Modern Warfare Tournament Night One Beta Block First Round Matches

21 Jan 2019

KeyArena, Seattle, Washington (seats 17,459)

Let the War Begin

The good old KeyArena in Seattle, former home of the SuperSonics, is ready to receive the first of one of CWF's very rare two-night events, the first round of the internationally acclaimed Modern Warfare tournament.

Blake Church and Charles State step through the curtains, fully dressed in fatigues and helmets, camouflage paint on their faces, showing that they are ready to go as well.

Blake Church: Once a year all friendly rivalries are laid to rest.

Charles State: It is time for Modern Warfare.

The militaristic drums of Wardog's "A Sound Beating" start to sound, quickly moving into the heavy riffs of Modern Warfare's official theme song, officially kicking off the proceedings, sending the fans into even more of a frenzy.

Blake Church: Welcome to the biggest and fiercest tournament CWF has to offer and it is so big that this year we had to split it up into two nights, so Seattle, you are in for a special treat!

The crowd feeds right into the cheap pop.

Charles State: Tonight on a special night we will be seeing the beta block of the tournament and tomorrow evening the alpha block, but we have a lot on the plate tonight, so without any further ado over to Jim and Mike, who are, as usual, manning the trenches ringside.

Jim Gunt: Thank you, gentlemen, and welcome to Modern Warfare from us as well, and we have an illustrious field of participants, with athletes from CWF, Hostility, Carnage, HOSS, SEE and also a free agent, so it is going to be interesting to see how our guests will fare.

Mike Rolash: Throughout the whole tournament the CWF Heavyweight title will be defended until the winner will walk out of Oakland with the belt in their hand, or around their waist, and tomorrow night The Shadow will be defending his title against Tobias Devereaux in his first round bout.

Jim Gunt: But before that we have the whole beta block battling it out tonight, starting out with the mysterious leader of the equally mysterious V.E.N.O.M. facing our resident aristocrat, Silas Artoria, who seems to have been battling himself just as much as his opponents, so here we go, Modern Warfare is officially opened!

Nina vs. Silas Artoria

Nina starts out with rapid fire forearm shivers, bringing Silas down to one knee. Silas has enough and he shoves Nina away. As Nina flies back at him, Silas dumps Nina face first on the canvas. Silas transitions into a ground and pound attack, trying to use his weight advantage to keep Nina grounded. Nina finds a way to slide out from underneath Silas, freeing herself. As both competitors get to their feet, Silas kicks Nina in the gut. Nina falls back into the ropes, coming back with a dropkick that sends Silas scrambling to the outside to recover. Nina has other plans and lands a Suicide Dive, knocking Silas to the barricade.

The Psychotic Aristocrat seems winded, still very much worn out from the Last Man Standing Match. Nina with a pair of knife edge chops. Nina tries to roll Silas back into the ring and we catch KC3 standing on the ramp, intently watching the match. Silas gets his boot onto the ring apron, stopping Nina  from rolling him into the ring. Silas yanks on Nina’s hair and then kicks Nina into the ringside barricade. Silas tosses Nina back into the ring as Espinoza and Martinez come around towards that side of the ring. Before Nina can recover, Silas repeatedly stomps on Nina’s chest, forcing the air from her lungs.  Silas drops down for a cover.




Silas applies a bodyscissors hold, trying to both slow Nina down and allow himself some time to recover.  Silas holds Nina in a Delayed Vertical Suplex for about ten seconds before dropping her down and floating over for a cover.




Silas gets up, dragging Nina up by the hair. Nina gets a burst of energy and superkicks Silas into the corner. She rushes in, but Silas side steps Nina into the turnbuckles. Nina stumbles out and Silas throws his patented discus Clothesline.




Nina is showing her intestinal fortitude. Silas whips Nina across the ring. Nina gets her foot up and catches Silas in the face. Silas and Nina start trading back and forth shots, with Nina getting the better of the exchange. Nina with two German Suplex’s, using her lower center of gravity to get the larger man over. Silas negates Maria’s Watch, dodging the kick. Silas picks her up, but Nina shifts her weight and counters with a crossbody block.




Both of them get up, exchanging positions before Clark Summits can get in position. Silas applies a Boston crab, but Nina deftly transitions into an Ankle Lock. Nina is certainly pulling things we haven’t seen from her out of her bag of tricks. Silas crawls to the bottom rope to create separation. Nina lets go of the hold, and gives herself enough space to catch Silas with a huracanrana. Nina follows that with a bridging Exploder.





