Evolution 35

8 Nov 2018

Scotiabank Saddledome, Calgary, Alberta (seats 19,289)

Arrival, Without Doubt

A car pulls up into the arena's parking lot, and from the backseat steps out countryman Silas Artoria; his excitement and proud demeanor oozing from his smile.

Silas Artoria: Ahh, Calgary! My fourth favorite city!

He quickly steps out and throws money through the driver's window.

Silas Artoria: Keep the change!

He starts his walk, traveling up the deliveries ramp and through the double doors separating the outside from the inside while doing so. He nods to everyone, no hint of hostility to even some of the people he's had a direct conflict with. No shame, pure joy, just another day of a man who is happy to be competing tonight with no worries. He freezes, stopping dead suddenly, before a big beaming smile appears on his face.

Silas Artoria: TARA!

He quickly dashes to the microphone weilding interviewer, whom herself is a little uneasy but relaxed about his presence; at least, according to external appearances.

Silas Artoria: God I've missed you! Those other guys don't have the same presence you have! Awesome!

He quickly dusts himself off, then changes his posture completely; now resembling a more professional attitude to the complete confinement of Tara Robinson. None the less, she is polite with everyone, and will continue to be.

Tara Robinson: Silas, you seem excited.

Silas Artoria: Excited! Why wouldn't I be? I'm in Calgary to compete tonight, and I've been cleared to compete! I hated the limbo, but now I am here without restriction...kind of. Anyway, how have you been?

Tara Robinson: I've been....alright?

Silas Artoria: Excellent! How are the flowers doing?

Tara Robinson: They've....died.

Silas Artoria: Damn winter. Always hated it!

Tara is a little taken aback. The rapid fire Silas is only presenting more questions within her head. Still, she has to direct them at him.

Tara Robinson: Your match is on soon. Any idea what you're going to do to defeat Jimmy Allen?

Silas Artoria: Very simple, Tara. I'm just not going to get pinned! Foolproof!

Tara Robinson: Oh.....and your thoughts on the matches tonight?

Silas starts to wander around within his head, thinking of what to say. He could repeat what he's already said, but that would be too boring for him.

Silas Artoria: Well, Autumn is out of the way...I've never given thought into Bobby Dean's partner....Zach comes across as a child at times...I wouldn't gain anything from commenting on Shadow considering we're in Calgary--OH! MJ! MJ Flair! You guys love soundbites about her right? I just know you do!

Tara Robinson: I'm not the editor, Sil--

Silas Artoria: Well Tara. MJ has been a fighting champion! Facing off against two fierce opponents and one slug since her title win! Very admirable! But can she defeat Tobias Deveiat--Denve---Deverero---Dev--dammit!

Silas stops, frustrated at the pronunciation, something Tara is more than happy to correct.

Tara Robinson: Devereaux?

Silas Artoria: YES! Devereaux! Tobias Devereaux! Look, the guy's where he is because of me. He took my place in a tag match while I was in the hospital, but what has he done to get a title shot? Sure he's done well in tag matches but if anything, he doesn't deserve to be anywhere near it!

He points to himself.

Silas Artoria: earned my shot at the title, he hasn't done anything to warrant it! How unfair! So needless to say I believe pure nepotism is at play! And I'm not saying that because of his awful taste in hats! I'm saying it because it's true.

He looks affectionately at Tara.

Silas Artoria: But don't worry. I'll grind his handler down to size. His friend is going up against me, so it would be fair to say that I've got the opportunity to put a dent in the bubble they have built!

He dusts himself again.

Silas Artoria: Anyway, I've got to get going, but we should have lunch or something. Anything to catch up on!

He walks off, not saying as much as a goodbye to a slightly confused Tara.

Silas Artoria: Oh Caaaaanadaaaaaa, Our home and native laaaaaaand!

Tara looks off screen.

Tara Robinson: You sure his head injury hasn't damaged him?

A Future Requiem

Undaunted by the cold and snow outside, the Calgary fans have arrived in full force, packing the tiers of the Saddledome to the rafters. A few fans have some inflatable dolls with them, one looking like Mike Rolash, the other one like Ataxia, with the masked crusader chasing the announcer through the crowd to many cheers from the assembled crowd. The camera cuts to the announce table, where Jim Gunt and Mike Rolash are standing, Mike following the inflatable doll with a mix of both astonishment and enthrallment.

Jim Gunt: Good evening CWF fans and welcome to Evolution 35, the last show before our brand-spanking new PPV Northern Crown coming to you live from Vancouver just two weeks from now! And we are in the middle of the qualifiers for it, right Mike?

Mike is still following his inflated self around the arena.

Mike Rolash: Ya-hah.

Jim looks at him with a suspicious look, but then continues.

Jim Gunt: On top of that we also will see some very special qualifying matches for “When Worlds Collide”, what do you think about them, Mike?

Mike does not seem to be at his fullest attention as he has climbed onto his chair to continue Inflatable Ataxia’s chase of Inflatable Mike.

Mike Rolash: Absolutely not.

Jim Gunt: Thank you for your insightful commentary as usual. So yes, the WCWA will be holding its first interfed PPV in December and--

Suddenly the lights go out.

Mike Rolash: Hey, I was watching that!

The heavy riff of The Gathering’s “Strange Machines” sets in and dark red fog begins to billow out from the entrance and as the rhythm sets in, the silhouette of two figures appears in the swirling fog, one holding a staff, the other with what looks like a bow slung over the shoulder. They slowly advance through the fog as the elegiac music continues, the smoke following them down the ramp and to the ring. 

Mike Rolash: Someone turn on the lights!

As they reach the ring the staffbearer is holding the ropes open for the other and as they take up position in the centre of the ring, he brings a microphone to his lips.

The Shadow: Good evening Calgary, welcome to Evolution!

The crowd goes nuts as the hometown hero raises his arms, the dark red lights illuminating the fog still the only source of light in the Saddledome.

The Shadow: Tonight you will be witness to several firsts in CWF, more qualifiers for Northern Crown, qualifiers as to who will represent CWF in the first ever WCWA PPV When Worlds Collide and…

He pauses and holds out his hand. Myfanwy puts a crown into it.

The Shadow: Tonight you will also bear witness to the first chapter in the requiem to a king.

More cheers from the crowd.

The Shadow: Jarvis, you better start to think about your abdication speech for the heir apparent has arrived…

Myfanwy in the meantime has unslung her bow and notched an arrow. She brings it up and after a breathless second releases the arrow into the darkness, followed by a bang. In that moment the lights go out and when they flicker back on, the ring is empty save for the crown broken in half, but a scream by Mike brings all attention to him. White as a ghost he points into the crowd, where his inflatable self is quickly deflating from an arrow stuck directly in the crotch.

Autumn Raven vs. KC3

As Mike still is trying to come to terms with what happened with his inflatable alter ego, Jim is ready to go and get the show started.

Jim Gunt: To start things off this week, we’ve got two wrestlers who are looking to rebound from tough losses last week. Right, Mike? MIKE!

Finally he manages to tear himself away from his deflated ego and realizes that he indeed is up.

Mike Rolash: I’m not even sure who got screwed harder. KC3 had the win stolen from him by Trent Steel and Autumn, well, Silas just ditched her.

Jim Gunt: Silas was not cleared to compete. That’s not his fault.

Mike Rolash: You’re going to tell me the match makers don’t talk to the medical staff? Sounds like a cop out to me.

The intro to "Run This Town" by Jay-Z ft. Kanye West & Rhianna fills the arena as the lights go off and on, matching the beat to the song. Rhianna's voice fills the arena.

Feel it comin' in the air (Yeah)
And the screams from everywhere (Yeah)
I'm addicted to the thrill (I'm ready)
It's a dangerous love affair (What's up, c'mon)
Can't be scared when it goes down
Got a problem, tell me now (What's up)
Only thing that's on my mind (Whats up)
Is who's gonna run this town tonight (What's up)
Is who's gonna run this town tonight (What's up)
We gonna run this town

KC3 comes out from the back as Jay-Z's verse begins, rocking his head to the beat of the music for a few seconds before making his way down the ramp. After struts his way down to the end of the ramp, he stops again to take in the music a little more.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first, from Loveladies, NJ... "The Next Generation God"... K... C... 3!!!

KC3 slides into the ring and runs the ropes a few times, stopping in the middle of the ring to bounce a couple of more times before his music cuts out.

Jim Gunt: KC3 is looking confident as usual.

Mike Rolash: “The Next Generation God” feels he is better than everyone he shares the ring with and he’s going to prove it by carrying the Maestro at Northern Crown.

Purple lights shine around the top of the ramp, fog rolling around it as the beginning lyrics of the song start to play, the tron displaying a purple outlined black raven with her name fading in over it.

“The sun is shining
Though everything’s dying
Your stars burned out for good
Somewhere in Hollywood”

As the guitar riff starts up, the purple lights start to flicker like a strobe light as Autumn slowly walks out from the back, coming to a stop at the top of the ramp. She glances out at the crowd with a smirk on her face as she starts down the ramp slowly.

Ray Douglas: And his opponent, from “The City of Angels”, Los Angeles, California, weighing 120 pounds, she is the Beautiful Psychopath, Autumn Raven!

”Somewhere in Hollywood” continues to play as Autumn walks around the ring, glaring at the fans sitting at ringside before sliding under the bottom rope and leaping to her feet, giving the crowd a smug smile. KC3 sits in the corner, acting completely unimpressed as he feigns a yawn.

Jim Gunt: The crowd cheers for Autumn Raven, but she still continues to ignore them.

Mike Rolash: It’s almost like she doesn’t know how to handle it.

Autumn runs to the corner turnbuckle, climbing to the second one, taunting the crowd, as she flings her arms out to the sides once again before climbing down.

Jim Gunt: Autumn has stated that not only does she plan to defeat the newcomer, KC3, but she’s also going to tap him out.

Mike Rolash: And KC3 seemed turned on by the idea of her trying. He’s a sick puppy, and I have to say, I approve.

The two combatants don’t even bother sizing each other up before Autumn lets out a feral scream as she charges KC3. Davison seems ready and side steps Autumn. She doesn’t stop until she reaches the corner, where she steps up the middle and top turnbuckle and goes for a moonsault. KC3 ducks underneath her as he runs to the corner, but Autumn seems ready and lands on her feet. Autumn Raven holds her position as KC3 begins slowly clapping, much to Raven’s dismay. Autumn marches towards Davison, but he ducks under the top rope causing referee Trent Robbins to back Raven off. She doesn’t like it very much and shoves Trent Robbins out of the way, giving KC3 the opening to rake her eyes while the referee is turned around.

Jim Gunt: OH COME ON! Do something, ref!

Mike Rolash: The first rule of pro wrestling: It’s only illegal if you get caught.

KC3 comes up behind Raven and gives her an atomic drop. He brings her back and lifts her up for a back suplex, but she uses her momentum to flip backwards, landing on her feet. Before Davison has time to recover, Raven drives her shoulder into the back of his leg, forcing him down with a chop block. KC3 clutches he knee as Raven stands over him, gloating for a moment before dropping her fist directly into the mat as KC3 rolls out of the way.

Jim Gunt: It seems these two have each other well scouted. Autumn got out of the Bouncing Godplex, but KC3 saw that fist drop coming a mile away.

Mike Rolash: Do you really think Autumn Raven scouted anyone? She has no plan. She’s like a dog chasing cars, and they’re usually parked.

Jim Gunt: Would you stop? You’re a commentator, not a comedian.

Mike Rolash: My mom thinks I’m funny.

Davison kips up as Raven also regains her feet. Raven starts jawing at KC3 who sits there and simply ignores her, making her even more angry. Autumn charges at KC3 again, this time Davison sidesteps, claps his hands and yells “Ole” to the delight of some of the crowd. Raven turns around to and dropkicks KC3 in the spine, sending him flying forward. He gets his balance back and spins around to catch another dropkick from Autumn, thrusting both of her feet into his sternum, sending him back into the corner.

Jim Gunt: Autumn Raven and KC3 keep going back and forth, but neither one can get the upper hand on the other.

Mike Rolash: Somebody needs to tell KC3 not to play with his food.

Autumn looks to push the offensive and marches over to the corner, but Trent Robbins steps in between “The Beautiful Psychopath” and “The Next Generation God”. Autumn shoves Robbins out of the way, and Davison tries to kick Raven below the belt, but Autumn catches his foot, preventing history from repeating itself. KC3 shakes his hands, begging Autumn to let go of his leg, but she kicks him in the upper calf muscle, awfully close to the family jewels. KC3 falls to the mat, clutching at his leg while the referee forces Raven back, then tends to Davison. Autumn Raven, not exactly known for her patience, reaches over Robbins, KC3 reaches up, pulls her down by her hair and bites Raven on the nose, causing her to let out a blood curdling scream.

Jim Gunt: KC3 is willing to use any tactic that works, no matter how legal it is.

Mike Rolash: What’s the oldest adage in wrestling? It’s only illegal if you get caught. You know, I find that true when it comes to traffic and relationships, too.

Jim Gunt: Sometimes you disgust me.

Trent Robbins looks around, trying to figure out what just happened. KC3 uses the ropes to pull himself up, selling his “injury” to the ref. Autumn Raven looks down at the blood now on her hands. She rushes at KC3 again, but Davison is ready and drops down, low bridging Autumn and smirking as she tumbles to the floor.

Jim Gunt: This is just sickening. He has no regard for the rules at all. Can’t we do something about this?

Mike Rolash: Yeah, make sure the ref’s insurance includes vision.

KC3 pops up, showing no signs of injury, and proceeds to flap his arms, mocking his opponent as Autumn tries to regain her bearings. He hops down to the floor and jaws with some of the fans before delivering a vicious knee to the side of Raven’s head. She crumples to the floor as Trent Robbins begins his count.



KC3 reaches down, grabbing Autumn by the chin as she gets to her hands and knees. He slaps her across the face, talking trash before he slaps her across the face again. Out of instinct Autumn throws a haymaker, but misses wildly. KC3 laughs and Raven falls on her face.



KC3 rolls back into the ring, then rolls immediately back out of the ring.

Jim Gunt: KC3 breaks up the count. It looks like he wants to inflict some more damage to Autumn Raven.

Mike Rolash: If he keeps this up, she’s going to join Silas on the physically unable to perform list.

KC3 lands on his feet and pulls Autumn back to her feet, holding on to her in a Muay Thai clinch. He throws knee and after knee into her side, softening up her up and possibly cracking a few ribs. She falls limp, only being held up by her tormenter. There’s a small rumble in the crowd, and KC3 rolls Autumn in the ring, following right behind her as he hears the crowd cheering.

Jim Gunt: There’s some kind of commotion going on outside.

Mike Rolash: Are you kidding me?

Coming down the ramp is Chloe Hawkhurst. She marches down to the ring and starts banging on the apron, apparently cheering on Autumn Raven.

Mike Rolash: What is that little brat doing down here? Don’t we see enough of her crap when her dad is out here?

Jim Gunt: Your guess is as good as mine. After Dorian’s talk with Autumn last week, it seems “The Beautiful Psychopath” has the endorsement of the whole Hawkhurst clan.

Mike Rolash: I bet she’s trying to replace Mia. Lord knows the kid has mommy issues to begin with.

KC3 turns his attention to Chloe, kneeling down to her level and “accidentally” draping his leg across Autumns windpipe.





KC3 lifts up his leg as the last possible second. Trent Robbins admonishes him as he asserts that he has until the count of five as he is standing up. He picks Autumn up once again, and delivers a quick snap suplex, floating over to cover Raven.




Davison gets up, complaining to the referee about a slow count. He plants his boot on the side of Autumn’s face while pleading his case, causing Chloe to scream and point at Autumn while she starts frantically kicking her feet. KC3 turns his attention back to Autumn, dropping an elbow on her, then reclining on her prone body. Autumn gets a burst of energy and turns her body, catching KC3 in a modified crucifix.



Jim Gunt: And that is why you never underestimate your opponent.

Mike Rolash: Raven’s taken too many shots to the head. She probably doesn’t even remember her name right now.

KC3 gets up, now enraged. He stomps on Autumn before measuring her up and dropping a knee across her forehead. He gets to his feet and pulls Raven up by the hair, once again getting the riot act from the referee. Davison bends her over and puts her head between his legs, setting her up for what seems to be a powerbomb. Davison raises her up, and Autumn quickly crosses her ankles and swings her body, reversing the powerbomb. KC3 crashes to the mat with Autumn’s legs still around his neck! She turns her body, transitioning perfectly into a Koji Clutch.

Jim Gunt: Autumn Raven has the Koji Clutch applied. She said she was going to tap KC3 out and this is her chance to do it.

Mike Rolash: Come on! Get to the ropes. It can’t end like this!

On the outside, Chloe Hawkhurst is pounding the mat. The crowd is clapping, keeping time with her. KC3 wriggles and writhes in Autumn’s grip. He uses his legs and manages to get them underneath him. Trent Robbins asks Davison if he wants to give up, but Davison flips him off before, in an act of desperation, pushes up with his legs and flipping his entire body over. Autumn maintains her grip, but KC3 manages to land with his legs tangled in the rope, forcing Autumn to release the hold.

Mike Rolash: You see the creativity there. KC3 is just as smart as he said he is.

Jim Gunt: He got lucky. The way his legs hit the ropes, I am surprised one of them didn’t snap.

Autumn grabs Davison’s head and pulls him up. She puts her hands on his cheeks and pulls him in like she’s going to kiss him. Instead, she starts biting his nose like he did to her earlier.





Autumn Raven lets go, and fortunately for KC3, she didn’t break skin. He doesn’t have much time to check, as Autumn throws a quick superkick to his jaw.

Jim Gunt: CLAW OF THE NIGHT! Raven covers.




Jim Gunt: 2.99999… Autumn Raven was so close to picking up the victory.

Mike Rolash: Thank God!

Raven circles around her prey, standing in wait behind KC3 as he regains his footing. She goes for a back stabber, but KC3 falls forward, holding onto the ropes for dear life.

Jim Gunt: FOREVERMORE! Autumn tried to lock KC3 in Nevermore and he blocked it.

KC3 turns around and sees Raven on the flat of her back, recovering from her unexpected landing. Autumn starts to stand up as KC3 points over to Chloe Hawkhurst who, for once, is just standing at ringside. Trent Robbins turns to look and KC3 delivers a boot right between Autumn Raven’s legs.

Mike Rolash: Right in the baby factory! I don’t… ouch!

KC3 methodically walks over to Autumn Raven as Trent Robbins turns around just in time to see absolutely nothing. KC3 makes the sign on the cross with his hand before kneeling down and delivering an iron claw and a stomach claw to Autumn Raven at the same time.

Jim Gunt: Hands of God applied by KC3 and it looks like Autumn is struggling, but firmly in Davison’s grasp.

Mike Rolash: Look at her. She’s helpless.

The camera zooms in, and you can see that Davison’s thumb and finger nails aren’t trimmed, allowing him to dig his nails into her flesh. Davison looks down, practically salivating as Autumn Raven passes out, succumbing to the pain. Trent Robbins checks Autumn’s arm.

The referee lifts Raven’s arm up, releasing it and it falls to the mat.


Autumn’s limp arm hits the canvas with an audible thud.


Robbins raises Autumn’s arm, but KC3 releases the stomach claw and grabs Raven by the wrist, waving her hand in the air, making it look like she’s making a comeback. Robbins makes the judgment call and signals for the bell.

