Summer Games 2018

7 Aug 2018

FedExField, Landover, MD (seats 82,000)

Let the Games Begin!

A blimp’s view of the FedEx field in Washington, DC, well, technically Landover, MD, location of one of the hottest events of the summer, CWF’s Summer Games. The parking lots are at capacity, the stands are packed and tens of thousands of fans are milling in and outside of the venue. The camera moves up and shows some dark clouds around, products of the hot and muggy weather of the day so far. The picture cuts to the inside of the arena, where Blake Church and Charles State are sitting at a desk next to the entrance to the stage, a large umbrella giving some shade and a cooler between them.

Blake Church: Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Summer Games and boy, did summer ever show up to our games here at FedEx Field!

Charles State: Yes, 86 degrees outside, what feels like 150 in here, hot and humid, I bet a few people are already regretting having booked this event out here.

Blake Church: But the heat is nothing against what is going to be going down here tonight, with the big End Games spectacular finishing off the evening and not just that, it will crown our brand new World Heavyweight title, so exciting times!

Charles State: The tag team titles also will be on the line in a no-DQ Tornado Tag match between the reigning champions The Forsaken against the former champs Smokin’ Aces and the now very awkward pairing of Silas Artoria and Autumn Raven.

Blake Church: But we don’t want to bore you any more than we have to and hand you right over to your dynamic duo of the evening, Jim Gunt and Mike Rolash!

The picture switches to the Awesome Twosome, looking as hot as they are ready.

Jim Gunt: Good evening from us here as well ringside, I can’t wait for this whole thing to start, not just because of End Games, but there is so much on the table tonight!

Mike Rolash: Oh yes, we have the End Games, as you mentioned, Ataxia and Dorian for the Impact title, the tag titles, the insane Livewire match between Zach and Xander Haze and so much more!

Jim Gunt: Joining us here ringside are two of our international announce teams, to our right from Quebec, Yannick Moreau / Pierre Robitaille.

Pierre Robitaille: Bonsoir, mesdames et messieurs, bienvenue aux Summer Games, où nous couronnerons un nouveau champion du monde des poids lourds!

Yannick Moreau: Et le "trou" est de retour, Jace Valentine est de retour pour réclamer ce qui lui appartient à juste titre!

Mike Rolash: And all the way from Germany, Markus Voglmayr and his trusted sidekick Reinhard Hansen.

Markus Voglmayr: Guten Abend aus Washington, willkommen zu den Summer Games und die Forsaken stehen im Rampenlicht wenn Ataxia seinen Impact-Titel gegen Dorian Hawkhurst verteidigt!

Reinhard Hansen: Und The Shadow und Mia Rayne steigen in den Ring gegen die Smokin’ Aces und das Team von Silas Artoria und Autumn Raven, um die Tag-Team-Titel!

Jim Gunt: First up now, though, we have the returning Archangel of Apathy, Azrael, facing off against one of our hottest newcomers right now with Lucas Greene, who already met Azrael two weeks ago at Evolution 26.

The picture cuts to backstage footage from Evolution 26 with the end of the altercation between Azrael and Lucas Greene, with Azrael proclaiming his revenge against Greene.

Mike Rolash: I see that Ray Douglas is ready in the ring to announce the competitors, so off we go, Ray!

The Torchbearer Arrives

Jim Gunt: Alright folks, it looks like we're ready to get our first match of the evening underway.

Mike Rolash: Great! The sooner that freak, Azrael, can put that stoner out of his misery, the better. Then we can move onto more important things.

Jim Gunt: You certainly don't mince your words, do you, Mike? Now let's head to the ring with Ray Douglas for the introductions.

In the ring, Ray prepares to makes his first pair of introductions, when several members of the ring crew are seen heading down the ramp. One member climbs up into the ring, and hands Ray a slip of paper, while the rest set up... something... at the base of the ramp.

Jim Gunt: I'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen, there seems to be some sort of mix up here at ringside.

Mike Rolash: You can say that again! What is that thing over there? It looks like... a God damn bird bath? What the hell?

Back in the ring, Ray skims the paper handed to him, and then glances up at the crew member with a look of supreme confusion. The crew merely shrugs his shoulders, and then rolls back out of the ring. Ray takes one more look at the paper in his hand, then shakes his head in disbelief before reading its contents aloud.

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to now invite you to join our Summer Games torchbearer, Lucas Greene, in the ceremonial lighting of the Olympic Flame... seriously? Who okayed this?

Ray throws his arms up in the air, as he glares at everyone around the ring, looking for answers.

Jim Gunt: Mike, I don't see any of this in my notes, do you?

Mike Rolash: Who knows what's going on when that damn reefer addict is involved.

Suddenly, the opening of "Chariots of Fire" begins to echo throughout the stadium. The big screen comes to life, and the fans in attendance are treated to a shot from a backstage service entrance. The live camera follows suit, switching to the backstage area, where the camera bounces around as the cameraman gets in position.

Ray Douglas: Mr. Greene would also like to apologize for the poor quality of the equipment used for these ceremonies. He assures you all, that money and time was tight, but don't worry... the ceremony itself is going to be... "hella tight"? Good Lord...

The fans give a little cheer as Lucas Greene appears on the big screen, running through the parking lot just outside the stadium. He appears to be packing something in the top of his torch, and then trying to relight it. As Lucas approaches the building, he sees T.J. Flint walking by the doors, forcing Lucas to duck down behind a production trailer until the head of security is gone. He peeks around the corner to see if the coast is clear, and then takes a couple hits off the torch before he resumes jogging into the building.

Mike Rolash: We can all see you, you moron!

Jim Gunt: I don't think he can hear you, Mike.

Lucas frantically waves his free arm in the air to try and hype people up as he runs by, and even manages to get a few cheers and a high five in doing so.

Mike Rolash: Look at this tool. Who does he think he is? And what is that smell? I think it's that "thing" over there by the entrance ramp.

The camera makes a quick cut back to ringside, as crew members are pouring something into the bird bath, and then cuts right back to Lucas backstage.

Mike Rolash: Hey, that smells like...

Jim Gunt: Like...

Mike and Jim: GASOLINE!!

Mike Rolash: What the fu... that moron is going to burn this whole stadium down! Security! SECURITY!!!

Lucas continues to wind his way through the backstage area, taking hits off the pipe hidden in the torch as he passes by confused staff members, and wrestlers alike. One such wrestler is Mia Rayne, who catches a glimpse of the pot toking device, and begins jogging alongside Lucas.

Mia Rayne: May I?

Lucas motions for her to take over, and hands her the torch. His pace slows as he stops to catch his breath. Mia keeps jogging along, and takes a hit off the torch. However, as soon as she does, she looks ahead and sees Lucas, somehow, roughly ten feet ahead of her waiting to get the torch back. She does a double take, and then spins around wildly, looking at where she had left Lucas just seconds before. As Mia turns back around, Lucas takes the torch back and gives Mia the old 'wink and the gun' before he disappears into the gorilla position.

Mike Rolash: What the? How did he do that? I've never seen anyone move so fast in my life, and I've seen Bobby Dean at a free, all you can eat buffet!

Jim Gunt: It would appear that Lucas has more than a few tricks up his sleeves, Mike. You should give him more credit than you do.

Mike Rolash: Dammit, Jim, the man doesn't even have any sleeves!

Out in the stadium, "Chariots of Fire" slowly fades out, and is replaced by "Smoke 2 Joints" by Sublime. Lucas bursts out onto the stage to a big ovation from the crowd. He holds the torch up high for everyone to see as he stands at the top of the ramp. After soaking in the cheers, Lucas is now on the homestretch, jogging down the ramp, heading for the gasoline filled bird bath.

Mike Rolash: This is it, Jim. This is how we die... blown up by a God damn stoner. I'd say it's been a pleasure, but I don't want to my last words to be a lie.

Jim Gunt: The feeling is mutual, I can assure you.

Lucas reaches the bottom of the ramp, and admires his makeshift Olympic Flame holder. He waves to the fans at ringside, and slaps hands as he makes one final lap around the ring.

Mike Rolash: For the love of... somebody stop him!

As Lucas comes around the last corner of the ring, a figure comes charging full steam at him, clotheslining him out of nowhere.

Jim Gunt: That's Azrael! Azrael nearly took Lucas's head clean off with that vicious clothesline!

Mike Rolash: Yes! There is a God.

Lucas hits the deck, and the torch goes flying from his hand. It hits the floor near the bird bath, sending sparks everywhere. Some of the gasoline had dropped out, and ignite on the floor. While Azrael continues his assault, members of the ring crew rush down the ramp to try and put out the flames before something terrible happens. As Lucas is dragged to his feet, he looks over to see his Olympic Flame being dragged away. He holds his hand out, reaching for his pride and joy, but Azrael steps inbetween them, and whips Lucas hard into the ring steps.

Jim Gunt: At this rate, we not even get to see this match.

Mike Rolash: Fine by me. As long as we get to see mary jane's boyfriend get his ass beat, I'm happy.

Azrael pulls Lucas up by the hair and screams in his face, obviously still a little sour about their interaction last week. He smashes Lucas's face into the ring apron, and then shoves him back first into the guard rail. Azrael finally stuffs Lucas under the bottom rope and into the ring. Azrael rolls in the ring behind Lucas, and looks to continue the beating, but as he cocks back his fist, he hesitates. Looking quite out of it, Lucas struggles to his feet, trying to block whatever strikes may be incoming.

Jim Gunt: Well, this certainly is an odd turn of events? What do you suppose has come over Azrael? Perhaps his apathetic nature has taken hold of his senses?

Mike Rolash: Perhaps his apathetic nature blah blah blah...

Mike's mocking tone gets him a glare from Jim.


Azrael continues to stand there, seemingly not wanting to hit Lucas again, and this gives the referee a chance to get in between the men, forcing Azrael back into his corner. The ref checks on Lucas, and asks if he's alright. Lucas gives him a pained nod, and then tells him to ring the bell. The referee can't really believe it, and asks again, to which Lucas replies in the same manner. The ref just shrugs his shoulders and gives a nod as he calls for the bell.

Azrael vs. Lucas Greene

Jim Gunt: I guess we're going to have this match after all, not that I'm liking Greene's odds at this point.

The bell rings and our opening bout is underway. Already worse for wear, Lucas staggers out of his corner, but Azrael comes charging across the ring, and immediately starts putting the boots to the high flyer. A couple swift kicks to the midsection have Lucas doubled over, and then Azrael follows up with a vertical suplex. Lucas hits the mat hard, and Azrael quickly floats over and hooks the near leg.

Jim Gunt: Azrael is looking to finish this match off in short order.

Mike Rolash: Looks like it's "Mr. 420" who got smoked here tonight!


Greene manages to regain his faculties just in time to kick out before the three count. Azrael looks a bit frustrated, grabbing Lucas by the hair, and then delivering several hard right hands to Greene's forehead.

Mike Rolash: Az needs to stay on him here. He doesn't need to give that pot head any chances to recover.

Climbing to his feet, Azrael pulls Lucas up with him, and then sends him careening into the far corner with an Irish whip. Lucas hits the turnbuckle hard and crumples to the mat.

Jim Gunt: As I said a few moments ago, the odds don't look good for Lucas here. The match is barely underway, and he can barely stay standing.

Mike Rolash: He deserves it after that crap he just pulled.

Jim Gunt: Far be it from me to judge someone for taking advantage of, well, let's just say, an error in judgment.

Mike Rolash: Error in judgment? Jim, it's pronounced "idiocy".

Jim Gunt: Call it what you will, Azrael took advantage of the situation, but I'd hate to see a sneak attack like that effect the outcome of the match.

Mike Rolash: Effect the outcome? Lucas Greene was never going to win this match anyway. What Azrael did was just speed up the inevitable.

Azrael takes his time, as he calmly walks across the ring, watching as Lucas struggles to get to a knee. "The Angel of Apathy" grabs Lucas by the scruff of the neck, but Lucas fires back with a punch to the gut. Azrael is stunned, and Lucas follows up with a forearm smash to the face. Azrael stumbles back, but as Lucas rises, Az comes right back with a knee to the gut. He then slams Greene's face into the top turnbuckle. He then drags Lucas's face across the top rope and slams him face first into another turnbuckle. Lucas staggers around a bit, as Azrael stays behind him and out of his line of sight.

Mike Rolash: Look at him toying with Greene. The stupid stoner has no idea what's going on.

Lucas desperately searches for his opponent, only to have Azrael pop up from nowhere and begin grinding his knuckles into the bridge of his nose.

Jim Gunt: Oh Jesus, that looks agonizing. It certainly is an unorthodox offense being used by Azrael here tonight, but it's an effective one.

Lucas groans in pain, grasping at his face as Azrael shoves him out into the center of the ring. Lucas rubs his eyes, trying to restore his vision, but turns around and right into a running boot to the face. Again, Azrael makes a quick cover.


Again, Lucas is barely able to kick out before the three count. Azrael pounds his fist into the mat, thinking he should have had the three count there.

Jim Gunt: Lucas has shown great tenacity this far tonight, you can't take that away from him.

Mike Rolash: He's probably too stoned to know what's good for him. He just needs to lay down and end this.

Jim Gunt: You really have it out for Lucas, don't you?

Mike Rolash: Hey, I almost got arrested for possession last week, because of him and Mia Rayne. So yeah, let's just say I have a chip on my shoulder.

Trying keep his cool, Azrael spins around on his knees, and applies a chin lock. He yanks harder and harder, but Lucas will not quit. He reaches out for the bottom rope, but Azrael won't let him get any closer. Lucas begins to squirm, so Azrael releases the chin lock, and cinches in a headlock, trying to cut off the blood flow to the brain.

Jim Gunt: A wise decision there by Azrael. The direct approach wasn't getting the job done, so now he`s going to wear Lucas down and try to take the fight right out of him.

Mike Rolash: That's it, now he's getting it. Keep the high flyer grounded.

The fans begin a "Let's Go Lucas" chant, which grows louder and louder. Lucas, who looked like he was really starting to fade, suddenly starts to respond to the chants. Azrael tightens his grip around the neck of "The HIGH Flyer", but Lucas starts to show that there is definitely some fight left in him. His arms shake as he manages to push himself up to his knees. Azrael fights him every inch of the way, but Lucas finally makes it to his feet. He sends Azrael into the ropes with a shove, and then lays down flat upon the rebound. Azrael jumps over him and continues running, bouncing off the far ropes. This time Lucas leap frogs over him, and spins around in time to catch Azrael with a hip toss.

Jim Gunt: Don't look now, Lucas Greene is starting to mount a comeback.

The hip toss does little to slow Azrael down, as he is back on his feet in no time. He charges at Lucas, who ducks down for a back body drop. However, Azrael sees it coming and counters with a stiff kick to the chest that stands Lucas up straight. Azrael then launches himself at Lucas with a big clothesline, but Greene dodges it and sends Azrael into the second rope with a drop toe hold. With his opponent draped over the rope, Lucas runs to the far ropes, and picks up a head of steam.

Jim Gunt: This looks like he's dialing up for the 4-2-0. Incoming!

Mike Rolash: Dialing up? Hardy-har-har, you sound like an idiot, Jim.

Lucas jumps into the ropes, looking to connect with his 4-2-0 kick, but Azrael has the move scouted, and manages to get out of the way. Lucas holds onto the ropes, and ends up dangling between the middle and top rope. Azrael sees him in a prone position and moves in for the kill. Lucas is just a hair faster, and drops down to the apron in time to watch Azrael fall out through the ropes, and tumble to the floor. Azrael lands heavily on the floor and may have knocked the wind out of himself. He is slow to rise, giving Lucas time to get up and run across the apron to connect with a punt to the face. Azrael drops the floor in a heap, and Lucas presses the offense, nailing a sensational running shooting star press from the apron to the floor.

Jim Gunt: Wow, what a spectacular maneuver that was! Even you have to admit that was impressive.

Mike Rolash: Yeah yeah, it was alright, I guess. But there is plenty of match left, Azrael can still come back and finish off that weed eater.

The crowd pops big for the move, pumping Lucas up. He quickly poses for the crowd, making a "joint smoking" motion with his fingers, before rolling Azrael back into the ring.

Mike Rolash: See, he landed that "impressive" move, and then wastes time gloating to the fans.

Jim Gunt: Yeah, those few seconds could prove costly here if Lucas can't capitalize.

Instead of going for the pin, Lucas heads right up to the top rope, and signals for his finisher, the "420 Splash". However, those aforementioned seconds wasted posing for the fans gives Azrael a moment to recover, and he rolls back out of the ring when he sees Lucas head up top.

Mike Rolash: See, what did I tell you? The stupid stoner wasted his best chance yet, for what... some sweet lovins from the crowd?

Jim Gunt: You were bound to get something right eventually.

Lucas hops down to the ring apron, looking a little disappointed with himself. He waits for Azrael to get in position, and goes for another punt to the face, but Azrael catches Greene's foot, and yanks him down so his face smashes off the apron.

Mike Rolash: And just like that, Azrael is back in the driver's seat!

Jim Gunt: Azrael is showing some cunning here. I thought his anger issues would cause him some problems in this match, but he has kept his emotions in check for the most part.

Azrael slides the dazed Lucas into his shoulder, and then walks over to the announce table.

Jim Gunt: Oh no, what's he going to do here? Look out, Mike!

Mike Rolash: Duck and cover y'all!

Azrael launches Lucas up into the air, dropping his chest down across the table. Lucas flips down on the floor, but isn't there for long, as Azrael picks him back up, and dumps him into the time keeper's area. By this time, the referee has started the customary ten count, and is already at...


Mike Rolash: Watch that count, Az! Loser Greene deserves worse than a double count out.

Azrael drags Greene from the time keeper's area and sends him flipping back first into the barricade. Lucas lands in a heap on the floor as the count continues.


Azrael quickly slides back in the ring, happy with his handy work, and a count out victory.


Lucas suddenly pops to life, and dives for the ring.


Mike Rolash: Take that, reefer madness! You came up short for the second week in  a row!

Jim Gunt: No, Mike... look at the referee.

In the ring, the referee is showing a count of nine, apparently Lucas managed to beat the count and slid back in at the last possible moment. Azrael throws his arms up in victory, and climbs the turnbuckle for a victory pose. However, the referee taps him on the back, and tells him that the match continues. Azrael hops down to discuss things with the ref, who is holding up nine fingers. Azrael counters by showing ten fingers, but the referee assures him, his count is correct, and official. Azrael looks less than pleased, placing his hands on his hips and stares away from the ref as he begins to stew.

Jim Gunt: Uh oh, it looks like Azrael is heating up.

Mike Rolash: Come on, Az! Keep your cool buddy.

Jim Gunt: And he was doing so well thus far.

Azrael finally looks back at the referee, glaring right in his face. He takes a step forward, bring his hands up menacingly. The referee backpedals, pointing at his uniform, and warning Azrael not to touch him. Azrael doesn't look like he's about to listen, but is suddenly dragged down from behind.


Mike Rolash: No! No! No!


Azrael kicks out shortly after the two count.

Mike Rolash: Thank you, Jesus!

Both men rise to their feet at the same time, and Azrael looks furious. "The Angel of Apathy" lands the first shot, drilling his hip into Greene's midsection. The air can be heard leaving Lucas's lungs, and he stumbles back. Azrael grabs him by the tights and the neck and spins Lucas around, violently driving him shoulder first into the ring post. The fans shudder as the sound of flesh on metal echoes around the stadium. Azrael pulls Lucas back by the tights, and then promptly drops him with a back suplex. The back of Lucas's head bounces off the mat, knocking him for a loop. Azrael does not relent, crawling on top of Lucas and begins to pummel him.

Mike Rolash: Get some, get some, get some!

Jim Gunt: Calm down there, Mike. We wouldn't want anyone to think your biased.

Mike Rolash: Cram it, Jimmy. I want to see Lucas Greene get what he deserves.

The referee decides he has seen enough, and warns Azrael to let up. Azrael doesn't comply at first, forcing the ref to physically force him off his downed opponent. Azrael is seething at this point, just wanting to destroy the man who embarrassed him last week. He muscles his way past the ref and pulls Lucas to his feet. Thrusting him into the ropes, Azrael looks to hit a pop-up powerbomb, but "The HIGH Flyer" somehow finds the wherewithal to hop right over him, and lands on his feet. Azrael turns quickly, but Lucas rolls him up with a La majistral cradle.


The fans cheer wildly as Lucas climbs to his feet, but the cheers quickly turn to boos. The referee shows a two count, and now it is Lucas's turn to be frustrated. He holds up three fingers and pleads to no avail. Lucas throws his head back and lets out a frustrated sigh.

Mike Rolash: Why don't you just go smoke a doobie and chill out, Cheech?

Jim Gunt: I know both men are exhausted, but the more they take time out to air their frustrations, the more likely one of them is bound to slip up.

Lucas spies Azrael clambering to his feet, and moves in to attack. However, Lucas is positioned perfectly between Az and the referee, blocking the view is Azrael delivering a thumb to the eye. Lucas is momentarily blinded, giving Azrael the chance to pull his feet out from under him, and catapult him into the ropes. Lucas hits the ropes hard, and the falls back onto Azrael's knees.

Jim Gunt: ANGEL'S WINGS!! This could be it!!

