Evolution 49
Chesapeake Energy Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Apr 23, 2019

Jarvis King vs. Tom Marrow

Opening Match

The Icon made his return to the CWF stage last week as the surprise opponent of MJF. In the opening match of Evolution 49 he looks to make his mark even further as he takes on the undefeated Tom Marrow.


Mariella Jade Flair vs. Thomas Roll

Singles Match

MJF will surely be watching on earlier in the night as the man who made his return against her last week faces against Tom Marrow. MJF herself, however, has to face another Tom, a debuting Thomas Roll who will be looking to be on a "roll" as he faces Flair in his debut.


Zach Van Owen vs. "The Wrestling Inspector" Stan Summers

Singles Match

After many weeks of the Wrestling Inspector putting his Enforcer Scott Dann in front of him to do his dirty work, we finally get to see Summers in action as he takes on the former Impact champion, the Game Changer, Zach Van Owen!


Ataxia vs. Christopher $aint James

Singles Match

The former owner of CWF and Hostility takes on the Messiah Pariah. With two personalities as large as these, this one is sure to be crazier than it may seem at first glance.


Autumn Raven, Leo, Moe Davis, Silas Artoria, Scourge vs. disOrder (Johnny Graves, Bishop Kingston, Ciara Kennedy, Ophelia McVeigh & Mad Dog Murphy)

Ten Person Non-Elimination Tag Team Match

Former members of Hostility as well as members of CWF unite to form one major group to go up against the unit that has promised to change CWF to it's core, disOrder. The entire disOrder stable teams together for the first time since their formation, but will Autumn Raven, Leo, Moe Davis, Scourge and Silas Artoria be able to do anything to stop them?


Duce Jones (c) vs. The Shadow vs. Lindsay Troy

Main Event: Non Title Triple Threat Match

Two battles within one massive main event. Everyone with half a brain will tell you that the Shadow is more than deserving of a World Title rematch after losing it at Confliction. Lindsay Troy has asserted herself into the business of Duce Jones and Dan Ryan after her interference at Vertigo. Tonight the World Title will not be on the line, but Duce Jones will have to do his best to settle both scores within one brutal matchup.


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