Ray Douglas: Your winner, by submission, and moving on to represent CWF at the WCWA When World’s Collide World Lightweight Title Match, “The Next Generation God”, K… C… 3!!!

Davison rolls out of the ring to celebrate while Chloe Hawkhurst slides in to check on Autumn Raven. KC3 rocks the to beat of his theme. Chloe sits in the ring, staring a hole through him.

Jim Gunt: That was a valiant effort by “The Beautiful Psychopath”, but KC3 was ready for her tonight.

Mike Rolash: I have to give credit where it’s due. Autumn Raven didn’t give up. She didn’t quit. Color me impressed.

Jim Gunt: The question still remains, why was Chloe Hawkhurst out here?

Mike Rolash: It doesn’t matter. She needs to keep her nose out of other people’s business.

Welcome Home... Party?

"Red Right Hand" by Nick Cave hits the speakers. The crowd cheers as Jon Stewart makes his way to the ring in a shining business suit, satisfied smile on his face.

Jon Stewart: Ladies and gentlemen, one and all. In a little over a week CWF will play host to Northern Crown, a tournament pitting some of the greatest tag teams in the world head to head. Some of those teams have been announced, some will fight it out for their spot this very evening. And some are yet to be revealed.

We have your world heavyweight tag team champions, the Smokin’ Aces. Maestro and KC3. The Hostile Takeover. Stars from past and present - the reunited Highwaymen, plus Maya Jensen and Abbey. Even -

A familiar, playful voice cuts him off.

“Forgetting someone?”

"Carnival" by the Cruxshadows hits the speakers. The crowd erupts as Elijah and Omega step out onto the entrance ramp, pausing to take in the reaction before they make their way down to the ring.

Mike Rolash: Oh my God! They're back!

Jim Gunt: We haven't seen these two since WrestleFest, when they were inducted together into the CWF Hall of Fame. Does this mean what I think it means!?

Elijah is clad in solid black from head to toe, carrying a black cane with a red gemstone set in its tip, a red omega symbol over his left breast. Omega is dressed in a faded Earthworm Jim t-shirt and cargo pants, crimson hair tied back, handing out cookies to members of the audience from a baking tray.

As they reach the ring, she sets the tray to one side, bouncing onto the apron and doing a clumsy backflip over the top rope, nearly taking Stewart out in the process. Elijah follows after, climbing the steps into the ring. The golden couple raise their arms to the crowd, who greet them with a deafening “WELCOME HOME!” A ringside assistant throws them a mic.

Elijah: So...it has been a while.

Omega: You're telling me! We've been to the past. We've been to the future. We've been all around the afterlife. But the best place to -

Elijah: My love?

Omega: Daddio?

Elijah: That was Bill and Ted.

Omega: Oh. I always get that bit mixed up.

Elijah: We last crossed paths with this company at WrestleFest, when our good friend and sometime enemy Caledonia graciously inducted us into the Hall of Fame, this company's highest honour.

When we last appeared as competitors, it was truly a turbulent time. Alliances collapsed, old truths failed to hold and new ones struggled to be born. Events overwhelmed us and we were compelled to step away, as the Moonchild and his minions did likewise, continuing the personal war we have fought this past decade and a half outside of the public eye.

That war rages on. Yet this company never left our thoughts. And when the Commissioner of CWF - the true Commissioner, that is -

He nods at Stewart.

Elijah: - invited us to return for one more night, we could scarcely refuse. Northern Crown awaits.

Omega: And so we -

Before she can continue, the crowd begins to boo as James Milenko, Loki Synn, Tobias and Jimmy Allen charge down the entrance ramp. The four hit the ring and charge at the pair immediately, as Jon Stewart looks on in horror.

Mike Rolash: The Hostile Takeover! What in the hell are they doing?

Elijah and Omega try to defend themselves, Elijah lashing out with his cane and striking Jimmy Allen with a blow to the ribs, Omega grabbing her baking tray and swinging it at Loki Synn, Synn's face erupting in a cloud of cookie crumbs as she topples to the floor. James Milenko tackles Jon Stewart to the ground with a spear and nails him with a string of fists to the face, then rolls out of the ring. He reaches under the apron and pulls out two steel chairs, throwing them into the ring, finally pulling out a table and sliding it inside. He follows and sets it up, leaned against the turnbuckles.

Tobias and Jimmy Allen take out Elijah with a brutal double chairshot to the skull, sending him tumbling to the mat. Omega rushes to intervene but Loki Synn grabs her, nailing her with a vicious suplex that sends her crashing through the table, reducing it to splinters.

James Milenko picks up a mic, gazing down at the wreckage with a massive smirk before turning to address the audience.

James Milenko: So. This is the great CWF and its the Hall of Fame, two of the best in this pathetic little company's history. To the current generation: consider this a warning. This pair are this company's past. Stand against the Hostile Takeover and this will be your future.

Sorry to ruin your big reveal, Jon. Better luck next time.

He turns and spits on Jon Stewart's prone body and the four of them make their way backstage, the crowd raining down abuse on them as they go.

Jimmy Allen vs. Silas Artoria

The camera cuts to the announce table, where the looks on the faces could not be any more different. Jim Gunt is looking at the medics' efforts to get Jon Stewart safely backstage with concern while Mike Rolash can barely conceal his glee.

Jim Gunt: What a disgusting display of power, something has to be done to restore order here!

Mike Rolash: I fully agree!

Jim eyes his partner with a considerable amount of suspicion.

Mike Rolash: This Stewart guy has to be put in his place.

All Jim can do now is shake his head.

Jim Gunt: I knew this was too good to be true... But what with Elijah and Omega being back in these hallowed halls? And KC3 representing us at When Worlds Collide, exciting times!

Mike Rolash: Meh, needs more Hostility.

Jim Gunt: Well, your wish shall be granted, since Jimmy Allen will have his chance to go into that PPV in the US title match! And here is Ray!

Ray Douglas: This next contest is a qualifying match for the WCWA United States Championship....

The fans cheer.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first… from Toronto, Ontario, Canada… being accompanied by Autumn Raven

CUE UP: “Arousal” - Mick Gordon

Ray Douglas: Weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds… He is… The Psychotic Aristocrat… SIIIIILAS… ARRRRRRRTOOOOOORIAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Fog fills the entranceway, along with a deep blue light. Slowly, a shape emerges, taking form as he passes through the cloud, and Silas Artoria stops on top of the ramp. He ignores the few cheers and heavy boos and looks over the crowd with his nose in the air, clearly considering himself above the commoners. Following behind, Autumn stays closely to Silas.

Jim Gunt: On the last episode of Evolution, Silas Artoria was unable to compete, leaving Autumn Raven to defend herself against Dorian Hawkhurst and Zach van Owen in an invalid attempt to pick up a win.

Mike Rolash: I guess she doesn't learn, cause there she is back in the shadow of Artoria.

Silas continues to disregard the voice of the people as he approaches the ring and his destiny. Walking up the ring steps with high - class dignity, he and Autumn step through the ropes.


”Cut the Cord” by Shinedown cuts off the announcers and boos fills the arena. Jimmy Allen steps out with a shit eating grin across his face, soaking in the jeers as though he is being showered with the cheers of a conquering hero.

Ray Douglas: From Dallas, Texas… weighing in at 227 lbs… “The Catalyst” Jimmy Allen.

Allen marches down to the ring with purpose, sliding under the bottom rope and immediately backing onto a corner where the referee checks him for foreign objects. Autumn exits the ring as Silas prepares, while watching Allen.

Jim Gunt: One of these two men will go on to When Worlds Collide in December to battle for the WCWA United States Championship.

The bell sounds to start the match.

Mike Rolash: I'm not one to support anyone from the CWF having to go against 'farm talent,' but if they are going to they better bring back the belt.

Jim Gunt: Talent from various promotions around the country will face each other When Worlds Collide in December.

The two men begin to circle.

Jim Gunt: An electric crowd here in the Scotiabank Saddledome as we get ready for this qualifying match.

They move into a collar to elbow lock up.

Jim Gunt: Silas Artoria and Jimmy Allen meeting for the first time here tonight in the squared circle.

Mike Rolash: You know, I've never understood why it's called 'The Squared Circle." I mean, it's square. There's nothing circular about it at all.

Silas is able to spin around, grabbing Jimmy Allen around the waist from behind. Autumn Raven slaps the canvas, cheering for Silas.

Jim Gunt: How did you get to where you are, really? In history, original combatants would face inside of a circle drawn on the ground, hence the name 'Ring.' 

Jimmy Allen slips out of the hold, and behind Silas. Jimmy quickly grabs him by the head and neck, using his momentum to toss Artoria over and to the canvas, where he lands in a sitting position.

Jim Gunt: A couple of ropes would surround the circle in a square formation. Thus squared circle was born.

Mike Rolash: It was rhetorical.

Jimmy Allen backs off, grinning, as Silas Artoria quickly spins over and up to his feet. Outside the ring, Autumn claps.

Jim Gunt: Rhetorical? Do you even know how to use that properly?

Mike Rolash: Well, do you know how to call a wrestling match without having to be so damn preachy?

Jimmy Allen talks smack toward Artoria before they move in once again toward each other. Jimmy Allen, quickly lunges forward and down, grabbing the legs of Silas Artoria and rolling him into a pin.

Jim Gunt: Quick roll up by Allen, Jackknife cover for a one count!

As the two men break, they both quickly get back to their feet. Jimmy Allen reaches forward and wraps his arm around Silas Artoria's head and rolls him back down to the canvas for another pin.

Jim Gunt: Small package... he may steal it here!

The referee's hand hits the canvas twice before Silas is able to kick out.

Jim Gunt: No! Silas Artoria still in this one.

They both roll over and push back away from each other as they get to their feet. Jimmy Allen smirks with a cockiness about him and claps sarcastically at Silas for his ability to get free.

Jim Gunt: While this may be the first time these two have met, there is a no love lost between them.

Mike Rolash: I think we may see something great here tonight Jim.

Jim Gunt: Is that so? What smart ass remark you got now?

Mike Rolash: None. I was just saying, this might be a pretty good match.

Jim Gunt: Oh. Well, that's unlike you I guess.

As they circle again, Jimmy Allen moves in, maneuvers behind Silas, again grabbing him around the waist. This time he lifts up and drops forward.

Jim Gunt: Waist-lock take down by Jimmy Allen, who is showing some nice technical expertise here.

Silas moves forward on his knees and up, grabbing onto the top rope as he stands. Jimmy Allen still holds him from behind as the referee moves in, telling him to break.

Mike Rolash: The Catalyst is a man of many surprises Jim.

Jim Gunt: Much like your ability to be fair in your observations here tonight so far.

Mike Rolash: This isn't like Thanksgiving at your place Jim. It's not all fart jokes and cousin love.

Jim Gunt: And there he is.

Jimmy Allen finally lets go and steps back, talking more smack toward Silas, who turns around with his back to the ropes just taking it it.

Jim Gunt: Jimmy Allen proving to be overly cocky here tonight as he looks to move forward and get his shot at championship gold.

Silas steps forward toward Allen.

Jim Gunt: Jimmy Allen shoves Silas Artoria.

Artoria bounces back into the ropes and uses the force to come forward and throw his arms out, shoving Jimmy Allen back and down

Jim Gunt: Jimmy Allen taken by surprise there.

Mike Rolash: I'm not too sure he's happy about it either.

Allen slaps the canvas before pushing up and rushing Silas Artoria who greets him by grabbing Allen's head with his left hand and connecting with a couple of rights.

Jim Gunt: Silas Artoria finding his footing here finally.

Silas backs up. As he does, Jimmy Allen charges him with a short arm clothesline but is caught and taken over.

Jim Gunt: Hip toss by Silas Artoria, taking Jimmy Allen to the canvas.

Allen rolls over, pushes up and charges Silas again, who catches him.

Jim Gunt: And another toss taking Allen down.

Mike Rolash: He's heating up.

Jimmy Allen refuses to quit, rolling over and up again. This time as he charges Silas Artoria, Silas grabs him, flipping Jimmy over before tossing him down to the canvas.

Jim Gunt: Beautiful body-slam by Silas Artoria.

Jimmy Allen rolls out of the ring as Silas Artoria appears more energized in the center.The referee warns Autumn to stay back, away from Jimmy Allen. She puts her hands up and steps away from him as he walks past her.

Jim Gunt: Allen taking a moment to re-evaluate the situation.

Mike Rolash: Nothing wrong with taking a breather.

Jim Gunt: The stakes are high as one of these two men will move on to compete for that WCWA United States Championship at When Worlds Collide.

Mike Rolash: It's not hard to see that after December, the CWF will be represented heavily when we take home all of the gold!

Jim Gunt: A bit of controversy has emerged as CWF World Champion, MJF, does not meet the weight requirements to compete for the WCWA World Heavyweight Championship which many are seeing as the top championship title in the WCWA.

Silas leans through the ropes, yelling at Jimmy Allen to get back into the ring.

Mike Rolash: Well, I mean, she does have time to gain some weight. What's the diet you're on Jim? That one should work if she wants to become a fat slob in no time.

Jim Gunt: I am hardly what you could consider a fat slob. I sometimes wonder why I continue to come in and deal with you.

Artoria exits the ring and begins to head toward Jimmy Allen, starting to chase him around the ring as he takes off and Autumn Raven watches on.

Mike Rolash: Because you love being able to say you work next to greatness.

Jim Gunt: Hardly.

Jimmy Allen quickly slides into the ring, Silas right behind him. As Artoria begins to push up, Allen turns over and drops down with his arms extended.

Jim Gunt: Axe handle across the back of Silas Artoria as Jimmy Allen looks to regain control.

Allen gets to his feet. Grabbing the top rope, he holds on for leverage as he stomps the rib cage of Silas Artoria.

Jim Gunt: Jimmy Allen able to put a stop to Silas' momentum.

Mike Rolash: Kick 'em while their down, that's what I always say.

Allen continues to hold the top rope as he swings a foot into the back of Silas with force, immediately bringing it down on top of him for another brutal stomp. The referee warns Allen to step back. Autumn checks on Silas from outside of the ring.

Jim Gunt: Jimmy Allen now arguing with the referee.

Mike Rolash: He didn't do anything wrong. Let him stomp Silas all he wants.

As he does, Artoria uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet.

Jim Gunt: Silas Artoria back up, Allen right to work with a big right over hand fist to the head of Silas Artoria.

Silas grabs his head and stumbles forward and away, toward the ropes opposite of where he was. Jimmy Allen pursues.

Jim Gunt: Allen grabbing the arm of Silas Artoria before pushing him back into the ropes.

Jimmy whips Silas across the ring.

Jim Gunt: On the return now. Jimmy Allen is ready.

Jimmy bends down to catch Silas, however, Artoria leaps over him while grabbing his waist and flipping into a pinning position.

Jim Gunt: No! Silas Artoria with a sunset flip into a pin. We may have a winner here folks.

Jimmy Allen is able to roll free at two. As he rolls back and pushes up, Allen leaps forward and down with a forearm catching Artoria.

Jim Gunt: No. Short lived attempt that Jimmy Allen is able to put a stop to yet once again.

Mike Rolash: Gotta give him credit, Silas is coming out of nowhere through this match. But Jimmy Allen has been there to stop him every step of the way so far.

Jim Gunt: The ability to possibly claim they are the first WCWA United States Champion is pushing both of these men to pull it all out here early on at Evolution.

Outside of the ring, Autumn Raven yells for Silas to get up.

Jim Gunt: While they have had their differences over the past few weeks, Autumn Raven still standing behind Silas Artoria as he attempts to secure his spot for the WCWA United States Championship.

Mike Rolash: Standing behind it the key words. She seems content in that shadow.

Jim Gunt: Autumn Raven is in no one's shadow Mike. The two have just not been on the same page, but seem to be turning that around.

Mike Rolash: Nope. Definitely Autumn in Silas' shadow.

Jimmy Allen pulls Silas Artoria to his feet.

Jim Gunt: Allen sending Artoria into the corner.

As Jimmy runs toward Silas, Artoria moves out of the way.

Jim Gunt: Jimmy Allen shoulder first into the corner post!

Mike Rolash: That might have slowed him down a bit.

Silas pushes forward as Jimmy steps out from between the turnbuckles. he stumbles back and turns around where Silas catches him. Artoria lifts Allen up onto his shoulders before dropping him down.

Jim Gunt: Fireman's Carry puts Jimmy Allen onto the canvas and now on the defense.

Exhausted, Silas drops to a knee, using the nearby ropes to hold himself up. Autumn can be seen trying to motivate him to get back in this.

Jim Gunt: A competitive match so far.

Mike Rolash: It's been pretty good. I'll give you that.

As Jimmy Allen begins to push up, Silas Artoria uses the ropes to pull himself back to his feet as well.

Jim Gunt: Both men back to their feet as this one continues.

Once to his feet, Jimmy Allen runs to the ropes toward the corner. He leaps to the second and uses it to leap off of, bringing his foot around.

Jim Gunt: Springboard Roundhou...

Silas ducks the kick.

Jim Gunt: No! Silas is able to get out of the way!

Jimmy lands on his feet as Silas spins around behind him, grabbing Jimmy Allen by his waist. He pulls Jimmy around, lifting him up and over, releasing as he falls back. We see Autumn Raven in the background as she has made her way to the opposite side of the ring on the outside.

Jim Gunt: Silas Artoria using Allen's momentary lapse as a chance to his a belly to back suplex!

Mike Rolash: I thought for sure this one was a done deal.

Silas moves into action quickly as he grabs Jimmy Allen, and pulls him up. We see Autumn in the background kneel down, disappearing below the edge of the apron.

Jim Gunt: A second wind, so it seems, for Silas Artoria.

Mike Rolash: I guess he remembered what's at stake and figured he should actually get into this one.

Jim Gunt: Silas Artoria lifting Jimmy Allen onto his shoulders.

Artoria steps closer to the middle of the ring, before he begins to spin.

Jim Gunt: Airplane spin!

Mike Rolash: What's that loon doing?

Jim Gunt: Huh? Oh.. Wait.. 

As Silas drops Jimmy Allen to the canvas, he turns to see that Autumn Raven has slid into the ring, with a chair in hand. Unable to counter, he takes the full brunt force of a running Autumn swinging a chair over her head and smashing it directly into his. Artoria is sent back first, hard to the canvas as the referee begins to call for the bell,

Jim Gunt: Chair shot from Autumn Raven! She's taken Silas Artoria out!

Autumn stands over Silas, chair still in his hand as it swings down beside her leg. She tilts her head to the side and just looks at him.

Ray Douglas: The winner of this match via disqualification, and moving on to When Worlds Collide for a shot at the WCWA United States Championship... SILAS... ARTOOORRIIIAA!!!!

Jim Gunt: Not the way Silas imagined this night going.

Mike Rolash: Well, tickle me pink, it looks like she's the one casting the shadow now.

Jimmy Allen rolls over and gets to a knee, holding his head while he appears to be confused.

Jim Gunt: Jimmy Allen seems to just be learning what has happened.

Mike Rolash: Boy, he is mad!

Jimmy gets to his feet, arguing with the referee, his arm pointing in the direction of Autumn. He turns toward her and begins to stomp over. As he does, Autumn Raven turns, lifts the chair, and swings, catching Jimmy Allen in the head as well.

Jim Gunt: Autumn Raven is sending a message tonight folks. She stands in no one's shadow, and makes her own rules. All we have to wonder now, is what does this mean going forward?

Mike Rolash: If you ask me, I think it means that Silas Artoria and Jimmy Allen probably need some Tylenol when they get to the back after those chair shots.

