Evolution 40

29 Jan 2019

Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, Washington (seats 19,000)

Batten Down the Hatches

The crowd in the Tacoma Dome looks ready to go for the second round of Modern Warfare and the stage make-up reflects that, with camouflage patterns, netting and more and as Wardog's "A Sound Beating" starts to play over the PA, images of the remaining competitors in the tournament flash across the tron, to very mixed reactions by the crowd. Finally Blake Church steps through the curtain, with suit, shirt and tie all in camouflage as well.

Blake Church: Good evening Tacoma and welcome to Evolution 40, also known as the second round of Modern Warfare!

The cheers intensify.

Blake Church: You might wonder why I am out here alone tonight, but it looks like our last two shows in Seattle were not very kind to our good Charles State, who is resting at home right now. According to Dr. Leggett he is suffering from some sort of warfare trauma with flashbacks to situations he never was in and hallucinations about things that never happened. So basically he has turned into Mike Rolash.

Mike Rolash: Hey, I heard that!

Blake Church: I know, that is why I said it.

Mike Rolash: Do I have to accept this kind of behaviour?

Blake Church: As far as I know, yes.

This elicits laughter and cheers from the crowd, much to the chagrin of Mike.

Blake Church: So yes, tonight is the second round of our Modern Warfare tournament and boy, do we have some big ones on the menu, even outside of the tournament, just look at our opening tag team match-up where the winner will get a title shot against Sanctioned Violence, The Shadow against the upstart Max Becker for the Heavyweight title, Ataxia and Dorian battling things out again and so much more. So without further ado, let's go down to Mike Rolash and Jim Gunt, your war scene correspondents of the night.

The picture switches to the announce table that also has received the camouflage treatment.

Jim Gunt: Thank you Blake and welcome to Evolution from us as well, isn't it exciting to see Modern Warfare progressing?

Mike Rolash: Yes, we are getting nearer and at least one Forsaken will be eliminated tonight, so there already is one highlight.

Jim Gunt: I love your neutrality.

Mike Rolash: Was that sarcasm again?

Jim Gunt: Noooo, not at aaaall.

Mike Rolash: Oh good, I was worried there for a moment.

Jim facepalms.

“Big Rig” Clyde Walker & Freddie Styles Vs. The Crimson Ghost! & Kendo Vs. Jace LeRose & Pandalike Vs. V.E.N.O.M (Vince Espinoza & Omar Martinez)

Ray Douglas: The following is your opening contest and is scheduled for one fall! It is a Fatal Four Way Tornado Tag Team Falls Count Anywhere Match! The winners will become number one contenders for the CWF Tag Team Championships! Introducing first…

A total blackout consumes the arena, the opening sounds of “Second Death of Souls” by Matriarch begins to play. The fans begin to stir, the lights from cellphones can only be seen. As the song kicks up a notch, a red spotlight beams down on the stage area as V.E.N.O.M stands there, Nina leads the way as the trio make their way to the ring.

Ray Douglas: Making their way to the ring, accompanied by Nina! At a combined weight of four hundred fifty five pounds! They are Vince Espinoza and Omar Martinez! V.E.N.O.M!

Coming to a standstill at ringside, Nina looks at both Vince and Omar as their chains are absent. She points towards the ring as Espinoza and Martinez make their way inside.

Jim Gunt: Here comes this creepy trio Mike and lately these guys have been shrouded in as much mystery as anyone who's ever stepped foot in the CWF.

Mike Rolash: They've been targeting Elijah and company and many people are wondering why.

“Kiss From a Rose” by Seal hits the arena and the fans get on their feet. The camera goes onto the entranceway where we see Jace LeRose comes through the curtain, he stops at the top of the stage as his music cuts off and “Clozee-Koto” starts up and Pandalike steps out joining LeRose.

Ray Douglas: Team number two…. Making their way to the ring! They are the team of JACE LEROSE AND PANDALIKE!

Both men make their way down towards the ring, they both climb inside and begin to talk strategy.

Jim Gunt: When it comes to tag team wrestling in the CWF. The combinations that are put together are unique. And I'm curious to see who comes out on top.

Mike Rolash: It's no secret that V.E.N.O.M are the only legit unit in this match, so how could you bet against them.

The lights black out, only to be replaced by frantic blood-red strobe lights as the fast paced punk song by the Misfits starts. During this time The Crimson Ghost himself runs out to the ring at top speed, sliding under the bottom rope and waits for the lights to come back on.

Jim Gunt: It looks like The Crimson Ghost doesn't want to waste any time in getting to the ring, even opting not to wait on his tag partner.

Mike Rolash: He shot out from behind the curtains like he was shot out of a rocket!

The Crimson Ghost looks ready to go as “Virus” by KMFDM hits and Kendo walks out and stands at the entrance ramp with super agent JT Barrett right behind him.

Ray Douglas: Team number three.. first already inside of the ring!  THE CRIMSON GHOST! His partner being accompanied to the ring by JT Barrett.. KENDO!

Kendo looks back at JT, who nods at him and both men make their way to the ring. Approaching the steps, Kendo says a quick prayer before storming inside of the ring, and proceeds to do a MMA shuffle towards his team's corner.

Jim Gunt: Scott Dean is really going to have his hands full here tonight.

Mike Rolash: With eight men fighting it out at the same time, how could he possible keep up?

The backwater, lo-fi guitar breaks and enters through the speakers as the lights die down. As soon as this happens, the crowd becomes illuminated by cell phones lights.
Now I've never been the one to play it safe
I might play a little dirty some day
I'm just following fate they say I'm the chosen one

And then, Big Rig and his Fifth Wheel boys appears - with the boys carrying the Osage-nation buffalo skin themed state flag of Oklahoma proudly. Rig holds onto a can of beer and stops at the end of the stage to gaze out toward the crowd.

Ray Douglas: The final team, first being accompanied by the Fifth Wheel Boys! From Broken Arrow, Oklahoma!  “BIG RIG” CLYDE WALKER!

He nods his head to the music, takes a sip of his beer, and then stretches his arms outward. He looks up toward the ceiling and screams:
With that, Rig departs from his chaingang and heads toward the ring, remaining focused on the ring and the ring only. Once he reaches it, Clyde slides underneath the bottom rope, lays there for a second with a tongue-exposed grin, before getting back up and raising his hands in the air before the music dies down.

Jim Gunt: Have I mentioned before how huge this man is. And his entourage is as rowdy of a bunch if I've ever seen one.

Mike Rolash: The whole crew is huge and if you ask me, I'd say the ringside area is becoming full.

The lights go down for the final time as “U Don't Know” by Jay-Z begins to play.. Stepping out onto the stage, is the co-holder of the WCWA Tag Team titles, Mr. Ballgame, Freddie Styles. He looks around at the Tacoma Dome, he turns his back to the ring and steps back behind the curtain.

Jim Gunt: What the hell!? Is Freddie leaving?

Mike Rolash: In hindsight, why should he? His partner is Duce Jones, not this redneck and his trailer boys..

Jim Gunt: Well everyone inside the ring are just as confused as us. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of….

Jim is interrupted as “We Run This Town” jams out, inciting a near riot of jeers from the Tacoma fans as KC3 steps out with a chair in hand. Setting the chair up, he takes a seat and motions towards the ring that they're allowed to start.

Mike Rolash: My prayers have been answered as we have a special appearance from the Next Generation God!

Jim Gunt: You really like saying that huh?

All seven men stand inside of the ring for what is sure to be a giant mess. The official for the contest, Scott Dean surveys his surroundings nervously as he calls for the bell and all hell breaks loose. Just as quickly as the ring is full, it is quickly emptied as everyone goes at it, leaving Kendo and Omar Martinez inside of the ring going at it. Using his size and strength, Kendo backs the smaller Martinez into the ropes, where he rocks him with a big forearm shot to the jaw. Now irish whipping Martinez to the far ropes, Kendo's planned attack is avoided as Martinez slides through his legs. Back to his feet quickly, Martinez sends Kendo down to the canvas with a dropkick!

Jim Gunt: I'd hate to be in Scott Dean's shoes at this moment. In a contest like this, you have to be on top of your job.

Mike Rolash: I still can't believe Freddie just turned his back on this match, you'd think it put Big Rig at a disadvantage, but with the Fifth Wheel Boys down here at ringside he should be fine.

Kendo can be seen sliding out of the ring as Pandalike slides inside, quickly locking Omar in a side headlock. Shoving him off into the ropes, Pandy drops Martinez with a shoulder block upon his return. Now hitting the ropes, Pandy runs over top Martinez as he rolls to his stomach. Rebounding off the ropes, Pandy runs underneath a leap frogging Martinez. Now hitting the ropes himself, Martinez executes a forward roll and spikes a returning Pandalike with a jumping cutter! Martinez goes for the pin as Dean is over to make the first count of the night.




Rising to his feet, Martinez brings Pandalike up with him, but is quickly doubled over with a step side kick to the gut. Bending over holding his stomach in pain, Martinez is caught off guard as Jace LeRose makes his presence known, drilling Omar head first into the canvas with a double arm DDT. Opting not to go for a cover, LeRose rolls Martinez over and begins to wail on him with right hands. With his attention solely on beating the shit out of Omar, Jace doesn't see Kendo who grabs an unsuspecting Jace and tosses him out of the ring. Now going back to work on Omar with a chinlock on the canvas.

Jim Gunt: It's pure chaos out here as bodies are flying everywhere. There's no way Scott can keep up with all this action.

Mike Rolash: Yeah I think he's doing the best thing by just keeping up with what's going on inside of the ring.

Jim Gunt: It's something I rarely do, but I'd have to agree Mike.

Kendo is going to town on Martinez as he connects with brutal kicks to the downed man. Outside of the ring Vince is seen biel throwing Pandy almost the length of the ring as he crashes hard on the floor, now turning his attention to go help his partner. Espinoza climbs onto the apron, but is quickly pulled off by The Crimson Ghost, sending the masked man crashing face first into the apron. Now sliding inside to help his partner, TGC! applies a rear waistlock to Martinez and with a heave, plants Omar backfirst into the mat. Licking his lips, Kendo doesn't want the fun to end there, deadlifting the Racer off the canvas and murdering him with a wheelbarrow suplex! The Tacoma fans give a mixed reaction from the impressive suplex deul. TGC! goes for the cover as Dean is right there.



Jim Gunt: Both Pandy and LeRose over to break up the pin!

Mike Rolash: That just seem to piss off the Samoan Suplex Machine..

Bull rushing LeRose, Kendo shows little care for his well being as both men go tumbling through the ropes and to the outside. Retaliating as well, TGC! has the Panda King by his blue hair and is tossing him outside of the ring. Looking to turn his attention back to Martinez, The Crimson Ghost! is sent back flipping through the air thanks to a lariat from “Big Rig” Clyde Walker! The fans let out a collective gasp as The Crimson Ghost! crashes hard on the mat! Not letting up, Walker has TGC! upright and sends him crashing front first into the corner turnbuckle pads! Staggering out of the corner, Walker locks his arms around the body of Ghost and sends him flying backwards across the ring and crashing hard into the mat again!

Jim Gunt: The strength of this man, is a sight within itself.

Mike Rolash: He just tossed that skull faced idiot across the ring like yesterday's trash.

Jace slides into the ring looking to catch Walker by surprise, however the Fifth Wheel Boys are screaming loud enough to get his attention as he spins and catches Jace with a bionic elbow that sends him staggering into a corner. Vince enters the ring next, but receives the same treatment as LeRose as a bionic elbow has him reeling backwards to one of the unoccupied corners. Spinning around just in time, Walker is able to catch a returning Kendo with a big boot, that has him now occupying the final corner!

Jim Gunt: Big Rig is on fire and look how he's looking at everyone in the ring!

Mike Rolash: It's weird there are four other men in the ring, however Walker  is the one standing tall and seems set to inflict some more pain.

With a smile on his face and the Fifth Wheel Boys behind him, Walker screams to the top of his lungs, “Choo! Choo!” charging full speed at TGC!, Walker destroys his midsection with a spear in the corner! Not done, he turns as Ghost slumps out of the corner and charges at Kendo, giving him the same spear as his partner. However, he's not done as he turns his attention to Jace crushing him with a spear in the corner. The fans are unsure how to feel about things but soon cheer as Walker crushes his last victim, Vince with a spear in the corner!

Jim Gunt: Walker is on fire connecting with quadruple 18-Wheelers! Trying to prove that he didn't need Freddie as his partner tonight.

Mike Rolash: Does he seriously call it that?

Clyde Walker stands tall inside of the ring, but Martinez can be seen sliding inside, ducking underneath a lariat, the Racer rebounds off the opposite, once again dodging Walker's assault. Running towards the ropes, Omar throws caution to the wind as he springs off the top rope and takes Pandalike out with a flip plancha! The fans can be heard going nuts for the high risk maneuver. Trying to take advantage of the distraction, The Crimson Ghost! charges at Clyde, but it's the big man who is quick to strike, lifting TGC! off his feet, doing a 360 twist, Walker brings TGC! crashing to the mat with his elbow being drove into the Ghost's chest!

Jim Gunt: Walker with the Bull City Breakdown, he's holding on for the pin!




The Crimson Ghost is able to get his shoulder off of the mat. Up to his feet, Big Rig brings Ghost to an upright position and whips him to the ropes, TGC! holds on though, causing Walker to charge in, and he catches a boot to the jaw for his troubles. Stumbling back, Walker doesn't notice Kendo who grabs him from behind and drills him neck first into the canvas with a release dragon suplex! He hurries on top of Walker, going for the pin!



And Espinoza's there to break up the pinfall! Walker rolls out of the ring as Kendo slowly rises to his feet. Espinoza stands in front of Kendo with his back to him as he yells for Martinez. Sliding inside, Martinez charges at Espinoza who uses sheer strength to lift Martinez over his head as he lands on the shoulders of Kendo, flipping him down to the mat with a hurricanrana and holding onto Kendo's legs for the pin!




Jim Gunt: Martinez almost able to pick up the victory!

Mike Rolash: Almost is never good enough.. and since we're on the subject of greatness, I'm still trying to figure out why the Next Generation God has blessed us with his presence.

KC3 can be seen watching the action intently from the stage as back inside of the ring, Kendo uses a corner to help him get to a vertical base. Once upright, he is able to catch a charging Martinez with an elbow to the jaw that rocks him! Pandy is seen, climbing onto the apron and to the top rope as Kendo focuses on him. This cost him though as Martinez blasts him with a forearm to the back, and now it's Martinez who's climbing the corner occupied by Pandy. Recovering a bit, Kendo clubs Omar across the back, looking to bring him out of the corner. But it's Vince who catches his attention as he's now climbed onto the apron.  Turning his attention to Espinoza, Kendo nails a headbutt to the masked man, that has them both reeling.

Mike Rolash: What would possess him to headbutt a man with a mask like that, he could've very well gave himself a concussion.

Kendo though, looks barely fazed as he steps on to the middle ropes and grabs ahold of Vince, the crowd rises to their feet, expecting something big and that's just what they get as Kendo lifts Vince and using pure body strength he has Vince up and over the top rope and crashing inside of the ring with a rope aided Exploder Suplex! The crowd goes nuts from the feat as both men lay sprawled on the mat. As Omar and Pandy continue to fight in the corner, Jace climbs onto the apron near them, but Clyde returns and nails LeRose with a right hand. Now stepping on the middle ropes, Clyde hooks Jace for a superplex. But it's LeRose with a counter, dropping down with a jawbreaker across the top rope, that sends the near four hundred pounder crashing down backfirst onto the chest of a still down Kendo!

Jim Gunt: Oh My Lord! What a counter by “The Beautiful” Jace LeRose!

