Evolution 17

26 Mar 2018

Shanghai Arena, Shanghai (seats 18,000)


We see Dorian Hawkhurst walking around backstage when he stops. He stares down a hallway and we see Ataxia waving at him. Dorian takes a breath and walks away. He keeps walking until he comes around another hallway backstage and sees the Messiah Pariah again. Dorian scowls as he drops his gear and walks over to Ataxia.


Ataxia: Stop! Before you lose control, I just want to say...


Dorian rares back and hits Ataxia square in the jaw! Ataxia flies backwards into the cement wall. The breath literally smashed out of him, Ataxia gets up on his hands and knees and Dorian runs up and savat kicks him. The Messiah Pariah flails around like a ragdoll, looking like a man possessed.


Ataxia: You know frand...I think...you don't like me.


Dorian reaches down and starts choking Ataxia again. Ataxia's eyes start to bulge out but he still has got a smile on his face. Dorian starts to smile himself.


Ataxia:...That's it...You...Got it...


Dorian stops himself. He lets go of Ataxia as his mixed emotions can be seen through his facial expression. He looks down at his now very heated rival and spits on him. Ataxia just smiles back him through the bagged mask. Dorian walks off, grabbing his gear and the Impact Title. Ataxia starts to get up.


Ataxia: That's it Champ! You're figuring it out! What you have to do! You gotta think like me! You've got to enjoy your work...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA...


Dorian keeps walking away trying to not be unnerved by what he almost just did and the mad laughter behind him.



Welcome to the Dragon’s Den

Fade in to the stage on top of the ramp. Blake Church and Charles State are standing a little to the side, while some dancers in traditional Chinese garb are performing a routine with one of the typical Chinese dragons weaving in between them.


Blake Church: Good evening and welcome from Shanghai, China! Huānyíng Shanghai!


The crowd gives him a big cheer.


Charles State: Thank you so much for your hospitality in the past few days and we hope that you will enjoy our latest episode of Evolution. We have a lot to offer, two title defenses, a big tag team match with four of the five participants of the big cage match at Unhinged and of course the big fight between MJ Flair and Jay Mora!


Blake Church: We are just two weeks away from Unhinged, taking place in the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, with many unanswered questions still hanging above us, Mike Rolash, Jim Gunt, what can we expect today?


Mike Rolash: Well, many people are expecting a further implosion of the Unstoppable Force, Christian Starr probably retaining his title against Impakt and Jay Mora beating up MJ Flair, unfortunately not for her title.


Jim Gunt: Nice objective coverage there, Mikey, but yes, her title is not on the line tonight, as you mentioned, Starr will be defending his Paramount title, same for Dorian Hawkhurst and the Impact Championship. And then there is the big tag team match including Nerezza, one of the most powerful forces the CWF has seen in a long time, if ever, right Charles?


Charles State: Oh yes, meeting up with him in person was intimidating to say the least, but we will have to see how well he will gel with Byson Kaliban against The Forsaken.


Blake Church: But now we have the first match on the menu, with Facetious Franklin Fredrickson facing one of the newest additions to the CWF roster, Chef Atticus Rex and here is Ray Douglas with the entrances of the first two combatants!

Atticus Rex vs. . “Facetious” Franklin Fredrickson

Ray Douglas: The following is tonight’s opening match, set for one fall!


As “Heavy Things” by Phish plays Atticus Rex makes his way to the ring wearing a short sleeved black chef coat and a black beanie chef hat. Lexi Hartwell accompanies the man to the ring, her hands raised out to point at the Popup Chef. He removes the coat and hat as he enters the ring to reveal his muscular physique underneath. Atticus looks to make a strong debut tonight, raising his hands in the air to call out his opponent.


Ray Douglas: Introducing first, from Brooklyn, New York, USA...ATTICUS REX!!


“Lark On My Go-Kart” by Asher Roth plays over the speaker system and a light blue strobe light flashes back and forth across the stage as the Funny Man himself makes one more appearance on a CWF stage. “Facetious” Franklin Fredrickson wears a dark grey t-shirt and black wrestling shorts, taking in the loud Chinese crowd as he raises his right arm to his eyes, looking out to the sold out audience. Franklin finally makes his way down the ramp, some of the fans booing him but still a large section coming to the front row as quick as they can to slap the former star’s hand as he makes his way down.


Ray Douglas: And his opponent, from New York City, New York, USA...FRANKLIN FREDRICKSON!!


Jim Gunt: Well this should certainly be an interesting opening match, Mike, as both men come from different provinces of the same area of the state of New York. But to be honest with you, these two men couldn’t be any less alike.


Mike Rolash: That’s for sure, we have Mr. Funny Man who is obviously a washed up wannabe comedian turned wannabe wrestler. And then we have Chef Rex who is not only standing up for the rights of people across America, but looks to make a huge impact here tonight in his CWF debut!


Jim Gunt: Since when did you become such an activist for human rights, Mike?


Mike Rolash: I’m getting tired of getting letters from people trying to sue me every week..


The former Rising Star (turned Paramount) champion doesn’t even let referee Scott Dean call for the bell before planting a boot right in the gut of Atticus Rex, raising his pointer finger in the air and then to his brain as if to suggest he’s outsmarted the young star. Rex however comes right back up from his knees, shoulder blocking Fredrickson back to the corner. LEAPING CLOTHESLINE!


The Facetious One comes stumbling out of the corner after getting nailed with a huge clothesline out of nowhere, but he’s not ready for the Popup Chef to come running towards him and grab him from behind to deliver a perfect running Bulldog! The arrogant newcomer balls up both of his arms to flex his biceps, taking his eyes off his opponent, a move that the Chinese crowd obviously does not like as they begin to boo the Chef. Rex stops, turning around in disgust right into a forearm smash from Franklin Fredrickson, and then an X-Factor face plant! Fredrickson turns Atticus Rex around, going for the cover.






NO! Kickout!


Jim Gunt: Pretty close match here thus far, as both the veteran and the newcomer are showing that they have a wide arsenal of maneuvers going into this match.


Mike Rolash: We all know what Franklin can do, Jim.


Jim Gunt: You were just saying a minute ago about how washed up he was…


Mike Rolash: I would not say such a thing.


Jim Gunt: *goes to find the playback on YouTube on his cell phone* Oh forget about it..


“Facetious” Franklin Fredrickson pulls himself back to his feet, wiping the perspiration away from his eyebrows as he stomps down on a rising Rex. The debuting star fights through the kicks, rolling away to free himself. Franklin heads in his direction for a big boot but Atticus sidesteps, leaving the former CWF superstar crouched on the top rope! Fredrickson yells out as his walnuts nearly crack as they bounce back and forth on the ropes!


Jim Gunt: Ouch! The Facetious One clearly forgot his sport’s cup in his bag backstage!


Mike Rolash: Dude should have just stayed on the stand-up stage, he’s getting out-classed here tonight by the wonderful spokesman and sound in ring competitor Atticus Rex.


Jim Gunt: Oh my. This flip flopping is really giving me a headache.


Taking quick advantage of a flopping and yelping Fredrickson, the Popup Chef hits an uppercut to his jaw that sends him out onto the apron, barely hanging on for dear life. Atticus grabs onto Fredrickson, looking for a suplex to send him back into the ring. NO! The Facetious One holds fast, looking to reverse it and send the Popup Chef all the way to the outside. NO! Somehow Rex’s legs come back down, as he fights out of the suplex with a right hand, and then another, finally bringing Fredrickson who is still walking across the apron over to the corner and spiking him head-first on the steel top of the turnbuckle!


Fredrickson is busted wide open, and lands hard on the outside!


The sold out crowd in Shanghai gasp, looking on in hopes that Franklin Fredrickson is okay as Scott Dean slowly begins to count him out.






But it is Atticus Rex who quickly breaks the count, sliding out of the ring and laying into Franklin with a nasty array of stomps to the face!


Jim Gunt: Oh come on, this is enough! I don’t care if this Atticus Rex is just starting here or not, the man clearly hasn’t read the rulebook or just simply doesn’t know how the wrestling business works!


Mike Rolash: What are you trying to say, Jimmy? I haven’t seen the man do one thing wrong yet!


Jim Gunt: Fredrickson could have suffered a severe injury after going face first with that turnbuckle. He’s bleeding like a stuck pig and Rex is going right after him with no remorse!


Mike Rolash: Exactly, that’s professional wrestling, bud. If you want to see them dancing around with each other then you should have gotten a job judging Dancing with the Stars.


Scott Dean argues with Rex, sliding out of the ring to pull him off of the still gushing Franklin Fredrickson. The official goes to check on the former star but Atticus pulls the Facetious One away from Scott and raking him right across the face! The still new CWF official contemplates calling for the disqualification, instead opting to scream at Rex to either get Fredrickson in the ring or face a DQ. Taking a deep breath to compose himself, Atticus rolls his opponent under the rope and follows him in, immediately going for the cover on him. Scott barrels into the ring himself, hurrying to make the count.






NO! Atticus Rex had the cover but he pulls the head of Fredrickson up at two!


Jim Gunt: What the hell is Atticus doing here!?


Mike Rolash: Proving a point! This is the debut of the Popup Chef, the man wants to prove that his word is one to truly be followed!


Atticus Rex laughs as some of the Chinese fans boo his ignorant ways, the Popup Chef peeling Fredrickson off the canvas and spinning back fisting the man, blood flying from his forehead as he does so! Franklin Fredrickson backs up and falls to one knee, but he will not give up just yet, somehow straining himself to his feet and ducking under another right hand attempt from Rex, PELE KICK! The Facetious One is still alive! Not for long though as both men run at each other after a brief breather, Rex diving over Fredrickson and flipping him over right into the SPAGHETTI STRETCH!


Jim Gunt: It could be over here, Mike, poor Franklin is right in the middle of the ring and still losing blood at a rapid rate. If he doesn’t tap out, he may be unconscious from loss of blood soon!


Jim’s prediction turns out to be correct as Franklin Fredrickson shakes his head, the pain getting to him as he uses his one free arm to tap out on the arm of Atticus Rex! Lexi Hartwell claps with glee on the outside of the ring. But the Popup Chef will not let go of the Spaghetti Stretch, yanking and twisting and popping the body of Fredrickson out of placement! Scott Dean uses all his strength to pull Atticus off the submission hold, admonishing him once again before Rex demands that he raises his hand in victory.


Ray Douglas: And your winner of this match by submission….ATTICUS REX!!


Jim Gunt: Impressive victory for the debuting Atticus Rex here tonight Mike, but I’m not sure I like the man’s attitude.


Mike Rolash: I do, and I don’t think he’s finished quite yet either, Jimbo!


Chef Rex has his hand raised by the referee as Fredrickson lays on the ground and begins to stir. He looks outside the ring where his life partner stands with her silver hair glistening under the fluorescent lights of the arena. She is shouting at Atticus and pointing at Franklin who is beginning to get to his feet. Atticus looks unsure of what to do until she runs to the timekeepers table and grabs a microphone.


Lexi Hartwell: FINISH HIM!


Rex shakes his head in defiance, desperate not to overexpose the masses of unnecessary forms of violence, any more so than need to be shown. He helps Franklin to his feet as she continues to shout at the two of them.


Franklin Fredrickson: Tell her to calm the fuck down, man.


Atticus Rex: Did you just assume her gender?


Atticus lays out Fredrickson with a hard closed fist right hand to the left temple knocking him out cold.


Lexi Hartwell: YES!!!


The Popup Chef then mounts his opponent and rolls him onto his back where he delivers unblocked blows to the man’s head and face, seemingly breaking his nose and opening a wound underneath his right eye. The referee’s scramble to pull the Chef off of him but his rage is making it a lot harder than they expected. Finally enough men grab him and drag him out of the ring. During the melee Lexi shouts at the crowd into the microphone in Chinese.


Lexi Hartwell: Wǒmen hái niánqīng. Wǒmen hěn qiáng. Wǒmen bùnéng tíngzhǐ! Shìjiè biàn dé yuè lái yuè yāyì, yǒushí nǐ bìxū yòng huǒshāo mièhuǒ. Wǒmen bù huì zài zuò xiàlái, ràng wǒmen de jīběn rénquán shòudào qīnfàn. Dāng wǒmen kàn dào zhège wǒmen shēnghuó de fùquánzhì shèhuì jìxù zǒuxiàng zhēngfú de dàolù shí, méiyǒu gèng duō de rén huì zuò xiàlái fàngsōng. Wǒmen zhèngzài xiàng qián màijìn, wèilái, wǒ de liǎn hé ā díkè sī de liǎn jiāng chéngwéi zhège xīn yīdài de biāozhì! Shèhuì zhèngyì zhànshì bùduì!


English Subtitles: We are YOUNG. WE ARE STRONG. WE CANNOT BE HELD BACK! The world is becoming more and more oppressing and sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. No more will we sit back and allow our basic human rights to be infringed upon. No more will be sit back and relax as we watch this patriarchal society we live in continue down the path of subjugation. We are moving forward and into the future and my face and Atticus’ face will be the hallmark of this new generation! SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS UNITE!!!


Jim Gunt: That was quite the display, both the punishment that Rex unleashed upon poor Franklin, but also some Sinitic prowess there by Lexi!


Mike Rolash: Sini-what?


Jim Gunt: Chinese, my friend.

Prepare For Landing

“The key to finding the light and the truth.”


“The hanged man”


Tarots cards flash over and over in the mind of J. Rish as he sits in a dream-like state within his seat in the plane. The passengers sitting next to him look at the former CEO of the Championship Wrestling Federation somewhat strangely as he jolts mildly, turning to his side to suck in a large, almost desperate inhale.


“The ten of swords”


Rish sees a person lying face down in his mind’s eye, ten swords embedded into their back.


“The truth of betrayal.”


Shaking his way into consciousness, Rish takes in one more deep breath and snaps his eyelids open. He grabs forward and immediately gets ahold of his water bottle sitting ahead of him, taking in nearly half the bottle in one gulp. Rish apologizes to the passengers sitting next to him, quietly placing the bottle back down and checking his cell phone.


And then a message comes across the sound system, announcing the arrival at Tokyo, Japan. This brings a smile to Rish’s face as he scans through his cell phone looking for what seems to be one certain message, finally pulling the golden key out of his pocket and examining it within a cupped hand. Attendants begin walking the hallways, preparing everyone for the landing.


J. Rish does not need preparing however, as he has been ready for this moment for a very long time now.




CUE UP: "Apex Predator" by OTEP.


Jim Gunt: And it looks like we're going to be joined by the Champ!


Mike Rolash: You know, if her parents had her here they'd likely have killed her.


Jim Gunt: Will you stop?


MJ enters the arena to a polite reaction: the Chinese fans know she's the Champion (and if they don't, the belt over her shoulder communicates it), but, as with the rest of the night - are not necessarily fully caught up in the nature of the CWF's day to day, and do not know what kind of Champion. She is, however, greeting fans and slapping outstretched hands, so she gets a nice pop by the time she arrives at ringside.


Ray Douglas is on hand to give the Champion a microphone, and she steps through the ropes.


MJF: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen... in case you're not familiar with the CWF product, my name is Mariella Jade Flair, and I am the CWF World Champion.


She pauses, and they applaud.


MJF: My father was a professional wrestler as well... he toured your lovely country a few times in years past, and I'm glad to see that everything he told me about the beauty of China was spot on.


Another cheer.


Mike Rolash: Layin' it on a little thick, isn't she?


Jim Gunt: Quiet!


MJF: One of the overlooked benefits - and responsibilities - of being a World Champion is just that: being a World Champion. I'm so honored to be able to actually tour the world with this belt, and to do my best to entertain all of you.


She takes the belt off her shoulder and looks at it for a moment.


MJF: Unfortunately, I won't be defending this title tonight - but if you think that means I'll be less intense or less obsessed with providing you guys with a match you'll be talkin' about for weeks... think again.


They cheer.


MJF: So without further adieu...


Before she could continue on she is cut off.


Marksman: Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.


Jay Mora emerges from the back, neatly dressed in a perfectly tailored suit.


Marksman: Did you mention the beauty of China? From the moment I stepped off my plane this country reeked of pollution, urine, and soy.


Mora laughs at himself as the boos from the crowd get stronger and stronger.


Marksman: What a great champion you are MJ. You come out and butter these people up as if you actually care. You want to put on a great match for them? That's great! Good for you!


Mora claps mocking MJ slightly.


Marksman: Me? I'm looking to find a nice massage parlor, if you know what I mean...


Once again he pauses to let the boos rain down as he makes a crude gesture with his hand.


Marksman: That way once I'm done dominating you like we all know you want...I can move on to some things worth my time.


In the ring, MJ laughs, out of the microphone. Finally, she brings it back to her lips.


MJF: And that right there, Marksman... is why this - right here -


And she holds up the belt.


MJF: - is the closest you're ever gonna get to this title belt. You lack the strength of character to hold it.


Now it's Marksman's turn to laugh.


Marksman: I don't need strength of character to kick your ass, Flair. All I need is what I already got.


He holds out his hands.


Marksman: Right here baby. Ready to make you bleed for me again.


Boos from the fans as Marksman gives a wink.


Marksman: And once I tear you apart tonight, and I'm outta this shithole country, you can start the clock... cause the only thing keepin' me from taking that title from you is a shot.


He drops the microphone and leaves before MJ can respond, but the fans boo him all the way out of the arena.


Jim Gunt: What a statement of confidence from Jay Mora! Well, he'll get the chance to prove it later tonight, Mike!


Mike Rolash: And he will, Jim! Don't you doubt it!

Dangerous Dan Vs. The Lost Soul

The camera pans over the ravenous Chinese crowd, before settling on the entrance ramp, just as the theme from “Friday the 13th” kicks off. The Shanghai crowd gets to its feet – some booing, some cheering – as The Lost Soul walks lazily through the curtain. He adjusts his hair a bit and begins to saunter to the ring.


Ray Douglas: The following contest is set for one fall! Entering the ring, hailing from Parts Unknown, and weighing in at 235 lbs, THE LOST SOUL!


Jim Gunt: Evolution rolls on with what could be a really great, fast-paced match between a pair of competitors who are looking to get their fortunes back on track here in the CWF, right Mike?


Mike Rolash: …how do you figure that the CWF sends tax information to parts unknown? I mean, TLS has to file a W-2, right?


Jim Gunt: Illuminating analysis as always, Mike.


TLS rolls into the ring and goes over to his corner, resting his head on the turnbuckle, as his music fades and is replaced by “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons. Shanghai comes to its feet to greet Dangerous Dan, who sprints from behind the curtain to an overwhelmingly positive reaction. He slaps the hands of the Chinese fans at ringside as he makes his way down the ramp, and slides into the ring.


Ray Douglas: His opponent, from Smithville, Tennessee, USA, weighing in at 220 lbs, DANGEROUS DAN!


Mike Rolash: Like, let me get this straight – we know where Dangerous Dan’s brother is from, and that dude wears a mask. But we don’t know where The Lost Soul hangs his face paint?


Jim Gunt: It’s entirely possible you’re reading too much into this.


Dangerous Dan mounts the turnbuckle and salutes the fans before dropping down to the mat. He bobbles back and forth as referee Clark Summits checks with both men, and calls for the bell.


Jim Gunt: Here we go! These men’s styles should be a great complement to each other, and both are looking for a big win here to get off on the right foot, with Unhinged just a week away!


Dan and TLS start to circle each other, with Dan starting a slow-clap, that the Mercedes Benz arena quickly joins in on. As the clapping reaches a crescendo, both men stop circling each other, and quickly go in for a collar-and-elbow tie-up. The two competitors jockey for position, with neither man giving as much as an inch at first. Eventually, it’s The Lost Soul who manages to use his leverage to begin to push Dan backwards, towards a corner.


