Evolution 34

1 Nov 2018

Rexall Place, Edmonton, Alberta (seats 16,839)

Good Evening Edmonton!

The picture tunes in to the sold-out Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta. Even though the show has not even begun yet, the fans are in good spirits and they are engaging in some shout wars between the two halves of the arena. Pyros go off on the stage as Striker's "Head First" starts to blare over the speaker system, the sound of the homeboys adding an extra layer of cheers from the Canadian crowd.


Blake Church strolls out from the curtains, this time alone.

Blake Church: It is good to be back in Canada and we are going to show the world what we do best, right?

The fans cheer loudly.

Blake Church: So, as you are all aware, we are heading straight for Northern Crown, our brand new Canadian PPV--

More loud cheers.

Blake Church: So we will have more qualifying matches tonight and so much more, but I don't want to bore you to death, I'll leave that to Mike Rolash, Mike, Jim, do your thing!

Mike is looking very flustered upon the handover and while he is huffing and puffing, Jim just smiles at the camera and picks up where Blake had left off.

Jim Gunt: Welcome to Evolution, ladies and gentlemen, and as Blake said, Mike will now bore you to death--

Mike Rolash: Hey!

Jim Gunt: Just kidding, he will only bore you into a coma. Anyways, we have so much in store, with the return of the Entourage and Trent Steel, V.E.N.O.M. springing into action--

Mike Rolash: --Silas and Autumn laying waste to the Forsaken--

Jim Gunt: --all the way to Jimmy Allen getting his first shot at the World title against MJ Flair--

Mike Rolash: --and finally getting that belt off her!

Jim Gunt: And now before he can do any more damage, let's get this to Ray and someone cut his microphone, please!

Mike Rolash: They won't da--

Jim Gunt: Thank you!

Danger Boiz (Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan) vs. The Entourage (Colton Mace & Mark Carlton)

Ray Douglas: The following tag team match is your opening contest and is a qualifying match for the Northern Crown Tournament! Introducing first!

The lights go out as a strobe of red and blue begin flashing across the arena as “Alive” by Corvyx begins to play. The crowd goes nuts as they anticipate the Danger Boiz appearance. However no one comes through the curtains.

Jim Gunt: It seems that whatever V.E.N.O.M done to the Danger Boiz have stuck, because the Hall of Famers are nowhere to be found!

Mike Rolash: This doesn't look good, those two bozos should be out here getting their asses kicked like usual.

The lights dim out inside Rogers Place, the fans quiet down, anticipating the returning Hall of Fame team. Suddenly a countdown from five appears on the tron. The ticker hits one as “Yeah” by Usher blast through the speakers, the fans rise to their feet with resentment. All throughout the arena, lights flash as if to represent cameras going off, and a red carpet is rolled down the ramp. Colton Mace, Mark Carlton and Jaiden Rishel walk simultaneously down the ramp.

Ray Douglas: Umm okay… Making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of four hundred forty one pounds! Accompanied to the ring by Jaiden Rishel! The team of Colton Mace and Mark Carlton! THE ENTOURAGE!

The former CWF Tag Team Champions make their way into the ring and ascend opposite turnbuckles, taunting the crowd once more. Jaiden taking his place at ringside.

Jim Gunt: Well the Danger Boiz are conspicuous by their absent here tonight. But Mike, isn't it great to see the Entourage back together in CWF?

Mike Rolash: At of all the teams we have in this tournament, these two, I feel are the team to beat!

Jim Gunt: The last time we saw these two team, was last year at Confliction, being the mystery team to challenge the Lost Boys got the CWF Tag Team Championships, however they came up short. But this might be a tournament that works highly in their favor.

Ray Douglas stands inside of the ring still looking towards the entrance.

Ray Douglas: And their opponents... The DANGER BOIZ!

“Alive” starts up again, but the results are still the same as the Danger Boiz have not shown their faces. Suddenly Rogers Place goes dark, the CWF Tron coming to life. Nina is shown sitting on a throne, Espinoza and Martinez standing at her sides. She strokes at her brown recluse, who's in its prison, she glares up at the camera and begins to speak.

Nina: Colton. Mark. I come today, to bear gifts. But forewarning, this is the first and last. Enjoy!

Nina begins to laugh maniacally, the lights powering back off. When they return to normal, the Danger Boiz lie unconscious on their backs on the canvas!

Mike Rolash: What kinda voodoo shit was that?

Jim Gunt: The Danger Boiz have been returned to the CWF!

Mike Rolash: Check out Mace, he's telling Dean to start the match!

Scott Dean calls for the bell as Colton Mace dives on top of Dangerous Dan, hooking the leg for the pin!




Ray Douglas: Here are your winners and qualifying for the Northern Crown Tournament! THE ENTOURAGE!

The bell rings again, Mace quickly springing to his feet, celebrating the victory as if he's won an Oscar! Both Carlton and Rishel look at him, shaking their heads.

Jim Gunt: Talk about a gimme win.

Mike Rolash: What are you talking about, he clearly worked hard to earn the victory.

Jim Gunt: Did we not just watch the same match. The Danger Boiz were basically handed to them on a silver platter!

Mike Rolash: Eh. Details, Schmetails...

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KC3 vs. Reggie T. Rascal vs. Trent Steele

Jim Gunt: I can't believe that the Entourage is back and they just levelled the Danger Boiz!

Mike Rolash: Yes, Colton is taking charge, baby, and he's going for the Crown!

Jim Gunt: Oh, he has a few people standing in the way of that.

Mike Rolash: So? He will just dispatch them like the Boiz.

Jim Gunt: Yes, Mike, he will.

Mike Rolash: Ha! You are finally agreeing with me!

Jim Gunt: No, I just want you to shut up!

Mike Rolash: But you just--

Jim Gunt (whispering): Please someone cut the music...

"The Part Rock Anthem" by LMFAO plays as Reggie T Rascal makes his appearance dancing across the stage and down the ramp, while Jim gives breathes a sigh of relief.

Ray Douglas: From New York City, New York, and weighing in at 228lbs…Reggie T. Rascal!

Reggie makes a full lap around the perimeter of the ring before rolling underneath the bottom ring rope. He shoots the fans a quick smile before take place in the corner to check on his wrist tape and chucking in a few more quick dance moves.

Mike Rolash: I can't sigh hard enough at this guy.

Ray Douglas: And his first opponent…

The lights go off as, Jay-Z’s "Run this Town", featuring Kanye West and Rhianna hits the speakers. KC3 comes out onto the stage, surveying the scene before him while rocking his head to the beat. Eventually he makes his strides down the ramp.

Ray Douglas: From Loveladies, New Jersey and weighing in at 207lbs…KC3!

He pauses as a fan tries to take a quick snap with a phone camera and the Next Generation God raises a hand to obscure the shot. His face is a mask of disdain. KC3 slides into the ring and runs the ropes a few times before halting, looking at his opponent with an unimpressed roll of the eyes and makes his way to the corner.

Ray Douglas: The final opponent for this match, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...

"Bleed the Freak" by Alice in Chains starts to play as the lights flicker and go down. Out of the entranceway comes Trent Steel as smoke billows from the entranceway.


Trent runs down to the ring and slides in. He then removes his black oakleys with red lenses and his trench coat. He goes to one of the ring corners and does a quick "Hail Mary". He then turns out of the corner and awaits for the match to begin. The bell sounds.

Jim Gunt: Triple threat action underway!

Mike Rolash: Something I bet you've never got to say before, right Jim?

Jim Gunt: You're disgusting.

The three men stand in the center of the ring, each waiting for one of the others to make the first move. After a few moments, Reggie T. Rascal breaks away, turning toward the fans. he throws his arms up to a small reaction from the crowd.

Jim Gunt: Rascal looking to cater to his own ego than start this one off.

Mike Rolash: Well, I mean, you do need a self esteem boost sometimes, Jim.

Trent Steel and KC3 exchange looks of bewilderment with each other before both looking toward Reggie. Rascal turns back to them, to find both of his opponents eyeing him down. A brief look of concern comes across his face as they both head toward him.

Jim Gunt: Trent Steele and KC3 now temporarily joining forces as they both rush Reggie T. Rascal.

Mike Rolash: You can't take your eyes off of what's at stake, I don't know how many times I can say that Gunt-man.

KC3 grabs Rascal, twisting him around, following up with a right. Reggie's body is jolted around toward Trent Steel with the force of the blow and right into another closed fist. Both men grab his arms, push him into the ropes, and together whip Reggie Rascal across the ring.

Jim Gunt: Rascal off of ropes. Trent and KC3 run...

Rascal ducks a double clothesline and all three men turn.

Jim Gunt: Rascal follows up with his own double clothesline taking both Trent Steel and KC3 down!

Steel and KC3 hit the canvas as Reggie slows himself, following up with a half bow toward the crowd.

Mike Rolash: He isn't anything if not a showman.

Reggie stomps KC3 before turning and stomping Trent Steel.

Jim Gunt: Losing his qualifying match last week, Reggie T. Rascal would love to take home a win tonight and re-align his sights.

Reggie Rascal continues to stomp both men.

Mike Rolash: Keep them both down, he can go home early tonight with a big W under his name.

Rascal finishes stomping the two men, before bending down and grabbing Trent Steel by the head, beginning to pull him up.

Jim Gunt: Reggie Rascal choosing his victim as he pulls Trent Steel to his feet.

Mike Rolash: You know, every time you say Reggie Rascal I'm taken back to the 2003 song Jus' a Rascal by UK Hip Hop artist, Dizzee Rascal from his debut Boy in da Corner album. You know, Jim, where the chorus is He's Jus' a Rascal repeated?

Silence for a moment.

Jim Gunt: No. I do not know that Mike and quite frankly that is the type of random information that just blows my mind you would know.

Mike Rolash: I just stole it from a quote on Twitter.

Jim Gunt: Now it makes sense.

Inside of the ring, Reggie brings a knee up into the stomach of Trent Steel.

Jim Gunt: Reggie Rascal with a knee the midsection of Trent Steel.

He grabs Steel, who is hunched over, by he head and drags him near the ropes.

Jim Gunt: Rascal now raking the eyes of Trent Steel across that top rope.

Reggie lets Steel go, who then grabs his eyes, stumbling around. He finds himself in front of Rascal who follows up with another eye rake.

Jim Gunt: Rascal trying to blind Trent Steel it seems.

Mike Rolash: A blind man has a harder time mounting an offense. Smart if you ask me.

Jim Gunt: No one did...

KC3, who is now up, runs toward the two. Rascal turns just in time for KC3 to leap with a Superman punch, catching him directly in the face sending him down.

Jim Gunt: Rascal hits the canvas with force.

Rascal rolls to the edge of the apron, holding his head.

Mike Rolash: KC3 with that closed fist, may have just turned things around.

Trent looks around, finally able to see. Unfortunately, it's just in time to see KC3 come forward with a knee to his gut, much like the one from Reggie Rascal.

Jim Gunt: Trent once again getting a knee into his midsection.

Mike Rolash: I hope he didn't have a big meal before the match.

Jim Gunt: KC3 now lifting the head of Trent Steel up. He comes forward with a thunderous chop across the chest of his opponent.

Trent grabs his chest and stumbles around, facing away from KC3.

Jim Gunt: KC3 back and off of the ropes, Bull Dog! He plants Trent Steel into the canvas face first.

The crowd gets loud as KC3 gets to his feet. Trent Steel rolls around holding his head.

Jim Gunt: KC3 back to his feet, stomping away at the head of Trent.

Mike Rolash: Steel is in a bad place early on Jimbo, being the focus of not only Reggie Rascal but also KC3.

KC3 continues to stomp before dropping to his knees above Trent. He grabs his head and picks him up, wrapping his arms around the neck of Steel.

Jim Gunt: KC3 now applying a sleeper hold to Steel. If he can render him unconscious while Reggie Rascal is incapacitated, he can walk out of this one not only moving forward in the Northern Crown tournament after his win last week, but with heavy momentum with another win here tonight.

Trent flails his arms, trying to break free, but just allows KC3 to get a better grip. The referee observes closely, making sure he is able to catch if Trent Steel goes unconscious or submits.

Jim Gunt: Trent Steel is able to get his fingers up and into the eyes of KC3 who briefly lets go. Steel now trying to get away.

KC3 shakes it off and headbutts Trent in the back of the head, re-applying the sleeper hold.

Mike Rolash: Trent Steel might as well give up.

Jim Gunt: The Carnage Wrestling champion refuses to give in.

Steel begins to kick, throwing his arms about. Finally, he is able to pull away from KC3 and crawls forward.

Jim Gunt: Trent Steel able to get away from KC3, but he needs a lot more to get back into this thing.

Mike Rolash: He can start by trying to actually do something here.

Jim Gunt: Trent Steel is an accomplished talent. Anytime you are in multi-person matches like this it is easy to find yourself on the defense more than usual. Trent Steel just needs to find his stride.

Mike Rolash: Well, he needs to find something.