Nina is fired up. Nina with a roundhouse kick. Silas pulls himself together and drops Nina with his Knockout Bicycle Knee Strike. He lifts her up in the electric chair position.





Ray Douglas: And your winner, moving onto round two of the Modern Warfare tournament....SILAS ARTORIA!

Silas ducks up the ramp as Espinoza and Martinez come in to check on Nina. Silas looks up the ramp where KC3 is standing a slow clapping before wordlessly walking into the back. Silas starts to celebrate on the ramp.

Kinda My Thing

Chloe Hawkhurst is lurking the hallways of the arena. She makes her way to the outside of the women’s locker room. She pokes her head in and calls out.

Chloe Hawkhurst: Raven? Raven, are you in here? It’s Chloe.

Autumn’s head snaps up at the sound of the familiar voice, not having heard from her in...well...what seemed like forever.  A couple of months maybe?  She shook her head, throwing down the towel she had in her hands.  Best to say hello to her before she got worried.

Autumn Raven:  Yeah, Chloe I’m in here.  It’s safe to come in.

Chloe steps into the locker room and instead of her usual Mia Rayne shirt, she is wearing the brand new Autumn Raven shirt, available at the CWF Shop for just $24.99. It features a Raven clutching two championship belts.

Chloe Hawkhurst: Hi, Autumn. I, uh, just wanted to say congratulations and let you know how proud I am.

Autumn Raven: Um, thanks Chloe.  Didn’t expect a visit from you...of all people.  Thought you might be tailing Dorian or something. it’s all over.  I don’t have to worry about...anything...not anymore.  I appreciate the congrats though.  It means a lot.  And before I forget the chance to...thanks...for being in my corner when there was hardly anyone back then.  It helped...a lot.

Chloe Hawkhurst: No problem. Being in people’s corner is kinda my thing. Anyway, I gotta go. Pops gets worried when I disappear. See ya’!

Chloe scampers off while Autumn looks towards the door as she leaves, a small smile crossing her face.

Jack Michaels vs. Autumn Raven

With a nasty knot on her eye, Autumn Raven somehow still looks more than ready to fight as she meets the Carnage World Heavyweight Champion in the middle of the ring. Even though Jack Michaels towers over the Beautiful Psychopath, she attempts to bring him down to size with a quick right hand to the jaw. Michaels backs up, a small grin forming over his face as he meets her back in the center and locks into a collar tie up with Autumn. He quickly transitions into a headlock, grinding it in before Raven is able to push him off and into the ropes, meeting him with a picture perfect Dropkick on his return. 

The Aversion Champion kips back to her feet, getting a cheer from the Seattle audience as she does so. She goes to lift Michaels up to his feet but his in-ring prowess is in full force as he trips her up instead, letting her fall right back into the corner where he gets to his feet and delivers and array of knee and arm strikes. After he changes things up by hitting Raven with several shoulder blocks, the former boxer backs up just enough to measure Raven out for a knock out shot, but she ducks out under his feet and rolls him quickly up. 



No, Michaels is right out of the cover, and right back into a lock up with Raven. She drives her knee up into his sternum to try to stop him from overpowering her again, and a second knee indeed stops Michaels in his tracks. She grabs ahold of him and heads up top, going from one rope to the next.

TORNADO DDT-NO! Jack uses his body size advantage to throw Raven off the move halfway- her body crashing all the way to the outside! The look on the Carnage World Champion’s face is one of shock as he looks on at the car crash that is Autumn on the outside. The official holds back Michaels from going to check on Autumn, instead starting to count her out of the match. After a count of seven the Beautiful Psychopath surprises starts to regroup, re-entering the ring right before taking a count out loss. But Michaels moves in quickly, placing her right into a Camel Clutch.

Will Autumn tap out? No the Beautiful Psychopath screams out, inching her way towards the ropes and somehow managing to grab ahold of the bottom one to stop the submission. The veteran Jack Michaels doesn’t waste any time complaining to the official, instead taking Autumn right back to her feet and attempting an irish whip that she is able to reverse, sending him into the ropes. Running Knee Lift from Michaels on the return! Autumn is out on her feet as Michaels sets her up.