Mike Rolash: The Beautiful? Where do we find these guys at? No grown man should be calling himself Beautiful..

Jim Gunt: Do I have to list the legends who all went by that same moniker?

Mike Rolash: Please don't… this is only a two hour show….

As Pandy and Martinez continue to go at it, LeRose climbs onto the ropes near the same corner with them, using both men to steady himself. Jace leaps off and connects with a Missile Dropkick to a rising Espinoza! Finally winning the battle, Pandy flips over the body of Martinez looking for a sunset flip, but Omar holds on. A struggling Pandy is finally able to pry Martinez from the corner still on his shoulders. But Omar continues to fight against the grain as Pandy walks around aimlessly. Back to his feet, LeRose yells at Pandy causing him to just throw Martinez over his head in an alley oop fashion. The crowd gets quiet as they watch Martinez fly through the air, AND IS CAUGHT BY LEROSE WHO DRIVES HIM BACK FIRST INTO THE CANVAS WITH A SPINEBUSTER!

Jim Gunt: Talk about innovative, have you ever seen anything like the day before, Mike?

Mike Rolash: I've been calling matches almost twenty years Jim and even I have to admit that was amazing..

The fans are too their feet screaming with admiration as Jace stays on top for the pin!




Mike Rolash: When you look up the definition for clusterfuck, I'm sure this match would be the prime example.

Jace LeRose is in shock as he looks towards The Crimson Ghost, who just simply shrugs his shoulders. Infuriated, Jace goes after TGC!, however he rolls under the bottom rope as LeRose gives chase.  Running around ringside, The Crimson Ghost takes up refuge behind the leader of V.E.N.O.M, Nina as both her and LeRose express annoyance. However Nina refuses to move her ground as Jace tries to get pass her. This gives The Crimson Ghost! all the breathing room he needs as he climbs onto the apron. Running along the apron, he flies over Nina’s head taking Jace out with a cannonball senton! Rising to his feet and throwing his hands in the arm in triumph, The Crimson Ghost! turns towards Nina, who drops him with a Roundhouse Kick to the head! Boos can be heard ringing out through the arena, as the big man known as Jager comes barreling around ringside and demolishes Nina with a clothesline! Beside them Jace and TGC! both can be seen slowly rising as inside of the ring, Mule has Rollins high above his head in a military press.

Jim Gunt: Just when you thought Big Rig was at a disadvantage. His Snake Nation crew are here to even the odds for him. AND MULE JUST LAUNCHES ROLLINS OUTSIDE OF THE RING ONTO LEROSE AND THE CRIMSON GHOST!

Mike Rolash: Now this is the type of crew you don't leave home without!

As everyone is down at ringside, back in the ring, Martinez and Pandalike charges at each other. A big boot attempt is swatted away by Pandy, but he isn't able to block a spinning back elbow that drops him to the mat! Vince slides back inside of the ring as his partner brings Pandalike up and hooks him for a ripcord. Stalking over, Vince nails a huge right hand as Omar spins him out and nails a jumping knee strike to the face of Pandy dropping him to the canvas! Now standing a few feet away from the Panda King, executing a standing moonsault, Vince pushes the body of Martinez as he comes flipping down onto Pandy as the crowd lets out a small cheer for the impressive double team. Martinez hooks the leg for the cover!




Both Clyde and Kendo are in to break up the pin. A brawl begins to ensue as Vince and Kendo go at it, while Omar battles the larger Clyde. Vince is able to send Kendo through the ropes but it's Pandy with a school boy roll up from behind! But Vince powers out after one! Both are quickly to their feet as they begin to slug it out. Pandy gaining the advantage, backing Espinoza into a corner, soon shaking the strikes off, Vince grabs Pandy around the waist and spins him around and sends the Panda King flying overhead with a belly to belly suplex! Pandy crashes hard across the ring and uses the corner to help him upright.

Jim Gunt: Vince is looking to end it all as he has Pandy on the top turnbuckle!

Mike Rolash: This isn't gonna be pretty..

Hooking Pandalike for his patented Muscle Buster, Vince brings him out of the corner for the killshot. Turning around, Vince eats the boot of Walker forcing him to drop Pandy, who lands on his feet. As Espinoza drops to the mat Pandy fires a Step Side Kick into the jaw of Clyde that sends him tumbling through the ropes and to the outside! Turning around Pandy is caught by the waiting duo of The Crimson Ghost and Kendo who send him throat first across the top rope with a double stun gun! Kendo rolls Pandy out of the way as Martinez springs off the ropes and over the head of Kendo and connects with Front Dropkick to the chest of The Crimson Ghost!

Jim Gunt: It's starting to come down to the wire as these men are giving it their all.

Mike Rolash: It's hard to tell who's gonna win this one.

Kendo charges at a rising Martinez, but the Racer is able to evade by rolling out of the way, Kendo crashing into the corner. Seeing an opening, Martinez charges at Kendo and used the second rope for leverage as he connects with a Jump Spin Kick! With Kendo dazed, he whips him towards the opposite corner and charges in behind him. Kendo is able to recover quickly though as he uses Omar's momentum to lift him on the top turnbuckle and punches him in the face! Looking to go on the offense proves futile as Pandy is there clobbering him across the back. Turning towards Pandy, Kendo rocks him with a headbutt dazing himself in the process. This is the opening Jace needs as he is over and connecting with a standing dropkick that sends Kendo outside. LeRose now sensing victory he slaps the face of Pandalike, telling him to get his head back in the fight.

Jim Gunt: If you plan on working as a collective unit, that's something that you just shouldn't do.

Mike Rolash: I think I seen some blue hair go flying in the wind.

Pandy shakes his head in disapproval as Jace and him climb the corner that's occupied by Martinez. They both hook him for a superplex, however The Crimson Ghost is shown climbing onto the apron as well, he scales the turnbuckle, but is quickly grabbed by LeRose! Now Kendo and Vince want in on the action as the both place their heads between the legs of Pandalike and Jace LeRose respectively.

Jim Gunt: This isn't gonna be pretty…


Mike Rolash: Everyone is down!


KC3 is shown nodding his head and mockingly clapping as the Tacoma fans begin to cause more of a raucous as the near four hundred pounds, Clyde Walker climbs to the top turnbuckle. Perch at the top an exhausted Walker yells out, “Choo! Choo!” once again and leaps off, crushing Pandalike underneath him with the Flight of the Flycatcher! Clyde stays on top for the cover, but it's Kendo who bulldogs him off the cover and tosses the big man through the ropes as a worn out TGC! crawls on top of Pandy for the cover! Scott Dean is there to make the count!




Ray Douglas: Here are your winners and number one contenders for the CWF Tag Team Championships! THE CRIMSON GHOST AND KENDO!

This Means War

Jim Gunt: There we have it, the unlikely alliance of The Crimson Ghost and Kendo are going to be facing Sanctioned Violence, also known as Tobias Devereaus and Nathan Paradine, for the tag team titles, but right after this next match we will dive right into Modern Warfare and let's have a look at where we stand so far!

The screen switches to a bracket view of the tournament.

Mike Rolash: In the alpha block we will have Carnage's JC face off against former CWF Heavyweight champion Mi-- Lok-- Cheshire. Also Nathan Paradine vs. HOSS' Impulse.

Jim Gunt: And the second half of alpha sees our current champion The Shadow defend the belt against Max Becker and comeback kid Jimmy Allen battling it out with Amber Ryan.

As they mention each match-up, the images of the respective competitors zoom into the foreground.

Mike Rolash: On the beta side Silas Artoria also has a Carnage member to deal with in Jack Michaels, while Dorian Hawkhurst and Ataxia will once more meet up in the ring as well.

Jim Gunt: And finishing off the beta block Austin Bishop and Dan Ryan will determine who will be meeting the winner of Zach van Owen versus Carnage's Eli Goode.

The camera cuts back to our announce team.

Jim Gunt: But before we get to all this, we will have another clash of champion with Aversion champion Autumn Raven meeting up with one half of our tag team champions, Tobias Devereaux.

Mike Rolash: Autumn really has been on a roll since she split up with Silas, so I think that she should be able to also roll over Tobias.

Jim Gunt: She definitely is flying free now, so it will be interesting to see, if she can continue to soar, so let's go right over to Ray Douglas in the ring!

Autumn Raven (c) vs. Tobias Devereaux (c)

White strobe lights start to flicker through the arena as we can see flashes from people's camera phones. Suddenly "Hysteria" by Muse starts to blare over the PA System as from the back comes in De Cajun Sensation Tobias Devereaux complete with fedora and trenchcoat.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first, he is one half of the tag team champions....TOBIAS DEVEREAUX!!

The crowd gives a mixed reaction to the two time CWF tag team champion as he makes his way down to the ring.

Mike Rolash: I'm honestly torn at this point. I REALLY want to like Tobias, but I have no idea if he's a good guy or a bad guy.

Jim Gunt: Are we going to have one of those rare, "I agree with you moments?"

Mike Rolash: Let's not, those tend to get weird.

Jim Gunt: Agreed.


The crowd behind the two announcers laugh at the exchange as they get ready to see the Aversion and WCWA US Champion make her presence felt.

The lights go out being replaced by slow rhythmic drum beats mixed in with a single note being played along with it. Dark lights flicker on and off at random points, as the ceiling shifts to show a flock of ravens flying around through the trees, almost diving out of the sky towards the ground that is the audience. Fog pours in on the top of the stage as the drum beats get faster and faster before stopping all together, the lights dimming to just barely nothing being there. The beginning lyrics of "Somewhere In Hollywood" start in as a figure slowly rises up from the mist.

The crowd cheers and claps as Autumn Raven stands amidst the fog, the Aversion title wrapped around her waist as she takes it all in, wearing the custom ring gear made for this event. She grins and starts slowly walking down the ramp, the dark lights flickering on and off as she goes.

She climbs the stairs and steps under the middle rope, walking to the middle of the ring and unhooking the belt from around her waist as she raises it high above her head with a yell, the crowd going nuts as she does. She runs to each ring post and does the same thing before hopping down and walking to the middle once more to wait.

Ray Douglas: From Los Angeles, California, she is the Beautiful Psychopath....AUTUMN RAVEN!!

Jim Gunt: Referee Clark Summits on the scene to ensure that neither competitor has any foreign objects on their person.

Mike Rolash: I think that it's a bit unnecessary. I mean, when Tobias cheats, he never brings his stuff to the ring with him. He usually out foxes his opponent and then blindsides them when the time is right. He's a genius!

Gunt rolls his eyes as Summits calls for the bell. The two start things off with a collar and elbow tie up in the middle of the ring, with Tobias quickly gaining the advantage by pushing Autumn into the corner. Clark calls for a clean break and Tobias lets go, backing off with his arms up in the air. Autumn comes out of the corner slowly and deliberately, careful to stay out of Tobias' reach.

Mike Rolash: Double champion or not, Autumn has no hope against a man like Tobias.

Jim Gunt: I beg to diff....

Catching everyone by surprise, Autumn bursts out of the corner and starts to lay into Tobias with rights and lefts before pushing him into the corner and trapping him there! As Clark starts the five count, this only incites Autumn to hop onto the second rope and start delivering punches to Tobias' skull! Tobias is quick to push her off, Autumn rolling through and back to her feet, charging the wily Cajun. With a full head of steam, she jumps and goes for a body splash, but Tobias quickly moves out of the way and Autumn is meant with the unforgiving turnbuckles!

Jim Gunt: That could not have felt good.

Mike Rolash: What did I tell you? The man is a certified genius.

Wasting little time, Tobias grabs Autumn by the waist and delivers a picture perfect German Suplex, holding onto the bridge for the first pin of the match.


Jim Gunt: Autumn kicking out with authority, keeping this match alive!

Mike Rolash: Only a matter of time Jimmy. My man has this one in the bag.

Both competitors get to their feet, shaking out their limbs and ready to continue. Autumn makes the first move, charging at Tobias, who sidesteps and allows her past. She bounces off the ropes and Tobias drops down, expecting Autumn to hop over him, which she does. However, she stops in her tracks and jumps up, landing on Tobias with a standing moonsault!

Jim Gunt: Great ring presence shown by Autumn here.

Mike Rolash: It doesn't matter, Tobias has this in the bag, just watch.

Jim Gunt: I have been, haven't you?

Tobias rolls, holding his back and using the ropes to get to his feet. Autumn smiles at him, confidence showing through. With a yell she runs forward and before Tobias has a chance to react nails him across the face with a Shining Wizard! Tobias falls to the side and quickly rolls out of the ring, frustration beginning to now show on Autumn's face. With a running start she heads to him, leaping over the top rope and landing on Tobias with another splash! The crowd goes crazy for the move as Summits now has no choice but to make the count.



Autumn pulls Tobias to his feet, but the Cajun is ready, delivering a quick thumb to the eye. Clark admonishes Tobias for the move before continuing the count.



Autumn recovers and slaps the taste out of Tobias' mouth, spinning him around. With authority Autumn quickly hits him with an inverted DDT!




Autumn screams and picks Tobias up. He shrugs her off and looks to try to get back into the ring...


With stunning precision Autumn comes from no where and hits the Claw of Night super kick, landing it right on the side of Tobias' jaw! The Cajun crumples to the ground as Autumn delivers a couple kicks before getting back into the ring.



The referee signals for the bell to be rung as Autumn raises her arms in victory.

Ray Douglas: And the winner by countout is....AUTUMN RAVEN!!

Jim Gunt: The Raven is still soaring high, amazing what a few victories can do!

Mike Rolash: Yes, now I'm hoping I'll start winning soon!

Jim Gunt: You are not competing, so what do you want?

Mike Rolash: I just want to win once... Anything...

Confession Cam

The scene shifts to a three monitor set up, each with a different camera angle showing a meeting. The meeting is between Jaiden Rishel, The Blue Scorpion and Cain. Thier topic of conversation is the interesting part. 

Jaiden Rishel: Something has to be done about this...

He looks at the other two, they are nodding their agreement.

Blue Scorpion: Agreed, perhaps we can form a stable to put a stop to this.

Cain looks up with a devious smile on his face.

Cain: I know just who to talk to, don't worry Jaiden, we've got this.

Jaiden looks at each man in turn and smiles.

Jaiden Rishel: My family worked too long and too hard to put that place out of business. Hostility will not stand, I want an end put to these upstarts!

Something gets Jaiden's attention and he looks directly into the camera....

Jaiden Rishel: Is that a camera? Here in my home?

The view suddenly dies from the single camera but the other two feeds continue as the scene fades to black.

Austin Bishop vs. Dan Ryan

Mike Rolash: What is this "Confession Cam" thing? And this snitch of a Rishel trying to sabotage Hostility? This is an outrage, somebody has to something about this!

Jim Gunt: I have no idea what this camera is, but this is an interesting development, especially with Alex Cain and the Blue Scorpion involved on top of it! I guess we will keep on investigating and let you know what comes up. But now it is time to dive into Modern Warfare with our first tournament match of the evening, Ray is already ready, so over to him!

Ray Douglas: The following match is scheduled for one fall...

The lights dim and a synthetic horror sounding tune begins to fill the PA. Austin Bishop steps out from the back as the lights begin to come back up displaying a dense fog. Behind him, Dick Fury walks, dressed in a pastel-blue suit with a white, unbuttoned shirt. Fury walks backward down the ramp clapping for Bishop.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first, standing at seven feet tall and weighing in at two hundred and seventy nine pounds... accompanied to the ring by Dick Fury....AUSTIN BISHOP!!

Mike Rolash: Austin Bishop is a powerhouse, almost unlike anything I've seen in that ring before. He's run roughshod through the roster and now he's looking to make his mark in the Modern Warfare tournament.

