Evolution 38

8 Jan 2019

Wells Fargo Arena, Des Moines, Iowa (seats 16,980)

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The camera fades into the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa, with a "CWF wishes you a kick-ass 2019" moving across the tron and the crowd definitely is celebrating the first CWF show of the new year in style. The big hourglass that was broken at the last show is back in all of its impressive glory, counting down the time to the big Frozen Over PPV looming just across the corner. Amidst the crowd chanting, Gotthard's "I'm Your Travelin' Man" starts to blare as Blake Church and Charles State step through the curtain, marking a rare opening with both of the dynamic duo at an Evolution show.

Blake Church: Happy New Year, CWF, and welcome to Evolution 38 here in Des Moines!

Predictably the crowd reacts positively to the cheap plug.

Charles State: I know that everybody is talking about Frozen Over and and its stacked card coming up as our longest-standing PPV in CWF, but tonight also has a few very special things happening that you just don't want to miss!

Blake Church: For one with the exception of our opening match that will be pitting one returnee and one brand-new signee against each other, every single match will have at least one champion in the ring.

Charles State: Secondly we will see the first title defense of one of the three WCWA titles CWF managed to win at When Worlds Collide.

Blake Church: And finally Jimmy Allen and Dorian Hawkhurst will be stepping into the ring into a Last Man Standing match that could be one for the ages.

Charles State: Oh, and maybe we will also be able to see the official reunion of Mike Rolash and Ataxia now that the Messiah Pariah is back among us.

Blake Church: Speaking of - where is he?

The camera cuts to the announce table, where Jim Gunt is sitting all by his lonesome, next to Mike's empty chair, while the front of the table has a sign affixed to it reading "Help me build the wall!"

Charles State: I'll be damned, what is he doing?

A cut back to Jim, who is just shaking his head.

Jim Gunt: Well, since Ataxia is back, Mike wants to have a wall built between him and Ataxia to avoid any more scares and whatnot. He's collecting signatures and even has set up a Gofundme page to get the money together.

Blake Church: How much is his campaign at?

Jim Gunt: 25 bucks.

Blake Church: Wow, that's 25 more than I thought there would be in it!

Jim Gunt: Yeah, he's just not happy about who sent them.

Charles State: Why?

Jim Gunt: Because it was Ataxia.

At this both Blake and Charles just look at each other and burst out laughing. At this moment Mike appears through the curtain with a clipboard, looking at the two laughing questioningly. He walks past them with the shake of his head and moves towards resuming his spot at the announce table.

Jim Gunt: Good evening from us here as well and a happy New Year and let's get this year started in style right away, with a surprise return of Kendo... I guess not as I'm receiving word that James Milenko has requested time before the first match.

All About The Ye$

On cue, "Seek and Destroy" by Metallica blares out and out comes James Milenko, all smiles onto the top of the entrance ramp with a microphone in hand. The music fades out but that only seems to amplify the amount of jeers raining down upon the man responsible for CWF's Civil War.

James Milenko: Didn't I say I'd bring you all a war? Brother versus brother. A federation scrambling to find its defenders and paying the highest of prices, enough to outbid me, to have someone I considered a friend stab me in the back. But that is all in the past and living there won't do anyone any kind of good. So without further ado, I'd like to go over a few rules to hopefully clear up some confusion in the triple threat tag match and then get on with the show. I promise you all, you won't want to miss what I have in store.

The crowd is torn between jeers and cheers as Milenko smiles nonetheless and soaks it in.

Jim Gunt: Well, That's actually a rational course of action for a man in Milenko's place to take, color me impressed.

Mike Rolash: The man is a genius Jim. Plain and simple. He knows what's good for the federation as a whole. Now shush, he's about to speak again!

Indeed, James raises the mic up to his lips to speak, but before he can utter any kind of a syllable, "Yes" by LMFAO blares over him. Neon lights blind Milenko as the one and only Christopher $t. James steps out from behind the curtain. He's wearing his fanciest designer shades complete with matching suit. He exudes confidence, arrogance, and a complete and total disdain for one James Milenko. As the music fades, C$J raises his own mic and cuts off Milenko.

C$J: James, I'm not going to sugar coat this and you had to know this was coming after you weren't able to pull out a complete and total CWF takeover. I warned you not to dismiss a $aint, you didn't listen, and here we are.

C$J produces a heavy and sealed envelope from inside his jacket pocket and raises it high in the air before presenting it to James. Milenko rips it open, his eyes scanning the paperwork and growing increasingly wider as he continues to turn page after page. Taking a sick and perverted pleasure in Milenko's reaction, C$J explains in a voice that betrays the fact that he is enjoying this moment, relishing it and saving it in his memory banks for later viewing. He is savoring this and he wasn't going to have it any other way.

C$J: The long and short of it James, is that I, Christopher St. James, bought out all shares of the CWF in one lump sum. I am now THE board of directors and as such, my first order of business is to, what was it, "dismiss you from my service, because I have no more use for you?" Essentially James, what I'm telling you is that...

Within a blink of an eye C$J takes a step back and hits Milenko with a superkick right underneath the jaw! Milenko flies up and back, landing hard on the stage area, the papers spilling out everywhere around him.

C$J: You're fired.

The crowd erupts at the announcement as Jim and Mike try to contain themselves and find the words to describe what just happened. Before they can though, C$J pushes forward.

C$J: Now that the trash has been disposed of, Jon Stewart, I have an offer for you. We will be in contact. And as for tonight... Milenko promised you an electrifying show and so far, I feel like he... I mean, I have delivered. I will say that Milenko was right in saying that there is a killer Evolution lined up for tonight and what's going on down the road is even more mind blowing, kapow!

The supposed new owner makes an imaginary explosion come from his head as he continues.

C$J: Now, I understand that when "mystery partners" get involved in things, they have a tendency to only muddle things, and since I'm trying to make the best out of a less than desirable situation, I did what I could. I called each of the competitors, Shadow, King, and Loki and told them all the situation. In order to make it up to them I allowed them to choose their own partners for this tag team match. I have no idea who they chose, but rumor has it things are going to get a bit spicy in here. In this triple tag team match here's what I'm envisioning; two men... Er... People, start, we'll say champion's advantage, Loki and her partner choose if they want in to start or not when the time comes, we'll go from there. Legal tags can be made from any person involved in the match holding the ring rope and tagging themselves in. I don't care if you tag out an opponent, just make this place look good since this is only the first of what I have in store for you CWF. Just you wait and see. Now... How does the ol' saying go? Oh yes...

C$J takes a moment to straighten his pristine faux hawk and flick the excess hair product onto the still unconscious body of James Milenko. He smiles as he poses for a camera and finishes.

C$J: On with the show!

The fans cheer as "Yes" by LMFAO picks back up. C$J does a little shuffle before kicking some dirt onto Milenko's prone body before continuing on backstage.

Jim Gunt: WOW! James Milenko is fired and C$J is now the sole owner of the CWF? What does this even mean?

Mike Rolash: I... I honestly don't know. I guess we'll just have to wait because it looks like we're about to start our first match!

Kendo vs. Max Becker

We switch to Ray Douglas who's standing in the center of the ring with a microphone as the fans are excited, anticipating the first match. Soon “Virus” by KMFDM starts up, the fans instantly booing.

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your opening contest and is scheduled for one fall!

As the song kicks in through the speakers, Kendo walks out sporting a black beanie with matching MMA gloves. He comes to a halt at the top of the stage, as super agent JT Barrett steps out from behind him.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first.. being accompanied to the ring by JT Barrett! Weighing in at two hundred eighty pounds… from the Samoan Islands! He is the “Samoan Suplex Machine”.... KEEENNNDDDOOOO!

Kendo looks at JT who gives him a nod as both men make their way down the aisle. With a fearless look in his eyes, Kendo makes his way to the steel steps, taking a moment to say a five second prayer. Once he's done, he storms into the ring, MMA shuffling his way into his corner, where he begins to bounce, JT giving him words of encouragement at ringside.

Jim Gunt: How'd it go with the signature hunt?

Mike Rolash: I'm glad that you asked Jimbo, I'll have you know that I was able to get four more signatures to the cause.

Jim Gunt: You've got to be kidding me...?

The opening, almost angelic introduction of “NWO” by Kollegah springs the crowd to their feet. Red, yellow and black spotlights hastily transition to each section of the Wells Fargo Center, resembling the colors of Germany. Max Becker emerges from behind the curtain to red, yellow and black smoke polluting the stage. Becker strolls to the ring at a reasonable pace miming the song's vocals at times he isn't attending to the ringside fans.

Ray Douglas: His opponent, making his way to the ring, from Köln, Germany! Weighing three hundred twenty five pounds!  “The Backbone of Cologne”..... MMMMAAAAXXXXX BBBEEECCCCKKKEEERRRRRRR!

Rolling under the bottom rope and in to his feet, Becker basks in the moment before hopping onto the nearest middle turnbuckle. With closed fists; Max raises his arms horizontally, the cue for a yellow, red and black smoke burst from the three unoccupied corners of the ring. The theme fades as Becker drops and prepares for action.

Jim Gunt: I really can't begin to fathom who would sign that idiotic list, but however at the moment we have Kendo returning to CWF action taking on the debuting Max Becker.

Mike Rolash: Don't be surprised when the wall is built.. That's all I'm gonna say.. (Looking towards the ring) Holy fuck these guys are huge!

Rookie official, Scott Dean is on duty for this match, finishing his pat down of Becker before signaling for the bell. Both men begin to slowly circle around the ring, measuring each other up. Both men meet in the center of the ring with a tie-up, a power struggle soon commencing. The larger Max Becker shoves Kendo off into the ropes, holding on Kendo nods in respect towards Becker strength as Becker returns a coy smile.

Jim Gunt: And straight off the bat, you can tell that this is going to be a hoss fight, Mike.

Mike Rolash: Did you just give HOSS a cheap plug?

Jim Gunt: I was referring to the size of both competitors in this match, Mike.

Mike Rolash: Oh… okay.

Both men begin to methodically circle the ring again, before Max goes for another tie-up, but Kendo ducks underneath and applies a rear waistlock. Another power struggle ensues as Becker struggles to break free. Strategically pulling at Kendo's fingers, Becker is free executing a standing switch and now with a rear waistlock of his own onto the Samoan Suplex Machine.

Jim Gunt: Surprisingly a very technical affair from these two gigantic men.

Mike Rolash: Boooo! These two need to just beat the shit out of each other and get this over with.

Jim Gunt: I'm starting to believe that you have a problem with pure, technical wrestling.

Mike Rolash: It's not more so a problem, just boring. that's all.

With both men jockeying, Becker is able to lift Kendo off of his feet, but it's Kendo who kicks his legs to shift his momentum back to a standing position, soon squatting down low to keep Becker from lifting him. Grabbing at Becker's wrists he is able to reverse into a standing wrist lock, but Becker quickly reverses with a top wrist lock of his own, shaking his head in confident denial at Kendo. Refusing to give up, Kendo is able to reverse, transitioning to a side headlock. Squeezing tightly, Kendo is soon caught off guard as The Backbone of Cologne stands upright, lifting the inch shorter Samoan Suplex Machine off his feet.

Jim Gunt: Oh wow… what strength by Becker and he shoots Kendo off into the ropes, shoulder block.

Mike Rolash: Didn't neither one of them budge. I think business… is about to pick up.

Jim Gunt: You're so cliche.

Kendo looks at Becker, who just shrugs his shoulders, Kendo then looks towards ringside at Barrett who is screaming for him to kill Becker. Nodding his head, Kendo runs the ropes coming back at Becker for another shoulder block, but yet again it proves futile. The Face of Kölsch stands confidently in the center of the ring as Kendo tries to figure out his next move. Infuriated, Kendo hits the ropes again, however Becker drops down to the canvas as Kendo runs over him. Getting to his feet, the three hundred and twenty five pound German leapfrogs over a rebounding Kendo!

Jim Gunt: Oh My Goodness! Did you see that!

As Kendo bounces off the ropes again, Becker drops to his back as Kendo leaps through his legs with a roll through. Surprisingly both big men are quickly to their feet, Kendo sidestepping Becker as he's now charging in. Executing a drop down and leapfrog of his own, Kendo stands in the center of the ring, slapping his own chest as Becker holds onto the ropes. Both men shown respect from the Iowa fans who are cheering like crazy for the amazing athletic display from both men.

Jim Gunt: How can you not be impressed with these two athletes right now?

Mike Rolash: Simple. Kendo's last run with CWF was less than stellar and this Becker guy is still too new to be all on his nutsack right now.

Jim Gunt: Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Rolash….

Max Becker begins to clap in approval with the fans as he begins to get them riled up for Kendo. With a befuddled look on his face, Kendo glances at JT Barrett who gives him the thumbs down. Done pandering to the fans, Becker is dropped to a knee as soon as he's back facing Kendo, thanks to a Roundhouse Kick! Going behind Becker and bringing him up to his feet for another rear waistlock, both men begin to struggle power for power as Becker is able to execute another standing switch.  Wasting no time and with a guttural yell, Becker lifts Kendo off of his feet and spikes him into the canvas!

Jim Gunt: Huge German Suplex from the native German!

Mike Rolash: I guess this guy is semi impressive. He's going for the pin.




JT Barrett can be seen nodding his head in approval as he thought that was it. Back to his feet, Becker arrogantly stalks his opponent as he crawls towards the ropes, placing his hand on the middle one. Becker is finally on the offensive, bringing Kendo to a vertical base and soon sending him head first into a corner turnbuckle pad. Now with Kendo prone in the corner, Max fires off a big european uppercut that sends Kendo staggering out of the corner. Trying to find refuge, Kendo makes his way towards another corner as Becker stalks behind him.

Jim Gunt: Becker with firm control over the Samoan Suplex Machine. Shot to the gut by Kendo trying to get some breathing room

Mike Rolash: Max just put a quick end to his momentum with that clubbing forearm to the back of Kendo.

Nervously watching on, JT screams for Kendo to get back in this fight as he's down to a knee in the corner. Confidently figuring he has control, Max moves out of the corner to calculate his next form of action. Eyeing Kendo as he staggers out of the corner, Becker hits the ropes, upon his return, he's caught in the clutches of Kendo who with a last ditch show of effort and determination, sends Becker flying over him and crashing to the mat!

Jim Gunt: Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex by Kendo on the three hundred pounder, may have given him the opening he needs as he's going for the pin!



Mike Rolash: Kickout by Becker!

Jim Gunt: Someone seems entertained at the moment.

Mike Rolash: Shut up, Jimbo…

Kendo stays on Becker, bringing him upright and nailing him with a big forearm. Another one has Becker reeling back into the ropes, as Kendo goes to whip him across the ring. Rebounding, Becker catches a waiting Kendo by surprise with a spinning heel kick that gets the crowd off of their feet! He goes for the cover as Dean is over to make the count.




Becker looks towards Dean in disbelief as he thought he had it, but chooses not to argue. The exhaustion is apparent on the face of Becker as he slowly rises to his feet. Noticing Kendo recouping in the corner, he waits for him to rise before charging in, a body avalanche is dodged by Kendo as he quickly hooks Becker by his head and arm. Showing his strength, Kendo pops his hips as he slowly lifts Becker off of his feet, stalling a bit, before bringing him crashing violently into the canvas with a head and arm suplex!

