolash: JIM!

Jim Gunt: What?

Mike Rolash: I’ve just...never heard you speak like that before. Kinda refreshing, honestly. 

Jim Gunt: Anyway, as Ryan is back to working on what now seems like an injured right ankle of Duce Jones, or at least a damaged one as Ryan continues to meticulously turn it in all new ways. Oh wow- The Shadow swing the chair high in the air at Ataxia but The Messiah Pariah ducks just in time, and the chair bounces off the ring post!

A look of fear in his eyes, The Messiah Pariah holds his hands up in the air as an angered Shadow turns back around with the steel chair and continues to come at him. Myfanwy begins to walk towards him but the Weaver of Dreams makes eye contact with her briefly and she stops, staying behind the corner as Ataxia continues to back up. Suddenly he goes into a sprint, grabbing ahold of Myfanwy to use her as a hostage as the Melbourne fans explode into boos. 

The Shadow hurls the chair down, his face beet red as he approaches Ataxia just to eat a baseball slide dropkick from Dan Ryan who finally abandoned the destruction of Duce’s ankle to come join in on the fun on the outside of the ring. Ryan blasts Ataxia with a European Uppercut, showing the Bagman he didn’t forget about him before turning right back to the champion, walking right past Myfanwy who looks like she’s ready to step into the action herself. Ryan grabs The Shadow, pulling him in for a shoulder to the chest before irish whipping him hard into the barricade!

Jim Gunt: Dan Ryan is looking dominant at the present moment, could the Ego Buster be our next World Heavyweight Champion?

Mike Rolash: Certainly a good possibility, Jimmy. Ryan has carved himself quite the legacy in the sport of professional wrestling, but the one championship that has eluded him this entire time is the CWF World Heavyweight Title. 

Jim Gunt: Don’t count Duce Jones out of this fight just yet though, despite what could now be an injured ankle he has somehow made his way back to his feet. He’s heading towards the ropes quickly and springboards off. TOPE CON HILO! 

Thousands of excited Melbourne fans get to their feet to cheer aloud as Duce Jones bounces from the ropes high up in the air, landing on top of both Ataxia and Dan Ryan, all four men laying in a wake of destruction on the outside of the ring as Trent Robbins can do nothing but look on in astonishment. The head official is unable to count either man out per the rules of this Falls Count Anywhere fatal fourway, so he simply watches on as they all slowly pull themselves out of the wreckage. It is Duce who is first to his feet, calling either Tax or Ryan up to their feet for another D-Trigga knee before being spinned around by the Shadow.

Jim Gunt: Front kick from the World champion is caught by Duce- enziguri from Shadow! And he leaps up onto the apron and back off in an instant- nailing Jones with the Hammer of Doom springboard fist drop! 

Mike Rolash: The Shadow is going for a cover on the outside, and with Ryan and Ataxia still down and out, could this one be over Jimmy?

Trent Robbins hurries to slide out of the ring and drops down beside Shadow and Jones, making the count.



Jones rolls his shoulder.

Jim Gunt: One has to think if Robbins was a little quicker getting out of the ring to make the count, this one could have ended differently. But as proud of a man as The Shadow is, he is not disputing the count of our head official, instead lifting up Jones for more!

Mike Rolash: But Ataxia has the champion from behind, laughing maniacally before he hoists his former stablemate into the air by his waist and spikes him right into the god damn ring post!

Jim Gunt: That may have been the nastiest E.R. Stat we’ve ever seen, Mike! The Messiah Pariah has certainly become unhinged as of late, and he now has turned his attention to Duce Jones. Looks like Ataxia is getting a bit of revenge on Jones for messing with his mask all those years, as he’s grabbed ahold of Duce’s protective facemask and is yanking it sideways, obstructing his vision and most likely pissing him off!

Mike Rolash: Definitely pissing him off, as Jones is fighting back, or at least trying to as he’s basically blinded out there as he tries to swing at Ataxia.

The Messiah Pariah backs up as Jones swings wildly at him, missing him several times before he moves forward and just catches him. Ryan is back to his feet and grabs ahold of the steel chair that the Shadow had dropped earlier, cracking the back of Ataxia as he continues unknowingly messing around with Jones. Tax drops to a knee, prone to take a HARD shot to the back of the neck from the chair! The Messiah Pariah rolls away, actually going underneath the ring to get away from the assault. Ryan shrugs his shoulders, swinging for Jones instead not realizing that he’s pulled his face mask back into place. Jones is able to duck underneath the steel chair shot. 


Mike Rolash: What a kick there from Duce, the Ego Buster surely didn’t see that one coming!

Jim Gunt: He’s going to see this one coming though. Duce has Ryan propped up halfway in the ring with his head hanging off the apron...NICE TO KNEE YOU! What a variation of the move Jones normally does in the ring, and he’s not wasting a single second to go for the cover.