Jim Gunt: And there's Dick Fury, the loudmouth looking for a microphone... this isn't going to be good, someone get that idiot out of here!

Fury strides ahead of Bishop, calling for a microphone as he approaches the ring. Bishop pauses at the bottom of the ramp, soaking in the reaction from the crowd before clambering up onto the ring apron and stepping between the ropes. Fury, still on the outside of the ring, looks around at the crowd as he raises the microphone to his face.

Dick Fury: Ladies and gentlemen... tonight you will get to bear witness to a scene of pure unadulterated destruction courtesy of The Saviour... Dan Ryan is going to be victimized, he is going to be brutalized, he is going to be-

Fury is cut off as the intro riff to "Zero" by the Smashing Pumpkins blasts over the sound system. The lights go out and a dual-spotlight makes an encircling pattern on the entrance area. When the riff audio kicks it up a notch, Dan Ryan steps out and pauses, looking into the audience, then heads down the aisle as pyro blasts behind him.

Ray Douglas: Introducing his opponent... hailing from Houston Texas, he stands at six foot seven and weighs in tonight at three hundred and five pounds... HE IS THE EGO BUSTER....DAN RYAN! 

Mike Rolash: Dan Ryan looking confident heading into this match tonight!

Jim Gunt: After steamrolling his opponents last week, I don't blame him. The odds are strong on a victory for The Ego Buster tonight!

Ryan walks directly to the ring, rolls in under the bottom rope and climbs the nearest turnbuckle, keeping his arms down and smirking into the crowd as the music plays. Bishop watches him carefully from his corner as the referee calls for the bell, and this match is underway!

Both competitors circle each other quickly before locking up in the middle of the ring. They grapple for a moment before Ryan tosses Bishop into the ropes and catches him with a solid shoulder block on the rebound. Ryan seizes Bishop by the head and pulls him over into the corner where he starts to deliver a series of stiff forearm shots. Bishop covers up and escapes the worst of the damage, and the referee intervenes to separate both men.

Mike Rolash: Already Ryan is off to a dominant start, however he's dealing minimal damage with Bishop covered up like that.

Jim Gunt: It's all part of his strategy Mike, chip away at the mountain bit by bit and it'll crumble.

Back in the middle of the ring Ryan returns to using his forearm to batter Bishop before attempting to throw him into the ropes again, however Bishop has wised up to that trick and grabs the top rope to prevent a rebound, swinging his leg up and catching Ryan with a kick to the torso. Ryan is stunned for a moment and Bishop takes advantage by damn near taking Ryan's head off with a lariat! Both men are on the mat, however they aren't motionless for long. Both men stagger to their feet and trade blows, but it's Ryan who uses his striking ability to gain the advantage. Bishop swings blindly, missing a strike, and Ryan ducks behind him, wraps his arms around his waist and hits a german suplex! Ryan isn't done yet, however. Still with his arms wrapped around the lighter Bishop's waist, he pulls him to his feet and sweeps his legs out from underneath him, using the momentum to drive Bishop down onto the mat! On the outside of the ring Fury is aghast, clutching handfuls of his hair as Ryan drives his boots into Bishop's torso. 

Mike Rolash: Dan Ryan is a proficient expert when it comes to suplexes, or at least that's how he described himself when we spoke earlier tonight.

Jim Gunt: Focus on the ring, I don't think he's finished!

Ryan pulls Bishop to his feet again but the Saviour is ready, and he drives his shoulder into Ryan's midsection. Bishop follows up with an elbow to Ryan's jaw and he ducks behind the Ego Buster looking to hit a suplex of his own, but Ryan twists out of it, twisting his body behind Bishop, their arms still entwined... AND RYAN HITS A BRIDGING DRAGON SUPLEX! RYAN WITH A COVER!

Mike Rolash: That dragon suplex was a thing of beauty Jim! Could Ryan get the early victory?

Jim Gunt: The ref's counting!




Bishop gets his shoulder up in the nick of time! Dick Fury collapses to his knees in disbelief on the outside of the ring, and Ryan regards his opponent with wariness. He wastes no time in going back on the attack, but the near fall attempt seems to have rejuvenated Austin Bishop. The Saviour shrugs off several strikes before delivering one of his own, sending Ryan reeling. Fury is pounding on the apron, demanding that Bishop step up and finish Ryan off immediately. Bishop approaches Ryan and blocks another attempt at a strike, following up with his own boot to Ryan's midsection. Ryan kneels over and Bishop grabs him by the throat but the Ego Buster isn't quite done yet! He elbows Bishop in the side of the head, causing Bishop to release him, before hitting a desperate superkick to Bishop's chin! Bishop is down again, and Ryan covers!





Mike Rolash: Dan Ryan is starting to pull out all the stops to put Austin Bishop down!

Jim Gunt: Bishop is a monster, pure and simple. Forget a superkick, maybe try silver bullets or a stake to the heart?

Bishop gets the shoulder up again! Ryan pounds the mat in frustration, his blonde hair falling forward into his face. Slowly, Bishop is climbing back to his feet, still looking a little stunned from the superkick. Ryan is straight back on the attack, delivering a series of punches to Bishop's back and shoulders before seizing his head, shoving it under his arm and suplexing him in the middle of the ring! Bishop still has some fight left though, and Ryan crawls into the corner to recover. The two giants clash in the middle of the ring again, trading vicious right hooks, each man left swaying after each blow. Bishop throws his arm out but Ryan hits a desperate kick to his gut, before seizing the lighter Bishop and lifting him into the air. The crowd explodes as Ryan hits a Humility Bomb, planting Bishop in the middle of the ring and hooking the leg.

Mike Rolash: Here it is! This has to be it!

Jim Gunt: Dan Ryan has done it! He's beaten Austin Bishop!




Ray Douglas: And your winner by pinfall and moving onto the quarterfinals of the Modern Warfare Tournament....DAN RYAN!!

The referee calls for the bell and "Zero" resumes playing. Ryan climbs to his hands and knees, allowing the referee to raise his hand in victory. Dick Fury slides into the ring to check on a stirring Austin Bishop as Ryan looks on with confidence. He turns to Ryan and starts to shout at him, pointing at Bishop, then pointing at himself.

Mike Rolash: He'd better watch that.

The fans roar with approval as Dan Ryan grabs Dick Fury by the neck and gorilla-presses him high above his head!

Jim Gunt: We've seen this before, we don't need to see it again! Can we cut to something in the back? 

Filling in the blanks

We cut backstage, where Impulse and Calico Rose are watching the Dan Ryan/Austin Bishop match on one of the monitors.

Impulse: Wow. Almost hit the fourth row this time.

Cally: Do you think the fans will return Dick Fury? 

He looks at her with a half smile.

Impulse: Why would anyone want to keep him? 

She grins. 

Cally: You ready for this one, Tex?

And she holds out her fist. 

Impulse: Always, cowpoke.


They're ready.

Nathan Paradine vs. Impulse

Jim Gunt: And Dan Ryan is in the quarter finals! 

Mike Rolash: I still think that was wholly unnecessary to do to poor Dick Fury. 

Jim Gunt: Of course you would. Up next, we go back to the Alpha Block, and Hostility’s own Nathan Paradine takes on the House of Strong Style’s Impulse! Who do you like in this one, Mike? 

Mike Rolash: I don’t particularly like either of them, but I like Nathan Paradine a lot less more. Impulse is just annoying. 

Jim Gunt: …

Mike Rolash: What? 

Jim Gunt: … ‘a lot less more?’

Mike Rolash: Don’t start.

Ray Douglas: This next contest is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit.

CUE UP: "Beat The Devil's Tattoo" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. 

Some fans boo, but the majority give a nice ovation. 

Ray Douglas: Introducing first, from Melbourne, Australia and weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds… he is one half of the CWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD… 

The spotlights circle the arena frenetically, lighting up the entire crowd (but not all at once) until they finally settle on the entrance. 


After an extended wait, the Australian Submission Machine steps out, his eyes covered by dark glasses and his tag team championship title strapped around his waist. He waits for a moment at the top, before taking his time to walk to the ring. Fans reach out all around him but he ignores their outstretched hands, clearly considering himself above them. 

Jim Gunt: One half of the CWF Tag Team Champions along with Tobias Devereaux, Nathan Paradine has cemented his place in the CWF these past few weeks. His partner, of course, was eliminated from Modern Warfare last week when he failed to take the CWF World Championship from The Shadow. 

Mike Rolash: Semantics. As long as one of ‘em gets through. 

Paradine finally enters the ring, taking off his leather jacket and sunglasses, handing both to a ring attendant with a dismissive gesture. The Championship Title, however - it remains around his waist for the moment. 

Ray Douglas: And his opponent…

CUE UP: “Sleep Now in the Fire” - Rage Against the Machine. 

Ray Douglas: Accompanied to the ring by Calico Rose…

Mike Rolash: Boy, these people are noisy. How can they be so excited to see someone that isn’t even part of this company? 

Ray Douglas: From Washington Heights, New York, and weighing in at one hundred ninety two pounds… IMMMMMMMMPULLLLLLSE!!!!

Like Nathan Paradine, Impulse and Calico Rose both stop at the top of the entranceway, but in place of Paradine’s detached indifference, Impulse smirks and nods his head at the crowd, while Calico Rose takes an exaggerated bow and blows a pair of kisses towards them. 

Jim Gunt: The WCWA Internet Champion, though it looks like the uncertain status of the group has caused him to leave the title belt behind for this match. 

Mike Rolash: Whatever. Paper champion from a paper group. The CWF is all that matters. 

Jim Gunt: I appreciate your company loyalty, Mike… but I will remind you that, technically speaking, neither of these athletes work for the CWF. 

Mike Rolash: … I don’t need to defend my beliefs to the likes of you… Why is she coming this way? 

At the foot of the ring steps, Impulse peels off his faded ‘WWAD’ shirt, gives Calico Rose a hug and a kiss, and enters the ring, while the valet makes a beeline for the commentary table. 

Jim Gunt: Good to see--what are you doing? 

We hear a rustling of a microphone along with the ringing of the bell. 

Cally: Hello, gentlepersons. I thought I’d introduce myself and hang out over here while RK does his thing. 

Mike Rolash: We don’t need your help.

Cally: Oh, sure. You guys are bossa nova. Totally obvs. 

There’s a moment of silence. 

Mike Rolash: But--I--

Jim Gunt: Let it go, Mike. Impulse and Paradine circle each other, and Impulse offers a handshake! 

Mike Rolash: Don’t trust him! 

Cally: Why not? 

Mike Rolash: If you have to ask…

The fans’ volume rises in support of this sign of sportsmanship, but Paradine looks skeptical. He circles Impulse again and feints towards him, but the Marathon Man appears unintimidated. He again offers a hand, and Paradine stops and looks out into the crowd, as if to ask them for their opinion.

Mike Rolash: He’s a shifty little snake, don’t trust him! 

Cally: You’re a negative nelly, aren’t you? 

Mike Rolash: You don’t get out much, do you? 

After what feels like several minutes, Paradine approaches his opponent as if to take him up on his offer, but instead of shaking, he grabs Impulse by the wrist and, in one fluid motion, spins around and takes him over with an armdrag takedown! Paradine immediately pulls back on the wrist and drives his knee into the back of Impulse’s shoulder, clearly looking for the quick submission! 

Jim Gunt: Clever reversal by Nathan Paradine! 

Mike Rolash: Like a lamb to slaughter! 

Paradine pulls back, but Impulse manages to slide his other shoulder - the one pressed into the mat- underneath the rest of himself, which immediately relieves the stress on his right arm! He reaches up and hooks Paradine around the neck with a leg scissors. At a stalemate, Paradine steps back and hooks the bottom rope with his foot, and referee Trent Robbins calls for a break. 

Mike Rolash: See, there’s the mistake. You don’t break on one. You’ve got five seconds to do some damage, fucking use ‘em! 

Cally: Language!

Mike Rolash: Really? 

Along with Mike Rolash, Nathan Paradine looks suspicious at the sudden break from his opponent. Impulse kips up with both men standing near the ropes, neither of them looking anxious to make the first move. 

Jim Gunt: The referee directs the men away from the ropes, and they circle each other! 

After the prior exchange, both men are regarding the other with a newfound wariness. Paradine steps forward, Impulse steps back proportionally. Impulse goes high, Paradine ducks back. 

Polite applause from the fans.

Paradine nods, a small smirk on his face. Impulse keeps his stoicism, cracks his neck, and cracks his elbows. 

Cally: Oh, it’s on

Impulse with a single leg dive! He telegraphs it, and Paradine easily steps back! The Nomad leans down to hook his opponent, but, with a brief glimpse to confirm his position, Impulse rolls, catching Paradine’s closer leg with one foot on his ankle and the other behind his knee, and takes him down with a modified drop toe hold! He follows up with an anklelock, Paradine’s foot cemented tightly in his grip with one forearm directly behind his knee. 

Jim Gunt: Robbins is there, asking if he gives in, but I don’t think that’s in the cards for the Nomad! 

It isn’t, but Paradine appears to be all but ignoring the referee’s questions, in lieu of assessing his own situation. He tries to roll right, he tries to roll left. Impulse has a solid center of gravity, and the two barely move. 

Mike Rolash: Break out of it, Nate! Don’t let this loser win! 

Cally: You’re so negative… do you need some herbal tea?

After several fruitless attempts, Paradine braces both forearms on the mat and swings his free leg towards Impulse’s head! It’s not a subtle move and the Marathon Man sees it coming, but, reluctant to break a solid hold, is only able to partly block it and Paradine escapes, rolling to his knees and then back to his feet as they face off again! The fans applaud, as the two men circle with respect in their eyes. 

Finally, they lock up for real, and Paradine backs Impulse into the ropes! Irish whip! Shoulderblock puts Impulse on the mat! 

Jim Gunt: Nathan Paradine is not a huge man, but Impulse is giving up almost fifty pounds! 

Paradine leans down to scoop his opponent but Impulse knocks him back with a pair of boots to the chest and kips up again - Paradine is on him with an elbow smash that sends his opponent into the ropes again! A series of strikes about the head and chest follow while the referee counts him, and Paradine backs off at four! 

Impulse takes a minute on the ropes to regain his senses, but the second he steps away from them, Paradine drives a boot into his stomach and double axe handles the back of his neck! Impulse drops, Paradine rolls him over, and hooks the leg! 




Jim Gunt: Smart work by Nathan Paradine, going for a cover but, at the same time, wearing down Impulse’s neck in hopes of an eventual Mark of Judas. 

Cally: You can’t fault his logic. 

Mike Rolash: Wait, you’re complimenting the guy beating up your boyfriend? 

Cally: It’s a fair, clean fight, sweetie. It’s not right to take anything away. 

Paradine lifts Impulse and drops a knee into his stomach, then takes him over with a modified double underhook suplex, and another cover! Another two count! He lifts Impulse up and sends him across the ring into the corner, and the Marathon Man hits hard! 

Jim Gunt: Running clothesline! IMPULSE MOVES! 

At the last possible moment, Impulse ducks out of the way, falling to his knees next to the ropes. Paradine hits his chest into the top turnbuckle with incredible force, and staggers back a step, gasping for breath. Impulse is on his feet! SUDDEN IMPACT! 




Mike Rolash: He cheated! 

Cally: Shushy, he didn’t see. Let me handle this. 

Mike Rolash: Wait, where’s she going now? 

Jim Gunt: First you don’t want her here, then you want her back? Make up your mind! 