As Dan’s back touches the ropes, Summits begins to count, calling for a break. TLS begins to give it to him, but as Summits gets between them, TLS aims a quick jab over the referee’s back, tagging Dan in the jaw. Referee Summits gets in TLS’s face, separating the two, and admonishing The Lost Soul as Dangerous Dan rubs his jaw.


Jim Gunt: Well, The Lost Soul taking advantage of his longer reach there to hit Dangerous Dan with a bit of a cheap-shot early on.


Mike Rolash: Oh come on, Jimbo! The Lost Soul is just making use of his superior physical gifts!


TLS shrugs off Summits’ warnings as Dangerous Dan meets him in the center of the ring. The Dangerous One gets in TLS’s face, gesturing to his jaw, and puts a hand up for a classic test of strength. The Lost Soul laughs, but obliges, and links his left hand with Dan’s right, and interlaces his fingers. TLS puts up his right hand to complete the hold, but is caught with a boot to the stomach, causing him to double over! Dangerous Dan maintains control of the hand, and rushes towards the near set of ropes. He quickly ambles up to the top, bounces off of the rope, and twists into an impressive headscissors takedown, which leaves TLS sprawled on the mat!


Jim Gunt: INCREDIBLE hurricanrana from Dangerous Dan!


Mike Rolash: Actually, that’s a frankensteiner, Jimbo; a hurricanrana implies a pinning combination – that’s what “rana” means.


Jim Gunt: …


Mike Rolash: What?


Jim Gunt: Where the hell is this analysis coming from?


Mike Rolash: Pennsylvania. Where I’m from. Which we know. Which is more than we can say about The Lost Soul!


TLS scrambles to his feet, and begins to rush at Dan, but gets caught with a big superkick!




Mike Rolash: …it’s weird that I can hear you pronounce the second D.


As he’s hit with the kick right underneath the chin, The Lost Soul topples over like a falling redwood, and Dangerous Dan quickly makes to climb to the top rope. He kips up to the top in one fluid motion and turns to face his downed foe. Pointing out to the crowd, he motions for the 360 that he plans to hit, and launches forth with The ENDD!


As Dan arches through the air with his Swanton dive, TLS manages to somehow come to his senses and, perhaps only on instinct, manages to roll out of the way. Dan crashes to the mat, and clutches at his back as he completes the roll, nearly getting back to his feet. In a flurry of movement, TLS gets to his own feet, and quickly gets a front-facelock on Dan, before hoisting him up and hitting a big brainbuster!


Jim Gunt: No water in the pool for Dangerous Dan, and now Dan’s in trouble!




The Lost Soul wastes no time, and quickly scrambles to the corner, and climbs his way to the top rope. He too motions for a 360, and launches forward with his forward-flip legdrop, Souled Out! It’s Dan who manages to stir and avoid contact this time, as TLS hits the mat, clutching at his tailbone as he does so.


Mike Rolash: WHIFF! SPLAT!


Jim Gunt: Are you just making comic book noises?




Dangerous Dan, using the ropes to pull himself up, gets to his feet first, and advances on The Lost Soul, who has backed himself into the neutral corner. Just as TLS gets to his feet, he’s met with a big right hand from Dan, who begins to launch rights and lefts, high and low. The Lost Soul does his best to cover up, but Dangerous Dan manages to slip a few strikes in through his guard. Clark Summits quickly begins a count to try and force a break, and as he reaches five, he grabs at Dan’s shoulders to try to pry him off of his foe, but Dangerous Dan simply shrugs him off, and pushes Summits off!


Jim Gunt: Uh-oh…Dan better be careful…


This momentary break in the action gives The Lost Soul a window to retaliate, and as Dan turns his attention back to TLS, he’s grabbed by the collar and neck, and tossed into the turnbuckle. Now, it’s The Lost Soul who reigns shots down, with overhand and underhand shots at Dangerous Dan’s midsection and head. Again, referee Clark Summits does his best to count TLS off, and as he reaches five tries to pry him off, but is caught by a back elbow, which sends the referee sprawling to the mat.


Jim Gunt: Both men taking extraordinary liberties here…


Mike Rolash: Summits is calling it off!


Indeed, with a look of disgust, Summits quickly gets to his feet and calls for the bell. Both Dan and TLS stop fighting and look over at Summits as he converses with Ray Douglas. Douglas nods as he gets the message and makes the official decision as Summits rolls out of the ring.


Ray Douglas: Ladies and Gentlemen, referee Clark Summits has stopped this match as neither man is responding to his instructions. As a result, this match is a double disqualification!


The Lost Soul and Dangerous Dan both lean over the ropes on either side of the corner, trying to get Summits’ attention as he makes his way to the back. Clearly, neither man is satisfied with the decision, but it doesn’t take long for their attentions to be drawn back to each other.


Jim Gunt: Well, the match is officially over, but it looks like the fight is far from done!


Indeed, both men start to push and shove at each other, before both men grab at each other’s heads, spilling out into the ramp, trading shots back and forth with their respective free hands! The two men tussle and fight into the crowd, and then to the back!


Jim Gunt: Something tells me this is far from over between The Lost Soul and Dangerous Dan!


Mike Rolash: Maybe they’ll have Parts Unknown Street Fight, Jimbo.

Dance Puppets Dance

Jim Gunt: Can this night get any weirder...




The fans look up to the rafters and we see a spotlight hit something in the dark. From the shadows we see the face of Ataxia. He holds up a microphone, the Shanghai audience coming to a hush as the madman speaks.


Mike Rolash: Oh goody...he's got a microphone.


Ataxia: Isn't it kind of amusing. Me looking down on all of you. From this lofty perch, it's no small feat to see the puppet master at his work. You all...look so small...so insignificant, but each of you are special. Each and every one of you love this federation. All of you work hard every day, and have spent your well-earned money to see a show tonight. Each of you want the best show ever...and I will give it to you all. It never really mattered who ran this place. Rishel. Sunset. It doesn't matter. It's my federation. You all dance to the beat of my maddening clock. This moment. I want you all to listen very carefully...this...is the prelude to penultimate mind game.


Ataxia teeters on the edge of the rafter looking like he could fall at any moment.


Ataxia: Oh...I see all you. Grasping at who you want to be. Titles that mean nothing without the heart of true champions wearing them. You all want to be kings and queens of the wrestling world. Some of you even desire to take over the world. To destroy it. It's quite amusing to see so many hungry people that will eat their own kind just to gain a bit of fame...I'd almost feel sorry for all of you if it wasn't so god damn entertaining. Just one little push and everything comes falling apart...or right into your lap. The time has come to step out of the darkness and do what is right for my home once again...To all of you in this federation...


Ataxia reaches up as the spotlight dims down and we see the mask come off. We can't see his face, but we do see him toss down the mask of Ataxia.


Ataxia: Let's see...how you fare...in the dark mind...of my machinations...AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA....


Jim Gunt: Ataxia is basically saying he runs this place.


Mike Rolash: Sunset's gotta do something about that guy. If he wins the briefcase...that could be the next world champion.


The mask flutters landing directly onto the announcer's table. In between Gunt and Rolash. Gunt looks at Rolash.


Jim Gunt: Do we...keep it?


Mike Rolash: He's your “frand”...You keep it!

CLS- Crazy Lady Squad



Autumn jumps slightly and looks suspiciously around as she is about to enter her locker room. No one can be seen and less can be heard aside from the ringing silence of the depths of the arena the CWF currently inhabited. She slowly opens the door and enters, closing it behind her...


Right before Mia Rayne comes skipping from around the corner, for whatever reason a cast iron skillet held tightly in her hand. She shrugs her shoulders and goes to cast it aside. She goes to swing it to her left, but stops herself, allowing it to carry her with the weight, stumbling into an equipment box parked on the side of the hallway. She thinks about her decision quickly before setting her skillet down quietly on top of the box and pulling a small note, folded up tightly from her pocket.


With her other hand she withdraws her trusty blade, she gently pulls down her sleeve and reopens one of her fresh cuts, relishing the sight of the blood already gushing out of it. She giggles slightly to herself and she puts a couple dots on the note, enjoying the site of the blood soaking into the paper and allowing herself a couple extra moments to stare intently at her blood. She giggles and tosses the paper underneath the door that Autumn just went into and quickly gallops away on an imaginary horse, holding her skillet high above her head.



Azrael Vs. Ramsay Gordon


Jim Gunt: We are just barely started here and we already have some really odd appearances by Ataxia and his new love interest Mia Rayne, but Ataxia really is making his presence felt a lot these past few weeks, there must be something brewing!


Mike Rolash: Yes, and it can’t be good to have someone as plainly insane as him trying to run the show here! Speaking of insane, our mysterious friend Azrael will be looking into our foul-mouthed chef Ramsay Gordon next!


Halestorm’s “I am the Fire” starts while the lights go dark. Azrael makes his way to the top of the ramp and as the chorus begins, columns of fire illuminate Azrael as he walks to the ring with his head bent down with a hint of his head bobbing to the beat.


Ray Douglas: The next match is scheduled for one fall! First to the ring, from his own personal hell, we have the Archangel of Apathy - AZRAEEEL!


The arena goes dark again, then is lit up in fiery red and orange. “Hotel Hell” by Skyhooks hits as Ramsay Gordon steps onto the rampway. He walks down slowly, removing his black leather jacket (in a chef's style), and throwing it to the ground. As he gets into the ring, he walks into the center. As the chorus of the song hits, a massive burst of pyro explodes from the ring posts, and the lights come back up.


Ray Douglas: And his opponent, from Hell’s Kitchen, New York, USA - RAMSAY GORDON!


The bell rings and Azrael looks lethargically across the ring, his eyes narrow at his opponent, Ramsay Gordon, who is coming at him at full speed. Azrael ducks just in the nick of time, sending Gordon barreling into the corner. Azrael quickly tries to roll him up.








Gordon kicks out, his face red with anger at having been taken by surprise in his first match. He stands up and starts yelling for Azrael to do the same, who decides to take his time rising to his feet to meet his opponent's heated gaze. Azrael smirks, which only seems to irritate Gordon more. Az goes for a quick belly to belly suplex and is met with an Idiot Sandwich delivered by Ramsay! Azrael quickly releases his grasp and stumbles away from Gordon. Gordon stalks him and quickly delivers several haymakers to the back of Azrael's head, forcing him to try and shield himself. Gordon seizes the advantage and delivers a vicious German suplex!


Azrael's body crumples and Gordon presses the advantage, snapping in a sharpshooter, a move he has deemed "The Boiling Point!" Azrael reacts as one might imagine, his face contorts with pain and he begins to flail around, trying to find the ropes. He finds one and begins the hard part, dragging himself and Gordon close enough that he can grab that bottom rope, a promised reprieve. He is almost there, within a fingertip away from touching that bottom rope, when Gordon manages to drag Azrael back into the center of the ring! The ref gets in close to ask if he would like to give up and Azrael refuses to do so, pulling the ref in close only to scream his defiance of Ramsay into the poor referee's face. His face contorts in pain again as he grips the ref by the collar even harder, all three men yelling in the middle of the ring...




The ref bounces off of the back of Gordon's head, rolling off to collect himself on the opposite side of the ring while Gordon tries to recover, holding the ropes to keep his balance, and Azrael takes brief sanctuary in a corner, using the ropes to pull himself up. Before he can even catch his breath however, Gordon meets him with yet another vicious clothesline, causing the fans in attendance to gasp as Azrael's head snaps back against the turnbuckle. Gordon pulls him away from the corner by the arm, Azrael pretty much out on his feet as Gordon hoists him up onto his shoulders, poised to hit him with The F-Word! Azrael goes up, but at the very last second that leaves everyone in attendance breathless...




Azrael lands hard on his back, gripping at his already damaged back in agony, but manages to crawl to make the cover. The crowd chants the count...










As Azrael pops up to celebrate a win, he only just realizes that the ref is still trying to regain his senses and completely missed the count! Azrael shrugs and walks over to him, taking his time and getting to the ref, smacking the official in the face with some authority. The ref's eyes flutter open and Azrael points behind him and yells at the ref to stop sleeping and to, "DO YOUR DAMN JOB!"


Azrael turns to try once again to pin Ramsay only to walk right around into The Lamb Saucer! Azrael's shoulders hit the mat hard but he uses the momentum to bounce back up, grab Ramsay by the head and roll him up into a school boy!








Azrael releases the school boy and the ref raises his hand in victory!


Ray Douglas: And the winner of this match by pinfall….AZRAEL!!


“I Am The Fire” plays over the speaker system yet again, Azrael celebrating his victory as an angry Ramsay looks on.


Jim Gunt: A rare win for Azrael, but we hear that there is some commotion backstage!

A Shouting Match

Billy is leaning against the wall when Tyler shows up, absolutely seething, and they start yelling at each other.


Tyler Anderson: You think you’re better than me cause you turned on me?


Billy Anderson: No Tyler, I know I am better than you. It has been that way all our lives, you just never could get it in your thick skull. You’re just not that good, and you don't want to admit it.


Tyler Anderson: You’re wrong about that, and I am going to prove it in the tag team match. I can’t believe you would break this family apart like this!


Billy Anderson: I will do more than just breaking the family apart soon, Tyler, I will break every single one of your bones. After you choke again tonight in our tag match, I am going to laugh when you get destroyed. And then after that...you and I, Unhinged, career match.


Tyler shoves Billy which leads to Billy hitting the Lunatic Drop, when Tyler got on his hands and knees, Billy hit the Anderson Stomp on Tyler, stealing his own finishing move and busting him wide open! Billy laughs and looks down at Tyler as he Lunatic Drops Tyler again to add insult to injury, then he walks away.



Autumn Raven & Mia Rayne Vs. The Unstoppable Force (Billy & Tyler Anderson)

Jim Gunt: Next up we have a tag match between a Hall of Fame team and one that we’ve never seen before and quite frankly probably will never see again.


Mike Rolash: The Unstoppable Force consisting of Billy and Tyler Anderson has been pretty stoppable of late and could now be called The Imploding Force, since the two brothers definitely do NOT see eye to eye anymore. With Billy having gone off the deep end on his brother two weeks ago in Delhi, I am not even sure, if they are a team anymore to begin with and that could most definitely influence the outcome of this match!


Jim Gunt: Definitely. Their opponents are Mia Rayne and Autumn Raven, so once more a very improbable team here in the CWF, but while there haven’t really been any animosities between the two ladies so far, just their inexperience with each other could be a detriment, but then again, the infighting of their opponents might still do the trick in the end.


Mike Rolash: They have one thing in common, though.


Jim Gunt: And what is that, Mike?


Mike Rolash: They both are missing a few cups from their tea sets…


Ray Douglas: The next match is a tag team match and scheduled for one fall. First to the ring is the team of Mia Rayne and Autumn Raven!


Suddenly the arena goes black and “Time for Tea” begins to play, but no lights come on.


Jim Gunt: What is happening here?


Suddenly a lone spotlight appears in the ring corner, with Mia Rayne sitting there, quietly rocking back and forth. As the lights come back, Autumn is standing next to the ring, looking at her teammate with a very suspicious look on her face.


Ray Douglas: And their opponents, hailing from Rincon, Georgia in the United States of America - The Unstoppable Force: Billy and Tyler Anderson!


"The Only Way I Know" by Jason Aldean hits as Billy and Tyler come through the curtain, but Billy is holding a microphone.


Billy Anderson: Cut the music!


The music abruptly stops while Tyler, his head bandaged up from his brother’s attack just moments before, looks at his brother with a surprised look on his face.


Billy Anderson: That's better! I am sick of this! I don't need this! It might have gotten me into the Hall of Fame, but this whole Georgian homeboy prom king bullcrap is so done!


He points at Tyler.


Billy Anderson: And I am sick of you as well!


He drops the microphone and walks to the ring, a bewildered and sad looking Tyler Anderson following a few steps behind.


Jim Gunt: Looks like the ladies already figured out that Autumn Raven will begin the match, while the Anderson Brothers are still bickering back and forth…


Billy is right in Tyler’s face and Tyler finally just lifts up his hands in a gesture of defeat and Billy turns around to start the fight, but Autumn is right behind him staring up at him, taking him by surprise. Referee Scott Dean goes right between the two of them and as they break up, he calls for the bell.


Mike Rolash: And we are underway, with Billy charging right at Autumn, but she saw this one coming.


She easily steps aside and using Billy’s momentum propels him right into the corner, following up with a running jumping hip attack right to the back of the Georgian.


Jim Gunt: Early offense for the ladies as Autumn tags in Mia right away.


While Autumn holds Billy in the corner, Mia comes right in with a hard elbow drop to the back of the older Anderson. She grabs him and lets off a beautiful CROTCH CLUTCH SUPLEX!


Mike Rolash: Whoa, what the hell kind of move was this??


Jim Gunt: I believe it was a crotch clutch suplex, and a very efficient one to boot!


Billy Anderson is writhing on the mat, not so much from the impact, but rather the way there, with Mia taunting his brother.


Mia: Come on in, do you want to join the fun? Or did you not like it last time?


As Tyler does not make any move towards her, she turns back towards Billy, but before she is able to assess the situation, she is down to the mat after a quick leg sweep taking Mia’s legs right out from underneath her. As she is momentarily stunned, Billy jumps up and onto her, letting fists rain down on her as he begins to lose his self control after having been surprised from the get-go. Scott Dean tries to get him off Mia, but it takes the four-count for him to actually let go, but is right back on her.


Jim Gunt: This is not cool, he HAS to actually get off her!


Mike Rolash: And Autumn to the rescue!


Autumn comes flying in with an incredible SNAPMARE!


Jim Gunt: Ooh, he is lucky that head is still attached!


It was a violent snap of the neck that leaves both contenders on the mat now, as Autumn rolls back out of the ring.






Tyler is stomping on the apron to get the crowd to energize Billy to get him back to his feet.






Mia is stirring and is slowly getting to her feet a fraction before Billy and manages to tag in Autumn, who stops Billy short of tagging in his brother by pulling him back into the ring and applying an ankle lock while putting her knee into his lower back at the same time, making Billy cry out in pain. He is, though, able to inch towards the rope just by the weight advantage and even though Autumn tries to pull him back he just barely manages to grab a hold of the lowest rope and Scott Dean makes Autumn break her hold.


Mike Rolash: The ladies are really on fire tonight!


Jim Gunt: Indeed and they act more like a tag team than their opponents right now, here comes Mia again.


Billy is barely sitting up when Mia comes in with a running dropkick connecting smack with his chest, but even though he is just hanging in the ropes, literally, she does not make any move to cover him.


Mike Rolash: Come on, cover him, you’ve got this!


Jim Gunt: What is she doing?


Instead of going for the cover, Mia is sauntering over to the Anderson corner and while Tyler is trying to get the attention of his brother, Mia puts her arm around him and tries to comfort him.


Mia Rayne: Why do you want to tag him? I can just do what you always wanted to do to him.


Tyler looks at her with big eyes.


Mia Rayne: If you ask me nicely, I can even wait a bit longer to finish him…


She traces his jaw to his chin with one finger until he swats her hand away and pushes her violently. Immediately the referee is on him to admonish and Mia just gives a girly giggle and gives Billy a nicely aimed knee to the head.


Jim Gunt: I think she is not missing just a few cups… She’s short a few plates, too...


Mia goes into the ropes and comes in for a bronco buster, but Billy finally falls sideways and she sails right over him and through the ropes. As she crashes outside of the ring, Tyler renews his efforts to get to Billy, walking up to him alongside the apron. Autumn jumps through the ropes to get him to go back into his corner, but Scott Dean holds her back and tells her to step back through the ropes. Tyler uses the commotion to pull Billy into his corner and prop him up the best he can before sliding back out. As soon as the referee’s attention is back to the ring, he tags himself in and immediately rolls out of the ring.


