Evolution 24

3 Jul 2018

Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (seats 18,150)

Scream for me Pittsburgh

A shot of the Pittsburgh skyline begins the broadcast of CWF's Evolution, flying past the striking One PPG Place with its turrets and across downtown to the brightly lit facade of the PPG Paint Arena. As the picture cuts to the inside of the arena, the fans are already electric, cheering as the camera passes over them, holding up signs. "Fly with me, Silas", "Caledonia - There can be only one!", "Mitaxia 4 Life". Blake Church and Charles State are not in their usual spot on the stage near the entrance, but actually are standing right in the middle of the fans on one of the staircases.

Blake Church: Scream for me Pittsburgh!

And the fans happily oblige.

Charles State: Welcome to Evolution 24 and what a night we have in store for you!

Blake Church: Caledonia!


Charles State: Amber Ryan!


Blake Church: Pete Whealdon!

Confused murmurs from the crowd.

Charles State: Can't win them all, but in all seriousness, Cali vs Amber for the World title, Ataxia against MJ Flair, and also Elisha, the Smokin' Aces, The Shadow and way more!

Mostly cheers with only Elisha getting some resounding boos.

Blake Church: Since we only have limited time for a lot of action, let's hand this over to Jim Gunt and Mike Rolash!

Mike Rolash: Hey, I heard that!

Jim Gunt: He was giving us a regular handover, Mike...

Mike Rolash: Oh! Sorry, I must have missed that...

Jim Gunt: Moving on... Like Blake and Charles said, we are once more jampacked with some of the finest wrestling has on offer and I see Ray Douglas already chomping at the bits in the ring, next on Evolution: Azrael versus our latest newcomer Pete Whealdon!


Azrael vs. Pete Whealdon

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to CWF's Evolution! The first bout is a singles match that is scheduled for one fall!

Darkness falls over the crowd as a haunting lullaby played by a single guitar starts to play over the speakers.

Mike Rolash: Must be time for the first match of the evening! Says here first out is Pete… 

Jim Gunt: That would be Whealdon, Mike. Let’s watch!

Blue lights point to the entrance as the nature of the song changes to thrashing black metal and the lullaby turns into “Come Back” by Deafhaven. George McCoy's raspy screech greets Pete Whealdon, as he steps out from behind the curtain, collar on his leather jacket up, and wearing aviator sunglasses. He stalks down to the ring, pushing signs and ring crew aside, sliding under the bottom rope, circling the ring several times and lounges in the corner, eyes centered on the entrance ramp and awaiting the arrival of Azrael.

Halestorm’s "I am the Fire" starts while the lights go dark. Azrael makes his way to the top of the ramp and as the chorus begins, columns of fire illuminate Azrael as he  walks to the ring with his head bent down with a hint of his head bobbing to the beat. He rolls into the ring and eyes Whealdon with a blank stare. 

Jim Gunt: Azrael looks all business tonight as he stares intensely at CWF newcomer Pete Whealdon!

Mike Rolash: It might be a bit more intimidating if it was from anyone but Azrael. Dude is pretty lame.

Jim Gunt: He certainly has had his fair share of setbacks in recent weeks, taking himself out of the Golden Intentions Rumble and showing up to spark something up with Mia Rayne earlier that same night.

Mike Rolash: Please don’t invoke them. Please, just not right now…

Gunt snickers and the two of them continue to banter as referee Clark Summits calls for the bell and Azrael and Pete Whealdon focus on each other. The two go to meet each other in the center of the ring, but when their hands about to meet for a Battle of Strength, Pete rolls and falls to the outside of the ring, calling for…

Jim Gunt: A timeout? The match only just started…

Mike Rolash: Brilliant maneuver! Don’t want to cramp up in the ring and it’s important to stretch before physical activity. I’d know, I was in The Golden Intentions Rumble, even a record holder. Stretching is important for…

Jim Gunt: Getting the shortest time in a rumble ever?

He smiles at Rolash who blushes slightly and turns his attentions back to the action in the ring as Pete Whealdon rolls back into the ring, never taking his eyes off Azrael. He stands and Summits checks to ensure he can continue the match after such an intense stretching session. Whealdon nods in the affirmative and when Azrael goes to resume the Test of Strength, Whealdon hits him with a kick to the gut followed by a vicious double axe handle! 

Azrael goes down to a knee and Pete wastes little time, bouncing off the ropes and coming back, hitting Az with a brutal foot to the side of the face!

Mike Rolash: Ho ho! Nothing pretty or fancy about that but certainly effective! Azrael doesn’t appear to know where he is!

Pete smiles as Azrael rolls to his stomach and pushes himself up. Sizing up Azrael, Pete Whealdon steps back. He hops, grabbing himself more momentum and a running start, aiming to knock Azrael into next week! Before he can land the kick however Azrael leaps up and side steps another attempt at a devastating strike! He wastes little time and grabs Whealdon by the back of the neck, setting him up for and delivering a vicious inverted DDT! He quickly goes for the cover!

Mike Rolash: That’s the quickest I’ve EVER seen Azrael move!

Jim Gunt: Well, a win here would certainly show that Az means business and is only looking to mo…

Jim Gunt doesn’t have a chance to finish as Summits motions that Pete Whealdon has kicked out at one as the crowd boos. They quickly get behind Az though as he picks up the newcomer and whips him hard into the corner. This time it’s Azrael who gets the running start and hits Whealdon with another clothesline!

Jim Gunt: Oooo! That looks brutal as Pete Whealdon crumples in the corner!

Azrael backs up and measures the prone Whealdon, gaining another running start and delivering double knees right to…

The second turnbuckle!

Pete Whealdon manages to roll out of the way at the last moment, capitalizing and dragging Azrael to the middle of the ring and viciously stomping the sore knees of the Apathetic Angel. Summits forces Whealdon to stop so he can check on Azrael, who is writhing in pain on the mat. Pete puts his hands up in surrender, backing off as Clark bends down to see if Azrael can continue. Az nods his head and rolls to the apron, trying to catch a breather, but is launched to the floor by a shotgun dropkick delivered by Whealdon! 

Mike Rolash: Oaf! That’s the Dangan Jigoku! 

Jim Gunt: That could NOT have felt good!

Azrael holds his ribs in pain on the outside but tries to stand up anyways. Pete sees him and before the ref can stop him, bounces off the opposite ropes and leaps through the opposite side, right onto Azrael with a stunning suicide dive!

Mike Rolash: Woah… That was. That was the Ikaruga White. I never thought I’d live to see it in person.

He continues to look on and Gunt can only shake his head.

Jim Gunt: Try and keep it in your pants, Mike.

On the opposite side of the ring, both competitors are down but Azrael is the first to slowly make it to his feet, glaring daggers at Pete Whealdon who has managed to make it to his feet a split second after. The two stand in silence as Summits yells for someone to pay attention to him, otherwise, he WILL count to ten. Instead of complying the two launch themselves at each other, hitting anything they could. Pete backs Az up to the ring, but fists are still being thrown as Clark starts the ten count.



Mike Rolash: Come on, Whealdon! Get him into the ring to beat his ass properly!

Gunt looks over at Rolash who is still concentrating on the match. He shakes his head and says something about needing “dick” in his life before Azrael manages to get the better of Whealdon and rolls him quickly into the ring!

Azrael follows and starts to stalk Whealdon in the ring. With sudden speed Azrael grabs Pete from around the ankles and flips him right into the ropes! Az isn’t done there as he continues to hold onto Pete’s feet…

Jim Gunt: Could it be? Yes! Angel’s Wings!

Mike Rolash: Could you be any more biased?!

Pete yells out in pain and Azrael allows Pete to roll to his stomach, grasping his back in pain. But Whealdon doesn’t stop and rolls right out of the ring! He lands on his feet and in exasperation sticks his hands down his trunks feeling around for and finding…

Jim Gunt: Is that a pack of cigarettes?!


Jim Gunt: What was that about bias again?

Whealdon tells Summits and Az to give him a second and according to local laws he was entitled to a smoke break, which he is going to take now. Azrael isn’t hearing any of it though and while Clark is arguing with Pete, Azrael sneaks behind Pete Whealdon, grabs him from behind and rolls him into the ring! Pete doesn’t stay down for long though and stands right back up, using his momentum from Azrael pushing him into the ring, bouncing across the ropes on the opposite side and flying back, hitting Azrael square in the jaw with a bicycle knee!

Mike Rolash: HOLY SHIT! That was The Discordance Axis! Azrael HAS to be down after that one!

Pete Whealdon pulls the prone body of Azrael away from the ropes and shoots the half as Clark Summits makes the count.




Mike Rolash: Holy shit! Pete Whealdon has won his debut match at CWF! Oh happiest of days! I don’t think that anything could possibly happen to spoil this show now!

Mass Confusion


Eric Dane, over-achiever that he is, demands a private dressing room any time he’s booked to wrestle. This is non-negotiable. The Only Star is just about as antisocial as anyone could be, but in Bronson Box he may have met his match.

Dane: You’ll just pull that motherfucker out anywhere, huh?

Bronson Box’s back is to the camera, thankfully. His ass, momentarily, is all of the way out. He finishes pulling up his orange and brown pinstriped singlet to an appropriate height before turning to face his former boss.

Box: Ain’t got time for modesty, boyo! Serves no purpose.

A knock comes to the door.

Dane: Could you pull your straps up at least? We’re about to have company.

Box: Who in the bloody hell would bother us now?

Dane: You know how it is, Hollis, anybody could be out there. Hell it could be Big Murr himself coming to apologize to me personally for takin’ my title shot at Wrestle Fest.

Box: Aye, I don’ remember ‘im bein’ that bloody stupid though.

Eric shrugs.

Dane: It could be your mother-

He doesn’t get to finish the thought before Box flashes him a look of murderous rage. Knowing that this was gonna go anywhere profitable Eric quickly backed off.

Dane: I’m only kidding, Hollis, keep it in yer pants.

The Scottish Strongman seethes through a smile.

Box: Are ye gonna get th’ bleedin’ door, or aren’t ya?

As if on cue the knock comes again, this time a bit more aggressively. Dane contemplates the psychopath in front of him and he contemplates the door. Deciding that the unknown had to be better than seeing his old nemesis’ bait and tackle again he turns from the conversation and marches to the door, pulling it open with enough gusto that poor Mia Rayne on the other side of the threshold damn near jumps out of her Chuck Taylors.

Dane: Sorry kid, didn’t see ya there. You know, because of the door being closed and all. Ah… you’re not here to fight, are ya?

She gives him a deadpan stare.

Mia: Did Lynk jump up and smack ya in the face when you opened the door?

Dane: Well, no, but ah-

Mia: Then quit blustering and invite me in.

The End Boss steps to the side and gestures for her to come in. Box, having managed to add a knee-pad in the interim, gives Mia an unbalanced glance and not even a second thought as he pulls on the matching pad. Mia turns on Dane at the sight of the Scottish Strongman.

Dane: Jesus, Mia, what is it? I’m trying to get ready for our match later.

Mia stares over Dane’s shoulder at Box.

Dane: What? What about him?

She only continues to stare, impatiently bouncing back and forth. The BAWS turns to Box, who was just about to start pulling on his boots.

Dane: Hey, Hollis, could you give us a minute?

Box’s mustache bristles. A sneer comes to his face.

Box: Oh, I’m ta be dismissed so ya can consort with the wee lass here?

Dane: Goddammit, Hollis, does it always have to be a fuckin’ battle with you?

Bronson finds his way into the face of The Only Star.

Box: It bleedin’ can be, if that’s how ye want it boyo.

Dane: Give. Us. A. Minute. Hollis.

Eric sneers through the name, gritting his teeth just a tad. A tense moment passes before Bronson Box, sans shoes, makes a hasty, huffy exit. Another moment passes for the tension in the room to go back to a somewhat tolerable level.

Mia: I don’t like that man.

Dane: Nobody does, kid. Now what is it that you want?

She chews her lip, thinking of just how to phrase it. Her gaze focuses on something distant and for a moment Dane thinks that there might be something behind him. He casts a weary glance behind him and is unsurprised to see nothing there. When he turns his attentions back to Mia her eyes meet with his, but only briefly before she focuses on the the tip of his nose. Her voice is quiet, but with an underlying boldness that one can’t help but respect, or cower from.

Mia: You almost cost me my match. A match that was very important to me on a personal level. Not only that but you use my own, personal companion to almost kill a man, who is still a brainwashed evil prick, but shouldn’t be killed. Orange doesn’t look good with your complexion dude, trust the chick. Orange just isn’t your color. I watched take after take of that lumberjack match though and the one thing that annoys me the MoST of all of that…

You pushed me. 

Eric cocks an eyebrow.

Mia: I pointed out and tried to stop you from doing something stupid, and you pushed me away. I take having people in my life seriously. You came out and lent your support and I don’t have the words to say ‘thank you’ enough for that. Hell, I’ll go so far as to say that I might, maybe, even owe you one. But I’ll be DAMNED if I let you lay your hands on me because you’re being dumb.

The Only Star is taken all the way aback. His cocked eyebrow scrunches down into a look of complete incredulousness. Instinctively Mia takes a defensive step back.

Dane: Wait a good goddamn minute here.

Hands go on hips, he’s about to get condescending in a hurry.

Dane: For starters you asked me to go to war with you and to bring my friends, which I did. Then you got your little panties in a twist because I went to war too hard? The fuck? Is that even a thing?

He brushes a few errant strands of hair out of his face.

Dane: And then, you put your fucking hands on me, spun me around like you’re my fucking mother, and wanna get all girly because I took the skillet that you use to hit people in the face and I hit somebody in the face?

Mia tries to speak, Dane no-sells it.

Dane: Somebody who ilfuckinglegally jumped the guardrail and assaulted me, by the way. Those fuckin’ kids aren’t wrestlers, they aren’t contracted, and they have ZERO FUCKING BUSINESS being in the ringside area. Fucking none. So yeah, I beat that stupid motherfucker into a coma and I haven’t lost one single solitary second of sleep about it. So why don’t you try again to tell me what your fucking problem is, because as it stands you’re wasting my time and I’ve got other shit to do than explain myself to some fangirl who got lost in Harley Quinn’s makeup bag.

Mia’s eyes are narrowed, her lips pressed together into the thinnest of lines and for just a moment, maybe the quiet one would explode. However, when she speaks, her voice is one of soft and dangerous fury.

