Hostility: ReAwakened Episode 2

1 Mar 2019

Sydney Superdome, Sydney, New South Wales (seats 21,000)

Nina (c) vs. Stan ‘Bad Moon’ Risin

Isaac Foxx: The following opening contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…

A total blackout consumes the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, the opening sounds of “Second Death of Souls” by Matriarch begins to play. The fans began to stir, the lights from cellphones can only be seen. As the song kicks up a notch, a red spotlight beams down on the stage area as V.E.N.O.M stands there, Nina leads the way, holding her Hostility Aversion Championship elegantly within her grasp, as the trio make their way to the ring.

Issac Foxx: Making her way to the ring, being accompanied by V.E.N.OM! Weighing in at one hundred fifteen pounds! She is the Hostility Aversion Champion… NINA!

Coming to a standstill at ringside, both Espinoza and Martinez position themselves on opposite side of the rings as Nina walks up the steps. Crouching down under the middle rope, she enters the ring and begins to display the Aversion title for the fans.

The Sydney fans are still buzzing when “As Good as I Once Was” by Toby Keith begin to play throughout the arena. The lights go down only lit by a moon like glow, from behind the curtain comes veteran Stan 'Bad Moon’ Risin. He looks out towards the Australian fans, giving them a nod, soon making his way to the ring.

Isaac Foxx: Her opponent, from Gastonia, North Carolina! Weighing in at two hundred forty five pounds… STAN ‘BAD MOON’ RISIN!

Making it to ringside, he moves towards the steps, and makes his way up them. Stepping through the ropes, he goes to his designated corner, using the ropes to stretch.

Tanner Graves: Here comes the veteran of Hostility, Stan 'Bad Moon' Risin. 

Lucas Greene: Dude came back with a chip on his shoulder, and looks like he has something to prove.

The bell sounds off as both competitors circle the ring, meeting in the center for a tie-up, Risin gains the advantage with a side headlock. Taking her down with a takeover, Nina quickly wraps her legs around his head. With no other choice but to release his grasp, Risin centers his body weight and pushes down on Nina's legs, freeing himself.

Tanner Graves: Classic mat wrestling skills shown by both! I don't know who is more surprised that they were matched move for move.

Lucas Greene: I always found this part of the match to be the most boring in all honesty. Bring on the flippy flippies!

Both competitors are back to their feet, Nina charges in at Stan going for a clothesline. However, Risin is able to sidestep her, latching on a rear waistlock and hurriedly plants her face first onto the mat with a back side slam. He transitions into another headlock but she's able to slide free, getting to her feet and firing a stiff kick to his back. He cringes up in pain as Nina hits the ropes in front of him and blasts him square in the face with a basement dropkick! She goes for the pin as the ref makes the count.




Tanner Graves: Do you think that they are named VENOM because Nina herself moves and strikes like a snake?

Lucas Greene: Mayhaps sir, but I'm holding out for the GI Joes to come and save the day...

Nina brings Stan upright and whips him towards the corner - NO! - reversal by Risin as Nina crashes into the turnbuckle! He charges in, however she uses the bottom ropes to wrap her legs around his neck as he gets closer. Pushing off the ropes, she takes Stan down with a Swinging Hurricanrana! The force of the whip sends Risin sliding outside of the ring, almost at the feet of Espinoza. He looks ready to pounce as Nina grabs the attention of the official. Vince is about to strike when he suddenly goes down to the floor. The Australian fans respond with cheer as Autumn Raven stands over Espinoza with a barbed wire bat in her possession.

Tanner Graves: That's... That's Autumn Raven! What's she doing here?!

Lucas Greene: Making her presence felt by the looks of things. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...

Martinez is moving around ringside, jumping up onto the apron, running along it and diving off towards Autumn. But she swings for the fences, catching him across the midsection, sending him crashing to the floor. With a shocked expression, Nina watches on as Autumn climbs into the ring, barb wire bat in hand. Nina watches Autumn as she moves closer and closer at a slow pace. With no other option, Nina swings at Raven but she ducks and simply crowns Nina with the bat as the bell sounds off. The official whispering in the ear of Foxx.