The Shadow runs into the scene just in time, Standing Senton on top of Jones and Ryan breaks up the pinfall! The Australian crowd again give an appreciative cheer as their World champion saves the day, and they continue to watch on as he brings Jones off of his mount on Ryan and hoists him into a vertical position. The Shadow holds Jones there for several seconds showing his impressive strength, but before he can deliver the stalling suplex Duce delivers two hard knees to the face, allowing him to drop out behind but immediately drop down to a knee after once again landing wrong on that dinged up ankle. This allows Shadow to leap up on the apron again, this time looking to end it all.

Jim Gunt: NIGHTFALL DDT-NO! Jones is somehow able to push off The Shadow in the knick of time, tossing him up into the air as he comes off the apron, and oh my god right into the hands of the awaiting Ataxia! I have never seen such a thing!

Mike Rolash: If you’ve never seen that, then you’ve certainly never seen THIS Jim. The Bagman just tilt-a-whirl spun Shadow through the air, but instead of hitting a backbreaker like many in the game would- he used the World Champion’s momentum to spin him back onto his shoulders and HURL HIM INTO THE BARRICADE WITH AN UNGODLY JACKKNIFE POWERBOMB!

Jim Gunt: The Shadow may have just had his neck broken there! We need some help out here!

As the World champion's body slaps the barricade like a pancake hitting a skillet, he crumples down to the floor an instant later. The Messiah Pariah soaks in the boos coming from every corner of the MCG looking out to the crowd as night has fallen and the skies have finally started to clear, showing nothing but stars shining brightly down on what is a beautiful scene to the Bagman. His former friend, his best ally, laying completely incapacitated in front of him. Ataxia looks The Shadow dead in the eye as he struggles with everything he has to pull himself out of the crumbled up heap at the bottom of the barricade. Blowing a kiss to Shadow, he follows through by blasting him in the face with a mouthful of black mist! 

Jim Gunt: The Deadly Kiss! The black mist right into the eyes of the Shadow blinds an already most likely defeated man, and we’ve got to have ourselves a new World Champion here.

Mike Rolash: The end of the world has finally come…

Ataxia yanks out the feet of The Shadow, crawling atop of him to go for the cover even as Dan Ryan gets to his feet.


Ryan yanks off Ataxia, blasting him with a right hand. Ataxia blocks a second one, pulling in Ryan for a clothesline. Ryan is stunned, but Jones is right up to join in on the fun, taking on Ataxia with a right hand of his own. The Messiah Pariah is quick to kick him in the gut, spinning around to blast Ryan with a Roundhouse, before going right back to Jones to land a facebuster. He crawls his way back over to the Shadow now, looking his former ally in the eye before slapping him again and again across the face. Myfanwy has seen enough, the Melbourne fans cheering her on as she leaps into action and catches Ataxia on the way down with a low headscissors takedown! 

Jim Gunt: Myfanwy once again proving that she’s not just a pretty face there!

Mike Rolash: She’s most certainly not that.

Jim Gunt: That’s not polite Mike, but I don’t think Myfanwy is done either. She is climbing all the way back onto the apron and up to the top rope, BIG CROSS BODY BLOCK TAKES OUT DUCE, DAN AND BYSON KALIBAN!

Mike Rolash: Disqualify the bitch!

Jim Gunt: There are no disqualifications in this match, Mike! And Myfanwy and The Shadow are up, celebrating with some super excited Melbourne fans at ringside!

The Weaver of Dreams has a quick discussion with Myfanwy after taking a quick picture with an eager fan in the front row, shortly after she nods and makes her way to the opposite side of the ring, letting the action to the World Champion himself. 

Jim Gunt: A noble deed there from the Shadow, wanting to take care of the title match on his own accord.

Mike Rolash: Yeah after Myfanwy took out the entire competition…

The Shadow stalks his way over to Ataxia who is still somehow laughing as he pulls himself up with the help of the barricade, but it is Dan Ryan who is quick to his feet attempting a wild clothesline that Shadow just ducks under. Ryan surprises him by maneuvering right to his back however, hooking both arms of the World Champion before he can block.


Mike Rolash: Go for the cover, Dan!

Jim Gunt: It appears that the Ego Buster has another gameplan, as he’s grabbed ahold of the Messiah Pariah, and he’s once again walking him up the entrance ramp. Could Dan Ryan be looking to finish the job he started two weeks ago when he Suplexed Ataxia off the ramp?

Mike Rolash: It would certainly appear that way.

Jim Gunt: But wait, here comes Duce Jones slithering in to get the cheap victory over Shadow, taking advantage of the Tiger Suplex from Ryan!