Mia: I asked for your help because I figured you would want to get your hands on the people that have been a thorn in your side since the day you arrived here. I asked for your help because any friend of MJ’s is someone to consider a person to at least give a worthwhile shot to! And I asked for your help because MAYBE you could teach me some of your wily veteran in ring tricks because if there’s one person that knows their way around in ring trickery, IT’S ERIC FUCKIN’ DANE! But I DON’T maim and destroy lives just because I get pissed off, I merely make them reconsider their options before they try to mess with me again.

The Only Star considers this for a moment.

Dane: Hmm.

He cocks his head.

Dane: Maybe that right there is the difference.

He snorts.

Dane: Maybe that’s why I’ve got more World Championships on my resume than you have years walking this earth, or, I don’t know, wins in the past six months. Your whole argument here is a giant fucking double-standard that I’m having a hard goddamn time wrapping my brain around, so why don’t you just fuck back off to Wonderland or wherever the fuck you come from, get your colors out, and draw me a fuckin’ picture.

He turns his back on Mia, making a big deal of rummaging through his things. Mia huffs and works to find the words to say that adequately say what she is thinking. This proves to be a futile effort though so she huffs again and shakes her head.

Mia: Whatever man. Thanks for the “help” then and we’ll see what happens if you ever decide that you could use my brand of assistance.

She doesn’t stick around to see if her words have any effect as she turns on her heel and exits the dressing room before stalking off down the hallway. Eric stands there baffled for a millisecond before following suit. 

Dane: And another thing-

He doesn’t get a chance to finish though as he follows Mia around a corner and runs right into the outstretched hand of…

“Hello, frand.”

Ataxia. The Impact Champion. Mia pauses and peers at Dane from around Ataxia’s shoulder, resting her chin lightly in the crook of his neck.

Ataxia: The lady is currently indisposed. That means she’s invisible and you can’t see her, so don’t bother looking. Also she no longer wishes to converse with the likes of you.

Eric blinks and looks Mia clearly in the eyes.

Dane: Is this guy serious?

Mia ignores him. Ataxia’s smile widens.

Ataxia: I said she was indisposed, frand. 

The Only Star smiles, not a warm and friendly smile, but that of a confident man. A man not worried in the least about the two very dangerous people standing right in front of him. He speaks past Ataxia to Mia.

Dane: You used to be a fan of mine, right? That’s what you gibbered at me while you were falling all over yourself to get the silverware out of my shoe. Go back and watch the tapes, kid, see how many people that I’ve maimed for less than this. And while you’re watching those tapes, take note of how very few times that I am ever without backup. Isn’t that’s right, Boxer?

The Banff Brawler pads right up behind Mia and Ataxia, his mustache twitching with anticipation. That whole shoeless thing made it somewhat easier to sneak up on people. In his thick Scottish dialect he answers.

Box: Looks like ye done got yerself in another one’a yer “situations,” ain’t ya boyo. I sure would hate to have ta do somethin’ inconsiderate to one of these fine lookin’ young psychopaths.

Box smiles maniacally. Dane smirks. And Mitaxia?

They laugh. 

Ataxia: Ahahhahaha… I’ll be sure to pass along the message the next time I see this “Mia” person, frand. In the meanwhile I’d suggest you count yourself and your… associate… lucky that I’ve got other business to attend to right now. 

The Impact Champion gestures lavishly as he turns to Mia, who “isn’t there” if Ataxia is to be believed. Gently he takes Mia by the hand and together they slide past Box, who glowers at them as they pass, and together they skip away.

Bronson turns on his former boss.

Box: Give ya a minute, ya say?

Dane: You know better than that.

Box: Aye, I do. Them two, they’re gonna be trouble ain’t they.

Dane: They are. And they have friends.

Box: So do we.

Dane: Do we, though? Do we ever?

The Scotsman thinks on this for every bit of a split second.

Box: When we need ‘em.

Dane: Yeah, well, there might come a time here in the very near future where we need the likes of those two and their friends

The Bald Brawler harrumphs.

Box: Time might be a’comin’ that we need ta make examples of ‘em.

The End Boss nods.

New Rules

The scene cuts backstage, moments before the fatal fourway match-up, where the winner gets a shot at the Paramount Title. The young man who formerly wore the Impakt mantle, Zach, comes charging through the corridors of the PPG Paints Arena. His face is a mask of determination, clearly he has one singular goal in mind.

See him striding purposefully through the arena, CWF interviewer, Tara Robinson is quick to intercept the young man.

Tara Robinson: Zach! Hey Zach!

So focused is he, he doesn't notice her at fist until they practically collide into each other.

Tara Robinson: Easy there!

Zach: What do yo-Oh Tara. Sorry, I'm a bit preoccupied.

Tara Robinson: That's an understatement, talk about tunnel vision.

Zach: Yeah...Look, sorry Tara, I don't want to be rude, but I've got something I gotta do.

Tara Robinson: Something to do with Xander?

Zach: Damn straight! If he and John had just kept it between me and them, then so be it. But to change the rules of the game and stoop to this level? Unacceptable! So I'm heading to the ring to show Xander just what's in store for anyone who deigns to be my Nemesis!

Krayzie vs. Dick Fury vs. Eclipse vs. Xander Haze

Jim Gunt: Now even though we haven't even started our second match, we already have lots of things happening here, starting with Pete Whealdon leaving a lasting impression on Azrael, beating him in his first ever appearance with the CWF, walk about an entrance!

Mike Rolash: Oh yeah, Pete's my boy! But there are more things brewing, looks like Eric Dane and Bronson Box are not exactly making friends with Mia and Ataxia, which makes it even more interesting later tonight, when Dane meets Mia in the ring, same goes for Bronson and The Shadow, so another Forsaken. And of course later on tonight Ataxia, freak extraordinaire is going against MJ Flair in a non-title match and Flair and Dane have been associating over the past few weeks as well, so this just furthers this whole thing.

Jim Gunt: And now we have a fatal fourway match and it looks like Zach has more than just a score to settle with Xander Haze, so we might see even more action here in the ring than we all already were expecting

Ray Douglas: The following match is set for one fall!

Jim Gunt: And will certainly be a very interesting affair! Four of CWF’s newer stars battling it out, with one of them winning themselves a shot at Jarvis King and his Paramount Title next week on the special 25th episode of EVO!

Mike Rolash: I don’t know how you can call these stars “new”, Jimmy, it’s a wonder Krayzie isn’t coming out here in a wheelchair!

The lights goes out and it becomes slient in the arena. Laughter is heard cackling through the speakers as Krayzie's face is shown on the titantron fading in and out. Suddenly "I'm Wit Whateva" by Biggie Smalls hits and Krayzie steps out onto the entrance stage. Krayzie has his patented Barbed Wire Kendo Stick in his hand, as he stands at the top of the ramp as the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. Krayzie walks down to the ring very slowly, eyeing the crowd as he walks. Krayzie walks up the steps, takes the shirt off, then steps into the ring. Krayzie takes the barbwire kendo stick and puts it out of the ring. 

Ray Douglas: First, from Memphis, Tennessee, he is Allen Jones. Better known as….KRAYZIE!!

Jim Gunt: I don’t think the seasoned vet is anywhere near that point, he looks like he’s more than ready to go tonight!

The arena goes dark as “Welcome Home” starts to play when the chorus hits a spotlight hits the top of the ramp. Xander Haze is at the top of the ramp wearing a hooded black sweater with the hood up, boos raining down on him, but he pays them no heed as he slowly makes his way down to the ring, the spotlight follows him he steps into the ring, taking a sit in the corner and waits for the announcement of his name.

Ray Douglas: And the second competitor in this fatal fourway, from Vancouver, British Columbia….XANDER HAZE!!

Mike Rolash: And here comes the man who has been having some extra curricular contact with former Impakt and now Zach. With everything going on between them, will he be able to focus himself in tonight’s fatal fourway?

“Eclipse” by Pink Floyd hits over the speakers and the lights dim in the arena, the music haunting as fog begins to come from the top of the ramp to the bottom. A figure can be seen slowly pacing through the fog, not yet able to be realized just yet. Finally the fog disipates and Eclipse can be seen hulking in front of the ring, his massive frame driving fear into two out of his three opponents already in the squared circle. Eclipse pulls himself onto the apron with the help of the middle rope in one hefty yank, scoffing as he goes over the ropes and makes contact with both his opponents.

Ray Douglas: His hometown is not provided. But here he is….ECLIPSE!!

Jim Gunt: This guy...looks oddly familiar. 

Mike Rolash: Yeah I know, and I just can’t put my finger on it. Like a Super Shredder, but slightly less shredded.

“My Dick” by Mickey Avalon begins to play over the speaker system and Dick Fury saunters out from behind the curtain, his hands in the air as the spotlights shine over him. He slowly pulls his hands from the air onto his perfectly hairy chest, curling up his chest hair just a little bit before rubbing all the way up his chest. The fans boo this eccentric display but Fury will have none of it….

Ray Douglas: And finally, from Hollywood, California….DICK FURY!!

Jim Gunt: This guy also looks oddly familiar.

Mike Rolash: Oh lord, Jimmy. I don’t even wanna know..

Head official Trent Robbins is tasked with keeping up with this whirlwind of a match, and is about to start it when “Hello Timebomb" hits. The fans immediately react, knowing that song from the beginning and breaking out into loud cheers as soon as Jarvis King slides out from behind the curtain. He begins to make his way down the ramp with the Paramount title around his shoulder and a wide smile on his face.

Jim Gunt: Woah! It looks like the Paramount champion wants a bird’s eye view of who will become his next challenger at the special 25th edition of EVO next week!

Mike Rolash: God damn it, looks like he's coming over here, too. Can I get one week without Ataxia or Jarvis coming out here to bug me? One freaking week! 

Jarvis King, clearly hearing his old “friend” Rolash bitching, sits right next to him with a smile, patting the color commentator across the top of his back.

Jarvis King: Oh hey guys, what’s up? I just thought with the four lame “contenders” in this matchup, that we could clearly use an entertainment boost. So here I am.

Jim Gunt: Are you sure you’re not out here to do a little scouting of your four potential opponents for next week?

Mike Rolash: Yeah, you freakin’ cheater.

Jim Gunt: I never called him a cheater, Mike.

Clearly a Dick on the verge of bursting at the seams, Fury immediately goes after Eclipse as soon as the bell rings. But the massive form of a man catches his attempt at a Body Splash easily, pulling Dick in close and Bearhugging him.

Mike Rolash: Eclipse is literally cuddling with Dick right now!

Jim Gunt: That is...maybe you should let me stick to the play by play, Mike?

Jarvis King: Probably a good idea there, Jim.

Before Eclipse can fully heave Dick into submission or throw Dick across the ring, Xander Haze comes to his unlikely rescue with a double axe handle to the back of Eclipse. This unphases the monster, but gets his attention enough that he drops Dick Fury and instead turns his attention over to Xander Haze. But Krayzie comes in with a Forearm Smash to Eclipse, which still barely moves him! Eclipse now grabs the veteran Krayzie and Xander both by the backs of their heads, slamming them together in one quick instance.

Jim Gunt: That’s one hell of a headbutt!

Jarvis King: Someone’s going to have a headache, tomorrow, amiright Mike?

Mike Rolash: Don’t talk to me, please.

Jarvis King: Why not? That’s what I’m being paid to come out here and do this week, dude. Chill.

With both Krayzie and Xander Haze holding onto their skulls in pain on the canvas, it is now only Eclipse and Dick Fury on their feet. Dick is relentless, having made a career out of fighting both men and women, both small and large. He goes dirty right from the get-go, shoving a knee right into the groin of the oncoming Eclipse. This finally seems to damage the big man, as he drops to one knee. DROPKICK! Dick gets right back to his feet, and hits another Dropkick that Eclipse continues to barely sell. He places his hands in the air, calling Dick Fury to continue to bring on the onslaught!

Mike Rolash: Eclipse was quoted in an interview recently saying “I will embrace Dick. I will take all the Dick he can unleash on me.” What do you think of that, Jimmy?

Jim Gunt: Uh...no comment.

Jarvis King: Boy you’re hitting it out of the ballpark tonight with these dick jokes, Mike.

Jarvis rolls his eyes as the action continues in the ring. Dick Fury obliges Eclipse’s attempt to get him to bring it on, doing just that with a blasting kick to the side of Eclipse’s head and then following it up with a DDT to the dazed monster. Finally with Eclipse on the canvas, Dick Fury turns around right into Krayzie. A smile comes across the face of Dick as he begins to twerk and spin his groin, simply bringing up a raised eyebrow from the veteran father of Duce Jones. Dick uses this distraction to his advantage, or tries to with a clothesline attempt. But Krayzie ducks underneath it and before Dick knows it he is upside down being driven into the canvas. AIR RAID CRASH! And Krayzie leans on him for the cover!

Jarvis King: What a move there from Duce’s pops! But will it be enough to land him a spot in the ring with the one true King!?


Mike Rolash: Don’t do that, dude. Makes you sound like Sahn.


Jarvis King: Don’t ever compare me to that scumbag poet.


Xander Haze breaks up the pinfall with a Frog Splash to both men!

Mike Rolash: Dicks are flying everywhere!

Jarvis King: You wish.

Jim Gunt: Alright guys, please. You’re about to get us kicked off the air.

Xander Haze is quick to get right back up to his feet after hitting the frog splash, holding onto his disabled side to try to shake some of the feeling back into his arm. Haze angrily shouts out, stomping down on both Dick Fury and Krayzie. He doesn’t however see Eclipse hovering over him from behind, that is until the mammoth grabs him by the back of the neck, raising him high into the air. The audience gasps aloud as Eclipse tosses Haze right on his face like he was nothing, laughing evilly as the sound of Haze’s body hitting the canvas stains the ears of the fans in attendance forever. 

Jim Gunt: Reverse Chokeslam from Eclipse! What a sick son of a bitch!

Jarvis King: Who is this guy anyway? He reminds me of somebody. Maybe if Wreck It Ralph and Ryan Seacrest had a love child?

Roaring at the top of his lungs, the madman that is Eclipse calls out for more competition.

Mike Rolash: Feed him more!

Jarvis King: Dick?