Mike Rolash: Not the most conventional way to tag, but desperate times…


Tyler drags Mia to her feet and rolls her back into the ring. As soon as he is on his feet again, he hits her with some kicks to the side before lifting her up and bringing her down with a body slam. He runs into the ropes and leaps off with a BIG ELBOW right to Mia’s mid-section, folding her in half. With Billy still laying on the edge of the apron, Tyler hits two more elbow drops and emboldened by Mia’s prone form he seems to get more confident.


Jim Gunt: Oh, he is going up the turnbuckles, guess we’re in for the air show!


He leaps off with a BIG SPLASH, but he has been taking too long, so instead of cleanly landing on Mia, his stomach makes full contact with her knees, taking every bit of breath out of his lungs. The crowd goes “Oooooh”, no matter what their alignments are.


Mike Rolash: Ouch, after the severe beatdown he got from Billy two weeks ago, it looks like the punishment for Tyler Anderson is not over yet!


With her opponent down, Mia takes the opportunity to tag Autumn Raven back in. The Beautiful Psychopath drags Tyler to his feet and whips him into the ropes, then goes for them herself and flies in with a well-timed elbow to the head of Tyler Anderson, bringing him right back onto the mat. Now it is her time to take to the top rope and SWANTON BOMB! But Tyler somehow manages to roll out of her way just a fraction of a second before she connects and she hits the mat hard. Tyler’s slowly getting to his feet, shaking his head after the elbow drop.


Jim Gunt: It has been some tough few weeks on the younger Anderson brother, but he is back upright even though a bit wobbly.


Mike Rolash: Billy is still not all 100% in his corner, holding his head and neck, so Tyler might be shit outta luck here.


Holding onto the ropes for support, Tyler tries to shake the rest of his cobwebs out of his brain and brings Autumn back to her feet, whipping her hard into the corner, but he can’t follow up, allowing Autumn to stagger back towards her corner.


Jim Gunt: Looks like Tyler is going for the tag with his brother!


Tyler stumbles over and just as he is about to tag Billy in, his brother just drops off the apron, leaving Tyler astonished and in shock. Billy just stands there with his arms in the air and a smile on his face before turning around and walking up the ramp.


Mike Rolash: I guess this spells the definitive end of this team!


Meanwhile Autumn has tagged Mia in and she uses the confusion to hit Tyler with a running drop kick into the back, making Tyler swirl around in anger, partially because of his brother forsaking him, partially because of everybody picking on him. He takes a step towards Mia, before falling face first to the mat.


Jim Gunt: Oh, I did not see this coming!


Mia is not quite sure what is happening and carefully comes closer, not sure if it is just a ruse, giving Tyler a nudge with her foot, but there is no response. Scott Dean motions her to go into her corner and rushes to Tyler’s side, immediately signalling for the bell and the medics.


Ray Douglas: The winner of this match by referee stoppage….AUTUMN RAVEN AND MIA RAYNE!!


Mike Rolash: This is serious, ladies and gentlemen, the match has officially been stopped and we will have our medical staff on the way. They are really good, I can tell you that!


Jim Gunt: At this point we can only speculate what the cause for the collapse of Tyler Anderson could be, but he has taken quite a few hard hits of late, many of them to the head, so we could be looking at some concussion-related symptoms here.


Mike Rolash: Let’s go backstage while Tyler is getting some medical attention here.

Being ReintroDuced?

The CWF logo is displayed proudly upside a wall, in the backstage area, of the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Tara Robinson is shown standing in front of the banner, almost looking unconformable. She finally gets her cue as she begins to speak.


Tara Robinson: Please welcome my guest at this time, Duce Jones!


An almost overconfident Duce Jones steps into the scene, a huge grin plastered on his face as he stares at Tara.


Byson Kaliban: C'mon Tara, I don't want to be rude suga’, but we both know I'm not your precious Ducey Baby..


An annoyed look begins to form across Tara’s face as she continues on with her job.


Tara Robinson: Okay…. Byson…. You team with Nerezza tonight to take on the Forsaken. What are your thoughts on the contest?


Byson Kaliban: Ah yes, my thoughts.. TONIGHT! Is going to be magical.. Speaking of magical, Tara, I really had fun that night at the House of Will. You were doing tri--


A loud slap rings out through the arena as Tara just slapped the taste out of Byson’s mouth. Robinson drops the microphone and storms off screen as Byson stands there holding his cheek in admiration, watching Tara as she storms down the hallway.


Byson Kaliban: Was it something I said!?


Byson looks at the camera, then down at the microphone. He picks it up, shrugging his shoulders.


Byson Kaliban: Duce really needs to get a leash on his women… *chuckles*


Byson steps off camera, laughing to himself at the situation that just occurred. He begins to whistle a tune to himself as he continues in the opposite direction.



Just Keep Swimming









"OW!!!! MY HAND!"


Followed by a familiar giggle that the CWF universe has come to know, love, or hate. As if on cue here comes Mia Rayne, resident psycho with a sleeve baring her trusty cast iron skillet skipping to the beat of whatever beat resonates within her head. As she comes into view she stops and slings the skillet over her shoulder. She pauses and puts her other hand on her hip as if waiting for something.


"Come out, come out wherever you are. I know you're there..."


She springs with surprising speed to a set of equipment boxes stacked up against the closest wall. With one hand she pushes them to the side, with the other she brandishes her skillet of discontent only to find...


A bouquet.


She pauses, unsure what to do next. Surely these weren't for her? She cocks her head to the side and opens her mouth as if to accuse someone of a heinous crime, only to close her mouth again. She drops the skillet to her side, an audible "CLANG" echoing through the halls as the cooking instrument of doom falls to the ground as Mia studies the bouquet before her.


This wasn't a bouquet for just anyone, it was for HER. She KNEW it was. It wasn't just some ordinary flower, like a rose or daisy, something common given to an everyday woman. No. These were the finest orchids, not just any color, but the richest shades of blues and purples. Dark and alluring, beautiful and mysterious.


Mia's favorite colors...


She picks up the bouquet catered to her specifically and looks slightly mystified as a small stem of broccoli falls out, a hint of green among the richness of the blues and purples, something Mia absolutely loved. She lost all track of time as she studies the bouquet and broccoli, almost completely missing the tag that hung from a piece of twine. She finally notices it and reads it, a small and familiar smile curling on her lips.



Your Knight In Burlap


Mia scoops up her skillet and slings it over her shoulder once again, cradling the bouquet in her other hand like a mother would a newborn baby and the stem of broccoli tucked away safely into her cleavage. As she skips she can't help but smile, a wide toothy smile, lost in her own little world with rose colored shades covering her eyes.

Christian Starr © Vs. Impakt

Mike Rolash: Looks like Mia Rayne is ready for a cooking class with Atticus or Ramsay, she already has her skillet with her and thanks to Ataxia even some broccoli!


Jim Gunt (laughing): Yes, next thing we will see is some recipe recommendations! But right now something completely else is cooking, our first title is on the line tonight, take it away, Ray!


Ray Douglas: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the CWF Paramount Championship! Introducing first..


The arena lights cut out and the bright glow of the titantron draws all the attention of the crowd as the screen lights up with the words to "Kings Never Die..."'


The camera pans down to the entrance lamp where now a single spotlight shines brightly behind two silhouetted figures. One a towering monster of a man, the other a man standing stoically in front, dwarfed by comparison.




The lights flare to an almost blinding intensity as Avenged Sevenfold's "Hail to the King" takes over the arena’s P.A. system. The figures are now clear to see, the larger is Payne, who raises his arms into the air as the opening words ring out. In front of him is "The King of Wrestling" Christian Starr, he throws open his leather jacket to reveal the Paramount Championship around his waist.


Starr turns around and starts backing his way down the entrance way with a clearly confident swagger to his step, Payne follows close behind flexing and looking just all around menacing.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first, making his way to the ring, being accompanied by PAYNE! Weighing in at one hundred ninety pounds from Los Angeles, California, USA. He is "The King of Wrestling" ... Christian STARR!


PAYNE climbs his way into the ring over the top rope as Starr high fives some of the lucky fans in the front row, he shoots his way up the ring steps and climbs the turnbuckle. Here he strikes a pose as PAYNE raises his arms high in front of him, letting out a roar as he does.


Mike Rolash: Hail to the King Jimmy!


Jim Gunt: Just a few weeks ago you were rooting for this kid to lose.


Mike Rolash: What can I say, he's grown on me.


The words “Player One has Entered the Fight” flicker across the screen as “Blow Me Away” by Breaking Benjamin starts to play and Impakt leaps onto the stage amidst a shower of white sparks. He rallies the crowd and rushes straight down the ramp.


Ray Douglas: Introducing the challenger, from Parts Unknown! Weighing in at one hundred and seventy-four pounds! IMPAKT!


He slides under the ring ropes, into the ring and takes in his surroundings. Impakt steps up onto the ring ropes and raises his arm.

Jim Gunt: Now this a guy I see having a bright future here in the Championship Wrestling Federation!


Mike Rolash: His ring attire is cool. But that's beside the point, does he have where it takes to slay the King?


Scott Dean, the official on duty for this match, retrieves the Paramount Championship from Starr. He takes the title over to Impakt who pats it. Dean then takes the championship and displays it to the crowd, before walking over and handing the title to the ring attendant. He calls for the bell and this match is underway, Starr and Impakt circling the ring looking for an advantage. They both charge at each other looking for a lock up. No, Starr uses his shorter stature to duck underneath the lanky frame of Impakt, twisting his limb with an arm wrench. Christian yanks on Impakt’s arm bringing the masked man to his level a bit. Starr smiles at the Chinese fans, confident that he has the advantage. He begins to slap the back of Impakt’s head, laughing during the process.


Jim Gunt: Christian Starr gives the word “ego” a new level of meaning.


Mike Rolash: Of course he does Jim, he is THE champion..


Christian releases the arm of Impakt strutting around the ring confidently, the fans booing the Paramount Champion. Impakt adjusts his mask a bit as he turns attention back to Starr. He charges in at Starr, but the King of Wrestling catches him with a knee to the gut. The Paramount Champion grabs his challenger by the back of his mask. Guiding him and driving him face first into a turnbuckle. Starr turns Impakt in the corner, and unloads with a stiff knife edge chop! The fabric from Impakt’s ring gear barely making the slap audible, the impact, however is apparent as Impakt clutches his chest. Christian smiles sizing his opponent up, before grabbing his arm and whipping him to the opposite side. Starr is in hot pursuit though, connecting with another stiff Knife Edge Chop! Impakt staggers out of the corner as Christian hits the ropes, taking the masked competitor down with a Slingblade! The champ quickly covers the challenger, hooking the leg as Scott Dean makes the count!






NO! Impakt able to roll his shoulder off the canvas.


Jim Gunt: The champ unable to get the pinfall there!


Mike Rolash: Christian Starr is one of the greatest in ring competitors to ever see foot in the CWF, Jimbo! Greatness has a sort of finesse to it.


Jim Gunt: Be that as it may, I believe it's going to take more to put this kid down Mike.


Starr brings his opponent up, using the back of his mask for grip. Starr grabs Impakt around the waist, lifting him up, then drives his knee square into the middle of Impakt’s back! Bending him awkwardly with a Pendulum Backbreaker! The champ isn't done there, as he is quick to his feet running the ropes, on his return he blasts the rising Impakt across the chest with a Sliding Lariat! He goes for the cover once more!






Impakt manages to kick out the pin attempt quickly. Christian frustrated he couldn't get the pin, viciously begins to rip at the strings of Impakt’s mask. Scott Dean quickly admonishes Christian for his actions as the Chinese fans let their disapproval be known. Christian lets off of the mask, holding his hands up in the air, displaying that cocky grin.


Jim Gunt: C’mon what type of champ pulls stunts like that?


Mike Rolash: “THE” champ Jim Bean, that's who, that gamer freak knew exactly who he was stepping in the ring with.


Impakt is to his knees, trying to fix the strings of his mask. His efforts are futile as Starr blast him with a Superkick! Christian smiles some more, feeling he has everything under control. Impakt is on hands and knees, trying to recover, but Starr straddles his back loosening the strings of his mask some more. When Starr feels the mask is loose enough, he twist the mask to the side, blinding Impakt! Just got good measure Christian blast him with a Crossface Punch! Dean pulls Starr off Impakt, giving him a stern warning of disqualification. Christian adheres to his warning, but he quickly hits a spin move on Dean, running towards Impakt, and leaps into the air. The bottom of the champ's foot, drives the rising Impakt face first back into the canvas, E.D.S!

Christian cockily goes for the cover..










Impakt barely able to get his shoulder up yet again. Starr gets to his feet arguing with Scott Dean about it being a slow count. The rookie referee stands firm, holding two fingers in the champ’s face.


Jim Gunt: Christian Starr needs to stop arguing with the ref, and keep this big advantage he has.


Mike Rolash: I'd have to agree Jim, Impakt, in the midst of Christian’s scowling of the Scott Dean has managed to fix his mask.


Impakt has slowly risen to his feet, as Starr brushes Dean off, he spots Impakt on his feet and charges at him, looking for a forearm shiver! Impakt rolls through underneath though, as he makes it to his feet he catches the turning champion with the COMBO BREAKER! The Chinese fans inside the Mercedes-Benz Arena, cheer for the desperation Superkick from Impakt! Starr staggers back into the ropes dazed, bouncing off the ropes, right into an Enzuigiri! The kick sends the champ stumbling through the ropes and to the outside floor. Payne comes around to check on his fallen comrade, as Impakt slowly gets to his feet.


Jim Gunt: Impakt looking to take the advantage, catching the champion with two dazing kicks. And right now, the champ is in Impakt’s fly zone!


Mike Rolash: Why did you have to say something, Jim, there he goes!


Impakt come running full speed towards the duo outside the ring, he leaps over the top rope, looking to connect with a CROSSBODY on both men. But the mammoth Payne, pushes Christian out of the way catching Impakt, as if he was a damsel in distress. Official Scott Dean yells for Payne to put him down, which he obliges, tossing Impakt to his feet! But he also catches the foot of Starr, who drops him with a Roundhouse Kick! Starr quickly grabs his downed opponent, rolling him back into the ring under the bottom rope. Christian climbs up to the apron, yelling for Impakt to get up as he clings to the ropes. Impakt finally makes it to his feet as Starr springs off the top rope looking for the SPRINGBOARD FOREARM! Impakt leans back with a Matrix Evasion as Christian rolls through with his momentum to his feet! He comes charging at the challenger who catches him with a Spinning Sole Kick, doubling the champ over. Impakt for for a boot to the gut but Starr catches his foot. Starr swings the foot of Impakt as he comes full circle with a DRAGON WHIP KICK! The black and green ranger crawls over on top of the champ going for the pin!








Jim Gunt: I think Christian Starr underestimated the fight in this kids heart.


Mike Rolash: In saying though, Christian has taking more kicks to the head than a protester!


Jim Gunt: Are you serious Mike?


Mike Rolash: I'm just waiting for the day when you stop being surprised..


Impakt stays on the attack bringing Starr back to his feet. He irish whips the champ to the ropes, no, reversal by Starr.. Impakt bounces off the ropes as Starr leap frogs over him! Impakt returns off the other ropes as Starr ducks his head down for a Back Body Drop. However Impakt grabs Christian's head and flips over, spiking the King of Wrestling head first into the mat with CRITICAL HIT! The impact from the Front Flip DDT leaves both men lying on the canvas as the fans clap in unison. Impakt uses the moment to rest a bit before finally going for the cover!












Jim Gunt: Ohhhh my God, Jim did you see the way his neck twisted on that move..


Mike Rolash: Yes Jimmy, but as you can see it's going to take more than that to take the champ down!


Impakt, through the mask expresses frustration, slapping the mat. He looks at Scott Dean who confirms the count. He shakes his head as he slowly makes it to his feet, bringing the champion along with him. Impakt attempts to whip Starr into the corner, but Starr puts on the brakes, reversing, sending Impakt the opposite way and crashing right into referee Scott Dean! Both the official and Impakt drop to the canvas, a sky grin forms across the perspired face of Christian Starr as he goes over to Payne, yelling instructions.


Christian STARR: Hey, bring me a chair!


Payne, menacingly walks over to where Ray Douglas is seated, and roars at him. The ring announcer hurriedly rushes out of his chair, as Payne grabs it and folds it. He walks over to the ring, handing the steel chair to Starr. The Mercedes-Benz Arena begin to boo viciously as Starr lines the chair up waiting for Impakt to get to his feet.


Jim Gunt: This is not gonna end well for the challenger.


Once Impakt is finally upright, Starr slams the chair into the canvas, tossing the chair to a confused Impakt, and lies flat on his back.


Mike Rolash: Brilliant!


Jim Gunt: Not like this!


Impakt stands there still holding the chair confused, looking towards Scott Dean who has yet to recover. Christian peaks over towards Dean, realizing that his clever plan has backfired. He slowly rises to his feet, trying to convince Impakt not to do anything rational with the chair. Once the Paramount champ is standing, Impakt tosses the chair at him, but the champ catches it. This process to be a set up though as Impakt connects with a JUMPING BACK KICK THAT SENDS THE CHAIR BACK INTO STARR’S FACE, THEN SAILING ACROSS THE RING!

The fans cheer Impakt on as he drags the lifeless body of Christian Starr towards a corner.


Jim Gunt: We could have a new champion Mike!


Mike Rolash: Get up King!


Impakt scales to the top turnbuckle, trying to get his footing perfect. Payne climbs up onto the apron trying to cause a distraction but Impakt knocks him down with a kick to the face! Payne tumbles back down to the floor as Impakt slowly stands tall on the turnbuckle, the Chinese fans rising with him… Impakt comes twisting and spiraling down onto the champion with the HIGH IMPAKT! Referee Scott Dean slowly comes around as Impakt goes for the cover!




Jim Gunt: High Impakt! We could have a new champion!




Mike Rolash: C'mon kick out champ!


Suddenly the arena goes pitch black!


Jim Gunt: What the hell is this?


“Time For Tea” begins to play through the arena speakers as the commentators can only be heard through the darkness.


Jim Gunt: That's the music of Mia Rayne again, what's going on Mike?


Mike Rolash: In sitting in the same fucking darkness as you, how the hell should I know?


A blue spotlight shines down on the middle of the ring as Mia Rayne sits there Indian style, rocking back and forth. All the lights inside of the Mercedes-Benz Arena return to full illumination as she remains seated there. Impakt has broken his cover on Starr, staring at the deranged woman even more confused. He slowly rises to his feet as the referee begins to try and get Rayne to leave the ring.


Mike Rolash: What the hell is she doing out here?


Mia continues to rock, ignoring the referee, she calmly begins pulling at her own hair as Scott Dean continues to yell for her to leave the ring. Christian Starr finally comes to, rolling over and being introduced to the scene breaking down in the ring. He gets up looking over at Payne asking what's going on, but he just shrugs his shoulders. Meanwhile, Mia has stopped rocking, rising to her feet as if she was possessed. She stares Scott Dean directly in the face and begins to laugh hysterically in his face. The official backs out of her way, as she swiftly changes directions and drops both Starr and Impakt with Double Clotheslines! Rayne begins giggling to herself saying “oops”, Dean calls for the bell giving Douglas his final decision!


Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, due to outside interference, this match is declared a No Contest!


Jim Gunt: What the hell why is Mia Rayne attacking both Christian Starr and Impakt?


Mike Rolash: Obviously she's out her mind Jimmy, let's not forget her and Ataxia have some weird love affair going on!


Mia makes a sad face as she goes to leave the ring. But she stops as something catches her eye. As if in a trance, Rayne skips over to the steel chair that was steel lying in the ring. She picks it up and begins to scan it up and down, stroking and caressing it as if it was a human body. Impakt slowly gets to his feet as Mia Rayne destroys him with a chair shot to the head, dropping him like a sack of potatoes. Starr realizes what's going on and rolls out of the ring, joining Payne and refusing to fall victim to a chair shot courtesy of the deranged Mia Rayne.