Autumn stands in the center of the ring, both men laying on each side of her, as she raises the chair into the sky and the camera pans in before we fade.

A Most Dangerous Game

The room is dark, illuminated by a single overhead light, overseeing a lone chessboard set up for two. A lone figure sits in the shadows, his face obscured by the dark.

James Milenko: Dafuq is this shit?

The figure chuckles and leans forward, putting two red gloved hands on the table in front of him, revealing himself to be none other than Jon Stewart, Ataxia’s choice to lead the CWF into the future should he be indisposed. Jon gestures with his red leather gloved hands towards James.

Jon Stewart: I see you got my invite then? You found the location ok, correct? I know people can get… Turned around when given direction, predictability and all.

Milenko takes his seat across from Stewart carefully, cautiously. 

Jon Stewart: Calm down. I don’t mean any harm. This is a gesture of… Friendship? For lack of a better term. You see James, I know about your history, I know about Hostility, and I know what you bring to the table. I’d be dumb NOT to have done my research; so the fact that it took this long for you to make a move against me is… Not unexpected. I’d also be absolutely, ridiculously, crazy to ignore the fact that you did indeed bring about some ratings. So I hereby challenge you, Sire Milenko, to a duel of wits and cunning! Tit for tat, we run this ship as we believe is “best for business.” Whomever comes out on top? Well, we shall have to wait and see won’t we?

With a flourish, Jon makes a move, moving one of his pawns forward two spaces. Milenko eyes him cautiously and then looks down at the board, his hands unmoving.

James Milenko: What’s the catch? Your boy Shadow keeps talking about strings being attached to everyone, calling people “puppeteers” and threatening to cut people’s “strings,” whatever that is street lingo for. My point is, there’s always a string attached, a hidden plan, a secret objective. There has to be a catch here. Companies aren’t just… Handed away.

Jon looks up at James and sighs for a moment.

Jon Stewart: First and foremost...Shadow is not my boy. If he were my boy, and this was a fight between you and I...you’d be demolished. Let me tell you something that Jimmy Allen probably didn’t tell you about me. I come a federation where we ran things together because one person fails. One person will crack under the pressure of running a company. All of the Rishels have fallen to this problem. Where I cut my teeth we had more people, many of whom I utterly despised, but together we brought out one of the best products the wrestling world has ever seen. Personally...I don’t give a flying fuck about your little vendetta...except it brings in ratings. So my first full act as Commissioner in CWF...is to make you my Co-Commissioner. You will not have full power and neither will I. That’s fair at least wouldn’t you say?  What’s best for business, at the moment, Mr. Milenko...is for you and I to steer this ship.

Milenko looks up at Stewart carefully while scratching his goatee thoughtfully. He goes to move a piece while watching Jon’s face carefully, which is smiling back at him gleefully, encouraging him to make his move. Milenko mirrors Stewart’s earlier move on his side of the board.

James Milenko: So I guess you want to talk about what I have planned for the main event for the pay-per-view don’t you?

Jon Stewart nods excitedly and offers his hand for a shake to seal the deal. Milenko only hesitates a moment before taking Jon’s red gloved hand and the two shake before Stewart puts his hand in his chin and the picture fades to black.

What The Eyes Don't See.. The Mind Will Feel..

The screen flashes, switching to the setting of an empty room, saved for a makeshift throne, the floor however is littered with slithering snakes! The scene glitches as now the room is occupied by V.E.N.O.M! Nina sits on her throne confidently, her henchmen at her side as usual. With her signature sinister smile on her face, she speaks.

Nina: ¿Cuándo te despertarás y te darás cuenta, las cosas no son lo que parecen? (When will you wake up and realize, things are not what they seem?) ¡Mira! When will your eyes be open?

Different scenes of chaos flash across the screen. Natural disasters, bombs exploding, riots are all shown.

Nina: Nada es lo que parece. (Nothing is what it seems.)

Scenes of building demolishing appear.

Nina: Do the eyes see optical illusions? Or do they fail to accept reality? Does the mind block what's truly there?! ¡Mira!

Nina strokes at the uncaged brown recluse, sitting on her left palm.

Nina: What the eyes don't see… The mind will feel.. ¡Despierta! Debido a que la infección ha comenzado.

The sounds of Nina's maniacal laughter begin to echo throughout the empty room, quickly blacking out as we go to commercial.

Commercial Break

Big Facts!

We switch backstage where Marcus Maximus is seen standing in front of a locker room door marked ‘The Glass Celling’.

Marcus Maximus: Ladies and gentlemen, at this moment I am standing outside of the locker room door of The Glass Ceiling!

Audible boos can be heard from within the arena. Maximus knocks on the door patiently, soon finally opens, Duce peeking his head out of the door.

Duce Jones: Ohh shit, Marcus! What can I help y'wit?

Marcus Maximus: Well I was hoping to get an interview with you guys.

Duce Jones: No shit?

Duce steps back inside, but still audible.

Duce Jones: Tell me why… Marcus’ out here asking for an interview.

Jarvis King: Marcus? Who's Marcus?

Maximus face becomes flustered.

Duce Jones: C'mon mane, y'all know Marcus..  Ugh.. Y.E.D.A.H!

Jarvis King: Y.E.D.A.H!?

Freddie Styles: Y.E.D.A.H…

Marcus’ face becomes even more red.

Duce Jones: Just come out.

Duce steps back outside of the locker room, smiling sheepishly at Marcus. He is soon followed by his tag partner, Freddie Styles, proudly wearing his tag title on his shoulder. Soon after Jarvis King steps out, his Paramount title slung over his shoulder as well.

Duce Jones: Damn….

Duce scurries back through the locker room door, the other three remaining gentlemen look on confused. He soon returns through the door, now wearing his tag title over his shoulder. Everyone shoots him a glare as he polishes his title, with his forearm, soon feeling the eyes on him.

Duce Jones: T'fuck y'all lookin’ at? It's not like we get TV time around here. Jarvis kicks a fossil’s teeth in..now they come runnin’.

Marcus Maximus: Well.. Gentlemen I'm here at this moment, to try and collect your final thoughts for your schedule matches tonight!

With a smug grin, King steps up to the microphone.

Jarvis King: My thoughts? Since when have my thoughts meant a damn around here? See, Mucus…

Marcus Maximus: Uhm, it's… It's Marcus.

Jarvis looks at him, derisively.

Jarvis King: I'm sorry; I missed the part where I was supposed to care what you're called. Now, as I was saying Minkus - tonight, I face off against The Shadow… And I gotta ask - why? See, this is a match to determine the CWF's representation in the main event of the inaugural WCWA event. Why is it even a question? See, there is only one option. You choose a landmark competitor. An Icon. The Icon. Jarvis King.

Marcus Maximus: Confident as ever, is the Paramount Champion, Jarvis King. But what about the Aces? Tonight you two are scheduled to face Dorian Hawkhurst and Trent Steel, along with the fact that at Northern Crown, those tag title might be in jeopardy?

Duce begins to snicker, Freddie simply rolling his eyes.

Duce Jones: Marc are y'serious?

Freddie Styles: He can't possibly be.

Duce Jones: I think he is, but I'm gone straighten him out real quick. Marc listen t'me real quick.. Freddie and me are two times (holds up two fingers) Tag Team Champions, and there ain't too many teams dat beat us! We hold these straps fo'a reason, and dat's cuz we run dis tag team shit!

Freddie Styles: It's like this, any team put before us, have fallen at our knees. The Lost Boys.

Duce Jones: Facts!

Freddie Styles: Any combination of The Forsaken.

Duce Jones: Big Facts!

Freddie Styles: Danger Boiz.

Duce Jones: Big Facts! Big Facts!

Freddie Styles: Dean and Unlikely… It doesn't matter what team is put in front of us, the results WILL be the same.. knees to face... Aces up, and STILL… YOUR… CWF… TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!

Styles cockily points at himself and Duce.

Duce Jones: And dem real BIG FACTS!

Jones steps back as Jarvis King steps to the forefront.

Jarvis King: That's exactly right guys, and it doesn't matter how much anyone tries to deny the facts! Because when it comes to anyone trying to rise to the top, there's one thing that will always be there to stop them.

The three raise their fingers in the sky in salute of their group.

All: The Glass Ceiling.

We hear the sound of one person clapping and all three men turn to see Trent Steel applauding.

Trent Steel: Good to see you boys got your little cheerleader routine down. I would have expected you guys to end with a plug for your merchandise.

Not taking kindly to his words, Duce steps forward.

Duce Jones: Y'betta keep on steppin’ befo’ y'end up missin’ like y’boy.

Trent smirks as he puts up his hands and starts to walk off.

Trent Steel: Ohhh...I’m so scared.

Trent pulls out his pack of marbs and a lighter. He keeps walking as he starts to take a drag off his cigarette.

Trent Steel: Don’t worry little man...when I’m done with you...You’ll be the one wearing a bag over yer head...Y’betcha.

Duce watches on as Trent continues down the hall.

Duce Jones: Aye Trent! Dat shit sounds good and all, but I'ma be one hunnit wit ya!

Trent comes to a halt as Duce moves in closer.

Duce Jones: I'm glad dat po’ excuse fo'a son y'got there, done tucked his tail and hid his face! T'be even mo’ real wit ya, I wish it was me, who personally did tha shit! Yeah I did what I did t'Mia.. and if tha chance presented itself again, I would gladly stomp her face though dat chair one mo’ time..  Just t'get dat satisfaction of watchin’ dat BITCH of a boy y'got breakdown one mo’ time.

Duce hands his tag team title over to his partner.

Duce Jones: What happened t'Mia was business, dat's it.. if it were anyone else on dis roster, I wudda done tha same fuckin’ thang. But... I get it, I take his bitch, he try and take mines.. I respect tha game.. But what entails within dat game is dat, dis shit is beyond a status.. Dis shit is beyond a title belt.. Dis shit is beyond being personal. So I'm gonna say it tha best way I kno’ how..

Duce now comes face to face with Trent, smacking the Marlboro out from betwixt his lips.

Duce Jones: Fuck dat bullshit y'talkin’. Fuck yo bitch ass fo’ thankin’ ya puttin’ any fear in my heart.. And fuck dat bitch ass boy of yours! Word of advice, you shudda shot his ass on some tissue, wit ya bitch ass.. And if eitha’ one'a ya so much as breathe on anyone I love again, just kno’ Duce will kill em where he fuckin’stand..

Trent looks Duce up and down for a moment and laughs in his face.

Trent Steel: Bullshit I’m talking? The funny part about all of this. You think you gonna do something to me. I got news for you...I’m not gonna kill you. I got no reason to. You want personal? Fine. I’ll snap your fucking neck just so your spine degenerates. And then you get to sit y’bitch ass at home...and watch this place die! All your hard work. All your titles. Everything that makes you who you are...I’m going to take. Something you may not understand yet...I’m a parent...you fucked with my kid...None of you are getting out of this with any career.

Trent walks away still facing Duce. He pulls out another cigarette and lights it up.

Trent Steel: If I were you...I’d head back to Memphis and hold who you love dear. Take some streaming video of you walking. Show off that body for the camera. Because when I’m done with you...You’re going to look like you feel on the inside. Broken, Busted, and Bitched. See ya soon Allen…

Duce starts to charge at Steel when suddenly security shows up and gets in between the men. Trent laughs and walks off as Duce glares at the security guards.

Duce Jones: Get tha fuck off me!

Jon Stewart: Actually...I’m protecting my investments.

The GC looks over and sees Stewart walking towards them.

Jon Stewart: I think it’s about time that we talk…

Freddie Styles: Talk?

Jarvis King: This better be good.

Jon Stewart: I get that you boys are upset. Feel like you haven’t gotten a fair shake. No worries...I’ve got that covered. Come into my office. We’ll work it out...I’d hate to have the real champions of this federation being this mistreated.

Duce Jones: Bout time muthafuckas start showing some respect!

Stewart smiles and pops a pill from his pill bottle. The scene switching back to ringside.

A Most Dangerous Game: Pt. 2

The game has continued since we last left our co-commissioners of the CWF, James Milenko and Jon Stewart despite Jon's brief excursion to meet up with the Glass Ceiling. However, conversation seems to have ceased as the two continue to make move after move after much consideration. Finally it’s Milenko that breaks the silence.

James Milenko: Fine. You got me. I was going to make that prissy excuse of a champion MJ mutha-truckin’ EFF defend that belt against Loki Synn once again, this time after weeks of being softened up by the meanest people I know. The belt doesn’t matter at this point according to Loki, she just wants MJ’s soul on a plate. I’m inclined to give it to her.

He says the last line matter of factly, jarringly to the point that Jon looks up briefly from concentrating on his move.

Jon Stewart: She is quite the spunky one isn’t she? Still, she’s proven herself as a champion several times and deserves everything her current station has granted her. Doesn’t that warrant some kind of… I don’t know, can you really fault the girl for being able to keep that… Jester down for a ten count? I get you wanting your hands on the belt, that’s one thing, but why the girl? Why feed her to the monster?

Jon Stewart: She is quit the “spunky” one, and you can’t deny that she has proven herself to be a worthy champion in the past.

Milenko cocks and eyebrow at Stewart. Stewart laughs a bit.

Jon Stewart: Look. MJF has faced many opponents over the course of her tenure here. As much as you may not have liked Ataxia’s run in this job running the ship. The one good thing we can both agree on is we have a world champion who can at least carry the federation. It’s not a paper champion. It does you or I, no good, if that were the case. She’s capable, cunning, and she’s popular with the fan base. Even her detractors respect her ability in the ring. With all of that...are you really that shocked that she was barely able to keep your Jester down for a ten count Honestly?

Milenko looks thoughtfully from the piece that Stewart just moved into the eyes of his adversary. 

James Milenko: She’s the face of a falling company and I’ll give you that she’s spunky. She’s definitely a fighting champion in her own right and you’re right, I can’t fault her too much. At the same time every hero needs a villain. I don’t know about you, but I hate seeing the hero win all the time. The story gets old and boring, people lose interest quick because they know what’s going to happen. That’s not how you earn money, that’s not how you become number one. Why not introduce a little bit of chaos, inject some poison to liven things up around here?

A maniacal gleam enters into James Milenko’s eye as he moves a piece.

James Milenko: Check.

Jon Stewart looks at the board and then back at Milenko.

Jon Stewart: Right. So, Loki Synn vs. MJ Flair for the World Title at Northern Crown. I’ll allow it…

James Milenko: Good.

Jon Stewart: ...but I want to add an addendum. Loki Synn is a dangerous monster and has already failed to capture you the World Title once. Should she fail again she is no longer going to be considered for contendership for the World Title for at least two pay-per-views or when MJ loses the title, whatever comes first.

Jon moves his Queen, protecting his King for another turn. 

Jon Stewart: If your girl can’t finish the job...you need to figure out another strategy. I’m not here to tell you what to do, but failure shall not be rewarded a third time. She’s fighting each and every one of yours. I suggest you get the Jester to realize that their “mind games”...have a time limit in this case. It might actually provide the motivation you so desire with your wild card. From experience, I think a cut off is as much of a motivator as an opportunity.

Milenko glares at the board and then back up at Stewart, who is once again smiling to himself.

Jon Stewart: So, do we have a deal Mr. Milenko?

Bobby Dean & ??? vs. The Highwaymen (Harley Hodge & Lance LaRusso)

Jim Gunt: This is like watching a game between two mafia bosses trying to divide up the territory!

Mike Rolash: Oddly enough, it is! And I can't wait for Northern Crown now, Loki Synn finally taking MJ back to the dump she crawled out of.

Jim Gunt: I'll have to talk to Jon and James about you.

Mike Rolash: Oh thank you, finally I'll be able to get my raise then! Much appreciated!

Jim Gunt: No, that's not--

Mike Rolash: Oh, don't be so shy, you deserve it.

Jim Gunt: I will most certainly not--

Mike Rolash: Good. So now on with the show, as I soar to the heavens and ascend into the parthenon of announcers.

As he dreamily gazes into the distance, Ray Douglas is entering the ring with his trusted microphone in hand.

Ray Douglas: The following tag team match is the last of the qualifying matches to determine who moves on to the Northern Crown one night only tag team title tournament. Introducing first….

“You’re The Best Around” by Joe Esposito begins to play over the speaker system and after several seconds of lights flashing on the stage, “Beautiful” Bobby Dean eventually saunters out from behind the curtain. The man somehow looks even larger than usual, his rolls encompassing other rolls on his stomach, but still eliciting a couple of cheers from the Canadian audience as he raises his arms as far into the air as he can. Dean makes his way down the ramp, up the steel steps and into the ring.

Ray Douglas: First, from Houston, Texas, supposedly weighing in at only 399 ½ pounds….”BEAUTIFUL” BOBBY DEAN!!

Jim Gunt: Look at the shape this man’s in! Bobby Dean has clearly been bulking up since stepping out of Championship Wrestling Federation.

Mike Rolash: Bulking up? By what, eating double cheeseburgers by the dozen? At least get his so-very-obvious mystery partner Mikey Unlikely out here, I’m sick of seeing this lard already…

Bobby looks up to the entrance ramp with an excited smile on his face, as the cameras wait at the curtain for the Hollywood star’s arrival. Seconds become nearly a minute, however, and there is not a single movement in sight.

Jim Gunt: Well, uh...I think Bobby Dean’s been stood up, Mike.

Mike Rolash: Can you blame him? I’m ashamed to even be on the same broadcast as this goon.

Jim Gunt: Nevertheless, Bobby Dean is one of the brand new acquisition’s of a rival WCWA company, the upstart re-branded federation HOSS. And quite honestly, the man is big enough to be a tag team in and of himself. So if Dean can get this thing done here tonight then we may have yet another takeover on our hands!

Ray Douglas: And thei...erm...his opponents...

An ever familiar revving from a motorcycle circulates throughout the arena before "Evenflow" by Pearl Jam fires off through the speakers, and the crowd rises to their feet. Every single Canadian in attendance screaming their lungs out for their fallen hero.

Harley Hodge walks out, slowly and methodically, with his traditional biker vest on and blue jeans. He raises one fist in the air, emotion clearly running through him. Finally Harley waves his hands towards the curtain, where former Highwaymen stablemate Lance LaRusso pops out! LaRusso is a ball of energy (and maybe on a ball of something else) as he rapidly runs across both sides of the ramp, scoping out the cheering crowd. Lance finally meets Harley back in the middle, the two men making eye contact before LaRusso pats him on the back, walking down towards the ring as a unit.

Ray Douglas: They are Harley Hodge and Lance LaRusso….THE HIGHWAYMEN!!

Jim Gunt: What an ovation for the former members of the Highwaymen, I just wish we had Harvey Danger and TLS here and we’d really have a party!

Mike Rolash: That nitwit Harvey is probably still parading around taking his mom to doctor’s appointments or something.

Jim Gunt: Yeah Mike, I know, because god forbid the human race takes care of it’s own loved ones, right?

Mike Rolash: Don’t say it like that, you almost make me sound like an asshole.

Jim just shakes his head as official “Big” Denny Davidson goes over the rules to both quote-unquote teams. Finally ringing the bell, it is Lance LaRusso who meets Bobby Dean in the ring after discussing things with the Accelerator in their corner.

Jim Gunt: Here we go, the return of both Lance LaRusso AND “Beautiful” Bobby Dean. Both of these competitors have made their own sized waves in their times here in CWF, but only one can lead their team to victory and assure themselves a spot in the Northern Crown tournament in just two week’s time.