Mike Rolash: That's too much weight to be crashing down on your own head like that.

Jim Gunt: Both men are down as the toll of this contest is starting to show it's signs.

The Wells Fargo Arena are to their feet as they show the two appreciation. Kendo slowly crawls towards Becker, throwing his arm across his chest for the pin.




Kendo is back up, soon grabbing a rising Becker, he hooks Max in a front facelock, looking for a Suplex. However Becker is dead weight as Kendo is unable to get him off of his feet. Reversing, Becker spins through and clobbers Kendo with a european uppercut! Shooting Kendo into the ropes, Becker pops the two hundred and eighty pound man into the air! Catching him on his shoulders, Becker staggers around the ring a bit, struggling to keep Kendo positioned right.

Jim Gunt: The physicality of this match proving to be a major factor as Becker can't seem to keep Kendo up!

Mike Rolash: This isn't gonna be pretty.

A worn down Becker almost tilts forward with Kendo, before finding new life from deep within, heaving Kendo back into the air before drilling him into the canvas with a Powerbomb! The crowd is going insane as an exhausted Max Becker simply falls back first to the canvas ,both men down again!

Crowd: Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

Jim Gunt: What a way to kick off the first Evolution of the year as these two men are putting on a show!

Mike Rolash: Ok… I admit it, I'm slightly impressed with this Becker guy.

Recovering a bit, Becker slowly crawls towards Kendo, draping his arm across his chest.





Mike Rolash: What great ring awareness by Kendo as he's able to get his foot on the nearby rope.

Jim Gunt: You mean the official was out of position to see JT Barrett place his foot on the rope…

Mike Rolash: You always seeing things, you need to get a new prescription on those glasses, Jimmy.

Roars of disapproval ring out from the fans as JT Barrett walks away from the foot of Kendo feigning innocence. With a look of shock on his face, a tired Becker slowly rises to his feet. Grabbing Kendo by his head, Max brings him to a vertical base, soon trying to lift Kendo up in a gorilla press position, however Kendo is able to wiggle free, falling behind Becker! Shoving him off, Kendo catches a turning Becker with a hard big boot that drops him to the canvas. Rolling trying to recover, Becker is back to his feet as Kendo moves in quickly behind him and plants him with a German Suplex! Unfazed by the move, Becker rises to his feet and quickly hooks Kendo spiking him with a German Suplex of his own.

Jim Gunt: A return German of his own, but Kendo is back up! Double clothesline and neither man budges! Becker guess for a spin kick that's blocked. Big forearm to the back of the head by Kendo and both men are down!



Mike Rolash: Both men collapsing to the canvas, who will be the first to make it to their feet?


Dean continues his count as neither man moves.


A small “This is Wrestling!” chant breaks out as Kendo begins to move.


Becker finally begins to stir as well.


Both men are to their feet, breaking the count of Dean as Kendo nails Becker with a forearm that rocks him. Staggering back a bit, Max Becker returns fire with an european uppercut. Kendo is backed up himself from the hit as he is stunned, clearing the cobwebs he strikes back with another big forearm! Becker is dazed once again, Kendo connecting with another forearm. Hitting the ropes, Kendo ducks underneath a wild right hand, hooks the arms of Becker and drills him into the canvas!





Kendo is in complete disbelief, even grabbing Dean complaining about the count. The rookie official assures him the count was two. Rubbing his head out of frustration, Kendo gets to his feet as JT Barrett shouts out instructions from ringside. Becker is also getting to his feet, as Kendo charges at him. Putting his athleticism on display, Becker catches Kendo with a jump spin kick that takes him out! Not wasting anytime, Becker pounces on a recovering Kendo who's on his hands and knees, locking in a rear naked choke on Kendo and rolling to his back.

Mike Rolash: How disrespectful can you get? He's using Kendo's own move against him!

Jim Gunt: Quite the contrary Mike, I'm being told that, that's Becker's own version of the maneuver, in which he likes to call it Kölner Kupplung!

Struggling to get free, Kendo is seen slowly fading as the size and strength of Becker has proven to be too much for the Samoan Suplex Machine, soon slapping the arm of Becker in submission, Scott Dean who's right there, signals for the bell.


“NWO” kicks in again as Becker releases his grip, Kendo quickly rolling out of the ring to join Barrett. Getting to his feet Becker has his hand raised by Dean as the crowd cheers in admiration.

Jim Gunt: What a hard earned victory by Becker here tonight in his debut, but the returning Kendo has nothing to be ashamed of as this contest could've went either way.

Mike Rolash: I totally thought these two were going to put on a borefest, but they proved me wrong.

To The Max

Backstage at the Wells Fargo Arena, cameras air footage revealing what’s on the other side of the tonight's entrance ramp. There are live event screens, a dozen cables and all sorts of other electronic devices. Kollegah’s "NWO" is still playing over the arena PA and standing by a thick black curtain are Jon Stewart & Jack Berardi. 

Jack Berardi: Well done, Max!

The curtains are hacked open just long enough for Max Becker to emerge after tonights debut victory over the returning Kendo. Jack Berardi, responsible for the CWF’s talent acquisition, extends an open hand to Max whom, after a brief delay and to a few laughters in the live crowd, bear hugs Jack Berardi.

Max Becker: I loved every minute of it J hund. Becker brigade were out in their numbers, yo.

Max releases Jack as an arm off screen hands him a towel. The German starts to wipe away the sweat that is pouring from every ounce of him; his attention firmly with Jon Stewart.

Jon Stewart: As promised, win, lose or draw, I was looking out for someone with that raw power and determination you shown out there. Welcome to CWF, Max.

Max Becker: Jondog! Danke, thank you.

An excitable Max Becker drapes the towel over his neck as he’s presented with a pen and a wad of paperwork neatly bulked together on a clipboard.

Jon Stewart: It’s as we discussed. No amendments. Take a look over it if you want, but just sign here, here and here when you’re ready.

As Jon Stewart is showing the signatures he needs, Max, the face of Kölsch, clearly shows his intentions by putting pen to paper immediately, however, the second he does so...

“Hold it.”

It’s a familiar voice. The camera pans slightly to reveal Christopher St. James approaching, evidently leaving Jon Stewart & Jack Berardi curiously frustrated as they motion for Max to ignore C$J and sign the dotted lines.

C$J: Now I’m a busy man and I certainly don’t have time for international relations. But, I’d like you on Hostility, Max.

Jon Stewart: No, no, no, that’s not how this is going to happen. Sign it, Max.

Christopher St. James, a very well presented businessman, tucks deep into the interior of his suit blazer. He slickly hands Max a cheque; tiny in comparison to the enormous bulk of paperwork he otherwise had.

C$J: It’s blank, Max. Put your number on it, cash it and we’ll do the admin another day, alright?

Max Becker: Sainty boy, yes daaawg. Yo’ sayin’ I choose the number bro? $500 dollars!?

Max naively creates a moment of turmoil and just like that, Christopher St. James is walking away. Jon Stewart & Jack Berardi are quick to inspect the cheque’s legitimacy.

Jon Stewart: Just sign as we had agreed and let’s get this over with Max.

Max Becker: One-thousand dollars? Two Gs? ….Three Gs? …Four?

Suddenly it all begins to sink in for Max and the camera does well to pick up on his facial expressions. There is no doubt any sort of number would excite Max, but the prospect of more had clearly evolved this simple contract signing into something of a PR disaster for Jon Stewart and co. 

Max Becker: I’m sorry Jondog, I really am bro, but I’m here for the dollar.

Jon Stewart: Oh for god’s sake Max, do not believe a damn word that man says. I want you on Evolution, Max, and the brigaders out there tonight want you in CWF.

The camera begins to slowly zoom in on the German’s face who's eyes shift right, to left, to right, clearly torn between the CWF contract in his right hand and the cheque in his left. 

Max Becker: Damn yo, I’m gonna need some time on this dawg.

The camera fades back to ringside.

Autumn Raven (c) vs. Azrael

Jim Gunt: Jon Stewart really cannot catch a break, at first butting heads with James Milenko and now have to battle with Christopher St. James.

Mike Rolash: St. James, of course.

Jim Gunt: St. James what?

Mike Rolash: Dude, he is giving out blank cheques, of course he's the man to go with! Maybe we can trade signatures, ooh, gotta keep that in mind!

Jim Gunt: Ugh... But also Max Becker with an impressive first match here in CWF tonight, wearing down the Samoan Suplex Machine Kendo in his first match here in months, so no wonder that both owner and commissioner are trying to sign the German to their brand!

Ray Douglas: The following match is set for one fall, and is for the Hostility Aversion Championship!

The lights fall, a fog rolls in and an orchestra version of Metallica’s “One” begins, as a spotlight illuminates Azrael in a white cossack, with a pair of purple intersecting stripes. He slowly descends from the ceiling, arms outstretched, feet crossed and face to the heavens. As he gently reaches the earth, he pulls his hands in and bows his head before gliding into the ring.

Ray Douglas: First, the challenger. Weighing in at 245 lbs. and standing at 6’2”, he is the Angel of Death….AZRAEL!!

Jim Gunt: We haven’t heard much from the AoD lately, Mike, what has been up with him?

Mike Rolash: Word going around backstage is that Azrael is unhappy with his recent positioning in CWF. Which makes absolutely no sense, since he is getting a title shot tonight. But no one ever said the man was all together there.

Jim Gunt: Your words, not mine.

Purple lights shine around the top of the ramp, fog rolling around it as the beginning lyrics of “Somewhere in Hollywood” start to play, the tron displaying a purple outlined black raven with her name fading in over it. As the guitar riff starts up, the purple lights start to flicker like a strobe light as Autumn slowly walks out from the back, coming to a stop at the top of the ramp. She glances out at the crowd, her newly won title wrapped around her waist, a big smirk on her face as she starts down the ramp slowly.

Ray Douglas: From Los Angeles, California, weighing 120 pounds, she is the reigning and defending Aversion Champion. The Beautiful Psychopath….AUTUMN RAVEN!!

Autumn unstraps her championship and places it on the announce table, winking at Jim Gunt playfully as she runs quickly towards the steps, taking a look back at the crowd who immediately cheers aloud. The Beautiful Psychopath heads up to the top rope, taunting one more time before dropping down to begin the match. Head official Trent Robbins in on the call, and quickly checks both competitors and goes over the rules of the championship matchup.

Jim Gunt: Here we go, Mike, Autumn’s first defense of the newly re-christened Aversion Championship!

Mike Rolash: Let’s see if Azrael can get out of his funk, or if Autumn will finally show the world that she’s tired of being stuck in the shadow of Silas Artoria.

A clearly enthusiastic Autumn Raven barely can watch for Trent Robbins to call for the bell, striking an unsuspecting Azrael with a leaping elbow just as things get going! Azrael drops immediately, holding onto his jaw as he slithers into the corner.

Jim Gunt: What a shot right out of the gate from Autumn Raven! The Aversion Champ is certainly looking like she’s ready to go tonight, Mike. And she had better be at the top of her game if she’s looking to impress the new 100% shareholder of the CWF company, Christopher $aint James!

Mike Rolash: Or just like I said, Az is a bit out of sorts. He didn’t even seem to be paying attention to this match starting…

Attempting to shake the cobwebs out, Azrael shakes his head from left to right and goes to try to get back to his feet, just to be driven back into the corner from a Dropkick from Autumn. The Beautiful Psychopath pushes away the arms of Az trying to block his chest, measuring him quickly before bringing in a hard chop! Azrael winces, but gets pushed back and hit with three more rapid but increasingly brutal chops to the chest!

Jim Gunt: Autumn Raven is a chopping machine, Mike!

Mike Rolash: More like a chopping block. Get it?

Jim Gunt: Haha, yes. Speaking of chopping block, Azrael might be on C$J’s if he can’t get himself back into this!

Shoulder blocking Azrael as she pulls him in, Autumn takes ahold of him and tries for an irish whip, but the AoD is able to outpower her and instead send Raven flying into the opposite side of the ring. With things finally going his way, Az looks to come in with a Big Splash.

Jim Gunt: No Dice for the Angel of Death! Azrael’s splash just landed him chest-first into the corner as Autumn dodged the attack just in time.

Mike Rolash: And now she’s right back on the offense. Silas Artoria, I can guarantee, is watching this one somewhere in the back, Jim, and I would suspect that he may be quaking in his fancy shoes right about now.

Spiking Azrael’s head into the top turnbuckle pad four quick times, Autumn lets the stumbling Angel of Death out of the corner before she heads upstairs herself. The dazed Azrael turns around just in time for her to leap off.

Jim Gunt: DIVING FIST DROP! Autumn got ALL of that!

Mike Rolash: But will it be enough?

Autumn hooks both legs of Azrael, going for the cover.



T-NO! Azrael rolls his shoulder at two.

Jim Gunt: Autumn is right back to her feet to deliver more damage, not wasting a single second to complain about the near fall. I’m really liking what we’re seeing out of the Beautiful Psychopath here tonight, Mike.

Mike Rolash: Indeed, she has turned quite the corner as of late. And it looks to me like she’s setting Az up to send him right back to heaven.

Jim Gunt: What?

Mike Rolash: ...She’s looking for the Claw of the Night!

SUPERKICK...TO THE BACK OF AZRAEL’S HEAD! The Angel of Death’s body falls apart like sliced holiday ham, slithering to the canvas as the sold out crowd cheer on their Aversion Champion Autumn as she goes for another cover.




Ray Douglas: And your winner by pinfall and STILL Aversion Champion….AUTUMN RAVEN!!

“Somewhere in Hollywood” begins to play again, leading Raven back to her feet and out of the ring to grab her successfully defended Aversion Championship.

Jim Gunt: She did it Mike, Autumn Raven now has one title defense under her belt.

The Long Journey Eventually Leads to a Final Stretch

The lights quickly blackout, with pure nothingness clouding over the arena. Autumn is alone in the ring with a spotlight on her, as the sound of footsteps echo throughout the building. She looks around, nothing and no one being around to give her some clarification, and the sound of a confused audience murmur.

Suddenly, a second spotlight comes on, and Autumn turns to see a familiar face, leaning over the ropes, before the crowd erupts.

Silas Artoria smiles lightly, as a slightly horrified Autumn looks on. He’s holding a microphone and wearing his familiar outfit, with the acquired WCWA US Championship around his waist.

Silas Artoria: Miss me?

He chuckles as he enters the ring proper, and Autumn jumps to her feet. He holds out his hand.

Silas Artoria: No need to be afraid, Autumn. I’m not here for a fight.

Autumn signals for a microphone as the audience start booing. He turns to them.

Silas Artoria: Hey now! Hey now! I didn’t say I wasn’t going to fight h--

Autumn Raven: What do you want?

He turns back to her, relaxed, but a little elated.

Silas Artoria: How many weeks has it been? Since you drove my head into your knee? Four? December at least. What’s happened since then?

He indicates his title.

Silas Artoria: I score my first belt…

He points to Autumn.

Silas Artoria: And you scored yours shortly after.

Autumn scoffs.

Autumn Raven: Little thanks to you.

Silas Artoria: No thanks to me, and that’s fantastic. Great! You didn’t need me.

He points to himself.