Speaking of Dick Fury, the suave man himself slithers up behind Eclipse as he goes to move towards Krayzie. The two of them momentarily work together, as Krayzie dropkicks Eclipse backward right into a Reverse DDT from Fury! 

Jim Gunt: What a combination there!

Mike Rolash: Hell yeah! Eclipse just got him all the Dick he could possibly ask for.

With the goliath down, it is now Krayze and Dick Fury who trade right hands. Fury seems to get the better of the veteran, showing that maybe he has slowed down in his old age, but he fights right back with a D-Trigga Rising Knee!

Jim Gunt: Woah! Right out of the playbook of his son Duce, Krayzie just delivered a picture perfect knee! 

Dick holds onto his jaw, the jovial attitude immediately switching over as he looks back at Krayzie, who comes running at him at full speed. NO! Dick ducks under, and back body drops him all the way to the outside!

Mike Rolash: Rough landing there for old Pops.

Jarvis King: Might’ve smoked one too many joints before tonight’s match.

Dick Fury scoops Xander up to his feet, from behind, pulling his arm up over his head as he lunges forward. The crowd gasps.

Mike Rolash: Did he just penetrate?

Jim Gunt: MIKE!

Jarvis King: Hahaha...wow guys.

Fury pulls Xander Haze up off his feet and throws him hard to the canvas. PUMP HANDLE SLAM! He begins to slap at his beautifully groomed chest, the sold out crowd booing his strangeness even as he seems to have the match at hand. Even Dick Fury has had enough of the fun and games however, calling for the end of the match as he places Xander up onto the top rope. Xander tries to fight back with a right hand but takes three knife edge chops instead. He barely lingers on the top rope, prone to Fury coming up with him and SUPER SWINGING NECKBREAKER! 

Jim Gunt: What a neckbreaker, and Fury landed every bit of it!

Mike Rolash: It’s gotta be over here!

Jarvis King: I’m not sure I can imagine myself stepping into the ring with this guy…

Fury makes an awkward cover, crawling over to Haze before rolling onto him.





Jim Gunt: My god! Eclipse is back with a vengeance!

Mike Rolash: HOL-Y SHIT!

Eclipse begins stomping the skull of Xander Haze into the canvas, first slowly and methodically, but after taking a look around to notice that Krayzie and Dick Fury are still outside the ring, he takes his offense to another level and begins viciously and quickly smashing his boot in the back of Haze’s neck and head.

Jim Gunt: Come on referee, stop the match! Eclipse is going to kill this guy!

Mike Rolash: Well Jarvis, can you see yourself with in the ring with old Eclipse any more?

Jarvis King: ...Wow.

The back of Xander’s head has been busted open, and despite Trent Robbins trying to stop from Eclipse from doing anymore damage, and threaten to disqualify him, Eclipse walks right through the official to pick Haze up by his now crimson hair. His places his forearm around the neck of Haze, choking him with one arm while placing his claw of a hand deep in his gullet with the other. Haze shakes around violently like a rag doll being tortured to death, some of the fans in attendance booing aloud while a few others begin to vomit on the person next to them. Trent Robbins looks on in horror, calling for the bell as soon as Xander makeshift taps out on his own leg.

Ray Douglas: And your winner of this match by submission and new Paramount Title #1 Contender….ECLIPSE!!

“Eclipse” by Pink Floyd once again begins to play as Dick Fury and Krayzie both finally begin to come to, the two of them looking on in the ring to see if they want to get any vengeance on Eclipse. Deciding the better of it, Krayzie heads up the ramp while Fury begins to mouth obscenities from afar. 

Jarvis King: Alright guys, I think I have seen enough. Looks like I have some work on my hands to prepare myself for next week, see ya Mike.

Jarvis flips over Rolash’s cup of soda onto his lap on his way out.

Mike Rolash: ….Ugh!

Jim Gunt: Haha, the great Jarvis King, ladies and gentlemen!


We’re backstage.


Literally a stone's throw from the gorilla position and the entrance ramp beyond that, we can see it all in the background of the dimly lit corner we find ourselves in. The crowd out in the arena can be clearly heard popping as a familiar mustachioed figure emerges from stage left.

The Bombastic Bronson Box is dressed in his traditional brown and grey pinstripes, white athletic tape wrapped tightly around each wrist. Veins throbbing in the thick haggis fueled muscles of his neck. His wide, wild bloodshot brown eyes are accompanied by a similarly wild open mouthed grin.

He creepily runs his tongue between his lip and his gnarled looking teeth.


Bronson Box: I like this part, too, that anticipation, that rush, still get that after decades doin’ this. Havin’ a wild imagination, that’s the trick… see, my mind tends to race right about fight time. Flooded with all the wonderfully awful things I can legally perpetrate on another human being... how lucky a fella’ I am for it. *sniffs* bloody orgasmic, that.

He raises a lewd eyebrow.

Bronson Box: Fookin’ electric, is what it is. Known’ out in the arena there there’s a puckered arsehole every eighteen inches just bristlin’ at the idea o’ ME, The Wargod, The Fookin’ STARMAKER walkin’ down that aisle and SMEARIN’ that exhaustin’ Shadow prick all over that beautiful clean wrestlin’ canvas with THESE.

He raises his lunchpail sized mits out infront of him.

A few beats as the crowd pops at the thought of the wholesale violence just moments away.

And at that his grin droops a bit. Stone serious now. A very “matter-of-fact” quality to his posture.

Bronson Box: Because that’s what Bronson Box fookin’ does, boy’o. By the grace of God go I, I burn and pillage and RUIN everythin’ in my wake. Win or lose, rain or shine these smelly PRICKS are goin’ to shuffle out of this arena tonight back into their sad, dreary lives… we’re in Pittsburgh after all... and they’re goin’ to have ONE NAME. ON THEIR LIPS. ONE MAN’S ACTS OF BRUTAL… BRUTAAAL VIOLENCE ON THEIR MINDS...

He lunges towards the camera, suddenly.

Through gnarled lips and gritted teeth…

Bronson Box: MINE.

He palms the camera and we’re left with simply static.

Evolution 25 Preview

The Evolution 25 logo appears on the screen.

Voiceover: A big event is coming to Columbus, Ohio: Evolution 25!

Jarvis King standing above Christian Starr after his victory at Golden Intentions!

Voiceover: Jarvis King.

Eclipse in the ring just now choking the living daylights out of Xander Haze.

Voiceover: Eclipse.

The Paramount Title.

Voiceover: The Paramount Championship title, only on July 10, 2018 at Evolution 25!

Fade to the CWF logo.


Bronson Box vs. The Shadow

Jim Gunt: Next week Evolution will celebrate its 25th episode since the return of CWF and we just witnessed the destruction of Xander Haze on the hands of the behemoth Eclipse to earn himself a title match against Jarvis King for the Paramount title, and that is just one of the matches we will have!

Mike Rolash: But staying here in Pittsburgh, Bronson Box has made his intentions for his next match with The Shadow very clear and they most definitely are NOT golden, that is for sure!

Jim Gunt: This could hardly be a more diverse match here, The Shadow lithe, fast and analytic, Bronson Box the strong grappler and brawler with the short fuse.

The arenas lights are snuffed out all at once causing a wave of anticipation throughout the fans in attendance.

Cue the man in black.

♫ You can run on for a long time… ♫

The house lights come up and there, already standing on the ring apron, is the man himself. Sheared head and freshly waxed mustache. The reaction is overwhelmingly negative… but the faithful, the true faithful, the fans in attendance that know full-well who this is and what he’s about are pounding guardrails and chanting his name. Boxer slides between the ropes and raises his arms high. Boos, cheers, jeers, it’s obvious he doesn't care one bit.

They’re all on their feet.


Jim Gunt: Would you listen to these people? My God.

Mike Rolash: I bet it was that crack on Pittsburgh, these people are so touchy.

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, making his WAAAAY to the ring. The self proclaimed "greatest attraction in ALL of sports and entertainment"... this is THE WARGOD, THE ORIGINAL DEFIANT, THE STAAAAAAAAARMAKER… THIS IS THE BOMBASTIC... BRONSOOOOOOON BOOOOOOOOOOOOOX!

Boxer climbs the nearest turnbuckle holding his arms out wide. Soaking in the reaction from the racous crowd.

Jim Gunt: A decidedly mixed reaction for Bronson Box.


Mike Rolash: You can say that again… 

The lights go out again and "Mea Culpa" by After Forever starts with its ominous keyboard sounds. As the choir sets in, fog starts to waft around the ring, illuminated only with cold, blue light, the ring itself is dark. As the choirs reach their crescendo, the light flickers with rising intensity and as the choir stops, the lights go back on and he stands in the centre of the ring, stoic and unmoving under his hood, right in front of Bronson Box.

Ray Douglas: And his opponent, one half of the current CWF Tag Team champions The Forsaken - The Weaver of Dreams - THE SHADOW!

The crowd gives him a much warmer welcome even though he does not acknowledge any of it, fixing his opponent in his intense gaze. Referee “Big” Danny Davison is giving both competitors a quick rundown of the rules and then signals for the bell to be rung.

Bronson is going for a traditional lockup to start the match, but the moment The Shadow goes to accept it, the Scot goes for a straight punch instead hitting him in the shoulder. Referee Danny Davison immediately steps between the two men, reprimanding Bronson for the use of a closed fist.

Jim Gunt: That was an illegal move! Not a good start to this match!

Mike Rolash: Ah piffle, people should just stop being so snowflakey!

Jim Gunt: It IS against the rules, Mike!

Mike Rolash: Oh rules, shmules…

The Shadow is holding his shoulder from the punch, but is trying to shake it off as Bronson comes in for another attack. In an attempt to surprise The Shadow, Bronson Box runs at him at full speed, with the Weaver of Dreams barely able to get out of the way. Jumping to the side he uses the Scotsman’s momentum against him, sending him right in between the turnbuckles into the ring post!

Jim Gunt: Ooh, his impetuousness is costing him early in this match, that hit of the ringpost could already be the beginning of the end!

Mike Rolash: Impetu-what?

Jim Gunt: Oh boy, him losing his calm.

Mike Rolash: Then why didn’t you say that?

Bronson finds himself on the receiving end of an arm bar, The Shadow trying to continue to work the Scotsman’s shoulder. Desperate to break the hold, Box tries to claw for the rope, but The Shadow has the lock on well. The Wargod hits the mat twice with Danny Davison right there to check for a potential tapout, but Bronson is just yelling at him in full Scottish dialect, indicating that he is nowhere near quitting.

Jim Gunt: The Shadow puts some immense strain on that shoulder, but Bronson refuses to give in or give up, a showing of strong will there!

Mike Rolash: And a showing of strength, too, because he is trying to get out of this hold!

Drawing from his mat wrestling background, Bronson shifts and manages to pull The Shadow over his hurt shoulder to the mat before rolling out of the ring to give his shoulder some reprieve from the stretching. His opponent, though, does not seem to agree with that plan and immediately follows him out. Sliding out behind Box, he runs at his opponent, pushing him forward and again into the ring post!



Not wanting to give him any chance to recover, he pulls Box right to his feet again and tries to roll him back into the ring, but instead Bronson nails him with a sharp upper cut with his good hand, causing The Shadow to let go and stagger back.



Jim Gunt: That was another closed fist by Bronson, but the referee has not seen anything.

Instead of rolling back into the ring, Bronson Box continues to go after The Shadow immediately following up with more European uppercuts that now have the Weaver of Dreams reeling.



He keeps on pushing, laying into The Shadow, finally pushing him into the barrier and the ground in a heap.



To break the count he rolls into the ring and back out, rotating his arm to make sure everything is back in place in his shoulder. The Shadow is back to a vertical base, holding on to the barrier for support, while Box saunters over to him.

Mike Rolash: Box really laid into The Shadow and his sheer strength has definitely left a mark here! But he seems a little overconfident here.

Jim Gunt: Yes, one should never count out The Shadow and LARIAT! Either born out of despair or because he has been able to recover just enough.



The Shadow uses his opponent’s break on the mats to roll himself back into the ring and recover a bit more from the stiff hits of the Scot, who himself is only slowly peeling himself off the mat on the outside of the ring. Shaking off the cobwebs, The Shadow takes a quick look at his opponent and takes a run - SUICIDE DIVE takes Bronson back to the ground!

Jim Gunt: Beautiful dive, hitting Bronson hard, but The Shadow also hit the barrier behind him, so both men are down at the moment!



Slowly The Shadow is getting to his feet, Box is still barely moving, yet the referee counts on.



Clearly contemplating his options of further attacking and potentially incapacitating Bronson or going into the ring to regain some strength, The Shadow opts for the latter. He rolls in and goes on one knee, catching his breath while keeping an eye on Box, who has used the apron to pull himself back up.



Jim Gunt: So far not a very fast match, but Bronson is known as a brawler and grappler, not as a high velocity competitor.

As Box is stepping through the ropes back into the ring, The Shadow catches him with a knee lift, but as he whips him into the ropes, the Scot reverses and catches the man in black on the rebound and delivers a crashing ONE-ARM SLAM, knocking the air out of The Shadow!

Mike Rolash: There is still life in the man and what many people easily forget, he is a very proficient mat wrestler.

Jim Gunt: That and it is not a fluke that he managed to hold several belts in Defiance as well, so there is definitely more to him than just the fighting.

Now it is Bronson’s turn to apply an ankle hold, but The Shadow is twisting and winding, preventing Box from getting a firm hold and a foot to the face ends his attempts. Using the ropes, The Shadow is getting back up, but faces another uppercut barrage by Bronson, some of them closed fist, leading to Danny to intervene, but it takes until the four count for him to actually let up, leaving The Shadow hanging in the corner. He moves in again right away, but his attempt at another uppercut is cut short by a kick into the gut and then a high knee right after, bringing Box back upright and open for The Shadow to charge forward.

Jim Gunt: Ooh, I am not exactly sure what that was, but it looked like some sort of a spear, but he has Box’s legs up--

Mike Rolash: Slingshot into the corner!

The slingshot hits right into the top turnbuckle, making Box stumble backwards and The Shadow surges forward, jumps onto the middle rope, turns and NIGHTFALL!




Ray Douglas: And the winner by pinfall is - THE SHADOW!

Both men are still on the mat, Bronson Box feeling the effects from the DDT and The Shadow trying to get past the effects of the devastating uppercuts by Box.