Mike Rolash: We have one guy who’s probably so coked out of his mind that he has no idea where he’s even at, and another who doesn’t even harbor enough respect from his fellow wrestling community to even get ANYONE to show up in his corner. This should be a snoozefest.

Jim Gunt: And again, you worry about sounding like an asshole?

Lance LaRusso is obviously a much quicker competitor than BBD, circling around the big man as soon as the bell rings. After a couple of quick jabs bounce off the massive stomach of Dean, Lance goes for a snap kick to his side, barely phasing him, so he goes for yet another. No effect. 

The Pansexual Playboy is starting to look frustrated at this point, but after looking back at Harley takes a deep breath and goes for another kick, but Bobby Dean catches the leg of LaRusso this time, turning it as he awkwardly tosses him back down to the canvas. The “Beautiful” One then takes time out of his day to turn around, posing to the audience with both of his meaty arms curled into the air.

Mike Rolash: Come on Bobby, pay attention to the match!

Jim Gunt: “Beautiful” Bobby Dean loves the crowd, Mike, that’s for sure. He looks to have this match under control though, as he’s looking to put Lance’s hopes to making it to Northern Crown to sleep right now.

As Bobby goes to pick up Lance and sink in the sleeper hold, the Pansexual Playboy rubs up against him, surprising the “Beautiful” One enough where he lets right go of him, allowing Lance to quickly go over and make the tag out to Harley Hodge.

The crowd erupts in cheers immediately for the Hall of Famer.

Jim Gunt: This is the end of the road for the legendary Harley Hodge, Mike. The man has publicly stated that this is his farewell tour, that Northern Crown may very well be the last time we see the multiple time World Heavyweight Champion in action.

Mike Rolash: Can you blame the man, though? After the no-pun-intended hellacious match with Jarvis King at Hellbound inside the confines of the Hell in a Cell, the man can barely freaking walk. Why continue to make a mockery of himself?

Jim Gunt: Pride is a funny thing, so let’s see if Harley’s pride can carry him to a victory yet again here tonight.

Harley and Bobby Dean meet in the center of the ring, the CWF veteran surprisingly calling for a test of strength with the much larger man. Bobby momentarily agrees, but instanteously lets go of his grip and instead face-washes the legend. BBD scampers around the ring with a smile on his face, actually pointing out to the crowd to ask if they thought it was funny. Hodge turns him right around with a purely reddened face, slapping him right across the face before pulling him in- ACCELERATOR DDT! Bobby is dropped right on his head and Harley wastes no time in rolling his entire body frame over, pie-facing him as he goes for the pinfall.




Ray Douglas: And your winners by pinfall and moving on to the Northern Crown tournament….THE HIGHWAYMEN!!

Jim Gunt: The Accelerator is NOT messing around toni...


A steel chair bashes the spine of Harley Hodge immediately after the three count is counted, as a smiling Jarvis King stands over his former foe. Lance LaRusso takes one step into the ring to try to save his compatriot but instead has his feet yanked out from under him, as Duce Jones nails him with a right hand to the jaw. The Pansexual Playboy fights right back with one of his own, but is suddenly sent flying into the hard part of the apron by a German Suplex from the Hall of Famer Styles. Jones slaps Styles in the chest, smiling as he looks down at the apron and heads underneath it to retrieve both him and Styles another steel chair.

Jim Gunt: Oh come on, enough is enough already!

As the reigning Tag Team Champions slither into the ring with steel chairs in hand, Jarvis already has his own piece of steel wrapped around the neck of Harley Hodge.

Jim Gunt: We need to get some help out here, the Glass Ceiling is about to break Harley’s neck!

Freddie and Duce look on as the Paramount champion directs them towards Harley, telling them to put the whole man out of his misery with their own weapons. Duce Jones hesitates for just a moment, maybe remembering back on Modern Warfare where it was Jones who defeated the then unstoppable CWF World Champion Harley Hodge, before a smile comes across his face and he goes to swing. Instead Jarvis holds him back, telling him he wants Styles and him to take Hodge out at the same exact time. It is at this moment that the Accelerator attempts to fight back, pulling himself up to his knees just to be stomped viciously back down by King.

Suddenly “No Rain” by Blind Melon hits.

Jim Gunt: What!? Is this who I think it is?

Mike Rolash: Oh god, I hope not…

Spotlights shine on the entrance ramp as everyone’s favorite momma’s boy Harvey Danger hurries out from the backstage area with The Lost Soul in tow, the two competitors storming down and leaping into the ring to go at it with Duce and Freddie. Freddie Styles swings his steel chair wildly but Harvey dodges out of the way, allowing TLS to Superkick it into his face! 

Duce Jones and Jarvis King sensibly retreat, sliding out of the ring and pulling out Styles with them. The three men watch on in disgust as Lance LaRusso meets TLS and Harvey in the ring, all three men pulling the chair off of Hodge’s head and checking on the legend. As the Glass Ceiling make their way back up the ramp, the Highwaymen spend a couple of extra moments soaking in the cheers from the loving Canadian crowd.

Jim Gunt: Harvey Danger and TLS are back, Mike, and it looks like they’re going to be in the corner of their Highwaymen partners as they look to finally settle the score with the Smokin’ Aces in the first round of the Northern Crown tournament!

Interruptions and a Fair Chance


James Milenko's voice is at a fever pitch, his eyes wide with fear as Loki Synn stands before him, heaving with rage, her scepter, still wrapped in bloody barbed wire raised high above her head. Tobias Devereaux is calmly standing behind James as Loki slowly lowers her scepter and motions for James to continue.

James Milenko: It isn't the ideal Loki, I get that, but you HAVE to understand that you failed the first time I handed you a shot at that title. I gave the same shot to Jimmy and now to Tobias. You WILL get another shot at taking down MJ on a grand stage, you just have to be patient in the meantime and let me work my magic. Worst case scenario, Tobias has to take a flop at some point in the near future.

James turns to the mini bar to fix himself a drink, an ammenity that he demands in every one of his makeshift offices. His back to Loki, James makes brief eye contact with Tobias and slightly shakes his head. Tobias smirks in understanding but chooses to remain silent. Loki only continues to stare at the two of them as she towers over them both. She looks as if she's going to take a swing with her sceptar when she's interrupted by a couple polite knocks on the door. Milenko rolls his eyes and motions for Loki to calm down again while he responds to the door.

James Milenko: It's open!

James walks around his desk and sits down, drink still in hand as Azrael enters the commissioner's office.

Azrael: Pardon me Brother Commissioner, I have a favor to ask of you. 

He pauses for a moment.

Azrael: Both Zach van Owen and I have individuals who are less than happy with us.  I am worried, that since the Angel of Death has decided to wrestle, rather than the Avenging Angel, that outside interference will cost me... a fair chance at earning the title.  As you know, outside interference, will give me the victory, but not the title.  I am asking that the Glass Ceiling, specifically Freddie Styles, as well as one Christer Lundmark, face severe penalties should they interfere today.  The amount of good that I could do as champion, is unmeasurable, and I would like a fair chance to win that title.  

James Milenko: Who are you again? OH! You're that Azrael guy who blinded the viking dude with the light at Hellbound and won, only to find yourself on the defensive ever since. You know what Az? That's fine, but I don't want to hear about it if you lose. I'd recommend you concentrate more on your match tonight rather than the potential for anyone to... "Distract" you from your... Whatever it is that you do.

Azrael: Well, thank you for your time and taking my request into consideration.  I appreciate it and bless you Brother Milenko, Brother Devereaux, and Sister Synn.

Azrael turns to leave allowing James to exchange another look of incredulousness with Tobias. Loki stands stoically in the corner, trying to contain herself. She storms forward, about to slam the scepter onto the desk to regain some semblance of attention when...

Dick Fury: Mr. Milenko! Dick has come to show you something that you MIGHT be inter...

Dick Fury stops just inside the doorway as he's greeted with the vision of a very angry jester about to slam a barbed wire wrapped scepter onto an expensive looking wooden desk. Milenko and Tobias both share the same look of steely determination to Loki's unbridled rage, but all eyes are now on Dick Fury, who slowly starts to make his retreat from the door.

Dick Fury: Right. You're all busy with something important. Dick has a bad habit of coming early to these things, but knows there's a time and place. Dick will be going, unless you want Dick to come in?

James Milenko can only squint at him briefly before doing his best impersonation of a polite human being and shaking his head, motioning Dick to take his leave. The door quietly shuts behind Dick, but not for long as Loki storms out soon after, slamming the door behind her. 

Zach Van Owen (c) vs. Azrael

I’m Jim Gunt: Welcome back and what news here, Christer Lundmark and the Glass Ceiling barred from ringside and even more interestingly enough, some dissent in the Hostility department.

Mike Rolash: Passion, Jimbo, not dissent. They are just eager to finally manifest themselves as the true force in CWF.

Jim Gunt: It is disgusting to see how easily bought you are.

Mike Rolash: What are you trying to say?

Jim Gunt: Exactly what I've been saying.

Suddenly an arrow hits the desk right in front of Mike, immediately shutting up the bickering and Mike getting paler than a ghost. The camera turns and shows Myfanwy in the stands again with her bow, just shaking her head before turning to leave.

Mike Rolash: Th-this has to s-stop, this is harrassment! I will personally talk to security here!

Jim Gunt: Yes, Fridge should have a little talk with her.

Mike Rolash: Fridge? I don't talk to that oaf, no, the REAL security, S.O.S.!

Jim Gunt: ...

Ray Douglas: The following match is set for one fall and is for the CWF Impact Championship...

The lights fall, a fog rolls in and an orchestra version of Metallica’s “One” begins, as a spotlight illuminates Azrael in a white cassock, with a pair of purple intersecting stripes. He slowly descends from the ceiling, arms outstretched, feet crossed and face to the heavens.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first, making his way to the ring, from Parts Unknown! The challenger....The Archangel of Death - AZRAEL!

Jim Gunt: Azrael with a big opportunity here tonight.

As he gently reaches the earth, he pulls his hands in and bows his head before gliding into the ring.

Ray Douglas: His opponent.... he is the current Impact Champion....

The entire arena goes dark as green digital rain appears on the screen and gradually forms the phrase “Ready...FIGHT!”.

Ray Douglas: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... ZACH.. VAN... OWWWEEENNN!!!

The music picks up and Zach appears on the stage with a bright flash of green lights, his head bowed and arms outstretched. He looks to the ring and marches down the ramp, high-fiving fans along the way. He hops onto the apron and ascends the corner post from the outside, throwing back the hood of his jacket and once again throwing his arms out wide. With hands on the ring ropes he cartwheels off the turnbuckle and down into the ring 

The referee calls for the bell to start things off.

Jim Gunt: And here we go! The Impact Championship is on the line!

Both men start to circle. As Azrael looks ready to move in for a lock up, Zach van Owen steps back and shoots forward with a superkick.


Azrael moves his head to the side and his arm up, grabbing the ankle of Zach van Owen.

Jim Gunt: Azrael was ready for it to!

Mike Rolash: Zach was just testing him, that's all.

Jim Gunt: Well, he passed that test.

Still holding Owen's leg he lowers it a bit and moves a leg in, to sweep the champion down to the canvas as he lets go.

Jim Gunt: Azrael has been studying tapes. He has been nothing but 1000% focused on this match for the last week. He has lived Zach van Owen. Breathed him. Morning to night, Azrael has prepared for this match and it is not going to be an easy defense for Zach van Owen.

Mike Rolash: All of that is fine. He can prepare all he wants, but until he gets the three, Zach van Owen is still the Impact champion.

Zach van Owen slaps the canvas and rolls over getting back to his feet.

Jim Gunt: Zach frustrated early.

He puts his fist up and moves in toward Azrael who does the same. The two men come together for a lockup, but Azrael immediately uses his size and strength to pick Zach van Owen up and turn, throwing him across the ring. As Zach hits the canvas, he rolls before coming to a stop and grabbing his wrist.

Jim Gunt: Azrael using that size advantage to continue controlling the champion here tonight.

Mike Rolash: If you have an advantage, you use it. Simple as that Jim.

Jim Gunt: Azrael heading over to Zach van Owen.

He places his boot on the forehead of Owen, sliding down across it. Zach grabs his head in pain.

Jim Gunt: Azrael staying on the champion.

He drops to a knee, and picks Zach van Owen up into a sitting position before locking his arms around his neck and holding the side of his head.

Jim Gunt: Azrael now slowing the pace down with that sleeper hold.

Mike Rolash: Go to sleep.

Azrael slides down on his side, keeping the sleeper locked in.

Jim Gunt: Azrael continuing to hold Zach van Owen in the ring, not letting the champion have even a slight chance of making some sort of move to get free.

Zach van Owen begins to kick his legs, trying to get free.

Jim Gunt: The champion now trying to fight back, but Azrael has too tight of a grip.

As he tries to kick free, Zach is able to move his body over some. Still struggling, he gets close enough to get his foot to the bottom rope.

Jim Gunt: And the referee has to force Azrael to release the hold.

Mike Rolash: He was just reaching for a pillow and blanket, that's all.

As Azrael lets go, he rolls over and pushes to his knees. Zach van Owen scoots over to the ropes, draping his arm up and over the bottom, pulling himself to a seated position.

Jim Gunt: Zach van Owen trying to catch a breather here, but the damage may already be done.

Azrael gets to his feet. Aiming for Zach van Owen's head, he rushes forward and raises his knee up catching the champion in the side of the head.

Jim Gunt: That knee connects with the champion's head as Azrael continues to dominate early on.

Zach is laid out face down on the canvas as Azrael grabs his leg and pulls him back toward the center of the ring.

Jim Gunt: The challenger refusing to let up still, wanting to wear the champion down enough that he can easily get the win.

Mike Rolash: Can you imagine what it'll be like having Azrael as a champion?

Azrael reaches down, grabbing Zach van Owen by the waist and lifts him up, displaying his power.

Jim Gunt: Belly to back here by Azrael. Azrael lifts... suplex!

Mike Rolash: I hate to, I really do, but I have to hand it to Azrael. He's brought his game tonight.

Azrael rolls over and gets to his feet, pulling Zach van Owen with him. As he does, Azrael holds onto Zach's arms and lifts his knee up into his face before letting go. Zach van Owen stumbles back, his arms going over the top rope, holding him up.

Jim Gunt: You are correct Mike, Azrael has been nothing but on top of his game tonight as everything is on the line.

Mike Rolash: I'm not a huge fan of either of these guys when it comes down to it, but I'm taking notice of Azrael right now.

Jim Gunt: This could be the victory that pushes Azrael to the top of the company, but first he has to finish off the champion, Zach van Owen.

Mike Rolash: Still a scary thought.

Jim Gunt: What's that?

Mike Rolash: Azrael. Being a champion, and being at the top here in the CWF. This could very well be the first horn of the apocalypse!

Jim Gunt: I wouldn't go that far Mike. I think Azrael performing as he is here tonight is a surprise, but if he does win it is because he has earned it.

Mike Rolash: Nope. Definitely the apocalypse.

Jim Gunt: Azrael now heading over to Zach van Owen who is on the ropes.

He presses his left hand onto Zach van Owen's chest as he raises his right hand, bringing it down hard across it. The crowd gasp as the chop echos throughout.

Jim Gunt: Powerful open hand chop across the chest of Zach van Owen.

Azrael steps back, raising his hand again before coming forward with another.

Jim Gunt: Now another. Those were just painful to watch.

Mike Rolash: Just the sound makes me cringe.

Jim Gunt: Zach van Owen's chest is glowing.

Zach's body is jolted forward off of the ropes as he falls to a knee. Azrael runs to the side, hitting the ropes.

Jim Gunt: Azrael back on the return... that knee yet again sent into the side of Zach van Owen's head!

Zach van Owen's body is sent up and backwards into the corner post from the momentum of the shot.

Jim Gunt: Zach van Owen in that corner now.

Mie Rolash: Not a place I'd want to find myself.

Azrael walks over and grabs the top rope. He begins using them to thrust his shoulder into the chest and mid section of Zach van Owen.

Jim Gunt: Those heavy shoulders into the already hurting champion. No remorse being shown at all.

Mike Rolash: Lets just call it like it is Jim.

Jim Gunt: And what is that Mike?

Mike Rolash: Azrael is being nothing more than a bully!

Jim Gunt: A bully? For being able to dominate a lighter opponent when a title is on the line?

Mike Rolash: Yes, a bully. He's done the damage, just take the win and get your belt.

Jim Gunt: Azrael now lifting Zach van Owen up, sitting him on the top turnbuckle.

Mike Rolash: Even I think it just gets to a point where it's being too cocky. The Impact champ is hurt. Put him down and lets call it a night.

Azrael begins to climb up. He wraps his arm around the neck of Zach van Owen, and hooks his tights.

Jim Gunt: Azrael going for a superplex here...

He starts to lift Zach van Owen, however, Owen pushes off of the turnbuckle from the ropes, and twist as he pushes forward, and comes down.



Jim Gunt: Zach van Owen refuses to give up! he refuses to let his Impact Championship go that easily.

Mike Rolash: It's hardly been as ease. Just Azrael making stupid mistakes. You have him on the ground and hurt, you do not put him on the turnbuckle. Common sense.

Zach van Owen turns over and drapes his left arm over Azrael. As the referee drops he only gets a one count before Azrael pushes Zach van Owen off of him.

Jim Gunt: Zach van Owen with maybe his only chance to start a com back, unable to put Azrael away.

Mike Rolash: You are off base Jim. This is just the start!

Azrael turns over and gets up, pulling Zach van Owen up with him. As Owen is halfway up, Azrael shoves his head between him legs. He wraps his arms around Zach van Owen's waist again before lifting him straight up.

Jim Gunt:  Owen up... PILEDRIVER BY AZRAEL!

Zach van Owen's head pops off of the canvas as Azrael just looks at him.

Jim Gunt: Zach van Owen is out.

Mike Rolash: Make... the... pin!

Jim Gunt: Azrael doing just that as he covers Zach van Owen.

The referee slides into place and begins to count, but stops, getting to his knees. He begins wildly pointing that Zach as put his boot onto the bottom rope. The fans cheer.

Jim Gunt: Somehow, Zach van Owen is still in this! Great ring awareness by the champion who must just be running on fumes at this point.

Mike Rolash: Hell. Even I'm stunned Jim.

Azrael slaps the canvas in anger as he begins to get up, pulling Zach up with him.

Jim Gunt: Azrael was sure he had just become the Impact Champion, now being forced to keep going, is showing extreme frustration.

Mike Rolash: I don't blame him. He's come here tonight and done more than anyone had ever expected him to. I mean, he has really brought it Jim. But he still has yet to pull off the win and get the gold.

Azrael lifts Zach onto his shoulders.

Jim Gunt: I believe that Azrael may be looking for the Soul Separator to end this one here tonight and become the new Impact Champion.

As he takes a step, Zach begins to struggle, before sliding down behind Azrael.

Jim Gunt: Zach van Owen able to get free.

Zach runs past Azrael, leaping to the second rope and using it to springboard back. However, Azrael catches him in mid air.

Jim Gunt: This doesn't look good for the champion.

While still holding Zach in a cross body, Azrael lets out a monstrous yell.

Mike Rolash: I think he's finally going to put a nail in his coffin.

Jim Gunt: We could be looking at the new Impact Champion here!

Azrael charges forward. As he moves to slam Zach, Zach reaches his arm around Azrael's neck and pulls down using Azrael's own momentum against him as he leaps. Azrael's body goes over with Zach van Owen holding tight, and moving into a polling pin. The fans get on their feet.