KC3 pushes to his feet and stomps over, bringing a foot down to the back of the head of Trent Steel. Reggie Rascal begins to stir again near the edge of the ring.

Jim Gunt: KC3 lifting Steel to his feet.

He turns Trent around and grabs his arm.

Jim Gunt: Steel into the ropes.

As Trent approaches the ropes, Reggie Rascal quickly reaches up grabbing the top and pulling it down. Trent Steel is sent over the top rope and down, his shoulder hitting the edge of the ring before he falls to the floor.

Jim Gunt: As Reggie Rascal makes himself known to be back in this, Trent Steel is sent over the top.

Rascal lets go of the ropes, and turns to face the center of the ring while still on a knee. As he does, KC3 connects with a knee to his face hard.

Mike Rolash: That didn't last long, did it?

Jim Gunt: KC3 introducing Reggie T. Rascal to his knee for an intimate encounter.

Rascal rolls out of the ring and to the floor next to Trent Steel. KC3 looks around at the crowd.

Jim Gunt: KC3 continuing to position himself to win this triple threat as both of his opponents have found themselves outside of the ring.

Mike Rolash: Not if he doesn't do something quick. Right now he's just letting them rest.

Jim Gunt: I wont disagree wi..

Mike Rolash: I know you wont. you can't. It's sound logic.

Jim Gunt: And you wonder why I don't complement you often. Back to the match, it seems that there is movement.

Reggie T. Rascal uses the side of the ring to start pulling himself to his feet as Trent Steel has rolled over and started getting up, using the barricade himself.

Jim Gunt: KC3 appears to notice that both Reggie Rascal and Trent Steel are coming to.

KC3 runs backward, using the ropes to send himself with momentum. He drops to the canvas and slides with his feet out, which connect with Rascal's face.

Jim Gunt: Baseball slide connects!

Reggie Rascal's body is turned around and he stumbles away. As he does, Trent Steel pushes up and forward, grabbing KC3's feet, which are still under the bottom rope. He yanks back with force, pulling KC3 out of the ring before letting go. KC3 falls to the floor hard.

Jim Gunt: Trent Steel back into this, using KC3's momentum against Reggie Rascal to his advantage.

Mike Rolash: About time he realizes he is in this, too.

Reggie Rascal shakes off the impact of the slide. He turns toward the other two. As he does, Trent Steel charges toward him. He bends down and thrusts his shoulders into Reggie's midsection, pushing forward. Rascal's back connects with the barricade.

Jim Gunt: Trent Steel now taking aim at Reggie Rascal.

As he lets go of Reggie, Reggie's body goes limp with his arm holding him up. Trent Steel takes a few steps back before running forward and throwing his foot up, the bottom of his boot hitting Rascal square in the jaw. This time he crumbles to the floor.

Jim Gunt: Big boot takes Reggie Rascal out.

Trent Steel turns back to see KC3 back on his feet.

Jim Gunt: KC3 charges Trent Steel.

Steel bends down, catches KC3 by the waist and lifts him up, dropping KC3 down across the top of the barricade.

Jim Gunt: Trent Steel turning things around as this match continues.

Mike Rolash: Yeah, but he can't win out there. Pin-fall happens in the ring Jim.

Jim Gunt: Trent Steel seems to be remembering that now.

Steel lifts Reggie Rascal to his feet. Using the back of his neck, Steel directs him toward the ring.

Jim Gunt: Reggie Rascal being rolled back into the ring now by Trent Steel.

His body rolls in a way that his head is still under the bottom rope. Steel grabs under Reggie's neck, extending it before bringing his free arm down across the top portion of Rascal's chest.

Jim Gunt: Trent Steel continuing to control the pace of this match up now.

Mike Rolash: Yeah, but we've seen throughout where he can't ever control it for long.

Trent grabs the ropes and uses them to pull himself up to the edge of the apron. He looks over to see KC3 starting to stir. Quickly, Steel heads toward the corner post and climbs.

Jim Gunt: Trent Steel going up top.

Mike Rolash: Good way to break your neck.

Steel balances himself as he looks down toward Reggie Rascal, whom is now laying more in the ring. KC3 jumps to the apron and runs across it. Trent Steel leaps up and out with a 450 spin before coming down with a splash, hitting his mark as KC3 reaches for his foot but misses.

Jim Gunt: The Blackwinged Angel! The Blackwinged Angel!

KC3 enters through the ropes and rushes Trent Steel, whom rolls over and begins to get up. As he does, he catches KC3 on his shoulders, turns and heads toward the turnbuckle where he pushes KC3 up and over, into the turnbuckle with a Death Valley Driver.

Jim Gunt: Now the Pittsburgh Nightmare on KC3! Trent Steel may have this!

Mike Rolash: Well color me stunned.

Steel stumbles over and drops to his knees, covering Reggie Rascal. The referee slides into position for the count.

Jim Gunt: With both opponents down, Trent Steel going for the pin on Reggie T. Rascal.

Mike Rolash: The T must stand for Trashed!




As the referee's hand hits the canvas for a third and final time, the bell begins to ring.

Ray Douglas: The winner of this match via pin fall.... TRENT.... STEEEEELLLLL!!!!

Trent Steel's music begins to play has he lifts up to both knees, breathing hard but finding himself able to catch his breath.

Jim Gunt: Trent Steel may have started this match on the wrong side of the offense, but after hitting a finisher maneuver on not one but both of his opponents, he has captured the win in this triple threat set up.

Mike Rolash: Even I gotta give it to him, I didn't have him pegged to walk out the winner tonight.

Trent Steel gets to his feet and raises an arm as his music continues to play.

The Impact

We cut backstage, and the fans cheer at the sight of the CWF Impact Champion, Zach van Owen, walking briskly through the backstage. He's breathing deeply, windmilling his arms, getting himself ready for his match later tonight. 

Out of nowhere, he's blindsided, knocked into the wall, and falls to the floor! A boot kicks him once in the stomach as the camera backs up and the fans can be heard groaning in sympathy pains! 

The attacker crouches down...

Freddie Styles.

He pats Zach on the hip. 

Freddie Styles: Good luck tonight, son... keep that Impact Title safe and sound, 'cause I'mma comin' for it.

He stands up and walks away calmly, as Zach pushes himself up to a sitting position, however, still looking dazed! 

Azrael & Christer Lundmark vs. V.E.N.O.M (Omar Martinez & Vince Espinoza)

Jim Gunt: What a cowardly attack by Freddie Styles! Fortunately, Zach looks largely uninjured, he should be able to compete later on tonight - but that was uncalled for! 

Mike Rolash: Well, you steal a man's belt, what do you expect? 

Ray Douglas: The following tag team contest is a qualifying match for the Northern Crown Tournament! Introducing first…

The lights fall, a fog rolls in and an orchestra version of Metallica’s “One” begins, as a spotlight illuminates Azrael in a white cossack, with a pair of purple intersecting stripes.

Ray Douglas: Making his way to the ring, weighing at two hundred and forty five pounds, coming from undisclosed location….AZRAEL!

He slowly descends from the ceiling, arms outstretched, feet crossed and face to the heavens. As he gently reaches the earth, he pulls his hands in and bows his head before gliding into the ring.

Jim Gunt: The CWF is well known for odd pairings, and this latest one could be the oddest of the all as Azrael teams with Christer Lundmark to take on V.E.N.O.M!

Mike Rolash: Odd is an understatement, especially when you have to team with a righteous freak such as Azrael.

A wolf howl starts to sound over the sound system, followed by a hammer striking an anvil. Fire appears on the tron before the pounding rhythm and guitar of Amon Amarth's "Victorious March" begin to blare over the PA. Fenrir steps through onto the stage, long blond hair and beard braided and blue and black war paint across his face.

Ray Douglas: His partner, from Kiruna, Sweden, weighing two hundred and seventy eight pounds….CHRISTER “FENRIR” LUNDMARK!!

He stops at the top of the ramp, with a hard gaze towards the squared circle before making a straight walk to the ring, paying no heed to the fans around him.

Jim Gunt: Lundmark has really took a serious dislike to his partner here tonight in recent weeks, do you think they will be able to coexist here tonight?

Mike Rolash: I highly doubt it Jimbo, these two are on two entirely different spectrums of the earth, let alone the same page.

A total blackout consumes Rogers Place as the opening sounds of “Second Death of Souls” by Matriarch begins to play. The fans begin to stir as cellphone flashlights begin to illuminate the arena. As the song begins to kick up a notch, a red spotlight beams down on the stage area as the group known as V.E.N.O.M stand there unmoving like statues! Nina is front and center, smiling her now signature smile, as the masked mammoth Vince Espinoza is to her right. The face painted minion to her left.

Ray Douglas: Their opponents, accompanied to the ring by Nina! At a combined weight of four hundred fifty five pounds! The team of Vince Espinoza and Omar Martinez! V.E.N.O.M!

Nina begins to make her way down the aisle and towards the ring, the glass case in her right hand, two chain leashes in her left. She leads Espinoza and Martinez slowly towards the ring as the fans are still not sure, what to make of the trio. Finally coming to a stand still at ringside, she is seen, just barely turning towards the two men, unhooking the chain from their padlocks. Nina then has a seat in a throne placed at ringside as Espinoza climbs on the apron.

Jim Gunt: Speaking of odd, this group made their debut at Hellbound, last week, they made the Danger Boiz disappear, only to make them reappear this week incapacitated, causing them to lose earlier to the returning Entourage.

Mike Rolash: As hot as that Nina chick is, these guys still give me the creeps.

Azrael is the first to start things off for his team, as Martinez slides under the bottom rope, making him the one to start for his team. Azrael and Martinez meet in the center of the ring with a collar-and-elbow tie-up! Gaining control with a standing arm bar, Azrael has the hold cinched in, however the Racer takes the opportunity to flip over on the canvas! As Azrael still has wrist control, Martinez spins around on his head, quickly kipping up and over to a vertical base, and takes the Angel of Death down with a leg trip! Martinez dives on top for the cover, but Az quickly kicks out! Both men are hurriedly to their feet, however it's the AoD who gains the upper hand with a brutal lariat that sends Martinez back flipping to the canvas!

Jim Gunt: Azrael with that patented lariat, just clobbering Omar Martinez!

Mike Rolash: That it was but he needs to focus more on these two newcomers. Instead it looks like he's preaching a sermon to Lundmark!

Jim Gunt: He has a message to spread, and Mike it seems he will get it across..

With a polite smile, Azrael motions for his tag partner to remain calm, as everything is under control. Lundmark is hearing none of it, yelling for him to stay on the offensive! Nodding his head, Azrael brings Martinez off the mat, applying a side headlock. Martinez, though, has the wherewithal to back him into the ropes, shooting him off across the ring! Martinez drops to the mat as Azrael rebounds, running over top him. Putting on the breaks, Azrael waits for Martinez to get to his feet, hooking him and drilling him into the canvas with a falling side slam! He goes for the cover as Davidson slides in for the count!



Martinez able to get the shoulder up!

Jim Gunt: Azrael and Christer Lundmark have been at each other’s throats for the better part of a month.

Mike Rolash: More like Christer has been kicking his ass in every city we've stopped in.

Jim Gunt: Be that as it may, do you see them going far in this Northern Crown Tournament?

Mike Rolash: When it comes to the Championship Wrestling Federation, anything is bound to happen.

Lundmark is barking at Azrael to make a tag, which Azrael obliges with a calm smile. With malice in his eyes, Lundmark looks to inflict pain, but Azrael offers a double team. Lundmark agrees, him and Az whips Martinez to the ropes, dropping him with a double back elbow! Azrael steps out to the apron, with Martinez down Lundmark takes the chance to drop a knee across his chest! Bringing Martinez upright, Lundmark sends him back down to the mat with an European Uppercut! Martinez tries to retreat to a neutral corner, but Lundmark is on him, nailing another huge uppercut that stands Martinez up in the corner!

Jim Gunt: Lundmark with full control with those vicious european uppercuts! You know, Mike, after the brutal display this group VENOM displayed last week, they seem to be in trouble early on!

Mike Rolash: Their probably all hype and theatrics, just blowing smoke up everybody's ass.

With force, Fenrir irish whips Martinez towards the opposite corner, where he crashes against the turnbuckles! Lundmark charges in for an attack, but Martinez quickly ducks through the ropes, landing on the apron. Catching Lundmark with a shoulder to the midsection, that sends him reeling backwards, Martinez springboards off the top rope, taking Fenrir down with a front dropkick! He scurries on top for the pin as Davidson makes the count!



Lundmark is able to kickout, but Martinez is still on him, bringing him to a vertical bar and putting his shoulder into Lundmark’s gut, driving him backwards towards his team’s corner, where Espinoza makes the tag!

Jim Gunt: And here comes the powerhouse of the group!

Mike Rolash: Powerhouse? You throw one Danger Boy far and now you're classified as a powerhouse? It's clear Lundmark has the size advantage, he's not gonna be able to do the same thing to him.

