Paradise 2019
Zona Hotelera in Cancun, Mexico

Jul 16, 2019

Starlight vs. Isaiah Luck vs. PJ Blake

Opening Match: Triple Threat Falls Count Anywhere Match

Paradise starts off with an explosive match-up pitting three of the brightest young talent coming into CWF today, as Starlight, Isaiah Luck, and PJ Blake all battle it out all over the Cancun Beach as they fight in a Falls Count Anywhere Match to open up Paradise.


Nathan Paradine vs. Tom Marrow

Dog Chain Match

Nathan Paradine and Tom Marrow came across each other for the very first time last week on Evolution. Tonight they put their money where their mouth is, with a dog collar wrapped around their neck? Don't ask me...


Kyuseishu vs. Silas Artoria

Strong Style Match

Silas Artoria put out a challenge to Kyuseishu last week on Evolution, and Kyu one-upped him by calling him out for a Strong Style Match. Will Artoria be able to handle the Samurai's type of match or will Kyuseishu be able to put down the Psychotic Aristocrat?


The Lost Boys (c) (Dean Coulter & Sam Braxton) vs. The Most Known Unknowns (Omar Martinez & Vince Espinoza)

Tag Team Title Tables For 4 Match

    CWF Tag Team Championship
    CWF Tag Team Championship Match
After weeks of singles competition, The Lost Boys finally go two on two against the newly re-named group called the Most Known Unknowns. With Byson behind them, will Omar Martinez and Vince Espinoza be able to wrestle the belts away from the Boys and put them through some tables on their way to becoming the new champions? Or will the Aussies reign supreme yet again?


Autumn Raven (c) vs. Brandon Youngblood

Impact Title Hell in a Cell Match

    CWF Impact Championship
    CWF Impact Championship Match
Out of all the wild stipulations that could have been chosen for Paradise, Impact Champion Autumn Raven challenged Double Jeopardy winner and #1 Contender Brandon Youngblood to a Hell in a Cell Match. She may be smarter than appears though, when you consider that the cell will hold back the entire Inner Circle stable and leave Youngblood all to herself. Who comes out of HELL with the Paramount Championship in tow?


Ataxia vs. The Shadow

Coffin Match

Best friends. Bitter enemies. The Shadow and Ataxia have been through so many wars, fighting side by side, hand in hand, and having fought bloody wars against each other. Tonight at Paradise, the war will be put to rest as one man will literally put the other in a coffin to finally put their soul to rest.


Inner Circle (Dan Ryan (c) & Lindsay Troy (c) vs. Mia Rayne & Duce Jones

Main Event: Tag Team Match

After all the dust (and sand) is settled, it will be time for our massive tag team main event! Combining two big Wrestle Fest V main events into one match, Inner Circle members Dan Ryan and Lindsay Troy team up to go up against their Fest opponents in tag team warfare. Will Mia Rayne & Duce Jones be able to co-exist long enough to give the champions a taste of what's to come at Wrestle Fest V?


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