Mike Rolash: Look at the pain on the face of "Mr. 420". Isn't it a thing of beauty?

Jim Gunt: Man, Lucas Greene really brings the worst out in you, doesn't he?

Mike Rolash: Hey, don't judge!

The referee is right there, checking to see if Lucas wants to submit, but Lucas is fighting through the unimaginable pain. Azrael is screaming at him to give up, but Lucas responds by doing his best to pound his fist into the side of Azrael's knee. Azrael takes a couple good shots, and then begins to cry out in pain. Eventually, he is forced to release one leg, and Lucas rolls free. Both men stay down, Lucas holding his back, and Azrael nursing his knee.

Jim Gunt: Do either of these guys ever give up? This is crazy! What a match to kick off the show!

Mike Rolash: Yeah, credit where it's due, this has been a pretty decent match.

Jim Gunt: Is that praise? For both men?

Mike Rolash: Shaaadup!

The referee checks both men, and begins a ten count when neither man makes a move to get up.


Lucas begins to stir, gingerly pushing himself up to his hands and knees.


Azrael too, starts showing signs of life, using the nearby ropes to pull himself up.


Both men launch themselves to their feet and stumble towards one another. Lefts and rights, they trade blows in the middle of the ring, more missing than connecting. Lucas tries something different and tries for an enziguiri, but Azrael ducks the kick. Lucas lands on his stomach, and Azrael uses whatever strength he has left to hoist Lucas up from the mat, and then pops him up across his shoulders. Azrael looks for a big move, grabbing Lucas by the head.

Mike Rolash: This could be his Spiraling Down maneuver. If he hits this, Lucas is toast!

Jim Gunt: His knee isn't looking so hot though.

Sure enough, before Azrael can execute the fireman's cutter, his knee buckles, allowing Greene to free himself from his opponent's clutches. Lucas drops down behind Azrael, grabs him by the neck and waist, and prepares to flip him over.

Jim Gunt: Tokestone Piledriver coming up!

Lucas tries to lift Azrael up, but like his opponent, his injuries catch up with him. Lucas is unable to pick up Azrael, and clutches at his aching back. Immediately, Azrael reaches back and goes for Falling Apart out of nowhere!


Azrael looks to hit his finishing maneuver, but Lucas blocks it and shoves him into the ropes. Azrael rebounds and leaps forward, looking to connect with a big spear, but Lucas fights through the pain and leap frogs over it. Azrael flies right into the ropes, getting hung up like he did earlier in the match. However, this time he doesn't have the energy to move out of the way, and Lucas somehow manages to run the ropes to connect with the 4-2-0. Azrael flops back onto the canvas, positioned perfectly in the drop zone.

Jim Gunt: 4-2-0 connects, this has to be it!

Mike Rolash: Dammit to hell, don't let this show start off on a low note! Come on you "Angel of Assholery"!

The cheers reach a fever pitch as Lucas slowly makes his way across the apron to the corner. Tenderly, he climbs up the turnbuckle and gets ready. He looks out at the cheering fans, gives a "joint smoking" gesture, and then launches himself through the air.

Jim Gunt: 420 SPLASH!!!

Mike Rolash: Get your knees up, Az! He didn't get his knees up...

Lucas sticks the landing, but is clutching his back as he makes the cover. The referee slides into position and checks the shoulders before counting.


The ref calls for the bell, and the match is finally over. Lucas rolls off Azrael as "Smoke Two Joints" hits the PA system.

Jim Gunt: Now that was a knock'em down, drag'em out affair if I've ever seen one! Both men gave it their all, and there is no way anyone can say that Lucas Greene didn't deserve the W here tonight.

Mike Rolash: Oh please, the stoner got lucky, that's all. A bad ending to... I guess, an otherwise decent match.

In the ring, the referee raises Lucas's arm in victory. Lucas is grinning as much as he can, but soon comes face to face with a sore looking Azrael. The two men stare each other down, until Lucas extends his hand for a shake.

Jim Gunt: Now that is good sportsmanship.

Mike Rolash: Is that supposed to impress me? Looks more like salt in the wound if you ask me.

Azrael glares at Lucas for a moment, and then looks down at Greene's olive branch. Slowly, Azrael raises his hand to meet Lucas's, but at the last moment, he pulls back and quickly rolls out of the ring.

Mike Rolash: Wise choice there by Azrael.

Jim Gunt: Sour grapes anyone?

Lucas just shrugs his shoulders and goes back to celebrating his victory, while Azrael walks up the ramp and heads to the back without looking back at all.

Any Man in a Burlap Mask

Mia Rayne is shown backstage in her ring gear preparing for her tag title match tonight. Jace Valentine comes in from off screen, snickering to himself and clearly checking her out.

Jace Valentine: So what personality controls the brain tonight, sweetheart?

Mia scoffs at Jace's approach.

Mia Rayne: None that want anything to do with you, scumbag.

Jace just smiles.

Jace Valentine: Oh, is that right? You're taken, aren't you?

Mia Rayne: That's right.

Jace Valentine: All I want to know is it Ataxia himself that you are in love with or will you let any man in a burlap mask tickle your fancies?

Mia slaps Jace in the face. Jace winks back.

Jace Valentine: That's the whole joke around here isn't it? Any man in a burlap mask can waltz their way right into your pants. Any man in a burlap mask can walk down to ring side and make the decisions around here.

Mia Rayne: Nobody - and I mean nobody - can do it like my Ataxia.

Jace Valentine: We'll see about that.

Valentine mutters to himself as he walks away.


End Games are Coming!

The picture cuts to Church and State at their desk on the stage, with a little kiddie pool in front of them now and their feet in the presumedly cold water.

Blake Church: Since we’ve had quite the tumultuous few weeks and the big End Games culmination coming up shortly, we would like to take a quick look at how everything came to be.

Charles State: We have eight competitors, divided into four teams, which will work like tag teams for a start. With every elimination said athlete has to leave the cage and the match continues. Once one team is completely eliminated, the rest of the “winning” team will have to go against each other until there is only one left - the new World Heavyweight champion.

Blake Church: Dick Fury eliminated Freddie Styles in a bit of an upset - and some dirty tricks - , while Bronson Box sent Xander Haze packing.

Charles State: The Ringmaster prevailed over Lucas Greene in the tightest match so far and Duce Jones was surprised by Revenant revealing himself to be none other than his old foe Pandalike.

Blake Church: Eric Dane profited a bit of an injury to his opponent The American Patriot, before Jace Valentine defeated Dorian Hawkhurst in one of CWF’s rare hardcore rules matches.

Charles State: And then we had the multi-wrestler matches, where Jarvis King singlehandedly defeated the rest of the Forsaken and MJ Flair steamrolled over Silas Artoria and Autumn Raven, resulting in the two teams that will go head to head in the steel cage to battle it all out until the bitter end.

Blake Church: On the one side we will see Dick Fury, Jace Valentine, Jarvis King, Pandalike and on the other Eric Dane, Bronson Box, The Ringmaster, Mariella Jade Flair, so three quarters of the Golden Paradigm on one side, which means that Jarvis King should win the whole thing, since he already is familiar with these odds.

Charles State: How will it all play out? Stay tuned, because tonight it will all unfold! Back to you, guys.

The camera cuts back to Jim Gunt and Mike Rolash.


Wone Vs. Mikey Unlikely Vs. The American Patriot Vs. Jimmy Allen

Jim Gunt: Thank you, gentlemen, yes, the big End Games match is coming and it will be absolutely grand! And it looks like Mr. Greene is back on track after losing against The Ringmaster two weeks ago, as he is pushing the newly reformed Azrael right back to where he was before.

Mike Rolash: See, that is what is wrong with this federation right now. A dopehead can win over a man, who is trying to put his life back together, what message does that send to the children out there? We are not the Cannabis Wrestling Federation!

Jim Gunt: The children? This is the second time you mention “the children”, how many mini humans are running around out there that you’ve been involved in?

Mike Rolash: No comment.

Jim Gunt: Alrighty then, more important things are ahead anyways, like four men ready to bash each others’ heads in, with four new faces to the CWF in Wone, Mikey Unlikely, The American Patriot and Jimmy Allen, so this should be an interesting showcase for the new guys to prove to everyone that they are the next big thing around here, so let’s--

The opening to Lacuna Coil's “Our Truth” interrupts Jim. As the lead singer begins to wail Wone emerges from the back with his hoodie over his head he stands, stares at his feet and takes a deep breath. He flips his head up, the hood falls back exposing his painted face and dreads. He walks down the ramp, ignoring the outstretched hands of the fans along the way, sliding into the ring.

Ray Douglas: The next match is a Fatal Fourway match, scheduled for one fall. First to the ring, hailing from Purgatory, Maine-- Is that really a place? -- WONE!

Back at the entrance ramp, the Jumbo Tron explodes to life as a video of all things American begins to play. McDonald's, eagles, guns, explosions, deep fried twinkies, and beer...Suddenly, The American Patriot rides out from the back area on his ALL AMERICAN ATV, which is painted red white and blue, all the way to the ring, his cape flowing like Ol' Glory behind him. He arrives at the ring steps and leaps off the ATV, quickly climbing up the steps and entering the ring.

Ray Douglas: Next to the ring, from America, Oklahoma-- Are you serious? -- THE AMERICAN PATRIOT!

Shinedown's “Cut the Cord” sets out and Jimmy Allen sprints out on stage and soaks up the applause. He acknowledges the fans as he makes his way down the ramp before breaking into another sprint and diving head first under the bottom rope and sliding to the center of the ring. He pops to his feet and is ready, looking eager to get going.

Ray Douglas: Third man to enter, hailing from Dallas, Texas-- Finally... -- JIMMY ALLEN!

Finally Joe Esposito's “You’re the Best Around” sounds out and Bobby Dean walks down the ramp. Crowd members start slapping him on the back as he jogs his way to the ring. He gets on the steel steps and starts panting.

Mike Rolash: Umm isn’t Mikey supposed to be in this match?

Jim Gunt: Well I heard Mikey got into a bit of an accident and his friend Bobby Dean is filling in for him.

Mike Rolash: Oh but… just look at him…

Bobby Dean enters the ring panting. All of other three competitors look at Bobby confused. The bell rings and everyone is still watching Bobby bent over trying to catch his breath. Jimmy quickly superkicks Patriot on the face and Patriot falls out of the ring. Wone and Jimmy stood face to face and ignore Bobby Dean who at this point is sitting in the corner of the ring out of exhaustion.

Mike Rolash: Remind me again what Bobby is doing here?

Jim Gunt: He is trying to be a good friend to Mikey.

Mike Rolash: He can barely stand up and he didn’t even fight yet?!

Wone gets Jimmy in a headlock and tries to wear Jimmy down. Jimmy struggles to get out of the hold. The crowd starts chanting "Jimmy" as Jimmy tries to get on his feet.  Patriot quickly gets in and superkicks Jimmy in the face. Wone and Patriot then stand face to face with each other. Meanwhile Bobby slowly crawls over Jimmy for the pin.


Both Wone and Patriot glare at Bobby. Bobby quickly lets go of Jimmy.

Laughter ensued in the crowd.

Mike Rolash: Bobby doesn’t belong in that ring. That fatty is ruining this match for everyone!

Jim Gunt: I don’t know everyone seems to be enjoying it.

Wone and Patriot double drop kick Bobby and send Bobby to the turnbuckle. Jimmy taking advantage double rolls up Wone and Patriot for the pin.



Both Wone and Patriot kicked out. Wone quickly gets on his feet and superkicks Jimmy, but Jimmy catches Wone’s leg and counters with an ankle lock. Wone is in trouble but Patriot quickly delivers the backstabber on Jimmy! Patriot stands in the middle of the ring as all his opponents are lying on the mat. Bobby Dean hits Patriot with a spinebuster and quickly goes for the pin!



Wone lands on Bobby with a swanton bomb! He bounces off Bobby and lands on his feet. Jimmy uses Bobby’s body as a stepping stone and launches himself and delivers a Cross-Body on Wone. Bobby still has his hand over Patriot in all this confusion. Pin.



Patriot raises his hand. Jimmy is still pummeling Wone at the turnbuckle. Patriot gets up slowly as Bobby is still panting to get air. Patriot then starts stomping all over Bobby out of anger. Jimmy and Patriot then turn around and face each other. Bobby tries to get up and is on all fours. Wone pushes Jimmy from behind and Jimmy spears Patriot over Bobby.

Bobby gets up confused at what’s going on.

Mike Rolash: That man is sooo clueless!!


Jimmy goes for a super kick towards Bobby but Bobby’s sidesteps and Jimmy hits Wone. Bobby goes towards but Jimmy superkicks Bobby and Bobby lands on Patriot. Jimmy starts celebrating as his raises his fist to the crowd and crowd cheers.




Jimmy turns around in surprise as he was too late to realize Bobby pinned Patriot by accident! Bobby still doesn’t know what’s going on as the referee raises his hand and declares him the winner.

A Real Shocker

Tara Robinson, ace interviewer, flanked by her ever-ready camera crew and peripherally a team of the Shadow’s Druids is waiting backstage, hoping to catch young Zach for an interview prior to the first-ever Livewire match in CWF history. She spots him ambling down the corridors of the FedEx Field, so engrossed in his own mind is Zach, that he almost walks straight into her.

Zach: Hey-Oh! Miss Robinsion.

She gives him a reproachful look.

Zach: Sorry…Tara.

Tara Robinson: How are you going there, Zach?

He shrugs in response.

Tara Robinson: Mind if I get some thoughts from you coming into your match, and this entire…fiasco that’s going on with Xander.

Zach: Ah yeah…sure.

With a nod Tara’s crew is spurned into action and in the blink of an eye she adopts the posture and aura of the picture-perfect professional.

Tara Robinson: Tara Robinson here backstage at the thrilling Summer Games Pay-Per-View event. I’m here with Zach who hopes, tonight, to see the end of this violent feud with Xander Haze, and by extension the vile John Kreese, in what is known as a Livewire match, a new innovation brought to the CWF for the very first time. So Zach. A lot is clearly going through your head, what are your thoughts coming into this match? Are you confident you can beat Xander and Kreese and save poor Celia thrust in the middle of all this?

Zach: That’s just it, isn’t it, Tara? I gotta be confident. I gotta be sure I can step into that ring and win, because in reality there isn’t any other option. There’s literally someone’s life on the line and I can’t afford to doubt for a second that I can’t do this. The consequences of that are…no! I gotta believe in the heart of the cards and win tonight.

Tara Robinson: This whole thing started between you and John Kreese, a PI hired by your father to track you down. Why exactly does Kreese-

Tara stops short when she notices Zach looking intently and tensely over her shoulder. Turning she notices Xander Haze now standing there, with a wicked looking leather strap slung over his shoulder.

Xander Haze: Heart of the Cards? You’re a fucking freak! But then…so am I.

He holds up something scrunched in his fist, it looks like a torn piece of fabric, possibly from a blouse. He brings it in front of his nose and breathes it in.

Xander Haze: Mmmmm. Sweet English Rose.

Zach: You piece of-

Xander clocks Zach in the face, dropping him to the floor. The Gimp turns to Tara and the camera crew.

Xander Haze: That good enough for you?!

Dropping the torn fabric onto Zach, Xander walks out of view. The young Philly native watches his every retreating step with hate and determination. The stage is set. The fighters chosen. The game is on!


Come on baby, stop and stare
Point and laugh, cause I don't care
Run me down and run away
You didn't have the guts to stay

MJ Flair stands at the mirror in the womens’ locker room bathroom, leaning far over the sink and applying dark makeup to her eyes. Eye. She’s sporting a bit of a bruise over one and is trying to match the tint. Her phone is playing loud music through the tinny speaker. Behind her, the door opens and closes; all of the women in the CWF share a locker room, and while there are few enough women so that even the bitterest of enemies can claim it as ‘neutral ground,’ everyone has been a bit more relaxed since Cassandra left.

In the mirror, MJ sees Mia Rayne walk in, look through her bag for something or other, and look towards the mirrors. 

MJF: Hey Champ. 

Mia Rayne: Hey Champ! 

MJ smiles as she continues her attempts to color - match. 

MJF: Well… we hope. Good luck with--

Come on baby, take your best shot
Come on baby, is that all you got?
Come on baby, on the outside looking in
Come on baby, cause you're never gonna win

She stops talking as Mia walks up to her, fixated on her phone. 

Mia Rayne: What are you listening to? 

MJF: Valerian’s Garden. They’re my m-

Mia Rayne: This is great stuff! 

She picks up the phone and holds it between the two women, and she listens intently.

Come on baby, try to win
Convictions dissipate within
Take your shot cause I’m a freak
Take ‘em now before I take away your means to speak

Mia Rayne: Do you have any more? 

MJ puts down her makeup and takes her phone back. She stops the music, slides a SIM card out of the data slot, and hands it to the tag team champion. Mia looks at her, looks at it, and back at MJ, just a bit confused.

MJF: That has every song Garden ever recorded on it; enjoy. 

She returns her attention to her artistry while Mia processes this. 

Mia Rayne: Thank you; I’ll get this back to you ASAP.

MJF: Don’t worry about it; keep the card.

Mia Rayne: Really? 

MJ turns around, smirking. 

MJF: I have that stuff in literally every format you can imagine. You’re good, you. 

As MJ returns her attention to her eyes, Mia returns to her bag, retrieves what she needed, and starts towards the door. 

Mia Rayne: Good luck, MJ! 

MJF: Thanks, chickadee! You too! 


Andy Murray vs. Pete Whealdon

Mike Rolash: What on earth was that?

Jim Gunt: A natural disaster? I mean, Bobby Dean probably could set off some seismic probes out there, but yeah, this was an interesting match to say the least and who really saw it coming that a guy that was not even officially in the match ends up winning it!

Mike Rolash: No, this guy ACCIDENTALLY winning that match, he had no idea what he was doing!

Jim Gunt: Yes, this was one of the oddest ones we've seen in quite a while.

Mike Rolash: I’m telling you, this federation is going to the dogs.

Jim Gunt: Why? Because it is as unpredictable as ever?

Mike Rolash: Let’s see. A masked maniac is not just terrorizing me for absolutely no reason--

Jim Gunt: --yeah, right--

Mike Rolash: Oh shuddup, these creepy Forsaken run roughshod over the whole thing now that the Oreobus is gone--

Jim Gunt: --Ouroboros--

Mike Rolash: Will you let me finish!? A guy that smells like a skunk wins matches against righteous citizens, now someone that is not even an official member of CWF wins a match, where will that lead, Jim, where??

Jim Gunt: Well, right now to Andy Murray versus Pete Whealdon, if you must know.

Mike Rolash: Exac-- Wha--?

Jim Gunt: Ray, you are up, Sir!

Ray Douglas: The Following match is scheduled for one fall-

Crowd: ONE FALL!!

Ray Douglas: ...and has a thirty minute time limit! First, hailing from Tokyo, Japan, weighing in at two-hundred and twenty-eight pounds, Pete Wheaaaaldon!


The lullaby strums of “Come Back” by Deafheaven begin as the words fade and darkness falls.

Blue lights illuminate the entrance as George McCoy’s raspy screeches herald Pete Whealdon, who steps out from behind the curtain flanked by Eric Dane and Bronson Box. Whealdon leads them down to ringside as Dane continues around to the announce table and Bronson takes up position as Whealdon’s second in his corner. 

Mike Rolash: What’s this now?

Jim Gunt: Looks like we’re getting a visitor!

Mike Rolash: Clear some space, Gunt, let the man sit down!

The Only Star takes a seat and a headset.

Eric Dane: Good evening, boys.

Whealdon, stops in front of the announce table and places his cigarettes and lighter in front of Eric Dane. Following this he slides under the bottom rope.

Mike Rolash: Wait?! No smoke break.

Eric Dane: Pete is on a mission tonight, Mike, and it involves Andy Murray’s head and a platter.

Finger Guns.

Ray Douglas: Introducing next! from Aberdeen, Scotland and weighing in at Two-Hundred and Eighty Pounds! Annnndy Murray!

"Black Mass" by Electric Wizard begins to play and the entire arena of fans make it known that Andy Murray is more than welcome as he makes his way to the ring.

Murray ignores Box and Whealdon as he enters the ring and accepts the adulation of the crowd.

Jim Gunt: This crowd LOVES! And I mean absolutely loves Andy Murray. 

Mike Rolash: They would.

Jim Gunt:  Still jealous that Andy wouldn’t sign your chest this evening?!

Mike Rolash:

Whealdon hands his sunglasses to Box, and his Jacket. The Scottish strongman thrusts both into the arms of an unsuspecting ringside crew member, glaring at him and praying for an objection. Whealdon gets busy tying his hair up as he allows the referee to make sure there are no foreign objects in his tights and boots. Murray allows the same. Once he’s satisfied the referee calls for the bell.

Both men move to the center of the ring and stalk each other slowly.

Jim Gunt: Whealdon is known for those strikes, you have to think Murray has this scouted. Murray notably didn’t offer him a handshake.

Mike Rolash: That’s because-

Eric Dane: That’s because Pete would probably grab his arm and break it off if Andy was stupid enough to just give it to him.

Murray grabs the smaller man and the lock-up ensues, Murray easily pushes Whealdon back into the ropes and the referee moves in to deliver the count. Murray eases up, but Whealdon fires at his right knee with a kick. Murray steps out of the way just in time.

