Evolution 63
3Arena in Dublin, Ireland

Sep 10, 2019

Phoenix LeStrange vs. Konrad Raab

Opening Match: Alpha Block Match

Stand-in Phoenix LeStrange looks to pick up her first points in the tournament when she goes up against a man who has had an up and down ride so far in Alpha and Omega, Konrad Raab.


Amy Jo Smyth vs. Jeff Jackson

Alpha Block Match

Neither of these competitors have had the start to the tournament that they would have liked, but in this week three matchup both are looking to get two points ahead of the game. Can Amy make it to four or will the Killer be able to pick up his first two points of Alpha and Omega?


Duce Jones vs. Joseph Svenson

Alpha Block Match

Joseph Svenson is coming into the Alpha and Omega Tournament with what some would say a major disadvantage after taking Tom Marrow's spot after two weeks of action. To make matters worse, he's going against one of the frontrunners in his first week of competition. Will Svenson defy the odds and defeat Duce Jones, or will the Kid That Never Dies pick up another two big ones?


Danny B vs. Nathan Paradine

Alpha Block Match

Things are getting more and more interesting as the Alpha and Omega Tournament continues on, and this match is no different. Here we have Nathan Paradine who is fresh off a big victory two weeks ago, facing off against the Ripper who said it himself despite having the draw with Duce Jones, is undefeated in tournament competition. Who will come out ahead here in this week three matchup?


Freddie Styles vs. Zolton

Main Event: Alpha Block Match

This week three main event literally couldn't have ANY bigger stakes than this! Zolton and Freddie Styles, two world class athletes who sit at four points a piece coming into this bout, and only one is going to remain undefeated following it. Bet on this one being a classic.


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