Silas Artoria: And I didn’t need you, but we both wanted those belts to spite the other. You wanted to ascend into a new form of greatness to scoff at me, and I wanted to prove that your assault be damned. We faced multiple opponents at once and we toppled them all. We’ve finally done it.

Autumn Raven: And your point is…? You’re wasting my time, Silas! And quite frankly, I don’t want to give you even a slight glance.

She gets in his face, spiteful.

Autumn Raven: I endured you for the majority of the year. Event by event we went into the ring and we failed each time, and every championship opportunity we were given we fell at the final hurdle. Best thing I did was smash your face in.

Silas Artoria: Yet, here I am, face to face with the demon I let into my house. One I spent months and months with as I travelled the world, something that wasn’t meant to be.

He tilts his head solemnly.

Silas Artoria: Do you remember Danny Gordy? Fat, sweary, repugnant on almost every level? It’s because of him we crossed paths. He ran away like a coward when push came to shove. When he faced the prospect of taking me on, he took his ball and ran off into the sunset. And you, Autumn, stepped up to fill the void and turn down a match, an opportunity, to take on the CWF Champion in the first round of Modern Warfare.

He turns to the titantron, advertising Frozen Over in the coming week. He gazes at the logo, almost as if he is looking at a lover from a distance.

Silas Artoria: We were born at Frozen Over....

He turns back to Autumn.

Silas Artoria: ...and I want it to end at Frozen Over.

Interest murmurs throughout the crowd.

Silas Artoria: I want a match...with you...at Frozen Over!

The crowd explode with delight, as Silas continues.

Silas Artoria: I built a coalition with you, we toppled accomplished tag teams, we survived through hardship in the Dome, and we both spiralled into pure chaos before rising from the ashes; our stars shining brighter than before.

Deep breath, serious tone.

Silas Artoria: But the two of us are like butter and toast, a dog and a bone, two entities doomed to be tied together, and I want to break that bind, and deep down I know you do Autumn.

Autumn closed her eyes and smirked, nodding in response as the audience waited in anticipation.

Autumn Raven: This...this is your problem, Silas. You can’t move on unless you overshadow me one more time. You come out to talk about the path we took together, but did you forget the important part of that journey?

Her face hardens.

Autumn Raven: It was all...about...you. No unity, no coalition, just a ploy to elevate yourself in the most selfish of ways, and when everything fell apart, you fired the first shot. Then you come back to me, begging for forgiveness, and I baptise you with the long overdue reciept. That was the end of it.

Silas Artoria: I want to absolve us for each other Autumn!

Autumn Raven: Find it elsewhere, because I’m not handing them out. Live with your pain the same way you live with your precious Passenger, because I’m not a doctor. You’re not getting your match!

Silas’ face falls. A moment slipped away.

Autumn Raven: And if you come towards me again, I’ll send you back to Doctor Leggett in a bodybag!

Autumn drops the microphone, smiles at a stunned and hopeless Silas, as she slides out of the ring. The crowd boo relentlessly as the Beautiful Psychopath makes her way up the ramp and towards the exit, satisfied with her refusal. She was past him, she thought.

Silas stands in the middle of the ring, still shocked and upset as his one time partner began to disappear from his eyesight. He takes the US title from his shoulder and rests it upon his arms. He gazes at the belt, conflicted, as his breathing quickened.

Deep breath, he points the microphone towards him, shouting:

Silas Artoria: I’ll put my title on the line!

The astonishment of the crowd was light and day; a plea enough for Autumn to stop her journey and slowly turn back towards the stage.

Silas is shaking a little, before he continues, holding his belt high in the air:

Silas Artoria: You and me, for this title!

Autumn looks back at Silas, teeth starting to show through her smirk. She signals a stagehand to the side, who passes a microphone.

Autumn Raven: You want to put your title on the line, just for one match against me?

Silas Artoria: Yes!

Without thought. He continues.

Silas Artoria: There are things that happened this past year that I regret, but I cannot move on until I can get a resolution.

He points towards Autumn; the speed of his speech going up and up in desperation.

Silas Artoria: You’ve wanted to get out of my shadow for a while, and I want to move on. I want to push forward without fear or anxiety, but the two of us are constantly in the same sentence.

Autumn's head crooks to the side.

Silas Artoria: We need to sever the link, and if that means putting up the US Title to get that match, so be it. I don’t want to run.

Deep breath.

Silas Artoria: I just want you!

Autumn chuckles as she runs towards the ring. Smooth slide, she gets in Silas’ face.

Autumn Raven: You’ve got some nerve, Silas. Coming out here, talking down on me as if I am nothing, despite the fact that for most of the past two months you’ve been bedridden like a sick puppy. Tell me, are you really cleared by your favourite doctor, or is this another ploy to put me six feet under.

Silas’ lips hardened.

Silas Artoria: This isn’t a game Autumn. You know it as much as I do.

Autumn Raven: I was done with you when I drilled your head into the stage at Northern Crown! I spilled your blood on the floor as you were bewildered as to what was going on!

A small, wicked smile escapes her.

Autumn Raven: Yet you come back for more. You want to risk your US title for me?

She pauses as she stares Silas down with interest, as the latter simply looks around at the crowd, waiting in anticipation. Soon, the microphone was back to her mouth.

Autumn Raven: You got it!

The crowd erupts as Silas elicits a worried smile. He got his match, but he was risking the prize. Still, he was satisfied, and he held out his hand for a handshake.

Autumn Raven: But…..

Silas’ smile drops immediately, as Autumn gets more enthused.

Autumn Raven: ….if we’re going to do this, we’re doing it on my terms. Only mine.

She takes a look at her Aversion Title, the belt she won a short time ago, and gives it a quick kiss.

Autumn Raven: Not being one to be outdone, we’ll make it a little more interesting.

She holds up the title high in the air as the crowd explode.

Jim Gunt: CAN IT BE!?

Mike Rolash: We’re getting a title versus title match at Frozen Over!??

Autumn drops her belt back on her shoulder.

Autumn Raven: Oh, and one more thing!

She slowly walks towards Silas, whom is resting against the ropes and looking a little more worried. She gets in his face, and utters her words, captured by the microphone.

Autumn Raven: Last...Man….Standing!

She drops the microphone, and rolls out of the ring with a beaming smile on her face. She walks up the stage as Silas observes. He looks at her worryingly, then at his title, then back at the stage.

Silas Artoria: Finally, a conclusion is near.

Autumn continues to smile, patting the title over her shoulder, staring daggers into Silas until she exits the stage.

Play Time

The camera comes to life, fading into a backstage conversation between Freddie Styles and Tobias Devereaux.

Zach: What’s this then? Conspiring on some other underhanded scheme to try and get under my skin?

Stumbling upon the pair is current Impact Champion, the Game-Changer, Zach van Owen.

Tobias Devereaux: Try, now why yew tink we trying to do such a ting mon amie.

Zach van Owen: There’s some evil plot afoot, I just know it.

Tobias Devereaux: Well don't tink too hard, wouldn't want yew to strain someting before de match, eh?...No matta I will leave yew two to catch up...as it were.

With a tip of his hat and a playful wave Tobias disappears around the corner, leaving Zach and Freddie to stare each other down, waiting for the other to say the first word, or make the first move.

Freddie: I kinda like the guy...But don’t burn yourself out tonight Zach-y boy. I want you at your best for Frozen Over. That way when I get my title belt back, the victory will be all the sweeter. Knowing no matter how much you tried, you’ll always pale in comparison to me.

Zach: I’d much rather just skip the dialogue and cut to the action.

Zach steps forward, so he and the challenger are practically nose to nose.

Zach: At Frozen over Freddie, this game will end. Concusively. No sequels, or remastered versions. When I beat you Freddie. That will be it. Once and for all I’ll prove I am the Impact Champion.

The Game-Changer doesn’t even wait for Mr Ballgame to respond, turning on his heels and leaving Freddie to his own devices. The challenger watches Zach leave with a grin creeping across his face.

Freddie: Oh no Zachy-Boy. This game has only just begun.

KC3 (c) vs. Ataxia

Jim Gunt: Things are definitely heating up between Freddie Styles and our Impact champion Zach van Owen and I do not like the sudden friendliness with Tobias Devereaux there, just like Zach said, I also believe that some evil plot is afoot here.

Mike Rolash: What is wrong with you people? Did you all have some Shakespeare for breakfast or something?

Jim Gunt: I'm surprised you know Shakespeare.

Mike Rolash: Yeah, Romeo & Cutlet is one of my favourites, you know the one with the three witches?

Jim Gunt: Good Lord...

Ray Douglas: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

The intro to "Run This Town" by Jay-Z ft. Kanye West & Rihanna fills the arena as the lights go off and on, matching the beat to the song. Rihanna's voice fills the arena.

KC3 comes out from the back as Jay-Z's verse begins, rocking his head to the beat of the music for a few seconds before making his way down the ramp. After he struts his way down to the end of the ramp, he stops again to take in the music a little more.

Ray Douglas: ...from Loveladies, NJ... "The Next Generation God"... K... C... 3!!!

KC3 slides into the ring and runs the ropes a few times, stopping in the middle of the ring to bounce a couple of more times before his music cuts out.

Jim Gunt: This man is one of our third generation stars and has and ego to go back about ten generations.

Mike Rolash: Jim. You cannot deny the greatness that is “The Next Generation God”.

Ray Douglas: And his opponent...

“Dangerous Tonight” by Alice Cooper starts to play as Ataxia walks out from the backstage area. His head down. The fans start chanting his name as he holds up his arms in a crucifix position and charges for the ring. He slides in and stares down at KC3 and both men end up staring down at each other. KC3 smiles at Ataxia and winks at him. Ataxia licks his lips and blows him a kiss. KC3 cocks an eyebrow at this and backs off as Ataxia grins at him.

Jim Gunt: The master of manipulation is back and I, for one, am glad.

Mike Rolash: Yeah, but is it the same Ataxia. Is it the same man who tortures my very soul.

Ataxia waves at Rolash almost hearing what he said. Rolash gulps as the bell rings and KC3 heads to the ropes and comes off with a flying clothesline. Ataxia ducks it and rolls forward as KC3 catches himself on the ropes and bounces back to hit a cross body to the back of Ataxia taking him down. KC3 quickly gets back up and drops and elbow to the back of Ataxia's head! KC3 picks up Ataxia and kicks him in the gut. Powerbomb into the ropes! Ataxia's head bounces off of the ropes and whiplashes face first into the mat! KC3 stops and poses for a moment as the fans boo him. He starts yelling at them as Ataxia rolls on the mat.

Jim Gunt: KC3 needs to be more worried about Ataxia than the fans.

Mike Rolash: Well, we live in a world where they cheer that bag wearing freak instead of a great guy like KC3. These fans are idiots.

KC3 turns around and picks up Ataxia. Quickly setting up “The Messiah Pariah” KC3 throws him into the ropes as Ataxia rebounds “The Next Generation God” slams him into one “Rolling Dragon Godplex” after another and another and another and finally ending with the fifth and final Dragon Suplex in a row. KC3 quickly bridges for a pin.



Ataxia puts his foot on the ropes! KC3 is not happy about this and pulls Ataxia to the center of the ring and tosses Ataxia into the ropes! Catching Ataxia on the rebound KC3 slams him down into the mat with a spinebuster! Quickly dropping down he slaps on a stomach claw and looks to go for the Iron Claw to complete his devastating finisher, Hands of God, but Ataxia reaches up and puts his fingers into KC3's mouth and clamps down with a nerve hold! Surprised KC3 lets go of the stomach claw and Ataxia raises up with KC3 turning the nerve hold into Ataxia's submission, The Hungarian Reach Around! 

Jim Gunt: Ataxia counters KC3's legacy finisher with his own submission!

Mike Rolash: He wouldn't have been able to pull it off if he wasn't into putting his fingers into people's mouths...that sounded less weird in my head!

Ataxia wrenches the hold as KC3 tries to use his footwork to move towards the ropes and he grabs them. The referee, Clark Summits, calls for Ataxia to break the hold and Ataxia does, but not before slapping KC3 in the back of the head and shoving him forward!

Jim Gunt: A bit of disrespect there.

Mike Rolash: A bit?! Nahhh! Not from your bag wearing hero! Surely not!

The two men start exchanging insults and KC3 finally ends the insults with a punch to the face and Ataxia returns fire with a bitchslap to KC3's face. KC3 glares at Ataxia as the fans start laughing at him. KC3 kicks Ataxia in the gut and follows with a DDT! KC3 gets up and rolls Ataxia onto his stomach. He puts his foot onto Ataxia's back and grabs both of his arms. He pulls back the arms and keeps Ataxia's down with a boot on his spine! KC3 pulls back on this wrenching and pulling as Ataxia just...laughs! KC3 Does one final yank and we hear a sickening pop. Ataxia's arms dangle. Both Dislocated. KC3 hears the boo's from the crowd as Ataxia rolls out of the ring and KC3 poses for the boo's.

Jim Gunt: Ataxia's shoulders are both dislocated.

Mike Rolash: Why does this keep happening! He looks like a monster from a nightmare!

Ataxia stumbles to the ring barricade and with his left arm he flips forward slamming the shoulder into the barricade and we hear it pop back into place! The audience, close to the barricade, back up with a wide eyed expression. KC3 see's this and scowls as Ataxia gets back up and KC3 heads to the ropes. He uses the springboard to jump to the top of the turnbuckle post and comes off with a flying dropkick to Ataxia's chest! Smashing him into the barricade! KC3 gets up and “gets the dirt off his shoulder” as the fans, despite not liking him, cheer the display.

Jim Gunt: Well at least they are giving him his due.

Mike Rolash: Now if they would just start booing the guy with the weird arms!

KC3 grabs Ataxia and tosses him into the ring. Ataxia gets up and crawls, one arm still dislocated as he gets to his knee's. KC3 gets into the ring, and from where Ataxia is it almost looks like he's down on his knee's praying to KC3. KC3 smirks and poses in front of Ataxia before hitting him with a muay thai kick to the face! KC3 grabs the dislocated arm of Ataxia and whips Ataxia across the ring. We see Ataxia howl in pain as KC3 runs up and drops a knee on that dislocated shoulder! KC3 grabs that shoulder and slaps it into a armbar and converts it into a crossface!!

Jim Gunt: KC3 is capitalizing on that injury!

Mike Rolash: With the history he has with Ataxia do you think he planned this?

The fans start chanting for Ataxia. Their long lost hero returning has gotten this crowd on it's feet. Clapping. Stomping. Screaming. Ataxia inches his way over to the ropes and holds on. Clark Summits tells KC3 to let go and KC3 does...only to drag Ataxia to the turnbuckle by the dislocated arm. KC3 goes up top and comes down with a double stomp on that shoulder. KC3 grabs Ataxia and lifts him up over his head and drops him shoulder first onto the turnbuckle post. Ataxia falls like a heap on the mat screaming as KC3 picks him up from behind and...DROP TOE HOLD! Ataxia drop toe holds KC3 and sends him face first into the bottom turnbuckle post!

Jim Gunt: That came out of nowhere!

Mike Rolash: Just like that bag headed freak to do a hit and run move!