The bell rings and the referee raises Impulse’s hand, but Cally is speaking with Ray Douglas for a moment before she calls Impulse over to her. Nathan Paradine is groggy, but he’s on one knee, staring daggers into the back of his opponent’s head. 

Jim Gunt: I’m not sure what’s going on here - we’re getting a replay? 

Mike Rolash: See? See? 

The replay clearly shows Nathan Paradine getting his foot on the bottom rope just before the three count. Neither Impulse nor the referee sees it at the time, but now, Impulse is talking animatedly with the Trent Robbins, pointing at the video wall, pointing at his opponent.

Jim Gunt: I think we’re restarting this match! 

Mike Rolash: What an idiot! 

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has reversed his original decision, and this match will continue! 

Jim Gunt: I tell you, rumors of Impulse’s insistence on fair play certainly live up to the advance billing! 

Mike Rolash: And I bet he wishes he didn’t! Paradine with a roll up from behind! 




Calico Rose has not returned to the table: she is now fully in Impulse’s corner as he rolls to his knees and gets one foot on the mat. Paradine stands over him - IMPULSE WITH A MODIFIED SPINEBUSTER! He needs a moment to catch his breath after impact, however, and that moment is all it takes! 

Jim Gunt: HE’S GOT IT! MARK OF JUDAS! Paradine locks on that choke, and Impulse has nowhere to go! 

Mike Rolash: Tap, you coward! TAP! 

While Impulse has not tapped, his face is turning red, then purple. The fans are on their feet in anticipation of the finish, and a close up shows Nathan Paradine with the hold locked in tightly: he’s not letting go. 

Robbins raises Impulse’s hand once, and it drops! 

Jim Gunt: Two to go! 

Twice, and it drops! 

Mike Rolash: Goodbye, sweet loser! 

Three times… Impulse gets his feet under him! Robbins calls him up! Impulse rocks back and forth, trying to keep conscious! He pushes up and rolls himself forward, with Paradine rolling backwards! Impulse catches himself on the mat with one free hand! 

Mike Rolash: What is he doing? 

Jim Gunt: Something desperate, Mike! Look! 

His one free hand and arm trembling, Impulse slowly lowers both of them just ever so slightly… and Trent Robbins gets into position! 


Jim Gunt: Look! Impulse is almost out but Paradine is carrying both mens’ weight by himself! The back of his neck and his shoulders are on the mat! 


With all of this weight, Nathan Paradine realizes he isn’t able to disengage himself from Impulse and break the pin! His eyes go wide as Impulse’s close! 


The second the bell sounds, Impulse’s arm crumbles and both men roll over. Nathan Paradine lets go as his opponent breathes heavily on the mat with his eyes shut and his face slowly regaining its natural hue. Cally is immediately in the ring to check on him.

A huge cheer erupts from the fans as the referee raises Impulse’s hand in victory. 

Jim Gunt: An incredibly hard fought victory for the Marathon Man, and he moves to the quarter finals in the Modern Warfare tournament! 

Mike Rolash: Would’ve been a lot easier to just take the win from the start. Instead, he got his ass kicked for another five minutes. 

Jim Gunt: Calico Rose helping Impulse to his feet again, and another offer of a handshake! PARADINE ACCEPTS! These fans are cheering the efforts of both athletes, and you have to believe they’ve earned each other’s respect tonight! 

Mike Rolash: Respect is overrated. Give me the Golden Rule any day. 

Jim Gunt: I’m not even gonna dignify that with the question. We’ll be right back! 

What Did He Call You?

The camera cuts backstage, where The Shadow and Myfanwy are seemingly on a mission, walking with determination. Suddenly at a corner Max Becker appears out of nowhere, bumping into The Shadow.

Max Becker: Kannst Du nicht aufpassen, Du langhaarige Arschgeige?

Despite the insult, The Shadow can't help by laugh.

The Shadow: Na, na, na, Herr Becker, Sie sollten besser aufpassen was sie sagen. Man weiss nie, wer Sie versteht...

Max Becker: Yo, yo, yo, Shadman, watch your step with all your hair,
Or I will hit you with a chair, yo.

The Shadow: You know what, Max, you should never forget that you cannot spell "crap" without "rap"...

Max turns red and opens his mouth to retort, but in the end stomps off indignantly, not wanting to engage more with his opponent in tonight's title match.

Myfanwy: What did he call you??

The Shadow: A long-haired ass violin.

Myfanwy's eyes go wide in disbelief.

Myfanwy: A what??

The Shadow laughs.

The Shadow: Yes, you heard right, an ass violin.

Myfanwy: Wow, now this is an insult I have never heard of before...

The Shadow: Yes, it is pretty unique for Germany.

Myfanwy: Weird.

The Shadow: Not weirder than your whole language...

Myfanwy: Touche... But that thing about rap and crap won't go over well with people.

The Shadow: Just me trying to get into his head. I don't have any beef with rap, even if I don't like it.

Myfanwy: Yes, I think you managed to get into it.

"Boss, boss, wait up!"

They both turn around to show Christian Fagermo, one of the druids, come running down the corridor, dodging production workers.

Christian Fagermo: Sanford is on his way here, he found something. He said that you were right with something!

He stops to catch his breath.

The Shadow: When did he say he'd be here?

Christian Fagermo: He wasn't exactly sure, but half an hour or so.

The Shadow: OK, I'll be ready.

He turns to Myfanwy.

The Shadow: OK, my dear, let's go, we have some business to attend to.

She hooks her arm in his and they continue towards the curtain to the stage.

Dorian Hawkhurst vs. Ataxia

Mike Rolash: Ass violin? This is genius, I have to remember to use this!

Jim Gunt: It definitely was one of the most creative insults I have seen so far, I agree.

Mike Rolash: But what was that business he was talking about?

Jim Gunt: I have no idea, maybe we’ll find out, but right now Ray is right here.

Ray Douglas: The next match is a second round Modern Warfare match-up. Introducing first from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The Forsaken Demon....DORIAN HAWKHURST!!

“From the Pinnacle to the Pit” by Ghost begins to play as the lights go down and smoke fills the ramp. As spotlight sets upon the entrance, and “The Demon of Sobriety” Dorian Hawkhurst stands in an open legged stance with his arms out. He is wearing a long, leather trench coat and his trademark “Forsaken Demon” shirt. As the lead guitar comes in over the bass guitar, Chloe Hawkhurst crawls out from behind her father. She pops up on her knees, copying he father’s pose while sporting a Mia/Amelia shirt of her own.

They walk down the ramp to the ring, Chloe slapping hands while her father is all business before Dorian slides into the ring and hold the middle rope up for Chloe to get in the ring.

Jim Gunt: Dorian looks very determined tonight.

Mike Rolash: He has to, otherwise he could just stay right in the back. Man, this is one of those matches, where I am really torn, couldn’t they just both lose?

Jim Gunt: No, Mike, there will be a winner tonight.

Mike Rolash: Damn!

Ray Douglas: And his opponent, hailing from-- well, we still don’t know where the heck he is from, but here is the Messiah Pariah....ATAXIA!!

The lights flicker as we hear this over the PA System...


"Dangerous Tonight" by Alice Cooper starts to play as Ataxia enters the arena wearing his trademark cloak of raven feathers, tophat, cane, and raven mask over his usual bag like mask. Ataxia spins the cane around and high fives fans as he walks down the ringside area. He leaps into the ring and whips off the cloak. He takes off the mask, hat and cane. Suddenly the lights go out.

Mike Rolash: Oh come on, can’t we have a night without this? Alright, cue whoever’s music…

But no music starts to sound, instead the lights slowly come back on.

The Shadow: Good evening, gentlemen, this is my business.

Mike Rolash: For God’s freaking sakes, do you want to give me a heart attack?

The Shadow: Oh no, far from it. It would imply you had a heart to begin with.

Mike Rolash: What is that supposed to mean now?

The Shadow: If I really have to explain that, I might have to put the existence of your brain in question as well.

Mike only stares at The Shadow wide-eyed, while Jim is trying to keep a straight face.

Jim Gunt: Always a pleasure to have you out, so what is your prediction for this match between your fellow Forsaken?

The Shadow: Well, there are not many wrestlers that know each other as well as these two, so let’s just say that I predict a Forsaken to win.

He briefly winks before putting his index finger onto Mike’s chin and snapping his mouth shut.

Ataxia: Hai friend!

He waves at The Shadow before referee Clark Summits grabs his attention to get the match started. And right away the two men are circling each other, poised for attack, when suddenly they approach each other, but instead of locking up, they straighten up and hug.

Mike Rolash: What the-- They are supposed to fight!

Jim Gunt: They will, they will, they are just showing respect for each other.

The Shadow: We all have been through a lot of turmoil, so seeing things going back to some sort of normal is a good thing, Mike, even though you will probably disagree.

Mike Rolash: Damn right I will. Milenko gone, these Sentinels gone, I'm basically a moving target these days.

And indeed they do engage in the lockup with the bulkier Dorian quickly gaining the upper hand, pushing Ataxia into the corner. But instead of following up he backs up and allows Ataxia to come out of the corner as well. Suddenly Dorian moves forward, though, with a clothesline attempt that the Messiah Pariah ducks under and going for the ropes, coming back with a flying cross body, but Dorian is able to catch his opponent and quickly whirl around with a thunderous power slam.

Mike Rolash: Now we're talking! Flatten that baghead!

Jim Gunt: And he is back.

Mike Rolash: Damn right he is.

A slap over the back of his head has Mike turn around in anger.

Mike Rolash: What was that-- Oh, it's you.

Myfanwy is sitting on the barricade right behind Mike, giving him the sweetest smile and a little wave.

Meanwhile as Dorian extends his hand, he brings Ataxia back to his feet, but immediately is thrown into the ropes.

Jim Gunt: A back body drop-- NO! Dorian lets himself fall down and slaps Ataxia in the face - that was the Hai Frand!

Mike Rolash: Ooh, that was an insult, now the gloves are coming off!

Ataxia starts a maniacal cackle, but then jumps up and comes down with both knees onto Dorian's chest, taking his breath away.

Jim Gunt: That was a version of the Reckoning! Is he trying to end this already?

Mike Rolash: He better not!

Ataxia does not seem to have any intentions of trying to cover Dorian and instead goes for the ropes again, leaping off for an elbow drop, but Dorian already has rolled out of the way, taking the opportunity to go for a three point stand and rush at Ataxia as he just gets to his feet.

Mike Rolash: Ooh, what a spear, looks like Dorian is taking control now!

Jim Gunt: Don't be so quick with that, Ataxia is known to be able to take a lot of damage and still be as dangerous as before, if not before.

Using the ropes for leverage, Ataxia is coming to a vertical base, but Dorian is already barging in with another clothesline attempt and this one fully connects, sending Ataxia over the ropes and to the ground below. Dorian rolls out of the ring right away and brings Ataxia back to his feet, picking him up and throwing him back in through the ropes. As he re-enters the ring, however, Ataxia is ready for him and comes running at him with full force, but his shoulder block just bounces right off Hawkhurst, as if he had hit a wall.

Mike Rolash: Wow, that had no effect!

The Shadow: He looked a bit like you there.

Mike Rolash: Yes, he-- Wait, what?

Jim can barely contain his laughing.

Jim Gunt: I am just picturing you trying to ram into Dorian, ah, I'll have good dreams tonight.

As Mike huffs, Ataxia is back to his feet and goes for a second shoulder block, but Dorian graciously steps aside and Ataxia bounces into the ropes and back instead, catching Dorian by surprise, though, by using his momentum to hit a huracanrana, flipping the big man right to the mat, finishing with a dramatic flourish. Hawkhurst gets to his knees, looking at his fellow Forsaken with an impressed look on his face.

Mike Rolash: I really can't stand the bagged--

He stops and ducks, expecting some sort of slap or hit, but when he turns around Myfanwy only gives him "the look" and he tries to compose himself.

Mike Rolash: Uh, while I really don't like him, this was an impressive reversal.

As they meet again in the middle of the ring, Dorian takes advantage of his strength, grabbing Ataxia’s arm and swinging him hard into the corner, him bouncing back and right into a big boot by Dorian that has Ataxia’s head snap sideways. The Masked Menace goes down like a log and rolls out of the ring.

Jim Gunt: The kick has turned Ataxia’s mask, he is pretty much blind!

Mike Rolash: Oh no, and now the little demon is coming for Ataxia! Now I’m torn, do I want her to do something to the baghead-- *OW!* or him teach her a lesson… Will you quit it?

He tries to swat away Myfanwy’s arm, even though she is just sitting still on the barricade, holding her arms up in innocence.

The Shadow: Are you having phantom pain? Or phantom swats? Maybe you should concentrate on what’s happening out there for a change?

Jim Gunt: Indeed, and Chloe - turns Ataxia’s mask back!

Mike Rolash: And a hug? What is happening here? Am I in the wrong movie? These two almost killed each other in matches, didn’t they?

The Shadow: Uh, no, they did not.

Jim Gunt: Nope, not sure what you are talking about.

Mike starts to look from Jim to The Shadow to Ataxia to Dorian in disbelief.

While Mike is trying to figure out what is happening, Ataxia is on the apron and Dorian coming in like a steam train, but Ataxia holds on to the top rope, jumps off and DROPKICK THROUGH THE ROPES!

Jim Gunt: Ouch, talk about stopping someone dead in his tracks!

Without giving Dorian a chance to recover, Ataxia jumps up onto the top rope and using it as a launching pad leaps off with a springboard double stomp, which connects fully with Dorian’s mid-section, eliciting a grunt from the Forsaken Demon. And once again he scales the corner.

Jim Gunt: This was like a variant of one of Dorian’s move, but now it looks like he is going for the Reckoning for real now!

He gives a quick salute and jumps off.

Mike Rolash: He got his knees up! I think he just broke Ataxia!

The Messiah Pariah is writhing in pain from the hard impact. Dorian is slowly getting to his feet before pulling Ataxia to his. He lifts him up and slams him to the mat before going into the ropes and SENTON SPLASH!

Jim Gunt: That was an amazing display of agility and definitely is adding to Ataxia’s agony.

The Shadow: He is full of surprises. You should know to expect the unexpected from any Forsaken, right, Mike?

Mike Rolash: Yes, unfortunately.

Again Dorian pulls Ataxia to his feet and positions him in front of him, then lifts him up into a release German suplex into the turnbuckles!

Jim Gunt: The ER Stat! Another one of Ataxia’s moves used against him!

Mike Rolash: He is using Ataxia’s moves, Ataxia is using Dorian’s, what is wrong with these people?

The Shadow: These two know each other inside and out, so it is their way to show respect to the other.

Mike Rolash: Weirdos.

Once again Dorian brings Ataxia to a vertical position, positioning him in the corner. Then he goes across the ring and as he turns to run at Ataxia his eyes widen in surprise.

Jim Gunt: Savate kick, it is really almost as if these two have reversed roles here! Dorian is going down like a log, he might be in real trouble now! And he is going for the pin!



Mike Rolash: Wow, that was a kickout with authority, Ataxia went all the way through the ropes!

Jim Gunt: So Shadow, you might face Ataxia or Dorian in the finals, would it make any difference to face one of your fellow Forsaken for the belt?

The Shadow: No. Well, in a way yes, because I know that there would not be any underhanded tactics, but I don’t worry about that yet, Max is going to be a big enough hurdle to overcome to begin with and then Cheshire or JC, so I will not sell any chickens before the eggs are even laid.

Mike Rolash: What kind of weird-ass analogy was that?

Jim Gunt: Just because you don’t understand something does not make it weird, Mikey.