The stocky masked man, steps through the ropes, giving himself some distance, he charges in at Lundmark crushing him with a body avalanche as Martinez moves out of the way. Not giving Lundmark any breathing room, Espinoza moves out of the way as Martinez comes running in! Using the second rope as a springboard, he spins in the air, connecting with a Spin Kick to the face of Fenrir! With the Viking dazed, he whips him into a waiting Espinoza, who scoops Fenrir off his feet! Carrying the larger Lundmark around the ring, Espinoza displays raw strength, lifting Lundmark up into the air for a suplex!

Jim Gunt: I thought he was going to attempt a Fallaway Slam but, with pure power he has Lundmark up for a vertical suplex!

Mike Rolash: Well.. I stand corrected..  But not only does he have Fenrir up, he's holding him there!

Jim Gunt: Now he's walking around the ring. Oh my lord!

Done displaying his strength, Espinoza brings Lundmark crashing to the canvas with the suplex! Nina watches on pleased as the Edmonton fans are on their feet for the show they just witnessed! Stalking the Viking, Espinoza towers stoically over Lundmark as he retreats to a corner! However it's the wrong one, Espinoza moves in and begins to viciously stomp down on Lundmark! Martinez tags his shoulder, stepping through the ropes, Martinez begins to stomp a mudhole in Fenrir! Having enough of the onslaught, Lundmark ducks underneath the bottom rope, rolling to the floor! He curses aloud, kicking the barricade as Azrael comes over to try and calm him down.

Mike Rolash: I can only imagine what that idiot could be saying to him.

Jim Gunt: Maybe trying to convince the hothead Lundmark to calm down. His competitive nature, proving to be his vice at the moment.

Whatever Azrael is saying to Lundmark, he doesn't want to hear none of it, sliding back into the ring, he's caught off guard by Martinez, who applies a headlock! Quickly powering out, he shoves Martinez towards the ropes, dropping him with a shoulder block! Cursing at Martinez, Lundmark makes a hard tag to Azrael, who still remains oddly calm, for his antagonizing partner. Getting inside the ring, Azrael brings a recovering Martinez off the canvas, hooking him for a suplex. He lifts the Racer off his feet and sends him flying across the ring, crashing violently with a Toss Suplex! Looking towards his partner, the AoD points towards Martinez, displaying how he has control. Lundmark brushes him off, telling him to make the tag!

Jim Gunt: Whoever thought to put these two together as a team, clearly had ill intentions.

Mike Rolash: That's the beauty of the CWF at times Jimbo, week by week, you never know what you will see on an episode of Evolution.

A forearm shot by Azrael sends Martinez stumbling backwards into enemy territory. With his opponent weary in the corner, Azrael makes the tag to Lundmark. Chomping at the bits, Fenrir enters the ring and rocks Martinez with a hard european uppercut!  However before he able to get any offense going, Azrael makes the blind tag, returning back inside the ring. A frustrated Lundmark returns to the apron, Angel of Death entering the ring and blasts Omar with a forearm! Lundmark makes the tag, making him the legal man once more, leveling Martinez with another uppercut! But Az makes the the tag yet again!

Jim Gunt: It's as if these two men are playing a game of one upmanship with each other with those vicious blows to Martinez, as Azrael connects with another big forearm! Lundmark with another tag and another big uppercut to the jaw of Omar Martinez!

Mike Rolash: Martinez really needs to get Vince been in this match, because so far he's been taking majority of the punishment.

Remaining seated in her throne, Nina watches on intently, as Lundmark pulls Martinez by his arm out of the corner and drops him to the mat with a short arm clothesline. He goes for the lateral press!



Martinez with the shoulder up! Lundmark quickly pounces on him, locking on a headlock. He wrenches on the submission hold, Martinez trying his best to fight to a vertical base. He's able to fight to a standing position, firing blows to the midsection of Lundmark! Able to fight free, Martinez hits ropes, as he rebounds, Lundmark goes to drive his knee into Martinez’ gut, but Racer has the hindsight to maneuver behind Lundmark, rolling him up with a school boy!



Lundmark with the kickout! Being the fresher of the two, Fenrir is to his feet first, catching the side of Omar’s head with a boot, dropping him back down to the mat! He's stays on the attack, bringing Martinez off the mat, irish whipping him towards the ropes. Rebounding off the ropes, Martinez leaps in the air for a crossbody. But it's the big man who catches him in mid air! In one fluent motion, Lundmark swings the body of Martinez around his own, catching the Racer’s head with his free arm, planting him back first into the mat! Staying on top for the back press he goes for the cover!



Jim Gunt: Martinez with the shoulder up! Lundmark unable to score the victory with Baldr's Death there.

Mike Rolash: Omar really needs a tag, but Lundmark right there to block the lane.

Jim Gunt: He's really trying to show Azrael how to get it done inside of the ring.

Mike Rolash: That apathetic fool could care less, he's not even paying attention to the match.

Lundmark looks over to Azrael, looking to hurl some insults his way. Noticing that his partner’s attention is elsewhere, Lundmark goes to bring Martinez up, but he quickly takes Lundmark down to the canvas by surprise with a small package!



Lundmark quickly kicks out at two! Being the quickest of the two again, he's up to his feet, catching the slowly rising Martinez across the side the head with a big knee lift! Nina can be seen becoming a bit more anxious at ringside as Lundmark makes the tag to the unsuspecting Azrael. Lundmark screams at Azrael to finish Martinez off, but he only puts his hands up, telling Lundmark to have patience. Stepping through the ropes, Az goes for the pin, “Big” Denny Davidson makes the count!



Once again Martinez is able to get his shoulder off the mat. Not looking to complain about the count, Az brings Martinez to a vertical base. Going behind his adversary, Az hooks Martinez for a back suplex, lifting him up, he bounces the legs of Martinez off the the top ropes, going for his signature Catapult Backbreaker! However Martinez is able to avoid the big move, flipping backwards out of the grip of Azrael!

Jim Gunt: Martinez able to avoid the end there, he's stumbling into the wrong corner. But here comes Azrael charging in, looking for a shoulder tackle. Martinez moves out of the way, Azrael’s shoulder crashing hard into the ring post!

Mike Rolash: He could have a dislocated shoulder after that one..

Azrael is hung up in his team’s corner, his partner, Lundmark shakes his head in disgust as he makes the tag. However he doesn't see Martinez crawling across the ring, making the the tag to Espinoza!  Before anything can transpire, he turns his attention back to Azrael, pulling him out the corner, he whips his foe/tag partner to the ropes, folding him in half with a Gungnir Spear!

Jim Gunt: What the hell?!?

Mike Rolash: The big Swede has finally enough of Azrael and his lack of motivation in this match.

Jim Gunt: Now he's leaving the ring! B-but he's the legal man!

Finally having enough, Lundmark makes his way up the aisle, walking right past Nina without any acknowledgment.



Jim Gunt: Is he giving this first round match to V.E.N.O.M?


Mike Rolash: It would seem that way, he has no intention in carrying on in this tournament.



Espinoza stands inside of the ring confused, if an emotion could be shown on his face. He looks towards Nina who instructs him to finish Azrael!



Moving in quickly on the Angel of Death, Espinoza brings him off the mat, whipping him violently towards a corner where he crashes hard, slumping down in the corner. Out of nowhere, Martinez comes charging in, nailing Azrael across the skull with a knee smash!



Now moving in, Espinoza dead lifts Azrael off the canvas, setting him on the top turnbuckle. Having him hook, he brutally spikes Az into the canvas with a Muscle Buster!


Ray Douglas: Here are your winners by countout! Moving on in the Northern Crown Tournament! V.E.N.O.M!

As the bell rings, Espinoza and Martinez drag Azrael by his arms towards the center of the ring. They both look at Nina who have a look of utter disgust on her face. Rising from her throne, she turns and heads back up the ramp, her minions left standing inside of the ring.

Jim Gunt: Well it's clear that Nina is not pleased with Espinoza and Martinez’ performance here tonight.

Mike Rolash: I'm pretty sure she's going to give those two freaks a lashing.

Jim Gunt: Disappointed or not, they did move on.

What We Lost

We fade in on Tara Robinson, standing in front of the CWF Evolution banner. 

Tara Robinson: Ladies and gentlemen, at this moment I'm proud to be joined by the CWF World Champion--

The fans can be heard cheering from all the way in the arena as MJ Flair steps into view, World Title belt over her shoulder. 

Tara Robinson: Mariella Jade Flair. MJ, how are you feeling? 

MJ smiles. 

MJF: Doin' great, Tara. Just happy to be back in front'a the CWF fans here in Edmonton and back in the ring. 

Tara Robinson: Speaking of which, MJ... there's been some questions about your health; you've taken a week off after each of your last two title defenses, and there's a lot of speculation about your current health. How are you feeling? 

MJF: You don't mess with head wounds, Tara... that's the first lesson I learned after concussion number one. Jimmy Allen can say all he wants about what those matches took outta me, but I think what matters most is what I took outta them.

And she holds up the World Title belt. 

MJF: At the end'a the day, Tara... this belt didn't move. And at the end'a this day? 

MJ winks.

MJF: This belt still ain't movin'. 

Tara Robinson: Are you concerned that the other members of the Hostile Takeover may get involved? 

The smile fades from MJ's face, and she takes a deep breath. 

MJF: If they do, there's not a whole lot I can do about it. But the fact remains... I took their best shot already. Loki Synn is their crown jewel, not Jimmy Allen, not Tobias Devereaux. Jimmy's got his shot tonight, and if he needs help t'get it done? 

Dramatic pause.

MJF: He don't deserve it. 

She holds up her fist and Tara Robinson fist bumps her, and the Champion leaves the camera view.

Tara Robinson: Strong words from the World Champion, let's get back to ringside! 

The Shadow vs. Maestro

"Maestro" by Kaisers Orchestra plays as Ray Douglas takes his place in the middle of the ring.

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, the next match is scheduled for one fall!

Ray smiles a bit as the crowd chants back, "One fall!"

Ray Douglas: Introducing first, hailing from Oslo, Norway and weighing in at 180lbs! He is, "The Modern Day DaVinci!" MAESTRO!!!!

Jim Gunt: Welcome back CWF fans, just in time for our next match, but Mike, what a match just before! Many people had their doubts that a team between Azrael and Christer could work and they have impressively proved that point!

Mike Rolash: Yeah, those venom people didn't even have to do much to advance, so that was something...

Jim Gunt: But now on to our next match and maybe one that will actually take a more regular way from start to finish, Maestro versus The Shadow! 

Mike Rolash: That's right Jimbo! We get to see one of the newest roster members take on someone who in my humblest of opinions has become something of a stain on CWF. Always around, loses the big matches, but wins only when it serves to make someone else look bad.

Jim Gunt: Can I buy drugs from you?

As the lyrics start Maestro steps out onto the entrance ramp dressed to compete. He slowly starts to make his way down to the ring as fans cheer for him. As The Modern Day DaVinci gets to the ring, he takes a moment to fully appreciate the moment before climbing the steel ring steps as the chorus of his entrance begins. He stops in the middle of the apron and encourages the fans in attendence to make some noise. Maestro gets into the ring as the song closes.

Jim Gunt: A successful debut for Maestro last week and he looks to continue the momentum against The Shadow! 

Mike Rolash: It's no contest. Did you see what Maestro did to that Reggie guy last week from no where? Expect much of the same this week. Shadow doesn't stand a chance.

Ray Douglas: Introducing next, hailing from Calgary, Alberta Canada...

The fans pop loud for The Canadian native about to hit the stage.

Ray Douglas: Weighing in at 230 pounds. He is The Weaver of Dreams and leader of The Forsaken... The Shadow!

"Mea Culpa" by After Forever blares on the speakers as the fans once again pop for The Weaver of Dreams. The lights turn down low, to be replaced by a dark and ominous purple light that baths the ring in its glow. Fog starts to roll down the ramp as the vocals start to pick up and in comes The Shadow, accompanied by Myfanwy! The fans cheer and The Shadow acknowledges them all with a smile before taking Myfanwy by the arm and leading her down to the ring.

Mike Rolash: I don't believe it. That's the red headed witch that keeps abducting me! It figures that that... Harlot would be in cahoots with The Shadow!

Jim Gunt: Harlot? Cahoots? Seriously Mike, what are you on? Do you need help?

The Shadow makes his way through the fog and into the ring, where Myfanwy leaves him to take her spot at ringside. She shoots Mike Rolash a look but quickly averts her gaze as one of the Sentinels of Synn pops up from nowhere and sits down right behind Mike! If looks could kill Rolash would be dead right now and if anyone needed to know what shit tastes like, ask Mike Rolash who is wearing his best shit eating grin as he watches Trent Robbins pat down both competitors, checking for foreign objects. Satisfied Robbins calls for the bell and this one is underway!

The two men meet in the middle of the ring, The Shadow offering his hand to Maestro who gladly accepts it. The two back off of each other and begin to circle the ring, waiting for the right moment to attack.