Isaac Foxx: Here is your winner, via disqualification… NINA!

Nina is on the canvas trying to recover as Espinoza and Martinez slide into the ring. Autumn begins to laugh hysterically as they try to corner her, suddenly the lights go out, leaving the as arena in darkness. When they return Autumn is nowhere to be found, V.E.N.O.M left confused but no luck nonetheless go to check on Nina.

Darkness Falls

Backstage Marcus Maximus is shown wearing his trademark tuxedo, a huge smile on his face as he preps himself up before the camera.

Marcus Maximus: Ladies and gentlemen, Scourge.

The masked behemoth stands at nearly seven foot tall, the excited Maximus quickly turning his smile to a curled up look of uneasiness.

Marcus Maximus: Scourge, you have made quite an impression on the CWF audience thus far going undefeated in action in your first three weeks with the company. You have defeated legends and rookies alike, and this Tuesday you have a rematch with Quentin Scarboro in the finals of the Paramount Grand Prix’s rookie block to decide who will move onto Confliction to face the winner of the legends block.

Marcus takes a deep breath, composing himself before placing the microphone up in the air to Scourge.

Scourge: You’re right Marcus, but doesn’t it beg the question, though? 

Marcus looks on inquisitively.

Marcus Maximus: What question?

Scourge: The question to why I’m here, on all nights. The Hostility draft to decide which CWF competitors will be moved to ReAwakened. 

Marcus Maximus: I-I’m sorry sir, you’re right. That is the ultimate question. Why…

Scourge: I am here to bring Hell on Earth, Marcus, to whatever roster I may fall on. I was told by the offices of Christopher $aint James to be ready at any time, and I am here to tell you all that I’m more than ready. Four points in the Paramount Grand Prix? That was only just the beginning. Whether I end up on Hostility or CWF, you better believe when you find yourself on the other side of the ring with Scourge? Darkness will fall on your career.

A nervous Marcus can only shake his head up and down in agreement as a determined Scourge brushes by him and out of sight.

Marcus Maximus: Back to you, Lucas and Tanner.

"And I Will Follow You Into The Dark"

C$J turns off the monitor feeding him the going ons happening in HIS ring as his second episode of ReAwakened played out around him. A night that started with a bang, his first draft pick, the trio of VENOM, and his Aversion Champion Nina taking on a veteran of Hostility, perhaps a relic, in Stan 'Bad Moon' Risin. The match itself was a good one, a match C$J was proud to say that he could put on for fans of the show. Was... His eyes narrow at the door from behind his steepled fingers. He had a feeling she would show up. He was ready. The door implodes and C$J could have flinched, but in this business one learns to expect things like this to happen and instead of investing in the best of the best, going chincy on things like this has a tendency to save money in the long run.

C$J: Autumn! I've been expecting you!

He greets her like a friend, she doesn't buy it. He doesn't care. He offers her a seat and she declines instead slamming a fist down onto his desk. 

Autumn Raven: I want my rematch against Nina, for MY Aversion Title. I don't care what has to happen in order for this TO happen, but I do understand that you're the person to make it happen.

C$J smirks at her candor. Apparently this one got it and in situations like this, such requests deserve to be rewarded. He opens his desk drawer and smiles as he notices her tense. His smile widens as she relaxes when the Hostility contract comes out on the desk.

C$J: As I said Ms. Raven, I've been expecting you. All you have to do is sign on the dotted line, you become a Hostility exclusive superstar, and are entitled to all royalties defined in said contract. You will also be rewarded with your rematch at your discre...

Autumn Raven: Next card.

C$J smirks, once again admiring her candor. He nods.

C$J: Very well Ms. Raven, you know what to do if you want to make that so.

She grabs the pen he holds in front of her and hastily signs her name to the contract, making it seem to the crowd that she is in fact signing her soul away to the devil. C$J smirks and locks the contract away with the others as she makes her way to the door. She turns at the last moment, admiring her handiwork as the door still sits off its hinges. She eyes her new boss and with a smirk gets the last word.

Autumn Raven: Oh and boss man? From here on out you can call me Autumn. None of that "miss" shit.