Ataxia peels himself off the mats on the outside and climbs back on the apron, when Dorian with a mighty roar launches himself forwards to spear Ataxia off the apron, but the Messiah Pariah is able to get his knee up in time to catch Dorian unawares, thus halting his progress. As Dorian slowly gets to his feet, Ataxia goes onto the top rope again.

Jim Gunt: What are we going to see this time?

Mike Rolash: Him falling off the corner and hitting his head to knock some sense into him?

Jim Gunt: Creative, Mike… THE RECKONING!

The double knee to the collarbones of Dorian hits with full force and as the two go down hard, Ataxia remains seated on the Forsaken Demon’s chest, pinning him down.




Ray Douglas: And the winner by pinfall and moving on to the quarterfinals of the Modern Warfare tournament - ATAXIA!

Chloe is hurrying up the steps and into the ring while Ataxia climbs off Dorian and The Shadow leaves his spot at the announce table to join his fellow Forsaken in the ring. It takes a little for Dorian to come to as Chloe talks to her father, the worry clear on her face. Ataxia and The Shadow extend their hands and help a still woozy Dorian back to his feet before they both raise Ataxia’s hands to loud cheers of the fans.

Jim Gunt: There we have it, Ataxia seems to be poised to go for the big one this time around.

Mike Rolash: Oh don’t talk about that, Jimbo, you are going to give me nightmares, Ataxia with the Heavyweight belt? Ugh.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

After picking up a big win against Tag Team Champion Tobias Devereaux, Autumn Raven is elated as she walks down the hallway backstage. When she comes to her locker room she is surprised that just like last week, something seems odd. This time it is her locker room, open just a crack.

Autumn Raven: Now I know I shut this damn door on my way out...

Shaking her head in confusion and frustration, Autumn slowly opens up the door further and pokes her head in to make sure nothing is going to pop out at her. 


Autumn Raven: What the hell is going on here...

Autumn continues on through the room, realizing that nothing in her locker room has been touched. That is until she takes a look at the mirror, where in bright red lipstick the following can be read:

"The Truth Shall Set You Free....

Next Week"

At first Autumn shows a look of confusion as she reads the words, and eventually they eat her up enough that she screams out, hurling a fist at the mirror and breaking it in a million pieces! Autumn Raven looks down at her now bloody knuckles as the camera cuts back to ringside.

Jimmy Allen vs. Amber Ryan

Jim Gunt: So Autumn receives another mysterious message, and Ataxia is moving on in what was a somewhat confusing match--

Mike Rolash: Confusing? They are weirdos, all of them!

He quickly turns around to make sure Myfanwy is not there to smack him over the head again.

Jim Gunt: Maybe you are the weirdo?

Mike Rolash: Me? How? Noooo. Never!

Ray Douglas: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a second round match of the Alpha block. Introducing first…

Lights pulsate in red like an erratic heartbeat as Maria Brinks' vocals finally signify the arrival of the silhouetted redhead.

Ray Douglas: From Atlantic City, New Jersey, standing 5 feet and 8 inches tall, weighing in at 135 pounds....AMBER RYAN!!

She walks down the ramp and circles the ring, messing with a few of the ring crew and staff that happen to be within vicinity before methodically and deliberately sliding beneath the bottom rope and crossing to one of the far corners.

Climbing the turnbuckle left handed, she watches out over the crowd to gauge the reaction, returning the mixed reaction with an acknowledging nod of her own before somewhat turning awkwardly on the spot and taking a seat upon the top turnbuckle with hands clasped and elbows resting on her knees- that familiar Distorted Angel smirk ever present across her face.

Ray Douglas: And her opponent…

’Cut the Cord’ by Shinedown hits and Jimmy Allen walks out slowly. He pauses there as he gets a mixed reaction.

Ray Douglas: From Dallas, Texas, standing 6 feet 1 inches, weighing 227 pounds....JIMMY ALLEN!!

Allen smiles a little, seemingly absorbing it all and getting energy from it. Sprinting towards the ring he leaps and dives under the bottom rope sliding to the center of the ring where he pops up to a standing position.

Tonight’s match official is Scott Dean who reminds both Ryan & Allen of the rules, managing his expectations for a clean bout. The crowd are evidently split in who they are cheering for tonight as various chants start to echo throughout the Tacoma Dome.

Jim Gunt: I’m really enjoying seeing Amber Ryan back in action, Mike. It seems like forever since she was here week in, week out.

Mike Rolash: Week one she’s in, week two she’ll be out! Back to Yesteryear for Ryan.

Jim Gunt: I’m not so sure Mike, it doesn’t seem too long ago she won the Unhinged Triple Cage Briefcase Match. Never write off Amber Ryan.

Dean is happy to get things started and calls for the bell. The lightweight Lady Hurricane, strong style Catalyst. It’s live. Right hook from Allen… then a second right hook from Allen but Ryan ducks the third. Allen turns directly into quick fire jabs, one, two, three, four; it’s enough for him to back pedal to the ropes and on the rebound Ryan leaps and flips Allen onto the mat with a Hurricanrana. Red’s hastily up to her feet looking to assert early dominance and with Allen scrambling for the corner, it gives her every opportunity to do so.

The second Allen’s onto his feet, back to turn buckle, Ryan’s legs are either side of him on the middle rope. Quick, but stiff rights, one, two, three, four, the crowd offer their encouragement as they shout for each right, ‘Five!’, ‘Six!’, ‘Seven!’, ‘Eight!’, ‘Nine!’… ‘Ten!’. The ten facial blows are polished off with a swift Monkey Flip.

Jim Gunt: I told you Mike. Never write off Amber Ryan. She’s off to a flier, much like Jimmy Allen there.

Mike Rolash: I hope Jimmy Allen can collect his air miles for that trip.

… and fly he did. Jimmy was scrambling on all fours again, this time he crawls his way up against the opposite turnbuckle to which he just came from. In the short time it takes to realise what’s happened, Amber Ryan has darted forwards and took a flight of her own: Spinning Heel Kick! Jimmy Allen collapses to a seated position and that opens up the opportunity for her to hit the opposite ropes and come flying back with a Meteora!

Jimmy’s far from out as he’s again crawling his way around the ring, but he’s in trouble. Ryan wastes no time again as she’s perched on his back, slapping, punching, elbowing him from left to right to left to right. Jimmy’s only exit is to crawl backwards. Lady Hurricane turns to continue her onslaught, but is met by a jaw shattering high knee. The force knocks her back four steps against the ropes and Jimmy accepts his opportunity to turn the tide of this match. He whips Amber to the opposite rope and simultaneously uses the rope for leverage in his run. The two superstars collide at full running pace, a double Cross Body Block!

Jim Gunt: Ouch! The slapping sound of their stomachs echoed through the Tacoma Dome! They’ll both be sore in the morning.

Mike Rolash: Yeah, I think Amber Ryan came off far worse there. But… I mean, she IS a bit underweight isn’t she?

Jim Gunt: She still looks good to me, Mike!

Mike Rolash: Oh you sleaze-ball.

Both stars are up to their feet together after Scott Dean only made a 3 count, but Jimmy takes the initiative to kick the right knee of Amber Ryan, dropping her to a kneeling position that is most perfect for his Running Enziguiri. Quick cover.



Kickout! The Catalyst wipes his face, ensuring no blood has been drawn from the earlier stiff rights, before taunting tonight’s crowd. The crowd are evidently still undecided who to cheer for, but it’s certain Jimmy is receiving more jeers than cheers. Ryan is up to her feet again, but the second she is she’s leg swept back onto the mat as Jimmy Allen delivers a perfectly executed Standing Moonsault. A further cover.



Kickout again! The Catalyst has a moment arguing with Scott Dean, before dropping onto Amber Ryan with a Senton Splash. He wastes no time pursuing a barrage of knees into the inner lower right thigh of Amber Ryan, followed by quick snap Leg Drops to her knee. Two of them.

Jim Gunt: Clever from Jimmy Allen here. Amber Ryan’s kept getting her shoulder up from those high impact knees and kicks to the face… why not work on her legs? Veteran-like thinking.

Mike Rolash: Yeah, you can’t do too much without the use of your legs, but wrestling has to be close to the top of the can’t list? I wonder if CWF should host a team for the Paralympics? Maybe that’s where Amber Ryan can fit in.

Jimmy continues to focus on the right leg of Amber Ryan with knee drops as Amber cries out in pain, crawling as far away as possible in-between each attack. She gets as far as the corner post, which prompts the idea for Jimmy to drop under the bottom rope and slam the right leg of Amber Ryan against the corner pole. Twice. Three times. FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK, legs all tangled up around the steel post.

Scott Dean is screaming at Jimmy to let go before the disqualification count, one, two, three, four, Jimmy lets go in the knick of time. As Jimmy spends a moment on the outside winding up the fans in the front row, Amber Ryan has made it to her feet, or, perhaps just her foot and has hopped against the ropes, hopped back and flew over the top. Suicide Bomb! Jimmy’s been taken out as Red rolls in circles clutching her right knee.

Jim Gunt: Wow! Talk about spontaneous. I feel Amber Ryan had to find that burst of energy from somewhere. It was only going to get easier for Jimmy the more punishment she takes to that knee.

Mike Rolash: I honestly expected her to break out into The Worm! I’m… disappointed.

Scott Dean gets up to a count of five before Jimmy’s rolled in and a count of eight before Amber follows, both stars are slow finding their feet but Jimmy wastes no time going straight back in for the knee with a Low Dropkick. As Red claws herself a few feet away, Jimmy’s already in chase, lifting her right leg up high and slamming it down to the mat ensuring the knee takes the brunt of the damage. “It’s over” shouts Jimmy, who drags Lady Hurricane to the centre of the ring before spinning her over, tied up in a Half Leg Boston Crab. Scott Dean is down on all fours to access the situation.

Jim Gunt: This should do it. She had to capitalise on that Suicide Dive, but there’s just been too much focus on that right knee. Look at how deep Allen’s sitting.

Mike Rolash: She shouldn’t have returned. Even the most exotic fruits have sell by dates, Jim, I think Amber Ryan’s has been and gone. At least she can hop, skip and jump her way out of here.

Red screams out aloud in sheer agony, scraping herself across the mat towards the bottom rope. Sadly for the Distorted Angel, Jimmy pulls her back to the centre of the ring and applies the same, sit deep pressure he had just done so. It appears to be too much to consider scraping across the ring again as Amber Ryan prepares to tap out.

It’s over.

No. Jimmy Allen releases the hold the second Amber Ryan was about to tap. He drags Red up to her feet, her right leg looking lifeless and it’s only the tight grip of her hair that is keeping her anywhere near upright. Jimmy didn’t want to do this via submission as he scoops Amber Ryan and delivers a thunderous Hellish Rebuke!

Allen covers and official Scott Dean obliges.




Ray Douglas: Your winner by pinfall and advancing to the quarterfinals of Modern Warfare….JIMMY ALLEN!!

Jim Gunt: Well he’s done it. Jimmy advances. But Amber sure put up a fight.

Mike Rolash: Yeah, let’s give everyone a loser’s medal. That’s the attitude Jim!

Jim Gunt: That's not what I'm saying at all, just a shame to see a legend taken out like that...

"Cut the Cord" plays again as Jimmy Allen’s hand is raised up high by Scott Dean of whom is quick to then attend to Amber Ryan and specifically her right leg.

Moving on

Jimmy Allen moves lightly up the ramp and through the gorilla position with cameras following him. He is cut off by Tara Robinson as he tries to make his way to the locker room.

Tara Robinson: Jimmy, if I can get a word with you?

Jimmy stops and turns to Tara with a smile.

Jimmy Allen: Sure why not? What's on everyone's mind tonight?

A bemused Tara Robinson brings the mic up to ask a question but Jimmy cuts her off.

Jimmy Allen: How in the hell did that just happen am I right? How did the biggest underdog since Duce managed to beat Amber Ryan? Will we see a repeat of that performance or will the underdog get beat by whoever the champ happens to be after our main event tonight?

Tara successfully brings the microphone up this time without Jimmy cutting her off. Now Jimmy Allen is the one wearing the bemused expression.

Tara Robinson: Those were some of the questions yes....

Jimmy gives here a slight bow bringing his hands together in the "namaste" manner.

Jimmy Allen: That was wrong of me to cut you off like that, I get it though, no one expected me to get this far. I was a little excited after winning that match. I hope you can understand and appreciate that. It's like this Tara, when no one, not even my family believes in me and my abilities. There is always one person who does. That's all I need is for one single person to believe in what I do and how I do it. Even if I'm that one person that believes in me, that's enough to get me through and to help me achieve everything I want to.

Tara Robinson: Jimmy, thank you for your time, and it seems we are out of that. Throwing it back to ringside.


Zach van Owen vs. Eli Goode

Jim Gunt: Motivational words by Jimmy Allen here.

Mike Rolash: Really? He's just complaining that he is alone now and nobody believes in him anymore.

Jim Gunt: You should be a motivational speaker, Mike, you can take anybody with self-confidence and completely destroy them.

Mike Rolash: Hell yeah-- wait, what?

Ray Douglas: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a second round match in the Modern Warfare Tournament. Introducing first, representing Carnage Wrestling, from Memphis, Tennesse...Eliiii Goode!!

The entire arena starts black. “Carry on Wayward Son” starts playing over the speakers. Once the opening vocals end, the lights shoot on as Eli stands at the top of the ramp with his arms out in a T-pose. He is wearing a leather jacket with this entrance. He lowers his arms looking at the crowd. He starts walking down the ramp as the guitar solo starts playing as he rolls his shoulders around. The vocals start again as he reaches the ring steps and walks up to the side of the ring. He walks over one of the corners and hops to the middle turnbuckle. He extends his arms out again looking at the crowd with a smile on his face. He hops back to the ring mat taking off his jacket. He tosses it over the top rope to the side of the ring ready to fight.

Jim Gunt: Eli Goode has made a damn good, no pun intended, impression in the front office since joining the tournament.

Mike Rolash: If Stewart and C$J are smart they'll sign this guy away from that Baltimore Basic Federation.

Ray Douglas: And his opponent, representing CWF...he is the CWF Impact Champion...Zach Van Owen!!

The entire arena goes dark as green digital rain appears on the screen and gradually forms the phrase “Ready...FIGHT!”. The music picks up (roughly 00:18) and Zach appears on the stage with a bright flash of green lights, his head bowed and arms outstretched. He looks to the ring and marches down the ramp, high-fiving fans along the way. He hops onto the apron and ascends the corner post from the outside, throwing back the hood of his jacket and once again throwing his arms out wide. With hands on the ring ropes he cartwheels off the turnbuckle and down into the ring.

Jim Gunt: Zach has a lot on the line here with his spot in the tournament and the reputation of the Impact Title on the line.

Mike Rolash: Yeah, good thing he's not dumb enough to put it on the line in the match.

Referee Clark Summits takes Zach's title and hands it to the ring attendant as both superstars start to trashtalk each other. Goode, slightly shorter, than Zach looks him up and down and starts to snicker. Zach does not take this well and yells “Hey! Hey! Come on! Come on!” referencing a old SNK fighting game. Goode obliges by kicking Zach square gut and following it with a floatover DDT just as the bell rings! 

Jim Gunt: A shot to the head right out of the gate.

Mike Rolash: He's in “The Foresaken”...Dain Bramage is a pre requsite.

Zach stays down for a moment as Goode gets up and grabs Zach by the back of the head and starts hitting Zach with knee's to the face, over and over again until Zach drops like a sack of potatoes. Goode goes up top, which gets little praise from the crowd because Zach is a popular champion, and waits for Zach to get up. Zach stumbles for a second only to get caught by Goode going for a hurricanrana, but Zach catches him and using Goode's momentum turns it around into a powerbomb! Hook of the legs!