Jim Gunt: Even though The Shadow prevailed, Bronson definitely had him reeling, those uppercuts are vicious!

Mike Rolash: A man after my taste.

Jim Gunt: You did not just say that, did you?



The ending bell has barely rung before a figure appears on the arena stage, giving neither The Shadow or Bronson Box a chance to register and recover from the outcome of the match. The figure is the Aussie Larikin and former Lost Boy, Sam Braxton, microphone in hand.

Sam Braxton: Hard luck on the loss there mate, but I don’t know you, so pick up your Scot's Skirt and piss off. I don’t got any business with you.

After dismissing Bronson Box, the full attention of the embittered Aussie falls completely onto The Shadow.

Sam Braxton: I’m in desperate need of some turps, so I’m gonna make this quick. I don’t know what you and the rest of the bloody do-gooders have planned to deal with them bloody snakes in the grass, but shit has gotta change. Now I ain’t sayin’ I’m gonna be anybody's friend or ally, and don’t expect to come to anyone’s bloody aid. But I got some beef with Ouroboros as I’m sure everyone’s well aware. I’ll never raise a hand against Dean, no matter what he calls himself, but the rest of them wankers are fair game and mate…well…ah bloody god damnit. Mate, I need your help.

While Sam has been talking The Shadow collects himself and retrieves his own microphone.

The Shadow: We are indeed aware and sympathetic to the unfortunate fate that befell you and your partner. But what exactly do you feel we can accomplish?

Sam Braxton: Ain’t it obvious? I want to save my friends soul, and I know you’re the bloke to talk to about that.

With a nod The Shadow drops the microphone, takes Sam by the shoulder and motions for him to follow.

Mass Confusion, pt II


Eric Dane’s private dressing room.


“What in the actual fuck?!”

Angus Skaaland and MJ Flair stand glued to the monitor. It’s one of those 4k curved deals, not like the regular bullshits that other locker rooms and the Gorilla Position has, this one is straight up nice. Angus is one-hundred percent incredulous.

Angus: How in fuck’s name did he let that skinny-jeans-wearing weirdo punk him out in his very first match? I mean seriously? We bring this Scottish prick in, put him over like he’s the biggest meanest baddest asshole this side of the Great Wall, and he fuckin’ loses to The Shadow of all people? Eric is going to lose his shit.

MJ looks at him, realizing that he’s actually looking for an answer. She shrugs.

MJF: Ring rust? Hasn’t he been on a vacation? 

Skaaland mulls it over.

Angus: I mean, can you get ring rust from being a raving violent lunatic who beats up referees and backstage crew members and women when he has a tantrum because something doesn’t go his way?

Another moment of silence. MJ looks at the screen, looks at Angus, looks back at the screen, and gestures towards it.

MJF: Apparently? 

Suddenly, the door implodes.

“Can you believe THIS shit?”

Eric Dane is not amused.

Angus: Here we go.

Dane: I didn’t dig that motherfucker out from under a rock in Scotland for him to show up and LOSE to The Shadow!

Angus: Where’ve you been?

Dane: Gorilla. I wasn’t about to let those Thrill Kill jackoffs get their hands on Box while he was distracted by Shadow, but as soon as I saw he was going to lose I headed back this way. And why are you asking me where I’ve been? Where in the fuck have you been all day?

Skaaland and Flair share an uneasy glance.

Angus: I’ve been around, what does it matter?

The Only Star’s eyes go wide, his brows go up, and steam begins to emit from both ears. It might be very comical if it weren’t for the fact that this is real life and not a cartoon.

Dane: [low] It matters because I pay you almost six figures to be at my beck and call, to handle my affairs, and to be where I can find you at all times! Anymore the only time I can find you is after the show or back at the hotel, or stuffed halfway up either hers [he nods toward Flair] or her midget’s ass!

He takes an aside.

Dane: Can I say midget on TV? Is he a dwarf? Will there be elves? Is this gonna turn into a whole thing where I have to sack up the entire place, throw it on my back, and defend everyone and everybody from the big bad orcs while some kind of weird fucking eye in the sky tries to steal my secret decoder ring?

Angus and MJ give each other the side-eye.

MJF: I mean… is that a serious question? Adrian prefers ‘midget,’ so take that as you will--

Eric interrupts her, forcing his will over MJ’s.

Dane: It doesn’t fucking matter, MJ, what matters is we’re wasting our time dealing with these gothic goofballs because believe it or not the Ouroboros are in control, and they have us running around in circles like chickens with our goddamn heads cut off, all the while keeping any of us from having our eyes on the actual fucking prize!

Their eyes remain locked on each other for a disgustingly lingering moment.

MJF: Why... the fuck... would you ever assume that shot belonged to you?

The look of disgust that washes over The Only Star’s face is one that MJ Flair has never been privy to until just now. The mixture of shock and disbelief combine to give him a look like he’s about to throw up a gut full of bile right in her face.

Dane: Why do you think I came to CWF in the first place, MJ? I don’t give one quarter of one fuck about any institute, cult, or wrestling faction therein, nor am I all that inclined to care who they fuck with so long as it isn’t me.

He snorts.

Dane: They’re a fucking distraction, and they’re fucking distracting us.

The corners of MJ’s mouth turn up… just a bit.

MJF: If you’re blaming Andy Murray for your inability to come up in the clutch… or the Oreos… or who the fuck ever for distracting you?

And yes, she makes the air quotes, very mockingly.

MJF: Then how the fuck did you ever win double digit World titles. 

She holds three fingers in front of his face.

MJF: Or three?

And now just one… take a guess.

MJF: Or one?

Before Dane can pick his jaw up off the floor and tear her to shreds over her disrespectful audacity, MJ spins on her heels and opens the door, slamming it into the wall.

MJF: Prick.

Exit MJ. Angus and Eric can still hear her muttering under her breath as the door opens and closes. The Motormouth of Malcontent tries with all his might to hold it in, but he fails spectacularly.

Angus: BWA-HAHA!!!

The End Boss snaps his attention to Angus, blue fire in his eyes shooting laser beams of hatred right through Angus’ face. It’d be disgusting if it were happening in the real world and not just in Eric Dane’s imagination. 

Angus: Nah, fuck you, you got in a dick measuring contest with a little girl, and you lost! And that shit is funny.

He walks off in the same direction that MJ Flair had only just left in, leaving Dane to his own devices. Eric seethes as the scene switches elsewhere.


Bars, narrow, bronze like. Silas Artoria leans against a wall while gripping the cage that was rudely thrown at his by Ataxia at Golden Intentions. He keeps his hands on it, inspecting it copiously and analysed seemingly every detail. His face isn't pleased, instead very bruised and battered from the cage match, but there was no sign of the haunting features he proudly displayed the other night.

???: Silas?

Silas looks past the cage before lowering it. Tara.

Tara Robinson: Both your match ups didn't go well, continuing your losing streak. How are you f--

Silas Artoria: Feeling? Feeling!? What kind of stupid question is that!?

Tara Robinson: Well--

Silas grabs her collar and pulls her close.

Silas Artoria: How can someone as experienced as you ask something so damn obvious? I'm pretty sure you're aware how I feel about Golden Intentions. Won by a goddamn old timer? Pathetic. GODDAMN PATHETIC!

Tara Robinson: Silas...you're hurting me!

Silas Artoria: That's barely pain.

He pulls her closer.

Silas Artoria: This is pain.

He tosses the cage aside and grabs Tara with two hands. He lifts her up, onto her shoulders! He charges towards a table and POWERBOMBS THE INTERVIEWER THROUGH THE TABLE. Tara lies in the crumped mess, motionless, as Silas gets back on his feed.

Silas Artoria: Amateur.

Silas doesn't bat an eye or acknlowledge her state; he simply turns around, picks up the bird cage, and starts to make his exit. Footsteps are heard in the background, before a familiar face appears.

Autumn Raven: The hell was that about? Back at Golden Intentions?

Silas Artoria: None of your concern.

He keeps on marching.

Autumn Raven: I saw the footage of that cage match. You let them out!?? What did we say about your Passenger?

Silas Artoria: Times change.

Autumn Raven: Well I have a pledge to keep.

Autumn swings her arms in the air, they're holding a chair! It comes crashing down on Si--

Grab. Silas grips the chair edge with one hand whilst turning his head. He stares at Autumn with pure furor.

Silas Artoria: Stupid girl.

He throws the chair to the side before viciously smashing the bird cage into Autumn's head, collapsing it. He grabs her hair and collar, and swings her around. He lets go, and the psychopath crashes headfirst into a pile of production boxes, demolishing some and collapsing others. She is completely buried.

Tara Robinson staggers into frame, looking at the pile before she turns her attention back to Silas, completely shook. Silas takes one glare at the staff member, then turns around to continue his walk.

Silas Artoria: Best of luck in your future endevours.

Amelia vs. Eric Dane

Jim Gunt: Wow, wow, wow, things are really happening here tonight! The Shadow gaining the upper hand against Bronson Box and then Sam Braxton coming out and actually asking him for help with getting Judas, uh, Dean Coulter out of the clutches of Ouroboros!

Mike Rolash: And Silas makes it official, the Coalition is dead, but let's be honest, smashing Tara through a table was absolutely uncalled for and should not be tolerated! And looks like Autumn is taking being dumped by Silas as fuel to renew her focus end efforts!

Jim Gunt: Looking at our next match here, Amelia against Eric Dane, this whole thing is heating up a lot right now, at first with the almost-confrontation between Amelia and Ataxia on one side and Dane and Bronson on the other and now some severe disagreements between MJ Flair and Eric, trouble in paradise is brewing here!

The opening of "Committed" by One-Eyed Doll blasts over the PA as the lights all go out, plunging the entire arena into pitch darkness, save for one, lone, icy blue spotlight that shines bright on the stage. A lone figure comes dancing out into the spot light, skipping frantically to the beat and collapsing in the middle of the spotlight as the music crescendos.

Amelia hops up to her feet and curtsies to the delight to most in the crowd. She skips down to the ring, her arms swinging freely at her sides and pauses once she gets to the ring, placing her hands on the apron and gazing up at nothing in particular with a mad expression in her eyes and a maniacal smile on her lips. She licks her lips savoring the moment and slides into the ring, laughing as she rolls under the rope and crawls over to the closest corner, rocking back and forth to the music and laughing at anyone who dares make eye contact with her.

Ray Douglas: The next match is schedule for one fall. The first competitor, hailing from Tonawanda, New York - AMELIA!

"The Devil Beneath My Feet" by Marilyn Manson starts to sound and Eric Dane is strutting out from the backstage area, a confident swagger in his step. He takes a look at the crowd that is giving him very mixed reactions and he just gives them a condescending glare and makes his way to the ring, motioning Ray Douglas to give him some more space as he steps through the ropes.

Ray Douglas: And her opponent, from New Orleans, Louisiana - The End Boss - ERIC DANE!

Referee Scott Dean brings the two competitors together in the centre, with Amelia shooting some daggers into Dane, who does not seem to care in the least. With the tolling of the starting bell, Amelia bursts into action ducking underneath an attempted wild haymaker from the End Boss, Eric Dane. She swings around behind the opponent and wraps her arms around him. Eric holds his position, throwing his weight around and making Amelia’s job that much harder. With neither competitor willing to budge, Eric tires of the contest and breaks the stalemate with a forceful stamp of his foot down upon Amelia’s.

Jim Gunt: Eric may have only been here for such a short time, but he is holding nothing back in making his presence felt.

The Antagonist of the CWF follows up with a stiff, fierce elbow to the side of Amelia’s head then snaps around, face-to-face with his opponent, and completely unloads with a furious flurry of forearms right to the face. Amelia is left stunned and unable to muster any form of defence, pushed back. Eric Dane sends her into the ropes with an irish whip, catching her on the rebound with a text-book powerslam. He opts not to make a pin and postulates for the fans.

Mike Rolash: Though he may want to focus more on actually getting the job done then showing off for a crowd that as of yet, haven’t quite warmed up to him.

Jim Gunt: Can’t fault them for that. I’m still trying to figure out where he stands in the scheme of things.

Eric maintains his offensive as Amelia tries to recover, connecting with a vertical suplex and makes a half-hearted attempt at a pinfall with a single boot on the fallen form of Amelia and another flex of his muscles.


Amelia kicks out!

Mike Rolash: I think Eric is more interested in psyching out his opponent then physical domination.

Jim Gunt: All-in-all not a bad tactic. You get in your opponent’s head, and the fat lady starts singing.

Mike Rolash: Why bring your mother into this?

This time as Eric moves in for the kill, Amelia springs to life, summoning forth the energy to catch the End Boss by surprise, catching him in the back of a head with a sudden enziguiri. Eric staggers on his feet, but by some miracle remains standing. Amelia is taken aback by the fortitude of the Antagonist and readies herself for the attack.

Mike Rolash: Eric took that perfect kick like the boss he is!

Eric takes a step forward, advancing menacingly towards Amelia and in an instant falls to his knee. Clearly more affected by the enzuigiri than he tried to make out.

Jim Gunt: You were saying?

Using the ring ropes for added momentum, Amelia comes charging at the partially downed Eric Dane and collides with an impressive sliding lariat then a standing elbow drop…and another…and another, finishing up by jumping into the air and dropping down bodily onto Eric Dane’s stomach with both her knees. Amelia hooks the leg for a pin attempt.


Jim Gunt: We’ve seen this from Amelia before. She finds her opening, picks her spots and builds up momentum. It will take something significant from Eric to swing it back to his favour.


The End Boss gets his shoulder up.

Mike Rolash: Don’t count him out just yet

Jim Gunt: I wasn’t…

Amelia comes in for a shining wizard, but Eric regains his senses in time to catch her as she comes in for the attack, throwing her up and hitting with a pop-up powerbomb. He shuffles over to the corner and takes some time to catch his breath.

Mike Rolash: Significant enough for you?

Jim Gunt: Oh can it!

Eric sets up for the Stardriver, but Amelia manages to slip slightly out of his grasp to deny the signature move. However the End Boss quickly adapts, catching her by the arm and pulling her back in with a short-arm flapjack, dropping her throat first over the top ring rope. He mockingly makes a grand gesture of wiping his brow out of relief before capitalising with a brutal high-angle backdrop driver. He goes for the cover.