All The Bloody Things To Come



A thunderous voice crashes into the arena with a force of a hydrogen bomb and the house lights are crippled, bringing nothing but silence and shadows. And then BOOM - the ravaging drums and haunting horns of "Progenies of the Great Apocalypse" by Dimmu Borgir.


The lights come back up, but are now deep red. On each side of the stage, there sits a violin player - aggressively working their craft to the tune of the song. And before too long, there appears the sleepless beast himself - Nerezza - wearing what appears to be trench-coat with a hood covering most of his face.


He walks to the edge of the stage and raises his hands out to the air. He looks up to the rafters just enough to where his hood falls away from his face, and then screams as loudly as possible. Determined, Nerezza walks down to the ring, climbs to the side of it, and then enters by swinging his tree-length legs over the top rope. One of the crew slides a microphone in for him and as Nerezza picks it up, the music fades and the house lights come back.


With a mixture of cheers and jeers, the crowd has no idea what to think.


Nerezza: Good evening, Shanghai. Nerezza would like to tell all of you a story - is that OK?


Surprisingly, the Shanghai goes wild.


Nerezza: Once upon a grand time, there was a man named Harley. Perhaps all of you remember him? His last name was - Hodge.


And they're on their feet, completely going blitzkrieg for a hero from times past - a man that made a wave that seemed to come on strong and disappear without more than a moment's notice.


Nerezza: Harley just wanted to find himself in this strange life, you know? A man lost in his own dreams simply wanted to wake up. And you know what? He did. He woke up and he made the entire world fall to their Goddamn knees. It was monumental. It was something that all of you needed - that all of you wanted. It was a Disney World dream come true, now wasn't it Shanghai?


RAAAAAAAAAH! The crowd continues to grow unhinged.


Nerezza: But then something happened. Harley grew stale. Oh yes, Harley's 15 seconds were up and all of a sudden, every turkey vulture decided to come out of the woodwork and pick at his tired, weakened flesh. He never cowered though, did he? He never backed down. WORK HARLEY WORK. DEFEND HARLEY DEFEND. DON'T LET THEM GET TO YOU. SELL HARLEY -- SELL.


Nerezza turns towards the video screen and points at it. Seconds later, an image comes up on the screen that makes mostly everyone in the crowd groan or turn away. There he was, Harley Hodge, floating on his belly in the New York harbor.


Nerezza: This is what you got out of that pressure, ladies and gentlemen. This is what you got out of telling him to just keep going - just keep swimming, just keeping swimm--NO. After he escaped your terrible excuse of a sacrifice, he fled. He ran as far as he could. RUN RABBIT RUN. RUN. RUN. RUN. A coward. You all turned him into a coward because he couldn't handle the bright lights of fame - those unforgiving rays of want more and need more. I don't believe in fame. I'm not here to win any of you over. I am here to show all of you what tomorrow has in store.


Nerezza pats his chest.


Nerezza: Blood will flow. More than you've ever seen before. Rivers. New York City. Chicago. Paris. Sydney. San Francisco. Salt Lake City. Tokyo. Shanghai.


And here come the boos.


Nerezza: You've seen nothing yet, victims. Not a thing. At Unhinged, though? Let the fireworks of everything that Nerezza represents commence! No one is safe. NO ONE. And as far as The Powers that Be are concerned? Come find me; just follow the trail of truth, consequence, and all of the bloody things to come. DON'T SLEEP.


The lights turn red again and "Progenies of the Great Apocalypse" begins to blast throughout the arena again. Nerezza turns towards the crowd - smiling widely. Appearing at the stage are his henchmen - Andy, who's clapping like a madman - jumping up and down - and Eli, who simply stands there, applauding nonchalantly.



The Halls Have Eyes

Impakt strides backstage, limping after the match against Christian STARR and the unmeditated attack from Mia Rayne afterward. He takes a deep breath, holding the back of his head as he towards his locker room. He pauses dead in his tracks when he sees a note, a simple message left hanging on the door.


“You are not alone…”


Tearing it from the door, Impakt quickly looks around and sees only busy CWF road staff walking around, going through their normal weekly routine. Impakt looks back at the note, taking a deep breath.




Silas is walking through the stadium floor, heading towards the curtain for his scheduled match. His face is stern, his smile not emerging, and his strides large. He is alone, before Tara runs up behind him.


Tara Robinson: Excuse me, Silas?


Silas keeps facing forward, expression unchanged.


Silas Artoria: Tara. How are you finding Shanghai?


Tara Robinson: Hot. I just wanted to know how you’re feeling about tonight.


Silas stops moving, turns around, and looks down at Tara and her microphone. He sighs deeply.


Silas Artoria: I won’t lie. I’m not in the best of moods. In fact, I’m very, very tetchy. Last week, we were all in the main event of Evolution; an honor that most people who come in the CWF will never experience, and it was a grand position that would showcase our potential for the future. The ending was not desirable in any way, and that was something I aim to fix come Tokyo.


Silas starts walking again, and Tara soon follows.


Tara Robinson: And how do you plan on doing that?


Silas Artoria: I’ve got something in mind that I’ll reveal later. I need to finish my Evolution obligation first.


Tara Robinson: The match with Choronzon?


Silas Artoria: The very same match.


Tara Robinson: And do you have anything to say before your match?


He stops again, turns back to Tara, and signals for her microphone. She nervously gives him it, and he roughly grabs the lens of the camera. He forces it close to his face.


Silas Artoria: You called me an irelevent pissstain, and threatened to bring out an element so far beyond your comprehension; something no imagination can fathom. I have no choice but to face you today, regardless the state your words and other factors have put me in. Your message was a serious mistake on your part.


He pushes the camera back, and his expression remains unchanged. He gives Tara back the microphone.


Tara Robinson: And what about the Chosen?


He finally lets out a chuckle.


Silas Artoria: I’ve dealt with numbers before, I’ve had much worse, it’s just a matter of knowing where they are of where they may lurk--


He pushes Tara aside and looks beyond her. The camera tilts to see a man watching the interview take place. A member of the Chosen. The man in black turns wide eyed, and bolts it back down the corridor. Silas looks at Tara, and smiles.


Silas Artoria: Please excuse me, Tara.


Silas suddenly starts sprinting towards the man as the camera does its best to catch up. Silas catches up to the man and kicks him down.


Silas Artoria: Thought you could get away? Run back to your masters so easily? HUH?


Silas grabs the man and sees a table. Gorilla press, and slams him through it, landing on whatever knives or forks happened to be placed on it. The Chosen screams out, before Silas lifts him back to his feet, and sees a pale of glass.


Silas Artoria: You and I are going to have a LOT of fun.


He charges towards the glass, and shoves the Chosen through it, shattering the sheet with a thunderous crack. Silas looks over his downed opponent, before looking back at the camera.


Silas Artoria: Get out of here!


He yanks the camera wires, and feed is terminated.



Choronzon Vs. Silas Artoria

The building introduction of “Mister Superstar” starts, before the hook kicks in. Out comes Choronzon, flanked by two of Elisha’s Chosen, and looks out into the arena. The camera showing him looking through his strands of hair for a few moments, before the disciple starts his descent towards the squared circle.


Jim Gunt: We’ve seen Choronzon in the CWF before, but this will be the first time we see him competing in the ring!


Mike Rolash: Don’t know about you but it would be hard to argue who got the short end of the stick. On one hand, Silas isn’t exactly the most safest of competitors when his mind is drowned in fury, but on the other hand we don’t know what Choronzon is capable of. He has the element of surprise, we don’t know his destructive weapon that’ll keep his opponents down, and with the Chosen by his side, who knows what they might do to contribute to this bout!


Jim Gunt: You got your money on anyone?


Mike Rolash: Nope, I want to save it for Zhen’s private dance after the show!


Jim Gunt: You know that’s illegal in China, right?


Mike says nothing.


Choronzon sits against the ropes, as “Arousal” starts its introductory screech. Time goes on, but no one emerges, and it goes on, and on, and on. Until a body flies out from behind the curtain, and lands on the stage, emotionless.


Jim Gunt: Wait...that’s one of the Chosen.


Choronzon looks at the body, before looking at the curtain.


Out comes Silas, stern face and fury in his eyes. He walks to the center of the stage, looking Choronzon in the eye. The music stops.


Jim Gunt: Silas Artoria, coming out after assaulting one of the Chosen that Choronzon is part of!


Mike Rolash: That’s like assaulting family! Silas Artoria cowardly assaulted an innocent Chosen!


Jim Gunt: Have you been paying attention Mike!? They were stalking hi--


Mike Rolash: Gonna have to cut you off because look!


Silas starts charging towards the ring at great speed, with Choronzon signalling his hands while smiling. Silas slides into the ring, and launches himself at the dark haired man. Right hooks start exchanging, and the ref signals the time keeper.




Jim Gunt: Well I guess the match has begun in explosive fashion!


More right hooks, but Choronzon gets the advantage! One more knife chop with the sound echoing out in the arena. He grabs Silas’ arm and whips him top the ropes. Bounc--Silas stops his motion on the ropes as Choronzon executes a dropkick. He lands on his backside and stands straight back up. The two lock eyes, before Choronzon charges towards his opponent. Silas executes a clotheslines, Choronzon ducks under, bounces on the ropes, ducks under another, bounces again--




Mike Rolash: No time for rest, Silas is quickly exiting the ring!


He slides out, and focuses his attention on the two Chosen. The two men lock their eyes on the Canadian, and start to back up. The ref starts counting, but Silas points to the two companions. He gets closer, before one of them charges towards Silas. Big boot to let him crash to the floor, before the other starts making a break for it. Silas sprints, leaps on the steel steps near the turnbuckle, and a missile dropkick to put the other out of their misery.




Silas cackles before dragging one up by the hair. He looks at Choronzon, whom was slowly rising, then looks back at the Chosen.


Silas Artoria: I’ll deal with you later.


KNOCKOUT! And the Chosen slumps to the floor as Silas slides back in the ring.


Jim Gunt: Something isn’t right. It’s not like Silas to go attacking untrained attendants!


Mike Rolash: You got to eliminate the disadvantage factor to have a fair fight.


Silas looks at Choronzon with a smile, before grabbing his hair and yanking his opponent back to his feet. He pushes Silas’ hands out the way! Stiff knife chop to stagger the man. REVERSE HURRICANRANA! SILAS’ HEAD AND SHOULDERS SLAM ONTO THE FLOOR, AND CHORONZON RUNS THE ROPES! Bounce, BASEBALL DROPKICK! Silas’ head slams back onto the mat. Choronzon for the cover!




Kickout and Silas sits up. Choronzon wastes no time. He sits behind the aristocrat, legs around his arms, and locks in a Lotus Hold.


Mike Rolash: A Lotus Hold!? How basic!


Jim Gunt: Yeah but remember, Silas’ moveset is much more known. Sinch the arms and what offense does he have?


Mike Rolash: He has his knees!


Jim Gunt: But that doesn’t put people away! The Fall of Man requires ungodly strength, and if that strength fails, so too does his signature. Choronzon creasing Silas’ shoulder bones dangerously! He can’t escape!


Silas screams as Choronzon pulls his arms further back. He wiggles, but nothing loosens his opponent’s grip as Choronzon laughs in sheer delight. He pulls back further, Silas’ face turning red in pain, before he digs his heels in the mat. He pushes him back, Choronzon isn’t letting go, but his shoulders are on the mat!








Choronzon lifts his shoulder up, and Silas slides on arm out. The two raise to their feet, and Silas turns to face Choronzon who is still gripping his arm. Silas plants his hand to his opponents face, Choronzon grabs his arm to try and get it off! Quick tilt, and Silas slams Choronzon to the mat. He stares at his dazed opponent, clutching his shoulders after finally being free from its uncomfortable bondage.


He stares at Choronzon for a little further, pursing his lips, before a DOUBLE FOOT STOMP ON CHORONZON’S HAND! He convulses a little, before Silas swings him back. DOUBLE FOOT STOMP ON THE OTHER HAND.




Jim Gunt: Silas showing some tint of his passenger.


Mike Rolash: Thinking he hasn’t before? Guy’s a maniac!


Silas circles his prey, but the downed man strikes first with a simple kick to his shin. He falls to his knee, and looks back towards Choro--ENZUIGIRI!


Jim Gunt: What a strike by the laid down man! Will he follow it up with another strike?


Silas falls flat on his back, Choronzon stands up and heads to Silas’ legs. He crosses them, hooks them, elevates himself further, and he crosses over Silas’ upper body.




Jim Gunt: Possibly but Choronzon is clearly struggling to keep his grip!


Silas is crawling with his arms, and Choronzon is constantly adjusting his hands, unable to keep them still. Silas is getting closer to the bottom rope, but Choronzon drops him voluntarily! He quickly strides over and quickly strikes Silas’ gut! He rolls over, clutching his stomach, and Choronzon quickly heads to the apron.


Jim Gunt: Oh dear, what is he up to?


The mania of Choronzon is on display. Gritted teeth through a smile, heavy breathing, and audible chuckles. Hands on ropes, more breathing, and he jumps up! Top rope. THE FLIGHT OF ICARU--




Mike Rolash: You gotta make sure your opponent is down. Don’t waste your time!


Choronzon falls flat on the mat after getting hit by Silas’ knee. He drags Choronzon back to his feet. Head between legs, electric chair position. Hands on Choronzon’s legs, but he’s unable to push him further up. Silas screams as he tries to elevate him further, but Choronzon starts lightly striking Silas’ head. Two strikes, and Silas pushes him back to the mat. He’s still dazed, and staggers towards the turnbuckle.


Silas crosses over to him and grabs Choronzon’s face.




He starts stomping on Choronzon, hard. Choronzon tries to grab the foot, but Silas is moving too fast. Stomp, stomp, stomp! The ref moves in.


One, two, three, four, fi--


Silas stops and grabs his face again.




More stomps. Harder and faster, and Choronzon starts getting more and more limp. The ref jumps in again.


One, two, three, four, fi--


Silas stops again, and grabs Choronzon’s face again.




He stomps more, this time with Choronzon showing no resistance and his eyes going limp.


One, two, three, four, FI--


Silas grabs Choronzon and drags him to the centre of the ring.




Silas screams, and delivers a Knockout knee to Choronzon.


Jim Gunt: Come on, Silas! Pin him already! I don’t want to see anymore of this treatment!


Silas Artoria: SIT YOUR ASS BACK UP!


He grabs Choronzon and sits him back up. Another Knockout knee. He grabs him again and sits him up.




He grips the head of the extremely dazed Choronzon. A Knockout! And another! And another!


Jim Gunt: Someone out back stop this damn assault! Enough is enough! We’re seeing a live murder here!


Silas lets go of Choronzon, who can barely move or open his eyes. He’s sat up that’s to Silas’ careful balancing, and now Silas is locking his gaze at him. Heavy breathing, increasing in speed and intake, and his left eye glows red.




He turns, runs at the ropes at great speed. Bounce. Charge back towards Choronzon. Knee strike! And Choronzon lands hard on the canvas. The ref jumps in and forces Silas back. Silas says nothing, just a glare at the authority figure, who immediately turns his attention to Choronzon. He checks his arms, and pulse. He turns to Silas, still glaring.




The ref swallows, before calling for the bell. It rings.


Ray Douglas: Your winner, by technical knockout, SILAS ARTORIA!


Silas strides to the ring ropes and looks at Ray.


Silas Artoria: Your mic, GIVE ME THAT MIC!

Counselling Session

Silas Artoria: YOU SEE THAT?


He points at Choronzon.




He grabs Choronzon, and drags and kicks him out of the ring. He returns to the centre of the ring, breathing heavily into the microphone.


Silas Artoria: So, short time after the biggest humiliation of my career, and they thought it would be a good idea to put an angry bulldog against a baby kitten.


His pacing increases.


Silas Artoria: Week after week, I fight, I sweat, and take on any opponent to come against me despite the disadvantage, and you have ME, SILAS ARTORIA, GO FROM THE MAIN EVENT TO GREENHORN WITHIN TWO EPISODES?


Both eyes now red.






Silas staggers forward from the impact of a chair, before turning around to see…


Jim Gunt: Autumn Raven? I thought she was back in the locker room?


Silas strides towards Autumn, whom holds the chair in defiance. He looks down at her, before closing his eyes, deep breath, and mutters “thank you” out of reach of the microphone. Eyes back to normal, back to the microphone.


Silas Artoria: I apologise for my...outburst, it sometimes happens, but I assume you all are aware of that unless you haven’t been paying attention.


Silas smiles, and points in the air.


Silas Artoria: But there is one point that I’ll have to stand by, and that’s the sheer drop of card position, and whom I was up against.


He points to Choronzon, still motionless as the two Chosen struggle to wake him up.


Silas Artoria: I fought against acclaimed champions and made the current one spit out blood! And the first response was to match me against someone who hasn’t even been in the ring in a match before today, and look where that got them.


His arm lowers, and he starts pacing again.


Silas Artoria: But there was another thing that happened at Evolution, in India. No, not Marksman Mora’s little display, not the blood, but how it ended, because as far as I am concerned, we didn’t lose that match! It could’ve been saved if it wasn’t for a certain incident.


He swallows, before signalling Autumn.


Silas Artoria: Poor Autumn was staring at the lights after the match became more or less a 3 on 4 handicap. We had the advantage. Tag team experience, the damn belts that showcased that ability, and we were under an agreed banner. But because we had a message to send, doesn’t mean that we won’t do what is necessary to keep that message on point.


Hand lowers.


Silas Artoria: The Danger Boiz did not deserve a title shot!


Howls of derision come from the crowd, and Silas focuses on the crowd.


Silas Artoria: Oh, and you all believe that past champions should compete for the belts over people who worked to earn that opportunity? Newsflash, that’s not how it goes.


Back to the camera.


Silas Artoria: And that’s not how it went when we started this tour! I ensured that our message was on point, on a consistent track, the one you agreed was the right one, and you spat it back in my face before lying to me, and Autumn after discussing it!


He looks at Autumn.


Silas Artoria: Autumn was pinned because you lied to us, you deliberately sabotaged the match for your own selfish reasons without ANY consideration for others!


His tone increases in volume.


Silas Artoria: And your unprovoked assault completely humiliated any credibility we had left as a unit. But I am not one to give up because of a rotten apple or a hanging thread, and I aim to continue this path I put us all on.


Deep breath.


Silas Artoria: And that means smoothing out the rough edge.


He faces the stage and curtain.




Seconds go by, before “A Slow Descent” starts to play. One by one, Dean Coulter and Sam Braxton emerge with the tag team belts placed firmly on their waists.


Jim Gunt: Well last time, Dean Coulter cost the Coalition their main event match against CWF Champion Mariella Jade Flair, The Shadow, Freddie Styles, and questionably Jay Marksman Mora!


Mike Rolash: But don’t discount Sam. The heat between Silas and Dean maybe nuclear, but Sam likely has his own contentions with the original duo. Same with Autumn to the Lost Boys!


The two sides stare each other down, Silas and Autumn from the squared circle, the CWF Tag Team Champions The Lost Boys from the stage, before Sam raises the microphone to his mouth.


Sam Braxton: Fair Dinkum Silas. Yeah we’ve got ourselves a blue but Dean and I got our reasons.


Silas nods at Braxton.


Sam Braxton: You’re a real galah if you believe for a second I’ll stand by you in this civil war. I’d follow Dean through the bloody Outback even if it’d kill me!


Silas keeps his eyes on Sam.


Silas Artoria: Don’t agree, but I understand.


He passes his microphone to Autumn.