Jim Gunt: Good reversal by the Impact Champ!

Mike Rolash: You forgot the e.

Jim Gunt: What? 

Mike Rolash: Sorry...I got confused. 

Zach doesn't get upset. He just gets angry as he drops and elbow to Goode's chest. Picking up Goode he tosses him into the ropes and sets up Goode for a back body drop! Zach rushes up behind Goode and hits a snapmare once Goode sits up! Zach poses for a breif moment as the fans cheer for the favorite video game superstar. He then quickly turns and picks up Goode, rushing him to the corner to try and go for a “Limit Break”, but Goode counters it by shoving Zach off of him. Zach charges back towards Goode who leaps out of the way. Zach puts the breaks on and turns and charges back at Goode who catches Zach with a hiptoss! Goode heads to the ropes and drops a knee to the face of Zach! Zach rolls out of the ring grabbing his face.

Jim Gunt: Breaking the pace is a smart move by Zach here.

Mike Rolash: Again. What did he damage. That kid's so ugly Ataxia told him to wear the bag. 

Eli Goode heads to the ropes on the opposite side of the ring and bounces off of them. Zach turns on the outside only to get taken down by a suicide dive from Goode to the outside! The fans, although clearly more pro-zach (ha!) are getting into the fast past action of this match, are cheering both men on. On the outside Goode picks up Zach and tries to hit him with a Russian Legsweep into the ring barrier, but Zach puts the breaks on it and instead hits Goode with a ace crusher! Zach quickly slides in to beak up Summits ten count before it reaches a five. Zach then leaps to the top of the ropes and dives off hitting a flying elbow to the downed Goode's back! Grabbing Goode, Zach slings his opponent under the bottom rope and heads to the stairs. Zach gets up on the turnbuckle post. Goode gets up slowly and turns as Zach tries to go for a hurricanrana this time, and this time Goode reverses it into a spinebuster...INTO THE TURNBUCKLE POST! Both men go down for a moment to catch their breath as Clark Summits starts his count.



Jim Gunt: Both men have kept a face pace in this match and it's showing now.



Mike Rolash: Oh double count out would totally ruin my bet on who wins. Come on guys!


Goode has crawled his way to the other side of the ring from Zach as Zach is pulling himself up using the ropes in the corner. Both men get up at the same time. Zach stomps his foot. Goode returns the gesture. The men start trading stomps as the fans start clapping along. Both men charge at each other. Goode going for a superkick as Zach...MATRIX SLIDES!! Zach ducks the kick as Goode goes over him. Zach turns just as Goode hits the ropes and leaps onto the second rope. Second Rope Moonsault onto Zach! Zack shoves off Goode before even a one count, but both men are back up and try to hit each other with dropkicks. Both men roll with it and come up with their fists up as the crowd gets on it's feet!

Jim Gunt: Neither man is willing to budge. It's almost like an odd mirror if you think about it. Both wrestlers have histories of being the underdogs.

Mike Rolash: Which means both of them are little bitches who need to stay down!

As the crowd continues to cheer Zach starts to get hyped up more than usual. He starts pointing to sides of the crowd and they cheer even louder. Then he points to Goode and shouts along with the crowd...


Goode just makes a come on motion as both men circle each other. Neither wanting to give each other an inch. Both men are close to the same size so neither has a real physical advantage. Suddenly Goode make the first move with a shotgun dropkick. The running dropkick connects sending Zach down to the mat. Goode quickly capitalizes by kipping up. Zach gets up to his knee's and gets a face full of Goode's knee as Goode hits his patented “Goode Deal” to Zach's face! Goode waits for Zach to get up before hitting him with a Sling Blade! Zach slumps into the corner as Goode calls for the end!

Jim Gunt: He's calling for the “Goode Bye”!

Mike Rolash: I wish he'd give that to you Jimbo.

Eli Goode signals for “Goode Bye” as the crowd gets to it's feet. Not booing the man, but instead standing in awe of the last few moments of this match. Goode picks up Zach for the fireman's carry and starts to shift into the cutter, but Zach gets his foot on the top rope and uses it to spring forward. Wrapping his arm around Goode's neck instead of hitting the cutter Zach converts it into a DDT! A hush falls over the crowd as Zach rolls to the ropes to use them to pull himself up. Goode gets up as well, slightly out of sorts at the counter to his finisher. Zach goes forward first going for a punch, but Goode ducks it and starts hitting Zach with punch after punch after punch. The fans start cheering on the match again, letting the silence drown as Zach ducks one of the punches. Goode turns around right into a “Combo Breaker” superkick from Zach!


Mike Rolash: Nahhh Nahhh NERDDDDDD!!!

Goode bounces off of the ropes from the superkick and comes off hitting a flying punch to the face taking Zach down again. Goode makes a “go to sleep motion” signaling to the fans that it's time to put Zach to sleep with a “Goode Night”! He slaps Zach into the guillotine choke submission. The ring placement has Goode in the center of the ring. Zach is fighting it, but Clark Summits waits until he see's Zach's arms stop flailing. Clark puts up the arm once...it falls.


On the third one, Zach's arm stands up and he starts rocking back and forth using his momentum to slowly inch their way towards the ropes. He reaches out his arm and grasps it forcing Goode to let go of the hold! Goode is beside himself. This guy won't stay down! Goode grabs Zach and slams him down quickly with a DDT. He starts to collect himself. He looks up top. He grabs Zach and sits him on the top turnbuckle. He climbs up. He's going to go for a top rope version of the “Goode Bye”! He has Zach up in the fireman's carry and hits it! Cover!




Jim Gunt: Zach was just conscious enough to remember where he was in the ring!

Mike Rolash: Goode isn't buying it though!

Eli Goode yells at Summits that it has to be a three count and Clark shakes his head no pointing to the ropes. Eli keeps arguing with Summits, but then turns around as he goes to pick up Zach. ROLL UP!!



Goode kicks out! He waits till Zach starts to get up and rushes to the ropes. Lou Thez Press! He starts pounding on Zach with punch after punch after punch until Zach...catches the fist and headbutts Goode in the face! Goode rolls off grabbing his nose as Zach crawls to the turnbuckle. Both men are tired. Zach climbs to the top rope. He goes for the “Keyblade” and Goode leaps up and going for his own kick! Both men hit each other square and go down. 



Both men are still down.



Jim Gunt: That double elimination could happen if both men stay down here.

Mike Rolash: Totally tanks my bracket if they do!



Both men start to rise.




Both men are up and the crowd screams out as they both charge punching and kicking each other over and over again. Neither man gaining or losing ground. This is a last dash to the finish. Both men look like they don't have much more in the tank as they continue to attack each other. Goode goes for a punch and Zach ducks it. Zach gets behind Goode. German suplex with a bridge!




Ray Douglas: You winner by pinfall and moving onto the quarterfinals of the Modern Warfare Tournament, the Impact Champion....ZACH VAN OWEN!!

Jim Gunt: Both men gave it all, but in the end it's a bridge pin that wins it!

Mike Rolash: I don't care what anyone says. If this is what we can expect from Eli Goode. I want to see a rematch between these two...for the Impact Title even! 

Both men get up, exhausted, and as they get up the fans are giving them both a standing ovation. Zach starts posing for his fans as Eli, despite being eliminated, seems to enjoy the fact that he is that damn good enough to win over this hostile crowd.

You Can Bet On That!

The picture cuts backstage, where Blake Church is standing with Simon Cambridge, CWF's head of Sponsor Relations.

Tara Robinson: I am here with Simon Cambridge, head of Sponsor Relations with CWF. Simon, I heard that you manage to sign up a new sponsor for the company?

Simon Cambridge: Yes, we just signed a deal with a new company offering online betting on many things, but right now with a special focus on CWF matches, which not least due to the Modern Warfare tournament is really taking off right now.

Tara Robinson: Interesting, and what is the name of our new sponsor?

Simon Cambridge: uBETcha.

Tara is looking at Simon with a puzzled look on her face.

Tara Robinson: uBETcha, like--

Suddenly a voice from the off interrupts her.

"Yes, like Tabby Ubetcha."

A young man in a light blue suit walks into the picture, hair slicked back, black sunglasses and large gold chain.

Simon Cambridge: Here he is, CEO of uBETcha, Tim Ubetcha.

Tim Ubetcha: Yes, I am the brother of Tabby, in case you were wondering, but we are not here to talk about her, this is about me and uBETcha. People can bet on anything these days, football, baseball, how many calories Kim Kardashian has eaten today, so I'm here to make this happen and cash in, uh, give CWF fans a chance to put money on their favourite super stars.

Tara Robinson: OK, so how does it work?

Tim Ubetcha: Easy. Just go to www.ubetchaass.com, register and put however much money you want on anything there and boom, we're done.

Tara Robinson: Alrighty then, thanks Tim, thanks Simon, we have to go back to ringside now, though, over to you guys.

"The Answer" JC vs. Cheshire

Ray Douglas: The following contest is a second round match of the Modern Warfare championship tournament, and is schedule for one fall. Introducing first, from Jersey City, New Jersey, and weighing in at 255lbs..."The Answer" JC.

Jim Gunt: It's great to see a visiting talent with such tenure, not only come to CWF for this oppirtunity, but also make it to the second round. I reckon JC is the perfect Answer to respond to the anomalous and enigmatic Cheshire.

The lights go out, bathing the arena in darkness with a tinge of dark blue. The Man without Fear by Drowning Pool and Rob Zombie picks up and the lights begin to flash.

Mike Rolash: Jim be real. No one is the answer to LoMiShire.

Blue pyros erupt as JC makes his appearance and strides down towards the ring. He slides into the ring and climbs onto the middle rope, raising his arms to pump up the crowd and get ready for the arrival of his opponent.

Ray Douglas: And his opponent...

A haunting laughter courses through the arena as the lights dim down to inky blackness, causing a general feeling of unease to flow through the arena. The laughter picks up in volume as the opening chants of, "They're coming to take me alive, ha-ha! They're coming to take me away, ho-ho!" echo and the music slams the silence away, jarring the audience from their terrified trance. 

Ray Douglas: Introducing to you, from parts Unknown, Cheshire!

Cheshire appears at the top of the ramp, soaking in the crowd's reaction to her mere presence in their lives. She laughs it all away and holds her midsection in jest, doubled over in imaginary mirth as she raises the CWF Title high into the air. Straightening up, she holds the belt up high above her head, much to the chagrin of the crowd in attendance. She skips down to the ring and stops right at the apron, looking up at nothing in particular as she strokes the ring apron seductively, her head cocked slightly to the side. With a sudden, jerky, and yet fluid motion Cheshire launches her self under the bottom rope and rolls to the closest corner, where she hugs her knees and rocks back and forth, waiting for the match to start.

Mike Rolash: Believe you me , Jim. Tonight Cheshire is going to put the fear into JC. There's no way he's walking out of here the winner.

Jim Gunt: You sound so sure...

Referee Trent Robbins signals for the tolling of the starting bell, and with it the match is under way. JC maintains distance intitally, circling his opponent around the outer perimeter of the ring. Cheshire watches the self-proclaimed 'Answer' with a slightly cocked head and a bemused smile on her face.

Mike Rolash: Did they not hear the bell?

Jim Gunt: It would seem both competitors are waiting for the other to make the first move.

Mike Rolash: Somebody do something!

The Answer advances for a lock up but Cheshire catches her opponent by the arm insted and throws JC back with a deep Japanese arm drag. It's not known as a particularly powerful technique so JC isn't long to recover. Cheshire wags her finger at him, admonishing his efforts.

Jim Gunt: The big cats are known to play with their prey...

Once again the two opponents fall into a lull to regard the other and take stock of the siutation. JC lungws forward for another lock up. This time however, as Cheshire goes for the deep arm drag to throw him off balance, the Answer counters the grip, taking a firm hold and wrenching on the arm. This throws Cheshire into confusion and JC pulls them in for a back side slam. Cheshire goes down front first, eating the canvas of the ring. JC follws through with an assault of stiff thrusting knees into the head and neck of Cheshire.

Jim Gunt: Not sure where I sit with Cheshire. Loki was just full on insane and violent, and Mia...gosh they seem to long ago.

Mike Rolash: You reckon LoMiShire has many other faces, we have yet to witness?

Jim Gunt: Right now, all I know is that JC has taken control of the match. Those grounded knees would rock even the hardiest competitors skulls.

JC doesn't allow Cheshire much opportunity to recover and connects with a text-book fisherman suplex, holding on for a pin attempt.



Cheshire breaks free!

Jim Gunt: With considerable experience beneath his belt-

Mike Rolash: Probably the only thing he's got under his belt...

Jim Gunt: JC is a more than capable competitor and has proven it here in our ring already.

Cheshire surprises JC with a rising uppercut that would put Ken and Ryu to shame. Coming off the ropes, Cheshire follows up with a running DDT, driving the head of the answer into the mat.

Mike Rolash: That familiar hit and run style that I loved so much about Loki. At least that remains. My biggest fear with this new name is that we get someone a bit more...

Jim Gunt: Sane?

Mike Rolash: I was gonna say soft.

With a firm grip of both wrists, Cheshire raises the torso and upper body of JC off of the mats and lays into the answer with a series of ferocious boots into the chest. A running soccerball kick also to the chest follows up for good measure and its Cheshire's turn to hook the leg and attempt the pin.


Jim Gunt: How quickly the tides turned on JC.


Mike Rolash: Isn't it great. We can't have an outsider win this tournament.

JC kicks out!

Jim Gunt: Think you're missing the point of the tournament. But we'll see.

JC grabs onto Cheshire, pulling them into a crossface. Cheshire rolls through to lossen the Answer's grip and avoid the deabilitating submission technique. An irish whip has JC into the corner, with his opponent following not far behind. Cheshire connects with a corner running lariat, holding onto the head of the Answer after the impact for a running bulldog. But JC pushes them off.

Mike Rolash: What question is JC the supposed answer to anyway?

Cheshire comes bouncing off of the ropes, headed directly for the Big Boot of Death! She ducks underneath the big boot, aimed for the face, and come back again from the opposing set of ropes and goes in for a superman punch.

Jim Gunt: The Punchline! We've all seen that before.

The Answer blocks to deny the definitive landing of the signature stike and uses the momentun of the attack to drag Cheshire down and apply a gogoplata choke hold. Cheshire thrashes about, deperately trying to fight against the tightly secured hold. The flailing proves fruitless.

Jim Gunt: Cheshire in a dangerous predicament. The ropes aren't nearly close enough, escape is the only option. Otherwise this match is over.

By some miracle Cheshire mamanges to get an arm free and pastes JC continiously across the face with some wild and stiff haymakers. At first JC seems to weather the storm, but as the blows keep coming his grip, his grip loosens and Cheshire is able to slip free to literally catch her breath. As the Answer rises he seems slightly unsteady on his feet and falls victim to the Last Laugh Hammerlock DDT. Cheshire makes the cover.

Mike Rolash: Cheshire, as Loki mind you, is a former World Champ. It's gonna take alot more than that to end this match.



Th-JC rolls his shoulder up.

Jim Gunt: And JC ain't a quiter either. But eventually one of them has got to give.

Mike Rolash: Twenty Bucks says its JC.

Jim Gunt: You're on!

Cheshire grabs a hold of the back of JC's head, setting up for the Wisecrack, a technique that would leave anyone with a raging headache. The Answer clearly isn't in the mood though and with a sudden burst of energetic movement that takes Cheshire by surprise, JC positions his oppone tonto his shoulders in readiness for the match ending Solitaire Unraveling.

Mike Rolash: God damnit! Always as soon as money is involved, I get screwed over.