With a smirk of her own she turns and walks out of his line of sight leaving him to do what he does best, and signs the Aversion Championship match into effect for ReAwakened number three, much to the crowd's roar of approval.

Wallace vs. Jeremiah Castle

Tanner Graves: Wow! Not only do we get a new star on the roster in Autumn Raven, but she's getting her Aversion Title rematch on ReAwakened number three! 

Lucas Greene: The hits keep coming man, that's how we did it back when Hostility ruled the land. Expect us to do it again.

Issac Foxx hops in and takes over, announcing both Jerimiah Castle and Wallace. The two come down to the ring, neither one really getting any kind of real response from the crowd. Issac gets out of the ring and the referee checks both competitors out for weapons.

Tanner Graves: The Aussie crowd isn't really sure what to make of these two.

Lucas Greene: Can you really blame them? Both these guys had a chance to make names for themselves on our first show and neither one of them could go the distance. They're given a second chance to win over the crowd here, so I guess it's time to see if either of these two have what it takes to stick around.

Tanner nods and the ref calls for the bell. Wallace is quick to step forward, catching an approaching Jeremiah by surprise with a palm heel strike to the nose! Jeremiah staggers backward and Wallace is quick to take advantage, sensing this is his chance to shine. With stunning quickness Wallace spins Jeremiah around, and ducks underneath, using a ripcord baseball slide under Castle!

Tanner Graves: Wow! What's Wallace got up his sleeve?

Lucas Greene: Not sure you're seeing the same thing I am, but Wallace isn't wearing sleeves. If you were to ask me though, it looks like he's setting up for his Belly Buster!

Sure enough, Wallace quickly follows up with a single knee pumphandle gutbuster. Jeremiah goes down hard, and "The Windy City Hero' saunters up behind him, grabbing his arm, and falls backward, causing Castle to shriek in pain!

Lucas Greene: The Funny Bone Breaker! That does NOT look fun...

Tanner Graves: Definitely not! Looks like this one is close to done!

Wallace slides in and makes the cover.




Tanner Graves: There you have it folks! Wallace has made won his first match in Host...

Lucas Greene: Hang tight there Tanner man! Sounds like we have something going on backstage!

Elite Reasoning

The cameras cut backstage as Alex Cain comes into view, walking toward The Reason's locker room. His path is thwarted though by a pair of boots. The camera pans up and we see the face of the one and only Trent Steele.

Trent Steele: Well, well... Alex Cain is it? My new employer, C$J sends his regards. Now I need you to do me the favor of sending a message back to the rest of your Reason people...

Alex backs off but once again finds his way blocked by the rest of The Hostile Elite, Nathan Paradine and John Travis! The three men smirk with sinister intent behind their eyes at the cornered Cain who is now beginning to realize his predicament.

Trent Steele: That message Alex, is that they now have me to contend with instead of a man who runs at the first sign of opposition. The name? You already know my name. What's important here Alex is that in order for this message to be delivered the right way, to ensure that you don't, ya' know, mess anything up... I've been given permission to do things any way I see fit. So with that said... I urge everyone with a weak stomach to avert your eyes.

The camera shuts to inky blackness as the crowd is left with only the sounds of Alex Cain's demise. The next view that the camera is shown is Cain, lying in a pool of his own blood as Steele leads The Hostile Elite off down the show. The cameras cut back to ringside to show a shocked Tanner Graves and a nonchalant Lucas Greene.

Tanner Graves: We need to get some help back there for Alex Cain! What does this mean for the main event tonight? What's happening?!

Lucas let's out a long deep breath and blinks a couple times. He turns to Tanner and exhales deeply, a cloud of smoke billowing out around Tanner. 

Lucas Greene: You need to learn to relax Tanner man. Things happen for a reason and this is the biz, ya' know? Things like this happen all the time.

Tanner Graves: When did you have a chance to smoke?!

Lucas shrugs as he turns his attention back to the ring entrance as Issac Foxx takes the spotlight and announces the next two combatants for the match.

Cyrus Black vs. Mystery Draftee

Tanner Graves: Wow! Yet another new Hostilty roster member making his appearance known as Trent Steele has not only come into ReAwakened, he is now a member of The Hostile Elite!

