Evolution 26

24 Jul 2018

Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York (seats 18,000)

A Nassau Easy Situation

The Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY. 14,500 rabid fans are already celebrating before the show has even begun. The camera moves to the stage, which is empty.

Jim Gunt: Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Evolution 26 here from Uniondale, New York, the last show before Summer Games. Now if you are wondering, where our colleagues from Church vs. State are, so do we...

Mike Rolash: Who needs those clowns anyways?

Jim Gunt: Well, I guess we will have to-- One second, I hear something is happening outside.

The camera cuts to the backstage entrance, where Blake Church and Charles State are arguing with a security guard.

Blake Church: Look, these are our passes, we are supposed to be out on stage right now, opening the show!

Security Guard: I'm sorry, these do not look real.

Charles State: Are you serious -- Carl? We're hosting CWF's Church vs. State every week, we open the shows...

Carl: Sorry, I don't watch this fake crap.

Blake Church: OK, if you don't want to believe in this, why don't you call T.J.?

Carl: T.J. who?

Charles State (getting exasperated): T.J. Flint, head of security?

Carl: I'm sorry, I don't have anyone of the name on my list.

Blake Church: Are you freaking kidding me, man?

???: What seems to be the problem here?

Carl whirls around and finds himself face to face with a burlap mask. The crowd's applause can be heard all the way to the backstage entrance.

Carl: What kind of freak are you?

Ataxia puts his arm around the shoulder of Carl and slowly walks away from the entrance.

Ataxia: I just happen to be the boss around here and you, Carl, are severely obstructing an important show here. So let's just forget about this and you will not have to find your car up in Hempstead Bay or your apartment filled with rabid ferrets or something else, OK?

While walking he motions Church and State to go through behind Carl's back.

Ataxia: I am a reasonable guy and I'm sure you understand that when I tell you that I really don't want to have to stuff you into a bird cage and have it hanging 40 feet up in the air right? I thought so.

He pats Carl on the shoulder and hurries back to the entrance while Carl looks around extremely uneasily as the picture fades.

Digging Holes

It's the backstage of a wrestling event, I don't think we need to go in to great detail about our surroundings. It's the norm, people scurrying around preparing for the upcoming edition of Evolution. Grunts carry boxes, trunks and various other assorted storage containers. CWF superstars roam the halls on their way to their respective locker rooms. Staff members do what they do, whatever that is. Everything is business as usual....until it's not.

We don't know this man. To be honest he looks somewhat out of place. Well that is a hard thing to say about a wrestling event, but trust me, he's new. His black boots clank against the cement floor as he somehow makes his way through the hectic mess of human masses. His black jeans, faded on the thighs, swash back and forth against each other as he twists and contorts to avoid contact with...well anything.

Gently he lifts his hoodie covered head, exposing his face slightly to the rest of the world. We catch a glimpse of white face paint briefly, as well as a confused and befuddled look from a passerby as they stare. He pays no mind as his actions are apparently meeting his intent....until....


His momentum stops as he finds himself chest to chest with a shorter, but just as solid, collection of flesh. Now he raises his head to look eye to eye with the obstacle he has collided with. His dingy dreadlocks rest against the side of his face as he stares coldly, almost through the individual on the other side.

Jace Valentine: Woah, man, watch where you are going!

Jace throws his arms up dramatically and steps back from the mysterious newcomer.

Jace Valentine: Man? Shit, did the zombie apocalypse come already? What in the hell are you supposed to be?

The man's face is stoic, almost as if he didn't even hear Jace. He cocks his head to the side, moves slightly to his right and brushes his shoulder against Jace's as he pushes by.

Jace Valentine: Listen kid, don't be a dip shit. I'm the best that's ever walked these halls. If you want advice, I've got the World's Greatest. If you want brains, I've got the best brains. If you want a fight, I'll choke you out cold.

The man stops, his back now facing Jace, he turns slowly, and finally he speaks.

Man: My apologies; did I not fulfill your self-indulgent, pathetic fucking need for recognition?

He cracks just the tiniest of smiles, lifting only the right side of his mouth.

Wone: Kid...The name's Wone, you prick.

Jace Valentine: Wone? Like the number one? You look like a giant number two to me! When it comes to CWF, Jace Valentine is the only number one!

Wone: Whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night. I have no plans to regale you with insults and whatever other fucking meaningless conversation you wish to engage in. You stay the fuck away from me and maybe you'll keep your head.

Jace Valentine: Oh, big words! You run into me again, boy, and I'll shove your head up your Jacehole!

Valentine smirks, but quickly retreats past Wone and down the other hall. Now's no time for a physical altercation. There's a big match tonight. For Jace Valentine, this is no time for digging holes.

Zach vs. Mikey Unlikely

Jim Gunt: That was, uh, different, guess we will have to make sure that security personnel are a little better educated!

Mike Rolash: Hmph. All that money for nothing.

Jim Gunt: What is that supposed to mean?

Mike Rolash: Uh, nothing, nothing!

Jim Gunt: Oh no, you did not!

Mike Rolash: Oh look, Ray is ready!

Ray Douglas: The following match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Hollywood, California and weighing in at 225lbs…The World’s Greatest Sports Entertainer, Mikey Unlikely.

“One for the Money” by Escape the Fate plays throughout the arena and a red carpet is unfurled, running across the stage, down the ramp and reaching all the way to the ring.

Mike Rolash: So run this by me again. Is Mikey Unlikely a legit competitor and not just a returning Colton mace under a new name?

Jim Gunt: Nope, completely different guy.


Jim Gunt: Someone out there is a real Mikey fan…

Mikey Unlikely saunters down towards the ring, cordially waving to the crowds all the way to ringside. He ascends the apron, climbing through the ropes and into the ring, where he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and poses for the cameras.


Jim Gunt: Who the hell is that guy?

Mike Rolash: Isn’t it Bobby Dean? There in the front row.

Sure enough “Beautiful” Bobby Dean is seated in pole position, on one of the front rows, right up against the security barrier, waving empathically at his apparent idol while also holding up a new cardboard sign that reads:

“Mikey + Bobby: An Unlikely Pairing.”

Mikey Unlikely, the CWF’s resident celebrity takes great pains to deliberately avoid any form of eye-contact and acknowledgement of any kind with Bobby.

Jim Gunt: Ouch. No love lost between those two clearly.

Ray Douglas: And his opponent. From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and weighing in at 174lbs…ZACH!

Bobby Dean: BOOOOOOO!

Jim Gunt: Get a load of this guy!

Breaking Benjamin’s “Blow Me Away” begins to play as Zach appears, making his tentative stroll down towards the ramp, though he looks more focused on his surroundings than on the ring and the awaiting opponent.

Jim Gunt: Looks like Zach is mindful of a possible ambush by Xander Haze.

Mike Rolash: He need not flatter himself. Xander’s got bigger and better things to worry about, like a shot at the World Title.

Jim Gunt: Is there no justice? Xander is irreprehensible, incorrigible…and just about every possible other disparaging adjective you can think of and HE gets the opportunity? Surely that’s gotta be eating away at Zach more than things already were.

Mike Rolash: It’s not like Zach has really done anything to deserve such a shot.

Jim Gunt: And Xander has?

Zach makes his way down to the ring amidst the commentator’s bickering and climbs through the ropes and takes his position, still somewhat more preoccupied with the possibility of outside interference than Mikey, the more prevalent threat in the ring. The bell rings and the match is under way, irrespective of Zach’s readiness…Or severe lack thereof as Mikey quickly closes the gap, advancing on Zach and chopping him firmly in the chest. Unprepared Zach flinches, backpedaling.

Mikey Unlikely: Hey! I got the spotlight and it’s time for my extreme close-up!

Bobby Dean: HAHA! Yeah smack that bitch up Mikey!

Mike Rolash: …Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Jim Gunt: Maybe we should Bobby him in your seat?

Zach swings with a wild right, a strike that Mikey is able to block and deflect with ease, retaliating with a stiff forearm of his own into the Philly youth’s face. The World’s Greatest Sports Entertainer applies a firm headlock, dragging Zach away from his starting corner, into roughly the centre of the ring and hooks the arms for a double arm DDT.

Bobby Dean: That’s it Mikey! Nail him! Nail him good!

Mike Rolash: Does he even realise what he’s saying?

Jim Gunt: Despite everything that’s gone on in Zach’s life, I still find it hard to believe that the kid in the ring right now, is the same one who once wore the name and face of the impressive, yet underrated, Impakt. Such a shame.

Realising the precarious position he is in, Zach struggles desperately and manages to break free of Mikey’s signature DDT, Mikey isn’t one to let the advantage go so easily. As Zach tries to escape the clutches of his opponent, the World’s Greatest Sports Entertainer transitions smoothly, swinging himself around Zach for a German suplex.

Mike Rolash: Fun fact, Mikey Unlikely has a STARmeter rating of 75 of IMDB, that’s higher than Leo DiCaprio.

Jim Gunt: That sounds made up…

Most likely operating on sheer instinct, Zach finds the energy to summon his agility and quick reflexes, to tuck and twist his body as he goes through the air from the suplex and backflips, almost as shocked as everyone else when he finds himself landing perfectly, and more importantly, on his feet.  

Mike Rolash: Where the hell did that come from?

Jim Gunt: So he’s not without SOME surprises.

Mikey Unlikely snaps around to face his opponent, also summarily aghast at the youth’s ability to recover from the move. He tenses, ready to charge at Zach. The young Philly native throws his hand in front of him and shouts at the World’s Greatest Sports Entertainer.

Zach: PAUSE!

Jim + Mike: Pause?

Mike Rolash: There’s no time-outs in Wrestling?!

Mikey Unlikely almost stumbles and trips up over his own feet at that outburst. In that moment of shocked hesitation, Zach seizes his opportunity. In the blink of an eye Zach burst forward, catching his opponent completely by surprise with a running enziguiri. He is quick to follow up with a hook of the leg and a cover attempt.

Bobby Dean: Hey! You get off him! If anyone’s gonna be all over Mikey. It’s me!


Jim Gunt: All these innuendo and Dick Fury isn’t even in the ring yet!


Mikey Unlikely kicks out!

Bobby Dean: Oh thank god!

It’s clear that Mikey does not appreciate being taken by surprise like that and a visible change comes over the wrestler. As he recovers, incensed at the events of the match so far, he lashes out, catching Zach in the gut with a knee lift, with a snarl coming across his face.

Mikey Unlikely: Bloody improvisers!

Jim Gunt: Mikey is pissed!

Overwhelmed by the new found ferocity, Zach is left defenceless as Mikey throws him OVER the ring ropes, careening to the outside of the ring and landing dangerous into a unceremonious heap of Philly youth outside after an impressive flight.

Jim Gunt: It looked like Zach’s face connected with the apron!

Mike Rolash: That was amazing!

Bobby Dean: You the man Mikey!

Admiring his handiwork for a moment, Mikey seems to calm down, finding his composure and calmly following his fallen opponent to the outside. With a firm grasp of his opponent, Mikey throws Zach into the security rail with an irish whip. Soft flesh meets unflinching and solid barrier, Zach clearly jarred by the impact of his body colliding with the barrier.

Jim Gunt: The punishment Zach is going through…I’m starting to get Paradise vibes.

Mikey is once again not far behind his opponent and once again maintains a firm grasp on Zach, this time pausing to pose for the fans mere inches away from the World’s Greatest Sorts Entertainer. Unfortunately for Mikey, in the tumult of the match, he hasn’t taken stock of his position and finds himself face-to-face with “Beautiful” Bobby Dean.

Bobby Dean: OH MY GOD MIKEY!!

Mikey Unlikely: Leave me alone!

Striking with the quickness of a snake, Mikey Unlikely snatches Bobby’s sign from his hands and tears it up, throwing the pieces back in Bobby’s face before quickly rolling Zach back into the ring. The uncomfortably enamored fanboy takes it in his stride.

Bobby Dean: My whole room is covered in so many more posters!

Mikey pauses to look concerned at Bobby before returning his focus to the match, climbing up to stand upon the apron and to re-enter the ring. The rising Zach catches his opponent in the face with a quick forearm, and the World’s Greatest Sports Entertainer falls back to the outside, stumbling up against the security rail and within arm’s reach of Bobby.

Bobby Dean: Go get him Tiger!

Bobby Dean gives his idol, a hearty and supportive slap on the back. Mikey flinches from the unwanted contact, backing away in the blink of an eye. He shakes his head and in that moment, gives up, waving off Zach and making his way up the ramp.

Jim Gunt: Where is Mikey going?

Mikey Unlikely: I can’t work under these conditions! I’m heading back to my trailer.

Mike Rolash: He has a trailer?

Zach watches on confused as the referee counts on and upon reaching the count of 10 can do little else than make the final call. The bell rings and the match is over.

Ray Douglas: The winner of this match, by countout…Zach!

Jim Gunt: I…I’m not even sure what happened, and from the look of things neither is Zach…



Mike Rolash: What a fucking joke!

End Games Hype

Nineteen of some the very best athletes Championship Wrestling Federation can offer.

Nineteen men and women, all striving for the same goal. To be the very best in the game. To be the CWF World Heavyweight Champion.

Tonight, nineteen becomes eight in what promises to be eight qualifying matches that you won't soon forget. At Summer Games live on pay per view, in the massive End Games cell, eight becomes one.

The one.

So who will be the brand new CWF World Champion and find themselves standing face to face with Andy Murray at the biggest show of the year, Wrestle Fest IV? You must order Summer Games to find out, please call your local cable provider for more information!


Duce Jones is shown standing in a backstage hallway, preparing for his match tonight. Beside him is Freddie Styles, the other half of the Smoking Aces, former CWF tag team champions.

Duce Jones: Aye bruh, I wanna personally congratulate ya, on your Hall of Fame induction coming up.

Freddie Styles: Yeah, it really means a lot. They are finally starting to respect the real talent that has paid their dues around here.

Jace Valentine rounds the corner, continuing his stroll through the CWF locker room area. He approaches Duce and Freddie with a mock clap and a smirk. A smirk that people could be downright jealous of.

Jace Valentine: That's right, Freddie Boy! The Hall of Fame, man, they're starting to let just about anyone in there, aren't they?

Duce and Freddie quickly make their way forward, finding themselves in a face off with the returning Host with the Most.

Jace Valentine: Oh shit, that's right. Ya boy Duce didn't make the cut did he?

Jace winks at Jones as the face of Duce is getting visibly red. His fist is clenched.

Duce Jones: Ya, you back, boy. You the same Jace that you always was. You'll come here looking for the easy street and will just pack your bags and leave as soon as it don't come that simple.

Duce gives Jace a slight shove on the chest. He holds back. For some reason, with all the history between Jace and Duce...he chooses not to lay Valentine out right here and now.

Jace Valentine: Easy street? Hell, you guys have been here long enough. You oughta been able to find the way by now! I look around here and all I see are stoners and zombies! The fuck, man!

Freddie Styles: Yeah, this shit is starting to out of hand...

Freddie's words seem to go on deaf ears, as Jace just keeps walking. As he goes, you can hear the Host with the Most mutter under his breath.

Jace Valentine: Hell, you fucks are the only two I even recognize back here. You want easy street, let me be the GPS...ha, ha, ha.

Duce turns to Freddie with a low chuckle.

Duce Jones: Yeah, fuck that...Right?


Dick Fury vs. Freddie Styles

Mike Rolash: The Jace is back!

Jim Gunt: No kidding, the moment is is back he already runs into all kinds of trouble, Wone, Smokin' Aces, it's almost as if he has never been gone!

Mike Rolash: Well, was he ever really?

Jim Gunt: Yes and no... And Mikey Unlikely seems to have a Bobby problem, this was one odd opening match, but hey, at least Zach can say that he won this one - and without any interference from anyone! Anyways, our first End Games qualifier is coming up, setting up someone with a chance at the CWF World Heavyweight title, so without any further ado - over to Ray Douglas!

Ray Douglas: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is an End Games Qualifier match...introducing first...He is...I don't think I can say this, but whatevs... “Jizztastic” Dick Fury!!

“My Dick” by Mickey Avalon starts to play as Dick Fury enters the arena to a swarm of boo's. He poses for “the ladies” who all either jokingly swoon to humor him or outright boo him. He swaggers and taunts his way down to the ringside area and hops into the ring. He poses there for a few moments as the music dies down.

Jim Gunt: Dick Fury is here...and the ladies are...um...intrigued?

Mike Rolash: I feel slightly better about my chances of actually picking up some tail in this town now. Just gotta get Dick to be my wingman.

Ray Douglas: And his opponent...He is “Mr. Ballgame” Freddie Styles!

The lights go down, and all you see is a silhouette of a man, forming a diamond with his hands above his head as the opening riff hits... 

You don't know what you're doing, doing, doing....
That's where you're wrong!

As the song moves into the verse, Freddie steps out from behind the curtain as he just stands there in his hooded vest, hood over his head, bouncing from side to side, before making his slow walk towards the ring. 

I — will — not — lose
(You don't know what you're doing, doing, doing)
Put somethin' on it!

