Confliction 2019
Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne, Australia

Mar 12, 2019

The conclusion to the Australian tour comes in the Confliction Pay Per View! Many rivalries will be settled at the ultimate conflict. Stay tuned for full card.

Johnny Graves vs. Moe Davis vs. Sebastian Diakos

Opening Triple Threat Match

Moe Davis and Sebastian Diakos were not successful as a tag team last week on Evolution when they battled against the Samoan Ghost Connection. Johnny Graves was quick to tell both men that they are beneath him, can he prove it at Confliction?


Nathan Paradine vs. "The Enforcer" Scott Dann

Singles Match

Nathan Paradine came this close to making it to the finale of the Paramount Grand Prix. Unfortunately for him he was stuck at three points while everyone else at four moved up. His consolation match? Going against "The Wrestling Inspector" Stan Summer's enforcer, Scott Dann. Will a sure to be angry Nathan Paradine be able to put down the debuting massive enforcer of Summers?


Jimmy Allen vs. Quentin Scarboro vs. Scourge vs. Silas Artoria

Paramount Grand Prix Finals- Fatal Fourway Paramount Title Match

    CWF Paramount Championship
    CWF Paramount Championship Match
The moment is finally here, as the Paramount Grand Prix concludes in the biggest way possible! Jimmy Allen and Silas Artoria both have moved on with four points in the veteran block while Scarboro and Scourge did the same after going back and forth in one on one matches. The ultimate question is- who is walking home with the vacant Paramount Championship? "The Wrestling Inspector" Stan Summers is here to examine the competition, also, as he has appointed HIMSELF as the special referee for this match!


Freddie Styles vs. “Big Rig” Clyde Walker

Parking Lot Brawl

The war between Freddie Styles and Clyde Walker has gotten beyond personal in the last few weeks. The Snake Nation and Glass Ceiling have battled along side of them through that war, but will they be able to protect either man when they destroy each other in a Parking Lot Brawl?


The Samoan Ghost Connection (Kendo & The Crimson Ghost!) (c) vs. The Lost Boys (Dean Coulter & Sam Braxton)

Tag Team Title Match

    CWF Tag Team Championship
    CWF Tag Team Championship Match
After the Lost Boys won one hell of a match against V.E.N.O.M last week on Evolution, they officially became the number one contenders to the Tag Team Championships. Their shot is here, on the big stage at Confliction, will they be to seize the moment in front of their home country fans?


Loki Synn vs. Mariella Jade Flair

No Excuses Match

This match is just like the namesake says, their will be no excuses when MJF and Loki Synn finally come head to head yet again. A cage will engulf both competitors, one without doors and roofed, and we must see a winner as they are bound to destroy one another.


The Shadow vs. Ataxia vs. Dan Ryan vs. Duce Jones

Main Event: CWF World Title Fatal Fourway Falls Count Anywhere Match

    CWF World Heavyweight Championship
    CWF World Heavyweight Championship Match
The stage has been set, the moment is here. The Shadow may have been lucky or skillful getting through the entire Modern Warfare tournament, depending on who you ask. But will he be able to do the same when three of the top contenders in the entire world step in the same ring with him? Will the personal feelings between Ataxia and the champion distract them enough for either Duce or Dan Ryan to be able to get the win? Check out Confliction to find out!


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