TH-NO! The Shadow rolls his shoulder, the near fall enough to leave thousands of fans inside the MCG letting out a heavy sigh of relief. Up the ramp Ryan continues to walk Ataxia, but the Messiah Pariah finally has the wherewithal to crack him with an elbow to the face. As Ryan holds his face to block any further damage, Ataxia uses the advantage to dig his gloved fingers into the other, open left eye of Ryan. The Ego Buster screams out in pain, grabbing ahold of Ataxia and hoisting him high up in the air. Jones is sprinting up the ramp, leaping up into the air to take the Messiah Pariah out of the arms of Ryan as the crowd explodes!

Jim Gunt: What a variation of a Hart Attack there from Duce Jones and the unknowing Dan Ryan! The two men may not seemingly like each other, but it looks like they could become a good makeshift team if need be.

Mike Rolash: It didn’t last very long though, Jim, as both men are now trading blows!

Jim Gunt: Duce with a right hand, Dan with a right hand, neither man is backing down! 

Two of the three challengers continue blasting each other with back and forth punches as the Shadow begins to labor his way up the ramp, breathing heavily after landing hard on his ribs from the Tiger Suplex. Shadow grabs Duce after Ryan nails him with another right, knocking him down the ramp a couple steps. Jones is turned around and lifted vertical from the Shadow, who runs with him and hurls him at Ryan, knocking both men down like bowling pins!

Jim Gunt: Running Powerslam takes out both Ryan and Jones! The Shadow is back in control of this match!

Mike Rolash: *Yawn*

Jim Gunt: Oh stop it, Mike! Now that the champion has all three of his challengers down, the only question is...which one does he cover?

Mike Rolash: None of them, because he’s an idiot!

Instead of going for the cover, the Shadow walks right past the downed Ryan and Jones and to his former best friend. Measuring out Ataxia as he gets to his hands and knees, the Weaver of Dreams ignores Ataxia’s attempts at mind games as he puts his hands up and begs off, Shadow running at him and dropkicking his head off!

Jim Gunt: Hammer of the Gods! It’s all academic from here, baby!

Mike Rolash: Sit down for god’s sakes, Jim!



Jim Gunt: And STILLL!!


Trent Robbins hits the entrance ramp for a third and final time, but the Shadow’s body has been removed from over top of Ataxia’s, as the Ego Buster grabs him from behind and deadlifts him into the air. The Australian crowd half boo half watch on in awe as Dan Ryan swings the fighting Shadow back and forth before throwing him high over his head.

Jim Gunt: GERMAN SUPLEX OFF THE FUCKING RAMP-NO! The Shadow lands on his feet, oh my god!

Mike Rolash: Turn around, Dan!

At the very edge of the entrance ramp the CWF World Heavyweight Champion lands on his feet, a calm smirk on his face as Dan Ryan stands just a few feet in front of him already celebrating. The Shadow taps him on the shoulder, and before Ryan knows it he’s struck across the jaw. SUPERKICK! KRAYZED KNEE! DUCE JONES FROM OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A KNEE TO THE FACE OF THE SHADOW, AND HE GOES FLYING OFF THE ENTRANCE RAMP!


Jones plops down on top of Dan Ryan, once again looking to take advantage of the situation as Trent Robbins drops down to make the count with Ataxia and the Shadow both lying lifeless on and off the ramp.





Jim Gunt: No dice for Duce Jones yet again!

Mike Rolash: Jones is looking to take any advantage to get himself back the CWF World championship, gotta say I respect that.

Jim Gunt: Of course you would, Mike. Speaking of Jones though, he is bringing Ryan back to his feet looking to put an end to this thing. No- knife edge chop right to the face mask from Ryan. He’s holding his fingers which have to be stinging, and Jones grabs him and runs him face first into the CWF Tron!

Mike Rolash: God damn!

Flashes of light shoot around the body of Ryan as some of the bulbs shorten out at the impact of his body blasting into the Tron. Jones waits for him to turn around before leaping up and connecting with a Bicycle Knee Strike-is dodged, as Jones himself goes crashing into the tron knee first! Ryan and Jones both go down, neither competitor able to get up immediately as they breathe heavily. Ataxia is up to his feet though, scoping out both Ryan and Jones before turning around and propping his head to the side as he sees his old friend still lying unconscious on the ground. The Melbourne fans watch on in anticipation as the Bagman puts his own livelihood on the line, leaping off the edge of the ramp to crush the Shadow with body to body impact.

Jim Gunt: SHOOTING STAR PRESS OFF THE RAMP! Ataxia just used his own body as a battering ram, and my god this match has been explosive!

Mike Rolash: You’re damned right it has been, Jim, and not one of the four competitors in this one will wake up the same tomorrow. Matches like these take months, if not years off careers, and it is a testament to how tough these four men are that they’re even able to continue on at this point.