Freddie slowly walks up the ring steps, and steps through the ropes. He then stands on the middle rope, holding one arm above him, before stepping down, and leaning over in a corner. He takes the hood from off his head, then takes the vest off completely, tossing it to the floor, awaiting the beginning of the match 

Jim Gunt: Freddie Styles is definitely the favorite coming into this match.

Mike Rolash: He's definitely got the fans on his side...of course that could be because they all have “Dick Envy”.

Jim Gunt: The only dick they envy is the one on color commentary.

Mike Rolash: You're damn ri...HEY!

The bell rings and Freddie goes for a lock up, but Dick dodges it and makes a “too slow” motion at Freddie. Who nods and smirks for a moment before leaping up and hitting a dropkick to Dick's face! Dick flips over the top rope to the outside and lands face first right in front of a big lady in the front row. Dick shakes the cobwebs out and see's...cleavage. He adjusts his hair for a moment and looks up...to see a large woman wink at him.

Jim Gunt: Fat Chick Thriller...

Mike Rolash: That's taking one for the team on a human species level.

Dick looks intimidated for a brief moment as Freddie baseball slides hitting Dick in the back, sending Dick face first into the ladies cleavage! Freddie can't help but laugh, as Dick falls down onto the outside ring flooring backing away from the barricade. Freddie runs up and kicks Dick in the side of the head. He picks up Dick and hits him with a Reverse DDT before sliding back into the ring as the ref gets up to a five count.

Jim Gunt: So far our dear Dick has not been so impressive.

Mike Rolash: Maybe he should quit working so stiff.

Jim Gunt: You know what...We get paid to make jokes like this.

Mike Rolash: I know! Maybe the new boss isn't so bad!

Jim Gunt: Really?

Mike Rolash: No, but I will take this brief moment of hilarity.

Freddie goes to the outside of the ring and tosses Dick back through the second and third rope. Dick rolls to the center of the ring and starts to fast crawl to the corner as Freddie gets into the ring. Freddie gets a running start and stops as Dick begs him off in the corner. He's on his knees. He crawls over to Freddie begging him off as Freddie looks at the crowd for what to do. 


Dick scowls at the crowd and tries to discourage them as Freddie responds by shrugging and hitting a dropkick to Dick's face sending him onto the mat back first. Freddie reaches down and picks up Dick who...thumbs him in the eye! 

Jim Gunt: Ohhhh...right in the eyes!

Mike Rolash: So that's what that feels like.

Dick gets behind Freddie and slaps him into a german suplex! He hits it! Dick kicks back up and poses for the crowd who boo intensely at him. He grabs Freddie's right leg and slaps him into a one legged boston crab. The fans start chanting for Freddie as the ref checks on him. Freddie pushes himself up with his arms and starts to crawl towards the ropes. Dick keeps trying to put the pressure on him, but Freddie grasps the ring ropes. Dick is forced to let go of the hold, but gives Freddie a kick to the side of the head to return the favor from earlier.

Jim Gunt: So many head shots in this match.

Mike Rolash: Pffftttt...at least they aren't money shots!

Jim Gunt: Ahahahha...

Dick waits in the corner for Freddie to get back up. Dick looks to go for a spear. Freddie gets up and stumbles. Dick charges for the spear, but Freddie ducks down and hits a drop toe hold sending Dick headfirst into the turnbuckle post! Freddie grabs Dick and hits him with a body slam, then hops up top and leaps off...hitting the “King of the Fall ”! He goes for the cover...



Dick's foot is on the ropes! Freddie gets up and starts to argue with the ref, not seeing Dick's foot on the rope. Dick rolls over behind Freddie. Freddie is face to face with the ref and then Dick gets up and “runs into them” hitting Freddie with a lowblow from behind! The ref didn't see it!

Jim Gunt: That's aiming below the belt!

Mike Rolash: What do you expect from a guy named Dick...didn't even have the courtesy to give him a “Hungarian Reach Around”!

Jim Gunt: Didn't even use the safe word!

Mike Rolash: I am not saying Flugelhorn...DAMN IT!

Dick quickly capitalizes and kicks Freddie in the gut. He goes for a double underhook facebuster to finish of Freddie, but Freddie converts it almost into a back body drop manuver, but Dick slides down Freddie's back and flips him over hitting a pinning attempt out of this clusterfuck of a conversion. Cover!



Dick grabs Freddie's tights!


Ray Douglas: Here is your winner...who moves onto the next round of the “End Games”...Dick...Fury!!!

Dick quickly gets out of the ring as the crowd turns sour. Freddie Styles is claiming he was robbed as the ref argues with him about the decision.

Jim Gunt: That low down dirty cheat!

Mike Rolash: Oh...I'd love to see how the commish is gonna handle this!

Huh, how about that?


Eric Dane is walking! Having not yet changed into his gear he is still suited and booted in the finest of Italian silk and wool. His shades are Maybachs, his shoes are the finest of dragon skin. He has always been the sort to “look the part,” or to “dress for the job you want” so to speak.

That is, if the job you want is Heavyweight Champion of the World. 

He turns a corner and nearly runs over Duce Jones.

Duce is dressed in his normal casual get up, black tattered, stonewashed jeans, Nike tennis shoes, black, gold, and white in color. Completing the the ensemble is a black retro “Entourage” T-shirt. He's occupied with the bag of Cool Ranch Doritos currently in his hands, just barely missing the End Boss.

“Tha fuck?”

The Only Star raises an eyebrow at The Kid that Never Dies.

Dane: My bad.

Duce drops his chips. Dane raises both hands, he is the antithesis of aggression.

Dane: Sorry’n shit, off in my own little world.

Duce looks him up and down, not sure exactly what to make of the End Boss. He sneers and responds with as much attitude as he can muster in one sentence.

Jones: Ya even know who’n tha fuck I am?

Eric smirks.

Dane: Ah, let’s see.

He pantomimes deep thought.

Dane: Duce Jones. Former Tag Team, Academy, and World Champion of CWF. All within one year if I’m not mistaken. Didn’t they even retire that Academy belt because you had it when you won the World Title.

The Kid is impressed, old guy did his homework after all.

Jones: Okay then, respect.

A moment passes, neither man moves to leave. It almost becomes tense.

Dane: Do we have heat?

Jones: I don’t think so, my nigga, do we?

Eric shrugs.

Dane: Just making sure. Apparently I’m looked at as abrasive, abusive, and unapproachable. One never can tell these days, am I right?

Duce screws an eyebrow up.

Jones: Ya like to hear tha sound'a ya own voice, don’t cha.

The Golden Pariah nods.

Dane: Alright then. We done here?

The Kid nods. Dane extends a fist, Duce bumps it.

Jones: Aight then.

Both men, champions past and future, go about their merry way.

Just like that.


A Greene Welcome

The cameras cut to a lone security guard standing backstage near a set of exit doors. Rocking forwards and back on the balls of his feet, the man is clearly bored. The guard nods in acknowledgment as a couple of event staffers walk by, and continues to watch them until they are out of view. He takes a quick peek around and hauls his cellphone out of his pocket. He begins tapping on the screen as the sounds of Candy Crush can be heard. Suddenly...

Knock Knock Knock

There is a light knocking on one of the exit door, drawing the guard's attention. He slowly looks over with a look of confusion, but just shrugs it off and goes back to his game.


The knocking is louder this time, causing the guard to flinch and drop his phone. He looks around again, and quickly snatches up his phone before going over to open the door. He pops the door open to reveal Lucas Greene standing there with a sheepish grin on his face.

Lucas Greene: Dude, please tell me this is the Nassau Coliseum.

Security Guard: Uh, yes. Of course it is.

Lucas let's out a huge sigh of relief and laughs as he pats the guard's shoulder.

Lucas Greene: Oh thank God, the last few places I went to were very rude.

With that, Lucas slings his bag over his shoulder and hustles in through the door. He shakes the guard's hand, and then digs through his bag for something.

Lucas Greene: Man, I'm so stoked to finally find this place. I was starting to think I wouldn't have time for this before the show.

Lucas finally finds what he was looking for, and hauls a thick doobie from his bag. He sparks it up before the guard even knows what is going on.

Lucas Greene: Say man, when's the show starting anyway? I do have time for this, right?

The guard just stares at Lucas with an incredulous look on his face. He just blinks a few times before he finally manages to speak.

Security Guard: Sir, the show started almost an hour ago, and... who are you? And what do you think you're doing?

Lucas Greene: Whoa whoa whoa, what's with the Spandex Imposition? I would have studied if I knew I had to pass a quiz to get in. I'm Lucas Greene, CWF's next World Champion, and what I'm doing is chilling the heck out. Do you know how stressful Long Island can be?

The security guard shakes his head, trying to clear away all the smoke and stupid.

Security Guard: Spandex... what? Sir...

Lucas Greene: Please, sir is my father. Call me Lucas.

The security guard presses his fingers into the bridge of his nose, trying not to totally lose his cool.

Security Guard: Sir... I mean, Lucas, you can't smoke marijuana in here. I'm afraid I'm going to have to confiscate that.

Lucas just chuckles, not taking the guy seriously.

Lucas Greene: Sorry bro, no can do. First of all, this is for in-ring talent only. And B, I already smoked it all. But listen...

Lucas leans in close to read the guard's name tag.

Lucas Greene: Mork, is it?

Security Guard: It clearly says Mark.

Lucas Greene: Sorry dude, my bad. I'm terrible with names. But listen, Manny, if you really want some good green, I can hook you up with my guy's number. I'm telling you, it's primo stuff. I smoked a couple bowls last night, and I swear I thought my dog was a balloon animal... and I don't even own a dog! How messed up is that!?

The security guard just stands there in silence. Ever so slowly, he turns his head and looks directly into the camera, his face saying it all. He breathes heavily with frustration before looking back at Lucas, who already has another joint between his lips.

Security Guard: What the fu... gimme that!!!

Lucas looks shocked at the guard's reaction and scampers off down the hall, nervously looking over his shoulder every few feet. The security guard chases him for a few seconds, but can't continue on and leave his post. As the scene fades out, he cries out for backup as Lucas disappears around a corner, leaving a trail of skunky smoke behind him.

Paradigms & Problems

Fade in. There’s a little CWF logo in the bottom left corner, along with bold white text reading “RECORDED EARLIER TODAY.” The reason for that is about to become clear.

Andy Murray: Evening, lads.

The surroundings aren’t what you’d expect from your average episode of Evolution. It looks like Murray’s on the coast, with a sizeable body of water separating him from green hills in the background. Boats of various sizes sit stationary against the docks. The port buildings are teaming with life, as both passengers and staff pass back and forth, but the jetty Andy stands on is significantly quieter.

Andy Murray: The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that this is not the Nassau Coliseum. I’m here in Japan, about to hop on a ferry to Hokkaido, and I’m sorry I couldn’t be there tonight, but I believe you should always honour a booking in this sport. Fact is I’ve got a lot going on right now. CWF success really sprung up on me, so this is gonna happen from time to time.

‘The King Of Wrestling’ is dressed uncharacteristically sharply, with a pressed sky-blue dress shirt (sleeves rolled up) tucked into black pants, and a pair of black wayfarer shades. His greying beard is trimmed neatly, and his even-greyer hair is combed back.

Somebody’s turning over a new leaf.

Andy Murray: But even though I’m not in the building, a LOT has been going down here lately, and I can’t just sit idly by and watch it happen…

He shakes his head.

Andy Murray: Caledonia? Gone. Now I don’t know who the hell I’ll be facing for the gold, but that’s okay. There’s a plan, there’s always a plan… and in this case, it’s throwing most of the roster into End Games qualifiers.

Murray starts counting with his fingers.

Andy Murray: Flair, Dane, Box, King, Shadow, Valentine, Ataxia - everyone who’s everyone. They’ll fight tonight, then one will be crowned CWF Champion at Summer Games, and THEN, that person gets me at Wrestle-Fest…

A smile.

Andy Murray: I’ve gone from knowing exactly who I’ll be going up against, to having no idea at all, but that’s fine. Why? Because this whole thing wasn’t just put together to determine a new champion, but to determine who gets to test themselves against me, the Golden Intentions rumble winner, on the biggest show of the year…

He pauses.

Andy Murray: So I guess you could say I’M the ‘End Boss’ here, Eric…

There’s a twang to his accent-tinged voice when that specific name crosses his lips. Murray and Eric Dane are yet to cross paths outwith the Golden Intentions battle royal, but they surely will soon.

Andy Murray: Which brings me nicely to my next topic - or should I say, Paradigm. Look, I know how these things go. I know how they work. I’ve seen Dane walk into a place, surround himself with yes-men, and try to take over dozens of times before. It’s not gonna go that way in CWF, though.

Andy wags a finger.

Andy Murray: I’m stepping in before this “Golden Paradigm” thing gets out of control, so how about this: Whealdon, Dane, Boxer - whichever one of you dickheads doesn’t make it to End Games wrestles ME at the pay-per-view. I don’t care who: I just want a fight, and more importantly, to put at least one of you guys in the dirt before your Paradigm becomes a problem.

‘The King’ pulls off his shades, then slides them into a pocket. The legs had clearly been keeping some of that old man hair in place, because the sea breeze catches it freely as Murray readies for his final address.

Andy Murray: I'm tired of holding my tongue. I’m tired of pretending I’m not bloody dangerous. I’m tired of being the fifth or sixth most important guy on a show I should be running. I see the CWF, laid bare, without a champion, and it’s allllll there for the taking. It’s time to make sure I’m the one seizing it, and it starts at Summer Games.


Bronson Box vs. Xander Haze

Mike Rolash: Andy Murray is not here, but in Japan? What a contender, does not even bother being here, reminds me of--

Jim Gunt: And another new face, Lucas Greene, who will be celebrating his debut later tonight against another newcomer, The Ringmaster, but more on that later, let's focus on qualifier number two and see who joins Dick Fury in the cage in Washington.

Ray Douglas: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is an End Games Qualifier match. Introducing first-

Suddenly “Blow Me Away” by Breaking Benjamin hits the speakers and the young Zach, conspicuously dressed in casual street wear, makes his way down the ramp, bypassing the ring and making a beeline for the commentator’s desk.

Jim Gunt: It appears we’re joined here by Zach.

Mike Rolash: Great. BABYsitting.

Zach: Hi guys, hope you don’t mind if I sit in on this one?

Mike Rolash: Ye-

Jim Gunt: No, by all means. You looking to cause some trouble?

Zach: I’ve got some stakes in the outcome of this match sure, and I want to witness firsthand if I will get my shot at Xander at Summer Games or not. I won’t cause trouble, but if trouble happens well…

Jim Gunt: Fair is fair.

The arenas lights are snuffed out all at once causing a wave of anticipation throughout the fans in attendance.
Cue the man in black.

"You can run for a long time..."

Mike Rolash: Quiet children, the adults are about to have a match.

The house lights come up and there, already standing on the ring apron, is the man himself. Sheared head and freshly waxed mustache. Besides him stands Pete Whealdon. The reaction is overwhelmingly negative… but the faithful, the true faithful, the fans in attendance that know full-well who this is and what he’s about are pounding guardrails and chanting his name. Boxer slides between the ropes and raises his arms high. Boos, cheers, jeers, it’s obvious he doesn't care one bit.

Jim Gunt: Bronson Box still not welcomed by the fans of the CWF Universe.

Zach: To be expected for one of the MANY Villains we got prowling around the corridors. It’s like someone went and turned on Horde mode or something.

Meanwhile Pete makes a circuit around the ring and stops to stare down Zach at the announce table who raises his hands in a conciliatory manner.

Mike Rolash: Looks like you may be making some more enemies tonight Kid.

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, making his WAAAAY to the ring, being accompanied by Pete Whealdon. He is the self proclaimed "greatest attraction in ALL of sports and entertainment"... this is THE WARGOD, THE ORIGINAL DEFIANT, THE STAAAAAAAAARMAKER… THIS IS THE BOMBASTIC... BRONSOOOOOOON BOOOOOOOOOOOOOX!

Boxer climbs the nearest turnbuckle holding his arms out wide. Soaking in the reaction from the raucous crowd.

Ray Douglas: And his opponent. From Vancouver, British Columbia and weighing in at 220lbs…XANDER HAZE!

The arena goes dark, ‘Welcome Home’ by Coheed and Cambria, starts to play. When the chorus hits. a spotlight flashes to life, shining down at the top of the entrance ramp. Xander stands, bathed in light, and wearing his black hooded sweater with the hood up. He slowly makes his way down to the ring with the the spotlight following his every step. He steps into the ring, taking the time to lean out between the ring ropes and share a few choice words towards Zach.

Jim Gunt: You certainly got his attention.

Bronson Box doesn’t even wait for Xander to turn back around, charging forward to clobber the Gimp in the back of the head with a stiff forearm blow.

Zach: Now so does Bronson.

The Wargod turns his opponent around and further dishes out the punishment for being ignored with an headbutt that clearly rocks Xander Haze. Bronson drags, practically carrying, Xander away from the ropes and wraps his strong, piston-like arms around the waist of the Gimp and squeezes, applying the classic bearhug submission.

Jim Gunt: Not something you see much of these days.

Mike Rolash: Oldie but a goodie.