Jim Gunt: Refreshing display of sportsmanship from both men tonight! Don't see that every day.

Mike Rolash: Yeah, especially from Shadow who always likes to have his Druids come to take me away. I'd like to see them try now that the rightful commish of CWF, James Milenko has set things straight.

Jim can only shake his head and is forced to turn his attentions back to the ring as the two combatants have tied up! The two wrestle for leverage, pushing each other back and forth. The bounce off one side of the ring ropes, where Robbins is quick to make the count, forcing the taller Shadow off of Maestro. The Shadow backs off allowing Maestro to come off the ropes, once again both men showing respect for the other by allowing for a clean break! 

Mike Rolash: BORING! 

That is until Maestro strikes The Shadow with a low whip kick! The Shadow reacts by raising his leg to fend off the kick and firing back with a switch kick of his own, aiming for Maestro's ribs! Maestro blocks with his arm and uses his speed advantage by sweeping out The Shadow's leg from under him! The Shadow goes down on his back and Maestro immediately falls to make the cover! 


Jim Gunt: Shadow able to get his shoulder up after a quick one count by Robbins!

Mike Rolash: Let's go Maestro! 

Jim Gunt: Biased much?

Mike Rolash: Always!

Maestro hops up from his pin attempt and quickly locks The Shadow into an arm wrench. The Shadow refuses to give up and kicks out his legs, able to latch onto the bottom rope! Maestro rolls his eyes and breaks the hold before Trent can even tell him to do anything. The Modern Day DaVinci backs off, allowing The Shadow to get to his feet, his eyes narrowed. Before much else can be said or done, The Shadow springs off the ropes and hits Maestro with a stunning dropkick!

Jim Gunt: Hammer of the Gods!

Mike Rolash: Might as well be called... Uhm.. Lamest of the Gods. Yeah...

Jim Gunt: Really? You better be careful of what you say!

Mike Rolash: Or else what Jimbo? Take a look and pay attention. Ever since my boy Milenko took over, I haven't had to worry about Shadow or his Druids. I am now the proud owner of an entourage and I'm going to take full advantage.

Gunt can only look at his broadcast partner incredulously as The Shadow springs back to his feet and quickly heads to the nearest turnbuckle, looking to end things quickly with Flight of the Night Demon! He doesn't have time to make the leap though as Maestro is able to get to his feet and hop up to the second rope, taking The Shadow by surprise with a European Uppercut!

Jim Gunt: You don't think he's going for the same combo as last week that ended the match with Reggie last week do you?

Mike Rolash: It certainly looks like it and to add some more spice to Shadow's bland world it looks like he's doing it from the top rope!

Sure enough Maestro turns himself around quickly and grabs The Shadow by the head, leaping off and hitting Shadow with The Gabler! Shadow's head crashes off the mat and Maestro makes the cover.




Mike Rolash: YES! Maestro beat Shadow!

Jim Gunt: NO! Look at Shadow's foot!

Just then Myfanwy's banshee like scream can be heard from across the ring for Trent to look at The Shadow's foot, which is lying across the bottom rope! Maestro can hardly believe it as The Shadow rolls to the apron to catch his breath. Maestro argues with Robbins, who is insisting the official decision is that The Shadow got his foot on the bottom rope at the two count and three quarters count! The fans pop as The Weaver of Dreams gets to his feet, still woozy but able to comprehend the situation. Without a moments hesitation he leaps up onto the top rope and springboards off of it, grabbing Maestro by the head and bringing him down with a massive DDT!

Jim Gunt: Springboard Nightfall from no where! 

Mike Rolash: NOOOOOO!!!

Shadow makes the cover and Trent Robbins makes the count.




Ray Douglas: And the winner by pinfall - THE SHADOW!

Jim Gunt: Maestro really had him reeling a few times here, but The Shadow put up a remarkable comeback at the end there.

Mike Rolash: Yeah, give him a Loki or Jarvis and he won't stand a chance!

Fool for a Day, King of a Lifetime

The CWF Network logo appears on the screen.

Voiceover: Coming soon to CWF Network.

Several shots of Jarvis King flash across the screen, from every era of CWF.

Voiceover: A new original series.

Jarvis as World champion, on the mat, holding his knee, during rehab, holding the Paramount title high into the air and finally together with Duce Jones and Freddie Styles doing the Glass Ceiling salute.

Voiceover: Fool for a Day, King for a Lifetime - the Jarvis King story.

The pictures stop at a close up on Jarvis King with his most winning smile.

Voiceover: Subscribe today!


Return of the Savior

We move back ringside.

Jim Gunt: So far an exciting episode of Evolution being brought you from Rogers Place here in Edmonto....

Jim is interrupted by several strums.

Jim Gunt: I'm not sure...

The fans began to realize who is about to arrive as 'My Dick' by Mickey Avalon picks up steam.

Jim Gunt: Wait, does this mean what I think it does?

Mike Rolash: It sure does Jim! There he is! The saviour of the CWF!

The camera zooms in on Dick Fury standing at the top of the entrance stage taking in the mixed, but boo heavy, crowd reaction.

Jim Gunt: He is not dressed for a match, I'll tell you that.

Fury, dressed in a white suite with red shirt and black tie smirks as he looks across the crowd before starting down the ramp toward the ring.

Jim Gunt: Well folks, I'm not sure why he is here, but Dick Fury is back in the Championship Wrestling Federation.

Mike Rolash: He's here to save us Jim! This is great!

Jim Gunt: I'm not so sure Mike. Dick Fury has been absent since being unable to capture the championship in the main event at Summer Games in August.

Mike Rolash: He was robbed.

Jim Gunt: Hardly.

The camera follows Dick as he walks across the apron, stepping into the ring between the ropes. He does a spin throwing his arms out before stepping back toward the middle of the ring.

Jim Gunt: I'm checking my notes here. There is nothing about Dick Fury being here tonight!

Mike Rolash: Dick needs no reason to be here Jim! Just take him in Jim, take all of Dick in!

As the music begins to fade out, Fury waits in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand. He allows the fans to continue to express themselves for a moment. He continues to just smirk before raising the microphone up. With his free arm he holds his empty hand up to quiet the crowd before he begins.

Dick Fury: That's right, soak it in... Big daddy Dick is here!

The fans get loud once again, with an overwhelming amount of negative reaction.

Dick Fury: The saviour of the CWF... the God-killer himself....

The fans boo more.

Mike Rolash: I told you Jim! Our saviour is back!

Fury takes a breath, looking deep into the camera as the screen moves in.

Dick Fury: ...the TRUE CWF Heavyweight Champion....

More boos, louder than before.

Jim Gunt: Oh come on. Not even close Dick.

Mike Rolash: Let The Champ speak Jim!

Dick Fury: ...is here.

More boos, although the crowd is beginning to quiet down some.

Dick Fury: But Dick isn't here to talk about himself...

Jim Gunt: Well, that's a change for once.

Mike Rolash: Hush.

Dick Fury: No, Dick spent some time after being robbed of the championship at Summer Games, contemplating the next steps.

Mike Rolash: See! See! He was robbed!

Dick Fury: Dick realized something that was hard for him to admit.

Jim Gunt: What? That he just isn't as good as he tries to hype himself up to be?

Mike Rolash: Blasphemous! 

Dick Fury: He realized that as long as some people are back there, Dick just isn't ever going to get a fair shake in the CWF.

The fans pop for this.

Mike Rolash: Why won't they shake Dick fairly?!

Fury can be seen visually irritated.

Dick Fury: Oh you, know who it is. Just look who the champions are. They are the same people who were champions a few months ago, and then a few months before that. 

An uncomfortable quasi-silence comes over the crowd.

Dick Fury: Let's just cut the bullshit and tell it how it is. The CWF is full of brown nosing, politicking losers who in any other situation wouldn't be allowed to lace Dick's boots much less be in the same ring with him.

The crowd begins to boo loudly as Dick can be seen on camera. He mouths something that we can only speculate is 'Hi MJ.'

Mike Rolash: I've been saying it for years Jim!

Jim Gunt: No. Just... no. You haven't. Even if you had, you'd be as wrong as Dick is. The superstars of the CWF are made up of the best in the world. Dick is just mad he couldn't hack it.

Fury continues.

Dick Fury: Dick refuses to drop to his knees for championships.

A chant breaks out with a rowdy section of the crowd; 'Yes You Do! Yes You Do!'

Dick Fury: So, why is Dick here?

Jim Gunt: Oh finally, he's getting to a point.

Dick Fury: Well, Dick refuses to leave his people behind. He refuses to let everyone down when he is the saviour!

Dick takes a small break, throwing his arms out to the side and looking to the sky as the fans boo.

Jim Gunt: Saviour. 

Gunt scoffs.

Jim Gunt: I think I'm going to be sick.

Mike Rolash: Good Dick will always make disbelievers sick!

Fury continues.

Dick Fury: To get through the red tape and unfairness that is the CWF locker room, Dick has ventured far and wide to find an unstoppable force. Dick searched high and low and has obtained the missing piece. Dick has found and brought pure, unadulterated destruction with him to the CWF.

Jim Gunt: What is he going on about?

Mike Rolash: Maybe if you listened Jim!

Dick Fury: The first... Apostle of Dick you can say...

He lowers the microphone, turns slightly sideways and with his other hand raises his arm in the direction of the stage. The lights dim and a synthetic horror sounding tune begins to fill the PA. A large man steps out from the back as the lights begin to come back up displaying a dense fog. The man is built like a brickhouse. Wearing nothing fancy, just black trunks and pads with a sleeveless long jacket, he begins to slowly make his way down the ramp. As the fans do not know how to react, the unknown man's eyes tell a story all their own. Intensity and disregard for all.

Jim Gunt: This beast of a man has to be seven feet tall.

Mike Rolash: Just look at him Jim! The Apostle of Dick!

Fury just smirks, nodding with delight as the man slowly lumbers down the ramp. A small child reaches over the barricade trying to touch the man. The camera cuts away too slow, still catching him forcefully pushing the child's arm away.

Dick Fury: And on this day, Dick presents to you... 

The mans tops outside of the ring, gritting his teeth as he looks around the area, his eyes wide open.

Dick Fury: ...the man who will end the era of bullshit! The man who not only defeat but hurt each and every person who gets in his and Dick's way... the man who WILL rip the Championship title from the undeserving and lay it right here upon Dick's shoulder... 

The unknown man walks across the apron before stepping over the top rope and entering the ring.

Dick Fury: The First Apostle... AUSTIN... BISSSHHOOPPP!!!!!

Fury begins clapping, nodding his head in excitement as Bishop walks toward and stands next to him, towering.

Jim Gunt: Austin Bishop ladies and gentlemen. Dick Fury couldn't get the job done himself so he went out and found this... this man for hire of sorts to do his dirty work!

Mike Rolash: Watch your mouth Jim. You need to learn to respect the teachings of Dick. Austin Bishop is a man we should all strive to be like! 

Jim Gunt: What worries me most, is Dick making sure to note this is only the first person to come to the CWF to follow him.

Dick stands in front of an unmoving, intensity filled Austin Bishop mouthing praises toward him before twisting around and pulling the microphone up.

Dick Fury: So Dick says unto thee... if there is anyone in the back who thinks they can prove him wrong.. if anyone has the GUTS back there to come down here, they can have the privilege of being the first to fall to The First Apostle!

Jim Gunt: An open challenge here ladies and gentlemen. Who in the back will answer the call?

Mike Rolash: I can tell you right now, there is no one stupid enough Jim! it would be suicide! 

Dick Fury: Come on! Anyone?! Flair... come show the world you are a fighting champion!

Mike Rolash: Yea! Come on out MJ!

Dick Fury: How about it Ducey baby? You or Freddie No-Style have the balls?

No one.

Dick Fury: Dick didn't think so.

Proud of himself, Fury just smiles, continuing to praise Bishop off of the microphone. Suddenly, a loud record scratch is heard before a screaming "EXTREEEEEMMMMMEEEEE!!!!!" comes over the PA System prior the familiar sound of the Super Mario Brothers theme begins to play.

Ray Douglas: Making his way to the ring, standing at five foot ten and weighing one hundred and eighty-seven pounds...

A thin built young guy steps out, a glass fluorescent light tube in his hand. He raises it above his head.

Ray Douglas: Hailing from Parkersburg, West Virginia….

The guy begins toward the ring.


Mike Rolash: Who’s this idiot and what’s he doing here?

Jim Gunt: This young man from what I’ve read, is relatively new to the business. He looks to have accepted the open challenge from Dick Fury. Could this be what puts him on the map if he is able to put away Dick Fury’s hired gun in his CWF debut?

Mike Rolash: Shouldn't he be playing in the indies?

Jim Gunt: Mister Extreme is the most recent wrestler trying to make his mark and be signed with one of the promotions under the World Class Wrestling Association umbrella that the CWF has recently found itself associated with.

Mike Rolash: We're the big time in the WCWA, we shouldn't be wasting screen time on these... these... ugh, whatever this guy falls under. Too bad it wasn't a bus.