Jim Gunt: Not going to lie, outside his attitude, I’d love to have seen Eric Dane back in his prime.


Mike Rolash: What are you saying? He’s great now! He won’t let something like age bring him down.


Amelia breaks the pin by raising her shoulder.

Eric pushes her shoulder back down to the mat and attempts another pin.



Amelia kicks out.

Eric comes down with an elbow drop, but Amelia rolls out of the firing line. Eric’s body is jarred as he crashes down onto the ring mat. She is on him in an instant, setting up for a neckbreaker. Eric counters, dragging Amelia down with a backslide pin.



Amelia escapes the pinning predicament!

With an unexpected burst of speed from the aged ring veteran, Eric lashes out with a toe-kick, but the younger and spryer, Amelia reacts just as quickly, catching his foot and blocking the kick. She throws him around into a spin, twisting in place herself and catching the End Boss with a tornado lariat.

Jim Gunt: Neither competitor seems able to maintain their advantage, the pace changing back and forth continually.

Mike Rolash: It’s like a tennis match.

Jim Gunt: Wouldn’t take you as cultured, or patient, enough to sit through a tennis game.

Amelia nails a Shining Wizard and makes the cover.




Eric kicks outs!

Amelia closes in yet again, getting a set of fingers into the eyes for her trouble and the End Boss grabs a hold of her leggings, pulling and shoving her in between the ring ropes. Amelia careens to the ringside area, landing in a tangled heap. Eric Dane looks VERY proud of himself.

Mike Rolash: He really is the Only Star we need in this federation.

Eric makes his own way to the outside, picking up his fallen foe. Amelia lashes out with a series of brutal punches straight into the gut, forcing the air out of the End Boss. An irish whip sends Eric Dane face first into the exterior of the corner post, colliding with the cold, hard steel.

Jim Gunt: He totally deserved that.

Referee Scott Dean reaches the count of 5 as Amelia rolls Eric back into the ring, following closely behind herself. She sets him up, draped over the ring apron, with throat in line with the bottom ring ropes, and with her hands firmly around his ankles she leans back with a guillotine style catapult. A lateral press follows.

Jim Gunt: Amelia pulling out all the stops to put away this opponent.



3. Eric Dane has his foot on the bottom rope, forcing referee Scott Dean to stop the pin count.

Mike Rolash: Eric Dane, a veteran of the ring, using the ring to his own advantage.

Amelia pulls Eric away from the ring ropes and hooks the leg for another pin attempt.



No dice! Eric Dane gets a shoulder up.

Amelia picks up Eric, hooking the arm and setting up for her match-ending Last Laugh DDT. Before she can see the move to fruition the End Boss summons up his strength and counters into a variant of a basic back body drop. He follows up with a brutal boot to the seated Amelia’s chest then he quickly creates some space and patiently waits.

Jim Gunt: Amelia was so close!

Eric Dane charges forward and attempts to connect with the hellacious running knee strike he calls the Starbreaker. Amelia just manages to duck out of the way by some miracle, a mere seconds away from what could have been the end of the match. Eric uses the momentum and continues charging off against the ropes, taking Amelia by surprise with the Shining Star.

Mike Rolash: Eric doesn’t take too kindly to those who evade his signature, finishing move.

This time Amelia is unable to muster any defence and is knocked clean out by the Starbreaker. With one final look of contempt Eric drops down to make the cover.


Jim Gunt: As much as I want her to, there looks to be no kicking out after that move.


Mike Rolash: My man, Eric Dane!


The bell rings but Eric does not have the time to celebrate as all members of Ouroboros make their way down from the stage, encircling the ring. Eric seeks the better part of valour and instead of challenging their presence he makes a quick and hurried retreat.

Jim Gunt: Oh come on you bloody cowards! And Eric Dane isn’t any better.

Mike Rolash: He’s smart is what he is.

Amelia however is not so lucky and is still recovering from the Starbreaker. In a scene very similar to the beat down of Impakt at Paradise, Elisha lifts Amelia up by the throat and with his token maliciousness brings her down with a chokeslam backbreaker variation, holding her in place over his knee and pushing down, bending her unnaturally.

Jim Gunt: Oh god. We’ve seen this before.

Eric is a few moments up the ramp when he stops in his tracks and looks back to watch. Cursing under his breath he bursts back DOWN the ramp, a beeline straight back to the ring.

Jim Gunt: Wait. What? A chance of conscience?

Mike Rolash: Ugh. Stupid heroics.

None of the Ouroboros are watching the ramp and do not notice Eric slide back into the ring. He surprises Judas first, grabbing him from behind and throwing him out over the ropes, to the outside. Revenant notices the movement and with an almighty, bestial roar, charges at the End Boss. Eric drops down, pulling the ring ropes with him and Revenant tumbles to the outside.

Jim Gunt: Eric Dane is cleaning house!

This at last draws the attention of the rest of the stable, Elisha releasing Amelia and letting her drop to the floor. Paradoxically the Moonchild barks an order and Ouroboros back away, allowing Eric to come to Amelia’s aid.

Mike Rolash: Elisha is only setting them up for an even more vicious and violent punishment.

Unsure, Amelia tentatively accepts Eric’s aid and the two, opponents only moments ago, now stand side by side. Choronzon and Cassandra advance while Judas and Revenant recover. Amelia swngs around behind the Prophetess throwing her back with a german suplex that also collides with Judas on the apron, sending him back down. Eric however is caught in a struggle with the Disciple, giving the leader of Ouroboros a chance to close in. Seeing the imminent danger Amelia comes in with a stiff side kick, but Elisha seems completely unfazed, turning to her menacingly.

Jim Gunt: They should have gotten out of dodge when they had the chance!

Mike Rolash: They never had the chance Jim!

Eric gains the upper hand on Choronzon and throws him shoulder first into the gut of the Moonchild, coming to Amelia’s defence. With a brief break in the melee Amelia and Eric share a brief glance and then amidst the confusion, they high-tail it the hell out of there. Elisha roars out to his Disciples and the members of Ouroboros give dogged chase.

Separate ways

Autumn walks slowly down a back hallway of the PPG Paints Arena. Her eyes are glancing ahead of her, seeing but not really seeing much of anything. Her face is twisted into a cold, hateful scowl after what just happened. Hands are clutched into tight fists, so tight that her knuckles are turning white. She had placed her trust into someone who she thought had her back, and would help her out in this place but like Future Flock and Billy, they had jammed the knife in her skin and twisted, leaving her in pain and alone again.

This was the last time she put her trust in someone that wasn't stable to begin with. The idea of the Coalition was just a joke, a ruse to get Silas further into his own objectives and not care about what happened to the rest of them. Honestly, she didn't see it coming. She had been very naive in trusting him.

She stops walking and leans up against the wall, resting her head against the tile, letting out a sigh...

She isn't going to make that mistake again...

Her career hadn't gone much of anywhere since teaming with him, and she can finally understand why people said what they did to her in shoots. It was all about him, his wants, his needs, no one else's. She didn't matter in the end.

Her fist slams into the wall so hard, it hurts.

She is angry, but she realizes that this is a chance to be free and to start working her way up again. Like she was supposed to from the very beginning, without anyone's influence. There would be no one to hold her back, no one to hold her down and stop her from doing what she wanted out there. It was high time she got back to what made her such a dangerous woman way back when, and that anyone that encountered her was in for a damn fight and a foot to the jaw.

Autumn wants to work her way to the top, all the way, no matter how hard she has to work for it. She wants that gold, she wants to be hell on two feet and a threat to anyone breathing in CWF. No more letting people guide her, time to guide them...then turn out the lights.

She raises her hand up and looks at her open palm.

Autumn Raven: It's showtime...

Scottish Discord

The catacombs of the PPG Paint Arena, the door to the locker room of Bronson Box. A hand comes into view, knocking at first timidly, then a bit stronger. After a moment Bronson opens the door with an indignant look on his face. As the camera fades out, it shows one of the Druids, Alastair McLean, eyes wide, with a big smile on his face.

Alastair McLean: Och mah god! It is ye! Bronson Box! Ah am sae excited, I've bin followin' yer career back in Scootlund fur sae lang!

The face of the Wargod curls into a sneer as he looks the young man up and down.

Bronson Box: … are you soft in the fookin’ head, lad? Piss off.

He starts to close the door in the McLean’s face, but to his credit the young Druid extends his hand and stops Boxer from slamming the door in his face.

Alastair McLean: But...I've bin a fan fur sae lang, aam jist canty tae see ye coopon tae coopon!

Wide eyes and obviously more than a little annoyed.

Bronson Box: You’re beyond the realm of lucky that I have better FOOKIN’ things to do with my time than rumble with some GNAT outside my bloody dressin’ room ye’ daft prick. No turn left and keep fookin’ walkin’ before I cripple ye’ ye’ mush mouthed yokel... *annoyed grumble*

The Wargod forcefully slams the door shut right into McLean's disappointed face.

Alastair McLean: Glaikit feckin' divit. Noo when is Murray supposed tae be back...?

Apparently completely unaware of just how close he came to getting absolutely clobbered just now, McLean turns and heads off down the hallway.


Evolution 25 Preview

Rolling meadows, hills, a placid lake at the bottom of a little valley. Bagpipes start to sound, together with some wardrums.

Voiceover: He has returned!

A shot of Andy Murray is overlaid over the picture of the Scottish landscape.

Voiceover: Andy Murray is back and he will fight his first singles match in 13 years.

Fade to the Evolution 25 logo.

Voiceover: Only at Evolution 25 in Columbus, Ohio, on July 10, 2018!


Moment of Clarity

The show is buzzing from the great action that has taken place so far. The scene soon switches backstage, the former CWF Tag Team Champions, Smokin’ Aces! Freddie and Duce stand near rolling crates, that usually contain sound equipment for the show. The two seem to be deep in conversation, when the audio finally kicks in.

Duce Jones: You sure you're good to go for tonight? It's a big one..

Freddie Styles: Don't worry about a thing, I'm ready to kick some Oreo fuckers teeth down their throats!

Freddie has a sadistic look in his eyes, Duce nodding his head concerningly.

Duce Jones: That's what I like to hear…

Duce displays a bit of a nervous demeanor before once again speaking.

Duce Jones: Once we take care of them, then we can set our sights on getting those tag titles!

Freddie Styles: It's high time, we rid this company of all these freaks!

Duce Jones: Heh… They'll just hire more…

Just as Duce makes his statement, Eclipse comes stalking through the scene, giving both men a death glare. Both members of Smokin’ Aces stare back in confusion.

Freddie Styles: This must be the big, dumb bastard they hired to carry my bags…

Eclipse stops, turning towards the duo, marching in their direction! He comes to a halt right in front of them. Smiling in both men faces.

Eclipse: Hello, Freddie. Its been a while, but I see you are still more bark than bite.

Freddie Styles: You don't know me..

Eclipse: Quite the contrary, Freddie. I know you and Duce both quite well. You have both had your opportunity. You both had your moments of clarity. You pissed it away! You are Unworthy!

Freddie comes face to chest with the newcomer. No signs of backing down. Duce now stepping to his side as well.

Freddie Styles: Listen you rookie piece of shit! Just because you put on a little show in the GI Rumble doesn't mean shit! You gotta earn your keep round here!

Duce Jones: What the fuck he said..

Eclipse looks down upon both men, as a bit of laughter escapes his body.

Eclipse: Feeble men, with such feeble statements. You're all the same. You're all the fucking same. In time your mind will see what your eye denies...

Eclipse turns and stalks off leaving both men. Duce looks at Freddie, who's watching Eclipse as he exits.

Duce Jones: Fuck is his deal mane?

Before Styles can respond, the entire group of Ouroboros come walking through heading towards the gorilla position. Elisha and Cassandra leading the way, Judas and Choronzon behind them, finally Revenant and Schamor bringing up the rear. Revenant eyes the former tag champs as he follows his brethren. They are soon out of sight as Duce looks over towards Freddie.

Duce Jones: Fuck was he staring at?

Freddie Styles: Let's go kick some Oreo ass..

Freddie leaves heading in the same direction as a nodding Duce follows along.

Ouroboros (Judas & Elisha) vs. Smokin' Aces (Duce Jones & Freddie Styles)

The camera cuts back to ringside, where get a shot of our commentators, Gunt and Rolash.

Jim Gunt: I'm glad that didn't get out of hand. Because things could have escalated quickly!

Mike Rolash: I got a bad feeling about that Eclipse guy, Jimbo.

“Hope" by Apocalyptica starts to play. The audience rains down abuse as Ouroboros steps out onto the entrance ramp.

Ray Douglas: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!

Elisha and Cassandra walk arm in arm, waving to the crowd, smirking as they receive a torrent of profanity in response. Choronzon and Judas stand on either side of the two, shoving fans back if they get too close. In front, the hulking Revenant makes his way down the ramp, Schamor in tow.

Ray Douglas: Introducing first making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of four hundred sixty five pounds! Representing and being accompanied by Ouroboros! They are the team of JUDAS and ELISHA!

They approach the ring and enter, as the rest of Ouroboros positioned themselves in the team’s designated corner. Both Judas and Elisha preparing for the match at hand.

Jim Gunt: Now Mike this is a match, I'm sure a lot of the fans have been looking forward too. How will the Aces fair against this dominant crew?

Mike Rolash: That is a good question, and the fact that the rest of Ouroboros are out here at ringside. Things are not looking good for Duce and Freddie… But you also have to keep in mind that Judas is also semi on the bad side of Elisha. So, that's something we are sure to keep an eye on.

A hush falls over the crowd as the sounds of police sirens and helicopters fill the arena, causing fans to look around to see what's going on. Suddenly the opening lyrics of The Game’s “Ali Bomaye” sound off through the PA system.

Ray Douglas: Making their way to the ring! At a combined weight of four hundred and twenty eight pounds! They are the team of Freddie Styles and Duce Jones! SMOKIN’ ACES!

As the song breaks down, the lights beam back on spotlighting the entrance area as Freddie Styles is seen squatting down, head bent, arms stretched out in front of him, hands in twin pistol formation. Duce Jones stands behind Freddie, his back to the crowd, arms folded across his chest. The fans roaring in admiration, as the two men are both now facing the fans. The two men have made their way down the aisle and to the ring. Freddie walks up the ring steps as Duce hops on the apron. Both men climbing inside of the ring, Freddie making his way to the middle ropes, while Duce climbs one of the corners.

