Evolution 48
Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri

Apr 16, 2019

Autumn Raven vs. Tom Marrow

Opening Match

In the opening match of the 48th episode of Evolution, two competitors who formally fought under the Hostility brand make their way to/back to the "big" show. Veteran Autumn Raven takes on rookie Tom Marrow in what should be an interesting matchup!


disOrder (Bishop Kingston & Ophelia McVeigh) vs. The Hostile Elite (Nathan Paradine & Trent Steel)

Tag Team Match

Johnny Graves plan to completely change the face of CWF all came together at the Vertigo PPV where not only did he walk out the Impact Championship, he also formed his own stable called disOrder. The new group looks to take over CWF right off the bat, but Nathan Paradine and his Hostile Elite partner Trent Steel may have something to say about that.


Cyrus Black vs. Christopher $aint James

Singles Match

Hostility finds it's way to Evolution as the war between the Hostile Elite and the Reason bleeds right over to a new home! Christopher $aint James may not have the power he once had, but what he does have is a strong mind sense, and he looks to use just that to avoid being "cleansed" by Cyrus Black.


Dan Ryan vs. Scourge

Singles Match

The former CWF World Heavyweight Champion, Dan Ryan has got to be an unhappy camper. Will he be able to unleash that aggression out on the Alpha of the Omega, or will Scourge continue his winning ways from Vertigo and pick up what some would call an upset over the former World champion?


Mariella Jade Flair vs. ???

Main Event: Luck of the Draw Match

MJ Flair politely demanded that now 100% CEO of CWF Jon Stewart give her a "match that matters", something that will allow her to make an impact for her return. What did Stewart give the Daughter of CWF? How about a Luck of the Draw Match, with a mystery opponent. Yeah, you can't tell Jon Stewart used to be under the Ataxia mask at one time with that crazy stipulation, can you?


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