Evolution 38
Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa

Jan 08, 2019

Kendo vs. Max Becker

Singles Match

In a match just added to the first Evolution of 2019, returning Kendo takes on CWF's newest signee Max Becker. With both men taking part in Modern Warfare next year, how will their first matches go?


Autumn Raven (c) vs. Azrael

Hostility Aversion Title Match

Autumn Raven put on an amazing performance at the CWF vs. Hostility Civil War show, where she opened the event beating out 5 other CWF & Hostility competitors to win the re-instated Aversion Championship in a Ladder Match. In her first defense, the Beautiful Psychopath goes one on one with the Archangel of Death.


KC3 (c) vs. Ataxia

Non-Title Match

WCWA Lightweight Champion KC3 goes one on one with the Messiah Pariah, Ataxia, for the first time in CWF history. But these men are actually quite familiar with each other from their time in Boardwalk Wrestling. How will this one turn out?


The Smokin' Aces (Duce Jones & Freddie Styles) (c) vs. The Truth (Brother Judas & Brother Simon)

WCWA Tag Team Title Match

Duce Jones and Freddie Styles, the Smokin' Aces and reigning WCWA Tag Team Champions put out a challenge to any team that was in their elimination match at When Worlds Collide. First to step up to the ball plate is The Truth. Will they be able to take down the legendary Aces or will Freddie and Duce prove them to be a lie all along?


Tobias Devereaux (c) vs. Zach Van Owen (c)

Non-Title Match

The CWF Impact Champion battles it out with one half of the current Tag Team Champions in a match that should be very interesting, and after their little bout backstage at Civil War, should be even more fun!


Loki Synn (c) & ??? vs. The Shadow (c) & ??? vs. Jarvis King & ???

Random Draw Triple Threat Tag Team Match

The first Evolution of 2019 will already be a wild one before this match even takes place, but this one truly turns crazy up a notch to insane. The three competitors who will battle it out in the Frozen Over VII main event for the CWF World Heavyweight Title will all draw names at random for a partner, forcefully going into battle with that partner in a one fall to a finish triple threat tag team match.


Jimmy Allen (c) vs. Dorian Hawkhurst

Main Event: Last Man Standing Match

One half of the Tag Team Champions, Jimmy Allen, has had a hell of a war with Dorian Hawkhurst over the past few months. Twists, turns, and everything in between has happened to cause these once friends to now be bitter enemies. They open 2019 main eventing Evolution in the biggest of ways, fighting it out in a Last Man Standing Match!


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