Lucas Greene: That dude is bad news bears for anyone who stands in his way. I remember him, barely, from my days in Evolution. He doesn't pull punches and he's a sick dude. Should be a welcome member here in Hostility!

Tanner Graves: I believe you and I have two different definitions of what "welcome" means.

Lucas Greene: Nah man, I didn't say thank you.

Tanner can only look on in helpless puzzlment as Lucas tosses his feet up on the table before him, watching Issac Foxx announce the arrival of Cyrus Black and his Cleansing. The lights go out afterward and the screen lights up for all to see to reveal the face of the one and only C$J.

C$J: Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present to you my next pick to join the Hostility ranks. He is the fiercest "Viking warrior" that the CWF has seen in recent times. The man who took down the fallen angel Azrael and whichever diety he believed in; the one and only Christer Lundmark!

The sarcasm drips from C$J's words as Christer's music hits the speakers. The video package plays, the lights dance as they normally do, Cyrus waits for his opponent to appear, only for...


Tanner Graves: Well, Christer Lundmark is SUPPOSED to be here as Hostility's newest roster member, but I'm honestly not sure where he is. In fact, I don't know if anyone does.

Lucas Greene: Certainly a bold strategy for someone to make a name for themselves. Let's see how it plays out for him shall we?

Everyone waits with baited breath but still, no sign of the Viking as the music fades to nothing. The crowd grows restless as the ref tries to figure what is going on, scrambling to talk to the officials at ringside. Several minutes elapse, and still nothing. Finally the ref raises his hand, ceasing all discussion and puts a finger to his earpiece, listening intently. He yells at the timekeeper, who informs Issac Foxx, whose voice rings out for all to hear.

Issac Foxx: Ladies and gentlemen, we regret to inform you that due to Christer Lundmark not making his appearance here tonight, the winner via forfeit, Cyrus Black!

Cyrus shrugs as he exits the ring and makes his way to the backstage area.

Fresh Alliances and Replacements

The cameras all cut to the back at once from the ring as we see Marcus Maximus once again.

Marcus Maximus: Ladies and gentlemen I am back! And I am sorry to inform you that I forgot one very important point during my last appearance on camera during this broadcast. I will however, have a chance to make it all up to you, as I, Marcus Maximus, have officially received word and have been promoted to head interviewer for Hostility! Take that Tara Robinson you interview stealing...

Marcus stops himself, blushing, and regains his composure.

Marcus Maximus: Anyways, I'm also here to bring you this exculsive interview with Jaiden Rishel, leader of The Reason.

Jaiden enters the frame, The Blue Scorpion at his side.

Jaiden Rishel: As in, the "reason" that Hostility will once again fall. Good evening Marcus, and congrats on your promotion, if you want to call it that. Sorry to inform you that the company you work for is about to explode.

Marcus smiles, instantly uneasy but presses forward.

Marcus Maximus: Uhm, right, yeah. First and formost, any word on how Alex Cain is? Rumor has it that he was carted out in an ambulance after the attack by The Hostile Elite.

Jaiden nods solemnly, The Blue Scorpion grasping his shoulder to support his friend.

Jaiden Rishel: Alex... Alex is going to be out of action for a while. The trio we face tonight, they... Let's just say they made sure that Alex wouldn't be wrestling anytime in the near future. They will pay one way or another.

Marcus seems slightly taken aback by Jaiden's tone but presses.

Marcus Maximus: How are you and Blue Scorpion going to cope?

Before either man can respond though, another voice cuts through.

Cyrus Black: The Reason has nothing to fear. They won't have to "cope" with anything as I have come to lend them a hand. Together The Reason shall "cleanse" Hostility.

Jaiden seems taken aback at first but willingly offers his hand out to Cyrus. The two men shake as the camera fades.

Pretty Boy Page vs. Fire God Leo

With Hostility’s first official title hanging above the ring, the Fire God Leo and Pretty Boy Page stand on opposite sides of the ring, looking high above them as the Hostile Bat swings back and forth in the wind. Rookie referee Nick McArthur rings the bell and both competitors immediately head to the outside, both of them grabbing onto an opposite side of the ten foot ladder.