Returning the favour, Cheshire manages to slip out and behind JC, escaping the patented finisher, and finally connecting with the Wisecrack.

Mike Rolash: Thank god. Cheshire always got my back.

This time as Cheshire comes off of the ropes, the Punchline hits the mark and JC goes down to the running superman punch. Though a little shaky, Cheshire manages to get the Answer up into an electric chair position for the devastating Last Laugh. Stunned, there's no sign of resistance from JC and Cheshire nails the finisher, the ring shaking from the brutal impact. A pin attempt comes as no surprise.


Jim Gunt: Damn there's goes twenty bucks.



Mike Rolash: My night just got better!

Ray Douglas: And your winner by pinfall and moving onto the second round of Modern Warfare....CHESHIRE!!

Cheshire gets to her feet, a big smile on her face as the official raises her hand in the air to a mixed response from the crowd.

A Serpentine Warning

We cut backstage. The Shadow and Myfanwy are making their way through the corridors, eyes darting from left to right, Shadow's expression a mix of frustration and concern.

The Shadow: Sanford said he'd be here by now. It's not like him to get held up.

Myfanwy: Still no update from Fagermo?

The Shadow: Nothing, he's just as lost as we are. Sanford's not answering his phone, it just rings then goes through to voicemail.

Myfanwy: What about arena security?

The Shadow: Nothing.

They reach the end of one corridor. To the left and right more corridors branch off, one leading towards catering, one back to the locker room. Straight ahead is a door to the outside - or what remains of it. The base of the door is severely dented, the wood breaking off into shards and splinters. The Shadow glances at Myfanwy, who shrugs. The Shadow nails the door with a well placed boot, sending it swinging open. The Shadow, and Myfanwy step outside into the cold January air, to reveal -

Myfanwy: Sanford!

Sanford is slumped unconscious, resting against the side of the building, hands cuffed high above his head and locked to a drain pipe. His clothes are stained and torn, breathing laboured, face covered with scratches and bruises. Myfanwy gestures to Sanford's collar, fresh scratches appearing on his chest. On the wall nearby are words, painted in blood.


Myfanwy stares at the writing, eyes wide in horror, glancing at the Shadow and mouthing the word "VENOM". She darts back into the building, calling out for a medical team. The Shadow stays rooted to the spot, staring at Sanford as if spellbound.

Silas Artoria vs. Jack Michaels

Jim Gunt: In our next match, we have “The Psychotic Aristocrat” Silas Artoria against Jack Michaels, a man who at 51 years of age, is proving he’s still got it.

Mike Rolash: I don’t know why your even talking about that guy. I mean you had that scandal with those kids back in the 90s…

Jim Gunt: That was Michael Jackson.

Mike Rolash: Whatever you say, Gunt.

Jim Gunt: ...

Mike Rolash: He’s a legend, but how much can his body take? Modern Warfare is no joke. Then again, Silas Artoria just hasn’t been himself lately. This match has more questions than perhaps any other match in this round.

Jim Gunt: I think based on the strong showing by both men last week, we are in for a hell of a match.

Ray Douglas: The following contest is a second round match in the Modern Warfare tournament, and it is scheduled for one fall.

"The Man" by The Killers hits the loudspeaker as gold lights hit the stage. The arena lights darken and the fans begin to come to their feet. The first few seconds of the song play as “The Blast” Jack Michaels emerges from the back.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first… weighing in tonight at 250 pounds… from Las Vegas, Nevada… he is “The Blast”....JACK MICHAELS!!

There is a lot of respect for the older man who looks out at the fans with a calm and confident smile. Jack wears a robe with “‘The Blast’ Jack Michaels” in golden, cursive lettering over a bold Paragon logo. Jack turns his eyes to focus intently on the ring while the respectful pop washes over him. Jack looks all business as he takes the steps into the squared circle.

Jim Gunt: This is a man who has seen it and done it all.

Mike Rolash: Except retire.

Jim Gunt: Jack Michaels has been competing in the Carnage promotion, where he is beating men more than half his age.

Mike Rolash: This isn’t Carnage.

”The Man” stops playing and the lights in the arena turn a dark blue with fog filling up the stage area. “Something Got Me Started” by Simply Red begins playing. The silhouette of a man in a top hat and a trench coat walks gracefully onto the stage. He carries a cane to sell his elegance to the crowd.

Ray Douglas: And his opponent… weighing in tonight at 220 pounds… he hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada… “The Psychopathic Aristocrat”….SILAS ARTORIA!!

Silas continues to stroll down to the ring, although he doesn’t seem to have his usual swagger. It’s more as though he is simply going through the motions. He makes his way down to the ring, walking up to the ring steps and making his way into the ring. Jack Michaels stays on the other side of the ring while Silas takes off his coat and top hat, handing them to one of the staffers at ring side.

Jim Gunt: Ever since losing to Autumn Raven at Frozen Over, Silas seems to be carrying himself, for lack of a better term, differently.

Mike Rolash: He got knocked down a few pegs. He dropped the WCWA United States Championship to Autumn, but I think it goes back even farther than that.

Referee Clark Summits calls for the bell and the two men measure each other up. Jack Michaels extends his hand and Silas very cautiously accepts the handshake. The two men the engage into an elbow and collar tie up. Both men try to get the better of the other, but neither one of them can get the advantage. Finally, Jack Michaels is able to leverage Silas into the corner, where Clark Summits calls for the break and Michaels backs away with his hands up.

Jim Gunt: What a great show of sportsmanship by Jack Michaels. Not something you see everyday.

Mike Rolash: I think I miss the days when Silas would have taken a shot at Michaels. This is wrestling, not friendship.

Jack Michaels backs off and challenges Silas to meet him in the center of the ring. The two lock up once again, this time Silas transitions into a side headlock. He tries to leverage by going down to one knee, but Michaels stands up, then takes a few steps into the ropes before shooting Silas off of him. Silas comes back and Michaels drops down. Silas comes back again, and this time Michaels chooses to leapfrog. Silas stops and turns around, catching Michaels with a knife edge chop. Michaels falls down and rolls out of the ring, not so much from the force of the blow, but to get his bearings.

Jim Gunt: Jack Michaels rolls to the outside, taking a moment to figure out his strategy moving forward. Veteran move taking the time he needs to regroup.

Mike Rolash: And then we have Silas, who is sitting there in the ring like a little lost puppy dog.

Jim Gunt: Silas is doing the right thing and letting Jack Michaels get back in the ring. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Mike Rolash: Unless you want to win.

Michaels rolls into the ring and Silas grabs him in a side headlock as he is getting up. Michaels is having none of it, lifting Silas up and dropping him back down to the mat with a picture perfect back suplex. Michaels looks down at the dazed Silas before hitting the ropes. Silas pops up and delivers a clothesline to Michaels, knocking him down. Silas goes for a quick cover.




Jim Gunt: Silas hasn’t done nearly enough to defeat “The Blast” just yet.

Mike Rolash: It looked like Michaels was just waiting to hear two before kicking out. I don’t know why you would wait, though.

Jim Gunt: He could have been winded. Have you ever been hit with a clothesline?

Mike Rolash: Well, no.

Jim Gunt: Exactly.

Silas grabs the back of Michaels’ head and pulls him up. The veteran jumps up and hits a dropkick on the unsuspecting Silas. Silas retreats to the corner, and Michaels rushes the corner. Silas sees him coming and deftly gets out of the way, watching as Jack Michaels hits the corner so hard he is blasted back in to the middle of the ring. Silas stomps Michaels while he’s down, then puts his boot on the head of the veteran and pressing down with all the force he can muster. Clark Summits steps in and starts a count.




Silas puts his hands up as Clark Summits backs him away.

Jim Gunt: Silas Artoria lets up on Jack Michaels, wisely doing so before Clark Summits can get to five. Silas has had the advantage for most of this match, but he really hasn’t been the aggressor.

Mike Rolash: It’s back and forth and if we’re lucky, they’ll both lose.

Jack Michaels starts to get to his feet, but Silas grabs him around the back of the neck and delivers a quick floatover suplex.



Silas Artoria pulls Jack Michaels up once again, but with a burst of energy, Michaels gets behind Silas and executes a snap dragon suplex.

Jim Gunt: It would seem that both men have had a lot taken out of them, with Jack Michaels absorbing a fair amount of offense.

Mike Rolash: Silas hasn’t done so well for himself. Michaels hasn’t targeted them yet, but Silas has those hurt ribs, so you know that he’s having trouble catching his breath.

Jim Gunt: Jack Michaels and Silas Artoria are crawling towards one another, both showing exactly how much they want this match. The question is: how much do these two men have left in the tank.

Jack Michaels gets to his knees first. He delivers a quick jab that rocks Silas. Silas uses the momentum as he comes back forward sending another chop into the chest of Jack Michaels. The two men exchange blows until Jack Michaels, perhaps out of frustration, gets Silas up in a fireman’s carry. Silas wriggles free, sending Michaels’ head first into the mat with a DDT.




Jim Gunt: Michaels kicks out, but it’s interesting that he hasn’t gone for a cover of his own, yet.

Mike Rolash: Michaels is just waiting for his spot. I’m personally not a fan, but having been in the business as long as Jack has been, you learn something. If you ever got in the ring, you’d know that, Gunt.

Jim Gunt: Tell me more about your extensive in ring experience. I mean, Dorian Hawkhurst taught you everything you know. Right?

Mike Rolash: I told you never to talk about that.

Jim Gunt: That’s what I thought.

As Silas looks down at Jack Michaels for a moment before applying another side headlock to him. He pulls Michaels to his feet, but Michaels pushes Silas off before backing himself into a corner. Silas runs at him, but Michaels ducks out of the way. Silas stumbles backwards and Jack Michaels connects with a huge standing headbutt that drops Silas like a sack of potatoes. Michaels steps back and measures Silas. He runs towards Silas who pops up, but this time Michaels ducks the clothesline attempt from Silas and catches him with a running knee lift. Jack Michaels with a spinning neckbreaker rolls with the move and covers Silas.




Jim Gunt: Jack Michaels seems to be rolling. He’s got Silas on the defensive for the first time in this match.

Mike Rolash: He took everything Silas Artoria had and wore him out.

Jim Gunt: Certainly a sound strategy from the savvy veteran.

Jack Michaels starts throwing punches at Silas Artoria. Silas gets his hands up best he can, but Michaels catches him in the ribs, causing Silas to double over. Michaels wraps his arms around the waist of Silas Artoria, but “The Psychotic Aristocrat” stands up and forces Michaels over with a backbody drop. Michaels rolls quickly to his feet and grabs Silas up in the air in a military press. He presses him up and down a few times before spinning his body and bringing Silas down with a gun stun. Michaels quickly rolls to a cover.




Jim Gunt: Silas gets his shoulder up at the last second, showing his resiliency.

The crowd starts to buzz as KC3 walks back out onto the ramp.

Mike Rolash: ”The Next Generation God” is back out here to take another look at Silas Artoria.

Jim Gunt: We saw KC3 out here earlier during the tag team match and he seemed to be watching V.E.N.O.M. Now, he’s out here again keeping an eye on Silas Artoria once again.

Mike Rolash: What he’s doing is laying that trail of breadcrumbs he was talking about last week. The beautiful thing is we don’t know if this is about Nina or about Silas.

Jack Michaels spies KC3 on the ramp and points to him, yelling something that the microphones don’t pickup. KC3 responds by putting his hands up, indicating that he isn’t going to get involved. Silas takes advantage of the distraction, catching Michaels with a dropkick. Michaels keeps his footing and Silas gets up with a discus clothesline which he follows through with, landing on Michaels.




Silas grabs Michaels by the arm and tries to whip him across the ring. Michaels reverses the whip and send Silas across the ring instead. He follows behind Silas and gets himself up and twists his body and giving Michaels a sunset flip.



Michaels rolls out, but grabs Silas and folds him in half with his shoulders down.



Silas gets out and brings Michaels down with an arm drag. Silas grabs Michaels by the legs and jackknifes him for a cover.



Michaels doesn’t bother kicking out. Instead, he grabs Silas around the waist and bridges them both up off of the mat. He transitions and hooks Silas by the arms. Artoria uses Jack’s momentum and lands on his feet. Michaels ducks down and delivers a vicious backdrop driver to Silas Artoria.

Jim Gunt: What a back and forth between these two men, with Jack Michaels getting the better of Silas Artoria.

Mike Rolash: That backdrop driver is usually the beginning of the end for Jack’s opponents.

Jim Gunt: It looks like Silas has other ideas, Mike.

Mike Rolash: What the?

Even though Michaels has him set up for his patented Last Blast piledriver, Silas begins raining down fists into the calf muscles of Jack Michaels. Jack tries to get Silas up, but Artoria continues hammering his ham hocks.

Jim Gunt: That’s certainly a creative way to get out of harm’s way.

Mike Rolash: He’s desperate, Gunt.

Jim Gunt: Both of these men have been fighting tooth and nail, showing the world exactly how important the Modern Warfare tournament is to both of them.

Mike Rolash: It means the World Title. Of course it’s important.

Silas turns around and delivers a vertical suplex to Michaels. Silas rolls his hips and gets Michaels up for a second vertical suplex. Silas spins his hips one more time and get Michaels up. Jack Michaels sees an opening and jams his thumb into the eye of Silas Artoria.

Jim Gunt: Come on. Jack Michaels taking the low road.

Mike Rolash: When it doubt, aim for balls, whether it’s eye balls or THE balls.

Jack Michaels lands on his feet and quickly hooks Silas’s leg. Fisherman’s suplex.




Ray Douglas: Here is your winner, moving on to the quarterfinals of the Modern Warfare tournament… “The Blast” Jack Michaels!!!

Up on the stage, KC3 shakes his head disapprovingly before returning to the backstage area.

Jim Gunt: Jack Michaels is moving on, but what an effort by both men. Tonight, Jack Michaels was the better man.

Mike Rolash: I’m not a fan over either guy, but Silas really needs to pull himself together. It’s a minor miracle it made it this far.

2019: Year of the Hostile

As soon as Silas Artoria and Jack Michaels leave the ring, the crowd barely has time to settle before "Yes" by LMFAO comes on over the speakers. 

Jim Gunt: A mixed reaction for the sole owner of the CWF up until he opens the doors of Hostility. In recent weeks we've seen him engage Jon Stewart in earning the contract of Max Becker, a huge addition to either roster, and rumors state that he has his eyes on other members of the CWF roster as well to bring with him.

Mike Rolash: We're exempt though, right? I don't think that I'd fit in well over there...

C$J steps out on the stage, mic in hand as the music fades into silence, being replaced by the crowd's mixed reaction to the mere presence of C$J. Some cheer, some jeer, some beg to just touch the man who has reignited the CWF with the fires of competition.

C$J: Thank you for the warm welcome. Now, as promised I have come out here to make yet another announcement in regards to my personal baby, Hostility. Now... Any good boss will tell you that in order to have a good promotion, you need good people in it. As it stands, the CWF has recently aquired new roster members and you know what they say about too much of a good thing being bad, right? 

This is why I am here to announce that I will be working in the next couple of weeks with Mr. Stewart to work on a plan for a CWF and Hostility draft in order to provide both brands a chance at getting the best roster. I'm nothing if not a fair man after all. As such, since I know that loyalty runs deep I am willing to add a provision for anyone that feels loyal to one side of the other, to be exempt from the draft with no punishment. The catch being that if you're not interested, you have to make that known as well as which roster you are a loyal part of. I'm not willing to force anything on anyone, yet, but we all know how well money talks. Just ask Max Becker.

The crowd boos as C$J only smiles. 

Jim Gunt: Wow. So we're going to have a draft to see who will be going to Hostility in the near future and who will stay in CWF? 