Mr. Extreme reaches the ring and heads up the steps. Stopping halfway across the apron, he holds the light tube high again before entering the ring between the ropes.

Jim Gunt: Austin Bishop looks unphased.

Bishop just stares dead at Extreme who is parading around the ring, thrusting the light tube in the air. Fury is seen just grinning as he claps, happy with what he believes is about to happen.

Mike Rolash: Austin Bishop will take on Mr. Extreme, as both men make their first CWF appearance here tonight.

Austin Bishop vs. Mr. Extreme

Fury slaps the chest of Bishop, who refuses to take his eyes off of Mr. Extreme as he removes his jacket, handing it over to Dick who rushes to exit the ring. Extreme stares back at Bishop, holding the light up again as a referee makes his way into the ring from the apron.

Mike Rolash: I’m so excited Jim! We are bearing witness to the first sacrifice to Austin Bishop!

Jim Gunt: Let's not count your chickens before they hatch. Mr. Extreme may surprise us.

Rolash laughs.

Mike Rolash: I highly doubt it.

Mr. Extreme lets out a yell at the top of his lungs, rushes Austin Bishop and shatters the light tube across his shoulder. Bishop does not move a muscle but you can see in his face that he is ready contemplating how to make Extreme pay. As Fury grins outside, mouthing off to the crowd, the bell sounds.

Jim Gunt: This match is now official folks.

Mr. Extreme thrust the broken tube end to the canvas and begins to swing wildly at Austin Bishop. Bishop just stands and lets him.

Mike Rolash: Just look at him Jim! An immovable mountain! 

Fury slaps the edge of the apron, yelling ‘NOW!’ As soon as he does, Bishop grabs the top of Extreme’s head with his left hand and brings a thunderous right forearm down across his back sending him to a knee.

Mike Rolash: The power!

Jim Gunt: Much more like the size difference. Mr. Extreme is built not much bigger than just a kid Mike. This may be hard to watch.

Bishop violently shoves Mr. Extreme between his knees, wrapping his arms around the waist of his defenseless opponent. He looks to the crowd with a horrific stare before looking down at Fury. From the outside, Dick smiles and slowly moves a thumb in the air. As it reaches full extension, Austin Bishop yanks Mr. Extreme up and above his head in a crucifix.

Jim Gunt: Don’t do it Austin. You don’t have to do this!

Mike Rolash: Yes he does!

As Fury turns his thumb upside down, Austin Bishop throws Mr. Extreme to the canvas with a powerbomb that shakes the ring vigorously.

Mike Rolash: I LOVE IT!

Jim Gunt: Austin Bishop looking down at the body of Mr. Extreme. I sure hope you’re happy Austin!

Mike Rolash: I know I am.

Austin drops to his knees beside the motionless Mr. Extreme, and places his hands forward and down onto his chest. The referee quickly slides into place and begins his count.


Jim Gunt: Thank God this is over.



As the referee’s hand hits the canvas for the third and final time, the bell begins to sound.

Ray Douglas: The winner of this match via pinfall… AUSTIN… BIIISSSHHHOOOPPP!!!!

Bishop’s music begins to play as Dick Fury excitedly joins him in the ring to celebrate.

Jim Gunt: These look to be the start of some dark times here in the CWF.

Bishop slowly raises one arm in the air and we focus on his menacing face as we fade away.

When Worlds Collide

An advertisement for World Class Wrestling Associations' first Pay-Per-View runs.

WCWA Announces First Joint PPV

The Harbingers of Death (Autumn Raven & Silas Artoria) vs. The Forsaken (Dorian Hawkhurst & Zach Van Owen)

Jim Gunt: Wow, so far Evolution is definitely keep its promise, keeping us busy with twists and turns we did NOT expect!

Mike Rolash: Yeah, V.E.N.O.M. laying out the Danger Boiz for the Entourage, Lundmark leveling Azrael and then walking out on his own tag team partner and just now Austin Bishop taking over, my new hero...

Jim Gunt: Is that who you were trying to reserve a table for later tonight?

Mike Rolash: Of cou--what? Wait, no! What are you talking about?

Jim Gunt: About your unhealth obsessions with certain athletes, which surprisingly are mostly male...

Mike Rolash: What are you insinuating?

Jim Gunt: Nothing, absolutely nothing.

The lights go down, and the smoke fills the stage. "From the Pinnacle to the Pit" starts to play, and the Demon of Sobriety emerges with the familiar Forsaken hood covering him from head to toe. His silhouette is recognisable, even if the low lighting doesn't vaguely light up his face. 

Ready, FIGHT!

The stage suddenly lights up, with the more conservative Dorian turning to look in response. Zach appears from the curtain, wearing his Impact Championship and pointing attention to it. He's jumpy, but excited. He lines himself up with Dorian, whom pulls his hood down with a light look of irritation. Zach smiles at the big competitor.

Zach van Owen: Lighten up a little!

Zach darts ahead to the ring and takes center stage, as Dorian approaches the assigned ringpost, stripping himself of his ring gear as he nears the destination. Zach takes off his championship, and joins Dorian in the corner.

Zach van Owen: You wanna go first?

Dorian doesn't say a work, and just climbs in, just as the arena goes dark again.

"Somewhere in Hollywood" starts to play, and the riff builds up. The strobe light increases in pace, then the lights go up to see a stonefaced, fury ridden Autumn Raven. No showboating, no smiling, not even acknowledging the crowd's response. Breathing controlled, she enters the ring and looks at the two competitors. She turns to look at the stage, and await the arrival of her undesirable partner.

Time goes by, and nothing happens.

At least, until the titan tron suddenly flickers on to show a backstage camera.

Silas Artoria: What do you mean you're not allowing me to go up!??

Dr Harmon Leggett: I'm still going over the results! You're not going out there!

Silas Artoria: You're right about that, but I am not just going to sit on the wayside and do nothing but wait for your inspection! I'm getting a match, just not with her.

Dr Harmon Leggett: Fine by me but you're not going to that ring period!

Autumn runs to the ropes and looks in sheer disbelief, as Dorian steps in the ring and puts on a disappointed look.

Autumn Raven: You're kidding me right!?

Silas Artoria: I'm going to have a match tonight if it's the last thing I do!

Dr Leggett steps up, face to face with Silas.

Dr Harmon Leggett: Should I interpret that as a challenge, Silas? You know the contract, you know the structure. The board may approve the card but everyone goes by me before they step up into that ring on the day. So do I have to give you your severence papers or are you going to sit down and work another day?

Silas glares at the doctor, as Autumn continues to scream at the titantron, furious at the predicament. Soon, Silas sighs, and walks off.

Silas Artoria: I'll watch the damn show. Tell me when I am cleared you coward....and where the hell is today's interviewer!? No one has asked about my hair!

Autumn looks wide eyed at the screen, until...


She quickly turns around and meets Dorian's heel! She staggers to the centre of the ring and collapses! For the pin!


Jim Gunt: Well it looks like it's going to be a handicap match!

Mike Rolash: Damn doctors! I was looking forward to these circus clowns getting pulverised.

Jim Gunt: Are you going to continue like that as long as Ataxia's out of action?

Mike Rolash: Jim, I'm going to relish all I can with that heshen sack gone!

Dorian picks up Autumn and whips her to the ropes. She darts back, he goes for the clothes line, she ducks and heads to the ropes. Stiff elbow, also misses. She returns, and jumps. Dragonrana! But Dorian doesn't go down! He lifts her higher and charges towards the nearest turnbuckle. Bucklebomb, and she returns to the centre flat on her front.


Dorian turns in suprise and sees that Zach has jumped into the ring, smiling happily.

Zach van Owen: Come on! I got to get some offense in! You can't hall the fun! Teamwork!

Dorian Hawkhurst: It's a handicap match, it's hardly fai--

Zach suddenly bumps into Dorian, as Autumn forces Zach forward then back. A roll up!


Dorian shakes the blow off.


Zach is struggling to break! Dorian notices and leaps!


PINFALL BREAK as Dorian lands on Autumn and Zach. Autumn jumps up. Claw of the Night to Dorian! The Demon of Sobriety is out of commission, and he lands outside of the ring. Zach gets back up, and the spritely duo face each other.

They lock in, Zach has the advantage as he forces Autumn to the ropes. He whips her to the other side, and greets her return with a headscissors! She tumbles out of the ring, and Zach looks at the Beautiful Psychopath. He smiles, points his fingers towards her, and runs the ropes. He picks up speed for a Tope Con Hilo! Autumn dives out of the way and he lands crack on his back in pain! Rough landing.

Jim Gunt: Wise move there from Autumn.

Mike Rolash: Yeah, you'd think that training with Silas would advise her to move out of the way in case of tope attacks!

Jim Gunt: Can we please leave Silas out of this?

Mike Rolash: Never! Autumn has a lot to prove. She is in Silas' shadow, and there is no way anyone can mention her without mentioning him. He made her who she is today!

Jim Gunt: And I have a feeling she wants to wipe the stench off her skin.

She drags Zach back in, she runs towards the turnbuckle, and rises! For the Anti-Hero? She's elevated by Dorian, and she stricks vicously as he climbs the ropes with her on his shoulders.

Dorian Hawkhurst: Zach! Move!

Zach looks up and sees Dorian, and immediately stands up. He lifts her up, Fall From Grace! Dorian moves away as Zach runs atop the same turnbuckle. Ultima Weapon! Lands crisply, but he clutches his back as he lays on top of her.




Ding ding ding.

Ray Douglas: Your winners! Dorian Hawkhurst, and Zack van Owen!

Dorian rolls out of the ring and asks for a microphone. He returns to the ring and looks at Autumn.

Dorian Hawkhurst: Autumn... Autumn! 

Autumn wakes up lightly.

Dorian Hawkhurst: Listen, you and I haven't always seen eye to eye. I get it, man. But I want you to listen to a bit of father advice. 

He crouches down to her level.

Dorian Hawkhurst: You know that we only did what we had to do. I've seen what you've been doing. I saw what you did here tonight. 

Dorian extends his hand to Autumn and helps pull get to get feet.

Dorian Hawkhurst: You're showing heart. You....y are showing that you are your own woman. You got unfinished business to attend to. Now take your shot and show the world that you more than just his shadow.

He drops the microphone, and he leaves with Zach still clutching his back.

Answers to Old Questions

As the dust settles after the tag team match Dorian Hawkhurst and Zach Van Owen, The Forsaken make their way to the back of the ramp.

Mike Rolash: Good! Good riddance to bad rubbish. It was beginning to smell like alcohol and…

Jim Gunt: Would you stop?! So much has already happened tonight with so much more coming up! What do we have next up Mike?

Mike Rolash: Eh? I think some sort of something with someone in the back. 

Jim Gunt: How astute of yo…

Jim doesn’t have a chance to finish as the lights go out suddenly. The fans in the front row can hear Mike Rolash let out a startled yelp and the lights come back on.

Mike Rolash: Well, for once the lights went off and I don’t have to worry about that burlapped freak coming out and since last week, I don’t have to worry about The Shadow’s druids coming to take me away, haha! So Jim! What were you saying about coming up next? Jim?

Rolash looks over at his broadcast partner, only to let out another startled yelp and a jump of fright. Sitting in the chair next to him, with Gunt’s headset on is one of the members of The Sentinels of Synn! The rest of them surround the announce table as Mike turns his attentions back into the ring.

Mike Rolash: What the...?!

In the middle of the ring sits Ataxia, bound to a chair, his head bowed in resigned silence! The fans boo and jeer as the lights flicker angrily and a familiar voice of particular jester comes out onto the speakers.

Loki Synn: Good evening ladies and germs! We’re going to make this short and quick. We are here tonight to provide you all with some entertainment and perhaps answer some questions that seem to have been plaguing certain members of the roster, namely, The Shadow. In recent weeks he has come out and feigned surprise when he realized that no one came to interfere in each other’s matches at Hellbound. His exact words escape me because his voice reminds me of a rabid cat, in heat, and in desperate need of a voice boxotomy. However, if memory serves you made mention the week after Hellbound about how surprised you were that I didn’t show my face in Jimmy or Tobias’ match and in all honesty, I must answer your question with a question.

Are you dumb?

Did you not watch the same show I did? Sure I was ready to go down there and lay waste to anyone that I crossed paths with, but the necessity wasn’t there. Tobias beat Autumn and Jimmy beat your boy Dorian. How many times does that make it now? So yes, I could have gone out and made either one or both of their jobs much easier, but I didn’t really NEED to now did I? Now that that is out of the way, Shadow I need to apparently remind you of some stuff that happened back at Wrestlefest. I know your age has started to show and it is getting harder and harder to remember shit. This is why I prepared some visual aids, so please hold any and all interruptions until after. You won’t regret it… Hehehehehehe….