Jack got her with all of that Jumping Sitout Piledriver, and it seems to be academic as he goes for the cover.




Ray Douglas: Your winner by pinfall  moving onto the second round of Modern Warfare….JACK MICHAELS!!

In the Trenches

The camera cuts to what looks like a camouflaged shelter dug into the ground, complete with netting, branches and other plant matter. Hidden inside are Blake Church and Charles State, still in their camo uniform and make-up.

Blake Church: The first second round match is complete, with Silas Artoria and Jack Michaels from Carnage advancing, spoiling yet another Silas vs. Autumn encounter.

Charles State: But while the first battle is over, the war is not yet won. Next up we have two more matches that promise to be unconventional to say the least, with the Pansexual Playboy Lance LaRusso facing off against Dorian Hawkhurst and SEE member Michael Maddox taking on the Messiah Pariah himself, Ataxia.

Blake Church: Do you think they have spotted us yet?

Charles State: I don't know, it is quiet, maybe too quiet.

And the picture cuts back to ringside.

Lance LaRusso vs. Dorian Hawkhurst

Lance LaRusso and Dorian Hawkhurst are in their respective corners, with Dorian looking ready to kill as he steps into the middle, while Lance appears to have a more lackadaisical approach, looking into the crowd and referee "Big" Denny Davidson before realizing that Dorian is ready. Out of nowhere he starts running on, going for a surprise shoulder block, but he could just as well have tried to run down a concrete wall, as he bounces right off the larger man's body.

Dorian replies in style with a lariat turning Lance inside out, but when the Forsaken Demon bends down to pull Lance back to his feet, Lance lifts his hand in the air, indicating Dorian to stop for a moment. Confused Dorian straightens back out and Lance gets to his feet, looking around at the ring, the fans and finally Dorian and a look of sudden realization comes to his face.

He does not get much time to process this information, though, as Dorian is right back on him, throwing him into the ropes, but he still has enough wherewithal to duck under the following clothesline and as he comes back from the ropes again, an elbow to Hawkhurst's head rocks his opponent.

LaRusso runs the ropes once more and an incredible Flying DDT brings Dorian crashing down!

In an attempt to cash in, Lance delivers two knee drops to Dorian before going for the top rope! Frog Splash, no, Dorian gets his knees up! As Lance writhes in pain, the Forsaken gets to his hands and knees, but with a sudden burst of energy he charges at LaRusso, who is using the ropes to get to a vertical position.


Both men go down hard on the outside, with Lance taking the brunt of the impact. Not wasting any time, Dorian picks up Lance and throws him back into the ring, following him right in. Whip-in and clothesline, NO, Lance ducks under. Dorian turns and a step-up enzuigiri by Lance brings both men to the mat. Lance is the first to his feet and sensing a chance to gain the upper hand he takes a little run-on and a baseball slide like move to Dorian’s knee! The Forsaken Demon screams out in pain upon impact and this encourages Lance to go for two more knee drops to the injured body part.

He attempts to put on a figure 4 leg lock, but Dorian sends him face-first into the ring corner with a well-placed kick into the butt. With the help of the ropes Hawkhurst gets back to his feet, gingerly testing out his knee, but Lance is able to do the same. He is trying to sneak into Dorian’s back and goes for a clip to the knee, but Hawkhurst has him scouted and lets himself fall backwards before Lance can get to him, crushing the lighter man under his body!

He turns LaRusso onto his back!




Ray Douglas: And the winner of this match by pinfall and moving onto Round Two of Modern Warfare....DORIAN HAWKHURST!!

The Book of Truth

The camera cuts to the backstage area where we see the two words written in purple on a black plaque "Autumn Raven". The Beautiful Psychopath exhales a deep sigh before grabbing the door knob of her locker room, readying herself to change back into her street clothes after losing a hard fought and very close match to Carnage Wrestling's Jack Michaels.

But as soon as Autumn enters her sanctum, she immediately can tell that something is different.

Call it instincts, call it a year of putting up with Silas Artoria's torture, or just call it a strange, pungent smell perforating through the air. As she walks further in, glancing down at her bags and both the WCWA United States interfed title and Hostility's Aversion Title sitting on her bench, she finally notices just what is so different.

