Evolution 41
Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California

Feb 05, 2019

August Frost vs. Mad Dog Murphy vs. Mike Munson

Triple Threat Match

CWF has been on a hiring spree as of late, and all three of it's newest competitors square off in their debut matches. With the Paramount Grand Prix Tournament starting after the Modern Warfare PPV, these three men will be looking to make an impact to try to get involved!


Max Becker vs. "Big Rig" Clyde Walker

Singles Match

In what should be a very unique bout, the Backbone of Cologne takes on Big Rig. With only one week left until the Modern Warfare PPV, which one of these men will be able to regain some momentum before the big show?


Kendo & The Crimson Ghost! Vs. Pandalike & Jace LeRose

Tag Team Match

Kendo & The Crimson Ghost! made good on their strange pairing last week as they defeated the odds and became the new number one contenders for the Tag Team Titles. One team that they went through and are looking for revenge, is Pandalike and Jace LeRose. They attempt to get that tonight.


Autumn Raven (c) vs. Nina

Singles Match

Autumn Raven has been getting strange messages as of late. She will have to put the mind games on the backburner tonight however, as she defends her Aversion Championship against V.E.N.O.M's Nina.


Sanctioned Violence (Tobias Devereaux & Nathan Paradine) © Vs. KC3 & Silas Artoria

Non-Title Match

In this non-title affair, Nathan Paradine and Tobias Devereaux take on the pairing of KC3 and Silas Artoria. After Davison has been almost stalking Artoria as of late, with no one knowing quite sure the reason as of yet, this one should be very interesting.


Ataxia vs. Jack Michaels

Modern Warfare Quarterfinal Beta Block Match

In this quarterfinal match in the Beta Block, Carnage Wrestling's only remaining member of three Jack Michaels takes on the Messiah Pariah himself, Ataxia. Only one man can move on to the MW PPV to battle it out in the semis, who will it be?


Cheshire vs. Impulse

Modern Warfare Quarterfinal Alpha Block Match

Cheshire has laid waste to all competition in the Modern Warfare Tournament so far, destroying SEE's Red Dragon and taking out Carnage's JC. She looks to continue her dominance on outside fed's competitors when she takes on many fan's sleeper pick to take the whole tournament- HOSS's Impulse.


Dan Ryan vs. Zach van Owen

Modern Warfare Quarterfinal Beta Block Match

In the final Beta Block quarterfinal match of the night, CWF's Impact Champion, everyone's hero nowdays turned slightly bad, Zach van Owen, takes on the no-nonsense Dan Ryan. Only one of these men can move onto the PPV!


The Shadow © vs. Jimmy Allen

Main Event: Main Event: Modern Warfare Quarterfinal Alpha Block Match

In the main event of Evolution 41, the world will bear witness to the final quarterfinal match of the Modern Warfare Tournament. Jimmy Allen and The Shadow have had very different paths to get here, but with the Weaver of Dream's World Title on the line in this quarterfinal match, both will surely give it their all to get to that final step at Modern Warfare!


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