Jim Gunt: Now wait a minute! That’s entirely uncalled for…

Mike Rolash: A strike to the knee is a perfectly legal and acceptable attack in a CWF ring, Gunt. Quit yer bitchin’ and call the match!

Whealdon points at Andy, who already has had enough of the shenanigans and goes for a Lariat immediately, Whealdon slides out of the way and feigns another kick at that knee. Murray pulling up short, is stopped by the referee as Whealdon paces around the free half of the ring.

Jim Gunt: Some early head games from both men here!

Eric Dane: Ha, yeah. That’s what we’ll call it.

Murray drives past the referee landing a solid elbow strike, following it up with a chop and driving Whealdon back into the ropes. Whealdon stoutly takes another chop to the chest, which drives him chest clenched around the ring holding on to the ropes. Murray delivers another thunderous chop, the crowd roars in approval as Whealdon again is sent reeling.

Jim Gunt: Looks like the King of Wrestling is taking a couple of pages out of the Eric Dane cookbook here tonight!

Eric Dane: I mean, not that I blame him, I’m pretty fucking good and he knows it first hand.

Mike Rolash: Whealdon get out of there! I can feel those chops down here!

Murray moves in for a third chop, Whealdon has the presence to duck it and deliver a shoot kick directly to Murray’s knee. Murray tries to back up and for his trouble gets a second kick directly to that knee again. 

Eric Dane: See look, another play out of my book, this time from someone I actually trained once upon a time.

Whealdon moves in to grapple Murray but gets shoved bodily away while Murray walks off the kicks testing the flexibility of the knee. Whealdon moves back in again and lines up another kick and eats a forearm for his trouble. Whealdon stumbles back into the corner. Running out, he eats a belly to belly suplex that sends him careening almost out of the ring.

Jim Gunt: Murray just showed the power advantage right there, Whealdon sailed like a sack of potatoes to the apron!

Mike Rolash: If I’m Andy Murray, I’m worrying about whether or not my knees can hold up.

Murray is greeted by a shoulder through the ropes by Whealdon, who flips over for a sunset flip!


Whealdon transitions quickly out of the pin and into an Indian Deathlock bridging away from Murray.

Murray however is too close to the ropes and grabs them. The referee delivers the count and just short of five, Whealdon grabs the right leg and delivers another kick to it.

Eric Dane: See, he’s following the curriculum down to the letter. This right here is why I brought Pete back to the States, he’s a killer, a Gunslinger if you will...

A dragon screw leg whip follows that. Whealdon lines up another one and executes. 


Whealdon goes for a third one and Murray pushes him off with his free leg. Pushing himself to his feet, and stumbles forward and levels Whealdon with a Lariat! Murray falls to one knee, He pushes himself back to his feet as a wave of adulation comes from the crowd. He limps around the ring as Whealdon slowly comes to.

Jim Gunt: Murray can’t take advantage! He turned Whealdon inside out!

Eric Dane: Starting to figure out the plan now, are we?

Mike Rolash: HA! Yeah, cripple the big guy! It’s pretty much the best plan ever.

Murray pulls Whealdon to his feet and runs him into the ropes, Lifting Whealdon again, he drops him to the mat again with a spinebuster. Murray winces as he rolls away. Whealdon starts to crawl to the ropes to pull himself up in the corner. Murray tries to charge in, but his knee isn’t agreeing, and Whealdon delivers a dropkick directly to that right leg, bringing Murray down to one leg. Whealdon measures Murray up for a headshot.

Murray powers up and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, bringing himself down along with Whealdon. 

Jim Gunt: Murray doing what he can to save himself there!

Murray pulls himself and Whealdon to his feet, He scoops Whealdon up.


The crowd roars, Murray nods in approval. He pulls Whealdon up by his neck and shoves him back into the corner. Whealdon slides out of the ring right as Murray reaches the corner, pulling Murray down he slams Murray’s right leg into the ringpost. 

Eric Dane: That one hurt, I can tell you from personal experience. Bad knees ain’t nothing to fuck with.

Jim Gunt: Personal experience there, too, huh.

Mike Rolash: Hey! Respect the End Boss!

Jim Gunt: I do, Mike, maybe you could see it if your head wasn’t jammed up his ass!

The Only Star chuckles audibly.

The referee admonishes Whealdon as he dragon screw leg whips that same right knee onto the ring apron. Murray rolls out of the ring, avoiding further leg damage. Whealdon moves in and whips Murray towards the ring barriers.

Jim Gunt: Murray with the reversal!

Murray slams Whealdon into the guardrail instead. Whealdon crashes into, and almost into the audience. Murray hobbles over to Whealdon, and in front of his adoring faithful, delivers a thunderous chop, Whealdon tries to move away, Murray has none of it, and puts him arms back over the guardrail. 

Jim Gunt: Murray really laying in those chops!

Eric Dane: Maybe I need to speak to one of my lawyers about a possible gimmick infringement suit.

Murray chops Whealdon, several more times. Moving back Murray belly to belly suplexes Whealdon on the outside! Murray all business, is back on his feet. Bronson Box begins to stalk around to that side of the ring.

Jim Gunt: The referee is getting Bronson back around to his side of the ring.

Mike Rolash: Shouldn’t the count be about a thousand now, DQ Murray!

Jim Gunt: And Whealdon, as well?

Eric Dane: I for one absolutely love this loose loose interpretation of the ten count.

As the referee hops out of the ring to inform bodily the direction that Bronson SHOULD be moving Murray pulls Whealdon back to his feet, and chops him straight over the guardrail. Murray soaks in the adulation as he reaches into the crowd to pull Whealdon back over the guardrail.

Whealdon uses this moment to poke Murray directly in the eyes, and ram his head into the guardrail. Murray stumbles backwards as Whealdon springboards up onto the guardrail.

Jim Gunt: Pete Whealdon set for a huge risk here!

Eric Dane: That right there, that was the midterm back at the wrestling school. Suffice it to say Pete aced that one too.

And merely hops to the floor, nonplussing the crowd who boos at him in disapproval. He instead hops up onto the apron and runs down it full speed.

Hitting Andy Murray directly in his right knee with a shotgun dropkick. Murray slumps down gripping his limb, as Whealdon gets up.

Finger Guns.

Mike Rolash: WOW! Pete with a SERIOUS dropkick!

Eric Dane: I swear, it’s like taking Andy’s knee out from under him was the plan this whole time...

Whealdon, wasting little time, pulls the concrete padding back.


Whealdon, grabbing Murray by the right thigh, pulling him awkwardly up to a single leg off balance, falls backwards spiking the knee directly into the concrete. The Referee having finally convinced Box to return to his corner, begins to admonish Pete Whealdon as he stares icily off into the distance.

Eric Dane: That, boys and girls, was a Knee-DT.

Whealdon continuing to ignore the referee rolls Murray back into the ring. Murray slowly pulls himself up to his feet, as Whealdon springboards again.


Murray knocked Whealdon out of midair with the ShutTheFuckUppercut. Murray is slow to advance, hobbling towards Whealdon.

Jim Gunt: I believe the tide is turning here finally!

Murray hits a trio of rolling suplex’s. Noticeably each one is slower than the previous one as he he heaves himself up on a single leg. Murray moves in for the pin.



Mike Rolash: A kickout! YES!

Murray, grabbing Whealdon directly by the hair, looking him in the eyes, delivers a thunderous forearm, and spins him around for a deadlift German Suplex, He follows by pulling Whealdon up again by the hair, who is looking vacantly around him, and levels him with a lariat. He crawls over and hooks the leg.



Jim Gunt: Whealdon kicks out AGAIN!

Eric Dane: You ain’t gonna keep my guy down with that!

Murray back on one leg, checks his own knee, Whealdon is trying to gather his facilities. 

Jim Gunt: Andy Murray may be feeling the side effects of his own high power arsenal here. He seems to be moving extremely gingerly.

Murray pulls Whealdon back to his feet one more time and delivers a kick to the gut, his right leg almost giving out, he manages to stay standing. Pete Whealdon, almost out of desperations chops the right knee of Andy Murray, bringing him down to one knee again.

Whealdon gives Murray a hard open hand strike to the side of the head. And points finger guns at Murray, he charges forward and delivers a bicycle knee strike!

Both men go down!

Jim Gunt: Whealdon with a version of the Discordance Axis out of sheer desperation! 

Eric Dane: Somebody better find that tooth I saw flying out of Murray’s mouth… I’d start in the third row.

The ref administers a ten count, and both men slowly start coming to around 8, back on their feet, Murray starts hitting Whealdon with forearm shots, Whealdon however fires back with another shoot kick to Murray’s right knee, forcing the man onto one leg as he lunges forward with another Lariat, spinning Whealdon Head over heels!

Jim Gunt: What power from Murray on a single leg!

Murray manages to get to his feet one last time. The crowd roars as he knees Whealdon in the gut again, this time dropping down from the effort. Whealdon however is completely dazed. 

Jim Gunt: I think this is the end!

Murray applies a wrist clutch and lifts Whealdon on to his shoulders.

Mike Rolash: NO NO NO NO!

Murray having trouble keeping the extra weight on his shoulders stable, collapses to the ground dropping Whealdon on his back. The referee moves into check on Andy Murray, as Bronson Box hands Pete Whealdon a Golden Knee pad. Whealdon slides it over his normal knee pad.

Jim Gunt: Wait, what is this!?

Whealdon, having what he needs, charges back into the ropes and delivers a running bicycle knee strike to the back of Andy Murray’s head, knocking both him and the referee to the ground. 

Eric Dane: Wasn’t that just… Golden?

Jim Gunt: What a travesty! There is clearly a foreign object in that kneepad. 

Whealdon’s interests however are not in pinning Andy Murray, pulling him over to the ropes, he awkwardly ties Murray’s legs around the bottom rope and his own legs in a modified sitting Indian Deathlock.

Eric Dane: Gentleman, I give you the Paradigm Shift.

As Murray howls in pain, the referee comes to, as officials come down the ramp, the referee counts a summary five count.


After a quick conference with the referee, Ray Douglas does his job.

Ray Douglas: Your winner by disqualification, Andy Murraaaaay!

Murray screams out in pain as Whealdon re-synches in the hold.

Jim Gunt: Well Andy Murray is the winner of this match, but I don’t think anyone else is going to see it that way

Eric Dane: If you think Andy Murray has won anything tonight, then allow me to change your mind.

The Only Star drops his headset and leaves the announce position. He is quickly around the ringside area and wielding the Timekeeper’s chair. Inside the ring the referee tries his best to get Whealdon to let go of the hold before Bronson Box slides in, grabs the ninety pound official, and launches him bodily through the ropes to the floor outside.

Mike Rolash: Pay attention, Gunt, school is about to be in session!

Jim Gunt: Looks more like organized crime to me!

Box starts laying in the boots, stomping Andy’s ribs in as Whealdon pulls back on the leg-lock. Outside of the ring Eric Dane brandishes the chair for everyone to see before swinging with everything he’s got and connecting with the steel to Andy Murray’s exposed knee.


Dane winds up again and connects even harder than before.


Mike Rolash: Those shots sound like a shotgun going off!

After the second shot Whealdon releases the hold, hustles up to his feet and joins the Scottish Strongman in laying the boots to the nearly unconscious Andy Murray. Dane slides the chair into the ring and rolls himself in after.

Jim Gunt: Somebody get Andy Murray some help! Where is security?

Mike Rolash: They’re probably in the back enjoying the show!

Dane sets the chair up near mid-ring and starts barking orders at Whealdon and Box. The two of them grab Murray and they pull him up. Andy tries to fight back but is immediately snuffed out by a hard headbutt to the face from Box. His eyes roll back just a bit as Whealdon shoves him down into the waiting chair where he slumps and almost falls all the way down to the mat.

Eric Dane: Hold him up!

Both Bronson Box and Pete Whealdon grab an arm and hold Murray steady. Eric Dane crouches down in front of Andy and slaps him a couple of times to get his attention. Once Murray’s eyes show just the slightest of light Eric smacks him again. Hard.

Eric Dane: You wanna call yourself The End Boss, Andy? You wanna take my name?


Eric Dane: Then I guess that means you can call me the Golden King of CWF.

Another smack. Murray strains at Box and Whealdon to no avail as the newly christened Golden King takes a couple of steps backward. Eric adjusts his knee brace before taking a couple of quick steps and feeding Andy Murray a vicious adamantium-laced knee to the mush.



It would be now, finally and much too late, that the calvary would arrive in the form of one Lucas Greene. The newcomer shoots out of the backstage area and down the ramp, sliding into the ring with the Golden Paradigm.

Mike Rolash: Is this kid high?

Jim Gunt: Probably. 

Lucas pops up to his feet just in time to watch Eric Dane and his Golden Paradigm close in on him. He glances at one to another to the other, mentally taking stock of the situation.

Lucas Greene: Aw, heck… 

Realizing entirely too late what a bad idea this is Lucas does the only thing he can do and attacks, first throwing a forearm at Whealdon, then quickly moving to Box, and finally to Eric Dane himself. He’s like a little green ball of fire for just a moment until Bronson Box catches him with a stiff kick to the midsection.

Jim Gunt: Oh no, this is going to end badly for the newcomer!

As if on cue Azrael stalks out from the back. His face is covered with the look of a man who knows better than to be walking to a fight that he can’t win. He steels himself and walks on anyways. Meanwhile Box has Lucas caught in a standing head-scissor.

Mike Rolash: Come on Box! Let’s see that Bombasto Bomb!

Azrael steps into the ringside area and Box pulls the trigger, lifts Greene up by the gut, takes a couple of steps and launches him over the top ropes and into the approaching Angel of Apathy.

Jim Gunt: HOLY CRAP!


Luckily for Greene, Azrael is there. He stumbles back a couple of steps but he catches Lucas and keeps him from a likely hospital stay. The two opponents take a second to regroup before sharing a glance and both charging the ring. Eric Dane takes a step back as Box and Whealdon meet the two would be rescuers with a series of boots to the head and back.

Jim Gunt: Looks like it’s about to break down out here!

Mike Rolash: About to? Have you been paying attention?

It only takes a moment for the Paradigm to push back Azrael and Greene’s frontal assault. Threats are made, fingers are pointed, but the moral of the story is that the distraction probably saved Andy Murray’s career as the distraction was enough time for a few ringside officials to get him out of the ring.

Jim Gunt: Thank GAWD for Az and Lucas Greene!

Mike Rolash: Ha. Those two idiots just signed their own death warrants.

Jim Gunt: Are you kidding? Somebody had to do something!

Mike Rolash: Yeah, and the smart thing would have been to stay out of it. These two have just made enemies of some of the most violent and dangerous men to ever set foot inside of a CWF ring!

Jim Gunt: Maybe you’re right, Mike, but still-

Mike Rolash: But nothing, they’re dead.

Eyes on the Prize

Backstage. There's frenzy all around as is standard during a pay per view event. In the middle of it all, Adrian Evans sits off to the side at a table, typing away on a tablet. He is focused on what he's doing, but he hears everything happening around him. 

This includes the heavy footed mouthbreathing of an approaching Angus Skaaland. 

Angus: Evening, young man, are your parents here? 

Adrian: As a matter of fact, they are, Skaaland.

He looks up. 

Adrian: Manassas born and raised. What do you want? 

Despite Adrian trying his best to throw Angus off balance, the Motormouth of Malcontent is nonplussed. 

Angus: Oh, not much. Golden Paradigm stuff. We just had a team building exercise. 

Adrian raises an eyebrow, and his gaze moves from Angus to the wall of monitors ten feet away. 

Adrian: I saw. Interesting way to make a point. 

Angus: The point is besides the point, little man. Where's Flair? 


Adrian: The womens' locker room, I imagine. She's got a World Title shot to get ready for and doesn't need the distraction of attacking a fellow competitor that she has no issue with.

Angus leans over, hands on table. 

Angus: If it's a Golden Paradigm issue, it's a Golden Paradigm issue. We stand as one, no matter how much you may come up short. 

Adrian: Hah. Hah. Hah. Did it ever occur to you or any of your associates that you've got a World Title opportunity tonight that was completely unrelated to Andy Murray? 

Angus: Careful, small wonder. My boys were born ready. Flair's needs to 'get' ready for a title shot, maybe she's not World Champion material? 

At that, Adrian leans back. 

Adrian: Eyes on the prize, right? 

While Angus nods, Adrian laughs.

Adrian: Seems to me, you and the Paradigm want Ms. Flair to get involved in a personal war that has nothing to do with what's right in front of her. 

He returns his attention to his work.

Adrian: You ask me, it's not Ms. Flair whose eyes are off the prize. 

It's clearly a dismissal. Angus starts to answer, but he stops. More than once. Finally, he walks away. 

And a smile forms on Adrian's face.

Zach Vs. Xander Haze

Jim Gunt: Andy Murray is looking good, but that beatdown at the end of that match was just relentless with the Golden Paradigm almost assassinating Murray! 

Mike Rolash: I actually liked that. 

Jim Gunt: You what?

Mike Rolash: Yeah, I can’t complain about anything in the outcome of this match!

Jim Gunt: MEDICS!

Mike Rolash: Not funny.

Jim Gunt: Oh, it is. And what were the odds of Lucas Greene and Azrael coming together to charge at them, that came out of absolutely nowhere! But now I see that our busy stagehands are getting everything ready for the Livewire match between Zach and Xander Haze, which promises to be one of the most intense we have seen in a bit here.

The cameras return to the action in the ring, which is now prepared for the innovative Livewire match. At each corner post there are now demountable steel struts. From the top of these struts are cables, running diagonally across the length of the ring, intersecting in the middle to form an X-shape. That is where the power supply for the control panel rests, suspended high above the ring.

Ray Douglas: The following match is the first-ever CWF Livewire match.

Jim Gunt: Alright, so for those who came in late. First Xander or Zach have to win in the more conventional manner.

Mike Rolash: Then it’s carrying a control panel up to the power supply suspended above the ring, dead centre, where the victor decides the fate of Celia Lockheart. They can either activate the electric chair she is tied to, or shut it down.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first, from Vancouver, British Columbia, and weighing in at 220lbs…Xander Haze!

Coheed and Cambria's "Welcome Home" plays as the arean fades into darkness. Upon the chorus a spotlight turns on, illimunating the figure of Xander Haze, who slowly makes his way down towards the ring, the spotlight never once straying from him. He enters the ring and takes a seat in a nearby corner, waiting menacingly as he swings his leatehr strap around.

Jim Gunt: Sometimes I have to wonder at the morality of our company, sanctioning such a stipulation. I mean we’re playing with people’s lives!

Mike Rolash: That’s my kink!

Ray Douglas: And his opponent, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and weighing in at 174lbs…ZACH!

“Blow Me Away” by Breaking Benjamin hits the speakers and Zach makes his way onto the stage. He gazes out across the expanse of the FedEx Field, before he locks eyes with his opponent, The Gimp, Xander Haze, standing in the ring with his leather strap in hand.


Zach breaks out into a sprint, charging down the ramp.


He slides underneath the bottom ring rope and into the ring. Xander Haze advances and referee Clark Summits has to quickly signal for the bell to get the innovative, yet, dangerous match underway. The Gimp swings down upon Zach with his brutal cured leather strap, whipping the former Impakt across the bare back. Zach yells out in pain, gritting his teeth and fighting through the weaponised offence. He barrels into his opponent, taking Xander down to the mat and just laying waste with the most ferocious of flurries. A combination of fists and elbows that really rocks Xander’s world.

Jim Gunt: HOLY SHIT! Zach isn’t holding back anymore.

During the blatantly unsophisticated brawl Xander is able to swing his leather strap around the neck of Zach, applying a choke, before pulling him in close for a headbutt. The crack of the impact resonates throughout the arena and Zach is clearly knocked for a loop, he slumps from atop his opponent, collapsing beside Xander in a heap.

Mike Rolash: Fat lot of good it did him.

Jim Gunt: I think we can definitely expect a far more reckless and violent Zach tonight. After everything Haze and Kreese have done. Even the most Zen of Monks would find it hard to keep their cool.

Mike Rolash: Zach is probably just as celibate…the fucking nerd.

Xander wraps the strap around Zach’s throat once again, using it as added leverage to force the young man from Philly to his feet and connect with a variant of the traditional hangman’s neckbreaker. Xander hooks the leg.



Zach kicks out!

Jim Gunt: Celia’s life, her wellbeing, is on the line tonight. Zach won’t be going down so easily.

Mike Rolash: But the pinfall, or submission, is only the first obstacle of this match. After that they gotta plug in a control switch to the power outlet suspended over the centre of the ring. And from there…

Jim Gunt: Intense shit.

Xander goes to swing down yet again with the leather strap, but Zach surprises him with a roll up pin.



Xander breaks free.

Zach follows up into a backslide pin attempt.



TH-NO! Xander breaks out yet again.

Mike Rolash: Xander better take control of the pace of this match…

Jim Gunt: You think it’s so esay? Why don’t you take his place?

Recovering quickly the Gimp swings his arm for a powerful lariat. Zach deftly ducks down to avoid the strike, falling for Xander’s trap, a fake out, and instead gets knocked in the head by Xander’s raised knee. Zach is rocked back, left helpless at the hands of his opponent who takes advantage of the opening fully with a ring-shaking samoan drop. However, this time Xander errs away from a pin attempt and with a bestial roar starts wailing down on Zach with boot after boot after boot after boot.