Xander growls through gritted teeth, the Scottish Strongman replying in kind with a growl of his own. Fighting through the pain, the pressure and the increasing shortage of breath, Xander resists and fights back against the hold with a series of swift and stiff strikes, raining down pointed elbow, upon elbow, upon elbow directly to the forehead of Boxer.

Mike Rolash: You want brain damage? Cause that’s how you get brain damage!

Jim Gunt: Taking notes Zach? On the chance you still get your match at Summer Games?

Zach: You bet! Pattern Recognition, Weak Points…Everything any self-respective Player needs against a Boss.

Even the prodigious stamina of the Wargod must eventually give and Boxer loosens his tight grip on the Gimp, enough for Xander to break free. He follows up with a discus forearm that has Bronson stumbling backwards a few steps and unable to muster any defence to prevent a hangman’s neckbreaker.

Xander goes for the cover.


Bronson Box kicks out!

Mike Rolash: Bronson Box is gonna be one tough nut to crack. Feel like running in blindly and taking him on Zach?

Jim Gunt: Mike! Back off!

Xander comes down with a standing elbow drop…and a second…then a thir-NO! Bronson Box rolls out of the way, under the bottom ring rope and to the outside of the ring. Xander comes down on the harsh ring mat, jarring his elbow. Pete Whealdon begins to approach Bronson on the outside but the Wargod shakes his head and Pete backs away.

Jim Gunt: The scale is certainly pitched against Xander. Not only does he have the challenge in Bronson Box ahead of him, but his head clearly won’t be all on the match what with the threat of Pete Whealdon ever-present and you Zach sitting so close as well.

Zach: Got no quarters to put in the Sympathy Game where Xander is concerned.

Bronson climbs onto the apron and Xander advances, rushing forward for a lariat. Bronson stops him in his tracks, with a powerful left-handed haymaker. Then reaching through the middle ropes Boxer clasps his infamous right-hand slightly beneath the Gimp’s ribcage, applying the dreaded Sacred Heart.

Mike Rolash: Rumour has it that Bronson purposefully keeps the nails of his right-hand that little bit longer, piercing the skin and drawing blood when applying this move.

Zach: Now THAT’s a Cheat-Code!

The Wargod maintains the vice-like clawhold as he climbs back into the ring proper, leading Xander around the ring before hitting with another headbutt and breaking the hold to send the Gimp into the ropes with an irish whip.

Mike Rolash: Bronson is just relentless, hitting harder and harder each time.

As Xander comes back from the rebound against the ropes, Bronson ducks down, lifting the Gimp onto his shoulders and spins several rotations on the spot, transitioning from the airplane spin into a fireman’s carry gutbuster.

The cover follows.



Xander Haze kicks out!

Jim Gunt: Now I can’t stand Xander Haze and loathe speaking positively of the guy-

Zach: So don’t.

Jim Gunt: But the guy is one dogged SOB.

Bronson gets a firm hold of Xander by the hair and readies himself for yet ANOTHER headbutt, but Xander beats Bronson at his own under-handed game, poking the Wargod in the eye and connecting with a jawbreaker. Boxer stumbles back, tumbling through the ring ropes but corrects himself in an instant and springs back into the fray with the Pendulum Lariat. Xander however manages to duck under the attack, bouncing back and connecting with his own running lariat. Boxer is knocked flat!

Mike Rolash: Xander certainly not letting this opportunity go to waste, giving back everything that Bronson throws at him. Are you sure you’re ready for him Zach?

Zach: I gotta be. Whether I like it or not.

Bronson begins the climb back to his feet, only to be floored but a second running lariat…then a third…Xander putting his strong arm to good and effective use. An irish whip has the Wargod stuck in the corner. Xander readies himself for a running corner boot, but from the corner of his eye he notices Pete Whealdon standing on the ring apron nearby. The Gimp instead swings wildly in a bid to knock Whealdon off and remove him from the equation. Pete is ready and leans back, the intended attack way off the mark. With a smirk Pete drops back down from the apron.

Jim Gunt: I was wondering when Pete Whealdon would get involved.

Mike Rolash: You gonna do anything about this blatant dishonourable cheating Zach? You ARE a goody-two-shoes.

Zach:…I’ll make an exception this time…

Xander turns his attention back to Boxer and rushes forward for the running big boot. The distraction, albeit brief, proves all the time Bronson needed to recover, bursting to life as Xander closes in, and catches the Gimp completely off-guard with a One-Armed Side Slam. Boxer lifts his opponent from the ground and in a frenzy of activity smashes Xander’s face repeatedly into the unforgiving steel of the turnpost.

Mike Rolash: Sudden facial rearrangement surgery.

Zach: Maybe it’d knock a conscience into him…

Once…twice…again…and again…and again. Only ceasing when Xander becomes a limp mass of flesh in the Wargod’s grasp. Bronson lifts Xander up and forces one final impromptu encounter with the corner post through the BOMBasto Bomb. Boxer hooks the leg for the pin.

Jim Gunt: I don’t think he’s moving…




Mike Rolash: Is he…dead?


Zach: Alright, even I’ll admit that was brutal.


Ray Douglas: Here is your winner by pin-

Pete Whealdon steps foot into the ring and retaliates against Xander for the attempted strike earlier with his very own patented Discordance Axis. Together Whealdon and Boxer raise their arms in celebration as Bronson’s music plays in triumph.

Zach: This is my cue.

Zach removes himself from the announce table and climbs into the ring with great trepidation, both Pete Whealdon and Bronson Boxer snapping their attention to the approaching young Philly native. Zach raises his hands again in a sign of non-aggression, motioning that his business is with the fallen Xander Haze. With a sharp elbow from Pete the two victors make their exit.

Jim Gunt: C’mon Zach, your made of better stuff than this!

Mike Rolash: Maybe I was wrong about the kid.

Zach lifts up Xander and pins him in the corner, raising a fist, ready to lay into the Gimp, unleashing all the pent up rage and confusion, seeking catharsis in what the young man sees as justified payback. Struggling to regain his senses Xander gingerly raises his hand, Zach readying himself for any potential attack.

None comes.

Mike Rolash: What’s happening? I was keen for the ass-whopping?

Xander points lazily to the big screen, pulling Zach and everyone’s attention towards it. With a sudden burst of static, the tv comes to life, featuring a grainy close up of the reprehensible John Kreese, smiling wickedly down the lens.

John Kreese: I’m glad to see the two of you playing so nicely together. Now that the distraction is out of the way, you, me and Xander can FINALLY get down to business.

Xander uses what little strength he has to snarl at the electronic image of his tenuous ally. Thoughtlessly Zach releases his hold of Xander, discarding him in the hopes he may learn more of Celia’s fate.

John Kreese: Did your dear friend Irvine give you my message. I certainly hope so, but if not…well…let’s make sure…

The footage cuts out again, this time replaced by a different view of John Kreese, standing further back from the lens this time, as grainy as the original feed, but with a clearer picture of where he is. A bare and utilitarian warehouse spans out around John, who stands next to an old wooden chair. The occupant of that chair is Celia Lockheart, strapped down to deny means of escape but also wearing a series of patches around her body with wires running from those straps to a unseen destination.

John Kreese: I hope you're well Zachy Boy, hope you're prepared for what my buddy Xander Haze is gonna do to you at Summer Games. I was very pleased to hear you accepted the challenge for a match, because I’ve got something special in store…Say hello to your English sweetheart here. Say hi sweetie.

Celia strains against her bonds, her words mumbled through a piece of fabric tied tight around her mouth. Her wide-eyed expression is clear enough. She is frightened.

John Kreese: In order to Slay this Dragon and save your dear Princess, Zach, you are going to have to beat Xander in, what I call a Live Wire match. At each four corner of the ring there will be pylons. At the top of these pylons will run cables, crisscrossing across the ring and meeting in the middle. At that point of intersection there will be a power box. In order to deactivate the electric chair in which Celia is now bound, an opponent must first pin or submit an opponent in order for the referee to hand them a control panel. Then you must plug that panel into the power box above the ring and press the corresponding button, sending the deactivation signal to a transponder behind the chair. Only then will the match end. Only then will you have defeated us…You conduct yourself as a Paragon, as a wannabe Hero. Well now is your chance to prove it.  And trust me, this is the only way.

The replay feed cuts back to the present-day footage, with Kreese’s face still prominent, front and centre.

John Kreese: Now that we are all up to speed…Your federation is falling down around you Zach. Soon you will have nowhere to turn to and you will finally rue the day you refused to pay me my dues! Oh and just in case you get any ideas, I’m keeping myself sequestered in a secret and secure location, so none of your pathetic friends will be able to find me…All that is left is to sign the contract. The rest I leave to you. Have fun.

The tv cuts to black.

The closing comment confuses Zach, albeit for a brief moment. As it turns out it's not meant for him. All that time Xander Haze is regaining his strength and his senses and as the footage dies he springs into action. Taking Zach by surprise the Gimp spins him around and connects with a Small Package Driver. Xander hurries over to his hooded sweater, discarded at the start of the match and from the pockets produces a series of documents and a pen.

Mike Rolash: Ah the elusive contract!

Xander hurriedly signs the last page then tosses both sheets of paper and pen to Zach who has retreated to a nearby corner to recover. Triumphantly Xander exits the ring, grinning evilly at Zach as his music plays him out.

Jim Gunt: Look at Zach, the look of a man who may very well, again, in over his head.

Mike Rolash: This is what I live for!

Without pause, his gaze not once leaving that of the Gimp, Zach also signs.

There is no going back now.

Mike Rolash: Xander may not have progressed in the title run, but he's got one hell of a match waiting for him at Summer Games!

Dropping Bombs

The door to the locker room bursts open and Mikey Unlikely, still in all of his wrestling gear, is storming out. With his expensive rolling suitcase being roughly dragged behind him as he turns the corner and storms down the hall, muttering under his breath.

Mikey Unlikely: I can’t believe this bull… After all these years… It’s like I’ve got herpes all over again… I can’t simply rub a cream on this to make it go away… What can I do…

Voice: MIKEY!!!!!!

Upon hearing the voice, Mikey’s shoulders slump, sighing in exasperation he doesn’t even bother turning around as the largest man in CWF history “runs” up to him from behind. I say run, but it’s really more of a hasty waddle, with a lot of arm movement, almost as if he were a 75 year old mall walker.

Mikey Unlikely: No, no, no, no, no, no, please God no. Bobby, please, leave me alone! Please!? Can’t you go harass Will Haynes? Or La Flama Blanca? Or Marie Von Whatever her name was?

Bobby Dean: Mikey, Mikey, Mikey. You’re my bestest friend in the whole wide world! I wouldn’t dare be anywhere else than right here by your side. We’re soul mates! Here, I’ll even carry your bag for you buddy.

Mikey jerks his suitcase away from Bobby’s eager grasp, but in doing so, causes the suitcase to bang against his own shin. Mikey takes a moment to calm down, closing his eyes, and mentally counting to 10. Then to 20. But once he reaches 30, he opens his eyes and sees Bobby just standing there, looking so innocent. And fat.

Mikey Unlikely: I’ve told you a million times, we can’t be soul mates, Bobby. I appreciate all the late night phone calls, the collage you put together and left outside my hotel room.

Bobby’s grin gets bigger and bigger with every accounting of his recent good deeds.

Mikey Unlikely: I even appreciate you coming to the last few shows to cheer me on. But buddy, those days of us being besties are over my old friend. I haven’t had anything to do with you in over 2 years, and I have to be honest, I kind of, well, more than kind of like it.

The large man’s grin doesn’t falter one iota as he clasps his hands behind his back and sways side to side, twirling his toe on the floor. Almost like a school girl swooning over the star quarterback.

Mikey Unlikely: I don’t even know why I’m talking to you right now… Wait, how did you even get back here to begin with?

Bobby Dean: Simple, I was walking by the backstage area, struck up a convo with the guard outside that velvety rope thingy, when suddenly I farted. The guy blocking the way wasn’t too keen to stand there in that radioactive cloud more than he had to, and so.

Mikey cuts Bobby off suddenly, shouting out in the near empty hallway.


Mikey begins to back away while pointing at Bobby with a fearful look in his eye as security members begin to rush the fat man. He’s tackled and brought down by no less than 8 members of security as they push Bobby’s face into the linoleum floor, searching his body frantically, causing the large man to giggle like the doughboy that he is. Meanwhile Mikey continues on his way, chuckling as his old friend in accosted by security.

Mikey Unlikely: And they said I couldn’t act...


Lucas Greene vs. The Ringmaster

Jim Gunt: So I think it is official, Mikey Unlikely HAS a Bobby problem and this also means that anyone near him might want to think about gas masks in the future...

As "Smoke Two Joints" by Sublime begins to play over the PA system, smoke begins to roll onstage from the entry way. Nearby, a stagehand grows concerned, as the smoke isn't actually part of the show. However, the situation becomes clear as Lucas Greene emerges from the back, and the faint smell of skunk wafts out with him.

Ray Douglas: From Arcata, California, weighing in at 190 pounds... LUCAS GREEN!

The fans pop even louder as Lucas comes out and waves at everyone within eyesight.

Jim Gunt: Such an exciting night! Not only do we get to see anticipated debuts, but Greene hasn't been seen inside a ring in YEARS! He has always been a fan favorite though.

Mike Rolash: Has he always been a raging pot head?

As the music continues, Lucas heads to the top of the ramp, where he pauses to gaze around the arena. Totally pie-eyed, and chuckling to himself, he continues on his way to the ring, where he slides in and heads to the nearest turnbuckle. He hops to the second rope, and poses for the fans as the music continues. As Lucas gets settled in the ring the ref checks him for any foreign objects as his music fades and "The Greatest Show" by Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman begins to play.

The lights dim and are replaced by a sole spotlight at the top of the ramp with a lone figure standing in the center of the spotlight. With a flourish the figure spins around and Ray Douglas announces the debut of "The Ring Master."

Ray Douglas: Hailing from Twentynine Palms, California; weighing in at 205 pounds... THE RINGMASTER!

Slow and methodical The Ringmaster makes his way down to the ring and his opponent for the evening who is casually leaning against a turnbuckle, smoking a joint he has procured from... Somewhere.

Mike Rolash: Where does he get these mari-jew-whana cigarettes he's smoking?

Jim can only look at his broadcast partner in disbelief as Lucas slides out of the ring to give the imposing Ringmaster space as he enters the ring and with another flourish, poses for the fans. For his part Lucas takes one more drag from his joint, looks at it sadly and eyes Rolash who is returning his gaze, eyes narrowed and face filled with suspicion. Lucas shrugs and offers the joint to the announcer who refuses and glares venom at Greene. Again, Greene shrugs, takes another puff, and places the joint gently on top of Rolash's paperwork.

Lucas: Stay safe little bud-dy. I'll be back in a bit for you. Thanks for keeping an eye out for her man!

Lucas smiles and waves at Rolash, winks at Gunt, and rolls into the ring to meet The Ringmaster who is calmly watching the proceedings from inside the ring. Lucas offers a good natured handshake to his opponent for the evening and the bigger man looks at it, smirks, and shakes his hand.

Jim Gunt: What a fantastic show of sportsmanship from the two CWF newcomers!

Mike Rolash: Can someone please get this stinky thing away from me?!

As if by magics misunderstood by the common person, Mia Rayne appears from out of nowhere behind Mike Rolash and taps him on the shoulder. Mike jumps and turns, leaping out of his chair at the sudden appearance of Mia! Mia laughs, and sits down in the now vacated chair, before yelping and pointing frantically at the joint.

Mia Rayne: Officers quick! This man has a DEWWWWBBBBIIIIIEEEEE!

Two more people, officers of the law it seems flock out of no where and proceed to carry off a very panic stricken Mike Rolash who is yelling something about how he's been framed and he's too pretty to go to jail. For her part Mia just calmly takes a hit of the joint, salutes to Lucas, and puts her feet up on the desk.

Mia Rayne: No worries. Those are just a couple druids I asked to keep taps on Rolash for a bit. He looked like he needs a vacation, so TAG! I'm in!

Jim Gunt: Happy to have you hear Mia! It will be interesting to see your take on this match!

Mia doesn't have a chance to respond though as the two competitors, who were slightly distracted by the proceedings outside of the ring, are now staring each other down. 


Jim Gunt: The ref calls for the bell and what some might call the most exciting match of Evolution 26 is underway!

Mia Rayne: Right you are Cotton! Er, Gunt! I've only heard stories about how laidback of a person Lucas Greene is and how amazing of an in ring competitor he is. I've only seen what everyone else saw last week in regards to The Ringmaster. Both people are exciting to think about in a CWF ring and in all honesty, I can't wait to see how this one plays out. OH!

If Mia has anything more to say, she doesn't get a chance to say it as Ringmaster backs the smaller Greene into a corner and forcing Lucas' arms behind the top rope. He raises his hand and winds up, giving Lucas a heavy open palmed slap across his chest! The fans gasp and Lucas doubles over, stumbling out of the corner but getting no rest as The Ringmaster grabs Lucas by the hair and yanks him backward and down to the mat hard!

Jim Gunt: Ow! That looks like it hurt!

