Evolution 45
Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona

Mar 19, 2019

Freddie Styles vs. Johnny Graves

Opening Match

In what should be an explosive match to open up the forty five episode of CWF's flagship show Evolution, two men who came out on the winning side at Confliction battle it out. Will Johnny Graves be able to continue his rookie winning streak, or will Hall of Fame Styles put him down?


The Lost Boys (Dean Coulter & Sam Braxton) (c) vs. The Hostile Elite (Nathan Paradine & Trent Steel)

Non Title Tag Team Match

After the Lost Boys were able to do the unthinkable and become two time CWF Tag Team Champions in front of their home country fans by defeating the dissolving Samoan Ghost Connection at Confliction, they are looking for new challengers. A surprising one to step up to the plate is Hostility's own Nathan Paradine and Trent Steel. This should be interesting, to say the least.


"The Enforcer" Scott Dann vs. Quentin Scarboro

Singles Match

For weeks now "The Wrestling Inspector" Stan Summers has been following Quentin Scarboro around "analyzing" him and the rest of CWF. Big Q just wants to fight. At EVO 45 he gets that fight, but not against the man he was hoping for...


Scourge vs. Silas Artoria

Paramount Title #1 Contendership Match

    CWF Paramount Championship
    CWF Paramount Championship Match
Both Scourge and Silas Artoria took part in the Fatal Fourway Match that also included Quentin Scarboro and the eventual winner, new champion Jimmy Allen. Artoria and Scourge both claim to be the top contender moving forward, but only one of them can prove their claim.


Kendo vs. The Crimson Ghost!

No Disqualification Match

The Samoan Ghost Connection. They came, they conquered, and they were gone like a light. What could have been a lengthy team fizzled out at Confliction, and now all that's left is to see who is the better man. Kendo and The Crimson Ghost! look to do just that as they tear each other apart in a No DQ Match.


Ataxia vs. Duce Jones

CWF World Heavyweight Title #1 Contendership Match

Ataxia and Duce Jones fought in one hell of a battle to main event Confliction, but neither man were able to come out of the big show with the big title. With one last shot at the World Heavyweight Title on the line, will Jones or the Messiah Pariah be walking into Vertigo the number one contender?


Dan Ryan (c) vs. The Shadow

Main Event: CWF World Heavyweight Title Rematch

    CWF World Heavyweight Championship
    CWF World Heavyweight Championship Match
On a night packed with contendership matches and just all around big bouts, it doesn't get any bigger than this one. The Weaver of Dreams doesn't have to wait long to get his rematch for the World Championship, as he goes one on one with new champion Dan Ryan in our EVO 45 main event.


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