Jim Gunt: Fresh off helms of losing the CWF Tag Team Championships, these two have to fight their way back into contention.

Mike Rolash: That's true and all, but like we said earlier, they have to make it past these monsters first. And the fact that Duce is in a personal slump and Freddie seems to be off his rockers, this match could be interesting.

Judas stays inside the ring, as Elisha steps out to the apron. After a brief discussion amongst themselves and a quick fist bump, Duce is the one to start things off for Smokin’ Aces. “Big” Denny Davidson, the official for this match, calls for the bell. Both Jones and Judas move towards each other, locking up aggressively. Judas quickly applies a headlock on Jones, wrenching down hard on his neck. Duce quickly backs himself and Judas towards the ropes before shooting Judas off across the ring, into the opposite set of ropes. Upon his return, he barrels through the Kid That Never Dies with a shoulder block!

Looking down on his opponent with a snarl, Judas runs the ropes again, upon returning, Jones rolls to his stomach, causing the former Lost Boy to run over him, bouncing off the opposite set of ropes. When he returns again, Duce is up and in the air attempting a leap frog! However, Judas comes to a halt, catching Jones on the way down with an atomic drop! Holding is nether regions in pain, Duce is soon dropped by a clothesline, courtesy of Judas! Quickly bringing the former multi champ to his feet, and twisting his arm with an arm wringer, Judas pulls Duce towards the Ouroboros corner, tagging in the Moonchild! Elisha steps through the ropes and lines up Duce, dropping him with a hard right hand!

Jim Gunt: Duce is back to his feet but the monster Elisha, drops him with another hard right hand! Ouroboros with the early advantage.

Mike Rolash: There's no way to prepare for the Moonchild, sometimes you just gotta go in a hope for the best.

Elisha grabs Duce by his hair, pulling him up to his feet, decking him once more with another devastating right hand! The force from the blow sends Jones staggering backwards into the wrong corner, Elisha tagging out to Judas. Quickly entering the ring, he keeps the Kid That Never Dies, trapped in the corner, ramming his shoulder into the mid section of Jones repeatedly! Judas let's up, moving out of the way as Jones stumbles out of the corner, coughing violently. Not giving him a chance to recover, Judas nails a vicious lariat to the back of Jones’ neck, sending him crashing hard to the canvas! Judas shoots the half, going for the pin as Davidson comes in for the count!




Jim Gunt: Duce able to get the shoulder up! Judas has been on a vicious streak as of late.

Mike Rolash: With the company he keeps, do you think he has any other choice?

Back to his feet, Judas drops an elbow across the chest of Jones, he's back to his feet and nails another one. Judas brings Jones back to his feet, using his hair, hooking him in a front facelock. Judas takes him up and over with a vertical suplex, floating over for another pinfall, but Jones quickly kicks out before the one count! Judas is back to his feet and tagging Elisha in once more. Judas goes back to Duce, bringing up off the canvas, holding him in place where Elisha blasts him again with right hand! Letting go of Jones as he is struck, Judas heads to the corner, Duce crashing to the canvas! Elisha stomps down on the body of Jones, trying his best to cover up from the blows. The Moonchild snatches Jones off the canvas, lifting him onto shoulders. Elisha stalks around the ring with Duce on his shoulders, he makes the tag to Judas, then proceeded to be slammed into the mat with a Running Powerslam! Climbing to the top ropes, Judas leaps off for a Guillotine Leg Drop!

Jim Gunt: No! Jones able to move out of the way of Judas! Mike, this might be the opportunity Duce needs to get the fresh Freddie Styles inside of the ring.

Mike Rolash: It could be, but he's taking to much time getting to his corner.

Duce slowly crawls towards Freddie as the fans inside of the PPG Paints Arena come to life trying to cheer Duce on. Meanwhile, Judas is still seated on the canvas, grabbing at his rear in pain. He quickly tags back out to Elisha, who shakes his head in displeasure as he enters the ring. He doesn't waste time thinking about it, as he is racing across the ring and knocking Freddie off the apron! Jones doesn't notice though as he nears the corner, reaching out his hand for a tag. Elisha smiles at the sight of this, grabbing Duce by the wrist and twisting his arm with an arm wringer. Bringing Jones to his feet, Elisha twist Duce’s arm behind his head, right before blasting him directly in the chest with a Heart Punch! Duce crumbles to the mat as Elisha goes for the cover!




The count is broken up by Freddie who, stomps down on the back of the Moonchild! He returns to his teams’ corner, pounding the top turnbuckle! The fans clapping along with him trying to bring the Kid That Never Dies to life! Annoyed with Styles interference, Elisha brings Jones back to a vertical base, doubles him over, and hooks his head between his legs, facing in Styles direction. Elisha signals with a cut throat, taunting Styles, proceeding to lift Jones on his shoulders with a crucifix! The Moonchild goes to slam Duce down with a Powerbomb, but Jones slides down his back escaping the maneuver! The Moonchild turns towards Duce!

Jim Gunt: The lariat ducked by Jones! Springs off the middle rope! SHINING WIZARD! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN MIKE!

Mike Rolash: Duce really needs to get over to Styles, if the Aces are gonna have a chance to win this contest.

Duce crawls towards Styles, the fans inside of PPG Paints Arena cheering at the top of their lungs, as he finally makes the tag! Coming in like a man possessed, Styles clotheslines a entering Judas, who just received a tag himself, down to the mat! Judas is back up, but is clotheslined once again down to the canvas! Bringing Judas up off the mat, Styles whips him into an empty corner! Running after him Freddie jumps into the air, connecting with the prone body of Judas with a Styles Splash! He whips Judas towards the opposite corner, connecting with another Styles Splash! Styles let's off a primal scream, the fans cheering him on, he backs up, then charges in for another attack, but Judas moves out of the way! Styles gains his bearings in the corner, turning around just in time to duck out of the way of a charging Judas! Freddie grabs Judas with a rear waistlock, pushing him towards the corner, he then rolls backwards with Judas for an O’Connor roll! Instead of going for the pin, Styles is to his feet deadlifting the Aussie off the canvas and over with a German Suplex! He now holds on for the pin! “Big” Denny slides in to make the count!


Jim Gunt: Cassandra is up on the apron!


Davidson stops his count, to confront Cassandra on the apron!

Mike Rolash: This could spell trouble for Smokin’ Aces as this play to the numbers game of Ouroboros! Duce is still down and check out Choronzon standing on the opposite side!

Just as Rolash pointed out, Choronzon is on the opposite side of the ring, trying to interfere, but Freddie quickly spots him, charges at him knocking him off the apron. Styles talks trash to Choronzon, before turning towards Judas who is now back to his feet. Styles swings but Judas ducks underneath as Styles spins from the attempt. Judas hooks him from behind, lifting Styles up and spinning him down to the canvas with a True Blue Thunder Bomb! He holds on for the pin, Cassandra finally hopping down from the apron, finally allowing Davidson to do his job.




Freddie with the shoulder up! Judas slaps the mat in frustration, as he retreats towards the Ouroboros corner reaching out to Elisha for the tag.

Jim Gunt: He's denying Judas the tag! What is this all about?

Elisha points towards Judas, then towards Styles.

Elisha: You finish him!

Judas nods his head, going back towards Styles, reaching down to pick him up, but Styles surprises him with a small package pin! Davidson is down to make the count!




Both men are quickly to their feet, Judas going for a wild swing that's ducked by Styles. Styles hooks arm across Judas’ neck, driving him back first across his knee, then bringing him back up and face first into the canvas with DAT REMIX! A frustrated Elisha dismounts off the apron disappointed in Judas, he tells Choronzon and Revenant to stay at ringside, as he makes his way, along with the Prophetess, arm in arm up the aisle.

Jim Gunt: Elisha is walking out on Judas!

Mike Rolash: If that's the case why are these two bozos still out here? Especially with their focus squarely on the Moonchild as if awaiting orders?

Freddie tells Duce to get in the ring so they can go for the win! Duce obliges climbing into the ring, both him and Styles positioning themselves in opposite corners! Judas struggles up to his hands and knees, not expecting the knee of Jones across his temple, sending him back down to the mat! Struggling to rise once more, he is driven face first back into the canvas with the ATL STOMP! Freddie goes for the pin, as Davidson slides in to make the count!


The Moonchild nods his head, and both remaining members of Ouroboros, slides under the bottom ropes!


Choronzon stomps on the back of Styles as Revenant bulldozes through Jones, sending him crashing through the ropes! Giving Davidson no choice but to call for the bell!

Ray Douglas: Here are your winners as a result of a disqualification! SMOKIN’ ACES!

Choronzon and Revenant, both turn their attention to Styles, stomping down on him. Judas rolls out of the ring as his brethren stomps down on Mr. Ballgame! Bringing deafening boos from the crowd, but those boos suddenly turns to cheers as Duce has made his way back into the ring, accompanied by a chair! Choronzon quickly rolls out of the ring, as Duce smashes the chair across the back of Revenant! The impact from the steel careening with his massive body, barely budges the monster, who stares intensely at Duce, who threatens to strike him again! On the outside of the ring, Schamor screams for Revenant to get out of the ring, but he looks ready to go with younger Jones! Schamor yells at him once again, finally the Undead, slowly steps through the ropes and down to the floor, joining the rest of Ouroboros, heading up the ramp.

Tax Talk

The lights turn out and everyone is left in complete darkness as the tron flickers to life.

Jim Gunt: Da fudge is this?

Mike Rolash: Mmm, fudge. Aside from that I’m not quite sure what’s going on here Jim.

Jim Gunt: Astute as always Mike.

In black and white a plain white text starts to appear on the screen, letter by letter. It doesn’t take long for the fans to start cheering and catch on as Rolash’s face drops and Gunt’s lights up in excited anticipation. The letters all finally on the screen we know at least the “who” will be part of this segment of Evolution. An animation flashes across the screen for those viewing from home… Bold white letters against a black background.


The animation disappears on the screen and focus is once again directed on the ring as the lights start to come back on to reveal….

A table. A royal purple tablecloth covers it and two seats are behind it. Sitting on this table is a platter, covered with a fancy metal cover. Ataxia leans forward and sniffs at the cover and Mia Rayne swats him away with a palm to the back of his burlap covered head. He rubs the back of his head and straightens up as Mia hops on the microphone in front of her.

Mia: You, the fans have asked and we, CWF’s number one couple, Mitaxia have responded. We would like you all to join us in opening up the very first episode of…

The two of them jump up and yell,

Mitaxia: TAX TALK!

In unison before throwing their hands up in the air and using their best spirit fingers for emphasis. Who doesn’t enjoy a good fingering? 

Mike Rolash: Seriously? This is…

Mia whips her head around and glares at him. He looks down sheepishly and quietly says,

Mike Rolash: Sorry… Amelia.

Mia looks at him curiously but turns her attentions back in front of her as Ataxia once again tries to go for the platter, this time trying to take the lid off early. Mia is once again quick to swat him away and he sits back in his chair dejectedly, arms against his chest and obviously pouting.

Mia: No worries Sweets. We’re getting to that. But first, we should probably inform the masses how this thing is going to work, shouldn’t we? Then we can get to the surPRIZE. 

This brightens Ataxia’s mood and he leaps up and grabs the other mic.

Ataxia: Hello Frands! 

He pauses, waiting for the crowd to respond, but all we hear are emphatic hello’s from Jim Gunt and Mia Rayne. Ataxia looks down and tries again, raising his arms up to try and get a response from the crowd.


This time the crowd pops for the two in the ring and Ataxia continues as Mia sits down and crosses her legs, giving Ataxia her undivided attentions.

Ataxia: You have all asked for more of us, so here we are. Each time we do one of these do floppies, we will issue a poll to the crowd. Most random whatever. Whoever receives the most responses? They get to be featured in the next show. How’s that for a surPRIZE?

The crowd once again pops and Rolash looks on in abject horror as Gunt gets to his feet and applauds the idea. Inside the ring, Ataxia offers his hand to Mia, who takes it with no hesitation and stands up. He bows, she curtsies and the two resume their seats.

Mia: So I tried to issue a poll earlier today and we have our first winner so far! The lucky surPRIZE winner wanted to get our thoughts on…

A drumroll comes on over the loud speakers and Mia takes out an envelope from somewhere. She opens it up and takes out a small card, looking at first the card, then the platter, and back to the card in skepticism. She passes the card over to Ataxia who tosses it outside the ring and crosses his arms over his chest, refusing to believe what’s in front of him and shaking his head in blind refusal. Mia takes the cover off the platter to reveal a complete cheese pizza, only the top looks to be extra, thick. 

Mia: Uhhh…. Someone has a weird taste in things. Ladies and germs the first issue of ‘Tax Talk’ is going to be about pizza with spaghetti baked under the cheese. 

Ataxia shakes his head in the negatory violently and gets as far away from the pizza that his chair would let him. For her part Mia looks at the pizza quizzically.

Mia: I mean, I guess it could be good? What are the kids saying now a days? Something about carps and deez and...Los? 

She shrugs and takes a slice, sniffing it curiously before taking a small nibble. She chews thoughtfully then takes a bigger bite, her satisfaction growing with every chew. She sets it down and swallows.

Mia: This is actually… Not bad, Gunt-y! You wanna try a slice? 

Jim Gunt throws his headset at the desk and bounds into the ring as Mike Rolash looks like he might be sick. Gunt grabs a piece and takes a bite, nodding to the the affirmative that it might be the best thing since sliced bread. Mia finishes off her piece while eyeing Ataxia, who still refuses to look the pizza directly in the eye. Mia offers him a slice and he turns his head away from his Beloved, forcing her to reach in further with the piece. He turns his head further away and leans back, threatening to topple them both over as he screams out.


With surprising speed and strength, Mia pokes him, hard, in the side with her other arm. He lets out a yelp and Mia quickly forces the pizza into his mouth!

Rolash almost loses it as Ataxia at first refuses to chew but reconsiders his options when he looks at Mia, who is now glaring at him with malice in her eyes. He slowly begins to chew, out of spite, and then quickly beginning to chew faster, his eyes growing to the size of small dinner plates as Mia helps herself to another slice. She looks on with a smirk on her face as Ataxia picks up his piece and shovels it into his mouth, the only one not enjoying a slice now being Rolash, a fact not ignored by the three in the ring who now had all eyes on him. He shakes his head, refusing to even look at the ring.