Both men are down as Ataxia is the first one up. Ataxia heads up to the top of the turnbuckle. KC3 uses the corner to pull himself up and looks over to see Ataxia on the opposite side. Ataxia holds up one finger to KC3 and then...450 SPLASH ONTO HIS DISLOCATED SHOULDER!! The sickening pop echoes through the arena as Ataxia gets up and points right at KC3 and makes a come on motion. KC3's eyes would fly out of his head if they could at how the bizzare bagman has just freaked him out with that!

Jim Gunt: That was...one way to fix that!

Mike Rolash: He just hurt himself to fix himself and he's laughing about it. KC3 better run before he eats your face off!

KC3 starts talking to Ataxia and kinda waving him off a bit as Ataxia starts to stalk him in the ring. KC3 holds out a hand to Ataxia and Ataxia looks to the crowd. The crowd says no, but Ataxia nods and holds out his hand. KC3 grabs the hand and quickly spins around hitting Ataxia in the back of the head with a elbow. Ataxia goes down! KC3 runs to the ropes and clothes for a diving knee to the back of the neck of Ataxia, but Ataxia moves out of the way just as KC3 hits. KC3 howls in pain from missing and turns to get hit by a charging headbutt by Ataxia! Ataxia waits for KC3 to get up and Ataxia runs up to him. Kick to the gut! Ataxia drops down to his back and then slaps KC3!


Jim Gunt: Everyone's favorite move...

Mike Rolash: I hate it!

KC3 rolls with the slap and goes to the outside. He starts yelling at Summits about that slap. Clark Summits looks at Ataxia and asks him if he hit KC3 with a closed first. Ataxia shakes his head no and motions that he had all five fingers open and counts them down to one...the middle one...right to KC3! Ataxia then leaps over the ropes and lands right next to KC3 who swings wildly at Ataxia. Ataxia ducks and comes up behind KC3 with a bulldog into the steel steps! Summits starts his count and Ataxia hops back in to break it up after two. KC3 says no and starts heading up the ramp. Ataxia is not putting up with this as he dives under the ropes and after KC3 who tries to run from Ataxia back around the ring. Under the ropes, into the ring, and off of them KC3 hits a returning Ataxia with a flying knee to the face! Ataxia rolls with the hit and gets back up and slumps down on the ropes. Ataxia starts to fall forward but not before KC3 grabs Ataxia by his stomach and puts on the stomach claw...he locks on the Iron Claw! It's a Standing “Hands of God”!

Jim Gunt: A double claw hold, but can he get Ataxia down onto the mat to get the full effect!

Mike Rolash: Come on! Paralyze him!

Ataxia is in pain with the double nerve hold, but keeps standing up as Ataxia reaches his arms up and drops KC3 with a front facelock ace crusher move! KC3 grabs Ataxia's mask and tears off the burlap to reveal...KC3's own face! KC3 is a little unnerved by this especially when Ataxia does a pose similar to KC3! KC3 lunges at AtaxiaC3 and AtaxiaC3 grabs KC3 in a german suplex hold! ER STAT!!! KC3 holds his head as he falls off of the turnbuckle. AtaxiaC3 does KC3's pose for a minute and then picks up his mask and puts it back on. While he's doing this KC3 reaches into his tights and puts something on his hand.

Jim Gunt: What was that?

Mike Rolash: What was what?

Ataxia grabs KC3 and gets decked in the face by the object on KC3's hand! KC3 rolls out of the ring after the shot and drops the object onto the mats as Ataxia lays flat out in the ring! KC3 hops on top of the ring apron and gets back into the ring. Clark Summits is checking Ataxia who almost seems out cold. KC3 grabs Ataxia and lifts him up. KC3 backhands Ataxia to wake him back up. Ataxia is groggy as KC3 tosses him into the ropes. KC3 is going for that spinebuster again, but Ataxia leaps up and hits... “THE RECKONING!!” KC3 goes down and so does Ataxia who is to out of it to capitalize!

Jim Gunt: That's the danger of that finishing move. On a dead run Ataxia can hit it at any time!

Mike Rolash: Yeah, but he looks like he took one to many punches this time Jim!

KC3 rolls out of the ring and grabs that object, which looks like brass knuckles, and slides them onto his hand while he stumbles on the ground. Ataxia gets up and sees KC3 and laughs. Ataxia runs to the ropes. Jumps off the top rope, Flying through the air...RIGHT INTO THE KNUX!!! Ataxia falls down hard and spits up blood out of his mouth when he lands! KC3 quickly falls down, rolls towards the ring apron, and removes the knux under the ring apron. Clark Summits gets over just as KC3 rolls back out without the knux.

Jim Gunt: I thought a saw a glint of something on KC3's hand.

Mike Rolash: It was the pure raw awesomeness coming off that punch to the weirdo's face.

KC3 gets up and grabs Ataxia and slams him head first into the ring barricade. The fans boo KC3! KC3 responds by slamming Ataxia into the turnbuckle post again! He looks over at Summits. Summits has a count of three up already as KC3 slams Ataxia into the ring barricade one more time. The count is up to five as KC3 rolls back into the ring and waits for the count restart.



Ataxia is still on the ground.



KC3 is posing in the ring, reminding the booing crowd how good he is.



Ataxia gets to the ring steps. He uses them to pull himself up.



KC3 eyes Ataxia as Ataxia gets on the ring apron and holds the ropes.


KC3 charges Ataxia who pulls the top rope and KC3 flies over! Ataxia quickly slides down between the second and third rope to stop the count out! KC3 lands hard and rolls on the mats, heading towards the spot where he left the knux!

Jim Gunt: He really likes that spot doesn't he?

Mike Rolash: Yeah...it gives him good wind resistance to punch people.

KC3 slides the knux back onto his hand and waits for Ataxia to come out. Ataxia is in the ring and taking a deep breath as Clark Summits checks on him. KC3 holds the hand that has the knux on behind his back and yells at Ataxia to come on. Ataxia gets up and looks at KC3 and charges at him. Ataxia leaps out thru the second and third rope...RIGHT INTO ANOTHER FIST SHOT FROM KC3!!! Summits calls for the bell!!

Jim Gunt: It's a pair of brass knux!

Mike Rolash: Nah...it's just a college ring...from all five ivy leagues...yeah...

Ray Douglas: Here is your winner...as a result of a disqualification....ATAXIA!!

KC3 is outraged as he gets into the ring and starts trashtalking Summits. He starts pushing the ref around and yelling at him. Ataxia, on the outside of the ring, gets up and heads over and grabs a steel chair. He slides into the ring and KC3 turns right as Ataxia swings at him! KC3 ducks and gets out of the ring and bolts to the ramp. KC3 trashtalks Ataxia! Ataxia takes off his mask showing the latex KC3 face again as he blows KC3 a kiss. KC3 leaves in a huff as Ataxia takes time in the ring to pose as KC3 while “Dangerous Tonight” by Alice Cooper starts to play.

Jim Gunt: Despite the ending this was a great matchup. Both men pulled out all the stops...even if one had to cheat to win!

Mike Rolash: Yeah! That damn Ataxia wearing that man's face. It should be illegal..

Setting Some Shit Straight

The scene switches to a black backdrop with the CWF logo stitched on it. As the cameras pans out we find ourselves staring at the face of lead CWF Interviewer, Tara Robinson with a microphone in her hand, she smiles beautifully at the camera, finally receiving her cue.

Tara Robinson: I know the fans here in Des Moines, Iowa (cheap pop) are enjoying another night of great action as we come to you LIVE with Evolution 38, and would you please welcome my guest at this time, they are the WCWA Tag Team Champions… Smokin’ Aces.

As the cameras pans out some more, the Aces make their appearance, Freddie to Tara's right, Duce to her left, the WCWA Tag Titles proudly draped over their shoulders.

Tara Robinson: Freddie, Duce, in just a few seconds, the two of you walk through those curtains to defend your WCWA Tag Team titles against one of your former opponents from the five team elimination match at When Worlds Collide, the monstrous team, The Truth led by the Good Reverend. Any thoughts or comments?

Both men look to each other, then back at Tara, then back at each other again.

Duce Jones: I don't think she heard.

Freddie Styles: She couldn't have.

The champs drop their heads in disappointment, before springing back to life and Duce continues.

Duce Jones: Tara.. do you not know? Have you not heard? We're tha “Greatest Tag Team in Existence” and we proved it when we beat four of tha top tag teams tha WCWA had t’offer.

Freddie Styles: At least that's what they claimed, but no one checked the resume. Nobody did their homework, and now they're scratching their heads wondering why we passed the test and they failed.

Duce Jones: Cuz we tha shit. We run dis tag team thang. But I'm pretty sure, a bunch of folks watching TNT #14 in Montreal are wondering why our mugs are on their screen.

A confused look comes over Tara's face as she brings the mic back to her lips.

Tara Robinson: What do you mean, are we broadcasting on SEE also.

Duce Jones: Yep. A few palms had t'be greased but it's happening.

Freddie Styles: Now for you Ms. Enigma. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. The Aces don't need anyone and I do mean anyone to speak up for us!

Duce Jones: I thank it's time we set some shit straight bout dis so called 'beef’. I don't know what kinda alternate reality you live in, where y'thank dat tha Aces and Loki would eva coexist in tha same breathe as each otha’. let alone tha same rang. So we don't need anyone t'decide when we defend these straps.

Freddie Styles: Yet we still don't back down from any challenge. So if Lexi and Thea wanted a shot at these belts, all they had to do was ask. I mean that's what The Truth did…

Duce Jones: And t'truth is dat we gon kick they ass. So pay close attention, cause once we done wit dem, we'll gladly put these belts on t'line against y'all. Any time… any place…

Duce is soon interrupted as “Ali Bomaye” by The Game begins to play.

Duce Jones: I guess it's time ta reintroDuce tha Truth.

Freddie nods at Duce as both men leave Tara and step through the curtain, headed for the arena.

The Smokin' Aces (Duce Jones & Freddie Styles) (c) vs. The Truth (Brother Judas & Brother Simon)

Ray Douglas: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the WCWA Tag Team Championships!

As “Ali Bomaye” jams through the Wells Fargo Arena, the atmosphere shifts. A solitary spotlight illuminates the entranceway as the Smokin’ Aces, Freddie Styles and Duce Jones emerge. The WCWA Tag Team Champions both wear their titles proudly in their shoulders. The Aces meander to the ring, slowly without a care in the world.

Jim Gunt: Since joining together, Freddie and Duce have been running through the tag team division here in CWF only losing their CWF Tag titles at Northern Crown thanks to Trent Steel.

Mike Rolash: They were robbed Jim, point blank. If it wasn't for Trent they'd be double champs right now. But I have firm confidence that they'll make short work of whoever this Truth team is.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first...representing The Glass Ceiling. Weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred twenty eight pounds! They are the WCWA Tag Team Champions! Freddie Styles! Duce Jones! SMMMOOOKKKIIINNNN’ ACCCCCEESSSSESSSSS!

Styles and Jones both enter the ring, illuminated by the sole spotlight. The duo stand center stage and in unison extend their right index finger while displaying the tag titles for the crowd with their other hand. The lights go dark as "The Man That You Fear" by Marilyn Manson begins to play. A single light shines down to the top of the stage. Brother Judas and Brother Simon step out from the back. Their monstrous size, and appearance in Brother Judas' case, overtakes the shot.

Mike Rolash: Holy shit! That guy looks like Freddy Krueger and Baraka had an illegitimate love child.

Jim Gunt:  Still confident about the Aces retaining here tonight?

The Good Reverend is out next. He walks forward and past them, stopping in front, holding one hand to the sky.

Ray Douglas: Introducing the challengers. Making their way to the ring now... being accompanied by The Good Reverend.... Brother Simon... Brother Judas..... THEEE.... TRRUUUTTTHHHH!!!!!

The Good Reverend turns to his followers and begins to speak to them. They listen to his directions as “Big” Denny Davidson calls for the bell as it's Freddie Styles starting things off for the Aces and Brother Simon stepping up for The Truth. The larger Brother Simon charges Styles, doubling him over with a knee lift to the gut. Staying on him, Simon backs Styles into the ropes, whipping him across the ring. As he rebounds the quicker Mr. Ballgame ducks a back elbow attempt, also able to dodge a lariat as he rebounds off the opposite ropes. Springing off the middle rope, Styles is able to take the bigger Brother Simon down to the canvas with a springboard moonsault! Both men are hurriedly to their feet, Styles slowing the pace a bit with a boot to the midsection of Simon. Looking to irish whip him across the ring, Freddie finds that he's no match for the size and strength of Simon who doesn't budge. Brother Simon now whips Styles in the opposite direction where Duce makes the blind tag.

Jim Gunt: I don't think Brother Simon knows that Jones made the tag. He's ducking down for a back body drop, but Styles with a boot to the face, to stand him up.

Mike Rolash: That seem like it only pissed him off!

An infuriated Brother Simon goes on the attack, swinging wildly at Freddie, but it's Styles quickness that works in his favor again as he dodges out of the way, where he's struck in the face by a waiting Jones on the apron. Turning towards Freddie, Brother Simon is dropped to a knee, thanks to a Pele Kick from Mr. Ballgame! Entering the ring, Jones runs the ropes, rebounding he charges full speed at Simon only to get bulldozered over with a shoulder block!

Jim Gunt: Jones went flying like he got hit by a Mack truck!

Mike Rolash: Things are about to get worse, Simon has tagged in that House of 1000 Corpses looking guy.

Jim Gunt: What's that.. House of 1000 Corpses?

Mike Rolash: Something that you shouldn't indulge in Jimbo.

The deformed monster, Brother Judas is quickly on Jones, yanking him up to his feet by his hair, Judas shoots Duce into the ropes, and simply murders him on his return with a big boot! Judas goes for the quick cover, but Jones kicks out after one. The Good Reverend watches on with a pleased look as Jones finds himself in a bad spot, hanging onto the bottom rope in The Truth’s corner! Brother Judas is right on him, applying all his weight onto Duce's head as he steps on it! Thankfully Jones is already in the ropes as Davidson is right there with the count, Judas releasing at three. Pulling Jones to his feet like a ragdoll, Judas nails a big right hand that sends Jones reeling back into the Truth's corner again!

Jim Gunt: These two men take viciousness to another level.

Mike Rolash: Can you just step on someone's head like that?

Judas clobbers Duce across the chest with a big forearm as he makes the tag to Brother Simon. As Brother Simon climbs inside of the ring, Brother Judas pins Duce in the corner. Getting himself some running room, Simon comes barreling in, crushing Jones with a body avalanche just as Judas moves out of the way. Falling to the canvas, Jones crawls away from enemy territory as Brother Simon stalks him. Bringing Jones upright, Simon rocks him with a huge headbutt that sends him stumbling back into The Truth's corner in a seated position. Now stepping on the left ankle of Jones, Simon tags back in Brother Judas, trapped with nowhere to go, Duce can't do nothing but eat the boot of Judas to his face! Stepping off of his ankle, Simon goes to the apron as Judas brings Duce to a vertical base. Lifting Jones onto his shoulder with ease, Judas looks to be going for a Powerslam, however it's the Kid that Never Dies who breaks free, landing behind the seven foot deformed monster on his feet! Now backpedaling, Jones is on friendly turf as Styles makes the tag!

Jim Gunt: Duce Jones somehow finding himself in the right corner that time! But Judas is charging in at Jones. Duce with the boot to the face of Judas!