There is an antique book set inside an open wooden box. Autumn continues walking into the room, taking just a second to look over both of her shoulders, before looking down at the book.

The Book of Truth

The title of the book almost shines through the dilipated book, as if to be a sign. With a raised eyebrow, Autumn opens the book to realize that all but one of the pages is ripped out of the book. On the one remaining page, she reads the following.

"Ah, Hello Dearest Autumn. This has been a long time coming because I have followed you around these parts for what seems like a lifetime, but I fear the time for fun and games has come to an end. You see Autumn, you may not know me, but I know you. Soon dear, you will know The Truth. 

But only when I'm ready for you to hear it."

Reading this mysterious note from what almost could be painted as a stalker, Autumn throws the wooden box out of anger.

Autumn Raven: I thought I was done playing children games when I put Silas to rest...

Shaking her head back and forth, Autumn punches one of her lockers as the scene cuts back to ringside.

Ataxia vs. Michael Maddox

As soon as the bell rings, Ataxia immediately gets SEE's Michael Maddox in a headlock. Maddox struggles to get out as Ataxia starts to put his body weight on Maddox. Maddox slowly positions his head underneath of Ataxia’s chin and hits a jawbreaker. Ataxia backs off stunned and Maddox immediately delivers a standing dropkick sending Ataxia out the ring. Maddox looks at this opportunity and goes for a suicide dive and sends Ataxia to the barricade. They both lay outside the ring. Maddox slowly gets up and sends Ataxia inside the ring. Maddox gets on the top of the turnbuckle and goes for a 450 splash but Ataxia raises his knees on time and Maddox lands on them. Ataxia immediately rolls Maddox up.



Maddox kicks out. Ataxia slowly gets up and licks his lips. Maddox is on his knees and Ataxia delivers a sidekick to Maddox’s face. Maddox is on the ground and Ataxia immediately goes for a moonsault of the top rope and lands on Maddox’s back. Ataxia immediately goes for the pin.



Maddox again kicks out! Ataxia pants as he looks at Maddox in disbelief. Ataxia tries to get Maddox up his feet but Maddox uses an inside cradle and goes for a pin.



Ataxia kicks out. Both men get on their feet. Maddox grabs Ataxia and sends him to the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Ataxia reverses with a sunset flip but Maddox rolls out and delivers a kick towards Ataxia’ face but Ataxia rolls back to avoid it. Both men are on their feet and Maddox distance himself from Ataxia. Ataxia smiles. Ataxia again manages to put Maddox in a headlock but Maddox manages to get free and delivers a german suplex.

Ataxia bounces off the mat and Maddox slowly goes towards Ataxia and collapses over Ataxia’s body.




Ataxia pushes Maddox off him.

Both men are exhausted. Ataxia crawls over towards Maddox and goes for a crossface submission. Maddox wriggles in pain and starts crawling towards the ropes. As Maddox gets near the ropes Ataxia release the submission hold and pulls Maddox to the middle of the ring by pulling his leg but Maddox turns around and kicks Ataxia away with his other free leg. Ataxia still comes back after Maddox but Maddox kicks Ataxia’s leg and Ataxia fell on his knees. Maddox then quickly delivers a DDT. Maddox then goes to the top of a turnbuckle again but Ataxia quickly gets on his feet and pushes Maddox’s leg and Maddox loses his balance and fell sitting on the turnbuckle. Ataxia then puts Maddox in a headlock and then delivers a DDT off the top turnbuckle! 

Ataxia then signals for his finisher, The Reckoning, and Maddox slowly get up and Ataxia charges at him but goes to a receiving end to a superkick to his face! Maddox fell on his back pinning Ataxia.



Ataxia reverses into a crucifix pin.




Ray Douglas: And the winner of this match by pinfall and moving onto Round Two of Modern Warfare....ATAXIA!!

Dear Diary

The camera goes back to the Church and State shelter, with Charles scribbling into a little notebook to the side.

Charles State: Day 45, there still is no sign of other survivors. Water supplies are running low, food is--

Blake Church: Uh, Charles, we have something to talk about here.

Charles State: What? Oh, yes. The second match is complete now, Dorian Hawkhurst managed to overcome Lance La Russo in a rather, well, unorthodox match, while Ataxia came out victorious against Michael Maddox to bring two athletes together that have a long history with each other.