Only for when he turns his head around, to be greeted by Mia Rayne, a fresh slice in one hand holding it out to him and in the other, finishing the last bite of crust from her prior piece, flanked by a smiling Jim Gunt, and of course Ataxia; both of whom have another slice. Mike jumps out of his seat and tries to run, but Ataxia is too quick for him and he forces Mike to sit back down. Jim Gunt takes his seat in glee to watch the proceedings as Mia offers her slice to Mike, who closes his eyes and clenches his jaw tight.

Ataxia: Ooo Rolash, you’re tense. Ease the butt!

This only gets Rolash to look up at Ataxia in confused horror and turn his attentions back to Mia who shoves the slice of pizza into Mike Rolash’s face! Ataxia dumps his slice on top of Rolash’s head and balances the plate on top.

Ataxia: Wala! A fancy hat, for a fancy man!

Mia rubs the pizza into Rolash’s face and let’s it fall into his lap. Rolash opens his mouth to say something but Jim Gunt stuffs his mouth with the third slice! Rolash almost chokes but manages to swallow it like a good announcer would. Giggity.

Mike Rolash: It’s decent. I wouldn’t order it again though.

They laugh as crews start to clean up everything in the ring to get ready for whatever may happen next. Stay tuned!

Ataxia vs. Mariella Jade Flair

Jim Gunt: And now--

Blake Church: --for something completely different?

Jim Gunt: In a way yes, anything with Ataxia in the match is something completely different for sure, and he is going against one of the brightest young stars that this sport has to offer, Marielle Jade Flair.

Mike Rolash: Against the biggest weirdo freak this sports has to offer…

Jim Gunt: Oh, I feel the love there… Well, Ataxia is already in the ring, ready to go, now all we are--

“Smash the Control Machine” by OTEP starts blasting over the speakers, drowning out Jim Gunt as the lights go out and a single spotlight shines on the entrance. The crowd explodes as MJ Flair steps through with a look of determination on her face, only marginally acknowledging the incredible reaction she gets from the fans. She slaps hands on the way down and even poses for a moment for a picture with a group of fans that managed to get seats right next to the ramp. As she steps into the ring, Ataxia comes forward and takes a deep bow in front of her before retreating back into his corner.

Ray Douglas: Ladies and gentlemen, the next match is scheduled for one fall and is a non-title match. The first competitor, from...some place where burlap is fashionable, the current CWF Impact champion - ATAXIA!

The crowd cheers for the masked Forsaken, who takes another bow with a flourish.

Ray Douglas: And his opponent, from Warwick, New York, former CWF Heavyweight champion - EMMM JAAAAY FLAIR!

Another big pop for MJ as referee Clark Summits brings both of them together in the centre of the ring before calling for the bell to be rung. And immediately Ataxia takes a surprising run at MJ, but she sidesteps it and whacks him on the butt in passing. Immediately his heads shoots up and he looks at her, his head cocked, while rubbing his behind.

Mike Rolash: What the hell was that? That is sexual harassment!

Ataxia: Ah shush, you’re just envious.

Mike Rolash: Exac-- What? No! Pervert!

MJ can’t hide a smile, but then goes back to business as she goes for a quick kick to Ataxia’s side, taking him by surprise, then follows up with a vicious kick right to the face of the Masked Menace.

Jim Gunt: MJ is trying to take control right away here and given Ataxia’s resilience you really have to start early.

Ataxia is reeling back into the ropes and MJ hits him with repeated resounding knife edge chops before grabbing his arm and yanking him forward into the ropes and upon his return a quick leg sweep to bring the Messiah Pariah to the mat and the KIMURA WRISTLOCK!

Mike Rolash: And there it is again, MJ debuted this thing in the rumble and while I still think that it is stupid to use a submission hold in a rumble, it seems pretty effective.

Jim Gunt: At least she had a chance to do any move…

Mike Rolash: That was low even for you!

MJ is thrown off a bit by Ataxia starting to kind of trash talk in the middle of the hold.

Ataxia: And this is when you add the bacon grease to the onions.

Mike Rolash: What the hell? His girlfriend runs around with a skillet, now he’s starting to give cooking tips, is this Cooking With Friends now?

Ataxia: Frands, Mike, frands! Will you ever learn?

Since Ataxia is clearly not paying attention to the lock, MJ decides to let go and give Ataxia a friendly tap on the shoulder with her boot slamming down. She immediately pulls him to his feet and DDT! And she is going for the cover!




Jim Gunt: So far this match has been all MJ, what is wrong with Ataxia?

Mike Rolash: What is wrong with Ataxia? Seriously? Do you have an hour or two?

Pulling him back up, MJ sends Ataxia back into the ropes and readies herself for a back body drop, but instead of falling for it, Ataxia manages to slow down just in time to let himself fall to the mat and reaches up to backhand MJ, taking her by complete surprise!

Jim Gunt: There is the Hai Frand! move, MJ absolutely did not expect this one!

While it did not do much to actually harm the former World champion, it pisses her off rather and with an angry look on his face brings down her fist, but Ataxia scooches out of the way just enough for her to hit the mat instead and ROLL UP!



Mike Rolash: He almost got her there, I think what makes it so hard to fight Ataxia is that you never know what he is going to do next! Hell, sometimes I wonder HE knows what he is going to do next…

MJ gets to her feet quickly, but only sees Ataxia come flying with a flying cross body that catches her square in the upper body, sending her to the canvas with an unceremonious, loud crack. Immediately he follows up with two elbow drops to the chest before hurrying to the top rope. 360 SPLASH! Right onto MJ’s knees!

Jim Gunt: Ouch, this one went right into the guts!

Mike Rolash: Bet he’s not thinking about bacon grease anymore…

Both competitors are on the ground right now with Ataxia writhing from the impact and MJ trying to recover from the hard splash that despite her defensive action still took its toll. She is the first one to her feet, though, with the aid of the ropes. She runs the ropes and a baseball slide right into Ataxia’s shoulders, giving him a reason to scream out in pain both in the front and the back, but he rolls himself out of the ring to stop the assaults at least for the time being, but MJ follows him right out.

Jim Gunt: It does not look as if MJ is going to give Ataxia any room to breathe here.

Mike Rolash: I don’t know how he can breathe under that filthy mask anyways!

As Ataxia holds himself up on the barrier, MJ comes flying around the corner and MISSILE DROPKICK!

Jim Gunt: Whoa, Ataxia is over the barrier!



Ataxia is peeling himself out of the chairs in the first row as MJ is watching on, waiting for his next move.



She rolls herself back into the ring, sitting on top of the far turnbuckle. Meanwhile Ataxia has extricated himself from all obstacles and climbs back over the barrier, his eyes on MJ, almost as if expecting another attack from the New Yorker. His eyes do not leave her as he ascends the stairs and through the ropes, but MJ is still on her turnbuckle, pointing at her wrist to indicate that it took him a while to get back in.

Mike Rolash: Now that is cocky! Giving Mr. Attitude here attitude! But this has been boring!

Jim Gunt: Mike, they can hear you!

Jumping down from the turnbuckle she motions for Ataxia to come at her, but he just slowly circles around her, not wanting to run into a surprise attack.

Mike Rolash: Oh come on, this is like plague versus pestilence to watch this!

Suddenly MJ and Ataxia stop, look at each other, nod and slide out of the ring. They march right over to the announce table, plant both hands in front of Rolash and shout.

MJ & Ataxia: Will you just SHUT UP!

That being said they return to the ring, leaving behind a shellshocked Rolash and now it is Ataxia’s turn to surprise his opponent as he lets out a scream and runs at her, arms in the air, kind of zig zagging through the ring. Unsure of what is happening, MJ hesitates just a moment, but that is enough for Ataxia to make his move, which is to run right past her.

Jim Gunt: What is he do-- STUNNER! He just waited for her to turn around and out of nowhere he hits her!

Looking down at the dazed MJ, Ataxia smiles and gets to his feet at first, then pulls Flair to hers. He goes to pick her up on his shoulders, but MJ wriggles too much for him to get a firm grip and slides down behind him. Being close to the ropes she briefly pushes her off and STUN GUN!

Mike Rolash: What are these two doing? Working themselves into a double countout?

MJ is back on her feet, ready for Ataxia do the same. Just as he is back up, MJ whips him into the corner and hits him with a hard clothesline making Ataxia fall forward to the mat, but he climbs to his feet again. DDT!

Jim Gunt: Wow, she is really ramping this up!

Again Ataxia gets up, if somewhat dazed. SUPERKICK! Using the ropes, Ataxia is back up on his feet. MJ’s expression is taking on a somewhat annoyed frown. She grabs Ataxia and whips him into the ropes, HURACANRANA!

Mike Rolash: What is happening here?

Ataxia staggers back to his feet and MJ is openly frustrated now.

MJ Flair: Why won’t you stay down?

Ataxia (slightly slurring): Because I don’t want to!

With a determined look on her face she runs up, lays Ataxia out with a hard clothesline and she locks in the MORNING STAR! Clark Summits is right next to Ataxia to see, if he will submit to the deadly move or not.

Ataxia (strained): I--don’t--tap!

MJ Flair: Yes, you do!

Ataxia: You’re right. FLUGELHORN!

And Ataxia TAPS OUT!

Ray Douglas: And the winner is - EMM JAAY FLAIR!

Jim Gunt: This Morning Star is a deadly move and even Ataxia did not manage to find a way around it.

Ray Douglas slides the Impact Championship back into the ring, and MJ picks it up and hands it to the Champion, garnering a pop from the fans and a hug from Ataxia. MJ backs to the corner to allow the Impact Champion a moment to give his due to the fans before he leaves the ring. 

Jim Gunt: A show of respect and true class from Flair, and now she's asking Ray Douglas for a microphone! 

Mike Rolash: Seriously? Why does he keep doing that? Keep her away from talking! 

As has become her trademark, MJ climbs to the top turnbuckle and takes a seat, wiping her sweat - matted hair out of her face.



As MJ Flair settles herself down on the top turnbuckle, she looks out into the fans and takes in the ragged - but - slowly - solidifying chant of 'YOU WAS ROBBED! YOU WAS ROBBED!' She smiles, but holds up her hand.

MJF: Guys, guys... I appreciate it, and I know I disappointed you and I'm sorry for that, but let's be honest: nobody robbed nobody at Golden Intentions. Andy Murray won that match straight up, and shouldn't let that get diminished for any reason. 

She pauses.

MJF: But it's got me thinking. The moment I won the CWF World Championship from Jace Valentine back at Confliction, I had one goal for the year - to headline Wrestle Fest in front'a my hometown fans. 

Another pause, during which a small 'JACEHOLE' chant begins, along with a decent round of applause.

MJF: Caledonia had different plans. But no regrets there, either: she's earned her Championship and continues to do so. 

MJ lowers the microphone and holds out her arms to encourage the chant of 'CA-LE-DO-NIA' that has started. 

MJF: With the guaranteed title shot no longer a possibility for me... well, I'm a Flair. I don't do things the easy way. 

The fans pop at her statement.

MJF: If I can't do it the easy way and walk into Wrestle Fest with a guaranteed spot in the main event, I'mma have to do it the hard way, and talk to Caledonia directly. 

One of the ringside cameras climbs to the ring apron and gets a little closer to her.

MJF: Cali, you beat me straight up, and that's cool. Tonight... Amber Ryan's getting her second shot in a row at you and that title, and that's cool. But beyond that... I don't think I'm outta line to sit here in front'a these fine Pittsburgh fans - 

- Cheap pop - 

Mike Rolash: Panderer! 

MJF: - and formally ask you for a rematch. Name the time, name the place, and I'll be there and ready t'go. And Amber? 

She smirks.

MJF: I'm askin' you the same thing, but if you beat Cali tonight and decide not t'acquiesce? I've got no problem taking my shot.

She stands up and looks out into the crowd.

MJF: Good luck, ladies.

Jim Gunt: MJ Flair drops the microphone back to Ray Douglas, but what a bombshell! She's just asked for a title rematch! 

Mike Rolash: The CWF doesn't give rematches! 

Jim Gunt: Amber Ryan has one tonight. 

Mike Rolash: ... So? 

Jim Gunt: These fans giving MJ a nice response on her way out, and you know they'll be just as hot for the World Title def--MJ FLAIR ATTACKED FROM BEHIND! 

The cheers from the fans almost immediately stop, as MJ crumbles to the floor of the entrance. Behind her...


The Psychotic Aristocrat stands in the entranceway, holding the top of a familiar birdcage, with its shattered remnants forming a halo around MJ's fallen body. He remains in place, unmoving but seething, as he watches the former Champion push herself to her feet. 

Blood pours down her forehead, already saturating her thick hair but she does not wipe it or clean it off: she locks eyes with her assailant and realization takes over. 

At that moment, security emerges, assumedly to step between the two, but Silas takes the moment to quietly and peacefully walk backstage. The duo that reaches MJ helps her up but also keeps her from following for several moments as we cut.

Evolution 25 Preview

The picture fades in to a back alley, an old plastic dumpster, aluminum trash cans, broken pallets, bottles and cans.

Voiceover: July 10, Columbus, Ohio…

The flashing lights of a police car or ambulance flash by.

Voiceover: Evolution 25 is coming to town.

A picture of Ataxia is overlaid, followed by J. Rish.

Voiceover: Ataxia vs. J. Rish in a Columbus Street Fight!

A silver badge with the words “CWF Commissioner” replaces the faces.

Voiceover: If he wins, Ataxia will become the new CWF Commissioner!

At first the badge fades away, then the image of the back alley.


A Target on Your Back

Jim Gunt: Ladies and gentlemen, we just received word from Dr. Leggett that Tara Robinson has suffered two broken ribs in the assault of Silas Artoria backstage earlier. It is still open, if she will be able to be with us next week at the Evolution 25 show, but I'm sure that I speak for both Mike and me that we wish you all the best for a speedy recovery.

Mike Rolash: Absolutely. This was an absolutely despicable attack and someone has to do some--

Suddenly the lights in the arena go out and the choir of After Forever's "Mea Culpa" starts to play. Three Druids with torches in their hands walk out onto the stage, followed by The Shadow, who has a microphone in hand.