Mike Rolash: I always do like my Zach’s well tenderised.

Jim Gunt: There’s No DQ, so either competitor is able to do practically anything to get that first point of victory. And sad to say Xander is looking to have the upper hand in that regard.

Xander Haze whips Zach into the ropes. Zach ducks underneath the attempt at a strong-arm lariat and puts an abrupt end to his own momentum to spin around in place at Xander who is building his own momentum.

Zach: PAUSE!

Mike Rolash: Oh god. Not this again.

As with Mikey Unlikely, Xander is taken aback by the surreal command and in that moment Zach charges forward for the running enzuigiri. In the blink of an eye Xander’s confusion turns into a wicked snarl and he outdoes Zach, catching the young Philadelphian by surprise by lifting him into the air and connecting with Brain Damage. The airborne Zach is caught under the jaw and collapses unceremoniously in a heap.

Mike Rolash: Xander continues to impress despite his obvious setbacks.

Jim Gunt: The guy’s a prick!

Mike Rolash: As hard as it is to believe, you would be to if you’d lived the same life as Xander.

Jim Gunt: NO! I will not sympathise with the guy! He is a horrible human being who has done horrible things. Enough said.

Mike Rolash: Well aren’t you narrow-minded.

During the banter between the commentators, Xander has taken a brief jaunt to the outside of the ring, confident that the fight is monetarily out of Zach, to scrummage under the ring and proudly brandish a steel ladder, a wicked smile on his face.

Mike Rolash: Now things are getting interesting.

The ladder slides into the ring, with the Gimp not far behind. At least that is the intent, except as Xander is climbing the apron Zach springs into action performing a sliding dropkick that sends the ladder straight back into the exposed midsection of the Gimp, sending him tumbling back down to the outside. Zach sets up the ladder, resting it in position atop the top-most ring rope and jutting out over the edge slightly.

Jim Gunt: I think he’s finally rediscovered his inner Impakt and going all out against Xander Haze. Turning ALL the dials up past 11.

Mike Rolash: At least he’s making it interesting.

Zach calls upon his speed and agility, scaling up the length of the inclined ladder and leaping into the air upon its apex. Zach flips forward as he comes down, sailing through the cool Washington air, and crashing into the recovering Xander Haze with a picture-perfect tope con hilo. Both competitors are left in a tangled heap of bruised and battered bodies.

Mike Rolash: I’ll admit that Summer Games has hit a whole new level with this match underway.

Moments pass until finally there are signs of life, as Zach begins to stir. He ascends to the apron, knocking the ladder off the rope and back into the ring proper. He looks ready to once again fly, leaping off of the apron, down on Xander who is using the nearby security barrier as support to stand back up. At the last second the Gimp jumps out of the way and Zach comes down upon the barrier, his whole body rocked as flesh meets unmoving construct. Xander doesn’t let up and nails his opponent with a big boot.

Jim Gunt: Xander now returning the action into the ring, after all there is no count out and the first stage of the match has yet to be concluded.

Possibly inspired by Jim Gunt’s words, Xander wraps the leather strap, his end tied around his wrist as not to lose it, around the neck and throat of Zach, making good use of it as an added edge as the Gimp locks in his signature Green Haze chokehold.

Mike Rolash: How great would it be if Haze chokes out Zach, then simply picks up the ladder and climbs to the power supply, all while Zach is out cold.

Jim Gunt: Hate to say it, but it’s a sound tactic and could be what Xander aims to do.

Zach fights desperately against the hold, but to no avail. Despite the wild flailing of his fists, elbows and feet. The submission move is well and truly locked in, thanks in part to the strap.

Xander Haze: Tap out you little bitch!

Mike Rolash: I think Zach is turning blue!

Forcing himself not to panic, Zach stops his fit and plants his feet squarely onto the ring mat.


Then with a surge of strength through his legs, he kicks OFF the mat, flipping himself backwards and OVER Xander Haze. The Gimp is not expecting that turn of events and loses his grip, setting Zach free, who now stands above him.

Jim Gunt: Holy Shit! What a way to break out of the chokehold!

Before Zach can capitalise however, Xander strikes with the quickness of a snake and throws a vicious closed fist into the one weak point of all biological men. Right between the legs. Zach doubles over and releases a loud yelp of pain.

Mike Rolash: And guess what? Still legal.

Unable to muster any defence, Xander shows off his strength by lifting Zach up and connecting with the ever-impressive Small Package Driver. The Gimp keeps a hold, transitioning perfectly into a pin.




Jim Gunt: Well fuck.

Mike Rolash: And Xander wins the first part. Certainly one way to do it

Jim Gunt: Which means the referee will hand him the switch panel.

Sure enough, the secondary ref, Tren Robbins,  waiting by the commentary table, now approaches the ring and drapes the control panel that was previously hanging from his neck, over the neck of the preliminary victor, Xander Haze. Satisfied Xander looks down at Zach contemptuously, spitting at his direction before making a beeline for the fallen ladder.

Mike Rolash: Finally to the business end of the match.

It does take Xander some time to gather the ladder, move it in place and set it up beneath the objective, giving Zach a chance to recover in the corner.

Zach: OI!

Xander snaps his attention to the waiting Zach.

Zach: Get Over Here!

The Philly native charges forward. Xander wields the ladder like a weapon in the hopes of slammin it into the charging form of his opponent. Zach falls to his knees, sliding UNDERNEATH the attack, using his momentum to spring back to his feet, flip forward against the ropes and as he bounces back, flipping backwards, nail the Gimp in the head with a handspring roundhouse kick. Zach’s attention switches from the fallen Xander and the control panel around his neck, to the ladder and the prize hanging above. Suddenly Zach has an epiphany.

Jim Gunt: The look of panic and fear on Zach’s face as he saw Xander setting up that ladder…it’s now one of grim determination.

Zach grabs Xander’s leather strap, dragging it, and the Gimp by association, over to a nearby corner. He begins to wrap and tie the leather-based weapon around the turn post, capping it off with an elaborate knot. Then he lifts the panel off of Xander and walks over to the ladder. Haze attempts to give chase but almost pulls his arm out of its socket when confronted with the jarring resistance of the tied leather strap. Xander roars out in hated, anger and frustration. He struggled against the strap as Zach climbs the ladder.

Jim Gunt: Ingenious!

Mike Rolash: Damnit I don’t want to compliment that kid. But…damnit!

Zach reaches the top, Xander trying his hardest to taunt, antagonise, intimidate, anything he can think of to distract and delay Zach while he fights against his bonds. Zach is gritting his teeth as he ascends and when he reaches the top he gives Xander a pointed middle finger gesture before setting the control panel in place.


John Kreese: Well, well, well.

The big screen comes to life, showing the familiar figure of John Kreese in close-up, smiling his usual vile and repugnant smirk.

John Kreese: Did you really think I would let you walk awa as the conquering hero? Did you really think I would take any chances?!

Naturally Kreese has the full attention of Zach and the entire packed audience in the FedEx Field.

Jim Gunt: What the hell does that monster want?

Mike Rolash: Shut up and find out!

The camera starts zooming out. Celia Lockheart is shown, strapped to her electric chair, but surprisingly John Kreese is seated next to her, strapped to a seat of his own and all wired up as Celia is.

John Kreese: Look to the panel Zach.

Reluctant to tear his eyes away from the bound and gagged form of Celia, struggling in her chair, Zach slowly gazes down to the panel on his neck…He realises there are TWO switches.

John Kreese: Understand? You built yourself up as a daredevil, as a risk-taker, throwing yourself into situations heedless of the consequences…but what about now? Are you willing to risk the life of someone close to you to get your revenge?

Zach studies the control panel, then looks to the power supply within reach. He hesitates, looking back to the screen and Celia. All sign of a fight drains quickly from Zach with the realisation that even he wins, he may still lose in a most profound and drastic way. Kreese’s presentation has the added effect of giving Xander the time to untie the leather strap from his own wrist, giving up on it and leaving it tied to the corner post, bursting free from the corner and pushing over the ladder.

Jim Gunt: This is just downright bullshit. Both Xander and Kreese know that Zach would never do anything to risk ANY harm to Celia. This was rigged from the start.

Mike Rolash: You sound surprised.

Not paying attention, Zach is surprised by the movement of the ladder, dropping the control panel, letting it fall back down to the ring mats and grabbing a hold of the intersecting cables that hang above the ring. Seeing Zach in a more precarious position, hanging from the cables above the ring, Xander leaves the ladder in place and begins to climb.

Mike Rolash: That John Kreese has got it all sorted out.

Jim Gunt: But why would he put himself at risk? Something doesn’t feel right.

Xander swats away at Zach’s weak attempts to kick him off the ladder and when the Gimp finds himself level with his opponent he snatches one of Zach’s legs in the air and they go back down to the mats together, Haze connecting with an insane variant of the powerbomb that leaves the ring shaking and both men down and out from the impact.

Jim Gunt: It’s very likely that neither competitor is going to be able to walk away tonight.

Xander Haze fights his way back to a standing base, scooping up the Livewire control panel and starts to climb. He is almost to the top by the time Zach regains his senses. He springboards off of the ring ropes, landing almost perfectly (one foot loses its place) near the top of the ladder. He uses the added momentum of his leap to start tipping the ladder, forward for him, but backward for Xander Haze. With one hand he deflty pulls the panel from Xander’s grasp and with the other he reaches out to grab hold of the overhanging cable. Meanwhile the steel ladder continues to tip, the Gimp still clutching to it, falling back to the mat and the ladder landing atop him.

Jim Gunt: It’s a damned if you do, damned if yu don’t, but either way, Zacch will be damned if he lets Xander pick up that win!

Zach’s grip on the cable is tenuous at best and he struggles to reposition himself, so not to fall. Xander is up in a brust of rage, tossing the ladder aside. He jumps up to grab a hold of his dangling opponent, setting up for another devastating powerbomb, this time however Zach is prepared and counters into a hurricanrana.

John Kreese: Wait. What are you doing? NO!

Attention is drawn once more to the big screen as something, or someone, knocks over the camera. The image is nothing more than a mass of footwear appearing in view. The sound of a struggle can be heard, then just before the camera feed cuts out completely there is the sound of Celia screaming out.

Zach: NO!

Overcome by dismay and the implication that maybe he wasn’t able to save Celia Lockheart in time, Zach collapses to his knees, draped over the bottom ring rope, gazing out at the now blank screen and hopelessly reaching out towards it.

Jim Gunt: Oh My God….Was he too late? What just happened? Surely…

He offers no resistance as Xander approaches, lifting up the despondent young man and connecting with a brainbuster variant onto the knee. It seems as if Zach has all but given up. The Gimp snatches back the control panel and sets up the ladder so he can once again scale its height. What he doesn’t notice however is a figure running down the ramp.

Mike Rolash: Who the fuck is this now?

Jim Gunt: Wait. That’s…that’s Sydney Lockheart, Celia’s father.

Xander notices the approaching Pom and yells at him, threatening him if he gets any closer to the ring. Then a wicked smile spreads across the Gimp’s face. He places the control panel atop the ladder then repositions himself, ready to come down, off of the ladder.

Jim Gunt: Xander has this all but won. Why continue the punishment?

Mike Rolash: To prove a point.

Xander jumps off the ladder, Syd yells out to Zach, as the Gimp comes down with the Handicap finisher. Whatever was yelled out by Celia’s father is enough to snap Zach back to his senses, spurring the young man into action and rolling out of the firing line of Xander’s flying elbow drop at the last possible moment.

Mike Rolash: Come On! That’s outside interference.

Jim Gunt: Which is completely legit remember.

Mike Rolash: Gr!

Zach is back to his feet in an instant, looking over to Syd who replies with a solemn nod. Determination is once again upon Zach’s face, with a hint of promised violence as he returns to the match and his struggling opponent. Without missing a beat Zach advances forward striking out with a flurry of furious forearms to the face, a low right roundhouse kick, a low left roundhouse kick, a spinning back sole kick and finishing off the lightning quick combination with a switch-blade kick to the back of the Gimp’s head.

Jim Gunt: Whatever magic words Sydney Lockheart said have seemed to have done the trick. Zach is back into the fray, good and proper.

Zac begins to climb the ladder. Despite the renewal of his fighting spirit, the intense match has still taken its toll and his climb up the ladder is not in haste. Xander drags himself towards the ladder and doubly drags himself up each rung.

Mike Rolash: Both competitors are now battling it out on the top step of the ladder, the control panel perched precariously between them!

The two men start trading blows, vicious rights, one after the other, again and again. More built for strength, each fist to the face from Xander seems to have more of a damaging effect, until Zach is unable to respond and the Gimp grabs hold of the control panel and cocks Zach in the side of the head. He loses his hold on the ladder and starts to fall.

Jim Gunt: No! Not now! Not when he is so close!

Zach tumbles sideways off the ladder, sailing OVER the ring ropes, set to crash land dangerously on the outside of the ring. In a last ditch effort he lashes out, grabbing a hold of the middle ring rope, the sudden stop of his fall clearly jarring his body, possibly even pulling his shoulder out of its socket. At least if his sudden exclamation of pain is anything to go by. But he is still in the fight!

Jim Gunt: Just managed to make that Reflex save!

Mike Rolash: What? You’re a bloody nerd as well!

Xander centres himself, finding his balance, but is also duly worn out by the match and is slow to capitalise. This gives Zach a chance to find his footing on the apron. Dislocated shoulder or not, he fights through the pain, spring boarding himself off of the top ring rope, spinning through the air and connecting with a mid-air corkscrew superkick. Both men hit the mat, Xander rolling to the outside of the ring.

Jim Gunt: C’mon Zach! Find that infallible fortitude to get yourself up that ladder!

Jim Gunt and Sydney Lockheart inspire a stadium wide chorus of cheers and screaming adulation, voicing their support for Zach. It seems to push him on, painstakingly pulling himself up each rung of the ladder, step-by-step, with the use of only one arm.

Mike Rolash: Maybe now Zach can understand Xander better.

Jim Gunt: Don’t be so sour just cause Zach seems to be winning.

Xander begins to move, popping his head up over the apron. He is recovering too slowly however and is barely able to pull himself up, rolling back into the ring as Zach reaches the top, with control panel in hand. Then lacking the uncertainty and hesitation from before he finds the energy needed to plug the panel in and flick one of the switches.

Jim Gunt: But what about Celia?!

Before the bell can ring however the big screen comes to life once again, the feed once more coming from the familiar abandoned warehouse, but now showing a completely different scene. Celia is unbound and free from the chair, flanked by a couple of Druids, while John Kreese still remains tied to his, under the watchful gaze of Agent Armstrong.

Armstrong: Armstrong reporting in. It turns out John Kreese never activated his chair, seemingly ensuring his safety regardless of the result. We managed to deactivate Celia’s also protecting her. As winner of the match Zach I feel only fair that YOU decide the fate of Mr John Kreese…

Jim Gunt: He wouldn’t?

Mike Rolash: I so hope he does…

Jim Gunt: Mike you backflip faster than Olympic divers!

Tense still silence permeates through the FedEx arena, as everyone watches Zach, who still stands atop the ladder, with primed control panel in hand. He looks around the arena, at Sydney, at Xander, then back to the screen, from the helpless John Kreese to the relieved Celia Lockheart, tears welling in her eyes.

He makes his choice.

Zach: I am not the villain. I will not be the one to decide his fate.

Armstrong: Very well.

The feed cuts out. The match is over, referee Clark Summits and Sydney Lockheart quick to Zach’s side as he almost falls from the ladder and they assist in carrying him back up the ramp. The second referee, Trent Robbins, moves to support Xander Haze, who refuses the aid, almost clockin the ref and begrudgingly makes his own way out.

Jim Gunt: So this whole time John never had his electric chair activated. What a spineless arsehole!

Mike Rolash: But what a match! I think I need a cigarette after that.

The Party is Everywhere!

The camera switches to one of the parking lots, where Marcus Maximus, sweating profusely, is approaching some tailgating fans.

Marcus Maximus: Good evening from out here as well, welcome to the outside of the Summer Games! I know that the action will be in there--

He points over his shoulder to the looming stadium in the background.

Marcus Maximus: --but there is a lot happening out here as well! Fans are tailgating, having fun in the sun and people have travelled from far and wide to come here. Over here we have a bunch of self-proclaimed Jaceholes that have driven down all the way from Montreal.

He walks over to three pick-up trucks parked right next to each other, a barbecue  is loaded with burgers and hot dogs, several coolers with beer and other drinks are ready and they are having themselves a big party already.

Marcus Maximus: Hey guys, having fun?

Jacehole #1: Always! Jace is back, baby, want a beer?

Marcus Maximus: I don’t know, if I…

Jacehole #1: Jean, une Unibroue pour Marcus!

Jean grabs a bottle from one of the coolers and hands it over.

Jean: Ce n'est pas l'eau jaune que les américains prétendent être de la bière, haha.

Jacehole #1: He says that it is not the yellow water you Americans pretend to be beer, this is the real stuff!

Marcus takes a swig and immediately a big smile comes to his face.

Marcus Maximus: OK, guys, I’ll hand it back to you, Jim and Mike, I’m good out here!

He turns back to the Jacehole.

Marcus Maximus: What was this stuff called again?

Cut back to inside the arena.


The Forsaken (Mia Rayne & The Shadow) © Vs. Smokin Aces (Freddie Styles & Duce Jones) Vs. Autumn Raven & Silas Artoria

Mike Rolash: Wow. Just wow.

Jim Gunt: No kidding, but I called it, I told you it would be intense, no? I wish they had given you some more energy with all that electricity...

Mike Rolash: I have plenty of energy, thank you very much! But let’s focus on the next match, please, I have had about enough of your lack of professionalism.

Jim Gunt: My what?

Mike Rolash: There you go off again, can you not control yourself?

Jim Gunt: I don’t--

Mike Rolash: Negative, always negative, you should try Shanti!

Jim Gunt (shaking his head): The tag team titles are up next and I am expecting a fierce battle, because we have six wrestlers in the ring at the same time and it is no DQ on top of it!

Mike Rolash: Can you stop prattling about not-related--

Jim Gunt: Earth to Mike, I am talking about the match here.

Mike Rolash: What? Without telling me, thank you Jim, you are a real friend. NOT!

Jim Gunt: Anyways, what an incredible night it has been so far, and Mike it's about to get even better as we are set to have the first of our three title matches here tonight! Next we have the CWF Tag Team Championships on the line, and on paper it looks to be a good one.

Mike Rolash: There's too many combustible elements in this contest, you have the former champs, Smokin’ Aces, then the dysfunctional pairing of Artoria and Raven, and finally those good for nothing...

The lights go out, cutting Rolash off in mid sentence and the sound of a heartbeat starts up. With every beat a blood red light begins to pulsate, speeding up as the heartbeat quickens. Then suddenly the beat and the light stop. Suddenly "Dangerous Tonight" by Alice Cooper starts to play in the total darkness.

Mike Rolash: What? Why? He's not supposed to be in this match!

The music stops again and the lights come up with two robed, hooded figures standing right in front of Rolash, both wearing burlap masks.

Mike Rolash: Aaaah!

He scrambles backwards, trying to get away from the masked duo. As he falls over with his chair, the two of them start laughing and take off their masks, revealing them as The Shadow and Mia.

Jim Gunt: Hahaa! They got you good…

Mike Rolash: The group collectively needs to get a life and let me do my job like the professional I am.

Mia winks and blows a kiss in the direction of Rolash, The Shadow and herself entering the ring, removing their robes, handing them to the ringside attendant. Suddenly a hush falls over the crowd as the sounds of police sirens and helicopters fill the arena, causing fans to look around to see what's going on. Suddenly the opening lyrics of The Game’s “Ali Bomaye” sound off through the PA system.

Get my people out them chains, nigga
I mean handcuffs, time to man up
Put my hands up? F*ck you sayin', bruh?
‘Cause I'm a black man in a Phantom
Or is it ‘cause my windows tinted?
Car cost 300 thou' and I blow Indo in it
You mad ‘cause your daughter f*ck with me on spring break
Well, I'ma f*ck her 'til the springs break

As the song breaks down, the lights beam back on spotlighting the entrance area as Freddie Styles is seen squatting down, head bent, arms stretched out in front of him, hands in twin pistol formation. Duce Jones stands behind Freddie, his back to the crowd, arms folded across his chest. The fans roaring in admiration, as the two men are both now facing the fans. The two men have made their way down the aisle and to the ring. Freddie walks up the ring steps as Duce hops on the apron. Both men climbing inside of the ring, Freddie making his way to the middle ropes, while Duce climbs one of the corners.

Jim Gunt: Here are two men who have been on an seesaw like path as of late. But they stepped to the champions after their hard fight Champions Ball contest.

Mike Rolash: At this point it doesn't matter who wins this match, as long as it's not those parasites, The Forsaken.

Mia Rayne: Hey!

Jim Gunt: Better quiet down, remember they can still hear you.