Tanner Graves: Well this is certainly an interesting way to start off this matchup, as both Page and Leo go right for that ladder, both competitors trying to make their way up to that Hostility belt.

Lucas Greene: It’s not exactly a belt, Tanner. Belts you can whip your lovers with. Bats you beat home invaders over the head with.

Tanner Graves: I’m not even going to try to touch that one.

Swinging the ladder back and forth, it is the much larger Pretty Boy Page who is able to outmuscle it out of the hands of Leo and use the momentum of the ladder to flip hand over end. Leo is back up to his feet like lightning however, somehow flipping high into the air over the swinging ladder of Page, and landing right on his feet!

Tanner Graves: Pretty Boy Page is lucky that Leo was able to evade that attack, because in this particular match the ladder is actually not a legal weapon. The only legal weapon to be used in this match is the bat that hangs high above both competitors head.

Lucas Greene: That sounds a little confusing, Tanner.

Tanner Graves: That’s probably only because you smoked a little more than usual before tonight’s show…

Pretty Boy Page is shocked as she turns around and sees Leo standing on his feet, waving his finger at the dressed up queen before she once again swings the ladder. Leo leaps up, landing on top of the ladder which comes flying out of Page’s hands, the Fire God popping himself off of it and landing on the shoulders of Page in mid-air.

Tanner Graves: Hurricanrana from the ladder held in Pretty Boy Page’s hands right to her neck, what a transition there.

Lucas Greene: I guess that’s why they call this Leo a God, Tanner, he can pretty much do anything.

Tanner Graves: Astute analysis as always, Lucas. Leo now has the ladder in the ring, and he’s quickly setting it up, he could have that bat down in a hurry!

The Fire God sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring, looking up to place it just right before heading up the one side. Before Leo can even get more than a few rungs up Pretty Boy Page is on him, smashing Leo with a double axe handle to the back. Page grabs onto Leo from behind, taking him all the way down the canvas with a Neckbreaker.

Tanner Graves: Pretty Boy Page just took the Fire God off that ladder with a Spinning Neckbreaker. Here is her chance!

Lucas Greene: Page is heading up the ladder now, the bat is in her grasp!

Just before Pretty Boy Page can grab ahold of the Hostile Title, Leo is back up to his feet with both of his hands firmly on the ladder. The Australian crowd lets out a gasp as Leo pulls the ladder out from under Page, leaving her dangling in the air, desperately holding onto that black baseball bat! Leo leaps up into the air to grab Page’s body but the momentum brings the bat down as well! 

Tanner Graves: The Hostile Championship has been brought down now! Keep in mind though that this match is still not over, but things have certainly got that much more interesting as the title bat can now be used as a weapon!

Both Pretty Boy Page and the Fire God Leo lay on their backs breathing heavily after the fall, but it is Leo first who places his hands on the title bat. Page does not let him grab the bat though, putting her hand around his as the two of them come to a tug of war. Leo with a Roundhouse Kick sends the bat flying and connects hard with Page! JAWBREAKER! Leo got all of that, tucking both legs of Page as the fans chant along.



Tanner Graves: Page kicks out! Leo is not deterred however, as he is going right for that bat!

Lucas Greene: Page is about to be not so pretty!

The Fire God lifts the black bat above his head, taking a heavy swing that Page narrowly avoids, rolling to the side and popping right back to her feet. Just to get a blast right in the gut from the Hostility bat! Leo holds the bat in the air triumphantly as Page holds her gut in pain, prone to take another shot from Leo that sends her crawling into the corner to escape. Leo doesn’t let her have it though, running into the corner and using the bat as some sort of catapult to fly into the air and hit a Whisper in the Wind! Cover by Leo.



T-No, Page kicks out yet again at two!

Tanner Graves: This championship match is going into overtime, Lucas, as Page is showing tremendous resiliency continuing to take all the punishment the Fire God Leo can dish out.

Lucas Greene: Overtime? I didn’t hear the whistle blow?

A frustrated Leo looks over at the official who flashes him the sign of two yet again, this time the Fire God raises up Page and lights her up with a heavy knife edge chop to her chest. She attempts to whip PBP into the ropes but Page reverses, catching Leo on the return with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Page now with the baseball bat, measuring Leo up before taking a swing for the fences that knocks out the Fire God! For good measure Page hooks both legs of Leo and lifts him high above her head.