Mia Rayne: Yeah, I'm not so sure how well that will work to Lucas' game plan to win...

Following up the slam Ringmaster stomps on Lucas' ankle, working his way to the other ankle, up to the knee, and then the...

Mia Rayne: Lucas dodged that last one!

Sure enough Lucas Greene rolls out of the way just in the nick of time and gets to his knees. Ringmaster tries to press the advantage by running at Lucas and hitting him with a knee! Lucas is ready though and once again presses his speed and agility advantage as he does a combat roll, makes it to his feet, runs, and nails the startled Ringmaster with a dropkick!

Jim Gunt: What speed from Lucas Greene! 

Mia Rayne: Definitely! Let's see if Greene can press his advantage!

Ringmaster stumbles forward and into the ropes, whipping around to face Lucas, who is waiting for his opportunity. Ringmaster runs at his smaller adversary and swings at him with a massive clothesline! Lucas is once again ready though and wraps himself around Ringmaster's arm, moving around his back, and wrapping his legs around Ringmaster's other arm! 

Mia Rayne: It's a modified crucifix painful looking thingy!

Jim Gunt: Holy crap you're right!

The two clutch at each other and jump slightly as Lucas pulls with all of his might and brings Ringmaster down with a crucifix pinning attempt! The ref slides in...



Mia Rayne: Negatory ghost writer! Ringman powered out!

Jim Gunt: How did he manage that?!

Ringmaster manages to pop a shoulder up and keep his momentum going, forcing Lucas to let him go and break the pin attempt. The Circus King rolls to a knee and then pops up from a runner's stance to come full steam at Lucas! Mr. 420 himself is still quick on the uptake though and manages to drop Ringmaster onto the second rope with a drop toe hold!

Mia Rayne: I know what this means! 

Jim Gunt looks at her confused as she lights up the all but forgotten joint in front of her and hops up on the desk saluting Lucas as he runs, bounces across the opposite ropes and hits Ringmaster with his 4-2-0 kick! While the move is good for nostalgia purposes, Ringmaster isn't impressed as he is able to recover enough to catch Lucas' feet as he makes contact! With amazing strength Ringmaster yanks Lucas back through the ropes and with no hesitation slams Greene down with a belly to belly suplex! Mia gets down from on top of the table dejectedly and takes her seat by Jim Gunt once again.

Jim Gunt: Ringmaster is looking impressive out there tonight isn't he?

Mia Rayne: That he is GuntMan! That he is... 

With no hesitation and very little flourish Ringmaster hops up to the top rope and stands up tall, balancing high above the prone body of Lucas Greene. With eagle like precision he leaps off the top rope and lands square on Greene's heart with both of his feet!

Jim Gunt: Wow! Says here that that is a move that Ringmaster calls, "The Nine Inch Nail!" Devastating!

Mia Rayne: It looks like it! I hope Lucas is ok!

No sooner has the words left Mia's mouth as Lucas springs to life and manages to roll up a recovering Ringmaster in a small package! The ref slides in to make the cover but doesn't make it to the one count as Ringmaster is able to power out quickly. He springs backward and Lucas stumbles away from him into the opposite corner, trying to catch his breath as he clutches at his chest. The two glare at each other from opposite sides of the ring, each finding a new respect for the other. In a mutual understanding of testing speed versus size, the two run at each other full force!

With amazing agility Ringmaster goes for an unexpected dropkick, forcing everyone to hold their collective breath as a move like that is not something to look for from a big man. However, showing even more amazing agility Lucas seems ready for it and slides underneath Ringmaster's body, managing to get his leg up and smack the top of Ringmaster's head with the heel of his boot! 

Mia Rayne: Holy... Can I say shit? I'm going to say shit. Holy fuck.

Jim Gunt: That was... So fast!

Ringmaster lands hard on his back, grabbing his head as Lucas rolls to a knee to assess the damage. Realizing he needs to press his advantage he quickly leaps into action, running at the closest rope jumping to the top and hitting a picture perfect springboard 450 splash onto the top of Ringmaster! Holding his stomach, Lucas manages to scramble back into a corner and pulls himself up. He catches his breath quickly and hops up to the rop rope, measuring Ringmaster up as he goes. The fans all hold their collective breath as Mia and Jim watch from the announce table, both speechless as it is Lucas' turn to leap off of the top rope and land on top of Ringmaster again with a phoenix splash!

Mia Rayne: THE 420 SPLASH! THE 420 SPLASH!

Jim Gunt: WAIT, NO!

Just as Lucas comes crashing down onto Ringmaster, the bigger man let's out an animalistic howl and grabs ahold of Lucas, lifting him up, and with amazing strength manages to get his feet under him, and stands up! Ringmaster doesn't stop there and runs at the closest corner squishing Lucas between the turnbuckle and Ringmaster before turning around and dropping Lucas with a massive slam!

Jim Gunt: That was "Manipulating The Object."

Mia Rayne: Sounds... Kinky? Looks painful.

Ringmaster considers going for the pin again but looks to the top rope instead. He pulls himself up, nods to Lucas Greene out of respect, and makes his way to the top rope again. He stands at the top and bows to the crowd, leaping off and tucking his legs up to his chest, landing on Lucas as a massive cannonball!

Jim Gunt: Good night Irene, that looks devastating!

Mia Rayne: Takes "human cannonball" to a whole new level...

Ringmaster splays out on top of Lucas and makes the cover, hooking one of Greene's legs.




Jim Gunt: Looks like Ringmaster has won his CWF debut!

Mia Rayne: Impressive match from both stars! I'm looking forward to everything else that they bring to the ta...

She doesn't get a chance to finish her sentence as Mike Rolash stomps down the entrance ramp and making a beeline for the announce table as "The Greatest Show" plays over the loud speakers and Ringmaster celebrates his win.

Mia Rayne: It's been fun GuntMan, but it appears that the time has come for me to go get ready for my own match.

With that she blows a kiss at Rolash and winks at him as he makes it to the table, waves to the two newest CWF roster members and runs off into the crowd.

Sheriff or Criminal

Halestorm’s ”I am the Fire" starts while the lights go dark. Azrael makes his way to the top of the ramp and as the chorus begins, columns of fire illuminate Azrael as he walks to the ring with his head bent down with a hint of his head bobbing to the beat. When he reaches the ring, he rolls in and calls for a mic.

Azrael: So management did not like my protest very much, and decided to punish me by keeping me off of the next Evolution, this Evolution. I show some emotion, some sense of caring and look at what happens. I get punished. I get punished because I don’t care enough to win. I show some emotion because of the losses and what happens? I get punished. When all hands are needed, does Azrael get called? No he doesn’t. He is here each and every week, giving it his all. “But what about last week. Counting to three hundred and two words doesn’t count as a role play.” That is true. I would agree with you, that if was all I did, a punishment would be warranted. But that it isn’t what I did. In addition to my protest, I did the required work. Again, just like every week I have been here. I have put in something. I have put out pretty decent somethings, week in and week out. That is why I am able to push people past their limits. That is why I am able to make this federation the best it can be. The rising stars have all been pushed to new levels by me.

But now, the shit has hit the fan. The World Champion has quit. The fed is dominated by two main groups. Either you are involved with them, or you are an afterthought. So one man has been able to keep his distance from the drama. He has not been caught in the shit. But does the management of this company come to the one stable force that it has? The one man here who will show up and put forth an excellent match? No, they have allowed their shortsightedness to blind them. They have allowed their egos to allow them to make poor business decisions. No wonder there is all this drama. People here are not doing what is best for the whole. They are doing what is best for them. Between the owner making deals with the devil to remain in control. Management, allowing a select few to consolidate the staff into strong factions, and forcing management to bow to their will. Everyone else, who wasn’t part of one or the other, aligning themselves to protect themselves and interest.

People mock my calm apathetic nature. This apathetic nature isn’t going to riled up with the drama. This apathetic nature could be the break wall that will prevent the tsunami that could crush the world as we know it in its wake. Does he get called upon to help stabilize the fed? To use his fairly calm presence to help take the drama down a notch? Nope. Being right over a perceived slight, even if it wasn’t really a slight, is more important.

People think I don’t care, but I do. People think things don’t bother me, but they do. I have feelings, I have emotions. I am just like everyone else. I have just realized that most of this stuff doesn’t matter, that allowing it to get to me, for me to get riled up over these minor things isn’t healthy, productive or necessary. So I don’t. I have learned that given some time, these matters take care of themselves. Winning, to an extent is something that doesn’t matter. That’s why I haven’t cared too much about it.  

So why did I feel it was important to come out here today and address these issues? Well for one thing, my name and my reputation is something I feel strongly about and will protect it. I feel my reputation has been called into question, decisions made, based on bad information. Was I consulted or notified about any of this? No, and if I had, it would have been easy enough to clear up. But it wasn’t. Now I have a choice to make. How do I respond to this attack at my reputation? I have three choices. One, to walk away from this company. To allow it to tear itself to shreds and destroy itself in spectacular fashion. Second, is to allow my emotions to get the better of me and to allow the anger take control. The anger that has brought me to my lowest points in my life, points that have changed my life negatively forever. Anger that has caused the people I love the most the most heartache and scaring, some of which they may never recover from. Or I can continue as I was. Coming out each and every week. Putting it all out there and leaving it there.

After much thought and prayer, I have elected to stay the course, for the most part. People and organizations make mistakes. Who am I to not to forgive them for those mistakes. We are all human, and as such we all have flaws. God has given us free will, and in doing so, gave us our flaws. From now on, I will no longer sit idly by as week after week the powerful abuse their power for their benefit, to the detriment of the whole. I will not allow the powerful to take advantage of the weak. I have the skills, talent and power to ensure things are on the up and up. It's high time I used that power. The apathy will remain, but the actions shall not. Fear not fans, the Archangel has freed his wings, and will now fly.

Azrael drops the mic and looks around the arena. Taking in the reactions of the fans. After a moment, calmly leaves the ring and returns to the back.

Duce Jones vs. Revenant

Jim Gunt: Wow, just wow, The Ringmaster definitely is not your average Joe and Greene, while losing also has had a very strong first showing!

Mike Rolash: Definitely, but that Mia, she better watch her back for doing this to me!

Jim Gunt: You had the doobie there... But let's get on with it here.

Mike Rolash: Alright them. That Zach vs. Haze match is just sick! Playing with an innocent life!

Jim is eyeing his colleague suspiciously.

Jim Gunt: Since when are you this sensitive?

Mike Rolash: That girl could be my daughter, Jimmy, do you understand that?

Jim Gunt: Well, you are old enough, that's for sure, for the rest it takes to have an actual child... But also Azrael is back after some trouble with the bosses, interesting and surprisingly emotional statement there, good to see him back!

Ray Douglas: The following contest, is a Last Man Standing Match! The rules are as followed, you must incapacitate your opponent, until they are unable to respond to a count of ten… Introducing first..

The lights in the arena dim, as orange strobe lights move all across the venue. “Smiling Faces” by Kevin Gates is blasting throughout the PA system as Duce Jones out onto the stage. The fans cheer with admiration as he stands there and surveys the crowd.

Ray Douglas: Making his way to the ring, from Memphis, Tennessee. Weighing in at two hundred five pounds! Representing Smokin’ Aces! DUCE JONES!

He then strolls down to the ring slapping the hands of some of the fans who are sitting ringside. Duce makes it down to the ring where hops onto the apron and climbs inside the ring. He sprints to the nearest corner and climbs to the second rope and begins looking into the crowd once again. Duce climbs down from the corner, turns around, and wait for the bell to ring.

Jim Gunt: Jones looks focused here tonight, but with an opponent the likes of Revenant… You have to think he has a solid gameplan.

Mike Rolash: I don't think he's focused, Jim Bean. With his pending case still at the back of his mind, I would say his mind is elsewhere. Among other places.

“Time of Dying” by Three Days Grace hits and lights dim, Revenant comes out, stopping at the top of the ramp as the fans boo him.

Ray Douglas: His opponent, making his way to the ring, weighing three hundred pounds! REVENANT!

He walks down the ramp and enters the ring. He climbs up the turnbuckle and looks at the crowd. Climbing down, he then he stands in the corner, his eyes focused solely on his opponent.

Jim Gunt: It's the dawn of a new day for this man Mike. With the departure of Elisha and Ouroboros, add to that Schamor left him high and dry. So this is a great opportunity for him to jump start his new found solo mission.

Mike Rolash: I say good riddance to them all, Revenant is guy who's been flying under the radar.

Duce Jones and Revenant stand across the ring from each other, both chomping at the bits to get their hands on one another. Scott Dean calls for the bell, the two men charging towards each other like rams, meeting in the middle with furious punches flying at their respective opponents. Revenant is able to gain the advantage quickly backing Jones into a corner, nailing him with a hard headbutt that leaves him stunned. Rev quickly blasts Jones with a gut punch, before headbutting him once more. Easing up a bit, Rev grabs Duce by the arm, looking to whip him across to the other corner. Reversal by Duce, and it's Revenant who crashes into the corner. Before he's able to recover Duce comes rushing in, blasting Rev with a Yakuza Kick!

Jim Gunt: This action is starting off fast and hot! And Mike. the way these two are going at it, you would think they hated each other!

Mike Rolash: Revenant has always stated that after coming to CWF, Duce was someone who stuck out in his mind.

The Undead rolls around on the canvas, trying to gain his bearings, quickly getting to a knee before Dean can start his count. The Kid that Never Dies stays on the offensive, moving in to bring Rev to a vertical base. However, a surprise throat thrust sends the former World Champ crashing to the canvas. Rev yells for Dean to start the count as he stalks his opposition!



Jim Gunt: Our first count of this Last Man Standing match. Revenant is looking primed for a victory here tonight against Duce.

Mike Rolash: Well with Schamor finally out the picture, his spell on Revenant has been broken. And he's ready to do damage!


Just able to make it to one knee, Revenant drops Jones to the mat once more with another throat thrust! Groggily Duce is able to get a knee, using the nearby ropes as leverage to get back upright. Rev is hurriedly on the attack, grabbing Duce by his dreadlocks, pressing his face towards the top rope, grinding his face into it as he drags him along the rope. Releasing his grip, Revenant paces around the ring, as Jones grabs his face in pain! Backing Jones into the ropes, Revenant irish whips him towards the opposite set. Upon his return, Rev leapfrogs over Duce, who bounces off the opposite ropes, this time running over the downed body of Revenant as he returns. Hitting the ropes one final time, Jones returns only to meet head on with the feet of Rev, bringing a small applause from the New York fans! Revenant tells Scott Dean to make the count, as he begins to pace around the ring once more.



Jim Gunt: Did you see the athleticism from the big man? He just exploded through Duce’s face like a freight train!

Mike Rolash: Tale of the tape says he's 5’8”, so technically can he even be considered a big man?



Jim Gunt: That may be well and true, but he also weighs three hundred pounds.

Mike Rolash: Touché.

Slowly rolling towards the corner, Duce uses the ropes to aid him to his feet, breaking the count. Running towards the opposite corner for momentum The Undead comes barreling in with a shoulder tackle into the mid section of Jones, knocking all the air from his body! Falling to the mat from the impact, Jones gasps for air as a smile can be seen forming on Revenant’s lips. He begins to taunt the fans, who are now booing him, some trying their best to will Jones to his feet!



Jim Gunt: Things are really not looking good for Jones right now. He needs to do something to get back in this match.

Mike Rolash: Revenant has his eyes set on End Games Jim! And he's set to prove he belongs in that spot!


Duce slowly begins to crawl around on the mat, Revenant admiring his handiwork, as he stands over Jones’ body.


Jones reaches up, using the body of Revenant to get vertical and break the count. Infuriated, Rev grabs the arm of Jones, he pulls him in for a short-arm clothesline! However, Jones ducks underneath, bouncing off the ropes, he returns with a forearm shiver, rocking his stocky foe! Rev stands his ground though, looking annoyed, Duce bounces off the opposite set, rocking Rev with a forearm shiver once more! Revenant is still on his feet though, as Duce hits the ropes again, Revenant attempts another clothesline! But it's evaded, Jones springs off the middle rope and finally gets the big man off his feet with a shining wizard! With his opponent on the canvas, Duce goes to the well again, hitting the ropes, and crushes the mid section of Revenant with a flip senton! Jones sits up beside the downed body of Rev, exhausted as he begins to get to his feet.

Jim Gunt: Duce finding new life, and looks to take advantage.

Mike Rolash: Well he better figure something out quickly, because Revenant is already getting to his feet!

Looking for the advantage, Duce grabs Revenant by his mask, helping him up. But, Revenant powerfully shrugs Jones off, before placing a boot to his gut, and spiking him headfirst into the canvas with a DDT! Boos ring out from the Uniondale fans, as Rev hovers over his opponent, telling Dean to count. The crowd clapping in unison trying to get Duce back to his feet! Dean reaches five on his count, as Jones finally sits up. But Revenant quickly sends him back down with a boot to the face! Hitting the ropes quickly, Revenant does a forward roll into a flip looking to connect with a Rolling Thunder! No! Duce barely manages to roll out of the way! He's to one knee, staring at Revenant curiously, who himself is to sitting up staring at the confused Jones!