Jim Gunt: Well I mean, are they really? None of the four are even able to get to their feet right now, one would have to think that whoever is finally able to is going to have the distinct advantage going into the final moments of this bout.

With Ataxia and The Shadow still mangled together off the side of the ramp, it is Duce Jones and Dan Ryan who simultaneously get back to their feet, Jones immediately going for a D-Trigga knee which Ryan is able to dodge. The Ego Buster blasts him with a knee to the gut, picking him up on his shoulders in a rack position, jolting the body of Jones several times in the air taking the breath right out of him. Flipping Duce head over end, Ryan looks for a Death Valley Driver but somehow Jones catches him with his boots on the way down, flinging him through the entrance curtain with a headscissors! 

Jones is right up following Ryan through the curtain as Robbins questions himself whether he should follow them or tend to Ataxia and Shadow, finally deciding to pass through the curtain just as Jones throws Dan Ryan into a pile of extra steel poles used to set up the stage. The sound of Ryan’s bones bouncing off the steel brings a smile to Jones face as he measures him up and goes for a Ripcord Headbutt, that Ryan is able to somehow sidestep, using his feet to send Jones into the wall with a drop toe hold. The two men once again break down into a fist fight, rolling around the concrete floor with neither of them able to get an advantage, Robbins just watching on as they beat the living hell out of each other.

Jim Gunt: This match has sort of broken down into two different battles, as Duce Jones and Dan Ryan continue to fight fist with fist in the backstage area. On the side of the ramp Ataxia and The Shadow are actually beginning to stir, both men holding onto each other as they pull each other up.

Mike Rolash: Awww, how cute.

Jim Gunt: I am not sure you would call this cute, as The Shadow and Ataxia are absolutely LACING into each other with heavy elbow strikes to the face! Both men are somehow still rising though, as they continue blasting each other back and forth!

Mike Rolash: And here comes Clark Summits out here, good call to have another official on the call as this one has gotten out of control.

Backstage, Dan Ryan has Jones up against the wall, choking the life right out of him with his boot. Gasping for breath, Jones kicks up and is just able to brush the leg of the Ego Buster off of him. Duce climbs to his knees, blocking Ryan as he attempts to lift him vertical before hoisting him over. DRAGON SUPLEX INTO THE WALL! An exhausted Duce Jones nearly falls to a knee, but remains standing as he screams for Dan to get up. KRAYZED KNEE! Inside the arena the Shadow ducks under a clothesline from Ataxia and catches him as he springs off the side of the entrance ramp. 

Jim Gunt: NIGHTFALL DDT FROM THE SHADOW! KRAYZED KNEE FROM DUCE! Who is going to be able to get the cover first, Mike!?

Trent Robbins and Clark Summits ready themselves to make the count simultaneously, each official unknowingly counting the pinfall at nearly the same time as their counterpart.









Jim Gunt: I know I’ve said this probably a hundred times, Mike, but god damn do I love our fans. I certainly agree with the CWF faithful, this IS awesome!

Mike Rolash: No, it will be awesome when Duce Jones is once again our CWF World Champion, because he’s about to seal the deal with the Duce of Clubs!

The vicious knee strike is somehow dodged by Dan Ryan, who grabs Jones by the tights on the way down to toss him hard into a snack table. A platter of chips and dips fly everywhere, Jones taking the metal plate that held them and swinging wildly at Ryan- who blocks it with a big boot to the face of Duce, kicking the plate into his face! The camera shows Shadow and Ataxia still down in pain momentarily before cutting back to Ryan who boots Jones in the gut.


Mike Rolash: It’s gotta be. That was just nasty the way the back of Jones head hit the floor there!




The fans inside the Melbourne Cricket Grounds light the night sky up with boos as Dan Ryan rolls off the body of Duce Jones, a smile as wide as Texas planted on his face, a successful smile that the man has worn many times before. Ryan sits down beside an unconscious Jones, allowing his right arm to be raised by Trent Robbins as he listens to the bell ding again and again inside the stadium. 

Ray Douglas: And your winner by pinfall and NEW CWF World Heavyweight Champion….DAN RYAN!!

The announcement almost seems to wake the Shadow as he pulls himself up from Ataxia, looking completely disappointed so much that he strikes his former friend out with another heavy punch right to the masked face. Myfanwy drops off the ramp, consoling the former champion as a nearby attendant hands head official Trent Robbins the World Championship title belt that the referee drapes over the shoulder of Dan Ryan. The Ego Buster struggles to get to his feet, placing one boot over the chest of Duce Jones nonchalantly before re-adjusting the CWF title on his shoulder, winking at the camera as Confliction goes off the air.

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