Tanner Graves: Here we go...PAGE RIPPER!

Lucas Greene: Pretty Boy Page got all of that, Tanner, I think we have ourselves a new champion here!




The bell rings, as Nick McArthur makes his way over to the baseball bat, shaking his head as he gives it to the new champion Pretty Boy Page. Page looks down at Leo who is still down on the canvas, before raising the bat high up in the air.

Third Shows and Second Chances

As Pretty Boy Page celebrates a hard fought victory with her new title, "Yes" by LMFAO rings out true and sure enough, C$J makes his appearance known.

C$J: I'm a very busy man, so I'll make this short and sweet. Page, congrats, one caveat of that title that you just won is that whether or not you have a number one contender, that title will be on the line whenever I feel like. I understand that you have just got done with this match, so take the next two weeks and celebrate to your heart's content. On Hostility number three, you will once again be defending that title. Against whom will be at my discretion based on how the rest of this show pans out. That said, Leo, I know you have an unyielding fire to prove yourself. Your efforts haven't gone unwatched and you too will be in a match next week. Again, against whom will be at my sole discretion, but the winner of this particular match will be going on to face the Hostile Champion for that title. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have matters to attend to.

With a curt nod to the roaring crowd, C$J turns on his heel and tosses the mic behind him. 

Tanner Graves: Big news from Christopher St. James when it comes to two of Hostility's newest and hottest stars right now!

Lucas Greene: And don't forget about our one and only title right now! It feels like we're camping, because things have gotten inTENTS! 

Tanner can only shake his head as Pretty Boy Page shakes off C$J's words and continues to celebrate with the crowd at ringside.

The Reason vs. The Hostile Elite

Tanner Graves: Well ladies and gentlemen, after an eventful evening we come to the main event!

Lucas Greene: On one side the Hostile Elite, Trent Steele, Jon Travis, and Nathan Paradine led by C$J, owner of Hostility, CWF, you, me, and everyone in between, who ALSO happens to be the referee of this match. On the other side; a slighted pop-pop's boy in Jaiden Rishel, slighted by C$J when the latter reformed Hostility, there's the Blue Tick slash Scorpion dude who is due back in his retirement home anytime now, and then there's Cyrus Black, who...

The camera pans away from Lucas' ramblings and refocuses instead on The Hostile Elite, already in the ring. Jaiden and Cyrus have come out, The Blue Scorpion making his way down to the ring when suddenly...

Tanner Graves: Why did the lights just go out?

The crowd erupts as the lights come back on and The Blue Scorpion is left lying on the ground. Standing over him is none other than Christer Lundmark, fire in his eyes and his hammer on his hip. He walks up to Jaiden and Cyrus, never taking his eyes off The Hostile Elite. Together, they circle the ring, getting up on the apron as C$J tries to gain some form of order, showing everyone his official, designer, referee shirt he ordered for this very occasion. No one seems to care though as Trent immediately launches himself at Jaiden, Travis at Cyrus, and Paradine at Christer! Not knowing what else to do, C$J ducks into a corner, his eyes wide with fear as all pandemonium breaks out around him. 

Tanner Graves: Sooo, guess C$J should have thought this out a bit more before hand?

Lucas Greene: Certainly appears as much, but let's just cheer for the Hostility team in case anyone is listening. Go Elite peeps!

Trent pulls Jaiden into the ring as the other four do battle around them. C$J calls for the bell, the match now officially beginning now that all six men have entered the ring. Jon Travis fires off a volly of vicious lefts and rights, aiming at Cyrus' head when all of a sudden the lights once again go out, only to be replaced by two streams of fire leading up either side of the entrance ramp. The lights come on and Travis backs off of Cyrus as The Cleansing make their way down to the ring and surround it, and all members inside. 

Tanner Graves: Ok, so now I guess this is a lumberjack match or has C$J lost complete control?

Lucas Greene: It's like someone invited someone unwanted to the party, and that someone invited another, and they invited another...