The deformed face monster stumbles out of the corner as Freddie makes his return. Positioning himself, Styles blast Judas with a Tornado Kick to the neck. Stumbling around, Brother Judas turns right into Jones who leaps from the second rope with a Bicycle Knee Strike! Staggering backwards, Brother Judas is rolled up from behind by Styles as Davidson is there to make the count.



Brother Judas kicks out with authority as Styles is quickly back to his feet. Once Brother Judas is vertical, Styles hits the ropes and comes back with a clothesline that doesn't budge Judas at all! Bouncing off the ropes again, another Styles clothesline attempt proves futile. With the deformed Judas now screaming in his face, Styles ducks the clutches of his opponent, rebounding he sends Judas tumbling through the ropes with a running dropkick!

Jim Gunt: Styles taking a page out of The Weaver of Dreams' playbook, with his version of the Hammer of the Gods!

Mike Rolash: I mean… it worked.

Outside of the ring, Brother Judas has landed on his feet but is stunned nonetheless, staggering around a bit, he doesn't spot Styles. With great ease, Freddie pulls himself to the top rope, twisting as he lands and springs backwards with a flip taking the seven footer to the floor!


Back to his feet, Styles begins to feel the momentum shifting in his team's direction. The fans’ emotions split as Jones comes over to give him props by pushing him in the chest. Now turning his attention back to Brother Judas, Styles goes to bring Judas to a vertical base. However Judas shoves Styles off of him and quickly rolls in the ring as Davidson reaches three on his count. Refusing to let up, Styles quickly climbs from the floor to the apron, to the top rope, and takes the recovering Judas back to the canvas with a Missile Dropkick! Scurrying over to make the cover as Davidson is there for the count.



Jim Gunt: NO! Near fall by Styles.

Mike Rolash: That's what the Aces have to keep doing if they plan on retaining the titles, keep flying!

Making it to his feet, Styles goes to climb to the top again. However Brother Simon is right there to distract him, but Styles catches him with a boot that sends him tumbling off the apron. This is all the time Judas needs as he's quickly over, shoving Styles off the top rope and crashing down onto the barricade! A now enraged Brother Judas breathes heavily looking around at the crowd, who boo him furiously. Davidson having no other choice but to start the mandatory ten count.



Jim Gunt: You noticed how that slight distraction by Brother Simon allowed Brother Judas to take advantage.


Mike Rolash: As much as I hate to admit it, these two are a very good team, they're unorthodox, calculating, just a very good team.


With a look of concern Duce is on the floor shouting words of encouragement to Styles, meanwhile on the other side, the Good Reverend is seen smiling from ear to ear.


Judas makes the tag to Brother Simon who drops down off of the apron. Stalking Freddie like a vulture, Brother Simon barrels over Styles with a running double axe handle shot to the mouth! As Styles rolls around on the floor in pain, Simon taunts the jeering fans, even taking a moment to use Freddie's head as a step stool as he walks over him, adding insult to injury.

Jim Gunt: Brother Simon just stepped on the head… of Freddie Styles.

Bringing Styles to his feet, Brother Simon rolls him back inside of the ring, following closely behind. With both men back inside of the ring, Davidson is forced to stop his count as Brother Simon is to his feet, bringing Freddie up along with him. Without hesitation, Simon viciously body slams Styles into the mat, soon following it up with a pin.



Styles is able to get the shoulder up before the count of three. Back up to his feet, Brother Simon stares at the Iowa fans stoically as they shower him with disapproval. Now stepping on the right knee of Styles, Brother Simon tags back out to Brother Judas, as he makes his way inside of the ring, he placed his boots across the chest of Styles, applying all of his body weight, making it hard for the Hall of Famer to breathe.

Jim Gunt: I can tell you from first hand experience with seeing these two compete in the five team elimination match. That these guys are as mean as they come, finding different ways to hurt an opponent.

Mike Rolash: Was this guy’s face as fucked up then as it is now?

Jim Gunt: Well my sources tell me that he had a troubled childhood.

Mike Rolash: Ugh. You and your punk ass sources.

Now having Styles trapped in a neutral corner, Judas nails a back elbow then a knee lift to gut of Styles. Back elbow, knee lift, back elbow, knee lift! With Styles now woozy in the corner, Brother Judas grabs him under his arm and launches him halfway across the ring with a Biel Throw! With a demonic roar, Judas goes over and pins Styles.




Keeping Styles grounded, Judas uses his massive hands to twist and crack on the head and neck area of Freddie violently. Styles screams out in pain as Jones paces back and forth on the apron. Suddenly the attention of Jones is gained as the fans begin to rally behind Styles, catching Jones completely off guard.

Jim Gunt: Well there's something you don't see frequently, as the fans are rallying behind the Aces!

Mike Rolash: This is how I see it, The Truth are outsiders, these fans are loyal through and through. They're not smart at all but loyal.

Feeling the energy surge through the building, Styles begins to kick his right leg to the rhythm of the fans’ clapping. Able to make it to a knee, Styles fires a punch to Judas’ gut, allowing him to get vertical but not release Judas’ clutches. Firing another shot to the midsection, Styles is pushed back into the ropes by Judas who's released his grip. Rebounding, Styles goes for a sunset flip as Judas ducks down, but his height proves to work in his favor as Styles is not able to take him over. Slapping the hands of Styles to free himself, Judas goes for a leg drop, but the pool is empty as nobody's home.

Jim Gunt: Judas went for the leg drop, but Freddie Styles was able to move out of the way. And now Freddie has got to make a tag.

On the apron, Jones is screaming for Freddie to make the tag as he's slow to recover. However, it's Judas who reaches his partner first, as Judas tags his hand, Simon is quickly in the ring and running over Jones with a clothesline, dropping him on the apron! Turning his focus back to Styles, he simply mows him down with a Big Boot, following up with the cover.




Making it back to his feet, Simon simply watches on as Duce enters the ring, soon being cut off by official Denny Davidson who forces him back to his team's corner. Now bringing Freddie upright, Simon blisters his chest with a chop that has him reeling into The Truth's corner, Simon making the tag. Stepping inside, Judas goes to the center of the ring and waits as Simon whips Styles towards him, lifting Mr. Ballgame off his feet he plants him into the canvas with a sidewalk slam! Getting to his feet, Brother Judas brings Styles up and whips him to the neutral corner where he crashes hard. Roaring as he charges in, Judas connects with nothing but turnbuckle pads as Styles is able to roll out of the way!

Jim Gunt: Styles able to avoid the oncoming Judas and look how he just stretches out as he leaps to make the tag!

Mike Rolash: Might not be a good thing cause Judas has tagged Simon back in.

As both men charge into the ring, it's Jones who's first to strike with a strong kick to Simon's chest! Spinning around, Jones stuns Simon with a backfist, bringing him down to size with a kick to his left leg, Jones simply destroys the face of Simon with the D-Trigga! However Simon proves he can take some shots as he doesn't go down, staying on the offense, Jones brings him back to his feet whipping him across the ring. No, reversal by Simon as he sends Jones crashing into Judas with a forearm, knocking him off of the apron as he was trying to enter. Turning towards Simon, Duce ducks underneath a clothesline attempt soon rebounding off the opposite ropes and rocking Simon with a Superman Punch dropping him! Judas reenters the ring but receives a Superman Punch as well. Duce stands in the center of the ring fired up as the fans show him respect.

Jim Gunt: Jones just unleashed all kinds of built up frustrations just then.

Mike Rolash: The kid has been going through the wringer lately, Jimbo. All that anger that was built up has just been unleashed.

As Jones stands in the center of the ring, he watches on as he sees both men positioned in the corners to his left and right. Charging towards Judas, he creams the seven footer with a leaping Yakuza Kick! Freeing himself from the ropes quickly, Jones runs at Simon, who had stepped out of the corner looking for a clothesline, but it's Jones who dodges, springing off the middle corner ropes and twisting towards Simon taking him down with a Shining Wizard. Duce scurries on top of Simon for the cover as Davidson makes the count.




Staring at “Big” Denny in disbelief, Duce thought for sure that would bring him victory. But Davidson assures him it was only two. Getting back to his feet, Jones quickly clotheslines a rising Judas over the top rope and down to the floor. Sensing that Simon is back to his feet, Jones is able to duck out of the way of another attack, and catching Simon as he turns with a SUPERKICK that drops Brother Simon down to the canvas, staring up at the lights, Jones going for another cover.




Jim Gunt: And again a near fall… And Duce can't believe that wasn't it.

Mike Rolash: Check out Freddie!

On the outside Styles is seen leaping off of the steel steps at Judas only to be caught! Inside the ring, Jones sees this, choosing to help his partner. Duce hits the ropes and comes running full speed at both men taking them both out with a Suicide Dive! As all three men lay sprawled on the floor, Duce slowly gets to his feet. Making it back to the ring, climbs onto the apron only to have his head knocked off by Simon with another Big Boot!

Mike Rolash: In recent months this guy has taken more shots to the face than Dillon Harper or Sara Jay!

Jim Gunt: Who are those people, Mike?

Mike Rolash: Umm…. Don't worry about it.

Simon yells at Judas to get back in the ring as he pulls his leg back over the rope.

Jim Gunt: Should I google them?

Mike Rolash: Only when you're home alone and have some free time.

Jones is counting sheep on the apron as Simon forcefully pulls him back into the ring, under the bottom rope by his leg. Judas slowly slides back into the ring as Simon brings Duce to his feet. Brother Simon wraps his left hand around the throat of Jones as Judas is soon over to do the same with his right hand. Before they are even able to lift Jones though, Freddie is up on the apron and springboarding into the ring, taking Judas out with a HUGE forearm shot! Seeing this, Simon releases Jones from his grip as he quickly grabs Styles by his hair and tights, and forcefully throws him out of the ring. This gives Jones the opening he needs, sneaking behind Brother Simon, he takes him down and to the mat with a roll up, as Davidson slides in for the count although he doesn't see the hand full of dress slacks!




Davidson immediately calls for the bell after counting three as “Ali Bomaye” rings out through the arena, fans are once again split between cheering and booing.

Ray Douglas: Here are your winners and STILL WCWA Tag Team Champions! SMOOOOKIIINNNN’ ACCCCCEESSSSES!

Freddie is now inside of the ring, joining Duce as Davidson is over to hand them their titles. A flabbergasted look is on the face of The Good Reverend as he leads his disciples back up the ramp.

Jim Gunt: A bit of underhanded tactics by Jones leads to the Aces retaining the WCWA Tag Team titles.

Mike Rolash: The Aces deserve this victory is all I gotta say, because wow. what a match! An incredible title defense by the Aces!

Jim Gunt: A hard earned victory if nothing else, but now you wonder what's next for Smokin’ Aces the team as they have their own personal quarrels at Frozen Over VII?

Mike Rolash: Well earlier you saw them step up to the Dingbats of Darkness, so maybe that might be the next step.

Statement Made. Message Received.

With their tag titles in their possession, the Aces display the belts proudly for the fans, who are giving them a mixed reaction. Climbing opposite turnbuckles, Freddie and Duce raise the WCWA Tag Team titles in the air. Suddenly a commotion begins to stir as two men are seen entering the ring, one of them rushing over and shoving Styles from behind, causing him to tumble down to the floor outside!

Jim Gunt: Oh My Lord! What the!? Mike! That's Lucas Williams and Cade Allen from Xcellent Championship Wrestling!

Mike Rolash: What the hell are they doing here?

Jumping down from the corner, Duce makes a beeline for Allen who destroys him with a Bicycle Kick to the face! As Jones crashes unconventionally to the canvas, Williams is right on him raining down right hands to Jones’ skull.

Jim Gunt: Williams and Allen are here!

Mike Rolash: I heard they were coming here! My sources told me they were coming! But I didn't actually believe they would be here!

Jim Gunt: So now you have sources!?

Mike Rolash: Two can play that game!

Both men position themselves in opposite corners waiting for Jones to rise, looking ready to pounce like a pack of hungry wolves. Just as Jones is up to his knees, both men take off, meeting in the middle with Duce's head in between with simultaneous Shining Wizards! Both men are quickly to their feet, looking around at the fans like crazed lunatics as they are still trying to analyze the situation.

Jim Gunt: We had heard the rumors for weeks that they were going to be here.

Mike Rolash: The Aces laid out the challenge and seems these two have taken exception to it.

Cade slaps Lucas across the chest and points towards Freddie who's on the outside. Nodding in affirmation, the two climb out of the ring with their sights on Styles. Lucas waits for Freddie to rise before steamrolling over him with a huge lariat! Bringing Styles back to his feet, Williams launches him bodily into the barricade.

Jim Gunt: These two are just assaulting The Aces! Allen now has a hold of Freddie Styles and he throws him violently into the steel steps!

Mike Rolash: Statement made. Message received. They are here for those WCWA Tag Team Championships!

The fans boo both men as they stand there with glazed over psychotic glares, observing the mayhem they just caused. They are soon broken from their trances as CWF Officials are out along with security to try and get the two men away from ringside. Meanwhile the Aces are left reeling from the pain just inflicted on them.

Tobias Devereaux (c) vs. Zach Van Owen (c)

Ray Douglas: Introducing first from Baton Rouge, Louisana, Tobias Devereaux!

"New Orleans Heavy Swamp Blues" by Justin Johnson comes on the PA system as out steps Tobias Devereaux. He ignores the crowd's mixed reaction and just makes his way to the ring awaiting his opponent.

Ray Douglas: And his opponent he is the Impact Champion, standing at six feet one inches and weighing in at one hundred and seventy four pounts from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this is Zach Van Owen!

The entire arena goes dark as green digital rain appears on the screen and gradually forms the phrase “Ready...FIGHT!”. The music picks up and Zach appears on the stage with a bright flash of green lights, his head bowed and arms outstretched. Over his shoulder we can see Leona. He looks to the ring and marches down the ramp, high-fiving fans along the way. He hops onto the apron and ascends the corner post from the outside, throwing back the hood of his jacket and once again throwing his arms out wide. With hands on the ring ropes he cartwheels off the turnbuckle and down into the ring while Leona looks on in his corner.

Tobias and Zach start the match circling one another, Tobias shoots in looking for one of Zach's legs but the quicker Zach Van Owen steps back stuffing the attempt. The two circle for another moment before settling on a collar elbow tie up. Tobias immediately starts winning the leverage game and snaps on a side headlock. He wrenches hard on the head as Zach struggles, he tries to push Tobias off into the ropes but the bigger Devereaux just drops to a knee and wrenches harder. Tobias positions his hip into the hip of Zach and takes him over laying across the chest of Zach still wrenching the side headlock. Zach takes the moment to roll and position Devereaux’s shoulders onto the mat!


Tobias kicks his legs and gets enough leverage to roll the two back with himself over the chest of Zach wrenching the headlock. Zach manages to get just enough space to turn his body towards Tobias as both men stand up, now Tobias more holding the headlock in a bulldog sort of position than side headlock. Zach now is able to use his full strength and manages to push Tobias off sending him into the ropes. Tobias bounces back only to get caught in the face with a beautiful dropkick from Van Owen. Zach wastes no time getting back to his feet, he charges towards the near rope and hops up onto the middle rope, springboards and comes off with a moonsault, however Tobias rolls away from Zach. Zach lands on his feet and immediately leaps up and hits a standing moonsault on Tobias!