Just as Loki finishes, Zach and Dorian rush the ring, looking to rescue Ataxia as a video package from Wrestlefest plays above the entrance ramp. The highlights of Tax Talk 2.0 are shown, with Loki boldly making the challenge to the entirety of The Forsaken! Zach is the first to reach the ring and slides in under the rope, untying Ataxia’s hands and legs! As Dorian reaches the ring and slides in, Ataxia reaches up and takes off his mask as Jimmy Allen’s voice rings out throughout the arena, cruel, loud, and full of mirth.

Jimmy Allen: Oh Dorian, you really are a being of habit. Predictable and dumb, you have fallen right where we want you. You fell off the wagon, you have lost your championship you once held with SO much pride, and you can barely make it through a show without putting your daughter’s safety at risk because you’re too busy drinking another cold one while allowing her to take part in a tag team match YOU were supposed to be in. Now just like any other attempt at anything you do, you have failed to save your… “Frand.”

Sitting in the middle of the ring, trying to take off duct tape that says “HAHAHA!!” in bold and red letters as gingerly as he can, is Jim Gunt! Deciding it is best to just be quick about things, he nods his thanks to the members of The Forsaken and tries to head back to his seat, only to be thwarted by the members of the Sentinels of Synn! Slowly they part, but the one that has stolen his seat refuses to stand and instead just stares at Gunt until the announcer grabs a nearby folding chair and sits down as Tobias’ voice now rings out as The Forsaken look for the source.

Tobias Devereaux: De time of de Forsaken has come and gone mon amies. Tis de time for de Hostile takeover as it were to reign. Cooyons have no idea de tings de Jester has in mind for yews. 

The sound of the Cajun laughing slightly rings through the arena.

Loki Synn: It’s time we prepare for our match later tonight but Shadow, I want you to know personally, that I haven’t forgotten about you. I’m not afraid of what lurks in the shadows, I’m not afraid of you or whatever it is that your little group thinks that it’s capable of. I issued you a challenge once upon a time at Wrestlefest that was accepted and you have skirted around since. Each member of your merry band, Chloe included…

The fans boo at this proclamation.

Loki Synn: Gets a match of their choosing against me. Should they win, they get any question they want answered by me, answered. You whine and complain that I have been silent as I pursue CWF’s excuse for a World Title yet YOU’RE the one that has been dragging your feet. I want answers Shadow, otherwise I’m going to make your life even more difficult than I have already. If you thought things were bad before? You haven’t seen ANYTHING yet.

The lights flicker and the SoS disappear allowing Jim Gunt to take his station back at the announce table. Rolash tries to say something, but Gunt just holds up his hand and shakes his head, remaining silent as the buzz of the fans grows after what just transpired.

Jarvis King vs. ???

We’re taken backstage, where Tara Robinson stands at the ready with a microphone in hand.

Tara Robinson: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, CWF Hall of Famer Harley Hodge.

The Accelerator steps gingerly into frame, a solemn look on his face.

Harley Hodge: Hey Tara.

Tara Robinson: Harley, I’ll cut to the chase – this is the first we’re seeing of you since Hellbound, where you and Jarvis King had a hellacious battle inside – and outside – of the Hell in a Cell structure. You have now come to Evolution and asked to make a statement. The floor is yours.

Hodge accepts the microphone from Robinson, and exhales slowly through his nose.

Harley Hodge: Thanks, Tara. I, uh…I don’t know exactly what to say here. I’ve had a long career and, frankly, I’ve never been at a loss for words, but tonight has me stumped a bit.

He stops, and stares at the floor, searching for words to continue.

Harley Hodge: To be honest, they never tell you how to say this sort of thing. There’s no playbook, no roadmap. I’m here on the precipice of the unknown here, but it’s something that’s got to be done. Hellbound was the culmination of something I’ve felt for a while; I’ve felt it in my bones. I returned to the CWF, not to roll back the clock or anything, but to prove that I was able to compete, that I was able to go, just as I am.

Hodge looks back up again, his eyes meeting the camera.

Harley Hodge: Fact is, as Jarvis King took me off the top of that cell with a Straightjacket Suplex from Hell…well, can you blame me for having my doubts?

Cut to shots of the live crowd. The camera pans over them, watching attentively on the tron. A few close-up shots of fans, concerned and fearing the next words that The Accelerator is going to say.

Harley Hodge: That’s why, I hereby announce my re—


Harley is cut off by the side of a boot meeting his chin with a big superkick!

Jim Gunt: What the hell!?

The camera follows Hodge as he hits the ground, and pans out slightly as three sets of feet enter the frame. The three men kneel down, and make themselves visible to the camera. As their faces come into frame, Jarvis King, Freddie Styles and Duce Jones are all met with a chorus of boos from the Edmontonian crowd. King smirks.

Jarvis King: See, boys? Another relic from the past – one that I dispatched already – hogging up our air time. Can you abide that, Freddie?

Freddie Styles: No I can’t, Jarvis.

Jarvis King: What about you, Duce?

Duce Jones: Hell nah, man.

Jarvis King: I didn’t think so. See, the CWF as of late has been all about wasting time. They wasted my time with Ramsey last week. They wasted the Aces’ time with the Boiz at Hellbound. They wasted everyone’s time giving this geriatric piece of trash –

King pauses as Duce socks a stirring Hodge in the jaw with a stiff right hand.

Jarvis King: …giving this piece of trash any airtime at all. So I thought to myself, guys, how can my time be not wasted? Y’all are gonna be busy at the pay per view with the tournament…what can I do? Well, I gotta take care of it myself, don’t I?

Freddie Styles: So, Jarvis – what did you figure you’d do?

Jarvis King: I’m glad you asked, Freddie…seems to me that there’s an aging My Chemical Romance fan floating around here who seems to think that he’s got what it takes to “depose” a “King”. Now, if memory serves, we owe that Forsaken piece of shit a receipt as it is…so that’s why I was excited to find out that next week, it’s going to be Jarvis King – the fucking main event, the Icon, East Coast Excellence – versus The Shadow to determine who will represent the CWF in the WCWA’s inaugural Interfed World Heavyweight Title Match!

The crowd cheers this announcement.

Duce Jones: Yo, that’s some big news Jarvis…but what that got to do wit’ Northern Crown?

King smirks.

Jarvis King: Well, why do something one week when it can be done twice for double the fun? I figure, why not take away a title opportunity from Shadow one show, and then take away a title from him the next? How about I kick his ass two shows in a row? King. Shadow. Paramount Championship at Northern Crown.

Jim Gunt: Oh my goodness! Big news here, Mike!

Jarvis and the Aces stand up, the camera following them.

Jarvis King: Because, let’s be real guys…

King stops again, allowing Freddie to aim a stomp at the still floor-bound Harley Hodge.

Jarvis King: …when it comes to Shadow’s rise, there’s one thing that will always be there to stop him.

The three raise their fingers to the sky in the salute of their group.

All: The Glass Ceiling.

Introductions are in order

Without introduction or warning, the Tron's video feed changes to the backstage area where a very smug Jimmy Allen is standing in his locker room. He is dressed for the ring and going through a series of warm up exercises. Making sure he is loose for his World Title match, focusing on stretching, shifting his weight, leaning to the left he extends his right leg straight up in the air. He pulls it back down evidently satisfied with his flexibility. A curt knock is heard coming from the locker room door. Jimmy exhales very slowly....

Jimmy Allen responds, "Come in!"

???: I think you and I need to have a conversation.

Jimmy gets up and opens the door, cautiously. On the other side is none other than Trent Steel.

Trent Steel: I think you and I got off on the wrong foot.

Allen brushes his hair back with his fingers and exhales slowly.

Jimmy Allen: That’s quite the understatement. What is it you want to talk about?

Trent walks into the locker room and removes his shades.

Trent Steel: Did you or your partners have anything to do with his disappearance?

Jimmy sighs and joins Trent, taking a seat not far from him.

Jimmy Allen: Did you not watch his match with Danny B? He pretty much sacrificed himself because his girl Mia went missing

Trent Steel: I saw the match, but what no one saw was what was going on in the hole. That leaves pretty much “The Forsaken” and Danny off the list of suspects...but “The Hostile Takeover” has issues with Ataxia. Care to explain that?

Allen arches an eyebrow and then sneers at Trent.

Jimmy Allen: The problem with Ataxia is mine alone. Has nothing to do with your son, had I known it wasn’t Stewart under that mask we’d be having a different conversation right now.

Trent Steel: Did you think to fucking ask him before you went all holy war on CWF?

Jimmy Allen: Do you really think that I fucking knew there was more than one?

Trent Steel: Oh I know you didn’t. It fits your way of doing things. Going off all gung ho without doing research first. I bet you don’t even know who Loki is, but you trust them don’t you? You can’t tell someone is different even under a mask? Tell me...just how stupid are you?

Jimmy Allen: Not as stupid as you seem to think I am. Do you really think I’d reveal her identity to you?! And people call me an asshole.

Trent Steel: Yet you assumed and look what happened. The guy your paling around with...Milenko. You think he’s got your best interest here. You turned on one of your close friends because you were worried one guy was someone from your past and now that past has come back to bite you. I’d be very careful out there tonight if I were you. Out of all the people on my list who are in for a world of hurt Jimmy...You’re the only one I can sort of understand. I can see a man who made a mistake and for once I’m going to give you a slight pass, but whatever you do next I’d think really hard about. Because win or lose that world title tonight...what you do next is going to define you. And trust me...if you are worried about Stewart, the best thing you can do is hope I find Ataxia fast. The second he’s back...Stewart goes away...like the boogeyman.

Jimmy Allen: No one with any fucking brains whatsoever trusts Milenko any farther than they can throw him. I’ll take your advice or threat or whatever the hell that was under advisement.Just let me be clear on one thing Trent, there’s not a man walking the earth that I’m afraid of. Not Stewart, not you or anyone else.

Trent Steel: Oh I believe it. 

Trent gets up, puts on his shades and walks towards the door.

Trent Steel: Only the fearless are this fucking dumb. Keep on your guard tonight. Flair might not be the only one wanting to take you out.

Trent walks out of the locker room.

Jimmy Allen: [mutters under his breath] I don’t apologize and I could give a fuck about whoever is gunning for me.

“It’s okay frand…I’ll give you all the fucking your ass can stand...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” We hear that come from the ventilation system as Jimmy stares up at the vents. 


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The Smokin Aces (c) (Duce Jones & Freddie Styles) vs. The Hostile Takeover (Loki Synn & Tobias Devereaux)

Mike Rolash: What has happened to this federation?

Jim Gunt: Uh, why?

Mike Rolash: Well, Silas not cleared to fight, Jarvis laying waste to Old Man Hodge, there's hardly any wrestling anymore tonight!

Jim Gunt: As rare as it is, I have to agree with you, there has not been a lot going on in terms of actual wins and losses, but still, this is as wild of a ride as ever and we are in for the maybe wildest of the evening yet with the Hostile Takeover meeting up with the Smokin' Aces, pitting two of the hottest stables against each other right now, with the latter two of course competing under the Glass Ceiling banner.

Ray Douglas: The following match is a tag team match set for one fall!

“New Orleans Heavy Stomp Blues” by Justin Johnson hits over to speaker system and the Hostile Cajun himself, Tobias Devereaux comes out from behind the curtain. The Canadian fans immediately are receptive of the undefeated star, but maybe not in the way he would have hoped as they send of an explosion of boos in his direction. Tobias simply stands there in place, a smirk on his face before he slowly turns around with his hands pointed towards the curtain.

The lights turn off only to be replaced by the darkest of purple flood lights. Eerie shadows float throughout the arena making it difficult for much to see. Fog starts to roll in from the stage, down the ramp, and surrounds the ring, as a heavy silence fills the air. “Start Wearing Purple” starts its weirdly upbeat tune as Tobias looks on.

The music crescendos to a fever pitch as Loki Synn comes out onto the ramp, eyeing up her stablemate and making her way slowly down, ignoring the fans and walking off beat from the song.

Once down to the ring Loki absently strokes the apron, looking at nothing in particular and staring off into space. Tobias walks in an opposite direction, choosing to go up the steel steps and in through the middle and top rope before meeting the Janusian Jester back in the middle of the ring.

Ray Douglas: First, at a combined weight of four hundred and ten pounds, they are the team of Tobias Devereaux and Loki Synn….THE HOSTILE TAKEOVER!!

Jim Gunt: The Hostile Takeover have done just that to this company as of late, Mike, and I for one am not very happy with how far things have fallen here in CWF.

Mike Rolash: You better watch your mouth, fool, or commissioner James Milenko could be sending you right to the unemployment line. 

Jim Gunt: If it was that easy to lose your job around here you would have done so many years ago…

Mike Rolash: Good point.

A hush falls over the crowd as the sounds of police sirens and helicopters fill the arena, causing fans to look around to see what's going on. Suddenly the opening lyrics of The Game’s “Ali Bomaye” sound off through the PA system.