Autumn Raven: Dean. You made me a laughing stock during the most coveted slot in Evolution. It was in one of the most populous places in the world, and you wanted me to finish the night by looking up at the ceiling. Your own short-sightedness has left behind a stain that may remain on my resume for the rest of my life.


She leans over the ropes.


Autumn Raven: Did that thought occur to you?


Dean purses his lips.


Dean Coulter: Autumn, nothing against you bu--


Autumn Raven: “but I potentially ruined a career”, yeah. Got that, received the t-shirt, but you’re not answering my question!


Dean looks surprised, before returning his attention to the microphone.


Dean Coulter: No, it didn’t occur to me.


Autumn claws the ropes in near fury.


Dean Coulter: But you gotta understand that it wasn’t done with you in mind, it was because Silas there had interfered with our match, compromising our entire title reign!


Silas Artoria: Was it the main event, Dean? Did my interference cost you a match?










The audience reacts accordingly, with Dean now fuming.


Silas Artoria: I don’t appreciate being lied to, so I want you to come to this ring, and say what you really think to my face. Look at me in the eye and say it, because I don’t want you standing on the other side of the arena in the comfort of distance, and quite frankly I know you want to unleash some venom towards me. So let’s do this like real men, and get in this ring!


Dean keeps his eyes on Silas and both he and Autumn step back. They contact the ropes at the far side, and keep their gazes towards each other. Dean and Sam stand still, before Dean takes a deep breath and turns to face the curtain. One step forward, and he is immediately stopped by Sam. They look at each other, and Sam mutters,


Sam Braxton: We gotta deal with this.


Dean keeps his gaze into Sam, before he looks down at his feet.


Jim Gunt: Dean looks like he’s in a quandary. Doesn’t want a fight but it seems Sam’s words are getting to him.


Another deep breath.


Dean Coulter: Alright.


The two turn around and stride towards the ring.


Mike Rolash: Here we go! We’ve got a fight inbound!


They slide in, stand up and look at their questionable stablemates. Silas and Autumn take a few slow steps towards them, creating a striking symmetry. Silas raises the microphone to his mouth.


Silas Artoria: Dean, why did you lie to us?


Dean grips his microphone.


Dean Coulter: Because I’m sick of the excuses and I want it over and done with. I wanted to sweep the matter under the rug and I believed burying it would’ve been the solution. I thought that time would’ve killed the friction, but seeing your face again just bought it back up. I am not one to get cranky unless someone hits a burning nerve in my skull, but least to say that when Sam and I jumped on board with your plan, I didn’t expect interference to be part of the package. I am all for digging holes to bury the old and weak who use their past as a currency in this company, but I do that by proving a point to them.


His keeps his stare at Silas.


Dean Coulter: Not only was it about integrity, but it also set up a precedent. We won the titles from people who jumped the queue to be in the match using merely our talent. You were there, you saw us accomplish that feat, and the fact that you believed that you should interfere with our match against the Danger Boiz has painted Sam and I in an unsavory light. It has made us look weak! Incapable of fighting for ourselves! Did you think for a second of the repercussions?


Silas tightens his lips.


Dean Coulter: Doesn’t feel good to have your words twisted, doesn’t it? So tell me. Why should I stand by you? Why should I and Sam continue to walk down the same road you set us on?


Autumn Raven: Your gloves.


Dean looks at Autumn, now pointing at his hands.


Dean Coulter: Excuse me?


Autumn Raven: You weren’t going to compete today, yet you showed up in full uniform. You put your gear, including the gloves I gave you, Sam, and Silas as a symbol of unity.


She shows her hands, gloves present.


Autumn Raven: Clearly you haven’t given up yet, you haven’t completely burned your bridges and you still know that your best shot at staying out of the squabbling going on behind the scenes is to stand by us. Your agenda aligns with ours, otherwise you would have destroyed everything that would’ve reminded you of our union, because I know I would.


Dean clutches his fist in frustration, then loosens.


Silas Artoria: It’s clear words aren’t going to resolve this issue.


He looks at Silas.


Silas Artoria: I’m no psychiatrist, but it’s clear that us speaking in the ring won’t do a thing to mitigate the contentions between us. If we are going to resolve this problem in any way or the other, there’s only one way to do it.


He steps back and reaches his arms out.


Silas Artoria: You want to get your hands on me, Dean, and I want to leave Tokyo with a message that would make them proud, not just of me, but you as well.


Dean Coulter: And how will you do that? You think just lying around in the ring while we beat the life out of you will resolve anything? It’ll be satisfying, sure, but how can Sam and I ensure that you and Autumn won’t cheese it on first sight?


Silas lowers his arms.


Autumn Raven: You have something of value, wrapped around your waist.


Sam instinctively holds his CWF Tag Team Championship belt, and Dean’s muscles relax.


Autumn Raven: There’s no question that those belts would be beneficial to the cause, but it’s also something Silas and I have been fighting for. If we’re going to ensure that we’ll do our damndest to unleash our frustrations without shenanigans, then your belts will serve as the end goal.


Dean’s eyes narrow.


Silas Artoria: You want to prove that you’re a credible team. I want to prove to Japan that I can make them proud, Autumn wants to prove her getting pinned in the main event was a fluke.


He gets closer to Dean, almost up in his face.


Silas Artoria: Are you a coward, Dean? You don’t have any plans for Unhinged, so are you going to scurry off, or are you going to fight like a man?


Microphone to Dean.


Dean Coulter: You’re on!


The crowd reacts wildly, making Sam and Autumn jump as Silas and Dean continue staring at each other.


Dean Coulter: If we’re going to do this, we are going to go all the way. No chance to run, nowhere to hide, it’ll finish in the ring. We’ll fight you, under one condition.




Dean Coulter: No disqualifications.


Silas smiles.


Silas Artoria: We hit harder in Japan. We’ll happily accommodate your request.


Silas drops the microphone, and he and Autumn make their way up the ramp.


Jim Gunt: And there you have it! Silas and Autumn called out The Lost Boys, and now we have a tag team championship match at Unhinged!


Mike Rolash: And a no DQ match at that! If Unhinged was going to be violent before, then the audience better anticipate a bloodbath!

Room #13



J. Rish stands in front of a maroon room on the first floor of the Keio Plaza, having being graciously handed his hotel key from the desk attendant even after Rish may have rushed her through the entire process. The anticipation of his moment has nearly killed the founder of CWF, leaving him almost dropping the key as he fumbles it out of his pocket.


J. Rish: The moment is finally here. What lies within this room...and what does it have to do with finding Jaiden?


Rish mumbles to himself as he pulls the the golden key up to the door, quickly realizing that a simple key is not going to open the hotel’s door. The Keio Plaza has long been changed over to an electronic card scanning system.


J. Rish: What the fuck!?


A Japanese couple with a small boy look in the direction of Rish, but the supposed father turns them back around and rushes them the other way. Rish lets out an extremely frustrated huff, knowing that he has come all this way for nothing. He grabs onto the door knob of the hotel room, expecting it to be locked but turning it just out of habit, or maybe thinking it’s his one last hope, and to his pure surprise the door opens right up.




Rish is shocked but sure enough the door to 部屋13 opens right up in front of him with a small turn. But the surprise of the former CEO of Championship Wrestling Federation has only just begun, because as he takes just a few steps into the hotel room, his eyes widen as far as footballs as he sees his son Jaiden Rishel right in front of him.


Jaiden Rishel, alive.




Flash, flash.


Jaiden flashes in and out, a hologram. J. Rish deflates into a ball of depression, nearly collapsing off his feet as he realizes that the sight in front of him is just an illusion. But suddenly the hologram version of Jaiden’s form begins to move, his hand coming down from his side to somehow reach out for his father.


Reaching out, for help.


And then suddenly, the entire form is gone just as quickly as it appeared. Rish is left alone in the room of the Keio Plaza, once again with more questions than answers. Once again nowhere close to finding his family, dead or alive.


However, with the hologram out of the sight of J. Rish, now a white card with blood red writing catches the eye of him. Rish walks across the carpet of his lavish hotel room, not even bothering to check out an inch of the beauty of the room, as all he is focused on is finding the truth. But as Rish takes the card within his hands, he realized that the red writing is not writing at all but a picture of an atom-in-ouroboros sign.


The Institute?


Rish contemplates the card and the meaning behind it, the world feeling like it’s coming in on him as he staggers backward a little bit, sitting down on a chair before he loses his footing. As he does so the card’s edge catches the bottom of his pointer finger, trickles of blood coming out of the small wound within seconds. Rish lets the card drop to the carpeted floor as he winces, looking down at his finger and shaking it back and forth to try to relieve the pain. But when he goes to quickly retrieve the card it is the reverse side of it that now catches his eye, as an advertisement for CWF’s Unhinged at the Tokyo Dome in Japan is portrayed across it.


Rish picks the card up, the paper cut leaving his mind as he concentrates completely on it, flipping it from side to side.


J. Rish: I have no fucking idea what any of this means, but I guess I’m making an appearance at Unhinged..


Rish says to himself, still completely unsure of what exactly is going on.



Dorian Hawkhurst (c) Vs. D.C

Jim Gunt: Big news over big news, a huge tag team title match at Unhinged and now J. Rish will be back at CWF at Unhinged in Tokyo!


Mike Rolash: And Elisha and consorts have part in what happened to his son and some other fine wrestlers, so it seems, something is very fishy here!


Jim Gunt: Yes, it will be very interesting to see how that is going to play out, but before that we have another title match happening, right here, right now!


Ray Douglas: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and it is for the Impact Championship!


“A Day to Remember” by 2nd Sucks starts to sound as DC emerges from the curtain area wearing a black and white Mythosaur skull hoodie with the hood up, looking around the arena as he walks slow to the center of the stage. Cali follows closely behind him, resting her left arm on his shoulder.


Ray Douglas: Introducing first, the challenger, weighing in tonight at two-hundred and twenty pounds. Making his way to the ring by way of Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, USA. He is D.C.!


DC kneels down to his right knee, looking at the ring from this position. He rises quickly, shouting the words "You're afraid!" along with his theme music. He then turns to Cali, as the two walk towards the ring, DC backwards, and Cali forward. Exchanging words as they do, psyching DC up.


Jim Gunt: This should be a very interesting match Mike, the brash newcomer D.C. has somehow managed to talk himself into an Impact title shot after only two matches! Meanwhile Dorian has been on fire as of late, just barely coming up short in last week's Battle Royale.


Mike Rolash: That Battle Royale wasn't even worth D.C.'s time! Why do you need a match like that when you can trash talk the champion into giving you what you want anyway.


Jim Gunt: Was it not worth his time or was D.C. just afraid he'd have to deal with the consequences of his own talk. If you ask me he's written a cheque with his mouth that I'm not sure his ass can cash.


As they near the ring, DC ascends to the turnbuckle, only now removing the hood to glance around the arena. Holding his hands up high in the air. Cali climbs into the ring, posing in the corner that DC is perched on. He turns his attention back to the ramp as "Slow Suicide" takes over the PA System.


Ray Douglas: And introducing the champion! Weighing in at two-handed eighty-seven pounds, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He is the reigning, defending Impact Champion. "The Demon of Sobriety" DORIAN HAWWWKHURRRSSSTTTT!


From behind the curtain emerges Dorian Hawkhurst, with the Impact Championship strapped proudly around his waist and a determined expression on his face. He walks straight to the ring with no fanfare, eyes locked on D.C. the entire time.


Jim Gunt: Oh my! Look at that intensity! Dorian looks like a man with a purpose here tonight!


Mike Rolash: He looks like he had one too many jelly rolls at tonight's meeting if you ask me.


Jim Gunt: That's something you would know all about isn't it Mike?


Referee Clark Summits brings both men into the center of the ring, he appears to be going over the rules of the match with them before he asks Dorian to relinquish the title. Dorian looks at the Impact Championship, then back to D.C. who hasn't taken his eyes off of him, he reluctantly kisses the belt for good luck and hands it over to Summits. The Impact Championship is held high into the air.


Mike Rolash: And that's what it's all about, here tonight. The right to call yourself the Impact Champion.


The referee hands the championship belt over to ring side and calls for the bell. Usually this would be the part where both men would be leaping at the opportunity to best the other, but instead they stand in the same positions, trading verbal jabs back and forth. Many of them are inaudible, but D.C. seems to be enjoying every last minute of it. Dorian on the other hand is getting more and more fired up.




This seems to strike a chord with D.C. and he retaliates by spitting right in the face of the Impact Champion. Dorian doesn't even wipe it off before charging in, he swings at D.C. with a nasty looking lariat! But the loud mouth ducks it just in time and rolls through, catching Hawkhurst in a quick schoolboy roll up!




It doesn't take much for Hawkhurst to kick out, he pops back up to his feet seething with anger, he turns back to look at D.C. who's pointing and laughing at him. This only angers him more and he charges at him with a full head of steam. Bad move. Once again D.C. ducks out of the way and this time sends him face first into the turnbuckle.


Jim Gunt: D.C. certainly seems to be getting under Dorian's skin here.


Mike Rolash: I love it! What a great strategy. I'm telling you. This guy is my new favorite.


Jim Gunt: We're supposed to be impartial here Rolash...


Mike Rolash: And you cheering on MJ like a fan girl is impartial? I'm allowed to be a fan, too, sometimes, Jim!


Dorian slaps the turnbuckle. He is getting fed up with D.C.'s games. He turns around only to find D.C. still laughing. He shouts at his opponent and charges in again! This time D.C. drops to the canvas and slides out of the ring, but the champion is in hot pursuit. He runs towards his challenger, but is stopped dead in his tracks when Cali Sawyer is pulled into his path. The blond trash talks the Demon of Sobriety herself as he holds his hands up apologetically. This is just the distraction that D.C. needed because from out of nowhere he comes in hot with a baseball slide that sends Dorian into the ring side barricade. Clark Summits starts his count as the newcomer drags Dorian up to his feet by his hair.






Hawkhurst finally manages to retaliate as he tackles D.C. back first into the apron. He wastes no time in throwing him back into the ring, following closely behind to break the countout.


Jim Gunt: Finally the Demon has D.C. in his grasp, maybe this match can finally get started properly.


D.C. tries to crawl away, clutching at his back but Dorian is having none of that as he lays a stiff boot into the same spot, keeping D.C. down and forcing him to roll to the ropes. Dorian however is unrelenting now that he's in control and uses the ropes as leverage to deliver another stomp. He grabs D.C. by the scruff of the neck and drags him to his feet. He drives him into the corner and delivers a stiff punch.


The Demon of Sobriety Irish whips D.C. across the ring and into the opposite corner. With a full head of steam he charges in behind and nails a big Body Avalanche that crumples the smaller man. He refuses to stop the punishment now though and instantly picks D.C. back up, only to toss him halfway across the ring with a Biel Throw!


Jim Gunt: I think D.C. is starting to regret getting under the demon's skin now! I know I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that move!


Mike Rolash: D.C.'s just letting Hawkhurst build a false sense of security, he'll get the best of him before the match is over.


Jim Gunt: I wouldn't be so sure about that Mike, look at what's happening to your guy now!


Hawkhurst has D.C. picked up like a sack of potatoes, walking around the ring showing off his impressive strength advantage, before laying him out with a Sidewalk Slam! He stays on top, hooking the leg for the cover. Clark Summits slides into position.






D.C. kicks out! Dorian isn't impressed. He drags D.C. back up to his feet and throws a knee into his guy that bends him into position. Hawkhurst picks D.C. up over his head and into position for the Avalanche Powerbomb! But D.C. slithers out, sliding down the back side of the larger opponent. He wraps his arms around Dorian's throat on the way down and locks in a Sleeper Hold!


Mike Rolash: YES! What did I tell you Jim! Never count out the resident loud mouth!! Dorian's going night night!


Hawkhurst drops to his knees as D.C. cinches in the hold. He's fading fast, but it'll take more then that to keep him down. With a burst of strength he drives himself backwards sending both men into the turnbuckle. But it's not enough to make D.C. release his grasp. He drops back down to his knees.


Jim Gunt: This could be bad news for the Impact Champion. The challenger has that move locked in tight and Hawkhurst is fading fast! He better come up with a better solution if he wants any hope of retaining here!


Mike Rolash: It's over Jim! New champion! New champion!


Dorian's outstretched arm slowly begins to drop, it doesn't look good for him. He tries to pick himself back up to his feet, but he doesn't have enough strength left in him to do it. That's when D.C. decides he's had enough, he transitions the move into a modified Swinging Neckbreaker! He goes for the cover!








Dorian someone manages to get the shoulder up and the entire arena is in disbelief! D.C. looks to Clark Summits who assures him it was only a two count.


Mike Rolash: What!? No! He had him! Why would you release the sleeper!?


Jim Gunt: I don't know what D.C.'s strategy is here but it doesn't seem to be working.


D.C. shakes his head, but doesn't dwell on it for to long because he is right back to his feet. He climbs to nearest turnbuckle perching himself on the top rope. However when he looks down Dorian has rolled out of the ring in an attempt to regroup. So he hops down onto the apron.


D.C.: HEY!


Dorian turns around right into a big soccer kick from D.C. that sends him to the floor. He keeps his momentum going and comes down on the prone Dorian with a modified cannonball type move. He rolls through the move right back to his feet and immediately back on the attack as Summits starts the countout.






D.C. has dragged Dorian back to his feet and attempts to Irish Whip him into the steel stairs, but the champion manages to reverse the move and instead sends him towards them. The agile D.C. has enough wherewithal to leap onto the stairs, though.




Jim Gunt: Impressive move from the challenger there, keeping himself away from a crash course with the unforgiving steel.


Unfortunately it doesn't last as Dorian sweeps D's legs out from under him and sends him crashing down back first on top of the stairs.




Dorian rolls back into the ring and straight back out, breaking the count. He grabs D.C. by the scruff of the neck and drags him towards the barricade. Hawkhurst bashes his opponents head against the top of the padded concrete.




He follows that up with a shoulder to the gut. And another.




He grabs D.C. in a side headlock and drags him back towards the steps, that's when Cali makes her presence felt again as she pulls on Dorian's hair. Summits is having none of it and stops his count to reprimand the woman. That's just the distraction that D.C. needs, however, as he drops to his knees and delivers an uppercut right into the Hawkhurst family jewels!


Jim Gunt: What a filthy, dirty, no-good, cheater! He should be disqualified!


Mike Rolash: It's all legal if the referee doesn't see it! Maybe he should pay more attention to the match and less attention to the girl that's clearly out of his league!


Jim Gunt: He's trying to do his job! She's interfering in the match!


Mike Rolash: I don't know what you're talking about Jim, she's just out here as a harmless spectator!


Cali points over Clark's shoulder where back in the center of the ring D.C. is making the cover on Hawkhurst after rolling him in under the ropes. Summits slides into the ring and right into position.








Mike Rolash: NEW CHAMPION!!




Hawkhurst kicks out! And D.C. is furious. He slaps the mat and tells the referee to count faster. He brings himself back to a vertical base as Dorian rolls to the ropes, trying to pull himself up. That's when D.C. comes in with a full head of steam and drops him back down with a Dropkick! He hooks the leg.






Hawkhurst kicks out. D.C. hooks the leg again!








The Impact champion kicks out again, with authority this time! Hawkhurst seems to have found his second wind. He tosses D.C. into the air with this kickout and pulls himself to his feet, the anger in his eyes shining through.


Jim Gunt: D.C. may have just bitten off more than he can chew! Dorian is ready to kick some ass!


D.C. charges in and swings with a wild closeness but Dorian side steps it and drops him neck first into the ropes. The challenger staggers backwards, right into a Flapjack! The champion isn't done yet. He leans back into the ropes and runs at full speed, hitting a Running Front Dropkick on D.C. just as he gets back to his knees! Dorian is running on a high, he pumps the crowd up before turning his attention back to D.C. stalking him as he gets back to his feet. Hawkhurst claps his hands.