Jim Gunt: Looks like Tobias was unable to worm his way from Zach on that exchange.

Mike Rolash: Just when it looked like he was out of Zach’s reach the risk taker kept the flips a coming!

Zach is back to his feet lifting Tobias up to a vertical base before firing off a couple of forearm shots backing Tobias up into the corner. Zach grabs Tobias’ arm and sends him out of the corner with a hard Irish whip. Zach gives chase afterwards, as soon as Tobias’ back collides with the opposite turnbuckle Zach nails him with a step up knee strike. Wasting no motion or time Zach springs from the second rope to the top rope, bounces off while reaching out with a split leg motion and catches Tobias by the back of the head taking him down with a creative face crusher. Zach shoots the half and hooks one of the legs of De Cajun Sensation.



No, Tobias manages to get a foot up onto the nearby rope. Zach gets up looking a little frustrated. He pulls Devereaux up to his feet and sends him into the ropes, this time when Tobias bounces off, Zach charges towards him and leaps up looking for a headscissors however as his body is extended out Tobias just drops in a sit out position dropping Zach in a reverse powerbomb like position. Tobias immediately wraps his arms around the ankle and foot of Zach hooking in a heel lock as he grapevines Zach Van Owen’s leg. Zach realizes he’s in trouble and starts to feveriously try to kick out with his free leg trying to get Tobias to let go but he’s locked his arms in tight.

Jim Gunt: Looks like Tobias has some fight left in him with that nasty heel lock.

Mike Rolash: He’s latched on like one of them gators from his homeland just torquing and refusing to let go.

Finally one of Zach’s feet catches Tobias on the chin stunning him, Zach manages to start to get up but Tobias still has a hold of his foot. Tobias starts to stand up as well, Zach does a forward flip as they both are getting to their feet catching Tobias with a mule kick. Zach rolls back to his feet and comes up to a stunned Devereaux, catching him with a Combo Breaker superkick. Tobias falls back but lands with his shoulders on the middle rope which springs him back up only for Zach to grab his head, leap up onto the rope himself like a tornado ddt but as he jumps off the middle rope instead of going to the side, he jumps up and over Tobias, bringing him with him, driving Devereaux down with the Critical Hit front flipping ddt. Zach makes the cover.




Referee Scott Dean raises Zach’s hand in victory as Leona goes to climb into the ring to celebrate. However she’s quickly taken by surprise by a figure who kicks her in the stomach hard before jumping up and smashing their foot into the back of her head taking her down with a vicious curb stomp. Zach looks in shock and then rage as he sees the figure dressed as Impakt!

Jim Gunt: What the hell is going on?

Zach wastes no time sliding out of the ring as Impakt runs up the ramp way and heads to the back. Zach close on his heels. The two are weaving in between backstage faculty left and right as Zach starts to catch up getting to where he can just about get his hands onto the shoulder of the figure only to have the figure duck down a hallway tossing some equipment over while doing so that nearly falls onto Zach, having to jump backwards to dodge the equipment. Zach looks intently in the direction for a moment before turning to head back towards Leona. He takes a handful of steps before passing by one Freddie Styles who just gives him a courtesy nod leaving Zach with a look of puzzlement on his face.

The Confession Introduction

The lights in the arena come down suddenly as the Tron lights up a bright white. The burst of light is almost blinding as the video begins to play.

Coming to an arena near you.....

Is shown on the screen in bold black print, only to be erased by a purple overlay with a single pinpoint of light on the horizon. 

Voice over done by a child: I prayed and I prayed for someone to save us from them, from the bad people that prey upon our heroes. He finally came....A man appeared, he sat upon a white horse....

The voiceover suddenly halts and a masked man sitting atop a glossy white Ducati Diavel now appears on the screen. His mask matches the motorcycle, the stark contrast comes from the leather bomber jacket and the acid washed ripped jeans. He peers intently into the camera lense as it it zooms in, the bloodshot eyes show plainly. 

Masked Man: I am the confession, I know your secrets....

He holds a finger up to his lips.

The Confession: There's no need to say anything, you wouldn't be telling me anything I didn't already know. 

Just as quickly as it appears, the image has vanished and the house lights have come back up producing a buzz from the audiance. 

Fear The Serpent

Jim Gunt: Well… I don't know what to make of The Confession…. What about you Mike?

Mike Rolash:

Jim Gunt: Mike?

Jim Gunt follows the eyes of a speechless Mike Rolash as he stares in shock towards the ring.

Jim Gunt: Where did they come from?

The crowd begin to buzz even more as Vince Espinoza, Nina and Omar Martinez, collectively known as V.E.N.O.M stand inside of the ring. The three seem to be in some sort of trance as neither one of them make any form of movement. Their eyes are glossed over, zombie like stares into the hard camera as the crowd soon becomes restless.

Jim Gunt: What's going on Mike?

Mike Rolash: If I knew, you'd be the fir-- What the hell is that?

Jim Gunt: It looks like a person…

A shot of an unconscious figure can be seen, being lowered from the rafters. Their arms flail from being upside down and what seems to be a mask covers their face.

Jim Gunt: Oh My Goodness! Is that Eris?

As the figure gets closer to view, we can now see the familiar mask of Eris, slightly cracked as blood can be seen trickling down onto the hair and face of a still unmoving Nina.

Mike Rolash: There goes that sponsorship deal…

Suddenly everything is interrupted as a distorted voice comes over the PA system.

Voice: Their blood is on your hand… and soon you too will join us in the Viper’s Nest. Fear. The. Serpent.

Uncomfortable groans can be heard throughout the Wells Fargo Arena as Eris’ blood continues to drip onto Nina. Those groans soon become cheers as Elijah and Omega are seen charging towards the ring.

Jim Gunt: Thank you, I'm glad someone is coming to put a stop to this!

Just as Elijah and Omega slide into the ring, darkness engulfs the arena. Soon returning to illumination as V.E.N.O.M and Eris are nowhere to be found. Elijah and Omega trying to figure out where they went.

Mike Rolash: What the hell is a Viper's Pit?

Jim Gunt: I don't know Mike, and what exactly are they doing to Eris? What's really happening here tonight? And for some reason that voice sounded oddly familiar.

Mike Rolash: I'm in the dark as much as you are, hopefully at Frozen Over VII we'll get some type of resolution to what seems to be becoming a very volatile situation.

Loki Synn (c) & ??? vs. The Shadow (c) & ??? vs. Jarvis King & ???

Jim Gunt: Since we cannot solve this mysteries right now, and this has been a crazy night so far already, things only promise to get better as it is time for the triple threat tag team match featuring the competitors of the main event at Frozen Over VII!

Mike Rolash: That's right Jimbo! And if you're all seeing this now, please visit my GoFundMe page to donate to help keep that masked freak away from me. With your generosity, I can live to see a better tomorrow.

Jim Gunt: Right, I'm excited to see who The Shadow, Jarvis, and Loki chose to be their tag partners as well!

The lights around the arena cut out, as “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour starts playing.

And during the few moments that we have left,
we want to talk, right down to earth
in a language that everybody here can easily understand

As the song’s iconic guitar riff begins to fill the arena, a single spotlight rests on the entranceway, and in an elegant script, words are scrawled across the screen:

Some men are born great
Some achieve greatness
But only one man is Jarvis J. King

With that, Jarvis King steps out into the entranceway, flanked by Elizabeth Bates. Jarvis bounds up and down, smacking himself in the face lightly before he raises his right index finger in the salute of the Glass Ceiling, which brings the lights up.

Ray Douglas: Making his way to the ring, from Halifax, Nova Scotia! Accompanied to the ring by Elizabeth Bates, he weighs in at 240lbs. He is The Icon, “East Coast Excellence” JARVIS J. KING!

The capacity crowd jeers The Icon as he makes his way to the ring lazily, sliding under the bottom rope before climbing the middle turnbuckle of his corner and raises his right index finger high above his head with a self-assured grin on his face.

Jim Gunt: Now from what I've been told by our new boss in C$J, Jarvis, The Shadow, and Loki have been instructed to come out first and introduce their partners once all three have made it to the ring. How's that for showmanship?

Mike Rolash: Act quickly and I'll even throw in an autograph to the first five people that donate! That's a steal ladies and gents!

Jim Gunt: Considering that you charge twenty bucks per autograph every session you grace the fans at, yeah, a real "steal."

Rolash gives Gunt a squinty eyed look as the lights go out and "Mea Culpa" by After Forever begins, the haunting tones of the keyboard ringing out. The choir starts up as fog wafts in, illuminated by a ghostly purple light that is flickering to the beat of the music, mesmerizing all in attendance. At the crescendo, the music stops, the choir halts, the arena is plunged into instant darkness and when the lights come back up, there stands The Shadow, flanked by Myfanwy, stoic and unmoving under his cloak as Jarvis paces restlessly.

Ray Douglas: Now introducing, hailing from Calgary, Alberta! Accompanied by Myfanwy, he IS the CWF Paramount Champion... THE SHADOW!

The crowd cheers as The Shadow disrobes and hands his cloak to Myfanwy, who ducks through the ropes to drop to the floor outside. He unstraps his Paramount Title from around his waist and hands it off as well, standing up and coming face to face with Jarvis who instantly begins to talk smack to the champ! The Shadow remains unimpressed and sidles out from under Jarvis' scrutiny.

Mike Rolash: Ever one for theatrics, The Shadow is already giving my pick for Frozen Over issues. Still though, I'll have to look into the hypnotic stuff for my GoFundMe page. Speaking of...

He looks directly into the camera.

Mike Rolash: Have you visited my site yet? I'm still looking to give away five autographs to those first five lucky people.

Jim Gunt: Does that include Ataxia too?

Mike opens his mouth to retort, mortified by the idea and the implications he has just brought upon himself, but is stopped short by the sound of a creaky door being opened ever so slowly. The high pitched noise comes and goes, crescendos to a fever pitch, and dissipates into a whisper. All eyes are drawn to and focused on the entrance ramp, expecting Loki Synn, but instead getting...

Nothing. The noise continues but this time a door slams, creating a resounding BANG that reverberates throughout the arena. People jump in unison and ever so slowly a figure adorned in a tattered robe that has seen better days comes out. The figure laughs manically into a mic and throws off the robe revealing Loki Synn, only... Not? The CWF World Champion has her attire split, half as Loki Synn, the other half sporting the oh so familiar, yet painfully distant ring attire of Mia Rayne. Her mask has been torn in two, half of it on her face and secured with a strap, the other half of her face unmasked for the world to see, her one visible eye alight with malice.

Loki Rayne: Who am I? A question I don't know, but as CWF World Champion it appears that I can't take a mental health day to figure this out. So here I am and let me be frank, you all can be me for a moment; I came here to win, cause maximum pain, and inflict as much emotional trauma as possible before I go and have a nice heart to soul conversation with my reflection. But that's later. This is now and now I have a very special treat for the two of you who just... WON'T LEAVE ME THE FRICK ALONE! Without further ado, I present to you all, my partner for this evening.

For the second time since this match started, the lights go out but almost instantly come back on. Loki is now standing in the ring, smiling a sinister smile at Jarvis and The Shadow, standing shoulder to shoulder with none other than Ozric Mortimer!

Jim Gunt: WOW! The World Champion making a massive statement as she gets the Hostility powerhouse that only barely fell to our own Viking at Civil War, as her tag team partner tonight!

Mike Rolash: Ok. So I'm going to need more money to factor in some anti clown upgrades. Not sure on price yet, but I'm more than happy to sign more autographs! Anyone wearing a mask, wearing too much black, dressing like a clown, or wearing burlap in any capacity need not apply. I...

The Shadow: Sorry to interrupt, Rolash, but I figured on Loki having a trick or two up her sleeve. She's champion for a reason and has earned a reputation as trickster for a reason. While I didn't know who exactly you would find, I knew I needed to match you somehow. So I found someone who has already looked into the clown's eyes and laughed before putting him down. I give to you, Christer "Fenrir" Lundmark!

A wolf howl starts to sound over the sound system, followed by a hammer striking an anvil. Fire appears on the tron before the pounding rhythm and guitar of Amon Amarth's "Victorious March" begin to blare over the PA. Fenrir steps through onto the stage, long blond hair and beard braided with blue and black war paint emblazoned his face. His eyes are wide with a frenzied rage as he lets out a war howl and gets a running start before sliding into the ring, and standing toe to toe with Ozric Mortimer! It's everything head official Trent Robbins can do to keep some semblance of control as Jarvis is handed a mic. However, before he can get a word out, "I'm Too Sexy for My Shirt" hits and Kemsey Ramsey comes out to a huge ovation.

Jarvis King: Wha?! NO! Not him! NOT HIM!

It doesn't matter though as Ozric and Lundmark have finally had enough and lunge at each other, forcing Summits to call for the bell. Jarvis curses to himself and stomps over to his corner as Kemsey hops up next to him.

Jim Gunt: Well I guess we'll have Ozric and Fenrir starting things off with Kemsey Ramsey stepping up to the plate as Jarvis' partner. This should be an interesting match up, especially given the events of Civil War.

Mike Rolash: I don't think Jarvis is happy that Ramsey inserted himself into this match at all...

As if on cue Jarvis can no longer contain himself and with lightning speed throws Ramsey off the side of the ring with the straight jacket suplex Jarvis has made look easy! The back of Kemsey's neck lands awkwardly on the thin mats outside and King gets up and delivers a couple extra boots for good measure. Robbins yells at him to get back up into his corner just as Oz pushes Christer into that corner, pinning Trent in the process! With no one to force the break, Oz continues to push into Christer, cutting off oxygen, space, and movement from the Viking!

Jim Gunt: This can't be good, the official is pinned in the corner, Jarvis just took out his own partner, and no one is able to get between these two to break the hold!

Mike Rolash: Serves Kemsey right, he laughed when I asked him to donate. I'm sure Jarvis will help me out, I just haven't been able to ask him yet.

The Shadow leaps up and over the top rope, looking to break the hold and rescue his partner, leaping onto Ozric's back. The clown laughs, a demonic sound, and lets go of Fenrir, only to jump up and back, landing hard on The Shadow! Loki laughs and hops into the ring as Ozric grabs Christer and tosses him out to ringside, following behind him only to be met with an uppercut by Fenrir! Ozric stumbles into the apron and Christer backs up into the barricade before taking the couple steps between him and the clown at a run, Ozric uses the ring to propel himself forward and meets Christer with a massive clothesline, driving Lundmark to the ground! Oz wastes little time and picks the Viking up, looking to drive his head into the barricade but the ever resilient Christer elbows him in the ribs! Ozric stumbles backwards and with a warcry that only Fenrir is capable of, propels himself at his target, driving Ozric and himself up and over the barricade and into the crowd!

Jim Gunt: Something tells me that they aren't going to be coming back any time in the near future.

Mike Rolash: Good! I hope the gods of Valerie keep Ozric far away from here and they treat Christer as a hero for vanquishing that demonic clown thing! We here at CWF have enough to worry about with Ataxia running around, again, after being buried, LITERALLY. Which reminds me, why haven't you signed my petition yet Jim?