Rolash rolls his eyes as Mia shakes her finger in the direction of Rolash, soon purple lights shine around the top of the ramp, fog rolling around it as the beginning lyrics of the song start to play, the tron displaying a purple outlined black raven with her name fading in over it. As the guitar riff starts up, the purple lights start to flicker like a strobe light as Autumn slowly walks out from the back, coming to a stop at the top of the ramp. She glances out at the crowd with an annoyed look on her face as she starts down the ramp slowly. She walks around the ring, glaring at the fans sitting at ringside shaking her head before a red hue engulfs FedEx Field. The beginning sounds of “Cyberdemon” by Mick Gordon pump in through the sound system.

Jim Gunt: This has to be the biggest story to watch in this match. Raven personally said that she would walk out on Artoria here tonight.

Mike Rolash: If that was the case Jimbo, why would she even show up out here?

Jim Gunt: I guess the possibility of being fined?

Mike Rolash: I could see that, no one wants their pockets touched under any circumstances.

Jim Gunt: Umm. Right…?

The Psychotic Aristocrat steps out onto the stage area, looking determined and focused, the flickering of the red lights casting an eerie silhouette of Artoria as he stalks down the ramp. Autumn rolls her eyes at the sight of her partner as he menacingly makes it to where she is standing. Autumn rolls into the ring, with Silas joining shortly after, with his focus completely away from his begrudging partner. The crowd are on their feet inside of the FedEx Field, chanting for their favorite teams repressively.

Jim Gunt: The time is now to see if the Forsaken have what it takes to walk out with the CWF Tag Team titles in their possession.

Mike Rolash: Like I said earlier, there's too many variables to this match so why don't we send it to Ray for the introductions!

Ray Douglas: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! It is a Triple Threat No Disqualification Tornado Tag Team Match!

The FedEx Field comes unglued as all six competitors get their last few warmups out of the way.

Ray Douglas: Introducing one of the challengers. With a combined weight of three hundred forty five pounds! They are the Beautiful Psychopath, and the Psychotic Aristocrat!

Silas turns towards Ray Douglas, eyes piercing the skull and clearly inducing a feeling of discomfort to the poor ring announcer. He continues.


Silas charges towards Ray! But the ring announcer had foresight. He escapes the ring before the unhinged Canadian can get within grappling distance. He composes himself.


Boos echoes throughout the FedEx Field as the two ignore them.

Ray Douglas: Introducing the second challengers at a combined weight of four hundred twenty eight pounds! They are the team or Freddie Styles and Duce Jones! SMOKIN’ ACES!

The crowd is ecstatic for the former champs who pose for the crowd. Douglas making his final introduction.

Ray Douglas: Now the final team, at a combined weight of four hundred nine pounds! They are YOUR CWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! The Shadow and Mia Rayne! THE FORSAKEN!

The crowd gives a huge ovation as The Shadow stands there with his eyes focused on Artoria, meanwhile Rayne waves happily at the crowd. Both Styles and Jones head to the middle of the ring, both men extending their hands towards the champs. Mia and Shadow hand their custom designed tag straps to the official of this match Clark Summits, as they make their way over to the Aces to acknowledge the honorable gesture.

Jim Gunt: There is always respect when these two teams step inside the squared circle.

Mike Rolash: That's true but notice, neither team is offering their hand to Raven nor Artoria.

The Shadow stares at Silas, then take his finger pointing to Silas, then his fist and then pointing his fist at his mouth, motioning for him to come and take a shot. And that's all it takes as Silas charges right for the Weaver of Dreams swinging wildly, connecting with The Shadow’s face, a fist fight breaks out between the two men. Autumn nonchalantly stands in her team’s corner, not looking for a fight, but is soon blindsided by a charging Jones who hits her with a forearm that sends her reeling back in the corner! He unloads with stomps to her mid section, dropping her down in the corner. This only leaves Rayne and Styles left, who look at each other, shrug their shoulders, soon coming to blows themselves as the FedEx Field comes to life!

Jim Gunt: It's madness inside that ring as all three teams are tearing into one another!

Mike Rolash: Aside from End Games, this may be the next toughest match to call. The action is going to be everywhere.

Duce has Raven to her feet, trapped in the corner, reigning chops and punches to her face and chest in repeated succession. Finally with the damage done, Jones brings her out of the corner only to toss her through the ropes and down to the floor. Seeing an opportunity Jones leaps over the top rope, landing on the apron, measuring a rising Raven up. Duce charges full speed along the apron leaping off, taking her back down with a flying knee strike! Back inside the ring, Styles attempts to irish whip Rayne towards the ropes, however she puts the brakes on, slapping Freddie’s grip from her wrist, she catches him by surprise with an enziguiri that sends Freddie staggering backwards, the corner turnbuckles keeping him on his feet. Mia hypes the crowd before running in at Styles, he's prepared for her though, ducking his shoulder down sending her up and over the top rope. Rayne crashing to the floor as she is unable to catch her footing on the apron! Freddie steps through the ropes, turning his back to Rayne waiting for her to get upright. She finally does and Freddie uses the middle rope to flip backwards taking her out with a springboard moonsault!

Jim Gunt: Smokin’ Aces starting off hot as they have taken out both Raven and Rayne! But Silas and The Shadow haven't let up off each other yet!

Mike Rolash: The way the two of them are slugging it out, you would think they are the only two in the ring. But given their history, nothing less could have been expected.

Silas and The Shadow are swinging like madmen, Artoria gaining the advantage with a knee to the Shadow’s injured ribs. Grabbing the Weaver of Dreams' arm, the Psychotic Aristocrat sends The Shadow crashing hard into the corner with an irish whip! With a glazed over look in his eyes, Silas moves towards his rival, bringing The Shadow to his feet by the hair. Hooking The Shadow around the waist, Artoria lifts him and drives him back first into his knee with a backbreaker! Silas gloats over the downed body of The Shadow, but fails to notice the Aces who have entered the ring! He finally come face to face with them, his demeanor not changing. He rushes at them both attempting double clotheslines, but the Aces both duck. Bouncing off the ropes, Artoria is popped up in the air by Styles! As he descends, Jones blasts him in the face with a knee strike! Silas is out on the canvas, as Jones shoots the half going for the cover! Summits sliding in to make the count!



The Shadow breaks up the pin attempt!

Jim Gunt: Never thought I'd see The Shadow save Silas Artoria!

Mike Rolash: Only because the tag titles are on the line.

Freddie attacks The Shadow from behind with a forearm. Grabbing him by the hair, Styles goes to throw Shadow over the ropes, but he reverses, sending Mr. Ballgame crashing down onto Autumn and Mia! A now rising Jones witnesses the event unfold and charges at The Shadow himself, but is lifted up and over the ropes himself, hitting the floor with intense impact! The Shadow looks down at his work, but quickly turns his attention back to Silas Artoria, who has slowly rolled to his hands and knees. The Shadow moves in quickly on Artoria looking to gain an advantage. But Artoria catches him by surprise with a small package pin attempt!




Both men are back to their feet, Artoria being the faster of the two as he connects with the Weaver of Dreams’ jaw, dropping him with a dropkick! Artoria growls as he slowly rises back to his feet, hatred in his eyes as they beam down on The Shadow. With a fistful of hair, Silas lifts the Shadow onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry position! Silas cackles like a madman inside of the ring as he begins to spin in multiple three sixty revolutions! After twelve rotations, Silas carries The Shadow towards the side of the ring where everyone else is slugging it out at ringside. He takes a bit of a running start, and launches the Shadow off his shoulders and down into the sea of people below! FedEx Field showers the Psychotic Aristocrat with venom as he cockily taunts them. Silas then points towards the group of men and women who are now rising at ringside. Running towards the opposite set of ropes, Artoria comes flying in like an arrow, taking out the entire crowd!

Jim Gunt: Tope Suicida! Artoria has taken out everyone!

Mike Rolash: When you have the target on your back, you might as well take the bullseye to the archers.

Silas is up to his feet, rushing to the Spanish announce table, basking in the applause from the fans who respected the impressive move, the mood soon changes though as they aim to chant at Artoria.



Juan Ignacio Cimarron: ¡Sí! De hecho, todavía apesta, ahora baja por el culo!

Artoria looks down at Juan pointing down at him as the Spanish announcer becomes frightened. Silas setting his sights on him, but is tripped up on the table by Duce Jones! Crashing face first into the top of the Spanish announcers table, Silas slowly begins to rise, checking his nose accessing the damage. However he doesn't see Freddie running along the other set of announcers tables, leaping up into the air, and with his foot on the back of Artoria's head, driving him back face first into the table with an ATL STOMP! The table soon collapse under pressure as Styles goes tumbling into the laps of Gabriel and Juan, however Artoria is out on the table as it crashes to the floor!

Jim Gunt: Oh my that looked brutal!

Mike Rolash: He damn near stomped him back to Tokyo…

The crowd are chanting the first “Holy Shit!” chant of the match as Duce helps Freddie off of the Spanish announcers. The two men talk strategy for a quick second, as they turn to choose one of their opponents to work on now. The only thing they are able to meet are the feet of Rayne and Raven who connect with dropkicks! Both men go tumbling backwards tripping over Silas and landing on Juan and Gabriel knocking both men out of their chairs!

Jim Gunt: And there goes the Spanish announce team.

Mike Rolash: Sounds about right. I wonder which one of these assholes are going to be taken out next.

Jim Gunt: How could you say such a thing?

Mike Rolash: I got fifty on Russia.

Mia Rayne and Autumn Raven give each other a high five as they make it to their feet. Raven turns to leave but Mia grabs her by the shoulder, stopping her.

Autumn Raven: What dude? I'm out of here.

Mia Rayne: Nooo you can't leave chicka the fun is just getting started!

Mia jumps up and down gleefully before blasting Raven with a vicious headbutt! Raven staggers backwards, using the barricade for leverage to hold her up, she shakes the cobwebs out, gaining her surroundings but it's a little too late as The Shadow comes flying in with the Hammer of the Gods! The running dropkick sends Autumn crashing hard into the guardrail! Seeming to have done damage to his ribs as well, the Shadow slowly rises to his feet as Mia walks up to him, shoving him in his chest!

Mia Rayne: Shadow!

The Shadow: Yes?

Mia Rayne: GRAB A TABLE!

The crowd explodes as The Shadow goes to the apron tossing it onto the mat and pulling a table from underneath the ring, still holding his ribs in pain. Rayne comes over to help her partner set the table vertical between the ring and the barricade. Rayne points in the direction of the Beautiful Psychopath, the Forsaken duo makes their way towards Raven but before they can grab her, they are both stopped in their tracks, courtesy of steel chairs being thrown at them by the Aces! Like a pack of wolves Styles and Jones are attacking the champs! Jones grabs The Shadow and tosses him ribs first into the table that The Forsaken set up, meanwhile Freddie has Mia and he's sending crashing into the guardrail, landing next to Raven, who he kicks in the face for good measure.

Jim Gunt: Smokin’ Aces are in control, with that table set up it could only spell trouble for the Shadow!

Mike Rolash: I know, all that work he and Mia did getting it from under the ring…

Duce sends a clubbing blow into the back of The Shadow, laying him on top of the table. He yells for Freddie to go up top, which he does, Styles climbing to the top rope with his back to the Duce and the Shadow. Jones is soon caught off guard by a charging Rayne, who nails him with a forearm to the back. Shoving her partner off the table, she replaces him with Duce as Freddie is confident flipping backwards with another moonsault to his partner, putting the both of them through the table! Freddie grabs at his midsection in pain as the vision of Duce lying on a splinter of wood doing the same thing, dawns on him. Before he can react Rayne drops him with a boot to the face. She then reaches down, picking up Duce and rolling him into the ring, she hooks the leg as she goes for the cover! Clark sliding in for the count!




Jim Gunt: Duce Jones able to kick out at the last millisecond!

Mike Rolash: That's right Duce, show em why you're the Kid that Never Dies!

Jim Gunt: Since when do you cheer for Duce?

Mike Rolash: Ever since, he stepped in the ring with the Forsaken. I genuinely don't like those guys.

Mia gives Rolash a side eye as she gets to her feet, bringing Jones up as well. She stands him up in front of her and rocks him with a headbutt!

Mike Rolash: Here we go again.

Duce shakes off the hit and returns the favor headbutting Rayne! Smiling ear to ear, she comes back with another headbutt, and the two hard headed warriors are at it again with another battle of the noggins. They finally meet like rams headbutting each other one final time before, KNOCKOUT! Silas staggers both Rayne and Jones with double knee strikes to their faces! Both Rayne and Jones come to a halt, staring at each other, then at Silas before DOUBLE HEADBUTT!  All three fighters fall to the mat in unison as the crowd inside of the FedEx Field are going nuts! Seeing an opening, The Shadow slides into the ring, getting to his feet running to the ropes, he jumps onto them and twist in mid air, driving his fists onto the skulls of Jones and Artoria with the Hammer of Doom! He goes for the cover on Silas!




He quickly switches to Jones.




Jim Gunt: The Shadow trying to get the victory by any means.

Mike Rolash: This action is too fast to keep tabs on, we need a slow down button out here!

Jim Gunt: Slow down button?

Mike Rolash: Yea, like slow motion and shit.

Gunt shakes his head at his broadcast partner, meanwhile inside the ring, Shadow encourages his partner to her feet as she tries to gain her bearings. The Weaver of Dreams let's her know the game plan as she is soon to a vertical base. Bringing the Kid that Never Dies to his feet, Shadow twist his arm and sets him up for a Russian Leg Sweep, however he waits for Mia who comes barreling in with a vicious lariat, adding more force to the leg sweep! Rolling on top of Jones, Shadow goes for the cover again.





The crowd let's out a collective “OH” as Mia is quickly on the offense, grabbing Styles by his neck and tights, throwing him through the ropes and out of the ring. She is then tossed over the ropes herself by a recovering Silas. With the D.C. fans booing the Psychotic Aristocrat furiously, he turns his attention to both Jones and The Shadow who are slowly getting to their feet. Silas anticipates his opponents' offense as Jones is the first to attack! Dodging a forearm attempt, Artoria grabs the arms of Duce, and with one swift motion spikes him into the canvas with a Snap Dragon Suplex! The impact of the maneuver sends Jones rolling under the bottom rope clutching his neck in pain.

Jim Gunt: Man, that looked painful! But Silas needs to watch out for his arch nemesis! The Shadow with the clothesline attempt! No! Silas evades! The Weaver of Dreams turns around! DISCUS CLOTHESLINE!

Mike Rolash: Damn, Silas exploded through him with that lariat! C’mon Artoria go for the cover!

Silas doesn't though as he rolls under the bottom rope and begins to search under the ring. Meanwhile on the other side of the ring where both Rayne and Styles where thrown out, they are back to their feet and slugging it out! The FedEx Field all rise to their feet in unison as they are the only people to notice the Beautiful Psychopath climbing to the top rope, her aim directly for the two. Having finally noticed her, Raven comes twisting down onto Rayne and Styles, taking them out with a Corkscrew Splash! The crowd comes to life once more, Silas mockingly applauds her as he slides two tables into the ring. Pulling two more tables out, he slides them inside as well, he isn't done as he then pulls out a kendo stick from underneath the ring! He finally make his way back inside the ring, basking in the hate, the fans are giving him. After some quick twirl work with the kendo stick, he wacks a rising Shadow across the back, dropping him back to the canvas.

Jim Gunt: Artoria is in firm control of this contest Mike! You think he's gonna be able to pull it out for his team?

Mike Rolash: I would answer your question, but I'm trying to figure out what the hell is Silas doing with these tables.

Silas has one of the tables up in the air, legs opened, he sets it on the top corner turnbuckles.. With a sinister look in his eyes, he grabs the kendo stick off the mat, walking over to Duce who's using the ropes to get up on the apron, Artoria smacks him across the shoulder area, causing him to fall to the floor! Silas turns towards The Shadow who's almost back to his feet, and with a wicked smile, the Psychotic Aristocrat charges in and blasts the Weaver of Dreams in the ribs with the kendo stick! Another shot to the back and the Shadow is back down! Silas then goes back to setting up his contraption, grabbing another table, he sets it up next to the previously placed table, constructing a makeshift scaffold! He then sets the other two tables up in front of the corner, Artoria turns his sights back to The Shadow, grabbing him by his long hair bringing him to his feet. Silas stings the chest of The Shadow with a knife edge chop! It's not enough, for the CWF villain, as he rips the shirt off his adversary, and blisters his chest with another chop. Again using The Shadow’s hair for leverage, Artoria drags him over to the corner that displays his handiwork. Slamming the Shadow’s head off one of the tables, Silas lifts The Shadow unto the scaffolding makeup, using the first table for balance, Silas is on top as well. Rising to his feet, he makes his intentions clear, as he pulls The Shadow up from behind, lifting him up onto his shoulders into an electric chair position!

Jim Gunt: He can't possibly be attempting the Fall of Man!?

Mike Rolash: This is gonna be so freaking awesome.

With The Shadow in position he looks to complete the move, but The Shadow begins to reign down punches onto the top of Artoria’s head. Losing his grip, Shadow falls behind his foe, Silas turns and the two engage once again in a fist fight on top of the table. Mia has made her way back into the ring, climbing the table to help her comrade, and now it's a two on one fight as the Forsaken duke it out with Artoria. But it's the dastardly Artoria who gains the advantage with a thumb to the eye of both Forsaken members! He goes for the offense, but seizes up in pain from the sharp points of barbed wire piercing his flesh, courtesy of a barbed wired baseball bat wielding Autumn Raven!

Autumn Raven: F*ck this shit, I'm out!

The crowd applauds her heroics as she is finally able to make her exit from this match, leaving Artoria to fend for himself. This gives the Forsaken the opening they needed as Shadow helps Mia lift Silas onto her shoulders into a fireman's carry hold, easing her way towards the edge, also with extra leverage from the Shadow who grabs Artoria’s legs! THEY JUMP OFF BRINGING ARTORIA AND THEMSELVES CRASHING THROUGH THE TABLES BELOW WITH AN ASSISTED DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!




Splinters of wood go flying everywhere as the impact causes The Shadow to go rolling out of the ring, leaving both Rayne and Artoria down. Rayne slowly rolls on top of Silas going for the pin!



No! Duce slides into the ring, grabbing Mia, snatching her off Silas and tosses her through the ropes and outside the ring, he goes for the cover himself!




The bell rings as Duce rolls off Artoria, proud of what he just did, Freddie soon joining him inside the ring to celebrate!

Jim Gunt: Smokin’ Aces just stole the victory!

Mike Rolash: That's called ring awareness Jimbo!

Ray Douglas: Here are your winners and NEEEEWWWW CWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! SMOKIN’ ACES!!

Both Freddie and Duce begin to celebrate as their newly won titles at handed to them. The FedEx Field are mixed with their feelings as some boo and some cheer. As they continue to celebrate, the now former champs make their way back into the ring.

Jim Gunt: Smokin’ Aces now champions once again, and what a show of sportsmanship as the two teams shake hands once more.

Mike Rolash: Oh no, not these guys again!

As if on cue, the two masked men who have been making frequent appearances as of late, slide into the ring behind the former champs, grabbing them both and spiking them into the canvas with simultaneous German Suplexes! The fans begin to boo as the masked men are back to their feet and face to face with the champs.

Jim Gunt: What are these guys motives, like what have they come for? And why the hell are they shaking hands with the Aces!?

Mike Rolash: Apparently, it's obvious Styles and Jones know these two individuals, but what could this all mean?

The new champs stand side by side with the two masked assailants, as they all stand over the Forsaken, Duce and Freddie with their newly won titles raised high in the air. Duce is then seen walking over to Mia, kneeling beside her, uttering out three words to her.

Duce Jones: F*ck ya friendship…

He then rolls out of the ring as the other three gentlemen follow him to a chorus of raining jeers.

It Depends.


Eric Dane sits alone in the Golden Paradigm locker room. He is dressed to fight, taped fists and braced knees pulled together by silver and black SPLX branded tights. The Golden Paradigm fleur de lis logo is on the back of his tights, and the rest is covered in various sized and designed stars. His eyes are blacked out by shades and a leather jacket hangs loose on his frame.

He takes a deep, centering breath.

Bronson Box is preparing for tonight’s opportunity somewhere else in the bowels of the backstage area of FedEx Field. It was decided well in advance that once the business with Andy Murray was concluded that Dane and Box should go their separate ways until End Games.

Trust me when I tell you it was a good idea.

Pete Whealdon is equally as likely to be wherever Box is as he is to have fucked off into the Maryland night. He could be halfway to slinging his finger guns in D.C. by now for all anybody knows. The air inside of the lockerroom is that of a calm serenity not usually associated with Eric Dane or his Golden Paradigm.

The silence is broken by a curt knock. Angus Skaaland enters without waiting for an invitation and quickly crosses the room, finding a spot to park himself without disturbing The Golden Pariah too terribly much.

Dane: Did you find her?

Angus: In a manner of speaking.

Behind twenty-five thousand dollar shades The Only Star rolls his eyes.

Dane: Try being clear and concise.

Angus: She’s sealed off in the women’s locker room. Which, I don’t fucking get, they all clamor for their “equality” but they gotta have their own place to change just because tits or whatever. It’s a fuckin’ double standard I tell ya!

Dane looks at Angus like he’s lost his fucking mind.

Dane: I… can’t even. What did you find?

Angus: I found her midget.

Dane: And?

Angus: And he’s an asshole. Said something about MJ not wanting to get involved with settling your old debts.