Jim Gunt: The Champion looks like he's ready to put an end to this one.


Mike Rolash: It's gonna take a lot more than that to keep D.C. down!


D.C. turns around right into the polish hammer Dorian calls GETTING HAMMERED! He bounces off the ropes and Dorian kicks him in the gut, quickly he sets him up onto his shoulders and runs forward.




NO! D.C somehow manages to leapfrog over the big man. Dorian spins around quickly only for the challenger to leap into the air looking for the CHEMI-KILL! Dorian pushes him away, but D.C. uses the momentum to hit the ropes and come back running at Hawkhurst, who ducks under just in time sending D.C. over the ropes.


But he somehow hangs on instead landing feet first on the apron. Dorian lunges at him for a clothesline but instead eats boot as D.C. nails him with a rope-assisted Enzuigiri! Hawkhurst staggers back into the center of the ring.


D.C. leaps up springboards off the top rope, looking for the THIS CLOTHESLINE IS OVERRATED! But Dorian catches him, and throws him into the air. He lands a brutal looking version of the DUI! He hooks the leg as he goes for the cover.








Dorian springs to his feet, raising his arms. Clark Summits calls for the bell, this match is over!


Ray Douglas: Here is your winner, and STILL Impact Champion….DORIAN HAWKHURST!!


Dorian stands in the middle of the ring as Summits hands him the Impact Championship, he raises his arms high in victory.


Jim Gunt: That should shut up D.C. and Dorian is going into Unhinged still the champion!

Little White Noises

The CWF Tron lights up, and the scene shows the parking lot outside of the Mercedes Benz arena. The words “Sometime Earlier” line the bottom of the tron as CWF fans are still pouring into the arena to see the show, when Jace Valentine and Caledonia Highlander are spotted, apparently about to get in a confrontation.


The two former friends stand on edge, in a combative stance, just moments before their big match coming up later on tonight. Each also stands, ironically enough, holding what appears to be white pieces of paper.


Caledonia points her finger at Jace in a huff.


Caledonia: You...that's what this is all about? This note left in my locker room, it's just another one of your half-assed attempts to apologize, isn't it? You just can't stand the fact that you are wrong!


Jace Valentine: Hold on, Caledonia...


Caledonia: No! You hold on, you bastard prick, I wasn't done speaking!


Jace glances down at the concrete in silence.


Caledonia: You can't stand the fact that you were wrong. You were wronged. Ryan played you up, chewed on your soft mushy flesh and spit you out. You got played the fool, and that's what's eating you up inside. You don't care if you're the good guy or the bad guy, you just want the spotlight. You're the same damn Jace Valentine that you always have been!


Jace smirks.


Jace Valentine: Maybe you're right. Maybe I never changed. I was out for Ryan's blood from the start. Somehow things got twisted and it all went awry. I didn't want others to get caught in the middle, Caledonia. That was never my intentions. I played the game with the Institute and look at me now. I have no championship, no pride and most importantly...no allies.


Caledonia: Because you've stabbed them all in the damned back!


Jace Valentine: Again, you are right. I have regrets, Caledonia. It hurts my heart to think of the damage I've caused...to everyone.


Caledonia: Give me a damned break. It hurts your heart? Boo hoo, Jace Valentine. Eris, and the people of the Academy, they were my friends. Legitimately, sincerely, honest to goodness friends. Not pawns, not people I could manipulate to my advantage like they were to you.


Jace Valentine: I get it, I really do. I'm not here for a lecture.


Caledonia: Then what are you here for, Jace?


Jace Valentine: Honestly, I thought you might have the answer to that. Someone left a little white note in my locker room. Told me to meet them out here in the parking lot. Something about a big opportunity.


Caledonia looks puzzled.


Caledonia: An opportunity? Curious. That's what Sunset said was at stake if I were to referee his match last week. Still not sure exactly what I got out of that ordeal...other than to give you the punch in the face that was coming to you.


Caught up in the conversation, Jace and Caledonia don't notice a man in a black hood sneaking up behind them. Long arms covered in black sleeves rest themselves on the shoulders of the two combatants. The eyes of Caledonia and Jace quickly converge on the man as he lowers his hood.


Jace Valentine: Marcus?


Caledonia seems bewildered. But when the CWF interviewer pulls back one of his sleeves and reveals a cell phone in hand, the video chat mode turned on, the face on the other side of the phone completely shocks her.


Caledonia: Rish!?


J Rish: Man, am I glad to see you guys. I'm coming back to take what's mine. I've already been in discussion with Ryan, laying the groundwork for a match...


Caledonia: A match?


J Rish: Two of his representatives against two of mine. The CWF versus the SSRI. Winner take all, the stakes couldn't be higher...


Caledonia: This means...


J Rish: I want the CWF back. I want the SSRI, Sunset and all his lackeys cast out for good. I want his whole operation shut down. He says find two fighters and meet him in the ring. I want you two. Jacedonia. Calentine. Whatever you two want to call yourself.


Jace Valentine: The Insurrection...


Caledonia: The Insurrection is dead. You killed it.


J Rish: I need you guys. You need me. Let's do this together. It's the best opportunity we will get to shut Ryan down for good.


Jace Valentine: I'm in.


Caledonia: I'm... going to think about it. Oh, and Jacehole? I'll see you in the ring.


Caledonia is in a huff as she walks away. Rish clicks out of the call leaving Marcus just standing there shrugging, not knowing what to do next.



Caledonia Vs. Jace Valentine

Jim Gunt: This is becoming ever more interesting, at first J. Rish is in Tokyo getting cryptic messages and now he is coming to take back what was his!


Mike Rolash: It looks like the SSRI turmoil just has gotten even more intense and our CEO is going to have to be careful that he doesn’t lose more than he already is standing to lose...


Ray Douglas: The following match is set for one fall…


“We’ve Had Enough” by Alkaline Trio plays and a surprisingly non eccentric Jace Valentine comes out from behind the curtain, ignoring the mixed response he gets from the Chinese crowd, speeding right down the ramp. Valentine takes his robe off and hands it it to the timekeeper, taking a deep breath before entering the ring up the steps.


Ray Douglas: Introducing first, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada….JACE VALENTINE!!


“Day and Night” by Billie Piper plays and the crowd erupt as Caledonia makes her way out from behind the curtain. She has the same serious demeanor as Valentine, determined as she hurries down the ramp only clapping a couple of hands. Cali turns around to finally greet the audience after climbing up the apron, taking in the amazing atmosphere in Shanghai before turning around and entering the ring to meet Valentine.


Ray Douglas: And his opponent, from Atlanta, Georgia….CALEDONIA!!


It is clear at the sound of the starting bell that Caledonia is waging a war inside her own mind, trying to clear it of the stress of recent events and the alternating rage and suspicion towards her opponent, Jace Valentine. Valentine was braced and prepared for a sudden offensive, a mad rush from Cali. One that doesn’t eventuate. Instead the two calmly meet in the centre of the ring with a collar-and-elbow style lock up.


Mike Rolash: Cali is a lot more composed then I’d expect her to be after everything she’s been through.


Jim Gunt: Think of her like an ocean, sure she’s calm on the outside but below the surface a storm of pure chaos is brewing, waiting for the slightest opportunity to emerge.


Mike Rolash: A simple ‘Looks can be deceiving’ would have sufficed.


With a considerable weight and power advantage, Jace gains the upper-hand in their tie-up, shifting Cali into a side headlock. Caledonia struggles defiantly to break the hold, both competitors staggering backwards and pressing up against the ring ropes. Cali summons her strength to push Montreal’s Former Pride off of her but Jace maintains his vice like grip and arrests any potential momentum by taking a single knee.


Jim Gunt: Caledonia is a talented competitor, that much is without question. But I’m not sure trying to match Jace for power is the smartest strategy.


Undeterred Cali changes tactics and starts laying into the exposed sides of Jace Valentine with a series of stiff punches. All she needs is the briefest opening, the smallest slip of the hold and her harried punches achieve just that, Jace unable to maintain his grip as his body is constantly assaulted by his opponent. Caledonia finally manages to push the Jacehole off and into the ropes, Valentine rebounding back and using the added momentum, on top of his bulk to knock Cali off her feet with a textbook shoulder block. Somewhat incensed Cali stares daggers up at Jace who merely shrugs and stands in place, as if to say ‘what did you expect to happen?


Mike Rolash: Jace certainly seems to be a bit more sedate and calculating this time around. You reckon a storm is brewing beneath his surface?


Jim Gunt: From what I can gather, Jace is fighting a harrowing internal struggle. His humanity and livelihood are at stake.


Mike Rolash: Jim, you got no chill.


Jace Valentine backs away, allowing his opponent the time and space to climb back to her feet, ready to lunge back into the fray. This time as they meet for the tie-up, Cali catches Jace off guard, grabbing his arm and throwing him over with a deep Japanese style arm drag. Not an incredibly damaging move but it’s enough to debilitate the opponent. Case in point Jace is shocked as he rises, slow to refocus and defend himself, caught off guard by a high-jump dropkick from Cali…then a second…and a third.


Jim Gunt: There’s the Cali we all know and love!


The Jacehole seeks refuge in a nearby corner, but Caledonia is not willing to let up. She charges at her cornered opponent, performing a handspring as she closes the distance and transition into a back-elbow strike. Unfortunately for her Jace scampers out of the firing line. Caledonia collides bodily with the ever solid and unmoving steel corner post.


Mike Rolash: A costly misstep!


She staggers out, clearly rocked by her crash landing, easy prey for a German suplex from Jace Valentine. Instead of pressing the offensive, the conflicted Jace backs away yet again to a corner and catches his breath. As she recovers Cali eyes her opponent warily, clearly unsure of what to make of the match and Jace’s behaviour.


Jim Gunt: Cali does not want to be hoodwinked again by this individual. She’s definitely trying to size him up.


Jace runs straight at Cali. Caledonia rolls underneath the attempt at a lariat. Both competitors come bouncing off opposite sets of ring ropes and charge directly at each other. They collide in roughly the centre of the ring, their encounter proving costlier for Jace as Cali strikes as quick as a snake with the Such Is Life enzuigiri, catching her opponent stiff in the head. The Jacehole drops like a stone.


Cali claims first cover with a lateral press.


Jim Gunt: Such is Life indeed. Could this be it?






Jace gets his shoulder up!


Mike Rolash: Jim please, have some faith in Valentine. He’s a former World Champion and made from much sterner stuff.


As the Host with the Most slowly starts to climb back to his feet, Caledonia sets up for a Reverse of Polarity but Jace lifts her high up into the air, dropping her down to the ring with a fierce back drop suplex. He hoists her back up, breaking away from his usual in-ring style to take advantage of the power advantage, connecting with a folding powerbomb and holding on for a pin attempt.


Mike Rolash: Now that’s now you make a pin!








Cali kicks out!


The second Cali kicks Jace transitions into the vaunted Web of Lies submission maneuver. Caledonia is trapped in the centre of the ring, the ring ropes out of reach in all directions with a debilitating submission cinched in and wracking her back with wave after wave of intense pain.


Jim Gunt: I’m surprised Jace hasn’t started focusing all his submission techniques on her arm.

She’s only recently recovered from a serious injury.


Mike Rolash: What? You’re some wrestling expert suddenly?


Jim Gunt: Well…it’s kind of my job…


Mike Rolash (under his breath): Smug prick!


Caledonia remains stalwart, shaking her head and calling out her bold defiance in the face of the considerable pain and pressure her body is experiencing. Caledonia’s smaller frame proves advantageous as she somehow manages to pry one of her legs free, then shift and twist herself around. Using every ounce of strength she can muster in that lone limb she catches Jace right under the right ear with a vicious wild kick. Jace is rocked backwards, stumbling into the ropes.


Jim Gunt: Thankfully Cali doesn’t need the use of her arms at full strength to take the offensive. What a kick!


Clearly reeling from the effects of the submission Cali is slower to her feet, leaping up and wrapping her legs around the head of Jace for a hurricanrana. He maintains his footing and again using his power to prevent the completion of the move, lifting her up and preparing a second powerbomb. Realising the precarious position in which she finds herself, Cali unleashes a series of stiff strikes into the face of her opponent.




He falters, staggering back again and as Cali sees her intended hurricanrana to completion she torques both herself and Jace around so that both go tumbling OVER the ring ropes, falling to the harsh and unforgiving ringside floor, landing in a most unceremonious heap. Trent Robbins starts the count.








Jim Gunt: And the action spills to the outside. A dangerous place to be in.






By Robbins’ count of six Caledonia makes it to her feet, ducking in and back out to restart the count albeit with the assistance of the ring apron. She is favouring her recently injured arm, apparently falling awkwardly on it after both she and Jace fell out of the ring. She quickly ducks back in and out to restart the count then sets up for an Irish whip that will have Jace Valentine careening into the security railing perimeter that surrounds the ring.


Jim Gunt: Be mindful of the ring out count!


Valentine halts his collision course, turning to reverse the momentum but instead, lacking even the slightest hint of style or finesse uses his forearms to club Cali in the favoured arm. Understandably she cries out in pain.


Mike Rolash: There, you happy?


Jim Gunt: The day Barbra Streisand replaces you as my commentary partner is the day I am truly happy.


Mike Rolash: Really?! You’re a Streisand fan?


Seizing the opportunity Valentine grabs Cali by the arm, wrenching it in its socket then throws it straight into the outside of a nearby corner post. It is Jace’s turn to dart in and out of the ring to avoid a most disappointing double count out result to this hotly anticipated match. Not wanting to tempt fate, Jace rolls Caledonia back into the ring.


Mike Rolash: And with Jace in control, everything is as it should be.


Not something seen often, Jace climbs atop the turnbuckle motioning for Cali to hurry up and get back to her feet. The second she does, Jace hops down from the turnbuckle in front of her and springs over, as they both somersault through the air, her head being spiked onto the mat with a piledriver From Montreal With Love, courtesy of the Host with Most.


Jace hooks the leg.


Jim Gunt: What an amazing flip piledriver. Even if Cali kicks out she’ll be left with one hell of a







THRE-Cali gets a shoulder up!


Mike Rolash: How in the glorious name of St Peter did she kick out of that!


Jim Gunt: When did you become Christian?


Jace Valentine shares in Mike Rolash’s sheer disbelief, certain his signature piledriver would have easily put Caledonia away. But the English Rose refuses to give up the fight, managing to break the pin mere milliseconds before the final count of 3. Jace even has some stern words with Trent Robbins to dispute the matter. Cali doesn’t have the strength or energy in this moment to capitalize on the former World Champion’s distraction, struggling even to get back to a standing base. When Jace looks back over, after some choice words to the ref he notices Cali still struggling on the mat. Realising the perfect opportunity could fast pass him by Jace reassumes his offence with a cross armbreaker.


Jim Gunt: If Cali isn’t careful not only will she lose this match but possibly cause further injury to her arm.


Seething through gritted teeth Caledonia curses Jace, fighting back against the excruciating pain to her weakened arm, finding the fortitude to swing her body around and throw some wild punches into the gut of Jace Valentine. At first he seems unaffected, or at the very least, girding himself to weather the attacks and maintain the submission. Cali’s strikes get more frantic and desperate as she screams out, unleashing all manner of hell in punch form to the point where the referee has to intervene, throwing himself between the competitors and forcing Cali to back off.


Jim Gunt: And there’s the Storm. Cali just threw all her anger and frustration out on Jace, a much-needed vent, in that show of primal rage.


Mike Rolash: Fuck…Remind me never to piss her off…


Cali’s breathing starts to normalize and she slowly regains her composure but doesn’t allow that moment to jeopardise her offensive advantage. She advances towards Jace who catches her by surprise before she can attack, grabbing her legs and throwing her into the corner with a catapult. Cali uses her agility to land on the second turnbuckle, though not a perfect landing, she still remains unharmed.


Jim Gunt: Cali as agile as a cat!


Realisation dawns that his intended attack had not gone according to plan and as Jace turns around he is caught completely by surprise by the ever impressive Queen’s Gambit top rope spinning kick. The match had taken its toll on both competitors and yet again Cali is slow to move, practically dragging herself to her opponent and collapsing atop Jace for the pin.










Jace with HIS shoulder up.


Mike Rolash: Oh for fuck’s sake! My heart can’t take all this suspense!


Both competitors lay on their backs, staring at the ceiling of the arena and catch their breath. Together they ascend to their feet. Jace lashes out with a stiff right hand…Cali responds in kind…Back to Jace…Then Cali again…Jace rears back for yet another right hand but fakes it, catching Caledonia in the jaw with a wild left-handed swing. She is almost taken off her feet. Jace sends her bouncing off against the ropes, then kicks her in the gut, doubling her over.


Jim Gunt: Just when Cali looks to have the advantage Jace somehow pulls the rug out from under her.


Taunting to the crowd, Jace prepares for the Heartbreaker. He hooks both of Cali’s arms, but in the blink of an eye she is free, having gained a sudden second wind and in the next instance she leaps up, with one leg against Jace’s throat, the other draped around the back of the neck, forcing him down into his very own submission finisher, Cupid’s Chokehold.


Jim Gunt: Hold Up!


Jace Valentine is stunned, shocked by the suddenness in which Caledonia was able to counter and into his very own move no less. He struggles against the vicious chokehold. Despite everything that they have put each other through, Jace still has the weight advantage and is able to shift and drag both himself and Cali into a position where he can get a hand onto the ropes, forcing a break to the submission.


Mike Rolash: Jace is surely going to punish her for that balant show of disrespect.


Jim Gunt: Personally I like her style.


With his own sudden surge of action, Jace hits a spinebuster, going from a kneeling position into the ring-shaking power move in seconds flat, then grabs Cali by the ankle for the patented Valentine Vicegrip. Cali refuses to stay down, using her sense of balance to climb back to a standing position, practically hopping on one leg and tensing for another Such Is Life. Jace senses the enzuigiri and throws Cali around, spinning her by the leg then striking with another kick straight to the gut.


He sets up for the Ego Erasure.


Mike Rolash: This is it! The end has finally come for Caledonia!


Yet again Cali twists free, ducks underneath a desperate and wild lariat attempt, swinging herself around her opponent and leaping atop Valentine’s back, latching on with her very own chokehold, the Bed of Roses. Jace has little options, fast losing air with the ring ropes far out of reach, his arms flailing around like crazy.


He gives in and taps.


Jim Gunt: Valentine taps! Valentine taps! Caledonia has won it!


Ray Douglas: Your winner by submission….CALEDONIA!!

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Screams

We see Mia Rayne walking around backstage, she looks down at her bouquet of blue and purple orchids....and broccoli. She's caught up in the moment of it, but also in her other hand is the cast iron skillet. She seems to be mumbling ever so slightly to herself. A backstage tech almost bumps into her.


Tech: Oh excuse me...


Mia Rayne: MINE!


Mia rares back and swings the skillet with a sickening clang against the wall. The tech runs away quickly.


Tech: JEEZ! Sorry lady!


Mia Rayne:...Pretty pretty...They're so pretty. Just like...me? I...


Mia notices some fans walking around backstage with passes. She stops and quickly puts her back to them. Using her body to keep them away from her bouquet.


Mia Rayne: Stay away...mine...All of the pretty is mine. I deserve a pretty, don't I?


Backstage Fan: Hey! Isn't that Mia Rayne?


Mia Rayne:...Crap.


The group of young Chinese fans walk over and bow politely to Mia.


Mia Rayne: Go away...I'm a ghost. Boo!


Backstage Fan: We are very pleased to meet you. You did such a good job with your match!


Mia Rayne: Th...thank you...now can you please...


Backstage Fan: Can we take a picture?!


Mia Rayne: No...I really don't...umm...I...I...