Blake Church: Indeed, they have given us some of the most memorable matches of 2018, so this is going to be a highly interesting and explosive matchup. Next up for second round match number 3, Austin Bishop is facing Hostility's Bubba Love, while our returnee Kendo is in a triple threat match with two new faces to CWF in the mysterious Crimson Ghost and Dan Ryan - no relation to Amber Ryan as far as we know.

Charles is back to scribling in his notebook.

Charles State: --food is also starting to become an issue, we might have to resort to--

Blake Church: Charles, hey, Charles!

Charles State: What?

Blake Church: Nevermind. Back to ringside.

Austin Bishop vs. Bubba Love

Head CWF official Trent Robbins signals for the bell as both Austin Bishop & Bubba Love square up; a moment of trash talk cut short by a stiff right uppercut from Bishop, followed by a second. Then a third. The momentum ensures Love back pedals to the turnbuckle where Bishop, as directed to do so by Dick Fury on the outside, unleashes a barrage of lefts and rights. The combination finishes with an echoing chop that causes Love to stumble into the centre of the ring and in prime position for Bishop to scoop him and slam him with a thunderous Samoan Drop. Early pin attempt.







Bishop doesn’t spend too much time arguing with Robbins as Mr. Jizztastic directs his next set of instructions, Bishop dragging Love up to his feet and swinging him for the ropes, catching him on the rebound with a snap Powerslam where he transitions to full mount and unleashes a further barrage of lefts and rights. Bishop is hasty to drag Bubba to his knees before bending him and set for some sort of Piledriver or Powerbomb, but we’d never find out which, as on the lift Bubba Love rotates out onto his feet and out of nowhere leaps, spins and connects with a Spinning Roundhouse Kick! It stuns the giant.


Staggering left from right, Love takes his opportunity with a second Spinning Roundhouse Kick. This time Bishop falls. The Love Removal Machine wastes no time, seizing his opportunity with a snap Legdrop, up to his feet, a second snap Legdrop, up to his feet and up high to connect with a Jumping Elbow Drop. Dick Fury is unsurprisingly… furious! Cover.




No, Bishop powers out. Bubba Love, similarly to his opponent moments ago, wastes no time and with a hand full of hair drags Austin Bishop to his feet. Bubba Love sets up for his echoing chop he calls the Love Removal Machine; it hits!

No. Bishop catches Bubba Love’s arm in the nick of the time; lifting him high into the sky before flinging him across the ring like a rag doll. As Love tries to react quickly again, it’s too late as Bishop is towering over him. After a few stern rights to his back, Bishop drags Bubba Love by his neck and lifts up the Hostility star up high, almost vertically, before bringing him down head first with a ring shaking DDT. That has to do it now.






Kickout! Bubba Love’s shoulder up just before the three. Dick Fury is battering the apronside, encouraging a finish from Bishop who tries to oblige, once more pulling Bubba Love onto his feet. Bishop again bends Bubba, holding his head firmly in place with his inner thighs, before lifting him up high and unfortunately for Bubba Love there was no escape this time.








Ray Douglas: And the winner of this match by pinfall and moving onto the second round of Modern Warfare...AUSTIN BISHOP!!


To the delight of Dick Fury, Trent Robbins holds Austin Bishop’s hand high as the two of them stand over a defeated Bubba Love.

Kendo vs. The Crimson Ghost! vs. Dan Ryan

The triple threat match between these three CWF newcomers starts off filled with tension, as Kendo and the Crimson Ghost each take up residence in an opposite corner while Dan Ryan stands near the center of the ring, arms folded. 

The bell rings, and everyone hesitates. This demonstrates the complication of the triple threat match: you don't want to make a move towards one opponent because it typically leaves your back open to the other. 

Dan Ryan avoids this by stepping up, firing a fist into Kendo's face, and reversing with an elbow to Crimson. From there, he puts his attention on Kendo, firing another pair of hard fists into the Samoan Suplex Machine’s face! 

It doesn’t last, however, as Crimson Ghost double axe handles the Ego Buster from behind - enough to break up Ryan’s assault, but, still feeling the effects of the original elbow, can’t follow through. 

Kendo shows his appreciation for the respite by landing a stiff side kick into Crimson Ghost’s stomach, and hooks him with a gut-wrench suplex and a quick cover! 