The Golden Pariah nods, somewhat introspectively.

Dane: I figured as much. Do you think she’s ready for tonight?

Angus: I do.

Dane: Do you think we’ll survive this thing?

Angus: Well, that totally depends.

Dane: On?

Angus: On which one of you wins.

A second passes, Dane’s bottom lip juts out as his brows raise, impressed at Angus’s assessment of the situation. The Motormouth of Malcontent pulls out one of his phones and is quickly lost to the world around him. The End Boss, for his part, goes back into his concentration, mentally preparing himself for the task at hand.

Ataxia © Vs. Dorian Hawkhurst

Jim Gunt: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, was this ever a nailbiter! And the Smokin’ Aces have their titles back! But what is the relationship between them and the masked assailants?

Mike Rolash: A deserved win for the former champions here, finally only one belt left in the hands of the Forsaken, just look at what they did to the tag belts, it is a disgrace!

Jim Gunt: Unusual yes, but not a disgrace… Anyways, one take away from this match for sure is that Silas and Autumn are NOT reconciling any time soon, that moment, where A pinned B surely was a bizarre situation, but thankfully the commissioner was able to sort things out quickly and get on with it, but this continues the tailspin of the two Forsaken here, now without a win in three and four matches respectively, so where will the road lead for them next?

Mike Rolash (under his breath): To hell.

Jim Gunt: What was that?

Mike Rolash: Oh, nothing. For the next match I am torn. Because no matter how we do this, a Forsaken will win!

Jim Gunt: Sounds like a match made in heaven for you, eh, Mike?

Mike Rolash: Ha. Ha. I think I’ll be for Dorian. Anything to get that belt off that freak!

Jim Gunt: Mike Rolash, unbiased sports commentating since 1876.

Mike Rolash: I’m not that old!

Jim Gunt: It just feels like it’s been an eternity with you… But indeed, Dorian Hawkhurst versus Ataxia, the reigning Impact Championship title holder, and these two have already been responsible for some of the most epic battles in CWF in recent history and tonight has all the makings to add to this line.

Ray Douglas: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is for the Impact Championship!!!

The Maryland/Washington D.C crowd give a hearty cheer as Ray continues. 

Ray Douglas: Introducing first...

“From the Pinnacle to the Pit” by Ghost begins to play as the lights go down and smoke fills the ramp. As spotlight sets upon the entrance, and “The Demon of Sobriety” Dorian Hawkhurst stands in an open legged stance with his arms out. He is wearing a long, leather trench coat and his trademark “Forsaken Demon” shirt. As the lead guitar comes in over the bass guitar, Chloe does not emerge. Dorian starts making his way down the rampway.

Ray Douglas: From Philadephia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 287 lbs., here is the “Demon of Society” Dorian Hawkhurst!!

Dorian ignores the crowd as he slides into the ring and removes his trench coat. He glares at the entranceway awaiting his opponent.

Jim Gunt: Every time these two have faced each other, it's been a war. Even though they are allies, some would even say friends...just how much of that goes out the window tonight?

Mike Rolash: This is all just a ploy by the boss to keep the title in his little stable. Although I will say this, Dorian deserves this shot. But can he actually take out that bag headed freak is another question.

Ray Douglas: And his opponent...he is the CWF Impact Champion as well as the commissioner of CWF. He is... “The Messiah Pariah”...Ataxia!

The lights flicker as we hear this over the PA System...


"Dangerous Tonight" by Alice Cooper starts to play as Ataxia enters the arena wearing his cloak of raven feathers, tophat, cane, and raven mask over his usual bag like mask. Ataxia spins the cane around and high fives fans as he walks down the ringside area, and we see he has the Impact Title wrapped around his waist. He leaps into the ring and whips off the cloak. He takes off the mask, hat and cane. A ring attendant grabs them as Ataxia takes off the belt and holds it up and points right at Dorian. Dorian takes this moment to head to the outside and grab a microphone.

Dorian Hawkhurst: Hai Frand!

Ataxia waves and motions for Dorian to get this started.

Dorian Hawkhurst: No Tax, I got a favor to ask you for your other job. I'd like to make this match special. How's about...Falls Count Anywhere!?

The sold out Washington DC crowd pop at this. Ataxia calls for a microphone of his own.

Jim Gunt: That means this whole arena just became their playground!

Mike Rolash: Oh this is echos of that damn streetfight!

Ataxia: Mr. Hawkhurst...I accept your terms...if you accept mine. You can have your falls count anywhere...but my dear boy...there is only one way this belt is leaving my hands...if you are...THE LAST MAN STANDING!!

The fans pop even more!

Jim Gunt: That means that the title can only change hands now via ten count for a knockout!

Mike Rolash: Can't these guys just have a regular match?!

Dorian Hawkhurst: Suits me bag face!

Ataxia: Hey! That's Sexy Bag Face to you frand...

Ataxia smiles and drops the microphone as Dorian does the same. They both get into the ring as the belt is held up over them as the bell rings. Dorian and Ataxia circle around each other and lock up with Dorian overpowering Ataxia and tossing him into the ropes. Ataxia bounces back and kicks Dorian in the gut. Dorian stumbles for a moment and Ataxia runs back to the ropes. He drops down to his back as Dorian is bent over and goes to punch him.

Ataxia: Hai Fr...

KNEE TO THE FACE!!! Dorian just landed knee's first into Ataxia's face stopping the “Hai Frand” move!

Jim Gunt: Hai Frand...Denied!

Mike Rolash: YES!!

The Messiah Pariah holds onto his face as Dorian gets up. He runs to the ropes and comes back with a kick to the side of the head of Ataxia. Ataxia flops under the ropes and to the outside. Dorian climbs over the ropes and does a running elbow drop to the sternum of Ataxia on the outside. The Forsaken Demon grabs Ataxia and sets him up for a chokeslam to the floor on the outside! Ataxia takes the hit!

Jim Gunt: Things are really looking good for Dorian right now.

Mike Rolash: Yeah, but with that insane idiot he's fighting that can change at any second. 

Dorian picks Ataxia up and Irish Whips him into the ring barricade between the fans and the ring. Ataxia hits chest first and falls back on his back. With a head of steam, Dorian rushes up to him and drops another knee to the face of Ataxia. The Demon of Sobriety picks up Ataxia over his head and drops him headfirst onto the barrier! Ataxia lands on the side as fans scatter out of the way quickly.

Dorian Hawkhurst: Where's the bravado?! Where's the mind games?! Come me what you got!

Dorian climbs over the barricade and grabs Ataxia with both hands around his throat and lifts. The Messiah Pariah reaches his hands up to this throat grabs Dorian's wrists. Ataxia kicks his legs up and double kicks Dorian in the armpits! Dorian howls out in pain and drops Ataxia, and while falling down, the CWF commissioner headbutts Dorian in the chin sending Dorian, backfirst, onto the barricade!

Jim Gunt: ...

Mike Rolash: ...

Ataxia: Flugelhorn...

Mike Rolash: ...I hate him so much!

Dorian shakes the cobwebs out as Ataxia goes to hit him in the chest, but Dorian knees Ataxia in the gut! Taking a moment Dorian grabs Ataxia and hits him with a swinging neckbraker onto the hard concrete! Dorian gets up and looks toward something. He picks up Ataxia and tosses him towards the direction he was looking in. The fans are making a path as Dorian keeps hitting Ataxia with punches over and over again leading him towards the makeshift backstage area of the open field arena. It looks like a large black tent is where Dorian is heading towards. He finally stops and grabs Ataxia., picking him up over his head and slams Ataxia's back right onto Dorian's knee!

Dorian Hawkhurst: Come on in, Tax. Or are you afraid?!

Dorian walks into the large black tent as Ataxia holds his spine. He gets up after a moment and follows Dorian inside.

Jim Gunt: What's going on?

Mike Rolash: I have no idea...

We follow in with Clark Summits and the cameras when suddenly it's pure darkness and a strobe light starts to go off. Ataxia is walking around the tent and we see photos on the wall. All of them are with him and Mia, Ataxia and Shadow, Ataxia and Chloe, and Ataxia with Dorian.

Dorian Hawkhurst: You know it took me a while to figure you out...

Ataxia looks around for the voice and keeps looking at all the photos.

Dorian Hawkhurst: And you know what I found to be the most interesting thing. The fact that you try to help people. Look at you. You're a freak, but you're okay with that. So you try to show everyone else that they are a freak. Like you did with me.

Ataxia keeps walking through looking at the photos still looking for Dorian. 

Ataxia: This was your best idea...a strobe light and photographs? Come on...Even I'm not this cheesy...

Dorian Hawkhurst: Oh...but you are. And that's a great thing, Ataxia. You see. When we boil everyone down to their basic parts we find what they are truly made of. You found out that I was a monster. A beast. It wasn't the booze that made me that way. It was a crutch. You took that away. Now I'm going to return the favor. Because behind that mask...behind those faces you wear. Is just a scared man afraid to be left alone. Your greatest fear Ataxia...

The lights shut off.

Jim Gunt: Oh I don't like this...

Mike Rolash: This whole mindgames thing...

Dorian Hawkhurst: Is being left alone. That nothing you do will matter. That everyone will leave you. That you will be forgotten.

Ataxia: ...Interesting theory.

Dorian Hawkhurst: Maybe even she'll leave you Tax...after can she love a man who can't even show his own face. What are you hiding? I it because you are hiding from someone, or is it because you are merely worried that if we see who you really are. That they will all hate you just as much as you hate yourself!

The lights cut on and we see Dorian snatch Ataxia's mask as the lights cut off again. We can't make out anything, but we do hear a crash. Dorian grabs the cameraman and the ref and they are shuffled outside.

Dorian Hawkhurst: Wait for it.

We hear the lights flick on and...

Ataxia: AHHHHHHHH!!!!

Dorian starts to back away from the tent as the ref goes to check on Ataxia, but Ataxia bursts out adjusting his mask. Dorian smiles.

Dorian Hawkhurst: Did you like what you saw...frand?!

Ataxia is shaking with anger. He takes deep breaths as he points to Dorian.

Ataxia: You...have officially...pissed me off!

Dorian Hawkhurst: And that's a great thing!

Dorian smiles as Ataxia charges him and Ataxia leaps over Dorian's head and comes down with a SAVAT KICK TO THE SPINE! Dorian lands hard as Ataxia follows it up with kicking Dorian's spine over and over and over again! Dorian just laughs as Ataxia picks him up and tosses him back into the tent knocking part of it down and we finally see what was inside of it.


Jim Gunt: Ataxia saw himself unmasked!

Mike Rolash: He was that close to us seeing who he really was and it's made him flip his lid!

Dorian Hawkhurst: Hiding still...what are you so afraid of.

Ataxia: Shut the fuck up!

An infuriated Messiah Pariah starts pummeling on Dorian over and over again with rights and lefts until Dorian headbutts Ataxia in the jaw! Dorian flips over Ataxia. He puts Ataxia in a hammerlock and grabs the top of his mask.

Dorian Hawkhurst: Maybe we should just take this off and help you help yourself frand!

Ataxia: NOOOO!!!

Jim Gunt: Dorian can't be serious! He and Ataxia are allies!

Mike Rolash: Do it! Tear that damn thing off!

Ataxia dislocates his own arm to slide out from underneath Dorian and as the Forsaken Demon turns, Ataxia kicks him in the face with a high dropkick. Ataxia takes the moment to get up and rush towards the ring. Dorian gives chase. They get back to the ringside area and Ataxia stops right before the ring. Dorian charges, Ataxia ducks. Drop Toe Hold! Dorian hits headfirst into the side of the ring! Dorian goes down holding his forehead, it's busted open! Ataxia walks over to the ringpost and looks down at his dislocated shoulder. He starts slamming his arm into the post viciously.





On the third slam we hear a sickening pop as the fans recoil in pain. Ataxia's right arm is shaking as he turns to see Dorian back on his feet lunging for the mask. Ataxia ducks down and rolls. Dorian turns and Ataxia runs to the ring steps and hops off...POLISH HAMMER!!

Jim Gunt: Square Hammer from Ataxia to Dorian!

Mike Rolash: Come on Dorian! Get that mask! Get that mask...why aren't they chanting?

Jim Gunt: Maybe because they like both wrestlers.

Ataxia takes the momentum to grab Dorian and quickly hit him with a DDT to the outside of the ring, but we can tell he is not in his right mind. The usual confidence is gone. He's shaking. He's angry. Ataxia gets up and gets into the ring and starts rocking in the corner.

Jim Gunt: I think he's having a panic attack!

Mike Rolash: Good!

The fans are up on the their feet chanting for Ataxia, but he puts his hands up over his ears. Dorian gets into the ring and walks over to Ataxia and grabs him. Ataxia gets whipped into the corner and Dorian hits him with a splash. Ataxia falls down and curls up into a ball. Clark Summits once again starts his count.



Jim Gunt: How can Dorian do this?!



Mike Rolash: What? He's trying to help his friend.



Dorian Hawkhurst: Get up! Face your fear! Come on! You threw me into a bar and I got up! If you don't get up I'm taking that damn thing off!

Ataxia has tears coming down his eyes. He grabs his head and starts to stand up.


ATAXIA SLAMS HIS OWN HEAD INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! ONE! TWO! THREE!! He shakes out the cobwebs and turns to get a big boot to the face by Dorian! Dorian picks up Ataxia and throws him into the ropes and Ataxia bounces off, and runs outta gas hitting the mat.

Jim Gunt: Stop the damn match! He could go into cardiac arrest!

Mike Rolash: That's the idea...he can't get back up...





The fans start to chant “Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up!”. Dorian just stands there eye to eye with Ataxia.

Dorian Hawkhurst: Come on...get up! Even if you lose you still win...Get up! Come on...Get up!



Ataxia does a pushup like move and crawls to the ropes. 



Ataxia pulls himself upright. Summits asks him if he wants to continue, Ataxia looks around and we can tell he doesn't want to be here. He's panicking. He drops to his knees and looks over at the “Impact Title”. He closes his eyes. He breathes and nods he'll continue. Dorian looks at him and for a moment we see Ataxia hold out his arms.

Jim Gunt: What's he doing?

Mike Rolash: Who the hell knows...Finish him off Dorian!

For a moment...The crowd dies down as Ataxia opens his eyes and smiles. 

Ataxia: Ahaha...hahaha....AHAHAHHAHAHHAHHA!!

Dorian Hawkhurst: AHAHAHAHHA!!!

Both men are laughing maniacally as the crowd looks a bit confused as both men charge at each other and start trading punches left and right! Ataxia starts winning with a fury of right punches to Dorian's chest sending him back into the ropes. Dorian bounces off and Ataxia leaps over. Dorian hits the ropes on the rebound and Ataxia leaps up...He's going for “The Reckoning” but Dorian grabs him mid-air and slams him down with a powerbomb!

Jim Gunt: What power and timing on Dorian's part!

Mike Rolash: But how much did it cost him.

For the first time in the match Dorian is showing signs of fatigue. He gets up and drags Ataxia to the corner. Dorian faces the turnbuckle and starts to climb up to the top turnbuckle. Ataxia looks out of it as Dorian starts to bounce on top of the turnbuckle and looks to be going for a flapjack, but Ataxia leaps up and grabs Dorian's legs and hits...A SITDOWN POWERBOMB!

“That was awesome! That was awesome!”

Jim Gunt: Dorian went for high risk and it didn't pay off!

Mike Rolash: Yeah...but look at burlap boy!

Ataxia is on the mat as well as Dorian...



Both men begin crawling towards the ropes.



Dorian grabs the ropes and pulls himself up.


Ataxia gets up. Dorian charges at him, and Ataxia dodges. Dorian has his back to Ataxia...HUNGARIAN REACH AROUND!!! 

Jim Gunt: He's trying to choke the life out of Dorian!

Mike Rolash: NO! NO! GOD DAMN IT NO!!!

Dorian wobbles and weaves as he lands on his knee's as Ataxia tries to lock in the hold even more to put Dorian to sleep, but Dorian pushes through it and stands back up and...Drops back first onto the mat! Ataxia takes the impact and lets go of the hold. Dorian grabs his arm that was in the hammerlock. Both men are down, flat on their back and absolutely exhausted as Summits starts another count.






Ataxia gets up first this time and kicks Dorian breaking up the count! Ataxia heads to the other side of the ring. He takes a deep breath. He focuses. He calls for “The Reckoning” on Dorian. Dorian gets up and Ataxia charges. Dorian rolls out of the way as Ataxia flies into the ropes and bounces off. Dorian leaps up and grabs Ataxia. SPINEBUSTER!!


Jim Gunt: The whole ring shook!

Mike Rolash: But is it enough...

Dorian grabs Ataxia and drags him to the corner. He leaps back up to the turnbuckle post. He bounces for a few moments and then pancakes onto Ataxia with a thunderous thud! Ataxia lays in the corner. Dorian picks up Ataxia's arms and folds them like he was a corpse in a coffin and rolls out of the ring. Summits begins his count as Dorian heads over to the announcers table.





Dorian grabs “The Impact Title” and holds it up.



Jim Gunt: Come on Tax...get up!



Mike Rolash: He's finished.


Ataxia rolls out of the ring and lands on his feet outside of the ring. Dorian is beside himself. Ataxia has his arm on the ring apron keeping him standing up. Ataxia smiles and nods. Dorian drops the belt and runs towards Ataxia. Ataxia, using the apron, tries to walk towards Dorian. Dorian runs up the ring steps onto the ring apron. Ataxia let's go as Dorian takes to the skies and... “THE RECKONING!!”

Jim Gunt: HOLY HELL!!

Dorian connects on Ataxia with the double knees to the collarbones and Ataxia flips after the shot and lands face first on the ground below. 






Dorian is up and is holding his knees. He watching Ataxia like a hawk this time.




Mike Rolash: I think the masked freak is finally out, Jim!


Ataxia is still not moving as the official takes one final look.


Jim Gunt: It's over!

Mike Rolash: He finally stayed down!


Dorian's legs give out and he sits down on the outside of the ring while Ataxia lays motionless. Dorian gets up after a few moments of applause by the fans and grabs the belt. He stands over Ataxia, and grabs him by the mask...

Jim Gunt: Is he going to...

Mike Rolash: Come on it!

And moves his arm down to Ataxia's arm and starts to pull him up. Ataxia is breathing heavily as he is pulled up by Dorian. Ataxia looks at the title and then to Dorian...and he embraces his frand and partner in “The Forsaken”. The fans are on their feet.

“That was awesome! That was awesome! That was awesome!”

Ataxia heads to back letting Dorian has his moment in the sun. As he starts to walk up the ramp we can see Ataxia starting to walk with a bit more of his old self. It seems whatever he saw has not shaken him to much as a weight's been lifted off of him. Dorian starts to head to the back.

Jim Gunt: The mind games were won tonight by Dorian Hawkhurst. He got Ataxia so worked out it spent most of his energy!

Mike Rolash: That's great, but he could have unmasked him! That would have been more bigger than the title!

Jim Gunt: He didn't need to unmask him to beat him Mike. He needed to overwork him to win. Dorian baited the commish into the stipulations.

Mike Rolash: I still want that damn burlap thing gone!

The Doppelgangers

All four members of the Forsaken are shown in a backstage office, each of them grasping a wound from their prespective encounters. Mia Rayne, The Shadow, Dorian Hawkhurst and Ataxia stand huddled around the commissioner's desk as Hawkhurst slams his fist into the pine.

Dorian Hawkhurst: These masked guys have gotten on my last damn nerve! It's about time they get what's coming to them!

The Shadow: Calm down, Dorian, that's why we're here. We have to formulate a plan.

Dorian Hawkhurst: My plan is to punch 'm in the mouth.

Mia Rayne: Sounds like a good enough plan to me...

The Shadow: How are we supposed to do that? We don't know who they are, or where they are.

Ataxia looks up from his desk, bringing a silence to his companions.

Ataxia: They're still here. Fridge and his security men have been watching every exit from this building. They're still here. I guarantee it.

Dorian Hawkhurst: Let's go find 'em, then.

Mia Rayne: Let's crack their skulls with baseball bats!

Ataxia: We don't have to. Let them come to us.

The Shadow: What do you mean?

Ataxia: I believe they have their eyes on the End Games match. I have an idea of what's going on here. We have to get out to ringside. We must protect the integrity of the main event.

Suddenly, a loud bang is heard as the office door slams shut, closing the Forsaken inside. The sounds and sprays of a weld gun have the four combatants on high alert.

The camera pans to the other side of the door, where Ataxia is standing...or at the very least, a figure that by all accounts looks like Ataxia. The black suit, the gloves, the burlap mask and all. He wields a weld gun like a maniac, melting the door to the frame.

With thunderous laughter, another man comes up behind Ataxia. It's Ataxia, or by all accounts another man that looks like Ataxia. The two men push a metal shelving unit in front of the door and do what they can to barricade the Forsaken inside.

They share a high five and scurry out of eye sight.

Jim Gunt: Mike? What was the hell was that!?

Mike Rolash: My. Worst. Fucking. Nightmare.

Jim Gunt: It looks like Ataxia has doppelgangers!

Final Words.

It’s almost time. 

Eric Dane paces with intent down a supporting branch of the backstage thoroughfare. He’s dressed as before, ready to go to war both with and against two people that he respects deeply. Not that he’d ever say those words out loud, let alone to anyone who might hold it against him at some imaginary point in the future.