Mike Rolash: I'm staying. Endo storio. Side note, did Max make an official decision yet on which roster he's joined?

Jim Gunt: Last I heard he hasn't, but if recent times have taught us anything about C$J, it's that there is nothing he won't do to get what he wants.

C$J lets the commotion settle before continuing.

C$J: Now as I made mention earlier, I'm nothing if not fair. I have my eyes set on specific talent that I want to earn their contract and have them exempt from any drafting. One such person just competed, I am talking about Silas Artoria. 

Mr. Artoria, this message is for you and you alone. At one point in your storied career you were one of the most feared people on this roster. In recent times you seem to have fallen flat, the only impact you make, is when you land on your back and have your shoulders pinned for a three count. I don't say this to be caustic, I say this to be honest. Silas, I know you can do more, I know that you have lost your way, but I know that you're ready to put the past behind you and make a name for yourself all over again. I'm offering you that chance. I see what you have to offer, but I'm unsure if you do yourself. Prove to me that you're ready to be back on top. Prove to me that you deserve to be on a roster where the owner is intent on making you better, no matter the cost. Silas, I know you know you have what it takes, it's time to show it. Prove that you are worthy of my time and I promise you that Silas Artoria will once again be on top of the world. Continue down the path you're on and, well... I'd hate to have to watch you become obsolete.

C$J smirks and drops the mic before heading back to his offices as "Yes" blares for the crowd around him.

The Shadow (c) vs. Max Becker

Ray Douglas: The following is the final second round match of the Modern Warfare World Heavyweight Title Tournament and tonight’s MAAAIINNNN EVENT!

The opening, almost angelic introduction of ‘NWO’ by Kollegah springs the crowd to their feet. Red, yellow and black spotlights hastily transition to each section of the arena, resembling the colours of Germany. As the rap begins, Max Becker emerges from behind the curtain to red, black and yellow smoke machines polluting the stage. Becker strolls to the ring at a reasonable pace, miming the song’s vocals at times he isn’t attending to the front row fans.

Rolling under the bottom rope and on to his feet, Becker basks in the moment before hopping onto the nearest middle turnbuckle. With closed fists; Max raises his arms horizontally, the cue for a yellow, red and black smoke burst from the three unoccupied corners of the ring. The theme fades as Becker drops and prepares for action. 

Ray Douglas: Here is the challenger tonight, the Backbone of Cologne, from Köln, Germany….MAX BECKER!!

Mike Rolash: The unsigned, UN-DE-FEET-TID Backbone of Cologne, Jimmy! And tonight Max has a chance at completely the biggest first month of any CWF competitor in history, by walking out of here tonight as the new World Champion!

Jim Gunt: That would certainly be a landmark month for the newcomer, and make the push for Jon Stewart to pay him as much or more than C$J is offering even more feasible. But he is going to have his hands full with our champion...

The lights go out in the Tacoma Dome, sending the fans into an immediate frenzy. "Mea Culpa" by After Forever starts with its ominous keyboard sounds. As the choir sets in, fog starts to waft around the ring, illuminated only with dark, purple light, the ring itself is dark. As the choirs reach their crescendo, the purple light flickers with rising intensity and as the choir stops, the lights go back on and The Shadow and Myfanwy stand in the centre of the ring, stoic and unmoving under their hoods. 

Ray Douglas: And his opponent, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, he is the REIGNING AND DEFENDING CWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, the Weaver of Dreams….THE SHADOW!!

Slowly pulling the hood from over his head, the Shadow takes off his jacket and both the Paramount and World Championships, handing them over to the time keeper with a nod while Myfanwy exits the ring. He turns to see an extremely confident Max Becker standing right behind him, a sly smile on his face as he stares down the champion.

Jim Gunt: A cool, calm and collected champion, Mike, but an confident if not cocky challenger getting right in his face.

Mike Rolash: Max Becker has called out our champion several times in his promo piece played on CWF Wired earlier this week, but will the big man be able to back up his words or will the Shadow make him eat them?

Jim Gunt: Only one way to find out, let’s go to the ring where head official Trent Robbins is more than capable of handling this incredibly important bout!

Head referee Trent Robbins has called many of CWF’s most legendary matches, but the sound coming from the sold out crowd in the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington makes this second round match in the Modern Warfare Tournament feel just as special as any match he’s ever called. Trent doesn’t have to bring the Shadow and Max to the center of the ring because they’re already there, Becker trash talking the Weaver of Dreams and showing no signs of backing down as the champion laces right back into him. Trent is able to get in between them just long enough to call for the bell, starting this one off officially. Max immediately goes for a wild right hand but The Shadow is able to duck underneath, turning around just as both men move forward to lock up with one another. A push of strength is given by both men, neither man giving out as the lockup swings both them around the ring.

Jim Gunt: Would you look at that, both men pushed each other so hard in that collar tie up that it sent both of them flying out of the ring!

Mike Rolash: What a showing of strength from The Shadow. Max has almost a hundred pounds on the World Champion but he was able to stand toe to toe, at least initially, with the challenger.

Jim Gunt: And they haven’t stopped there, Mike, as both men are landing hard right hands on the outside of the ring!


Trent Robbins begins to count out both the champion and challenger, but they are too busy striking out with slow but deliberate right hands, neither man allowing themselves to show the damage as they come back with another hit on their opponent.


Max Becker catches the right hand of The Shadow this time, pulling him up onto his shoulders.

Jim Gunt: Samoan Drop. On the apron!

Mike Rolash: That was nasty, Jimmy, and now Max is heading back into the ring where he could already have the champion right in the palm of his hands.

The Face of Kölsch pulls at the boots of The Shadow, yanking him out from under the ropes before placing his back against the bottom turnbuckle. Max launches an attack of kicks to the chest of the Weaver of Dreams, driving the steam out of him more and more with every shot. He backs up, measuring the champion before charging forward, using every bit of his three hundred twenty five pounds to squash The Shadow in the corner.


Mike Rolash: Amazing athleticism shown from the Backbone of Cologne. He has dominated the early going of this match! Maybe The Shadow should have given back the title to Cheshire after she HANDED it to him at Frozen Over?

Jim Gunt: Oh stop, Mike…

Pulling The Shadow away from the ropes, Max doesn’t even bother to hook his legs as he confidently covers him.



Jim Gunt: Not even close! The Shadow may have taken some damage, but don’t count the champion out yet!

Mike Rolash: It’s only a matter of time, Jimmy…

Undeterred, Max crawls back on top of the Shadow, holding him down as he nails him with a heavy right hand to the jaw before turning him over onto his stomach. The challenger mounts the Weaver of Dreams, sneering as he pulls up on his body and places him into a Camel Clutch. The Shadow immediately screams out, the pain of the big man sinking all of his weight onto his spine evident as ever. Max cranks on the Clutch, and within seconds Trent Robbins is checking on Shadow to see if he is able to continue.

Jim Gunt: Max doesn’t seem to want to let up on the champion tonight, giving the Shadow little to no time to recover between punches and holds.

Mike Rolash: Isn’t that the point, Jim? Stay on the champion, be relentless, and walk out of the second round of Modern Warfare as the brand new CWF World Champion?

Jim Gunt: Yeah, I guess you’re right…

Mike Rolash: When am I not?

Struggling, The Shadow somehow squirms his way closer to the ropes with the fans packed inside the Tacoma Dome split sixty forty on the side of the champion.

“Let’s Go BECK-ER”


“Let’s Go BECK-ER”


Jim Gunt: Come on Shadow, don’t give up on the night. You’re the champion we all need!

Mike Rolash: Oh Jesus Christ, you believe all that shit that Cheshire spits out?

Jim Gunt: Hey, what can I say, Mike? The Shadow is a hero. He has battled through life and death and come out on top, and what a story it would be for him to come out on top one more time.

Mike Rolash: Huh. Yeah, but...what a story it would be for the UNDEFEATED Max Becker to destroy him and walk out of here the still UNDEFEATED World Champion?

Jim Gunt: Why are you on the balls of Becker so much tonight? Stewart offer you a pay raise to try to get him to sign to Evo or something?

Mike Rolash: I plead the fifth.

An astonished Max Becker holds on with all his might, trying to keep the Shadow in his grasp even as he moves forward, grabbing onto the bottom rope with one final push. Robbins makes Becker let go of the hold, and after three extra seconds holding onto the camel clutch for good measure, he eventually does let go of his grasp on the champion. An exhausted and hurt Shadow holds onto the bottom rope, catching his breath as he is unaware of Becker measuring him up again from behind. Becker flings forward, using his entire body weight to drape over the body and neck of the Shadow, driving it down onto the bottom rope!

Jim Gunt: Ouch, that HAD to have driven the rest of the air out of the Shadow! The champion is surely in trouble now, Mike!

Mike Rolash: He has been for this entire match. I don’t know if the Shadow wasn’t taking Max Becker seriously as a challenger going into this one or what, but the Backbone of Cologne is about to shock the world here tonight!

Before Trent Robbins can start up another count out, Max Becker quickly rolls back into the ring and begins taunting the now somewhat perturbed audience, a lot of them still cheering the German but a few of them booing the challenger at this point. Becker shakes his head at the response, turning around to go to pick up the Shadow who surprises him with a Pele Kick! This brief attack sends a cheer through the crowd, but as the Weaver of Dreams tries to continue with an Irish whip Becker quickly takes back over, using his massive frame to Body Splash down on The Shadow!

Jim Gunt: Well the champion ALMOST got some offense going, Mike!

Mike Rolash: Almost only counts in the Game of Life and when being intimate with sex dolls.

Jim Gunt: Woah. Pretty sure I’ve never heard that one, and that is way too much information…

Max lays atop of the Shadow, not moving an inch as he calls Robbins over to make the count.




Jim Gunt: The Shadow gets a shoulder up, but it had to have taken even more out of him to be able to get up under the body of the massive Max Becker.

Mike Rolash: And Becker is right back on the offensive, Jim, he has the Shadow in a standing Gorilla Press.

Jim Gunt: BECKERBUSTER! He turned that Gorilla Press into a Spinebuster, in what he calls the Beckerbuster! That has got to be it, Mike.

Once again Becker goes for the cover, this time finally hooking both legs of the champion as the very serious challenger stares down the official.




Jim Gunt: The Shadow gets his shoulder up again! You have got to admire the resiliency of our World Champion here tonight, Mike, he just will NOT give up!

Mike Rolash: The Shadow might be stupid, but he sure is tough!

Jim Gunt: Well that’s just rude.

The undefeated challenger shows aggravation at this point, slapping down on the canvas as his cheeks begin to get a bright red.

Jim Gunt: Max needs to hone in his anger at this point, don’t get frustrated or the veteran champion will surely take advantage.

The Shadow does just that as the flustered Becker goes to grab him, shooting up his legs quickly to grapevine over the meaty right arm of the challenger.

Jim Gunt: Armbar! The Shadow out of nowhere with the armbar!

Mike Rolash: No way, look at Max Becker. He has Shadow right up in the air, deadlifting him with the other arm.


After the deadlift Powerbomb, Becker shakes his slightly damaged right arm before rolling atop of the Shadow for the cover.




The Shadow shoves Becker off of him HARD!? What the hell is it going to take to put away the champion!? A shocked Becker climbs slowly up to his feet, looking on at the Shadow who is somehow also up to his. The champion and the challenger meet in the center of the ring, once again coming to clubbing blows! The Shadow with a hard right hand staggers Becker, but he comes right back with one of his own. Shadow ducks under a clothesline, back elbow. The challenger with a knee, then an uppercut.

Jim Gunt: Step Up Enziguri by Beck-NO! The Shadow out underneath at the last split second, SUUUUPPPERRRRKICK!

Mike Rolash: He just took Becker’s lights out with that kick! 

A dead to rights Shadow falls atop of Becker, not able to hook either leg as Robbins drops for the count.







Jim Gunt: My god, Mike, The Shadow is showing heart like never before in tonight’s main event. Max Becker has gave him absolutely EVERYTHING he’s got and he’s still standing!

Mike Rolash: Forget everything I said earlier, The Shadow is a hell of a champion!

Jim Gunt: What a bandwagon jumper…

While The Shadow landed on his feet on the outside of the ring, Max is steaming on the inside. He turns around from his biggest challenge to his undefeated streak yet, springing against the ropes and diving towards the World Champion like a enormous ball being shot out of a cannon.



Mike Rolash: The Tacoma fans are going absolutely insane here tonight, Jimmy, and we certainly can’t blame them. The Shadow and Max Becker are giving it their heart and soul in this final round two match in the Modern Warfare Tournament. This one will surely going down as one of the Match of the Year candidates of 2019 already!



The Shadow and Max Becker are unmoving on the outside of the ring, both men at the mercy of Trent Robbins count.



Jim Gunt: This one can’t end in a double count out, can it? 


Mike Rolash: No. It just can’t!


The Shadow finally moves, rolling over to grab Max by his singlet.

Jim Gunt: And it won’t, the champion is up to his feet with the challenger in tow, Mike!


With a loud grunt, the Shadow rolls Max into the ring, heading in right after him. The Weaver of Dreams pushes the challenger back over to his back, exhaling a deep breath he feels like he’s held in forever as he mounts him for a cover.



Jim Gunt: Is it over here, Mike? The Shadow hit the Nightfall, but both men had a lot of time to recover on the outside…



Mike Rolash: No! This one is still going, Jimmy! What a match!

Both men exhausted, doing things to their bodies that no human should put themselves through on any day better yet a regular basis, somehow begin pulling themselves to their feet. There is no give up in these two gladiators. The Shadow looks his challenger right in the eye, the two men face to face again despite Max being a few inches taller and almost a hundred pounds heavier, the champion still shows no fear. Becker grabs him by the skull.

Jim Gunt: Headbutt DRILLS the champion!

Mike Rolash: The Shadow has to be knocked out, maybe concussed after that one…

Flopping around the ring like a fish, the damage of the headbutt clearly took a major toll on the Shadow, but yet somehow, some way the champion gets right back to his feet. Max grabs him for another headbutt, looking to deliver the death blow, but a V-TRIGGER knee is what he receives instead. The Shadow heads for the ropes as fast as his exhausted body can take him. 


Mike Rolash: How does he do it!?

Although The Shadow may be able to put away the challenger, he does not go for the cover. Instead the Weaver of Dreams rolls over into a seated position, breathing heavily as he looks over at Becker. He grabs onto the ropes, turning his attention to the corner as he slowly but surely pulls himself all the way up top. The champion waves his hands for Max Becker to get to his feet, the sold out Tacoma Dome crowd coming to their feet in anticipation.

Becker moves, unknowingly coming to his feet with his back to the Shadow. He leaps off, changing position in mid-air.


Mike Rolash: Another Nightfall DDT, will the resilient champion get through what could possibly have been his biggest challenger yet!?




Ray Douglas: And the winner of this match by pinfall and moving onto the quarterfinals of Modern Warfare STILL the CWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION….THE SHADOW!!

"Mea Culpa" starts playing over the speaker system as the champion rolls off of Max Becker, almost in disbelief as Trent Robbins hands him his World and Paramount Title belts. The Shadow takes another deep breath and lets it out, accepting Myfanwy's hand to pull himself back to his feet as he looks back at Becker who has turned over, showing clear disappointment. The Shadow shakes his head “no”, instead going right over to Max and pulling him right up to his feet. The Weaver of Dreams looks Becker in the eyes, saying something to him inaudible to the camera, before raising his right arm right in the air to massive cheers. Becker is forced to smile at this gesture, the two men raising each other’s arms in a great showing of sportsmanship as Evolution 40 goes off the air.

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