In a moment of serendipitous timing for CWF's favorite announcer, Loki chooses this moment to pounce onto The Shadow, who is slowly recovering from being pancaked by Ozric. She picks his head up and starts to deliver forearm after forearm before standing up, turning, and running right into a superkick from Jarvis King! Jarvis smiles at his handiwork as his two opponents for Frozen Over VII are lying at his feet. He turns his back and raises his arms in victory, only for Loki to stand back up behind him! She whips him around and with a speed belying of a woman her size, picks Jarvis up and slams his back against her knee with a modified backbreaker! She lets his body stand up, spinning him around, and hoists him up on her shoulders before dropping him neck first and right in the middle of The Shadow's chest with The Last Laugh! In a moment that could foreshadow Frozen Over VII's main event, Loki stands tall over The Shadow and Jarvis as bodies lie everywhere and the sounds of the epic between the Clown and the Viking echo throughout the arena.

Kids Never Listen

We find ourselves in the office of Jon Stewart as he watches the show looking surprisingly calm. Soon there is a knock on the door. Stewart responds without taking his eyes off the screen.

Jon Stewart: Come in.

The door can be heard opening and closing as Duce Jones steps into view.

Duce Jones: Sup wit'ya mane? Y'wanted t'see me?

Jon Stewart: I'm fine now that Milenko is out of the picture. But it's you that I'm concerned about.

Duce Jones: What y'mean? I'm good bruh, ready t'knee Trent in his shit.

Straightening his glasses, Stewart release a deep sigh.

Jon Stewart: That's why I asked you to come here. I understand your grounds on wanting to defend the honor of CWF. But that is a thing of the past. Ataxia is back and Trent might be sticking around for a while. And kid I just want to be honest with you. You don't want to put your career in jeopardy, especially at your age.

With a blank expression on his face, Duce crosses his arms.

Duce Jones: Umm hump…

Jon Stewart: I'm asking you to let this go. For the sake of your career and also it's going to cost a shitload of money to have that match set up.

Duce Jones: Wit all due respect t'ya Stewart, I'm not lettin’ shit go. Tha muthafucka came on our turf. Talkin’ big shit bout how he was gonna burn dis place t'tha ground if Taxi didn't show up. And now dat Taxi's back, I'm 'sposed t'just let dis shit go?

Jon Stewart: I was hoping so.

Duce Jones: I'm good… Tell y'boy t'meet me. And I'ma leave it dat.

Without another word, Jones turns and leaves the office, opening and closing the door behind him. Turning to walk down the hall, Jones finds himself being ambushed by Trent Steel! Dropping to his knees, thanks to a hard forearm to the back of the skull, Jones has no time to recover as Steel lifts him up onto his shoulders, and quickly drives him violently into the office door of Stewart with the Pittsburgh Nightmare! A startled Stewart springs to his feet, staring at the two men who lay sprawled out on the floor covered in splinters of wood. Jones is knocked out cold as Steel slowly sits up, holding the back of his head.

Trent Steel: Kids never listen…

Stewart can be seen reaching for his pill bottle as Steel makes it to his feet and soon leaving the scene of the crime.

Jimmy Allen (c) vs. Dorian Hawkhurst

Jim Gunt: Wow, things are happening left, right and center here, Trent Steel and Duce Jones definitely are not done with each other, quite the contrary, this could be a very hot item going into Frozen Over and maybe beyond and what about our Frozen Over main event with Loki, Jarvis and the Shadow?

Mike Rolash: What about it? Jarvis wins, done, where do you see the problem here?

Jim Gunt: You saw the match earlier, right?

Mike Rolash: Yes? The cards were clearly stacked against Jarvis from the get-go with that yahoo showing up as his "partner", but at Frozen Over it'll be just him, Loki and The Shadow and that's it.

Jim Gunt: Well, I think that this is going to be one hell of a match-up with three of the hardest hitting superstars CWF has to offer right now going head to head to...mask and also the three big factions in the federation, a lot of explosives that could go boom at any time here. But speaking of boom, coming up next, we’ve got our main event pitting “The Catalyst” Jimmy Allen against a man who is out for his blood, “The Demon of Sobriety” Dorian Hawkhurst.

Mike Rolash: Will it be Jimmy Allen? Will it be Dorian Hawkhurst? Who will be the last man standing, Jim?

Jim Gunt: That’s what we are going to find out. We know that Dorian Hawkhurst is a runaway train, the question is, will he run right off the tracks?

“From the Pinnacle to the Pit” by Ghost begins to play as the lights go down and smoke fills the ramp. As spotlight sets upon the entrance, and “The Demon of Sobriety” Dorian Hawkhurst stands in an open legged stance with his arms out. He is wearing a long, leather trench coat and his trademark “Forsaken Demon” shirt. As the lead guitar comes in over the bass guitar, Chloe Hawkhurst crawls out from behind her father. She pops up on her knees, copying he father’s pose while sporting a Mia Rayne shirt of her own.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first, from Philadephia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 287 lbs., accompanied by Chloe Hawkhurst, here is the “Demon of Society” Dorian Hawkhurst!!!

Dorian and Chloe walk down the ramp to the ring, Chloe slapping hands while her father is all business.

Jim Gunt: Last Evolution we saw Dorian use a slower, more mythodical approach, also adding his standing shoulder choke, which he calls “The Mark of the Demon” to his arsenal.

Mike Rolash: I’m hoping that was a one time thing because I want nothing more than to see Dorian run out of gas before Jimmy Allen snuffs him out.

Dorian slides into the ring and hold the middle rope up for Chloe to get in the ring. “From the Pinacle to the Pit” fades out and is replaced by “Cut the Cord” by Shinedown.

Ray Douglas: And his opponent… hailing from Dalla...

Ray Douglas falls to the mat as Dorian uncharacteristically shoves him out of the way. Dorian stomps over but Chloe and referee Clark Summits get to Dorian and push him back into the corner.

Jim Gunt: Dorian Hawkhurst is ready to go, but Clark Summits backs him off.

Mike Rolash: Even Chloe thinks Dorian needs to calm down. Chloe of all people. What’s that tell you?

Jim Gunt: It tells me that “The Forsaken Demon” wants to end this and wants to do it now.

Mike Rolash: Dorian is going to just end up making a mistake in anger and it will cost him. Mark my words.

Dorian finally settles in the corner and Ray Douglas stands up and continues his introduction.

Ray Douglas: His opponent… hailing from Dallas, Texas… he weighs in tonight at 227 lbs… he is one half of the CWF Tag Team Champions… I present to you,  “The Catalyst”... Jimmy Allen!!!

Jim Gunt: Looking at Jimmy Allen, he’s already taken his title off and handing it to one of the ring crew on the outside. He’s taking no chances. He’s not giving Dorian any chance to catch him off guard.

Mike Rolash: Jimmy Allen is among the smartest men we have in this business. This is just another example of how smart he is.

Jim Gunt: Clark Summits stands between the two men as they stalk towards the center of the ring.I hate to be cliche, but you can cut the tension with a knife. Chloe Hawkhurst steps out of the ring and here we go.

Clark Summits out of the way and immediately, both men march forward, leaning into one another with their foreheads. The two men exchange words, but the microphone can’t pick up what either man is saying. It is obvious from their facial expressions that whatever it is that Jimmy Allen is trying to sell, Dorian Hawkhurst isn’t buying it. Dorian turns his head for a moment, looking over at Chloe. Jimmy turns his head as well, and Dorian takes the opportunity to pie face Jimmy. Jimmy comes back with overhand rights to Dorian.

Jim Gunt: Jimmy Allen unloads on “The Forsaken Demon” after that show of disrespect. Dorian seems unphased and shoves Jimmy Allen away. Jimmy falls back first into the corner, but comes back out with more haymakers.

Mike Rolash: Jimmy Allen is trying to stand toe to toe with a heavyweight, but that might not be the best idea. If there is one thing you can say about Dorian Hawkhurst it’s that he can take a licking and keep on ticking.

Dorian shoots back a forearm to the jaw of the catalyst. He scoops Allen up, but Jimmy turns his body and slides behind Dorian. Hawkhurst turns around as Jimmy reaches up and grabs his head, dropping down and delivering a jawbreaker. Dorian stumbles and Jimmy goes back to throw punches at Dorian’s face.

Jim Gunt: Jimmy Allen has decided that he’s going to depend on that right hand. Considering Dorian’s history of nasal injuries, that could be a really strong strategy. That’s being said, it’s going to take more than that to drop “The Demon”.

Mike Rolash: Jimmy Allen is just softening him up. In a match like this, you have to pace yourself and Jimmy Allen is doing exactly that.

Jimmy Allen backs up to give himself some room. He runs at Dorian who drops to one knee and throws a vicious right hook into the midsection of Jimmy Allen, his momentum causing him to tumble out of the ring.

Jim Gunt: Downstairs goes Dorian Hawkhurst and you can see Jimmy Allen’s reaction. He is now down on the outside and he is sucking for air.

Mike Rolash: I think that was a low blow. Jimmy Allen is hurting badly. Dorian knows it. Chloe knows it. Everyone can see it. I doubt a punch to the stomach could do that much damage. Look, Chloe is on the outside telling her father exactly where to attack.

Jim Gunt: Dorian is smiling while he watches his former best friend struggling to get to his feet. Obviously, there are no countouts in this match and Dorian Hawkhurst is content to watch and wait for Jimmy Allen’s next move.

Mike Rolash: This has to be that little brat’s idea. Dorian isn’t smart enough to come up with this one on his own. There is no way.

Jimmy Allen pulls himself up to the apron. Dorian walks over and delivers a forearm shiver to the jaw. Jimmy falls backwards, but uses his left hand to stay on the ring apron. Dorian throw a body shot at Jimmy, who falls back again, but this time can’t keep his grip on the bottom rope and falls back to the floor.

Jim Gunt: Dorian comes out to the floor and has evil intentions on his mind.

The crowd “Oooohhs” as Jimmy Allen is thrown into the ring steps.

Jim Gunt: Those ring steps welcomed Jimmy Allen with open arms, so to speak and it looks like Allen’s abdomen struck the steel. After that shot from Dorian earlier, that isn’t helping Jimmy’s cause.

Mike Rolash: I know that a last man standing matches are no holds barred, but Dorian is supposed to be some kind of nice guy. Where is his sense of honor?

Jim Gunt: Sometimes you have fight fire with fire, Mike. We all know that Jimmy would do the same to Dorian.

Mike Rolash: I still don’t like it.

Dorian backs off as Clark Summits gives the first count of the match.



Mike Rolash: Look at Dorian just standing there like a vulture waiting to pick the scraps.


Jim Gunt: Be that as it may, it looks like Jimmy Allen is starting to stir, but the damage to Jimmy Allen’s torso or abdomen seems to be taking its toll on him already.

Mike Rolash: Cheap shot from Dorian as Jimmy gets to his feet.

Jim Gunt: Dorian grabs Jimmy by the head and throws another punch down into Allen’s midsection. Allen doubles over, instinctively, I would guess, and Dorian peppers him with another shot as Jimmy Allen stumbles up the ramp.

Mike Rolash: Dorian Hawkhurst doesn’t care where he hammers his opponent. These guys could end up all over the arena here in Des Moines.

Dorian makes the mistake of slapping Jimmy across the face. “The Catalyst” gets fired up, and starts with a quick thrust to the throat, then begins unloading with those right hands again, each blow rocking Dorian so he stumbles back towards the ring.  As the two men get to ring side, Jimmy slams Dorian’s face onto the apron. Dorian no sells the move and screams before headbutting Jimmy Allen in the forehead.

Mike Rolash: What the hell? Is Dorian part Samoan or something?

Jim Gunt: Dorian Hawkhurst is showing no effect from having his face smashed on the ring apron. He’s feeling no pain now, but the adrenaline can only last for so long. Jimmy Allen is on the defensive, trying to put some distance between himself and “The Forsaken Demon.”

Mike Rolash: Jimmy Allen is smart. Dorian’s caught him off guard, but I am sure that once he gets a moment to center himself, Dorian’s in big trouble.

Dorian follows behind Jimmy as he rolls into the ring, taking his time and watching his prey while he himself climbs back into the ring.

Jim Gunt: This new, methodical approach Dorian is taking seems to be working for him.

Mike Rolash: The man has a temper, Jim. We both know that. He won’t hold it together for long.

Dorian cautiously steps through the ropes and throws a knee to Jimmy Allen’s ribs, causing him to shoot straight up. Dorian hits him with another right, sending him back into the ropes.

Jim Gunt: Right now, Dorian is still focusing on the midsection of Jimmy Allen, a very sound strategy, if I do say so myself.

Mike Rolash: Dorian with an open palm right to the stomach. He drops a forearm down across Jimmy Allen’s spine. Who is this and where did they put Dorian?

Jim Gunt: “The Demon of Sobriety” has Jimmy backed into a corner now. Irish whip into the far side and...

Mike Rolash: YES! Jimmy got his foot up as Dorian followed him in. DO IT, JIMMY! NOW’S YOUR CHANCE!

Jimmy Allen wastes little time in rushing at Dorian who regains his composure just quickly enough to get his hands together and drop Jimmy with a Polish Hammer.

Jim Gunt: Ladies and Gentlemen, Jimmy Allen just got hammered and Dorian steps back, yelling at Clark Summits to start making the count.

Mike Rolash: I have to say, I kind of like this side of Dorian. I think we need to have him take a breathalyzer after the match.

Jim Gunt: Would you stop? Dorian is tested before every match since he fell of the wagon a couple of month back. You know this.

Mike Rolash: That doesn’t mean he didn’t drink something after the test.

Jim Gunt: I don’t know what’s going on, but it seems to me almost like Jimmy Allen is holding back.

Mike Rolash: It’s all a ruse. He hasn’t gone soft. He’s just trying to lure Dorian in.

Back in the ring, Dorian continues to batter the smaller Jimmy Allen. He delivers another knee lift to Jimmy Allen, forcing him down to the mat.





Jim Gunt: Jimmy Allen grabs the ropes and begins to pull himself up, breaking the count. Dorian stalks over and drops a forearm across Jimmy’s back. And there he goes up and over with a hard scoop slam.

Mike Rolash: Hey… Hey, Jimmy! I don’t think this tiring him out thing is working! You might want to get up and do something!

Jim Gunt: Dorian steps outside of the ring and it looks like he’s got some bad intentions.

Mike Rolash: Jimmy’ smart. Look at him on the far side of the ring collecting himself. He’s poised to make a comeback. I just know it.


Jim Gunt: The ring step hits the center of the ring as Dorian has thrown them over the top rope. Dorian climbs back onto the apron and Jimmy Allen leaps through the air, grabbing Dorian by the head and dropping him throat first on the top rope.

Mike Rolash: Dorian landed pretty hard. He might have a concussion the way his head landed.

Right on cue, we get a picture in picture replay of Dorian’s skull bouncing off the cold concrete.



Jim Gunt: Clark Summits has started the count and even though Dorian has been in control, his bell has been rung.



Mike Rolash: It won’t make a difference, most of his brain cells have been fried anyway.


Chloe Hawkhurst runs over to her father and pours a bottle of water on her Dad’s face. Dorian’s eyes shoot open and he hits up.


Jim Gunt: Chloe has woken up the demon, so to speak, but can he get himself back up before the ten count?

Mike Rolash: I hope not. Jimmy deserves this victory.


Jim Gunt: I don’t think you are going to get your wish, Mike. Dorian has grabbed the bottom rope and he’s using it to pull himself back up.