Also some other people would be involved, but let's be realistic. This match is going to come down to Golden Paradigm members and everybody knows it. The Only Star pops his neck as he makes a turn into a larger hallway. 

Standing there, almost as if she were waiting for him, is a smartly dressed Tara Robinson. As soon as The Antagonist is within arms' reach she presses him, microphone in hand.

Tara: Mr. Dane! Could I have a moment-

The Golden Pariah interrupts.

Dane: Ms. Robinson! Of course you can have the last interview with Eric Dane before he becomes CWF Champion! 

Eric stands in unnervingly close, his eyes betraying his excitement at the prospect. He bounces back and forth lightly, ready for the fight. Ready for the championship.

Tara: Alrighty, well then, do you have any final thoughts about your teammates going into the End Games match?

Dane: I’ve got two of the best partners anyone could ever ask for, Tara.

Tara: And?

Dane: And The Ringmaster.

He shrugs.

Dane: Can’t win ‘em all. Besides, it could be worse. It could be Jace.

Eric smirks. Tara fires another question.

Tara: Speaking of Jace-

The End Boss cuts her off again.

Dane: Please. Let’s not.

Tara: Anything for any of your opponents?

Dane: Come to think of it, no, not really. The opposing team is made up of four guys who are getting their rub by being in the ring with us. They’re insects, in need of a little bit of pest control. Once that’s finished and this Ringmaster fellow is dispatched, we’ll get down to the actual Main Event of the evening. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a big gold belt to go claim.

With a wink at Tara and a smirk at the camera The Only Star strides off stage right. Tara, unflinching, brings the microphone back to her own fiery red lips.

Tara: As you can tell, Eric Dane is ready for End Games. Will the Only Star have what it takes to last to bring home the gold? You’ll have to watch to find out, and that match is next! Jim, Mike, back to you guys at ringside!


Dick Fury, Jace Valentine, Jarvis King, Pandalike Vs. Eric Dane, Bronson Box, The Ringmaster, Mariella Jade Flair

Jim Gunt: Welcome back and if for some unimaginable reason you missed the last match, the second title change of the show has just happened, with the Forsaken Demon Dorian Hawkhurst defeating Ataxia in a grueling Last Man Standing match here and it definitely is another classic match!

Mike Rolash: I don’t care, at least Ataxia does not have the belt anymore, this was a freaking conflict of interest from the beginning! He’s been abusing his powers the whole time through!

Jim Gunt: As indicated that no Forsaken is in the End Games match.

Mike Rolash: Oh, that’s just details.

Jim Gunt: Seriously?

The lights begin to slowly dim in the FedEx Field, as the fans packed inside it once again go crazy.

Jim Gunt: Here we go, Mike!

Ray Douglas: It is time, ladies and gentlemen, for tonight’s main event! Two teams of four competitors will battle it out in an elimination style tag team match within the End Games cell. If there is an entire team taken out with more than one competitor left in the other team, they will then fight it out. Whoever is left standing will be the brand new CWF World Heavyweight Champion! Introducing first…

“My Dick” by Mickey Avalon plays an the incredibly eccentric Dick Fury makes his way out from behind the curtain. He slowly makes his way down the ramp, curling his chest hair as he wearily looks on at the massive cell in front of him. Once finally down to the ring, Fury opens the End Games cell to enter.



Mike Rolash: Dick is certainly looking on the up and up this evening.

Jim Gunt: Oh don’t start already, Mike.

“We’ve Had Enough” by the Alkaline Trio begins to play and Jace Valentine walks out of the smoke to a huge ovation. A huge ovation of absolute jeers that is, as the Washington D.C fans are hating every minute of the Host with the Most’s entrance. He takes one long spin before taking his sparkly robe off, walking down the ramp slowly and putting it on the announcer’s table before entering End Games.



“Clozee-Koto” hits over the speakers and the crowd finally get on their feet to give a hearty cheer for Pandalike as he leaps out from behind the curtain. The extremely excited now unmasked competitor makes his way quickly down the ramp, clapping as many hands as he can before making it all the way down. Pandy looks up at the cell, slowly making his way into the ring.


“Hello Time Bomb” by Matthew Good Band plays and the Paramount champion makes his entrance felt through the array of pyros shooting across the entrance ramp. Jarvis J. King stands with his title over his shoulder, ready for war as he comes down the ramp and enters the End Games cell.




Jim Gunt: Well that’s all of Team A, Mike, what do you think? 

Mike Rolash: I think without the Jacehole, this team’s in trouble.

Jim Gunt: Oh I wouldn’t be so sure, Valentine really just came back into action. Any one of these four men could become the new champion.

“Smash the Control Machine” by Otep plays and MJ Flair gets a massive cheering response as she makes her way out from behind the curtain. Flair raises her hands in the air to somehow get an even bigger cheer, before making her way down the ramp and slowly into the cell.


“The Greatest Show” by Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron plays, bringing the Ringmaster out in grand fashion. He sits atop of his massive trademark elephant, waving to the half cheering and half booing audience as he makes his way all the way down the ramp. The Ringmaster slowly gets off his circus elephant, patting her before brushing himself off and entering the cell.


“The Devil Beneath My Feet” by Marilyn Manson plays and the End Boss himself makes his way down the ramp. Eric Dane, being in this type of environment before, doesn’t even hesitate to enter the fray.


Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” plays Bronson Box out of the backstage area. The Wargod raises his arms straight out as pyros shoot out around him, taking in the scene before he walks slowly down the ramp and into the cell.


“Big" Denny Davidson looks slightly more than overwhelmed to officiate tonight's main event, as eight of Championship Wrestling Federation’s best stand on one side or the other of a caged in ring.





Jim Gunt: Here we go, the moment we've all been waiting for!

Mike Rolash: This company has been controversially without a World champion for the last three plus weeks now, and that all changes as one of these eight superstars will be our new champion!

Jim Gunt: And all eight of them are doing their best attempt at convincing the others that they should start off the match. A quick advantage is a very important thing in a match such as this. End Games is elimination style rules by design, and if one team gets through the other four with more than one member remaining, they will then fight it out for the gold!

Inside the ring and all around the sold out crowd, the anticipation is massive. Eric Dane raises his hands in the air, telling his team that he’s got this. This immediately changes the attitude of Jace Valentine, who nearly jumps out of his shoes to get in the ring with the End Boss.

Jim Gunt: Here we go Mike, this thing's about to start with Jace Valentine going one on one with Eric Dane for the very first time. What a dream match!

Mike Rolash: Yeah, for who?

The six other men and women who qualified at Evolution 26 slowly make their way out of the ring, wary of the massive cage that is just five feet away from the ring with a small steel graded floor between them. Jace Valentine begins to run his mouth like he always does, and Eric Dane trashes him right back. Neither man is backing down, and the crowd is going absolutely crazy! The Era of Arrogance raises his pointer finger right in the chest of Dane.

Jim Gunt: Oh crap, Valentine's calling out the End Boss!

Mike Rolash: Does this goof know what he's getting himself into?

Eric Dane’s demeanor goes from very sour to a slow smile coming across his face right before swiping away the finger of Valentine. Instead Jace pushes him backward against the ropes. The fans boo Valentine, but quickly go to cheers as soon as Dane slaps him right across the face! Jace winces as if it were the hardest slap he’s ever felt in his life, but a flashy smirk slips across his lips as he backs up from Dane, tagging Jarvis King into the match up.

Jim Gunt: Speaking of dream matches, I hope King has more balls than Valentine does and actually takes on Dane!

Mike Rolash: Valentine was just using his head, Jimmy.

Jim Gunt: All I'm saying is Jace did a lot of running at the mouth on Dane on his promo on CWF livewire. You'd think you would want to back up his words.

Jarvis is more than happy to get in the ring and show off his stuff on the grand stage of End Games. As soon as he enters the ring he is met with a forearm, as Dane doesn't even allow him fully through the ropes before he capitalizes. Dane takes the rising Jarvis by his hair but the East Coast Excellence shoves him off, getting to his feet and attempting a roundhouse kick that just misses its target. He turns around right into a hard chop from Dane. Jarvis welcomes it, hitting him right back with a chop of his own to Dane’s bare chest!

Jim Gunt: King and Dane are going toe to toe, Mike. Do you think it’s possible these two will be the last men standing tonight?

Mike Rolash: I hope not. Erm...I mean yeah, I guess it's possible.

Jim Gunt: Perfectly impartial journalism, as always. 

Jarvis lunges in for another chop but this time Eric Dane ducks under his high attempt, but is surprised when Jarvis does the same to his roundhouse kick. The King of CWF sideshifts across the body of Dane to his back, pulling him up slowly and planting him on the back of his neck.

Jim Gunt: Hesitation German Suplex! I like it!

Mike Rolash: Jarvis should be going for the cover here instead of showboating, though.

The cocky Jarvis stands over Dane taunting until he suddenly pulls him down by his leg, placing a calf lock on him! King shrieks out in pain, quickly trying to contort himself sideways to be able to kick out of the submission. Dane blocks the rollover but Jarvis is still able to roll the other way, making it to the ropes just in time. The End Boss sighs, stomping down on King a few times before dragging him over to his team’s corner, going for the tag to his stablemate Box, but instead it is Ringmaster who shoves him out of the way and takes the tag himself.

Jim Gunt: Woah, very interesting! I was wondering how the dynamics of this match would turn out, with three fourths of the one team members of the Golden Paradigm. But it looks like the Ringmaster is going to take things into his own hands!

Mike Rolash: Time to see if this circus freak can back things up with the East Coast Ignoramus. 

Jim Gunt: Do you ever have anything good to say about ANYONE?

Mike Rolash: Yes, my mother is a beautiful woman.

The Ringmaster is practically frothing at the mouth as he walks right past the dumbfounded Eric Dane and takes the rising King into his own hands, immediately connecting with a hard Uppercut that knocks him backwards into the ropes. Measuring his newfound rival up, Ringmaster takes his move by quickly launching his body into King with a lariat that sends both men over the top rope!

Jim Gunt: What a clothesline from the Ringmaster! Maybe this “circus freak" isn't such a slouch after all, eh Mike?

Mike Rolash: Hey, I never said such a thing. Don't go putting words in my mouth, man.

As Jim looks at his broadcast partner with a raised eyebrow, Ringmaster peels the Paramount champion off the steel floor outside the ring, tossing him violently into the End Games cell. Jarvis soars into an inadvertent front flip, his back spiking the cage and causing him to crash awkwardly. The Circus King quickly lifts up King for a Powerbomb, not even giving him a second to fight back before he transitions backward, instead sending Jarvis face first into the cage!

Jim Gunt: The Ringmaster calls that the Descent of the Kites! Usually done by spiking his opponents neck into the ring ropes with that reverse version of a powerbomb, instead this time he used the End Games cell to his full advantage!

Mike Rolash: Sick, Jimmy! Jarvis could be out cold, Ringmaster may be the first to pick up an elimination here!

Turning the lifeless body of Jarvis King onto his back, the Ringmaster almost has a look of awe on his face as he quickly takes a look up through the cage at the booing audience, his twirling moustache brimming as he smiles. The Ringmaster pie faces King as he lays over his chest for the cover.




Jim Gunt: That Descent of the Kites may have been impressive, but maybe the Ringmaster wasted a little too much time before going for the cover on Jarvis King?

Mike Rolash: Chalk it up to inexperience, The Ringmaster is used to hanging out with clowns and trapeze artists, not wrestling around with dude’s in spandex.

Jim Gunt: I guess?

The Ringmaster sneers as he looks down at King, knowing that he hadn't damaged him enough to eliminate him yet. The Circus King grabs King by the hair to pull him up but instead eats a kick to the face! Jarvis kips up to his feet, and gets slapped across the back from one his team members from the apron behind him.

Jim Gunt: Pandalike is now active in End Games!

Mike Rolash: The artist formerly known as Revenant now once again known as Pandalike was not content sitting on the sidelines!

Just as the Ringmaster gets to his feet looking for Jarvis, he is surprised by Pandalike who waves his hands in the air awaiting him from behind. Ringmaster turns around right into the hands of Pandy. Spinebuster on the steel grate! Pandalike grabs ahold of his opponent and tosses him over the top rope back into the ring, following him in and immediately connecting with a series of open palm strikes. The Ringmaster tries to shield himself but the strikes are fast and furious!

Jim Gunt: Paw Print! Pandy is back, baybay!

Mike Rolash: Oh brother.

One last palm strike knocks the Ringmaster all the way back into a seated position in the corner, unfortunately for Pandy it was his own, allowing Bronson Box to sling his arm over the top rope and tag him by the top of the head. Pandalike shrugs, coming at Bronson with another attempt at a double open palm strike, but the Original Defiant grabs both of his arms and pulls him in. Headbutt. And again, and again, and again! Box finally stops the nasty attack after what seems like over a half a dozen headbutts, both competitors woozy as Box staggers around and Pandy drops to the canvas. Finally regaining his barings, Bronson drops down for the cover, but is instead rolled up suddenly by the Panda King!




Box kicks out hard, and comes up with his feet absolutely furious!

He grabs for Pandalike’s head, looking for the God’s Fiery Right Hand submission, but Pandy sidesteps and Drop Toe Holds the Scottish Strongman headfirst into the bottom turnbuckle pad. Twisting both of his arms into a curl, Pandalike enjoys the resounding cheers from the sold out Washington DC crowd.

Mike Rolash: This is no time to gloat.

Jim Gunt: Pandy is just looking to have a little fun, that’s his MO, Mike.

Mike Rolash: Yeah, but he’s wasting time, and Box is getting back up to his feet!

With his two Golden Paradigm buddies cheering him on and Ringmaster still recovering on the apron, Bronson Box pulls himself up to a crawling position and heads towards his corner. But Pandy stomps down on his back several times quickly, stopping any attempt to make it home. But when the Panda King goes to lock on the Death Grip crossface submission, Box truly shows off his strength, lifting himself up leg by leg with the dangling Pandalike holding on for dear life, still attempting the lock. But instead Box transitions over, ONE-ARMED SIDE SLAM! 

Jim Gunt: Pandalike had a good offense going for awhile, but that Boxer is one strong brute!

Mike Rolash: You’re damn right, and it looks like he’s about to finish off the Panda King once and for all!

Swearing uncontrollably, Bronson Box starts to pull Pandalike back up to his feet but stops after having him in a seated position, instead blasting him with another headbutt to the back of the head! Pandy collapses to the canvas, unconscious, but before the official can even check on him Box turns him onto his belly and mounts his back. Both arms of Pandalike are pulled up into a vicious Camel Clutch that is almost unnecessary at this point. 

Jim Gunt: The Massacre!

Mike Rolash: There is no way poor Pandy Bear is getting out of this one.

Jim Gunt: His name isn’t Pandy Bear, Mike.

Mike Rolash: It is now.

“Big” Denny checks on Pandalike as the angry Boxer pulls and yanks the Massacre in even tighter despite his opponent not even moving. Davidson attempts to raise Pandy’s arm and it drops immediately, so he hurries to turn around and make the call, waving his right hand to the timekeeper.

Ray Douglas: Pandalike has been eliminated by submission!

Jim Gunt: True fan favorite Pandalike had a lot going for him in the early going of this match, but it seems he was no match for the Scottish Strongman.

Mike Rolash: I’m not sure if anybody is, Jimbo. This match could be right in the palm of Box’s anvil-sized hands.

“Big” Denny Davidson tells Bronson Box to let go of the submission hold several times, the Original Defiant simply ignoring him as he continues to pull back on the camel clutch. Finally, just as Davidson is about to disqualify the big man, Eric Dane enters the ring and is able to call him off the dangerous Massacre hold. Dane and Box stare a hole through each other, the Original Defiant almost boiling over as he stares a hole through the End Boss. Suddenly, both of them are surprised by an opportunist double clothesline from Dick Fury! 

Mike Rolash: Dick has entered the match! I love me some Dick!

Jim Gunt: And that statement has surprised absolutely no one.

Dick takes matters into his own hands immediately, assisting Eric Dane back up to his feet before planting him back down with a Spinebuster that leaves him rolling towards his team's corner. Fury sidesteps a double axe handle from Bronson, connecting with a hard right hand to his cheek and then another to his jaw. Exciting some of the women in the crowd while gyrating his junk, the distraction is long enough that the third jab attempt that follows misses its mark, as Box dodges to the side moving forward simultaneously. Another nasty headbutt befalls the mighty Dick! Box covers!


Jim Gunt: Bronson Box is absolutely tearing through the competition tonight, could Dick Fury be the next on his laundry list of victims!?


Mike Rolash: Come on Dick, get up!

THR-NO! Dick rolls over!

Mike Rolash: The Dick has been saved! Praise the Dick!

Jim Gunt: Oh brother.

A clearly agitated Bronson Box pulls Dick up by his perfectly groomed hair, nailing him with a BRUTAL pan-sized right-handed chop, that not only knocks Dick Fury over but sends him tumbling into his corner. Jace and Jarvis both look on from the apron, hesitating due to the brute strength of Boxer but still extending their right hands out for a tag. But Dick is just a little too short, as Bronson grabs him by the boot and drags him right back to the center of the ring! Valentine and King scoff as they watch their partner continue to take a beating, Bronson dropping to a knee to level Dick Fury with a right hand to his jaw before going for the cover on the seemingly unconscious man.




NO! Dick uses every last ounce of his body weight to shove Boxer off of him and roll his shoulder!

Jim Gunt: Dick is taking a beating out there, the official may have to intervene at this point.

Mike Rolash: I don’t know about that Jimmy, sometimes you just don’t interrupt a scene like this when it’s in full session.

Jim Gunt: What? Seriously Mike, what in the hell are you even talking about?

A raging and also somewhat astonished Bronson Box pulls Dick slowly up to his feet, first spiking a rising knee right into his face before starting to drag him towards his team’s corner. But Dick plants his feet, he is not moving an inch. Bronson turns back around to face the Fury, and receives an enormous lariat, which only knocks Box a couple of feet back and not off his feet! Bronson comes right back at Dick with his hands in the air, trying to finish him off himself this time. No, Dropkick from Dick Fury! And another one! Dick is on a roll, and all the bitches in attendance are screaming his name! Dick places the stunned Box’s head underneath his crotch, wiggling it around quickly before whipping him up into a Powerbomb position and then right into transition. DOUBLE UNDERHOOK FACEBUSTER! Box is out like a light, and Dick is right on top of him to take advantage!




Ray Douglas: Bronson Box has been eliminated by pinfall! Now Team A and Team B are both tied up with three competitors a piece!

Jim Gunt: What a shocker! Former DEF World Champion Bronson Box is gone from End Games! This guy was one of the favorites to win it all, Mike!

Mike Rolash: What can I say, Jimmy, End Games is unpredictable. When you pit eight of the best fighters CWF has to offer against each other- there’s bound to be some surprises.

Jim Gunt: Speaking of surprises, I find it a bit surprising that Mariella Jade Flair has yet to enter this matchup officially. That is...until now!

Coming in like a ball of fire, MJF steamrolls Dick before he can even fully get to his feet with a hard clothesline. Box rolls a couple of times out of the way before coming to his knees and making eye contact with Eric Dane as he goes to angrily exit the End Games cell. Neither of the two men say a word to each other, simply staring into one another’s soul as the action in the ring continues with MJF dodging a wild right hand from Dick and planting him with an Atomic Drop. Bronson leaves the cell finally with Dane just shaking his head after he turns his back to him. 

Jim Gunt: Looks like a little trouble in paradise with the Golden Paradigm?

Mike Rolash: I don’t think so, maybe just a little bit of disappointment seeping out. But Box still had a hell of a showing in this matchup, eliminating Pandy before taking the fall from that dogg’on Dick!

Jim Gunt: Now with both teams at three a piece, this one is once again anybody’s ball game.

Mariella Jade Flair throws a right hand, but Dick catches it. The incredibly flamboyant Fury’s face widens with that trademark Hollywood-esque smile, shaking his head as he flings his pointer finger back and forth. He then places his finger on his chest hair, twirling it just as he takes MJF’s hand and twists it sideways. But Flair keeps turning, with Fury with her, arm dragging him to the canvas and transitioning into a well placed grapevine arm lock! 

Jim Gunt: Flair has Dick right where she wants him. In the middle of the ring!

Mike Rolash: MJF can’t handle the Dick!

Jim Gunt: It looks like she’s handling the di...I’m not even going to say it.

Jarvis King and Jace Valentine stand uneasily on one side of the ring as Eric Dane and the Ringmaster uncomfortably stand next to each other on the other, all four remaining competitors looking on at the two active ones in the ring as MJF nearly has Dick at his breaking point! Flair snaps back at the arm of Fury relentlessly, her legs wrapped around his base as she pulls and twists to ultimate pressure! But Dick will not give in! He begins inching his way to his corner, turning himself to his stomach to somehow start to crawl. Flair lets go of the arm lock, and starts beating down on the back of his head with double axe handles! 

Jim Gunt: MJF is going all out tonight ladies and gentlemen. To be able to hold onto that CWF World Heavyweight Title and carry it into her home state of New York at the biggest pay per view of the year? That would be a dream come true for Flair.

Mike Rolash: And a fucking nightmare for the rest of us.

