Evolution 52
Verizon Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas

May 21, 2019

Damien Valentine vs. Tom Marrow

Opening Match

Tom Marrow may not have been able to find success yet in his CWF run, but he hopes to finally pull a W out of the hat when he goes up against debuting star Damien Valentine. Will Valentine be like cupid and put an arrow through Marrow's puppy dog heart?


Autumn Raven (c) vs. Thomas Roll

Non-Title Match

The Beautiful Psychopath successfully defended her Impact Championship against Freddie Styles when many saw her as the underdog going into Twilight of the Gods. Tonight on Evolution 52 her title isn't on the line, but if Thomas Roll can find a way to pick up a win, he may be disco dancing his way right into a rematch for the Impact Title.


Ataxia vs. Mariella Jade Flair

Singles Match

These two have fought a few times before in the past, but under much different circumstances when both superstars were completely different people. With the Messiah Pariah a broken mess following the Broken Halo Match at Twilight of the Gods and Flair having fought Jarvis King, what will either of them have left for this matchup?


The Shadow vs. Zach Van Owen

Singles Match

The Weaver of Dreams vs. The Game Changer. A match most of us never thought we would see, but a match that was bound to happen after Van Owen turned on the Shadow two weeks ago in their tag team match. With Zach heading towards Golden Intentions and a World Heavyweight Title Match, will the Shadow be able to put a roadblock in the way of his momentum?


Dan Ryan (c) vs. Silas Artoria (c)

Main Event: Non-Title Champion's Ball Match

Both Dan Ryan and Silas Artoria were very successful opening and closing the Twilight of the Gods pay per view. While Silas proved to the world why he's worthy of being champion, discarding four different competitors in a gauntlet to remain champion, Ryan once again became the now two time CWF World Champion. Golden Intentions is coming fast and furious and both champs are going to want to look hot heading into the big show. What gives?


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