Mike Rolash: Fuck is he hesitating for?

Jim Gunt: I don't know Mike, but it seems as if Duce just had a revelation!

Mike Rolash: That's going to cost him.

The lapse in judgment does prove costly as Duce finally charges at Rev, only to be score scooped up and planted into the mat with a Spinebuster! Scott Dean starts his count again as Duce is out on the canvas!



Revenant leans in the corner to catch a quick breather.



Jones begins to stir on the mat.


Rolling over to his stomach, he's able to get to one knee.



Jones is back to his feet, stopping the count! But he quickly drops back down to a knee. Revenant is on him quickly, shooting a knee into his midsection, doubling him over. Hooking Duce’s head between his legs, Revenant lifts him for the Last Breath! Duce manages to quickly wiggle free, falling behind Revenant! Jones pushes him into the ropes, but Rev ducks a clothesline attempt, only to drop a turning Jones with a Side-Step Kick! The force of the kick bringing a collective “OH!” from the Uniondale faithful! Revenant staggers towards the ropes, leaning on them as the count begins!



Jim Gunt: The agility of Revenant, is proving to be too much for the Kid that Never Dies!



Mike Rolash: Well he's looking near death right now!

Jones rolls onto his stomach, and begins to crawl towards the ropes.


Finally making it to the ropes, Jones pulls himself outside to the apron. He begins to use the ropes to help him to his feet.


Sensing that his opponent isn't out, Revenant walks over to the ropes and steps to the apron himself.


Duce is finally upright, forcing Dean to stop his count! With no signs of letting up, Revenant wraps his arm around the neck of Jones, taking a quick running start and jumping off, he drives Duce down face first into the apron!

Jim Gunt: Bulldog into the apron by Revenant! Mike it might be all over with for Jones now, after that one!




Jones lies lifeless on the apron as Revenant paces back and forth at ringside.




Revenant soon rolls back into the ring, under the bottom rope. He gets to his feet as Dean continues.



Duce is finally able to get himself upright and to his feet breaking the count yet again. A look of annoyance, is apparent on the masked face of Revenant as he makes his way towards Jones. Upon reaching him, Rev grabs him by his dreads, blasting him with a right hand. Springing to life a bit, Jones nails a forearm of his own, bringing cheers from the crowd. Rev goes for another punch, this time only for it to be blocked. Jones strikes Rev with another forearm that sends the Undead staggering backwards. Recovering quickly, Rev charges Jones, only to catch a Roundhouse Kick to the head that sends him reeling back once again! Seeing an opening, Duce steps through the ropes, using the bottom one for leverage, Jones springs inside of the ring, catching Rev in the face with a Bicycle Knee Strike! The crowd are in a frenzy as both men lay sprawled on the canvas! Dean having no other choice but to count both men down!



Jim Gunt: Both men are down, who's going to be the first to make it their feet before the count of ten!?



Mike Rolash: Talk about lucky break.


Both competitors are up to their feet! Duce moves in quickly to lift the three hundred pounder onto his shoulders for the Final Tic 2.0! The weight differential makes it hard for Duce to get Rev up as he sits him back down on the mat, clutching at his back in pain. Revenant, without hesitation pushes Duce into the ropes! When he returns, Jones is popped up into the air and driven back first into the canvas with a Sit-Out Powerbomb! The crowd explodes with boos as Revenant gets to his feet, taunting the crowd!



Jim Gunt: Duce just took his LAST BREATH! THIS COULD BE ALL OVER MIKE!

Mike Rolash: Revenant is looking like.. I would say a man possessed, but we all know he's past that stage.


The crowd comes to life, trying to bring Jones back to his feet!



Duce begins to stir on the canvas, showing he still has life in him.


Another look of annoyance forms on the face of Revenant as he stares at Duce, who's starting to get to his feet!



Finally up to his feet, the crowd echoes through the arena with cheers, frustration setting in on the face of Revenant. He takes off towards Jones who’s able to avoid the lariat attempt, bouncing off the ropes, Jones charges full speed at Rev, taking him out with the KRAYZED KNEE! The crowd is in a frenzy as both men lie on the canvas!



Jim Gunt: That's why he's called the Kid that Never Dies, because he has that never say die attitude!

Mike Rolash: He oughta be called the Kid With All The Luck, cause that's the only thing I'm seeing right now.


Duce begins to move on the mat, slowly making it to a knee.


He is finally vertical, but the exhaustion sends him stumbling backwards towards the to ropes, where he grabs on to keep from falling.



Jim Gunt: Revenant hasn't moved one bit Mike!

Mike Rolash: He can't go out like this, not after the performance he's put on.


Revenant rises from the dead, sitting up on the canvas, bringing a collective gasp from the crowd. He slowly gets to his feet, stopping Scott Dean’s count! Once he's fully upright, Jones blast him across the side of the face with a SUPERKICK! The impact from the kick twists the mask of Revenant as he stumbles back into the corner. Working on getting his mask right, Rev is unaware of a charging Duce Jones who clobbers him with another Yakuza Kick! The mask shifts again as Rev drops in the corner, Jones stays on the attack raking his foot across the face of Rev. One time. Two times.. Three times! Letting out a primal yell, Jones hits the ropes parallel to the corner and comes back with a vicious Face Wash! Revenant’s mask goes flying off his face and to the floor below, as Jones hypes up the crowd!

Jim Gunt: Revenant just lost his mask! He's trying to cover his face so the fans won't know his identity.

Mike Rolash: This can't be good, we might have to end this match on a technicality.

Revenant tries his best to cover his face as Dean backs Duce into the corner opposite of Rev. Revenant is to a knee now, his back to Duce and his face buried deep into the middle turnbuckle. Slowly rising to his feet, Rev finally reveals his identity to the crowd he's facing, an audible gasp rings out throughout the arena.

Mike Rolash: Well, who the fuck is it?

Slowly turning to face Jones, the crowd becomes unglued as they finally realize who he is, the jaw of Duce would be on the floor if it wasn't connected to his face, the realization setting in with him as well.

Jim Gunt: Ladies and gentlemen, don't adjust your screens. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you! Pandalike is back in the CWF!

Mike Rolash: So he's been Revenant this whole time? But… but… how? How is this possible, the last we heard he died in that plane crash over Japan.

The Uniondale fans are ecstatic as they too, don't know what to make of the event unfolding. The look on Jones’ face turns from one of pure shock, to one of seething anger. He charges at Pandy again for another Yakuza Kick, but Pandy ducks, lifting Duce up and over the top rope where he lands on the apron. Pandy catches him with a quick punch after he lands, both men soon connect with simultaneous punches. Duce able to send Pandy reeling, Jones ducks through the ropes for a shoulder block to the midsection, but catches a knee to the face for his trouble! Moving in, Pandy hooks him for a suplex, he tries to lift Jones, but Jones ties his foot around the bottom rope to block the attempt. A power struggle ensues as both men try to lift the other off their feet!

Jim Gunt: I can't believe what I'm seeing right now! Pandalike back inside of a CWF ring!

Mike Rolash: You say that like he hasn't been here for the past few months.

Neither man is able to get the other off their feet. Duce breaks the hold, trying for a shoulder block again, he connects, sending Pandy back a bit! Duce uses the ropes to slingshot himself in, but is caught with an RKO, courtesy of a recovering Pandalike! Pandy rolls out of the ring as he tells Dean to make the count!


Pandy searches under the ring, pulling out a chair. He tosses it inside of the ring, barely missing the head of Duce!



Jim Gunt: The last time we saw these two in the ring together was at Frozen Over, in a Bamboo Prison Match, where Jones was able to retain the now retired Academy Championship!

Mike Rolash: That was then, this is now and currently Duce might need to go for a truce.


Pandy has made his way around ringside, grabbing a few more chairs from under the ring and tossing them inside as well. He rolls inside the ring himself.


Grabbing one of the chairs off the mat, Pandy waits for a rising Jones to get to a vertical base, before ramming the chair into his gut. Doubling over proves costly for Jones as he's cracked across the back with the steel chair! Duce seizes up in pain from the impact of chair, as Scott Dean makes his count again. The count doesn't last long though as Duce is able to make it to his feet by the five count! Taking the chair and unfolding it, Pandalike sets it in a seated position inside the ring. Pandy grabs Jones lifting him onto his shoulder, looking for a Powerslam onto the chair, but the Kid that Never Dies wiggles free again, falling behind his opponent! Spinning Pandy around, he hooks him for a suplex! The difference in weight is yet again a problem, Pandy takes advantage though, lifting Jones and sending him flying across the ring with a Release Suplex! Crashing hard, Jones flips right into a corner, where Pandy is on the offensive again, crushing Duce with a CANNONBALL! He isn't done though, grabbing a chair off the mat and placing it in front of Duce. Pandalike takes off towards the opposite corner for momentum as he comes barreling in again with another Cannonball! Jones is crumbled in the corner lifeless, as the count starts up again.




Jim Gunt: Duce has been on the wrong end of the stick here tonight Mike. The surprise unveiling of Pandalike may have thrown him off his game.




Mike Rolash: I have to do something that I hate doing, and that's agree with you Jimbo.. Duce said he didn't care if him and his opponent has history. But you have to think, he wasn't expecting anything like this.




Duce is back to his feet in the corner, breaking the count! But with exertion setting in, he drops back to the mat. Still showing signs of life, Jones crawls towards Pandy, showing that he's not out of it yet. With a proud smile, Pandalike stands tall over a kneeling Jones, who is now using Pandy’s clothing as a means to stand up. Grabbing the Kid that Never Dies by his hair, Pandy sends a hard haymaker into the jaw of Jones! Staggering back on wobbly legs, Jones recovers and rocks Pandy with a forearm of his own! Taking a few steps back, Pandy fires off with another haymaker that connects. Suddenly, it seems as if a fire is lit within Jones, nailing the Panda Master with three brutal forearm shots! This does nothing but anger Pandy as he eats the shots, and suddenly comes rushing in at Duce! With no escape, Jones backpedals towards the ropes, pulling the top one down! The momentum of Pandalike, forces him over the top rope, tumbling down to the ringside area but landing on his feet! Sensing an opening, Duce Jones encourages the fans to their feet as he seems to be about to take flight! Getting a running start, Jones is tripped by Pandalike, who pulls him under the bottom rope! Shooting a knee to his gut quickly, Pandy hooks Jones’ head between his legs. Lifting the former World champ onto his shoulders, PANDALIKE DRIVES DUCE DOWN HARD WITH A LAST BREATH POWERBOMB ONTO THE APRON!

Mike Rolash: HOLY SHIT!

Duce seizes up in agony, falling to the floor, the all to famous chant ringing out through the arena! Pandalike stares down at his adversary, nodding in approval as Dean comes outside the ring to make the count.




Jim Gunt: That looked horrendous Mike, Jones haven't moved a muscle.

Mike Rolash: Oh my God, that was sweet! Can we get a replay!?



With Duce still motionless on the floor. A replay begins to show on the screen. The impact from the maneuver shown in slow motion, as Duce’s head snaps back from whiplash! With the replay now finished, Jones can be seen moving just a little bit as he crawls towards the guardrail.




Pandy watches on in disbelief as Duce grabs the top of the guardrail, trying to pull himself up.


Using every ounce of strength he has left, Duce musters his way up to the feet. Pandalike watching on eagerly.


Scott Dean calls for the bell, Duce making it to his feet, but it's too little, too late. The official heads over to Pandalike raising his hand in victory as Ray Douglas makes the announcement.

Ray Douglas: Here is your winner.. And the Last Man Standing! PANDALIKE!

A mixture of cheers and jeers ring out throughout the arena, as Pandalike keeps arms high in the air. Still eyeballing Duce, he smiles at his worn and torn opponent, making his way up the aisle.

Last of A Dying Breed

Jarvis King is shown backstage, standing in a hallway as he mentally prepares for the End Games qualifier match tonight. Three opponents, three champions and a King. A King that coincidentally doesn't hold his championship belt...until suddenly it's shoved right into his chest.

Jarvis King looks up, right into a smirk from none other than Jace Valentine.

Jace Valentine: Hey, I knew it was only a matter of time before I ran into you back here! I wanted you to have this back, it's a little something I picked up in my travels. Maybe you should take better care of your belongings, ya?

Jarvis looks down at the belt, and then back up at Valentine with a look that's equal parts confusion and contempt.

Jarvis King: I don't get your angle here, Valentine, but belt or no belt the whole world knows I'm a championship caliber competitor. What about you, Jace? How much of your viability and legitimacy hang in the balance of the titles you've cheated your way into?

Jace Valentine: Does it make a difference? The history books don't care. They will tell you I've held four different championships. In fact, they will tell you that I beat you, before, for this very belt.

Jarvis King: Times change, people don't.

Jace Valentine: You're right. I used to think that was a prize worth fighting for. Then I moved on to bigger and better things. I give you credit though, Jarvis, you're the only mother fucker in these halls that has more time than I do at this point.

Jarvis just slants his eye as Jace continues to ramble and ramble.

Jarvis King: What's your point, man? What are you getting at?

Jace Valentine: Fuck, I'm just saying that times change quickly. We are the last of a dying breed, you know that? Us old guys, the mainstays, we need to stick up for each other, ya?

Jace pats Jarvis on the shoulder but King just returns an awkward glare.

Jace Valentine: Glad to be able to get your belt back to ya. I know how much you're crying yourself to sleep without it. Give 'em hell out there, kid.

With that, Jace walks away and the cameras fade to black.

Paradigm Shift

Adrian Evans: You’re gonna hurt yourself, Ms. Flair. 

The diminutive executive assistant is actually looking down right now. MJ Flair looks back up at him, upside down, as she remains upside - down, in her headstand.

MJF: Aligning my spine, Adrian… two opponents that wanna kill each other, I don’t need my back lockin’ up on me. 

Adrian: Point. But it’s all moot if you lose your balance. 

MJ smiles.

MJF: This part’s easy, my friend. 

They do both tense up at the sound of approaching footsteps. Adrian puts himself into a defensive pose, though MJ remains upside down. She relaxes when she sees Adrian relax. He also rolls his eyes.

Adrian: Oh… it’s the lapdog. 

He shrugs, and turns his back on the approaching Angus Skaaland.

Angus: Hah--haaaaah, and it’s the lap mouse

The two men make faces at each other, staking their territory. MJ rolls down, one vertebrae at a time, and comes up on her knees. Angus offers a hand to her to help her up but she declines.

MJF: What can we do for you, Angus? 

Adrian: You, Ms. Flair - not us. 

They both look at Adrian, and while Angus makes another face, MJ gives him a ‘Behave’ type look.

Angus: Mr. Dane continues to be impressed with you, Ms. Flair, and Bronson Box thinks you’re just the gorram best.

MJF: Well… thanks? 

Angus gives Adrian the side - eye, and Adrian rolls his eyes.

Angus: I’ll be frank, Flair. The cultist idiots are gone. The World Champion is gone. This company is ripe for the taking and the talented will rise over the lesser - thans. Mr. Dane and his associates have formed a Golden Paradigm, and they’re going to change this place, one way or another. 


Angus: They want you on the team. 

Another pause.

MJF: … They’ve got history with each other that I don’t. What the hell do they want with me? 

Adrian: You’re a former CWF World Champion and you’ve personally lost two matches in your entire time here - once to a woman who took said title from you and once to a man - 

MJF: - To a hole - 

Adrian (not missing a beat): - to a hole that went on to win that world title in his next match. 

He turns his attention back to Angus.

Adrian: My guess is, regardless of who wins tonight and who wins at Summer Games, Mr. Dane, Mr. Box, and Mr. Whealdon want to have the Championship in their paradigm. 

Angus: Something like that.

MJ draws a breath. This was an opportunity for… for what? 

To get chummy with a trio of lifers where she’d be the odd one out, and potentially the sacrificial lamb if it came down to it? To team up with a trio of ballers who knew their way around this industry forward and backwards? 

Fuck it. Nothing ventured…

MJF: I’m in. 

Angus smiles, and extends his hand.

Angus: Good, good. Good luck in your match tonight. Something tells me you’re gonna win.

He turns and walks away, while Adrian and MJ look at each other.

Adrian: This is going to end badly. 

MJF: Everything does. Why not be at the forefront when it does, instead’a waiting for it? 


Eric Dane vs. The American Patriot

Jim Gunt: Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected MJ Flair to join the Golden Paradigm! This changes everything!

Mike Rolash: I knew that she could not be trusted! It was just a matter of time before she'd swing, and not in the way I like it!

Jim Gunt: Oh for God's sakes, Mike! And since when are Jace and Jarvis this chummy?

Mike Rolash: I don't know, but in this fed these days you have to hold together, if you're a veteran, all these upstarts are just annoying!

Jim Gunt: Oh, you don't have to be an upstart to be annoying...

Mike Rolash: Take that back!

Jim Gunt: Why do you think I was talking about you?

Mike Rolash: Because, because... I just do! But enough of this, did you see? Pandalike is back and he was Revenant all along, I still can't believe it!

Jim Gunt: Yes, it is him, if you have to change your undies, go ahead, I can handle this. Anyways, speaking of Golden Paradigm, their leader Eric Dane is next, against another newcomer, The American Patriot!

