Twilight of the Gods 2019
Toyota Center in Houston, Texas

May 14, 2019

Silas Artoria (c) vs. Mad Dog Murphy vs. Thomas Roll vs. Scourge vs. Tom Marrow

Paramount Title Gauntlet Match

    CWF Paramount Championship
    CWF Paramount Championship Match
In the opening bout of the Twilight of the Gods pay per view, Paramount Champion Silas Artoria comes in with a distinct disadvantage, having to defend his championship against four other competitors. Luckily for him it'll only be one at a time, as the Paramount Championship will be defended in a Gauntlet Match!


Autumn Raven (c) vs. Freddie Styles

Singles Match

    CWF Impact Championship
    CWF Impact Championship Match
Autumn Raven came out on top of a triple threat match with Scourge and then champion Johnny Graves last week on Evolution 51 to become the new Impact Champion. She comes into Twilight of the Gods immediately defending the title, and what a challenger she has, the returning Hall of Famer Freddie Styles.


Christopher $aint James vs. Jaiden Rishel

Hell in a Cell Match

There is only one way to put an end to this war between Jaiden Rishel and former CWF and Hostility owner Christopher $aint James. These two can not be contended in a regular ring with regular rules, no they need a gigantic cell to cover the ring and then things are sure to really get interesting...and bloody.


Lindsay Troy vs. Nathan Paradine vs. Zach van Owen

World Heavyweight Title #1 Contendership Match

Zach van Owen, Nathan Paradine and Lindsay Troy all have staked their claim to be the next number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship following Twilight of the Gods. Tonight all three will put their money where their mouth is, and only one will walk out with the chance at Golden Intentions.


Jarvis King vs. Mariella Jade Flair

Singles Match w/ Freddie Styles as Special Referee

Twilight of the Gods triple main events are all officiated by very special referees. In the first match of three, Freddie Styles stands guard between former stablemate Jarvis King and respected colleague MJ Flair as they look to finally put their problems in the place they get solved around here...the squared circle.


Ataxia vs. The Shadow

Broken Halo Match w/ Mia Rayne as Special Referee

The Messiah Pariah and the Weaver of Dreams love and then hate relationship has gone so far that the only way that these two can be brought together and controlled at this point? Put their old friend Mia Rayne in between them as the special official. Will even she be able to contain the hatred these two men now have for each other though? On top of all that, the match will be contended on a scaffolding with a halo of glass tables underneath just waiting for the ultimate destruction of one of the two former Forsaken members.


Duce Jones (c) vs. Dan Ryan

Main Event: CWF World Title Match w/ Lindsay Troy as Special Referee & Byson Kaliban as Outside Enforcer

    CWF World Heavyweight Championship
    CWF World Heavyweight Championship Match
The wild night of special referees gets even wilder as Duce Jones defends his CWF World Heavyweight Championship in a return match against Dan Ryan, with Ryan choosing the stipulation it was him that chose Lindsay Troy to be the special referee for this match. Little did he know that Duce would come up with a rebuttal, that Byson Kaliban his brother be the outside enforcer. Terms were agreed upon and we have ourselves an explosive main event for Twilight of the Gods!


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