Hostility: ReAwakened 3
Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne, Australia

Mar 15, 2019

Christian Starr Vs. Jeremiah Castle

Opening Match

After a surprise showing from the former Paramount Champion, Christian Starr has a lot of questions to answer. C$J wastes little time in seeking those answers as he books the returning Starr in his first match in months! Reawakened #3 is set to start off with a BANG!


Stan 'Bad Moon' Risin vs. Wallace

Singles Match

Stan has had a hard time getting things started in Hostility, facing back to back losses since Hostility reopened its doors. Will the third time be a charm for the veteran or will the young upstart Wallace be able to pull out another surprise victory?


The Reason (Christer Lundmark & Cyrus Black) vs. The Hostile Elite (Jon Travis & Nathan Paradine)

Tag Team Match

After The Reason has seemed to step up its game, adding Christer Lundmark and Cyrus Black to its ranks, C$J and The Hostile Elite look to make a comeback this week to prove that if you cross the boss, you're in for a LONG journey. The question is, where is Trent Steele?


Pretty Boy Page (c) vs. Jaiden Rishel

Hostility Championship Match, Special Enforcer: Trent Steel

C$J is nothing if not fair, granting Jaiden a championship match for getting one over on him. However, he also knows that Jaiden is a man possessed trying to destroy everything that C$J has created. So in order to ensure that all rules are properly followed at all times and no illegal involvement from hooligans (The Cleansing), an enforcer needs to be appointed. A man such as Trent Steele, who has shown his loyalty to C$J and proves to be the upstanding citizen that Hostility deserves! Expect fireworks and more as Pretty Boy Page has her first title defense in a match against the leader of The Reason, the only legal weapon is her title, and Trent Steele is the Rule Enforcer!


Nina (c) vs. Autumn Raven

Main Event: Aversion Title Match

Nina made her Hostility debut with VENOM as ReAwakened number 2, but unbeknownst to anyone but apparently C$J, Autumn Raven also showed up, taking it to VENOM and making sure that everyone knows that her hunt for the Aversion Title isn't over. C$J, the ever shrewd business man made it official. Nina, leader of VENOM. Autumn Raven, the most beautiful psychopath the world has seen. Fighting for a title rich with Hostile History. C$J has made it officially official. Autumn is now a part of the Hostility roster and her time for a rematch has come. When the dust settles, who will be holding the coveted title high?


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