Ray Douglas: Our next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from America, Oklahoma...The American Patriot!

High above the rafters, an eagle, an AMERICAN eagle is perched. It looks down, spreading its wings of magnificent freedom and then launches itself into the air, flying across the crowd as "America, Fuck Yeah!" plays over the PA system. 

Back at the entrance ramp, the Jumbo Tron explodes to life as a video of all things American begins to play. McDonald's, eagles, guns, explosions, deep fried twinkies, and beer..

Suddenly, The American Patriot rides out from the back area on his ALL AMERICAN ATV, which is painted red white and blue, just like the beautiful colors of the American flag. He rides to the ring, his cape flowing like Ol' Glory behind him. He arrives at the ring steps and leaps off the ATV, quickly climbing up the steps and entering the ring.

He pulls out an American flag attached to a pole and begins to wave it around as he walks in a circle inside the ring. He then rolls up the flag on the pole and sets it over in the corner as his theme fades out. 

Ray Douglas: And his opponent, from New Orleans.....Eric Dane!

"The Devil Beneath My Feet" begins to play, and out walks Eric Dane, with Pete Whealdon by his side. Dane virtually ignores the crowd as he and Whealdon make their way to the ring. Dane slides in, staring down the Patriot as both men await the bell.

As the bell rings, Patriot jumps to an early start. He pummels Dane relentlessly, then tosses him into the turnbuckle with a violent Irish Whip, following up with a big clothesline. Eric Dane stumbles out of the corner, looking like he had a few too many at happy hour, before landing face first on the mat.

Jim Gunt: Patriot is already coming out blazing hot!

Patriot begins to climb to the top of the turnbuckle as Eric Dane gets back on his feet, but, something is wrong. One of the top ropes begins to wobble; there's a snapping sound and the rope breaks. Patriot tries to keep his footing, but slips, falls...


Patriot: AAAAAAAAAGH! *clutching his knee in agony*

Jim Gunt: Oh, no....

Mike Rolash: Good God; he pulled a Sid Vicious! I saw that leg bend all sorts of wrong.

Patriot hobbles around, trying to get balanced, Dane takes advantage....STARBREAKER! Cover by Eric Dane.




The Ref calls for the bell and the EMT's, and raises Dane hand in victory.

Ray Douglas: Your winner....by pinfall....ERIC DANE!!

Jim Gunt: Dane gets a victory, but Patriot is hurt. He's hurt real bad.

Replays on the big screen shows Patriot's kneecap shift in an awkward direction. Eric Dane just smirks as he and Pete Whealdon walk up the ramp, Dane mouthing the words "Fuck him; I did my job!" as paramedics and referees check on Patriot, who's howling in pain.

Mike Rolash: These types of injuries make everybody wince; wrestlers, fans, medics. God, I hope it isn't as bad as it looks; Patriot has a bright future ahead of him; a knee injury is the last thing he needs.

Jim Gunt: We see Ataxia is down there with a ring crew, consoling Patriot while the crew fixes the turnbuckle. Folks, we'll keep you updated on the American Patriot's status. Plus, Eric Dane's scored a huge victory. Damn, Rolash, just...damn!! You just hate to see that!

Anger Issues

Jim Gunt: OK, we just received word that something has happened backstage and it involves Azrael. Tara?

The picture switches backstage, where Tara and a camera man are running towards some commotion. Azrael is unmoving in between some toppled over gear boxes, with a medic attending to him, while a little down the hall Lucas Greene is arguing with CWF's towering head of security, T.J. "Fridge" Flint.

Tara Robinson: T.J., Lucas, what happened?

T.J. Flint: Well Tara, we've been called here due to an altercation with this gentlemen here and Azrael. When I arrived, Azrael already was over there in the middle of the boxes and Mr. Greene here was trying to abscond from the scene.

Tara Robinson: Lucas, how did this all happen?

Lucas Greene: I was just back here, minding my own business, when this, this dude there came by and started to yell at me, he said that I was part of the problem. But I wasn't doing anything!

T.J. Flair: Uh, Mr. Greene, you are leaving out a little detail.

So far T.J. has had one hand behind his back and as he brings it forward, he is holding a huge doobie. Lucas turns red.

Lucas Greene: Oh, that... Ehm, it's...oh yes, it is medicinal, all medicinal!

T.J. is looking at him with a grim look.

Lucas Greene: OK, ok, it's just to relax, dude, maybe you should give it to that guy there, he needs it more than I do. That dude's got anger issues!

Azrael: You will pay for this!

The camera whirls around, showing Azrael, who is sitting up, with his face contorted in anger, not a trace of his usual apathy visible. As Lucas slowly backs away, the picture fades.

Jace Valentine vs. Dorian Hawkhurst

Jim Gunt: No news from Dr. Leggett concerning the injury of The American Patriot so far, but it looks like Azrael is making friends with some of the new people already, Lucas Greene apparently does not quite see eye to eye with our Archangel and I would not be surprised to see these two having an official go at it soon, maybe as soon as Summer Games!

Mike Rolash: And now for the grand return of Jace Valentine, ready to take apart the first of the Forsaken tonight!

“From the Pinnacle to the Pit” by Ghost begins to play as the lights go down and smoke fills the ramp. As spotlight sets upon the entrance, and “The Demon of Sobriety” Dorian Hawkhurst stands in an open legged stance with his arms out. He is wearing a long, leather trench coat and his trademark “Forsaken Demon” shirt. As the lead guitar comes in over the bass guitar, Chloe Hawkhurst crawls out from behind her father. She pops up on her knees, copying he father’s pose while sporting a Mia/Amelia shirt of her own.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first, from Philadephia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 287 lbs., accompanied by Chloe Hawkhurst, here is the “Demon of Society” Dorian Hawkhurst!!!

A clip of Chloe Hawkhurst being hit in the head with a frying pan at Golden Intentions cuts in.

Jim Gunt: It’s good to see Chloe Hawkhurst back here after the concussion she sustained at the hands of Cassandra at Golden Intentions. But, I have to ask, is having her out here a good idea?

Mike Rolash: Of course it’s not. What kind of father allows his daughter to sit in the way of danger like that?

We cut back to the Hawkhursts, who have finished making their entrance to the ring.

“We’ve had Enough” by Alkaline Trio takes over, and the crowd absolutely erupts for the Jace that runs the Place. Jace Valentine struts out in the most extravagant of robes, flashing himself across the screen as he spins.

Ray Douglas: And his opponent, weighing in at 240 beefy pounds, “The World's Greatest Advice”,” The King of Canadian Controversy”, “The Host with the Most” Jace Valentine!!!

Valentine takes off his robes, handing them to a ring attendant and very, shall we say, firmly telling them not to make sure anything happens to them.

Joe Gunt: Listen to the crowd. You’d think they actually missed the Jacehole.

Mike Rolash: They did, obviously.

Valentine rolls into the squared circle and walks past the Hawkhursts, giving them a dismissive wave as he is going to the corner to raise his arms into the air to another round of resounding set of cheers. Dorian pats Chloe on the shoulder and holds the bottom rope open so she can roll out.

Jim Gunt: Jace Valentine looks to make his triumphant return. But he has no easy task in front of him in the “Forsaken Demon” Dorian Hawkhurst.

Mike Rolash: Jace isn’t going to have any problems with Hawkhurst as long as the Forsaken stay out of it.

The referee calls for the bell and the two men charge at each other. Jace catches Dorian with a shoulder to the stomach, but barely budges Hawkhurst who starts raining clubbing forearms on Valentine, dropping him to his knees.

Dorian Hawkhurst: “I’ve got the higher ground!”

Valentine’s answer is to throw his head upwards as forcefully as he can, turning the Demon’s grapes into wine. Dorian stumbles back a couple of steps before landing on his ass, sitting up in pain.

Jim Gunt and Mike Rolash both audibly wince.

Jim Gunt: Jace hits Dorian with the great equalizer.

Mike Rolash: It’s all legal in a hardcore match.

Valentine rolls out of the ring and Chloe Hawkhurst approaches him with a Kendo stick in her hand.

Jim Gunt: Where’d she get that?

Mike Rolash: Have you seen all the toys they keep under the ring when we have hardcore matches? We’re lucky she didn’t find a machete or something.

Jace takes a step forward and Chloe lunges while swinging the Kendo stick. Jace jumps back instinctively and then turns around and sprints to the other side of the ring, grabbing something out from under the ring. Jace slides a chair in and then comes in behind it. Dorian has made it up on all fours, but that doesn’t last long as Jace blasts him in the back with a steel chair, flattening the Demon. Jace puts his foot on Dorian’s spine and poses triumphantly.

Jim Gunt: Come on, this is uncalled for!

Mike Rolash: When you are as good as Jace Valentine, it is.

Dorian gets a burst of adrenaline and practically throws Jace off of him. He gets to his feet and charges at Jace. Valentine swings high with the chair, but Dorian ducks underneath. The behemoth comes off the ropes and this time, Jace throws the chair at Dorian’s feet. Dorian deftly leaps over the chair and catches Jace with a cross body, taking “The Jacehole” down.

Mike Rolash: Fly, Fatass! Fly!

Jim Gunt: Hawkhurst catches Jace by surprise and seems to have the upper hand for now.

Mike Rolash: I didn’t think he could jump that high. I mean, he could be outrun by a fourth grader.

Dorian uses his momentum to roll outside of the ring. He lands on his feet and walks over to the ring steps, taking the top set off. He throws them up and over the top rope, forcing the referee to have to step out of the way, but Jace runs up the steps and drops Dorian on the steps with a DDT.

Jim Gunt: That looked like a modified Ego Erasure! Valentine covers.




Valentine leans back in pain as Chloe Hawkhurst stands behind him with her Kendo stick. Jace turns around and Chloe hits him right where the shoulder and neck meet, causing Jace to wince in pain.

Mike Rolash: She’s nine. That can’t hurt that much.

Jim Gunt: You realize that she’s training in martial arts since she was 3.

Mike Rolash: No, I didn’t know that. It’s not in our notes.

Jim Gunt: Try talking to people.

Chloe flips Jace off and runs out of the ring. Jace follows, but Chloe has climbed under the ring. Dorian, meanwhile, has regained his composure and marches out to meet Jace. The two men stare each other down, with Jace giving Dorian a cocky look before turning the other way and running. Instead of giving chase, Dorian waits patiently as a steel pipe magically appears from under the ring.

Jim Gunt: It looks like we’ve found Chloe.

Mike Rolash: And Jace has found a toy of his own.

Dorian waves his daughter out, and as he does, Jace slides into the ring holding a kendo stick of his own. In one fluid motion, Jace is in the running across the ring and then flies through the middle and top ropes, hitting Dorian in the side of the head with a kendo stick assisted suicide dive.

Jim Gunt: Jace with some aerial offense of his own.

Mike Rolash: That’s because Jace can do anything. He is the “World’s Greatest Advice” as well as the “Wrestling Handbook”! He can do everything.

Jace winks at Chloe and licks his lips as he takes the kendo stick and starts stroking it in Chloe's general direction. The crowd immediately turns on Jace, showering him with boos. Chloe bolts to the other side of the ring as Dorian leans back against railing and throws out his leg, catching Jace in the calf and dropping him to one knee. Dorian pushed off the railing and catches Jace with a Polish Hamnmer as he tries to get back to his feet.

Jim Gunt: Valentine gets drilled with the SQUARE HAMMER!!! Jace could be in trouble.

Dorian covers.



Mike Rolash: All his time away getting healed up is paying dividends.

Jim Gunt: Dorian is pulling his hair in frustration, If it’s one thing we know it’s that an angry “Demon” is a not something Jace wants to see.

Dorian throws Jace into the ring and slides in after him. He points to the metal stairs and the crowd roars its approval. The mob wants blood. Dorian pulls Jace up by his hair and drags him to the corner, slamming his head on the top turnbuckle.

Jim Gunt: It looks like Dorian is looking for his Fall From Grace Superbomb.

Mike Rolash: What the?

Chloe lets out a blood curdling scream and two masked men are standing behind her, each of them holding her in the arm by her arms.

Jim Gunt: I can’t tell what they are saying, but they seem to have some issue with Dorian.

Mike Rolash: I can’t imagine why. Everyone around here loves Drunky McAlcoholism.

Dorian stands up on the middle turnbuckle and pushes Jace out of the way. Valentine uses the ropes to hold himself up. Dorian hops down and starts jawing with the two masked men.

Mike Rolash: See, parenting at its finest.

Jim Gunt: Dorian’s outnumbered without the Forsaken out here.

Mike Rolash: Do you think that he cares. He thinks with his lizard brain, not his wizard brain.

Jim Gunt: What?

Mike Rolash: Take a parenting class.

Dorian leans over the top rope and points at the two men, who just let go and back away with their hands up. Dorian asks Chloe if she’s okay and she nods at him, signaling that she’s fine. Dorian turns around and gets absolutely blasted by a right hand from Jace Valentine. Dorian drops lifelessly to the mat and Jace kisses his fist, then raises it in the air, showing off a pair of brass knuckles.

Mike Rolash: Genius. Pure genius.

Jim Gunt: Jace Valentine took advantage of the distraction, and now the two masked men have retreated through the crowd, followed by security.

Jace looks down at Dorian with a cocky smile on his face. Jace begins to lock in the Cupid’s Chokehold, but stops as he spots Chloe Hawkhurst on the outside.

Jim Gunt: Look at that sick smile on Valentine’s face. What’s he got in mind?

Jace stands up, and positions Dorian so that he is facing his daughter on the outside of the ring.

Mike Rolash: There he goes! Cupid’s Chokehold!!

Jim Gunt: I don’t think it matters at this point, the “Demon of Sobriety” is knocked out.

Jace wrenches down, forcing Dorian’s throat against his leg, but Dorian still remains there expressionless. The referee checks Dorian’s arm. He lifts it and it drops down.


The referee again lifts Dorian’s and again it hits the mat with a resounding thud.


The referee checks Dorian’s arm and for a third time, it lands on the mat and the referee calls for the bell.

Ray Douglas: And your winner, by submission, Jace Valentine!!!

Jace doesn’t stay in the ring long as Chloe Hawkhurst slides into the ring with her Kendo stick. Jace celebrates on the ramp as Chloe checks on her father.

Jim Gunt: Jace Valentine is back, but the real question is, what did those masked men want and who are they?

Mike Rolash: It doesn’t matter. Jace Valentine came back and won this match all by himself, despite the odds being stacked against him.

Jim Gunt: Would you stop?

Mike Rolash: ATAXIA!!!

Gunt jumps as Rolash starts laughing his ass off.

Mike Rolash: Gotcha!

Icon No More?

We’re taken backstage to the interview area where Tara Robinson calls her workstation. The CWF’s chief backstage correspondent stands with Paramount Champion Jarvis King, who wears his newly reclaimed belt around his waist with pride.

Tara Robinson: Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m joined by Jarvis King. Jarvis, you’re mere moments away from the Champions' Ball - a match with all of the CWF’s current reigning champions will compete for the seventh place in End Games to crown the new CWF World Champion at Summer Games, live on pay per view.

Jarvis King: Holy exposition, Bat-Tara!

The diminutive interviewer laughs before continuing.

Tara Robinson: A lot has been made about you being the only person in this match that is not a member of The Forsaken. What are your thoughts as you are about to enter this match?

Jarvis scratches at his chin a moment, closing his eyes before responding.

Jarvis King: I have a lot of thoughts, Tara. I think back to countless times where I’ve entered a CWF ring and found myself against insurmountable odds. I think back to facing off against Chaolin Sahn - a terrible, violent, evil man - just to have a shot at the World Championship, And guess what? I was successful. I think back to facing off against Alex Cain - a man who had never been beaten for that very title, and being asked to face off against him and beat him in order to be the World champion. A herculean feat...and one that I managed to accomplish. I think back to the first End Games - a tournament where in order to defend my title in the finals, I had to reach the finals. Defending my title every time I stepped in the ring for a month and a half...and I did it. Do you understand what I’m saying?

Tara Robinson: That you’ve faced these sorts of odds before and managed to beat them?

Jarvis King: Close. What I’m saying is, yes, I’ve done the impossible before. I’ve bested challenges that I had no business beating. I’ve stood tall when I should have been knocked flat. That doesn’t mean that I will walk out of that ring victorious tonight. A cat has nine lives, and I may have used mine up...but if The Forsaken thinks that I’m gonna roll over and be a tame little tabby cat, they’ve got another thing coming.

Jarvis taps the title belt around his waist.

Jarvis King: See, something has clicked in my head these past few weeks. Win or lose tonight, something’s changed in me. I’ve proven time and again that I’m a worthy champion. I’ve beaten the best legends this company has had to offer and I’ve bested its greatest contemporary competitors. You can say it’s because I’m talented. You can say it’s because I’m gifted. You can say it’s because I’m great. But honestly, it comes down to one thing, and one thing only. I am the personification of success in this industry. I am East Coast Excellence. I am Jarvis J. King - and you will bow down.

With that, Jarvis winks at the camera, and walks off screen.