Mike Rolash: I don't understand! My brain hurts!

The referee slides into place and counts. Zach holds onto Azrael's tights as his hand hits the canvas for a third and final time. The bell begins to sound.

Jim Gunt: He's done it! Zach van Owen has somehow done it!

Zach lets qo, quickly rolling to the edge of the ring and to the floor outside.

Ray Douglas: The winner of this match and.. STILL... IMPACT CHAMPION.... ZACH... VAN... OWEEENNNN!!!!

Inside the ring, Azrael is on his knees, unable to comprehend what just happened. 

Jim Gunt: Hard fought match tonight with Azrael showing us a side of him I wish we'd see more often. But the quick Impact Champion was able to overcome and used Azrael's own strength against him to retain.

We get a replay of the running body slam turned into a roll up.

Mike Rolash: Do you hear that Jim?

Jim Gunt: What's that?

Mike Rolash: Nothing. No follow up horns signaling the apocalypse. No rowdy fans turning over cars and lighting fires in disbelief that Azrael is champion. Nothing!

Jim Gunt: Nothing but the cheers for the Impact Champion who's reign will continue.

Azrael slams the canvas before getting to his feet, visually distressed at the sound of Zach's music.

Extreme Mode - Engage!

Zach van Owen stands tall and proud in the CWF ring. Leona comes to stand beside him, gleefully handing over the Impact Title, which Zach holds aloft.

Zach van Owen: WITNESS ME!!!

The crowd roars their approval.

Zach van Owen: It is hard to believe. But that’s right CWF. I finished the level and am still your CWF Impact Champion! I promise you, as long as I breathe, and as long as I hold this belt, I’m gonna do good as the Champ. I’m gonna do right. This belt isn’t just a prize. It’s a symbol. A symbol of hope and virtue, of truth and justice. And as the Impact Champion I intend to carry this message to all the darkest corners of the federation. This is my promise. To save the federation, and everyone in it, from the forces of darkness that seek to destroy it. To corrupt it. Bad Dudes such as Freddie…Mr Ballgame…The game is still on! And if you want even the slightest chance at this belt again then we’re gonna have to change the game somewhat. Where the rules are more like…guidelines. And you better be bloody ready for me…Cause I play on Extreme Mode.

With that Zach drops the mic as he hugs Leona close to him in the ring. The crowd roars their approval as "Liberi Fatali" plays overhead. 



Autumn Raven: No business!? Peh!

Backstage, pure concrete walls, and two athletes bickering at each other as Dr. Leggett inspects Silas' head and neck in keen detail. The two competitors have faces of pure rage, with teeth gritted and voices that could shake the arena's foundations.

Silas Artoria: I was out there, drilling Jimmy Allen into the ground and suddenly you have to come up and stink up the entire joint!

Autumn Raven: Oh, and you're the moral figure in this!? YOU LEFT ME IN THE MERCY OF A TODDLER AND A BRICK WALL!

Silas Artoria: What!? This about the Zach and Dorian match?




Silas Artoria: WELL....you're right about that but THAT'S NOT AN EXCUSE TO LEAVE A COMPANY'S FATE IN THE HANDS OF A FECKLESS BRAT!--Can you please leave?

He turns to Dr. Leggett, whom nods negatively but politely.

Dr. Harmon Leggett: Now, Silas. I told you the conditions of reentering the ring. Nothing personal. Feel free to continue your shouting match with Miss Raven.

Silas rolls his eyes and sighs disgrunted, turning his attentions back to his former partner.

Silas Artoria: Autumn. We are done. Gone. Finished. Over! I have no desire to join your hopeless pursuits when more ripe and fruitful ventures open up when you're around.

Autumn Raven: The only thing opening up will be your FUCKING THROA--

???: You will do no such thing!

All three turn their attention off frame, as James Milenko with two security officers enter. The head honcho folds his arms with authoritative sterness, and looks directly at Dr. Leggett.

James Milenko: Leave us, Harmon. You'll be free to continue your examination in a moment.

The doctor looks at the two athletes, then back at Milenko; he quickly leaves without as much as a whisper. Milenko focuses his attention at the athletes.

James Milenko: We need to talk.

Silas Artoria: Damn right 'Mr. Takeover'. If you're in charge then why the hell haven't you done anything about this miscreant!?

Autumn Raven: Woah! Look at the upper-class man using his big-boy words! Why don't you finally man up and actually do something impactful instead of whining about how I am ruining your life or something.

Silas immediately turns back to Autumn; the two getting closer and closer together to the point that their foreheads nearly pressed into each other.

Silas Artoria: Oh, you wanna go? I'd be more than happy to go.

Autumn Raven: Good thing you're open to a fight, because I've been meaning to kick your ass for the better part of a year!

Silas Artoria: And hopefully I'll anchor you in the same gutter I found you in!

James Milenko: ENOUGH!

The two turn back to Milenko, whom has clearly had enough of the squabbling. He points to Autumn.

James Milenko: You! You have ruined the match that was to solidify my boy as a pillar of this company.

Silas Artoria: Thank you!

James Milenko: And you!

He points to Silas, to the latter's astonishment.

James Milenko: I don't appreciate the words you spat out that was directed toward my boys and myself! And I can't let that go unpunished.

Milenko sighs deeply.

James Milenko: However, I am not completely ignorant, and I can see that the two of you are vying for each others throats. Such hatred, such passion, just a great cocktail!

Deep breath, big smile.

James Milenko: So I am booking the two of you to enter the Northern Crown as a team!

Silas Artoria: What!?


Both athletes look at Milenko, astonished and wide eyed at the audacity of the man.

James Milenko: A spot just opened up in the tournament, and I needed to fill it! So what better punishment than to have the two of you team up again? Agonizing isn't it?


James Milenko: Oh, and if either of you lays as much as an insult at the other, you'll be immediately fired. Have fun!

Milenko nonchalontly leaves, as Dr. Leggett quickly reentered the frame to get back to Silas' head. Autumn staring into the abyss, with Silas looking at the floor.

Simultaniously, they both scream in agony.

Do you See What I See?

We move backstage where Marcus Maximus stands. Beside Maximus is Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris, with their hands on their hips and serious looks on their faces.

Marcus Maximus: I'm standing here with the Danger Boiz, Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris.

Dan begins to rub his hands together, his head tilted down to listen while looking at the camera.

Marcus Maximus: Gentlemen. It has been a rough few weeks for you as not only have you taken part of a less than impressive losing streak, but have fallen at the hands of V.E.N.O.M several times.

Both men look physically irritated.

Marcus Maximus: Where do the Danger Boiz go from here? How do you get back on track here in the CWF?

Maximus holds the microphone over to Dangerous Dan who turns his body a bit more toward the camera.

Dangerous Dan: Where do we go from here in the CWF?

He looks briefly over at Crazy Chris then back.

Dangerous Dan: You know, maybe we don't?

Marcus looks surprised.

Marcus Maximus: What do you mean?

Crazy Chris steps in.

Crazy Chris: You know, I keep re-watching the tapes and something's just not sitting well with me. With us, really.

Dangerous Dan nods his head, agreeing.

Crazy Chris: The more I watch last week's show, the more it pisses me off.

Dangerous Dan: The more it pisses us off.

He motions with his right hand between himself and Crazy Chris.

Crazy Chris: You see, something really stood out to us.

Marcus' eyes tell the story of a man waiting for them to get to the point.

Crazy Chris: It's obvious who can get away with things around here.

Dangerous Dan shakes his head, agreeing.

Crazy Chris: All it took was for us to really listen to what Dick Fury was saying out there...

We can here boos from the crowd off screen who are obviously watching on the big screen in the arena.

Crazy Chris: ...and then look at what has been happening to us.

Chris looks at Dan who nods again before turning into the microphone.

Dangerous Dan: We haven't gotten a fair shake since we returned, and you want to ask us what our future is here in the CWF?

Dangerous Dan laughs.

Dangerous Dan: Well, we...

A voice interrupts them.

Voice: The sound of... believers.

The camera pans out a bit to see Dick Fury step in followed closely by The First Apostle, Austin Bishop. He raises his arms out, a smile across his face as Marcus Maximus turns toward the two new men.

Marcus Maximus: Dick Fury and Austin Bishop, I was unaware that you were going to be here tonight.

Fury looks sharply at him.

Dick Fury: Really? You were unaware that The Savior of the CWF and The First Apostle would be here?

As Dick looks at him with disgust, Austin Bishop stands behind staring with deadly intentions in silence. Fury waves Maximus off and turns toward The Danger Boiz.

Dick Fury: The Gospel of Dick has reached the congregation and on this day it was said, that no longer would the CWF hold it down!

He turns more toward the camera.

Dick Fury: The two men standing here with Dick have had their eyes opened. They have seen through the lies and bullshit spewed every week. The Danger Boiz have proclaimed their allegiance with The Savior... with The God Killer!

Fury raises his arms again, a smirk like only Dick can deliver coming across his face. Dangerous Dan looks at Crazy Chris with confusion and receives a similar response.

Dangerous Dan: I.... no, we....

He motions toward Chris.

Dangerous Dan: ...Think you may just be mistaken there.

The glee which once was visible across Fury's face is now irritation as he lowers his arms.

Dangerous Dan: The Danger Boiz don't follow no one.

Crazy Chris: Nope.

They both look to move more into a defensive pose as Dick Fury turns back toward them. Austin Bishop continues his thousand yard stare. Finally, the silence is broken as Dick smiles and turns back to Marcus.

Dick Fury: You know what Marcus?

Marcus Maximus: What's that Dick?

Dick smirks again.

Dick Fury: Dick thinks that The First Apostle here...

Dick slightly turns toward Austin Bishop and smiles before turning back to Marcus Maximus.

Dick Fury: ... can answer your question about the future of The Danger Boiz in the CWF...

Fury turns and steps back as Austin Bishop pushes past Marcus Maximus, throwing a boot up that catches Dangerous Dan in the stomach before bringing a log like arm down across his back, sending Dan to the floor. Crazy Chris takes a swing at Bishop, who grabs his arm with his left hand and slams a huge closed fist with his right into Chris' face, sending him to his back.

Dick Fury: Show them what happens to those who do not believe in The Savior!

Marcus Maximus watches in horror as Bishop lifts his leg, bringing his foot down across Crazy Chris' head. He violently turns and reaches down, grabbing Dangerous Dan before pulling him to his knees. Holding Dan by the back of his neck with his left hand, Bishop slams his face not once or twice, but three times with a closed right fist.

Marcus Maximus: My God! No!

Blood explodes from the nose of Dangerous Dan as Austin Bishop tosses his unconscious body to the floor to lay next to Crazy Chris. Fury drops to a knee near them. He grabs Dangerous Dan by the hair, lifting his head in order for his blood covered face to be seen by the camera. We see Maximus scurrying off in the back as Dick begins to yell.

Dick Fury: Do you see this? DO YOU?! 

His anger fills him.


Fury slams Dan's already crimson face into the floor before standing up and turning to Austin Bishop. His breath is hard as his adrenaline continues to pulse. Turning back to the camera, Dick continues.

Dick Fury: A storm is brewing CWF.... A storm like never seen before in the CWF...

Austin Bishop cracks his neck next to Fury.

Dick Fury: Destruction is coming.... and not.. one.. God... damn... person....

The camera zooms in on Dick's face.

Dick Fury: ....is safe.

Fury pauses before he begins to walk away, Austin Bishop following behind as he cast a tall shadow on The Savior. The camera pans down and rest on The Danger Boiz, displaying the destruction which was foretold before we fade away.

Commercial Break

Jarvis King (c) vs. The Shadow

As we return to ringside, Mike Rolash is grinning like the Cheshire cat.

Mike Rolash: Aaaah, what a man...

Jim Gunt: Where's Ataxia when you need him.

Mike looks a bit uncomfortable upon hearing his name.

Mike Rolash: And whyyy?

Jim Gunt: Because he could finally offiicate, but how are you going to break it to Petunia?

Mike Rolash: She'll be-- what are you talking about?

Jim can't keep his laughter in anymore.

Jim Gunt: Nevermind.

Ray Douglas: The next match is the final qualifier for the WCWA When Worlds Collide PPV! The winner will represent CWF in the World Heavyweight title match!

The Calgary fans start to cheer. Then the lights around the arena cut out, as “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour starts playing and immediately the cheers turn to jeers.

And during the few moments that we have left, 
we want to talk, right down to earth
in a language that everybody here can easily understand

As the song’s iconic guitar riff begins to fill the arena, a single spotlight rests on the entranceway, and in an elegant script, words are scrawled across the screen:

Some men are born great
Some achieve greatness
But only one man is Jarvis J. King

With that, Jarvis King steps out into the entranceway, flanked by Elizabeth Bates, smiling at the resoundingly negative reaction by the Albertan crowd. Jarvis bounds up and down, smacking himself in the face lightly before he raises his right index finger in the salute of the Glass Ceiling, which brings the lights up.

Ray Douglas: Making his way to the ring, from Halifax, Nova Scotia! Accompanied to the ring by Elizabeth Bates, he weighs in at 240lbs. He is The Icon, “East Coast Excellence” JARVIS J. KING!

The capacity crowd jeers The Icon as he makes his way to the ring lazily, sliding under the bottom rope before climbing the middle turnbuckle of his corner and raises his right index finger high above his head with a self-assured grin on his face. Suddenly a thud makes him jump back as an arrow lands right between his feet. Frantically he looks around for the source of the arrow and finally sees The Shadow’s companion Myfanwy standing in the audience, her bow still raised. She curtsies with a flourish and points at the arrow.

As Jarvis looks down, he sees that there is a scroll wrapped around the arrow. After extracting it from the arrow he unrolls it and as he begins to read, Myfanwy conveys the message to the crowd.

Myfanwy: It shall henceforth be known that the reign of the king shall come to an end and that he will relinquish his throne at Northern Crown.

Jarvis’ grin is quickly turning into rage with every word spoken and he makes as if trying to exit the ring in Myfanwy’s direction when the lights go out once more and the bass of Primordial’s “To Hell or the Hangman” starts to pound over the sound system, the red fog emanating from the entrance once more as the rhythm comes in. Jarvis stops in his tracks and looks at the stage instead, breathing heavily in anger, but nobody is coming out.

Mike Rolash: Typical, play the big shot and have this wench do the dirty work and then run with his tail tucked between his legs!

Jim Gunt: This indeed is odd, I am starting to wonder, if the Smokin’ Aces might be behind this, it wouldn’t be the first time.

The music fades and the lights come back on. Immediately the fans give a loud cheer as The Shadow is standing in the centre of the ring, staff in hand Jarvis whirls around, taking a step back, but all there is are the ropes. After a moment he composes himself and walks up to The Shadow, going nose to nose with the Weaver of Dreams, who neither backs up nor flinches.

Jim Gunt: And there he is, for the first time ever that Jarvis King and The Shadow meet in the ring and as big as this match is with the opportunity to represent CWF in the WCWA PPV When Worlds Collide, this is just the prelude to the big match two weeks from now in Vancouver, where these two men will meet for a second time, but this time for the Paramount title that Jarvis has had around his waist for months now.

Mike Rolash: Yeah, he wishes to get past Jarvis, there is a reason why he has been holding the belt for this long and no boohoo voodoo is going to change that!

Elizabeth exits the ring as referee Trent Robbins checks both athletes for any hidden objects and it looks like he is telling them in quite clear words that he will not tolerate any shenanigans. As he hands the belt over to the time keeper he signals for the bell to be rung and the two competitors immediately lock up with Jarvis’ slight weight advantage and his technical background enabling him to push The Shadow back and into the ropes when Robbins calls for the break. Jarvis grudgingly obliges, but the moment he retreats he shoots forward again with a quick high knee to the stomach.

Jim Gunt: Jarvis right away shows his ring experience and a lariat sends The Shadow out of the ring!

The Calgarian manages to land on his feet, but Jarvis looks to capitalize immediately and takes for the ropes - SUICIDE DIVE!

Mike Rolash: Ooh yeah, the king is showing the peasant his place.

Jarvis grabs The Shadow to roll him back into the ring, but suddenly sees the ring post come his way fast and while he manages to barely avoid impact, he does not see The Shadow running right after him.



Jim Gunt: This is eye for an eye, a lariat by The Shadow sends the reigning champion over the barricade and right into the fans!

Both wrestlers fly over the barricade, landing hard on the concrete flooring.



Mike Rolash: If they get counted out, does Jarvis still get the champions’ advantage and go to When Worlds Collide?

Jim Gunt: Good question, but let’s wait and see what happens here before we start to speculate here.



Still unsteady on his feet himself, The Shadow throws Jarvis back over the barricade before rolling in and back out of the ring to break the count. As Trent Robbins re-starts, The Shadow walks over to the just rising champion, but Elizabeth is on the apron, yelling to the referee. Predictably he turns to her, enabling Jarvis to land a solid closed fist hit to The Shadow, sending him reeling. While Elizabeth jumps back off the apron with a smile on her face, Jarvis has seized the moment to gain the upper hand.

Jim Gunt: Jarvis definitely took an unfair advantage here--

Mike Rolash: Piffle, he is just showing his experience!

Jim Gunt: He cheated!

Mike Rolash: He re-interpreted the rules.

Jim Gunt: Good Lord… Ooh, Jarvis whipping The Shadow into the steel steps! No! Reversal and Jarvis hits them with his shoulder!

The champion is down, holding his shoulder and neck from the impact as The Shadow staggers over and grabs King by the hair. Meanwhile Trent Robbins is berating them to stop their outside-ring skirmish and return to the squared circle, immediately followed by Jarvis being heaved under the bottom rope. The Shadow is shaking his head as if trying to clear the cobwebs of Jarvis’ earlier punch.

Mike Rolash: Jarvis got him good!

Jim Gunt: It was still illegal--

Mike Rolash: Will you quit it?

As he re-enters the ring, Jarvis is ready, though, catching him with a superkick that sends The Shadow into the ropes. The Icon follows right up and whips his opponent into the ropes on the opposite side, taking him down with a hard clothesline that almost turns The Shadow inside out. With an arrogant smile on his face he grabs the Weaver of Dreams’ legs.

Jim Gunt: Oh, King is going for the--

Mike Rolash: --SHARPSHOOTER! It is time to pay tribute to the king!

As he tries to lock the move in, though, The Shadow manages to twist himself enough to avoid Jarvis being able to turn him onto his stomach. After some struggles Jarvis lets go and instead kicks his downed opponent. Grabbing him by the hair and dragging him to his feet, Jarvis pulls The Shadow in for a short-arm clothesline, but holds on to him after the hit, keeping him on his feet, then going for the ropes and a flying forearm hits The Shadow hard, sending him backwards and through the ropes to the floor!

Jim Gunt: Ouch, that was a hard hit and what is Jarvis doing?

Mike Rolash: He is trying to take the top turnbuckle off!

Trent Robbins is right on him to stop that, leaving The Shadow laying out on the thin mats surrounding the ring.

Jim Gunt: I don’t like the look of this!

Elizabeth keeps alternating between looking at the referee and The Shadow, sneaking around the ring. As she puts her hand into her pocket a roar goes through the crowd as Myfanwy bounds over the barricade, grabbing Elizabeth by the hair, yanking her back. Her shriek alerts Jarvis, who immediately abandons any attempts to manipulate the turnbuckle and exits the ring, hurrying over to his associate’s side.

Mike Rolash: That’s assault! Disqualify them!

Jim Gunt: Uh, Mike, neither of them are part of the match…?

