Modern Warfare 2019
Oracle Arena in Oakland, California

Feb 12, 2019

August Frost vs. Mad Dog Murphy vs. Jace LeRose

Opening Triple Threat Match

In the opening bout of the Modern Warfare PPV, two of the three men who went down to the debuting Mike Munson last week in the PGP qualifier matches once again battle it out, this time with Jace LeRose standing in the middle to "help them out".


Mike Munson, Scourge, Quentin Scarboro vs. KC3, Max Becker, Silas Artoria

PGP Preview Trios Match

In somewhat of a preview of the Paramount Grand Prix tournament that will start on Evolution 42 next week, three of four veterans battle it out against the opposite block of rookies. Who will make the stronger showing going into the PGP?


Ataxia vs. Dan Ryan

Modern Warfare Semi Final (Beta Block) Match

The Ego Buster has surprised many CWF fans by waltzing his way all the way to the semi finals of Modern Warfare. The only thing standing in between him in the finals is the craziest son of a bitch on the entire roster, the Messiah Pariah, Ataxia. Will the Bag Man be able to send another outsider packing or will Ryan bust his ego?


The Shadow (c) vs. Cheshire

Modern Warfare Semi Final (Alpha Block) Match

    CWF World Heavyweight Championship
    CWF World Heavyweight Championship Match
In somewhat of a rematch to their Frozen Over VII triple threat with Jarvis, Cheshire finally gets her chance to reclaim the CWF World Championship when she goes one on one with former stablemate, The Shadow. The Shadow has been less than dominant in MW so far but has shown the heart and determination of a champion, who will make it to the final bout?


Freddie Styles vs. “Big Rig” Clyde Walker

Singles Match

After the Glass Ceiling's backstage protest on last week's Evolution, we all saw how it went when Big Rig and the Snake Nation came to town to interrupt. Tonight is put up or shut up time for both men, as they square up in the only pplace where it really counts- the ring.


Jack Michaels vs. Jimmy Allen

Singles Match

Jimmy Allen and Jack Michaels both came so close to glory, so close to calling themselves the CWF World Champion. In what should be a great test of styles, both men will be looking to get back the momentum it takes to get themselves back in World Title contention.


Autumn Raven (c) vs. Nina

Aversion Title No DQ Match

After the controversial non finish last week on Evolution 41, Autumn Raven and Nina battle it out again with the Aversion Championship on the line. The only difference? This time there are No DQs and there MUST be a winner!


Sanctioned Violence (Tobias Devereaux & Nathan Paradine) © vs. The Crimson Ghost! & Kendo

Tag Team Match

    CWF Tag Team Championship
    CWF Tag Team Championship Match
Kendo and The Crimson Ghost! won a fatal fourway match to obtain their number one contendership spot a few weeks ago. Tonight they come to collect as they go two on two against Sanctioned Violence, Nathan Paradine and Tobias Devereaux.


Elijah vs. Vince Espinoza

Viper's Nest Match

So much mystery has surrounded the entire V.E.N.O.M stable, but with more and more coming to light, the severity of the situation Elijah finds himself in with Vince Espinoza definitely would scare most. In this Viper's Nest Match, a Hell in a Cell like structure will be erected, with barbed wire wrapped around the entire thing for extra brutality.


Zach Van Owen (c) vs. Xander Haze

TLC Match

    CWF Impact Championship
    CWF Impact Championship Match
Zach van Owen has slowly been turning to somewhat of a dark side as of late, brought on from the return of John Kreese and the disappearance of his Impact Title. Now with Xander Haze officially back after last week's Evolution and his massacre on Zach with the chair and table, how will the Gamer fare when he defends the gold in a TLC match?


Alpha Block Finalist vs. Beta Block Finalist

Main Event: Modern Warfare Final- World Title Match

    CWF World Heavyweight Championship
    CWF World Heavyweight Championship Match
In the finals of the glorious Modern Warfare Tournament, the winner of the Alpha Block takes on the winner of the Beta Block for the ultimate prize- the CWF World Heavyweight Title. These two have come so far that they do not want to give up now. Who walks out of MW with the title?


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