Tara Robinson: We go back to Jim and Mike at ringside!

Ataxia vs. Jarvis King vs. Mia Rayne vs. The Shadow

Mike Rolash: Didn't I tell you? Didn't I? The Jace is back!

Jim Gunt: Yes, but he needed help from two masked thugs!

Mike Rolash: Oh, who cares about that anymore? Water under the bridge!

Jim Gunt: It literally...just...happened... Anyways, moving on from this... Ladies and gentlemen, six matches down, two to go and next up we have the probably highest decorated and biggest match of the evening, with all four current title holders coming to the ring at once to battle for the seventh spot in End Games!

Mike Rolash: And what makes this match even more special, though, is that Jarvis King, our reigning Paramount Champion, is facing off against three of the four Forsaken tonight, now that is the stuff that nightmares are made of.

Jim Gunt: I’m pretty sure that Jarvis has been sleeping quite well…

Mike Rolash: I mean myself, you heartless bastard!

Jim Gunt: I know. But this is a manifestation of how strong the Forsaken are right now, holding two titles right now and I am sure that they are not done yet.

Mike Rolash: Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of… And Mia--

Jim Gunt: Enough! If I hear you mention this one more time, I am calling security again!

The lights in the arena go down, and the capacity crowd on hand gets to its feet as the opening lick of "Hello Timebomb" by Matthew Good Band plays. A single, bare lightbulb descends from the rafters, in the middle of the stage.

I found me a reason...

As the song continues to build, more and more lightbulbs descend around the stage, giving an eerie, ambient glow to the stage. As the song begins to reach a crescendo, smoke pours from the entranceway, and in an elegant script, words are scrawled across the screen:

Some men are born great
Some achieve greatness
But only one man is Jarvis J. King

The crowd explodes in rapturous acclaim, as the lights in the arena come back on with a bang. From the smoke emerges The Internet Icon, with a towel across his shoulders and a wry smirk on his face. He raises his right arm and begins to saunter confidently to the ring, with a steely determination in his eyes.

Ray Douglas: From Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Weighing in at 240 lbs, this is Jarvis King!

The crowd roars their approval as Jarvis slides into the ring, and rolls to his feet. Grabbing his towel as he stands, Jarvis walks to his corner and climbs to the middle turnbuckle, and raises both arms in a salute to the fans.

Jim Gunt: He does not seem too concerned with--

Again the lights go down. The war drums of Sepultura’s “Kaiowas” start to sound over the PA, then stop. Blue lights come up on the stage, revealing six figures in druid robes standing behind drums. A dark blue spotlight opens in the centre of the ring. The drums restart and slowly the spotlight splits into three and moves to the three corners of the ring that Jarvis is not in. As the drums intensify, the spotlight begin to circle and move outwards until they come to rest on three figures in the staircases leading into the arena. As the drums continue with their hypnotic beat, they start to move as one, through the fans and finally across the barrier. They take up position at the ring corners and as sudden as they had started up, both the drums and lights stop. As they come back on, the three Forsaken are standing in their respective corners, intently staring at Jarvis King.

Jim Gunt: I was about to say that Jarvis did not look too concerned with the prospect of facing three members of this stable, but this impressive entrance seems to have given him a slightly new perspective on the whole affair here.

Mike Rolash: Yes, makes you wonder, if he is not in for a three-on-one handicap match here… But is it Mia tonight or Amelia or Cecilia or Genoveva?

Jim Gunt: Mia, Mike, Mia.

Mike Rolash: Hey, just making sure here!

Referee Trent Robbins gets all four competitors into the middle of the ring going over the match when Ataxia extends his hand towards Jarvis. The Shadow and Mia do the same. Jarvis looks a little bewildered, but very hesitantly takes Ataxia’s hand, taking on a defensive stance, but Ataxia just gives him a nod while shaking and relaxing a little, Jarvis also shakes the hands of the other two competitors, who then proceed to shake each other’s hands as well.

Jim Gunt: I had not expected this, but nice to see that there still is sportsmanship in this, but the bell is ringing and off we go!

Jarvis goes for the all-out attack right out of the gates and barrels right into the group of Forsaken, knocking all three to the mat thanks to the element of surprise. The Shadow is the first one back up, but is met with a clothesline, while the rising Ataxia gets a foot in the face, leaving Jarvis and Mia as the only athletes standing.

Mia Rayne: You will regret this!

Jarvis King: Make me!

With that Mia charges at Jarvis, who ducks under her clothesline attempt. She rebounds from the ropes as Jarvis readies himself for a dropkick, but as he jumps off he gets rammed out of the way by The Shadow who is throwing himself across the ring.

Ataxia: What a move by The Shadow, taking Jarvis completely by surprise!

Mike Rolash: What the--

Ataxia: I have a microphone in here, Mikey, gives live action a completely new meaning, no?

Mike Rolash: I’ll be damned…

Jim Gunt: Looks like we have a new commentator amidst our ranks!

As Mike still looks bewildered, Mia redirects her momentum into the opposite ropes, just to veer to her right and big boot Jarvis through the ropes to the outside of the ring. Immediately she rolls out and drags Jarvis back to his feet. A quick head to the top of the barrier ensures no retaliation from the East Coast Excellence, but out of nowhere The Shadow comes flying with a SUICIDE DIVE!

Jim Gunt: Ooh, he hit Mia right in the side and sandwiched Jarvis between her and the barrier!

Mike Rolash: But he didn’t come out of this unscathed either!

The Shadow is on the ground, holding the ribs that Bronson Box had injured against the barrel of the cannon in the Nationwide Arena in Columbus for Evolution 25. Suddenly Ataxia appears next them all, checking on Mia, who gives him a thumbs up, then dragging Jarvis up by his hair and rolling him into the ring, following right after. Mia is back at the apron as Ataxia whips Jarvis hard into a corner, following up with a cannonball after which he strikes a pose for the crowd.

Ataxia: Tadaa!

Mike Rolash: That showboating is going to cost him!

Mia brings Jarvis back to his feet and whips him across the ring into the corner, but the Paramount champion jumps up as she follows him in, jumping over her spear attempt, but before he can cash in on her hitting the turnbuckle instead, Ataxia scoops him up with a German suplex. Mia is still hanging in the ropes, holding her shoulder and Ataxia helps her to her feet, massaging her shoulder. With the help of the ropes Jarvis is getting to his feet and immediately faces the challenge of Ataxia and Mia coming in running with a double clothesline, but he lets himself fall to the mat at the last moment and the two forsaken lovebirds clatter into the corner.

Mike Rolash: There we go, the experience is showing now, maybe this’ll knock some sense into them!

Ataxia: I can hear you, you know that, right?

Mike Rolash: Dammit!

Jarvis runs on and hits CWF’s favourite couple with a double dropkick to their backs that drives the breaths out of their lungs and to at least their knees. With a triumphant smile Jarvis turns around, but only sees The Shadow jumping off the top turnbuckle with a flying shoulder block that connects well, but he lands back on his ribs.

Jim Gunt: Alright, now everybody is down, but what a fireworks of action so far!

Mike Rolash: Meh.

Jim Gunt: Meh? Really?

Mike Rolash: Yes, got a problem with it?

Jim Gunt: Well, a little respect for what these folks do in the ring week in, week out would be in place.

Mike Rolash: Not that special.

Jim Gunt: Then why don’t you go in and show them how to do that?

Ataxia: Ooh, I’m game!

Mia and Ataxia roll themselves out of the ring and walk over to the announce table, Jarvis crawls over to the edge of the ring as well, with Mike Rolash looking ever more nervous.

Mia Rayne: Me, too, come on up!

Jarvis King (groaning): Enlighten us…

The Shadow is just giving a thumbs up from where he is, motioning everybody to get Mike into the ring, still holding his ribs and everybody looks expectantly at Rolash, who looks like he is about to pass out.

Mike Rolash: I-- I-- can’t…

He hangs his head in shame and shaking their heads Miataxia return to the ring, where Jarvis has managed to find a vertical position again, thanks to the ropes. The Shadow has propped himself up against one of the corners, gingerly feeling his ribs. Mia and Ataxia look at each other and then at their opponents and each takes a run into one corner, Mia running at Jarvis and Ataxia towards The Shadow, but stops in his tracks as the Weaver of Dreams holds up his hand, lets himself fall to the mat and rolls out of the ring, all the while holding his ribs.

Jim Gunt: The Shadow seems to be hurt worse than we thought…

Mike Rolash: He got banged up pretty bad at Evo 25.

The Shadow is walking over to the timekeeper’s section, motioning for a chair and sits down, still talking to the time keeper Sal Giordino. In the meantime in the ring Jarvis has Mia in a sleeper hold, but Ataxia, now without opponent, places a kick into the back of King’s knee, causing him to buckle and let go of Mia.

Jim Gunt: Uh oh, Ataxia going after Jarvis’ knee, his one main weak point.

Ataxia does not let up and wails away at the kneeling Jarvis King, but the veteran’s face is distorted into a mask of anger and it seems as if the Messiah Pariah’s punches are nothing but cottonballs. He gets to his feet, turns and grabs Ataxia by the mask before he realizes what is happening. Pulling forward with all his might, he throws the Masked Menace across the ring and into the ropes and--SPINNING NECKBREAKER!

Mike Rolash: Wow, that was one of the fastest neckbreakers I’ve ever seen!

Ataxia (groaning): Tell me about it…

Meanwhile the head of CWF’s medical department, Dr. Harmon Leggett is at ringside, checking out The Shadow’s ribs and helps him to his feet and up the ramp.

Jim Gunt: That is not good, looks like our Fourway is a Triple Threat now. I hope that the injury is not too bad, especially with Summer Games just around the corner.

In the ring Jarvis is back on the sleeper hold on Mia, while Ataxia is barely on his hands and knees after the neckbreaker. Suddenly the King lets himself fall backwards while bringing his knees up, almost breaking Mia in half with a backbreaker variant before letting go of her, a chance she immediately takes to roll herself out of the ring. Ataxia is back on his feet and rushes at the rising Jarvis with a Peaceful Tolerance, but King senses him coming and throws himself flat to the ground. As Ataxia comes crashing down, Jarvis grabs him immediately.

Mike Rolash: Oh my God, he has put him into the SHARPSHOOTER!

Ataxia is writhing in the hold, but Jarvis has it locked in very tightly. The referee is down to check on the Impact champion, but Ataxia does not even have time to answer the question as Mia manages to grab her sweetheart’s arm and put it on the rope, forcing Jarvis to release the lock. Jarvis’ mood does not lighten up and he whirls around, going out of the ring to pursue Mia, who does not back down, however, and immediately charges at Jarvis with a big boot, catching the Internet Icon smack in the jaw, followed by a whip into the barrier. Dragging him to his feet, Mia whips him across the outside of the ring, towards the announce table. As he staggers back from the barrier, a quick, but hard elbow to the side of his head bring Jarvis down to one knee.

Jim Gunt: Mia is definitely on the attack here now and Jarvis has to be really careful not to be sent onto Loser’s Road here!

Mike Rolash: Especially since he has been involved in almost all the action so far tonight, but we should not rule out his in-ring experience, he’s been at this for a long time!

Almost as if he heard this, he slithers forward and under the ring, with Mia hot on his heels. As she lifts the apron, both feet of Jarvis shoot out, catching her in the jaw, and send her staggering back. Jarvis slides back out from under the ring and positions himself right behind her.

Jim Gunt: No, he is not!

Mike Rolash: Oh crap, yes, he is!

Jarvis takes advantage of the dazed Mia, grabs her and STRAIGHTJACKET SUPLEX onto the announce table! Jim and Mike scramble out of the way as Mia wipes almost everything off the table and then tumbles in a heap on and between their chairs. Using the table to hold himself up, Jarvis is breathing hard, but with a faint smile on his face. Seeing that Mia is barely moving, he turns his attention to the ring, where Ataxia is sitting in the middle of the ring, still massaging his leg and he does not waste any time returning to the ring. Jarvis starts to circle the Messiah Pariah.

Jim Gunt: He is circling his prey, now that he has tasted the blood.

Mike Rolash: He is going to make it! He’s going to put that freak away!

He taunts Ataxia to get up and come at him, but the Impact champ is in no hurry. Suddenly a roar of applause goes through the crowd and the camera turns towards the stage, where The Shadow has reappeared, his shirt gone and thick bandages around his midriff.

Jim Gunt: Whoa, I did not expect him to come back, but looks like the ribs are hurt badly.

As he comes down the stage, Jarvis is looking at him, all the while trying to keep an eye on Ataxia as well. But The Shadow does not pay him any heed, instead he skirts the ring and heads for Mia.

Mike Rolash: Why is he coming here??

Jim Gunt: I would assume that he is coming to help his tag team partner and fellow Forsaken?

And indeed he helps her untangle from the chairs and get her back to a sitting position at least, even though with just one arm it takes a bit longer. Ataxia is craning his neck for a better view of his beloved, but Jarvis does not care. Instead he goes for the ropes and SNAPMARE!

Jim Gunt: Ooh, taking advantage of any weakness in his opponents he can find! And he has the SHARPSHOOTER back on!

Ataxia is barely able to struggle after the snapmare, enabling Jarvis to lock in the devastating submission move. He arches his back to increase the pressure and Trent Robbins is coming down to the mat to check on Ataxia.

Mike Rolash: Oh my God, Ataxia tapped, he tapped!

And indeed he is tapping out weakly, but that is enough to decide the seventh qualifier of the evening.

Ray Douglas: And the winner by submission and the seventh competitor in End Games: JARVIS KING!!

He yanks his arm away from Ray and immediately exits the ring and runs up the ramp towards the exit, both arms in the air. Ringside, The Shadow has managed to get Mia to her feet and they both walk up the steps to come to the aid of Ataxia, who is still flat on the mat. Together they get him to a vertical position again and take their bows to the crowd that seems to appreciate their fairplay of not just going 3-on-1 against Jarvis.


Time To Shine

Jim Gunt: None of these competitors have nothing to be ashamed of, this was an amazing contest by all measures.


Ataxia, Mia Rayne, and The Shadow hold each others’ hands in the air, with The Shadow half-crouched over due to his ribs, while the fans inside the Nassau Coliseum giving them a standing ovation. The trio circle around the ring, playing to the crowd, as the cheers soon turn into an audible commotion.


The sound of steel making contact with the backs of Ataxia and The Shadow, is heard as they fall to the canvas, clutching their backs in pain respectively. Boos begin to ring out through the Nassau Coliseum, Mia turning to get a look at the culprits. Standing before her, wielding steel chairs are two masked men.

Mike Rolash: Seems as if those two bozos from earlier tonight, have some serious issues with the Forsaken.

Mia stands prepared for a fight, the two men setting up to have a meeting in the middle with her head! The two men swing with so much force, that the impact sends the chairs flying from their hands, connecting steel on steel as Rayne ducks out of the way!

Jim Gunt: Quick as a cat Rayne is able to escape! She’s hitting the ropes, looking to take advantage!

Mike Rolash: Bad move sweetheart!

This turns out to be true as one of the men catches her with a tilt-a-whirl, setting her up in a reverse crucifix position. Taking a running start, he flings her as if she is a lawn dart, through the air towards his accomplice, who catches her with a vicious forearm that leaves her out before she hits the canvas!

Mike Rolash: I think I can truly say that this is one of the happiest moments of my life.

Jim Gunt: You can't be serious?

The two stand over the fallen members of the Forsaken, as the fans shower them with disapproval. The jeers soon become cheers once again as Dorian Hawkhurst comes trucking from behind the curtain.

Jim Gunt: Here comes the calvary, and I'm pretty sure he wants to get his hands on these two for their actions earlier..

The two men, slide out of the ring and slowly make their way around ringside as Hawkhurst checks on his brethren. The two men stop at the bottom of the ramp, focused on the Forsaken, a job well done. Dorian helps up the Shadow, while Ataxia comes to and checks on Mia. The two men nod in approval, banging their forearms together before looking over to where Jarvis King is still standing at the top of the ramp, looking incredulously at what just transpired in the ring. Both men begin to move towards him, but eventually stop, changing their minds and heading backstage.

Jim Gunt: I don't know what the Forsaken have done, but they have seemed to have gotten on the bad side of those two gentlemen..

Mike Rolash: That was so awesome! Haha!

Who the Hell are you?

Jarvis King is sitting backstage, exhausted after having gone through a match with three fourths of the mighty Forsaken stable, but still visibly bubbly as he polishes up his newly regained Paramount title belt. That is until one of CWF's stagehands comes into his locker room with a card with a question mark plastered on the front.

Stagehand: Hello, Mr. Jarvis Sir. I have been sent to deliver a message to you.

Jarvis eyes up the very nervous man, cringing as beads of sweat begin to drip on the floor.

Jarvis King: Listen man, I'm tired. I've had a long night, but a great night. I'm headed to End Games one more time to become the CWF World Champion one...more...time. Now get to the point, snappy.

The CWF employee hands Jarvis the card.

Stagehand: Here. Cya.

And with that he is off like a light out of the room. Jarvis looks at the card with a strange look, turning it around to see that it's an old post card looking like it would be an invitation to the circus. Instead it has this writing in bold colorful notes:

"Congratulations King on a fight well fought. Now my friend, can the games truly begin.