As the song breaks down, the lights beam back on spotlighting the entrance area as Freddie Styles is seen squatting down, head bent, arms stretched out in front of him, hands in twin pistol formation. Duce Jones stands behind Freddie, his back to the crowd, arms folded across his chest. The fans roaring in admiration, as the two men are both now facing the fans. The two men have made their way down the aisle and to the ring. Freddie walks up the ring steps as Duce hops on the apron. Both men climbing inside of the ring, Freddie making his way to the middle ropes, while Duce climbs one of the corners.

Ray Douglas: And now their opponents...at a combined weight of four hundred and twenty eight pounds! They are the team of Freddie Styles and Duce Jones….THE SMOKIN’ ACES!!

Jim Gunt: Pound for pound the Smokin’ Aces are a slightly larger team, but both of these teams are incredibly formidable squads.

Mike Rolash: You couldn’t be more right about that Jim, both of these teams are the creme of the crop. The Glass Ceiling is pure gold baybay, and the Hostilites are sure to be bringing MJF’s strap home later tonight!

Jim Gunt: That remains to be seen, but for now we have Freddie Styles and Tobias Devereaux stepping in to start this match in the ring. 

Official Scott Dean calls for the bell after checking all members of both teams, and Styles comes at Tobias quickly, ducking under a wild attempt at a lariat from the Cajun Sensation and back into the ropes. Tobias again goes for a clothesline just to have the elusive Styles smack him in the head with a Pele Kick! The Hall of Famer quickly makes the tag out to his partner Duce Jones, snapmaring Devereaux right before Jones blasts him with a Running Knee Smash!

Jim Gunt: Wow, high octane offense and the Smokin’ Aces are firing on all cylinders here in the opening minutes of this one. I did not expect Tobias Devereaux to get dominated this much after how much of a hot commodity he’s been lately.

Mike Rolash: Just wait until the Janusian Jester gets into the ring, Jimmy, I mean look at her on the apron. She’s literally drooling with anticipation out there.

As Jones and Styles are about to lift up Tobias Devereaux and deliver more double team offense, Scott Dean finally steps in and in between them and the Cajun Sensation, telling Styles that he must go back to the outside. The damage looks to already have been done however, as Jones takes the dazed Tobias upside down, trash talking Loki Synn as he holds her stablemate in the air. PILEDRIVER ON THE BASE OF DEVEREAUX’S HEAD! The undefeated superstar is out in the middle of the ring as Duce Jones goes for the cover on him!


Jim Gunt: I can’t believe it, Mike, I think this match may be over already!


Mike Rolash: Not if Loki Synn has anything to say about it!

As if Rolash has a crystal ball in front of him predicting the future, Loki Synn steamtrains into the ring and immediately jumps on the back of Duce Jones, smashing her own forehead in the back of his skull! Jones is able to throw her off his back somehow, going right for his own head as he tries to assess the damage on his knees. 

Jim Gunt: SHINING WIZARD! Loki nearly took Duce’s head off with that nasty kick!

Mike Rolash: Man, this referee is really losing control of this one.

Showing the first sign of emotion towards Tobias Devereaux, Loki Synn pulls him up hard by his right arm, looking him right in the eye with a sick smile before turning her attention back to Duce Jones. Scott Dean’s attempts at stepping in are futile so he goes to start counting out the illegal Loki Synn, that is until the two Hostile Takeover member’s attempt at a double suplex’s attempt on Jones is broken up by his partner Freddie Styles. AS HE LEAPS OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH A HUGE DROPKICK TO BOTH OF THEM!

Jim Gunt: The Canadian crowd showing their appreciation here tonight as not a one of them is sitting down.

Mike Rolash: Well, your lazy ass still is!

Jim Gunt: What can I say, I don’t get paid to stand, I get paid to call professional wrestling matches. And right now I’m going to do so by saying I am glad to see that Scott Dean is finally getting control of this matchup as Styles and Synn are being forced to leave the ring. 

With Duce Jones and Tobias Devereaux both slowly getting to their feet, it is the much more fresh Jones who looks to once again bring Tobias into a vertical position- until he breaks out from behind and hits him with a Gutwrench Suplex. Tobias Devereaux rolls through, sending the Tag Team champion right back to the canvas with another one! An “OOOOH!” follows from the respectful audience as Tobias somehow pops his shoulders, turning over and pulling Jones up with all his weight once more. Jones swings his elbow around wildly as he hangs in the arms of the Cajun Sensation but misses, and Devereaux executes another perfect Gutwrench!

Jim Gunt: The Gator Roll! But is it going to be enough as Tobias goes for the cover one Duce Jones?




Jim Gunt: And Freddie Styles with the save after what could have easily been a three count there!

Mike Rolash: It took Tobias Devereaux a couple of minutes to get going here tonight, but the tea is definitely in the kettle now!

Styles stomps down on the back of Devereaux a couple of times, quickly succumbing to Scott Dean as the official backs him back up into their team’s corner. Loki Synn takes advantage of the distraction of the ref, running down the apron and punt kicking the dazed and confused Jones right in the side of the head!

Jim Gunt: Duce Jones already had found himself in the wrong corner there, but after being BLASTED there from Loki, he could really be in trouble!

Mike Rolash: What happens if and when the Hostile Takeover wins this match, anyway? Do they get a bye into the finals of the Northern Crown tournament?

Jim Gunt: I would hope not, that would be completely unfair.

Mike Rolash: Says who?

Jim Gunt: Says anyone with a speck of intelligence. Now back to the match at hand, Tobias now taking control of the situation at hand, pulling back on the head of Jones with a Sleeper Hold.

With Freddie Styles on the apron cheering his partner on, Jones seems to find a new life and attempts to fight to his feet. Devereaux cranks down on the sleeper though, twisting his arms tighter to make Jones eventually drop right back down to one knee.

Jim Gunt: Yeah, the Tag champ is definitely not looking good right now. He may still be seeing birdies after that punt kick from Loki! But it's fitting karma after his attack on Zach!

Tobias viciously pulls Jones up to his feet, the hold still in tact as he walks him over and allows Loki Synn to tag herself into the matchup. Jones watches on helplessly as she ascends to the top rope, throwing herself at him and Tobias both like a cannonball, taking both men out! 

Mike Rolash: Well that wasn’t pretty but certainly effective!

Jim Gunt: Indeed it was Loki Synn not only took out her opposition in Duce Jones with that cannonball, but her own partner. But no one ever called the Janusian Jester the most sane of competitors.

Mike Rolash: Don’t let her hear you say that.

Scott Dean watches on from his corner, basically throwing his hands up at his point as Freddie Styles enters the ring and goes right after the only competitor left standing. Loki Synn shows no sign of fear, actually cackling in glee as she calls the Tag Team Champion in. He swings a front kick that she catches, ENZI-NO! Loki ducks under with Freddie Styles leg still in her arms, twisting and pulling it sideways as she throws him like a bag of flour to the mat with a Leg Whip! Styles retraces his steps in absolute pain as Loki turns back around, going face to face with Duce Jones!

Jim Gunt: Freddie’s attempt at surprisingly the Jagged Grin wasn’t very successful, but Duce Jones is up and looking like he’s ready to get back in the fight!

Mike Rolash: Duce must be as nutso as some of the guy’s in the back say, trying to go eye to eye with that monster!

Duce Jones and Loki Synn stand in the middle of the ring squaring each other up as the crowd are cheering aloud looking to see them rip each other apart- and Jones moves in to do just that with his D-Trigga Knee! But Loki sidesteps at lightning speed. 


Mike Rolash: Jones is going to have to be checked into concussion protocol later tonight after all the damage he’s taken from both Tobias and Loki, he’s in serious need of a tag out to Styles right now!

Loki Synn doesn’t look like she’s going to let Duce do that however, as she picks him up by his neck, slapping him hard across the face. She prepares him for a DDT, but Duce pops his body up, somersaulting the Janusian Jester over him. The Tag champion makes haste towards his team’s corner, crawling quickly to Freddie Styles. As Styles and him almost make contact he finds both of his legs snatched up by Loki Synn though, as she pulls him back and up very fast, planting him right on his chest and face! 

Jim Gunt: Jones was SO close to getting the tag out to Freddie there, but now he finds himself on the shoulders of Loki Synn. THE LAST LAUGH!

Mike Rolash: And Tobias just yanked the legs out from Freddie on the outside! The champs have finally btiten off more than they can chew here as Loki covers Duce!




Ray Douglas: And your winners of this match by pinfall, the team of Tobias Devereaux and Loki Synn….THE HOSTILE TAKEOVER!!

Tears of a Jester

The picture cuts to an unfocused screen, with something seemingly swinging, the sound of an old music box playing a carnival tune. Slowly the camera focuses on a jester figure swinging. From the off a familiar voice can be heard.

The Shadow: Loki, oh Loki, you are the walking example of what happens when somebody has a sudden surge of power - it goes to their head. I will admit, you took the whole federation by surprise and have been able to establish a firm base for your infiltration and invasion. You feel like you are sitting at the top of the world, don't you? And to be honest, I feel kind of flattered that you brought in your own set of sub-jesters, guess you had to even the odds, eh? Make sure that you could get your hands on that precious mask. You remind me of Elisha in some ways, using quantity to make up for a subconscious fear of inadequacy...

The jester figure now is moving its arms and legs as if performing a victory dance.

The Shadow: But I have not forgotten your little challenge, the little mind games you are trying to play, to be honest, how could I? You will get your matches, don't you worry, even though you might just have to wait a little bit longer until you will meet Ataxia, but then again, nobody knows, if he might not be lurking closer by than we all thing. He chose to go AWOL, which is something that you should maybe take into consideration, too. Sure, the root of it can be traced back to you and Mia's disappearance, but while I don't even want to claim to understand a 100th of his mind, trust me, push a man towards total desperation and you might unleash a fury that you are not ready for, Loki. With all of your threats, what can you take away from a man that has lost everything already?

The jester's movements are becoming jerkier and almost convulsive.

The Shadow: You claim that you are not afraid of me or our group - the fact that you continuously emphasize this tells me that you are. You might not even be aware of it, but why else would you mask your insecurity by these overblown demonstrations of power? When in truth you are not even your own master...?

The camera zooms out further and shows The Shadow's face behind the jester, whose strings are not more visible than before. Zooming out more it becomes clear that the jester figure is a marionette.

The Shadow: Everything around your appearance here in CWF is murky and I don't even know how much of it you yourself know. But even if you don't know or just don't want to acknowledge it, you are dancing to somebody else's tune, the master of puppets. Bask in your glory, show everybody how fearless, how reckless you are, how little regard for others you have in the light of your personal vendetta, continue to belittle us.

He lifts a knife, more of a dagger, with a beautifully carved blade, bringing it closer to the figure.

The Shadow: You might not think you are afraid of us, you might think that you are splintering us, weakening us. But you should never underestimate the power of a blade coming out of the shadows when you least expect it.

The blade glints in the light as he severs the first two strings and the left arm falls limp.

The Shadow: Think, my jester, think about where you came from.

Effortlessly the edge of the dagger cuts through two more strings and the right arm falls.

The Shadow: Think about who is pulling the strings and only uses you as a means to an end.

He cuts all of the other strings except for the head and the picture focuses on The Shadow again.

The Shadow: We are not hiding from you, Loki, we are writing the script for your requiem, the script for a jester's tear...

He severs the last string and the jester collapses in a heap, crumpled and unmoving.

The Shadow: Enjoy your freedom, Loki, until you realize that all you are is just a puppet on a string and we are the blade...

The picture fades to black.

Mariella Jade Flair (c) vs. Jimmy Allen

Jim Gunt: Wow, strong words of The Shadow in response to Loki Synn earlier on in the show, I think that this is a rivalry that is really heating up right now!

Mike Rolash: Yep, and the dark dude will get burnt in the end, just look at him, lost Mia, lost Ataxia, Dorian is down in the dumps, but who cares about that right now? Let's get going here and see Jimmy take the belt!

CUE UP: “Cut the Cord” - Shinedown

Jim Gunt: Well, we’re getting right to it, Mike! 

Mike Rolash: It’s about time, too. I don’t need to hear a recap of the night, it’ll get in the way of the crowning of a new Champion. 

Jim Gunt: The idea that Jimmy Allen is going to defeat MJ Flair tonight is far from a certainty, Mike! 

Mike Rolash: Is it, though? Jimmy said it himself, when a Champion takes time off after a big title defense, it lessens their legacy. Flair was definitely concussed against Silas Artoria and probably again against Loki Synn. There’s a big-ass target on her head and Jimmy Allen is an expert marksman.

Jim Gunt: Don’t go there.

Mike Rolash: What? What? 

The Challenger stops at the top of the ramp and raises his arms to the air, seemingly energized by the booing crowd. A million-dollar smile spreads across his face as he gestures around his waist, implying that there will be a title belt there directly. 

Jim Gunt: Will we see James Milenko interfere in this match, Mike? 

Mike Rolash: Doubtful. He doesn’t need any help. 

