Golden Intentions 6
Mercedez-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana

Jun 12, 2019

Live on Slack, June 12th CWF presents to you the 6th Golden Intentions pay per view!

MJ Flair vs Jarvis King

Golden Ticket match

Commissioner Stewart has laid down the law - the winner of this match is automatically entering Golden Intentions at the prized Number 30, and if either athlete is disqualified, they are barred from the battle royal! We will see a decisive winner, one way or another!


Nathan Paradine vs. Xander Daniels

Loser Leaves CWF Match

While this match hasn't been completely signed into action, the challenge has been laid out by the Australian Submission Machine last week on Evolution. Will Xander Daniels answer his challenge on Evolution 54, one week ahead of Golden Intentions, and make their Loser Leaves Town match official?


Silas Artoria (c) vs. Lindsay Troy

    CWF Paramount Championship
    CWF Paramount Championship Match
Silas Artoria has been looking for a major challenger to his Paramount Championship, and time and time again he has defeated said challenger. At Golden Intentions he may have bit off more than he can chew with the Queen of the Ring, or will the Psychotic Aristocrat once again have an ace up his sleeve and be able to hold onto his Ivory belt?


Autumn Raven vs. Bryan Ford

New Orleans Street Fight

    CWF Impact Championship
    CWF Impact Championship Match
Autumn Raven and Carnage Wrestling's Bryan Ford don't just dislike each other, they absolutely loathe one another. After Ford made it a mission to come into CWF to not only proclaim himself as the winner of Golden Intentions, but name himself the next contender to Raven's championship, he has been a thorn in her side all along the way. At Golden Intentions, Autumn finally gets the chance to once again prove to the world why she is the shining star of today's CWF.


Ataxia vs. Mia Rayne

"I Quit" Match

In probably the most bizarre stipulation in CWF history, Mia Rayne takes on former lover and stablemate in what we are calling an I Quit Match but it is far from the normal rules of one. In the words of the Messiah Pariah: "In this match, if you want to win, you have to get me to profess my undying love to you and if I want to win? I have to get you to proclaim how much you truly, beyond a shadow of a doubt, hate my guts. Sounds fun donnit? See you bitches later! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"


Dan Ryan (c) vs. Zach van Owen

    CWF World Heavyweight Championship
    CWF World Heavyweight Championship Match
Zach van Owen found himself atop a pile of three competitors at Twilight of the Gods, defeating Lindsay Troy and Nathan Paradine in a Triple Threat to win the number one contendership for the World Title. At Golden Intentions he gets said title shot, but things have gotten more than personal ahead of their match at GI. How will things turn out when both men know the winner moves onto Wrestle Fest to face the winner of the rumble later in the night?


2019 Golden Intentions Rumble Match

Winner gets a World Heavyweight Title shot at Wrestle Fest V

In the sixth Golden Intentions rumble, competitors from both CWF and outside the federation alike fight for the ultimate prize. The chance to face the World Heavyweight Champion on the biggest night in wrestling, Wrestle Fest V. Word has it there are several surprises lined up for this one, which begs the question, what will happen to the 30 people ALREADY announced for Golden Intentions?

Official Participants: Ataxia, Autumn Raven, Brandon Youngblood (PRIME), Bryan Ford (Carnage), Chaos, Chris Ravenna (IJPW), Dick Fury (Free Agent), Harley Hodge, Isaiah Luck (Carnage), Jack Michaels (Carnage), Jacob McKail (PRIME), Jarvis King, Jay "Marksman" Mora (Free Agent), JC (Carnage), Johnny Olympus (DEF), Julian Bathory (PRIME), Kyuseishu (PRIME), Lindsay Troy, Lucy Wylde (Carnage), Mia Rayne, MJ Flair, Nathan Paradine, Noah Hanson (WWH), PJ Blake, Richard Dweck, Silas Artoria, The Shadow, "The Ripper" Danny B, Thomas Roll, Tom Marrow, Wanderin' Will Beckenhall (Free Agent), Xander Daniels


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