With regards,
Fitzgerald Everett Bentley"

Jarvis raises an eyebrow as he continues to look down at the card in his hands. Finally, he just shakes his head.

Jarvis King: Who the hell is this guy anyway?


Ask and You Shall Receive!

The scene switches backstage, Freddie and Duce are two men on a mission, as they walk down the hallway of the Nassau Coliseum. Both members of Smokin’ Aces walk with a purpose, until they find what they're looking for. Panning around we see that their eyes are focused on the four members of The Forsaken. Dorian is helping The Shadow, as Ataxia holds his precious Mia, a furious gleam within each of their eyes. Styles and Jones shoot a glance towards each other, before looking at the group.

Duce Jones: Looks like you guys caught a bad break out there.

Freddie Styles: Yea, tough break, you guys have to keep your head on the swivel.

Growing tired of the petty talk, The Shadow removes his arm from around the neck of Hawkhurst, standing as tall in front of the duo as his ribs allow him to. His cohorts backing him up.

The Shadow: What is it that we can do for you two gentlemen?

Duce Jones: Well seein’ as how we ALL failed ta qualify fa End Games.. How bout we ante up in a rematch fa dem tag straps? And seein’ how Taxi ova here is tha Commish, he can make sumthin’ like dat happen...

Before The Shadow could even speak a word, Ataxia abruptly steps in front of him. His red eyes beaming at the former tag champs, Ataxia places a finger in both of their chest.

Ataxia: You homies want a match for the belts? Cool! You bros got it.. At Summer Games it's going to be Smokin’ Aces versus The Forsaken…

Smiles form across the faces of Styles and Jones as he continues on.

Ataxia: VERSUS! Another team yet to be named, in a Triple Threat Tag Match for the CWF Tag Team Titles! Wooo! Now that's booking.. Yes!

Ataxia performs a quick victory dance, before walking through the duo making his exit. The remaining five all stand there looking confused when the familiar laugh echoes through the hallway.



Mariella Jade Flair vs. Silas Artoria vs. Autumn Raven

Jim Gunt: That Champions' Ball match was incredible, Mike! I can’t believe what we just saw! 

Mike Rolash: When Ataxia is involved… nothing is unbelievable. But these two thugs are getting troublesome for The Forsaken. I love it!

Jim Gunt: Also Summer Games already is shaping up, with the Smokin' Aces challenging The Forsaken for the tag titles, but Ataxia seems to have somebody else in mind, a mystery team, so it will be interesting to see who that is going to be!

Mike Rolash: And Jarvis King seems to be invited to the circus or something...

Jim Gunt: Regardless, we now have seven of our eight participants in the End Games match at Summer Games, and we’re moments away from naming the eighth and final! Eric Dane, Bronson Box, Jarvis King, Revenant, The Ringmaster, Dick Fury, Jace Valentine, and add to that either Silas Artoria, MJ Flair, or Autumn Raven! One of these athletes will be crowned Champion! 

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall with no time limit! The winner will be the eighth and final participant in the End Games match for the vacant CWF World Championship! Introducing first… 

CUE UP: “Somewhere in Hollywood” - Sixx AM

Ray Douglas: From Los Angeles, California, and weighing in at one hundred twenty five pounds… THE BEAUTIFUL PSYCHOPATH… AUTUMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVVEEEEENNNNNNNN!!!!!

Autumn enters the arena to a decent ovation, though her typical theatrics are muted tonight: she has business on her mind. 

Jim Gunt: This has to feel like Christmas for Autumn. Not only does she get a chance to get her hands on Silas Artoria, but she’s competing for a World Title shot. Two goals, one match. 

Mike Rolash: I’m just hoping to get some hot goth on goth action in front of us. 

Jim Gunt: One of these days, Mike…

Ray Douglas: Her opponent, from Warwick, New York…

CUE UP: “Smash the Control Machine” - OTEP

Jim Gunt: These fans are already on their feet! 

Ray Douglas: Weighing in at one hundred and thirty pounds… EMMMMMM…. JAAAAAAAAY…. FLAAAAAAAAAIRRRRR!!!!!!!

Much like Autumn, MJ emerges from the back with purpose in her step, though she stops a few times to greet some fans. Even still, by the time she gets to ringside she’s unzipped and tossed her hooded sweatshirt to a ring attendant and slides under the bottom rope, ready to go. 

Mike Rolash: Stay there for a second… hold it… hold it…

Jim Gunt: You know she could beat the crap outta you, right? 

Mike Rolash: I’m sure I’d get in several slaps. 

Jim Gunt: MJ Flair in the corner, she’s stretching out her shoulders and you have to wonder what’s going on in her mind. 

Mike Rolash: ‘Take the people in the ring with me and hurt them’?

Jim Gunt: Having this match go from a one on one grudge match with Silas Artoria to a triple threat match including Autumn Raven certainly threw her off balance, but the prospect of getting the chance to reclaim the CWF World Title? 

Mike Rolash: That entire concept makes me hurt. 

CUE UP: “Dark Dreams Don’t Die”

Ray Douglas: And their opponent… from Toronto, Ontario, Canada… weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds… ‘THE PSYCHOTIC ARISTOCRAT…’ SILAS… ARRRRRRRRTORRRRRRIAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Jim Gunt: Both of these women pacing the ring, waiting for Silas to show up! He’s in trouble! 

Mike Rolash: ...He’s not here? 

The camera cuts to the entrance again, where nobody appears. Suddenly, we cut backstage, to see Silas Artoria on the floor, being kicked repeatedly in the chest, back and head. We pull up and out, and we catch the identities of the men perpetuating the attack. 

Jim Gunt: ERIC DANE! Bronson Box! Pete Whealdon! The Golden Paradigm has taken out Silas Artoria! 

Mike Rolash: I guess it pays to join the winning team?

In the ring, Autumn and MJ look at each other, then to referee Trent Robbins. He shrugs his shoulders and gestures to the timekeeper to ring the bell.

Jim Gunt: I guess we’re getting an old fashioned one on one match here! 

Mike Rolash: MJ and Autumn lock up… now… kiss. 

Jim Gunt: Mike!

The former Champion backs the Beautiful Psychopath into the ropes, and whips her across! Powerslam! Cover! ONE… TWO… Kickout! 

Jim Gunt: Quick pinfall, but Autumn is far tougher than that. 

Mike Rolash: I like a woman who can take a hit.

Jim Gunt: ...Seriously, you have a problem.

MJ pulls Autumn back to her feet and staggers her with a right hand! Another! She rears back for a third, but Autumn blocks, and takes MJ down with an armdrag! She climbs to her feet, only for Autumn to take her down again from behind with a baseball slide! Autumn off the ropes, and she hops MJ as the former Champion rises… Dropkick to the head by Autumn! The cover! 

Jim Gunt: Just a two count! MJ kicks out the backdoor, and she looks groggy - that kick to the head might be the game changer! 

Mike Rolash: We saw the game changer earlier in the night, before these two even came to the ring.

Jim Gunt: Care to elaborate? 

Mike Rolash: I do not.

In the ring, Autumn Raven grabs MJ by the hair with both hands, and pulls her unsteadily to her feet. She hooks MJ from behind and drops her with a side suplex, and rolls over to cover again!




Jim Gunt: MJ Flair holding the back of her head, she’s crawling away from Autumn Raven, but the Beautiful Psychopath gets her by the boot and pulls her back to the middle of the ring - MJ WITH A KICK TO THE HEAD! 

Mike Rolash: Turnabout is fair play! 

The kick does not look particularly devastating, but MJ’s heel lands right in Autumn’s eye, and Autumn lets go of her foot immediately to tend to her vision. While MJ could likely land another attack in the interim, the former Champion takes the moment to scramble away and regain her focus. 

Jim Gunt: Autumn moves towards MJ, she’s got fire in her eyes! MJ slides forward, and she shoulder blocks into Autumn’s stomach! Small package!



Kickout by Autumn! 

Mike Rolash: …… Okay, that was impressive. 

MJ kips up to a huge pop from the fans, and she takes a moment to settle herself. Autumn starts to rise - a bit more slowly- but MJ hits the opposite ropes and comes off with vicious intent… AUTUMN RAVEN WITH A BACKDROP! MJ FLAIR TO THE OUTSIDE! 

Jim Gunt: This is a precarious spot, Mike - MJ Flair is right in front of us, and Autumn is still measuring her for an attack! 

Mike Rolash: This has just as much a chance of backfiring on Autumn as it does working out for her, and I hope she realizes that.

One hand hits the commentary table, and a second. MJ pulls herself up in the time it takes Autumn to come off the opposite side of the ring and vault over the top with a corkscrew moonsault --

Jim Gunt: MJ MOVES! 

A huge crash is heard as Gunt and Rolash back up, and we see Autumn land on their table, splintering (but not destroying) it. 

Mike Rolash: I don’t know if she moved as much as she fell down. Ms. Raven, can I have my bottled mineral water back? 

While the referee counts, MJ crawls to the ring so she can get back to her feet on the ring apron, and Autumn rolls off the announce table, holding her side in pain. MJ watches Autumn struggle to her feet, and she sends a boot into Autumn’s head! MJ drops to the floor, and she crawls to the ring, slowly and deliberately rolling back inside. 

Jim Gunt: The referee’s count is officially on, we’ve got MJ Flair on her back in the ring and Autumn Raven on her back on the floor! 

As the count continues, Autumn rolls to her knees and pushes herself backwards, while MJ grabs the ropes to get herself into more of a defensive pose should her opponent reemerge. 



Jim Gunt: Autumn Raven is back to her knees, and she’s trying to get herself moving! 

Mike Rolash: It’s probably moot… chicks just can’t take the hits.



Jim Gunt: MJ back in the ring, she’s got a minute to breathe, and you bet she’s gonna use it! 

Mike Rolash: What does that even mean? 



Jim Gunt: Autumn Raven is on the ring apron, she just needs to pull herself up! 


TE--She’s in! MJ Flair with an immediate cover,




Jim Gunt: Autumn isn’t done yet! MJ with a scoop, and a whip into the corner! Autumn hits hard, MJ following up - CLAW OF THE NIGHT! 

Mike Rolash: Stick a fork in her, she’s done! 

Maybe, maybe not. Autumn Raven hits her superkick on MJ Flair out of nowhere, and Flair drops to the mat like a falling tree, but Autumn sinks to her knees in the corner, still trying to catch her breath. The referee checks on both athletes, but with Autumn on her knees, there is no count to be had. 

Jim Gunt: This one might be all but over, if only Autumn can get to MJ to make the cover! 

With a deep breath, Autumn finally turns towards MJ and sees her prone in the middle of the ring. She closes her eyes tightly, clearing out the cobwebs, and wills herself to her feet. The crowd is already on theirs, chanting both for MJ to get up and for Autumn to make the cover. 

Mike Rolash: She ain’t moving, Gunt! 

Autumn takes two steps, then drops to her knees and hooks MJ’s leg in a cover,




The fans explode at the three count, but Trent Robbins is quick to let both Autumn and the timekeeper know that MJ kicked out at the last possible millisecond! Autumn looks at him in disbelief and pounds her fist into the mat, clearly frustrated. She stands up and walks on unsteady legs to the corner, where she climbs to the top rope! 

Jim Gunt: High risk maneuver coming up - this didn’t pay off for Autumn last time, let’s see if--

And the fans immediately begin to boo. Autumn, perched on top, moves her focus from MJ Flair to the entrance way - 


He’s walking unsteadily as well, still feeling the effects of the previous attack, but Silas is on his way to the ring with a look of death on his face, his anger focused directly on the ring. Autumn hops down from the corner and points at him, shouting things we probably can’t broadcast on television. 

Mike Rolash: You have to admire his relentlessness! 

Jim Gunt: Perhaps, but after getting jumped backstage, is it really the smartest move to come to the ring against two opponents that both want to hurt him more than they want to win? 

Silas and Autumn are nearly face to face now, with Autumn in the ring on the ropes and Silas on the floor just out of reach. They’re shouting at each other, point and and throwing about accusations of - MJ WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!




Jim Gunt: It looked to me like Autumn was kicking out, but it’s moot as Silas is finally in the ring and he throws MJ’s balance off by grabbing her by the ankle! He’s laying punches into her face and neck - he clearly blames her for the earlier attack! 

Mike Rolash: She’s to blame, Gunt! Flair joins up with the Golden Paradigm, and all of a sudden they’re jumping him backstage? You don’t need to be a genius to figure that out… which makes me wonder how dumb YOU are…

Silas pulls MJ to her knees, but before he can take any kind of action, Autumn lands a boot right in his chin! He drops to the mat and she’s on top of him now, laying in punches and elbows and forearms to a huge roar of approval from the crowd! 

Jim Gunt: This right here, this is weeks - months of aggression coming out on Silas. If anyone didn’t see this coming…

Mike Rolash: I just used that analogy, Gunt, get your own! 

Autumn pulls Silas to his feet and scoop slams him, and she’s headed for the top rope again! She measures - MJ FLAIR HITS THE ROPES! Autumn loses her balance and crotches herself, and she falls to the outside! The fans are on their feet as MJ pulls her hair out of her face and scoops the Psychotic Aristocrat up! 






Ray Douglas: Your winner, and the final competitor entered into the End Games match… EMMMMM JAAAAAY FLAAAAAIR!!

Jim Gunt: Robbins raises Flair’s hand in victory, and she’s finally got her shot again!

Mike Rolash: It’ll be a different kind of shot when End Games goes and happens, because both Jace Valentine and Dick Fury are waiting for her! 

Jim Gunt: Everyone will have allies and enemies in that match, but at the end of it all, it’ll be every competitor for themselves! Autumn Raven is getting herself put together outside, and she gave a hell of an effort tonight! She comes up short, but this could be a turning point for her! 

Mike Rolash: Beating on a man who already took shots in a three on one mugging is hardly a turning point.

Jim Gunt: Time will tell, Mike! We’re out of time, we’ll see you at SUMMER GAMES! 

The scene shifts from the ring, where MJ Flair points out into the crowd to thank the fans for their support, to the entranceway, and an emergent End Boss, Eric Dane. Their eyes lock, and Dane smirks. 

MJ’s expression remains neutral. 

Dane points at his eyes, then points at MJ. 

Dane: Eyes on the fuckin’ prize, kid.


A Thread to Break

Flair is gone, basking in the victory of the threeway, with the audience still showering the athlete in praise. Silas and Autumn are on opposite corners, each clutching an affected area as it is beginning to become sore.

Jim Gunt: Our final competitor to the End Games match at Summer Games, MJ Flair!

Mike Rolash: One hell of a line up!

Jim Gunt: And Silas and Autumn are back in limbo, their losing streak continuing!

Mike Rolash: Almost as if their fates are mirrored! Psychopath and Psychopath, unhinged and insane, the only thing that seperates the two are their genders!

Jim Gunt: Hard to argue.

Autumn clutches her jaw, still aching from the match that drove the three to the limit. She drags her jaw side to side, and finally grinds the bone to a more comfortable level, no longer causing unwanted tingles. She relaxes and sighs, closes her eyes, and tilts her head up. She opens them, the opposite side of the ring in full view, with an unwanted presence still within the boundries of the squared circle.

Silas is leaning against the corner turnbuckle, glaring at his former stablemate with an unforgiving glow. He didn't pay attention to anything or anyone else around him, completely fixated on Autumn Raven.

His hand slowly rises, forming a pointed finger directed towards Autumn.

Jim Gunt: I think we might have one more word for tonight.

He keeps his finger pointed at Autumn for several seconds. Soon, the finger retracts, and his thumb extends, pointing towards Silas' neck as his arm rotates closer to his head. The thumb makes contact, before Silas applies pressure, dragging it across his neck. The audience reacts with an audible "ooh", with Autumn only maintaining an unchanging look, unfazed by the notion.

Jim Gunt: It appears the former Coalition has some unfinished business with each other.

Mike Rolash: Do they have plans for Summer Games?

Jim Gunt: Don't believe so. I guess they do now.

Autumn keeps her eyes on Silas, and simply nods, with one side of her mouth making a clear statement. I will end you. It has to, it needs to, otherwise the two are simply going to continue wallowing in the past. One undesirable streak must end, and two are going to fight for that right.

Two fingers from Silas' hands extend, with the thumb still placed on the otherside of his neck at the end of a notable red scratch. His arm raises up, then lowers to point his fingergun gesture towards his next opponent.

Autumn doesn't acknowledge the signal, still maintaining her chaotic welcoming look, vying for a chance to dissect the man she called a teammate for a large part of the year.

Silas' whisper is picked up.

Silas Artoria: Bang!

Jim Gunt: Looks like this is not the last we have seen of these two in the ring, Silas definitely does not seem to be done with Autumn and I would be surprised, if she was with him. Either way, we are out of time, we will see in the coming week how this feud will be heating up and potentially come to a boil at Summer Games!

Mike Rolash: Don't forget, it is only two weeks until Summer and End Games in Washington, DC, hoping for nice weather, since we will be open air. See you then, folks!

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