Taking off like a shot, Allen sprints down the ramp, expertly sliding under the bottom rope, coming to a rest in the middle of the ring and rising up on his knees. He faces the hard camera and raises his arms again in victory as two pairs of explosions shoot up from the ring posts, masking the end of the song but only intensifying the boos. 

Mike Rolash: There’s the Champion we deserve. 

Jim Gunt: Don’t insult me like that. 

Mike Rolash: He can hear you, Jim! Isn’t that what you always tell me? 

CUE UP: “Goodnight” - The Birthday Massacre. 

Jim Gunt: And just like that, these fans switch on, giving the Champion a hero’s welcome! 

Mike Rolash: They can give her whatever they want, fans don’t win matches. 

Eschewing her familiar pre-match attire of a hooded sweatshirt pulled tightly over her head, MJ Flair emerges from the backstage dressed for battle: a Valerian’s Garden T-shirt on her body and the CWF World Title belt strapped around her waist. She stops at the top, much like Jimmy Allen, and, perhaps a bit mockingly, she pats the Championship Title around her waist. 

Jim Gunt: Huge smile on the face of the Champion, and we heard from her a little earlier - she’s confident! 

Mike Rolash: She’s still dizzy from the shots she’s taken. And she’s in some trouble with how weak her title reign has become. 

Jim Gunt: Don’t tell me you’re buying into Jimmy’s conspiracy theory. 

Mike Rolash: It’s not a conspiracy if it’s true! 

Jim Gunt: The bottom line is that those were some hard fought matches against Silas Artoria and Loki Synn, and MJ Flair took her lumps like a Champion and walked out of both of them with her hand raised high and no question who won. 

Mike Rolash: I question it.

Jim Gunt: You would.

MJ walks to the ring with purpose; she slaps few hands but the smirk remains, and her eyes stay locked on her challenger. With no barbed wire surrounding the ring she is safe to take her typical climb from the floor to the top rope, unhooking the belt as she hits the turnbuckle, holding it up high above her head. 

Mike Rolash: Hate her. 

Jim Gunt: We’re aware. 

As the music dies down, MJ drops to the ring, title belt draped over her shoulder, and she folds her arms over it. Jimmy Allen smiles and shakes his head. 

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is scheduled for one fall with a sixty minute time limit, and it is for the CWF… WORLD… CHAMPIONSHIP! 

Mike Rolash: You can tell she’s overconfident - she’s goin’ down. Which isn’t the worst thing in the world. 

Jim Gunt: She can hear you! 

Mike Rolash: You’ve got a dirty mind. I’m just saying, this is a welcome change of pace for Jimmy Allen - he’s finally  getting his due.

Jim Gunt: To be perfectly honest, I think this match is a welcome change for both of these athletes. Allen’s last two matches were the Blood of my Enemy match where he got past Dorian Hawkhurst, and then the three on two handicap match last week featuring the Hostile Takeover against the Forsaken’s remains. I’d wager both of these athletes are happy to have a stipulation - free one fall match for a change.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first, is the challenger! 

The fans boo immediately.

Mike Rolash: How can he hope to save these people if they won’t let him? 

Ray Douglas: Representing the Hostile Takeover… from Dallas, Texas and weighing in at two hundred twenty seven pounds… ‘THE CATALYST…’ JIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMEEEEEEEEEEE… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLEEEEEEEEEENNNN!!!!!!

Allen raises one hand in the air in premature victory, and mouths ‘It’s just a matter of time’ to the fans in general, but to the Champion in particular.

Jim Gunt: He’s confident, and I think he’s got some good momentum. 

Ray Douglas: And her opponent…

The chant is already louder than Ray Douglas.

Ray Douglas: From Warwick, New York, and weighing in at one hundred thirty three pounds… The current reigning CWF WORLD CHAMPION…

Mike Rolash: I hate this part.

All together now. 


Without bragging, without posturing, MJ keeps her eyes locked on her opponent, but raises the belt up in the air to a huge cheer. 

Jim Gunt: As we said before, Flair is clearly the fan favorite to win this match, and she’s had herself some good momentum as well - though I would dare to say her last two matches were a bit more hard - fought than Jimmy Allen’s. 

Mike Rolash: There you go with your bias again.

Jim Gunt: I’m just going by buckets of blood, Mike. 

Mike Rolash: ...Okay, fair enough. 

The bell rings as MJ hands the title belt to Trent Robbins, who shows it to Allen before raising it high above his head, and the two athletes circle each other! Lock up! Allen with a knee to the gut, and he shoves the World Champion into the corner! 

Jim Gunt: The disrespect is appalling! 

Mike Rolash: He gives what’s deserved, and I think that was appropriate. 

Jim Gunt: Jimmy Allen has his hands raised in victory already, that’s certainly not appropriate! 

Mike Rolash: Confidence isn’t a crime! 

They lock up again, and MJ keeps her body back a bit, out of range of Allen’s knees. It’s moot, however, as Allen simply shoves her backwards into the corner, and he raises his hand again! 

Jim Gunt: We don’t see this too often! 

Mike Rolash: What? We see our so-called Champ getting her ass kicked all the time. 

Jim Gunt: That’s not… You know, never mind. 

Mike Rolash: Don’t get like that, sweetie. What’s on your mind? 

Jim Gunt: … At two hundred twenty seven pounds, Jimmy Allen can’t push around many opponents, but he’s almost got a hundred pounds on the Champion! 

Once again, the two lock up, and Jimmy Allen lifts the Champion up and dumps her backwards onto the mat! He turns around with a look of victory on his face - not catching MJ almost immediately kipping up, and when he turns around, he’s greeted by a boot that catches him on the side of the head and neck! MJ follows up by hooking her challenger around the waist as he’s staggered, and she lifts him up and drops him down on the mat with a spinebuster! Cover! 




Jim Gunt: And that’s the power of the Champion - she can turn things on a dime! 

Mike Rolash: And dimes are small and mostly worthless.

MJ grabs a handful of hair and pulls Jimmy to his feet, and she slaps on a headlock, grinding it in. Jimmy struggles for a moment, but when he feels the strength of her viselike grip, takes a different tactic and hooks both arms around her waist! 

Mike Rolash: I don’t think she thought that through! 

Jim Gunt: MJ pulls her legs up and shifts her weight forward, and a headlock takeover! I think she thought it through pretty well, Mike! Now she’s lying down and forcing Jimmy Allen to carry both their weights and keep his shoulders off the canvas! 

It looks to be a tall order - even as Allen attempts to roll MJ over onto her shoulders she manages to bridge, keeping her feet on the mat and her weight back, and Allen can’t get her over. 

Plan B, then. 

He rakes her eyes. 

The fans boo, the referee cautions him, but the Champ lets go, and the Challenger rolls through to his knees! He climbs to his feet before MJ’s vision can clear and he runs at her, grabbing the hair on the back of her head and driving her face first into the mat with a bulldog! He rolls her over and hooks the leg! 



Kickout! MJ still has her hands over her eyes as her vision is not yet cleared, and Jimmy pulls her up and drives her head into his knee! 

Mike Rolash: See? How can she hope to stand against such overwhelming power? 

Jim Gunt: Because Jimmy Allen went for her eyes? 

Mike Rolash: The Champion’s got the advantage in that she doesn’t have to beat him - he has to beat her. By any means necessary! 

With a hand around her neck, Jimmy Allen pulls the Champion to her feet and shoves her, back - first, into the corner. Hard clothesline sandwiches MJ, and a pair of elbows slumps her. Allen hooks her head and steps back, and a hard snap suplex sends her back to the mat! Cover! 




Jim Gunt: Allen going for a quick pin - I can’t fault him for the attempt but it’s far too early. 

Mike Rolash: I don’t think there’s a problem with trying to beat Flair at every step. 

Jim Gunt: Of course not.

MJ pushes up to her knees, but Allen is up first and he grabs her around the neck! He pulls her all the way up and hooks her behind him, and drops her down with a neckbreaker! 

Jim Gunt: Cover, and a two count again! I think it’s been a smart strategy so far, Jimmy Allen focusing on MJ’s head and neck, but he’s got nothing to show for it yet! 

Mike Rolash: Yet.

Allen pulls MJ up again and backs her into the ropes, and an Irish Whip… MJ reverses! She staggers to her knees as she holds on to reverse and Jimmy Allen with a leapfrog over her on the rebound! MJ climbs to her feet just in time to duck a clothesline attempt… DROP TOE HOLD ON JIMMY ALLEN! 

Mike Rolash: But she can’t follow up! 

Jim Gunt: I don’t think following up is foremost on her mind right now as MJ Flair rolls away from Allen and catches her breath! She’s still rubbing her eyes, that eye rake might still be affecting her vision, but Allen’s momentum is slowed, at the very least! He’s holding his head after his forehead impacted the mat, but he’s on one knee facing the Champ! 

Allen rises quickly and runs at MJ! She drops down instinctively as he steps over her. 

Jim Gunt: The challenger with a leap to the second rope! SPRINGBOARD CRESCENT KICK! 

Mike Rolash: Goodnight, annoying princess! 

Jim Gunt: The cover, ONE… TWO… THRKICKOUT! 

Mike Rolash: NO! 

Jim Gunt: Jimmy Allen can’t believe it either! MJ looks lifeless on the mat, but he’s headed for the top rope, and I think we know what that means! 

Mike Rolash: It’s time for a Houston Hangover, baby! 

Jim Gunt: The Champion on the mat, pressing her hands into her eyes, and she’d better open them soon! 

Mike Rolash: I’m perfectly fine with Jimmy Allen actually closing them forever. 

As Trent Robbins counts the challenger on the top rope, Jimmy Allen measures the World Champion and takes to the air with that devastating flipping legdrop - MJ ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Allen lands on his pelvis and tailbone, and he immediately bounces up, holding his lower back in agony! 

Jim Gunt: That could cost him dearly, Mike! 

Mike Rolash: I always knew Flair was a pain in the ass! 

Spurred on by the fans’ cheers, MJ grabs the bottom rope and pulls herself into the corner. Another struggling hand, and she’s on her knees, holding onto the middle rope as she gets herself - JIMMY ALLEN RUSHES IN WITH A RUNNING KNEE BLOCK! 

Mike Rolash: DISQUALIFY HER! Wait, no, that keeps the belt around her waist! 

Jim Gunt: JIMMY ALLEN DOUBLES OVER IN PAIN! Can we see that again? 

As the Challenger rushes the Champion, she appears only slightly aware of the movement behind her and instinctively fires an elbow backwards in defense - an elbow that lands squarely in Jimmy Allen’s groin. 

Jim Gunt: That was clearly not an intentional low blow, Mike! 

Mike Rolash: So strip her of the belt! We don’t need a champion that does things like that! 

Jim Gunt: Just one that would rake the eyes and pull the hair? 

Mike Rolash: Exactly! 

Finally with a moment’s respite, MJ pulls herself to her feet and eases up the corner, sitting on the top turnbuckle. She looks at the doubled - over Jimmy Allen, and stands up on unsteady legs… and she jumps with a missile dropkick to the back of the head! The impact to the back of Allen’s head sends him face first into the mat, and the Champion rolls him over and hooks his leg! 




Mike Rolash: He’s got balls’a solid rock! 

Jim Gunt: But he’s still holding the stones in his hand! That impact might’ve taken all the fight right out of him! 

Mike Rolash: Never! 

MJ climbs to her feet and looks out into the crowd - there are red scratch marks all around her eyes but they still burn with the same intensity. The crowd chants her initials as she pulls Jimmy up to his feet and hooks his head from behind! 

Jim Gunt: And we know where this is leading! MJ Flair with the Morning Star! 

Mike Rolash: HAHAH! NOPE! 

As she sets herself up to drop, Jimmy Allen hooks her around the waist and lifts her, flipping her over his shoulder and reversing the hold! Jimmy Allen now has MJ Flair set up for a reverse DDT, and he stops for a moment to raise his hand in victory again! 

Mike Rolash: Finished with her own move, I love it! 


Mike Rolash: Why? Why did you have to pause to admire yourself, you beautiful bastard! 

No sooner does the impact land, than MJ rolls over and hooks both legs. 





Mike Rolash: The whole world’s against me, Jim! 

Ray Douglas: Here is your winner… and STILL… CWF World Champion…

Mike Rolash: And I hate the singalong! 


Jim Gunt: Hard fought victory for the Champion as the referee hands the World Title belt back to her, but MJ Flair has managed to retain the title against Jimmy Allen! Hard fought match for Mr. Allen, however - and I think it’s safe to say this will not be his last shot at that belt! 

Mike Rolash: He should’ve taken some more shots… but this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Jim Gunt: These fans giving Flair a hero’s welcome here tonight as she’s enjoying the victory, we’re out of time! For Mike Rolash and the rest of the CWF, this is Jim Gunt, signing off! 

The credits start to roll as MJ puts the title belt over her shoulder, and she stops as she faces the arena entrance. 

James Milenko stands there, nodding, with a smile on his face. 

Split screen. Champion versus mastermind.

Fade to black.

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