Mia darts her eyes towards the Skillet and to the fans. She looks back and forth really quickly. Just as she is about to go frying pan frenzy on them a black opera gloved hand grabs her wrist with the skillet. She turns and see's...Ataxia. In all of his suited glory. He smiles at her with his red tooth filled grin. The fans are beside themselves happy that two superstars are there.


Ataxia: Shhh...It's okay dear. It's all part of the job.


Mia Rayne: I...


Ataxia: Ready for our first picture as a couple, dear?


Mia Rayne: ...yes.


The two hold each other's hand as the fans pose for the picture. There it is. Caught forever. Psychos in love.


As the fans bow in thanks and leave, The Shadow is coming around the corner, holding a package.


The Shadow: Mia, I have something for you.


Mia Rayne: Ooh, something for my skillet? More broccoli? Carrots?


The Shadow chuckles: No, I would not advise to try to fry this.


He hands over the package, which Mia immediately tears apart. Next we see, she unfolds a black druid’s robe.


The Shadow: Welcome to The Forsaken.


Mia Rayne jumps up and down with glee, noisily dropping her skillet, unsure, if she should go hug The Shadow or not…



Duce Jones & Nerezza Vs. The Forsaken (Ataxia & The Shadow)

Mike Rolash (shuddering): Ugh, this is getting weirder, too, how can people like this claim to be in love?


Jim Gunt: Aaaw, Mikey, haven’t gotten any in a while? Anyways, next up we have one of those matches that some people will ask why it was put together to begin with, especially since it has four of the five entrants of the Unhinged Briefcase Triple cage match in it.


Mike Rolash: The Forsaken are back in action, it’s been a while, and on the other side of the ring will be Duce Jones‘ alter ego Byson Kaliban and Nerezza, who both have qualified for that match at the PPV and just met two weeks ago at Evolution in Delhi, so there are several questions coming up about the alliance between the latter and also if there would be apprehension to give away too much or risk an injury prior to the big match in two weeks’ time.


Jim Gunt: Mr. Douglas is ready in the ring, so I guess we better shut up and hand it over to him!


Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, the next match is a tag team match. First to the ring - hailing from Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA - former CWF world heavyweight champion - BYSON KALIBAN!


The lights in the arena dim, as orange strobe lights move all across the venue. "Smiling Faces" by Kevin Gates is blasting throughout the PA system as Byson walks out onto the stage. The fans are not quite sure what to make of the Duce that is not Duce as he stands there and surveys the crowd. He then strolls down to the ring, ignoring the few hands that are stretched out, but goes straight for the ring where hops onto the apron and climbs inside. He sprints to the nearest corner and climbs to the second rope and begins looking into the crowd once again.


Then suddenly the opening symphonic, ominous keyboards of Dimmu Borgir's "Progenies of the Great Apocalypse" start to play and a blood red graphic of the all-seeing eye appears on the tron. The lights dim and fog begins to roll out from behind the curtain, bathed in bloodred lights.


Ray Douglas: And his partner, hailing from - I’m not sure we really want to know - Nerezza!


As Shagrath's hoarse rasps set in together with the both harsh yet lush melodic black metal sound, a monster of a man steps out, almost 7 feet tall, 300 lbs, clad in black pants and a black top with the same all-seeing eye emblazoned on it. The fans do not really know what to make of it until the words "Nerezza" roll across the tron and they gasp, remembering the name, but the looks on their faces are even more shocked when the big man steps forward into the light to reveal his face. Shock and awe show upon their faces as the monster formerly known as Hodge makes his way to the ring.


Jim Gunt: You can think about Nerezza whatever you want, he IS an impressive sight to behold…


The lights go out in the arena. The opening choir of “O Fortuna” of Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana” begins to sound. Then as the low chanting choir sets in, flames begin to flicker on the CWF tron, fog wafting up from the stage and the entrance. Then images of someone running through a forest with the pale rays of the moon the only light filtering through. Three hooded figures slowly walk out, partially obscured by the fog. The choir rises in intensity and the flames that at first were visible on the tron suddenly shoot up along the ramp and the three figures slowly make their way down to and into the ring. They take position in the ring next to each other and the fire and tron go black until the song explodes into its crescendo, four flames shoot up from the ringposts, casting their eerie glow at the unmoving figures in the ring.


Mike Rolash: Wait, why are there three of them? Isn’t this The Shadow and Ataxia?


Jim Gunt: You really don’t pay attention to anything, do you? I know who that third person is, and probably the rest of the world as well, but let’s wait and see, when you will find out.


As the lights go back on, the three figures push back their hoods, revealing The Shadow, Ataxia and Mia Rayne, the latest addition to the Forsaken circle. A group of Bagheads is in the audience, all of them sporting the same tuxedo, gloves and masks, holding up a sign “We are the Ataxiarmy!”


Mike Rolash: Oh, it is Mia!!


Jim Gunt: You would have thought when she got the black rose and they were talking about a forsaken future was clear enough… Or when they gave her the freaking robe earlier!?!


Mike Rolash: Geez, are you in your time of the month or what?


Byson starts in the ring against Ataxia, raising his hand for a traditional lock-up to kick things off, but instead of taking the challenge, Ataxia comes closer, grabbing the hand and inspecting it as if there was something odd about it. Frustrated Byson yanks his hand away from the Messiah Pariah, who just starts to laugh maniacally.


Jim Gunt: And the mind games have already begun!


Byson charges at Ataxia, taking him by surprise, ramming him all the way back into the ring corner. He does not waste any time by holding on to his opponent’s hands, letting himself fall back and flip Ataxia right over him. Immediately he kips up and bring the rising masked maniac back down with an arm drag, locking him into an arm bar.


Mike Rolash: Looks like these particular mind games are backfiring right now.


Byson pulls Ataxia over towards his corner and tags in Nerezza, who immediately takes over Ataxia’s arm, trying to hyperextend it to the point of breaking. Ataxia screams out in pain and The Shadow comes in to break the hold before any bigger damage is done. As he gets his expected reprimand by Big Denny Davidson, Nerezza lifts Ataxia up over his head and just throws him across the ring, landing in the ropes before bouncing out of the ring. He immediately goes after his opponent, but suddenly The Shadow jumps onto the top rope and right off again!


Jim Gunt: Here comes the HAMMER OF DOOM!


Nerezza has no idea that The Shadow is on his way down as he bends down to pick up Ataxia, so when the fist hits him right at the base of the neck, he crumples down like a fallen tree, unfortunately right onto Ataxia.


Mike Rolash: He is not the legal man!


Jim Gunt: Yes, he is, he tagged himself in as Ataxia was flying by!


Mike Rolash: I’ll be damned…


The Shadow pushes Nerezza over on his back in an effort to recover his fellow Forsaken and pulls Ataxia to safety, leaving him with Mia as he shifts his focus back to Nerezza. As the referee is beginning to count them out…






...The Shadow goes on the apron and leaps off with a stiff elbow drop to the chest of the monster.






The Shadow tries to bring Nerezza to his feet to get him back into the ring, but the sheer dead weight of the former Hodge proves to be a problem, so he goes back onto the apron to go for another aerial manoeuvre.


Jim Gunt: If you can’t lift him, incapacitate him to the point he can’t get back into the ring, good strategy!


Mike Rolash: And here comes the problem with the plan!


Byson is coming to his partner’s aid and rams his shoulder into The Shadow’s back with full force, sending him across Nerezza right into the barricade, leaving both legal contenders on the floor outside of the ring. Byson’s attack stopped the countout, but not for long.






Ataxia has recovered enough to scurry over and get The Shadow back up and running, while Byson seems unsure what to do with Nerezza.






Nerezza begins to stir while The Shadow is back on his feet, however unsteady. Ataxia helps his fellow Forsaken back into the ring, effectively restarting the count, as Nerezza gets back upright with the help of the apron. The Shadow tags Ataxia back in and the Masked Menace walks over to Byson, who is ready to defend himself, but instead he motions for Kaliban to follow him.


Jim Gunt: What is happening now?


Mike Rolash: They are pulling Nerezza back in the ring! Is he nuts?


Jim Gunt: We’re talking about Ataxia here.


Mike Rolash: OK, you’ve got me.


Together they pull Nerezza back into the ring and Ataxia shoos Byson back out of the ring. As Nerezza stands back up, Ataxia is right next to him.


Ataxia: Are you feeling ok now?


Nerezza nods, gives his head a shake to clear the cobwebs and next thing he sees is Ataxia’s boot coming straight for his face, knocking him back into the ropes. It is obvious that he did not like this and charges at Ataxia like a mad bull, with the tuxedoed man easily side-stepping his challenger. Nerezza comes in for a second time, even more furious, but to the same result.


Mike Rolash: He is playing with fire there…


Suddenly Ataxia holds up his finger to have Nerezza wait for a moment and seemingly looks for something in the pocket of his jacket. He pulls out a red piece of fabric and takes up a position like a torero.


Jim Gunt: This is not going to end well…


Mike Rolash: Hey, I heard that line before!


Nerezza literally sees red and letting out a mighty roar runs at Ataxia again, but he is coming in too fast for Ataxia to evade and Nerezza SPEARS ATAXIA THROUGH THE ROPES ONTO THE COMMENTATOR DESK!


Jim Gunt: Dear God!


Ataxia (coughs): Frands… Don't poke zi bull...


Mike Rolash: How are you still alive?


A screech makes Nerezza turn around and he sees Mia flying around the corner.




As she jumps at him, he just grabs her around the throat and throws her away like a doll before taking Ataxia by his mask and dragging him back into the ring. He lifts him up by the head and Byson yells at him to tag him in.


Nerezza: He is mine!


Byson sighs and makes the tagging motion, points at both him and Nerezza and another tagging motion to indicate that they can do quick tags for double moves and Nerezza reluctantly holds out his hand. Byson comes through the ropes and while Nerezza is holding Ataxia, Byson turns the burlap mask sideways just enough for Ataxia to be blinded. He follows it through with a kick to the gut and as soon as Nerezza lets go, whips him into the ropes. Disoriented, Ataxia is trying to re-adjust his mask, but not fast enough to avoid the spear of Byson that almost breaks him in half.


Jim Gunt: I was surprised that nobody had tried that mask turning trick before!


Mike Rolash: You know what, Jim, I would never have thought I’d say that, but...you’re right!


Jim Gunt: …


Meanwhile in the ring Ataxia is being dragged into the corner by Byson Kaliban, where Nerezza is chomping at the bits to come back in. After the tag Byson lifts Ataxia on his shoulders and Nerezza just picks him up by the head, starting to turn around, with Ataxia’s body wildly rotating through the ring. As he picks up momentum, he begins to move a bit through the ring, Byson can barely avoid Ataxia’s legs before Nerezza takes a few steps back and almost takes out The Shadow in the process.


Jim Gunt: Looks like The Shadow is trying to read the speed of Nerezza’s rotations!


Mike Rolash: Nah, I think he’s just getting hypnotized.


The Shadow is crouched down and gets himself in sync with Ataxia’s legs flying through and then suddenly stands up and gives Ataxia what appears to be a hard slap on the rear.


Mike Rolash: What the hell? A ring is not the place for-


Jim Gunt: He tagged himself in, Mike!


Mike Rolash: What happened to just slapping hands, for God’s sakes!


Avoiding his partner, The Shadow slides through the ropes and after going into a whipping he delivers the HAMMER OF THE GODS right into Nerezza’s midsection, sending the big man to the mat and Ataxia over the ropes.


Ataxia: Weeee! Ow!


Nerezza is quick on his feet, forcing The Shadow into a defensive stance. The Weaver of Dreams is trying to lure Nerezza into making the first move and after a little taunting, TWFKAHH (The Wrestler Formerly Known as Harley Hodge) takes a run, but The Shadow moves out of the way. Byson taps Nerezza on the shoulder to tag himself in and avoid the big man to lose his cool again, which does not help Nerezza’s mood, but he reluctantly exits the ring.


He fakes a run into The Shadow and as his opponent tries to dodge, he swerves to the side, letting himself fall into the ropes and on the rebound nails The Shadow with a FLYING FOREARM out of nowhere!


Mike Rolash: Whoa, that was a neat move!


The Shadow is not down, though, holding himself up by the top rope, and as Kaliban comes back to his feet, he goes for a lightning-fast STEP-UP ENZUIGIRI, sending Byson straight back down to the mat. A quick leg sweep brings The Shadow down as well, followed by an elbow to his face. The black-clad man rolls away, but Byson stays on him, dragging him back to his feet and whipping him into the ropes. SHOULDER BLOCK!


Jim Gunt: Did someone put this on fast forward?


Again Byson pulls The Shadow up, but suddenly finds himself in a roll up!








Mark Rolash: Hard to believe that this is the first pin attempt!


Byson goes for another whip into the ropes for The Shadow, but he ducks under Kaliban’s clothesline and coming off the other set of ropes goes for a RUNNING DROP KICK that sends Byson down hard. STANDING SENTON!


Jim Gunt: Yes, these two are definitely kicking this up a notch!


As he pulls up Byson, Duce’s alter ego picks up The Shadow into a fireman’s carry and sends him hard into the mat, following it up with quick knee drops to the head and chest of his opponent. He brings The Shadow back to his feet and whips him into the ropes once more - no, REVERSAL! Back body drop by The Shadow, but Byson lands on his feet and pushes The Shadow forward into the ropes! The Forsaken holds onto the ropes and Byson falls back into the ring. Immediately he jumps onto the middle rope for a springboard body splash that Kaliban catches and reverses into fallaway slam!


Mike Rolash: Amazing that they still have the energy!


Byson makes a move towards The Shadow, but Nerezza is getting visibly (and audibly) angry about having been on the sidelines for a while now, so in an attempt to keep peace he tags in the big man again, who does not waste any time and closes in on The Shadow. A shoulder into the stomach slows down his progress, though, as does the DDT that the head of the druids executes. Nerezza does not show any reaction to it, though, but comes straight up and grabs The Shadow, his face distorted in seething rage.


Mike Rolash: Now he made it mad…


He whips The Shadow into the ropes with almost superhuman strength and on the rebound he grabs The Shadow and launches him over the ropes and the barricade into the fans!


Jim Gunt: Oh my God, just like Duce last week!


Mike Rolash: He’s dead…


The Shadow goes down hard among fans and chairs, disappearing from view. Suddenly Ataxia lets out a whistle and the group of bag wearing Ataxia fans runs over, picks up The Shadow and crowdsurfs him back to the barricade.


Jim Gunt: Now I’ve seen it all…






Ataxia immediately brings The Shadow to his feet, shaky, but but other than that seemingly unscathed.






The Shadow rolls back into the ring, but Nerezza already is waiting for him. He drags him too his feet by his hair and picks him up for a powerslam, but the Dark One manages to wriggle his way behind the former Harley and falling over with an outstretched arm, tagging Ataxia in before rolling out of the ring and off the apron.


Jim Gunt: The Shadow barely manages to get his partner back in, but Nerezza looks like an unstoppable force!


Mike Rolash: Maybe he should take Tyler’s place…


Ataxia carefully steps through the ropes, keeping an eye on Nerezza, but the big man is surprising him by taking a quick run-up, grabbing Ataxia’s head, screaming right into his face and hitting him with one headbutt after the other.




Denny Davidson, is trying to stop Nerezza, but it takes him 10 headbutts before he can separate the two men. Ataxia staggers back into the ropes and Nerezza moves right back in. More by instinct than plan, Ataxia brings up his legs and pushes with all his might, sending Nerezza into the centre of the ring, off balance. He quickly moves forward, going for a shoulder block, but Nerezza just stands his ground and immediately picks Ataxia up, then running at the ropes and sending Ataxia flying outside of the ring.


Jim Gunt: Get up, Mike!


Mike Rolash: Say wh-


Ataxia slams into their table for a second time, but this time it gives out and collapses under the sheer impact of the Masked Menace hitting it, taking Mike Rolash out in the process. With a wicked laugh Nerezza follows him out and throws him back into the squared circle and slings Ataxia over his shoulder.


Mike Rolash: This is not going to end well…


He backs into one of the corners of the ring, makes a running dash and then slips upon one knee while flipping Ataxia over and smashing the top of his head onto his other, bent, knee with the GRAVITY EYELIDS! Ataxia springs back up to his feet, much to Nerezza’s (and everybody else’s) surprise.


Ataxia: That was...unpleasant…


And falls to the mat like a log. Nerezza goes in for the cover.








Ray Douglas: And the winners are Byson Kaliban and Nereeeezzzaaa!


Jim Gunt: I really do not see anybody stopping this man any time soon!


Mike Rolash: No, this was an impressive showing! But The Forsaken did show some very nice teamwork that did cause Nerezza some problems.


Jim Gunt: Yes, they showed that he is not invulnerable, but look at what price - The Shadow got

some frequent flyer miles and Ataxia has got his bell rung big time!


Byson and Nerezza make their way up the ramp separately, with Kaliban making sure to stay out of Nerezza’s way. In the ring, The Shadow and Mia are bringing Ataxia back to his feet, who is understandably holding his head. Mia is supporting Ataxia and as them and The Shadow stand across from each other, they point at each other and the lights flicker off.


Mike Rolash: Not again…


The lights come back on and the ring is empty…


Mike Rolash: I hate it when they do that...

The Greatest Show In The History of The Business

“Hello Timebomb” hits, and the respectful Chinese fans immediately let out an excited response... until their hopes are dashed when none other than Shane Donovan appears on the entrance ramp. The Man Made Monster stands in place for a moment, wearing his custom title belt jacket and a brace on the same knee he struck Jarvis in all those weeks ago, but otherwise dressed in the same ring gear favored by the CWF legend.


Mike Rolash: Thank God it’s not Jarvis!


Jim Gunt: Well, Jarvis King is still on the mend, ladies and gentlemen, but here comes the Man Made Monster, Shane Donovan.


Ray Douglas: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome at this time….Shane Donovan!!


Shane grins as the announcement is made, and he makes his way down to the ring, snatching a “Jarvis Rules!” sign from a fan and ripping it in half before he gets to the ring, sliding into it and calling for a stage hand to give him a mic.


Shane Donovan: Hello and welcome to the greatest show in the history of this business... the one starring me! I’m so glad you could all join me in this, as I’m sure you’re all excited to see a true—


The man’s comments are cut off as he seemingly plants his leg wrong and he doubles over in pain, grabbing at the braced knee.


Shane Donovan: Oh, woe is me! Someone get a medic out here, I can’t continue! Sorry fans, your hero is just too hurt...


Mike Rolash: Oh no! Shane! Are you alright?


Jim Gunt: Oh my god, would you stop?


As Shane speaks two paramedics come out with a stabilizing board to carry the man out on. The two men go to check on Shane, but the dastardly Man Made Monster drills the first one in the face, knocking him over.


Mike Rolash: Oh, thank goodness!


Shane then pops to his feet, grabbing the other paramedic by his shirt and belt and sending him soaring over the top rope before he stops to drink in the chorus of boos, picking the mic back up.


Shane Donovan: Sorry folks, I had forgotten that I’m not a coward who hides behind something like a bum knee.


As he speaks. He walks over to the paramedic he had punched, stomping on the poor man to keep him down as he continues.


Shane Donovan: All I’m looking for, Jarvis, is for you to come out and talk to me face to face. Stop hiding behind your problems. All I did was bash your knee in! I didn’t even get to finish with the eyes!


Shane stomps the medic once more before he picks up the stabilizing board and carries it over to the corner, draping it across the ropes and making sure it looks just right before a wicked smile crosses his face as he looks back to the medic.


Shane Donovan: The longer you stay the coward Jarvis... the more collateral damage there’s going to be. Man up and see me eye to eye... and things like this don’t need to happen.


With that, Shane drops the mic, and grabs the medic by the shirt to jerk him up to a vertical basis. Donovan grabs the paramedic by the waist and lifts him over his head... clearly looking to powerbomb the poor guy through the stabilizing board.