Dan Ryan pulls him off and sends him into the corner, chest first! Running knee knocks the wind out of Kendo, and he hammers a pair of heavy forearms into the back of the MMA superstar’s neck! 

Crimson Ghost on Dan Ryan’s back with a sleeper hold! 

The fans are on their feet in anticipation of who will get the ultimate advantage here as Dan Ryan is holding on tight, but fading fast with Kendo striking him in the chest and abdomen to bring the wily veteran to his knees! 

Kendo with a strike to the side of Crimson Ghost’s head! The alliance appears broken as Dan Ryan sinks to his hands and knees and Kendo continues his assault, driving the Bonehead towards the ropes! Crimson Ghost with a wild swing but Kendo ducks it and hooks in a rear naked choke! He pulls his opponent just out of the reach of the ropes and leans into it to a huge pop from the crowd! Referee Trent Robbins lifts Crimson’s arm once… twice…


Ryan breaks Kendo’s hold on Crimson Ghost through sheer force of strength (helped in no small part by the fact that he doesn’t care about any additional damage to Crimson Ghost), and drops him on his head! He doesn’t bridge, however, grabbing Kendo by the back of the neck and back of the tights and sends him face and shoulder first through the turnbuckle pads, into the ring post! 

Immediately, Ryan turns his attention to Crimson Ghost, sucking wind and trying to get his equilibrium back. He won’t get the chance, however, as Dan Ryan drags him to his feet and picks him up in a fireman’s carry…


He hits the third row or so, and the fans are going crazy! Ryan looks back at Kendo and pulls him to the middle of the ring! 





Ray Douglas: And the winner of this match by pinfall and moving onto Round Two of Modern Warfare....DAN RYAN!!

As Ray Douglas announces Dan Ryan as the winner, moving on to the next round, the Ego Buster leans over Kendo, a sinister grin on his face. 

Dan Ryan: Two more egos busted… bitch.

“Zero” by the Smashing Pumpkins sounds out over the arena while Dan Ryan leaves with his hands in the air, and Mike Rolash declaring his new favorite wrestler. 

Congratulations Are In Order

Dan Ryan may be clearly out of breathe, but the man has a smile that could not be removed off his face as he exits through the curtain to the backstage area. Tara Robinson is already waiting for the man who just won his Modern Warfare first rounder in his debut match in Championship Wrestling Federation.

Tara Robinson: Dan, congratulations on your win out there. While you, Kendo, and The Crimson Ghost! all gave it your all, it was you who not only went out there and got the job done, but you impressed a lot of people backstage in the process. 

Dan Ryan: Naturally, Tara, this is my domain. I have been through these kind of tournaments before and came out on the winning side. And although the CWF fans may or may not be familiar with the name 'Dan Ryan' yet, rest assured when all is said and done? They will be.


More surprised at the sudden outburst of her name than anything, Tara flinches as Calico Rose glomps onto her from the side with a squeezable hug. Stepping into scene half a step behind her is WCWA Internet Champion Dot Net (It's Dot Com), The Marathon Man, Impulse. 

Impulse: Ryan.

Dan Ryan: Knox. They'll let anyone in here, huh? 

Cally: Well, of course, large one. Look at the three of us. 

Ryan and Impulse go nose to nose momentarily before both men back up with smiles on their faces.

Impulse: Nice shot, sir. Congratulations on beating two... top notch... opponents? 

Dan Ryan nods, clearly impressed with himself.

Dan Ryan: Between the two, they equaled out to at least one tough opponent, Knox. But I got the job done like I always have; like I always do. Will you be able to say the same tomorrow night?

Impulse smirks.

Impulse: Come on down and see for yourself. 

They go eye to eye, with Impulse looking up into Dan Ryan's downward glare. 

Dan Ryan: Maybe I will.

The intensity in the room continues until the sound of metal-on-concrete takes everyone's attention. 

Calico Rose has found a stepladder, and she climbs to the top step to look Dan Ryan in the face on equal ground. His glare slowly melts into a smile.

Dan Ryan: Good to see you too, Cally. 

He looks back down at Impulse.

Dan Ryan: Knox. 

And the Ego Buster walks away. Impulse holds his stare until he's out of sight, then a smile spreads on his face as well. 

Impulse: All right, Rosie... let's let these fine people get back to their show. 

She steps off the ladder backwards, pointing accusingly in Dan Ryan's direction.