Jim Gunt: Dorian is back to his feet and Clark Summits stops the count.

Mike Rolash: DAMNIT! WAIT! What’s Jimmy Allen doing?

The camera pulls back, and we see Jimmy Allen on the inside. He has the ring steps, and as soon as Dorian turns around, Jimmy launches the ring steps, with Dorian getting his hands up at the last minute. The force still knocks him backwards,and onto the floor.


Jim Gunt: Chloe Hawkhurst immediately rushes over to her father to check on him. Dorian is looking around, but his eyes just can’t seem to focus.


Mike Rolash: Like that’s anything new. With Dorian, the wheel is spinning, but the hamster is dead.



Jim Gunt: It looks like Dorian is starting to get himself together. You can see Chloe shaking him feverishly, trying to help him focus.


Mike Rolash: Dorian’s gotten to his hands and knees, but look at him stumbling as he tries to get to his feet. Are you sure he’s not drunk?

Jim Gunt: He’s probably concussed, but look at him still trying to fight his way back to his feet.


Mike Rolash: What about Jimmy Allen? After the beating he’s taken so far, you’re going to sit there and tell me he’s not a warrior?


Jim Gunt: He absolutely is. Don’t put words in my mouth.

Dorian staggers but catches himself on the barricade, forcing Clark Summit to stop his count before reaching eight..Jimmy Allen runs around the corner of the ringside area and catches Doran with a running forearm from behind. He hits Dorian with another forearm, this time across the back of the neck and rolls the big man back into the ring.

Jim Gunt: Jimmy Allen has turned this around. “The Demon of Sobriety” is up to one knee, but “The Catalyst” with a straight right does his best to keep Dorian grounded.

Mike Rolash: Jimmy Allen is a thinking man’s wrestler. Everything he does, he does for a reason.

Jim Gunt: Allen seems content to concentrate on the head of his former friend, dropping an elbow right on the back of his head.

Jimmy Allen looks at Dorian before he runs the ropes. He goes for a dropkick, perhaps anticipating that Dorian was going to stand up, but Dorian ducks down and gets underneath Jimmy, catching him out of midair in some kind of modified Canadian backbreaker.

Mike Rolash: No. No. No. This is bad, Jim.

Jim Gunt: Sound strategy by Dorian, keeping the pressure on Allen’s midsection and spine. This is great coaching on Chloe’s part, that’s for certain. Maybe it’s the instincts of “The Forsaken Demon”, trying to squeeze the air out of the lungs of the catalyst.

Mike Rolash: Whether it’s instincts or whether it’s coaching, it’s working, I’m afraid. This is the one thing Jimmy Allen didn’t need to happen.

Jim Gunt: Fortunately for Jimmy Allen, there are no submissions. So, Jimmy Allen can’t lose the match this way.

Jimmy Allen is wriggling and writhing like a fly caught in the spider’s web. Dorian feels his grip slipping, so he flips Jimmy Allen down to the mat with a Dominator. Clark Summits goes to start the count, but Dorian yells at him not to start the count.

Mike Rolash: Now what?

Jim Gunt: It looks like Hawkhurst has gone back to the outside, and now he has the bottom half of those ringsteps.



Jim Gunt: Despite Dorian’s warnings, Clark Summits is counting.

Mike Rolash: What’s important to note here is that Dorian had to slide the ringsteps in this time. Obviously, Jimmy Allen has done a great job of wearing him down.

Jim Gunt: Dorian yells at Clark Summits again because for him, it doesn’t seem to be about winning. It seems to be about hurting Jimmy Allen.

Mike Rolash: Glad he couldn’t do this when I was in the ring with him. Imagine what my pretty face would look like if he could.

Jim Gunt: Dorian throws Jimmy Allen into the corner, and if you look closely, you can see that Allen hit the top turnbuckle right in the lumbar, right in that lower back region, of Jimmy Allen.

Dorian eyes Allen before he grabs the ring steps from the center of the ring. He raises them over his head and walks over to the turnbuckle opposite “The Catalyst.” He props them up, and with it being the lower half of the stairs, they stand about a foot over the top turnbuckle at their highest point.

Jim Gunt: Dorian Hawkhurst is still taking his time, grabbing Jimmy Allen and throwing another knee into his midsection. “The Catalyst is sucking wing, trying to find air where there apparently is none. Dorian Hawkhurst Irish whips Jimmy Allen into the ring steps and Allen hits them with a resounding thud. Look at the smile on the face of Dorian Hawkhurst as he watches Jimmy Allen slumped down against the ringsteps.

Mike Rolash: I don’t know what’s going on in Dorian’s head, but he seems intent on returning the favor to Jimmy Allen.

Dorian lets out a primal scream before rushing towards his adversary. Jimmy Allen rolls out of the way as Dorian crashes into the ringsteps hip first. Dorian lets out a different kind of primal scream, this one of pain and agony.

Mike Rolash: Oh, ho, ho… Nobody home. Thank goodness.

Jim Gunt: Jimmy Allen, saves himself, at least for a moment. He wastes little time in grabbing those ringsteps and drilling Dorian in the side of the head with them.

Mike Rolash: Jimmy Allen just dimmed the lights of Dorian Hawkhurst with those steel steps, right between Dorian’s eyes. “The Demon of Sobriety” is down.C’mon, ref. Count.



Jim Gunt: It appears the referee is counting both men, as Jimmy Allen is also down on one knee trying to catch his breath.



Mike Rolash: Clark Summits is counting, but “The Catalyst” is back to his feet and taking a breather sitting on the ring steps.


Dorian rolls over and grabs the middle rope with his left hand, starting to pull himself up once again.


Dorian finds the strength to grab the top rope with his right hand, this time holding himself up. While Dorian is shaking out the cobwebs, Jimmy Allen climbs to the top rope, launching himself in the air with a cross body block. Dorian catches him, however, and turns the maneuver into a spinning sidewalk slam. Dorian grabs Allen by the arm over to the corner, but Allen starts to pull himself up, so Dorian delivers a double axe handle to the back of Jimmy.

Jim Gunt: You can see Jimmy Allen grimace every time he tries to breath.

Mike Rolash: The exhaling isn’t even the problem. What about the inhaling? It’s like it’s going to hurt either way.

Jim Gunt: Dorian is just stomping away with that big, thick leg of his. That’s almost 300 lbs. coming  down on that injured abdomen, and Jimmy Allens face tells the story.

Mike Rolash: Stay down, Jimmy. This match isn’t worth it. Stay down.

Jim Gunt: Dorian stops for a moment, putting his foot on the middle rope? What does the big man have in mind.

Mike Rolash: I’d guess vodka.

Gunt decides to just ignore Rolash this time, focusing instead on the action.

Jim Gunt: Dorian uses the middle rope to get some air and delivers a sit down splash to Jimmy Allen. Chloe is on the outside, yelling at Dorian to do it again. Dorian looks around at the crowd, and it looks like they want another one.

Mike Rolash: Enough is enough, Dorian. Someone stop him. Someone throw in the towel.

Dorian puts his foot on the middle rope again and delivers another crushing sit down splash to the midsection of Jimmy Allen. Dorian smiles, and without waiting for any approval, stands up and again launches himself in the air. This time, Jimmy Allen is ready, and gets a knee up, turning Dorian’s grapes into wine.

Mike Rolash: I might have spoken too soon, Gunt. Jimmy Allen still has gas in the tank. GO, JIMMY! GO!

Jim Gunt: Jimmy Allen with the great equalizer. He sees his opening and hits the ropes… Bulldog to Dorian Hawkhurst on the ringsteps. Dorian is somehow still on his feet. “The Catalyst” spins Dorian around. Backdrop onto the ringsteps. Where did he find the stregth to do that?

Mike Rolash: Flintstones Vitamins.

Jim Gunt: Dorian is flat on his back on the ringsteps. Jimmy Allen seems to have tapped his reserves. He’s down on the mat. Clark Summits starts his count.





Jim Gunt: Jimmy Allen is getting to his feet. Dorian is still seemingly out atop those unforgiving steel steps.

Mike Rolash: Jimmy Allen is staying on the offensive.

Jim Gunt: Yes he is, Mike. Running senton onto Dorian resets Clark Summits’ count. That might not have been a wise decision in the long run.

Mike Rolash: Jimmy Allen is feeling it, Mike. With a man like Dorian Hawkhurst, you have to hit him as hard and fast as you can.

Jim Gunt: That might just be the smartest thing you’ve said today.

Mike Rolash: Thank you.

Jim Gunt: Meanwhile, Dorian is sitting up and Jimmy Allen looks at him in disbelief.

Mike Rolash: This can’t be good.

Dorian pounds his chest and yells at Jimmy Allen who is more than ready to bring it. Jimmy lays into to Dorian with several martial arts strikes, which only serve to fire Dorian up more.

Jim Gunt: It seems Dorian has had enough of Jimmy Allen. He picks him up, Jimmy Allen slides out. Dorian turns around and Jimmy catches him in the throat again. “The Catalyst” grabs “The Demon” and tries to get Dorian off his feet.

Mike Rolash: Up and over.

Jim Gunt: He gets Dorian off his feet a couple of inches before Dorian deadweights Jimmy and drops back to the mat. Jimmy brings up a knee to Dorian’s midsection.

Mike Rolash: Here we go! Up and over, just like I said.

Jim Gunt: Suplex by Jimmy… NO!

As Jimmy Allen gets Dorian up, his knees buckle, causing both men to land on the ring steps head first. Jimmy falls instantly to the mat. Dorian falls onto the ring steps and slowly falls off of them. As he hits the mat, you can see his eyes are completely out of focus.





Jim Gunt: Both men are stunned. Both men are going to need medical attention after this match.


Mike Rolash: Dorian is crawling around like a slug. He can’t even get to his hands and knees.


Jim Gunt: Jimmy Allen reaches up, trying to use the ringsteps for support, but he can’t seem to pull himself up.


Mike Rolash: This match has been one of the most physical matches I think I’ve ever seen.

Dorian begins pulling himself up, but his legs buckle under his weight as he pulls himself up. On the other side of the ring, Jimmy Allen seems to be crawling towards Dorian in desperation.


Jim Gunt: Both men are fighting, struggling to reach into their reserves but both men are completely drained.



Ray Douglas: As a result of neither man answering the ten count, this match has been declared a draw.

”Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds begins to play, and Jon Stewart walks out on to the stage with a microphone in his hand.

Jon Stewart: No! These people paid good money to see you two tear each other apart! I will not allow things to end this way, but no one can deny that you two have gone the distance tonight. Let’s hear it for both of these competitors folks!

The fans do give each man respectable amounts of cheers for the match.

Jon Stewart: So, here’s what we are going to do...I’m going to give you boys a chance to finish this off!

Stewart snaps his fingers, and a small crew of staffers that bring two tables out on each side of the stage. The tables are wrapped in barbed wire. As the staffers set them up, they place them on their sides so the flat part of the tables are facing the ring. Dorian and Jimmy are both still in the ring, flat on their stomachs, using the bottom rope to hold themselves up as they look up to Jon Stewart on the stage. Chloe Hawkhurst is kneeling next her Dad, keeping herself between her father and Jimmy Allen.

Jon Stewart: I feel like we need to up the ante somehow.

Stewart snaps his fingers.

Jon Stewart:: Gentlemen!

One staffer one each side takes a lighter and brings it to the table. The tables ignite, with the flames on the left table spelling out “Dorian” and the tables on the right table reading “Jimmy”.

Jon Stewart: The two of you will meet at Frozen Over in a Doomsday Massacre Match. The goal of this match is to put your opponent through one of these tables. I don’t care whose name is on it, so long as it’s on fire! That match will not end until the fire claims one of you! No way out of this one kids...Enjoy your night. It might be the last rest you ever have...Ahahahahha...

Jim Gunt: A Doomsday Massacre Match? Wow, that is huge! I ca...wait, what? Folks, I'm hearing we have something going on in the back, we will try to take you back there before we run out of time...

Here At The Top Of The World

As the camera cuts from ringside, it isn't the backstage area shown at all but instead the roof of the Wells Fargo Arena. The top of the arena is isolated, but far from quiet. Loud music booms through the area, "Cold Cash and Colder Hearts" by Thrice playing from some unknown source.

"They are sick, they are poor
And they die by the thousands and we look away
They are wolves at the door
And they're not gonna move us or get in our way"

Wind bristles across the concrete roof of the arena that housed another glorious CWF Evolution broadcast, but as the words continue to scream from a distant boombox, we do not yet know the cause of all this.

"Cause we don't have the time
Here at the top of the world
Feeling alright
Here at the top of the world"

Finally the back of a man in black can be seen, a man with hair as white as snow pulled back in a bun, his head propped as far down as his chest. Rips of wind tug against the man's leather jacket, and he pulls himself up to reveal his face for the very first time.

J. Rish.

"We hold our own by keeping our hearts cold.

Different god, darker skin
They are just not a burden that we'd like to bear
They are living in "sin"
There are so many reasons for us not to care"

Rish takes a deep breath, holding it in for a few seconds before exhaling, his mind racing as he looks down at the paved ground so many feet below him. This moment has been a long time coming for the founder of CWF. So many ups but yet so many nose-diving downs. 

CWF has destroyed Rish's life, and tonight he will end it all in front of the world.

"But I'm feeling alright
Here at the top of the world
Doing just fine
Here at the top of the world"

A tear drops from Rish's face as he reminisces about the last twenty years of his life. Everything that Alex Cain took out of him when he set up a propaganda to get the world to believe Rish's own daughter Cambria was his. The takeover of CWF from his own son Jaiden and Ryan Sunset. The insanity with Elisha and the visions of the end of the world. A battle with Hostility that he thought was over many moons ago and has now come back to destroy everything. And finally, C$J buying all the shares of CWF, making any inkling of a chance of a comeback for Rish in CWF null and void. 

His personal life was in just as much turmoil. Amber Rishel left Rish and took the kids with her. Everything had taken a down turn, and there was no reason left to continue putting on a facade. The charade is over. Rish takes another deep breath, looking down across his body at the ground below.

"We hold our own by keeping our hearts..."

The sound cuts, as a voice calls out. 

"ENOUGH! Dad, please, get down from there!"

Rish flashes his head backwards, immediately coming face to face with his son Jaiden as he looks up. Jaiden pulls his father from the ledge, pulling him into a very close embrace. The father and prodigal son look deep into each other's souls, the emotion running through both men more powerful than any words that either man could speak. Finally after a long moment in time, Jaiden speaks again.

Jaiden Rishel: What were you thinking, dad? You have so much left to live for. You have a family that still loves you. I still love you. Please, don't ever think about doing something this fucking stupid again...

Rish is bawling on his son's right shoulder as he continues to deeply hug him.

Jaiden Rishel: As a matter of a fact, I know you and I have had many ups and downs over the last few years, but 2019 will be a year of retribution. The Year of the Rishels. I will be coming back to CWF in your honor, dad, and you will be The Reason that I end this Hostility bullshit once and for all.

The founder looks at Jaiden one last time before he pulls him up to his feet.

Rish: I love you...

Jaiden breaks down, in tears himself as he pulls his father in for yet another embrace. Evolution 38 comes to a close with the Father and Son of CWF showing that true love still exists.

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