Hostility: ReAwakened Episode 2
Sydney Superdome in Sydney, New South Wales

Mar 01, 2019

Nina (c) vs. Stan ‘Bad Moon’ Risin

Opening Match

Non-Title Match: New draftee vs. Veteran of his Craft


Wallace vs. Jeremiah Castle

Singles Match

After a poor showing on the kick off show, C$J says these two need to find their fire and show why they are here. This is the time, this is their stage. Time to get Hostile.


Cyrus Black vs. Mystery Draftee


C$J has inked a deal recently with Cyrus Black and wants to see how he fairs against one of the fiercest competitors that the CWF has ever seen. Cyrus is here to make a mark, just like the next person, but what has C$J brought down upon upon us? No way to find out until March 1st. Valhalla protect us.


Pretty Boy Page vs. Fire God Leo

#1 Contendership for Hostility Championship- Title On a Pole Match for the Hostility Championship

After winning their respective matches on Hostility: ReAwakened's first ever show, Pretty Boy Page and Fire God Leo have proven themselves ready to get down and Hostile. One of them will go on to face off against the first ever Hostility:ReAwakened champion EVER, Christopher St. James. Who will it be? UPDATE: After C$J made the title he inked this match into being. Two people who put the roster on fire in their debut matches are now after a title C$J only just brought into being.


The Reason vs. The Hostile Elite

Main Event: Six Man Tag Match w/ C$J as Special Referee

To say that things got crazy on ReAwakening's maiden voyage at the end of the show would be a massive understatement. C$J comes out with a bat, declares it as the Hostility Championship, the show's version of a "hardcore title," then declares himself as champion. Jaiden comes out to interrupt and C$J lays waste to him with the title. Blue Scorpion comes out, followed by Max Becker, followed by Alex Cain, and finally Nathan Paradine and John Travis to round out C$J's Hostile Elite. So why not put all of these elements into a ring and let an unbiased opinion mediate between the two forces? What could possibly go wrong?


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