Mike Rolash: Aargh, can you stop with your stupid rules at least for a moment and follow me on this?

Jarvis is threateningly pointing at Myfanwy to let go of Elizabeth, which she obliges to, but not without giving her just a little extra pull before doing so, sending her crashing to the ground. Before Jarvis can make a move towards Myfanwy, though, he is taken off his feet by The Shadow clipping him at the knee. 

Jim Gunt: Ooh, he might have hit the one real weakness of Jarvis!

Mike Rolash: Opportunist.

For a few moments both athletes are on the ground, but The Shadow manages to grab Jarvis and pull him up and roll into the ring, where King tries to use the ropes to get himself into a vertical position, but The Shadow grabs him and pulls him away, the Internet Icon hobbling along on one leg. With a quick move The Shadow lets himself fall to the mat, taking out Jarvis’ good leg with a sweep before moving right in and grabbing Jarvis’ legs.

Mike Rolash: No, he is not…

Jim Gunt: Yes, he is, he’s going for the sharpshooter himself, Jarvis’ very own finishing move!

But Jarvis has enough wherewithal to stretch himself to the max and lay one finger on the bottom rope!

Mike Rolash: Referee, break the hold!

Trent gives Mike a reprimanding look, but tells The Shadow to break, which he does. Immediately Jarvis uses the rope to pull himself towards the edge of the ring, but The Shadow does not let up, is, however, distracted by Elizabeth rushing to Jarvis’ side.

Jim Gunt: She is reaching into her pocket again! Referee!

Myfanwy suddenly breaks into a full run, trying to get to Elizabeth, but she already managed to give Jarvis the mysterious object, which is a set of brass knuckles that he puts to good use as he hits The Shadow square in the face with them. As the Weaver of Dreams crumples down in a heap, Trent Robbins immediately calls for the bell while Myfanwy again grabs Elizabeth by the hair, dragging her away from the ring while screaming at her.

Jim Gunt: Wow, this has turned into pandemonium here and I can just imagine what the match at Northern Crown is going to be like!

Mike Rolash: This is a travesty!

Ray Douglas: Winner by disqualification and representing CWF in the World Heavyweight Title match at When Worlds Collide - THE SHADOW!

Calm Before The Storm

Jim Gunt: King just blatantly decking The Shadow with those brass knuckles! Getting himself disqualified.

Mike Rolash: Wait.. Does that mean The Shadow is representing CWF in the WCWA World Heavyweight Championship match at When Worlds Collide?

Jim Gunt: That's exactly what it means, and I for one, couldn't be more elated!

Mike Rolash: The same pay per view that comes to you live, December 4th!?

Jim Gunt: Was that a cheap plug?

Inside of the ring Jarvis King uses the ropes to hold himself upright, also just to try and alleviate some of the pressure off his injured limb. Finally free from the grip of Myfawny, Elizabeth is under the bottom rope, soon checking on her client. Doing the same Myfawny goes to the aid of The Shadow who is knocked out cold on the canvas.

Mike Rolash: Hahaha! I can hear him snoring from over here!

Jim Gunt: You really have no morals Mike. First you plug an interfered pay per view and now this, just despicable…

Mike Rolash: I'm just doing my job man.

Myfawny begins to scream at Jarvis for his evil deed, but he only smiles at her as he arrogantly hands the brass knuckles to Elizabeth.

Jim Gunt: Jarvis King showing no remorse for his actions.

Mike Rolash: Why should he? The Shadow blatantly went for his previously injured knee.

Jim Gunt: That's beside the point, because he should be proud to stand tall, representing the CWF brand..Just like you… if you're gonna plug a pay per view, then you should be plugging Northern Crown, where we'll be coming to you live from Rogers Arena in Vancouver, only on the CWF Network. Where you will see some great tag team action. With teams already qualifying like…

Mike Rolash: The Aces!

Jim Gunt: No. The Aces had an automatic bye.

Mike Rolash: No doofus. The Aces are coming down the aisle.

Sure enough, Duce and Freddie make their way towards the ring, Jarvis watching on pleased. The Aces slide into the ring and instantly begin a stomp fest onto The Shadow!

Jim Gunt: Just look at these hooligans!

Mike Rolash: I didn't know The Aces were into soccer…

Just as Rolash makes his comment, Duce let's a soccer style kick, off into the ribs of the Weaver of Dreams.

Mike Rolash: I sit corrected… Get it? Cause I'm sitting and not standing…

Gunt ignores Rolash as Myfawny runs over, yelling for the tag champs to stop the assault. Drawing their attention, both men stop to stare at her for a moment, only to start right back. Jarvis can be seen chuckling, Elizabeth helping him out of the ring. At her wits end, Myfawny has had enough, confronting the Aces once more! Now in the face of Duce, she rips off a slap to his face!

Mike Rolash: The women around here sure do have spunk.

Jim Gunt: That's because our talent are all considered equal in that locker room.

Mike Rolash: Now when I said spunk, I meant.

Jim Gunt: Will you just shut your mouth! Just shut it!

Mike Rolash: Someone's sensitive.

A smile forms across the lips of Jones as he begins to stalk towards Myfawny. She slowly backs up until she is pinned in a corner.

Jim Gunt: Myfawny is in a bad spot.

Mike Rolash: She sure is, Duce is known for messing chicks up.

Loud audible boos ring out through the arena as Duce looks to cause serious harm to The Shadow's colleague. But before he is able to do anything, “From the Pinnacle” blares out though the speakers as Dorian and Chloe Hawkhurst come storming out! As Elizabeth helps Jarvis up the aisle, they try to get out of the charging Hawkhurst's way. However it's Chloe who veers off route, kicking Jarvis’ injured leg, causing him to lose balance!

Mike Rolash: Where are her parents?

Jim Gunt: Saving The Shadow!

Dorian is inside the ring and swinging like a madman! Right hand drops Styles! Right hand for Jones! Styles is back to his feet, but catches another punch, Jones suffering the same fate. Hawkhurst is on Styles, bringing him to his feet and whipping him towards the corner. Crashing hard, Styles is able to avoid a charging Demon of Sobriety as he crashes in the corner! The mishap cost him, Jones right there to blast him as soon as he turns with a Yakuza Kick!

Jim Gunt: The numbers game is just too much for Dorian, the Aces now stomping him in the corner!

Mike Rolash: I think that bottle is starting to wear off.

Jim Gunt (sarcastically): You're just on fire tonight huh?

Rolash only smiles, meanwhile the Aces continue their assault, Myfawny finally able to get The Shadow out of the ring and up towards the stage area. Boos continue to ring out, both Freddie and Duce bragging to the raucous crowd about their actions. Suddenly the lights begin to flicker, soon throwing the arena into complete darkness! The opening tunes of “Bleed the Freak” sounds out as the boos get even louder! Smoke bellows from the stage, Trent Steel emerging, racing down the aisle!

Jim Gunt: Here comes the Son of a Bitch! But these fans are not showing any love for Dorian's savior.

Mike Rolash: The guy wants to burn the CWF to the ground.. He gets no love, no matter what he's doing.

Styles pushes the downed body of Hawkhurst out of the ring with his foot. Chloe coming over to check on her father. Sliding in the ring, Steel stands his ground, the Aces themselves, not budging. An intense staredown between the three men commence.

Mike Rolash: Why are they not ripping his head off?

Jim Gunt: You obviously don't know about the background of Trent Steel.

Mike Rolash: Should I care?

Duce whispers something to Freddie. Nodding his head, Freddie steps out to the apron, just as official Clark Summits is entering the ring calling for the bell!

Jim Gunt: Earlier, these two men had an intense confrontation.. But right now seems like the calm before the storm.

Mike Rolash: I feel… as if… I heard that before.

Bloodsport Incorporated

The cameras cut backstage where several of the staff members are tidying things up; some going over paperwork with each other, even makeup artists putting together the looks of your favorite CWF superstars. A man walks past the two men going over the paperwork, bumping into them hard knocking several pieces out of their hands. 

John Mapother.

The suited up former colleague of Ryan Sunset is seen with a wide smile on his face as the camera zooms right in to show it.

Marcus Maximus comes stumbling towards him almost as if he was pushed to do so. He quickly regains his composure before nodding to Mapother and placing the microphone up to his lips.

Marcus Maximus: Welcome back to CWF, John Mapother. I am told you asked for this time?

John Mapother: Indeed, my friend, I am here on behalf of Bloodsport Incorporated. 

The smile still hasn't left the lips of Mapother.

Marcus Maximus: Ookay, care to elaborate? 

John Mapother: Yes. Bloodsport Incorporated is a Combat Advocacy Group represented by a former CWF superstar, and because of this CWF cannot legally deny them representation in the Northern Crown tournament otherwise I will gather some of the best lawyers that money can buy, and I will sue the fuck out of this place. James Milenko or Jon Stewart won't have to worry about who's running this shitshow anymore, because there won't be any left of CWF after I'm done.

"Is that so?"

Jon Stewart comes walking into the scene, eying up Mapother immediately. The smile on the suited man finally fades away.

Jon Stewart: You come in here acting all high and mighty with your legal lingo, well, you can kiss my ass. The tournament is full, twelve teams are announced and there is no more room for someone like you.

John Mapother: Twelve teams? Bloodsport Incorporated would annihilate all of them.

The Swedish monster, Christer "Fenrir" Lundmark looks up from his chair, pushing away his makeup artist as he gets to his feet and makes his way over to Stewart and Mapother.

Christer Lundmark: You want a spot in Northern Crown? I don't care who you are or why you want it, but I'll tell you what, you can have my spot. When I was told earlier tonight that despite losing to V.E.N.O.M with Azrael that they were going to be putting me with that god loving imbecile, I was about to be sick. I want nothing to do with that man and his games any longer.

John Mapother places a hand on the back of Lundmark, the smirk once again returning, that is until Lundmark quickly swipes away his arm.

John Mapother: Hey there, easy big guy. So what do you say, Stewart, we got a deal?

Jon Stewart seems to contemplate the offer from Lundmark, finally nodding at both men.

Jon Stewart: Okay I have an idea that I think will make both of you happy, even though I don't know why the fuck I would even try to do that. Lundmark, you got your wish and you're out of Northern Crown, and Mapother's Bloodsport Incorporated is in. 

Christer nods at Stewart and goes to walk away.

Jon Stewart: But Christer, not so fast. You're not off the hook yet, my friend. Your rivalry with Azrael over the past few months has certainly been an exciting one, and if I'm going to let you out of the tournament teaming with him, you have given me another idea instead. How about we have our first ever "Hammer of the Gods" match? We put you and Azrael in that ring, hang up a gigantic hammer on a wire and see which one of you can climb up and get it first. Whoever gets that hammer doesn't win the match, but can do some major fucking damage. Pinfall or submission wins. What do you think?

Christer Lundmark: I think that after Northern Crown, Azrael will be wishing that he stayed dead.

Lundmark walks away determined, leaving Mapother and Stewart alone. John Mapother just smiles again, patting a frustrated Stewart on the back before walking away himself.

The Smokin' Aces (Duce Jones & Freddie Styles) (c) vs. Dorian Hawkhurst & Trent Steel

The bell rings, Trent Steel and Duce Jones starting things off. Jones goes in for a lock up, but it's the veteran Steel who takes Jones down to the mat with a double leg takedown. Jones quickly rolls to his stomach, and positions himself to his feet as Steel has a rear waist lock. Growing tired of the meager challenge, Steel shoves Duce by the back of his head, releasing his grip. This does nothing but anger the second generation wrestler, Jones charges at Steel swinging wildly. Steel however is able to dodge the punch, quickly hooking Jones and drilling him into the canvas with a Backdrop Driver!

Jim Gunt: I'm glad to see things have calmed down, but what a vicious maneuver Jones just received.

Mike Rolash: Duce has really been taking shots to the head lately. He really needs to hold back on his aggression a bit.

Jim Gunt: Steel has Jones too his feet.. Hard chop sends Jones backing into the ropes. Steel with the irish whip!

Jones rebounds off the ropes, Steel going for a leapfrog, but Duce slides underneath. Quickly to his feet, Jones stuns Trent Steel with a brutal headbutt! Steel is sent reeling backwards, but he shakes off the effects. A knife edge chop is dodged by Steel, himself shooting for Jones legs. But Jones is able to dodge out, both men slowly rising to their feet. Backing towards their corners, they both tag in their respective partners.

Jim Gunt: Here we have an Impact title rematch!

Mike Rolash: Yeah, to bad neither one of them still hold the belt. I still say Freddie was cheated. There was no way he was prepared for van Owen.

Styles and Hawkhurst circle the ring, measuring each other up. Ducking underneath a lockup attempt, Styles has a rear waist lock on Hawkhurst, quickly transitioning to a side headlock. He tries to tighten up on the hold, but it's the larger Demon of Sobriety, who lifts Styles off his feet and tosses off himself, breaking the hold! Styles lands on his feet though, and with haste goes to kick Dorian in the gut. He catches the boot of Styles, throwing it back to the canvas, and rocks him with a big right hand!

Jim Gunt: That right hand from Hawkhurst has Freddie on the defensive in the corner. A barrage of clubbing blows by the Demon of Sobriety! Heading into Northern Crown, do you think the Aces have a chance at retaining those belts Mike?

Mike Rolash: Well Duce has been around here screaming they want better competition. And looking at the teams already on paper. The Entourage pose the only threat.

Jim Gunt: Well my inside sources would beg to differ with you my good friend. Styles with an elbow, buying himself some space!

Styles rockets off a knife edge chop, that Hawkhurst can feel though his shirt! Trying to retreat proves futile, Styles stinging his chest once more. Dorian finds himself in enemy territory as Styles makes the tag to Jones. Styles takes Hawkhurst over with a snapmare, Jones rushes the ropes and on his return clocks Hawkhurst with a knee smash!

Mike Rolash: So you got inside sources? Who are they?

Jim Gunt: They wouldn't be inside sources if I told you now would it?

Hawkhurst is sent stumbling back to the canvas, thanks to the foot of Jones. It's not enough to keep the Demon down as he staggers to the ropes, using them to help himself up. Jones though is relentless, nailing forearms to Hawkhurst's jaw. Jones goes for an irish whip, but the bigger Dorian overpowers him, whipping him towards the neutral corner instead. Using his speed to his advantage, Jones places his hands on the ropes and leaps backwards over the charging Demon! Racing towards the opposite corner, Jones now runs in at Dorian, but the Demon of Sobriety is the quicker of the two this time, lifting Jones  off his feet and planting him into the mat backfirst.

Jim Gunt: Big Sidewalk Slam by Hawkhurst! The Aces seem to have fallen off that high horse they've been on, losing to Hostile Takeover last week.

Mike Rolash: That was one lost, you can't write them off just yet. After they take care of these two, the Northern Crown Cup is surely to be in the bag.

Making the tag, Steel comes in chomping at the bits, he hurriedly brings Jones to his feet and rocks him with a vicious forearm across the jaw! Duce looks like he's about to fade - Jones comes back with a forearm of his own! A sick smile forms across Steel's lips, coming back with another brutal forearm that sends Jones crashing into the corner! Steel however doesn't let up as he begins to go bezerk on Jones with unrelenting forearm after forearm! Clark Summits trying his best to stop the onslaught!

Mike Rolash: C'mon Clark do your job!

Finally able to get Trent to back off, he's distracted by Styles, who's trying to enter the ring, yelling that Steel's going to far! Seizing the opportunity, the Son of a Bitch goes back on the tirad of vicious forearms that finally leave Jones slumped in the corner. Still not letting up, Trent Steel brings Jones to a vertical base, bringing him out of the corner, and rocks him with another forearm! Trent begins to laugh as Jones is out on his feet. Taking a few steps back Steel fires off a SUPERKICK that sends Jones stumbling backwards into the opposite corner.

Jim Gunt: He's just toying with Jones out there.. I think this kid's big mouth finally caught up to him.

Mike Rolash: How dare you!

Jim Gunt: What?

Mike Rolash:

Steel charges in at Jones, but he springs to life catching his incoming foe with a boot! Shaking it off, Steel fires back with a right hand. Trying to retreat to the best of his ability, Jones uses the ropes to guide himself out of the corner. But it's the Son of a Bitch that stays on him with right hands.  Now leaning on the ropes, if not only to keep himself upright. Jones tries his best to fight back, but he seems woozy from all the shots to the head he's taken. With control in his favor, Steel whips Jones to the opposite ropes. But it it's the Kid that Never Dies with the reversal, whipping Steel towards the corner. He charges in behind Steel for the quick attack, but it's Steel who is up and over Jones, sprinting towards the opposite corner. Jones turns around but it's too late as Steel drills him with a Flying Knee Strike!

Jim Gunt: I'm almost certain Duce has a concussion right now, he really needs to make the tag to Styles!

Mike Rolash: He's fine Jimbo.

Jim Gunt: Well while he's slumped in the corner over there. Trent has tagged in Hawkhurst and he's coming in with a head full of steam. BODY AVALANCHE! Pulling Jones out of the corner Dorian is going for the first pinfall of the match!



Jim Gunt: Styles with the save, double stomping the back of Hawkhurst!

Hawkhurst tries to get in the face of Styles, but it's Summits who's their to admonish him for his interference. Turning his attention back to the weaker Ace, Hawkhurst brings Jones up by his dreads. From the depths of nowhere Jones finds new life, breaking free! He connects with a kick to the gut of Hawkhurst, spinning backfist, low kick to the leg drops Dorian to a knee, and D-TRIGGA! The crowd show respect from the comeback as both men are down!

Jim Gunt: That might be the break that Duce Jones needs!

Mike Rolash: He's called the Kid that Never Dies for a reason.

Slowly crawling towards his team's corner Jones makes the tag bringing in Styles who drops a rising Hawkhurst back down with a clothesline. He goes for the pin, but gets a count of one as Steel is there to break it up. Styles is now up and in his face, both men talking trash to each other. Summits is on the job though, telling Steel he has to make the tag if he wants to enter the match. With his attention back on Dorian, Styles brings him back up, and sends him staggering back with a chop! Fed up with the bullshit rules, Steel renters the ring, grabbing Freddie from behind and spikes him into the mat with a German Suplex! Duce is back in the ring, swinging with a lariat, but Steel ducks. A lariat attempt by Steel is also dodge as Steel leans on the ropes. With no regards for his or his enemy's body, Duce comes sailing in with a CROSSBODY THAT SENDS BOTH MEN TUMBLING OVER THE TOP ROPE! DUCE CRASHES ON THE FLOOR AS TRENT'S SHOULDER HITS VIOLENTLY WITH THE APRON!

Trent Steel: FUUUCCCKKK!!

Steel clinches at his shoulder in pain. Jones though stumbles to his feet trying to gain his bearings, but it's Hawkhurst who sends him flying backwards to the floor with a Running Front Dropkick! The Calgary fans are on their feet, showing their appreciation for this intense action, as Hawkhurst let's out a guttural yell, before high fiving Chloe at ringside. Grabbing Jones off the floor, he rolls him inside of the ring. Opting to use the apron to enter the ring, proves bad judgement for Dorian as Jones leaps up with a Bicycle Knee! Hawkhurst is rocked on the apron as Styles is right there making his move, yanking the feet of Dorian sending him crashing violently with the apron! Boos soon ringing out from the crowd.

Jim Gunt: Oh my Lord! Did you see the way his face smacked off the apron?

Mike Rolash: What did it hurt? He already has a face a daughter would love.

Jim Gunt: I'm not going to even dignify that with a response, but right now it looks like the Aces have the full advantage.