Jim Gunt: And you would rather Dick moves on to Wrestle Fest? Because you just simply cannot get enough of telling your pathetic, corny dick jokes, huh Mike?

Mike Rolash: ...No comment.

MJF awaits Dick Fury as he slowly gets to his feet, groggy as he turns around right into a Headscissors Takedown. Flair holds on for the pin!



NO! Valentine breaks up the cover at two!

Jim Gunt: Good save there from the Jacehole, Fury was about to take the three count!

Mike Rolash: Yeah, and how do you know that? Do you have a crystal ball in front of you or something?

Jim Gunt: Because he’s still laying flat on his back right now as Jace stomps down on MJ!

“Big” Denny Davidson intervenes with Valentine’s illegal attack on his former rival, but quickly moves out of the way as Eric Dane enters the ring and nearly steamrolls through him to get to Jace and forearm smash him right into the corner! The sold out crowd goes wild as the Host with the Most comes out of the corner smiling, calling Dane in for more. Instead he is tapped on the shoulder, and turns around right into a Superkick from Jarvis King! Seconds later the Ringmaster joins the fray, spearing King to the canvas and laying into him with heavy rights and lefts. 

Jim Gunt: This thing is getting out of control!

Mike Rolash: Come on Denny, do your job!

“Big” Denny Davidson: GUYS!

And the entirety of the action stops in an instance.

“Big” Denny Davidson: The rules of End Games clearly state that only two competitors can be in the ring at a time unless one full team is eliminated. Now can we please regain some semblance of order around here!?

And with that statement the incredible array of talent in the ring actually listen, all four competitors except Dick Fury and Mariella Jade Flair heading for their own respective corners. That is until Dick says something in Jace’s ear as he walks past him, and Valentine smirks wide, calling MJF up to her feet. Dick and Jace come in together in one quick movement. DOUBLE DICK SMASH TO THE FACE OF AN UNKNOWING MJF!

Jim Gunt: What the...fuck!?


MJ Flair does not think it was cool, however, as she gets up infuriated beyond belief. She immediately slaps Valentine so hard it leaves a red welt on his face as he crawls back for his corner, and then turns her attention to Fury who raises his hands in the air as if to say it was all just a joke.

Jim Gunt: Joke’s on you Dick, MJF is about to eat you alive!

Mike Rolash: Flair’s about to eat a dick, what’s new?

Jim Gunt: Mike!

The former CWF World champion comes in quickly with a straight punch, then a left, then a spinning back fist. Fury is reeling, barely on his feet at this point. MJ Flair takes him by the head and walks him over to one of the empty corners, walking up the ropes and planting him right on his skull. TORNADO DDT! She grabs Dick by the hair and throws him through the ropes, following him out of the ring and running his head across the End Games cell for good measure. Dick is bleeding everywhere! MORNING STAR! Flair hits the Morning Star perfectly, holding on for the bridged pin as her teammates look ready for any attempts at saving Fury this time.




Ray Douglas: And Dick Fury has been eliminated by pinfall!

Jim Gunt: Dick gave his all tonight, but it was not enough to withstand the Morning Star!

Mike Rolash: Jace and Jarvis are really going to have to get their heads together now, the Ringmaster and Golden Paradigm are once again one up on them!

The two former CWF World Champions close in on each other on the apron to do just that, quickly discussing their gameplan for the rest of the match. Jarvis nods his head back at whatever Jace is saying, raising his right hand in the air as if to say “go ahead”. Mariella Jade Flair is saying the same thing as she flicks her fingers, motioning for the man she coined the name “Jacehole” for many months ago to bring it on.

Jim Gunt: MJ Flair. Jace Valentine. One of the classic rivalries over the past year since CWF’s return, I can’t wait to see who comes out on top tonight!

Mike Rolash: Valentine got the win over MJ in the semi finals of the Modern Warfare tournament, but just one month later it was Flair who came out on top of a fatal fourway with Jace, Freddie Styles and Duce Jones. These two have never had their technical rubber match, not sure if this match would be considered?

Jim Gunt: I’m not sure about that either, but regardless it should be another brutal affair between the two!

Coming through the middle rope, Valentine gets back to his feet with a big smirk on his face, one that is quickly wiped from his face by another open hand slap from MJF! This time Valentine does not retreat, instead ignoring the pain from the smack and pulling in Flair for a headlock. The King of Canadian Controversy cranks on the headlock with all his might, actually taking his right arm off of MJF momentarily to wave over to Dane and Ringmaster. This is enough for MJ to be able to break free from the headlock and send Valentine into the ropes with an irish whip however, and Dane quickly takes advantage by cracking the oncoming Jace in the back of the head with his elbow as soon as he hits the ropes.

Jim Gunt: That’s blatant cheating from the End Boss!

Mike Rolash: I don’t think those two guys like each other very much.

Jim Gunt: And what gave you that idea, genius?

The elbow from Dane was enough to stop Jace Valentine in his tracks, turn around and start jaw jacking with the former DEFIANCE Wrestling owner. The End Boss runs his mouth right back at Jace, stopping just to duck under an attempt at a right hand from Valentine. Dane uses his shoulders to drive into Valentine’s sternum, but just as he sticks his head out through the ropes it is nearly punted off his shoulders by the crafty Jacehole! But Valentine isn’t crafty enough, as MJF has been standing behind him the entire time just waiting to strike. She leaps up into the air before her long time rival can even turn around, quickly grabbing his head between her legs and backflipping. REVERSE HURACANRANA TURNS JACE INSIDE OUT! 

Jim Gunt: What an incredible reverse Huracanrana there from the Second Coming! MJF truly has the match in the palm of her hands now, if she can get the pin over Jace her team will then have a three to one advantage!

Mike Rolash: Come on, Jace! Do not let that bitch get one over you!

MJ Flair turns the pretzeled Valentine onto his back, crawling on top of him and hooking both legs as the sold out crowd in the open aired FedEx Field begin to chant along with every count.



Jim Gunt: It’s over for Jace, Mike! Looks like Team Golden Paradigm and the Ringmaster have got this made in the shade!

THR-NO! Valentine uses what’s left of his strength to kick out hard!

Mike Rolash: Yes! The Jacehole still has a little gas left in the tank, but he really needs to tag out to Jarvis before it’s too late!

Both Mariella Jade Flair and the de-energized Jace Valentine begin to crawl slowly towards their side of the ring, Flair making the tag out to a very enthusiastic Ringmaster as Valentine tags in his newest rival, the Paramount champion, Jarvis J. King. 

Jim Gunt: Once again we get to see Jarvis and the Ringmaster in the ring facing off. You know as well as I do, Mike, this situation between these two powder kegs is FAR from over.

Mike Rolash: Jarvis has been bewildered by the note the Ringmaster left him last week on Evolution. Now let’s see if the games really are just beginning!

As Jarvis and the Ringmaster enter the squared circle, both men don’t dare to take their eyes off each other at first. It is until King lets his eyes drift all over the dangerous End Games cell, almost an invitation for the Circus King to check out his surroundings. Instead he points to the entrance ramp, where an array of his freak show friends begin to make their way down. 

Mike Rolash: Ummm...what the hell is going on here?

Jarvis and the rest of the competition outside of the ring simply look on in awe at the two-headed lady, the juggler, the bearded lady, and the rest of the group as they simply begin to parade around the outside of the End Games cell, walking in circles but doing nothing other than causing a distraction. A distraction that the Ringmaster uses to his utmost advantage, as he locks one of King’s arm quickly against his backside and tucks the other behind his neck. In one quick movement he snaps forward and executes THE DISAPPEARING ACT! Jarvis looks to be out cold as the Washington D.C. fans look on in stunned silence, Ringmaster simply smiling as he watches the freak show head back up the ramp while hooking the legs of King.



Jace Valentine quickly realizes that this could be his one and only chance at saving the only other member of his team remaining, heads up the top rope as quickly as he can.


NO! Valentine with a sloppy but effective Frog Splash breaks up the cover at the last possible moment!

Jim Gunt: Phew, that was close! 

Mike Rolash: Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, Jimmy. This is professional wrestling, and Jarvis is still in this thing!

Jim Gunt: But the Jacehole just may regret getting his hands dirty, as both MJF and Eric Dane are getting in the ring now, and they do NOT look happy!

Mike Rolash: Uh oh, run Jace!

Pulling himself back to his feet away the pile of bodies that is Jarvis and the Ringmaster, Jace immediately sees the danger coming right at him. Valentine is able to quickly sweep the feet out from MJ Flair, but has his left hand locked behind him from Eric Dane right after. Dane pulls the King of Canadian Controversy to the canvas with his arm wrenched behind his head, frustrating Valentine as he drives his face right into the ring continuing to pull back on his arm. “Big” Denny Davidson finally intervenes, pulling Dane off of the submission and telling all three illegal competitors they need to go back to their team’s corners before they risk being disqualified.

Jim Gunt: Atta boy Denny, way to grow a back bone finally.

Mike Rolash: Are we sure that guy even has a spine, or has all the blubber eaten away at it years ago?

Using the bottom rope to pull himself up to his feet, Jarvis turns around and realizes that the Ringmaster has already made it back up to his. The Circus King is right back on him like white on rice, nailing a European Uppercut that backs Jarvis up into the corner. Another one sends him flying off his feet, Ringmaster assisting his momentum in dumping him over the top rope and to the steel floor below! The rest of the competitors left in End Games make their way closer to the action across the apron, but neither makes the first move as the Ringmaster follows Jarvis out- just to eat a Superkick! Jarvis King snaps into action going behind the Circus King and crossing his arms on his chest. STRAIGHTJACKET SUPLEX AS THE BACK OF RINGMASTER’S HEAD BOUNCES OFF THE UNFORGIVING STEEL! King takes a deep breath as he crawls over to the Ringmaster, the sold out crowd still cheering at the top of their lungs as he lays over top of him for the cover.


Jim Gunt: What a desperation Superkick and then Straightjacket Suplex from the Paramount champion!


Mike Rolash: Yes it was, Jarvis looked to be damn near out of this thing, but now it may be lights out for the Ringmaster!


Ray Douglas: The Ringmaster has been eliminated by pinfall!

Jim Gunt: And it is! The Circus King got his shoulder up, but it was just a split second too late. Now this match is once again even stevens!

STARBREAKER! Eric Dane with the nasty knee to the back of King’s head before he even knows what hit him! He hooks both legs of the East Coast Excellence as MJF dares Valentine to get involved with her two fists balled in the air.



Mike Rolash: NOO!


Ray Douglas: Jarvis King has been eliminated by pinfall! 

Jim Gunt: Damn, and just like that Eric Dane and MJF have the Jacehole all to themselves!

Mike Rolash: This is not going to end well…

Jim Gunt: Depends on who you’re asking.

King and Ringmaster, having both being eliminated nearly simultaneously, are both escorted out of the End Games cell and immediately go right back into each other’s faces. The Internet Icon brashly begins to run his mouth at the Circus King before they come to blows in front of the sold out Washington D.C crowd, fighting their way up the ramp while trading right hands. Inside the ring Valentine has backed himself into a corner, raising his hands as both MJF and Eric Dane come across opposite sides of the outside ring area, getting ready to pounce.

Jim Gunt: The Jacehole’s got nowhere left to run, Mike, game’s over.

Mike Rolash: Maybe not, here comes somebody out from the back to make things right again.

Jim Gunt: ….It’s Ataxia?

Mike Rolash: Oh god damn it!

A man dressed just like the Messiah Pariah would be dressed, right down to the trademark burlap mask, stands at the top of the ramp with a microphone in hand. As he begins to make his way down, he raises his right hand in the air. Inside the ring the competitors have not yet seen the distraction, as Dane and MJF come down on Jace, each one trading heavy right hands on the dazed Jacehole. The End Boss digs his fingers into the eyes of Valentine for good measure, before taking him up for a Snap Suplex right across the knees of MJ Flair.

Ataxia: STOP!

Dane and MJF look up and immediately raise their eyebrows at the arrival of “Ataxia”.

Ataxia: Stop this nonsense! Denny, it has become more than apparent by your officiating of this match that I made a big mistake earlier by assigning you to this match. You know what they say, when you want something done right- you do it yourself. So you’re gone buddy, finished. Go on and get the hell out of my ring already, before you mess up anything more.

“Big” Denny Davidson is astonished, dumbfounded as he looks on at the supposed Messiah Pariah who at this point has gotten the key to the End Games cell and opened the door to allow himself in. Not knowing entirely what he did wrong, Davidson simply shrugs, lowering his head in shame and sheepishly walking out of the ring and the End Games cell. As “Big” Denny makes his way out Ataxia can be heard cackling wildly, but it is at this point that Dane and MJF turn their attention back to Jace and lift him to his feet just long enough to spike him with a Double Flapjack backfirst into the steel cell! 

Jim Gunt: Well folks, thing have certainly got an extra dose of interesting now that Ataxia has shown up to take matters into his own hands.

Mike Rolash: You know...something is off about this Ataxia. I have been haunted by the man for months now, this kind of thing just doesn’t seem like his M.O.

Jim Gunt: Well Mike we all saw what happened earlier, good chance that this may be one of those imposter Ataxias that welded the Forsaken into a locked locker room!

Ataxia: Alright you guys...which one of you is legal? Let’s get this thing back in the ring!

Re-establishing that Eric Dane is the legal man in End Games at the moment, Ataxia points his gloved finger towards the ring. Eric and MJ take a look at each other and shrug, Dane grabbing ahold of Jace by his left arm and pulling him up over his shoulder, sending him up over the ropes with a high hip toss. The End Boss enters the ring with his hands in the air, awaiting Valentine to get to his feet so he can finally put the Jacehole away in front of the thousands of cheering fans. But even as Valentine gets up groggy he is still wary of his surroundings, turning around and booting Dane right in the midsection as he tries to lock up with him! Dane drops to his knees holding onto his manhood, but Ataxia does not seem to notice the illegal maneuver as he turns his back just in time to randomly begin talking to MJ Flair.

Jim Gunt: What the hell is going on here!? Jace clearly just hit Eric Dane with the lowest of all low blows, and Ataxia just so happened to turn around just as he did so?

Mike Rolash: It was just a coincidence, Jim.

Jim Gunt: Oh, my ass it was. The Jacehole has these imposter Ataxias in his pocket and you damn well know it.

Flair is on the outside of the ring, screaming at Ataxia at this point to turn around and pay attention to the match. He shrugs his shoulders, turning back around to do so too little too late. Jace Valentine has the head of the End Boss planted underneath his arm pit, that sly smirk of his once again coming across his face as he looks right at MJF before nailing Dane headfirst on the mat. EGO ERASURE DDT! It’s over for the End Boss as Valentine turns him over to his back and makes the cover.



Jim Gunt: Oh come on now, that was an incredibly fast count!

Mike Rolash: I have no idea what you’re talking about Jim, but MJF needs to stay the hell out of this ring. This thing is getting out of hand!

Jim Gunt: You’re damned right it is, and it has nothing to do with Flair!

The imposter Ataxia gets up to his feet to scold the Second Coming but gets a vicious kick to his masked jaw before he can even say a word! Mariella Jade Flair has had enough, and so has Dane as he also gets to his feet, grabbing ahold of “Ataxia” to put him away. Suddenly another man dressed as Ataxia is seen rushing out from behind the curtain, with another microphone in hand.

Ataxia: WAIT! 

The End Boss does not wait however, dropping the first Ataxia right on his head with the Stardriver! The second and what looks to be another imposter Ataxia continues making his way towards the cage, telling the outside official that he is the true commissioner so he must unlock the End Games cell to let him in.

Jim Gunt: Another Ataxia? 

Mike Rolash: I think we’re in the twilight zone, Jimmy, and I don’t like it!

The second Ataxia pulls open the cage door frantically, entering the ring just as Eric Dane makes the tag out to MJ Flair and the two of them whip Jace Valentine into the ropes, sending him down doubled over after a blistering double clothesline! This Ataxia immediately puts himself into the action, showing his true colors right off the bat by double axe handling Dane from behind! The End Boss drops to a knee after being surprised by Ataxia, prone to the Messiah Pariah imposter bulldogging him the rest of the way down. The Washington fans are now booing at the top of their lungs at this point, the crowd beginning to realize just what is going on here.

Jim Gunt: Now there is absolutely NO denying that Jace Valentine and these imposter Ataxias are working together, someone needs to get out and disqualify this man before he lies, cheats and steals his way into ANOTHER CWF World Heavyweight Title!

Mike Rolash: Hahaha, I’m starting to like these new Ataxias.

With Dane, Valentine, and the first imposter Ataxia all down, it is MJF and the second Ataxia who go face to mask, the burlap sack barely covering the cackle from the Messiah Pariah. Elbow to his face from MJ! Ataxia backs up and then spinning heel kicks MJ. He comes at her quickly but she uses his own momentum against him, tossing him into the ropes with a Stun Gun! 

Jim Gunt: Atta girl MJ! Now both of the imposter Ataxia’s are down and out, it’s time to unmask these guys and see who the hell they are!

Ataxia: WAIT!

Mike Rolash: WHAT!? Another one?

This time the tried and true Ataxia stands at the top of the ramp, flanked by the Shadow, Mia Rayne and new Impact champion Dorian Hawkhurst. All four of them are covered in black smear marks and gunk all over their ring gear and bodies.

Ataxia: Jace Valentine, your gig is up. Whoever you hired to wear my mask, it’s obvious that they are not the true Ataxia. No one but me could do this job the way I do...hahaha! But anyway, the joke is over, Jace. “Big” Denny, get back out and here my friend, it’s time to regain some order around here!

The Washington D.C fans cheer brightly as the “Big” man saunters back out from behind the curtain, heading to the ring with the Forsaken all following behind him. The distraction of the Forsaken and Denny coming down to the ring is enough for the two imposter Ataxia’s to somehow regroup behind MJ and Dane, the two of them sneaking out the door just as the Forsaken come to the bottom of the ramp. The Shadow and Mia Rayne are fast on their pursuit as they exit the ring, chasing them all the way across the ring but losing them as both of the masked men leap over the barricade and storm their way through the crowd.

Jim Gunt: It looks like the imposter Ataxias are tucking their tails between their legs and going home, Mike!

Mike Rolash: Oh Jesus Christ, why do the Forsaken always have to ruin the fun?

MJ Flair and Eric Dane both are incensed at this point, but as Denny makes his way back into the cell Dane tells Flair that the distractions should be over with now and they need to get their head in the game to finish off Jace. He heads for their corner just as MJF goes to lift up the downed Jace Valentine and instead finds herself right in the middle of the CUPID’S CHOKEHOLD! 

Mike Rolash: Yes! The Cupid’s Chokehold is locked in, Jimmy, Flair is going to tap out! 

Unfortunately for Jace he still has an End Boss to deal with, as Dane turns right back around and begins stomping relentlessly down on Valentine! 

Jim Gunt: Maybe if her Golden Paradigm partner wasn’t still in the match, Mike! The Jacehole is in deep trouble here, all the games that he conjured up to win this thing have backfired. 

“Big” Denny Davidson simply looks on as Eric Dane continues to stomp down on the body of Valentine, not even attempting to move forward to stop the illegal interference in the match. MJF is back up on her feet, shoving Dane slightly to get him off of Jace so she can have him all to herself. Dane mouths a few words to her and Flair nods back, placing Valentine in a Reverse DDT position as he heads for the ropes. Just as Dane hits the Starbreaker knee to the stuck head of Jace, MJF pulls down hard. MORNING STAR/STARBREAKER COMBO! Valentine is out cold! 

The crowd is blowing the roof off the place, if it had one!

Jim Gunt: What an unbelievable double team maneuver from two forth’s of the Golden Paradigm! Gooodnight, Jacehole!

Flair covers, as Eric Dane simply looks on from right beside her. “Big” Denny still shows no sign of telling him to get to his corner, instead dropping down to make the count on Jace Valentine.




Ray Douglas: Jace Valentine has been eliminated by pinfall! That means Team A has fully been eliminated, and we are down to-

Eric Dane grabs the rising MJ Flair from behind with a sudden roll-up, bridging both of his legs out onto the bottom rope right out of the eyesight of “Big” Denny. Already on the canvas, he is quick to make the count.




Ray Douglas: MJ Flair has been eliminated! The winner of the 2018 End Games matchup and your NEW CWF World Heavyweight Champion….ERIC DANE!!

Jim Gunt: Oh my god, what an ending to this match!

Mike Rolash: Eric Dane showed his true colors on MJF tonight, taking advantage of the poor girl right after she defeated the Jacehole!

Jim Gunt: I believe that’s the first time you ever referred to Flair as the “poor girl”, but nevertheless, The Only Star is our brand new World Champion!

“The Devil Beneath My Feet” once again starts to play over the speaker system as fireworks begin to shoot up off the entrance ramp. After battling his way through seven of the very best competitors CWF has to offer, going through all the hoops of Jace and what looks to be his aligned imposter Ataxia’s, Eric Dane has done it. Confetti balls are being thrown in the ring from every direction as the Washington crowd cheer on what was a fantastic CWF Title bout. Dane is handed said title by Denny Davidson and the emotion on his face tells the entire story. The trademark smirk is gone as the tears begin to flow like a river, the End Boss grabbing onto his title and raising it into the air to one more final cheer before the credits begin to roll.

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