Frozen Over 1/15/2019
Century Link Center in Omaha, Nebraska

Jan 15, 2019

Participants: Austin Bishop, Azrael, Cade Allen, Jace LeRose, Kendo, Max Becker, and Pandalike

Opening Battle Royale (Winner chooses a Match Stipulation for their First Round Match in the Modern Warfare Tournament)

In an insanely wild opening bout to the Frozen Over VII pay per view, six or possibly more competitors will take each other on in a Battle Royale. The last man standing will get a huge advantage going into the first round of Modern Warfare the following week, they'll get to choose the stipulation to their first round match!


KC3 vs. Christer "Fenrir" Lundmark

Singles Match

Not much is known about this match at the moment, but with Evolution 38 a week away, this one is sure to have some heat behind it. How will things go when the Viking of CWF takes on the cocky WCWA United States Champion?


Elijah, Eris & Omega vs. V.E.N.O.M (Vince Espinoza, Nina & Omar Martinez)

Six Person Tag Team Match

The war between Elijah & Omega and V.E.N.O.M only really started to escalate at the Civil War special event, but with the way Nina "brought out the snakes", things are sure to get bitey already. One Evolution still before Frozen Over only makes the chances this one will get more violent even greater.


Dorian Hawkhurst vs. Jimmy Allen

Doomsday Massacre Match

Dorian Hawkhurst and Jimmy Allen have put each other through many wars in their lengthy feud over the 2018 year. Their relationship has gone from true friendship to pure hatred, but how will 2018 end for the two men? In one of the most violent matches CWF has ever seen.


Duce Jones vs. Trent Steel

Anarchy Match

While the Duce Jones and Trent Steel feud may not be as long running as some of the other ones on this card, these men truly have no love lost and they will be willing to do whatever it takes to take out the other men in this Anarchy Match.


Zach Van Owen (c) vs. Freddie Styles

Impact Title, Glass Tables Match

Zach Van Owen has no championship advantage in this rematch against Freddie Styles, the former Impact champion. As a matter of fact, with Styles crushing Amber Ryan in the last Glass Tables Match CWF saw, one might say Styles has the advantage in this one. But the former Impakt has his game face on, and he's not willing to let his Impact Title slip away so easily.


Tobias Devereaux (c) & Nathan Paradine vs. Jimmy Allen (c) & ???

Tag Team Title Match

Not much is known about why Tobias Devereaux and Jimmy Allen would be splitting their ways and defending the Tag Team Championships against each other, but in a matter of time all will come to light. Expect this to be another great match on this explosive card!


Autumn Raven (c) vs. Silas Artoria (c)

Last Man Standing Match

Silas Artoria is the WCWA United States Champion, having won it at When Worlds Collide. Autumn Raven won the Hostility Aversion Title at Civil War. It is unknown whether either of these titles will be on the line in this match, but what is known is this will be one of the most hard-fought, brutal matches of the night and at the END of the night one of these two will be shot to superstardom and finally leave the other in the dirt.


Loki Synn (c) vs. The Shadow (c) vs. Jarvis King

CWF World Heavyweight & Paramount Double Title Match

In the final match of the night, the leaders of three groups will go at it for not only the grandest prize in all of e-fedding, the WHC, but also the Paramount Title. Jarvis King, The Shadow, and World Champion Loki Synn will give it all, and by the time hell freezes over, only one will be the sole owner of both championships.


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