The Shadow: Silas Artoria! I understand you are frustrated, I understand that you have some serious internal issues happening there - and you should get some cream for that rash you had there at Golden Intentions, that looked nasty - but what you did tonight is inexcusable, Passenger or not. It was bad enough that you felt the need to lay waste to the patrons of that bar, but assaulting and seriously injuring an innocent backstage worker for no other reason than anger about your own personal shortcomings - you just painted a big target on your back. You are a disgrace for Canada and a disgrace for CWF. You better keep an eye over your shoulder, because you will never know when it will hit...

The choir starts up again as The Shadow and the Druids return backstage and the lights come back on.

Jim Gunt: Looks like someone already heard your call before you made it!

Mike Rolash: Not sure Silas is realizing how big the mistake he made actually was...


Caledonia (c) vs. Amber Ryan

It’s the tinkling of the eerie music box that brings the lights down, the crowd murmuring with anticipation, as slowly and silently the big screens seems to crack one by one as shadows to dance across the shattered surfaces. 

"You know I heard I don't belong in this game
Still you hold your hands in the air screaming my name
Let's go!"

Lights pulsate in red like an erratic heartbeat as Maria Brinks vocals finally signify the arrival of the silhouetted redhead.

"Baby go ahead
I'll be your hatred and your pain
This is killing us all
I don't care if I fall
We're the dying, we are the damned."

Amber's precense draws a mixed reaction from the crowd. Most cheer in appreciation of the show that they’re about to witness but many jeer due to her previous affiliations and general devil-just-doesn't-give-a-fuck attitude as the music drops away for a brief moment and the vocals almost robotically echo throughout the arena.

Ray Douglas: Making her way to the ring first, from Atlantic City, New Jersey...

"I know I don't belong in this scene
Sex metal barbie, homicidal queen"

Roaring guitar leads Amber down the ramp as few fans extend hands but receive little acknowledgement for their efforts. She circles the ring, messing with whichever ring crew and staff that happen to be within vicinity before methodically and deliberately sliding beneath the bottom rope and crossing to one of the far corners. 


Climbing the turnbuckle left handed, she watches out over the crowd to gauge the reaction, returning the mixed reaction with an acknowledging nod of her own she points out to the screaming fans.



The lights in the arena dim, and blue spotlights swing around. Day and Night`` by Billie Piper hits over the PA as Caledonia steps out onto the stage, World Heavyweight Title around her waist, to tremendous applause. She poses briefly at the top of the ramp before she begins walking down.



Caledonia reaches the ring and vaults over the ropes, striking a pose in the middle of the ring as all spotlights converge on her.

Ray Douglas: And her opponent, from London, England, she is the current CWF World Heavyweight Champion….CALEDONIA HIGGGGHHHHHLAAAAAAAANDER!!

Jim Gunt: At Golden Intentions these two took each other, as well as Omega, to the limits in the Malice in Wonderland match. Now, they meet once again with the grand prize on the line tonight.

Mike Rolash: You know neither of them have to fully recovered Jim.

Jim Gunt: They may not be, but when the championship is on the line, people will push through it and bring everything they have. Especially for the CWF World Championship.

The two women meet in the center of the ring, exchanging words as they lock eyes.



Jim Gunt: You can feel the intensity in the ring from here.

Mike Rolash: I've got chills!

The bell sounds.

Jim Gunt: Here we go folks, this is what it is all about. Title on the line, two of the biggest names in the industry. This is the Championship Wrestling Federation at it's finest.

Caledonia continues to yell at Amber Ryan, who seems to have had enough as she shoves her right hand in the face of the champion and pushes her backward.

Jim Gunt: The challenger already showing that aggression she is known for.

As Caledonia stumbles back, she slightly turns away from Amber Ryan.

Jim Gunt: Amber taking advantage here early after capturing Caledonia off guard. Quickly following up with a swift strike to the back of her legs with those powerful feet.

Mike Rolash: That's what it's going to take to become the champion. You gotta have a mean streak.

The champion drops to a knee allowing Amber Ryan to bring another swift kick forward, this time connecting with the small of her back.



Jim Gunt: Caledonia is down folks. Amber Ryan came here tonight to with one thing on her mind. To win the championship.

Mike Rolash: She keeps with this intensity and she'll walk out of here with it.

Ryan grabs the foot of Caledonia and drags her back toward the center of the ring.

Jim Gunt: Amber Ryan continues the assault, now lifting the leg of Caledonia... SLAMS HER KNEE INTO THE CANVAS!

The champion lets out a loud scream of pain as Ryan lifts her leg once again, driving her knee back down.

Jim Gunt: Amber Ryan trying to incapacitate Caledonia here.

Mike Rolash: It's the smart thing to do. You let Caledonia up and on her feet at all, and you basically give her the match.

Jim Gunt: The champion known for her speed and agility, being grounded here tonight.

Caledonia sits up, holding her knee as she winces in pain.



Amber Ryan heads over, bending down to grab Caledonia by the hair.

Jim Gunt: With a hand full of hair, Amber Ryan pulling Caledonia to her feet.

As the champion gets up, you can see her unable to put much pressure on the leg that had recently been bashed into the canvas.

Jim Gunt: Amber Ryan directing Caledonia to the corner now... introducing her face to that top turnbuckle.

Mike Rolash: First her knee, now her nose. Caledonia is going to knee a lot of work after this one.

Amber Ryan turns the champion around, shoving her into the corner before following up with multiple rights and lefts to her abdomen. 

Jim Gunt: Those hard fist meeting the midsection of Caledonia.

Mike Rolash: This is the Amber Ryan we need to see all of the time Jim.

Jim Gunt: She cashed in to make this match happen, now she is making sure it was not in vein.

Ryan steps back, placing her boot into the throat of Caledonia, choking her.



Jim Gunt: The referee stepping in now as Amber Ryan refuses to stop choking Caledonia.

Mike Rolash: If she gets disqualified, then all of this was for nothing.

Jim Gunt: Breaks the choke at the last second. Amber has been on top of Caledonia since the bell sounded.

The champion slouches in the corner, held up only by her arms over the ropes.

Jim Gunt: Refusing to back off, Amber Ryan now lifts the arm of Caledonia, pulling back. The champion sent out of the corner and across the ring.

As she approaches the opposite corner, Amber Ryan follows close behind. As Caledonia approaches, she is able to get her arms up in order to grab the top rope and halt herself from hitting the turnbuckle.

Jim Gunt: Caledonia not out of this one yet.

Ryan unable to slow her momentum in time, receives an elbow that catches her directly in the face from the champion. The fans scream with enjoyment.

Jin Gunt: An elbow halts Amber Ryan, but is it enough to turn this around?

Mike Rolash: No way, the damage is done. It's a move out of desperation and is too little too late Jim.

Caledonia turns around, and rest against the turnbuckle, watching Amber Ryan check her mouth for blood.

Jim Gunt: Amber Ryan is livid.

Mike Rolash: If I was just popped in the mouth, I would be too.

Jim Gunt: She charges the champion in the corner... Caledonia moves... AMBER RYAN'S SHOULD SLAM INTO THE CORNER POST!

Caledonia takes a step forward, but drops to one knee, using the ropes to hold her self up. In the corner, Amber Ryan is jolted back from the impact, and falls to a sitting position,.



Jim Gunt: Caledonia's knee still feeling the effects of being driven into the canvas earlier in the match.

Mike Rolash: Like I said Jim, too little too late.

The champion continues to use the ropes, now to pull her self up. As she stands, you can see her winch as she tries to apply pressure to her knee. At the same time, she continues to look back to ensure that Amber Ryan is still not a factor.

Jim Gunt: The champion in pain, being cautious.

Mike Rolash: She needs to. Amber Ryan has been on her like the time I discovered a raccoon in my garbage can. He lunged at me.. it was just a terrible day.

Caledonia test placing more pressure on her leg. The referee checks on her, but she signals that she is fine. Behind them, Amber Ryan moves her shoulder around before beginning to get to her feet.

Jim Gunt: Amber Ryan to her feet now, looking to get back in this as she rushes the champion.

Caledonia leans into the ropes, catching Ryan and lifting her up and over the top rope.



Jin Gunt: Ryan hits the edge of the apron before hitting the floor!

Mike Rolash: Someone check on her!

Jim Gunt: She landed on that shoulder hard folks.

Caledonia, back to a knee, looks through the ropes at Amber Ryan on the floor.

Jim Gunt: This match has been impact move after impact move, both women wanting to ensure the other one is done for.

The champion drops down and rolls out of the ring. As she stands on floor beside Amber, you can tell she is still favoring her knee, but more mobile than she had been.

Jim Gunt: Caledonia not wanting to retain her championship from a count out, as she begins to lift Amber Ryan to her feet.

Mike Rolash: Just stupid. Let her get counted out and go home. Call that a days work.

Jim Gunt: I think it's admirable. 

Mike Rolash: Ignorant is more like it.

Caledonia grabs the hurt arm of Amber Ryan, and pulls back, sending her hard into the steel steps.

Jim Gunt: Caledonia having to adjust her normal fast pace style, to match Amber Ryan in this match and to protect her knee from any further damage.

Mike Rolash: Amber Ryan is out Jim. Did you see how hard she hit the steps? The top one is completely removed from the bottom.



Caledonia looks toward Amber Ryan. Breathing heavy, she grabs the ropes and pulls her self up to the apron.

Jim Gunt: Caledonia looks to be satisfied that Amber Ryan is done.

Mike Rolash: Done? Someone needs to check to make sure she isn't dead Jim.

Jim Gunt: She is not dead Mike.

Mike Rolash: I sure hope not. I can see the investigations now, shows on hold, no check coming in. I got kids to feed Jim. Who's going to feed the kids if the CWF has to close because Amber Ryan died?!

Jim Gunt: Mike, first off she is obviously moving, so she isn't dead. Second.. you don't have kids.

Mike Rolash: Then who are the small people living in my basement?

Jim Gunt: Well, it's not kids... wait.. you have small people living in your basement?

Mike Rolash: The match Jim, stick to the match. Can someone check on Amber Ryan please?

Caledonia steps into the ring long enough to break the count before moving back fully to the apron.

Jim Gunt: Apparently she isn't finished.

Mike Rolash: What more could she do?

Caledonia takes off, running across the apron and leaping off. She comes down with both knees into the back of Amber Ryan. As she hits, Caledonia's own body is flung off and to the side, her back slamming into the barricade. Amber Ryan's face displays a look of pure terror, her body almost screaming with intense pain.



Jim Gunt: MY LORD!

Mike Rolash: OK, she isn't dead but her back may be broken now Jim!

Jim Gunt: What was the champion thinking?

Mike Rolash: I don't know, but damn!

The referee quickly exits the ring, checking on both women.

Jim Grunt: This is now just out of hand. Just call this one ref.

Mike Rolash: This is what Amber Ryan wanted Jim. She asked for this.

Jim Gunt: No one ask for anything like this Mike.

Caledonia begins to crawl towards the ring as the referee continues to check on Amber Ryan. 

Jim Gunt: Amber Ryan is moving, so that is a good sign.

Caledonia uses the side of the ring to start to pull herself to her feet.

Jim Gunt: Amber Ryan is hurt folks, but she is moving. It appears she is telling the referee she wants to continue.

Mike Rolash: Did she hit her head too hard? 

Jim Gunt: I already said it earlier, when the championship is on the line, people will push through the pain to be able to call themselves a champion.

As Amber starts to get to her feet, using both the steps and ring to assist, Caledonia leans against the ring herself.

Jim Gunt: The champion can't believe that Amber Ryan is still in this one.

Mike Rolash: I don't think anyone can.

Caledonia moves past the referee and grabs Amber Ryan by the back of the neck. She turns her around and forcefully rolls her back into the ring under the bottom rope.

Jim Gunt: This one will continue. Somehow, the match goes on.

The champion uses the ropes to pull herself up to the apron once again. Holding onto the top rope she looks into the ring at Amber Ryan, laying on her back and in pain. She then looks to her side at the corner post.

Jim Gunt: She isn't thinking what I think she is, is she?

Mike Rolash: Whatever it is, it's not good.

Caledonia holds onto the top rope as she walks across the apron slowly again. As she reaches the corner, she looks back toward Amber Ryan again, then out to the fans before she grabs the corner post.

Jim Gunt: Don't do this Caledonia. You do not need to do this. 

Mike Rolash: I don't think she's listening to you.

The referee gets back into the ring. He tries to wave Caledonia to get off of the post, but she ignores him. Slowly she begins to climb from the outside.

Jim Gunt: The champion is far from one hundred percent. Please, don't do this! Think of yourself! Think of the fans!


Jim Gunt: Yea, think ab.. wait.. Damn it Mike, can you be serious for a moment? Caledonia is looking to go airborne after everything that has happened!

It takes her a moment, but Caledonia is able to get to the top. As she stands, you can tell she is in pain as she is moving slow with pain across her face. She raises her arms up for added balance.

Jim Gunt: Please Caledonia, reconsider this!

Mike Rolash: She's not going to make it Jim.

Caledonia leaps high. The cameras flash as he begins to throw her legs up, arching her back. She comes all the way around with the shooting star press coming down.




Mike Horash: I knew she would.

Jim Gunt: Yea, like you have kids, right?

Mike Horash: Don't ever doubt me again Jim!

As Caledonia lands, she quickly grabs the leg of Amber Ryan, hooking it as she pins her.



The referee slides in and begins to count.

Jim Gunt: The champion covers her... she may retain here...

As his hand hits the canvas for a third and final time, the referee gets to his knees and calls for the bell which begins to sound.

Ray Douglas: The winner of this match via pin fall, and STILL... THE CWF WORLD CHAMPION.... CAAALLLLEEDDDOOONNNIIIAAA!!!!

Jim Gunt: What a match folks. This was a true end to a chapter where both women put it all on the line. 

Mike Horash: They may never be the same again Jim.

Jim Gunt: If there were any doubters before tonight that Caledonia is truly deserving of that championship, she put the critics to bed with this match.

Mike Horash: Hey, you can't disregard Amber Ryan either.

Jim Gunt: Not in the slightest Mike. Amber Ryan started this match strong and proved to be a worthy competitor for Caledonia. But in the end, the champion just wanted it more.

As Caledonia holds onto her title in the ring, we get several replays from the match.

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