Jim Gunt: This is too damn much!


Mike Rolash: Well, you heard Shane; all Jarvis has to do is show up and stop him.


Jim Gunt: Stop it, Mike – this paramedic has nothing to do with what’s going on, and…hey!


The crowd’s boos quickly change from boos to cheers, as a figure slides into the ring at the corner opposite Shane! The man drops the hood from his sweatshirt to reveal none other than Jumpin’ Jack King! The eldest King rushes across the ring and executes an expertly placed chop-block to Donovan’s left knee, causing him to buckle and fall backwards.


The paramedic falls harmlessly to the side and quickly rolls out of the ring as Jack gets on top of Shane, raining down rapid-fire right hands on The Man Made Monster’s forehead as Donovan scrapes and struggles to get out of King’s grasp. He eventually manages to clamber out of the ring. Grabbing the microphone that Shane had dropped just moments earlier, Jack leans over the top rope and addresses Donovan as he scampers backwards up the ramp.


Jack King: You wanna talk about a coward, Shane? You look like a deadbeat dad whose alimony check just bounced! You’re lookin’ for a fight? How’s about this – I just now signed a one-night contract with the CWF.


The Chinese crowd comes alight at the proposition, as Shane manages to get to his feet. He checks at his lip to see if it’s bleeding as Jack paces back and forth in the ring like a caged animal.


Jack King: That’s right. One night; one match…and it seems to me that I wrestled a lot of different dates throughout my career, but I never, ever did wrestle on pay per view. So why don’t we change that? You’re lookin’ for a fight? Unhinged, April 14th…Why don’t you fight me?!


The crowd comes alight, and Shane, perhaps a bit of fear in his eyes betraying the smirk on his face, nods his approval.


Jim Gunt: Wow! Jack King returns to the ring April 14th on pay per view against Shane Donovan!!


Mike Rolash: When’s Jarvis King gonna let people stop fighting his battles for him, though?

Mariella Jade Flair © Vs. Jay “Marksman” Mora

Jim Gunt: They are family, Mike, they stick together, especially after having been so cowardly attacked! But aside from that, what a night so far, Mike! And we're not even finished! That was the appetizer to the upcoming main course!


Mike Rolash: Main course is right, and we're gonna see Jay Mora eat MJ Flair alive!


Jim Gunt: ...


Mike Rolash: ...


Jim Gunt: You didn't think that one through, did you?


Mike Rolash: I did not.


CUE UP: "Mosh (Instrumental)" by Eminem.


Jim Gunt: Take a look at the Marksman, Mike! You think he's ready for this?


Mike Rolash: He's been ready for this since the Modern Warfare tournament, Jim! And he told us exactly what would happen if he lost that second round match - he would obsess over it and make Flair pay for the victory.


Jim Gunt: He certainly did, though who could've guessed that he'd choose the moment that MJ Flair won the CWF World Title?


Mike Rolash: I know! You'd think he'd've stopped that from happening altogether.


Jim Gunt: This crowd still not sure what to make of the Marksman, but the way he's glaring at them, he's not making any friends! Of course, his comments earlier in the night likely didn't help.


Mike Rolash: He's not here to make friends, Jim - he's here to send a message to the Champion.


CUE UP: "Apex Predator" by OTEP.


Jim Gunt: And here comes the Champion! The fans are cheering for her, they clearly appreciate her comments from earlier, as opposed to the Marksman. The Champ is also apparently reaching out to the sparse number of girls in the audience for a high five or a fistbump.


Mike Rolash: Pandering at its finest.


Jim Gunt: Perhaps, but Flair has been consistently outspoken in her support for womens' equality in the field of athletics, particularly professional wrestling. We've seen the change in Tara Robinson tonight, at the very least - and you can bet she's picking her targets with a keen eye.


Mike Rolash: After the Marksman is done with her, she'll be waiting a few weeks before she can even open her keen eyes again.


Jim Gunt: Flair climbs to the top turnbuckle from the floor, like we've seen her do so many times before, and she locks eyes with Jay Mora!


Mike Rolash: I know you want to push her, Jay - but don't! We already lost our table tonight, we can't catch her! Please wait until she's on the other side of the ring!


Ray Douglas: This next contest is your MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING, and it is a non-title match scheduled for one fall, with a sixty minute time limit! Introducing first... from Chicago, Illinois, USA... weighing in at two hundred fifteen pounds... THE MARKSMAN... JAAAAAAAAAY.... MORAAAAAAAAA!!!!


Jim Gunt: These fans voice their displeasure, but clearly, Mora doesn't care!


Mike Rolash: Would you?


Ray Douglas: And his opponent... from Warwick, New York, USA... weighing in at one hundred and thirty one pounds... the CWF Heavyweight Champion of the WOOOOOORLD... EMM... JAY... FLAIR!!!!!


Jim Gunt: MJ hands the belt to Ray Douglas as he leaves the ring, and there's the bell! This one is underway!


Mike Rolash: How long do you think the little girl can last?


Jim Gunt: Don't forget, she's defeated some of the heaviest of hitters in the CWF so far, Mike - including the man in the ring with her!


Both athletes circle each other, neither willing to make the first move (and thus, the first mistake). MJ steps forward but pulls back; Marksman goes for a single leg dive but returns to a defensive position as MJ pulls her leg away.


Jim Gunt: These two athletes entered the CWF at the same time: for the Modern Warfare tournament. While they had varying levels of success in the tournament itself; Marksman was eliminated in the second round by MJ herself, and MJ was eliminated by eventual winner Jace Valentine in the bracket finals, they've both gone on to make their mark here. Jay Mora was crowned the CWF Paramount Champion in the Modern Warfare battle royal, and of course, lost the title to Christian STARR at Confliction, and as we well know, MJ Flair won the CWF World Title at that same event.


Mike Rolash: Was that history lesson punishment for my not slapping you already, or do you think anyone watching didn't already know?


Jim Gunt: ...


The two finally move towards each other and lock up, and Mora uses his height and weight advantage to back Flair into the corner. The referee is on the spot counting, and Marksman backs up at four - Open handed slap to MJ's face! The fans boo like crazy!


Mike Rolash: That's what you get, you bitch!


Jim Gunt: MJ SPITS IN HIS FACE! Marksman with a right hand! MJ DUCKS HIM!


Now, the fans are really getting into it as Mora barely misses bouncing his fist off the ringpost, and, ducking around him, MJ hooks Mora around the waist and takes him down with a belly to back suplex! She releases on impact and rolls over for the cover!








Jim Gunt: Marksman still with a lot of fight in him!


Mike Rolash: A match against an undeserving champion? You can bet he's gonna hold on until the end.


Before Marksman can get to his feet on his one, MJ hooks his head and pulls him up, his neck compressed under her arm. She is clearly cutting off his air, and the referee moves in to break it up when she suddenly lifts him up for a vertical suplex. Another cover, another two count!


Mike Rolash: I hate her.


Jim Gunt: I know.


She scoops him again, but Mora surprises her with a forearm to the face! The Champ staggers backwards, and Mora floors her with a clothesline! Cover!




TWO KICKOUT! She's still well into this one!


Jim Gunt: Mora with a scoop, and a pair of fists to the face! He's got Flair rocked, and he hits her again, sending her into the corner!


Mora stops to showboat - he raises his arms in victory before a final punch to the face, and a cross - corner whip! He runs after Flair and crushes her against the opposite corner with a clothesline, and she slumps!


Mike Rolash: What did I say?


Jim Gunt: Say it to MJ, and I'll be impressed.


Without a moment's hesitation, the Marksman moves in on the Champion and whips her across the ring again... MJ blocks him and reverses - Mora holds on and re-reverses!




Mike Rolash: Disqualify her!


Jim Gunt: It was clearly unintentional, Mike!


While MJ is dazed, Marksman sees what just happened, and immediately grabs MJ by the hair with both hands. He pulls hard and she is pulled backwards to the mat, where he immediately drops his heel on her stomach, folding her up.


Jim Gunt: Marksman taking advantage of the downed referee to punish the Champion!


Mike Rolash: She loves it, dirty bird.


MJ still dazed, Marksman takes the opportunity to drag MJ by the hair over to the ring apron, where he subsequently drops to the floor and drops an elbow on her neck, causing her to gasp for air. He ignores the boos, and walks in front of the commentary team.


Mike Rolash: I feel exposed. Do you feel exposed?


Jim Gunt: You have problems.


In front of the duo, Jay Mora pulls the protective mat off the concrete floor, drawing an audible gasp from the crowd. He pulls MJ off the apron, sets her up... and powerbombs her on the floor with a sick THUD.


Jim Gunt: GOOD LORD!




Jim Gunt: These fans did not appreciate that!


Mike Rolash: My guess is Flair appreciated it less.


As MJ rolls to her side, Marksman steps over her and retrieves the CWF World Title belt from the commentary table, over the protests of Ray Douglas. Mora takes aim, and he waits. MJ slowly pushes up to her knees...


Jim Gunt: MORA WITH THE BELT TO THE FACE! I think MJ is busted open!


Mike Rolash: Chicks who bleed are gross.


Jim Gunt: DUDE.


Mora drops the belt in front of its owner and returns to the timekeeper's table, where he folds a chair and, still taking his time, taunts the crowd with it. They boo, viciously, while MJ rolls to her knees and her hand tentatively reaches her title belt. She looks up, blood streaming from her forehead, and her free hand curls into a fist.


Jim Gunt: MJ needs to move, because Marksman is stalking her with that chair!


Mike Rolash: That's why she doesn't need to move.


Jim Gunt: Mora raises that chair - MJ WITH A LOW BLOW!


Mike Rolash: Disqualify her!


Jim Gunt: The referee is down, Mike!


The force of MJ's fist into Mora's groin causes him to drop his chair and double over. She springs to her feet, hooks him, and drops him headfirst on the exposed floor with a DDT!


Jim Gunt: That might be enough to turn the tide, though MJ landed on her back on the concrete again!


Mike Rolash: She's in better shape than Marksman, though, at least she's moving a bit.


It's true. Marksman is unmoving on the ground, aside from the swell of his breath. MJ has the palms of her hands pressing into her eyes, but she's much more active. MJ rolls to her knees, but instead of continuing the attack on Mora, she picks up the title belt, folds it gently, and returns it to the timekeeper's table.


Mike Rolash: That time waste is gonna cost her.


Jim Gunt: It's possible, Jay Mora is already stirring. FLAIR WITH A BOOT TO THE FACE! Another!


She continues to kick the Marksman, with a ferocity that seems to go beyond the general animosity that these two have shown each other. Every time Mora moves, another kick. After nearly a dozen, MJ pulls him to his feet and sends him face first into the ringpost with a clang!


Mike Rolash: That may be a mistake.


Jim Gunt: I don't know about that, Mike - the referee is still out, and after all, Mora started it.


Mike Rolash: I don't mean that, I mean - he was out on his back, and now he might be dazed, but he's on his feet, Jim.


It's true. Mora falls to a knee, but he's on a mostly vertical base, which is an improvement over where he was last. MJ grabs him by the back of the neck and sends him back into the ring, followed directly by the chair that Mora had previously grabbed.


Jim Gunt: Good move on her part, she can't pin her opponent outside the ring!


Mike Rolash: But without a referee, it's a moot point.


The referee is showing some signs of movement, but he is still nowhere near in this match. Flair sets the chair up in the middle of the ring and pulls Mora to his feet, whipping him into the ropes. She grabs him on the rebound and drops him with a spinebuster on the chair, bending the seat backwards!


Jim Gunt: MJ with the cover, but the referee is still out of it! She gets up to try and pull his head back into the game, but I think he's gonna need another minute or so!


Mike Rolash: Keep it up, chickadee... you're giving the Marksman time to recover!


She certainly is. He's already rolling to his elbows and knees to try and get himself pushed back up to a vertical base, but MJ hears him and turns around! She grabs the chair before he can, folds it up as best she can, and tees off with a hard baseball swing to the back! Mora falls back down to his hands and knees, while MJ circles, like a shark in blood - soaked waters, and cracks him right in the face!




Jim Gunt: Wait, what?


The referee is on his knees, still gesturing to the timekeeper. He pulls himself up as best he can and shouts something towards Ray Douglas.


Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match, as the result of a disqualification... JAY--


He says the rest of Marksman's name, but it's drowned out by the boos. MJ Flair immediately drops the chair and gets in the referee's face, arguing his decision, telling him exactly what has taken place so far in the match and how, in her opinion, Mora technically started it.


Mike Rolash: Here's the deal, Gunt. Both of these two broke the rules; Flair was just dumb enough to do it in front of the referee. BUT! You know what?


Jim Gunt: What?




Either Mora realizes this on his own, or he hears Mike Rolash's explosion of giddy, but the look on his face moves from dazed to angry to ecstatic, all in about ten seconds. Even as Ray Douglas hands MJ her championship belt, Marksman demands a microphone.


Jay Mora: So that's your game, Flair? I can scrap with you as much as you want and more than you want... but you just proved the only way you can get one over on me is with a fuckin' chair. Hey - Summits.


He points at the referee.


Jay Mora: Raise my fucking hand.


Reluctantly, the referee does so. Technically, he did win the match.


Jay Mora: So now that you've shown your hand, Flair... and now that I've beaten you... I want my title shot, and I want it at Unhinged.


The fans boo at the demand.


Jay Mora: But I don't want you to escape with that belt again through cheap-ass use of a chair, so I want a stipulation added to it, that if you get disqualified - you lose the title.


Mora drops the microphone on the mat and gestures ‘Bring it' to the Champion. The microphone rolls towards her, and she picks it up.


MJF: You want a title shot, Stupid? You've got it.


The fans cheer at her acceptance.


MJF: But if you wanna take my title on a DQ... fuck you. You want a title shot, the belt ain't gonna change hands on a disqualification...


She wipes the blood from her face and flicks it on Mora, who flinches.


MJF: You want a title shot in Tokyo? No countout. No disqualification. No time limits. No excuses.


Jim Gunt: What a challenge!


Mike Rolash: Does this bitch really think she can hang?


The fans cheer at MJ's demand, and the Champion smirks.


MJF: So bring your tiny balls to Unhinged, Marksman… and I’ll hand ‘em to ya.


MJ drops the microphone and spits on the mat in front of Mora, who laughs. Staring at her, he picks up the chair, sliding it back at her feet. Still on his knees he smiles at her, holding his hands up and daring her to strike again. The crowd builds up their approval for MJ as she stares at the chair. She locks eyes with the Marksman, but remains stoically in place.


Jim Gunt: Jay Mora is daring MJ to hit him again!


Mike Rolash: Yeah, cause he knows she can't use anything else to hurt him!


Before MJ can take any other action, she is blind sided from behind with a... CHEMI-KILL! The camera zooms out to see the looming figure of D.C. in gear and a hoodie pulled up standing above the champion!




The fans are stunned, and Mora looks confused, making it to one knee. D.C. hovers over the champion, staring at her, and he begins to stomp on her fallen body. Mora stands, not willing to look a gift horse in the mouth and joins DC!




Mike Rolash: Isn't it obvious Gunty?


Jim Gunt: NO!


The fans are booing the two loudly. The referee tries to break up the stomping, pushing DC back against the ropes, but Cali Sawyer emerges from the crowd, yelling at the referee. As the ref leans out of the ropes to yell at Cali, she punches him on the side of the head, and he topples out of the ring through the ropes.


Jim Gunt: What is she doing!? These two have no business being out here! And now they are assaulting personnel!


Mike Rolash: They came to help the future NEW Champion. Smartest thing they've done!


Cali climbs into the ring, checking DC. Jay steps back, still a little confused, sweaty, and breathing from possibly bruised ribs. DC turns his attention back to the champion, who begins to roll out of the ring. DC tries to get a few more kicks in, sending the chair out at her with a kick. It is now just him and the newly named number one contender. DC and Mora stare each other down, and the crowd boos loudly as DC nods to him with a smile.


Jim Gunt: These two had this planned out! They suckered MJ into this!


Mora nods back to the invader, and D... stops smiling. Reaching to the top of the zipper of his hoodie, he unzips it, revealing underneath it, a shirt with big red letters...




Jim Gunt: Wait a minute...


Mike Rolash: HEY! WATCH OUT! JAY!


The crowd bursts out again as Mora is blindsided from behind now! Christian Starr has emerged from the crowd as well, wearing the same shirt as D.C.. The two men begin to stomp and pummel the Marksman with fists and kicks. More referees and security come from the stage, sliding into the ring and breaking it up. Mora, manages to snake his way out. DC and Starr go crazy in the ring, swinging at everyone! The crowd is a mix of cheers and boos.






Allison Hollywood and Payne now emerge, chasing after Mora who slowly climbs over the barricade, slumping to his hands and knees as he escapes. Payne stares at him, making sure he doesn't try anything. But Mora seems content to just stay back. MJ begins to move on the far side of the ring. Allison starts to make her way around the ring area, coming to the announce table, clearly wanting to have a word.


Jim Gunt: WHAT??


Allison begins screaming, but the fans are booing at the spectacle as DC and Starr lean against the ropes, yelling at officials and the commentators.. Cali Sawyer makes her way to Allison at ringside. But Allison is now in the face of Jim Gunt. Her words now becoming clear.




Jim Gunt: WHA-


Before Jim Gunt can reply Allison slaps him across the face! The crowd lets out a loud OHHH!




Allison turns and sticks her finger in Rolash's face, Cali doing the same with her, but the monster comes over. Payne finds his way to the broken announce table, standing in front of it. Mike Rolash sits back down, swallowing his pride as the giant stares him down.


Without warning, Payne latches his big hands on the remnants of the table, flipping it over and into the barricade, burying the commentators underneath the wreckage. Another loud reaction from the crowd as the excitement of the scene starts to build. The girls manage to get Payne to back away. Mora watches from the crowd, swiping people away from touching him. A glassy look in his eyes.


The image soon focuses on the ring leaders in the ring itself. D.C. and Christian Starr stand side by side, facing the camera. They are joined by Cali Sawyer and Allison Hollywood who stands in front of the two men. Finally, Payne looms over them from behind. The five all face the camera, with a cold stare. Starr is the first to raise his hand up high, making the "Too Sweet" hand gesture. DC soon follows, reaching up to Too Sweet him. The girls then turn holding their hands up with a Too Sweet, and Payne holds his hand. There is a little time spent jumping to meet the giants hand. The five share the moment, to a chorus of boos.


But the image is short lived...


The champion has risen, with fire in her eyes.


She slides into the ring, carrying the mangled piece of steel from earlier. Swinging it wildly and cracking D.C. in the back. Near the neck and shoulder blade. The loudmouth collapses to his knees. MJ swings at the giant, clubbing him in the knee cap with the top of the chair. The giant bellows out in pain, no pun. Allison climbs over him to shield him. Starr yells at her to get out of the ring. Payne slides under the ropes, Allison following him. Cali tries to pull DC out of harms way but MJ steps like she is going to clock her.


There is a tense few seconds as Starr steps to MJ, distracting her enough for Cali to pull DC away, escaping. Starr keeps his eyes on MJ, slowly backing out through the ropes. The champion stands tall as the crowd explodes in approval. The stable all move to the ramp, feeling the effects from the Champion, but staking their claim.


MJ drops to one knee, the events of the night starting to sore up her body as she uses the chair as a bit of a crutch. But she can feel other eyes on her. Jay Mora still stands by the barricade... A smile across his face as he has caught his breath. Still in pain, he backs away from the barricade, staring at her.


MJ Flair and Jay Mora stare at each other.


MJ screams at Mora and the crowd eats it up, chanting her name!


The Marksman makes raises his hand like a gun to the Champion, just as the copyright makes it to the screen. And the image fades to black as he "pulls the trigger."

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