Cally: Yeah, you better walk away slowly and confidently. 

And they leave from the opposite direction. Tara Robinson remains in the middle of the scene, looking left, looking right...

Tara Robinson: ...Back to you at ringside?

The Faces of War

Back to the trenches we go and we do not see any movement. The camera comes closer and shows that the position is empty. Suddenly out of nowhere a scream sounds and the camera is turned sideways and upside down as the cameraman goes down. Finally he manages to steady the picture on a desperate looking Charles State, who is sitting on top of the cameraman.

Charles State: I can sense them coming closer, can you hear them? They will not take us alive!

With that he jumps up and runs off. A hand comes into view, offered to help the cameraman to get up and as the camera moves over, it shows Blake Church, shaking his head.

Blake Church: I would like to apologize for my colleague here, but he seems to have a few problems with our theme, not quite sure what happened there. Either way, match-up number three is in the books and Austin Bishop will meet Dan Ryan in the second round for what should be an extremely physical match between the two powerhouses, so that leaves us with two more first round match-ups, first up our Impact champion Zach van Owen will square off with another new face in CWF, "Big Rig" Clyde Walker, and to conclude our first night of Modern Warfare action, Freddie Styles will face another Carnage Wrestling entry in Eli Goode. Now would you please excuse me, I have a State to find...

Fades to black.

"Big Rig" Clyde Walker vs. Zach van Owen

As the crowd settles to get ready for the next match to start, referee Trent Robbins gathers Clyde and Zach in the middle of the ring, asking for a nice clean fight. Zach smiles confidently and nods as “Big Rig” only smirks down at his opponent and his flashy colors and… “Tights.” The look on the flannel clad wrestler’s face oozes confidence as the bell rings to indicate that the match has started and Walker looks down to inform the young Zach that his chances at winning tonight were about the same as a snowball’s chance in Hell.

The two trade insults back and forth, to his credit Zach never backing down. That is until “Big Rig” shows everyone in attendance just what he thinks of the current reigning Impact Champion by yelling at the young man to get out of his face and shoves Zach down with a massive paw-like hand! Zach is quick to react and hops back up to his feet, surprising Clyde with a knife edge chop to the big man’s chest! Clyde barely moves and only catches Zach’s hand squeezing with all of his might and picking Zach up off his feet! Forever the fighter though, Zach is able to remain calm and with amazing finesse swings his feet out from Clyde, throwing him off balance and then driving his feet into Clyde’s midsection with an assisted dropkick! Clyde doubles over and Zach is quick to take advantage with a snap DDT, putting Walker down face first to the mat! Zach struggles to roll the man over and goes for the cover, only to be thrown off Clyde like nothing more than a sack of potatoes.

“Big Rig” makes it up to a knee and Zach gets a running start, looking for a shining wizard but his leg is caught by Clyde. With an excited “Yeehaw piggy!” and a massive feat of strength, Clyde tosses Zach into the air by his foot! Zach soars up and displaying his strength yet again, Clyde catches Zach in an inverted bearhug position before throwing Zach face first into the mat! The Impact Champion bounces hard, but rolls through holding his midsection as he refocuses his attentions on Walker, who is standing tall above Van Owen. With a smirk Zach stands tall and raises his hand, palm up to a very confused Walker. Slow and deliberate Van Owen motions for Clyde to come get him, taking solace in the fact that the taunt finds its mark. With a roar sounding like a MAC truck revving its engine, “Big Rig” runs at Zach with a full head of steam looking for a massive clothesline. With stunning agility, Zach ducks under the meaty hook of Clyde and hits the big man in the back of the head with a jumping pele kick! 

Without missing a beat, Zach jumps up to his feet, and then into the air, grabbing Clyde by the back of the head; and brings him down to the mat with an inverted bulldog! Clyde is stunned and Zach looks to keep the pressure on, leaping up into the air and on top of the turnbuckle, closest to “Big Rig” who looks to be quickly recovering! Zach notices and motions for the crowd to get to their feet as he leaps off and twists in the air, landing on Clyde with a corkscrew senton bomb, a move he affectionately calls THE ULTIMA WEAPON! Zach stays on top of Clyde to make the cover as Trent slides in to make the count.




Ray Douglas: And the winner of this match by pinfall and moving onto Round Two of Modern Warfare....ZACH VAN OWEN!!