Lucas continues on as The Hostile Elite continue to fight off The Reason. C$J continues to try to regain control as Jaiden and Trent continue to fight, now at the ropes with Trent getting a running start and clotheslining Jaiden out of the ring! This proves to be a mistake however, as The Cleansing circle in on Trent, engolfing him. To his credit though, he fights back tooth and nail with each and every one of them. Paradine continues to trade blows with Christer, neither man seeming willing to backdown. However, Christer has Paradine backed into a corner and The Cleansing once again pay divedends to Cyrus, pulling The Austrailian down and holding him in place, using the ring post as a fulcrum point.

Tanner Graves: Yikes! That's two members of C$J's Elite team taken down by a crowd that Cyrus Black has named "The Cleansing." 

Lucas Greene: Well, this might very well be a battle The Elite get taken down a peg, but if history proves to be any indicator, if you mess with the boss and get lucky to get one over on him, you can be assured that they will pay you back more than you could every expect.

Tanner nods at the wise words as Jon begins to notice the numbers game creeping up on him. He makes a move to try and get C$J to safety, but gets caught by Christer, who grabs him by the throat and chokeslams him down with authority! Jaiden smiles wickedly as he walks up to C$J, who is being held back by members of The Cleansing, joined shortly by Christer and Cyrus. Laughing at his struggles, Jaiden rips the referee shirt off of C$J and puts it on himself. He takes over for Cyrus, who proceeds to the closest turnbuckle. He stands tall and Jaiden shouts for him to do it. Black leaps off and dives, feet first into Jon Travis' midsection!

Tanner Graves: Cyrus Black hit Hellfire on Jon Travis! 

Lucas Greene: Welp, looks like we can toss this one up as a win for The Reason and a rain check for their future demise.

Black goes for the cover and Christer smiles as he takes over holding C$J by himself, easily able to keep the small owner under his control. Jaiden scoops in and mocks checking to see if Travis' shoulders are down before making a fast count.




Rebirth of a Starr

The crowd roars around them with unbridled roars of approval. What a match! What a main event! The Hostility crowd couldn't be prouder of the six, now exhausted, stars that just went to war in front of them.

Tanner Graves: Well, I guess that's all she wrote for this wee... 


Lucas Greene: What in the literal fuck is this? 

The lights die, leaving the entire arena in darkness as the melodic voice fills the air. The lyrics continue as the titantron lights up, spelling the words out in a majestic font. 


A single spotlight flares up, singing down to the center of the ring with an intense brightness where a mysterious figure in leather now stands tall, baseball bat in hand, his back to the hardcam. Across his back are three all too familiar letters. E.G.O. The crowd is going wild, they know this can only mean one thing. 


With a cocky grin the figure looks over his shoulder, revealing his face to the camera.

Lucas Greene: It’s CHRISTIAN STARR! 

He throws his arms into the air, the crowd letting out an explosive “HAIL” as he does, cueing the rest of the lights in the arena to all come on at once. 

Tanner Graves: What the hell is going on here? 

The new dose of light reveals that every single participant of the main event is now laid out, most clutching at their ribs. STARR twirls the bat around as he struts through the wreckage at his feet, he walks past it all and straight to the ropes where he bends down between them and demands a microphone. 

Lucas Greene: The King of Wrestling is here! And it looks like he's taking his kingdom by force! 

The “King of Wrestling” walks past a motionless Blue Scorpion. He walks past Trent Steele, who rolls to the outside, clutching at his midsection. STARR stands in the middle of the ring, letting the crowd welcome him back in the way only wrestling fans can. The brash superstar raises the microphone to his lips, letting his pearly whites shine in his usual cocky way. He opens his mouth… 

And let's the microphone roll through his fingertips and to the canvas below with a thud. Christian pops the collar of his trademark leather jacket and simply rolls out of the ring. 

Tanner Graves: I don't get it.. Why? 

Lucas Greene: Why not Graves!? Why not! That man is brilliant! 

Christian walks up the entrance ramp just as Jaiden begins to stir. Rishel manages to pull himself up just enough to look towards “The King of Wrestling” who pauses just before the curtain, and without looking back spreads his arms out to the side as the Hostility logo flashes over the screen…

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