Mike Rolash: Shit! Trent Steel just popped his shoulder back into place!

Using the apron to realign his shoulder, Steel catches an unsuspecting Styles with a forearm that sends him staggering into the barricade. Sliding back in the ring, Jones looks to catch him off guard, but Steel quickly trips him to the mat by his legs, with another double leg trip. Bringing Jones up by his hair, an irish whip is reversed by Jones as Steel crashes in the corner. He has no time to recover as Styles is back in the ring, crushing him with a Styles Splash! Moving out of the way Styles watches on as Jones connects with a Crossbody, going through the ropes and landing on the apron. Trent staggers out of the corner, the champs having their timing down to a science. Duce springs off the top ropes, just as Freddie goes into a full rotation, dropping Steel with a Tornado Kick/Duce's Wild combination!

Jim Gunt: Trent Steel is at a disadvantage right now, as the CWF Tag Team champs look to finish him off.

Mike Rolash: Serves him right, and I hope they never find that bastard of a son of his either.

Looking to have victory in their sights, the Aces ignore the booing Canadian fans as Jones slowly brings Steel up by his hair. This turns out to be an error in their plan. Steel breaks free hurriedly hooking the arms of Jones and drilling him head first into the canvas with a Snap Dragon Suplex! Jones rolls underneath the bottom rope to the apron as Styles is now on the attack, nailing Steel with right hands. Steel is able to fight back with right hands of his own.

Jim Gunt: How is anyone gonna keep a man like Trent Steel down? He has a storied history of putting wrestlers on the shelf.

Mike Rolash: Maybe in Carnage Wrestling, but the CWF is not some backyard wrestling company. This is where the real competition is!

Jim Gunt: There is no place like Championship Wrestling Federation. However at the moment. neither man is letting up in the ring. Swinging for the fences.

Mike Rolash: Check out Dorian, he's up on the apron.

Hawkhurst slowly rises up on the apron, Styles and Steel continuing to exchange right hands. Noticing that his partner is back in the fight, Steel fires off a boot to the midsection of Styles. But he catches the foot, falling right into Trent's trap, he clocks Freddie across the ear with an enziguri! The blow sends Freddie stumbling towards the waiting hands of Hawkhurst. Grabbing Styles, Hawkhurst sends him up and over the ropes with a huge Biel Throw, Styles crashing hard on the floor! Hawkhurst drops off the apron as his partner begins to laugh inside of the ring. This gives Jones the opening he needs to spring off the top rope, catching Steel with a Shining Wizard!

Mike Rolash: Who's the legal man again?

Jim Gunt: I don't know Mike, just like Clark, we've lost control of this match. Hawkhurst is back in the ring and too his feet. A punch is ducked by Jones as he rebounds off the ropes… LARIAT BY HAWKHURST TURNING JONES INSIDE OUT!

Chloe Hawkhurst pounds on the apron, getting the fans behind her father as he slowly rises to his feet. The energy begins to surge through his body as he sees the end in Jones’ near future. He makes his move going in for the kill, when a chair suddenly comes flying in the ring, catching Hawkhurst by surprise, throwing him off his game. He looks around confused as Freddie Styles is shown walking around ringside, reaching under the apron and throwing steel chairs inside of the ring!

Jim Gunt: Well I guess Freddie sensed that his partner was in danger, and took it upon himself to distract everyone inside of the ring. What a cowardly action.

Mike Rolash: He's doing what's in Smokin’Aces’ best interest. They won't be able to retain those belts at Northern Crown if Duce isn't at one hundred percent.

Jim Gunt: I still say there is nothing ethical about this. But the fight's not over Mike!

Finally sick of Freddie making it rain chairs inside the ring, Hawkhurst makes his way over to the ropes, but it's Freddie who trips him by his feet, pulling him out of the ring and throwing him bodily into the barricade! Staying on the offense Styles brings Hawkhurst to his feet, and fires off a right hand that stuns the big man. With a fiery rage, Dorian connects with a throat thrust that has Styles staggering back. He punches Styles one more time for good measure, before irish whipping him violently into the barricade on the far side of the outside area! Meanwhile Jones is to the apron going to attack Steel, but it's the Son of a Bitch, who cracks Duce across the skull with a steel chair! Seeing this Clark Summits is left with no other choice, calling for the bell!

Ray Douglas: Here are your winners as a result of disqualification: SMOKIN’ACES!

Jim Gunt: It looks like this one is gonna be a disqualification, but the fight is far from over!

Mike Rolash: Trent did declare war.

Dorian looks across the ringside area confused to what just happened, he watches on as Steel laughs, holding a steel chair. He's suddenly caught by surprise, a returning Mr. Ballgame nailing him with a punch. Shaking off the hit, he fires back with his own, the two men engaging in a slugfest! On the other side, Steel still brags with the steel chair in tow, when he's struck in the jaw by Jones! Dropping the chair, Steel begins to brawl with Jones at ringside.

Jim Gunt: Neither one of these men are backing down right now!

Mike Rolash: The Aces are from the streets! They always enjoy a good fight!

Jim Gunt: Well it's not gonna last long. Here comes security to separate these four men.

The Fridge Flint led, security team come filing down the aisle trying to break up the all out brawl that's going! Security is able to step in as the Canadian fans are going nuts, chanting “Let Them Fight!” Security seems to have a handle on things, a huge commotion transpiring at ringside.

Jim Gunt: I'm glad that these men were able to get things calmed down, it was surely about to get ugly out here.

Mike Rolash: The fight is not over yet, Duce and Trent are up on the apron, right here in front of us!

Jones runs along the apron, looking to attack Steel. However it's the hardcore veteran, ducking down and lifting Jones onto his shoulders! With him securely positioned… STEEL TAKES A RUNNING START AND LEAPS OFF THE APRON, SENDING JONES CRASHING INTO THE EDGE OF THE ANNOUNCE TABLE, WITH THE PITTSBURGH NIGHTMARE!


Jim Gunt: We're gonna need some help out here for Jones!

Jones lies upside down in front of the announce table, everyone else sitting in shock. The only thing that can be heard is the sickening laughter of Trent Steel, who sits up next to the body of Duce. He slowly rises to his feet, security rushing over to make sure Jones is okay.

Jim Gunt: Jones talked a good game earlier, but Steel is someone you just don't mess with.

Mike Rolash: I hope Duce recovers from this, because it looked like he crashed real bad in front of us.

Freddie is over to check on his partner, Dorian and Chloe still standing there almost smiling, but trying to contain themselves. They begin to make their way up the ramp, as Steel soon follows, at his own pace.

Jim Gunt: While we try and get Jones some help out here, we're gonna send it to a commercial break..

Mike Rolash: Damn Duce...

Only The Beginning

"Undead Lullaby" by JT Music plays and fans erupt in a chorus of boos as the one and only Loki Synn comes out to minimal fanfare while the leftovers of the tag team match's aftermath slowly clear out. 

Jim Gunt: Looks like we get to hear from Loki tonight. I wonder if she'll have a response to The Shadow's scathing promo last week?

Mike Rolash: Does it really matter Jim? She could be talking utter nonsense and as long as she did it somewhere else, I'd be perfectly content with that. Loki scares any sane person.

For once Jim doesn't respond and only nods in agreement as Loki makes her way into the ring. She is handed a mic and begins to speak.

Loki Synn: It seems that I have some words to say. It seems like I got under some people's collective skin when I started telling the people the truth about how things went down at Hellbound. No one liked the fact that I showed them all just how far the champ can go, retain her belt, and despite what she might tell people, hide from me so she doesn't have to go throught the same grueling process all over again. But lucky for you MJ, that's not why I'm out here right now, I'm told that I'll get another shot to wipe that charming smile off your face and I look forward to the day that I can once again wrap my hands around your throat and take everything away from you that, as not only CWF champion, but as a human in general, you hold dear. MJ, do you think you proved something at Hellbound? Do you HONESTLY believe that you deterred me or anything that I stand for by smacking me with my own sceptar? The answer is, no MJ and you will learn this soon enough.

For right now though, it's time to address...

She doesn't get a chance to say anything as the fans all turn their attentions to the ramp to see a disgruntled James Milenko up at the top of the ramp, mic in hand.

James Milenko: Now, Loki, please don't blame me for this. Stewart wants to see you in a match, tonight, right now. 

Loki starts freaking out in the ring, kicking at the bottom rope in frustration.

James Milenko: That's not it Loki. He wants you in a handicap match. The good news is that since he chose the match, I get to choose your opponents. He called it something about tits. Anyways, I think you'll enjoy playing around with these two young men. You could say that they have something left to prove to both myself and to you.

With that "Yeah" by Usher plays over the loudspeakers and the fans boo, if possible, even louder than they did for Loki as Colton Mace and Jaiden Rishel make their way down to the ring.

James Milenko: Get a ref down here, this match starts next!

Mike Rolash: Looks like we get an impromptu handicap match tonight, pitting Colton Mace and Jaiden Rishel against the forever unpredictable and unforgiving Loki Synn!

Jim Gunt: That's right Mike! We should also recall that right after Wrestlefest, Jaiden was coming out on an almost weekly basis to plead for another shot for Colton to win the World Title! Loki couldn't have been happy with the two of them attempting to skip her for her World Title shot, that she earned at the same event that Colton lost his...

As the two men climb into the ring, Loki doesn't waste any time and strikes Jaiden across the jaw with the sceptar! Jaiden crumples to the canvas like a sack of potatoes, his jaw seeming to hang at a weird angle in his mouth. Loki whips around to turn her attentions to Colton, only to find him hightailing it up the ramp, his face a mask of terror as Loki screams her war cry and refocuses back on Jaiden Rishel!

She picks him up by an arm and with little effort lifts him up in an electric chair position and props him up on the top turnbuckle. She pulls his chin up, earning her a squirm of discomfort from Jaiden, but not too much else. Loki laughs and climbs to the outside of the apron, climbing up on top of the turnbuckle and putting Jaiden on top of her shoulders, the two of them towering high above the thinly matted concrete floor!

Jim Gunt: Uhm, you don't think that she could be thinking... Do you?

Mike Rolash: I hope not. I don't think the Rishel's can handle too many more issues this calendar year.

However, with little hesitation, Loki grabs Jaiden by the head, cradeling him down and falling forward in a sitout powerbomb position, hitting Jaiden with her version of The Last Laugh, the back of Jaiden's neck landing uncomfortably on the hard floor underneath. With another primal laugh, Loki stumbles to her feet and grabs Jaiden by his hair, yanking him up and tossing him back into the ring.

Jim Gunt: Someone has to stop this! Anyone!

The plea falls on deaf ears as Mike and Jim look on in abstract horror as Loki takes her forgotten sceptar and begins to smash every inch of Jaiden she can reach! After several sickening thuds of the sceptar, Loki stops and absently wipes the blood away from the handle before talking 

Loki Synn: Oooo Jaiden. There once was a boy named Jaiden. Whose locker room Loki has been raiding. She beat his ass and threw him through some...

Loki stops herself and looks down at the prone body of Jaiden, whose chest is still bleeding from the bludgening, but not as badly as before. He's starting to stir and Loki looks like she has gotten an idea. She quickly hops out of the ring and slides a table back in. She isn't done there as she also grabs a cheap, full glass mirror, and slides that in after it. Jaiden is slowly rolling over to his knees, crawling over to the ropes to try and get up. Loki giggles to herself and sets up the table, right across from Jaiden. She props the mirror up against the table and then goes and gets Jaiden by the back of his hair, yanking him and pulling Rishel to the mirror. She forces him to stare at it before she rams his head into the glass! The force of the blow drives Jaiden forward and onto the table the mirror was propped on. The leverage also carries the mirror onto the table with Jaiden. With more maniacle giggles of glee, Loki pulls Jaiden's head up, and repeatedly smashes it onto the glass mirror! The glass cracks and spiderwebs appear from the force of Jaiden's head meeting the reflective surface. Loki finally slows and stops after what seems like hours. She takes a deep breath and with no hesitation climbs up to the top rope and jumps off, landing on top of Jaiden with a messy splash! The table and mirror both shatter under the sudden impact, showering the ring with splinters of glass and wood. Loki gets up and calls for another mic.

Loki Synn: So I threw him through some glass. And... I can't think of anything else that might rhyme with Jaiden but that doesn't really matter, now does it? What DOES matter is the FACT that Shadow seems to think he knows more than he actually does. Do you know what happens when you assume shit Shadow? You make an ass of yourself. You don't scare me with your allusions to me being a puppet of Milenko's and cutting my strings. You're not intimidated by me? That's fine Shadow, absolutely fine. Let's see how you do when I turn up the heat. I'm done with threats. I'm done playing nice. You want me at my worst? I hope to whatever god or goddess you believe in that you make peace with them, because you have opened up Pandora's Box in the worst possible way. Do you think what I did to Jaiden here was bad? Do you? That was back pay of having to hear him whine and complain that Colton lost to MJ at Wrestlefest. That was for having to suffer through listening to him try and bypass my, MY title shot. So that? That needed to be done. 

She bends down and smears some of the blood away from Jaiden's fresh cuts.

Loki Synn: Shadow. I hope you realize what you've done. You don't want me with strings attached? LOOK AT WHAT I'M CAPABLE OF! Do you not realize the error you made in your pride, your eagerness to show me up and prove once and for all that you aren't afraid of me? I want you to picture what I just did to Jaiden because he annoyed me Shadow. I want you to look at his body closely and then I want you to look at Dorian's little angel of annoyance. I want you to use your mind's eye and picture her in this ring with me. I want you to picture her lying in the center of this ring after the three count as I laugh at your pain. You just signed an adolescant child up for a world of hurt Shadow because YOU felt that you needed to try and get into my head. Mission successful Shadow. You're here. Now you get to play by my rules and I don't think that you're going to like that very much.

Loki picks an unconcious Jaiden back up and leads him over to the ropes, flipping him over the top unceremoniously. Jaiden tumbles to the outside, where he lays unmoving. Loki laughs and proceeds to follow him, grabbing a nearby steel chair and using it to smack Jaiden's back! The sounds are sickening and Loki can't help but laugh even more as she wraps the chair around Jaiden's neck and picks him up to his feet. She gives him a quick kiss before ramming the feet of the chair down on the mat, guillotining Jaiden's neck across the hard steel! Loki lets him fall backward, onto the shattered glass, the chair still wrapped around his neck. She skips around the body and with no hesitation grabs a shard of glass and begins carving a message into Jaiden's chest!

Jim Gunt: This is too much! This has to stop!

Mike Rolash: I think I might be sick...

Loki tosses the glass to the side before snatching up the mic once again.

Loki Synn: I want you ALL to understand something that I had thought was simple, I thought I had made it clear, but a remedial class must be given. I am my own monster, I am not under the control of James Milenko. He and I just happen to want the same things right at this very moment. I could give two shits about a gaudy looking belt that does nothing but make the wearer an instant target and gives them a pretty title to put before their name. Tobias? MJ? It doesn't matter. Come Northern Crown or whatever it's called, I will see that the "face of CWF" will know what true "hostility" is. SHADOW! Don't think I've forgotten about you as I seek to destroy everything about this place that you hold near and dear to your heart. You seem to have forgotten about my caveat. EVERY member of The Forsaken will have a match against me. When I leave and the cameras center in on poor Jaiden's broken body, I want you to think of something very carefully the next time you want to threaten me. I demand Chloe Hawkhurst be my next victim. Look at what I did to Jaiden and just imagine Chloe's broken body at my feet the next time you want to pull out all of your fancy imagery. Actions speak so much louder than words Shadow and I think it's time that you listen to what I've been telling you the entire time. Have a happy and I'll see you all on the flip side.

Leaving the scene of the bloody massacre, Loki laughs as medical personel and trainers all swarm the ring to check on Jaiden Rishel. Before being shoved out of the way and the cameras being forced off, Jaiden's still bleeding chest is shown to the world.



A Most Dangerous Game: Pt. 3

If looks could kill, Jon Stewart might be dead, but then again; if Satan had an equally crafty counterpart, Jon Stewart would dwarf him in every area and make Satan himself look like he’s doing parlor tricks. Slowly, Milenko regains his composure and straightens himself.

James Milenko: Fine, it’s fine. It doesn’t matter anyways. Do you know why Stewart?! 

Jon Stewart: Why is that Mr. Milenko?

Stewart’s voice is soft and silky with an undertone of danger. Milenko doesn’t seem to notice as he makes his move in anger.

James Milenko: Because if you make a stipulation like THAT, then I think, no, I DEMAND, that I name the stipulation of the match.

Jon’s face lights up in intrigue. He motions for James to continue as he studies the board.

James Milenko: Very well. Obviously we know that MJ can withstand Loki at her most violent, but I don’t believe that she can do it successfully multiple times in a row. So at Northern Crown it will be Loki Synn versus MJ Flair round two, in a best of three falls match! 

Jon Stewart: Wiiiitttthhhhh the caveat that should MJ successfully retain, Loki will no longer be able to challenge for the World Title for two pay-per-views or should MJ lose the title, whichever comes first.

Milenko nods as the two shake hands. Stewart is smiling, compared to Milenko’s tight lipped smirk. Milenko stands up suddenly and walks out of the room without another word. Jon Stewart watches him leave with a knowing smile on his face. He waits until he hears the door slam shut before looking back down at the board, his smile only widening as he moves one of his pieces one final time.

Jon Stewart: Checkmate.

Commercial Break

Mariella Jade Flair (c) vs. Tobias Devereaux

Jim Gunt: Here we go, Mike! We've heard from the Champion days ago regarding When Worlds Collide, but now, the time to talk is over! 

Mike Rolash: Waaah, waaah, waaah. You wanna wrestle for a heavyweight championship, be a heavyweight. Except she’d be fugly as hell as a chunkster; at least right now all I’d need to do is gag her with something so she couldn’t talk. 

Jim Gunt: ...Your respect for our World Champion is clearly without peer.

Mike Rolash: Right? 

Jim Gunt: But, as I was saying, the talking is over, the WCWA Interpromotional Event is weeks away, and the CWF World Championship is on the line! 

CUE UP: “New Orleans Heavy Swamp Blues” - Justin Johnson. 

Jim Gunt: The challenger, Tobias Devereaux, has been impressive so far in his brief career here in the CWF! But I do need to question the expedience of his World Title opportunity; has he really wrestled long enough and well enough here to warrant it? 

Mike Rolash: That’s a stupid question, Jim… he’s got the opportunity, hasn’t he? What more do you need?

Jim Gunt: A commissioner, or semi-commissioner who doesn’t have a vested interest in his victory? 

Mike Rolash: …

Green and purple strobes fill the arena as Tobias Devereaux steps through the entrance. Many fans boo; some cheer; all are ignored by the challenger. At least, we assume they’re being ignored - his hat hides his expression.

After a moment’s wait, he pushes the brim up a bit, and we see the smirk on his face as he gives the lapels of his long coat a bit of a tug. He waits again, allowing the fan reaction to wash over him with complete indifference, and starts the long walk to the ring.

Jim Gunt: This man is confidence personified, and I don’t know that I blame him. In addition to his considerable ring skills and his undefeated record so far, he has the Hostile Takeover behind him, including the monstrous Loki Synn! 

Mike Rolash: Yeah, but he doesn’t need any of that to beat Flair. 

Jim Gunt: You say that every episode of Evolution, and yet Ms. Flair is still the CWF World Champion. 

Mike Rolash: There’s no law against optimism! 

Almost floating down the aisle, Tobias slowly climbs the ring steps and enters under the top rope, his hat never moving. 