The Final Beta

The camera cuts to ringside where Jim Gunt and Mike Rolash both go through their notes before looking up with smiles on their faces.

Mike Rolash: Well Jim, we've already had a night jam-packed full of action as the Beta Block Matches of Modern Warfare took place on this very special night. 

Jim Gunt: Indeed Mike, as a severely damaged Silas Artoria was able to overcome Nina to get the second round. Jack Michaels from Carnage defeated Autumn, saving us from having to see them face each other again next round, and Dorian went over the returning Lance LaRusso. Ataxia easily destroyed SEE's Michael Maddox.

Mike Rolash: AHHH! I'm still not used to him being back...

Jim Gunt: Anyway...Austin Bishop took out Bubba Love in his match, while Dan Ryan defeated both Kendo and The Crimson Ghost to advance. Lastly as we just saw, Zach van Owen won a hard fought battle against newcomer "Big Rig" Clyde Walker. One match left, Mike, who do you think will take the cake between former Impact and Tag Team Champion Freddie Styles and Carnage Wrestling's Eli Goode?

Mike Rolash: I don't know, but let's go to the ring with Ray Douglas and find out!

Freddie Styles vs. Eli Goode

After watching the amazing action that was the Beta Block so far, both men suddenly charge forward and lock up, neither looking to waste anytime in this final Beta match.

Both struggle in the tie up for several moments before Eli Goode comes out on top, ducking behind Styles and wrapping his arms around his waist. Styles throws his forearms down and breaks the hold almost immediately before spinning around to face his opponent. Goode is ready however and charges forwards looking for a clothesline, but Styles drops suddenly and avoids the attack! Mr. Ballgame jumps to his feet behind Goode and sweeps his legs out from beneath him, before attempting to drop an elbow down over his body... but Goode is ready and rolls away! Styles drops down onto nothing while Goode tumbles into the ropes!

Both men regard each other ferociously, Styles climbing to his feet in the ring while Goode recovers in the corner. Both men charges towards each other and Styles is ready, catching Goode in his momentum and tossing him forwards in a powerslam. Goode recoils on the mat before climbing to his feet and eating a clothesline from Freddie Styles! Both men are only down for a moment before rising to their feet and exchanging strikes, Styles, Goode, Styles, Goode and then BAM! Goode kicks Styles in the midsection, runs at the ropes and hits a tornado DDT! Styles is properly planted, and Goode goes for the early pin!




Styles kicks out! Mr. Ballgame throws up his shoulder and kicks out of the pinfall attempt! Goode is immediately back on the offensive, dishing out lefts and rights before bouncing off the ropes looking for a Goode Deal... NO! Styles was ready and he ducks underneath the leg, rolling forwards to his feet and throwing an elbow back into Goode's jaw! Goode is stunned, he stumbles back and Styles tries to clothesline him over the top rope! Goode isn't that far gone however and he regains his footing on the outside of the canvas, driving his shoulder up and into Styles' belly through the bottom and middle ropes and stepping back into the ring. Goods delivers one, two, three stiff forearms shots before ducking underneath an arm from Styles and driving a foot into his knee, forcing him down onto the mat. Goode goes for a spinning kick but Styles calls him early, ducks, springs to his feet and hits a german suplex while Goode has his back turned! One german suplex... two... THREE! Styles is manhandling Goode in the ring right now! He finally tosses Goode away, sizing the smaller wrestler up carefully. As Goode staggers to his feet Styles pounces and hoists Goode onto his shoulders.






Goode is still in this match! Both men rise to their feet and regard each other wearily. Styles wastes no time in going for the attack, however Goode is ready to fight him off with several stiff strikes. Styles staggers back, shakes his head and suddenly attempts to nail a kick to the head of Eli Goode, but Goode is ready! Goode ducks, grabs Styles, hoists him onto his shoulders.


Goode goes for the cover!




Ray Douglas: Here is your winner by pinfall and moving on to Round Two of Modern Warfare.... ELI GOODE!

Goode rolls of of Styles to the outside of the ring, throwing one arm up in celebration. Styles remains in the ring, still trying to collect himself after the sudden Goode End. As "Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas resumes playing Goode makes his way up the ramp, still celebrating his victory as Night One of the first round of Modern Warfare goes off the air.

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