Jim Gunt: I’ll say this for Tobias - he has presence. 

Mike Rolash: That’s an understatement, Jim… he has pizzazz! 

CUE UP: “Goodnight” - The Birthday Massacre. The fans cheer as loud as they can. 

Jim Gunt: And you know who the fans are behind tonight! 

Mike Rolash: Ask Tobias Devereaux if he cares! He looks completely unconcerned! 

Indeed, Devereaux appears completely unaffected by the shift in the fan reaction as the CWF World Champion steps through the curtain and stops in roughly the same places as her challenger. A hand absent - mindedly pats the Championship Title around her waist. 

At the same time, almost imperceptibly, in the ring, Tobias touches his hand to the rim of his hat. 

Jim Gunt: Calgary is Flair country! 

Mike Rolash: Someday you’re gonna use that tired old line in a place that most decidedly is not Flair Country, and you’re going to regret it. 

The Champion steps forward and slaps a small number of hands on her way to the ring. She has a bit of a half smile on her face; it’s not large enough to be cheesy and plastered on, and it appears to betray the appreciation for the fan reaction that’s pushing its way through her stoic exterior. 

Jim Gunt: And she climbs to the top turnbuckle from the floor, we’ve seen her make that move before and the fans love it! 

Mike Rolash: I don’t. 

Jim Gunt: You’re not a fan. 

As the music dies down, MJ settles on the top turnbuckle with the World Title belt draped over her shoulder and a silent acknowledgement of the “EMM JAY EFF!” chant that is already moving. 

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit… and it is for the CWF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! 

Huge pop from the fans. 

Ray Douglas: Introducing first… from Baton Rouge, Louisiana… representing THE HOSTILE TAKEOVER…

Mike Rolash: Oh what’s that about? These idiots are conditioned to boo that name, I never thought Ray Douglas would be taken in by a honey pot. 

Ray Douglas: Weighing in at two hundred twenty five pounds… THE CAJUN SENSATION… TOBIASSSSS… DEEEEEEEVEREAAAAAAAUX!!!

Jim Gunt: Predictably, there are a good number of fans booing this man for his associations, but he’s getting a decent amount of applause as well! 

Mike Rolash: Flair’s held the belt long enough, they want a change and they want it now. 

Jim Gunt: I would say the fans are appreciative of Mr. Devereaux’s efforts, if not his affiliations. 

Mike Rolash: Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.


Jim Gunt: The fans are already chanting the Champion’s initials, Mike! Who says they want change? 

Mike Rolash: Big deal, they know approximately nine percent of the alphabet. 

Ray Douglas: From Warwick, New York… weighing in at one hundred thirty five pounds… The current reigning CWF WORLD CHAMPION…

Jim Gunt: All together now! 

Mike Rolash: I hate you so much sometimes.


In the ring, MJ holds the title belt high up in the air to a massive pop before she hands it off to Trent Robbins. The official shows the belt to Tobias before delivering it to the timekeeper and calling for the bell, and the two athletes circle each other, trying to determine the best avenue of attack. 

MJ moves in for a single leg takedown, but Tobias steps back! He fires a forearm straight down but MJ rolls out of the way and the challenger smacks the mat, but he appears to hold up just enough to avoid too much of an impact as he rises back to his feet. 

A brief moment as they regard each other with an approving glance. 

Jim Gunt: Smart moves, feeling each other out here in the early moments. 

Mike Rolash: And you tell me I’m sexist. 

Jim Gunt: What?

Mike Rolash: What? 

Tobias lazily paces the ring in front of MJ while she runs her hands through her hair and pulls it back. She matches his movements to their equal and opposite end, and the two step towards each other and lock up. 

Jim Gunt: Flair digging in her heels, she’s pushing back against Tobias, but we’ve seen this before - he’s countering by keeping his weight up and not allowing MJ to get a leverage advantage. 

Mike Rolash: He’s learned from everyone that’s come before him. 

Indeed, Tobias walks MJ to the corner, keeping his weight up and nearly knocks her over from the top down as he does so, and fires a right hand into her head on reaching it! Another! Tobias fires a third punch but MJ ducks her head and drives a shoulder into Tobias’ gut! She hooks him around the waist and lifts him up, and a spinebuster puts the challenger to the mat! 

Jim Gunt: No cover from the Champion! Will that come back to haunt her? 

Mike Rolash: Likely. Hopefully. 

Tobias climbs to his feet before MJ can do anything further, and they lock eyes again! 

Jim Gunt: For the second week in a row, MJ Flair is defending against an opponent who is relatively small but has a decided height and weight advantage on her! 

Mike Rolash: Sure, sure. Didn’t help Jimmy. Hopefully it helps Tobias.

They move towards each other a second time, but instead of locking up, Tobias slides behind MJ and hooks her around the waist, and a quick belly to back suplex with a bridge! 




Jim Gunt: You can’t stop the Champion that easily!

Mike Rolash: I can dream, can’t I? 

Rolling backwards into a defensive stance, MJ rises to her knees, hands up, but Tobias has also rolled away to avoid being trapped in a similar surprise attack. He nods and circles again, and, rising to her feet, MJ does the same. 

They move in again, and this time MJ ducks behind and spin kicks him in the back of the knees, catching both with a single shin, and she hooks his head from behind! 

Jim Gunt: Morningstar! Already! 

Mike Rolash: Not even close! 

Before she can drop backwards, Tobias gets a foot on the mat and pushes up, reaching backwards over his head to hook MJ around the waist, and he lifts her up! 

Jim Gunt: Tobias can’t slam her! 

Mike Rolash: Take one for the team! 

Jim Gunt: She’s got that cinched in tightly, but so does he! MJ has no leverage anymore but Tobias can’t break her hold without putting himself in a bad spot! She’s got his head cinched tightly, however, so he’s going to have to make his move soon! 

Mike Rolash: If he pulls her hair I bet she’d let go.

Tobias does not listen to Rolash’s suggestion; instead, he takes two unsteady steps towards the ropes, and Robbins calls for the break! 

Jim Gunt: And we get a clean break here, neither of these two want to make a mistake early on! 

At the referee’s instruction, both wrestlers step back and away from the ropes before locking up again, and MJ drops to a knee and flips Tobias over the shoulder! She locks in an armbar, and Tobias pushes back to hook her head in a legscissors, and he flips the Champion over! MJ rolls through, and she pushes off quickly! Tobias rises to his knees, and MJ with a hooked clothesline bounces his head off the mat! Roll, cover! 




Jim Gunt: Nice reversal by the Champion, but only a two count! 

Mike Rolash: I’m not surprised. 

Jim Gunt: Really? Still on this? 

MJ pulls Tobias up and hooks him by the head, and she lifts him with a snap suplex that bounces him off the mat! The Champ kips up as Tobias rolls through to his hands and knees, and MJ drops a leg on the back of his head! Roll over, cover! 



Foot on the ropes! 

Jim Gunt: The referee calls for the rope break, and Tobias rolls outside! MJ up, and she’s waving her arms towards the fans to get their volume up! 

Mike Rolash: Is that what that is? Thought it was a weird interpretive dance. 

Jim Gunt: And here’s the M-J-F chant again, and Tobias pacing outside the ring! Good move on his part, however, I think, to get the Champion’s momentum stalled. 

Tobias attempts to slide back into the ring, but he slides back out and points at MJ, directing Trent Robbins to back her up so he can get back in! 

Mike Rolash: She’s such a thug.

Jim Gunt: Flair is standing back, she’s not in his way! 

Mike Rolash: But now she’s arguing with the referee, the fool! 

She’s not exactly arguing; the Champ is simply pointing out that she’s far enough back for Tobias to reenter without any problems. However, Tobias uses the distraction to pull himself up to the ring apron and slingshot himself to the top rope and over the referee with a flying clothesline that catches MJ unprepared, and she hits the mat! 

Mike Rolash: That’s how you do it! He never touched the referee! 

Jim Gunt: There are legal moves that are still questionable, Mike. 

Mike Rolash: If it works, it’s allowed! Unless Flair does it. 

Tobias with a quick cover! 




Jim Gunt: Tobias staying on her, he pulls the Champion to her feet, and sends her into the ropes! MJ with a reversal! 

Mike Rolash: I bet she’s taking performance enhancers.

The Champion fires a clothesline on the rebound, but Tobias ducks! He’s off the opposite side, and he runs MJ over with a shoulderblock! Tobias continues his momentum, but as he hits the ropes MJ kips up again, and she drops him with a drop toe hold! The challenger’s head hits the mat hard, and MJ hits the ropes again, and drops a leg on the back of his head and neck! She rolls him over! 




Jim Gunt: Tobias isn’t getting up, this one could be over! MJ climbing to the top with a high risk maneuver, if this pays off it’s another successful defense! 

Mike Rolash: And if it doesn’t, it’ll be a happy Thanksgiving for Ol’ Mikey! 

MJ measures while Robbins counts her, and Tobias rolls through to his knees and pushes up onto all fours, and MJ flies off the top! 


Mike Rolash: Yeah she does! 

Jim Gunt: Tobias with a cover! ONE… TWO… Kickout! He pulls her to her feet and a scoop slam, and another cover! ONE… TWO… Kickout! 

MJ’s kickout puts her in the ropes, which prevents Tobias from following up again, and she pushes through the outside. She sinks to her knees, holding onto the ring apron with one hand and her jaw with the other. 

Mike Rolash: Don’t count too fast, Robbins - let her get back in or let Tobias pull her in! 

Jim Gunt: I thought the athlete in the ring should step back and let the one outside get back in? 

Mike Rolash: Whatever, whatever! You let me root for my guy! 

Tobias may have heard Rolash, because instead of getting in Trent Robbins’ way, he leaves the ring on the opposite side and stalks the Champion around the ring unseen! Finally, MJ gets to her feet - but it’s at that moment, Tobias sprints around the corner and nails MJ with a double axe handle between her shoulderblades, and she stumbles forward into the ring steps with a clang! 

Jim Gunt: That sounds like it hurts! 

Mike Rolash: It sounds like if you put your ear to Flair’s head, you could hear the ocean. 

Trent Robbins calls for Tobias to reenter the ring, breaking the count - which is probably just as well for the challenger. He pulls MJ up and slams her on the floor, drawing a chorus of boos from the fans and a warning from the referee. 

Mike Rolash: Don’t you judge him! 

The challenger holds up his arms and shrugs his shoulders at the referee, as if to say ‘Who, me,’ but he does pull MJ up and rolls her back into the ring. He follows her quickly and pulls her to her feet, and hooks her around the waist! 

Jim Gunt: Gator roll! Cover! 

Mike Rolash: Don’t make me beg! 




Mike Rolash: I’m not above begging. 

Tobias looks unconcerned; he is in control, of course. He pulls the Champion up again and sends her into the corner, and drives his shoulder into her stomach! Twice! Three times! Tobias steps back and measures her… BAYOU BASH! The Champion’s head snaps back and she sinks to the mat again, holding onto the top rope to try to keep herself off the mat. 

Jim Gunt: The Champ is fading fast! 

Mike Rolash: Not fast enough! 

Noticing this lack of shoulders to the mat, Tobias moves in, with caution from Robbins because of the ropes, and he pulls her out - MJ holds on! 

Jim Gunt: What a grip! 

Mike Rolash: Right hand from Tobias! Give her hell! 

Another shot, as Trent Robbins counts Tobias - but the Champ’s grip is loosed and Tobias pulls her out! 

Jim Gunt: Powerbomb from Tobias! You don’t see two and a quarter athletes do that often, but when you can, you should! 

Mike Rolash: I’m glad you see things my way.

Jim Gunt: I’m appreciating match strategy, not necessarily rooting for one over the other! 

Mike Rolash: Come to our side, Jimmy…

The powerbomb lands and MJ bounces, back first, while Tobias puts a single foot on her chest! 




Jim Gunt: He might’ve gotten it with a little more respect to the Champion! 

Mike Rolash: Never respect her, ever. 

Jim Gunt: It could cost him! He’s scooping her up again, and another powerbomb! MJ FIGHTS HIM! 

As the challenger lifts the Champion up, MJ holds onto the back of his head with one hand and punches him with the other! Tobias staggers backwards into the ropes as he tries to steady himself, now much more top heavy than he’s used to, and she punches again! 


Mike Rolash: Please tell me he landed on her face. 

The camera moves over to show the two athletes on the floor, trying to recover from the impact, as Trent Robbins starts the count! 

Jim Gunt: If he’d hooked the leg, Mike…

Mike Rolash: You’re enjoying this way too much.


Jim Gunt: A double countout keeps the belt with MJ, Mike! 


Mike Rolash: Don’t remind me! 


The view switches back to the hard camera, and the referee pacing slowly in front of them. 


Mike Rolash: Get up, get up, get up! 


A hand appears on the ring apron! Robbins steps back, but he maintains his cadence! 


Jim Gunt: MJ FLAIR IS UP! 

The fans cheer like crazy as the Champion pulls herself up to her feet outside the ring, while, as we adjust our view, see Tobias pulling himself up on the guardrail! 



Mike Rolash: NOOOO!!!!!!


On her hands and knees, hair hanging in her face, the Champion turns quickly to see her opponent’s status! Tobias gets himself up, and MJ gets herself up! She’s off the ropes as Tobias steps to the ring… BASEBALL SLIDE! 

Jim Gunt: That might’ve been a mistake on the Champion’s end as well, I don’t know that Tobias would’ve gotten back into the ring in the next second and she could’ve taken the countout win - but as we know, MJ Flair is a fighting champion! 

Mike Rolash: …

Jim Gunt: You can’t even give her that? 

Mike Rolash: ...FINE… she’s a fighting champion. I just wish she’d lose one of those fights. 

MJ gets herself up again and, perhaps realizing this herself, she backs up to catch her breath. However, even as Trent Robbins gives her a cursory check and returns to count, Tobias is already back to the ring apron! 

Jim Gunt: The adrenaline is definitely flowing in the challenger’s veins, he’s got his second wind but I think the Champion might as well! 

As MJ rises to her feet and comes face to face with the re-entered Tobias Devereaux, they nod at each other again, and she nods her approval! 

Jim Gunt: A moment of respect for the challenger! 

Mike Rolash: Respect is overrated. 

They lock up again, and Tobias with a handful of hair! He backs her up into the ropes with his grip hidden from the referee! Robbins does start to count on the ropes, however, and a right hand drops MJ to her knees! 

Jim Gunt: Don’t even think about it. 

Mike Rolash: My mind is as pure as the driven snow. 

Tobias with another handful of hair, and he looks out at the fans with a big smile! He draws his thumb across his neck to a loud boo - MJ with a right hand to his stomach! Tobias doubles over! DDT! Cover! 




Mike Rolash: That was a low blow! 

Jim Gunt: It was not! 

Mike Rolash: You’re just biased! 

Jim Gunt: Nothing to say about the handful of hair? 

Mike Rolash: If you don’t want your hair pulled, don’t have any! 

Jim Gunt: I see it’s working well for you. 

Mike Rolash: Hey! Wait… Hey!! Wait… HEEEEY!!!

MJ rolls backwards to the balls of her feet and stands up, stepping back and shaking her head from side to side to try and clear her brain, and she’s clearly trying to plan her next course of attack! Tobias pulls himself up on the ropes, and he puts a hand to his head to gauge whatever damage may have been done! 

Jim Gunt: MJ steps towards him, she pushes into the ropes and we’re gonna see a roll up - Tobias holds on and MJ falls backwards! She rolls through as he remains resting! SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! 

Mike Rolash: And now he’s on the ropes, and you say nothing? 

Jim Gunt: I can’t even call it a double standard with you anymore. 

A second try at a roll up, but Trent Robbins doesn’t count! He cautions the Champion about her attacks on the ropes, rightly noting that he was just as vigilant with Tobias’ attempts at the same. She stands up and looks at him, shaking her head - but she pulls Tobias up - SMALL PACKAGE BY THE CHALLENGER! 









THREEKICKOUT by the champion! 

Tobias shoots to his feet, a glazed look in his eyes - more on instinct than anything else, and he pulls MJ up to her feet! 

Jim Gunt: Tobias with a scoop, and we’ve seen this before as well! Cajun Backbreaker! 

Mike Rolash: Don’t waste time, Tobias! 

He doesn’t waste any time, but he does adjust his grip as per his usual - MJ slips a bit and hooks him by the head! 

Jim Gunt: The champion slides down the challenger’s back! She’s got his head hooked, but she’s facing the wrong way for a Morningstar! MJ drops with a modified reverse DDT! Cover! ONE… TWO… THREEKICKOUT! So close! 

Mike Rolash: Close doesn’t mean beans! 

Perhaps feeling the same, MJ turns to face the challenger, and she hooks him by the head and pulls him to his feet and down to a huge cheer from the fans! 



No longer looking to take any chances, MJ hooks one of Tobias’ legs with her arm and the other leg with her legs and leans all her weight on his shoulders as Trent Robbins gets into position! 



THREE! Foot on the ropes! 

Jim Gunt: Wait a minute…

Mike Rolash: He got the ropes!  

Jim Gunt: MJ kneels with her hand in the air, but Trent Robbins puts it down! The fans are buzzing! We heard the bell..

Mike Rolash: She cheated! Give him the title! 

Tobias as well has pulled himself up to a sitting position in the corner while MJ remains on her knees, conversing with the referee. After a moment, he walks to the timekeeper, who hands him the title and he gives it to MJ to a huge pop! 


Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, the thirty minute time limit has expired--

The fans cheer, the fans boo, and a close up of Tobias’ face shows him close his eyes in frustration and resignation. 

Ray Douglas: --this match has been determined a draw, and still CWF World Champion…

He isn’t able to announce anything, as MJ Flair takes the microphone from him! She paces for a moment, breathing heavy, as Tobias gets back to his feet and watches her intently. 


Jim Gunt: Listen to the fans, they love this idea! 

Mike Rolash: As long as she loses, I’m game! 

The fans pick up the chant, shouting “FIVE MORE MINUTES!” towards the ring, while Tobias and MJ remain in opposite corners and watch the conversations take place. 

Jim Gunt: Great showing by Tobias Devereaux, and I think he’d have a third wind in him with an extension on the--LOKI SYNN WITH AN ATTACK FROM BEHIND! 

Mike Rolash: Five more minutes! Ring the bell! 

The bell does ring - quite a bit - as more officials and security come to ringside to separate the CWF World Champion from her number one contender. In the ring, Tobias puts his head in his hands; the promise of a time extension slipping away. 

Jim Gunt: Loki allows herself to be backed up the ramp towards the backstage area as Trent Robbins helps the Champion to her feet, and I think the message has been received! 

Mike Rolash: Great strategy by the Hostile Takeover - wear the Champion down and leave her vulnerable for an attack! 

Jim Gunt: You really think Tobias wouldn’t’ve wanted to be the CWF World Champion? 

Mike Rolash: It’s a marathon, not a sprint! 

Jim Gunt: You’re hopeless. We’re out of time, we hope to see you for CWF Northern Crown on Sunday, November 18th, only on Pay Per View! Is the Hostile Takeover on the same page? Will the World Champion manage to hold onto her gold? 

Mike Rolash: Yes and no! 

The credits appear on the screen as James Milenko walks out on the ramp and stands next to Loki, a dozen or so officials on the ramp separating them from the ring where the CWF World Champion stares daggers into her eyes, and, almost imperceptibly, Tobias Devereaux leaves the ring and the arena through the crowd, where he accepts without reaction, the compliments of the fans. 


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